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“My Mentor of Rotterdam was the best possible support to achieve better results at school. It changed my life.� - Anthony, high school student -

MoZ | Flashback 2014-2015

Summary Mentors of Rotterdam is a mentoring program that enlists students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to mentor kids at the local primary schools and high schools. It is unique in its formula and impact and is now one of the biggest mentor programmes in The Netherlands. By 2020 • 2000 children in South-Rotterdam will receive evidence-based tutoring and mentoring to improve their results, boost their confidence and help them choose their field of study (major) • 2000 future professionals (students) will have a genuine experience in coaching and tutoring in a challenging, dynamic urban environment Partnership • Initiated by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences • In collaboration with primary and high schools in South-Rotterdam • In collaboration with Foundation Verre Bergen (one of the funders) Vision • Nearly every child needs a good mentor and tutor for a successful school career, especially children with challenging backgrounds, learning disabilities and few role models. • Every future urban professional needs to be competent in coaching in an urban / different environment. • One-on-one coaching is the future. We need knowledge and innovation to find out what works best. Goals • To improve learning results and future career choices for children in South-Rotterdam. • To provide effective training for one-on-one coaching and tutoring and improve the professional capabilities of our students. • To gain knowledge in effectiveness and innovation in one-on-one coaching / tutoring / mentoring. • To increase the public value and relevance of the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Results in numbers 120 students trained as a mentor in 2013-2014 375 students traines as a mentor in 2014-2015 500 students trained as a mentor in 2015-2016 Results for the mentees • improve grades • increase selfimportance • lower dropout rate

Program Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Over a 100 nationalities are represented in this vibrant city. The largest concentration of young people and the highest ethnic diversity can be found in SouthRotterdam. Young people face an educational challenge, as their school results are significantly lower compared to the national level. Statistics reveal a high percentage of school dropouts and youth unemployment. Most children and young people in South-Rotterdam need extra attention and care. They need positive role models. They need extra help; with homework, with their perspective of future educational possibilities or with discovering where their talents lie. The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, with over 30,000 students, wants to enlist its students to support the youth of South-Rotterdam. In the past few years, Rotterdam University has partnered with the high schools and primary schools of Rotterdam, through their Centre of Expertise Social Innovation (EMI), and has cofounded Mentors of Rotterdam (MOR).

“We desperately need the students of Rotterdam University, they are the reason for the incredible succes of this project.� - Ruben Bolsius, teamleader RVC De Hef Students at universities are effective mentors and tutors for children and young adults. Due to the small age difference they can relate more easily to them. An increasing number of students from diverse backgrounds are attending Rotterdam University. These young people can show South-Rotterdam youth that higher education is within their reach. They are natural role models and can help out with much needed tutoring and guidance. In turn, students at Rotterdam University acquire hands-on experience in what it is like to coach someone, while getting a taste of the multi-cultural dynamics of South-Rotterdam. Based on the latest research of mentoring and cross-age peer tutoring programs, the MOR team started this program with a pilot in 2013-2014 at high school RVC De Hef. Following the completion of this successful pilot, the second group started with twice as many students and children, in February 2014. At the end of the academic year 2014-2015, MOR was able to match a total of 375 mentors with children from various primary and high schools in South-Rotterdam. In the academic year 2015-2016 the program aims to enlist 500 students to be trained and matched as studentmentors.

MoR | Mentors of Rotterdam

Goals Goal

To improve the future of youth in South-Rotterdam.


Receive extra help and tuition from students.


Students receive training and coaching and get grass roots experience of working in a super divers environment


Need the extra time students can give their pupils

The goal of the projectteam Mentors of Rotterdam is to reach 2000 students by academic year 2018-2019.





150 2013-2014 (pi l ot)



2016 - 2017

2017 - 2018

The program initially started with two schools, but expanded to six schools within a short period of time. • • • • • •

RVC de Hef . Calvijn Maarten Luther LMC Zuiderpark . LMC Veenoord . CalvijnVreewijk . Praktijkonderwijs LMC Talingstraat

MoR | Mentors of Rotterdam

Organization Rotterdam Universtiy

Alliance Mentors Verre Bergen (foundation) Sayida Goedhoop Hidde Verkade, Floris Noordhoff

Board Jan Kweekel Ron Bormans Carolien Dieleman Sayida Goedhoop Roelof Prins


Program management Nienke Fabries


Projectteam Margriet Clement Gert-Jan v/d Maas Soesja Pijlman


Faculty teachers

Cooperating schools: Primary and high schools of Rotterdam

This chart shows the organization of the program. Mentors of Rotterdam (MOR) is a program initiated by the Center of Expertise Social Innovation (EMI) at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, in alliance with the Verre Bergen, a Rotterdam-based philantropic foundation.

“You can really make a difference for the mentee while developing skills yourself� - Winnie, student Rotterdam University -

“We got along very well and also shared personal things.”

“it’s nice to talk to someone who is almost my own age.”

“I love having a mentor, I can tell her anything.”

“We took a look at my future together.” “I was very bad at a subject and now I have a much higher grade.”

“ I learned how I can prepare my exams even better and she was always supportive. She always told me: ‘Give it your best, mind your behavior, work hard to prepare your exams’.”

At the end, the mentors and mentees are asked to fill in a feedback form. These are a few of their comments. MoR | Mentors of Rotterdam

“Even students that are a bit more introverted open up, or enjoy school and life, more.”

“You really try to imagine what it’s like for that person, you really want to help him. Not just with his homework, but also with what he wants to do with his life.”

“It really helps and it’s better for you.”

“I’m going to miss her!”

“In the beginning, my mentee didn’t really know what he wanted career wise, but now he has a better idea. It makes me feel proud, that I got to help him in choosing what he wants to do.”

“I thought she was the best mentor ever.”

“My mentee learned that it’s okay to make mistakes”.

The process recruitment students selection and screening mentors

selection mentees

building infrastructure

design and improve methodology

recruitment schools

Best fit matching

training individual matching mentoring activities

training onsite

intervision closure and results

external research on process and effectivity

The preparation Recruitment of participating schools Schools in Rotterdam invest heavily in the best education for their students. Most schools are extremely interested to have extra studentmentors to give extra guidance and attention to their own students. The MOR-team gets in touch with schools that are willing to collaborate with the program. Much time is spent on looking for the perfect match: which classes need extra attention and what kind of studentmentors are needed to provide that kind of support? Selection mentees The schools decide which class fits the program. The program insists on working with an entire class instead of individual students, to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to grow. Recruitment student mentors Students can achieve academic credits when they join the program. They have to commit to participate for at least a semester. The program aims to recruit students from various faculties, with an extra focus on students training to work in the field of education, welfare, care and finance.

MoR | Mentors of Rotterdam

Selection & screening of student mentors To participate, the students must present a Certificate of Good Conduct. This certificate must be applied for at the Department of Homeland Security and Justice, where the applicant’s legal background is checked.

‘Best fit’ matching

After a school has given its consent and the classes have been selected, the mentors’ and mentees’ schedules have to be matched. Both parties have to clear an hour and a half in their schedule, every week. One of the unique features of this program is the continuous presence of an onsite teacher of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He/she is assigned to provide onsite training and intervision and is responsible for a smooth operation of the mentoring program at the school.

The course Training The first meetings are for student mentors only. They get together with their faculty teacher on a weekly basis and are trained so they are well prepared for the mentoring. Students are prepared for their three roles of mentoring: 1. Tutor: focused on academic achievements and study skills 2. Coach: focused on self-esteem and motivation 3. Mentor: focused on guidance in career choice Student mentors don’t act as counsellors, if a mentor detects a need for urgent help, he or she will contact the professionals in charge. Individual matching Next, the faculty teacher and the school teacher match the mentors and mentees. This is based on common interests, attitude, these prove to be the best indicators for an effective match. Mentor activities The purpose of the first meeting between the mentors and the mentees is to get acquainted in an informal way. During the following meetings, the mentors and mentees start working together on homework, improving grades and career guidance. The MOR-teacher is present during all of the meetings. This way the student mentors stay motivated and problems can be tackled right away. Every meeting is followed by an intervention meeting between the student mentors and faculty teachers. During the last meeting, both the mentor and the mentee receive a certificate as a proof of participation. The mentees also receive a nice gadget as a souvenir. These final meetings often reveal how close the mentors and mentees have gotten. Gifts are exchanged and the mentors share their last words of wisdom.

Concluding the project Closing & results At the end, the mentors and mentees are asked to fill in a feedback form. The faculty teachers and the school teachers are also invited to give feedback. To measure the results as thoroughly as possible, an external research institute analyzes the results.

And the ‘Oscar’ goes to..... On February 12th 2015, both the program Mentors of Rotterdam and RVC De Hef high school won the Innovation Award of Education for the province of South Holland. On March 24th of the same year, the program won the National Innovation Award of Education 2013-2015. The most prestigious educational award in the Netherlands.

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MoR | Mentors of Rotterdam

“Attending the mentor program and winning the National Innovation Award of Education were great highlights of my study at Rotterdam University� - Bas, student Rotterdam University -

MoR | Mentors of Rotterdam

Contact Get in touch: (+ 31) (0)10 794 5946 Postbus 25035 3001 HA Rotterdam

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Gert-Jan van der Maas Projectteam Mentors of Rotterdam Telephone: (+31) (0)10 794 4530 E-mail:

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Mentors of Rotterdam  

Mentors of Rotterdam is a mentoring program that enlists students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to mentor kids at the loca...

Mentors of Rotterdam  

Mentors of Rotterdam is a mentoring program that enlists students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to mentor kids at the loca...

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