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SEP 2–OCT 2, 2022 ALLIANCE THEATRE | 1 EVERYBODY FROM THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Between Us 4 FEATURE “Make It Matter”: Bringing Everybody to the Coca-Cola Stage ............ 6 Co-Directors Susan V. Booth & Tinashe Kajese-Bolden discuss Everybody’s unique staging, timeliness, and challenge for its audiences Story by Ashley Elliott Program Highlight 12 Onstage & Off ................... 14 Program Notes .................. 15 Synopsis 23 Your Story, Your Stage ........... 24 DEPARTMENTS About the Alliance Theatre 26 Board of Directors ................ 27 Sponsors 28 Annual Fund ..................... 30 Alliance Theatre Staff 37 Page 6 Page 12 Page 24
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So here I am, writing the piece that shows up in the front of each program, where the Artistic Director tries to offer a little more context around the play you’re about to see.

And here you are reading it. (Bless you.)

And here’s what’s different about this particular “Between Us.” It’s actually the last one I’m going to write. After a whole lotta years, I’m leaving the Alliance to head to Chicago’s Goodman Theatre. And in a completely serendipitous bit of programming magic (had no idea I was going anywhere when we picked this play), Everybody turns out to be more perfect than I thought. And I thought it was pretty perfect.

My co-director, Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, speaks to this eloquently a few pages into your program, when she talks about the very particular gift this play gives us. Everybody dives deep and hard into the notion of memento mori — the Stoics philosophy that we must always remember that we will die. Because only by sitting authentically with our own mortality do we come to a full appreciation of the beauty and possibility of our life. And while a job and city change isn’t a life or death transition, it is an inflection point that offers the same invitation. Be here now. And see fully all for which you ought be grateful, and make the most of every moment.

I have loved being here.

I am loving being here.

And I will always be grateful for this time, this city, this theatre, and all of the people who love it. | @alliancetheatre 4
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CONTACT Donna Choate 678-778-1573


Co-Directors Susan V. Booth and Tinashe Kajese-Bolden discuss Everybody ’s unique staging, timeliness, and challenge for its audiences

“This play [feels] like a fresh start,” says Co-Director Tinashe Kajese-Bolden. “It proposes a reset while also giving us some landscape to reflect on how we got to where we are today.”

Everybody, masterfully written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and inspired by the 15th century play Everyman, tells the story of Everybody, a happy person, a free person, a person who believes nothing but the best lies ahead. Then Death comes calling, and Everybody must go on a journey to find what has had lasting significance in their lifetime.

“Sounds odd to talk about joy when you’re talking about mortality,” adds Co-Director Susan V. Booth, “But the tone and impact of this piece is so, so joyful. And in a time of ever-multiplying senses of division, a piece that reminds us of the most basic of human connections seems so very necessary.”

And she’s right. The only other story that comes to mind when thinking of a tale where the central character is Death is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This play, like that book, must masterfully balance the weight of the driving theme (the fact that the audience is watching the main character die) with a sense of humor that lightens the mood. | @alliancetheatre
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Plus many more! Tickets and memb erships available a t Our stories are not simply told for you, but with you. SHARE YOUR STORY. PRESERVE YOUR STAGE . The posting of photos taken before the show, during intermission, or in our lobbies is not only allowed but strongly encouraged! We do kindly ask that you refrain from taking pictures, recording audio, or capturing video during the performance to allow our audiences and performers to stay connected with each other during our brief time together.

Recent events — namely the pandemic — have brought mortality to the forefront of our minds like never before. Co-Directors Booth and KajeseBolden kept this in mind when planning to bring Everybody to the CocaCola Stage.

“I’m not sure this play would resonate the same way if [the pandemic] hadn’t happened,” says Kajese-Bolden. “We are still searching for avenues to process what we all went through. This play invites not just the audience, but the artists, to explore the meaning of life through humor and physical play that hopefully leaves us thankful for another day to live on purpose.”

Since its origin on Signature Theatre’s Irene Diamond Stage in 2017, this play has captivated audiences with its cutting wit, hard-hitting questions, and, most notably, its unique storytelling device. Very rarely do actors (apart from swings) enter a theatre space not knowing what role they will be called upon to play, and yet that is exactly what Everybody asks them to do.

At the beginning of the play, five of the roles are decided by lottery, live before the audience. Most of Booth and Kajese-Bolden’s cast of “beautiful humans, inside and out” have each learned every single part in the show. “We knew we needed fearless performers,” Booth says, “who bring their full and authentic selves to the stage.”

“The thrill of the unknown is super delicious,” KajeseBolden adds. “No show will ever be the same because every night the roles are cast by lottery and there are 120 combinations. Crazy!”

Everybody co-directors Susan V. Booth and Tinashe Kajese-Bolden | 9

Another way Everybody breaks boundaries is that the scenic design completely shatters the expectation of what the Coca-Cola Stage will look like. In addition to typical seating, the artistry of the woodwork in the house and additional seating have been added to the stage, creating an incredibly unique theatre-inthe-round experience.

“Lex Liang, our brilliant scenic and costume designer, has imagined an environment for this piece that truly celebrates the beautiful architecture of the Coca-Cola Stage,” Booth says. “And our actors will be inhabiting a whole lot more of it than just the stage.”

“It’s exciting when you get to play with the familiar, but in a whole new configuration,” Kajese-Bolden continues. She’s eager to see how the audience reacts to seeing how the Coca-Cola Stage has been transformed. “We are approaching this stylistically in a way that one might for a smaller space, so that excitement is making this gorgeous vast space feel intimate and safe.”

“There might be a dance break that involves the whole audience,” Booth adds. “I’m not saying there is, I’m saying there might be…”

| encore10

Kajese-Bolden and Booth also got to play with their own sense of familiarity in codirecting the show. Both had co-directed before but were hesitant to try it again; especially with such a quirky, off-the-wall show. However, once they dove into the project, they both swiftly changed their minds.

“To have this brilliant brain/heart/ visionary partner in the work of conceiving this event has been pretty glorious,” says Booth.

“It’s an experiment in working at the top of our game without having to sacrifice meaningful events [and] relationships in our lives that so often get sidelined when you are working on a show,” KajeseBolden adds. “We also said our number one rule is to keep the joy meter on high, which is the only way we want to work after a pretty stressful couple of years.”

Coming full circle to that everpresent topic of joy, the codirectors also hope the audience will walk away from the show with “a feeling of communal connection and a deeper engagement with their own purpose and passions,” says Kajese-Bolden.

Booth agrees, adding, “Make it count. Right here and right now; make it matter.” | 11


When Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Everybody ’s playwright, was asked about his playwriting process in an interview, he emphasized his “investment in the tradition we’re writing in. Theatre is an old thing. It’s thousands of years old. TV isn’t. Film isn’t. We’re doing a really old thing.” In such an old art form, it’s practically impossible to tell an entirely new story. After all, that’s what genres are — a way to define humans telling slightly varied versions of the same story again and again.

Jacobs-Jenkins has welcomed the opportunity to use historical text as the basis for a modern story. During the opening monologue of Everybody, it is revealed that Everyman, the play that directly inspired Branden Jacobs-Jenkins to write Everybody, is a 15th century morality play. Although Everybody explains that a “morality play” is simply a play with a moral, theatre scholar John Payne Collier defines the genre as “a drama, the characters of which are allegorical, abstract, or symbolical, and the story of which is intended to convey a lesson for the better conduct of human life.”

This definition is a bit stuffy, and the realistic applications of morality plays are more nuanced. When a play is performed on stage, life is breathed into these allegorical figures and they are no longer abstract concepts that exist on a page; instead, they are a part of the real world that are more capable of making people understand the consequences of their actions. Although morality plays do teach a moral, they do it in a way that makes people realize how applicable to everyday life seemingly far-away concepts like death are.

Although Everybody defines Everyman as a morality play, the opening stage directions state that it is a “treatise in the manner of a morality play.” This distinction, although small, insinuates that Everyman was not created to be performed. In fact, the play has no record of being performed until 1901 — 500 years after it was translated into English. Instead, many historians have theorized that Everyman was written as a religious text, to be read and to help people understand that they can — and will — be confronted with death, so living a life of sin is not doing anyone any favors.

Everyman’s moral is explicitly Catholic, which makes sense, as Catholicism was the dominant sect of European Christianity during the 15th century. The moral can be loosely understood as follows: many people are leading lives of sin, forgetting | @alliancetheatre
12 | programhighlight

about God, and not doing the Corporal Acts of Mercy, such as giving to the poor or feeding the hungry. However, all that anyone needs to do is confess, repent, and scourge/ punish themselves, and their good deeds will then be strong enough to speak for them in front of God, and allow them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

To amplify this moral, God specifically asks Death for a man who has forgotten that God is almighty in favor of worshiping his own riches, who happens to be Everyman.

Although Everyman’s strict Catholic moral is a product of a society with a unifying belief, the essence of the story is one that every society can relate to: How do we deal with our imminent death? JacobsJenkins took this question one step forward: How do we deal with our imminent death in today’s secular, diverse society?

Of course, taking any mention of repentance and confession out of the script was the first step in making Everyman modern. However, another feat that JacobsJenkins accomplished with this play was an exploration of the limits of theatre and casting: the lottery system. During each performance, Everybody and all of the allegorical figures are chosen by chance, in a lottery system. There are 120 different casting combinations that can be made from the 5 actors that will be affected by the lottery.

Not only does this system of chance force each actor — and audience member — to confront their own mortality, but it also illustrates the beauty of theatre. The production will be different every time it’s onstage, just as life and death are different for every person. Everybody holds a mirror to the audience in both the actors’ dialogue and the mechanics of the show.

Theatre may be an old thing with the same basic stories being told again and again, but finding ways to shape these stories around an ever-changing world is what keeps art alive.

The cover of the 15th century play Everyman. | 13

“Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV?”

This quote, spoken in a bout of existentialist frustration by Rick and Morty character Morty Smith, is a bleak but also gripping message. He says it in the wake of his sister, Summer, realizing she was an unplanned pregnancy that changed the trajectory of their parents’ lives. But hey, it’s true, right? Maybe Morty would like Everybody as a play because of it. Because of the truth that we don’t pick our parents, our destiny is up to us and what we make of our situations. And spoiler alert: Everybody dies.

The cast of Everybody is randomized, the roles known by each actor, and the lottery is performed every show in order to notify them of who they will be embodying for that performance. It’s random, and it’s spur of the moment, but so is death, isn’t it?

Our lives are a blank canvas that we are tasked with painting. Which virtues will help us fill the white space with color, and which ones do we neglect, leaving them on the palette? Do we call on our Strength too much, leaving Emotions behind? Or maybe Love saturates the canvas, and Time is pushed to the side. It is up to each of us, at the end of the day, to realize what legacy we want to leave on the world, and at the end of the day, how the world will reflect on each of us.

So, perhaps, this all means we should take a step back, and enjoy the little things more. Life and Death are scary things to think about, let’s talk about fun things instead. Go on that walk with the friend you haven’t seen in years. Pick that hobby up that you’ve been pondering for a while. Tell the people in your life that you’re grateful for them. Because, while Morty was harsh, he might have had a point. Sometimes, you just gotta watch TV. VIRTUES: WHAT MAKES MEANING OF WHAT MATTERS IN LIFE? | @alliancetheatre
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World Premiere produced by Signature Theatre, New York City (Paige Evans, Artistic Director; Erika Mallin, Executive Director; James Houghton, Founder)

EVERYBODY by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. in part by the BOLD Theater Women’s Leadership Circle.

Susan V. Booth, Jennings Hertz Artistic Director & Mike Schleifer, Managing Director present DIRECTED BY SUSAN V. BOOTH & TINASHE KAJESE-BOLDEN BY BRANDEN JACOBS-JENKINS
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This production is supported






*DEIDRIE HENRY Usher/God/Understanding

*CHRIS KAYSER Somebodies






PARRIS SARTER Usher/God/Understanding/Love

DELLAN SHORT Somebodies/Death


*ANNA BARANSKI Stage Manager

*BARBARA O’HALEY Assistant Stage Manager (Aug 1 — Sept 4)

*KACIE PIMENTEL Assistant Stage Manager (Aug 29 — Oct 2)

SAMANTHA HONEYCUTT .Stage Management Production Assistant



Line Producer


LAURY CONLEY Associate Costume Designer

SEAMUS BOURNE Associate Scenic Designer

RAIYON HUNTER Casting Associate


ANNA BARANSKI .......................Fight Captain

VICTOR JACKSON II.................Movement Consultant


SAMANTHA HONEYCUTT . Young Performer Supervisor (Aug 1 — Aug 14)

AMANDA PEREZ Young Performer Supervisor (Aug 15 — Sept 4)

BARBARA O’HALEY Young Performer Supervisor (Sept 5 — Oct 2)


Sound Mixer



SKYLAR BURKS Properties Stagehand


VICTOR MOULDEOUX Automation Stagehand


STEVE JORDAN Light Board Operator


Sandy Kemper Comedian David Perdue Comedians Lace Larrabee and Katherine Blanford Michael Rooks Nicole Albert, MHS., LPC Ethics Emory University notes | @alliancetheatre | encore16
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Photos may be taken in the theater before the performance, during intermission, and following the performance. If you share your photos, please credit the designers.

Photos, videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited, is a violation of United States Copyright Law, and is an actionable Federal Offense. | 17
A S TA G E FOR EVERY AG E Now enrolling for fall classes. This production is approximately ninety minutes long and has no intermission.

ANDREW BENATOR (Death) is thrilled to be a part of this cast and telling this story. Previous Alliance credits include A Christmas Carol; Small Mouth Sounds; Crossing Delancey; Troubadour; Disgraced; One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest; By The Way, Meet Vera Stark; Good People; August: Osage County; Tennis in Nablus; and Eurydice. Other Atlanta credits include Indecent and Pitmen Painters at Theatrical Outfit, RACE and Between Riverside and Crazy at True Colors Theatre, and Boeing Boeing at Aurora Theatre. Andrew has worked offBroadway and in regional theaters across the country. Film and TV credits include The Founder, Game Night, Million Dollar Arm, “Amazing Stories,” “Bigger,” and “Stranger Things.” 2016 Recipient of the Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship. Thank you for supporting live theater!

BRANDON BURDITT (Somebodies) is thrilled to be returning to the Alliance Theatre! Burditt is a proud alum of Morehouse College (‘18). He was most recently seen at Illinois Shakespeare Festival as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Edgar in King Lear. Past roles include Hands Up here at the Alliance, Oberon in A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Cymbeline in Cymbeline at Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, Caesar in Gem of the Ocean directed by Chuck Smith, The Soldier in The Colored Museum (2017), Canewell in Seven Guitars (2015), and Jib in Hoodoo Love (2015). He has written a one-act play honoring survivors of sexual assault titled Interviews, which awarded him a grant from Morehouse. The play has been performed at both Morehouse and Tougaloo College in Mississippi.

SHAKIRAH DEMESIER (Love) is elated to be back at the Alliance Theatre... or any theatre really because Covid is rude. She is a Haitian-American stage and tv/film actress and comedy writer from NYC now based in Atlanta. She’s a Hofstra University, HB Studio, and UCB graduate with a penchant for performing in and writing stories that focus on the African diaspora. Her work has been recognized by the NAACP and the ABC Network’s

Talent Showcase and she is currently creating her own series of work focusing on immigrants in America. Shakirah’s favorite regional credits include: Streetcar Named Desire; Nick’s Flamingo Grill; Angry, Raucous and Shamelessly Gorgeous; and Seize the King. You’ll also find her on tv series: “Cobra Kai” on Netflix, “American Soul” on BET, “Watchmen” on HBO, “Queens” on ABC and the CW’s “Legacies”. Follow her at: @pleasedontcallmeshak

SKYLAR EBRON (Girl/ Time) [she/her] is ecstatic for her debut performance with the cast of Everybody at the Alliance Theatre!

Skylar is a 5th grade vocal and dramatic arts student who also plays piano and guitar. Skylar is grateful to her parents for nurturing and supporting her dreams as a young actor and performer. When not on stage, Skylar is an active Junior Girl Scout and avid animal lover. Find her on social media: @skylar_ebron_official

DEIDRIE HENRY (Usher/ God/Understanding)

Regional: To the Yellow House (LaJolla Playhouse), Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill (Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Portland Center Stage), It Can’t Happen Here (Berkeley Rep), A Streetcar Named Desire (Portland Center Stage), American Night (Yale Repertory), Raisin in the Sun (Mark Taper, Kirk Douglas Theatre), Parade (Mark Taper, Center Theatre Group), Ballad of Emmett Till (Goodman), Yellowman (Berkeley Rep), As You Like It, Three Sisters, Wit, Hamlet, Seven Guitars, Much Ado About Nothing (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), Blues for an Alabama Sky (Alliance Theatre, Hartford Stage, Arena Stage, Huntington). Film/TV: Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Silence, BOSCH, to name just a few. It’s great to be back home.

SOLEIA HOWINGTON (u/s Girl, Time) is excited to be making her debut in Everybody at the Alliance Theatre. A 4th grader at Brighten Academy, where she has enjoyed participating in annual musical productions as an ensemble player. At Brighten, she received the “Good Citizen” award, for which she is | @alliancetheatre | encore18

proud. Aside from enjoying language arts, reading, and writing, she loves painting, drawing, singing, dancing, and playing Roblox. She is a member of the chess club, enjoys learning Japanese, and is fascinated by the world of astronomy and astronauts. She loves being a mentor to younger kids at her school, ensuring that everyone knows that her favorite color is pink. She loves traveling with her family and discovering fun vacation spots. She is very grateful to all her family and friends for their support.

BETHANY ANNE LIND (Somebodies) is thrilled to be back on the Alliance stage. Previous Alliance credits: Shakespeare in Love, Cuckoo’s Nest, August: Osage County, and the world premieres of Edward Foote, Carapace, Troubadour, and 26 Miles. She has appeared on stages from coast to coast including La Jolla Playhouse: His Girl Friday; and originating roles in the world premieres of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre then Arena Stage; The Storytelling Ability of a Boy at Florida Stage then Aurora Theatre; and Really Really at Signature Theatre. Recurring television roles include Grace Young in “Ozark,” Molly Quinn in “Reprisal,” and Clara Steele in “Doom Patrol,” as well as guest roles on “Stranger Things,” “The Walking Dead,” “Greenleaf,” “Lore,” “Rectify,” and an upcoming episode of Branden JacobsJenkins’ FX series: “Kindred.” Film: Chaos Walking, Flight, Doctor Sleep, Crackerjack, Mean Girls 2, and leading roles in critically acclaimed indie features: The Wheel, Through the Glass Darkly, and opposite Will Patton in Blood on Her Name. Thank you for supporting local theatre, independent films, and Atlanta based artists! Insta: @BethanyAnneLind Twitter: @LindBethanyAnne

CHRIS KAYSER (Somebodies) is thrilled to continue his collaboration with the Alliance Theatre in Everybody. Previous Alliance credits include Peter Pan, Brigadoon, A Christmas Carol, The Grapes of Wrath, Eurydice, Art, Miss Evers’ Boys, Angels in America: Perestroika, Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, Glengarry Glen Ross, August: Osage County, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ever After

COURTNEY PATTERSON (Somebodies) returns to the Alliance after appearing in several productions including Small Mouth Sounds, Disgraced, Geller Girls, By the Way, Meet Vera Stark, August: Osage County, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and A Christmas Carol She has been on various stages around the city throughout her career (Georgia Shakespeare, Theatrical Outfit, Aurora Theatre, and Synchronicity Performance Group). TV/Film: “The Walking Dead,” “Stuff You Should Know,” “Drop Dead Diva,” “Good Eats,” SuperIntelligence, Life of the Party, Anchorman 2, Let’s Be Cops, Trouble With the Curve. Thank you for supporting live theatre! Much love to Nick, Javier, Susan, Mom, and Dad.

JOSEPH J. PENDERGRAST (Somebodies) [they/ them] is thrilled to return to the Alliance. They have performed in most theaters in Atlanta including Alliance Theatre (Alice Between and Ever After); Found Stages (Frankenstein’s Funeral); Aurora Theatre (In the Heights); Serenbe Playhouse (Spring Awakening); Actor’s Express (Head Over Heels); and Synchrocity Theatre (Lyle the Crocodile).

PARRIS SARTER (u/s Usher, God, Understanding, Love) is delighted to be back at the Alliance. She holds an M.A. in Performing Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design. Alliance: A Christmas Carol (u/s Mrs. Cratchit/Missy Watkins) Atlanta: Booty Candy, Angels in America (Suzi Recipient), and An Octoroon (Suzi nominee) (Actor’s Express); Eclipsed (Suzi Recipient) (Synchronicity Theatre); Angry Fags and The Revolutionists (7Stages); The Cake and Square Blues (Horizon Theatre). Regional: Wrong River (Flint Repertory). Upcoming: Eucine in Paris. The life of Nina Simone with Hush Harbor Labs at the Black Arts Festival this September. Thank you again for supporting live theater. | 19

DELLAN SHORT (u/s Somebodies, Death) is a 2022, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, graduate from Brenau University; he is thrilled and overjoyed to be making his professional debut on the Alliance stage. Dellan would like to thank his parents Jill and Jim, his brothers Britton and Tanner, and his girlfriend Ryan for their endless support. Find Dellan on socials: @Shellan_dort

SUSAN V. BOOTH (Co-Director) joined the Alliance Theatre in 2001 and has initiated the Palefsky Collision Project, the Kendeda Playwriting Competition, the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab, and commercial partnerships on such projects as The Prom; Tuck Everlasting; Ghost Brothers of Darkland County; The Color Purple; Bring It On: The Musical; Twyla Tharp’s Come Fly Away; Sister Act: The Musical; Bring in ’da Noise, Bring in ’da Funk; and Jesus Christ Superstar GOSPEL. She has directed nationally at the Goodman Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, New York Stage and Film, Actors Theatre of Louisville, and many others. She holds degrees from Denison and Northwestern Universities and was a fellow of the National Critics Institute and the Kemper Foundation. Booth’s leadership is underwritten by the BOLD Theater Women’s Leadership Circle, an initiative to support and promote women’s theater leadership funded by The Helen Gurley Brown Foundation. She is married to Max Leventhal and is the proud mother of Moira Rose Leventhal.

TINASHE KAJESEBOLDEN (Co-Director) is the BOLD Associate Artistic Director at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta. Tinashe is a Princess Grace Award 2019 Winner for Directing, and Map Fund Award recipient to develop her devised new work All Smiles centering the experience of children on the Autism Spectrum. Most recently, she was Associate Director with Kenny Leon for Trading Places. Tinashe held a salaried creative and Director’s Shadow position during the pre-production, pilot and 2nd episode development of the TV Series “Our Kind of People” (Fox Studios) under

Lee Daniel’s production company and was Director Shadow on the season finale of “BMF.” Select directing productions include Toni Stone (co-production Milwaukee Repertory Theater and the Alliance Theatre), School Girls, Or the African Mean Girls Play (Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre), Ghost (Alliance Theatre), Native Gardens (Virginia Stage Company), Pipeline (Horizon Theater), Nick’s Flamingo Grill (World Premiere at the Alliance Theatre, Hertz Stage), Eclipsed (Synchronicity Theatre, Best Director Suzi Bass Award). Upcoming projects: The Many Wondrous Realities of Jasmine Starr-Kidd (2022/23 Alliance/ Kendeda National Playwriting Competition Winner/World Premiere Alliance Theatre). As a director and actor, she has worked on + off Broadway, including The Imperial Theatre, Primary Stages, 59E59 Theatre, Classical Theatre of Harlem; and regionally at Yale Rep, Woolly Mammoth Theater Co, Cincinnati Playhouse, The Geva Theatre, CTG’s Kirk Douglas Theatre, among others, as well as recurring roles on TV/Film (Suicide Squad 2, Marvel’s “Hawkeye,” CW’s “Valor,” “Dynasty,” HBO’s “Henrietta Lacks,” Ava Duverney’s “Cherish the Day,” among others.) She proudly serves on the ARTS-ATL Artist Advisory Council. “My mission is the pursuit of what connects our different communities and how we create art that serves that.”

BRANDEN JACOBS-JENKINS (Playwright)’s plays include Girls, Everybody, War, Gloria, Appropriate, An Octoroon, and Neighbors. A Residency Five playwright at Signature Theatre and a 2020 Guggenheim fellow, his honors include a USA Artists fellowship, the Charles Wintour Award, the MacArthur fellowship, the Windham-Campbell Prize for Drama, and the inaugural Tennessee Williams Award. He currently serves as Vice President of the Dramatists Guild council and sits on the boards of Soho Rep, Park Avenue Armory, the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and the Dramatists Guild Foundation. This fall, he joins the faculty of Yale University as Professor of Practice.

LEX LIANG (Scenic & Costume Design) is thrilled to be back at the Alliance, where he has previously designed scenery for Carapace, and costumes for Into the Woods, What I Learned in Paris, Blues for an Alabama Sky, Troubadour, Candide, and others.

Regional: Actors Theatre of Louisville, The | @alliancetheatre
| encore20

Asolo, Cleveland Playhouse, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Dallas Theatre Center, Denver Center, Geva Theatre, The Guthrie, La Jolla Playhouse, Long Wharf Theatre, Paper Mill Playhouse, Pasadena Playhouse, Playmaker’s Rep, Portland Center Stage, St. Louis Rep, Syracuse Stage, Woolly Mammoth, and many others. NYC/Off-Broadway: 50+ productions—recent work includes Penelope, Or How The Odyssey Was Really Written, and The Bacchae Upcoming: The Acting Company’s Romeo & Juliet. Lex is the founder and principal of LDC Design Associates, an experiential event design and production company in NYC. Recent projects include Ubuntu Pathways: Fight For Good, Operation Smile’s 35th Anniversary Gala, The Tony Awards Gala, and BCBG’s 30 Year Retrospective, NYFW.

THOM WEAVER (Lighting Design) Previously for Alliance: Toni Stone. OffBroadway credits include: The Total Bent (Public), Kingdom Come (Roundabout), Exit Strategy (Primary Stages), King Hedley II, How I Learned What I Learned, The Liquid Plain (Signature Theatre Company); Teller’s Play Dead (The Players Theater). Regional credits include productions with: Huntington Theatre Company, Arden Theatre, The Wilma Theater (Associate Artist), Philadelphia Theatre Company, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare, Getty Pavilion, Children’s Theatre Company, The Cleveland Play House, Portland Center Stage, The Folger Theatre, Asolo Repertory Theatre, Round House Theatre, Hangar Theatre, CenterStage, California Shakespeare Theater, Syracuse Stage, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Spoleto Festival USA, Lincoln Center Festival, City Theatre, Pittsburgh Public Theatre and Yale Repertory Theatre, as well as numerous designs with Pilobolus. He is the recipient of two Jeff Awards, six Barrymore Awards and two AUDELCO Awards. Education: Carnegie Mellon and Yale. He is a member of Wingspace Theatrical Design and Co-Founder of Die-Cast. He/him. Black Lives Matter.

MELANIE CHEN COLE (Sound Design) [she/her] is thrilled to be making her design debut at the Alliance Theatre with this production of Everybody! Regional: Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Alley Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Dallas Theater Center, Geffen Playhouse, Goodman

Theatre, The Huntington, Indiana Rep, La Jolla Playhouse, The Old Globe, PlayMakers Rep, South Coast Rep, Utah Shakespeare Festival. Education: M.F.A. in Theatre and Dance from UC San Diego., @melaniechencole.

MILTON CORDERO (Projection Design) is thrilled about making his Coca-Cola Stage debut. Cordero started his career in film and theater (actor, Electric, Light Design) at a very young age. Eventually, he explored the use of multimedia in live performances, which led him to develop a career as a projection designer. Cordero’s Projection Designs have been seen on stages in New York, Atlanta, and Puerto Rico. Favorites credits include: Anna in the Tropics (Bay Street Theater, NY), Hands Up (Alliance Theatre, GA), In the Heights (Choliseo, PR), The Nether (Emory Theatre, GA), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightTime (Aurora Theatre & Horizon Theatre, GA), Tierra Mia (Gibaro de Puerto Rico), and El Burlador de Sevilla (Teatro Círculo, NY). You can follow Milton on IG: mcorderodesigns and/ or take a glance at his work on www. His goal is to keep exploring and contribute to bringing the Latin theater to the next level, as well as honoring God with his talents.

JODY FELDMAN (Casting) began her theater career as an actress in Atlanta before moving into administration as the Assistant General Manager at Frank Wittow’s Academy Theatre. Feldman started her career at the Alliance as casting director in 1991 and added producer to her title and responsibilities in 2001. She has cast and produced more than 200 productions at the Alliance, encompassing a range of world premieres that includes The Last Night of Ballyhoo, What I Learned in Paris, Broke, Troubadour, In the Red and Brown Water, and more than 10 years of Alliance/ Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Competition-winning plays, plus such world and regional premiere musicals as Tuck Everlasting; Aida; The Color Purple; Sister Act: The Musical; Bring It On: The Musical; Ghost Brothers of Darkland County; Harmony, A New Musical, and The Prom. Jody is most proud of the thriving Alliance engagement activities and partnerships that recognize theatrical work as a catalyst for community conversation and connection. | 21

ANNA BARANSKI (Stage Manager) is excited to be returning to Alliance Theatre after working on the 2021 adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Previously Anna was a seasonal stage manager with the Dallas Theater Center (2009-2020). In addition, she has enjoyed stage managing at the following select theaters: The Children’s Theatre, Hartford Stage, Arena Stage, Triad Stage, Musical Theater West, Circle Theater, Casa Mañana Theatre, Theatre Arlington, Kids Who Care, Inc., Trinity Shakespeare Festival, Texas Shakespeare Festival, and Second Thought Theatre. Anna is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, with an MFA in Stage Management, and completed her professional internship at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. @dinosaur.stage.manager

BARBARA GANTT O’HALEY (Assistant Stage Manager Aug 1 — Sept 4; Young Performer Supervisor Sept 5 — Oct 2) [she/her] is glad to be working at the Alliance again after six years away. Previous Alliance credits include: Slur, Tell Me My Dream, Courage, Grimm Lives of the In-Betweens. Other Atlanta credits include: Big Fish, Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill, Simply Simone, In the Heights, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Perfect Arrangement, Indecent, Slow Food, Ms. Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, The Wickhams, Our Town, 110 in the Shade, Pitmen Painters, An Iliad (Theatrical Outfit); as well as My Fair Lady, Cats, Young Frankenstein (Atlanta Lyric Theatre). Love to Patrick, Elliana, and Keeva! Proud Member AEA.

KACIE PIMENTEL (Assistant Stage Manager Aug 29 — Oct 2) graduated from the University of Houston, where she received her BFA in Theatre Stage Management. She has recently finished the SM apprenticeship at Studio Theatre where she worked on The Hot Wing King, John Proctor is the Villain, and White Noise. She has also previously worked in stage management at Casa Mañana Theatre, Chautauqua Theatre Company, and Sea World San Antonio.

SAMANTHA HONEYCUTT (Stage Management Production Assistant; Young Performer Supervisor Aug 1 — Aug 14) studied Stage Management at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro before beginning her career working across the country.

Her credits include: Year of the Rooster, When January Feels like Summer, and Five Times in One Night (Ensemble Studio Theater). Legally Blonde; Hello, Dolly!; My Fair Lady; and Music Man (Cape Playhouse). Frankenstein, Hairspray, Penny Candy, American Mariachi, Supreme Leader (Dallas Theater Center). Angry, Raucous, and Shamelessly Gorgeous (Hartford Stage), and Trading Places (Alliance Theatre).

MIKE SCHLEIFER (Managing Director) joined the Alliance Theatre in 2014 as General Manager, and in 2016 became Managing Director. Schleifer has led the administrative team on more than 50 productions and was one of the architects of the “On the Road” season, in which the Alliance produced 12 shows at 12 venues. He started the Alliance’s Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee and serves on the League of Resident Theatre’s Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Initiative. Previously, he spent 13 years at Baltimore’s Center Stage, working as Associate Producer, Production Manager and Resident Stage Manager. While in Baltimore, he spent seven years as an adjunct faculty member at Towson University and guest lectured all over the East Coast. He began his career as a Stage Manager and has dozens of stage-management credits in New York and regionally. He is married to theater director and educator Laura Hackman and is the proud father of two boys, Jack and Ben.

ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION (AEA) Founded in 1913, AEA is the U.S. labor union that represents more than 51,000 professional Actors and Stage Managers. Equity fosters the art of live theatre as an essential component of society and advances the careers of its members by negotiating wages, improving working conditions and providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. Actors’ Equity is a member of the AFL-CIO and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. | @alliancetheatre | encore22


Everybody is a happy person, a free person, a person who believes nothing but the best lies ahead. Then Death comes calling, and Everybody must go on a journey to find what has had lasting significance in their lifetime. Inspired by the 15th century play Everyman, Everybody explores the meaning of life and the roles we play along the way.


Connect with us and other audience members on your Alliance experience. Share your comments and photos on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter with hashtags #EverybodyPlay and #AllianceTheatre. Plus, search your social media platforms with those hashtags for fun, behind-the-scenes content from our cast, crew, and creative team.

a alliancetheatre alliancetheatre alliancetheatre alliancetheatre


As a young seminary student, I can recall many days in the (no longer standing) Bishop Hall of the Candler School of Theology waxing poetic about the meaning of biblical texts. I can remember debating not only varying interpretations of some of the most commonly recited scripture but also the validity, scarcity, and origins of the texts themselves.

Though we had varying beliefs of the words on those pages, essentially what drove our discussions and ultimately our very presence at this place of higher learning was our quest to understand not only the meaning of these words but the implications of these words on our lived experience and the implications of these words in the afterlife.

In this funny, witty, surprising, sobering, and thought-provoking play, it feels that the playwright has distilled the entire three years I spent pursuing a Master of Divinity degree into less than two hours and, considering the price of a theatre ticket, did so for tens of thousands of dollars less!

In such a divisive world where we struggle to find common ground on much of anything, it is refreshing to come together for an amazing ride exploring one of the very few things we all share in common… the inevitability of death.

Those big questions that I explored as a student and that are creatively presented in this play spilled into the work that I do to this day. In fact, it was in part my preoccupation with these very questions that attracted me to the position at the Emory University Center for Ethics where today, 15 years later in a building shared with (believe it or not) the Candler School of Theology, I direct the Ethics & the Arts Program. | @alliancetheatre
24 | yourstoryyourstage

The Ethics & the Arts Program is centered on the belief that the production of art, its role in public conversation, its preservation, and its presentation all provoke us to confront ethical challenges, sometimes in startling new ways. We are committed to inspiring innovative thought by using creative expression to elevate moral discourse. Since the inception of the Ethics & the Art Program our longstanding partnership with the Alliance Theatre to create space for deeper engagement with the audience has always been central to our work within the program.

On a more personal note, this play is coming right on the heels of the one year anniversary of the passing of my father. It is without doubt that reflections about life and death have been very present on my mind. What this play helped me explore was not only what might happen after we die but, more importantly, in what ways do we want to live. It challenges us to question not just what we want to do for a living, but who do we want to be while we are yet living.

My dad provided a great model for me to personally grapple with and strive to live into these big questions. My work in the community, at the Center for Ethics, and in partnership with the Alliance allow me to feel like I may in fact be carrying that out. And this play invites us ALL an opportunity to step outside of ourselves into the shared world of Everybody and begin the process of exploring those questions for ourselves… together.

Carlton Mackey Director of the Ethics & the Arts Program and Associate Director of the D. Abbott Turner Program in Ethics and Servant Leadership Emory Center for Ethics | 25


Founded in 1968, the Alliance Theatre is the leading producing theatre in the Southeast, reaching more than 165,000 patrons annually. Under the leadership of Susan V. Booth, Jennings Hertz Artistic Director, the Alliance received the Regional Theatre Tony Award® for sustained excellence in programming, education, and community engagement. In January 2019, the Alliance opened its new, state-of-the-art performance space, The Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theatre. Known for its high artistic standards and national role in creating significant theatrical works, the Alliance has premiered more than 116 productions including nine that have transferred to Broadway. The Alliance education department reaches 90,000 students annually through performances, classes, camps, and in-school initiatives designed to support teachers and enhance student learning. The Alliance Theatre values community, curiosity, collaboration, and excellence, and is dedicated to representing Atlanta’s diverse community with the stories we tell, the artists, staff, and leadership we employ, and audiences we serve.


To expand hearts and minds onstage and off.


Making Atlanta more connected, curious, and compassionate through theatre and arts education.


In the sincerest efforts to gain further understanding of the history that has brought us to reside on this land and to accept the knowledge that colonialism is a current and ongoing process under which we need to build our mindfulness of our present participation, we hereby acknowledge this native land of the Muscogee Creek Nation. | @alliancetheatre
26 | aboutthealliance



Jocelyn J. Hunter

Immediate Past Chair

Lila Hertz


E. Kendrick Smith


LeighAnn Costley


Hala Moddelmog



Rita Anderson

Ken Bernhardt

Frank Chew

Ann Cramer

Linda Davidson

Laura Hardman

Hays Mershon

Richard S. Myrick

Helen Smith Price

Helen Regenstein

Bob Reiser

Jane Shivers

Ben White


Kristin Adams

James Anderson

Kim Ajy

Farideh Azadi

Alba Baylin

Kenny Blank

Brittany Boals Moeller

Terri Bonoff

Jennifer Boutté

Jeffrey Cashdan

Jane Jordan Casavant

Steve Chaddick

Madeline Chadwick

Miles Cook

LeighAnn Costley

Joe Crowley

Alison Danaceau

Fred Ehlers

Reade Fahs

Howard Feinsand

Rick Goerss

Latonda Henderson

Lila Hertz

Jocelyn Hunter

Malvika Jhangiani

Anne Kaiser John Keller

Andjela Kessler^

Jim Kilberg

Jesse Killings

Mary Jane Kirkpatrick

Carrie Kurlander

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy Robert Masucci

Jean Ann McCarthy

Alan McKeon

Dori Miller

Hala Moddelmog^

Phil Moïse

Allison O’Kelly

Vicki Palefsky

Paul Pendergrass Jamal Powell Ali Rahimi

Asif Ramji Patty Reid

Margaret Reiser

Matt Richburg

Robyn Roberts

Maurice Rosenbaum

Kerri Sauer

Steve Selig Mital Shah

Bill Sleeper

Bronson Smith

E. Kendrick Smith

Charlita Stephens

Chandra Stephens-Albright

Mark Swinton

Rosemarie Thurston

Dana Weeks Ugwonali Benny Varzi

Roxanne Varzi

Rebekah Wasserman Glenn Weiss

Cynthia Widner Wall

Todd Zeldin


Advisory Board Co-Chair

Laura Hardman

Advisory Board Co-Chair Phil H. Moïse

Rene Alegria

Charmaine Alexander Joe Alterman

Jonathan Arogeti

Kelli Bennett Molly Cantrell

Merry Hunter Caudle Elizabeth Cooper

Anjali Enjeti

Rev. Everett Flanigan

Mary Beth Flournoy Jennifer Foster Lula Gilliam

Shauna Grovell Elizabeth Hollister

Zenith Houston

Debby Kelly Robin Kendric Triplett Joyce Gist Lewis Indira Londono Theo Lowe Monica McLary Jaime McQuilkin

Jenna Measroch

Nishant Mehta Victoria Necessary

Aixa Pascual

Shirley Powell Nancy C. Prager

Alexis Rainey

Kristin Ray Kat Reynolds Kirk Rich Linda Robinson

Ryan Roemerman

Fred Roselli

Kyle Rosilli

Pastor Beverly Brown Shaw

Dan Moss Silverboard

Brian Stoltz

Maria Storts

Kathy Gillespie Tomajko

Ronald J. Tomajko

Robin Triplett

Stuart Wilkinson


President, STARS

Andjela Kessler

Chairman, Theater Advocates

Judy Feldstein

Susan Stiefel

Chairman, Theater


Myra Medlin

Faye Windham

Chairman, Theater Ushers

Edwina Sellan

Chairman, Hospitality

Susan Stiefel

boardofdirectors| 27

Alliance Sponsors are businesses, corporations, and institutions that have supported the work of the Alliance Theatre. We thank them for their generosity and support.

$1 Million+

The Coca-Cola Company


Chick-fil-A Foundation

Rhonda and Dan Cathy Lettie Pate Evans Foundation

$250,000+ Anonymous

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Goizueta Foundation

Helen Gurley Brown Foundation

John H. and Wilhelmina D. Harland Charitable Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation WarnerMedia & AT&T Foundation




The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

The Molly Blank Fund of the Arthur M. Blank Foundation

Charles Loridans Foundation

Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Georgia Natural Gas Invesco QQQ

The Kendeda Fund Norfolk Southern PNC

The Rich Foundation Shubert Foundation

The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust

The David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Fund

The Zeist Foundation


R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation

Edgerton Foundation Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

King & Spalding National Vision Northside Hospital $25,000+

Alston & Bird

City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs Fulton County Board of Commissioners Georgia Council for the Arts Georgia-Pacific

The Imlay Foundation National Endowment for the Arts

Northern Trust Rotary Education Foundation of Atlanta William Randolph Hearst Foundations


AEC Trust Anonymous


Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Thalia & Michael C. Carlos Foundation

Cartoon Network

CNP Disney Publishing

Do a Good Day Foundation

Eversheds Sutherland

Frances Wood Wilson Foundation

George M. Brown Trust of Atlanta

John and Mary Franklin Foundation

Jones Day

The Johnny Mercer Foundation

Macy’s Osiason Educational Foundation

South Arts Theatre Forward Worldpay US, Inc.

$5,000+ Anonymous Camp-Younts Foundation Lexus

Mary Wilmer Covey Charitable Trust

Publix Super Markets Charities

By attending our theater, you have made a powerful statement about how important the arts are to you. Make another statement of support louder than any standing ovation. Visit and click on Donate. | @alliancetheatre
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Alliance Series Sponsor

The Coca-Cola Company is a total beverage company with products sold in more than 200 countries and territories. Our company’s purpose is to refresh the world and make a difference. We sell multiple billion-dollar brands across several beverage categories worldwide. Our portfolio of sparkling soft drink brands includes Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta. Our hydration, sports, coffee and tea brands include Dasani, smartwater, vitaminwater, Topo Chico, Powerade, Costa, Georgia, Gold Peak, Honest and Ayataka. Our nutrition, juice, dairy and plant-based beverage brands include Minute Maid, Simply, innocent, Del Valle, fairlife and AdeS. We’re constantly transforming our portfolio, from reducing sugar in our drinks to bringing innovative new products to market. We seek to positively impact people’s lives, communities and the planet through water replenishment, packaging recycling, sustainable sourcing practices and carbon emissions reductions across our value chain. Together with our bottling partners, we employ more than 700,000 people, helping bring economic opportunity to local communities worldwide.

Official Hotel Official Research Partner

Major funding for this organization is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners

This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agencythe National Endowment for the Arts.

Major support is provided by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. | 29 government

Individual, foundation, and corporate donors contribute more than $10 million to the Alliance Theatre so that we are able to present exceptional theater and educational programming to our community. We are deeply grateful for your support. To find out more about the benefits of giving or to make your gift, visit us at or call 404-733-4710.

Listed below are pledges and gifts to the Alliance Theatre Annual Fund from June 1, 2021 – August 4, 2022.


Spotlight $100,000+

The SKK Foundation

Spotlight $50,000+

The Antinori Foundation

Artistic Director’s Circle $35,000+

Barbara & Steve Chaddick

Chairman’s Circle $25,000+


The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Kathy* & Ken Bernhardt

Nancy and Kenny Blank

Ms. Stephanie Blank & Mr. David Williams Roxanne & Jeffrey Cashdan

Ann & Jeff Cramer

Katie & Reade Fahs

David & Carolyn Gould

Jocelyn J. Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ivester

Starr Moore & James Starr Moore Memorial Foundation

The Naserian Foundation

Rosemarie & David Thurston

Leadership Circle $15,000+

Farideh & Al Azadi Foundation

Susan Booth & Max Leventhal

Jane Jordan Casavant

Ms. Alison Danaceau & Mr. Tim McKinley Dean DuBose & Bronson Smith

Ellen & Howard Feinsand Doris & Matthew Geller Heidi & David Geller Anne & Mark Kaiser

Jesse Killings

David & Mary Jane Kirkpatrick

Jane & J. Hicks Lanier

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Lee Spangler

Loeb Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Barry McCarthy

Daniel Marks & Keri Powell

Phil & Caroline Moïse

Allison and Shane O’Kelly Victoria & Howard Palefsky Patty & Doug Reid Bob & Margaret Reiser Patricia & Maurice Rosenbaum

Linda & Steve Selig William & Margarita Sleeper

Mr. & Mrs. E. Kendrick Smith

Tim & Maria Tassopoulos

Mr. & Mrs. Art Waldrop Amy & Todd Zeldin

Director’s Circle $10,000+

Ms. Kristin Adams

Mr. and Mrs. George Ajy James Anderson

Ms. Evelyn Ashley & Mr. Alan B. McKeon

The Balloun Family

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Terri Bonoff & Matthew Knopf

Brian & Jennifer Boutté Judge JoAnn Bowens

Laura Brightwell Martha & Toby Brooks

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Mr. Wayne S. Hyatt

In honor of Carol Jones Malvika Jhangiani

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Wade Rakes & Nicholas Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Asif Ramji

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Reardon

Matt Richburg

Robyn Roberts & Kevin Greiner

Ms. Mital Shah | @alliancetheatre | annualfund30

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Benny & Roxanne Varzi

Waffle House

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Joe Crowley & Phil Mack

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Linda & Gene Davidson

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The Robert S. Elster Foundation

Kathy & Jason Evans Ezra Cohen Charitable Fund

Dr. Cynthia J. Fordyce & Sharon Hulette

Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Goldstein

Tad & Janin Hutcheson

John & Mary Franklin Foundation

Boland & Andrea Lea Jones

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Dr. & Mrs. John Lee Lubo Fund

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Burrelle Meeks

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Steve & Tonya Paro

Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Radow

Mr. George Russell, Jr. & Mrs. Faye SampsonRussell

Lynne & Steve Steindel Charlita Stephens & Delores Stephens

Maria-Ruth Storts Ramona & Ben White


Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Allen Anonymous

Ellen Arnovitz

Ron & Lisa Brill Charitable Trust

Mr. & Mrs. W. Kent Canipe Marcia & John Donnell

Mr. Mark Fogas Karen & Andrew Ghertner

Mr. David F. Golden

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Hardman Ariana L. Hargrave

Henry & Etta Raye Hirsch Heritage Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Hostinsky

Linda & Richard Hubert Andjela and Michael Kessler

Mr. James Kieffer

Jason & Laurie Jeffay Debbie & Lon Neese John & Helen Parker

Peg Petersen

Sam & Barbara Pettway

Ms. Kristin L. Ray Don & Rosalinda Ratajczak Dana Rice

Jane & Rein Saral

Sharon & David Schachter Alan & Cyndy* Schreihofer Sam Schwartz & Lynn Goldowski

Brian Shively & Jim Jinhong Alex and Betty Smith Foundation, Inc.

Henry N. & Margaret P. Staats

Chandra Stephens-Albright & Warren Albright Susan & Alan* Stiefel G. Scott Thompson Kathy & Ron Tomajko

Ms. Kathy Waller & Mr. Kenny Goggins

Ms. Cathy Weil The Zaban Foundation


Trent Anderson & Leandro Zaneti Anonymous Kim Boldthen & Carolyn Wheeler

Dr. Aubrey Bush & Dr. Carol Bush Candace Carson

Melodie H. Clayton

Susan & Ed Croft

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Curns

Tim & Tina Eyerly

Mr. & Mrs. David Felfoldi Andrew & Wendie Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Flexner

Andrea and Jerry Freeman Sandeep Goyal and Taylor England

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Mark Keiser

Sheri & Steve Labovitz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Masucci

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Clair & Thomas Muller

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Dr. & Mrs. Fredric Rosenberg

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Mr. & Mrs.* Charles B. Shelton III

Mr. & Mrs. S. Albert Sherrod

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Ms. Avril Vignos

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Weiss

Penn & Sally Wells

William & Nancy Yang | @alliancetheatre | 31



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Drs. Cathie & Hugh Hudson

Ashley James

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Kessenich

Mr. Kevin and Dr. Jennifer Lyman

Judith Lyon & Ron Bloom Raymond & Penelope McPhee

Anna & Hays Mershon

Ann Starr & Kent Nelson

Susan and Tom Puett

Lois & Don Reitzes

Deborah W. Royer

Ron Russell & Tommy Sweat

Jane E. Shivers

Jenny Streeter

Andrea Strickland

Wayne & Lee Vason

Caitlin Way

Adrienne Whitehead

Lynne Winship



Dr. Evelyn R. Babey

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Patricia Bigazzi

Rob & Suzanne Boas

Ms. Jennifer L. Calvert

Dr. & Mrs. S. Wright


Frank & Mary Anne Chew

Mark Christensen

Mr. Kevin Clift & Mr. Michael Yochelson

Mr. Derrick Doose

Mrs. Eleanor H. Finley

Robert Forbes

Jill Gapper

Ms. Maira Goytia

The Gutenberger Family

Ms. Joy Hambrick

Ms. Jo Ann Hayden-Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip S. Hodges

Jennifer and William Kahnweiler

Mrs. & Mr. Donna R. Kallman Elena Kaplan

Sarah Latif

Ms. Lauren Linder & Mr. Jonathan Grunberg Faith & Howard Levy Ms. Jaime McQuilkin

The Merkel Family In Memory of Amelia Cruz

Drs. Sharon Neulinger & Richard Kaplan Denis & Mary Jane Ng

Mr. Mark A. Pallansch

Rishi Renjen Miss Lillie M. Robbins

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Scheible

Ms. Janet F. Smith

Lynda Smith & Travis Boatright

Ms. Martha Solano Karen & Alex Stickney Ed Tam

Celia Till

John & Bunny Underwood Kaniaru Wacieni Elizabeth Wallace & Christopher Scislowicz

Kiki Wilson

Mr. Brian C. Wolfgram Sherry Wright


Valerie Adair

Alfred G. & Sarah H. Adams

Anonymous Atlanta Workshop Players Derrick Banks

Bonny Breuer Lee Buechele

Mr. Brandon Bush Karen and Harold Carney William M. Carroll

Carol Comstock & Jim Davis Colonna Family

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Cowart Gray & Marge Crouse

Alexandra & Charlotte Dretler

Kip & Genia Duchon Mitch & Jane Durham

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Edge Drs. Bryan & Norma Edwards Richard & Su Ellis B.J. Erb, M.D. & Bruce I. Crabtree III Henry Farmer Judy and Stan Fineman Brenda Fleming Louise B. Franklin Steve & Peggy Freedman Christine & Andrew Fry Shelley & Bruce Gaynes Bryant Gresham

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Dr. & Mrs. David M. Hill

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Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Mullin, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Stephen I. Oppenheimer

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Joan & Neal Patton

Lori & Jonathan Peterson Marc & Jean Pickard | @alliancetheatre | encore32

Ms. Shannon L. Price

Rodney & Sharon Raines

Gloria J. Rodgers

Ms. Tiffany Rosetti

Barbar Schreiber

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Mr. Dan Silverboard

Nancy & Gerald Silverboard

David & Virginia Sjoquist

Ms. Carol Smith

Fred B. Smith

Mrs. Jill Strickland

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Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Vivona Simmie Walker

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Brenda Fleming

Mr. Ken H. Foskett

Christine & Andrew Fry

Ms. & Ms. Katie S. Goodman

Mr. Bryant D. Gresham & Mr. Alexander Bossert Shauna Grovell Lauren & Jonathan Grunberg

Mrs. Jo Ann Haden-Miller & Mr. William Miller

Ms. Joy Hambrick Ms. Wynette Hammons

Penn Hansa

Ms. Lindsey E. Hardegree

Ms. Linda L. Hare & Mr. Gerald A. Barth

Nancy A. Hatfield

Dr. & Mrs. David M. Hill

Ms. Becca Hogue

Jim Johnson

Ms. Jhazzmyn Joiner

Karen Jones

Kelley J. Jordan-Monne

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Kalista

Mr. Barnabas Kane Amy & Jeremy King Ms. Lynne Kuhn

Sarah Latif

Dr. Andrea Lawrence Mr. Darryl E. Lesure & Mrs. Candice Simon-Lesure Ms. Joyce R. Lewis

Ms. Karen Lightfoot

Ms. Barbara Lincoln & Mr. Gary Rosenshein

Ms. Alison Main

Ms. Laurie McLaughlin

Ms. Jaime McQuilkin

Mr. & Mrs. James Michael

Ms. Jeanette M. Morgan Victoria Necessary Ms. Ronita Pace

Mr. Steve M. Peck

Chris J. Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan K. Peterson

Ms. Kendrick Phillips

Mr. & Mrs. Marc B. Pickard

Jacqueline Powe Ms. Shannon L. Price

Mrs. Brenda Pruitt

Alexis Rainey

M. Corwin Robison

Mrs. Peggy Rogers

Garey C. Rozier

Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Savitz

Barbara Schreiber

Eric Schwartz

Mr. Tom Slovak & Mr. Jeffery Jones

Ms. Carol Smith

Chaundra Smith

Ms. Janet F. Smith

Jennifer Smith

Ms. Lynn Stallings

Jessica Stewart

Laura Stordy

Mrs. Jill Strickland

Charles Thompson

Stephanie Van Parys

Ben Warshaw

Ms. Caitlin Way

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Whitley

Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon A. Williams

Ms. Janice A. Wolf & Mr. M. Barry Etra

Chandra C. Wright

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matchinggifts society


Many companies offer a matching gifts program for employees and retirees. You can double, or even triple, your gift at no additional cost to you simply by asking your employer! Think of how much further your donation can go.

We would like to thank the following companies who have matched contributions to the Alliance Theatre Annual Fund. To find out more about matching gifts, contact Caitlin Way (

AIG Corporation

American Express

Aon Risk Solutions

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation


Bank of America/Merrill


Bryan Cave-Powell

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Chubb Charitable Foundation

The Coca-Cola Company

Deloitte Equifax Inc. Foundation


GE Energy

Georgia Power

Goldman Sachs Matching

Gift Goldstein

Hearst Foundations

Home Depot Foundation Honda Motor Co.

IBM JPMorgan Chase Kimberly-Clark Lynch

Macy’s Foundation McDonald’s Corporation McMaster-Carr Supply

Microsoft Corporation Norfolk Southern Corporation

Prudential Financial

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Sprint SunTrust Foundation

Thrivent Financial for Lutherns

Veritiv Corporation

Verizon Corporation

The Walt Disney Company

Wells Fargo Yahoo!

Celebrating our supporters who have made a legacy gift to the Alliance Theatre.

The Legacy Society celebrates individuals who have made a planned gift to the Alliance Theatre. Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and apprecia tion for the Alliance Theatre and its mission, while accommodating your financial, estate planning and philanthropic goals. With smart planning, you may increase the size of your estate and/or reduce the tax burden on your heirs. Just as important, you will know that you have made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the Alliance Theatre.

To learn more about the Legacy Society, please contact Caitlin Way at 404-733-4757 or


Rita M. Anderson

Roland & Linda Bates

Ken Bernhardt

Anne & Jim Breedlove

Ezra Cohen

Ann & Jeffrey Cramer

Susan & Edward Croft

Sallie Adams Daniel

Linda & Gene Davidson

Terry and Stacy Dietzler

Diane Durgin Elizabeth Etoll

Ellen & Howard Feinsand

Laura & John Hardman

Nancy & Glen Hesler

P.J. Younglove Hovey

Lauren & David Kiefer

David Kuniansky

Virginia Vann* & Ken Large

Edith Love*

Lauren & John McColskey

Anna & Hays Mershon

Caroline & Phil Moïse

Winifred B. & Richard S. Myrick

Victoria & Howard L. Palefsky

Armond & Sharon Perkins

Jan Pomerantz

Helen Regenstein

Margaret & Robert Reiser

Betty Blondeau-Russell*

Tricia & Neal Schachtel

Debbie* & Charles B. Shelton III

Jane E. Shivers

Roger Smith & Christopher Jones*

Lee Harper & Wayne Vason

Terri & Rick Western

Ramona & Ben White

* deceased | @alliancetheatre 35

Jennings Hertz Artistic Director

Producer & Casting Director

Distinguished Artist in Residence


Susan V. Booth

Jody Feldman

Pearl Cleage

BOLD Associate Artistic Director Tinashe Kajese-Bolden

Associate Producer Amanda Watkins

BOLD Producing Associate Kay Nilest

Spelman Leadership Fellows Raiyon Hunter, Assata Amenkeechi

Emory Literary Intern Makalee Cooper

Resident Artist & Allyship Program Director Maya Lawrence

Director of Community Partnerships & Engagement Rita Kompelmakher

Reiser Lab Artists

Round 8 Jeff Mather, John Doyle, Jr., Marquetta Johnson, Dwight Andrews, Louis Massiah, Ben Polite, Frankie Mulinix, Jase Wingate, Humlao Evans

Production Management

Director of Production Lawrence Bennett

Associate Directors of Production Phil Baranski, Courtney O’Neill


Costume Director Laury Conley

Design Assistant Kayli Warner


Tonja Petersen, Cindy Lou Who

Crafts Master Diana L. Thomas

1st Hands/Stitchers Lyudmila Fesenko, Brett Parker, Mary Cruz Torres

Wardrobe Supervisor Hauzia Conyers

Wardrobe Monica Speaker, Rodney Williams

Wig Master Lindsey Ewing


Director of Lighting & Projections

Rachael N. Blackwell

Associate Director of Lighting & Projection Joy Diaz

Head Electrician Steve Jordan

Staff Electricians Neil Anderson, Gabrielle Drum, Benjamin Strickland


Props Department Director Suzanne Cooper Morris

Props Artisans Kathryn Andries, Bruce Butkovich Props Artisan/Buyer Kimberly Townsend


Technical Director Ruth Richardson Assistant Technical Directors Tamara Morris-Thompson, Rigel Powell

Shop Supervisor Patrick Conley

Lead Welder Chris Seifert

Carpenters Will Davenport, Kian DeVine, Amy Jackson, Marlon Wilson

Charge Scenic Artist Kat Conley Scenic Artist Brianna Bass Sound

Sound Department Director Clay Benning

Production Sound Engineer Michelle Jarvis Sound Engineers Tamir Eplan-Frankel, Emma Mouledoux, Graham Schwartz

Stage Management

Resident Stage Manager Liz Campbell

Stage Managers Anna Baranski, Jayson T. Waddell, R. Lamar Williams

National Vision Stage Management Fellow Kacie Pimentel Stage Management Production Assistants Samantha Honeycutt, Amanda Perez

Stage Operations

Stage Operations Manager Scott Bowne

Assistant Stage Operations Manager Kate Lucibella

Flyman Willie Palmer Parks

Automation Stagehand John Victor Mouledoux Jr.

Crew Chief Bryan Perez Properties Stagehand Skylar Burks


Dan Reardon Director of Education

& Associate Artistic Director Christopher Moses

Naserian Foundation Head of Early Childhood Programs

Head of Education Advancement Kristen Silton Youth Programs Manager Jasmine Thomas

Education Production Manager/COVID Coordinator Haylee Scott

Teaching Artists

Jae Ahn, Jimez Alexander, Will Amato, Chase Anderson, Jasmine Anthony, Ricardo Aponte, Imani Banks, Kim Bowers-Rheay Baran, Olivia Aston Bosworth, Jared Brodie, Chelsea Brown, Lon Bumgarner, Sara Burris, Dan Caffrey, April Andrew Carswell, Katie Causey, Lina Chambers, Hannah Lake Chatham, Hannah Church, Megan Cramer, Kelly Criss, Nakeisha Daniel, Peyton McDaniel Davis, Theresa Davis, Shelli Delgado, Sarah Donnell, John Doyle, Laurin Dunleavy, Suehyla El-Attar, Amitria Fanae, Shelby Folks, Sharon Foote, Spencer Ford, Daryl Funn, Allison Gardner, Neeley Gossett, Ilasiea Gray, Meg Grey, Amber Hamilton, Meg Harkins, Robert Hindsman, Julissa Sabino Hobbs, Deja Holmes, Renita James, Meg Johns, Kendra Johnson, Carole Kaboya, Ashe Kazanjian, Chris Lane, Maya Lawrence, Antonia LeChe, Anja Lee, Kathleen Link, Amy Lucas, Ansley Lynn, Christian Magby, Barry Stewart Mann, Cara Mantella, Gloria Martin, Mari Martinez, Dalyla McGee, Candy McLellan, Karin Mervis, Erika Miranda, Mary Moccia, Courtney Moors-Hornick, Amanda Wansa Morgan, Jenna Jackson Morris, Kevin Moxley, Audrey Myers, JD Myers, Patrick Myers, Amor Owens, Mary Michael Patterson, Tafee Patterson, Sydney Patton, Zuri Petteway, Rebecca Pogue, Michelle Pokopac, Samantha Provenzano, V Reibel, Morgan Rysdon, Daniela Santiago, Riley Schatz, Erin Schaut, Avery Sharpe, Caitlin Slotnick, Alexandria Joy Smith, Lucy Smith, Taryn Spires, Destiny Stancil, Autumn Stephens, LeeAnna Lambert Sweatt, Megan Tabaque, Jasmine Thomas, Callie Timme, Sariel Toribio, Ebony Tucker, Julia VanderVeen, Jeremy Varner, José Miguel Vasquez, Rachel Wansker, Megan Wartell, Andrea Washington, Davia Weatherill, Ayana Williams, Jay Williams, Vallea Woodbury, Melissa Word

Teen Ensemble Members

Caleb Vaughn, Sam Yates, Caroline Chu, Naia Morgan, Cydnee Waltower, Andrew Holmes, Aria Armstead, Reagan Kelley, Adler Horstemeyer, Julianna Pillsbury, Anna Schwartz, Tomi Fawehinmi, Bailey Rodgers, Francesca Fogle, Morgan Stamper, Zariya Hargett, Monteze Sutton, Isabela White, Jada Gorgor, Amari Lewis, Imari Welcher, Tylia De’Armond MANAGEMENT

Managing Director Mike Schleifer Company Manager Laura Thruston Assistant Company Manager Thomas D. Powell

Administration & Finance

Director of Finance & Administration Brian Shively Controller Elecia Crowley Accounting Coordinator Julie Hall Accounts Payable Specialist Kenterill Boden

Senior Data Analyst Christina Dresser Management Assistant Jessica Charlton


Director of Development Trent Anderson

Associate Director of Development, Individual Giving Caitlin Way Associate Director, Strategic Institutional Advancement Collins Desselle Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships & Donor Engagement Toni Friday Manager, Annual Fund & Donor Relations Lindsay Ridgeway-Baierl Manager, Donor Experience & Community Engagement Jo Lopez Development Coordinator for Board Relations & Special Events Kailan Daugherty Coordinator, Development Operations & Institutional Giving Tanesha Ferguson Sales

Director of Sales Operations Danielle Hicks Patrons Services & Memberships Manager Corey L. Smith

Box Office Supervisor James G. Smith

Box Office Supervisor Nicholas Johnson

Box Office Associate David Posada

Season Ticket Concierge Ken McNeil

Season Tickets Associate Ethan Padgett Membership Sales Associate Quintara Johnson Group Sales Coordinator Jocelyn Rick


Hallie Angelella

Head of Youth & Family Programs Olivia Aston Bosworth

Head of Secondary Curriculum & Partnerships Liz Davis

Education Administration & Finance Assistant Dacey Geary

Administrative & Adult Program Manager Robert Hindsman

Head of Strategic Initiatives Aierelle Jacob

Alliance@Work Creative Director J. Noble

Head of Elementary School Programs Rebecca Pogue

Artist in Residence & Teen Program Manager Sam Provenzano

Director of Marketing & Communications Kathleen Covington Associate Creative Director Talia Bromstad Marketing Coordinator Ashley Elliott

Social Media Manager & Content Producer Aniska Tonge Marketing & Public Relations Manager Mashaun D. Simon Manager of Web & Digital Communications Anna Birtles

Lead Front of House Manager Sydney Patton Part Time House Managers

Brittany Mangham, Robyn E. Sutton-Fernandez, Bryshan White

37staff |
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