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How Delta CLASSIC CHASTAIN Became Atlanta’s Musical Pastime


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The concert experience at the ASO’s Delta Classic Chastain is a very special one. Concertgoers often arrive an hour or more early, with picnic gear in tow. Friends greet each other while setting up for an alfresco dinner. Once the music gets underway, chairs are turned to face the stage, and conversation drops to a minimum as everyone enjoys a concert in the gathering twilight. The light from candles on tables throughout the audience gives a magical glow to the evening. Onstage, the ASO may be hosting anyone from George Benson to the Indigo Girls. Atlanta’s favorite summer entertainment venue is once again in full swing in a summer of celebration.

June 2008

features 8 14

How Delta Classic Chastain Became Atlanta’s Musical Pastime Live at 35!


Chastain celebrates a major anniversary as Atlanta’s longest-running hit.

52 A Dream Fulfilled

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre fulfills a decade-long vision.

the music

23 The concert’s program and notes

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President’s Letter Robert Spano, Music Director Musicians Board of Directors Administrative Staff Contributors General Information

 Encore Atlanta


chris lee; ASO

ASO departments

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president ’ s letter

Allison Vulgamore Dear Friends,


Welcome! This summer at Chastain Park Amphitheater marks the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s 35th season of bringing you one of the most unique and treasured concert experiences in the Southeast. During that time the ASO’s Delta Classic Chastain series has become more than simply a tradition but a beloved ritual of summer in Atlanta. Who knew 35 years ago when the popular singer Frankie Lane took the Chastain stage with the ASO and conductor Richard Hayman that the series would become such a vital part of the Orchestra’s life and identity. But, the myriad charms of Chastain opened a new door for the ASO, introducing the joys of light classical music within a pop context to people across Atlanta and around the Southeast. Visitors were entranced by the amphitheater’s ambience – nestled in a picturesque, unspoiled environment surrounded by the lush trees that distinguish Atlanta – and audiences loved hearing the ASO in a dressed down setting. A brief history of the Orchestra’s role at Chastain appears on page 8. To everyone’s delight the series became a hit with Atlanta audiences and now these many years later the ASO performs and presents 27 to 28 concerts each summer at Chastain averaging more than 100,000 patrons. Today, Chastain continues to draw acclaim as the quintessential Atlanta concert venue. Annually voted “Atlanta’s Favorite Concert Experience” by readers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Creative Loafing, the ASO’s Delta Classic Chastain series is flourishing anew under General Manager Clay Schell who knows our city well from the many years he has worked in Atlanta as a presenter and promoter. The Orchestra has many to thank for its success at Chastain beginning with our sponsors who make it all possible. We also greatly appreciate the City of Atlanta, the Chastain Neighborhood Association and the Chastain Park Conservancy, which have worked with the Orchestra over the years to ensure the best experience for audiences. Additionally, we value the cooperation of Live Nation, our business venture partners at Chastain. But most of all we thank you, our patrons at Chastain – from our loyal table subscribers to the first-time single ticket buyers. We thank you for your patronage in years past and for the summer ahead. We’re glad you are with us and 35 years of success later it’s a wonderful truth to say ‘we couldn’t have done it without you.’ Warmest regards,

Allison Vulgamore President and Chief Executive Officer  Encore Atlanta



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How Delta


Became Atlanta’s

This month the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and thousands of music lovers begin a summer-long toast to the 35TH ANNIVERSARY of the ASO’s groundbreaking summer series, Delta Classic Chastain. However, the story of Chastain and the cornerstone amphitheater that has become synonymous with great music in the great outdoors was first written during the height of World War II, three decades before the ASO played its first note at the historic park. In June of 1944, as the Atlanta Public Schools and the Atlanta Music Club were just beginning to lay plans for the Youth Symphony that would become the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, a new outdoor concert facility was unveiled in what was then called North Fulton Park. Developed by Fulton County under the supervision of Troy Chastain, head of the county’s public buildings and grounds committee, the park was begun in the late 1930s by the federal Works Progress Administration. The amphitheater was constructed of concentric rings of Georgia granite and built for about $300,000. After Troy Chastain’s death the park was renamed in his memory. But concerts were few and sparsely attended and the county considered tearing out the seats and building amusement rides and a swimming pool on the site. The amphitheater’s fortunes began to turn around when the City of Atlanta annexed Chastain Memorial Park in 1952. The city, which has now owned the amphitheater for over 55 years and has supported — and worked handin-hand with — the ASO to grow

 Encore Atlanta

CHASTAIN Musical Pastime

the Orchestra’s presence every step of the way, sponsored free concerts by bands, choral groups, and popular performers, beginning with a concert by Albert Coleman’s Atlanta Pops Orchestra before an overflow crowd estimated at 9,000. Coleman performed regularly at Chastain for more than 20 years. Theater Under the Stars presented operettas and musical comedies here beginning in 1953. The first offering was The Desert Song by Sigmund Romberg, beginning a Chastain tradition that lasted a decade and a half. The Chastain Amphitheater has received improvements constantly since its earliest days and greatly benefited from the establishment of Chastain Ventures, Inc., a joint venture of the ASO and Live Nation, Inc., which facilitates the park’s operation under the auspices of the City of Atlanta. The builders of the original might have trouble recognizing the present facility, with its permanent seat backs, state of the art sound and lighting systems, huge monitors flanking the stage, expanded parking, the exclusive Club Chastain, and many more amenities. The biggest enhancements from an artist’s perspective have been expanded backstage areas, improved dressing rooms, and a roof over the entire stage. (continued on page 11)

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 

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How Delta CLASSIC CHASTAIN Became Atlanta’s Musical Pastime

(continued from page 9)

The concert experience at the ASO’s Delta Classic Chastain is a very special one. Concertgoers often arrive an hour or more early, with picnic gear in tow. Friends greet each other while setting up for an alfresco dinner. Once the music gets underway, chairs are turned to face the stage, and conversation drops to a minimum as everyone enjoys a concert in the gathering twilight. The light from candles on tables throughout the audience gives a magical glow to the evening. Onstage, the ASO may be hosting anyone from George Benson to the Indigo Girls. Atlanta’s favorite summer entertainment venue is once again in full swing in a summer of celebration.

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music director

Robert Spano


obert Spano is among the most innovative and imaginative conductors of his generation. Now in his seventh season as Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Spano’s arrival heralded an exciting, new era – the Creative Partnership, a collaborative approach with Principal Guest Conductor Donald Runnicles and President and Managing Director Allison Vulgamore to major artistic and programming decisions – that has enriched the Orchestra’s repertoire and elevated it to greater prominence. A highly sought after guest conductor, Mr. Spano has conducted the major orchestras of North America, including those in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Internationally, he has led the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala, Czech Philharmonic, Berlin Radio Sinfonie Orchestra, BBC Scottish and BBC Symphony Orchestras, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic and Oslo Philharmonic. Mr. Spano has appeared with the opera companies of Chicago, Houston and Santa Fe, and at the Royal Opera at Covent Garden and Welsh National Opera. In August 2005, he conducted three consecutive cycles of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen at Seattle Opera, and returns to conduct the Ring in 2009. This season’s Atlanta programs reflect Mr. Spano’s broad and diverse repertoire as well as his commitment to living composers, opening with La bohème, and including masterworks of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Sibelius and Ravel, whose Daphnis et Chloé will be featured in the orchestra’s April 2008 return to Carnegie Hall. Important commissions include works from Gonzalo Grau, Behzad Ranjbaran and Wynton Marsalis, as well as works by John Adams, Jennifer Higdon, Osvaldo Golijov and Christopher Theofanidis, composers closely associated with Mr. Spano and the ASO. The ASO’s distinguished recording legacy with Telarc continues to flourish with Mr. Spano. Their discography includes music of Del Tredici, Theofanidis, Higdon and Gandolfi, Sibelius’ Kullervo, and the Grammy Awardwinning recordings of Vaughan Williams’s A Sea Symphony and Berlioz’s Requiem. Mr. Spano and the ASO also recently recorded two discs of the music of Golijov for Deutsche Grammophon: one including Three Songs and Oceana, and the other, Ainadamar, which was awarded two Grammys. 12 Encore Atlanta

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Live at 35! Classic Chastain celebrates a major anniversary as Atlanta’s longest-running hit By Jonathan Williams


elebrating its 35th season this summer, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Delta Classic Chastain series continues to bring some of the top musical talent of yesterday and today to one of the coziest outdoor settings in Atlanta. And this year’s lineup looks to be one of the most diverse ever, with something for almost any musical palette. Getting things off to a sultry start will be trumpeter Chris Botti with singer Paula Cole on June 14. Though he’s typically classified as a jazz instrumentalist, Botti’s latest release Italia has a more operatic feel to it. And if smooth instrumental sounds are what you’re looking for, world famous saxophonist Kenny G will be performing on June 25. Fusing flamenco and salsa with pop sensibilities, the French group the Gipsy Kings returns on Aug. 9. Just days after the season opener, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, known for numerous Top-40 hits from the ’50s, Continued on page 18 The Four Tops July 12 Trace Adkins July 11

14 Encore Atlanta

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Musicians Robert Spano,

Music Director

The Robert Reid Topping Chair *

Donald Runnicles, The Neil and Sue Williams Chair *

FIRST VIOLIN Cecylia Arzewski Concertmaster The Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Peevy Chair * William Pu Associate Concertmaster The Charles McKenzie Taylor Chair * Justin Bruns Assistant Concertmaster The Mary and Cherry Emerson Chair Jun-Ching Lin Assistant Concertmaster Carolyn Toll Hancock The AGL Resources Chair Martha Reaves Head John Meisner Alice Anderson Oglesby Lorentz Ottzen Christopher Pulgram Carol Ramirez Juan Ramirez Olga Shpitko Denise Berginson Smith Kenn Wagner Lisa Wiedman Yancich

Assistant Conductor Mei-Ann Chen is a member of the American Conducting Fellows Program, a national conductor-training program developed and managed by the American Symphony Orchestra League. 16 Encore Atlanta

Principal Guest Conductor

SECOND VIOLIN David Arenz Principal The Atlanta Symphony Associates Chair * Sou-Chun Su Associate Principal The Frances Cheney Boggs Chair * Jay Christy Assistant Principal Eleanor Arenz Sharon Berenson David Braitberg Noriko Konno Clift Judith Cox David Dillard Raymond Leung Ruth Ann Little Thomas O’Donnell Ronda Respess Sanford Salzinger Frank Walton VIOLA Reid Harris Principal The Edus H. and Harriet H. Warren Chair * Paul Murphy Associate Principal The Mary and Lawrence Gellerstedt Chair * Amy Leventhal ◆ Assistant Principal Catherine Lynn Acting Assistant Principal Amy Chang Wesley Collins Robert Jones Marian Kent Lachlan McBane Heidi Nitchie Ardath Weck

CELLO Christopher Rex Principal The Miriam and John Conant Chair * Daniel Laufer Associate Principal The Livingston Foundation Chair Joel Dallow Jere Flint Karen Freer Dona Vellek Klein Larry LeMaster Brad Ritchie Paul Warner BASS Ralph Jones Principal The Marcia and John Donnell Chair * Gloria Jones Associate Principal Jane Little Assistant Principal Emeritus Michael Kenady Michael Kurth The UPS Community Service Chair Douglas Sommer Thomas Thoreson FLUTE Christina Smith Principal The Jill Hertz Chair * Robert Cronin Associate Principal Paul Brittan The Georgia Power Foundation Chair Carl David Hall

Jere Flint, Staff Conductor; Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra The Zeist Foundation Chair *

Norman Mackenzie, Director of Choruses The Frannie and Bill Graves Chair

Mei-Ann Chen, Assistant Conductor / League of American Orchestras Conducting Fellow PICCOLO Carl David Hall


OBOE Elizabeth Koch l Principal The George M. and Corrie Hoyt Brown Chair * Yvonne Powers Peterson Associate Principal Deborah Workman Patrick McFarland

HORN Brice Andrus Principal The Sandra and John Glover Chair Susan Welty Associate Principal Thomas Witte Richard Deane Bruce Kenney

ENGLISH HORN Patrick McFarland CLARINET Laura Ardan Principal The Robert Shaw Chair * Ted Gurch Associate Principal William Rappaport The Lucent Technologies Chair Alcides Rodriguez E-FLAT CLARINET Ted Gurch BASS CLARINET Alcides Rodriguez BASSOON Carl Nitchie Principal The Walter L. “Buz” Carr, III Chair Elizabeth Burkhardt Associate Principal Laura Najarian The Pricewaterhouse Coopers Chair Juan de Gomar

TIMPANI Mark Yancich Principal The Walter H. Bunzl Chair * William Wilder Assistant Principal

TRUMPET Thomas Hooten Principal The Madeline and Howell Adams Chair * Kevin Lyons l Associate Principal Joseph Walthall The SunTrust Bank Chair Michael Tiscione TROMBONE Colin Williams Principal The First Union Chair Stephen Wilson The Patsy and Jere Drummond Chair George Curran

PERCUSSION Thomas Sherwood Principal The Julie and Arthur Montgomery Chair * William Wilder Assistant Principal Charles Settle HARP Elisabeth Remy Johnson Principal The Delta Air Lines Chair KEYBOARD Peter Marshall † The Hugh and Jessie Hodgson Memorial Chair * Beverly Gilbert † Sharon Berenson LIBRARY Rebecca Beavers Principal Steven Sherrill Assistant Frank Walton John Wildermuth

BASS TROMBONE George Curran TUBA Michael Moore Principal The Georgia-Pacific Chair

*Chair named in perpetuity

New this season Leave of absence † Regularly engaged musician Players in string sections are listed alphabetically. l ◆

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 17

Indigo Girls Sept. 13

Continued from page 14 ’60s and ’70s like “Walk Like a Man,” “Sherry” and “Big Girls Chastain Park Amphitheater Don’t Cry,” will be at Chastain on June 18. They’re the first of many Harris on June 27. The following retro acts gracing the stage this summer, month offers contemporary country including ’90s alternative-rockers Soul superstar Trace Adkins and the legAsylum and the Gin Blossoms on July endary Ronnie Milsap on July 11 and 9, ’60s icons Crosby, Stills & Nash on Athens’ own Corey Smith on July 19. Aug. 2, and even more peace, love and Marty Stuart headlines the Kickin’ harmony from Hippiefest, featuring Pickin’ Bluegrass Party on Aug. 6, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Jack Bruce while the Indigo Girls close out the of Cream, the Turtles and others, on season on Sept. 13. Aug. 8. The Regeneration Tour on Aug. If you’d rather groove to the sounds 29 brings together some of the biggest of your R&B favorites, the lineup new wave and pop acts of the ’80s, such ranges from doo-wop originators to as the Human League, Belinda Carlisle, progressive neo-soul. Two of the bigA Flock of Seagulls and others. gest names in the genre’s history team For fans of country and roots rock, up on July 12 as the Temptations this summer offers plenty of options and the Four Tops share the bill. A as well. Melissa Etheridge brings her few days later, another double bill of empowering blues-rock to the stage soulful sounds arrives with Michael on June 20, followed by the multiple McDonald and Al Green on July 16. Grammy Award-winner Emmylou Continued on page 56 18 Encore Atlanta

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Atlanta Symphony Orchestra League 2007-08 Board of Directors Of f i c e r s

Di rectors

Margaret Conant Reiser Robert M. Balentine Chair Joseph R. Bankoff * Jason A. Bernstein Vice Chairs Paul Blackney Willem-Jan O. C. Merrell Calhoun Hattink Donald P. Carson Ben F. Johnson, III Philip Cave Clayton F. Jackson Alston Correll III Leslie Z. Petter Ann W. Cramer (ASA) * Christopher Crommett John D. Rogers Cari K. Dawson Finance Chair/ Jere Drummond Treasurer Carla Fackler Chilton Davis Varner Gary P. Fayard Allison Vulgamore * Dr. Robert Franklin Joni Winston Frances B. Graves Secretary Willem-Jan O. Hattink Jim Henry Edward S. Heys, Jr. Tycho Howle

Tad Hutcheson Mrs. Roya Irvani Clayton F. Jackson Ben F. Johnson, III Mark Kistulinec Michael Lang Patricia Leake Lucy Lee Jeff Mango Adair R. Massey Darrell J. Mays JoAnn McClinton Giorgio Medici Charles Moseley Galen Oelkers Victoria Palefsky Leslie Z. Petter * Margaret Conant Reiser Martin Richenhagen John D. Rogers

Dennis Sadlowski Marsha Sampson Johnson William Schultz Tom Sherwood Thurmond Smithgall Gail R. Starr Mary Rose Taylor Liz Troy Ray Uttenhove Chilton Davis Varner Allison Vulgamore * Rick Walker Kathleen (Suzy) Wasserman * Mark Wasserman John B. White, Jr. Richard S. [Dick] White, Jr. Joni Winston * ex officio

B oa rd o f C o u n selors Howell E. Adams, Jr. Mrs. John Aderhold Milton Brannon Elinor Breman Dr. John W. Cooledge Bradley Currey, Jr. John Donnell Ruth Gershon

Charles Ginden John T. Glover Azira G. Hill Dona Humphreys John S. Hunsinger Aaron J. Johnson Herb Karp Jim Kelley

George Lanier Mrs. William C. Lester Mrs. J. Erskine Love Carolyn C. McClatchey John W. McIntyre Bertil D. Nordin Dell P. Rearden Joyce Schwob

Mrs. Charles A. Smithgall, Jr. W. Rhett Tanner G. Kimbrough Taylor Michael W. Trapp Neil Williams

L i f e Di re c to r s Mrs. Betty Fuller Mary D. Gellerstedt

Dr. James M. Hund Arthur L. Montgomery

Mrs. M.G. Woodward

Atl anta Symph o n y A s s o c i at e s b oa rd Leslie Petter – President Suzy Wasserman – President-Elect Liz Troy – Advisor Pat Leake – Parliamentarian Alison Mimms – Secretary Kay Schwenk – Treasurer Joanne Lincoln – Historian Elba McCue – VP Administration Belinda Massafra – Nominating Chair

20 Encore Atlanta

Lesley Hamilton Hill – Symphony Celebration Chair Julie Haas – Decorators’ Show House & Gardens Chair Pat King – Decorators’ Show House & Gardens Chair Victoria Palefsky – 2007 Symphony Ball Chair Honey Corbin – VP Public Relations

Sylvia Davidson – VP Youth Education Liz Troy – VP Membership Ally May – Bravo Chair Mary Frances Early – Concerto Chair Dr. Charls Pearson – Encore Chair Marie Hannon – Ensemble Chair Camille Yow – Ensemble Chair Marge Frost – Intermezzo Chair

Administrative Staff EXECUTIVE Allison Vulgamore President and Chief Executive Officer Susan Merritt Education Advisor to the President Evans Mirageas Director of Artistic Planning Emma Murley League of American Orchestras’ Orchestra Management Fellow Rachel Roberts Director of Strategic Planning Engagement Tom Tomlinson Symphony Center Project Director Martha M. Van Nouhuys Executive Assistant to the ASO Executive Office ADMINISTRATION John Sparrow Vice President for Orchestra Initiatives and General Manager Julianne Fish Orchestra Manager Nancy Crowder Operations/Rental Events Coordinator Steven Behr Artistic Administrator Carol Wyatt Executive Assistant to the Music Director and Principal Guest Conductor Jeffrey Baxter Choral Administrator Ken Meltzer ASO Insider & Program Annotator Russell Williamson Orchestra Personnel Manager Susanne Watts Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager Paul Barrett Production Stage Manager Kevin Brown House Manager

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION Donald F. Fox Vice President for Business Development and Chief Financial Officer Aysha Siddique Administrative Assistant to the CFO Susan Ambo Controller April Satterfield Senior Accountant Kim Hielsberg Director of Financial Planning and Analysis Ebony Woods Staff Accountant Guy Wallace Staff Accountant Rachel Parton Reception/ Administration Support Stephen Jones Symphony Store Manager Popular Presentations Clay Schell General Manager Trevor Ralph Senior Operations and Venues Manager Holly Clausen Director of Marketing Keri Musgraves Promotions Manager Lisa Eng Graphic Artist Chastain Park Amphitheater Tanner Smith Program Director Jonathan Owens Operations Manager Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park Jill Lovell Director of Sales Katie Daniel Sales Coordinator Deborah Honan Receptionist Stevan Simms Facility Operations and Maintenance Manager Jenny Iammarino Guest Services Manager and Operations Assistant Rebecca Gordon Box Office Manager Peter Dickson Accountant

DEVELOPMENT Paul W. Hogle Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Learning Tammie Taylor Assistant to the VP for Development Renee Vary Director of Constituent Communications Annual and Volunteer Services Stephanie Malhotra Director of Development Administration Rebecca Abernathy Development Assistant Scott Giffen Director of Institutional Support & Partnerships Amelia Nickerson Corporate Relations Manager Deirdre Dam Director of Volunteer Engagement LeeAnn Foster Volunteer Project Manager Catherine Bowman Decorators’ Show House Coordinator Toni Paz Director of Individual Giving Maya Robinson Patron Partnership Gifts Officer Dan Knapp Membership Gifts Manager Celeste Pendarvis Special Events Manager Symphony Center Campaign Christine Stanley Director of Symphony Center Campaign Andrea Olczak Major Gifts Officer Mary Susan Wheeler Director of Legislative Affairs Jessica Langlois Special Gifts & Planned Giving Officer

aso learning COMMUNITY Beth Wilson Interim Director of Learning Development Carla Peterson Administrative Assistant for the Learning Community Mariel Reynolds ASO Community Catalyst Melanie Darby Director of Production & Communications Lindsay Fisher Learning Community Specialist Kevin Smoot Interim Learning Community Fund Gifts Officer MARKETING AND CONCERT PROMOTIONS Charles Wade Vice President for Marketing and Audience Engagement Meko Hector Office and Marketing Coordinator Janice Hay Senior Director of Marketing Melissa A.E. Sanders Director of Public & Media Relations Robert Phipps Publications Director Karl Schnittke Publications Editor Seth Newcom Database Administrator Alesia Banks Director of Customer Service and Season Tickets Melanie Kite Subscription Office Manager Russell Wheeler Group and Corporate Sales Manager Angela White Group and Corporate Sales Coordinator Nellie Cummins Group and Corporate Sales Associate Michelle Moscardini Group Sales Assistant Rebecca Enright Subscription and Education Sales Assistant

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 1280 Peachtree Street, Suite 4074 • Atlanta, GA 30309-3552 • 404-733-4900 •



Saturday, June 14

Saturday, July 12



Wednesday, June 18

ng. This show is reserved seati ins. No tables, no coolers or carry

GEORGE BENSON with ASO A Tribute to the Music of Nat King Cole EARL KLUGH


Wednesday, June 25





ng. This show is reserved seati ins. No tables, no coolers or carry



Friday, July 18

Wednesday, August 13



with ASO

THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO Friday, August 22

ng. This show is reserved seati ins. No tables, no coolers or carry

ng. This show is reserved seati ins. No tables, no coolers or carry






Saturday, August 9

Tony Award-winning lead actress of “Wicked” Tony Award nominee as the original Maureen in “Rent”


Saturday, June 21

with ASO

Saturday, August 23

Friday, July 25



Wednesday, August 27

Wednesday, July 30


with ASO plus special guest Saturday, June 28



Friday, June 20


featuring JACK BRUCE of Cream, ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS, THE TURTLES featuring Flo & Eddie, MELANIE, BADFINGER featuring Joey Molland, JONATHAN EDWARDS Friday, August 8

An Evening with

Wednesday, July 16









DREW DAVIS BAND Friday, August 1

CROSBY, STILLS & NASH Saturday, August 2



An Evening with






Saturday, September 13

Tickets available at all outlets Charge by phone:


Online: Groups of 15 or more



Concerts take place rain or shine. Artists and schedules are subject to change. All sales final. No exchanges or refunds.

Delta Classic Chastain Concerts at Chastain Park Amphitheater brought to you by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Promoter.

program Saturday, June 21, 2008, at 8 p.m.

George Benson with Earl Klugh and the ASO A Tribute to the Music of Nat King Cole

This concert is sponsored by:

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 23


GEORGE BENSON Appreciated as both a musician and performer by millions, George Benson has always had the dual role of expert improviser and vibrant entertainer. He has consistently placed his keenly discerning art in the service of a rousing good time. Rounding out his singular approach with sly, seductive rhythm and blues, he’s earned himself an impeccable reputation as one of music’s most enterprising and engaging stars. Few might have predicted that striking level of stardom some 40 years ago, when Benson was a fledgling guitarist working the corner pubs of his native Pittsburgh. “I was an entertainer first,” he says proudly. “As a kid, I sang, danced, and played the ukulele in a nightclub. As my career has progressed, I’ve had the pleasure of playing with the baddest jazz cats on the planet. But that doesn’t change my desire to entertain folks. That’s really who I am.” It was Wes Montgomery, one of jazz’s most creative players, who came across Benson early on; the vet complimented the young guitarist, urging him to continue his already impressive work. In the early 1960s, Benson apprenticed with organist Brother Jack McDuff; he found the organist’s gritty swing a fertile ground for the sly, confident and adventurous guitar lines, which earned him an early rep as a master. Montgomery had called one of his best records Boss Guitar. Benson had both the conviction and chops to nip at his hero’s heels; his 1964 debut was released as The New Boss Guitar. It lived up to its title. Benson’s tone was juicy, and his blues solos sparkled with a carefully honed logic. A jaunty funk and swing aesthetic prevailed. “I’d sat down with a great blind pianist from San Francisco named Freddy Gambrel,” recalls Benson. “He turned me on to some wonderful ways to get in and out of chord changes and weld harmonies together. Of course I still wanted to be like Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt and Hank Garland – my heroes. I’ve always liked the hot guitar guys.” Playing the combination won Benson access to all sorts of arenas. His work was boundless: in the late ’60s he sat in on heady Miles Davis sessions, and also put a personal spin on the tunes from the Beatles’ Abbey Road. 24 Encore Atlanta

earl klugh An acoustic guitarist with a very pretty tone, Earl Klugh does not consider himself a jazz player and thinks of Chet Atkins as being his most important influence. Klugh played on a Yusef Lateef album when he was 15 and gained recognition in 1971 for his contributions to George Benson’s White Rabbit record. He played regularly with Benson in 1973, was a member of Return to Forever briefly in 1974 and, in the mid-’70s, began recording as a leader. After a couple well-received solo albums on different Capitol imprints including Blue Note, Klugh hit pay dirt with 1979’s One on One, a Grammy Award-winning collaboration with pianist Bob James. More solo albums followed before the sequel to One on One, Two of a Kind, appeared in 1982. In 1984, he changed labels and released one of his most popular albums, Soda Fountain Shuffle, on Warner Brothers. Klugh made his biggest artistic impression yet in 1989 with the self-explanatory Solo Guitar. Two years later he would return to the “serious jazz” repertoire of Solo Guitar, but this time with bassist Ralphe Armstrong and drummer Gene Dunlap on the acoustic bebop outing The Earl Klugh Trio, Vol. 1. Cool (1992) found him working with Bob James again and was followed by three more smooth releases for the Warner Brothers family before the jump was made to Windham Hill with 1999’s Peculiar Situation. Compilations, live albums, appearances with others and reissues filled the years leading up to 2005’s Naked Guitar, a stripped down, standards-heavy album for the Koch label. The Spice of Life followed in 2008. Source: Atlanta’s Atlanta’sPerforming PerformingArts ArtsPublication Publication 25 25


“The first time I tried to sing along with my guitar, everybody in the studio booed. They all said that it wouldn’t work. When I got with Tommy LiPuma all that changed. He said ‘Sure, let’s go with some vocals, see where we get.’ And you know what happened after that.” What happened was Breezin’, the first jazz record to attain platinum sales. The 1976 blockbuster, his first in a long association with Warner Bros. Records, brought the instrumental title track to jazz radio. And Benson’s soulful update of Leon Russell’s “This Masquerade,” which featured the guitarist scatting along with his solo break, was a pop smash. He followed up with many pop hits, including a sultry version of “On Broadway” and the irresistible “Give Me The Night,” which thrilled many a dancer. Benson was a superstar.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008, at 8 p.m.

Kenny G

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26 Encore Atlanta

Kenny G, the world’s most renowned saxophonist, has just released his first Latin Jazz album, Rhythm & Romance, backed by some of the world’s finest Latin musicians. The result is a rich, one-of-a-kind tapestry of samba and salsa, ballads and bossa nova, all of which are held together by beautiful melodies of Kenny G’s signature sound. The album is a collection of new songs and beloved classics that are rhythmically rooted in two disparate sounds resulting in a completely original and moving work. “Musically, this is nothing like I have ever done before,” says Kenny. This is remarkable, considering for the past two decades Kenny has established himself as the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era, with global sales totaling more than 75 million albums, with 45 million albums sold in the U.S. alone. Yet, for Rhythm & Romance, Kenny ventures into uncharted creative territory and is having the time of his life crafting a lively album, one that speaks to exactly why a young Kenny Gorelick of Seattle, Wash., who discovered the saxophone one evening while watching the Ed Sullivan show, was inspired to pick up the instrument in the first place. “Everyone loves the rhythm of Latin music,” says Kenny. “It makes you feel good; it makes you want to dance. At the same time, it is very intimate and personal.” Enamored with the rhythm of Latin music, Kenny and longtime collaborator and producer Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion) set out to find the right instrumentation and arrangements for the romantic Latin melodies that have been swirling around saxophonist’s head for months. Together they have assembled an all-star line-up of Latin musicians including guitarist Ramon Stagnaro, percussionists Michito Sanchez, Paulino Da Costa, Ron Powell and legendary drummer Alex Acuña (Weather Report). The album also features guest vocals by rising Chilean star Barbara Munoz and Spanish-speaking pop/rock sensation, Camila. “It’s really about two different music styles coming together to create something completely new,” says Kenny. “The sound of my music is very distinct and so is the sound of these extraordinary musicians. They bring the rhythm and I’m the romance,” the saxophonist jokes. Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 27




Friday, June 27, 2008, at 7 p.m.

Emmylou Harris with Sam Bush, Jimmy Gaudreau and Moondi Klein

28 Encore Atlanta

“Most of my career,” says Emmylou Harris, “I’ve been a finder of songs, a gatherer of songs, so this showcases, in part, that side of what I do.” All I Intended To Be, its simple but evocative title borrowed from the lyric of a Billy Joe Shaver song, does far more than that. Her first solo album since 2003’s Stumble Into Grace, it is indeed a catalogue of Harris’s many gifts. She is an interpreter, eloquent composer and inveterate musical explorer who’s been able to discover, rescue and/or give new life to many a beautiful but overlooked country, bluegrass or folk tunes. The album also offers a living portrait of Harris, a recounting of her extraordinary history through the many musicians and fellow singers she has collaborated with since the start of her solo career, many of whom make appearances on these tracks. The all-star cast includes Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, the McGarrigle sisters, old friends from the Seldom Scene, Glenn D. Hardin of her legendary Hot Band, as well as some of the most versatile studio players around. It’s produced by Brian Ahern and engineered by Donivan Cowart, both of whom collaborated with Harris on such groundbreaking albums as Elite Hotel, Luxury Liner and Blue Kentucky Girl. Harris admits she had to grab studio time in between all of her other projects and commitments – hitting the road with Neil Young and Elvis Costello, cutting All the Roadrunning and performing live with Mark Knopfler, assembling her Songbird boxed set of rarities, and going out with Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller for their Three Girls and a Buddy Tour. Yet All I Intended To Be, recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles between October 2005 and March 2008, manages to have a seamless quality. The songs range in tone from the intimate to the anthemic, united by Harris’s ability to channel the emotions of so many compelling characters. There’s grit, sadness, and just a touch of regret in tracks like Mark Germino’s “Broken Man’s Lament” and Merle Haggard’s “Kern River” that’s balanced by strength, wisdom and a healthy amount of hindsight on Tracy Chapman’s “All That You Have Is Your Soul” and Jude Johnson’s “Hold On.” Harris’s own “Take That Ride” is a forthright conversation with a God who may or may not be listening. By the time All I Intended To Be reaches a wistful but uplifting conclusion with “Beyond the Great Divide,” it’s tugging the soul as deeply as the heart. – Michael Hill Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 29


Emmylou Harris


sam bush Though he admits a certain discomfort with the moniker “King of Newgrass,” Sam Bush has more than earned it. As cofounder and leader of the seminal progressive bluegrass band New Grass Revival through 18 years during the 1970s and ’80s, Bush may not be the only person responsible for newgrass, the wild bluegrass stepchild that features rock ‘n’ roll grooves and extended virtuosic jams, but since New Grass Revival’s dissolution in 1989, Bush has certainly been one of the most brilliant of newgrass’s many bright lights. Besides helming the ever-popular Sam Bush Band, featured on the new release Laps in Seven, the mandolin prodigy from Kentucky has been a prodigious influence on musicians young and old. Bands like Nickel Creek, Yonder Mountain String Band and String Cheese Incident, to name just a few, are indebted to Bush’s example, not only in his wide-ranging choice of material and rock-based acoustic grooves, but by his captivating, high-energy live shows, which have made him an in demand headliner, and fan fave at important festivals like Telluride and MerleFest. When not heading his own band, Bush has spent the past 15 years as a supersideman with the likes of Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett and the Flecktones; spearheaded boundary-stretching collaborations with Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Connor and David Grisman; and driven nearly every “bluegrass supergroup” imaginable with his inimitable mandolin playing. “I wanted to try something different,” Bush says of how he approached the new record, inadvertently defining his lifelong approach to music. “I wanted to shake things up a bit while still displaying the live sound of the road band.” Bush’s band is a tight crew of Nashville’s most in-demand studio musicians, including (previous 2005) guitarist Keith Sewell (Stephen Mougin has joined the band since the recording was made as guitar picker/harmony vocalist), Byron House on bass, Chris Brown on drums and banjoist Scott Vestal. Vestal’s presence marks one of the striking differences that Bush was aiming for. His dynamic, inventive playing will certainly remind listeners of the last days of New Grass Revival, which, of course, featured a young Béla Fleck. “I can’t tell you how much I love playing with Scott,” Sam says of his most recent banjo buddy. “He can play everything, but he doesn’t feel compelled to put it in every song.”

30 Encore Atlanta

Jimmy Gaudreau has been one of the premier sidemen, in demand for the more than 39 years he has spent as a professional musician. His first break came in 1969, when he replaced John Duffey as the mandolin player/tenor singer in The Country Gentlemen. During his time with the “Gents,” he participated in three recording projects, the last of which included the celebrated Country Gentlemen version of “Fox On The Run.” Other bands that Jimmy has been involved with after leaving the Country Gentlemen in 1971 include IInd Generation with Eddie Adcock, the popular Washington-based band Country Store with Keith Whitley, J.D. Crowe and The New South, Spectrum with Bela Fleck, a nine-year association with The Tony Rice Unit, Robin and Linda Williams and Their Fine group, and, most recently, John Starling and Carolina Star – frequently the back-up band for Emmylou Harris. Jimmy along with Moondi, was a founding member of the band Chesapeake, which rocked the bluegrass world when it came on the scene in the early ’90s. Moondi Klein grew up in Manhattan and, along with his brother Adam, joined the Metropolitan Opera’s Children’s Chorus before they were 10 years old. He remained there through his mid-teens. While on a trip to The Carter “fold” in southwest Virginia with his dad, who worked with The Rockefeller Foundation awarding grants, Moondi got his first taste of mountain music … and hasn’t looked back since. He learned to play the guitar and banjo and, after studying music in college, moved to the Washington, D.C., area and helped form Rock Creek, gaining recognition for his outstanding vocal skills. Later, he replaced John Starling as lead singer with The Seldom Scene and eventually went on to help form Chesapeake with Jimmy, Mike Auldridge and T. Michael Coleman. Chesapeake’s three CDs on the Sugar Hill label gained critical acclaim, and the “duo” features a number of that group’s most requested tunes as well as bluegrass and folk standards … and oh yes, a few hot-picking instrumentals!

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 31




Saturday, June 28, 2008, at 8 p.m.

Edwin McCain Band with Meghan Coffee and the ASO

32 Encore Atlanta

Edwin McCain is happy. Life’s been good to him and he is very much obliged. Millions of albums sold. Hit songs that never leave the radio airwaves. An unwavering fanbase that keeps him on tour more days out of the year than not. And – surprising even Edwin himself – not one, but two of the most enduring wedding songs on the circuit, his earnest and soulful delivery unlikely standouts amongst all the other contrived wedding fare. So, when it came to recording a new album, Edwin wanted to share the songs he loves and that make him happy, hoping listeners will take a few moments along the way to discover, rediscover and savor some of the best vintage soul and R&B songs ever written. So why would McCain – someone who has considerable talent at writing his own songs – choose to do an album (Nobody’s Fault But Mine) – of other peoples’ work? “For me, it was an absolute blast,” he says. “It was so much fun taking a break from staring into my own bellybutton, playing, singing, interpreting other people’s songs just for the fun of it. Purely for the joy of doing it.” The idea for Nobody’s Fault But Mine had been simmering for quite some time. “I had a conversation with my friend Kevn Kinney (of Drivin’ ‘n’ Cryin’) about five or six years ago, who said ‘you need to get a smoking band together and make a soul music album like James Brown,’ and I loved it.” Then last year, out of the blue, Edwin was invited by producer Tor Hyams (Joan Osborne, Tricky) to do just that. They enlisted Steve Cropper, one of the architects of the Stax sound and a founding member of Booker T. and the MG’s, as well as Joan Osborne (“I’ve Got Dreams To Remember”) and Ivan Neville to join Larry Chaney (guitar), Manolo Yanes (bass), Eddie Bayers (drums), Doug Moffet and Craig Shields (saxophones), Quentin Ware (trumpet), Steve Pierson (acoustic guitar on “Good Times”), and C.C. White and Chasen Hampton (background vocals) in the studio. While radio fans may know McCain best for his smash hits “I’ll Be,” “I Could Not Ask For More” and “Solitude,” the singer/songwriter paid his dues in full by touring relentlessly early in his career. After releasing seven albums and selling over 2 million copies, he continues to perform hundreds of concerts throughout the country each year. “The album’s not meant to be heavy or overly contemplative,” sums up Edwin. “With everything that seems to be going on in the world, it’s nice to smile once in a while.” Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 33


Edwin McCain


meghan coffee Standing between pop, indie rock and a hint of folkadelica, Meghan Coffee’s visual lyrics and compelling melodies have been described by enthusiasts as, “mesmerizing,” “soulful” and “electrifying.” Whether it’s the stripped down dynamic girl-and-her-piano show, or the ‘rockstravaganza’ with her Band of Brethren, a live Meghan Coffee performance is not easily forgotten. Meghan’s soon-to-be released album, All Things Being Said, is her first full-length studio record, and was produced by Geoff Melkonian (Modern Skirts, Five Eight, Josh Joplin Group). Meghan and the producer had nearly 70 songs to choose from for the making of the record, as writing a song a week is the standard for Coffee. From the haunting and soaring “Parasol” which details the veil of depression rooted in an unrequited love, to the cleverly insightful lyricism and pop-sensibility behind “Poster Child” (Toast of the town/ You make it much better/ For the butter of praise/ They spread over you anyway), Meghan’s signature style, versatility and prolific writing skills are evident. Having recently captured the imagination of the music community through national touring and several television performances, Meghan is proving herself worthy of the sudden burst of attention. She twice has played to crowds of over 10,000 at Piedmont Park in her hometown of Atlanta. Additionally, among televised performances, including TBS Storyline and Comcast Cable’s Bands On Demand, she was featured on Turner South’s “Music Road” series, a television show hosted by Edwin McCain. Music was ever-present in her home, and the Beatles, Billy Joel and songs sung on Broadway made strong impressions that still have a presence in Meghan’s songs. Meghan began songwriting regularly at age eight, when a friend gave the family an old piano and Meghan claimed it as her own. It wasn’t until the death of her mother, when Meghan was 13, that she began to pour out everything that had been poured into her in an attempt to make sense of her new world. The loss of her mother and her childhood still weaves in and out of her songs to this day.

34 Encore Atlanta

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a

Richard S. White, Jr. Appassionato Chair

Ap-pas’-si-o-na’-to – adv., Passionately, with strong emotion The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is privileged to receive annual contributions from individuals throughout the southeast. Appassionato was inaugurated in 2000 & welcomes annual givers of $10,000 & above. Appassionato members provide the Symphony with a continuous & strong financial base in support of our ambitious artistic & educational initiatives.

($50,000+) Mrs. Anne Cox Chambers

Ms. Joni Winston

($35,000-$49,999) C. Tycho and Marie Howle Foundation

($25,000-$34,999) Madeline and Howell E. Adams, Jr. Stephanie and Arthur Blank Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Currey, Jr. Catherine Warren Dukehart Mary and Charles Ginden* Mr. Robert J. Jones*

Anne Morgan and Jim Kelley* Lucy R. and Gary Lee, Jr. Massey Charitable Trust Victoria and Howard Palefsky Margaret and Bob Reiser Mrs. Charles A. Smithgall, Jr.

Robert Spano Ray and John Uttenhove Allison Vulgamore Richard (Dick) S. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John B. White, Jr.* Sue and Neil Williams*

($15,000-$24,999) AGCO Corporation Betty and Robert Balentine Ms. Diana J. Blank Mr. and Mrs. C. Merrell Calhoun Shannon and Philip Cave Mary Helen and Jim Dalton Marcia and John Donnell Gary and Nancy Fayard* Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Fox Mrs. John T. Godwin

Nancy D. Gould James H. Henry Sara and Fred A. Hoyt, Jr. JoAnn Hall Hunsinger Clay and Jane Jackson Ann A. and Ben F. Johnson III Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kennedy John Rogers and Kyle Koehler Mr. and Mrs. John M. Law Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Moseley, Jr.

Patty and Doug Reid Dennis and Joanne Sadlowski Mr. Thurmond Smithgall Marsha Johnson – Southern Company Morgan and ChiltonVarner Roz and Rick Walker Susan and Thomas Wardell Mr. and Mrs. Edus H. Warren, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Wasserman

($10,000-$14,999) Aadu and Kristi Allpere Anonymous (2) The Balloun Family* Lisa and Joe Bankoff Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Blackney Breman Foundation Frances B. Bunzl Cynthia and Donald Carson Lucy and John Cook Dr. John W. Cooledge Christopher S. and Ana P. Crommett In Honor of Norman Mackenzie by Janet Davenport Cari Katrice Dawson Jere and Patsy Drummond Eleanor and Charles Edmondson Katharina Peters Efron Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Carl D. Fackler Dr. and Mrs. John C. Garrett Mary D. Gellerstedt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Grathwohl The Graves Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Gross Robert Hall Gunn, Jr. Fund Ed Heys Lauri and Paul Hogle Tom and Jan Hough Mr. Tad Hutcheson Bahman and Roya Irvani Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Keough Amy and Mark Kistulinec Family of Thomas B. Koch Pat and Nolan Leake Mrs. Jay Levine Printpack Inc. and The Gay and Erskine Love Foundation Mr. Jeff Mango Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Mays Giorgio and Nasrin Medici Mr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Miller III Morgens West Foundation

Lynn and Galen Oelkers Mr. Donald Runnicles Bill and Rachel Schultz Joyce and Henry Schwob Mr. John A. Sibley III Hamilton and Mason Smith* John Sparrow Loren and Gail Starr Irene and Howard Stein Mary Rose and Mack** Taylor Ramon and Carol Tome The Michael W. Trapp Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Troy R. E. Turner Gertrude and William C. Wardlaw Fund, Inc. Sue and John Wieland Neal and Virginia Williams Mr. and Mrs. Lawson S. Yow

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A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a The Pat ro n Pa r t n e r s h i p

The Insider’s experience for Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Members The Patron Partnership of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is the society of donors who have given $1,750 or more and comprise a vital extension of the ASO family through their institutional leadership and financial support. Judy Hellriegel – Chair

( $5,000-$9,999) Anonymous (5) Ron and Susan Antinori Mr. and Mrs. William Atkins Jan and Gus Bennett Kelley O. and Neil H. Berman Mr. David Boatwright Dr. Robert L. and Lucinda W. Bunnen Mr. and Mrs. Alston D. Correll III Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Cramer* Ms. Suzanne Dansby-Phelps Sally and Larry Davis Triska Drake and G. Kimbrough Taylor, Jr. Admiral and Mrs. James O. Ellis The Robert S. Elster Foundation

Rosi and Arnoldo Fiedotin Mr. David L. Forbes Mrs. Drew R. Fuller Sally and Carl Gable Ruth Gershon and Sandy Cohn The Glover Family Foundation, Inc. Dick and Ann Goodsell John E. Graham Joe Guthridge and David Ritter Sharon and Michael Hodgson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Humphreys, Jr. Ms. Joia M. Johnson Hazel and Herb Karp James H. Landon George H. Lanier*

Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Lavallee, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lester* Mr. Kenneth and Dr. Carolyn Meltzer C.B. Harman Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Solon P. Patterson* Mr. George E. Peterson Ms. Margaret H. Peterson Dell and Bobby Rearden Mr. and Mrs. Tunstall P. Rushton Lynne and Steven Steindel* Mr. Russell Williamson and Ms. Shawn Pagliarini Suzanne Bunzl Wilner Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Wilson T & H Yamashita*

( $3,500-$4,999) Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Anderson Antista Fairclough Design Shirley and Sol Blaine** Mr. and Mrs. Todd Evans Mr. and Mrs. Marshall E. Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Gregory John and Kathy Hunsinger Mark and Sandra Jungers Dr. and Mrs. James T. Laney* Paul and Winifred Lefstead *

Deborah and William Liss* Dr. and Mrs. James T. Lowman Barbara and Jim MacGinnitie John and Linda Matthews Dr. and Mrs. William McClatchey Mr. Walter W. Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pentecost, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rezin E. Pidgeon, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Pittman III Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ratcliffe

John and Helen Aderhold Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Agnew Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allison Julie M. Altenbach Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Alvelda* Marian and Paul Anderson Anonymous (4) Dr. David and Julie Bakken Jack and Helga Beam Neale M. Bearden Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Bennett Ms. Penelope Berk Robert and Teresa Betkowski Rita and Herschel Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Merritt S. Bond* Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Brannon Jacqueline A. and Joseph E. Brown, Jr. Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Robert Bunker Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Butner*

Charles Campbell and Ann Grovenstein-Campbell Mrs. Thalia Carlos Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp Carr John and Adrienne Carr Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cathy Barbara and Steve Chaddick Dr. Michele R. Chartier and Lt. Col. Kirk Chartier Lavon and Dennis Chorba Bettie and Robert Coley Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cook Jean and Jerry Cooper Don and Mary Comstock, Jr. Robert Cronin and Christina Smith Mona and Leonard Diamond George T. and Alecia H. Ethridge Ken Felts and Richard Bunn Mr. Joseph M. and Pronda Few Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Franz

Mr. and Mrs. Joel F. Reeves S. A. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Seaman Morton and Angela Sherzer Lewis Silverboard Sydney Simons Mrs. Frances L. Sowers Mr. Peter J. Stelling Mrs. C. Preston Stephens Robert F. Tuve*

( $2,250-$3,499)

36 Encore Atlanta

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Fullilove* Mr. and Mrs. J. Rex Fuqua Representative Pat Gardner and Mr. Jerry Gardner Judy and Ed Garland Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Geller Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gibson Elliott Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Grady Ben and Lynda Greer Mrs. Herbert Haley Mr. and Mrs. Lance E. Hall Dr. and Mrs. Earl Haltiwanger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hanner Sally and Paul Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hellriegel Mr. S. Bayne Hill Linda and Richard Hubert Dr. William M. Hudson Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hund

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Ms. Cynthia Jeness Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. L. Michael Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. King Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kruger Mrs. Agnes Landers in memory of Mr. James H. Landers, Jr. Dr. Leslie Leigh Mr. and Mrs. David Lifsey Mr. R. C. Loper Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Mabry Gino and Belinda Massafra Adair Massey Mr. and Mrs. James H. Matthews, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Devereaux McClatchey Mr. and Mrs. John W. McIntyre* Mr. and Mrs. William Michalwicz Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Mitchell

Ms. Lilot Moorman and Mr. Jeffrey B. Bradley John E. Moyer Richard S. and Winifred B. Myrick Dr. and Mrs. R. Daniel Nable Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Penninger Ms. Susan B. Perdew Janet M. Pierce Dr. John B. Pugh Dr. and Mrs. W. Harrison Reeves, Sr. Nora and Joseph Richardson Mrs. William A. Schwartz Edward G. Scruggs Mr. Craig H. Seibert and Ms. Molly Minnear Elizabeth S. Sharp Beverly and Milton Shlapak W.H. Shuford Theresa and Louis Sicurezza

Helga Hazelrig Siegel in memory of Chip Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Baker A. Smith Amy and Paul Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Spina, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Stainback, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Steagall Ms. Caroline M. Thompson Ann and Joan Titelman Burton Trimble Mr. William C. Voss Dr. and Mrs. James O. Wells, Jr. Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John Westerhoff Hubert H. Whitlow, Jr. Mr. John Wise Mary Lou Wolff Jan and Beattie Wood Mr. and Mrs. John C. Yates Dr. and Mrs. James D. Young

( $1,750-$2,249) Mr. Albert Anderson Anonymous Barbara and Robert Berger Mrs. Kathy Betty B. Sandford Birdsey III Leon and Linda Borchers Martha S. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Brooker Tony and Norma Jean Bueschen Ian M. Burt Dr. Carol T. Bush and Dr. Aubrey M. Bush Mr. and Mrs. Walter Canipe Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Chalef Dr. and Mrs. Grady S. Clinkscales, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. B. Woodfin Cobbs, Jr. Susan and Carl Cofer Mr. and Mrs. Barksdale Collins* Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Conrad, Jr. Mary Carole Cooney and Henry R. Bauer, Jr. The Ruth and Willie Cox Foundation James L. and Ann Q. Curry Mrs. H. Frances Davis Cecil B. Day Family Elizabeth and John Donnelly Mr. Bruce E. Dunlap Ms. Diane Durgin Cree and Frazer Durrett Drs. Norma J. and Bryan P. Edwards Heike and Dieter Elsner Ms. Alma Garrette Dr. Mary G. George Joseph W. and Elizabeth M. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Duncan S. Gray, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harald R. Hansen Deedi Henson Mr. Kenneth R. Hey

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. High Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums Dorothy Jackson Wayne James Aaron and Joyce Johnson Lana M. Jordan Mr. Thomas J. Jung Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Jurkiewicz Betty Karp Paul and Rosthema Kastin Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kauffman Dick and Georgia Kimball* Dr. Laurel B. Kohn and Dr. Donald A. Lackey Veronique Krafft-Jones and Baxter Jones Mr. and Mrs. David Krischer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Leddick Dr. Fulton Lewis III and Mr. Neal Rhoney Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lollar Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lutz* Ruth and Paul Marston Martha and Reynolds McClatchey JoAnn Godfrey McClinton Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. McGhee Mr. and Mrs. John F. McMullan Mr. and Mrs. David V. McQueen Angela and Jimmy Mitchell Judy and Gregory Moore Mrs. Gene Morse Mr. and Mrs. J. Vemon O’Neal, Jr. Sanford and Barbara Orkin Dr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Palay Mr. William A. Parker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William John Petter Reverend Neal P. Ponder, Jr. Brian and Sherry Ranck

Mr. Christopher D. Rex and Dr. Martha Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. John E. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Rodgers The Gary W. and Ruth M. Rollins Foundation Jane and Rein Saral Mrs. Barbara C. Schatten Mrs. Robert Schellman Dr. Paul Seguin Dr. and Mrs. James Sexson Kay R. Shirley, Ph.D. Andrew J. Singletary Ms. Sheila Skillman Gary E. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Sport Dr. and Mrs. John Stevens Mrs. James R. Stow Kay and Alex Summers Elvira Tate Dr. Beverly D. Tatum and Dr. Travis Tatum Mr. and Mrs. George B. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taylor Dede and Bob Thompson Mr. and Mrs. William M. Tipping Drs. Mel and Nan Vulgamore Mr. J.H. Walker III Mr. and Mrs. Clayton E. Warner Drs. Julius and Nanette Wenger David and Martha West Mark and Ruthelen Williamson Ned J. Winsor Mrs. Barbara Wylly Marguerite and Mike York Chuck and Pat Young The Zaban Foundation, Inc. Grace and Herbert Zwerner

*We are grateful to these donors for taking the extra time to acquire matching gifts from their employers. **Deceased.

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A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Memb e r s h i p

The ASO is flourishing thanks to the generous support of our members. With ticket sales covering only half of our operating expenses, Membership contributions help bridge the gap and enable the talented members of our Orchestra to reach even greater heights of artistic excellence.

( $1,000-$1,749) Anonymous (2) Joanna M. and Alfred B. Adams Dr. R. Wayne Alexander and Mrs. Jane Woods Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Ambo Gerson H. Aronovitz Mr. Eric Ballinger Mr. Anthony Barbagallo and Ms. Kristen Fowks R. Dwain Blackston, MD Dr. Pamela Barr and Dr. William C. Bogner Mr. John Boswell Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brittain and Family Mr. and Mrs. David Chamberlain Mr. Terry R. Childers Terri and Jim Coil Dr. Malcolm H. Cole, Jr. Mr. Richard Collier, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Conkright Dr. William T. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Croft, Jr. Mr. Jimmy W. Crowe Katherine Crowley/The FSL Group Stuart Culpepper Overton and Lavona Currie Foundation Lyn and John Darden Mr. and Mrs. Burton K. Davis Ms. Sylvia Debenport Ms. Sandra Dunson Dr. Xavier A. Duralde and Dr. Mary Barrett Mrs. Francine Dykes, M.D. and Mr. Richard Delay Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Edge Ms. Dorothy Edwards Ms. Mary Edwards Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Eichel Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Einspahr Julia Emmons Mr. James R. Estes III Ms. Gail H. Evans Mr. Dan Ezra Dr. William A. Fajman Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Farnham Mr. and Mrs. Sam Frankel Jim and Nan French Dr. and Mrs. Morton P. Galina Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Gammon Dr. and Mrs. G. R. Gary Michael and Deborah Gerace 38 Encore Atlanta

Mr. Michael Gerster Jill and Ray Giornelli Dr. and Mrs. Howard C. Glover Mr. and Mrs. Jere W. Goldsmith IV Mr. and Mrs. W. Earl Goodrich III Mr. and Mrs. James Graby Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Grady Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gray Ned Cone and Nadeen Green Mr. Sam Griffith Mr. and Mrs. John E. Grimm Mr. David J. Griscavage Ms. Julie A. Haas Alice Ann Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Hantula Mr. David J. Harris Phil and Lisa Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Willem J. O. Hattink John and Martha Head Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Heath Mrs. Ann J. Herman Mr. Jennings M. Hertz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hill, Jr. Alan and Lucy Hinman Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Hodges Edward G. and Dorris D. Holmes James E. Honkisz Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Howard Ms. Rachel Hundley Dr. Valerie Jagiella Wayne James Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Jenkins, Jr. Aaron and Joyce Johnson Janet and George Johnson Frank M. Monger Silvia and Milton Kamin Mr. Steven S. Kapaun and Dr. Marilyn Kapaun Mr. and Mrs. Bart Kelly Mrs. Donna Jane Kilgore Mrs. Mary Kline Dr. and Mrs. John R. Kludt Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lansdell Mr. Nate L. Lavelle Tom, Margie, Carla and Patrick Lawson Ms. Sheila Lee Ms. Mary F. Lemke Dr. J. Bancroft Lesesne Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lollar Mr. Carlos E. Lopez Thomas and Marianne Mabry

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregg Magruder Mr. and Mrs. Will D. Magruder Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Mathews Luis Maza Ms. Nova J. McCombs Mr. Michael M. McCracken Mr. and Mrs. John W. McIntyre Mr. David M. McKenney Lonnie and Agneta Mimms Evans Mirageas and Thomas Dreeze Angela and Jimmy Mitchell Linda and Jim Morgan H. Mueller and C. Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murray Lebby Neal Kent C. Nelson Keith and Dana Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Emory H. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Patton Dr. Lisa C. Perry-Gilkes Mr. Robert Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Petroni Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie Porter Mr. and Mrs. Maury Riff Ms. Barbara Rivenbark Alfred and Susan Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Rodbell Levenson Foundation Dan and Carolyn Roper Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Ross Ralph L. Sacks Don E. and Jane Saliers Dr. and Mrs. James Santoro Mrs. J. Harvey Saunders Mrs. Dorothy I. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schweitzer June and John Scott Shouky A. Shaheen Mr. Thomas C. Shelton Kenneth and Maureen Slater Mr. and Mrs. Kendall K. Slusher Ms. Laura M. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Stargel Richard and Lou Stormont Linda Martinson and Andrew C. Stratton Joan and Cole Stratton Mr. Kevin L. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. W. Rhett Tanner Mr. Christopher Terilli John and Marilyn Thomas

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Isabel D. Thomson Alfred and Sarah Tollison Mr. Ronald M. Turbayne and Ms. Charlotte S. Lee Thomas E. and Elizabeth C. Van Houten Bill and Judy Vogel Charlie Wade and M.J. Conboy

Mrs. Marie M. Wade Jonne and Paul Walter Ms. Karen Wang Brooke and Winston Weinmann Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John Westerhoff Mrs. Margaret J. White Ms. Kristina Wilson Russell F. Winch

Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. Norman Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Aaron I. Alembik Mr. Paul Alfieri Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Allison Mr. Joseph Alonso Mr. and Mrs. John Amidei Mr. and Mrs. A. James Anderson Mr. Tinley Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William W. Anderson, Jr. Ms. Beth Arnold Ms. Beverly Arnold Mr. and Mrs. William B. Astrop Mr. and Mrs. Philip Attridge Mr. McMillan C. Baggett Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bair Mr. George T. Baker Mary and Turner Ball Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Barfield Sandra and Robert Barker Mrs. Margaret Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bass Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Bazzle Mercedes L. Delgado, M.D. and Simon E. Beltran, M.D. Guy Benian In memory of Leigh Baier Mr. and Mrs. Louis Benton Susan and Jack Bertram Mr. and Mrs. M. Les Bethune Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Beverly Dr. and Mrs. Linton H. Bishop, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Blumenthal Charles and Laura Bowen Shirley P. Bower Rosemary A. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Brackin Ms. Kaye Bradford Mrs. Helen M. Branch Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Klenke Bredenberg Ms. Linda Brisley Dr. Donald N. McRae Broughton Mr. and Mrs. Weyman V. Brown Dr. Barbara S. Bruner Mr. and Mrs. William B. Bullock Ms. Kathy Burle Gladys and Robert Butler

Mrs. Barbara V. Button Mrs. William F. Byrnes Dr. Lina B. Caldwell Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Callahan Dr. David M. Cantrell Judge and Mrs. George H. Carley Mrs. J. Wallace Carpenter Jim and Connie Carr Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Chandler Don and Bev Chapman Mr. Richard Chatham Dr. Margaret A. Child Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Chupka Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Clanin Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Alan Colberg Ms. Susan Conant and Mr. Douglas Evans Ms. Cathryn V. Cook Mrs. Leigh Anne S. Cooper Ms. Patti Cooper Philip and Alice Cordes Ms. Cherie Cormier Ms. Judith M. Costello Ashley Craig in memory of Keith Fills Anna Lee Crawford, Ph.D. Ms. Mary K. Cumming Dr. and Mrs. F. Thomas Daly, Jr. Lt. Col. and Mrs. E. L. Daniell Francis and Miclene D’Antonio Mr. Steven E. Darst and Mr. J. Fernando Ochoa Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. de Kok Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Denney Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Dillingham Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Dowdle Gregory and Debra Durden Mr. and Mrs. Dan Duwell Mr. John Dyson Dr. Mary Frances Early Mr. A. James Elliott Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Elliott Merrill and Park Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Dr. and Mrs Bruce Lee Evatt Mr. and Mrs. Paul Evelyn

Ned J. Winsor Mrs. M.G. Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Donn W. Wright In Memory of the Brumley Family by the Harold Wyatt Family Mrs. William B. Wylly Drs. Martin and Holly York Mr. John F. Zibrida

( $500-$999) Ms. Jan Exum Ms. Jane E. Fahey R. Fenton-May Dr. Abbott L. Ferriss Mrs. Stanford B. Firestone Mr. Mach Flinn Mrs. Ravis Fortenberry Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Foster , Jr. Frances R. Franklin Dr. and Mrs. Sidney N. Franklin Dr. Marla J. Franks and Ms. Susan Zoller Mr. William H. Frey Dr. and Dr. Richard G. Fritz John W. Gamwell Dr. and Mrs. John W. Garland III Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gerstein Mr. Scott Giffen and Mrs. Yvi Martin Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Glover In Honor of Mrs. Dottie Murray A. J. and Carol H. Gordon Mr. Marc D. Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gould Mr. and Mrs. John W. Grant III Lois Grant and Keith Weiland Mr. and Mrs. John S. Greene Ms. Pamela B. Griffin Mrs. Helen C. Griffith Ms. Heather Griner Dr. Jon P. Gunnemann and Dr. Karin V. Gunnemann Susie and Morris Habif Catherine and Dick Haining Mr. and Mrs. Tom Haire Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hale Mrs. John R. Hall Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hall Ms. Sylvia Halleck and Mr. Maurice Winkler Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hardin III Mr. and Mrs. Pearce D. Hardwick Mr. and Mrs. Carson Harreld Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Harrison, Jr. Frances L. Harrold Richard and Harriet Hartline Mrs. E. M. Harvey Mr. Walter B. Harvey

*We are grateful to these donors for taking the extra time to acquire matching gifts from their employers. **Deceased.

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 39

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Memb e r s h i p CONTINUED

Dr. and Mrs. J. Rhodes Haverty Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon Hays Pamela P. and John A. Helms Mr. and Mrs. Hal Hembree Meg and Steve Heyer Mr. and Dr. Harvey Hill, Jr. Dr. James H. Hipkens and Mr. Robert Lamy Mr. Robert F. Hochman Mr. and Mrs. David Holland Mr. John F. Holland Mr. Thomas Hooten Ms. Joy G. Howard Patricia J. Howorth Mr. Carl V. Huber John Hunsinger Mr. Charles Hunsucker and Ms. Lyndel Gliedman Mr. John W. Hunt Mr. Ray Inglett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Neville Isdell Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Jacobson Mr. Gary Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. Dean F. Jerding Mr. and Mrs. Teddy and Kenneth Johnson Mr. Timothy A. Johnson and Mrs. Margaret Wood Weyman T. Johnson, Jr. and Allison Forkner Mr. Michael J. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Kemker Ms. Bonnie S. Kennedy Mr. Robert Kepford Carol Ann Kilburn Mr. and Mrs. John King Ms. Robin A. King Mr. and Mrs. James F. Knauss Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kotas Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Kraft Darwin and Merrily Labarthe Mr. and Mrs. John S. Langford, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Lantz Ms. Jane B. Lee and Ivey L. Hubert Mr. and Mrs. William B. Leisy Angel R. Leon & Debra E. Brand Mr. and Mrs. William L. Levine Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Levy Mr. Jun-Ching Lin Mr. George R. Lockwood Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Loewy Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lord Richard H. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lukasiewicz Ren and Judy Manning 40 Encore Atlanta

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Marquardt Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Graham Martin Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Martin Nancy and Bob Mason Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mathis Richard B. Matthews Steve and Gloria Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. May Captain and Mrs. Charles M. McCleskey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. McDonald Ms. Maria McGaha Dr. and Mrs. William L. McGee Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. McGinnis Mr. and Mrs. Joel McNair Mr. and Mrs. A. C. McQuaide, Jr. Steelcase Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frazer Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Miller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Mimms, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Minor Mr. and Mrs. Skip and Jeanine Monaghan Dr. Mark D. Moncino and Dr. Kathleen Sheerin Mr. and Mrs. J. Philip Moore Dr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Morris Virginia Moulder Dr. Patricia Moulton Mr. Peter J. Mounts Mr. and Ms. Eric Mowris Dr. Susan Mulligan Mr. Daniel Murphy Teresa & David Murray Mr. Christopher Napper Paradigm Capital Management David Nelson and Mary Baird John and Agnes Nelson Mrs. Mary Beth L. Neumeister Ms. Carol D. Newman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nicholson William W. Noyd, M.D. Ms. Susan C. Nussrallah Mrs. Lee G. Offen Jessie Oppenlander Wiley C. Owen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Panarese Dr. Adelisa L. Panlilio Cynthia and Roy Pearson Samuel H. and Barbara VanLandingham Pettway Mary and Robert Phillips

Mary Page and Gerard van Hamel Platerink Gene and Mary Kay Poland Kay and Jim Polk Anne and Miriam Pollock Barbara and Marty Pollock John P. Pooler Mr. David Poroch Mr. and Mrs. James T. Porter Mr. and Mrs. George Vrana Robert E. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Proctor Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Purdon Dr. and Mrs. Keith A. Quarterman, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. H. Allan Rankin Mr. Daniel B. Rather Mrs. Milton Rauzin Mr. Dimitry Resenson Helen Revson Ms. Dolly Richardson Mr. Alan Richmond Colonel and Mrs. Doug J. Riffey Mr. Francois Rivard Shirley and Wayne Rivers Virginia Robinson Sidney and Phyllis Rodbell Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Rodrigue Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Roeck Ms. Mary Roemer and Ms. Susan Robinson Ms. Simone Rosa Jerry and Dulcy Rosenberg Mark Rowles Mr. Leonard L. Roy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Russell Ms. Alexandria Sagel Ms. Gail Sanders Mr. and Mrs. James Schiwal Dr. and Mrs. Stefan H. Schmieta Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schneidewind, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Schreck Ms. Sandra O. Seden Mr. and Mrs. James J. Sedlack Dr. and Mrs. George P. Sessions Susan and Charlie Shanor Dr. Steve Sharp and Mr. Kenneth Shaw Mr. and Mrs. William B. Shearer, Jr. Mrs. T. LaMar Sheats Pat and Jim Shoop Douglas and Robin Shore Bootsie and Jerry Siegel Alida and Stuart Silverman Dr. Jay Singh and Dr. Gillian Sherbourne Andrew J. Singletary

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Smith Mrs. J. Lucian Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith Mr. William F. Snyder and Mr. Louis A. Peneguy Mr. and Mrs. William Spain Dr. and Mrs. James O. Speed Dr. Paul V. Spiegl and Mrs. Leigh Ann Wilder Dr. Weston M. Stacey and Ms. Penny Smith Mr. and Mrs. Reed F. Steele Mr. C. Austin Stephens Ms. Suzn K. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stortz Mr. and Mrs. A. Pinckney Straughn Mr. and Mrs. Kenard G. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Larry Street Ms. Andrea Strickland Mr. Shane Stucky Dr. Lisa Stueve

Beth and Edward Sugarman Mr. Joe W. Sullivan Mr. James Sustman and Dr. Janet St. Clair Michael and Francoise Szikman Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Teplitz Dr. and Mrs. Richard Thio Willie and Adrienne Thompson Ms. Allyson A. Till and Mr. Earl Robles Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Toca Sally G. Tomlinson and Dan Denison Mr. and Mrs. Roger Torri Mr. Paul D. Towler Mrs. McKellar Townes, Jr. Mr. Fred H. Tull III Mr. Jeremy Uchitel Amy and Robert Vassey Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ver Eecke Ms. Marjorie Vizethann Ms. Kathleen Walker

Richard and Adele Ward Ms. Alice Jane Wasdin Carolyn and Dick Wasser Mr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Weaver Thomas R. Webb Mrs. Maxine Weimer Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wheelahan Mr. Charles D. Whelchel Ms. Diane S. White Mr. and Mrs. James T. White Ms. Dana Whitledge Mr. and Mrs. Homer W. Whitman, Jr. Charlotte Wilen Mr. and Mrs. John E. Williams Mr. Randolph Williams Edward M. Wolpert and Beth Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Wallis W. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Woodman Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Woodson Bright and Robert U. Wright Dr. and Mrs. William Yang Nancy J. Young

( $250-$499) Anonymous (8) Mr. Gary Abel Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Abes Margaret & Alan Abrams John and Donna Adams Frances and Oscar Adams Mr. Herbert H. Adcock Dr. and Mrs. Joel M. Adler, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Affleck III Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Aiken Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Albaum Mr. and Mrs. William E. Allen Greg and Claire Allison Marty and Richard Alterman Mrs. Sara Alterman Ms. Alice Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Anderson Dr. Beverly J. Armento and Dr. Rebecca More Ms. Cynthia Armstead Dr. and Mrs. William D. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ashenden Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Askins Mr. Richard W. Augusta Mr. and Mrs. George C. Baird Mr. and Mrs. David L. Baker Sr. Mr. John A. Baker Ms. Norma Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo M. Balboni Ms. Joanne Balen Mr. Turner Ball Mr. Robert Banker Mr. and Mrs. Osmond A. Baptist

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barker Mr. and Mrs. James F. Barksdale Dr. and Mrs. Travis H. Barnes Ms. Aileen Barreca Ms. Clay G. Barrickman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Barry Mr. James B. Barton III and Mrs. Nancy L. Bruce Mr. Joe E. Bates Mr. and Mrs. L. Alfred Battle Reverend H. Beadle, Jr. and Mrs. F. McDowell-Beadle Mr. and Dr. Richard J. Beard Ms. Sally G. Beer Zack Begner Dr. and Mrs. James E. Behrens Mrs. Alice D. Bell Ms. Llewellyn W. Bell Mr. Douglas E. Benner Ms. Helena Bennet Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bernstein Mr. James Bierma Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Bishko Ms. Alisa Bittner Nancy and Gary Bivins Ms. Sandra R. Blackwood Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Blanchard Dr. and Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr. Ms. Sheryl S. Blechner Suzanne & Rob Boas Mrs. Sidney Boozer Mr. Richard A. Borth

Mr. Ronald Bossick and Ms. Theresa J. Maene Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Boyd John D. Boyd Lisa A. Boyd and Ward W. Hobbs Steve and Brenda Bracken Mr. and Mrs. Larry Braden Mr. L. Travis Brannon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Brathwaith Mr. Frederick Brooks Ms. Leokadia R. Brooks James L. Bross Mr. Barclay Brown Mrs. Annie Ruth Anderson-Brown and Mr. John H. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Brown Schan and Merv Brown Mr. Moses Brown Jim and Lynne Browne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Browning Mrs. Guy V. Bullock Ms. Suzanne Burch Mrs. Kyle R. Cade Marilyn and George Cain Mr. and Mrs. William E. Call Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Callaway Jaclyn and Stephen Cannon J. Capps and R. Moulton Mr. and Mrs. Bickerton W. Cardwell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carpenter Mr. Kenneth Carr Carole & George Carreker

*We are grateful to these donors for taking the extra time to acquire matching gifts from their employers. **Deceased.

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 41

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Memb e r s h i p CONTINUED

Mrs. Catherine S. Carrigan and Mr. Henry Edmonds Mr. David Carroll Evelyn J. & Richard A. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carter Mr. and Mrs. Norm M. Carver Dr. and Mrs. William J. Casarella Ms. Jane J. Casavant Russell and Diane Cason Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel C. Chafee Mark Chaffin Ms. Wendy Chambers Ms. Janet M. Chapman William and Gayle Christian John and Sara Clark Melinda L. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Clarke Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Alva C. Cobb Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon B. Cohen Judith and Elliott Cohen Mr. and Mrs. William Conaway Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Connell Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cooper Mr. and Mrs. David Cooper Mr. John W. Corbett Mr. and Mrs. David Corts, Jr. Mrs. Robin Costello Mr. and Mrs. William Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Cowart Dr. and Mrs. Bryan C. Crafts Dr. Leslie W. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Crean Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Croft III Mr. George L. Cross Jack and Claire Cross Alan and Jacquelyn Culpepper Ms. Marcia Cupery Dr. and Mrs. Ranger Curran William and Carolyn Curry Mr. and Mrs. Michael D’Alessandro Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Daniel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin R. Davila Distinctive Home Repair and Enhancements Mr. Lonnie Davis Mr. Seth Davis Dr. and Mrs. J. R. De Andrade Mark and Julie De Jong Mr. J. David Dean and Ms. Kathleen A. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Kirtland A. Decherd Mrs. Winston C. Dees Robert L. and Marianne S. DeHaan 42 Encore Atlanta

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Deimler Dr. and Mrs. Michael DiCristina Joan O’Brien Diemer Mr. Richard Dowdeswell Miriam A. Drake Harriet and Sam Draluck Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Draut Ms. Maurine Draxler Mr. Robert A. Drew and Ms. Mercedes Bazterrica Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dunn Elizabeth Eakes Mr. Sherwood F. Ebey Charles and Janice Edwards Ms. Sally Sparks Edwards Geoffrey G. Eichholz Mr. William C. Eisenhauer Dr. and Mrs. L. Franklyn Elliott Mr. Courtney Ellis and Dr. Amina Bhatia Dr. Elizabeth M. Ellis Mr. Larry W. Entrekin Judge and Mrs. Jack Etheridge Mr. Steven F. Ethridge Dick Evelyn Mr. and Mrs. David C. Ewert Dr. Lynn E. Ezell Martha and Mark Fair Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Farnham Ms. Elizabeth Farrar Ms. Peggy B. Farris Mr. and Mrs. Howard Feinsand Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Ferrara Mrs. Jeanne R. Ferst Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Finlen Ms. Julie A. Fishman and Dr. Terry Pechacek Mr. and Mrs. Curt P. Flaherty Dr. and Mrs. L. Austin Flint Mr. Rick Flowers Mr. and Mrs. James Floyd Ms. Elizabeth R. Fodor and Ms. Sheila Bissonnette Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Folger Ms. Virginia Foster Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Franco Ms. Janis Franklin Drs. Cheryl and Robert Franklin J. Lester Fraser Homer S. French, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Friese Nola Frink Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Frost Mrs. and Mr. Amy Galtier Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gantt Mr. Adam B. Garber

Dr. and Mrs. John Gargus Ms. Linda M. Garrett Joseph C. and Susan Gavalis Mr. and Mrs. George L. Gfroerer Ms. Damellys Giardini Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Gignoux, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Gilbert Mr. John Gilberto Mr. Michael Gillen Mr. John Gillin Mr. Francis J. Gilmore Mr. Grant F. Glassbrook Mr. and Mrs. John Glustrom Mr. Heyward Gnann David J. Goldsmith Dr. and Mrs. Martin I. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Robert Golomb Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Gonsalves, Jr. Ms. Laura Gordy and Mr. Robert Stickel Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gould Mr. Kenneth L. Gould Ms. Ursula Graats Mr. and Mrs. James N. Grace Ms. Doris Grady Mr. Charles Graham Dr. and Mrs. Miles H. Graivier Mary C. Gramling Dr. A. Allison Grant and Mr. John I. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Gray, Jr. Mr. and Ms. Robert R. Gray Mr. James Greene Jim and Fran Greenlee Richard and Kay Greenstein Judith and Albert Greenstone Tom and Jeannette Greeson Ms. Sylvia S. Griffin Mr. and Ms. William P. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Griffiths Marilyn and Laurence Gross Ms. Anne L. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Shelby S. Guilbert, Jr. Mr. David M. Gunn John B. Haberlen Mr. Charles Hacke Mr. William Haga Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hagan Nelson and Phyllis Hagar Mr. Donald Hagemeister Ms. Linda K. Halford Mr. Richard L. Hall Ms. Marilyn Hammond Jim Hardy Hilary Hargreaves Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harkey

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Harkins Mr. and Mrs. William R. Harper, Jr. Mr. Robert Harrell Mrs. Sara R. Harrington Ms. Harriet H. Harris Mrs. Jeanette G. Harris Samuel H. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hart Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Hartsing, Jr. Alan and Camille Harvey William K. Hatcher Margaret and Richard Hauenstein Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hauser Ms. Sarah Hawbecker and Mr. William Fuller Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Hecht Ms. Susan V. Herrin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Heller Ms. Abbie Henderson Mr. and Ms. Donald L. Henderson Will Henderson Mr. Haywood (Robin) Hendrix Janet Fath and Richard Henneman Mr. Mario Hernandez , Jr. Mr. David and Mrs. Ellen Herold Mr. and Mrs. William T. Herring Arthur Heyman Martha Heyman and Joseph Heyman Mrs. Kirsten Hicks Mr. Thomas Hicks Ms. Janice P. Hiland and Mr. Stephen C. Kolderup Ms. Brenda Hill Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hill Mr. J. Robert Hipps Richard E. Hodges Jr. Mr. W. R. and Dr. Sandra S. Hoffman Ms. Mary Ann Holder Dr. Fernando Holguin and Ms. Shanta Zimmer Mr. and Mrs. Tommy T. Holland Mr. Eric Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Ben Holton Mr. Duane L. Hoover Mr. Edward C. Horlbeck Mr. William Houser Ms. Sally Howard Mr. Harry R. Hower Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Howie Ms. Susan Hoy Janet Hubler Mr. and Mrs. David C. Huffman Mr. Ronald J. Hughes, Sr. Martha and Tom Hughes Mildred H. Hutcheson

Mr. Juin P. Hwang Mr. and Mrs. R. Williams Ide III Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Irvan Mr. and Mrs. John E. Isbell, Jr. Ms. Lisa Isenogle Ms. Kim Ivanoff Mary and John Izard Mr. and Mrs. William H. Izlar, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Duke Jackson, Jr. Jocelyn Whitehead Jackson Mr. David Jahner Ms. Marlene J. Janos and Mr. Joseph O’Donnell Jane Jerden Mr. and Mrs. John Jernigan Sally and Warren Y. Jobe Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jolley Mr. Bill Jones Mr. and Ms. Chuck Jones Mr. Doyle P. Jones Laura and Bert Jones Ms. Penelope Campbell Mr. W. Seaborn Jones Mr. William M. Jones Mr. Ron Jonson William L. and Sally S. Jorden Mr. Steven Kahn Mr. Theodore Kaplan Mr. William K. Kapp, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kearns, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelso Mr. Steven Kennedy Mary and Bruce Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Cappa C. Kent Dr. Fred E. Kiehle III Virginia Killorin Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Kinnett Mr. Donald K. Kintner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Knapp Roland J. Knobel Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kokoszka Miss Florence Kopleff Mr. Jacob S. Kornman Ms. Ioanna Kosmidou Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krajec Wilma L. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Krueger Edward B. Krugman and Jill A. Pryor

Mr. Steven J. Kuzma Mr. Alfred Lakos Mr. Kent Landers Ms. Lynn C. Lane Sandra L. Lanphear and Bob Dorst Mr. Chris Le Mr. Glenn L. Lee and Ms. Barbara Jeanneret Dr. and Mrs. John E. Lee Ms. Kathryn E. Lee Ms. Cathy Leeke Mr. and Mrs. Euin Leonard Diane and David Levy Ms. Amy M. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Y. Lewis Frances and Philip Lewis Mr. and Ms. Soo A. Lim Lisa and Keith Linch Joanne Lincoln Ms. Teresa A. Lind Mr. Jonathan Lindman Ms. Mary C. Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Melville C. Lindsay, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Lindsey, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Allen H. Lipis Allan and Vaneesa Little Mr. Shane Little Arietha Lockhart Ms. Jacqueline R. Lockridge Dr. and Mrs. Earl G. Long Mrs. Mary Catherine H. Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Long Dr. and Mrs. Sumner Long, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lord Mr. and Mrs. John Louw Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Love Mr. and Mrs. James R. Love Mr. and Mrs. William G. Loventhal Dr. and Mrs. Jerold S. Lower Mr. and Mrs. Keno Lucas II Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Lunati Mr. William D. Lyons Mr. Carol Lyttle Ms. Doris J. Maisel Ms. Mary Mallison Betty J. and Ellis Malone Gloria and Maurice Maloof Mr. Howard Manchel Mr. James A. Manley Mr. Robert I. Marcus Ms. Deborah Marlowe Mr. Robert A. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L. Martin III Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Whit Matteson Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Mattox

*We are grateful to these donors for taking the extra time to acquire matching gifts from their employers. **Deceased.

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 43

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Memb e r s h i p CONTINUED

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Maza Mr. William McClure Mr. and Mrs. James A. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. William J. McCranie, III Bob and Elba McCue Ms. Patricia McFarland Miss Gwyndolyn McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Ken McGraw Sarah and David McKenney Rev. Tim and Mrs. Rebecca McKeown Mr. Jack McKinley Ms. JoAnn McLean Mrs. Agnes S. McLendon Mr. Jeremy McMillan Norma and Doug McNeill Ms. Joy Medley Mr. and Mrs. Dave C. Meilander Mr. and Mrs. Nick M. Mencher Linda Merritt Mr. Ted Metz Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Metzger Mr. and Mrs. David Miller Dr. and Mrs. George Miller Mr. Joseph Miller Ms. Nicole Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Miller Luine B. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mills Mr. J. Milton Mr. Robert E. Minnear Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mitchell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Mitchell III Mrs. Marvin G. Mitchell Dr. Dorothy E. Mitchell-Leef and Mr. Forrest Leef Elden and Wanda Moates Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mobley II Mr. and Mrs. James Modak Mr. Sean Molley Ms. Carolyn K. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Moore Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Morris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Mortimer John S. and Catherine A. Mullins Mrs. Ann Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Murray April and Philip Nagel Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Nelson Ms. Betty J. Neumeister and Mr. Michael Pierce Ms. Barbara Newburger Lynn P. Nickerson Mr. Jack R. Nickles Carl and Heidi Nitchie 44 Encore Atlanta

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Nix George Novak Godfrey and Mary Ann Oakley Mr. and Mrs. Brad Obenshain Mr. John O’Brien M. Winnifred O’Dell Dr. Margaret Offermann and Dr. Russell Medford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Olive Dr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Oppenheimer Carol Osborne Ellen and Thomas Ottinger Reverend Gene W. Owens Mr. John C. Owens Mrs. Cornelius W. Owens Owens.B Consulting LLC Ms. Amelia Page Dr. and Mrs. Roger Pajari Carol and Bob Paller Mr. Rodney Paramoure Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Parker, Jr. William and Lois Parker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Patorgis Ms. Kathleen Pattillo John and Helen Patton Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pearce Ms. Paige Peck Mr. Steve M. Peck Mr. Lee Pederson Mr. Lamar J. Perlis Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. Bill Philipson George and Susan Phillips Mr. Louis Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Pinkerton Mr. Robert Pinkerton Mr. Bryan Piper Mr. and Mrs. Sam O. Piper Mr. and Mrs. Michael Plant Mr. Charles Player Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Plummer G. Ernest Plunkett Mr. G. Ernest Plunkett III Mrs. Beverly P. Ellis Ms. Faye P. Popper Mr. Joseph W. Powell, II Ms. Julia W. Power Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Poythress Mr. Willis C. Preston Ms. Cynthia Prichard Ms. Bonnie J. Pritts Dr. E. Mike Proctor and Mrs. Dianne Proctor Ms. Catherine Radle Mr. Charles Rafferty

Mr. Esric Ramsey Ms. Blythe Randolph and Mr. Steven N. Roser Mr. Stephen R. Ratterree Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rawson Henry and Ruth Read Ms. Annette G. Reed Mrs. Barbara A. Reed Judy and Buddy Reed Ms. Joyce Reedy Ms. Joyce Resnick and Dr. Robert Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Rich Mr. Neil Richter and Ms. Constance Schultze Ms. Joycia C. Ricks Regan Rickson Vicki and Joe Riedel Paul and Marie Riesel Ms. Lillie M. Robbins Mrs. Jean L. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Ross Robertson Don C. Robinson David F. and Maxine A. Rock In Memory of Mr. H. Herbert Jones Ann Rollins and James Jose Laurence and Abby Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rosing Mr. and Ms. Jay M. Rosovsky Mr. and Ms. Steven Rowland Ms. Gaylan G. Ryden Vela M. Ryle Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Sacks Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sandler Dr. and Mrs. David Satcher Mr. Milton Saul Mr. and Mrs. Milton Saul Ms. Diana Sauvigne Mr. and Mrs. BJ Schaknowski Mrs. Robert Schellman Mr. Jack Schilt Mrs. Pamela M. Schindler Jerry and Judy Schmidt Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schnapper Mr. David Schneberger Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Schneider, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Schorr Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Schroder Mr. Jiri Schubert Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Schulz Mr. David Schulze Dr. and Mrs. Fred J. Schwartz Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Schwartz Mrs. Susan Scott Roger and Mary Earle Scovil

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a Dr. Charles D. Searles and Ms. Laura C. Seeff Mr. and Mrs. Mack D. Secord Mr. and Mrs. David K. Secrest Mr. and Mrs. Alva B. See, Jr. Mr. Alexander Shane and Ms. Cynthia Peng Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Sherry Dr. Steven L. Shore Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shults Mr. Robert Sidewater Diana and Mark Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Simmons Mr. Travis C. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simons III Bill and Susan Small Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Smith Mr. and Mrs. H. Frank Smith, Jr. Marjorie M. Smith, M.D. Ms. Shawn O. Smith Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Smythe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Snow Mrs. Kathryn B. Snow Donald E. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Jay Solomon Ms. Laura K. Sosha Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sowers Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Sparrow, Jr. John and Anne Spitznagel Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Srochi Henry N. and Margaret P. Staats Dr. and Mrs. David Stacy Mr. and Mrs. John Stagmeier Dr. Kenneth M. Stallings Mary Louise Stark Mr. and Mrs. Jim Steiner Mr. Larry Steinheimer Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Stern Dr. and Mrs. Jeb Stewart Ms. Jennifer Stewart Mr. Richard Stewart Dr. and Mrs. John P. Straetmans Mr. Christopher W. Struab Mrs. Jamie N. Strom Neal D. Stubblefield and JoAnne P. Stubblefield Dr. and Mrs. Ramon A. Suarez

Mr. and Mrs. Hulett D. Sumlin Mr. and Mrs. George Sutherlin Mr. and Mrs. Randy Sutt Mr. and Mrs. John Sweigart Mr. Joseph Sylve Dr. Rene A. Tapia Ann Tarrant Ms. Sondra Taubin Mr. James G. Tausche and Mrs. Jane Kamenz Reverend Cecelya A. Taylor Ms. Leslie M. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Neil Taylor, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Martin V. Teem Drs. Fred and Lisa Tenover Mr. and Mrs. David Terrell Mr. and Mrs. John Teuscher Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Thalimer Ms. and Mr. Patricia M. Thomas Ms. Patricia B. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robin L. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Thompson Alison and Joseph Thompson Mr. Tommy O. Thompson Carolyn and Tom Thorsen Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Thrower Mr. Joe M. Timberlake C. Barry and Louisa Titus Mrs. Lillian F. Troop Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Troop Ms. Joanne Truffelman Mr. Joseph A. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Brent E. Uken Mr. Lenny Valliere F. and Martha Vardeman Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso J. Varner Ms. Martha C. Vawter Jorge F. Vilanova Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Vivona Dr. and Mrs. Darius Vohman Mr. Alexander Volojine Fritz and Norma Von Ammon Mr. Charles Vorndran and Mr. Fernando Guerrero Mr. Hugh Waddy Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Wakefield Mr. Jack Wakshlag and Ms. Mekel A. Hirschhorn Dr. and Mrs. Archie D. Walden

Ms. Sherry E. Wallace Mr. Robert L. Wallis Mr. Clifford Walsh Ms. Jeanne L. Walsh and Ms. Jane E. Walsh Dr. Mildred Collier Walton Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Walz Dr. and Mrs. James E. Washington, Jr. Allen Waters Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Watke Mr. Joe E. Watson, Jr. Marcia and Alan Watt Carol Brantley and David Webster Mr. and Mrs. William E. Webster Ardath Weck Mr. and Mrs. Al Weidenmuller Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wenske Mr. Chris Werner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Wernert The Snells Mr. Lester C. White Mr. and Ms. Ned White Ms. Sue C. White Mr. Eric Whitener Dr. Thomas E. Whitesides, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wilcox Mr. Ralph E. Wilgus Mrs. Constance S. Williams Ms. Venette M. Williams Dr. and Mrs. W. Talbert Williams Betty Williford Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilson Mr. H. R. Wise, Jr. Raymond Woller and Doris Kadish Mr. and Mrs. Warren I. Wood Dr. and Mrs. William G. Woods Ms. Bettye Sue Wright Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Wright Ms. Patricia R. Wright Mr. Charles D. Wyatt III Mrs. and Mr. Joyce Yaffe Dr. Hoyt Young Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Yudelson Dale and Ellen Zeigler Mr. Kenneth Zirkman and Ms. Melody Z. Richardson Susan M. ZurSchmiede

*We are grateful to these donors for taking the extra time to acquire matching gifts from their employers. **Deceased.

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Major funding for this organization is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council.

Office of Cultural Affairs: Major support is provided by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs.

National Endowment for the Arts

This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. The Council is a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

46 Encore Atlanta

A t l a n ta S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a T he H enry S opkin C ircle Recognizing planned gifts that benefit the ASO. Madeline and Howell E. Adams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Aderhold William and Marion Atkins Dr. and Mrs. William Bauer Neil H. Berman Fred and Bettye Betts Mr. and Mrs.* Karl A. Bevins Mr.* and Mrs. Sol Blaine Frances Cheney Boggs* Robert* and Sidney Boozer Elinor A. Breman William Breman* James C. Buggs, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Burgin Wilber W. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. C. Merrell Calhoun Cynthia and Donald Carson Margie and Pierce Cline Dr. and Mrs. Grady Clinkscales, Jr. Miriam and John A. Conant* Dr. John W. Cooledge Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cummickel* John R. Donnell Dixon W. Driggs* Catherine Warren Dukehart Ms. Diane Durgin Arnold and Sylvia Eaves Elizabeth Etoll John F. Evans

Doyle Faler* Rosi and Arnoldo Fiedotin Dr. Emile T. Fisher A. D. Frazier, Jr. Betty and Drew* Fuller Carl and Sally Gable William H. Gaik Kay Gardner* Mr.* and Mrs. L. L. Gellerstedt, Jr. Ruth Gershon and Sandy Cohn Micheline and Bob Gerson Mr. and Mrs. John T. Glover Mrs. Irma G. Goldwasser* Robert Hall Gunn, Jr. Billie and Sig* Guthman Betty G. and Joseph* F. Haas James and Virginia Hale Ms. Jeannie Hearn Jill* and Jennings Hertz Albert L. Hibbard, Jr.* Richard E. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Holmes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Hoyt, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hund Mary B. James deForest F. Jurkiewicz* Herb and Hazel Karp Anne Morgan and Jim Kelley Bob Kinsey

James W. and Mary Ellen* Kitchell Paul Kniepkamp, Jr. Miss Florence Kopleff Ouida Hayes Lanier Liz and Jay* Levine Jane Little Mrs. J. Erskine Love, Jr. Nell Galt and Will D. Magruder K Maier John W. Markham, III Ann Bernard Martin* Mr. Michael McDowell* Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGinnis Vera A. Milner* Mr. and Mrs. Bertil D. Nordin Roger B. Orloff Dr. Bernard and Sandra Palay Bill Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Rezin E. Pidgeon, Jr. Janet M. Pierce Reverend Neal P. Ponder, Jr. William L. and Lucia Fairlie Pulgram Carl J. Reith* Edith Goodman Rhodes* Vicki J. and Joe A. Riedel Dr. Shirley E. Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Sauser Mr. Paul S. Scharff and Ms. Polly G. Fraser

A zira G. H ill S cholarship Dr. and Mrs. H.E. Mallinson Dr. Joanne R. Nurss Monica (Kaufman) Pearson and John E. Pearson, Sr. Ms. Margaret H. Petersen Elise T. Phillips Margaret and Bob Reiser Signature Donors Mr. Herman J. Russell, Sr. ($1,000-$4,999) Michael and Lovette Russell Margo Brinton and Eldon Park Suzanne and Willard Shull Sharon, Lindsay and Gordon Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Troy Dr. John O. Gaston and Ms. Joni Winston Dr. Gloria S. Gaston Georgia-Pacific Corporation Sustaining Donors Mary and Charles Ginden ($500-$999) Mrs. Mary C. Gramling Big Bethel AME ChurchHank Aaron Chasing Rev. Gregory Eason, Pastor the Dream Foundation Ada Lee and Pete Correll Links Inc., Azalea City Chapter Ms. Cheryl E. Dixon Sponsors ($5,000 and above) The Goizueta Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hill, Jr. Lincoln Financial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Richardson Simmons Family Foundation


Edward G. Scruggs Dr. and Mrs. George P. Sessions W. Griggs Shaefer, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shaw* Charles H. Siegel* Mr. and Mrs. H. Hamilton Smith Mrs. Lessie B. Smithgall Margo Sommers* Elliott Sopkin Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel Daniel D. Stanley* Peter James Stelling C. Mack* and Mary Rose Taylor Jed Thompson Steven R. Tunnell Mary E. Van Valkenburgh Mrs. Anise C. Wallace* Mr. and Mrs. John B. White, Jr. Richard S. White, Jr. Hubert H. Whitlow, Jr. Sue and Neil Williams Elin M. Winn* Joni Winston George and Camille Wright Mr.* and Mrs. Charles R. Yates Anonymous (12) *Deceased.

Talent D evelopment

Dr. Walter J. Hill and Mrs. Beatrice P. Hill Ms. Joy G. Howard William and Kathy Lamar Ms. Malinda C. Logan John C. Portman, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Lee R. Shelton The Society, Inc., Greater Atlanta Chapter Mrs. Mattye L. Sullivan Dr. Alfred D. Wyatt Contributing Donors ($250-$499) Ms. Emma Jean Bell Dr. and Mrs. Bhuiyan Brown & Moore Financial Services, LLC

Yolande Brunson Collins and H.T. Dryer Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Cooke III Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Croft III Mary Frances Early The Entertainment Group Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Ferdinand Nelson and Phyllis Hagar JoAnn Hall Hunsinger Edward and Willrene Howard Aaron and Joyce Johnson Mrs. Elena C. Mola Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Moore Rochelle and William Reeder Joyce and Henry Schwob Dr. Louis and Ginger Sullivan John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods

TDP S cholarship E ndowment C ampaign

AGL Resources Bank of America

Marcia and John Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hill, Jr.

Monica (Kaufman) Pearson and John E. Pearson, Sr.

Margaret and Bob Reiser Jay and Arthur Richardson

The Learning Community Claire and Hubie Brown* Nancy Gould

Mr. Kenneth and Dr. Carolyn Meltzer

Northside Drive Baptist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Roby Robinson, Jr. in honor of Mrs. Joyce Schwob * In support of the ASYO

Scholarships for Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO)* tuition are made possible through the Elinor Rosenberg Breman Fellowship Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication 47

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The Woodruff Arts Center salutes the Patron Circle of Stars: those who have given $15,000 or more to our Annual Corporate Campaign. You helped us reach a record $8.5 million goal for 2006-2007. Thank You! ★★★★★★★★★★★★ $500,000+

The Coca-Cola Company

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Cousins Properties Incorporated Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

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Alston & Bird LLP Holder Construction Company The Home Depot Foundation ING King & Spalding LLP The Marcus Foundation, Inc. One Museum Place PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP The David, Helen & Marian Woodward Fund

Georgia-Pacific Corporation The Imlay Foundation, Inc. Katherine John Murphy Foundation Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Rock-Tenn Company Siemens Harris A. Smith Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc. The Zeist Foundation, Inc.

★ ★★★★★★ $75,000+

The Sartain Lanier Family Foundation, Inc. Macy’s Foundation

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AFLAC Assurant Atlanta Companies Assurant Solutions Assurant Specialty Property Atlanta Foundation BDO Seidman, LLP The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation The Brookdale Group Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. Crawford & Company Ford & Harrison LLP General Motors Corporation Genuine Parts Company Georgia Natural Gas Global Payments Inc. Goldman Sachs & Co. Harland Clarke Haworth, Inc. C. Tycho & Marie Howle Foundation IBM Corporation IDI J. Mack Robinson Interests Atlantic American Corporation Delta Insurance Group Gray Television Philip I. Kent LaFarge North America Thomas H. Lanier Foundation The Blanche Lipscomb Foundation McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP McKinsey & Company, Inc. Norfolk Southern Foundation

★ ★★★★★★★★★ $200,000+

SunTrust Foundations & Employees Florence C. & Harry L. English Memorial Fund Harriet McDaniel Marshall Trust

★★★★★★★★ $150,000+

AirTran Airways Bank of America The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc. Equifax Inc. & Employees Ernst & Young Partners & Employees Georgia Power Company Jones Day Foundation & Employees KPMG LLP, Partners & Employees The Rich Foundation, Inc. The Sara Giles Moore Foundation The Wachovia Foundation, Inc. 48 Encore Atlanta

AGL Resources Inc. American International Group, Inc. Citigroup Foundation Primerica Smith-Barney Citicorp Citifinancial The Delta Air Lines Foundation Frank Jackson Sandy Springs Toyota GE Energy INVESCO JPMorgan Private Bank Kimberly-Clark Corporation The Ray M. & Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation, Inc. Scientific-Atlanta, a Cisco Company Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

★★★★ $35,000+

Arcapita Lisa & Joe Bankoff Duke Realty Corporation John & Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc.

★★★ $25,000+

Powell Goldstein LLP RBC Centura SCANA Energy Shailendra Group Southwire Company Sprint Nextel Synovus Financial Corp./ TSYS Tishman Speyer Properties Troutman Sanders LLP United Health Group Gertrude & William C. Wardlaw Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Halperin Ms. Charlene Berman Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin The Chatham Valley Foundation, Inc. CheckFree Corporation Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown Exide Technologies Exposition Foundation, Inc. Gas South, LLC Price Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund Glenfield Capital/James & Amy Cate Greenberg Farrow Architecture Inc. Heidrick & Stuggles Fred & Terry Henritze Family Fund The Howell Fund, Inc. Hunton & Williams Initial Contract Services Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jewell Weldon H. Johnson Family Foundation Jones Lang LaSalle Sarah & Jim Kennedy Livingston Foundation, Inc. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Macy’s Systems & Technology Manhattan Associates Manning, Selvage & Lee Moran Family Foundation Morris, Manning & Martin LLP Piedmont Charitable Foundation, Inc. Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation Printpack Inc./The Gay & Erskine Love Foundation

David M. Ratcliffe Regal Entertainment Group Rooms to Go Russell Reynolds Associates Schiff Hardin LLP Emily Winship Scott Foundation The Sembler Company Seyfarth Shaw LLP Clyde & Rebecca Shepherd Simmons Bedding Company Alex and Betty Smith Foundation, Inc. Karen & John Spiegel Spectrum Brands Superior Essex Inc. Taylor Consulting Group, Inc. Towers Perrin Mark & Evelyn Trammell Foundation Jane Smith Turner Foundation U.S. Security Associates, Inc. Verizon Wireless VIPGift Vulcan Materials Company Waste Management Charitable Foundation Watson Wyatt Worldwide John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods The Betty A. & James B. Williams Foundation Sue & Neil Williams Wood Partners WXIA TV/Gannett Foundation The Xerox Foundation

★ ★ ★★ $15,000+

A Friend of the Woodruff Arts Center Accenture ACE INA Foundation Ackerman & Co. Acuity Brands, Inc. Arnall Golden Gregory LLP Atlanta Life Financial Group Atlanta Marriott Marquis Bain & Co. Julie & Jim Balloun BB&T Corporation The Beaulieu Group, LLP Kenny Blank BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia Boral Bricks Inc. The Boston Consulting Group Bovis Lend Lease Bradley-Turner Foundation Sue & Guy Budinscak Capital Guardian Trust Company Carter’s Inc. Center Family Foundation Mrs. Bunny Center Mr. Charles Center

The Woodruff Arts Center gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the Fulton County Arts Council. *As of December 1, 2007.

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❖ 2007 Decorators’ Show House & Gardens Diamond Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Platinum AirTran Airways. Bank of North Georgia Opening night party Regions Bank Gold Comcast The Epicurean Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Hennessy Lexus Jackson Spalding The Sherwin-Williams Company Where/Encore Atlanta Magazines Silver Northern Trust Publix Super Markets Charities Siemens Energy & Automation Ticket sponsor Springer Mountain Farms Bronze Arborguard Tree Specialists John Grady Burns Commercial Audio Systems Dornbracht Americas, Inc. HiFi Buys Kenneth Lynch & Associates, AIA KitchenAid Michael Jackson Landscape Company Micron Pest Management Phantom Screens Phipps Plaza Preprint Reece Tent Rental Specialty Pool and Spa Swoozies Walker McIntyre Antiques We Rent Atlanta staffing sponsor

❖ 2007 Atlanta Symphony Ball 2007 corporate Sponsors phoenix Sponsor Delta Air Lines Platinum Coca-Cola Company INVESCO Diamond A Legendary Event Gold Mednikow UPS Silver Aetna AGL Resources AirTran Beacham & Company, Realtors Caren West PR Cayo Espanto Island Resort Deloitte Goldman Sachs & Co. Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP King & Spalding Neiman Marcus Printpack, Inc. and the Gay and Erskine Love Foundation Scientific-Atlanta, A Cisco Company Siemens Energy & Automation SunTrust Private Wealth Management United Distributors Wachovia Wealth Management

50 Encore Atlanta

Bronze Equity Estates Lazard Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. media sponsor The Atlantan 2007 SPECIAL CONTRIBUTORS Diamond Stephanie and Arthur Blank Victoria and Howard Palefsky Silver Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Blackney Mr. and Mrs. William M. Graves Margaret and Bob Reiser Ms. Joni Winston Bronze Katharina Peters Efron Foundation Jennings M. Hertz, Jr. Giorgio Medici Mr. Richard (Dick) S. White, Jr. Hosts Bill and Rachel Schultz BenefactorS Madeline and Howell Adams Lisa and Joe Bankoff Mrs. Neale Bearden Jan and Gus Bennett Caryn and Jason Bernstein Lelia and Brent Brougher Jamie Brownlee and David Russell Mr. and Mrs. C. Merrell Calhoun Susan and Tom Callaway Chris and Merry Carlos Philip and Shannon Cave Dr. Michele R. Chartier and Lt. Col. Kirk Chartier Chip and Darlene Conrad The Correll Family Foundation Christopher and Ana Crommett David and Michelle Edwards Crosland Jere and Patsy Drummond Cree and Frazer Durrett Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Gross Betsy and Harald Hansen Jim and Elsie Henderson Mark and Amy Kistulinec Lucy R. and Gary Lee, Jr. Jeff and Kathy Mango Mr. Lawrence E. Mock, Jr. Brenda and Charles Moseley Leslie and Skip Petter Patty and Doug Reid John Rogers and Kyle Koehler Gretchen L. Stewart Joyce and Henry Schwob Beverly and Milton Shlapak Mr. and Mrs. Baker Smith Cissy Smith and Pat Lander Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel Irene and Howard Stein Thomas and Cheryl Weldon Joan N. Whitcomb Neil and Sue Williams Mr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Woollcott

❖ 2008 ASO Classic Golf Tournament presenting Sponsor AirTran Airways Reception Sponsor Siemens Energy & Automation Luncheon Sponsor SunTrust Private Wealth Management Team Sponsors Allconnect Coca-Cola Company Deloitte EMC Corporation Ernst & Young Hirtle, Callaghan & Co. Jones Day Jones Lang LaSalle

Ovations Food Services Patty and Doug Reid John W. Rooker & Associates, Inc. Jeff Mango/Verizon Wireless Twosome Team Sponsors Alston & Bird Argus Benefits Credit Suisse Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Solution Property Group Turner Construction Zeliff Wallace Jackson HOLE Sponsors Coca-Cola Company EMC Corporation Jones Day King & Spalding, LLP Morgan Creek Capital Management, LLC Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan, LLP Sea Island Properties Zeliff Wallace Jackson

❖ The 2008 A King Celebration Ms. Lisa Borders, Honorary Chair champion The Dawson Company and The Dawson/Sparrow Family Massey Charitable Trust Siemens Energy & Automation UPS VIsionary Stephanie and Arthur Blank Coca-Cola Company Georgia-Pacific Corporation Morgens West Foundation Munich American Reassurance Company patron Anonymous Atlanta Journal Constitution Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Blackney Tanya M. Coleman, Publix Super Markets Coxe Curry & Associates First Presbyterian Church Georgia Power Company Sheri and John Latham David and Cecelia Ratcliffe R.L. Brown & Associates Bernard Taylor Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. Allison Vulgamore The Honorable and Mrs. Andrew J. Young Supporter Madeline and Howell Adams, Jr. Lisa and Joe Bankoff Moses Brown, Jr. Janet Davenport Lauri and Paul Hogle John and Kathy Hunsinger Joyce and Aaron Johnson James H. Landon George A. Lottier Golf Foundation Dr. Herman H. and Mrs. Thena Monts Durham Norman Margaret and Bob Reiser Ray and John Uttenhove Shameika and Jomal Vailes Donna M. Williams Ms. Joni Winston Tiffany N. Yarn

JOIN US AFTER THE SHOW W                 T S  T G T H. L       H F T,            . PURCHASE ONE DESSERT & RECEIVE ONE COMPLIMENTARY DESSERT AS OUR GUEST. On your next Fox Theatre evening, join us for dinner at The Savoy. As always, theatre patrons who dine with us will receive complimentary parking in our deck.

.. 404.898.8350

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A dream fulfilled By Kristi Casey Sanders

“I’ve been with the orchestra for 14 years and, for at least a decade, I’ve been looking for a summer home, so this is a great day,” says ASO President and Chief Executive Officer Alison Vulgamore. “The Orchestra looked north and south [of Atlanta]. We had a wonderful discussion with Habersham County, but it came a little early in our life to actually pull it off. We’ve had discussions in the south, with Callaway Gardens, for years. In the end, this was the community that, with its own vision, was the ripest for an amphitheater that the ASO would manage. It was just a great synergy of our mutual visions.” President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater North Fulton Chamber 52 Encore Atlanta

of Commerce Brandon Beach says the Amphitheatre is the culmination of a dream he and other community leaders shared for a long time. “These individuals knew the missing component in our community was an arts and entertainment center where they could enjoy music and friendship without having to drive downtown.” He remembers an early pamphlet the chamber had drawn up to advertise plans to build an arts center. When a company representative from New Jersey visited to discuss relocating her office to Alpharetta, Beach pulled out the brochure. “She said, ‘Do you have any more of these? This might make the difference between my 70 employees – the arts are big in New Jersey.’

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Even though plans for Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park were made public only a year ago, the promise has lived in the imagination of symphony and civic leaders for years.

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“Today we have more than a brochure,” he continues, “We have a reality. The arts are a catalyst for economic development. This amphitheater will serve as a catalyst, a nerve center to bring the citizens of our community together in a great way.” People from other communities benefit as well: People from more than 40 states came to see the Eagles play last month. Three venues mean a lot of dates for the ASO to fill, but Vulgamore says there are no plans for a secondary orchestra. “One of the things that’s very special about our orchestra is it does it all,” Vulgamore says. “The ASO records La boheme, wins Grammys for America’s greatest composers and supports some of the most phenomenal artists of our time. We like to be a part of everywhere we are.” At the Encore Park opening, Vulgamore stressed, “This isn’t only a venue. We live here with you. Ninety percent of our musicians volunteer in the community.” The Atlanta community itself is to thank for the ASO’s diverse talents and offerings. Vulgamore says Atlanta’s youth as a city and its welcoming nature invites new ideas. “The arts live in this culture that allows experimentation and flexibility, and supports experimentation,” Vulgamore says, “The Atlanta Symphony [is] unlike any other orchestra. The diversity of those ensembles makes me so proud.”

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Continued from page 18 On July 25, one of the best selling R&B acts of all time, Boyz II Men, co-headlines with what was likely a huge influence, Morris Day & the Time. Though they’re not performing together, two of today’s biggest soul sisters, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, will be performing on July 30 and Aug. 27, respectively. Of course, you can’t mention Classic Chastain without including the world-renowned house band, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The ASO’s first performance of the series is with jazz guitarists George Benson – in a tribute to Nat King Cole – and Earl Klugh on June 21. A week later, the Symphony will collaborate with rock balladeer Edwin McCain on June 28. July 2 sees classic rocker Boz Scaggs joining the ASO, followed by the summery vibes of the Beach Boys on Aug. 13. 56 Encore Atlanta

Finally, party rock act Sister Hazel gets the symphonic treatment on Aug. 23. (Complete lineup and details at www. Nestled away in the lush outskirts of Buckhead, Chastain Park Amphitheater provides an intimate setting to see some of your favorite acts of just about any genre. And whether you’re spreading out on the lawn with a blanket and picnic basket or enjoying the venue’s upscale concessions only feet away from the stars, there isn’t a bad seat to be had. Small wonder that concertgoers and critics annually vote Classic Chastain as Atlanta’s favorite concert experience. Jonathan Williams is a freelance writer specializing in arts & entertainment. He contributes regularly to accessAtlanta and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and is the Entertainment Editor for Gothic Beauty magazine.

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G e n e r a l I n f o r m at i o n – Chastain Park Amphitheater Chastain Park is located in northwest Atlanta, between Buckhead and Sandy Springs, off Roswell Road, near the intersection of West Wieuca and Powers Ferry Roads. The Chastain Park Box Office is at the intersection of Powers Ferry Road and Stella Drive, and it opens at 6:30 PM or one hour before concert time, whichever comes first, on the days of performances. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Chastain Park is accessible via MARTA rail/bus connections. For information on train or bus routes or other details of tran­ sit services, please call MARTA directly at 404-848-4711. PORTER SERVICE Porters are located at each of the four entrances of the amphitheater to carry your cooler to your seats. This con­ venient free service is available on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning at 6:30 PM or one hour before concert time, whichever comes first, and ending promptly at concert time. Please call ahead to verify times: 404-733-4800. SEATING Patrons in the Terrace seating area may bring small tables (no larger than 24” x 18”) for their dining convenience. Lawn patrons, be sure to bring your own blanket – no chairs, please. CONCERT COURTESY It is important that courtesy and good manners be practiced at all times during performances Please stay in your seat while artists are on stage, limit conversation, and visit facil­ity amenities when the performance is not in progress. LATE ARRIVALS Allow ample time for travel. parking. and getting to your seats. Latecomers may be asked to wait for a break in the program before taking their seats. GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY We urge our Chastain audiences to be good neighbors during visits to Chastain Park Amphitheater. Please drive courteously and patiently, and respect the privacy of our neighbors by parking only in public areas. For everyone’s safety, please do not drink and drive. PHOTOS/ELECTRONICS/CELL PHONES As a courtesy to performers and audience members, the following equipment is not permitted: cameras, camcord­ ers, and recording devices. The use of cellular phones is not permitted in the seating areas. Please limit use of cell phones to the entry ways. SMOKING POLICY The Amphitheater is a smoke-free environment. For the comfort of our guests and in accordance with municipal law, smoking is prohibited throughout the facility. SPECIAL ASSISTANCE Persons requiring access assistance are requested to phone the Box Office at 404-733-5000 for advance arrangements. IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Box Office 404-733-5000 Group Sales 404-733-4848 Ticket Donations/Exchanges 404-733-5000 Subscription Information/Sales 404-733-4800 Lost and Found 404-733-5373 Chastain Director 404-733-4886 Atlanta Symphony Associates (Volunteers) 404-733-4865 Youth Programs 404-733-4871 Concert Hotline (Recorded information) 404-733-4949 TTD Number 404-733-4303 Services for People with 404-733-5000 or -4800 Special Needs

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TICKET INFORMATION SEASON TICKETS How do you get the best seats in the house? By ordering season tickets, of course! Season subscriptions for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Classic Chastain come in a variety of packages. Fixed packages of 8 concerts are available for Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays. Additionally, we offer a 3-concert Country package as well as 4-concert Friday A and B packages. You can also mix and match a flexible series to fit your taste! Select any 5 or more concerts from the Classic Chastain schedule and get a Take Five series. Series remain on sale until the date of the first concert in the series. The Atlanta Symphony also offers a variety of packages available throughout the year. For more information, call 404-733­4800; e-mail asosubscriptions@; or go online at CAN’T ATTEND A CONCERT? Please don’t let your tickets go unused. If you cannot use your tickets, please pass them on to friends or return them to the Box Office for resale. To return tickets as a taxdeductible donation, please phone 404-733-5000 before the perfor­mance time. The Box Office can take the location of your seats and make them available to waiting patrons. A receipt will be mailed to you in January acknowledging the value of all tickets returned for resale during the year. SINGLE TICKETS ORDER BY PHONE: Call 404-733-5000, Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 8 PM; Saturday - Sunday, Noon - 8 PM. Phone orders may be charged to MasterCard, VISA, Discover or AMEX. $5-per-ticket service charge applies. ON THE INTERNET: Visit our Web page at classicchastain. com and order your tickets online, at any time of day. Your order may be charged to MasterCard, VISA, Discover or AMEX. $5-per-ticket service charge applies. Net orders are filled on a best-available basis. Allow two to three weeks for delivery. For orders received less than two weeks prior to the concert, tickets will be held at the Chastain Box Office. Tickets can also be purchased through all Ticketmaster locations including BY MAIL: Complete an order form found in our Season Brochure and mail it with your payment to: Atlanta Symphony Box Office, 1280 Peachtree Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. Orders are filled in the order received. Allow two to three weeks for del ivery. Please add a service charge of $6 per order. For orders received less than two weeks prior to the concert, tickets will be held at the Chastain Box Office. IN PERSON: The Woodruff Arts Center Box Office is located at the corner of Peachtree and 15th Streets in Midtown Atlanta. Hours are Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 8 PM; Saturday - Sunday, Noon - 8 PM. There is no service charge for tickets purchased in person. Please note: All single-ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. All artists and programs are subject to change. Concerts take place rain or shine. GROUP DISCOUNTS Group discounts of up to 15% are offered for most ASO Chastain concerts, subject to ticket availability. Contact Quidana Bosman, Group Sales Manager, at 404-733­4848 or bye-mail at for groups of 15 or more. GIFT CERTIFICATES Available in any amount for any series, gift certificates can be purchased through the Woodruff Arts Center Box Office. Phone 404-733-5000.

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