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Mentors of Rotterdam

Mission, vision and goal (+ 31) (0)10 794 4530

To improve learning results and future career choices of children in South-Rotterdam through one-on-one mentoring.

Nearly every child needs a mentor, a tutor and a few role models for a successful school career, especially children with challenging backgrounds and learning disabilities. Every future urban professional needs to be competent in coaching in a dynamic urban environment. It is crucial that the program connects South-Rotterdam to the rest of the city. One-on-one coaching is a vital 21st century skill. The program needs to perform research and acquire knowledge to keep innovating.

Postbus 25035 3001 HA Rotterdam Nienke Fabries Program management Mentors of Rotterdam Telephone: (+31) (0)10 794 4530 E-mail: Margriet Clement Projectteam Mentors of Rotterdam Telephone: (+31) (0)10 794 5022 E-mail: Gert-Jan van der Maas Projectteam Mentors of Rotterdam Telephone: (+31) (0)10 794 4530 E-mail:

To improve the future of South-Rotterdam youth.

‘My Mentor of Rotterdam was the best possible support to achieve better results at school. It changed my life.’ ‘You can really make a difference for the mentee while developing skills yourself.’

Soesja Pijlman Program Assistent Mentors of Rotterdam Telephone: (+31) (0)10 794 4530 E-mail:



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Mentors of Rotterdam

Mentors of Rotterdam

Mentors of Rotterdam

recruitment schools

Focal point of program > > > win-win combination Youth

Receive extra help and tuition from students.


Students receive training to coach one-onone and they acquire hands-on experience in working in an environment of high ethnic diversity.


Facilitate extra time and attention for their pupils.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Public value and social responsibility for Rotterdam.

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Building infrastructure

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Over a 100 nationalities are represented in this vibrant city. The largest concentration of young people and the highest ethnic diversity can be found in South-Rotterdam. Young people face an educational challenge, as their school results are significantly lower compared to the national level. Statistics reveal a high percentage of school dropouts and youth unemployment. Mentors of Rotterdam is a mentoring program that enlists students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to mentor pupils at the local primary schools and high schools. It is unique in its formula and impact and is now one of the biggest mentor programmes in The Netherlands.

Design and improve methodology

Because everyone deserves one-on-one attention

Next, the faculty teacher and the school teacher match the mentors and mentees. This is based on common interests, attitude, etc. as these prove to be the best indicators for an effective match.

The purpose of the first meeting between the mentors and the mentees is to get acquainted in an informal way. During the following meetings, the mentors and mentees start working together on improving grades and career guidance.

recruitment students

The MOR-team gets in touch with schools that are willing to collaborate with the program.

The schools decide which class fits the program.

The program aims to recruit studentmentors from various faculties, with an extra focus on students training to work in the field of education, welfare, care and finance. The studentmentors can receive academic credits when they join the program and have to commit to participate for at least a semester.

Growth scenario

selection and screening mentors

best fit matching

After a school has given its consent and the classes have been selected, the mentors’ and mentees’ schedules have to be matched. Both parties have to clear an hour and a half in their schedule, every week.


The first meetings are for student mentors only. They get together with their faculty teacher on a weekly basis and are trained so they are well prepared for the mentoring. Students are prepared for their three roles of mentoring: Tutor, coach and mentor. They are taught to serve, not save.

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‘It’s nice to talk to someone who is almost my own age.’

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Every meeting is followed by a reflective meeting of the studentmentors and faculty teachers. One of the unique features of this program is the continuous presence of an onsite faculty teacher of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He/she is assigned to provide on-site training and intervision and is responsible for a smooth operation of the mentoring program at the school.

Alliance Rotterdam University Partnerschools

Mentors of Rotterdam is a data-driven program. At the end, the mentors and mentees are asked to fill in a feedback form. The faculty teachers and the school teachers are also invited to give feedback. To measure the results as thoroughly as possible, an external research institute analyzes the results.

2014 – 2015

External research on processing and effectivity

Mentors of Rotterdam

Rotterdam University (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) has partnered with the high schools and primary schools of Rotterdam, through their Centre of Expertise Social Innovation (EMI), and has cofounded Mentors of Rotterdam (MOR).

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Factsheet Mentors of Rotterdam  

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