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NEW YORK The Concrete Jungle Emma Bailey 12

The City & It’s Essence

Various brands fill the streets of Manhattan including high street, designer and thrift shops. Not only does this make it a perfect destination for a shopaholic but it also is clear to understand just how these shops, cheap & expensive manage to get you springing through the doors.

Makeup Is An Art Of Fashion

Time Square is a must destination for makeup lovers/artists. Brands after brands flutter the streets such as Mac, Sephora, Inglot & Nars. It’s fantastic for beginners and experts to learn more about combining makeup colour palettes to match outfits and to satisfy their need for the latest seasonal shades. Customer service is key and at Time Square makeup artists pass their knowledge on to you, helping you find the perfect shades for your skin tone.


Shops often neglect what they think are simple things such as doors but in fact it is what a customer uses to enter their shop. I discovered Ted Baker’s elegant door that has two giant keys on it to give it detail but also cleverly acts as a hint, for a key can resemble both love and treasure, two things people will likely find in this shop. This is a clever technique that high- street shops need to learn to make their shops more inviting.

On The Hunt



Luxurious Brands



Displays in shop windows are the key most important visual advertisement for a shopper, especially in big city’s like New York. This vibrant Gucci display lured me in straight away for it stood out compared to usual white backgrounds seen everywhere, although the items that it is advertising looked dull compared to it’s colour explosive background.


rend-ology an exhibition about the T study of trends of the past and now was full

of inspiring colour schemes and materials, such as luxury scarlet combined with lace. The exhibition is an eye opener, to see how the contrast in trends over the years merged with peoples visions have made a difference in what people wear today.

‘‘There’s a good deal more to ‘‘perfume’’ than you might think’’

BS owned by award winning C perfumer Christopher Brosius,

holds absolute perfumes inspired by a variety of both every day, exotic and unique scents. With a mix of contemporary and tradition the shop would inspire any perfume lover with it’s distinctive scents.


Digital VS Creative


Victoria Secret offers it’s customers luxury shopping by it’s rows and rows of pretty perfume bottles and glamorous advertisements, to show just how beautiful the products can make you. Customers being able to test the dozens of variety of sprays makes this shop so luxurious. It has a spray for every type of girl who desires extra glamour.

Luxury Shopping


igital advertising is what makes Time Square. The giant buildings make you feel like a movie star with flashing lights everywhere you look. It also is a fantastic sales technique because the colourful lights lure you in, the video advertisements show more product detail and the glamorous adverts make the brands look more expensive. Creative advertisement such as manikins and accessories in shop windows can be more appealing to traditional and decorative people and in central Manhattan it gives the shop an authentic and artistic effect.

The shop has a pair of the famous Victoria Secret wings that you can stand in front of. This immediately makes customers feel important, have a better connection to the brand and allows them to feel like they are part of the brand.



The Glamour & The Authentic Looks are everything While in New York I noticed that Ted Baker was both stylish and detailed inside. They are excellent at laying out their products in a decorative way, using feminine wallpaper to match the brand’s identity. On the other hand authentic Levi’s male section disappoint with boring displays of their iconic clothing. I felt the shop looked dull and resembled Primark with jeans being piled on top of one another. This was interesting to understand how shops contrast and even in New York don’t always display successfully.


Professional layouts in shops are a must for customer satisfaction. While in New York, Mac & Victoria Secret were what I discovered to be the most professional, while using colourful layouts on their windows and elegant displays using feathers for a glamorous statement. The eye is the most important aspect of shopping and these two shops lured my eyes in to their artistic and creative layouts.

Victoria Secret’s feather and embelished lingerie display is a glamorous statement. The feathers make the lingerie look highly important.


Mac’s window display matches their latest collection using bold colours that make them stand out. Mac offers testers of their new collections available for customers to test their new creations.




On the look out Williamsburg is the perfect spot for unique street style graffiti. The vibrant walls of art and collages madeiseach vary with Williamsburg the wall perfect spot for unique difference and boldness. Vintage street style graffiti. The vibrant walls of art and boutiquemade shopseach filled thevary with difand collages wall streets, offering edgy styles from ference and boldness. Vintage and boutique all of the best eras. It is the place shops filled the streets, offering edgy styles for alternative and colourful people from all of the best eras. It is the place for who know how to combine art alternative and colourful people who know with style and doart not mainstream. how to combine with style and do not A rustic paradice. mainstream. A rustic paradise.

Vibrant Graffiti. Unique Shops. Inspirational Views.



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