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For more than four decades,

I’ve had the luxury of being in a business I love. It’s my strong belief that timeless treasures should be affordable for everyone, and my passion and hard work for this business began a very long time before I opened my first location, working by appointment only with four assistants. My growth was not overnight, and for 10 years I worked by appointment sometimes 7 days a week, 14 hours a day. I took out ads in the newspaper and the most popular magazines suggesting that people “shop and compare,” words that would soon become synonymous with my business! I featured line listings as I do now, showing my prices versus retail. As clients began to see the difference, my business grew in leaps and bounds.

When I found the perfect retail location 31 years ago, everyone I spoke to said, “That is so far South, you will lose many of your clients.” Little did anyone know, I was well aware of where the growth of the city was going, and I dug in my heels. I didn’t feel like explaining that people drove for hours to see me by appointment was necessary, and I followed my gut. Now, my Kansas City location sits at the busiest intersection in the state of Kansas. Our shopping center is enormous, and my landlord is quick to tell everyone that myself and a super grocery are his anchor tenants. And I was blessed to be able to bring my passion for jewelry to St. Simons Island. Recently, when in an employee meeting, I asked my employees where they felt we were lacking in our vast inventory. Their response was unanimous – HEARTS. Hearts aren’t necessarily my go-to item, and I felt my variety was plenty, but I bit the bullet. Hearts are very special to me, too, and they often have many traditions surrounding them. They aren’t always a romantic symbol. In fact, they are a traditional Christening gift in England. Usually,the Godmother gifts a heart shaped locket to the child on his/her special day. Jewelry, whether purchased for yourself or received as a gift, always has a treasured memory attached that will live on through generations. My son and I always loved going through my jewelry box, listening to the magical stories of jewelry presents given to me over the years. My son always made sure I received jewelry from he and his father for EVERY occasion! From the time I was a child, Christmas was a treasured time.Christmas of 1995 was one of the most profound and joyful celebrations of my life. My son was turning 4 years old, and let me tell you, that young man could keep a secret! He would drop loud hints along the way: “Mommy, you will never guess what you are getting this year; it is my favorite gift of all time!” One day he said “ Mommy, did you know the human heart beats 72 times a minute?” I told him I had no idea and he quickly responded, “there is a lot of love in the heart.” Christmas morning came, and my son jumped in our bed with a beautifully wrapped box by his little hands. He could not wait for me to open his cherished piece of jewelry that he’d chosen himself. I opened the box and inside was the largest and most beautiful heart I had ever designed. He immediately said “Mommy, hearts mean love and YOU are the best Mommy in the world!” My attitude has forever changed regarding hearts through a 4-year-old child, who had thousands of pieces to choose from. So when you’re ready to choose a meaningful gift for a loved one, take my story to heart. Shop and compare with the team at Noble House Jewelry. You’re sure to find the perfect gift to create a treasured memory.

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Summer Days Gone By


chool seems to start earlier and earlier for kids these days. We always started classes a few days before Labor Day. Now I can tell when school is back in session by how much happier my friends with school-aged children are because the kids are out of their hair again for most of the day. If you grew up in the 1960s or 70s, you know we didn’t have that same level of parental involvement in our summer activities. It was much more relaxed. We pretty much ate whatever we wanted and only had to be home by the time streetlights came on. We used to walk around the neighborhood shooting BB guns or having pinecone wars. We’d build forts out in marsh hamlets. Of course you rode your bike without a helmet. Falling was an art form, because you had to land without splitting your head open or breaking any bones. There were no certifications required to babysit either. If you were at least 12 and able to dial 9-1-1, you could get some pretty sweet babysitting gigs.

Go Georgia Bulldogs

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Looking back, one of the bigger “what were we thinking” moments growing up during those times was the game we’d play by jumping on our bikes and riding behind the mosquito fog truck that came through the neighborhood at dusk spraying clouds of DDT. The “winner” was the last guy able

to keep behind the fog truck the longest. This might explain why we are the way we are today! Anyone else remember swinging so hard that one part of the swing set would come off the ground? Or jumping off the roof of the house holding one of your mom’s bedsheets as a parachute? Unfortunately, technology killed one of the most time-honored rites of passage for middle school boys. Playing Ding Dong Ditch demanded nerves of steel and speed! You had to creep up to the front door, ring the doorbell then run as fast as you could before the person opened the door. The Ring doorbell video camera brought an end to that. Kids today can’t even make it to the front steps without being on camera! Come to think of it, the three months between school years were probably the most dangerous times of our lives for those of us who grew up back then. But they were also the most memorable!

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First Paris, Now Porto


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chools are back in session so we’re turning our attention to students in this month’s feature. From travel abroad and trendy styles to community fundraising for a local youth estate, we’re looking forward and envisioning bright futures for our next generation. Join us as we accompany local college students on a trip to Portugal, showcase fashion with some younger kids in the community, and visit the Brunswick campus of MorningStar Children & Family Services in anticipation of this year’s Dinner Under the Stars.

Psychology major Daisy Roswer-Grier soaks up some rays at the majestic Porto Cathedral in Portugal while on a recent trip with USG Goes Global.



First Paris, Now Porto by Annaliese Kondo

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to tell you about our amazing, amazing trip to Portugal.”


hat’s the opening my eight-year-old

When I passed through Porto

daughter Emilyn suggested, so I’m

I felt this amazing connection

sticking with it. The trip was indeed

to the streets, the River Douro,

amazing and Emi’s second time accompanying

and the people; it had become

me for study abroad, with grandparents in

a home to me and supported

tow to watch her when I was in class, just as

that leg of my Camino. My gut

they did on our Paris trip four years ago. This

instinct told me that students

summer our adventures in learning continued

could relate and grow in such

in Porto, Portugal, where I took Environmental

an atmosphere.”

Psychology with Dr. Carla Bluhm, as the final course to complete my Bachelor of Science at

Her instinct was correct. Following this

masterpiece completed in 1739 and later

the College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA).

summer’s trip, she recounted, “Students said

adorned with more than 11,000 azulejo tiles,

almost by the end of the first day that they

the church is the crown jewel of the square.

A CCGA professor since 2009, Dr. Bluhm has

felt like they had always lived in Porto. They

The distinctive blue and white tiles commonly

five years of experience leading study abroad

loved the country and its people and felt a

seen throughout Porto are an iconic part of the

programs in Europe for Georgia college

sense of home, opening the possibility for

city’s culture and history, representing a style

students as part of USG Goes Global under

learning – the real purpose of study abroad.

brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors.

the leadership of Director of International

For me, as a professor, the opportunity to

Here, they depict Biblical stories to share the

Education Tammy Rosner. After three

teach within the charm and beauty of Porto

church’s message with those who were unable

summers teaching Psychology and Nutrition

was a dream come true.”

read or afford books.

was asked to develop a program in a new

The students stayed in a trendy hotel atop a

We learned about the evolution of the culture

country and location of her choice, serving

steep hill. First opened in 1839 as the Cinema

and means of transportation from early

as its Program Director and faculty member.

Aguia D’Ouro, the hotel’s beautifully restored

trams and electric carriages, with a few

She immediately suggested Portugal. As

art deco façade overlooks Bathalha Square,

lingering street cars that tour the city, to the

the third most peaceful country in the

where we met each morning after breakfast

gleaming metro system that whisks travelers

world, Portugal would appeal to students

before setting out with Dr. Bluhm to learn the

through its tunnels nowadays. The São Bento

considering study abroad for the first time,

ancient lessons Porto would have to impart.

railway station, considered one of the most

but Dr. Bluhm’s reasons for the choice were

Busy vendors, passing townsfolk, tourists

beautiful in the world, was there to take us to

more personal. “I first visited Portugal with

taking breaks, photos and tours filled the

distant destinations.

my Portuguese grandfather when I was eight.

square along with an endless stream of Ubers,

In 2019, I completed a 230-mile Camino walk

worshippers and others visiting the ancient

At Porto Guitarra, in the heart of the city, we

from just north of Lisbon to Santiago, Spain.

Church of Saint Ildefonso. A proto-baroque

were treated to a private concert by Carlos

and Human Development in Paris, Dr. Bluhm







Araujo and shop owner Agostinho “Tico”

can alter the way in which we

Rodrigues. Tico explained the history and

experience these spaces and

build of each instrument he played, including

their psychological impact.

the braquinha, the “grandfather” of the ukulele. This former engineer who left his

A private tour of the Estádio

career to open this guitar and instrument

do Dragão, the home of FC

store knew his instruments inside and out,

Porto and third largest football

right down to the age and origin of the trees

stadium in the country, took

used to make each part.

us into the world of football (soccer, to us). Our tour

William Godat, a student from Gordon

began with the history of the

State College who sat in and played with the

sport and took us through

musicians, said of the experience, “The kind

their triumphs and tears,

and accommodating nature of the Portuguese

from locker rooms and press

people is a memory that I will take from my trip

boxes to trophy cases and

– particularly Tico and Carlos. Despite being

statues of great players, finally

nervous at first. playing music with them was

culminating with the awe of

the highlight of my trip.” He adds, “Plus I got a

standing on the pitch. Soccer

great souvenir that I will always treasure from

is everything to Portuguese

that experience,” referring the bass guitar he

culture, their game, their pride,

bought and had shipped home. Even Dr. Bluhm

their chance to gather and

recalls picking up ukuleles with some other

celebrate greatness. Another

students to strum after the concert, “We took

vital trip for understanding

of my room, I was surprised to see families

a few minutes to sing one last song together,

Porto and the key to its fame was our visit

with children – even little children – walking

just us together, eager to prolong what was an

to the Sandeman Port Wine Cellars to learn

by. This festival was for everyone! Old folks

amazing evening!”

about the port wine industry. The oaky aroma

and toddlers alike danced in the streets. For

of barreled port wine surrounded us in the

CCGA Math major Mallory Boyd this was a core

At the Serralves Museum of Contemporary

wine cave which has been providing ideal

memory from the trip. “I’ll always remember the

Art, we contemplated its abstract architectural

conditions for casks to age for the past 200

Festa de São João do Porto. It was such a happy

design, its use of space, and the way guests

years. All Portuguese port wine spends time in

and immersive experience.”

experience it. Observing the museum and its

cellars like this before it is bottled and shipped

expansive grounds, along with the trip to the

around the world.

Balloon lanterns bearing hopes and wishes are sent up during the São João festival

Dr. Bluhm adds, “The Festival of São João permitted students to join one of the biggest

Casa De Musica and Tico’s Porto Guitarra, provided an immersive look at how design,

We were lucky enough to be in Porto during

parties of Europe. The town smells of grilled

color, layout, temperature, and even texture,

the São João festival, a celebration like nothing

sardines, and playful hammer hits with plastic

I have ever seen! At first, I had planned to stay

hammers are given by every passerby. My

inside, thinking this late evening festival wouldn’t

first hammer hit was by an infant held aloft by

be appropriate for kids. But as I watched the sun

his dad.” Emi displayed perfect technique! It

slip behind the city’s red roofs from the window

seemed like that night the whole city lifted

OPPOSITE PAGE: The Church of Saint Ildefonso is a proto-baroque masterpiece adorned with more than 11,000 azulejo tiles.



Areesha Siddiqui at the tram museum

Zakiah Bassett and Destiny Williams on the streets of Potro

Student Wiliam Godat playing a tune with Carlos Araujo at Porto Guitarra

Art installation at Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art

Dr. Carla Bluhm with students Daisy Rowser-Grier and Anisa Nur in front of a wall of azulejo tiles in the São Bento railway station

Emilyn with toy hammer, ready to bonk passersby, as a traditional part of São João festivities

Porto Guitarra owner Tico Rodrigues (right) and Carlos Araujo treating the students to a concert

Our entire group of Porto study abroad students on the pitch at the Dragão Stadium

its eyes to the sky as it filled with lanterns

on when discussing her cherished memories

felt like a second home to me, with everyone

carrying the hopes and wishes of the

of the people and the environment in Porto. “I

being very kind and extremely positive.”

Portuguese people.

have been very big on the word ‘hope’ lately, and I didn’t find out until leaving that the green

Daisy Rowser-Grier, a psychology major

Hope is something Georgia Southern

in Portugal’s flag represents the hope the

at University of West Georgia, the group

psychology major Khloe Henderson touched

country is built on. With that, the environment

experience was key. “There is such power



behind being surrounded by wholesome people. During the trip, I had the opportunity to be surrounded by enthusiastic and motivational people who encouraged me to be myself. The students and Professor Bluhm, who are now my friends, motivated me to grow. I am forever grateful for their impact. I aspire to be a person that helps people become the best version of themselves or the version they want to become.” As a final consideration, Dr. Bluhm suggested, “Perhaps the biggest environmental impact of Porto is the extraordinary beaches. At the beach, students could relax, gaze at waves or the sunset and detach on their own terms.” But it was a different kind of warmth that CCGA interdisciplinary studies student Jordan Harper recalled, saying, “The one thing I will

family create memories on the hills and

submerged in a culture that is caring and

take away from the trip is being able to witness

riverbanks of Porto, growing and bonding

welcoming, so full of history and life, and all of

the rich culture of Portugal and the loving

in ways that will forever strengthen us, was

our futures are brighter for it. Visiting other

atmosphere that is present everywhere. You

priceless. My core memories of the trip revolve

countries allows students to observe and

are engulfed with this warmth by locals and

around the laid-back people of Porto whose

absorb positive aspects of other communities

my favorite part was becoming friends with

“My favorite part was becoming friends with some locals and dancing with them all night. Their energy was electric.”

some locals and dancing with them all night. Their energy was electric.” CCGA senior Goddess Payne shared her appreciation for the people on the trip as well, saying, “My

kindness, manners, and hospitality rival that

and bring that home with them. Whether young

biggest take-away was the variety of people

of any good Southerner. They revere family

or old, there is no age limit to studying abroad;

I met throughout the trip, especially those

above all, centering their simple but vibrant

I’ve tested that! In fact, if you’re 62 or older, you

students who attended CCGA. In Portugal, I got

lives around it. Although modest, they share

can attend CCGA classes tuition free. With USG

to appreciate the people in my backyard.”

great pride in their culture and are passionate

Goes Global, you could study in Brunswick,

about their deep history of exploration.

GA, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, London, Jamaica, or even Portugal. Bright

As the official, unofficial photographer for the group, I had the opportunity to see these

Travel sites recommend devoting 2 or 3 days

futures aren’t limited to traditional students; for

students soaking in an experience of a lifetime,

to the city of Porto when traveling to Portugal.

lifetime learners, adventures await whenever

beaming behind the lens. Watching my own

Our class shared two unforgettable weeks

and wherever you choose.

If Your Home is Not Becoming to You, Come to Us Family owned business with over 50 years of experience in the residential painting industry Linda & Dave Templeman, Owners

LICENSED AND INSURED CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 912-258-6137 or 904-903-1645 Islandpaintingga@gmail.com Islandpaintingga.com



School is back in session, but it’s still hot here in the Golden Isles, so this month’s fashion feature showcases stylish looks from local retailers that prove our students are smart enough to stay cool no matter what their age.

After a day of learning, it’s time to enjoy some play time at Neptune Park. Our elementary school girls, Elisabeth Dowling (in white top and pink shorts) and twins Julia (in yellow blouse and tropical print shorts) and Abigail (in tropical print dress) Lemke are all sunshine and smiles in coastal casual styles from the J. Bailey Collection at Bailey Boys.





e Wall d Elois n a e e s to Lavall arent addie the p M m s ther t o r n and o tude way f s a h l s y o a it c o un sch ood h their pport Middle hborh o stas fect o t ig r e s e e p N s r s the pu Sal’ some have ite at adds e cute b s g e a a h b t b o ra e off d cam . Whil they g show dress starre while y ly ls e sy to k s ia r r t e je whim ’s spa lu f essen b o ie d h h d s c yli ou fresh ia. Ma yet st ds a t for a d le a le p Pizzer y b d im s o sem r both ross-b to her irt en glam pink c ries fo ter/sk , o a y s e s e w e il s c c d ’s sm and a ess an Eloise ed dr ashion ip F r . t t s h a nig both n. ay or . Twee her d it e illie B k L y loo b d rovide girls p





Graduating Glynn Academy senior Caleb Faulk (in striped performance polo and shorts) and UGA sophomore Trey Pralinsky (in patterned button down and performance pants) find the quiet casual vibe at Local Brew in The Shops on Market Street makes it an ideal spot to study or relax and fuel up with some caffeine or a snack. While Trey focuses on pre-law studies with business and finance classes, Caleb is contemplating travels abroad and other educational possibilities. Preppy attire from Southern Tide will keep them in style whatever their future paths hold.





You Dine, They Shine


Artist Mary Semmelmayer working with a student on original artwork for the Dinner Under the Stars auction

ince the late 1940s, Morningstar

hosting several former residents around the

ages 12-20. The children are on campus

Children’s Home, known then as

tables in October. “Families often pull up at

to receive counseling for the trauma that

Boys Estate, has been serving

our gates seeking permission to ride though,

brought them into care, typically caused

children in need of special care.

fathers wanting to see and remember their

by abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

Whether for a few months or a

childhood years here,” said Beth VanDerbeck,

Morningstar staff show up every day to

few years, it has been providing a safe haven

CEO. “These men have wonderful stories of life

meet their mission of helping create brighter

and warm, caring environment to help children

on campus, riding the bus to school in Darien,

days for each child. Lindsey Crawford,

heal and grow. The community is invited to

and getting into mischief as boys sharing

new to the Morningstar Development team,

visit the campus and learn more about how

life together,” VanDerbeck continued. Their

shared her joy in seeing the children have

having Morningstar as a place to call home

presence at Dinner Under the Stars will offer a

fun. This summer, Crawford shared, “it

truly makes a difference in these children’s

unique opportunity to hear the history of the

has been heartwarming to watch the boys

lives during their annual Dinner Under the

350-acre property and children’s home.

from Albany Cottage, the younger boys

Stars on Saturday, October 15.

with additional physical challenges such as Today, Morningstar Children’s Home is the

autism, laugh and play together. From slip-n-

De’Leon Peacock, a Morningstar volunteer

only residential campus in the state which

sliding on their front lawn, riding new adult

and former resident of Boys Estate, will be

solely serves developmentally delayed youth,

sized tricycles, and hearing their excitement





Youth mentor Vanessa Placencia

about a trip to the zoo, these boys are just

fellowship under the stars in support of

Based on the delicious dishes they served

like every kid, loving bubbles, lollipops, and

Georgia’s foster children.

for dinner in previous years’ events, your

balloons – just in need of our love.”

tastebuds are in for a treat! “This event is a perfect opportunity to enjoy

Friends and supporters of Morningstar

time with friends while helping to create

In addition to music and dinner, the event

Children’s Home will have a chance to show

opportunities for brighter futures for the

will again include a Silent Auction, featuring

their love for Morningstar and the children

children served at Morningstar Children’s

art from Georgia artists, chef dinners, trips,

they serve by attending the 5th Annual

Home,” shared board member and event chair,

and handmade items from local artisans.

Dinner Under the Stars event. For the last two

Cherise Cartwright.

A new tradition will begin this year with a

years, dinner has been delivered to homes of

special piece of art, painted by the children,

sponsors and ticket holders, a creative concept

The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. with

twist which allowed the event to go on, despite

appetizers on the courtyard lawn, with popular

the pandemic. This year, however, the Board of

local band Suzy & The Bird Dogs returning

An idea of committee member, Ann Marie

Directors and staff are delighted to announce

to provide entertainment as they have in

Burley, the finished piece is bright and

that the event will be returning to the beautiful

years past. Guests will be seated for dinner

colorful, something anyone would be proud

oak-tree lined campus on Saturday, October

around 7:15 p.m. to enjoy a five-course feast

to display in a home or office. Discussing the

15. Tables will be set for 250 friends and

highlighting fresh and flavorful offerings from

student art, Ann Marie noted how much the

supporters to enjoy a night of dinner and

land and sea, prepared by Halyards Catering.

kids enjoyed creating something

included for bidding.

Complete Dental Care for Infants, Children and Teens. – NO REFERRAL NECESSARY – We take the time to attend to each child’s individual needs. Certified, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry 2487 Demere Rd., Suite 300 St. Simons Island, GA 912-638-9302

Happily Providing Children’s Dental Care for Glynn and Surrounding Counties for 25 Years! 38



together. With help from local artist Mary Semmelmayer, the children each painted one square of the chosen picture. Over the course of several hours, giving everyone time to brush paint on the canvas, the picture came to life. “We expect this original artwork by the children will be the highlight of the silent auction,” noted Burley. While the original painting will be featured in the auction, select event sponsors will also receive a print of the children’s artwork. Sponsorship details can be found on the Morningstar website listed below. For more than 80 years the Morningstar campus has been providing a home to children in need, whether for few months or a few years. It has been a place for children to heal, feel safe, and loved again. “But,” Beth VanDerbeck stresses, “it takes all of us to create a home.” She expresses her gratitude to our very generous community for continuing to wrap arms with the board and staff around these special foster children and hopes that you’ll join them for this special evening. Tickets for Dinner Under the Stars are $150 per person or $1200 for a table of 8. To purchase, learn more about sponsorship packages, or make a donation, call Lindsey at 912.267.3700 ext. 2140 or visit morningstarcfs.org. Morningstar CEO Beth VanDerbeck, Development Specialist Lindsey Crawford, Board of Directors member Cherise Cartwright

LOCALLY OWNED BY GENTLEMAN’S & LADY OUTFITTERS A trusted brand by trusted local ownership 6 0 0 S E A I S L A N D R D , S T E 1 0 • S T. S I M O N S I S L A N D • 9 1 2 . 4 3 4 . 61 4 0 @SOUTHERNTIDE_STSIMONS






or the PGA TOUR player who travels upwards of 50,000 miles in an average year, The RSM Classic held on their “home” course at Sea Island Golf Club serves as a working vacation. For tournament host Davis Love III, Harris English, Brian Harman, Zach Johnson, Patton Kizzire, Keith Mitchell, J.T. Poston and a host of other PGA TOUR players, it’s an opportunity to showcase the Golden Isles community. “It’s the most intimate venue on TOUR,” said Love. “We take a lot of pride in showcasing this area to the world and in letting all those who live and visit here experience the genuine Southern hospitality for which our community is renowned.” Scott McQuade, President and CEO of the Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau acknowledges that the tournament does exactly that. “The RSM Classic showcases the absolute best of the Golden Isles. Not only do residents and visitors get to enjoy one of the most beautiful seaside settings and events, but also through our partnership with The RSM Classic and The Golf Channel we advertise our amazing community to the world.”

Love himself is a well-established fixture of that community. Davis was 15 when his family moved to St. Simons Island. He graduated from Glynn Academy, where he met his future wife, Robin. After attending college in North Carolina and turning pro in 1985, he returned to the island. Davis and Robin raised their 40


children here, along with Davis’ brother Mark and his family. Bumping into Davis picking up groceries at Harris-Teeter or grabbing ice cream with the grandkids at Frosty’s Griddle & Shake is a common occurrence. Giving back to the community he loves is simply second nature. “Robin and I established the Davis Love Foundation in 2005 to support local, regional, and national community-based programs that focus on children and families,” said Love. Five years later, Love, with the support of Zach Johnson, PGA TOUR leadership, and others brought The RSM Classic to the area. The tournament is the Foundation’s largest fundraiser. This is largely due to the incredible support of this community, local and national business

partners, generous donors and RSM, the best title sponsor in golf. But before discussing The RSM Classic and its return to the island November 16-20, let’s turn our attention to some other things keeping our Golden Isles professional golfers busy. Love and Johnson each currently represent Team USA and hold the role of captain in two of golf ’s biggest rivalries, The Presidents Cup and 44th Ryder Cup, respectively. ABOVE: Davis takes a break from our photoshoot to give some pointers to young golfer Woodson Dunavant. OPPOSITE PAGE: If you drop by Frosty’s Griddle & Shake for a dip cone, you might just find yourself rubbing elbows with The RSM Classic Tournament host and 2022 Presidents Cup Team USA Captain Davis Love III.



POWERED BY LEADERSHIP 33 PGA TOUR Victories. 3 Major Championships. 4 Terms as Captain of Presidents and Ryder Cups. 2 Payne Stewart Awards. These are just a few of the combined accomplishments of Golden Isles residents Zach Johnson and Davis Love III. This month on September 20-25, Love will lead Team USA in the 2022 Presidents Cup at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. He says, “It’s a tremendous honor to be named captain of the U.S. Team for the 2022 Presidents Cup. My history with this event dating back to 1994 conjures up indelible memories of competition, camaraderie, and sportsmanship, and I’m thrilled to be leading the top American players.” Love is the ninth U.S. Team captain, joining the likes of Tiger Woods (2019), Steve Stricker (2017), Jay Haas (2015), Fred Couples (2013, 2011, 2009), Jack Nicklaus (2007, 2005, 2003, 1998), Ken Venturi (2000), Arnold Palmer (1996) and Hale Irwin (1994). Davis says of the honor, “The U.S. Team has been guided by some of the game’s all-time greats since 1994, and I will do my best to carry on that legacy as we look to retain the Cup.” “Davis has been instrumental in the foundation and continued growth of the Presidents Cup, and it’s only fitting that he returns to Charlotte to lead the U.S. Team in 2022,” said PGA TOUR Commissioner

Jay Monahan. “He has been a role model to so many young players on the PGA TOUR, and I know that leadership will serve him well in this role as he leans on his wealth of experience as a competitor and captain in team competition.” In February, Zach Johnson was named the 30th U.S. Captain of the Ryder Cup since its inception in 1927. He will lead Team USA in the 44th Ryder Cup to be played at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome,

Italy on September 25-October 1, 2023. Zach made his Ryder Cup debut in 2006 and played in five Ryder Cups (2006, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016). Johnson has served as a U.S. Vice Captain in the last two Ryder Cups. Davis led the U.S. team in 2012 and 2016. “I am confident that Zach’s appointment will be wildly popular with the players as well as throughout American golf circles,” said PGA of America President Jim Richerson. “But more than that, Zach is the caliber of individual that the PGA of America wants representing the United States and our 28,000-plus PGA Professionals on the global

Lydia Thompson

Cheryl Keefer

Joan Hilliard


“To accept this Captaincy, to lead this United States Ryder Cup Team abroad – after what we accomplished last year at Whistling Straits – is simply the greatest honor of

“The RSM Classic showcases the absolute best of the Golden Isles. Not only do residents and visitors get to enjoy one of the most beautiful seaside settings and events, but also through our partnership with The RSM Classic and The Golf Channel we advertise our amazing community to the world.”

Take Home a Piece of the Island

3305 Frederica Road

stage. He has performed on the biggest stages as a player, a teammate and as a Vice Captain. He checks every conceivable leadership box, and we anticipate that the U.S. Team in Italy will reflect the hard work, grit and selfless determination that have long defined his stellar playing career”.

my professional career,” said Zach. “I want to thank the PGA of America Ryder Cup Committee for this special opportunity. As exciting as this is for both my family and me, it is equally sobering to understand the scope of our challenge in Rome, as we have not won on the road in three decades. To win, we will have to outplay a European Team that will have both ample talent and motivation on their side.”

POWERED BY PARTNERS Love’s home tournament, The RSM Classic, now in its 13th year, has become a highly

Ella Cart Dottie Clark Trish Rugaber Joan Hilliard Lydia Thompson Cheryl Keefer Ute KleemannSportschuetz Deborah Jinkins Michael Jinkins

The Gallery with the Orange Door Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-4 and by appointment

| St. Simons Island, GA 31522 | 912-268-4761 | www.ArtTrends.Gallery | Artists@ArtTrends.Gallery


anticipated annual PGA TOUR event, drawing some of the world’s most elite golfers to the Golden Isles. Played at Sea Island Golf Club, and hosted by the Davis Love Foundation, this event is contested on both the Seaside and Plantation courses. It offers challenging play with beautiful ocean and marsh views and stunning amenities including access to the 17,000-square-foot, state-of-theart Golf Performance Center.

Zach Johnson, Team USA Captain, 2023 Ryder Cup

Since its inception in 2010, Love’s vision for the event has been simple: Give players an enjoyable but demanding test at Sea Island Golf Club and do it in a relaxed setting that offers a wonderful experience for pros, their families, caddies, sponsors, volunteers, media, and spectators. Patrick Parker, President of The Parker Companies, expresses his pride to be a tournament partner, and suggests that Davis hit his mark. “The RSM Classic is the perfect opportunity to showcase the pristine natural beauty of our area, our supportive and generous business community, and of course our Southern hospitality.” Another proud supporter, Chef Dave Snyder of Halyards Restaurant Group says, “The atmosphere during tournament week enhances the positive, happy vibe our locals share while living the island life. The money that The RSM classic generates for our local charities improves the lives of locals who might need a helping hand. All of this is accomplished by the power of teamwork designed and implemented by those conducting the symphony of wonderful chaos that is a PGA event.” The RSM Classic quickly became a Seaside Tradition that focuses on raising charitable dollars for children and families in need. In 2021, the Davis Love Foundation surpassed total charitable giving of $28 million since the tournament began. Many benefiting charities, including the Boys and Girls

Club of Southeast Georgia, are based here in the Golden Isles. “We are committed to positively impacting children and family charities through the dollars raised through The RSM Classic,” said Love. “It is our privilege to continue the PGA TOUR’s tradition of giving back.” Rees Sumerford, a Partner at Gilbert, Harrell, Sumerford & Martin, P.C. praises the annual tournament, “The RSM Classic showcases the best of the Golden Isles and in turn makes the Golden Isles a better place to live, work, and play. Being a sponsor of The RSM Classic allows Gilbert Harrell to connect with the community and participate in the philanthropy of the Davis Love Foundation.” The economic impact that The RSM Classic has on the Golden Isles cannot be ignored. It is in the tens of millions of dollars annually. Ryan Moore, President & CEO of the Golden Isles Development Authority addressed this, saying, “The RSM Classic’s tourism impact to the local economy is tremendous and the resulting social impact from charitable giving creates positive change in our community. Furthermore, the event has become a showcase of our community to our guests and has become a significant date on our

partners’ and prospects’ annual travel calendar. I’d like to thank the leadership who go above and beyond to make sure that everyone has a memorable experience and to position the RSM Classic and Golden Isles as a destination for a world class golf experience.” The tournament’s success depends not only on the support of corporate partners like those mentioned above, but members of the community. Here’s what YOU as an individual or business can do today to be involved in this special event. VOLUNTEER: It takes 1,200 volunteers in multiple areas to produce this first-class event. EXPLORE HOSPITALITY OPTIONS: Limited hospitality and specialty tickets are available for both individuals and businesses. PURCHASE A PASS: The patron pass provides access to the grounds at Sea Island Golf Club during the tournament. DONATE: Make a donation to a Friends of the Foundation participating charity for the chance to win a 2022 GMC Terrain from Nalley. Gifts can also be made directly to the Davis Love Foundation. For more information about The RSM Classic and these opportunities, visit RSMClassic.com. We look forward to seeing you November 16-20. SEPTEMBER 2022





ollegiate golf is also getting its time to shine in the Golden Isles. Frederica Golf Club is proud to announce that it will be hosting the inaugural Frederica Cup, a 54-hole collegiate golf tournament, on September 7-8, 2022. The two-day event, formerly known as “The Caramel Cup,” had been played at Pebble Beach in California. In addition to co-hosts Vanderbilt and Oklahoma, the six other notable collegiate golf teams that will compete include Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Texas Christian, and Texas Tech. “It’s exciting to be able to start a new event at a place as special as Frederica” Vanderbilt head coach, Scott Limbaugh, said. “We`ve had a great time with this group of teams and

coaches and it was important to us to find a place that really wants to embrace who we are as a group. We have certainly found that in the membership and ownership of Frederica.” Thanks to renowned architect Tom Fazio and former secretary to the R&A, Sir Michael Bollanack, Frederica Golf Club’s championship course is considered one of the best in the country. The open linksstyle course blends with nature, with low lying rolling fairways rising to wind-swept peaks that feature stunning views of the surrounding marshland. Fred Haskins Every aspect of Frederica`s private course, including the Clubhouse and acclaimed state of the art practice facilities, are immaculately maintained year-round. The team at Frederica Golf Club Team that deserves recognition for making the course such an attractive option includes Daren Johnson, Director of Golf; Asa High, Director of Golf Course and Grounds; Jackson Koert, Director of the Golf Learning Center (named a Golf Digest 2021 Best Young Teacher in America) and the golf staff. It’s no surprise that the Club’s membership includes several PGA Tour stars. Limbaugh said of the choice, “This will continue to give all our student- athletes

of Fred Haskins, an obscure club pro that spent his life nurturing and mentoring amateur golfers. The commission, based in Columbus, Georgia., oversees the voting conducted among college golfers, coaches, and golf media. The coveted trophy has been awarded to players who have captured 33 major championships and more than 400 professional tournaments around the world. Past winners include Tiger Woods and Ben Crenshaw. The most recent recipient was University of Oklahoma alumnus Chris Gotterup. Frederica is hopeful that the next recipient will come from their course. “Frederica is such a great venue, and we are excited for the opportunity to come down to St. Simons Island for the Frederica Cup,” Oklahoma head coach Ryan Hybl said, “We say ‘yes,’ any chance we get to play against the best teams in the country on a premier golf course.”

an opportunity to play against the best competition on a championship course.” The play promises to be impressive. Of the eight participating teams, five made it to the NCAA Championships (Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Georgia, Ohio State and Arkansas). Oklahoma was ranked the No. 1 team in the country for much of the 2021-2022 season. Ludvig Aberg, who plays for Texas Tech, ranks among the world`s top amateur golfers.

The Frederica Cup will be open to the public, so please come out to enjoy the beauty of the course and see these talented young golfers compete. Standard golf club dress code is encouraged, including collared shirts for men. Parking will be directed by staff and signage. For information about when the gates open and tee times for the tournament, visit fredericagolfclub.com.

During the tournament, the Haskins Award will be on display. Celebrating its 52nd year, the Fred Haskins Award, presented by the Fred Haskins Foundation, honors the year’s outstanding college golfer and the memory

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RYAN W. MARKS, Previous Store Manager – Simply Mac 912.580.6229 | ryan@simplesolutions-ssi.com | simplesolutions-ssi.com SEPTEMBER 2022


A New Signature Space


he distinctive A-frame building that sits at 1709 Frederica Road is a familiar sight to those who live on St. Simons Island. Some recognize it from its years in use as a bank, but many island natives remember its origins as The Clapper Rail. From 1969 through the mid-1980s, Emmy Miner operated this wonderful and unique gift shop



THIS PAGE: The distinctive A-frame building that Signature

Properties Group now calls home. OPPOSITE PAGE: Mr. Miner’s love for natural wood was respected and lovingly preserved from ceiling to floor and in special accent pieces, like this table made from a piece of salvaged cypress estimated to be 600-800 years old.





named for one of the shorebirds she adores. Zaida Clay Harris, Associate Broker/Owner of Signature Properties Group, is one of those with fond memories. “I was friends with the Miners since I was 8-years-old,” she shares. So when Signature transformed the building into their new office space, it was particularly important to them to preserve the Miners’ legacy and “get it right.” To say they succeeded is an understatement. The first thing you notice as you step through the doors, aside from Office Manager Charlene James’ bright smile, is the warm wood interior and art that depicts the marsh and natural beauty of the island. As you enter the spacious common area, there are sitting areas, conference and meeting rooms with big flat screen TVs, and a cozy counter where agents gather to chat. Rooms are separated by glass partitions marked with the names and silhouettes of various shorebirds like the blue heron and great egret. Hanging lights add a cozy glow. Everything about this space is welcoming. Charlene and Owner/Managing Broker Mary Jo Prater point out various details as they move through the completely redesigned

OPPOSITE PAGE: This cozy seating area has a fireplace mantel made from a reclaimed barn beam and table of natural cedar that was sourced locally.

LEFT: Owner/Associate Broker Zaida Clay Harris (right) enjoys a moment in the sunny kitchen/break room with Realtor Katy Harris. RIGHT: Owner/Managing Broker Mary Jo Prater proudly shows off her personal office space.

space. Mr. Miner was passionate about the natural beauty of wood and that love was carefully preserved and carried throughout, from the cedar beams of the frame to the custom stained floor below. Accents include showpieces like an old barn beam mantel, a table made from a salvaged piece of 600–800-year-old cypress and another from gorgeous reclaimed cedar. Orchid arrangements by Gay Connelly add elegant

floral touches. Interior Designer Emmy Temples of Posed worked tirelessly with Signature to achieve the ambiance they desired. She is positively gleeful when she discusses the reclaimed wood used in the design, giving credit to Jim Redden of Wood Warehouse for some truly miraculous finds, and how naturally everything evolved as they embraced the architectural design and structure. The results are truly stunning.

WE HAVE CUSTOM CLOSETS! Custom Cosets, Mud Rooms, Office Spaces, Garages, & Pantry Spaces. Let us customize your Kitchen and Bath. We can take your project from start to finish!



Better Spaces for Better Living. Monday - Friday, 8-5

| 1919 Glynn Ave. Suite #48, Brunswick | DecorumStyles.com SEPTEMBER 2022


The move to the new space and the rebranding of this locally owned and operated real estate group was planned during the pandemic, which gave them some time to make the transition. Signature Properties Group opened their doors in March 2003, and they have been a leader in residential real estate listings and sales in the Golden Isles since the very beginning. Over those years, they added approximately 20 additional agents plus a residential property management division that handles both long and short-term rentals. Now, nearly two decades later, it was time for this growing group to refresh! New logo, fresh colors, and new office. Just as Signature’s agents take the needs of their clients into consideration in real estate transactions, the owners reached out to the agents to find out what they wanted in an office space. Mary Jo says they discovered that the agents wanted indoor and outdoor areas where they could work or relax and more common areas where they could get together. So, now you’ll find an outdoor patio with comfy seating and internet access where the teller window used to be, a kitchen, and plenty of work areas and welcoming spots in which to sit. While the space is designed to be productive, nothing looks stark and utilitarian. Even the former bank vault has been used to their advantage, offering an extra safe storage area for supplies, files and important documents. And according to the owners, their efforts in

creating an inviting office paid off. Agents come in more often. They meet clients here, they hang around longer, they network with other agents. Charlene notes, “They’re happy to be here. You can see it.” Since Signature’s rebranding took place simultaneously with the move to the new office, the décor also reflects their trademark blue and green colors. You’ll see it in the wallpaper, with a fun and colorful design in the kitchen, and lush tropical prints in the bathrooms. The lobby wall that proudly displays the company’s “Love Where You Live” motto and agents of the month was created by Fendig Signs; Premier Printing provides the inserts. This project truly was a community effort, reflecting the company’s own dedication to the Golden Isles and their pride in representing the area. Signature’s new space emphasizes that they truly do embrace their motto in every facet of their lives. Signature Properties Group offers clients a full-service real estate team that can help them with all their property needs. Their

outstanding agents are among the best in the area, with proven results. They are dedicated to providing both buyers and sellers the best possible experience in every aspect of the property transaction process. The company maintains a continuously updated list of residential, commercial, and specialty properties available for buyers. Sellers can be assured that their listings will be prominently featured in the company’s database and will be promoted extensively until a buyer is found. For Signature, customer service is their focus, and it shows. Everyone is invited to attend Signature’s Open House at 1709 Frederica Road on Monday, September 24 from 4:00-6:00 p.m., A Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony with the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce will take place during the event at 4:30 p.m. Come celebrate with them! To learn more about the company or real estate in the Golden Isles, drop by the new office or visit Signature Properties Group, Inc. at signaturepropertiesgroup.com

Your Outdoor Lighting Specialists BO PARKER 912.571.8723 228 Redfern Village, Suite 203 | St. Simons Island, GA 50


TOP: The faces of Signature Properties Group. ABOVE LEFT: Interior Designer Emmy Temples of Posed played a major part in creating the warm ambiance of the new office. ABOVE MIDDLE: Accomplishments are displayed on this welcome wall created by Fendig Signs and inserts provided by Premier Printing. ABOVE RIGHT: Office Manager Charlene James has been cheerfully welcoming visitors to Signature Properties Group almost since the beginning. OPPOSITE PAGE: Conference/meeting rooms are named for shorebirds in honor of Emily Miner, the building’s owner who originally used the space for her beloved gift shop, The Clapper Rail.





Gift of Hope




he American Cancer Society Victory Board and 2022 Gala Chairs Brooke Ackerman, Katie Knox, Melissa Purvis, Kacee Reagan, and Ginny Strowe invite you to attend the Gala of Hope on Friday, September 23. This 53rd annual signature fundraiser begins at 7:00 p.m. at Forbes Farm on St. Simon Island. This beautiful new event venue serves as the Gala’s presenting sponsor and is sure to dazzle with the evening’s décor and floral flourishes by Merci Bouquet Flower Truck. Attendees will enjoy a strolling reception with appetizers from Dorothy’s, a delicious dinner catered by Halyards, and dessert provided by Crabdaddy’s. Tickets for the evening are $200 and include full bar and beer donated by Barrier Island Brewing. Jacksonville event band Who Rescued Who will provide the musical entertainment so OPPOSITE PAGE: 2022 Victory Gala Chairs Melissa Purvis, Ginny Strowe, Kacee Reagan, Brooke Ackerman, and Katie Knox welcome you to Forbes Farm, wearing fashion from Birdie’s of St. Simons.

guests can dance the night away. There will also be live and silent auctions featuring some incredible items and experience packages, as well as a diamond raffle presented by Chadwick’s Jewelers. The diamond raffle is $75/ticket and limited to the first 100 patrons who purchase a glass of champagne.

The goal for this black-tie event isn’t just to have a good time, it’s to raise enough money to donate a full year’s worth of nights to Hope Lodge in Jacksonville. This 30-room lodging facility offers a free haven for adult cancer patients who travel 40 or more miles for treatment. More than just a roof over their heads, it’s a nurturing community that assists patients in accessing the care they need. Each Hope Lodge community offers a supportive, home-like environment where guests can share a meal, join in evening activities, or unwind in their own private room. The cost of a night’s stay is $180. A donation to purchase a stay for one or more nights can be made at the event or online via the event website (provided

below). This is a great way for you to help support those seeking a comforting haven while fighting cancer even if you don’t plan to attend the Gala! Additional sponsors currently include Gold Level: Al Brown Company, Beachview Event Rentals & Design, Hall Booth Smith, P.C., I-95 Toyota of Brunswick, Killian Law Firm, LLC, Parker’s, Rich Products, Southeast Georgia Health System; and Silver Level: Birdie’s of St. Simons, Brian Harman Golf LLC, Coastal Oral Surgery, Corinthian Foods, McGinty-Gordon & Associates, Nash Contractors, Inc., Sapelo Equipment Co., Seaside Eyes, Shiver Hamilton Campbell, Signature Properties Group, St. Simons Dental Associates, Swafford Family Foundation, Turner & Associates Insurance, United Community Bank. To purchase tickets, sponsorship packages, or make donations, visit acssers.ejoinme.org/VictoryBoard.

COSMETIC & FAMILY DENTISTRY Highly Recommended. Highly Referred. Accepting New Patients.

912.638.9946 300 Main St. #102 bryandentalssi.com SEPTEMBER 2022


will fill the air as we move into autumn.

Not only are the talents of our marching bands on display at football fields across the region, but concert series get underway for The Coastal Symphony of Georgia and Golden Isles Live, and PorchFest makes its return to Historic Downtown Brunswick. Treat your ears and your soul by embracing these melodious moments.



orty years ago, a seed was planted in the Golden Isles. That seed has grown and blossomed into a premier musical organization offering the very best in symphonic music to our community. “The Coastal Symphony of Georgia is a great story,” says Sue Cansler, past president 2010-2012. The story began in 1982 as a vision of two public school music teachers who helped 54


Fabulous at 40!

establish the Brunswick Community Orchestra. Cansler says the idea was “to provide young music students with the opportunity to play in an orchestral setting.” In 1994, it was renamed The Coastal Symphony of Georgia (CSG) and professional conductors were hired to direct the community-based orchestra. A Youth Symphony was born under the CSG umbrella in 2005 and later became its own entity in 2013. Meanwhile, the CSG, under the leadership of Maestro

Luis Haza, became a fully professional orchestra in 2013. “For a community our size, we are fortunate indeed to have a truly first-rate symphony,” notes Cansler.

So, what is in store for the 2022-2023 celebratory season? According to current President, Kern Baker, it will be “another journey of musical discovery” under the baton of Music Director and Conductor, Michelle Merrill. There will be three concerts at Brunswick High School, and

one at Wesley United Methodist Church. Audiences will again hear works from old masters and newer composers alike. “I always look for music to feed the soul while combining the old with the new or not as well known,” explains Merrill. Opening Night, October 3rd will feature a celebration of life, a busy marketplace, and the first successful symphony written by a woman. Amy Beach’s Symphony in E minor, Gaelic, written in 1896, expresses what she calls “the simple, rugged, and unpretentious beauty” of Irish music. The November 7th concert will bring the audience music from an exciting new composer, a sweet expression of love from Wagner, and the brilliance of Beethoven in his Symphony No. 3, Eroica. The symphony marked the beginning of the Romantic period in classical music. Moving into the New Year, patrons can look forward to hearing two gifted and exciting soloists. On February 13th, International violist Brett Deubner will join the orchestra for Samarthana for Viola and Orchestra, written by young Swedish composer Johan Hugosson. His music has been described as both moving and joyful with memorable melodies. The May 8th concert will feature CSG’s principal flutist, Les Roettges playing Carl Reinecke’s Flute Concerto in D major.

The piece allows the flutist to take center stage throughout, and Roettges says the composition has been on his music stand since June. “It is more than just practicing the notes,” he says, “but rather living with a piece of music like this to really develop a clear idea of how I would like it to go.” The 40th Season will also see the return of the CSG’s popular SoundBites concerts. These are small ensemble performances in intimate settings allowing attendees to listen to music while enjoying light refreshments and meeting the musicians. “This helps audience members get to know the musicians a bit, and show the human side of the orchestra,” says musician, Kevin Casseday. With Kevin on bass and his wife Laurie on cello, the couple played a SoundBite staged inside an art gallery. “We had a blast performing for the group of patrons gathered that evening.” Also, a special Christmas Concert featuring the popular Jacoby

Brass will be performed at Wesley UMC on December 4. The quintet performed at a festive Christmas Concert in Gascoigne Park in December 2020 as part of CSG’s outdoor concert series. Their personalities and talent are always displayed in their performances. None of the success of the last 40 years could have been accomplished without the support and enthusiasm of CSG’s patrons, donors, advertisers, sponsors, and volunteer “working” boards of directors. Longtime director, Creta Carter Nichols heads up CSG’s hard-working ad sales team. Having had a “tremendous immersion in music” from a very early age, “it is easy for me to sell what I really believe in,” she says. Nichols also notes how much local businesses appreciate having a symphony in the Golden Isles. The past 40 years have seen that first small seed nourished by a community determined to see it blossom into the very best in symphonic music for the Golden Isles. “We are grateful to those who have gone before,” says President Baker, “and we are so excited about providing world class music in the years ahead.” The mission of The Coastal Symphony of Georgia is to engage, enrich, and inspire the community through artistically vibrant musical performances. For more information or to order season tickets, call 912.634.2006 or visit coastalsymphonyofgeorgia.org.







Eight Decades of Entertainment

he Golden Isles Live Concert Series celebrates its 81st year with the 2022-2023 season. They’ll be presenting five exciting concerts that feature a variety of performers to attract audience members of all ages. These evening concerts will take advantage of the wonderful acoustics and beautiful, spacious setting of Wesley United Methodist Church at 6520 Frederica Road on St. Simons Island.

The series will begin on Saturday, October 14 with The Everly Set, a grand tribute to fifties chart-toppers, the Everly Brothers. Phil and Don Everly supercharged the vocal sound of rock and roll with hits that included “Bye, Bye Love” and “Wake up, Little Susie” with

sparkling harmonies that would influence the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beach Boys and the Eagles. Now, 60 years later, acclaimed NYC singer-songwriters Sean Altman and Jack Skuller combine millennial pluck and baby-boomer wisdom to present The Everly Set celebrating Phil and Don’s everlasting musical legacy. The annual Christmas show on December 2 will feature Empire Trio, an exhilarating and uniquely talented classical crossover ensemble, that has been taking concert halls by storm



all over the world since meeting in NYC in 2012, selling out concert venues such as Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center. From deliciously witty to incredibly moving, the Empire Trio’s shows have it all; they

breathe new life into familiar toe-tapping favorites with their unique and innovative arrangements. The new year will begin with Divas3 on February 24. These ladies span four decades of chart-topping hits, from the 1960s through 1990s with music from Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion and Dolly Parton. They are an enticing mix of pure class, personality, goosebump-inducing vocals, and pure talent. Three voices, four decades, all diva! The concert on April 14 is one of Golden Isles Live’s most highly anticipated as it follows a nearly three-year wait due to the pandemic! Finally, Sail On, the most-booked Beach Boys tribute band in the world will perform in the Golden Isles! Sail On brings to life timeless songs of surfing, cruising, dancing, and dreaming for all ages and anyone who wants

to have Fun, Fun, Fun, and faithfully recreates the soundtrack to an endless summer, live and rich in detail. Sing, clap, and move along to the irresistible beats and the unforgettable tunes, or just sit back and ride the waves of sunny harmonies and good vibrations. The final concert of the season on May 12 will showcase award-winning Broadway veteran and recording artist Chester Gregory. Mr. Gregory’s breakthrough role came with his outstanding portrayal of Jackie Wilson in The Jackie Wilson Story

for which he won a Tony award. He also took home the NAACP Theater Award for his performances in Sister Act, Hairspray: The Musical, Tarzan, and Cry Baby. The New York Times calls him “jaw dropping … overflowingly charismatic,” stating “Gregory has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand!” What a way to cap off the 2022-2023 Golden Isles Live concert season! To purchase your season or individual concert tickets, visit goldenisleslive.org. It’s sure to be a season to remember!

Your Style for all Seasons

6 0 0 S E A I S L A N D R D • S T. S I M O N S I S L A N D , G A • 9 1 2 . 6 3 4 .1 5 2 1 GentlemensAndLadyOutfitters.net GENTLEMENS_LADY_OUTFITTERS



There’s No Place Like Gnome


ollow the yellow bricks and

performers! For one day, dozens of local

to be on November 13,” Umfress adds.

gnomes on Sunday, November

and regional bands and entertainers from a

Porchfest will take place from noon to

13 to find the musical magic

wide variety of genres. gather in downtown

6:00 p.m. with Halifax Square on Prince

at Brunswick Porchfest. That’s

Brunswick and perform on various porches

Street in downtown Brunswick again

right, this awesome community event in

throughout the city’s historic district. 2022

acting as the hub for the event. Since you

Historic Downtown Brunswick is returning

Porchfest Committee Chair/Head Gnome

won’t melt like the Wicked Witch of the

for its fourth year and registration is

Jason Umfress says, “PorchfestBWK is the

West, the event is held rain or shine. The

currently open for performers, porch hosts,

definition of the term ‘community event.” This

celebration will also include food trucks,

volunteers, and sponsors. This year’s theme

year’s Porchfest promises to be another great

children’s activity area, games, a porch

is inspired by The Wizard of Oz and the

day of fun, music, and fellowship in Historic

decorating contest with the “There’s No

event’s signature gnome mascot, but you’ll

Downtown Brunswick. It’s a magical day when

Place Like Gnome” theme, and more.

have to do more than tap your ruby slippers

porches become stages and strangers become

to join the celebration.

friends.” Organizers are currently seeking bands,

Don’t be like the Cowardly Lion, sign

musicians and other performers, homeowners

up to participate! Performers, volunteers,

If you’ve never attended this free

in the historic district to host performances on

porch hosts, and sponsors are invited

neighborhood festival of music and

their porches, volunteers to help organize, set

to register online at porchfestbwk.com.

fellowship presented in partnership with the

up, break down, and help during the event, and

Follow Brunswick Porchfest on Facebook

City of Brunswick

sponsors to lend their support.

and Instagram at @porchfestbwk for more details and introductions of performers

and the Downtown Development

“Porchfest has become one of the signature

and sponsors, parking details, maps, and

Authority, you might

events in the Golden Isles. If you enjoy

schedules. Then make sure to come out to

think you’ve found

good times with old friends, meeting new

take part in the fun on November 13 – even

yourself somewhere

ones, and listening to great live music under

Scarecrow knows it’s a no-brainer!

over the rainbow with all the fantastic bands and



the live oaks of the historic district, Brunswick Porchfest is where you need

& A Little Island


ince EIL first introduced you to the local non-profit Kids Can Fish Foundation and its young founder Caroline Lewis in May 2021, they have been steadily growing. They have held seven camps and have worked independently with a handful of disabled children. More than 100 people attended the last camp they held in July! Caroline, who turns 12 in October and just started middle school, is still active in her mission to get kids involved in the outdoors. She remains the organization’s influencer and serves as a leading member of its instructional staff. Last year, this enthusiastic young angler met fishing legend Guy Harvey on two occasions and was featured in Guy Harvey Magazine. Her father Tom couldn’t be more proud! If you’d like to see her in action, she’ll be hosting a cast netting clinic on the beach at Massengale on St. Simons Island sometime in late August or early September. 60


An even better opportunity to see Caroline and the Kids Can Fish Foundation at work is during the upcoming St. Simons Island Running of the Bulls Charity Redfish Tournament on October 8-9. The beaches of the Golden Isles are considered some of the best bull redfish fishing locations in the world, and this tournament, hosted by and benefiting Kids Can Fish takes advantage of that. Held on East Beach, the SSI Running of the Bulls Charity Redfish Tournament is one of the largest youth and adult surf style redfish tournaments on the East Coast. Adults will compete for cash prizes and kids will win high end fishing gear, trophy, and other sponsor related prizes. Registration is $65 for adults and $35 for kids 15 years of age and younger. Funds raised by this event help Kids Can Fish provide free fishing camps for youths and underprivileged or disabled children. Tom Lewis explains, “As the tournament is

the official end to our fundraising and camp season, this event is extremely important for us. The SSI Running of the Bulls has over 30 sponsors and can help us raise enough revenue to fund our entire year for 2023. Hosting camps can cost close to $2,000 per camp depending on the number of participants we have, so perpetual fundraising is critical.” If you can’t compete by fishing, you’re still welcome to join the fun and support Kids Can Fish at the tournament’s Kick Off Party with food trucks, beverages, and music at Port City Park on Friday, October 7 from 6:00-10:00 p.m. or the awards banquet at Bennie’s Red Barn on October 9th from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. Both events are open to the public with no tickets or registration required and will feature incredible raffles and auction items and some free giveaways. For more details about the tournament and registration, visit kidscanfish.net.

Shoes • Accessories • Gifts

Visit us on Market Street! 28 Market Street, Suite 122 St. Simons Island, GA 912.634.0924

CoastFest Returns CoastFest, the largest outreach event hosted by the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, will return as a live and in-person event at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in October 2022.


ow in its 28th year, this free, familyfriendly event features educational programs, touch tanks, wildlife viewing opportunities, and exhibitors from partner agencies and nonprofit organizations. There’s so much to see and do for people of all ages at CoastFest. Whether you’re interested in fishing, sea turtles, birds of prey, or Coastal Georgia history, there’s something for you!

Returning this year is veteran performer Jim Sawgrass, a native Floridian of Muscogee Creek descent and living historian of the southeastern tribes of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Jim has been sharing his knowledge

of the Southeastern Native American tribes for more than 30 years and is often joined by other members of his family. New to the CoastFest state is Dumpster Doug. Doug travels the earth searching for sources of air, land, and water pollution and then shows audiences that small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting the earth’s natural resources. Audience members learn how they can become Eco-Superstars in this funny and magical environmental show. Other attractions and activities include touch tanks where kids can have an up-close encounter with stingrays, horseshoe crabs,

finfish, and other marine life, the Fish Rodeo, reef ball painting, archery demonstrations, and more. Stop by to see the student art on display from the annual CoastFest Art Contest too! The colorful and creative artwork by local K-12 students will be on display at the Marshes of Glynn Brunswick Library from September 20-October 3. Come out to Mary Ross Park with your family and friends to “Catch the Excitement” at CoastFest 2022 on Saturday, October 1, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CoastFest is a rain or shine event and admission is free. For more information, visit coastalgadnr.org and follow their Facebook page for updates.

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm



UNITED FOR GOOD b y J u s t i n C a l l a w a y, P r e s i d e n t & C E O, U n i t e d W a y o f C o a s t a l G e o r g i a


t’s a busy time at United Way of Coastal Georgia, from hosting fun events like the Spelling Bee(r) and the upcoming Kickball for a Cause on October 23 to the truly impactful work helping to create positive, meaningful experiences for so many neighbors. United Way works hard every day to understand the issues and opportunities unique to the communities we serve. By convening leaders from nonprofit, business, and government sectors as well as listening and providing assistance to those in need, we are able to invest in and co-create solutions that have the most impact.

We like to say that we are the “stop talking, start doing, band together and take on the impossible task masters.” That means we work to address problems that no one organization can solve alone. We bring together the right partners not only to address immediately identifiable needs, but also ensure we are investing in long-term solutions to eradicate the root cause issue. The community’s support of United Way has driven meaningful impact throughout the Coastal Georgia region for over 65 years! This month, we kick off our annual campaign, raising funds to invest right here in Coastal Georgia. We ask our community to, once again, UNITE with us and support our vision to create a community where all individuals and families have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. United Way is the one way



that we can all come together to support each other with a safety net of programs, services, and pathways to maximize our potential, as individuals and as a region. In the last few years, we have raised over $2.2 million dollars through our annual campaign. While that is a lot, it doesn’t tell the whole story of our impact. Because of our network and reach, our involvement as the backbone organization in a variety of community initiatives, additional community engagement including disaster relief efforts, and our ability to source outside investment opportunities, the true value of our impact in Coastal Georgia is more than double that number. When you invest in United Way of Coastal Georgia, you leverage your investment to create the most good throughout our region. Not only do we invest in the tremendous work of our partners, we also invest directly into the community through a variety of programs and services, including a couple of new initiatives. Youth United, a service-

oriented youth leadership development program launched last month with 20 participants from three area high schools. We have also been working very hard as the core organization for a multi-year collective impact initiative with several community stakeholders committed to raising awareness of the unacceptable prevalence and enduring harmful effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and developing equitable solutions that will create a stronger, more resilient region. We would love for you to join our cause by signing up to volunteer, making a donation, or participating in our fundraising events. Join us for the 5th Annual Kickball for a Cause Tournament on Saturday, October 23 at Mallery Park on St. Simons Island. Space is limited, so register your team today! Deadline is October 15. See details about this event as well as additional information about United Way of Coastal Georgia and the ways you can get involved at uwcga.org. Thank you for LIVING UNITED for Coastal Georgia!

In honor of Brea st Can cer Awa ren ess Mon th, the Southeast Georgia Health System Foundation’s annual ARTrageous Bras fundraiser returns this fall.

and a contribution of $25, participants will receive a plain, white bra to decorate and return to the Foundation by Friday, September 23. The more participants, the merrier – and the more funds can be raised for the Health System’s cancer care programs! The fabulous final creations, submitted by members of the community and Heath System Team Members, will be displayed


on the Brunswick and Camden campuses during the entire month of October. A gallery of the bras will also be available for viewing and voting on the Foundation’s website. Everyone is encouraged to come out to see these artistic creations in all their ARTrageous glory and vote for your favorite bras. Voting begins on October 1 and ends on October 31. Votes are $1 and can

be cast at the Foundation office, located at 2436 Parkwood Drive in Brunswick or online via a link that will be made available on the Foundation’s website in the ARTrageous Bras section. Vote for as many bras as you’d like as often as you’d like! At the conclusion of the voting period, silent and live auctions of the bras will be held. The top 10 vote-receiving bras in Brunswick

and the top 5 vote-receiving bras in Camden are entered in the live auctions. Come out to The Ritz Theatre in Historic Downtown Brunswick on First Friday, November 4 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. for a fun and festive event showing off these always ARTrageous creations and support the cancer care programs at our hospitals. For more details, registration and access to voting link, visit sghs.org.





ike the small groups of shorebirds we see at the water’s edge, dashing about and grabbing tasty tidbits, many island residents enjoy gathering with others to wind down a day or grab a bite with friends. For new island residents, many people connect with others and attend activities through the Island Newcomers Club, but if you’re not a newcomer, more organized social events may be difficult to find. This was the inspiration for the Sandpipers social club. As Sandpipers president Joanne DiVincenzo describes the group, “Our club is open to anyone on St. Simons Island who would like to socialize on a little more organized basis.”

Sandpipers was first formed in 2010, when a group of former Island Newcomers decided that a new social organization was needed for St. Simons Island residents. One that was not based on how long a member has lived on the island or any prior club membership. Sandpipers is designed to offer as little or as much activity as a member chooses throughout the year. The Club hosts three major annual events during their SeptemberMay season. They open the year with a Welcome Back party, wind down the winter holidays with a Tapering Off celebration, and close out the year with a See You in September gathering. The meetings are

typically parties with no agenda other than good food and fun with friends. While membership in Sandpipers is not capped, they are small enough to host group meetings in a variety of different venues, often with fun themes coordinated with the time of year. Their well-attended monthly Happy Hours held at different venues around the island provide an easy way for members to see each other with little fuss involved. Sandpipers also host excursions and activities such as a bowling parties, bocce in the park, sunset sailings (including one from Golden Isles Marina, currently in the planning stage), and trivia nights. The group caters to special interests with book club, bridge, kayaking, etc. Their Mahjong group that meets monthly at Vitality is quite popular. This year’s Welcome Back event is scheduled to take place at 5:00 p.m. September 21 at Ziggy’s, so become a member of this sensational social club and join them! For more information about Sandpipers and membership application, visit sandpipersclubssi.org. You’re also welcome to reach out to Joanne at jodehome@yahoo.com or 912.268.4773. If you’re looking for lots of fun, food and friendship, you’ll find it with the Sandpipers!

Tried & True An Island Tradition since 1998

Barbara Jean’s Restaurant

VOTED EIL’S READERS’ BEST for Crab Cakes, Bread and Rolls, Southern Cooking, Jim & Barbara Jean Barta, Owners Vegetable Plate Selection, Sweet Tea … Opens daily at 11 a.m. | 214 Mallory St • 912.634.6500 • barbarajeans.com



ST. SIMONS’ NEWEST ALL-CLIMATECONTROLLED STORAGE FACILITY • Over 10-unit sizes to fit your needs. From 5' x 5' to 10' x 30' • Maintained at temperatures & humidity levels to avoid mold, mildew, rust, corrosion, and other possible damage.

391 Hamilton Rd., SSI 912.357.2949 hamiltonrdstorage.com

• Offering conveniences with boxes & storage supplies, handcarts, elevator access, as well as easy online rental and bill pay.




Friends of Foundation Raffle Benefits Area Non-Profits In this issue of Elegant Island Living, the Davis Love Foundation (DLF) continues its partner and charity spotlight with a focus on Friends of the Foundation.


he Davis Love Foundation has many programs in place to raise needed funds for charities. One such program designed specifically for charities in and around the Golden Isles is Friends of the Foundation. This program is designed as a fundraising platform for qualifying charities that choose to participate in this unique program. Each charity sells raffle tickets ($20 each) for the chance to win a brand new vehicle generously provided by the local Nalley Auto Group. This year’s vehicle is a 2022 GMC Terrain. 100% of the money collected by a participating charity is distributed back to that particular charity, along with a percentage of a matching $50,000 given by the Davis Love Foundation.

Participating charities began receiving raffle tickets last month. They have until Friday, November 11, to sell as many raffle tickets as

possible to raise money for their organization. A drawing for the Grand Prize winner of the car will take place during the 2022 RSM

Classic being played the week of November 14-20, at the Sea Island Golf Club. Buy a ticket for your chance to win!

To learn more, visit RSMClassic.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TheRSMClassic; #RSMClassicCares.

In its first twelve years, The RSM Classic, hosted by Davis Love III, has raised nearly $29 million to support local and national charities. The 2022 PGA TOUR event is November 14-20 at Sea Island Golf Club. For partnership information, regardless of the size of your business, contact John McKenzie, Director of Sales, at jmckenzie@dlovefoundation.com or visit rsmclassic.com.

Come see us for your no cost* flu shot and other Immunizations today! • • • • • • • •

912.357.2357 66


COVID, Moderna and Pfizer Shingles Pneumococcal Tdap (tetanus, pertussis) Meningococcal Hepatitis A and/or B HPV, Gardasil 9 Chicken Pox and more

Whether you take one or ten medications, we can help taking your medications even more easy-peasy with our EzPzPak™ Custom Pouch Packaging • Each pouch is date and time stamped • No more pill box sorting • No more forgetting if you already took your medications • Easily take your medications on-the-go • Add your over the counter meds and supplements


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MEMORIALIZE YOUR LOVED ONE Help Memory Matters Glynn pave the way to better lives for those dealing with dementia and support their family members by purchasing a memorial brick. The bricks will line the path to the new pavilion and butterfly garden that will be on the grounds of Memory Matters for the enjoyment of their clients and caregivers and will serve as a lasting tribute to your loved one, family member or friend. Personalize your brick to memorialize a loved one or to honor someone who helped on the memory loss journey. These bricks are a loving tribute that will last for generations and also demonstrate your support for the compassionate work that is done by this community organization. Each 4”x8” brick is $100 and has space for three lines of laser engraving with your personal message. Purchase online at memorymattersglynn.com/memorial-bricks. A DIVINE DINNER In 2014, St. William Catholic Church hosted its first Wines of the World and Coastal Cuisine dinner for St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. The initial masterminds behind this fundraiser were Monsignor John Kenneally, then pastor of St. William, and parishioners Tom Delaney and Mark Gagliano. Now an annual event with local chefs showcasing their finest fare paired with wine and beverages presented by local sommeliers, the dinner has raised funds for the purchase of a new playground at St. Francis Xavier School and to help complete the first Lab Learner STEM Lab in Glynn County. Please attend this year’s event in the church’s Parish Hall on October 2 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets will be available at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School and the church office. 912.638.2547. PICTURED: Mark Gagliano, Monsignor Christopher Schreck, Tom Delaney

STAR POWERED STAR of Coastal Georgia was recently chosen by The U.S. Department of Labor to serve in its Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative, a program designed to bring together industry, labor, education, equity and workforce leaders to partner with the department’s Office of Apprenticeship. Ambassadors will promote Registered Apprenticeships as a valuable workforce strategy in high-demand industries to develop and expand opportunities for people historically underserved. The total cohort of Ambassadors, made up of 207 organizations throughout the U.S., will share experiences and collaborate with the department to champion apprenticeship opportunities. The mission of the non-profit STAR of Coastal Georgia is to educate and empower members of our coastal community with the foundational skills they need to thrive personally and professionally. STAR’s training programs enhance the overall stability of students and their families and improve the quality of the local workforce. For more information, visit starofcoastalga.org.


Nutrition Counseling

Infertility Workup/ Treatment

4D Ultrasound

• Novasure


• Thermachoice


• Essure

LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure)

• da Vinci Procedure

Menopausal Care Osteoporosis Treatment Vaccine Administration



Minimally Invasive Surgery

3 C o n ve n i e n t L o c a t i o n s ST. SIMONS • BRUNSWICK WAYCROSS 912.638.1801 / lilyobgyn.com

Trust your Skin to the Expert

MOHS Surgery

Dr. Edward DiPreta, the only local full-time MOHS surgeon and board certified dermatologist.

Performed as outpatient surgery at the MOHS Surgery Center here in Brunswick. M E D I CA L & S U RG I CA L

Edward DiPreta, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist, MOHS surgeon


114 Northpark Drive Brunswick, GA 31520 Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 912-268-4471 www.DiPretaDermatology.com


Over 40 Vendors! September 17-18, and October 8-9 & 22-23 Sat. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m - 4 p.m. craftsinthevillage.com SEPTEMBER 2022


ISLES CONTINUE TO APPEAL The Golden Isles have been named to Travel + Leisure’s list of World’s Best Islands in the Continental U.S. for the eighth consecutive year! T&L readers are surveyed on travel experiences around the globe and rated the islands according to their activities and sights, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value. The publication noted that this category was the most competitive it has ever been and the Golden Isles ranked #5. The review stated, “Marshlands and nature trails lead to white-sand beaches. Key attractions here include nature trails and wonderful beaches, but these barrier islands also boast museums, golf courses, historic sites, and luxury hotels to keep everyone engaged on a cloudy day.” Access the full article at travelandleisure.com/worlds-best/best-islands-in-the-us-2022.

NEW LEADERSHIP AT HAMPTON CLUB The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, an MMI Hotel Group Property, is pleased to announce the appointment of Spencer Brookman as the new Director of Golf, and Brandon Youmans as the new Golf Professional for The King and Prince Golf Course, Home of the Hampton Club. Their hiring comes amid ongoing efforts over the last year to reinvigorate the award-winning golf course and club. “The hiring of these two gentlemen, coupled with the renovations and upgrades we’ve made on property, is truly ushering the course and club into a new era and the next exciting chapter,” said Bart Johnson, General Manager. “Spencer and Brandon collectively bring decades of experience and necessary fresh perspective to our current operation. This is a time of renewal for us and we’re lucky to have leaders of this caliber on the team.” 912.634.0255. hamptonclub.com.



KEEPING IT SIMPLE In order to continue offering highly trained and skilled services for mobile phone related issues and IT problem-solving to the Golden Isles community, former Simply Mac manager Ryan Marks, started Simple Solutions IT. Ryan began his career at Simply Mac by teaching one-on-one classes and was with them for more than four years, earning multiple certifications to repair and troubleshoot Apple devices. He also works with Windows PCs, Android phones, smart watches, printers, security cameras, tech support, virus removal, printer set up, email and account issues, software updates and reinstalls, data recovery, and operating system issues. Simple Solutions will come to your home or business to teach, troubleshoot and fix computer-related issues. Call or text Ryan at 912.580.6229 or email ryan@simplesolutions-ssi.com. Visit simplesolutions-ssi.com.

Hans F. Trupp, CCIM founder and former Chairman of Trupp Hodnett Enterprises and The Management Company prior to taking the companies public (NYSE, RZT) in an IPO in 1998 has reentered the real estate business locally through an affiliation with eXp realty. eXp is a cloud based publicly traded (NASDAQ, EXPI) company with more than 87,000 real estate agents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Spain and continues to scale internationally. This internet based high technology company will totally revolutionize the real estate

industry both with relationships of buyers and sellers and the relationship that sales people have with the company. Trend Magazine has described eXp as the Amazon of real estate. eXp realty offers a very unique agent attraction program and Hans has partnered with veteran Atlanta broker John Adams to inform and educate agents throughout the United States about eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation. Adams is well known throughout Georgia for his educational activities on behalf of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and his regular appearances on Fox 5 Atlanta and CNN. He continues to be a freelance journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with more than 1,000 articles in print.

Thanks to the internet, eXp’s state of the art revolutionary cloud based technology and a unique revenue sharing plan Hans and his team are able to offer a performance-based, no risk maximum 4% listing commission on any real estate both residential and commercial. No risk - you can cancel the listing at any time for any reason. Hans would also be pleased to share his broad business knowledge and experience with anyone interested in a free no obligation consultation session with regard to any real estate problem. Call, email or text him if you would like to explore his listing program or if you have any questions with regard to eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation with now over 87,000 agents and growing.


Listing Commission

e X p R e a l t y L L C • H a n s F. T r u p p , C C I M • t r u p p c c i m @ g m a i l . c o m • 9 1 2 . 2 6 9 . 74 3 4 Pro me na de II, 123 0 Pea c htree St reet NE, Sui te 1900, At l ant a 30309 • 888.959.9461 ext. 123

The St Simons Signature Bracelet

The Little Store for Fine Crafted Silver and Gold Jewelry

No matter how small or big your wrist or fingers are, silver or gold or a bit of both, we’ll make you something comfortable and lasting. Guaranteed. EXCLUSIVELY AT: 215 Mallery Street St. Simons Island, GA 912.638.3636 www.gibcobracelets.com @gibco



WILD NIGHT IS CALLING Get your tickets now for what promises to be a very tasty evening in the picturesque setting of the new Oaks on the River boutique hotel in Darien. Postponed from an earlier date to Friday November 18, Taste of the Wild, a wild game dinner benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia, offers delicious dishes with wild appeal, a gorgeous riverfront setting, and live music by The Pine Box Dwellers. Menu items include a pinot noir braised bison pot roast, wild blueberry venison sausage, crispy Asian sweet chili quail, duck tacos, Wild Georgia shrimp, and more. There will also be a silent auction with items to appeal to everyone. All proceeds benefit the McIntosh Boys & Girls Clubs. To purchase tickets or for sponsorship information, bgcsega.com.

BBQ COMPETITION COMES TO BRUNSWICK The Brunswick Downtown Development Association in partnership with the Georgia Barbeque Association will be bringing pitmasters from near and far to compete in the Brunswick Backyard

BBQ at Mary Ross Waterfront Park on November 11-12. The goal of this new event is to bring the community together as pitmasters, restaurants, and up-and-comers vie for the title of Best BBQ in the Golden Isles. Come out to show off

your skills and have a chance to take home some winnings, with over $4000 in cash prizes up for grabs. Entry in the competition is $200, plus an additional $50 to enter the People’s Choice, and an additional $25 to enter the “Marty’s Choice” competition. To register, email events@discoverbrunswick. com. For more information, visit discoverbrunswick.com.

SNOOPY STAGE RIGHT The Island Players bring Charles Schulz’s beloved comic to life in Clark Gesner’s classic musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Revised). The whole gang is here: bossy Lucy is hopelessly in love with piano prodigy Schroeder who doesn’t give her the time of day, perfectionist Sally is still mocking blanket-toting Linus, Snoopy is in the doghouse, and “blockhead,” himself, Charlie Brown, is in rare form. Whether you’re keen to fly with the Red Baron, moon over the Moonlight Sonata, or just do your best to find “Happiness,”

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is a crowd-pleasing classic. Directed by Jeff Dempsey. September 16-18, 22-25, 29,

October 1-2 with Friday & Saturday evening shows at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 3:00 p.m. Tickets at theislandplayers.com.


Holly Cohen 912.577.5712

Betsy Knight 912.506.0645

April Carroll 912.689.8700

Brittany Durrance 912.258.7591

Don’t Know What To Do Next?

We Do. Carpet & Rug Tile & Grout Hardwood Floor Upholstery • Air Duct Dryer Vent Commercial & Residential

Katie Gilmer 912.222.7754


912-638-PETS The Shops at Demere 2465 Demere Rd. Grooming Salon 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Store Hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Premier Restoration Services 143 Sky Spaces Court premierrestorationservices.com office@a1emergency.com 638.1498 Ordinary Tasks. Extraordinary Services. We’re the Team for restoring peace of mind!





MUSIC LOVERS CAME OUT TO THE ST. SIMONS LIGHTHOUSE LAWN TO ENJOY MUSIC BY MAINSTREAM BAND FOR JULY’S LITTLE LIGHT MUSIC CONCERT. This year’s season of concerts by the sea presented by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society will conclude with a show by the

Sensational Sounds of Motown on Sunday, September 4, so plan a picnic dinner and buy your tickets at coastalgeorgiahistory.org to join the fun.



Classic. Polished. Comfortable.

Please come check out our luxury lines 50 Aviator Plaza, Unit 104 (Across street from Home2 Suites) St. Simons Island 912.215.2122 • shopallieharper.com





AUGUST SAW THE LAST CRAFTS IN THE VILLAGE SHOW FOR THE SUMMER. As always, visitors from near and far took some fabulous finds that included artisan creations and gourmet goodies from the many vendors set up under the oaks in Pier Village. Crafts in the Village returns in the fall with shows September 17-18, October 8-9 and 22-23.



Clothes for when she is no longer a child, and not quite a teenager. 276 Redfern Village, Suite C / 912.265-4008 / lilliebtween.com / Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. @Lillie-B-Tween

@lilliebtween SEPTEMBER 2022


















THE JEKYLL ISLAND ART ASSOCIATION RECENTLY HELD AN OPENING RECEPTION FOR ITS AUGUST EXHIBIT “GEORGIA ON MY MIND.” Featured in the gallery at Goodyear Cottage were photos from members of the Coastal Photographers Guild straight out of their Big Photo Show and beautiful pottery by Debbie Dowdy. 1. Lisa Kent, Debbie Dowdy. 2. Rebecca and Jim Schriber. 3. Donna Erizor, Nance Manderson, Flo Hamilton, Judy Lawson. 4. Lee Dyson, Cheryl Fisher. 5. Jan Basso, Jeanne Collins. 6. Caryl Rice, Jerry Dagen. 7. Linda Shannon, Carmel Latta. 8. Heather Pitts, Ashley Walden. 9. Lucy Brous, Carol Ann Wages, Shirley Robinson. 10. Debbie Dowdy, Brandi Kennedy, Elizabeth Holladay, Hannah Roberts. 11. Joyce and Bob Wells. 12. Paige Shee, Lori Gottlieb. 13. Robert Trooper, Kay Jones. 14. Lisa Kent, Brenna Serby. 78


Music is the language of our spirit. We serve it up all week long. And we throw in the new friendships for free. SENIOR LIVING THAT ENGAGES THE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.

From the thoughtfully planned community amenities, to the vibrant engagement programs, and overall focus on exceptional service, Vitality Living Frederica Assisted Living and Memory Care residents can count on everything they need to live life to the fullest. Music and concerts … social hours … cultural outings … daily exercise … educational events and seminars.

CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE A TOUR! Now touring new one bedroom suites. 3615 Frederica Rd. / St. Simons Island / 912.295.4699 / Vitalityseniorliving.com

A S S I S T E D L I V I N G • M E M O RY C A R E



















DID YOU HEAR THE BUZZ ABOUT THE UNITED WAY SPELLING BEE(R)? This inaugural FUNdraising event for the community non-profit organization was held at Silver Bluff Brewing and brought out teams and individuals ready to show their skills. Everyone had a blast and there were even some real bees on site! 1. Brandon Murphy, Angel Morgan, JC Frank, Susan Bates. 2. Susan, Drew and Jeff Layman. 3. Karleigh Rozier, Jeremy Davis, Hope Kinsman. 4. Justin Callaway, Janelle Harvey. 5. Nancy Gregory, Tess Lewis. 6. Hayden Knowlton, Emily Been, Holly Stephens. 7. Debra Orr, Kalista Morton, Susan Shipman. 8. Ben Morris, Eli Morris. 9. Hank Stewart, Emmitt Nolan, Eliot VanOtteren, Kai Munshi. 10. Britni Adams, Claire Peterson, Copeland Starling. 11. Hannah Knittel, Stephanie Pool, Beth Knittel, Nancy Dobrenic, Katie Pool. 12. Delaney Britt, Ethan Dalton, Debbie Britt. 13. Madeleine Moore, Rachael Moore. 14. Caroline Carter, Dani Morton, Seth Starling, Sam Morton. 80


HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY! Oysters, Beer, Wine Specials: 4-6pm

Dr. Charles T. Hopkins III, D.M.D and the staff of Plantation Dental Associates.

Your smile is our business. At Plantation Dental Associates, we know the value of a healthy, happy smile. That’s why we keep abreast of the latest restorative and cosmetic techniques — to provide you with the level of care you have come to know for the dental health you deserve.

P L A N TAT ION DE N TA L AS S O C IAT E S General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry

300 Main Street, Suite 101 | St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522 | 912-638-9001 w w w .plan t at io n de n t alssi.c o m

Open Monday-Thursday 4 -10 p.m. Serving Lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 228 Redfern Village, 912.634.6228

SPORTSWEAR 0-16 and 0X-3X ACCESSORIES • GIFTS • SHOES 1616 Frederica Rd • 912- 638-3995 Monday - Saturday 10-5 maggiesssi.com





THE COTTAGE CUSTARD + COFFEE AT THE KING AND PRINCE BEACH & GOLF RESORT RECENTLY HOSTED A SPECIAL STORYTELLING SOIREE featuring special guest and author Grace Gore Sturdivant reading The Princess & The Crab, and special reader Gaines Sturdivant III with “A Waffle Can Change the World.” Attendees were treated to complimentary frozen custard in mini waffle cones, crowns, bubble wands and more.



Creating Bespoke Kitchens & Bathrooms By Appointment 8 Market Street, St. Simons Island | www.simmerandsoak.com Deborah Scannell

Interior Design by Laurie Watson-MBPeyer Designs

La Belle Furs established in 1919 as a fur repair company in Orlando, FL. Being a 4th generation company, we are making even greater strides in revolutionizing quality, and customer satisfaction. We restyle old furs and make them wearable family keepsakes.

ReStyle Your Fur at Evelyne Talman 3301 Frederica Rd., St. Simons Island | 912.638.3470 Alteration, repairs, storage & cleaning also available. Sign up at www.restyleyourfur.com. Contact Restyle Your Fur to sign up for the next trunk show September 12th and 13th, 10a-5p at 407.341.4740 www.restyleyourfur.com SEPTEMBER 2022


















GOLDEN ISLES VETERANS VILLAGE OFFICIALLY KICKED OFF ITS FUNDRAISING DRIVE WITH A RECENT DINNER AT HALYARDS. The evening included a four-course dinner and cocktails, live and silent auctions, and an address by Brigadier General Daniel Kaufman. For more information on how you can give to support our veterans in need, visit goldenislesveteransvillage.org. 1. Doc St. Clair, Lorene Reid, Cece Patterson. 2. Jim and Fran Kielt. 3. Mike and Nancy Muldowney, Joyce Ledingham. 4. Cynthia Alexander, Bill Robinson. 5. Bonnie and Daryl Rabert. 6. WWII veterans Bob Lynch, Bill Rueckel. 7. Lindy Schoch, Wally Schieferdecker. 8. Brigadier General Daniel Kaufman, Megan Hostler. 9. USMC Ret. General Robert and Meredith Magnus. 10. Glenn and Wendy Cook. 11. Jay and Jeannine Torbert. 12. Dutch and Megan Hostler, Michael Robinson. 13. Alan and Marlee Price. 14. James Vivenzio, Paul Schwartz. 84






912. 63 8.770 0

Shop Where You See the Purple Door The Premier Island Boutique for Swim & Resort Wear


- Best Antiques Elegant Island Living Readers Choice Award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019



cket Sho ri p

(912) 638-1216 102 Redfern Village • 912.638.6262

Located Between Redfern Village and St. Simons Drugs. Follow us on Instagram! @lcwantiques and @mcintoshcottage SEPTEMBER 2022




THE FIRST FRIDAY IN AUGUST IN HISTORIC DOWNTOWN BRUNSWICK WAS HOPPIN’! LIVE MUSIC BY SQUIRT GUN ATTRACTED A CROWD IN JEKYLL SQUARE. Folks also had the opportunity to check out a photography exhibit and presentation by Paul Meacham from his book Abandoned Coastal Georgia at SoGlo Gallery and the Glynn County Art Teacher’s exhibit at The Historic Ritz Theatre. There’s always something happening downtown!



THANK YOU! The entire Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria staff would like to say thank you to all of the educators and support staff who are leading the efforts to educate the next generation. All of your hard work, dedication, selfless service does not go unrecognized. “We look forward to seeing you at the dinner table for good food with great service anytime.”

SAL CENICOLA’S LEGACY LIVES ON AT SAL’S NEIGHBORHOOD PIZZERIA Monday: closed Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday: 4:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Friday & Saturday: 11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. For special events and catering inquiries please email salsneighborhoodpizzeria@gmail.com 3415 Frederica Road, St. Simons Island, GA • 912.268.2328 SEPTEMBER 2022














THE COASTAL GEORGIA ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION OF ALPHA DELTA PI SORORITY RECENTLY HELD ITS ANNUAL FOUNDERS’ DAY LUNCHEON AT SEA ISLAND’S RETREAT CLUBHOUSE. Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest secret society for college women founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia on May 15, 1851. Ceremony was conducted by Claire Jorgensen, outgoing president, and new officers were installed by Susan Swicord Mathews. New members designated by *. 1. Row 1: Lasse Gamage, Rose Ann Williams, Harriett Claxton, Martha Armstrong, Claire Jorgensen; Row 2: Pam Scruggs, Dee Davis*, Beverly Nash, Geri Mullis, Kristin McKnight; Row 3: Sally Stroud*, Taylor Haley, Judy Scarlett*, Nancy Claxton*, Susan Pope, Marie Dennard, Susan Mathews, Lee Dillard, Pat Wehunt (Not pictured: Melinda White*, Anne Aspinwall, Catherine McCrary). 2. Harriet Claxton with the Alpha Delta Pi songbook. 3. New officers Pam Scruggs, Martha Armstrong, Taylor Haley. 4. Susan Matthews, Harriett Claxton, Nancy Claxton. 5. Pat Wehunt, Lee Dillard, Beverly Nash, Marie Dennard. 6. Geri Mullis, Taylor Haley, Kristin McKnight. 7. Martha Armstrong, Marie Dennard, Claire Jorgensen. 8. Outgoing president Claire Jorgensen. 9. New members Melinda White, Nancy Claxton, Sally Stroud, Judy Scarlett, Dee Davis. 10. New president Taylor Haley. 88



26 Market Street Monday - Saturday 10 - 5 912 - 638 - 9888 CLOTHING | JEWELRY | ACCESSORIES | SHOES Shop our entire store at PlantersExchange.com



Vacation Rentals and PRoPeRty ManageMent Call Now! 800.634.1667

Thinking About Hiring a Property Manager? Real Escapes Properties Needs your Vacation Rental! For details, give us a call... we’d love to talk with you! Our Current Demand Exceeds Our Available Inventory. Call a name you can Trust. Years in the business have earned an established client base through a high percentage of repeat and referral business. All Properties are Professionally Managed with our Personal touch.


Red dog Retreat • 5BR/3Ba Pool • Walk to Village

Blue Pelican • 3BR/2Ba Mid-island • convenient to so much

Barnes Plantation 506 • 2BR/2Ba community Pool

Beachview 913• 3BR/4.5Ba Forever ocean Views

low country • 3BR/2.5Ba Pool • Hampton River Views

1052 Village oaks lane • 3BR/3.5Ba Walk to Village

Bella Vita • 4BR/3Ba Pool • Walk to Beach

Wailea cottage • 4BR/3.5Ba east Beach • Walk to Beach

499 Baisden lane • 3BR/2Ba Between Beach and Village

406 Ocean Blvd. Saint Simons Island, GA | RealEscapesProperties.com

217 Sea Island Lake Cottages Dr. Sea Island Lake Cottages Nestled into the edge of the marsh, this six bedroom, six bath townhome, with 5,262 square feet, in Sea Island Lake Cottages is a delightful surprise. Quintessential Mizner style architecture with vaulted and rough-hewn beamed ceilings, skip dash walls, Petraia cotta tile, limestone, cast stone, round top doors and windows. The inviting marsh side Sunroom porch is screened and has a Viking gas grill. There is also a Rec Room, workshop, deep 2-car garage - all climate controlled. The neighborhood pool facility and bike path to Sea Island are attractive features in this gated community offering application rights to the Sea Island Club. Lake Cottages: One of the Island's best kept secrets. Unfurnished: $2,895,000; Fully furnished: $3,150,000.

Cottage 438, W. Sixteenth St. Sea Island Six bedrooms in all (4 in the main house plus 2 in the Guest House by the pool), Cottage 438 on 16th Street is a terrific casual beach cottage for family and friends. Light, airy and cheerful, the open Kitchen/Dining and high-ceilinged Living Room offer pools views with expansive decking. The 522 square foot Bonus Room is another space waiting for fun to happen. The ground floor Master Bedroom has a fireplace and its own den and sun deck. The separate Guest House also has a fully equipped Kitchen, Dining area and Living Room. Good looking stucco home with slate roof. Good beach access and convenient location for the Beach Club, Spa and Cloister. $4,750,000

Cottage 115, W. Twenty Fourth St. Sea Island The handsome features of this stucco home catch and hold the eye from first glance. Directly on the marsh on 24th Street and perfectly placed between mature Live oaks providing the broadest viewshed imaginable. This is a home built for love of family when family and guests return home but also lives comfortably for two. Ground floor Master Bedroom with adjoining gym and separate sitting room. Great room (20' ceiling) with fireplace, Kitchen and Breakfast Nook and the Living Room/Den all offer marsh views. Separate Dining Room for the special occasions. Upstairs are four bedrooms and four baths, a marsh side office of 789 sf (converted from a playroom). 36'x 18' pool with its own bath is perfectly placed between palm and oak trees with generous tabby decking surrounded by lush lawn. Dock rights are available. 3-car garage and ample storage. $8,250,000

Cottage 485, E. Thirty First Street Sea Island Ocean front: Sea Island. The beach and golf brought this family here, but Sea Island became so much more. The personal palettes that went into the creation of Cottage 485 include family, love, books, art, conversation, communication, the environment, fun, education and history. In a word, this cottage is welcoming. You'll notice this when you step into the foyer. Atlantic Ocean vistas catch the eye through the beamed, high ceiling Living room. The Great room has coffered beamed ceilings and leads out to an oceanside screened porch. The ground level Master bedroom has two full baths plus a den/office. The second floor has five bedrooms, all en-suite, ocean front porch plus family room and balcony. An additional laundry room is on this level. Architect John Shackleford's touches are on display throughout the home with brilliant uses of heart pine, stone, high ceilings and wall designs. Now it's your opportunity! $14,950,000



Nancy Phelan

Teri Moore

Karen Mumford







912 - 638 - 1144 www.GaCoastRealty.com

158 St Andrews Drive Charming 5BR, 4BA ranch style home recently remodeled, from the wood floors to the roof. Master suite features a large bath with double vanities, Travertine flooring, and an amazing shower. The kitchen features granite countertops, top of the line appliances, including a wine cooler, skylights, and beautiful birch cabinetry. Large yard. Abundant privacy. $1,490,000

1300 Downing Street, #477 Gorgeous ocean views in this 4th floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in the King and Prince historic resort! Overlooking one of the three outdoor swimming pools and just a short walk to the beach. $1,125,000

150 Ledbetter Ave NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Twostory, 4BR, 3.5BA. Primary suite on the main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood closet shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $868,500

159 Rice Mill Beautiful home located on the King and Prince Golf Course. This 3BR, 2.5 BA home has a gorgeous winding staircase in the front foyer. Hwd floors in the downstairs living space and custom built-ins on either side of the gas fireplace.The living room has several French doors opening up to the covered back porch overlooking the gorgeous backyard with ample privacy. $765,000

127 Arthur J Moore Beautiful and privately situated home offers a calm and peaceful experience. This 3BR, 2.5BA home boasts picturesque western marsh views from all of the windows along the back of the house. Open and airy living space with high ceilings. An upper and lower deck on the back of the house offer space to enjoy the outdoors and view the sunsets.

267 St Andrews, Island Club Gorgeous 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath home with POOL in the desirable St Simons Island Club! Split floorplan on first floor with large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Custom chef’s kitchen, reclaimed hardwood floors, upstairs large bonus room, and media room. Outdoor grilling area, porch with fireplace, and large pool with slide. Sea Island membership available.

1300 Downing Street, #478 Gorgeous ocean views in this 4th floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in the King and Prince historic resort! Overlooking one of the three outdoor swimming pools and just a short walk to the beach. $1,175,000

New Construction - Oyster Grove - mid-island location. 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2 story home with an open floor plan including a study and the primary bedroom on the main floor. Located upstairs are the 3 guest bedrooms and a flex space. www.oystergrove.com

New Construction - Oyster Grove - mid-island location. This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home has the primary bedroom on the main floor, open floor plan and screened back porch. Upstairs are the 3 guest bedrooms, flex space, and a covered porch. www.oystergrove.com

Desireé Varnedoe

Emily Wages

Sarah Broyles

Elizabeth Smith

Freddy Stroud

Proper ty Manager

Rental Division

Rental Agent

Mar keting Coordinator

Broker, CRS, GRI







East Beach - 7 Coast Cottage Coastal gem steps away from the best beach on the island. 4BR, 4.5BA. Sleeps 8.

2101 Bruce Drive, East Beach - 3BR, 2.5BA. Spacious one-level home w/ large pool and multiple areas for entertaining. Sleeps 8.

King & Prince - St. Simons Island King and Prince ocean view villas. Call today to check availability!

409 Beach Dr. - Sunny Showers Cottage Centrally located 3BR, 2BA island cottage that is within walking distance of restaurants and beach access. Sleeps 10.

East Beach - Sixteenth St. 5BR, 5.5BA. Breathtaking ocean views. Amazing outdoor kitchen and private pool. Sleeps 10.

St. Simons Island - Ocean Rd Amazing 5BR, 5.5BA family friendly marshfront home w/ pool. Short walk to beach. Sleeps 14.

Available Homesites 11 Saint Lawrence Court Brunswick, $20,000

Lot 7 Mission Drive Tolomato Island - $69,000

17 Saint Lawrence Court Brunswick, $20,000

Lots 10 and 11 Waverly Lane White Oak, $16,000 each

19 Saint Lawrence Court Brunswick, $20,000

www.GaCoastRealty.com 105 Main Street

Plantation Village

• 912 - 638 - 1144 St. Simons Island, GA

Betsy Polhill 912.269.1690

Bradley Randall 912.270.8556

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Top Producing Agent Kelli Osteen 912.270.2505

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1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com

23 Carriage Drive | St. Simons

107 Mews Circle | St. Simons

221 Medinah | St. Simons

7BR, 6BA, 2HBAs, Amazing home. 9.4 acres. $3,275,000. Phoebe Hoaster. 912-270-5730.

5BR, 3 full/2 half BA, 1 Blk from Village $1,400,000. Margaret Anne Proctor. 912-222-6629.

3BR, 3.5BA. Beautiful Home on 11th Fairway $1,399,900. Marcia & Rick Irwin. 678-361-8835.

108 Wall Street | St. Simons

153 Southern Oaks Ln | St. Simons

118 Simonton Way | St. Simons

4BR, 3.5BA. Lovely, Like-New home. Gated. $750,000. Phoebe Hoaster. 912-270-5730.

4BR, 3BA. Corner Lot on cul-de-sac. $674,000. Cynthia Brown. 662-694-9235.

4BR, 3.5BA. Spacious & recently updated. $635,500. Colleen Martin. 912-297-8638.

200 Salt Air Dr #116 | St. Simons

1403 Reserve Court | St. Simons

297 Moss Oak Circle | St. Simons

3BR, 2.5BA. Prime Location, near Village. $574,900. Janice Morgan. 912-580-1833..

3BR, 2.5BA. Immaculately Maintained. Mid Isl. $520,000. Call Any Signature Agent.

2BR, 2BA. Great Investment Opportunity. $549,000. Phoebe Hoaster. 912-270-5730.

109 Hudson Trail | Brunswick

231 Wellington Place | Brunswick

929 Wimbledon Dr | St. Simons

4BR, 2BA. Gated, Quiet Community. $375,000. Marcia Irwin. 678-361-8835

3BR, 2BA. Move-in Ready Home. $330,000. Ken 223-1918. Christina 399-2267.

1BR, 2BA. End Unit Mid-Island Condo. $279,900. Kay Love. 912-230-3253.

1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com

Vacation Rentals Shannon Stafford 912.638.5843 Accommodation Excise Tax Cert #111768

Property Management & Rentals SignatureRentalSSI.com

1704 Bruce Drive | East Beach

316 Sea Marsh | St. Simons

4319 Seventh Street | East Beach

5BR, 5.5BA. SEAesta Beach House. Sleeps 16.

2BR, 2BA. Sea Palms

3BR, 2.5BA. Sleeps 10.

2502 #2 Isl. Retreat | St. Simons

St Simons Grand 318 | St. Simons

Ocean Walk J10 | St. Simons

2BR, 2BA Ground Floor

4BR, 3BA. Top Floor.

2BR, 2BA. Second Floor Unit.

1440 Ocean Blvd 311 | St. Simons

Ocean Walk M8 | St. Simons

Beach Club 435 | St. Simons

2BR, 2BA. Direct Oceanfront.

3BR, 2.5BA Townhouse

2BR, 2BA. Partial Ocean View.

114 Floyd St. | St. Simons

Demere Landing 138 | St. Simons

413 Palmetto | St. Simons

3BR, 2BA. Steps to pier/Village.

4BR, 3.5BA. Multi-level Condo.

2BR, 1BA House

1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com

Phoebe Hoaster Cell: 912-270-5730 PhoebeHoaster@gmail.com www.PhoebeHoaster.com

23 Carriage Drive, Butler Plantation

Serenity and tranquility wash over you as you arrive at this serene and secluded 9.5± acre property down a quiet, forested drive. Impressive 2-story foyer with gracious living room & 20+ foot ceilings with a cast limestone fireplace and three sets of French doors leading onto the terrace and pool. Gourmet chef’s kitchen with gorgeous cabinetry, refrigerator, freezer, double ovens, two dishwashers, & Thermador downdraft cooktop. Butler's pantry with wet bar. Master bedroom includes a sitting area with a fireplace, double bath/closets. There’s even a theatre for movie nights! There is a full-sized guest apartment w/2 BRs, 2 BAs, a LR with fireplace, full kitchen, dining area, private deck, & garage! This is a rare opportunity to own YOUR PRIVATE PARADISE! Total 7 BRs, 6 BAs, 2 half baths. All 7 HVAC units were incrementally replaced in 2018, 2019, 2020. Water heater replaced in 2021. Total of 3 garages. $3,275,000

108 Wall Street, West Point Gated neighborhood on St. Simons in the historic Christ Church and Fort Frederica area, complete with lakes for fishing, sidewalks, a neighborhood pool. Just around the corner from award-winning Oglethorpe Point Elementary School. This home is super clean! 4BR, 3BA, 3,715SF. Master on the main w/whirlpool bath, two closets & two vanities. All hardwoods on the main level. 3BR, 2BA upstairs. Many closets for storage. Great room with vaulted ceiling & built-ins, shutters throughout. Kitchen with white cabinets and stainless appliances are top of the line! Laundry room, separate dining room, open foyer, study/office w/ french doors for privacy, beautiful open staircase with lighting, exquisite crown molding, covered back porch with Bahama shutters and curtain for privacy. Two car garage. $750,000

297 Moss Oak Circle, Sea Palms Great investment opportunity! A perfect chance to own a totally renovated and completely furnished turnkey unit. Beautifully and completely remodeled condo – ALL NEW EVERYTHING! – with an open living area, dining, kitchen (all new appliances), 2 spacious bedrooms & 2 new tile baths. Split bedroom plan for maximized privacy. Sleeps 7, fully furnished and freshly painted. New HVAC system installed in 2020. Views of the lagoon and golf course from every room. $549,000

1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com

Zaida Clay harris

Katy harris

GrI, CrS Associate Broker


Managing Partner

Cell: 912-223-3496

Cell: 912-258-1089




JUST LISTED! 124 SImonTon Way



er C ontra c

d Sol




156 ToWnShIp BLUff CIrCLE


Beautiful island home. 4BR, 3BA, & pool! Pri- 4BR, 3BA island home with pool, spa, firepit Never Rented! This 3BR, 2.5BA island townmary and 2 guest rooms downstairs. 4th bed- and dog house w/ AC! Primary + 2 guest bed- home has a 1 car garage & backs up to the room & bath up. $750,000 rooms downstairs. 4th BR & BA up. $649,900 Retreat golf course. Great for full-time living or rental. $520,000


er C



1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com


108 Cascades • $2,295,000 • St Simons Island Club 5Br | 6Ba | pool | Lagoon | Golf Course Views

Love Where Uou Live!

This beautiful Mediterranean home has a wonderful floor plan, 14 ft ceilings in the entry hall, dining room and piano room, then 10 ft throughout the rest of the home, with substantial crown molding, 8 ft solid doors and all the bells and whistles for comfortable living in luxurious accommodations.

mary Jo prater Cell: 912-223-2283 maryjoprater@gmail.com

1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com


Cynthia Brown

tanya Stipe

aBr, Gri, mrP, SrS


Million Dollar Producer

Cell: 912-222-5436

Cell: 662-694-9235



153 Southern oakS Lane St. SimonS iSLand This 4BR, 3BA corner-lot home on the cul-de-sac in Southern Oaks is a must see! Living/dining combination with a gorgeous two story entry. Family room and eat-in kitchen with cabinets galore and a large island. Guest bedroom, currently being used as an office, with bath access rounds outs the main floor. Upstairs has two additional guest bedrooms with a shared bath and a huge primary bedroom with private ensuite and a large walk-in closet with built-ins. A large landing adds additional flexible living space for a sitting area, game room, and or workout space. A tankless water heater, under cabinet lighting, 2 car garage, perfectly manicured lawn and a large screened in back porch complete this beautiful home. $674,000 1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com




Listed by Susan Imhoff

Listed by Ann Harrell - Sold by Catherine McCrary

SOLD FOR $8,100,000

SOLD FOR $3,750,000

One of the South’s most magnificent private estates, Cottage 441-Sea Island stands apart as an architectural masterpiece.

The rustic warmth of a classic island cottage meets the luxe refinement of a five-star hotel in this sprawling Hawkins Island residence built by Kyle Anderson.



Listed by Micki Carter

Listed by Nadia Johnson

SOLD for $1,950,000

SOLD for $1,575,000

Marsh front views, classic East Beach cottage charm, modern-day function, and an unbeatable location just a short distance to the beach.

Breathtaking penthouse villa with ocean views offering luxury resort living at its best.

DeLoachSIR.com | 912.638.0406 | 2901 Frederica Rd | St. Simons Island, GA ©2022 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.



Listed by Larry Delaney

Listed by Chandra Kendall

SOLD for $2,495,000

SOLD for $1,170,000

A posh island estate that once hosted a US president completely redesigned and updated by the seller and designer, Lori Cook.

Enveloped by lush natural splendor and preserved green space, this renovated enclave is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.



Listed by Georgia Bailey Usry

Listed by Adair Allen

SOLD for $1,750,000

SOLD for $1,380,000

An incredible lakefront coastal oasis located on one of the most sought-after streets on St. Simons Island and previously featured on HGTV's Dream Home Makeover.

A newly constructed beach cottage with exceptional architectural details and close to St. Simons Village and Sea Island Lodge.

Real Estate Sold by Real Experts




Saint Simons Island

Saint Simons Island

Saint Simons Island

3 br | 2 ba | Updated | $690,000

5 br | 4 ba, 1 hba | 4,500SF | $975,000

OCEAN VIEW LOT | $1,700,000

South End beach bungalow walking distance to the beach and the village.

Exceptional curb appeal in a convenient island location. Open great room w/ fireplace.

.14 acre lot. Can be developed with two luxury villas or a single family villa.

SOLD OR UNDER CONTRACT 110 Davison Lane, Hawkins Island, SSI 1702 Niles Ave, Brunswick 1706 Niles Ave, Brunswick 10 Marina Dr, 214, The Waterfront, SSI 12 Fountain Cove, SSI 114 Dodge Road, SSI



Saint Simons Island, Frederica

Saint Simons Island

LAKE FRONT LOT | $595,000


Expansive lake views on a beautiful 2.43 acre home site. With +- 475 ft. of lake frontage, oak canopy and old growth magnolias, this lot is a must see!

Marshfront lot in gated subdivision. Lot 5 is 1.2 acre. Survey is available.

25 Trice Lane, Stillwater, SSI 46 Southerland Lane, SSI

228 WEST 28TH STREET Sea Island 4 br | 5 ba, 1 hba | 6,510SF | $5,300,000 Ed Cheshire designed residence designed to bring the outside in. Magnificient gardens and large windows. Seperate 3br, 3ba guest cottage. Sea Island application rights available.

308 HAWKINS ISLAND DRIVE Saint Simons Island 6 br | 6 ba, 3 hba | 6477SF | $3,950,000 Marshfront. Renovated in 2017-2018. Carefully designed home with outstanding architectural details. Fabulous sunrise views! Sea Island application rights available.

LITTLE RACCOON KEY Private Island, Coastal Georgia 40 Acre Island | $895,000 10-min boat ride from neighboring Jekyll Island. An unspoiled and peaceful paradise. Currently thriving as an award-winning Glamping destination featuring a fully furnished glamping camp. Business can be conveyed with sale.

JOY WRIGHT 912-230-0134 joydonwright@gmail.com

7 SAINT ANDREWS COURT - 7 Saint Andrews Court in Riverfront Plaza located directly on the waterfront is available for lease and owner would consider a sale. This terrific 3,960 SF building in historic downtown Brunswick is perfect for a professional office location and has potential for upstairs living which is permitted in the association documents. Property has beautiful views of the water at the rear from the windows or the rear deck. Call Don Wright, (912) 222-0133.



912-638-4740 119 MaRIna DR ST. SIMOnS ISlanD, Ga 31522

60 RIVER VIEW CT - This fabulous deep-water lot with a sea wall has spectacular views and is perfect to build your dream home. Located in desirable gated Sanctuary Cove which has a deep-water community dock, fire pit area, pool, clubhouse, tennis, and the Fred Couples Signature golf course. Right next to the community dock, pool and clubhouse, and is one of the largest and most beautiful lots in Sanctuary Cove. The community is located inside Camden County close to Brunswick and the Golden Isles.

Each office is independently owned and operated


leebaxter@kw.com I love what I do and it shows. Licensed for 35 years. Serving St Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island Brunswick, and Darien. Four Generations of Family in The Golden Isles

Rhett’s Hill • 705 Fort King George • Darien, Georgia 2.98 +/- Acres overlooking Marsh & Darien River w/ 150 +/Acres of Kings Grant Marshland. Half a Mile to Downtown Darien. 1950’s era home. 4BR, 2BA, 2,791 SF. Garage and Breezeway. Pool & Bath House. Would Make a Great Mini Estate or Bed and Breakfast. Listed for $889,000.

207 Marina Drive • St Simons Island, Georgia Wonderful Opportunity!! Commercial Condo at Morning Star Marina. This second floor unit is owner occupied - no leases to deal with. Use it or lease it. Essentially 2 offices, conference area & welcome area all in one. Work hard, play hard in one location. Conveniently located to St Simons or Brunswick. Easy to show. $239,000

318 Maple Street • St. Simons Island PRICED TO SELL! 3BR, 2BA Island home. The first level a double garage, storage, flex space, kitchenette and bath. The second level is the main living level with living, dining, kitchen, screened porch, laundry room, primary bedroom & bath. The third level has 2 bedrooms with spacious bath. Patio, outside shower. Deeded easement. Sold "as is" and needs a new roof as pricing reflects. LOTS of potential. $399,000

122 ISLAND PROFESSIONAL PARK | SSI, GA 31522 | 912.434.6477

LET uS hELP yOu PLAn yOur nExT VACATIOn Lilmar Properties is proud to offer visitors to St. Simons the highest quality and largest variety of vacation properties on the Island. We have been helping our guests make lasting vacation memories for over 15 years! Visit our website: LilmarVacations.com or contact us today to book your next vacation. Experience the Lilmar Difference! - Adam & Beth Witt - Owners, Lilmar Properties

Property Management Discover your property’s true potential. Contact us today to learn more. Accommodation Excise Tax Cert #126820

Welcome to Crystal Cottage! Get ready for the ultimate vacation experience in this uniquely designed beach sanctuary located just steps away from the beautiful beaches of St. Simons! Beautifully remodeled with an exceptionally laid out floor plan to create the perfect space for large gatherings of friends and family for a true St.Simons retreat experience. This 5 bed/5.5 bath features an open living room with dining space for everyone, covered porches on each level, wrap-around heated pool, poolside lounge area, wood burning fire pit, and so much more! Book your stay here with us today!


912.771.8099 or info@lilmarproperties.com


A Legendary Storm in the Golden Isles: The Hurricane of 1898


e are halfway through hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30. Residents are hoping that the Golden Isles will be spared a major storm in 2022. Fortunately, sophisticated forecasting models and warning systems provide advanced notice as a storm approaches. In 1898, the Federal government established the first hurricane warning network, but it could not prepare Coastal Georgia residents for one of the most destructive storms of the 19th century. The Hurricane of 1898 formed in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean in late September and moved along a northwestern path toward the United States. By Sunday, October 2, it was a major storm, later classified as Category 4. Making landfall at Cumberland Island, the accompanying “tidal

wave” produced a 16-foot surge as it hit the coast of Georgia. The residents of Brunswick endured hours of torrential rain and high winds. The streets became rivers, and the townspeople frantically sought refuge in the sturdiest buildings, fearing their homes would collapse as water surged in and trees fell. According to the Savannah Morning News (October 4), “one to two hundred thousand feet of lumber and cross ties and hundreds of barrels of naval stores” were swept off city docks, while numerous boats were blown ashore. The tidal wave swept across St. Simons Island. In a letter to

his sister, Horace Gould, who rode out the storm in his Black Banks residence, wrote, “The dining room windows all burst in and the water [was] up to my waist … . The piazza was going up and down like a bucking horse and the waves were striking the sides … like a battering ram. When the water began to thump against the floor of the parlor, I feared we would have to get on the roof as the safest place in case the walls fell.” In late afternoon, when the wind subsided, Gould ventured out and found wrecked buildings, numerous fallen trees, and dead animals, both wild and domestic. At the beachfront, he observed that “all the pretty cottages,

bath houses, etc., are piled in one inextricable mass next to the woods.” The flooding in Brunswick was captured in a number of photographs, now preserved in the Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives. The image shown here is a view of Newcastle Street, with the recently built City Hall on the left. An 1898 newspaper described the event, saying, “The whole town was a solid sheet of water. The mules from McCrary’s Livery Stable were taken to the Baptist Church to save them from being drowned – and they promptly showed their gratitude by eating all available hymn books.”

Coastal Georgia Historical Society presents this article and images from our archives as part of our mission “to connect people to Coastal Georgia’s dynamic history.” The Society operates the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse Museum and the World War II Home Front Museum, housed in the Historic Coast Guard Station at East Beach. To learn more about the Society, its museums, diverse programs, and membership, please visit coastalgeorgiahistory.org. 114