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Table Of Contents 36 Publisher’s Letter COVER FEATURE 40 OWEN WILSON The Photographic Genius Of Brian Bowen Smith


BOATS 66 VAN DAM CUSTOM BOATS Craftsmanship The Van Dam Way


96 KIIARA To Project

106 JONATHAN BAKER Creativity & Ambition

116 DANNY ABECKASER Greatest Moment Of My Life


Cover Feature

The Photographic Genius Of Brian Bowen Smith


ART 88 VANESSA ROTHE Making Art History

JETSET TRAVEL 128 TELLURIDE The Most Colorado Place On Earth

140 360 SPLENDOR Costa Rican Heaven On Earth

SPIRITS 150 BELVEDERE Tower Of Terroir

158 BACARDI Top Shelf


180 ANDREW MCDONALD The Agency Orange County


Take Back Your Height

Kathryn Brolin

ELEVATED Luxury Life


EDITOR Joseph Trylch





Dane Kennedy

Monique Mann

LOCAL SALES Stephanie Severino

Devon Smith

Tim Wolk

Dave Olson

MARKETING & DESIGN Shelby Freeman Kate Smith Kent O’Brian

Elevated Luxury Life | ElevatedLuxuryLife.com Telluride, CO


SI NCE 1977



“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” I love that quote, as it’s true, and powerful. This Fall Issue has woven within each and every page, vibrant, ripping elements of chaos that brought it and the great change it represents to this magazine to life. Thank you very much for taking the time to enjoy the most beautiful, meaningful Issue of Elevated Luxury Life. Featuring the exceptional Owen Wilson (everyone loves Owen) on the cover as photographed by the legendary photographer Brian Bowen Smith.

We are humbled, honored, and grateful to have had the opportunity to feature Brian’s work, story, insight, and much more. From Brian, to Kiiara, the fabulous Kathryn Brolin and her Midheaven jeans, legendary Steven Soderbergh and his Singani 63 spirits, and much more. The Fall Issue of Elevated Luxury Life is one that we of course hope you will not only enjoy, but also walk away from having had one, if not a few, elements touch upon you, giving you pause to be present, contemplate, remember. Without further ado, our Fall Issue.

Mark Jones

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The Photographic Genius of

Brian Bowen Smith Written by Jamie Agoglia Photography by Brian Bowen Smith

Photograph by Brandon Smith


he man behind the camera who has an eye and mind unlike any other. If you haven’t yet heard of Brian Bowen Smith, you’ve undoubtedly come across some of his iconic photographs.The world renowned photographer and artists’ career evolved as organically as his photographic style. Bowen Smith developed and mastered the art of capturing both the physical and energetic levels of his subjects by way of his camera. His legendary career has evolved through many diverse styles and subjects, but the everlasting element of his incredible work is his eye for the essence. Brian Bowen Smith transforms his humble yet extraordinary ideas and dreams into timeless pieces of art that only a mind like his could manifest. A constant quest for creation, expression, and exploration is a testament to the infinite possibilities of Bowen Smith’s innovative art. His career began by less than classical means, as do the careers of the most eminent artists. Born and raised in New York, Bowen Smith was on a strong track towards becoming a professional athlete and actor. By divine crossing of paths, Herb Ritts became his mentor, teacher, and guide through the world of photography. After working as an assistant to the legendary Herb Ritts for four years, Bowen Smith learned the in’s and out’s of Ritts’ artistic process. Through time and trial, Bowen Smith crafted his unique style of capturing a moment in its entirety. Bowen Smith explains that “[his] certain style [is always] chang[ing]. If you look at [his] personal work and gallery work compared to [his] [celebrity] work, [he] was pushing [his] limits. [He] tries to go out of the box and into something [he has] never done before.”

Brian Bowen Smith’s portfolio includes the most recognizable names in Hollywood. His list of iconic photoshoots is the most extensive in his field, covering nearly every major celebrity imaginable. Each new project presents an opportunity for connection and creation. The opportunity to shoot with Bowen Smith is sought after with high esteem, mainly attributed to his organic and lively style of shooting. Generally, the concept takes on a life of its own. With a vision and an outlet, the chemistry between him and his focus begins to evolve and shift, like an improvisational dance. Everyone on set is contributing to the collective energy in one way or another. Through natural chemistry and unpredictability, a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece is created. “I don’t try to hold back things that come out of nowhere; sometimes out of sheer terror of being photographed, these people will do something weird, like they’re trying to do something else but it’s not really working, and then all of a sudden something happens. It clicks. And the great thing about photography is that you only need 1/25th of a second for that to happen, and for it to be amazing.” In truth, Bowen Smith is much more than a photographer. What he creates explores a deeper level. He is a conduit between the energetic phenomenon of connection and its physical counterparts. What he captures immortalizes the overlap of both parts. He is a storyteller, and his photographs are his tales.

Brian Bowen Smith’s constant quest for innovative creation led him toward his beautiful and successful career in Fine Art. The creative drive is fueled by an innate curiosity for the light, the aura, and the essence of his subject. Bowen Smith’s art seamlessly blends together the invisible yet powerful elements of human individuality with a tangible attraction to the human form. In turn, his photos viscerally capture both the soul of his subject and the story of their interaction. His imagery serves as a portal into the essence of his subject. This essence is the key element of his work and how he creates a story with his art. Most of his subjects are scouted based off of an inclination towards their aura and have never been models by profession. Particularly explored through his personal works, Bowen Smith accentuates the beauty of details, fostering diversitility and “god-given features” as a guide for his vision. By doing so, Bowan says, “the canvas is already half painted before you even begin painting.”

Some people radiate an attractive quality, be it energetic or physical, that catches the his ingenious creative eye. The mystique of what is within is a driving force. Bowen Smith explores new ideas and subject, he says that, “a lot of times [he’ll] see someone in a bar or some girl working at a coffee shop, and just [think] ‘Wow. [They’re] so perfect or unique, or maybe not even perfect or unique but weird in a perfect and unique way.’” The creative and intuitive eye of the photographic genius continues to bring forward something from deep within his work, revealing the layers of both himself, his subject, and his craft with every photo.

“Life takes us on really crazy turns, but when you’re open to taking chances, and when it works out,

it’s a beautiful thing.” Brian Bowen Smith

“Take Back Your Height” Kathryn Brolin Written By Joseph Trylch Photographed By Valerie Fox


fter spending years in the modeling industry, Kathryn Boyd Brolin recognized a niche of women, who like her, were troubled by the lack of inseams long enough to fit their lengthy frames. Her search was accompanied by many frustrated hours spent trying on pair after pair, looking for a brand worthy of a tall girl’s loyalty.


What came next was the birth of a sexy, high end fashion line for ladies who need a brand made specifically with the longer than average length in mind. Midheaven Denim is a line of premium denim made from the best Italian fabric, cut and sewn by experienced artists in downtown Los Angeles with a focus on detail, comfort, and specificity of fit. We cater to all sizes of the longest legged women out there, and the most important thing to us is to make the jean feel personal to each person who becomes an owner of them. What challenges initiated your quest for an height-inclusive denim brand begin?

Being tall has always been a big part of my identity. As a young woman growing up I was always so much taller than most of my peers. Trying to blend in was never in the cards for me as I was a head and shoulders taller than most at a young age. More than anything the struggle to find clothes that fit my taller frame was becoming more and more difficult as the years went on.

I noticed there wasn’t one specific brand that I considered interesting and attractive that catered to girls with longer legs. The idea began germinating when I was in high school and as I commenced what became a modeling career, I noticed that the conversation of many of the girls around me on castings and jobs would become centered around where we could shop for clothes that would fit, primarily jeans. The lightbulb moment for this task was back in those days. Only now did it feel like the right timing to introduce a brand primarily serving the needs to taller women, that was conscious of the environment, inclusive of higher than average sizing, and who focuses on quality vs quantity. What does “taking back your height” mean for you and for Midheaven?

“Take Back Your Height” was a mantra born in the very beginning of crafting our business model and how we wanted to introduce ourselves to the world. As a tall woman, I am all too familiar with the subconscious need to dip my shoulders down and lean in to the conversations happening below my eyeline. I didn’t like what that was doing to me physically, but also emotionally. I really wanted to encourage girls who may have had an insecurity about their height to hold their shoulders back and be proud of their bodies. “Take Back Your Height” was just that: taking ownership of our beautiful God-given figures and feeling confidence in that ownership.

We source our fabric from the world’s greenest denim mill.fashion’s fingerprint on our culture and vice versa. For a premium denim brand to only service girls up to a size 29 or 30 is not realistic. We set out to be a brand that includes women who are between a size 24 and size 34. In offering a broader size, the fashion industry is not only helping women, but is also helping to rewrite our definition of beauty and expanding our societal acceptance and promotion of individuality. 60

What does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment is feeling confidence with one’s own self so as to champion and celebrate the endeavors of others. That to me is true empowerment.

There is such an important conversation happening around sustainability right now. We can no longer neglect our impact on her (the environment). I never wanted to start a denim brand so as to produce thousands and thousands of units that would end up in a landfill and damage the environment in the process. It’s one of the reasons why we place such an emphasis on the quality of our product. Midheaven is an investment, and is supposed to live in one’s closet for years to come. They practice the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle in every step of the way, and all of the waste produced in their spinning, warping, and dying departments is recycled. We always use entirely eco-friendly packaging materials, including “plastic” bags made from plants and recycled tissue packing paper.

What does “Midheaven” mean?

Tell me about your selection of handpicked, high quality fabrics.

Midheaven is the highest point the sun reaches in its daily traverse of the visible sky. I liked that as a feeling, an emotion,

Not only are we able to import fabric directly from the world’s most eco-conscious denim mill, but in doing so, we are also able to

Being the entrepreneurial powerhouse that you are, what lessons have you learned from successfully juggling your many growing roles?


I love building this company. I love what Midheaven represents in my life as a plant that needs grooming in order to grow. I love the feeling I get at the end of the day when I lay down and fall asleep fast knowing I’m tired from a long, full, productive day of building, nurturing, contemplating and pursuing. I feel scared regularly. Scared that a decision I’ve made is not the right one. That choosing a certain stitch over another is going to make a garment not sellable; that the fabric I’ve ordered from Italy isn’t going to arrive on time; that no one is going to buy what I’m selling; that my business model needs adjusting; that the aesthetic I’ve chosen for our next campaign might be off the mark… I think being an entrepreneur is all about making confident decisions with the big picture in mind, and I truly feel that every day we move forward is a successful day, because they are always filled with learning. Building a business they say is all about putting out fires, which I do believe is accurate, but if in your mind those fires

don’t lead to open land suited for more building, you’re probably destined for another line of work. Congratulations to you and Josh on the arrival of your beautiful daughter, Westlyn Reign. How has your role as a mother influenced your entrepreneurial spirit? With such an incredibly face paced lifestyle, what helps you slow down? What grounds you?

I am a mother first and foremost. It took me becoming a mother to see that that takes priority over everything else. Staying devoted to the happiness and growth of my daughter is what makes me a better worker, a better friend, a better mentor, a better wife, and a better human. Westlyn is such a great teacher to me. She, by nature, forces me to be back in the moment with her every waking moment she and I spend together. The time we all get as a family is so precious and cup-filing. Honestly the hardest part of work right now is taking time to focus on my family in its very new phase because this part we can’t go back to again. It is all so precious to me.

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Craftsmanship - The Van Dam Way Van Dam Custom Boats

Photo Courtesy of Jorge Alvarez



egacy craftsmanship. It’s more than natural talent and carefully learned technique. It goes beyond skill and ability, The definition of workmanship. Legacy craftsmanship is a passion for the skills of days past and a deep rooted respect for the unique aesthetics that shroud function. It is a humble sense of pride as you push through a challenging task with tenacity and patience, knowing that when complete, the end result outshines the original vision. A true craftsman is his own worst critic; self-policing, seeking continuous improvement, knowing that the work is not about him, but the person challenging his skill. And while they may never meet, client and craftsman share a purpose‌an intimate bond created when undertaking a journey of excellence.

Photo Courtesy of Pete Boden

Photos Courtesy of Molly Hauxwell Currier

Van Dam craftsmanship exemplifies the meaning of the word. It is rooted in the tiny details. Those you don’t notice immediately, but that continue to amaze when they are discovered. At Van Dam, the crew is not focused solely on meeting your expectations. They work to exceed them; today, tomorrow and for generations to come. Workmanship becomes craftsmanship when your vision comes to life; even 71 larger than life. “I visited a half dozen boat manufacturers and no one was approaching what Van Dam was doing in both design and execution, as well as business structure. The people at Van Dam are always very welcoming and completely open about how they do what they do. There is no magic. It is extremely high standards and attention to detail.” – Owner, Susan C


Finishing the areas of each boat that will rarely be seen, with the same care and meticulous standards as their mirrored exteriors, is one of many attributes that sets Van Dam Custom Boats apart in the world of custom wooden boat building. It not only guarantees the endurance of quality and function, it affords you peace of mind. Your commission is of top-of-range craftsmanship, inside and out. It is not about simply finishing another build and moving on to the next. It is about you, your expectations and your future enjoyment; one of many reasons to chose to become part of the Van Dam family of owners. The crew, well versed in old world craftsmanship (the skillset that is at the foundation of Van Dam Custom Boats), embraces technology and innovative design as an integral part of the future of wooden boat construction. A modern day craftsman welcomes the advancements technology provides, while understanding the importance of marrying it to traditional methods of building. Technology, at the hands of a master, will not strip away the intricacies of custom handwork, but will assist in making it last longer and perform better.

A balance is struck between convenience, function, performance and beauty. Traditional methods co-exist quite well with present day mechanization and software, when melded at the hands of true craftsmen. “My boat gets paparazzi after it because it is such an unusual boat. Van Dam’s ability to do a super wide range of technologies and put in high tech sailing gear that looks like the old stuff, and doesn’t rust, made a difference for me.” – Owner, Tattler II At Van Dam, there is a connection between the past, present and future. There is partnering of vision and ability; the skill of human hands committed to delivering a dream. Custom wooden boat building is a labor of love and a way of life. Van Dam Custom Boats is committed to a set of values and principles that elevate the meaning of craftsmanship; moving with purpose, engaging the mind and cultivating an attitude of excellence with every build. It results in craft that are built to last. And it is a journey of discovering true craftsmanship that each client is invited to undertake. Building a curated one of one – the Van Dam way.

Photo Courtesy of Roe Photo

Deconstructing The Elements Steven Soderbergh Written By Olivia Daane


is use of sound as harbinger to action, his movie titles, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Traffic, the Ocean’s 11 series, Steven Soderbergh’s reputation and accolades precede him. Considered one of the founding pioneers of the independent cinema movement and among the most acclaimed and prolific filmmakers of his generation, Soderbergh is now distributing Singani 13 from the Mountains of Bolivia.


Olivia Daane: What is the purple potion you are sharing with the world, Singani 63? Why are you distributing a spirit from the mountains of Bolivia?

Steven Soderbergh: My job moment to moment is to separate ideas, things or approaches that are ordinary form things that are exceptional. That is what I am supposed to do every day.

I like to drink and go to bars, but this was first time I’ve put something across my lips (just before shooting the Che films) and gone “What’s the story with this?!” I had a mule train keep me supplied for the 6 months of shooting. Nobody in Bolivia can determine the derivation of the name Singani 63. It is a term only used to describe the taste. OD: How do you feel about leaving things up to chance? Do you like to control exactly what the viewer will experience?

SS: It’s been a lifelong process of trying to optimize my approach to reduce inefficiencies. Learning when I should exert control and when I should let something evolve on its own. I am more fluid and faster at filtering out bad ideas than I was when I began.


OD: In a project’s creation and curation, do you see things play out before you begin? Do you draw things out?


SS: It is very rare that I draw things out. Typically when I’m imagining a project, I see faces with a certain expression on them and a certain feeling that they are experiencing. I don’t typically storyboard. My imagination sort of stops at a certain point and I just need to see it in front of me on set to determine what kind of approach I want to employ. That is not always efficient, but once I’ve decided, the shots come to you quickly. It is a trade off. I try to take advantage of things like color and sound that can have a huge psychological impact on the audience but don’t really cost you anything. OD: Who is someone you haven’t worked with, whom you might like to in the future?

SS: I just got to work with Meryl Streep and now I’m just angry I waited thirty years to do that. It was inspiring for me.

She seems to understand it all so well and her affect is that of someone you would think (for whom) this is the first time they are getting paid to do this. Her enthusiasm and her way of approaching the work is so efficient. She is only interested in things that will help this be good and relevant when the camera is rolling. There’s no entourage. It’s just her. It’s stunning. She is just a savant, but she also works hard. She works smart. OD: What are crutches and credos you throw away?

SS: People feel shooting on film legitimizes them. But on the list of things that matter to a viewer, that’s on the bottom. On the top of the list of what they care about are story and character. Music and close-ups are very powerful things until you use them all the time and there’s no emphasis. Somebody gets insecure and just lathers something with music to get a response. Story plus character, plus a good cast member and a phone and you’re home.

OD: If you weren’t an incredible filmmaker, what would you be?


SS: I would like to make great work until the day I die like Luis Bunuel He said,“If I had been born before cinema was created, I would be a pauper.” I feel the same way. I have to say I’m lucky and the smartest thing I’ve ever done was being born to my two parents. They were intelligent, open-minded, supportive, encouraging people. I also inherited a certain doggedness from them. I inherited their obsessiveness. When you are interested, go all in! Steven Soderbergh is on the hunt for excellence.

He is always looking for unusual combinations of color and life. He mixes color temperatures. He is not trying to gel his visual universe. He is trying to let go. Collision and blending. Separating the wheat from the chaff. His daughter is heading up sales for Singani 63, so if she is anything like her dad, a new hit elixir is on the way! Steven never stops searching and sorting his “best ofs.” He just finished “The Laundromat” about the Panama Papers scandal with Meryl Streep. “As much as I’m content in the moment, I never assume anything.” As for what is next, he has three things on the table in front of him. Count on him making a great choice. Again and again. And making a lot of hard work look effortless.

Vanessa Francoise Rothe

Making Art History


nce a successful Art Director and Graphic Designer working with Disney Press, Walter Foster and

Sony, Vanessa Francoise Rothe turned to a more traditional color palette as a professional fine artist, fine art magazine editor, curator, lecturer, gallery owner, and art dealer. Vanessa Françoise Rothe grew up in the artists colony of Laguna Beach, CA, the daughter to a well known German clothing designer to the Stars, Detlev Rothe, and her French mother a model, Jacqueline Ricaud. She would come home from school to find Ron Wood or Kenny Loggins in her living room playing guitar with her father, and was soon painting on silk to make custom jackets for the Rolling Stones with their iconic lips logo. She was constantly surrounded by fashion, fine art, books, and music and was, like many successful creatives, already drawing and designing at a young age. After winning many youth art competitions and 1st place in the senior art contest at Laguna Beach High School. Rothe received top scholarships for her university studies and honored in both Business/Marketing and French Literature at the University of San Diego and the University of CA, Irvine. She helped design, write, and do illustrations for the yearbooks both in high school and was Art Director for yearbooks in college. With this publications experience and being one of the first proficient designers on the Apple macintosh computer in the late 80’s, Rothe was whisked away to live six years in Switzlerand working as graphic designer in various advertising and print publication

firms, fashion modeling, playing professional volleyball indoors, and on the beaches of Italy, Turkey and South Africa. While in Europe she had the chance to visit almost every art museum, tour all the famous cities and towns with their architectural splendor, and learned three new full languages while there. Later as an art director back in Southern California for Walter Foster Publishing she created over 40 new books for the company working with illustrators at Disney. Rothe then started her own art and design business which she still owns today. With a passion for art, and being the ever over achiever, Rothe desired to furthered her classical fine art studies and was given a merit scholarship to attend the Laguna College of Art and Design receiving top honors throughout. In addition to this fine traditional schooling, Rothe has had the opportunity to when living in Europe for six years, to study at fine art ateliers in France and Italy as well as to work directly with many professional contemporary painters, editors, curators, and writers to build her vast knowledge of the creative world. For the past 16 years Vanessa served as the West Coast Editor of the Nationally acclaimed art collector magazine FINE ART CONNOISSEUR, creating and writing top stories on the representational art world and lecturing at museums and galleries around the world. She helped redesign the magazine and created different events for the art world including the gathering of top fine artists at


important master artist Museum exhibitions and painting together on the grounds of the Museums directly after viewing the show. She has also spent the last four years at the Educational Director of the American Impressionist Society. Rothe currently owns and operates her art and design business as well as Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery representing some of the top realist and impressionists of the world, both historical and contemporary, located at 418 Ocean Ave in the coastal art community of Laguna Beach California. The gallery collection is a meticulously curated selection of work ranging from new modern combination of realistic figures with abstract backgrounds, to tight realism, to loose impressionistic and stunning works. She imports top fine art works from France, Russia, Norway, and even Iceland by artists pushing the envelope on realism and abstraction combinations today, as well as carries a fine selection of historical French, Californian, and Russian impressionism. In addition to running the gallery Rothe is an independent Curator creating exciting theme based exhibitions in New York, Paris, and California. She is proud to create and consult on exhibitions and the display of fine art works outside of her own space and brings her own selected fine art collection to various top art venues across the world. Along with curating the fine collection for her gallery, Vanessa has innovated many recent successful exhibitions. Her well trained aesthetic eye for quality art, experience, graphic design, web, catalog Impressionist

work, along with Historical masterworks, and has recently been known to add drawings and sketches to the exhibits to help portray the raw talent of the artist. Rothe and VRFA Gallery proudly shares in the creation of the current new contemporary realist movement that can be a success with artists combining long learned traditional realism with abstraction and or Impressionism Rothe has been curating unique high quality exhibitions for such venues as The California Museum of Fine Art, the LA Art Show 2015, and galleries such as Arcadia, Abend, and the Salmagundi Club New York. She is currently working with a Historical Early California Impressionist collection, and adding them to her unique exhibits in order to compare them with contemporary works, and to tie in important fine art history. Rothe is proud to be inventing some of the most exciting fine art exhibitions in America such as the Americans in Paris bi continental exhibitions in LA and PARIS may of 2018. The Realism Without Borders exhibit December 2017 with over 60 works from around the globe in realism and impressionism and the exciting September 2019 Fine Art of Fashion exhibit at the Salmagundi Club in NYC where she combined top contemporary fashion designers with oil paintings created and inspired by fashion. Here she presented at lecture in the parlor of the Salamgundi Art Club and a panel with current top designers in the fashion industry discussing their creative process.



As if this was not enough, Rothe has invented new international art projects to aid in the creating and selling of strong new contemporary art work. Rothe is the founder and leader of the“Americans in Paris” Events, Workshops, and Exhibitions. With these AIP events, Rothe had the idea to bring together a dozen top American representataional artists from various areas of the USA to travel to Paris to study the masters, and share their influences and their knowledge with one another in order to bring their work to the next level. Rothe had found thru her time as editor for the fine art magazines she had a nation wide look at the art world. She concluded after interviewing many artists that even the top talented realist artists in America and graduates from classical art schools often did not know what they wanted to paint, or were working only in single figure compositions instead of pushing themselves to created group figure scenes. Rothe along with friends invented the Americans in Paris workshops and Exhibitions in order to address this. “I have been fortunate to have traveled half the globe admiring art museums and works and have been mainly influenced and drawn to traditional representational and Impressionist fine art. I admire the drawing skills, layers of slightly varied values, lively colors in Sargent and Sorolla’s works, the value tones and brush stokes of Edgar Payne, the simplicity in the drawings and strokes of Manet and Degas, the colors and overall harmony of Monet and Van Gogh, and the subjects of the Impressionist / Belle Epoque times, as well as to day agreeing that beauty that can be found outdoors and in simple

things.” Vanessa Rothe is the Author/Artist to a series of art instructional books published by the leader in art instructional books, Walter Foster Publishing entitled “An Art School Approach to Oils” which can be found at barnesandnoble.com, amazon. com and ebay.com The book written and illustrated by Rothe has an important beginning section that takes one thru the basics fundametnals of sketching and painting in oils and then a slow step by step chapter by chapter process for beginners in oil. Vanessa was honored to have been invited to be a part of a seminar in Venice Italy for “The Alpine Fellowship” where she was able to discuss and contribute ideas on todays Art and Aethetic’s with some of the top writers, art historians, art critics, painters, and poets of today, including Ian McEwan, John Burnside, Ruth Padel, Alan Lawson, Odd Nerdrum and Roger Scruton. ( Rothe is proud to be sponsored by SENNELIER French oil paints, imported to America by Savoir Faire fine art materials, as well as a new partnership with RAYMAR fine art canvas and linen panels, the support that counts. ) Rothe currently owns and operates her fine art gallery where she curates international fine art exhibitions and invents meaningful fine art projects for the art world today. She currently writes articles for Josh Rose at American Art Collector and American Fine Art Magazine, and continues to create and sell her own fine art works.


To Project


Written by JB Photography by Joseph Aboud



ince Kiiara broke out with her 2015 hit “Gold,” she’s collaborated with Linkin Park, toured around the world, and released more than 15 tracks. Kiiara released her debut full length album on Oct 11; she recently released the first single titled “Open My Mouth” in June. Overall, all her singles have more than 1.1 billion streams globally. Her first single “Gold” was top 5 at US Pop Radio and certified 2x platinum w/ 675+ million streams. That was followed by her 2018 Billboard Music Award nominated song “Heavy” with Linkin Park. It has over 500 million streams and video views landing top 20 on Billboard’s Top 40 chart. She’s really taken the time to hone in on the sound for the whole record and she’s ready to get it out there in the world. She wants to be able to project. JB: Growing up in a small town in Illinois, what led to your breakout success with your hit single “Gold?” What was it within you that really drove you to create that?

Kiiara: I was writing a lot. I would write for eight hours a day. I wouldn’t leave my room unless I had to get something to eat. It was just something I loved. It was something to do growing up in the cornfields.

JB: So during that time, did you have a vision that you were going to become a breakout success or was it more just doing it because it was a passion?

K: No, it was just something I loved, I would write twenty ideas a day. Write them down, and put them away. I still have all the spiral notebooks, it’s crazy. When I was doing that, that’s when I wrote “Gold.” JB: So since “Gold,” how have you grown as an artist and why?

K: Since all that and up until this day, from working with the different artists I’ve worked with over the years, I’ve grown that way by the advice that I’ve been given in certain moments. I’ve really reflected on it and been able to implement it in my life and learn from it. That’s how I learn, the people I work with, such as Linkin Park, we did a song called “Heavy,” they featured me on their last album “One More Light.” JB: That must have been interesting to work with them?


K: Yeah, they’re incredible people, so kind, I learned so much from them. You know how they say never meet your heroes because you don’t want to be disappointed? They didn’t disappoint at all. What I learned from them is to go out there and have fun, don’t take it too seriously, and if you make a mistake, if you hit a wrong note, it doesn’t matter. People love that. They want to experience something and share a moment that no one else can. The audience, when you perform, they want to be there with you, and that’s what I learned from them. A lot in terms of performance. I hadn’t done a lot of shows when I started working with them and it was all very new to me, and I was nervous. Especially singing alongside Chester, and the importance of family. JB: What do you like more, being in the studio, being on stage?

K: I like both in moderation. I love being in the studio, but if you’re in the studio everyday that can get old. The same with performing, but I love it so much. I can be onstage for two hours and I’m wishing we could extend it.

It could be after a month of touring and I want to keep doing more shows. I don’t want it to end. So it’s equal, each has it’s own flow. JB: I’ve always thought that performing on stage, the way that you, or Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds to Mars, etc. do it, it must be one of the most powerful things in your life that you could experience.

K: It’s incredible, there’s nothing like it. That feeling, that energy, there’s nothing that lives up to that. Ever. JB: That moment, when you get on stage, and you walk out, and these thousands of people are there, captivated by you, what is coursing through you?

K: You can’t even describe it. It’s incredible. Each time is a special moment. That moment when I walk out, I’m not thinking about anything, I just take it all in. The show will be over and I think “oh my goodness, I want it to restart!” It’s addicting, I want it to start over, or let’s do another hour. It’s wild.

Then another performance was on my last tour performing in LA, it was incredible. I had so much fun. I remember getting off the stage and I was just drenched. Your adrenaline is so high, I jumped off the stage, and next I was wondering why my legs hurt thinking “what did I do?!” Because you don’t even notice it in the moment, I jumped off a six foot stage, I didn’t even notice it, I just kept running. It’s wild. That’s what people want to be there for.


JB: So do you want to be on tour as much as possible or keep it short and specified?

K: If it were up to me, I’d be on tour everyday. I love performing, it’s just so much fun! JB: Who are the next artists that you would want to work with?

K: Eminem, the storytelling. A dream. Jared Leto, he’s incredible. I was in a vocal lesson and my coach asked me “what song do you want to sing?” And I said “Rescue Me.” So powerful. I want to be able to project.


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Creativity & Ambition Jonathan Baker Written by Siena Severino Photography by John Russo


rom working on Wall Street to realizing his true passions of music, acting, directing, producing, and writing, Jonathan Baker’s constant flow of creativity and ambition has led him to dominate numerous fields in the Hollywood film industry. With his immense professionalism in all aspects of life, his drive has allowed him to envision and teach younger generations on paving the way towards making a difference in the world through film. 108

Siena Severino: What drew you to the film industry?

Jonathan Baker: I have always been a creative person and grew up doing theater. I thought if I would ever get the chance to work in the industry, I had to do theater first, then TV, and film. It felt lattered. In the Midwest, theater was just available. So as I started to explore and investigate a little bit more as to how it all worked. I had an uncle in LA and at that time I went to an extension program at UCLA and a professor named Don Richardson changed my life.

I was so blown away by his craft; that was the beginning of my belief that I could work in the industry. When I graduated from the University of Michigan with concentrations in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Music. I then moved to New York and got a job working on Wall Street to support myself. I started making money and I started using that money to put on theater in the night. That moved me into producing more than anything at that time. Fortunately after 9/11, I answered an ad for Sony and I got the internship. It was a growing experience and it challenged me on every level, showing me real movie making. SS: Out of all of your different careers in the industry, what was your first love?

JB: Music is my best friend. It really saved my life and gave me confidence. It’s a huge theme for me. I mean most of the things that I am working on have some kind of musical ellement now, and it comes full circle. It’s one of the special languages because it transcends all the different borders and so many different parts and cultures can relate to music.

SS: In creating the Baker Entertainment Group, what characteristics do you find necessary to lead and find the right projects?


JB: I am definitely a product of working in distribution environments, where you’re answering to the process margin. I try to look for things that represent something with either a cause or some sort of issue that stands for progress. The next project that I am personally writing and directing is about my experience in medical bankruptcy, what kind of confusion there is about religion, and how everybody in my opinion is talking about the same things and how we should all stop fighting. These are these big moral conundrums where anybody who has the audacity or can afford to do what I get to do, you can sleep better at night if you are working towards what you believe in. Would I do this if I didn’t get paid and a lot of the times I don’t, the answer is yes. Somehow, miraculously the money finds us. SS: In your entertainment group how are you personally adapting to streaming content such as Hulu or Netflix?

JB: I think that it’s a really interesting time to be doing what we’re doing. I just made a movie that was specifically designed for the viral streaming window. It’s an absurdist satire called Manifest Destiny Down Spacetime. It’s a very quirky and categorizes all of the sci-fi movies into one. It’s quite ridiculous and it was a great challenge and a wild ride making this movie. It’s very experimental and sometimes I tell my clients and my students that it’s a little bit of a Noah’s Ark situation. It’s just a flat of content because there’s so much, it’s a new frontier. I get concerned about younger artists because a lot of it is to run by narcissism and vacuous insecurity. This is a concept that I want to spend time on for whatever I do next. I question where ethics went in entertainment and what health conscious issues social media now brings front and center. SS: Working both on screen and behind, which one would you say you enjoy the most?

I certainly don’t jump in front of the camera very often because I spent so much time developing and producing, but I do think that way because I spent the first half of my life on stage.


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Greatest Moment of My Life

Danny Abeckaser Written By Coco Leto

Photo by Meir Shavit



anny A. Abeckaser, the actor/director/producer, is set to appear in the most anticipated movie of 2019, The Irishman by Martin Scorsese. Abeckaser has been a key player in bringing mob movies back into relevance over the last few years, with his successful indie hit that debuted in February 2018. First We Take Brooklyn, starring Harvey Keitel, AnnaLynne McCord, Edoardo Ballerini, Kathrine Narducci, Sasha Feldman, Charlotte McKinney, and himself as the male lead, and showcasing the harsh drama between the Russians and Israelis in Brooklyn, NY. His newest film Mob Town, which is being distributed by Saban Films this Fall, starring David Arquette, Jennifer Esposito, Robert Davi, PJ Byrne, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and a slew of notable, talented actors, tells the story of the famous Apalachin “mob meeting” of 1957 where all mafia bosses from all over the East Coast gathered in upstate NY for a summit only to be discovered by the FBI. Coco Leto: Where does your passion for storytelling come from?

Danny Aceckaser:I don’t know, but I have it! I’m a great storyteller, it has to do with me making great films, I have a big imagination and I tell stories.

Photo by Jose Perez

CL: What have you learned from telling the stories that have never been able to have been told before?

DA: What I learned is that you can’t please everyone. Everyone has their own perspective on the way they see the story. I try to tell it in the most creative way in how I see it. CL: In doing that, to dig a little deeper, what have you personally learned from it?


DA: The last film I did, when I bought the script it was called Mob Town. Now it’s called The Sit Down. When I bought the script it was basically all about the gangsters, the gangsters way of life, how they saw it. I saw that movie, it’s boring, it’s the same shit. I want to tell the story from the eyes of the cops, the small town cops that work in a little police station that has 3 officers, 500 people in the town [and mobsters], and that’s what I learned, to tell the story, the same story from a different perspective is very important. CL: Where does your interest from the mob stem from?

DA: I grew up watching Scorcese movies. Mean Streets, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, and I just fell in

with it. It’s my favorite genre, they’re my favorite movies. I grew up in Brooklyn and I can’t say I was around mafia stuff, while there definitely was an underbelly that everyone kind of knew about. CL: Perfect segway into the next question, The Irishman, directed by Scorcese, which you’re acting in, tell me about that?

DA: Greatest experience of my life so far. Just getting an audition was incredible. Marty directing it, De Niro in my first scene, they were letting him just improvise and run with it. I had the greatest time of my life. It ended up being the greatest experience I’ve ever had in making a movie. I was so nervous going in, to work with De Niro, Scorcese directing me, but the crazy thing is once you start doing the scenes you just become an actor and you do your work. It’s not until you step back and you think about how crazy that was! It’s the first movie I’ve ever been in that everyone is going to see, and that’s exciting. CL: You’re obviously so determined, hard working, a hustler as you’ve been called. How do you balance it all, or like to balance it all?

Photo by Meir Shavit

DA: I hate to say, but it’s just seamless. Everything I do is tied to my motivation to succeed in no matter what I do. I don’t look at success as equivalent to money. Success comes to me from doing what I want to do, doing what I love, and if people acknowledge it, and they like it, than that’s the greatest to me. Push as hard as I can to continue to do what I love.


CL: As you were growing up falling in love with the mob genre and those movies, who are your greatest film making idols and why?

DA: As far as the film makers, obviously Scorsese, and I like Brian De Palma. As far as actors, I’ve always loved De Niro, Pacino, Brando, and Sylvester Stallone. Rocky was a huge inspiration on me. How he made Rocky, how determined he was, had a huge impact on me. I love the determination, I love the drive. Believing in yourself. You can get very discouraged making these movies as you work so hard and then not many people might see them. If you do it simply because you want to be acknowledged,

then you’re never going to succeed. There are two reasons you want to create: is it for yourself, or is it because you want people to enjoy it? CL: One of the last comments you mentioned correlates in my opinion with someone who truly embodies that is Dwayne Johnson. He had nothing, came from nothing, has risen to unprecedented heights, and continues to do so. One thing he always consistently says is it’s all about the fans, it’s about creating something that people want to see, and love, and acknowledge, and literally be a part of.

DA: Absolutely! CL: Along with all you’ve mentioned that cinematically inspires you, what also inspires you in life?

DA: Being a good person, helping people, being present, being around people that I love, all of those are the most important things.

Photo by Meir Shavit

Get Inspired at Spring Island Pine Island $12,000,000

Bedrooms: 4 / Baths: 4 / Half Baths: 1

Discover this sophisticated estate that seamlessly blends Lowcountry vernacular with Japanese influences. Exemplifying the nexus of craftsmanship and architecture in a way rarely seen today, this home is surrounded by a lush 56-acre private island, which is included in the price and offers expansive marsh and river views.

8 Pole Creek Lane

206 Spring Island Drive

8 Waterfall Lane

13 Goose Pond Road





Bedrooms: 5 Baths: 5 / Half Baths: 2

Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 4 / Half Baths: 1

Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 4 / Half Baths: 2

Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 5 / Half Baths: 1

A graceful winding and lushly landscaped drive leads to a very private and elegant Southernstyle family compound on 2.99 acres situated on the southwest coast of Spring Island. Overlooking a vast salt marsh and the Colleton River, this compound achieves a sense of harmony and of place.

Graciously designed with extraordinary craftsmanship and thoughtfulness to every detail. Nestled among grand Live oaks with 360 feet of frontage on the Colleton River, this beautifully constructed and immaculately maintained home is a true refuge in the very best sense of the word.

Situated on 3.8 acres under a canopy of live oaks, this family compound captures easterly breezes and spectacular panoramic views of the Night Heron Pond, the Colleton and Chechessee Rivers meet, and the signature Old Tabby Links 17th hole.

An estate that pays homage to its historic surroundings and thoughtful design sits on 3.33 acres. A main residence provides a gracious, open floor plan and details the luxury of quality and craftsmanship. There is also a three-car garage with private guest quarters, a workshop and potting shed.

Discover a spectacular island setting in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Live oaks, Spanish moss, the Colleton River, and some of the most distinctive homes within a true community unrivaled throughout the country. Schedule a tour of Spring Island and discover what inspires you.



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Canyon Ranch in Lenox is brimming with new opportunities and endless inspiration. Explore uncommon experiences that have the power to transform you so you can live your fullest life. Become stronger. Healthier. Truly well.

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Photography by Paul E. German Photography

The The Most Most Colorado ColoradoPlace PlaceOn O Earth Earth


s Gold Season is underway in Telluride, the colorful shimmering Aspen leaves will eventually line the ski trail soon to be covered by a blanket of white gold. The countdown to winter is on, and Telluride is ready for another spectacular ski season. With over 30 feet of snow last year, Telluride celebrated a stellar winter with powder-filled days and plenty of hoots and hollers to be heard from the lifts. It’s no wonder this divine mountain destination is continually voted the #1 Ski Resort in North America by readers of Condé Nast Traveler. It’s truly unmatched with easy access, stunning scenery, an historic town and world-class skiing -- the whole package. Even with the nation130 al recognition, Telluride still offers an ease unlike any other destination, with uncrowded slopes, no lift lines, and a ski-in/ski-out experience from just about every point in town. Due to its intimate box canyon setting, there is a misconception that Telluride is difficult to get to, which is not the case. Telluride offers flights from 11 major hubs during winter including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, LaGuardia, Los Angeles, Newark, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. The Montrose/Telluride Airport (MTJ) is a quick 1.25 hour shuttle away. Passengers will be teased with striking scenery while driving by Ralph Lauren’s vast ranch with the stunning San Juan Mountains as a backdrop, soon to be immersed in these grandiose peaks when arriving to Telluride.


For guests who want to be on the slopes as soon as possible, commercial jet service is now being offered directly into Telluride Airport (TEX) from Denver on the Denver Air Connection, which is bookable through the United network. The Telluride Airport is only 10 minutes away from town and the slopes. There’s no need for a car in Telluride, as the free gondola, which is the only transportation system of its kind in North America, connects downtown Telluride, Mountain Village and the slopes. Free bus service is also available, making getting around town easy for guests and reducing the carbon footprint, a win-win. The skiing and snowboarding is world-class with dedicated areas for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders, with all levels able to experience Telluride’s renowned scenery from the mountain. One of the most unique aspects of the ski experience in Telluride is the pleasant surprise of no lift lines or crowded slopes. Even on the busiest days, the mountain flows incredibly well with plenty of powder for all. If you’re taking a day off from the slopes, try cross-country skiing on the Valley Floor, snowmobiling up to an old ghost town or riding a fat-tire bike to the Telluride Brewing Company and Telluride Distillery for local brews and spirits. History buffs will enjoy an historical walking tour with Ashley Boling, who will cover everything from Butch Cassidy to Nikola Tesla (AC power was invented by Tesla in Telluride!).

When you’re ready to refuel, Telluride stands out among resorts for its dining options. Voted one of the “Best American Cities for Foodies” by Condé Nast readers, Telluride offers variety and quality more often compared with the country’s leading metros. If your ski legs have some energy left in them, Telluride offers a vibrant nightlife scene complete with live music, DJs, open mic nights, and other events that are unique to this quirky mountain town. An iconic festival destination in the summer (think Bluegrass, Blues and Brews), Telluride draws serious year-round talent, and it’s not unusual to catch a world-class musician during a casual night on the town. When your legs can’t take it anymore, and you need energy for another powder day, luxurious lodging options abound, Lumiere with Spirato is located in Mountain Village and offers beautifully appointed, spacious accommodations ranging from deluxe studios to one to five bedroom residences and penthouses. With only 18 residences, this property offers a highly personalized and thoughtful level of service, complementing Telluride’s boutique experience. If you haven’t already started dreaming of powder, now’s the time. If you’re looking for a destination that will check all of the boxes, Telluride is your place. To learn more about nonstop flights, lodging and activity options go to VisitTelluride.com or call 844.762.8362.

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Villa Tarka | $24,650,000 Magnificent and one of a kind grand 20,000 sq. ft. custom designed home. Set on 1.5 acres with 246 feet of sandy beach and fronting on the 16th hole of the beautiful golf course in the exclusive gated community of Ocean Club Estates. This stunning 12-bedroom beachfront estate is equipped with resort-style amenities including an infinity edged pool and tennis court with an air-conditioned tennis pavilion. This property is in mint condition, fully furnished and move in ready. Property ID 37422

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38 Ocean Club Estates | $10,995,000 Immaculate contemporary home offers 121 feet of protected sandy beach, 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms boasting two master bedroom suites with expansive private balconies and stunning ocean views. Covered verandah and pool deck with outdoor kitchen, living area, dining area and wet bar. Elevator, modern open kitchen with top-ofthe-line appliances, office and media room. Golf course, beaches and resident amenities. Offered furnished. Property ID 38779

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For those seeking an exceptional life HARBOUR ISLAND, ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS

The White House | Price Upon Request Designed by Parisian architects and located in Harbour Island’s most prestigious neighborhood, this 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom 5,000-sq.-ft. home offers 150 feet of beach frontage. Set on a 2.1-acre lot with swaying coconut palms






sophisticated island retreat offers a multitude of indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. There are expansive sun decks, a dining pavilion and an outdoor kitchen. Property ID 80291

Nick.Damianos@SIRbahamas.com +1.242.376.1841


Allamanda | $18,000,000 Allamanda sits on 13.5 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds on a private island with almost 2,000 palm trees, 750 feet of Atlantic Ocean beachfront and 425 feet on the sound. Four bedrooms, 4 baths and separate guest cottage. Gourmet kitchen, formal dining room and wet bar, ample and customized storage areas and multiple recreational and entertaining spaces. Property ID 38471

Angelika.Bacchus@SIRbahamas.com +1.242.470.9019 Joan.Braithwaite@SIRbahamas.com +1.242.376.1288


Watch the video https://ewool.com/watchthevideo


Instant warmth at the push of a button.

Based in Canada, the land of extreme winters, we design the most powerful, simple to use and dependable heated wearables. Committed to keeping achievers warm and enabled to perform in the cold.



Powerful heated wearables.

OVER THE MOON, LEFT AT CLOUD NINE, JUST PAST SEVENTH HEAVEN. EASY TO REACH, IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET. Few opportunities to own a piece of real paradise exist, yet Aqua Terra, is one such example of luxurious Exuma living at its finest. • Over 5,000 sq. ft. of meticulously decorated interior living space • 6 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms • Oceanfront cabana, kitchen, powder room and lounge • 8’ x 8’ heated spa with spillover into 24’ x 24’ saltwater infinity pool • Hurricane-proof ICF construction Offered at $3.75 million, Aqua Terra is the ultimate island sanctuary for the discriminating investor.

242 .357.060 0

i nfo @ S e a Hor s e Re a l t yE x u m a .com

Illustrations, images, pricing and community details are for representational purposes only and are subject to change without notice. See a sales representative for complete details.

Costa Rican Heaven on Earth

Photography by Paul E. German Photography

360 Splendor


60 Splendor del Pacifico sits high on the north ridge of Playa Flamingo, surrounded by water, with spectacular ocean views from every vantage point. It is an intimate community of luxury condominiums, strategically oriented for breathtaking coastal views. It is a place to focus on being, rather than doing. It is a true haven for world travelers who value quality and comfort in every aspect of their lives. This exclusive development consists of only 36 luxury residences, ranging from one to four bedroom condominiums. Many of these residences are currently available for short term vacation rentals and a handful of these residences are still available for purchase. While there are many boutique hotels, large resorts, and individually owned condos in Costa Rica, nothing is quite like 360 Splendor del Pacifico. “We’ve been all over Costa Rica and this is our new favorite. It’s brand new so I don’t think a lot of people know about this gem... yet. Beautiful accommodations, incredible views, outstanding service and staff, and great location. Close to stunning beaches and good restaurants. Can’t wait to return, and bring our friends and family.” – Nicole The moment you arrive, you will understand why past guests have declared 360 “a little piece of heaven on earth.”

This is a tropical getaway that you are sure to love. Guanacaste, otherwise known as the “Gold Coast of Costa Rica,” is the sunniest region of this beautiful and ecologically diverse country in Central America. It is in the north-western province of Costa Rica and is home to some truly spectacular beaches, including Playa Flamingo.


Between the white sand beaches of Playa Flamingo and the spectacular infinity edge pool at 360, you might never leave the area (or the property for that matter). But if you do get out and about, you MUST visit Playa Conchal – a truly spectacular beach made entirely of crushed seashells. Although it can be slightly challenging to access, it is absolutely worth the journey. The unique composition of seashells, instead of fine-grained sand, creates a beautiful glittering oasis with amazing visibility. There are an additional seven unique and beautiful beaches for you to explore within a 10-minute drive of 360 Splendor del Pacifico. If you are feeling more adventurous, there are plenty of tours to embark on including zip line excursions, deep-sea fishing expeditions and sunset catamaran cruises. For those more inspired by

cuisine, there are many diverse options for dining in and around Playa Flamingo with plenty of delicious restaurants serving up freshly caught seafood for those interested in sampling the local fare. 360 Splendor del Pacifico is the low-maintenance investment opportunity that you have been looking for. It has been designed specifically for second home owners looking to defer the cost of an additional home, boasting a level of service that is hard to come by. The onsite management team handles everything from monthly payments and ongoing maintenance to bookings and guest check-ins. There is also an onsite concierge available 7 AM – 10 PM for all your guests needs including complimentary beach shuttle services, delivery services and on-call assistance. Complimentary valet parking and daily housekeeping is included for everyone who visits 360 Splendor del Pacifico. So that you may customize to your preference, there are grey-wall condominiums, finished yet unfurnished condominiums, and turnkey revenue generating residences as well. These upscale accommodations feature private ocean view balconies, stunning ocean views from within and thoughtful floor plans. For increased rental opportunities, many of the condominiums also feature double-lock connecting doors between the units.

Highly skilled professionals face unique insurance claim challenges when a disability threatens their livelihood. As the top disability law firm in America, DarrasLaw represents elite professionals in all types of disability insurance litigation. These high-stakes disputes are not for the faint of heart. Founding partner Frank N. Darras and his extraordinary legal team continue to triumph over giant disability insurance companies. The firm’s century of collective litigation and claims experience has yielded nearly a billion dollars in wrongfully denied benefits for clients worldwide. Contact us today for a free consultation on any disability insurance matter, including free policy analysis and claim assistance.


Exclusive Luxury Listings PRE SE N TE D BY AN DRE W MCDON AL D


1 2

6 4






L AGUN A BE ACH $11,50 0,0 0 0 3 BEDS | 4 B AT HS 3,760 S Q . F T.

IRV INE $ 3,198,888 5 BEDS | 6 B AT HS 4 ,8 33 S Q . F T.

IRV INE $1,10 0,0 0 0 3 BEDS | 3 B AT HS 1,775 S Q . F T.


4. 419 29TH STREET

6. 29693 BADEN PLACE

C OR ON A DEL M A R $11,80 0,0 0 0 5 BEDS | 7 B AT HS 6,50 0 S Q . F T.

NE W P OR T BE ACH $ 3,998,0 0 0 3 BEDS | 5 B AT HS 3,3 41 S Q . F T.

M A L IBU $ 3, 249,0 0 0 3 BEDS | 2 B AT HS 2,10 0 S Q . F T.







A NDR E W MCDON A L D A MCD ON A L D @T HE AGENCY RE .C OM | 949. 290.8 393 | L IC. # 0192323 4

Opening doors all over Palm Springs.

David Whitworth 760.218.7110 david.whitworth@compass.com DRE 01908154

Jesse Huskey 760.668.8933 jesse.huskey@compass.com DRE 01475480

Romina Gil de Matos 760.668.3483 romina.gildematos@compass.com DRE 02022544

Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.


Tower of Terroir Belvedere Brings Vodka to New Heights


t the forefront of vodka’s future, Belvedere is a brand founded with a collective mindset. With a new collection of Single Estate Rye Vodkas on the market, a global partnership with American singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe and A Beautiful Future set in its sights, this prestigious liquid’s impressive portfolio and title as the world’s “first superpremium vodka” is a testament to its power. From distillers who first created vodka as an expression of creativity after the fall of communism to a collective of Polish agricultural partners who grow its precious rye today, Belvedere is a brand created not by individuals, but by a passionate and committed collective. That collective power, also comes from the very ground in which Belvedere is rooted – it’s terroir. Most vodka companies spend a lot of time enhancing distillation techniques, aiming for that odorless, flavorless quality. But, as the industry leader, Belvedere Vodka is more interested in a different, more luxurious conversation: the terroir (geography, climate, weather) of the fields in Poland where its premium-grade Polska Rye is grown — and its impact on the taste of vodka. Of this the company is entirely sure: A vodka’s place of origin, much like a wine’s place of origin, affects its tasting notes.

With the new Single Estate Rye collection, Belvedere reveals that unique environments have a direct impact on the rye and therefore the taste of the vodka. Together, the unprecedented pair of vodkas tell a story of unique terroir, rare rye and expert craftmanship. Smogóry Forest and Lake Batezek are the Single Estate Rye vodka duo named after vastly different environments made exclusively from Dankowskie Diamond rye, yet each has its own unique expression due to the terroir which it was made. The influence of the distinct soil, topography and climate is beautifully expressed in each bottle, illustrating the extraordinary quality and character in vodka. When sampled side by side, the two vodkas deliver two completely different taste profiles. Smogóry Forest is bold and savory. Crafted from rye cultivated in western Poland in a pastoral region known for its vast forests, short, continental weather fronts, mild winters and fertile soil; this lush, forested terroir is reflected in each bottle with notes of salted caramel, a touch of honey and white pepper. Lake Bartezek is delicate and crisp. Crafted from rye cultivated in northern Poland’s lake district, a region renowned for its crystal-clear glacial lakes, long and

Spirits Spirits



snowy winters are reflected each bottle with notes of black pepper, toasted nuts and cream. In fact, the rye in this region spends over 80 winter days buried in snow, conditions that add to its character and greatly impact the liquid’s flavor profile.

every bottle as a reminder of the brand’s heritage. Channeling that heritage into action, collaboration and innovation continue to be vital to Belvedere via partnerships with inspired artists such as Janelle Monáe.

“The Single Estate Rye Series is truly an exploration of the idea of taste in vodka. To say vodka is tasteless is simply untrue. The effects of soil, climate and geography on taste bring forth a new terroir concept for vodka.

Belvedere’s latest campaign with Janelle Monáe, A Beautiful Future, is a narrative telling the shared vision of a future where diversity, self-expression and inclusion are celebrated.

The result are two superior, unique expressions we know consumers will love.” says Carlos Zepeda, Vice President, Belvedere Vodka at Moët Hennessy USA.

Belvedere and Monáe both believe we must all be actively engaged in the conversation, be given a space that encourages positive thought, and afforded the opportunity to express hopes, desires, and visions for what a Beautiful Future looks like for all. Already advancing towards the future, Belvedere is the only vodka brand to be awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, in recognition of its commitment to quality craftsmanship, positive brand values, and environmental responsibility. This unique trust mark and seal allows consumers to instantly recognize Belvedere as a brand that cares about the environment.

Beyond the terroir that defines the liquid luxury belonging to the Single Estate Rye collection, what else sets Belvedere Vodka apart from the rest? Rye, water and most importantly – character.

Rooted in innovation, Belvedere is the only vodka produced with rye which contributes to a distinctive taste and natural character. Crafted using 100% Polska rye and water from its own natural well, Belvedere contains zero additives, no sugar added, and is even certified kosher by the Orthodox To the modern-day drinker, it has Union. become increasingly clear: Not all vodka is created equal. Fans Even the name “Belvedere” comes of the category could always lean with character, as it translates to ‘a on how it’s made as a point of place from which one sees beauty’ proud distinction. With Belvedere, and is named after the Belweder the choice is obvious and the brand Palace in Warsaw – which adorns knows no limits.


Active Listings

LONG B AY BE ACH CLUB T UR K S A ND C A IC O S | $12,9 0 0,0 0 0 15 B ED S | 15 B AT HS | 18,0 0 0 S Q . F T. | 2+ AC R E L OT

VIL L A 16 | A M A N YA R A T UR K S A ND C A IC O S | $ 9,95 0,0 0 0 5 B ED S | 5 B AT HS | 11,95 5 S Q . F T. | 70,5 67 S Q . F T. L OT

FIG T RE E DRIV E A N T IGUA A ND B A R BUDA | $ 6, 4 0 0,0 0 0 74 AC R E L OT

V IL L A 5105 | W Y M A R A T UR K S A ND C A IC O S | $ 4 ,9 9 9,0 0 0 4 B ED S | 5 B AT HS | 8, 26 0 S Q . F T. | 21,3 4 4 S Q . F T. L OT

W HISPE RING WAV E S A N T IGUA A ND B A R BUDA | $1,9 0 0,0 0 0 2 B ED S | 1 B AT H | 42, 25 3 S Q . F T. L OT


















ANDIE OHDE - TOP 5% OF VAIL BOARD OF REALTORS TRANSACTIONAL BROKER FOR 2018. Your dream home is just the beginning. Living in the Vail Valley is an immersive experience of community, connection and lifestyle. Come with me to discover the good life - from home to heart. Andie Ohde 970.471.5233 | aohde@livsothebysrealty.com VailAreaRealEstate.com



Oceanfront 3.42 Acres | Premier Seacliff Neighborhood | 3 Beds/2 Baths

$5,495,000 | www.755Oakhill.com

JENNIFER COSGROVE 831.239.9335 | JCosgrove@Intero.com www.InteroLuxuryCoastal.com DRE# 01334273


Bacardi Top Shelf

Ned Duggan is the SVP of Marketing at BACARDI premium rums, and at the forefront of the liquor industry. His exceptional career and insight into rums is something to cheers. Enjoy and be inspired to have a cocktail, perhaps rum, and perhaps BACARDI, while sipping on the story of Ned Duggan. 158

Where did your career in liquor and spirits begin? I began working in spirits when I started at BACARDI in 2005 as an Assistant Brand Manager for the Dewar’s Whiskey portfolio. In that role, I managed Dewar’s White Label – a large and well-developed brand – and oversaw the U.S. launch of the brand’s Aberfeldy single malts. A few years later, I transitioned to Grey Goose Vodka where I led the media strategy, as well as overseeing the experiential and public relations programs, including the brand’s lifestyle platforms. It was a rewarding role with exciting brand partnerships at high-profile events like the Academy Awards, U.S. Open, and Kentucky Derby. After that, I landed a position in London as Grey Goose’s Global Marketing Manager.

Over the past five years, I’ve overseen brands like D’USSE Cognac, Bombay Sapphire Gin, St-Germain, Cazadores Tequila and Martini & Rossi Sparkling Wine and Vermouth. Most recently, I’ve stepped into the role of Global Senior Vice President for BACARDÍ Rum, where I lead both the Premium and Carta rum portfolios, as well as our HAVANA CLUB brand. What sets Bacardi apart from the other premium rums? What makes BACARDÍ premium rums truly unique is the practice of tropical aging. All of our rums are barreled and aged under the Caribbean sun, which allows the liquid to mature and age faster than other dark spirits like Whisky and Cognac that are aged in colder regions. Few people know this, but in the tropics we can create the same level of depth and character as other aged spirits, but because our rums are aged where the climate is hotter and has higher humidity, the evaporation rate and aging process is accelerated – sometimes as much a two or three times as a fast as spirits aged in

Europe and cooler climates. Therefore, a bottle of BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho might have the same level depth and smoothness of a 16 or 18-year-old whisky.


Something else we are extremely proud of, and what also sets BACARDÍ apart from all other rums, is the aging statements on our bottles. The age statement on any bottle of BACARDÍ rum reflects the age of the youngest rum in the bottle. This isn’t widely seen in the rum category, where many brands will blend rums together and put the age of the oldest rum on the label. As the leaders of the category we want to see this change. It’s all in a broader effort to help set a precedent on defining “premium” for the entire category. Each of the numbers on the bottle of BACARDÍ – 4, 8, and 10 mark the minimum age for the liquids in each bottle, though there are actually older rums in each of those blends. What does premiumization mean for Bacardi? Premium spirits are undoubtedly on the rise – people have increasingly become more interested in drinking higher quality products as they seek to upgrade their experiences. As a result, every spirits category has risen to the occasion. Last year with the launch of our aged rum portfolio, BACARDÍ really brought rum to forefront of that conversation.

We’ve been the rum category leader for generations, and the introduction of our BACARDÍ premium collection marked a turning point for our brand and for the category. If there was any brand to lead the rum premiumization movement, it was BACARDÍ. This move was also extremely personal for the company. Some people may forget, but BACARDÍ is still a family-owned business and so we’re fiercely proud of our history as the leading producer of the best rums in the world. This launch marked our most significant portfolio expansion since BACARDÍ flavored rums were introduced in 1995. Our premium rums are now available globally so from our classic BACARDÍ Superior all the way through to BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Limitada, BACARDÍ now truly has a rum for every type of spirits enthusiast. What challenges come with marketing premium rum? The biggest challenge and opportunity for us lies in education. Rum has been synonymous with summer and tropical drinks for decades and with the movement toward premiumization, we’re now trying to show drinkers that rum is so much more.

Yes, rum can always be enjoyed in a frozen daiquiri on a beautiful beach, but it should also be sipped, savored, and appreciated for its rich flavor profile as well. With education also comes the potential to recruit new rum drinkers and convert dark spirit enthusiasts to sip on premium rum. At the end of the day, we still want people to feel the energy and joy that rum and rum cocktails tend to evoke, but in a way that gives the drinker a more elevated experience.


The evolution of the Tequila category is an incredible success story, as it has rapidly developed both Premium and Ultra-Premium segments. This was a category that 10 or 15 years ago was best known as an ingredient in a frozen margarita. We see rum as having a similar opportunity to showcase its craftsmanship and quality. Through our premium line, we’re excited to lead what we like to call the “rum revolution,” and are using tequila’s success in premiumization as an inspiration for the rum category. What have you seen change about the global liquor market as it has changed over the last 12+ years of your career? Over the course of my career, I think the global premiumization of the spirits industry has been the huge change that

all categories have needed to respond to in order to meet the consumer demand. We have seen this in Gin, Vodka and most recently Tequila thanks to premiumization. Consumers are becoming connoisseurs and spirits that were once thought of as a shot are now being appreciated and savored during sipping occasions. We see that same path for rum as our consumers mature, our brand can grow with them. Part of the beauty of Rum is its versatility. It can be mixed into cocktails, but it can also be a beautiful sipping spirit neat or on the rocks. What changes do you expect to see in the rum market in years to come? Rum is gaining traction! We are really excited that interest in rum is coming back. We are seeing dedicated rum bars and rum menus pop-up all over the US and around the world. The future looks bright as well for our premium rums and we will continue to make big bets in that space. There are also clear signs that consumer are re-embracing flavors and having fun with cocktails again. We recently launched BACARDÍ Lime in North America and BACARDÍ Ginger in the UK, so we will always look to innovate, but will be disciplined about what we bring to market. Overall our goal is to continue to introduce and reintroduce BACARDÍ to the next generation of rum drinkers.

Graced with perfection.

Welcome to Park City’s newest exclusive ski-out/ski-in property, where refined architectural distinction sets the standard in modern luxury. Every space is gracefully appointed with the finest finishes, from single suites to six-bedroom homes. Experience the splendor of flawless service, unparalleled amenities, indulgent spa services, and culinary excellence—all set to the majestic backdrop of Deer Valley’s stunning mountain vistas. For those who seek the best, there’s only Stein. Reservations 844.494.4504 Concierge 435.940.6600 Park City, Utah STEIN ERIKSEN RESIDENCES | STEINRES.COM

Stein Eriksen Residences is a Luxury Property of Stein Collection

For your next adventure Only one real estate brand holds the keys to your most exceptional home and life. With the timeless Adirondack Lodge look and multiple entertaining spaces this 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom, Mountain Village home is made for the ultimate mountain getaway. The great ski access and gorgeous views are best experienced on a private tour, which can be arranged by Matthew Hintermister. 101 Rocky Road | $5,495,000

1804 Ranch Road

Aldasoro Lot 62

Madeline Hotel Residence 1402

Stunning Charles Cunniffe-designed 5,000 SF mountain contemporary on 58 acres in magnificent San Juan Ranch | $3,495,000

Over 4 acres surrounded by 40 acres of open space and the biggest views in the region | $1,795,000

This airy two bedroom condominium has the best location and amenities in Mountain Village | $1,295,000

The Telluride Region has a lot to offer in terms of real estate; from trailside homes, to ranches, golf properties, historic homes, condominiums and views for days no matter where you look. Let’s find the perfect place for you to belong.

Matthew Hintermeister | 970.729.1200

mhintermeister@livsothebysrealty.com SellingTelluride.com

Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Resorts in North America #1 Family Resort – Big Cedar Lodge

“On every golf hole you’re going to say, ‘This is as good as any place you’ve ever been in the world.’ That’s how good and how special this place and whole environment is at Big Cedar Lodge. It’s awesome.” – Tom Fazio, Renowned Golf Course Architect

800.225.6343 | BIGCEDAR.COM

Ian Hurdle Written By JB

The Agency Turks and Caicos


pproximately 90 minutes via commercial flight from Miami there is a very, very special place. Per Forbes and Conde Naste, it is consistently ranked as the world’s most beautiful tropical beach. That beach being Grace Bay Beach, that place being Turks and Caicos. Turks and Caicos is the inception point of the luxury renaissance occurring in the Caribbean, and the man at the very heart of such is Ian Hurdle, Managing Broker of The Agency Turks and Caicos. A serial entrepreneur with an unbridled passion for life, Turks and Caicos, his clientele, and his family. After bringing his dream to life of having a brokerage and seeking out The Agency, within a few short years The Agency Turks and Caicos is one of the top two luxury brokerages in Turks and Caicos. JB: What are the most important elements in your opinion right now with respect to Providenciales specifically, while also touching upon Grand Turk and overall Turks and Caicos, to the real estate market and your activity in that market?

Ian Hurdle: [Hurricane] Irma effectively shut our market down in the last 4 months of 2017 through the first quarter of 2018; trepidation on the part of investors resulted in very little transactional activity and

certainly we had many deals collapse in our Brokerage because of this nervousness. This really hurt our progress as we were not yet one year old as a business. There was a slight uplift as we moved into the new year 2018 as Turks and Caicos was seen globally to recover quicker than the rest of the Caribbean given the quality of our construction, a fact confirmed at the time by a comprehensive KPMG report. As a community we were able to come together and at the very least get all of the major hotels operational in time for peak season. With Irma (category 5) and Maria (category 3) ‘back to back’ in early to mid-September, to be open in time for business for the holiday period was a tremendous effort and so important because as a real estate industry we obviously feed off tourism. Historical visitors to our shores were able to relay through digital media how well we had recovered, and that restored global confidence far more quickly. With the Eastern Caribbean taking so much longer to rebuild, tourists seeking luxury would read on-line that we were ‘’open for business” and this sent a lot of new clients our way. These new visitors saw first hand that our beach product is comparable if not better than what they had experienced elsewhere in the region. That our luxury properties are not as expensive, and given our proximity to the East Coast we are a considerably shorter


flight time than what they were used to. So all of that was the start of a renewed interest in Turks from both a tourist and investment perspective. As a brand in itself, Turks and Caicos is now recognized globally. We get a lot of celebrity activity, and I think a big change is that Instagram is finally being embraced by our community. Celebrity appeal cannot be understated; people want to follow Floyd Mayweather, Justin Bieber, the Kardashians as examples, to where they go on holiday. They want to say they stayed where their idols stayed. So when you look at all of these factors and you mesh with that a ‘cash-rich’ US economy, the result was that we were inundated with inquiries from US citizens looking for places to park their money, be it second or third home. Those same citizens were even more delighted when they saw a quantifiable return on their investment given the demand for the villa vacation model here in Turks and Caicos versus regional. JB: That being said, what do you anticipate this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season through Easter versus 2019-2020?

IH: Our success over three years from ‘nothing’ to now number two behind a long established and dominant player that has a considerably larger and more experienced team of agents, with all the support you

would expect from Sotheby’s as a global brand, is to simply continue doing what we’ve been doing. Set ourselves apart from the pack with a keen focus on good communication, social media, digital technology, and continue to target a unique audience of high net worth individuals attracted by our brand and culture. If you look at our averages on sale over three years, we’re hitting higher price points than all of our competitors. Where we fall short, as you would expect for any new business, is the volume of transactions given that we operate with a much smaller team and we are starting from scratch from a relationship building and brand introduction perspective. One of my goals is to increase our transactional activity and the way that I’m doing that is to develop and demonstrate our core beliefs and services on the outer Islands where the competition is not so extreme. Grand Turk, Middle Caicos, South Caicos, and North Caicos as examples. We call ourselves The Agency Turks and Caicos, not The Agency Providenciales, and so it’s important for me to be seen as a brokerage that represents the people from all of the islands, not just the ‘tourist’ Island. That’s why I’m taking these steps now in our off season to develop new relationships and in turn, new listings, as we work towards our ultimate goal of becoming the number one brokerage in Turks and Caicos.


JB: All things playing out perfectly, what would you anticipate based on all the activity you’re doing, which is exceptional, aggressive, being very proactive on every possible facet as you always are, and also looking at how Sotheby’s is currently doing, of being at that level of equivalent with them and further surpassing them?


IH: It is going to take time, to expect anything other would be foolish. Given the money that Brokerage is making, the success they are enjoying through long-term relationships nurtured they are not suddenly going to stop all of that and wait for us to catch them....... JB: Well if anything have they become more aggressive because of you?

IH: I was just about to say that. Not just them. Whether our peers will admit it or not we have elevated the industry here in three years and were it not for the aforementioned incredible events and circumstances we would be much further along in our progress. Being somebody that no one took seriously when I started (no one here had heard of The Agency), and now being confirmed number two in production by TCREA MLS for year 2018-2019, we’ve

obviously proven ourselves in the market place. No brokerage here can claim they’ve ‘eaten’ into the market share of Sotheby’s because they’ve controlled at least 50% of the local market for many years. My first target as a new business was to position ourselves as “the best of the rest” which we have now achieved. My partners and I have a clear intent to go further and are driven towards that goal but I am not unrealistic to believe that the other brokerages in the chasing pack will also just sit back and so we know and will continue to plan accordingly to compete on multiple fronts. I don’t know if we’ll ever overtake Sotheby’s as it really is an insurmountable task on paper but I very much like the idea of getting up everyday and giving it a good crack, providing fun competition if you will, because this serves the interests of sellers and buyers. If all brokerages adopt this mindset then ultimately everyone benefits. I talk about Sotheby’s as competition but I really see them as the benchmark. We want to be seen as their direct competition in the eyes of sellers and buyers as this will help us enable our other business goals of shrinking the list to sale time, increase market prices in line with our regional competition, provide better

marketing and services, and ultimately make more money. All of those goals will be realized from this endeavor to try and emulate and hopefully overtake however I know better than most what a small and loyal community we have and relationships are engrained and long term. It takes time to break that down and prove your worth and in many cases you simply will never be given the opportunity. Why would people that have enjoyed successful relationships over many years jump ship? We have facets to our company that others don’t, but that’s not an easy thing to establish here given that we are literally a small rock between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

To our long-term advantage we are a much younger team than our immediate competitors, in many cases a decade plus, and where we are able to adapt to all the changes happening globally in our industry. Those agents and brokers senior in years and set in their ways are obviously not so light on their feet and for many retirement is not far away. Recognizing that this is going to open up percentages in the market is where we can cement our position and continue to grow. Like any competitive game the ‘win’ is in the inches gained.




Iconic Santa Ynez Ranch

7300HAPPYCYN.COM | Offered at $7,998,000 Stunning Happy Canyon ranch with sweeping vistas of the San Rafael Wilderness is situated on approx.130 acres of rolling oak studded fields detached guest suites off of pool and patio. The charming compound includes manager’s cottage, art studio and old world stables. For the Buyer who wants something that everyone else would love to be able to own.

Charleston Style Manor

4199TIMSROAD.COM | Offered at $2,575,000

Architecturally authentic Plantation style residence. Singular quality and attention to detail with double stacked verandas embraced by ancient oaks. Miles of walking and riding trails in a serene environment on 20 acres.


1270POPPYVALLEY.COM | Offered at $2,250,000 Cutting edge contemporary in the heart of wine country. This striking residence on approx. 20 acres with spectacular views is a rare find. Wine cave and boutique vineyard at the gateway to the Santa Rita Hills AVA known for world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.

patty@pattymurphy.com 805.680.8571 | pattymurphy.com Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks used with permission. Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Real estate agents affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. are independent contractor sales associates and are not employees of Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Equal Housing Opportunity. Patty Murphy DRE: 766586

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald

The TheAgency Agency Orange OrangeCounty County


ndrew McDonald is the Managing Partner and Director of Luxury Properties for The Agency Orange County. Andrew grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California, the second of three sons. “It was my introduction to networking and negotiating. I recognize that I really was that classic peace-making middle child!” And like so many youth, he was driven after high school to venture out on his own. He landed on California’s South Coast, where he has lived his entire adult life. His journey has been anything but static, however. Andrew is known to be an innate optimist, natural-born networker, salesman, serial entrepreneur, and became a respected life coach and business consultant. His considerable experience reflects common threads in a remarkable story. He has a commitment to demonstrating and inspiring peak performances, and a passion to help people fulfill their dreams. Early in his career, McDonald represented Johns Hopkins Preventive Cardiology where he managed their accounts, marketing, and branding of their revolutionary electron beam computed tomography. “We were recognized as the most medically credible preventive cardiac imaging facility in the world.

The privilege of my job was saving lives, though it was much bigger than me.” The field of health and wellness took hold of Andrew during this period, and a protracted recovery from a serious injury guided him into extensive studies within health science and physical fitness, which continue to this day. “You never know how precious life is until you’ve almost lost the ability to enjoy it.” This avenue led him to consult in the development of successful companies such as Sambazon and Earthling Organics. “My wife and I are passionate about healthy living – mind, body, and spirit.” Marissa McDonald is a certified Nutritional Counselor with the “Institute for Integrative Nutrition”. She is also a Realtor with The Agency. Andrew’s pathway to real estate was a natural progression from all that came before. Actually, it began in grade school, when he became fascinated with the process of buying and selling homes, as his family moved during his father’s corporate career. “I remember in a 7th grade career planning class, writing that when I am older I wanted to flip designer homes like my uncle had done with uncommon success.” Before being hand-picked by Agency co-founders, Mauricio Umansky and Billy Rose, to spearhead the expansion of The


Agency to Orange County, Andrew was the West Coast Team Leader for his former brokerage, opening their Malibu territory. But as soon as he was representing business moguls and celebrity clients with extraordinary homes, he realized the importance of aligning with the strongest luxury marketing brokerage he could find. That’s when he chose to meet with leaders of the top brokerages in Southern California, The Agency. It became clear to Andrew that The Agency’s record-breaking success wasn’t by accident. “They had a better business model, one that attracted proven performers, and those who recognize the value of 182 collaboration. Coupled with an in-house marketing machine that the industry had never seen, The Agency’s leadership was humble and impressive. They know how to unleash real talent.” The timing and opportunity were right for Andrew and Marissa to bring their budding family back to their cherished hometown of Laguna Beach, as well as open up that territory for the premiere company. If you think you may have seen this handsome devil before, you probably have! He stays busy, applying his creative vision to Real Estate TV as well. He has been a Producer and Host for Bravo’s “What’s for Sale with a View?”, and

has appeared extensively on episodes of “Million Dollar House Hunters,” “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” “Holiday Dream Homes,” “Behind the Gates,” “Find Me a Luxury Home,” and more. “As our family grew, and real estate took off for us. I began to see reality programming as having the meaning and purpose that ignites my passion. I made the tough decision to let go of a production company I had created previously for marketing conscious content, and almost overnight transitioned that effort into producing and hosting Real Estate TV. “It was amazing how well that medium dovetails with the exciting and inspirational journeys taken by individuals and families to find their dream homes.” Now a business development broker, in addition to co-managing a sizable territory and a growing book of business, his ultimate goals are to raise the bar of excellence in the industry in Orange County, showcasing its market globally, and making even greater contributions to the community. Success in the home, in business, and in “giving back” are the interwoven cords of a purpose-filled life as Andrew sees it. “I feel very blessed to have those opportunities in my life and I intend to make the most of them.”

$11,800,000 5 BEDS 7 BATHS 6,500 FT² 2001 Tahuna Terrace Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 MLS® #LG19100085M

1 2

1. 719 24th Place Manhattan Beach $4,999,999 2. 221 19th Street Manhattan Beach $10,000,000

3 4

3. 763 11th Street Manhattan Beach $7,700,000 4. 83 Crest Road Rolling Hills $5,700,000

5 6

5. 304 26th Street Manhattan Beach $4,450,000 6. 2615 Crest Drive Manhattan Beach $6,499,000

#1 Team in the South Bay *Per the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends

Selling Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, & Palos Verdes Peninsula

Dave & Jennifer Caskey (310) 200-1960 Dave@CaskeyandCaskey.com CaskeyandCaskey.com

2807 Rodman Drive LOS OSOS, CALIFORNIA Endless panoramic ocean views from every level of this contemporary Cabrillo Estates home. Overlooking Montana Del Oro State Park’s three-mile strand, take in views of the Pacific, Morro Bay Estuary, and Morro Rock, from this four-level home featuring three bedrooms, an office, three full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms in approximately 5,980 square feet of living space. Built to be experienced, this extraordinary coastal estate exhibits luxury as you move through each level. The meticulously designed interior was designed to create the feel of ground, water and sky. The oversized elevator provides views as you travel up to each level of the home.

Chris Richardson Broker Associate License #01200458 805.801.9091

Kristen Gentry Broker Associate License #01968754 805.441.4618

chris@richardsonproperties.com kristen@richardsonproperties.com

$2,495,000 For more details visit 2807Rodman.com richardsonproperties.com


Delray Beach | Boca Raton | Highland Beach | Gulfstream | Ocean Ridge | Manalapan

Luxury Waterfront & Beach Area Specialist Over $800 Million in Closed Sales Top 1% of all Realtors Nationwide Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate Top Agent with Lang Realty Julie Ann Giachetti, P.A 561.212.0022 Julie@JAGHomes.com www.JAGHomes.com

900 E Atlantic Ave | Delray Beach

Great Robert’s Bay Mansion - Marco Island, FL

511 Sand Hill Ct.

5 Beds + Study & Bonus Room, 5.5 Baths/ AC Sq. Ft. 5428, Total Sq. Ft. 9718 Heralded as the largest of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, Marco Island is a magical place located along the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. Situated within this idyllic piece of paradise is the exclusive waterfront enclave of Robert’s Bay, home to this stunning newly completed retreat. A soaring two-story entry is a fitting introduction to the primary living spaces which offer breathtaking Bayfront views through walls of glass that open to an expansive terrace. Generously proportioned kitchen outfitted with a large center island. Vanishing edge swimming pool, kitchen with bar, dining area, covered lanai and fireplace. Pat Wilkins - Remax Affinity Plus Direct Line: 239-260-3550 Cell: 239-290-8593

The Sanctuary Paradise House

Inspired by the “Organic American Style” of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, Chayo Frank designed a home and garden that is a “Sanctuary Paradise” that is unique and extraordinary in every aspect. Located in the coveted neighborhood of Ponce-Davis, in Miami, Florida, the home was created to facilitate a tropical living style, rather than an aesthetic design. Surrounded by a sunken private garden, it boasts an extensive collection of some of the world’s rarest exotic tropical plants including a Weeping Ficus brought from Indonesia by Dr. David Fairchild in 1940. A juxtaposed structure of steel beams and columns encased in California Redwood, with large expanses of sliding glass walls, 25’ foot volume ceilings and a natural coral rock wall that delineates interior and exterior atmospheres, it allows for a connection and flow between the inviting interior spaces and the extraordinary landscape of the

surrounding gardens. A two-story open space floor plan is airy, comfortable and unrestricted. Meandering pathways, subterranean grottos, and a pool overlooking tropical waterfalls create a private Sanctuary Paradise that is great for entertaining or a serene lifestyle retreat. The design and use of natural materials found in this natural landscape transcends the norms of traditional architecture. This “Private World” resonates with an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility. Indeed a Sanctuary Paradise! 3 Bedrooms + Studio | 3 Bathrooms | 4,632 sq. ft. Corner Lot: 33,715 sq. ft. | 25’ Volume Ceilings Rare Exotic Tropical Botanical Garden 4895 N. Kendall Drive, Miami, FL 33156 OFFERED FOR SALE | PRICE UPON REQUEST


S Y LV I A F R A G O S . C O M

AVENTURA Luxurious Penthouse 3002


3 Bedrooms + Den | 3 Full Baths | 1 Half Bath 3 Private Balconies | 3,374 sq. ft. 12’ Foot Ceilings. Direct Ocean and City Views. Fully upgraded and custom designed Snaidero kitchen. Exquisitely designed bedrooms and bathrooms. Mirror like venetian plaster throughout. Upgraded lighting and smart home system. White & Blue Thassos Marble and Wood floors throughout. No detail overlooked! OFFERED FOR SALE UNFURNISHED $2,965,000


4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Baths | 1 Half Bath | 4,900 sq. ft. ROOFTOP HELIPORT | PRIVATE ELEVATOR

Experience Miami’s newest premier address! Live in the center of it all! Across the street from The American Airlines Arena, The Frost Museum of Science, The Perez Museum, The Ziff Opera House, The Arsht Center! 7 Star services with the only indoor rooftop pool and Sky Lounge, designated private Beach Club in South Beach, hospitality concierge, private resident’s only car, and so much more!


AVENTURA Sophisticated Residence 1804


3 Bedrooms | 3 Full Baths | 1 Half Bath 3 Private Balconies | 3,641 sq. ft. High floor corner, Direct Ocean Views. Custom designed furnishings and built-ins throughout. Marble and wood floors. OFFERED FOR SALE $2,500,000

S Y LV I A F R A G O S . C O M

California’s Monterey Bay The Colony at Seascape

This TIMELESS George Foy designed home is being offered for the first time. 4Br/4Ba with unobstructed Sea & Sand views from every room. www.1114viamalibuaptos.com.

Coastal Properties of California

Winnie Pritchard-Kepler, Broker 831-901-0007 wkepler@aol.com Barbara LeVa, RE Lic Assist 831-254-1500 barbaraleva@yahoo.com

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