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Looking Ahead Not Back


t’s hard to believe that last year’s March issue was the last B.C. issue. By “B.C.,” I mean before Covid. When we shipped the March issue off to the printer in mid February, we had no idea our way of life would be so drastically altered. Amazingly though, our community held strong throughout the various lockdowns and we are finally seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel.” So many of our restaurants, resorts and retail businesses suffered months of being closed. So many of our neighbors experienced financial stress as well due to the pandemic, not to mention folks who may have lost a loved one. I know we are not totally “out of the woods” yet, but I just wanted to say how proud I am to call this place home.

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Countless times over the last 12 months I have seen neighbors helping neighbors. Business owners helping other business owners. Friends helping strangers. This community welcomed folks trying to get out of the big cities. Many of those visitors will end up being residents. That’s exactly what happened in March 1970. Glynn County was growing and in need of another dentist. My dad was graduating dental school and he and my mom came down to St. Simons Island from Kansas City, MO to check it out. They fell in love with the island and the people who call St. Simons home. And here we are still, 50+ years later! I look back over the last 50 years with fondness. And I’m looking forward with excitement to what’s ahead for us all!

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MARCH 2021




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ON THE COVER: This month we turn to sunny citrus to help us transition into Spring. We’ve squeezed lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, kumquats, and even more into our fruit-filled fiesta of a feature – hope you find it a-peel-ing!

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Frederica Academy....................11

Frederica Realty.......................... 2

Elegant Island Living is proud to present this month’s All Stars! You can find out more information about these local businesses in this issue on the page number listed.

Ace Garden Center....................... 12

Bill Duckworth Tire............................87

D&D Decorators...............85

Golden Isles Olive Oil.................... 77

Allie Harper....................... 13

Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia.....................89

Delaney’s Bistro & Bar.............. 12

Golden Isle Wellness....................28

Anderson Fine Art Gallery.......... 9

Bryan Dental Associates.................76

Diane Bailey Designs.....................83


Ansley Coastal Real Estate................63

Catch 228 Oyster Bar & Grill........................79

DiPreta Dermatology............ 81

ArtTrends Gallery.......................78


Gentlemen’s & Lady Outfitters .................42

Coastal CPAs..........................79

Dutchmans Designs.....................52

Hans Trupp Real Estate................ 75

Hospice of the Golden Isles.............52

Imber Medical.....................44

Ayla Wilson.......................80

Coastal Endodontics............. 71

Edward Jones.........................65

B&B Design & Consign..................... 13

Coastal Greenery................... 57

Evelyne Talman...................... 31

Bailey Boys...............39

Coastal Nights Lighting.....................70

Fancy Q..................... 77

Island Ace Hardware.................. 77

Barbara Jean’s Restaurant................64

The Corwon Family Fund............ 116

Flanagan Development...........79

Joseph Jewelers..................... 5


Indigo & Cotton................... 14

Land Design Associates.................89

Palmer’s Village Café.............. 71

Restoration Imports.....................47

Southeast Georgia Health System........ 115

Legacy Charters....................28

The Patio Store.......................... 73

Ronne’s on Market Street...........10

Strachan Carriage House........29

Peggy Everett.......................69

St. Simons Drug Co....................39

Pet Exchange..................85

St. Simons Land Trust.................66

Lighthouse Financial Advisors.................... 71

Lily OB/GYN....................62

Taylor House Interiors...................... 4 Pierce & Parker Interiors....................39

Little’s Custom Blinds & Shutters................. 81

Low Country Walk Antiques & Accessories.............. 14

Maggie’s Boutique...................85

Marsh’s Edge............................ 7

Millican Eye Center................ 73

Sugar Marsh Cottage Specialty Confections............. 77

Plantation Dental Associates.................89

Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria.....................85 Thrive at Frederica................... 15 Sanctuary Golf............................38 Tibi Outlet........................ 18

Planters Exchange..................65

PrimeSouth Bank............................ 6

Sea Island Properties.................94 Whatley Pediatric Dentistry...................53

ServiceMaster by A1.......................... 73

Pulse Fitness SSI.............................. 72

Signature Properties Group.......................... 8

Residents Understood..............44

South Coast Bank..........................83

Wild & Personal Boutique................... 74

Yates Astro Termite & Pest Control...................... 73

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MARCH 2021




hen Life gives You Lemons…

This month we’re showcasing citrus. Sunny and packed with nutrients, these fragrant fruits are just what we need to transition us into the brighter days of Spring. They’re at their peak from November until April and this is the season when we need Vitamin C most to help boost our immunity and fight off winter doldrums and fatigue. We embrace citrus in our diets, our home décor, our cleaning regimes, our wardrobe colors, and even our art. Whether you enjoy the tart tang of lemons or savor the sweetness of a juicy orange, the time is ripe to put a little citrus in your life.

MARCH 2021


hen Life W



Pulp ves you lemo non Fiction


oday, when you walk into the

the Mediterranean basin after

produce section of a grocery

it was introduced around 325

store, there are dozens of types

B.C. By 200 B.C. it had also

of citrus fruit from which to

started to spread to southern

choose. It’s odd to think they

Italy. Murals in Pompeii

all descended from four ancestors: the citron,

depict citron, and ancient

the pomelo, the mandarin, and the papeda.

documents demonstrate

Citrus first appeared in Asia, where the fruit

that citron was a common

was domesticated at least 3,300 years ago. In

commercial food available in

the beginning, however, the fruit was so acidic

Rome in 301 A.D. Cultivation

that it was considered inedible. Exactly when

of citron was happening

citrus transformed into fruit fit for human

throughout Sicily and the

consumption is not easy to pinpoint. Let’s

Venetian ruled Greek islands,

first look at these ancient fruits to get a better

including Corfu by the fourth

understanding of the history and evolution of

century A.D. The island was

today’s citrus.

even supplying citron to the Jews of France and Germany

CITRON is the oldest known type of citrus.

for their annual Feast of

The name “citrus” now used to describe

the Tabernacles ceremony.

this entire group of fruits is derived from

Several varieties of this first

the word “citron.” Citron seeds dating back

fruit are grown today.

more than 6,000 years ago were found in Mesopotamian

The POMELO (or pummelo)

ruins. Descriptions recorded

comes from southeast


ABOVE: Pomona, the Roman mythologcial goddess of fruitful

abundance, is said to have been a wood nymph, reigning over fruit trees, gardens, and orchards with a pruning knife. Her name comes from the Latin word pomum, meaning “fruit,” specifically orchard fruit.

by botanists who accompanied

Asia, where it grows wild. It may have been

The new fruit was named after him and, in

Alexander the Great on his

an aboriginal introduction to Fiji and was

some areas, it is still known as shaddock. It

campaigns tell us that

naturalized there. It is commonly cultivated

spread from there to Jamaica and Puerto

citron was being cultivated

in the islands of French Polynesia. In the

Rico. Pomelo never became fully established

last century B.C. the fruit was introduced

in the west, growing mainly as a curiosity

to southern China. It appeared in the

item in private gardens in Florida, the

Caribbean and South America in the late 17th

Caribbean Islands and Mexico. Hybrids of this

century when an English sea captain named

fruit and a local variety of sweet orange were


Shaddock stopped at Barbados in the West

found around 1720 on the island and later


Indies, on his way home from the Pacific.

became known as grapefruit. First attempts

Thinking the climate was appropriate for

at commercial production of the pomelo

growth, he left pomelo seeds on the island

outside Asia were made at the beginning of

where they flourished and produced fruit.

the 1900s in California and Florida.

in Persia and the Middle East at that time. It was adopted into Jewish religious ritual and became




MARCH 2021




hen Life W



ves you lemo

PAPEDAS are a group of acid

imported a mandarin from

in the mandarin class, including

the Roman Forum. Sour oranges,

wild citrus types growing in the

China and planted it at the

clementines, tangerines, tangelos,

limes and grapefruit arrived in

monsoon region and parts of

Consulate in New Orleans. Of

and tangors. There are more

the Mediterranean during the

Japan and China and are really

course, like all other citrus in the

than 300 commercially grown

tenth century with the Muslim

a subgenus of the citrus species.

United States, it made its way

varieties of mandarin in the world

expansion. It wasn’t until the

An inedible fruit, papedas belong

to Florida and then California

and, due to the appeal of their

late 1400s that the sweet orange

to the oldest and most primitive

where temperatures are better

easy-peeling, seedless, flavorful

(a hybrid between pomelo and

known citrus types and are

for growth. After the Owari

fruit, they are also the fastest

mandarin) was introduced

significant for the contribution of

Satsuma arrived from Japan

growing sector of the citrus

to Europe from the Far East,

their genes to many well-known

in 1878, nearly a million trees

industry. The mandarin also

through trade routes established

citrus fruits, including various

were planted in the Gulf States

played a significant role in the

by Italian and Portuguese

kinds of limes.

between 1908 and 1911. Another

evolution of sweet citrus fruit, as

merchants. Portuguese explorer

variety, the King Mandarin, was

a base fruit for many hybrids, like

Vasco de Gamma recorded in

MANDARINS have been grown

sent from Saigon to California in

the sweet orange.

1498 that there was an abundance

in China and Japan since the 16th

1882. In the late 1800s, two fruits

century, but they were the last

of the Ponkan variety were sent

Now that we’ve introduced

sweet-tasting fruit. The new

of the important citrus fruits to

from China to Florida, and the

their ancestors, we can turn to

sweet “Portugal orange” caused

make it to Europe, arriving as

distribution of those seedlings

the citrus fruit we know more

a dramatic surge in citrus

late as the early 19th century.

led to commercial propagation.

commonly today. The first

planting in Europe and changed

lemons (a hybrid of citron and

the dynamics of citrus fruit

In 1805, two varieties of the

of orange trees in India bearing

Mandarin oranges were brought

Mandarin with its hybrids and

sour orange) appeared in Rome

importance in the world. The last

into England from Canton. From

relatives form the largest group

around the first century A.D.

to arrive on the European and

England, they were introduced

of citrus fruit. The number

from early remains

into the Mediterranean region.

of commercially important

found in

By 1850, the fruit was well-

mandarin varieties is almost

established in Italy. Around that

equivalent to the number of all

same time, the Italian Consul

other citrus types combined.

American citrus scene were mandarins and grapefruit.

Classification of mandarins OPPOSITE PAGE: Citrus was coveted by the elite classes for its intense fragrance and medicinal properties. Citrus oils are commonly used in candles, potpourri, and household cleaners. This Tangelo blend is a signature scent available at Dutchmans Designs, located at 505 Beachview Drive. Their Sweet Lime products are also popular.

is complicated, with some types, including satsumas, forming species of their own, but many other mandarin types and their hybrids are still lumped together

MARCH 2021


hen Life W



ves you lemo

The origin of the LEMON is unknown, though


it is believed to have come from somewhere in

that made

India. There are early reports of it in southern

its way to

Italy and in the third century A.D. and in Iraq


and Egypt sometime around 700 A.D. Facts


do firmly establish that it was grown in Sicily

countries, then

around 1000 A.D. Arab conquerors took the

to Versailles

lemon with them around the Mediterranean

and eventually to

to Spain where it has been flourishing since

America. In the

1150 A.D. When Marco Polo arrived in China

Middle Ages, in central and southern Europe,

in 1297, lemons were being grown there. In

citron and sour orange were the only known

Europe, the island of Sicily and other parts of southern Italy

citrus fruit. Up until the end of the eighteenth century, any written reference to orange

had been importing lemons

refers to the sour orange. It was used as a

for several centuries.

medicinal plant and a condiment to flavor

In 1493, Christopher Columbus

foods. The flowers were also valued for their fragrance. The crusades created interest and

introduced citrus

demand for new and exotic products, with

to Haiti, bringing

Genoa and Venice maintaining trading routes

seeds of both sour

from Italy through Palestine and Arabia

and sweet oranges,

to India for several centuries. Increasing

citron, lemon, lime,

trade with India and the Far East and the

and pomelo to be planted. The lemon spread to other islands

voyages of the explorers in the late 15th century brought many delicious discoveries, including the sweet orange.

and the continent. Literary sources establish that by 1525, the ORANGES originated as the

sour orange, which is thought to have come from India and its neighbors in China


compared to what we know today, they were used mainly as condiments. After the

beginning of the Christian era. Arabs

Portuguese started importing new varieties

A.D., and under orders of the Caliphs


and southern Spain. Inferior varieties

and Burma, reaching the Near East at the had conquered southern Spain by 711

ABOVE: Incorporating a lemon theme into your kitchen decor or on your table can brighten up the room with its sunny yellow colors. These serving pieces are just some of the lemon tableware and accessories available at St. Simons Drug Co., located at 209 Longview Plaza.

sweet orange was cultivated in Sicily, Calabria

of sweet orange directly from China in the first half of the seventeenth century, its

of Cordoba, sour orange trees were

popularity slowly spread to other parts of

planted in prominent public spaces

southern Europe. The first modern type of

in the most important towns. This

sweet orange tree was imported to Portugal

strain of sour orange that was

in 1635. By fifteen years later, it was well-

brought to Spain by Arabs is what we now call the Seville orange. Another strain of sour orange, the Bittersweet

established in France and Italy. Since the fruit was sweet and could be eaten fresh, unlike the other citrus known at the time, it

orange, was brought back by crusaders

displaced the use of the sour orange. Special

returning from the Holy Land in the twelfth

greenhouses (orangeries) built to protect the

and thirteenth centuries. It was the Bittersweet

citrus from frost became common.

MARCH 2021


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hen Life W



ves you lemo

Early Spanish explorers (probably Ponce de

West Indies via Columbus. The

the name grapefruit,

Leon) planted the first orange trees near St.

first mention of limes in European

possibly because the

Augustine, Florida in the 1500s, and historical

history is attributed to

fruit grows in clusters

records show that these citrus trees were

Sir Thomas Herbert’s

like grapes or possibly

well established by 1565 both there and in

reference to finding

because their taste

coastal South Carolina. In the 1700s, oranges

“oranges, lemons, and limes” off

was described to be

were noted as one of the many types of fruit

Mozambique in the mid-1600s. These

like unripe grapes.

trees grown by Spanish missions, according

limes, commonly used in most of the

Frenchman Odet

to horticultural documents. In the late 1800s,

world, are what we call Key Limes.

Philippe is generally

after the Civil War, commercial production of

The large green seedless limes you

credited with bringing

oranges in the United States began in earnest

find at the grocery store are Persian

thanks to the development of the railroad

or Tahiti Limes, a thicker-skinned, more

which allowed citrus growers to ship their

disease resistant hybrid developed in the early

products across the country. Large-scale

twentieth century.

the grapefruit to Florida in the 1820s. Until the latter part of the century, most farmers dismissed grapefruit as inedible.

commercial cultivation of lemons began in

The first grapefruit nursery was established

Florida and California in the early days of the

The origin of GRAPEFRUIT is particularly

in Florida around 1870. The first shipment of

19th century as well.

muddled. It is believed to have first appeared

grapefruit to New York and Philadelphia in

on Barbados, but it’s uncertain whether it

1885 generated the needed interest to help

LIMES are closely related to lemons, and are

was a horticultural accident or a deliberate

launch the commercial grapefruit industry.

native to Southeast Asia, likely originating in

hybridization (probably between pomelo and

By 1910, grapefruit was being grown in

Indonesia or Malaysia. They too made their

orange) which gave birth to the grapefruit.

Texas, Arizona, and California. Sweeter pink

way to the eastern Mediterranean with the

The fruit, which was the size of an orange

grapefruit, Ruby Reds, and other varieties

Arabs, and to the western Mediterranean, with

then, may have also been called the “forbidden

were developed from there, and by the 1940s

returning Crusaders, and eventually to the

fruit” and “shaddock,” but later was given

grapefruit was a household favorite.


O W N 6 Bedrooms: HEATED




1 6

Private Pool



MARCH 2021


hen Life W



Citrus ves you lemo Tree TLC by M i s t y J o h n s , V i ce P re s i d e n t , C o a s t a l G re e n e r y , I n c .


etting enough Vitamin C these

sure what espaliering is? Not to worry, we will

harvest during winter and early spring. The

days is big on everyone’s “To Do

talk about that later.

best time to prune a citrus tree is after a

List.” Planting citrus trees to give you instant access to Vitamin C

harvest but before the tree has buds growing. Pruning your citrus tree is important to

is ideal. There is nothing hard or mysterious

maintaining its health and wellbeing. Pruning

How you feed and water a citrus tree is the

about planting and maintaining citrus trees. To

involves removing dead, unhealthy, or poorly

last factor in understanding how to keep a

keep citrus trees healthy and well you

positioned foliage. The purpose for

citrus tree healthy. Citrus trees do not like

simply need to understand the

pruning is to allow for air circulation,

“wet feet. They need good soil drainage

three main considerations for a citrus tree: planting, pruning, and food.

light saturation, increase blossom and fruit quality, tree manageability,

One important

and the

where the soil is moist and not soggy. Newly planted Meyer lemon trees need to be watered deeply once a week, but older Meyer lemon trees need deeper watering every two weeks. Along with water, nutrients made



especially for citrus trees are important.

for the

of growing

Citrus trees are most ravenous from the

health of

space. If you

time they bloom until they produce fruit.

a citrus tree is

have limited

Feed a young tree once every one to two

the location it is

space, you

months during the growing season and once

planted. Citrus trees

can prune

every two to three months during dormancy.

like a warm climate, so plant the tree where it will get at least five hours of sunlight a day. You also want to plan for the growth of the tree. A mature Mandarin tree can reach up to 25 feet and a Kumquat tree

and train your

Fertilizing can be achieved through the

citrus tree to

leaves or through the ground depending on

grow along a trellis and or up a wall,

the type of citrus tree.

which is otherwise known as espaliering. The time of year

You do not have to be an expert to grow

to prune is determined by

citrus trees! Considering these three

can grow up to 6 feet wide. If space

the harvest of the fruit. For

important provisions required by citrus

is limited, plant Dwarf citrus trees in

example, a Valencia orange

trees will help take the stress out of caring

large pots. Dwarf citrus trees will grow

ripens from March into October,

for your trees and will promote nutritious

to about half the size of regular citrus

but a Tangerine is ready to

and tasty fruit for years to come.

trees, but the size and taste of the fruit will not be altered. If you find that you do not have the space for the width of a citrus

COASTAL GREENERY, INC. has been providing professional landscape maintenance and management

tree, you can always espalier your tree. Not

services for commercial, industrial, county and city, historic, and residential properties in the Golden Isles since 1994. They customize each client’s landscape program to suit their property and budget requirements. Visit coastalgreenery.com or call 912.261.8171 to schedule a consultation.





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March 18th, 19th

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& 20th

10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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hen Life W



ves you lemo

pucker up!


hat would we do without lemons? These tart yellow juicy bits of sunshine have been brightening our lives since ancient times.

We twist them into our water and sweet tea almost without thinking. We use cleaners, candles, and diffusers with their fragrance to make our homes smell fresh and clean. Here on the coast where seafood is plentiful, they’re always on hand to flavor our fish and spritz over the Wild Georgia shrimp in our Low Country boils. And is a summer picnic even a picnic without lemon bars or a lemon pound cake? We embrace happy lemon color tones in our home décor and in our wardrobe, especially as we move into spring. Outside the home, we’re lucky enough to live in a region where lemons fare well and can be planted in the yard or grown in containers on sun porches. So what’s the difference between an ordinary lemon and a Meyer lemon? When people talk about “regular” lemons, they are generally referring to Eureka or Lisbon lemons, the two most common lemon varieties found in the produce section of your local grocery store. The fruit

Citrus always makes for an attractive subject in a still life. Jar of Lemons by Loren DiBenedetto and other fine art by this artist as well as many others are available at Anderson Fine Art Gallery, located at 3309 Frederica Rd. You can see a catalog of artists and selected works at andersonfineartgallery.com

MARCH 2021


is easily recognized by their large size, thick, textured, bright, sunny skin, and medium yellow pulp. These lemons are highly acidic,

hen Life W

meaning they have a tang and sour taste that makes your mouth pucker. Regular lemons are available year-round, because the trees

lemons are grown commercially, whereas the Meyer lemon remains a local grown specialty if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm, sunny climate like the Golden Isles. Meyer lemons were first introduced to the United States from China in the early 20th century by USDA plant explorer Frank Meyer, from whom they also got their name. He discovered the plant growing as a dooryard tree in Beijing, China in 1908. This sweet winter citrus is thought to be a lemon-mandarin or a lemon-orange hybrid. The trees produce medium sized, practically seedless, almost sweet, juicy lemons. Meyer lemons have a rounder shape than regular lemons, with smoother, thin, deep yellow to orange skin, and dark yellow to pinkish pulp (depending on soil and climate). They are less acidic and lack the tang of regular lemons. Their rinds give off a more herbal, spicy citrus scent and taste. The fruit can be eaten raw, and is often used for flavoring, in making juices, and desserts. It makes excellent lemonade! Although they tolerate cold well, the Meyer lemon has a soft thin skin that doesn’t tolerate transportation well. For this reason it’s not used for commercial production, industrial use, or food processing. If you’re not growing your own or have a generous friend or neighbor with a tree or two, you may occasionally find the fruit in a local farmers’ market. More seasonal than regular lemons, you’re most likely to find them between December and May. They thrive in Southern gardens and as ornamental container pots if given a sunny spot to grow and protected from hard freezes. 34


ves you lemo


although some seasons yield more fruit. These


have no season and can bear fruit all year,


ot only does lemon taste good, it’s good for you! The vitamins, fiber, and plant compounds in lemons provide essential health

benefits. The pulp, rind, and juice are rich with vitamins that stimulate immunity and reduce the risk of disease. The soluble dietary fiber in lemon also aids in healthy digestion. Lemon and other fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient that strengthens the immune system and keeps your skin smooth and elastic. Lemons contain about 31 grams of Vitamin C, which is nearly double the amount of Vitamin C needed in your daily diet.

The pectin fiber found

Citrus fruits are also a rich source for other

in lemons expands once

vitamins and minerals that your body needs

it is ingested, making you feel full sooner and

to function properly, including B vitamins,

longer. Although lemon water is often touted

potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and

as an effective tool in weight loss and weight

copper. Additionally, they are rich in plant

management, results in humans have not been

compounds that have various health benefits,

proven. Simply drinking water may keep you

other citrus fruits, can lower the risk of

including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

full and help you avoid snacking as effectively

stones by raising the levels of citrate in urine.

effects. These compounds include over 60

as lemon water, although maybe the taste of

Drinking citrus juices and eating citrus fruits

varieties of flavonoids, carotenoids and

lemon water induces you to drink more of it.

can provide a natural alternative to potassium

essential oils, and are responsible for many of citrus fruit’s health benefits.

citrate supplements. Lemon can also help your body absorb more iron from plant-based foods in your diet.

Studies have suggested that citrus fruits may

Along with boosting immunity, this burst of

Maintaining proper iron levels is important

protect against several types of cancer. These

Vitamin C lemons provide can reduce the

to help prevent anemia. A lower than average

fruits contain numerous plant compounds,

risk of stroke and heart disease with regular

number of red blood cells is often the result

including flavonoids that act as antioxidants

consumption. Additionally, soluble dietary

of iron-deficiency. Lemons can help prevent

and may block the expression of certain genes

fiber, which lemons have in abundance, has

the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones

that are responsible for some degenerative

been proven to reduce risk factors for heart

are painful mineral crystals that can form

diseases, including cancer. Citrus fruits may

disease by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol.

when your urine is very concentrated or

also help suppress cancers, blocking the

A surplus of cholesterol can lead to

has higher-than-normal amounts of stone-

formation of new cancers and rendering

atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries

forming minerals. Low levels of citrate in

carcinogens inactive. Grab a glass of lemonade

within the heart.

urine can cause kidney stones. Lemons and

and drink to your health.

MARCH 2021



ere are a few simple recipes

the mixture over the chicken;


leaving a couple of tablespoons

Cook pasta according to package

to re-apply while roasting. Cover

directions, drain and set aside.

Family Picnic Lemon Bars

chicken with plastic wrap and

Add butter to large skillet and heat


refrigerate for at least 2 hours up to

on medium-high until melted.

overnight. Preheat oven to 400°F.

Stir in minced garlic to sautée.

Slice one Meyer lemon and place

Add shrimp, season with salt and

slices on top of chicken. Squeeze

pepper, and cook for about 2 to

juice from remaining lemon all over

3 minutes total, flipping shrimp

chicken and top with a few sprigs

once while cooking. Shrimp will be

of rosemary. Roast chicken 40-45

done when it just turns pink and is

minutes until internal temperature

cooked through. Don’t overcook!

reaches 165°F. Remove chicken

Add lemon juice, lemon zest, and

Meyer Lemon Dijon Chicken

1 c. unsalted butter, cold, cut in small pieces ½ c. sugar 2 c. flour FOR LEMON LAYER:

1½ c. sugar ¼ c. flour 4 eggs

from pan and serve with sides of

2 lemons – to make approx. ¾ cup juice

your choice.

zest from lemons, very finely chopped

that highlight the zesty

appeal of both varieties of lemon.



Lemon Garlic Shrimp and Pasta

In a food processor, blend together butter, sugar, and flour. Press evenly into bottom of a greased and parchment paper


lined 9×13” baking pan. Bake for 20

1 whole chicken, cut into parts

½ lb. (8 oz.) angel hair pasta, cooked according to package directions

minutes at 350°F (325°F if you are

4 Meyer lemons

½ c. unsalted butter

1 c. Dijon Mustard

2 cloves garlic, finely minced

edges. For lemon topping, whisk

2 Tbsp. chopped fresh rosemary, plus a few whole sprigs

1 lb. large Wild Georgia shrimp, peeled, de-veined

together sugar, flour, eggs, zest and

1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

½ tsp. salt

stir briefly to combine. Turn heat

Allow topping to sit for approx. 10

2 Tbsp. olive oil

½ tsp. pepper

to low, add cooked pasta to skillet

minutes before whisking again and

Salt and pepper to taste

¼ c. lemon juice

with shrimp, and toss to coat.

pouring over baked shortbread

1 tsp. lemon zest

Season as needed and serve.

base. Bake at 350°F for 20-25



using glass pan). Top edges should be just starting to brown at the

lemon juice until sugar is dissolved.

In a large bowl, mix together

minutes or until top is slightly

Dijon mustard, juice, and zest

browned and custard appears to

from two Meyer lemons,

be set. Cool completely. Sprinkle

chopped rosemary, pepper

with powdered sugar when cool.

flakes, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Whisk until well combined. Place chicken in

OPPOSITE PAGE: “Spritz Me, Baby,

a 9x13” baking dish. Brush

One More Thyme.” This refreshing lemony cocktail being served up by Calli McPherson and the friendly crew at Tramici combines Caravella limoncello, Tanqueray gin, Prosecco, and thyme-infused simple syrup. Cheers! LEFT: Add some sunny citrus to your cocktail hour by loading this fun lemon tray with drinks made using Stirrings Simple Lemon Drop Cocktail Mix, and a dish of Cici’s Handmade Lemon Cookies and Key Lime Coolers from Byrd’s Cookie Company. You can find these treats at The Market at Sea Island, 351 Sea Island Road.



MARCH 2021


For the Love of Limoncello


n excellent way to make good

You’ll also require clean glass bottles

cups of white sugar in 2½ cups of water,

use of the bounty of prolific

with stoppers or tops to store or gift it.

heating until sugar dissolves completely.

Meyer lemon trees is to make limoncello. In case you’re

Set the syrup aside to cool. At the end of 4 The first step is to infuse the vodka.

weeks, remove peels from the vodka with a

unfamiliar with it, limoncello is a sweet

Using a veggie peeler, lightly peel the

strainer and discard. The infused alcohol

liqueur made by Italians from the oil essence

skin from the lemons. Avoid digging

will be a bright lemony yellow. Filter

of skins from the lemons grown abundantly

too deep and peeling the white

in the Mediterranean regions. Homemade

pith under the skin, try to get

limoncello is everywhere in Italy, as very few

only the outer lemon

people buy it from a store. Italian restaurants

skin. Add vodka

usually make their own and often serve guests

to the lemon

a complimentary limoncello after a delicious

skins in a glass

meal, as a digestivo, something to sip while


the cooled simple

your meal digests. Here in the states, a bottle

Cover with

syrup. Mixture

can be pricey, so if you have fresh lemons,


make your own!

wrap or

by pouring through a cheeseclothlined sieve into another large glass container. Strain once or twice to remove smaller bits of lemon. Combine the infused vodka with

will turn slightly cloudy. Transfer

an airtight lid,

into smaller bottles,

You’ll only need a few simple ingredients: a 750

and let sit in a cool

ml. bottle of vodka (an inexpensive, non-potato

place for at least 4 weeks. The longer

brand like Smirnoff is good), 16 fresh lemons,

it steeps, the better it will taste, so it’s worth

the freezer. It can be enjoyed sipped in small

preferably organic, and granulated white sugar.

the wait! Make simple syrup by dissolving 1½

cups or used in martinis and spritzers.

if desired. The finished limoncello will keep for a year or more in

LOCATED IN THE BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN ISLES, this Love Golf Design/Fred Couples Signature course, is truly a unique and captivating semiprivate golf facility. By working with the natural features of the land, Couples has created a layout that is both challenging and fun, and one that golfers will never tire of playing. After your round, have a seat at the bar or visit our dining room for a complete dining experience. Live music & dinner specials on Friday nights! “Sanctuary Golf Club has the best collection of par 3s of any course that I have played.” – Fred Couples



2050 Sanctuary Wynd | Waverly | 912.466.0080 | SanctuaryGolf.club





91 2. 638.7 700

3413 FREDERICA RD • ST SIMONS ISLAND • 638-3641 www.pierceandparkerinteriors.com

MARCH 2021




hen Life W



So ves you lemo SUBlime

Time to break down the facts about limes.


his citrus fruit is one

the Keys, until a 1926

we rarely eat raw,

hurricane notoriously

but use in drinks,

wiped out virtually all

for flavoring and

of the citrus groves.

fragrance, and in

The growers replaced

cooking and baking.

the Key lime trees

What we here in

with Persian lime trees

the U.S. think of as “regular” limes, are

because they are easier

actually Persian limes or Tahitian limes.

to grow, more resistant

Ironically, they’re actually much less common

to disease, easier to pick

worldwide than our “native” Key lime, which

because they have no thorns,

is also known as the Mexican lime or West

and thanks to their much thicker

Indian lime. Although they’re smaller, Key

skin, easier and more economical to

limes are actually known for having a bolder,

ship. There are still many Key Lime trees

slightly herbal-floral aroma and they pack

throughout the Florida Keys in backyards,

especially when you consider yield (not a

much more of an acidic punch than their

however, commercial production is only on a

lot) versus the cost (sometimes up to two or

Persian brethren. Their skin is a more yellow

very small scale. They do seem to be making

three times more than a Persian lime). To get

green, the rind is more leathery, and inside,

a slight comeback as a Florida crop in recent

a half cup of lime juice, you’d need to squeeze

there are significantly more seeds.

years though. Most (more than 90%) of the

three Persian limes. Using Key limes, it takes

Key limes found in grocery stores today are

almost 20! Of course if you live in the Keys or

Sadly, we have sacrificed flavor for

grown in Mexico and Central America. They

are otherwise a Key Lime pie aficionado, only

convenience and appearance. Key limes were

are also grown in Texas and California, where

the limes grown in the Keys are acceptable to

grown commercially in southern Florida and

they are known as Mexican limes.

be called, and used as, Key limes.

If you’re using them for a recipe, the main difference is the amount of work involved. There’s no denying that Key limes require a lot more of it,

MARCH 2021


hen Life W




ves you lemo

A Lime Grows in Georgia

illiam Bartram

an agreeable acid juice.” The

as Ogeechee tupelo, white

discovered the

tree requires a very moist site

tupelo, bee tupelo, and sour

Ogeechee lime

and is distributed along the

tupelo gum. You’re probably

tree, Nyssa Ogeche, growing

borders of rivers, swamps,

familiar with a product

near the Ogeechee River in

and ponds. In the Spring, white

closely associated with

Georgia in the late 1700s. He

flowers appear on the tree. The

the tree: Tupelo honey.

wrote, “no tree exhibits a more

fruit it bears are small and red

Pure Tupelo honey is a high

desirable appears than this, in

and look almost like dates, but

quality table grade honey

the autumn, when the fruit is

are about the size and shape

with a light amber gold color,

ripe” and the fruit “containing

of a pecan. The tree is striking

delicious flavor, and delicate

with profuse clusters of this red

distinctive taste. It has also been

fruit hanging off its branches

memorialized in song by Van

from August until late autumn,

Morrison. Although not in fact a

William Bartram, Naturalist

long after they

citrus, the tree’s fruit is used as

are ripe and the

a substitute for limes and other

think it a delicacy and reportedly

leaves have fallen.

sour citrus. It is an ingredient in

congregate around the trees to

marmalade, sauces, and drinks.

snatch up the falling fruit. So this

Deer, squirrels, raccoons,

Georgian “lime” is still a honey

it’s not part of the citrus

opossums, otters, and bear also

of a tree regardless of its lack of

family at all. It’s also known

enjoy eating the fruit. Ducks

citrus pedigree.

Despite this native tree’s name,

Your Southern Tide Headquarters 6 0 0 S E A I S L A N D R D • S T. S I M O N S I S L A N D , G A • 9 1 2 . 6 3 4 .1 5 2 1 GENTLEMENS_LADY_OUTFITTERS Check out our new and improved website at GentlemensAndLadyOutfitters.net



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Imber Medical Anti-Aging and Aesthetics THIS IS THE YEAR TO IMAGINE, IMPROVE & IMPRESS!

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Slice of ves you lemo the Party steak. Place steak in a 9x11” dish. Pour

sheet with a large piece of foil (or

half of the marinade over steak and

2 long pieces of foil overlapping

reserve second half for cooking

each other lengthways if salmon

the peppers. Cover with aluminum

is wide). In a small saucepan, melt

foil or plastic wrap. Marinate in

butter over low-medium heat. Add

refrigerator for 2 - 3 hours. Remove

honey, garlic and lime juice, and

30 minutes before cooking. Heat a

whisk until the honey has melted

large heavy-bottomed skillet over medium heat. Once heated, add two tsp. oil and swirl to coat. Add steak to pan, cook for four minutes

Chili Lime Steak Fajitas MARINADE:

3 Tbsp. olive oil Juice of 3 limes

Honey Lime Salmon

combined. Place salmon onto lined baking sheet. Pour honey-


lime mixture evenly over salmon.

on each side. Remove steak from

1/3 c. unsalted butter

Sprinkle with salt (about 2 tsp.),

pan and let rest for 10 minutes

¼ c. Tupelo honey

pepper, and 2 Tbsp. of parsley. Fold

before slicing. Drain excess liquid from skillet. Pour in remaining oil. Add bell peppers and onion and toss to lightly coat. Pour in remaining marinade and stir. Continue cooking until peppers are desired doneness.

4 large cloves garlic, crushed 2 limes, juiced 2½ lbs. side of salmon Salt and pepper to taste Lime slices

Slice steak against the grain into ¼”

¼ c. fresh chopped parsley, divided

2 tsp. brown sugar

thick slices. Serve steak, peppers


¾ tsp. red chili flakes

and onions in warmed tortillas with

Position rack in the middle of the

¾ tsp. cumin

guacamole, pico de gallo, sour

oven. Preheat to 375°F. Line baking

1½ tsp. fine sea salt

cream, shredded cheese and any

½ tsp. onion powder

other favorite toppings. Pair with a

½ tsp. paprika

margarita, of course!

3 large cloves garlic (diced)

through butter and mixture is well

sides of foil up around salmon to keep sauce under fish. Bake until cooked through (about 15-18 min.). Then, set oven to broil for 2-3 min. to caramelize the top. Garnish with parsley and serve immediately with fresh lime slices.

¼ c. cilantro, freshly chopped FAJITAS:

1½ lbs. skirt steak

RIGHT: If you’re looking for a slice of Key

1 Tbsp. oil (divided)

Lime pie, you don’t need to go all the way

3 bell peppers (green, yellow & red, stemmed, seeded, cut into ¼” thick strips)

to The Keys. Palmer’s Village Café is

1 medium onion (cut into ¼” thick strips)

sets Chef J.B.’s apart

Small tortillas

sugar-crisp brûlée


chantilly cream. The

Add all marinade ingredients to

combination adds just the right

a small bowl. Stir to combine. Set

amount of sweetness to the tart bite

aside. Wash and thoroughly dry

of lime. Save room or grab a slice to go!

well-known for its version of this island dessert. What from the rest is its top with a dollop of

MARCH 2021





1 c. powdered sugar 1 tsp. Key lime juice 2 Tbsp.water 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract Zest of 1 Key lime PREPARATION:

Preheat oven to 350°F. In large mixing bowl, combine butter and cream cheese until light and fluffy. Mix in sugar, then gradually add eggs 1 to 2 at a time, beating on low until combined.

Mariachi Muddle INGREDIENTS:

4 oz. limoncello 3 oz. tequila blanco 2 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice 1 oz. Tupelo honey 3 oz. club soda 8 mint leaves 2 Tbsp. sugar (to rim the glass) Ice

Mix in lime juice, then flour. Fold in lime zest.


Grease a bundt pan and pour in cake batter. Bake

In a cocktail shaker, muddle 6 mint leaves. Add

until a toothpick inserted in the center comes

ice, limoncello, tequila, honey, and lime juice.

Key Lime Pound Cake

out mostly clean, 70 to 73 minutes. Let cool for

Shake to mix spirits. Rub rims of two glasses

15 minutes. Whisk together powdered sugar,

with one of the squeezed limes and dip in

lime juice, water and vanilla. (If too thick, add

sugar. Strain into two sugar-rimmed glasses


extra water, one tsp. at a time.) Pour over cooled

filled with ice. Top with club soda and stir lightly.

3 sticks butter, softened

pound cake, top with lime zest and serve.

Garnish with mint and serve.

8 oz. cream cheese 3 c. sugar 5 large eggs 3 tbsp. Key lime juice 3 c. flour Zest of 1 Key lime


f you’re looking for an alternative to the classic lime and tequila cocktail, the margarita, here’s an almost mojito-like

cocktail that takes advantage of our limoncello, Tupelo honey, and fresh squeezed limes.

WE CAN’T DISCUSS LIMES without mentioning margaritas. After all, it is the combination of, lime juice, orange liqueur and tequila that make this one of the most popular citrus cocktails. LaPlancha only uses fresh squeezed juice for their margaritas and other cocktails. In addition to the classic version (seen on opposite page), they also make a tasty Sunshine ’Rita with orange. For grapefruit lovers, there’s always the Salty Chihuahua. If you happen to see the manager Tanner Rogers or his team, make sure you let them know that EIL sent you their way!

MARCH 2021


Squeeze the Day


o now we know where

his 50 acres of “perfect cultivation” in

oranges originated and how

the midst of the Live oaks.

they got to Florida, but let’s take a closer look at how

Cannon’s Point Scottish owner

they arrived in the Golden Isles. Shortly

John Couper was one of the leading

after the Spanish founded St. Augustine

agriculturists in the world and a

in 1565, they established missions in

fantastically successful planter. Not only

Georgia’s barrier islands, including on

was Cannon’s Point a well-established

the south end of St. Simons. It is likely

cotton plantation, but its gardens were

during this time that oranges trees

known for growing virtually every kind of

were introduced on St. Simons Island,

flower, plant, and tree that could survive

because Francis Moore described “a

in our coastal environment. The property

tall and thorny orange tree full of fruit”

had groves of lemons and oranges,

when he recorded the English arrival

date palms imported from Persia, and

on St. Simons in his diary. When Fort

olive trees imported from Marseilles

Frederica was garrisoned, it became

at the suggestion of President Thomas

one of the most important towns in

Jefferson. Eventually the property fell into

the colony. An account of the town

ruin and it is now a preserve under the

at that time describes the streets as

protection of the St. Simons Land Trust.

being “regularly laid out and margined with orange trees.” You can still see

There was also Orange Grove, south

Seville orange trees bearing fruit on

of Frederica on Dunbar Creek, which

the grounds at Fort Frederica National

was property granted to John Terry,

Monument today.

silversmith and recorder of Frederica. He “planted hundreds of orange trees

Outside of Frederica, but in the nearby

and called his plantation Orange Grove.”

vicinity, colonists established farms and

After passing through ownership by

plantations on land they were granted.

several influential early island families,

One of these early plantations was

the Bruces, the Abbotts, and Fendigs,

Orange Hall, General James Oglethorpe’s

the historic tract became part of the

only home in America. It was recorded

property known as Sea Palms. Major

to be a small English style raised cottage

Wright Road, Abbott Lane, and Terry

surrounded by a grove of orange trees.

Creek all were named to commemorate

Figs and grapes were also flourishing on

these Orange Grove inhabitants.

Fresh Picked, another gorgeous painting by Loren DiBenedetto from Anderson Fine Art Gallery, perfectly captures the ripe anticipation of peeling into a sweet and juicy orange picked right off the tree. This would add a lovely pop of color to your walls. 48


MARCH 2021





nlike lemons and limes, sweet oranges are perfect to peel and eat

just as they are. Navel oranges and other seedless varieties are generally preferred for this. If you’re squeezing for juice, Valencia oranges are a better choice. Some more exotic options are the sweet Cara Cara with its pinkish flesh, the distinctive red

ABOVE: For delicious fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice to start your day plus offerings like sausage gravy over

Blood Orange, and the large Sumo

fresh baked biscuits, pancakes, or Benedict Oscar, drop by Halyards for breakfast Wednesday-Sunday. If you’d like to

tangerine-orange hybrid. These

“enhance” your juice, J.J. Mincey and the team would be happy to pour you a mimosa or this Grapefruit Mango Bellini

three are excellent in salads. Sour

made with Ruby Red grapefruit juice, mango purée, and champagne.

Seville oranges are delicious in marmalade, and as flavoring in


cocktails and salad dressings.

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Wash

Sunny Spinach Salad INGREDIENTS:

½ c. chopped walnuts 2 medium oranges 1 medium beet

and dry beet, cut into wedges.

Orange Teriyaki Pork

Place beet wedges on tin foil


and drizzle with olive oil. Wrap

For sauce:

and bake in oven for 45 minutes

1 Tbsp. sesame oil

or until tender. Spread walnuts

2 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar

on baking sheet and toast until

¼ c. soy sauce

fragrant and lightly colored, 5 to

1 tsp. orange zest

6 minutes. Set aside until cooled

¼ c. fresh squeezed orange juice

set aside. To a large skillet, add 1

slightly. Cut peels from oranges,

2 tsp. granulated sugar

tablespoon oil, pork slices, season

leaving no white pith. Holding

1 tsp. light brown sugar, packed

with salt and pepper to taste, and

¼ tsp. ground ginger

cook over medium-high heat for

2 garlic cloves, pressed or finely minced

about 2 to 3 minutes on each side

them over a small bowl, segment oranges, catching any juices. In a large bowl, combine the spinach and orange segments. In a small


bowl, combine oil, vinegar, salt,

1 to 1¼ lbs. boneless pork tenderloin, cut crosswise into approx. 12 thin slices

or until done. Cook in batches if skillet can’t hold all the pork at once, adding additional oil if

8 oz. baby spinach

pepper, sugar, and 2 Tbsp. of

5 Tbsp. olive oil

reserved orange juice. Whisk

1 Tbsp. sesame oil

2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

to combine. Taste, and adjust

salt and pepper, to taste

¼ tsp. salt, plus more to taste

seasoning if necessary. Drizzle

1 Tbsp. sesame seeds, toasted

1/8 tsp. freshly ground black pepper, plus more to taste

dressing over salad, tossing to coat it evenly. Add goat cheese, onions,

3-4 green onions, trimmed and cut diagonally on the bias into ¼” pieces

1/8 tsp sugar

beets, chopped walnuts, and dried

orange slices for garnish

3 oz. soft, mild goat cheese, crumbled

cherries, and toss gently to combine.


Evenly sprinkle with sesame seeds,

¼ c. red onions, sliced thin

Season with salt and pepper, if

In medium bowl, add all sauce

top with green onions and orange

½ c. dried cherries

desired, and serve immediately.

ingredients and whisk to combine;

slices, then serve.

necessary. Remove cooked pork from skillet; set aside. Add sauce mixture to skillet and bring to a boil over medium heat. Cook for about 3 to 5 minutes or until mixture reduces slightly. Return pork to skillet and turn to coat with all sides.

MARCH 2021


In-Home Services Available to Help You Put it all Together

505 Beachview Drive • St. Simons Island • In the Village 9 1 2 . 6 3 4 . 2 7 6 4 • w w w. d u t c h m a n s d e s i g n s . c o m



hen Life W



A Sip of ves you lemo Nostalgia


good many adults over age 30 have fond memories of a frosty,

Just Like a Julius INGREDIENTS:

frothy orange drink known as

1 c. milk (2% or whole)

the Orange Julius. According

2 tsp. vanilla extract

to pop culture lore, the birthplace of this cool,

6 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate

creamy drink was an orange juice stand,

½ c. granulated sugar

opened in Los Angeles in the mid-1920s by

1½ c. ice cubes

Julius Freed. As the tale goes, its name came


from people in line for the citrus concoction

Pour milk, sugar, and vanilla in a

shouting, “Give me an Orange, Julius!” Dairy

blender and pulse until combined.

Queen now has the corner on the market for this refreshing treat, and it’s not quite the same as the original version made with the intent

Add frozen orange juice concentrate. Blend until fully combined. Add

of promoting fresh orange juice. Still, just the

ice cubes and blend

name can conjure images of sunny afternoons

until ice is crushed and mixture is thick and

with friends and summer weekend fun. This

frothy. (If mixture is too thick, add water one

may be a bit of a cheat, with frozen concentrate,

tablespoon at a time, mixing after each addition

Alternate variations: substitute frozen

until it’s the desired consistency.) Pour into

lemonade or 6-8 oz. of frozen pineapple or

glasses and serve with a straw.

frozen strawberries for frozen orange juice.

but it tastes like Saturday at the mall.

Complete Dental Care for Infants, Children and Teens. – NO REFERRAL NECESSARY – We take the time to attend to each child’s individual needs. Certified, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry 2487 Demere Rd., Suite 300 St. Simons Island, GA 912-638-9302

Happily Providing Children’s Dental Care for Glynn and Surrounding Counties for 25 Years!


MARCH 2021




hen Life W



Keep It ves you lemo Zesty


e’ve been touting all the

air dry in an area with low humidity. Once

to sugar-water and let simmer for 15 minutes.

ways to eat, drink, cook

dry, transfer to a jar or other small airtight

Remove peels with a slotted spoon, dust

and bake with your

container and store in a cool, dark place. It will

with more sugar and let air dry on a baking

oranges, lemons, and

keep for a long time, but will lose its potency

sheet lined with parchment paper or dry in a

other citrus fruit, but here are some additional

after a few months. You can use dried zest for

dehydrator. Once completely dry, transfer to

ways to use and preserve your fruit.

fresh zest in any recipe that calls for it or add it

an airtight container and store in a cool, dry

to homemade bathroom cleaner.

place for up to 3 months.

citrus fruits and store in the fridge for up



to two weeks or in the freezer for several

CLEANER. Take fresh citrus peels and

oil can be used to make body products or to

months. If freezing, pour fresh-squeezed

put them in a quart-sized mason jar and

add flavor to homemade salad dressings. To

juice into ice cube trays and, once frozen,

completely cover with white vinegar. Let sit for

make, place dried citrus peels in a jar and

transfer to freezer bags. If refrigerating, use

six weeks, then strain the vinegar into a bottle

cover with oil. Place in a cool, dark place and let

airtight bottles or jars. (You can freeze fruit

and discard the peels. Store in a cool, dark

sit for 4-6 weeks or longer. Strain and store in

whole to be thawed and juiced later too!)

place. Dilute with an equal amount of water

an airtight bottle.


and transfer to a spray bottle when ready to DRY THE PEELS. Dried peels can be used

use. Use on countertops, floors, sinks, tubs and

FIRE IT UP! A few peels thrown in with fire

in many ways, from making tea to bath and

toilets and other hard surfaces. Do not use on

kindling makes for an especially fragrant fire!

body products. Use organic citrus and wash

marble as vinegar can stain it.

This works best if peels are dried for a day or

well before use (same for zest). Whenever you

two beforehand. Collect the peels in a bowl and

peel your citrus fruit to use the flesh, save the

CANDY THE PEELS. Zest citrus peel into

peels by breaking them up into smaller pieces

large chunks using a peeler or a

and drying them for later use.You can air dry

pairing knife. Put one cup of

the peels, use a dehydrator, or bake them on

peels into a pot and cover

the lowest setting in your oven. Once dried,

with water. Bring water

transfer peels to a jar or container and store in

to a boil and then

a cool, dark, dry place.

reduce heat.

leave them out in the open or on top of a heater.

Simmer for SAVE THE ZEST. Grate or thinly peel the

10 minutes.

outer layer of the peel of the citrus fruit with a

Drain and

fine grater, paring knife or a vegetable peeler,

repeat the

avoiding the bitter, white pith. Use the zest

process two

fresh or dry it to use later. To dry, spread in

more times. Heat

a thin layer over a baking tray and leave to

½ c. sugar with ¼ c. water until boiling. Add peel

MARCH 2021



Peel The Love

andarins are a class of

Clementines (often marketed in the U.S. as

makes it an especially popular snack when

citrus that includes a large

“Cuties” or “Sweeties”) are very small seedless

harvested in the fall. Their skin is loosely

group of loose-skinned,

oranges that are like tangerines in their honey-

attached to the fruit making them extremely

deeply colored, and highly

like sweet flavor. Their compact size makes

easy to peel. Clementines and satsumas are

flavorful fruits. It covers mandarin oranges,

them best eaten out of hand, but they are

often marketed and sold interchangeably, but

satsumas, tangerines, and tangerine hybrids.

delicious in salads and when used in desserts.

you can spot the difference easily because

The terms mandarin and tangerine are used

The tight, shiny orange skins also make them

clementines have tight peels and satsumas

interchangeably for many of these fruits,

beautiful for display and creating casual,

have loose peels.

depending upon where they are grown.

edible centerpieces.

Satsumas grow extremely well in Georgia. The

Tangelos are the product of super-sweet

tree has fruit that ripen early, will withstand

Mandarin oranges are a small and sweet

tangerines that have been crossbred with

colder temperatures, thus requiring less cold

tangerine variety. They do have some seeds,

either pomelos or grapefruit. The result is a

protection, and produce more consistent

which makes them a bit less desirable for

sweet, easy-to-peel treat that has the color

crops over a longer period of time. Tangerines,

snacking than seedless clementines. It is also

of a tangerine, but a more mild sweetness.

especially Clementines, also have great success

a popular canned fruit, sold packed in juice.

You can tell a tangelo from an orange by the

here. Unlike other types of citrus, cross-

Slices are often used in salads.

pollination is required for optimum fruiting of a number of tangerine varieties and hybrids.

top that gives the The satsuma is a tangerine

fruit its nickname,

that is considered


Tangerines are smaller than oranges with

a variety of small

bright orange skins and slightly looser peels.

mandarin oranges. It

They are great for eating raw and adding to

originally hails from

salads. You can also juice tangerines for a

Japan, where its status

slightly sweeter and brighter take on classic

as one of the sweetest

orange juice, making it a nice option for

(and conveniently

cocktails too.

seedless) citrus fruits



telltale “knob” at the

The kumquat is the smallest commercially available variety of orange. A relatively common find here in south coastal Georgia, this olive-sized orange fruit, native to Southeast Asia is something of a contradiction.


nlike oranges and most other citrus fruits, however, you can eat an entire kumquat, peel and all, and it’s the skin that is the sweetest part of the fruit, while the flesh packs a tart punch. The kumquat’s

flavor is distinctly citrusy. While the fruit is slightly sweet, its overwhelming flavor is sour and tangy. It’s unknown how long the fruit has been cultivated, but the earliest known reference to kumquats appeared in twelfth century China. Though it has been a staple for centuries in Southeast Asian countries, the kumquat wasn’t brought to Europe until the mid-1800s. By 1850, it was being cultivated in North America. The English name “kumquat” comes from a Cantonese word meaning “golden orange” or “golden tangerine.” While the kumquat tree can survive low temperatures, it produces larger and sweeter fruits in warm climates. The tree is ideal for growth here in our temperate coastal environment. Because kumquats can keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator, you will have plenty of time to try out the many ways to enjoy them. The kumquat’s sweet-yet-sour flavor makes it perfect for marmalades, and the pectin in the fruit’s seeds will make it extra thick. Kumquats are easy to preserve and they make great gifts or cocktail garnish when candied. You can cook them into soups and add them to meat and poultry dishes too. Don’t be afraid to be creative with these little gems!

OPPOSITE PAGE: Imagine you’re relaxing in a citrus orchard by indulging in a long soak with fragrant bath pastries, surrounded by gorgeous candles featuring dried fruit slices and scents like Roman lavender and lemon lychee by Rosy Rings. All available at Restoration Imports, 125 Gary Moore Ct.


MARCH 2021


hen Life W



ves you lemo


Ruby Red Saves the Day

he U.S. is the world’s third largest

Although it tasted like the original white

producer of citrus fruit, after Brazil

grapefruit, the new pink version let farmers

and China. That’s an impressive feat

know that other varieties were possible.

when only Florida, California, Texas, and

Based on knowledge of orange

Arizona grow commercial crops! When it

mutations over hundreds of

comes to grapefruit, the U.S. is unmatched,

centuries, grapefruit farmers

growing more than one-third of the world’s

gambled on the chance that

supply. Florida is our top producing state,

the next variety would be

supplying approximately 75% of the crop.

sweeter than its bitter ancestors. That bet

Ironic, given the fruit’s chilly reception when it

paid off big in 1929 when an orchard owner

arrived there in the 1800s.

discovered a red grapefruit growing on a pink grapefruit

Originally thought to be an offshoot of the

tree. That mutation, given

pomelo, grapefruit is a relative newcomer

the name Ruby Red, was

to the commercial citrus family. Although it

the first grapefruit to

was first distinguished as a different species

receive a U.S. patent and

in James MacFayden’s Flora of Jamaica in

gave rise to the Texas Red

1837 with the botanical name, Citrus paradisi,

grapefruit industry. With its

that name was adjusted in 1948, when citrus

striking red flesh and sweet

specialists deemed it an accidental hybrid

taste, the fruit was an instant

between the pomelo and orange. Upon its

hit. The Texas Red became the

arrival in Florida, the tree was grown only as

official fruit of Texas in 1993.

a novelty and fruit was little utilized. Citrus lovers who had been raised on sweet oranges

The impact this single discovery had on the

were turned off by the sour-bitter taste

grapefruit industry cannot be overstated.

of the white-fleshed fruit. As the booming

Before the Ruby Red, grapefruit was largely

orange industry thrived in the Sunshine State,

overlooked or treated as an exotic island fruit

grapefruit was more of a novelty crop that was

by most Americans. After Ruby came

not sold commercially. Then, in two-stepped

along, grapefruit became one of the nation’s

Texas and changed the industry.

favorite breakfast foods and spurred a diet trend. Although Florida eventually regained

Though locals were slow to embrace

the lead in grapefruit production, the current

grapefruit, Texas fruit farmers continued

success of the U.S. grapefruit industry and the

to plant it. This diligence paid off when they

evolution of more popular varieties of grapefruit

discovered that grapefruit was prone to

must be credited to the persistence of Texas

mutation, and a pink variety began to grow.

farmers and the state’s Ruby Red discovery.



OPPOSITE PAGE: Citrus-infused liquor makes excellent cocktails. Instead of spending money on flavored vodka, make your own by steeping citrus peels in the liquor for a few days. The bright, cheery peels look beautiful suspended in the jar or bottle too.

Grapefruit Rose Infused Vodka INGREDIENTS

1 bottle (750 ml.) vodka 2 large Ruby Red grapefruit 1/4 c. dried culinary rose

DIRECTIONS Rinse culinary rose and set aside to drip dry. Peel grapefruit, avoiding the white pith. In an airtight glass vessel, combine rose, grapefruit peel and vodka. Store in a cool dark place for 3-5 days, shake daily. Strain when infusion has reached the desired flavor.

MARCH 2021


Also known as the Fingered Citron, the Buddha’s Hand is one of the oldest citrus fruits. Sometimes described as a “lemon with fingers,” this strange citrus is treasured for its sweet floral fragrance and mild zest. Works really well in marmalades, jams and cocktails too.



hen Life W



ves you lemo

Freaky Fruit

In addition to the hundreds of varieties of the citrus we’ve already

discussed, there are some rather strange and more unusual citrus fruits with which you might not be familiar, but are worth a try. You may just find some quite apPEELing!

Ugli Fruit

Don’t let the ugli fruit’s name scare you off. The thick, wrinkled peel of

this Jamaican tangelo hides sweet orange fruit. To prepare it, peel using a sharp knife, removing all of the bitter white pith. Working over a bowl, cut in between the membranes to release the sections. It’s delicious in salads!


This small, round fruit looks somewhat like a tangerine and has very acid pulp. Fruits are yellow to orange colored, and can readily used as a substitute for limes and lemons. Calamondins also make an attractive and cold-hardy indoor or container plant.


The essential oil in bergamot is what gives Earl Grey and Lady Grey

teas their distinctive floral fragrance. As a bitter orange-lemon hybrid, bergamot is too sour to eat, but its unique aroma adds character to marmalades, preserves, and baked goods. Make a delicious curd by replacing all or some of the lemons in your favorite lemon curd recipe with bergamot. Add tea-like flavor to scones or cookies by using bergamot zest instead of lemon zest.

MARCH 2021


Buddha’s Hand

The bright yellow Buddha’s Hand definitely surely wins the award for most unusual looking! Not just the ultimate fruit-bowl conversation piece, this bizarre

fruit has a delicate perfume and a number of uses. It is essentially all peel and pith, with no juice. The mild, aromatic pith makes delicious candied citrus zest. Thinly sliced Buddha’s hand can also be used to add flavor to sugar, salt or vodka.

Variegated Pink Lemons

Typically available from October to February, the variegated pink lemon has a yellow-and green-

streaked skin that becomes a deeper yellow as it ripens. They're beautiful in displays, either whole or cut up for garnish. Unfortunately, the pink fruit doesn’t yield a pink-colored juice.

Finger Limes Available from late July through

January, the small slender finger limes are usually bright green, but may also be dark brown or purple in color, which indicates that the fruit grew in a cooler climate. You can use the zest just like lime zest, but the real treat is found inside of the fruit. Slice the limes in half to reveal the citrus pearls, which resemble caviar. The pearls have a pleasant crunch and bright, acidic flavor.


They make a perfect garnish for raw oysters or a fun topping for your frozen yogurt.

The fragrant Japanese-born Yuzu is similar to a sour orange, not good for

eating raw, but it has important uses as an additive and flavoring. It’s a key ingredient in ponzu sauce and


hether you sip, squeeze, or slice it, peel, paint, or plant it, we think everyone should add more

zest to their life with some sunny citrus. If you make any of our recipes, create a new citrus cocktail, or dream up

yuzu kosho, an up-and-coming condiment that

a new dessert, be sure to take a photo, post to Facebook

droves of chefs are increasingly adding to their

or Instagram, and tag us @elegantislandliving. We love

culinary arsenal.

seeing how you’re being inspired!


Nutrition Counseling

Infertility Workup/ Treatment

4D Ultrasound

• Novasure


• Thermachoice


• Essure

LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure)

• da Vinci Procedure

Menopausal Care Osteoporosis Treatment Vaccine Administration



Minimally Invasive Surgery

3 C o n ve n i e n t L o c a t i o n s ST. SIMONS • BRUNSWICK WAYCROSS 912.638.1801 / lilyobgyn.com



here’s a new music series coming to Historic Downtown Brunswick! The Brunswick Music District is being launched by the Downtown Development Authority with the guiding hand of Susan Bates, owner of Tipsy McSway’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill. There will be outdoor concerts in the squares of Historic Downtown Brunswick on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Based on the caliber of the musical acts booked at Tipsy’s, we know these concerts are going to be good! To see more details and who will be playing where, follow The Brunswick Music District on Facebook and Instagram. Elegant Island Living’s “I’m With the Band” is proud to be a media partner of the Brunswick Music District. If your business would like to participate, concert sponsorship opportunities are available for $300. If you choose to sponsor one or more concerts, you will be able to choose the downtown square where the concert(s) will be held and the name of your business will appear on the Brunswick Music District social media banner for the concert calendar. For more information, email info@brunswickmusicdistrict.com or call 912.230.4543.



On St. Simons Island, the Coastal Georgia Historical Society will host Little Light Music concerts once again. On select Sunday evenings from May through September, friends and families gather on the lighthouse lawn to enjoy food, fellowship, and fun by the sea. Crowd pleasing party bands perform from 7:00-9:00 p.m. This year’s concerts will open with The Tams on May 9. Known for such hits as “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy,” this renowned band plays Beach Music that’s also a mixture of smooth Soul, Motown and R&B. On June 20 The Funk Brotherhood from Athens will entertain the crowd. They play everything from the horn-driven tunes by Kool & the Gang to the chart-topping hits of Stevie Wonder and much more. Their high-energy performance will definitely keep you on your feet! The musical entertainment for the July 11 concert will be announced at a later date. On September 5, perennial favorites Sensational Sounds of Motown will wrap up the season. These veteran musicians have an impressive list of touring and performance credits under their belts and have been thrilling audiences in the Southeast for nearly 20 years with their exciting and energetic performances.

Single concert tickets are $15 for adults; children under 12 are admitted free of charge. Tickets may be purchased in advance in the Museum Store located in the A.W. Jones Heritage Center, or at the gate the evening of the concert. Concerts are cancelled in the event of inclement weather, so follow the Historical Society’s Facebook page for news and weather updates. For more details, visit coastalgeorgiahistory.org. For comprehensive up-to-date weekly live music information, you can find it right on the Elegant Island Living website in the “I’m With the Band” blog – your trusted source since 2014 for daily updates and full listings of live music at local venues and beyond. Also covers concerts, symphony performances, nearby festivals, and other special musical events. Bookmark our page so you always have it at your fingertips and follow @ imwiththebandssi on Facebook and Instagram for daily posts. You reach us by email at imwiththebandssi@gmail.com.

Award-Winning Southern Cooking That will Bring You Back Best of 2019 Bread & Rolls, Crab Cakes, Southern Cooking, Sweet Tea, Vegetable Plate Selection

Because Barbara Jean and her family know how to get it done, just ask Coastal Living, Southern Living, Georgia Trend …

Barbara Jean’s Restaurant 2 1 4 M A L LO RY S T . • 9 1 2 . 6 3 4 . 6 5 0 0




Open Daily at 11:00 am

Jeff Jones Financial Advisor 1430 Newcastle Street Brunswick, GA (912) 264-8865

Destin Hall Financial Advisor 29 Coral Parkway, Ste. 102 Brunswick, GA (912) 267-9374

James Sexton Financial Advisor 3409 Frederica Road St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-9796


26 Market Street Monday - Saturday 10 - 5 912 - 638 - 9888 Logan Jones Financial Advisor 1105 Fountain Park Circle Brunswick, GA (912) 275-7506

Dale McNabb Financial Advisor 29 Coral Park Way, Ste. 102 Brunswick, GA (912) 267-9374

Ginny Johnson Financial Advisor 219 Edwards Plaza St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-0200

William McKenzie Financial Advisor 559 Ocean Blvd. St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-6557

Patrick Jones Financial Advisor 1430 Newcastle St. Brunswick, GA (912) 264-8865

Creg Miller Financial Advisor 17 Professional Dr., Ste. 101 Brunswick, GA (912) 265-1658

Shop us online at PlantersExchange.com

MARCH 2021






- from -


POLISHED PEYTON by Jennifer Daniel

Business Etiquette 101


ften in the business world, our first instinct is to impress everyone with the fanciest of everything. We believe we must “out-do” the next guy to gain a new client or partnership. What people may lose sight of is the importance of making people feel comfortable and appreciated. I’m often asked, “What’s the BEST place in town to take my guests/clients?” My response is to ask questions about what they like, where they’re from, what hobbies they enjoy. Why? Because the answers matter.

whatever it takes to do that. But that’s not always the best route. If you have a client flying in from Texas who loves BBQ, walked off the plane in jeans, and asked if he should have brought a tie, don’t take him out for a five course dinner. He’ll be more comfortable at the local spot you loved in college where he can sit down, relax and be himself. The meal might only cost you $20, but it’s exactly what he wanted. On the flip side is the lady from a small town driving in to show you her latest designs. You are thrilled to meet this up-andcoming “It Girl” face to face. She is excited

Our first inclination may be to impress our guests and spend

ing M arc h t e e M r e n Din /Where Background od Favor ite fo Hobbies Notes



and nervous. Did you do your homework? She loves seafood, but is allergic to shrimp. She prefers a nice, quiet place, and a salad with seared tuna is her favorite. Good food, low fuss. Find that. Bottom line: when it comes to business associates, it’s their show. You just need to set the stage to enable the best performance. Some general guidelines for business meetings/ dinners: Dress for the job you want. If your goal is to be the CEO of the company you are interviewing for, dress like it. Always arrive on time. Always. Never look at your cell phone while at the table. Don’t drink at all or limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage. Conversation tips: Be informed so you can engage in polite conversation. Watch the news that morning or read the paper. Know what’s going on in the world. Engage everyone in conversation and be a good listener. Inquire about how they started the business, ended up in their recent position, or their latest projects. Use their name in conversation. People love to hear their name. Introductions are important. Introduce your guest(s) to others who pop by your table and introduce yourself to the people seated next to and across from you. Last, but not least, thank your host twice, once at the end of the meeting and then with a thank you note mailed in the next few days. All these things will help demonstrate your professionalism and that’s a big asset in the business world.

Jennifer Daniel is a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington and she may be reached at Jennifer@polishedpeyton.com or visit her website at polishedpeyton.com. 68


Email pegasus4@comcast.net for Inquiries. See Available Work, Learn More about Commissions, Classes & Workshops at peggyeverett.com South End Of Sea Island #4

36" x 36"

Oil on Linen


KGIB PRESENTS VOLUNTEER AWARDS Keep Golden Isles Beautiful honored volunteers at its recent Volunteer Recognition Breakfast. With just a staff of two, the educational non-profit depends on volunteer effort, community partners and financial supporters to further their projects and initiatives. Ten awards were presented for 2020: Community Partner of the Year/Non-Profit, Keep Liberty Beautiful and Keep Savannah Beautiful; Community Partner of the Year/ Profit, Teamwork Services;

Outstanding Public Service/ City Government, Brunswick Downtown Development Authority; Outstanding Public Service/County Government, Jack Franklin; Environmental Steward of the Year, Golden Isles FFA; Horizon Award, Marsh’s Edge Green Task Force; Shining Star Award, Gary Vaughan; Hindery Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer of the Year (inaugural), Sharon and Rick Hindery; Hindery Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer of the Year Award: The Bobbitt Foundation; Bootsie Mason Award, Dan Hogan. Each recipient received a custom-made recycled art award handcrafted by Christy and Terry Trowbridge.

CHAMBER FOUNDATION LAUNCHED The Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce recently celebrated the launch of the Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Chamber President and CEO Ralph Staffins III said, “Through the Chamber Foundation we hope to see diversity and inclusion, workforce development, and leadership development grow and strive in the Golden Isles.” All donations to the Foundation are are tax-deductible and will be used to help implement the new Carl Vinson Institute Workforce Development Study in our community. Funds will be used to create scholarships to diversify programming and help ensure leadership development by growing the Leadership Glynn and Youth Leadership Glynn programs. brunswickgoldenisleschamber.com

FROM LEFT: (front row) Edith Blash, Linda Mincey, Dr. Ella Green, Sharon Hindery, Rick Hindery, Jennifer Krouse, Marcia MacGuire, Lisa Choeun, Dr. Karen Bell, Theresa Rapolla, Willa Lewis, Willie Cato, Lea King-Badyna; (middle row) Clement Cullens, Amy Stalvey, Jack Franklin, Dan Hogan, Rhadora Tuten, Tonya Bell, Pam Morris, Dylan Lukitsch; (back row) Gary Vaughan, Mathew Hill (Not pictured: Carliss Bates)

TORRAS FOUNDATION ESTABLISHES CCGA SCHOLARSHIP The Torras Foundation recently made its 2nd annual distribution to 29 local charities totaling nearly $55,000. Among this year’s beneficiaries were front-line workers at the Southeast Georgia Health System, Downtown Brunswick restaurants, and organizations that protect and serve in our community. In addition, the Foundation worked with the College of Coastal Georgia to establish and fund the Robert and Susan Torras scholarship program to provide annual scholarships to qualifying local students attending CCGA. The first scholarships will be awarded in Fall 2021. CCGA President Dr. Michelle Johnston commented, “We are so grateful for the generosity, in many, many ways, of Bob and Susan Torras. As Bob shared with me on multiple occasions, his motivation was always the desire to make a difference in students’ lives. The continued support of the Torras Foundation has sustained that spirit and advanced the College’s focus on student success.” Follow The Torras Foundation on Facebook for more information.

Your Outdoor Lighting Specialists BO PARKER 912.571.8723 228 Redfern Village, Suite 203 | St. Simons Island, GA 70


Who Is Watching Over Your Investments? Just as lighthouses once guided sailors along the coasts, Lighthouse Financial Advisors, LLC helps individuals navigate the changing seas of their investment portfolios. With an office in Saint Simons Island, Lighthouse Financial Advisors is a truly independent, local team that provides sound advice and detailed service. We use our knowledge and experience to manage and regularly monitor portfolios – when tides are high, low, and everything in between.

Allow Lighthouse Financial Advisors the opportunity to provide a fresh look at your investments. Contact us today at 912-634-0055. David L. Burch, CLU®, ChFC®, Owner & Chief Strategist

Jennifer Gordon, Financial Advisor

Securities offered through Registered Representatives of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a brokerdealer member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser. Lighthouse Financial Advisors-An AdvisorySouth Co., and Cambridge are not affiliated.

2487 Demere Road, Suite 200 Saint Simons Island, Georgia 31522 Phone: 912-634-0055 | Fax: 912-634-2255 lighthousefinancialadvisorsllc.com

Don’t count on luck and rainbows to save your teeth.

See a specialist. We can help!

We have three locations to serve our coastal residents. We love to save teeth comfortably. St. Simons Island 912-268-2800 Richmond Hill 912-756-5960 Hinesville 912-463-4405 www.coastalendo.net

MARCH 2021



STRIPLING’S OPENS IN BRUNSWICK Stripling’s in the Golden Isles …You never sausage a place! Stripling’s is an authentic, charming general store that boasts a full-service butcher shop, world famous sausage and jerky, and unique Southern specialties that you can only get in one place. They are a family-owned-and-operated business steeped in the traditions of the great people that made them a household name. Stripling’s has been providing a genuine taste of the South to regulars and visitors alike for over 50 years. Conveniently access the store located at 2304 Glynn Avenue in Brunswick from the FJ Torras Causeway via Warde Street or from Glynn Avenue. Customer experience is top priority at Stripling’s in the Golden Isles and they’re looking forward to having you as a guest. To learn more about Stripling’s, visit striplings.com.

IRASSHAIMASE! A hearty Japanese welcome to Wasabi Express. The new Japanese express restaurant recently opened on St. Simons Island offers great quality food at reasonable prices. They use only fresh products to prepare items on the menu. All entrees come with rice, vegetable and sweet carrots and offer a wide variety of side dishes and Wasabi Specials. The staff takes enormous pride in providing excellent customer service. Not only do they provide dine-in and carry-out service, they can deliver to you (with a service charge) via delivery service. Located at 509 Ocean Boulevard, they’re open MondaySaturday 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You can find them on Facebook at Wasabi Express where they post their daily specials or call 912.268.4734.

DUTCHMANS OPENS ATHENS STORE Dutchmans Designs has been a staple home goods store on St Simons Island since opening its doors in 2009. Dutchmans began over 25 years ago, growing from the ground up, first a single modest storefront selling one-off pieces to a retail powerhouse. Dutchmans is aptly dubbed “casual living” stores, but each location has a distinct in-store experience that is ever-changing with the seasons. Full of everything from luxury gifts, to beautiful lighting,

custom made furniture, in home design, and custom draperies. Owner Stephanie Bramble is involved in every aspect of the business working as the Founder and Creative Director. She is intimately involved in each store to make sure the customers are wowed every time they walk through the doors. Dutchmans recently added its newest location in Athens. Other Dutchmans locations can be found in Chamblee, GA, and Highlands and Cornelius, NC. dutchmansdesigns.com

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Exercise 20,000+ muscle contractions in a 20 minute workout. Book a trial session at www.PulseSSI.com or call/email us today

1 6 2 4 F R E D E R I C A R D . U N I T 5 A • S T. S I M O N S I S L A N D , G A • 9 1 2 . 2 6 8 . 4 3 9 5 • E M A I L : C O N TA C T @ P U L S E S S I . C O M O P E N M O N D AY - S AT U R D AY. A L L S E S S I O N S A R E V I A A P P O I N T M E N T.



ENTERTAINING FAMILY & FRIENDS Or just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors


MAKE SURE YOU DO IT IN STYLE W I T H B E A U T I F U L LY D E S I G N E D A N D Q U A L I T Y F U R N I T U R E BRANDS WE CARRY: Breezesta, Chicago Wicker, Erwin & Sons Wicker, Lloyd Flanders

Wicker, Tropitone Furniture Co., Castelle, Oriflamme Fire Tables, Treasure Garden, Royal Teak, Windward Design Group, Gensun, Patio Living Concepts, Frankford Umbrellas

Located 1.7 miles East of I95 at exit 3 in the Three Palms Plaza in Kingsland.

(912) 729-1173 | thepatiostorega.com | Open Tuesday – Saturday

Where We Care for Your Eyes

Large Selection of Eyewear & Sunglasses including Designer, Custom & Specialty

St. Simons Island 1626 Frederica Road St. Simons Island, GA 912.634.5711

Hospital 2500 Starling Street Brunswick, GA 912.261.4444

Brunswick 149 Altama Connector Brunswick, GA 912.554.2007

MARCH 2021


BUSINESS BUZZ RAW POTENTIAL You may have heard rumblings of a new oyster bar coming to St. Simons Island. Well, the rumors are true, and the wait is almost over. Dorothy’s Cocktail & Oyster Bar will open their doors in early April. Dorothy’s will feature an expansive cocktail list as well as world-class wines by the glass. Dorothy’s will offer oysters from up and down the East coast as well as fresh, raw seafood dishes at their beautiful marble oyster bar. Not in the mood for raw seafood? No problem, Dorothy’s Chef & Owner has spent years creating a unique menu that is sure to please everyone from the global gastronomes to the meat-and-potato crowd. And did we mention rum? Oh yes, over 80 bottles of rum on offer! Stay up to date by following @dorothysssi on Instagram. Dorothysssi.com

FROM LEFT: Chelsea Woodall, Social Worker; Clayton Watson, Founder &

CEO; Barbara Chal, RN, BSN, MA, Executive Director; Bill Allen, Chaplain (Not pictured): Kylee Glaser, RN; Jessica Fudge, RN

HEALTH SYSTEM MEETS UNITED WAY GOAL Kudos to the Southeast Georgia Health System team at the Brunswick Campus for meeting their 2020 United Way fundraising campaign goal of $67,500! Proud supporters of United Way, the Health System recently presented the check to United Way of Coastal Georgia Executive Director Justin Callaway. In this past year full of unknowns and new normals, fundraising wasn’t easy, but Cancer

LOCAL OWNERSHIP SETS COASTAL HOSPICE OF GEORGIA APART Coastal Hospice of Georgia is a new hospice agency located on St. Simons Island, serving Glynn and surrounding counties. Clayton Watson is Founder & CEO. Coastal Hospice provides expert and compassionate medical and supportive care for people facing a terminal illness. Their hospice team will work with your physician and primary caregiver to provide you and your loved one the support needed to spend quality time in your own familiar surroundings. Their end-of-life care expertise comes from decades of experience and that experience continues to grow with each patient they serve. Coastal Hospice provides care to any person in need, regardless of age, diagnosis, or ability to pay. All of their resources are dedicated to services that benefit each patient and family. 1700 Frederica Road, Suite 205, 912.434.9810, coastalhospice.com.

Care Center director Stephanie Sinopoli, Physician Practices manager Melissa Toler, and Admissions manager Jennifer Watkins were undaunted. These Health System co-chairs encouraged team members to continue their support of United Way through payroll deductions in unique and creative ways that included weekly prizes and premier parking spots. Way to support your community, Team SGHS! For more information about how you can give to United Way, visit uwcga.org.


wildandpersonal.com 74


Hans F. Trupp, CCIM founder and former Chairman of Trupp Hodnett Enterprises and The Management Company prior to taking the companies public (NYSE, RZT) in an IPO in 1998 has reentered the real estate business locally through an affiliation with eXp realty. eXp is a cloud based publicly traded (NASDAQ, EXPI) company with more than 42,000 agents in all 50 states, Canada, Australia, UK, Mexico, France, Portugal, South Africa, India and will soon be available worldwide. This internet based high technology company will totally revolutionize the real estate industry both with relationships of buyers and sellers and the

relationships that sales people have with the company. Trend Magazine has described eXp as the Amazon of real estate. eXp realty offers a very unique agent attraction program and Hans has partnered with veteran Atlanta broker John Adams to inform and educate agents throughout the United States about eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation. Adams is well known throughout Georgia for his educational activities on behalf of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and his regular appearances on Fox 5 Atlanta and CNN. He continues to be a freelance journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with more than 1,000 articles in print.

Thanks to the internet, eXp’s state of the art revolutionary cloud based technology and a unique revenue sharing plan Hans and his team are able to offer a performance-based, no risk maximum 4% listing commission on any real estate both residential and commercial. No risk - you can cancel the listing at any time for any reason. Hans would also be pleased to share his broad business knowledge and experience with anyone interested in a free no obligation consultation session with regard to any real estate problem. Call, email or text him if you would like to explore his listing program or if you have any questions with regard to eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation with now over 42,000 agents and growing.


Listing Commission

e X p R e a l t y L L C • H a n s F. T r u p p , C C I M • t r u p p c c i m @ g m a i l . c o m • 9 1 2 . 2 6 9 . 74 3 4 Pro m e n a de II, 123 0 Pea c htree St reet NE, Sui te 1900, At l ant a 30309 • 888.959.9461 ext. 123

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G GARDEN WALK SCHEDULED FOR APRIL The Cassina Garden Club hosts the 15th Annual Tabby & Tillandsia Garden Walk on Saturday, April 24 from 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Tour eight private gardens on St. Simons Island and the Butterfly Garden in Demere Park. Every garden tells the story of the homeowners and their love of nature. Docents will be available at each location to provide information on garden designs, features and plantings. Tour tickets are $30 in advance and $35 on tour day. Pre-purchase online at cassinagardenclub.org, or at ACE Garden Center, GJ Ford Bookshop, or St. Simons Drug Company, or buy on tour day at the Will Call table at the tabby cabins on Gascoigne Bluff. The Members Cultivated Plant Sale will also take place at the tabby cabins that day and tours of the cabins will be available. Current CDC Covid-19 guidelines will be in place.

ATTENTION DAD AND DAUGHTERS The Golden Isles Father Daughter Purity Ball on Saturday, March 13, offers dads and their daughters an opportunity to have fun, quality time with each other, fostering the father-daughter relationship. You’ll get to learn a few classic ballroom dances with an official ballroom dance instructor, enjoy a three-course meal, and experience a special rose ceremony. The event takes place at the Jekyll Island Convention Center from 6:30-9:00p.m. Tickets are $75 per fatherdaughter, $35 each additional daughter. Recommended age is 9+, but the dance is open to the young and young at heart. For more information, visit goldenislespurityball.com.

COSMETIC & FAMILY DENTISTRY Highly Recommended. Highly Referred. Accepting New Patients. 76


912.638.9946 300 Main St. #102 bryandentalssi.com

GET MUDDY WITH KGIB! Help Keep Golden Isles Beautiful ensure that our Marshes of Glynn stay litter free at a “Marsh Madness” cleanup! Sponsored locally by Georgia-Pacific Brunswick Cellulose and kicking off the national Great America Cleanup effort, twenty-five (Yes, 25!) area salt marsh cleanups have been planned for various days and times, to accommodate the largest number of volunteers possible. KGIB executive director Lea King-Badyna says,“This is our most expansive Marsh Madness effort to date, and a large volunteer turn out is crucial to making the biggest possible positive impact in removing trash and debris from this valuable natural resource. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a large volunteer turnout.” Bags, gloves and water will be provided; boots, sunscreen, bug spray, clothes/shoes for mud recommended; social distancing will be observed. Please arrive early for check in. See individual cleanup event listings containing maps at KGIB.ORG under the “events” tab.






ISLAND ACE HARDWARE 329 Longview Plaza Longview Shopping Plaza 912-638-3800

MARCH 2021


W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G HIT THE TRAILS FOR HAPPY TAILS Join the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia for Tails on the Trails, their first-ever 5K Virtual Run/Walk. There will be drawings for prizes, a chance to win a portrait of your pet by artist Lucy Richardson, and you’ll be helping homeless animals. This virtual 5K run/walk takes place from March 1-31 and registration is open through March 26. The pace is up to you and your 5K doesn’t have to be completed in one day. Run/walk with friends or go solo. Register (with check/cash) at The Big Flea, 129 Shoppers Way, Brunswick or Puppy Paradise, 195 Skylane Rd. on St. Simons Island. Registration fee is $20 and you can add a Paw Pals Bracelet for an additional $2. To register online, visit eventbrite.com. To be featured on the tailsonthetrails Instagram account, email your run/walk photos to tailstrails5k@hsscg.org.

SPRING SERENADE The Coastal Symphony of Georgia presents its Variations on a Season 20-21 spring concert on Sunday, March 14 at 3:00 p.m. Spring Serenade will highlight small ensemble performances and woodwind pieces conducted by Michelle Merrill to include works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Gounod, Valerie Coleman and Antonín Dvořák. The performance will take place at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in Brunswick. If you are not already a Symphony season ticket-holder, concert tickets are $50 (or $200 for season) at coastalsymphonyofgeorgia.org

See What’s Trending for Spring!

The Green Vase by Trish Rugaber

3305 Frederica Road 78

Reflections by Joan Hilliard

SSI Light by Joyce Ledingham

Susan Anderson Tori Anderson Ella Cart Dottie Clark Suzanne Clements Roz Harrell Joan Hilliard Joyce Ledingham Trish Rugaber

IT’S ELEMENTARY Brunswick Actors Theatre presents Baskerville by Ken Ludwig as the first show in their 2021 season. Comedic genius Ken Ludwig (Lend Me a Tenor, Moon Over Buffalo) transforms Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic The Hound of the Baskervilles into a murderously funny adventure on stage. The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being dispatched one by one. Sherlock Holmes is on the case. Show dates: March 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21. 8:00 p.m. Saturdays, 3:00 p.m. matinee on Sundays. For additional season information and to reserve tickets visit SoGloGallery.com or call 912.230.1042.

The Gallery with the Orange Door Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-4 and by appointment

| St. Simons Island, GA 31522 | 912-268-4761 | www.ArtTrends.Gallery | Artists@ArtTrends.Gallery


Coastal CPAs is at Your Service, to Through the Waves of New Tax Laws, Accounting & Auditing Standards, Fraud Risk, and Rough Waters That Challenge Your

Financial Prosperity.

100 Main Street, St. Simons Island 912.638.1010

HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY! Oysters, Beer, Wine Specials: 4-6pm

Open Monday-Thursday 4 -10 p.m. Serving Lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 228 Redfern Village, 912.634.6228

MARCH 2021


W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G

ALOHA, CABARET Save the date! The Coastal Symphony of Georgia’s signature fundraiser, Cabaret, is happening on May 21. This evening of casual elegance will be held outside in the seaside setting of the Atlantic Court at The King and Prince Beach & Tennis Resort. The island-style festivities will be on fire – literally, with a featured Polynesian dancer and fire performer. Auction bidding will be open to all with an online platform. Be sure to catch next month’s issue of Elegant Island Living for all of the details! RUN FOR THE ROSES RETURNS The Kentucky Derby will be held on its usual Spring date this year and with it comes the return of Derby Day. Frederica Academy’s signature FUNdraiser will be held on May 1 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. and will include the broadcast of the race, raffle, silent and live auctions, and entertainment by Mason Waters & the Groove Allstars. To observe health and safety guidelines, the entire event will take place outside at Sea Island’s Retreat Clubhouse, the silent auction bidding platform is online, and the evening has been shortened to three hours. Derby Day is a time-honored FA tradition. With the exception of last year when the event was cancelled due to Covid-19, Derby Day has netted on average over $200,000, which has been used to support a variety of of innovative programs. Limitd tickets are available through sponsorships. For more information. contact bradhutcherson@fredericaacademy.org. ROLL WITH THE TIDE Register now for the 8th Annual High Tide Classic to be held at the Jekyll Island Golf Club on April 10 and help the Marty Lyons Foundation keep making wishes come true for kids diagnosed with terminal or life-threatening illness. Out of every dollar that is given to the Foundation, 95 to 97 cents goes back to their Wish Kids. Put together a team, become a sponsor for as little as $100, or donate today. General foursomes are available for $400 which include golf, gift bag, driving range, and lunch. This year registration will be limited to foursomes, but if you want to play and don’t have a foursome, email Phillip Lyons at P_Lyonsjr@yahoo.com. Give a chance to help a child’s dream become a reality. For more information, see martylyonsfoundation.org.

STRENGTHEN, STRETCH & RELAX FROM HOME Yoga, Stretch, Strength & Interval Training



Call Ayla Wilson 912.580.9804 AylaWilson.com ayla@aylawilson.com @wilsonayla

DIPRETA DERMATOLOGY NOW OFFERING THE MOST ADVANCED LASER TECHNOLOGY WHY PATIENTS CHOOSE NORDLYS ELLIPSE® IPL Patients can choose treatment with Nordlys Ellipse® IPL laser when they experience these common facial skin concerns: Rosacea Age Spots Brown Spots Acne & Acne Scarring

Port Wine Stains Uneven Pigment Sun-damaged Skin Veins/Vascular Lesions



Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 1007 S. Macon Street, Jesup, GA • 912.427.4344 • DiPretaDermatology.com

MARCH 2021
















EVEN A LITTLE RAIN DIDN’T STOP PEOPLE FROM COMING OUT TO ENJOY THE OUTDOOR MARKET AT VILLAGE CREEK LANDING. This terrific open air shopping experience allowed attendees to visit vendors offering everything from fine art to fresh produce and jewelry to jam. To make sure no one shopped hungry, there were food trucks on site. Plans are in the works for the venue to offer the market monthly, so keep an eye out for upcoming dates and vendor info. 1. Michelle Sligh, Betsy Sligh. 2. Luscher and Kris Haas. 3. Brock, Meredith and Faythe Flagstad. 4. Gayle Disque, Evelyn Murphy. 5. April Stewart, Aimee Stewart. 6. Stephanie Bravo, Mary Semmelmayer. 7. Catherine and Steve Squire. 8. Lindsay and Matt Duggar. 9. Donna Brock, Melanie Barger. 10. Catherine and Todd Wood. 11. Elizabeth Holladay. 12. Olivia Helms, Megan Helms. (continues on page 84) 82


MARCH 2021
















OUTDOOR MARKET AT VILLAGE CREEK LANDING (continued from page 82). 13. Lindsey, Theo, and Dan Marcec. 14. L.A. Chancey, Kathy Chancey. 15. Sam McPherson, Stacy Gowen. 16. Belle Ewing, Lynn Krauss, Heather Shadron, Rich Krauss. 17. Dave and Martha Zito, Darby Gross. 18. Dave and Mary Lou Pointon with Chef Pete Smith. 19. Bridgie and Bill McNulty. 20. William Sigg, Katie Haack, Brittany Bland, Greyson Sigg. 21. Roger and April Westover. 22. Jamie Dees, Jordan Meadows. 23. Joe Keene, Veera Bella, Max Theodore. 24. Emma, Maui, and Vicky Stutzer. 84




SPORTSWEAR 0-16 and 0X-3X ACCESSORIES • GIFTS • SHOES 1616 Frederica Rd • 912- 638-3995 Monday - Saturday 10-5 maggiesssi.com


Ask about SkinKote, our exterior coating systems with up to a 25 year warranty.


Holly Cohen 912.577.5712

Betsy Knight 912.506.0645

April Carroll 912.689.8700

Brittany Durrance 912.258.7591

Katie Gilmer 912.222.7754

912-638-PETS The Shops at Demere 2465 Demere Rd. Grooming Salon 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Store Hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

MARCH 2021














RECENTLY H2O CREATIVE GROUP CELEBRATED THEIR 12TH ANNIVERSARY WITH A “CHRISTENING” AT THEIR OFFICE ON NEWCASTLE STREET IN HISTORIC DOWNTOWN BRUNSWICK. Members of the Downtown Development Authority, Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and friends and family were present for the cork popping ceremony. Here’s to many more years of creativity for the full-service advertising and design firm! 1. Drew Gahagan, Jess Austin. 2. h2o creative group partners Ben Galland, John Daniel, Anne Goodstein, Jonathan Havens, and Lance Sabbe. 3. Ralph Staffins, McKenzie Padgett. 4. Tiffany Davis, Katie Curry. 5. Curtis Tumlin, Bob Lyon. 6. Eliza Warner, Amanda Blyler. 7. Tiffany Davis, Charles Day. 8. Brittany Strickland, Amanda Blyler, Victoria Joiner, Morgan Rooks. 9. Jonathan Havens, Jennifer Krouse. 10. Bob Lyon, Mike Tigani, Brittany Strickland, John Daniel. 86


















FIRST FRIDAY DRAWS PEOPLE TO HISTORIC DOWNTOWN BRUNSWICK for after-hours shopping, live music, dining specials, and more. February’s festivities included a Kids Port Museum pop-up with kids making Valentines for residents at Thrive on Frederica, The Big Read Kick-Off with a screening of Jason and the Argonauts at The Ritz, and student art on display at the library. 1. Durrette Moerman, Virginia Paulk, Diane Hughes. 2. Janet Ward, Rachel Moon. 3. Andy Helm, Katie Edwards. 4. Christopher and Lori Estes. 5. Michele and Rick Sullivan with Leo. 6. Mike Johnston, Jay Anderson, Stacey Bass, Annie Aiken. 7. Dallas Fletcher, Charlotte Graham. 8. Jeff and Melissa Fassel, Laura and Tony Hardy. 9. First Friday skating angel LaMaià Butler. 10. Ray and Kris Cutright, Paula Dougherty, Darla Stahl. 11. Macy, Shana and Russ Tysinger. 12. Robby Zimmerman, Jacquelyn Jenkins. 13. Christine and Marty Polmanteer. 14. Brandon Williams, Breeanna Lawver. 88


Dr. Charles T. Hopkins III, D.M.D., Dr. Jack H. Melton, D.M.D. and the staff of Plantation Dental Associates.

Your smile is our business.

At Plantation Dental Associates, we know the value of a healthy, happy smile. That’s why we keep abreast of the latest restorative, cosmetic, and oral surgical techniques — to provide you with the level of care you have come to know for the dental health you deserve.

P L A N TAT ION DE N TA L AS S O C IAT E S General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry

300 Main Street, Suite 101 | St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522 | 912-638-9001 w w w .plan t at io n de n t alssi.c o m

MARCH 2021


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home with

Your home is more than a building or an address. It’s where you experience life, connection, and growth. That is why our agents find what they do so rewarding! Each month we are going to take you into the home of one of our agents. See what they love and value most about their homes and where they live. Around fourteen years ago, my husband Paul and I decided we wanted to make a life on St. Simons Island. We came from Ohio where the winters are brutal. My brother lived in Atlanta and recommended we check out St. Simons Island. The minute we crossed over the causeway, we knew St. Simons is where we wanted to be.  We immediately fell in love with the charming ambiance and natural beauty that encompassed the island. Additionally, Paul and I are avid art lovers and we found St. Simons to be a thriving community of artists in just about any medium you can think of.   After becoming more familiar with the island, we knew we wanted to be on the south end where we could walk or ride our bikes to the beaches and village.  We were looking for a one-level home that was much more manageable than the large home we were coming from in Ohio. We found our perfect match in Sadie Life Tract, quietly located right across from Mallory Park. Paul and I love that the best of St. Simons is just an arm's reach away.   

Rayea Pieschel

One of our favorite places to spend our time at home is in our great room. This is where we love to watch movies and in more normal times where we love entertaining our friends and family. Our great room is bright and cheery and where most of our favorite pieces of art are displayed, much of which by local artists. Paul and I enjoy collecting photography, paintings, and sculptures. Each piece tells a different story and makes us happy.   We love spending time at home with our three cats; however, we are looking forward to when we can travel again. We have family in Ohio, North Carolina, and Maryland and miss taking trips to go visit them. We also are looking forward to when we can go on another cruise. We love cruising to new destinations we have never been to.   Paul and I feel very fortunate to call St. Simons home. We believe we will have many more happy years living in our home in Sadie Life Tract. I believe everyone’s home should be their retreat. This is why I enjoy helping clients find a home, not just a house.   Rayea Pieschel is a Sales Associate at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. She has over thirty years of experience and knowledge assisting buyers and sellers. Allow Rayea to help you in your next real estate endeavor.

DeLoachSIR.com | 912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | SSI, GA ©2020 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

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Ann Conner Harrell 912-222-4002


122 Biltmore, St. Simons Island Club On a private lot in the Island Club, this 6BR/4.5BA home has beautiful Low Country architecture and overlooks the 10th Tee of Retreat. Master suite w/views on main. Gourmet kitchen with 6 burner Viking, quartz countertops. Highest quality construction with two story foyer with custom window, oak floors, custom fixtures. Fabulous media/game room offers theater seating. $1,798,000 

4325 Fifth St., East Beach Buy an oversized East Beach lot for $600,000 or build to suit with pool in the $1.35 - $1.4 million range. Enjoy making memories on St. Simons best beach at East Beach or enjoy kayaking in the nearby salt marsh. Live the St. Simon's lifestyle! $600,000


324 The Waterfront, St. Simons Island 4BR/4BA penthouse with views of St. Simons Sound, Jekyll Island, and the marshes. Highest quality const. includes hwd floors, wainscoting and crown molding. One of the largest condos on St. Simons and built to hurricane standards. Open, split floor plan for entertaining. $1,485,000

115 Southpoint, South End SSI Fabulous south end location with views across the marsh towards the beach sets apart this 5BR/3.5BA home. Features include an open floor plan, lovely wide plank pine floors, master on the main, oversized garages and elevator. Interiors have great flow to the outside spaces, swimming pool. $1,025,000

100 Hampton Point Drive, St. Simons Island Wonderful 5BR/6.5BA custom home with awesome floor plan on water with a dock. Professionally decorated with 100 year old wood floors, generous entertaining areas including a screened party room, and a huge cook's kitchen. Beautiful landscaping and pool. $1,750,000

907 Beachview, SSI Fabulous ocean views from this 3BR plus bunk rm/4BA fee simple townhome overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and beach. Spacious rooms, high ceilings, and quality finishes. Storage and garage. Views from the living areas and master suite are incomparable! Between Village and King & Prince. Recently painted interiors. $2,250,000

1006 Ocean Blvd Located at the corner of Ocean Blvd. and Third Street, between the popular St. Simons Island Village and the King and Prince Resort, the condominiums are just one street over from the beach. This unit has new windows, doors, flooring, appliances, and it has been attractively updated. $487,500

112 Davison Lane, Hawkins Island SSI, Panoramic westerly views from this 1.75 acre lot with unobstructed views to the bridges over the Marshes of Glynn. An adjacent common area provides additional privacy. Located in Hawkins Island, a Sea Island developed SD, near shopping and Sea Island resort amenities. $545,000


Villas at Frederica River, #303, SSI Fresh, upscale updates are featured at this top floor 3BR/3BA condominium w/ approx. 2700 s.f. overlooking Gascoigne Bluff and the Frederica River. Features an exceptional kitchen renovation and luxurious master suite and master bath! For top of the line quality, this condominium is a must see! $679,900


3100 Lawrence Road, St. Simons Island 40 acre tract with fabulous marsh frontage overlooking the Hampton River and approx. 760 ft. of frontage on Lawrence Road. This one of a kind, peaceful and private setting is surrounded by property preserved by the SSI Land Trust. $3,052,500

105 Timucuan Court, Cumberland Harbour, St. Marys 3BR/3.5 BA home overlooking Cumberland Island. Coastal features include double verandas for views and breezes, transoms, beaded board wainscoting, and hardwoods. Boardwalk takes you to a boat house on the river with adjacent dock. Coastal living at its best! $875,000

DeLoachSIR.com | 912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA ©2021 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

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Art & Annie Harper 912.222.2024 OR 912.222.4455 ajharper@gmail.com or annieharperssi@gmail.com 119 Marina Drive SSI, Georgia 31522






Island Sanctuary! Private entrance leads you across newly constructed bridge to enter a spectacular world of the salt marsh, moss draped oaks, and nature. 4.67 acre property w/ beautiful 3BR, 2BA home with stunning views, new HVAC, new paint and more! furnished! $699,000

Immaculate 4BR, 2BA home in a great mid-island location! Large open family area with high ceilings and fireplace! Gorgeous hardwood floors, screened porch, two car garage and much more! $397,000. Call Art!

BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME ON THESE AVAILABLE HOMESITES! 115, 117, & 121 LAUREL VIEW DRIVE Three nice building lots (#24, 25, 26) in the desirable Laurel View subdivision. These three lots are available for sale separately or can be purchased together. Water and sewer lines are available to the property. The lots are located in the "X" flood zone. Laurel View is an excellent mid-south island location close to shopping, restaurants, and the beach. Call Joy Wright for additional information at (912) 230-0134.

11 CEDAR POINT ROAD - $279,000 This beautiful 11.14 acre (4.2 +/- upland acres) property offers great privacy and seclusion while being very conveniently located. Owner is told that two residential homes can be built on the property (subject, of course, to County approval). Property offers gorgeous views of the golden marsh all around. This rare homesite, though private and secluded, is very convenient to the islands, shopping, retail, and restaurants. Call Don Wright for additional information at (912) 222-0133.

JOY WRIGHT 912-230-0134 joydonwright@gmail.com

SOLD 912-638-4740 119 MaRIna DR ST. SIMOnS ISlanD, Ga 31522

2105 GRAND VIEW DRIVE - $422,500 Fantastic updated condo. 3BR, 3BA, and a renovated kitchen with new SS appliances, glass tile backsplash, granite counters, and enlarged island. Crown molding, wainscoting in the living and dining rooms, new carpet in guest rooms, carerra marble countertops, new vanities and faucets in guest bathrooms, new shower door in master bath, added chair rail in foyer, living and dining areas. Plantation shutters and a lovely screened porch. Call Joy Wright (912) 230-0134.

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260 Moss Oak Lane Located in Sea Palms with newly renovated golf course. Complex is located next to the Pool and Clubhouse. 2BR, 2.5BA and 2 enclosed sleeping porches. Spectacular views. Only condo in the complex currently for sale. $284,000








1726 Ocean Road - East Beach Breathtaking marsh front home with 6BR/7.5BA This home features 2 masters, beautiful marsh views from all porches, outdoor kitchen, and heated pool. Great buy for East Beach. Call for more details. $1,645,000

Nancy Phelan REALTOR, GRI


Freddy Stroud Broker, CRS, GRI

105 Grove Lane - The Grove at King City Beautiful Southern plantation style home in the village. 4BR with 4.5BA and 4,000 sf. French doors leading to multi-level balconies, elevator, hot tub, den with access to deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. $1,290,000



Karen Mumford REALTOR


Desireé Varnedoe

105 Shadow Wood Bend 4BR, 3BA in the desirable Brockinton Plantation. Tile in LR and BRs w/ real hardwood hickory floors. The main floor features a spacious master suite with vaulted ceilings, a walk-in closet, double vanity, jetted tub, & a tile shower. $475,000

Property Manager



Emily Wages

Sarah Broyles

Rental Division

Rental Agent


1440 Ocean Blvd #132 Many upgrades in this 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo that is conveniently located close to all the amenities in the complex. With tile floors, updated kitchen, new systems and recently painted, this condo is turn-key ready. $439,000

4215 13th St. East Beach Located near Gould's Inlet, this prominent home sits just a short walk and dunes away from East Beach. Vaulted ceilings, exposed brick walls, a private pool, and multiple living spaces, including a sunroom.Observation deck, and enjoy close proximity to the Atlantic. $1,290,000




890 Wimbledon Drive, St. Simons Island This one level, furnished one bedroom condo has so much potential. It's a blank canvas waiting for your personal touches. It offers a nice screened porch overlooking a natural area. The complex is close to the swim and tennis amenities. Easy to show. Being sold "as is". $169,000

4203 Ninth St - East Beach 4BR, 4BA, 2HBA beach home sits on over .5 acre of oceanfront land. The interior is a palate for your imagination. Soaring ceiling heights and a kitchen that is a work of art. Framed in steel exceed all hurricane standards. Oceanfront terraces and balconies overlook the pool and ocean. $2,975,000

105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island


Georgia Coast Mar 2_Layout 1 2/11/21 5:35 PM Page 1



200 Carnoustie, Island Club Custom built 4BR/4BA well maintained home offers a split plan with a bonus room over the garage. Features include a spacious GR with a vaulted ceiling and FP, a nice kitchen w/ pantry, bfast nook, study and screened porch. $890,000

442 Mimosa, West Point This fabulous home with spectacular water views offers 3BR/3.5BA w/ the master suite on the main level. 4600SF, FP and windows overlooking the expansive lake, outdoor living areas, pool and large backyard. $897,500


4214 Eleventh St., East Beach Absolutely charming vintage beach cottage only 3 houses back from beach access, just a short walk to beach. The main house has 3BR and 3BA with the 4th BR and BA is a guest cottage behind the main house. $924,000

118 Hawkins Island Circle 3BR, 3.5BA Mediterranean style home on Hawkins Island. Many custom features, large master suite on main, chef’s kitchen, vaulted ceilings, FR with fireplace, hwd and tile floors, screened porch and swimming pool. 1,250,000

112 Killarney Drive, Island Club GOLF COURSE VIEWS! This all one level brick home offers 3BR, 3.5BA with a bonus room. Large family room with FP and french doors leading to a patio overlooking a nicely landscaped backyard with irrigation. $699,000



Saint Simons Grand, Unit 218 This 4BR, 3BA condo has marvelous views and finishes. This will rent well or serve as an excellent primary or second home. A great buy at $1,150,000

Available Homesites


Lot 12 Mission Drive Tolomato Island - $79,000 103 Davison Lane Hawkins Island - $397,500

117 Cypress Pt, Island Club This home offers 5BR/4.5BA with an open floor plan, the main level includes a formal DR, updated kitchen that opens to a keeping room and family room, a study and spacious master suite. Pool. Call for more details. $949,500

443 Mimosa This custom built marsh front home has so much to offer. 1.5 acres with western exposure, 4BR, 6.5BA, spacious family room w/ FP and reclaimed hwd floors, a formal DR, kitchen with SS appl. and breakfast area, and sun room. Elevator, a 5 car garage, bonus room, large heated pool. Must see! $999,500


Lot 19 Blue Heron Lookout Darien, Tolomato Isl. - 75,000 Lot 7 Sanctuary Harbour Trail Waverly, GA - 13,000 101,107,108 Talahi Island Lane Riverside, Brunswick, GA - 160,000


101 Militia Hill Way This 4BR SSI home offers a great mid-island location. Located on almost 1/2 acre, it is in well-maintained and in move-in ready condition. Master on the main level, a nice kitchen area with hard surface countertops, spacious living areas, a bonus room and a nice screened porch.$425,000

104 Westchester, Island Club This custom built home offers 4 large BRs with the master on the main level. Many features include a large bonus room, a chefs kitchen with a butlers pantry, a large FR with FP, a formal DR/LR, 3 car garage, custom millork and more. A great opportunity to live in the Island Club. $1,175,000

105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island


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Vacation | Long term rentaLs | 912.638.1144

East Beach - Twelfth St. Charming beach home steps away from the ocean. 4BR, 5.5BA. Private Pool and Cabana. Sleeps 10.

The Grand 3 & 4 bedroom units available with spectacular views. Oversized pool & private boardwalk to East Beach.

King & Prince - St. Simons Island King and Prince ocean view villas. Call today to check availability!

East Beach - Sixteenth St. 5BR/5.5BA. Breathtaking ocean views. Amazing outdoor kitchen and private pool. Sleeps 10.

St. Simons Island - Ocean Rd Amazing 5BR, 5.5BA family friendly marshfront home w/ private pool. Short walk to beach. Sleeps 14.

We have over 100 different properties to choose from!

Desiree Varnedoe, Property Manager

Sarah Broyles, Rental Agent

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Phoebe Hoaster 912-270-5730 PhoebeHoaster@gmail.com www.PhoebeHoaster.com Experienced. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy.

721 Page Court | St. SimonS iSland, ga | $915,500 Lovely, traditional home with the attached apartment (possible income) with separate entrance, full-sized appliances, full bath, and sunroom. This space is flexible enough that it could be a first-floor master, recreation/workout room, or wonderful art studio. The possibilities are endless! This 2,945 SqFt home has been updated with barn doors, shiplap, and some modern features. The living room features a raised hearth fireplace and French doors to a very private patio. Upstairs, the master bedroom has double closets, one featuring custom-built with real wood doors. On the third floor, is a flex space which could be a great office, studio, or a bedroom. This is one of the quietest streets on SSI with a lovely park across the street and yet is only a few blocks to the pier. Great vacation home or investment property!

912-634-9995 | SignaturePropertiesGroup.com | 600 Sea Island Rd. Ste 28, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

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413 Pikes Bluff Drive, Frederica Nestled in the woods, backing up to 500 acres of protected land surrounding a wood stork rookery, this home was custom built using reclaimed wood, 80 year old brick and a palette of natural, earthy colors that match the bark of the surrounding forest. A sense of warmth pervades. The GR w/FP, open kitchen, breakfast room lead to a screened porch. The ground level also has the master BR, office, powder room, locker room, Ceasar’s room with shower, and a 3 car garage. Upstairs are 3BR with private baths, TV room, play nook, wildlife observatory bridge and a recreation room with half bath & wet bar. 2.21 acres in an exceptional setting. $1,795,000

Ocean Club North 184, Ocean Club Residences Ocean Club at Sea Island is a gated haven set worlds apart from the ordinary. Only 14 units and no renters. 4BR, 4.5BA oceanfront flat. 3,880 SF of custom-built residence. Lutron system for lighting and music. Mahogany doors. Every social area has ocean views. Gourmet Viking kitchen features granite and stone. Family room with vaulted and beamed ceiling. 14' beamed pecky cypress ceiling in the LR equipped with a fireplace with limestone mantle and hearth. Oceanside covered porch with 180 degree views of the Atlantic Ocean, beach and sea oats laced sand dunes. 2-car garage plus climate controlled storage. Peaceful, quiet, solitude, exclusive, security, peace of mind. $5,950,000

Lot 20, Golf Retreat North A magnificent half acre+ building site located on the #5 tee of Plantation Golf Course. Long views across the elevated greens of #6, the Seaside Course and the marsh. Under-brushed and easy to see. Live Oaks, Pines and Magnolia trees. Sea Island Club application rights are available on this property. A lovely home site in a convenient Island location, close to the village/pier. $895,000

Lot 18, Ocean Forest Located on the picturesque 6th fairway of the famed and private Ocean Forest Golf Course, this building site is exceptional. Contoured and well vegetated, the Live oaks and palmettos are beautifully set among rolls of ancient sand dunes in this maritime forest. Public sewer and water serve this site in its peaceful and secure setting. The Ocean Forest neighborhood has its own full time staffed gatehouse. You will know your neighbors: short term rentals are prohibited. The ambience of Ocean Forest is real. Come see for yourself. $899,000

Al Brown Feb2_Layout 1 2/11/21 5:39 PM Page 1

Cottage 298, E. 36th Street This striking and wonderful Oceanfront residence offers perhaps the most unique location on the entirety of the Sea Island beach at the end of 36th Street with broad ocean views. Enjoy the comfort and inspiration of the upstairs hammock and sitting areas on the sea porch. 7BR, 7.5BA, 5 fireplaces. Lots of curb appeal, distinctive architecture, an impressive foyer, sweeping staircase, grand dining room, ground floor and upper level porches, pecky cypress walls, wide plank and wood floors, and an abundance of windows and glass walls bringing the ocean views to almost every room. Three car garage. Sunrises and star gazing: this cottage has it all. $7,450,000

Cottage 330, W. 31st Street From the second you step foot into Cottage 330, you know you are in a special place on Sea Island. The sweeping marsh views are stunning in their beauty. This Cape Cod home has the perfect blend of private and social areas. The herring bone bricked foyer with its high ceilings blends right into the vaulted and beamed living room with fireplace. The islanded kitchen and vaulted great room with fireplace views the expanse of salt marsh and water through a screened porch. A fun movie theater room, equipped for comfort, awaits your entertainment. Five bedrooms with the master and a guest bedroom on the ground level. Three bedrooms, all ensuite, are upstairs, plus a walk-in attic. $4,250,000

Ocean Cottage 400, Ocean Forest Built on 1 1/2 lots within the gates in the private and protected world of Ocean Forest, this home reflects the love and caring of family ownership, tastefully decorated (and furnished) and custom built with the highest standards. Directly on the beach w/ a short path through the dunes. 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, ample social areas. Open kitchen w/breakfast area plus fully equipped bar. Dining area, living room w/fireplace plus den w/ fireplace, both on the view side with pool. Exercise room w/ full bath. Excellent uses of stone, marble and wood throughout the residence. Elevator. One of the best locations on Sea Island. $4,995,000

Cottage 32, E. 22nd Street Exquisite detail, fine finishes. Lovingly restored by the dedicated preservationist minded current owner, the historic floor plan and footprint were largely retained. The main house, served by an elevator, has 5BR (2 oceanfront masters), a “Spanish lounge” replica, living/music room, dining room with original hand-painted wall paper with tiny porcelain detailing, gourmet chefs kitchen and outdoor kitchen and oceanside sun room. A two story carriage house has an authentic billiards room with ½ bath, 2 guestrooms with private baths, efficiency kitchen and 2 car garage. Lap pool with spa, Bocce ball court, stone fountains, limestone entry terrace. $8,390,000

DeLoach 1 Mar_Layout 1 2/11/21 5:41 PM Page 1



150 Shore Rush Drive, Sherril Sumner 912.617.9436 | 5BR | 5BA | 2HB This sunning custom built home with dock and covered boat lift on the Black Banks River boasts panoramic river and eastern marsh vistas and is the perfect home to enjoy coastal living to its fullest. There is a saltwater pool and spa and a delightful screened porch, veranda and grilling area. The interior of this home leaves absolutely nothing to be desired - quality workmanship throughout and it has been meticulously maintained. $1,950,000

101 Hawkins Island Circle Drive, Nadia Johnson 912.771.9500 | 4BR | 5BA This exquisite property exudes elegance, coziness and a magazine worthy, fabulous look. A labour of love mixed with the new technology, a complete restoration, is awaiting in the beautiful gated community of Hawkins Island. No detail has been spared. There is over an acre of picturesque backyard with oak trees, a salt water pool, a cabana and total privacy, a gourmet kitchen open to the living area, a 3 car garage are just a few of the general details. New roof, HVAC, electrical and more! $2,000,000








318 West Fifty Fifth Street (Cottage 522) 9BR | 9BA | 2HB| River Views Catherine McCrary 843.860.8998 $5,900,000

178 Hampton Point Drive 4BR | 4BA | 2HB | Beautiful Villa Dee Wright 912.230.6156 $1,950,000

112 George T Morris Circle 4BR | 3BA | Lakefront Chandra Kendall 912.258.4233 $499,000

2663 Seminole Trail 7BR | 5BA | 2HB | Estate Maria Jennings 912.222.0185 $1,400,000

224 West Twenty Fifty Street (Cottage 184) 4BR | 5.5BA | 100 yards to ocean Susan Imhoff 912.222.5686 $2,395,000

100 Hampton Point 5BR | 6.5BA | Riverfront Ann Harrell 912.222.4002 $1,750,000

DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty DeLoachSIR.com | 912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA ©2020 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

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Local Expertise, Worldwide.



10 Marina Drive #314 , Adair Allen 912 571.6399 | 4BR | 4.5BA Stunning waterfront condo with panoramic views of St. Simons Sound, Sea Island's Seaside Golf Course and Five Star Lodge, Sidney Lanier Bridge, The Marshes of Glynn, and Jekyll Island . From every room you have a view of the water. Classic Brazilian Cherry Floors, wainscoting on the walls, heavy crown molding, formal dining, granite countertops with eat in bar area, stainless steel appliances, and a wet bar with ice maker and a spacious balcony are just a few features of this home. $1,800,000

937 Champney, Susan Imhoff 912.222,5686 | 3BR | 3.5BA This Cape inspired custom home sits marsh side and offers over 1500 square feet of decks and porches (one is screened) from which you can enjoy breath-taking views and entertain to your hearts content. There are two master bedroom suites one of which is on the main level. A media room, elevator, two laundries, Geothermal HVACs units, high ceilings and open concept are just a few of the amazing things that this home offers. $830,000

SAINT SIMONS ISLAND, GA 122 Shady Brook Circle #301 3BR | 2BA | Garage, Elevator Amanda Duffey 912.222.3557 $299,900





1440 Ocean Blvd #131 2BR | 2BA| Ocean Front Condo Adair Allen 912.571.6399 $500,000

800 Ocean Blvd #108 2BR | 2BA | Ocean Front Susan Imhoff 912.222.5686 $815,000


SAINT SIMONS ISLAND, GA 370 Ocean Blvd 5BR | 4.5BA | Pool Rayea Pieschel 912.222.4402 $1,120,000

Old Forest Road 120 + Acre Getaway Mary Hunt 912.217.1629 $289,500

305 Yacht Club Lane 4 BR / 6.5 BA / Marsh & Water Views Nadia Johnson 912.771.9500 $1,825,000

DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty DeLoachSIR.com | 912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA ©2020 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

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Dee Wright 912-230-6156


178 Hampton point Drive, St SimonS iSlanD - Marshfront villa on large beautifully landscaped lot with 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 2 half baths, 3 fireplaces, tile floors, heart pine floors and wood ceilings. The gourmet kitchen has a large island and separate wine room, butler's pantry, Wolf cooktop and Sub-Zero refrigerator. There is a formal living room, circular dining room, family room, office plus 2 sitting rooms. Many custom features and imports from Italy, Turkey and Ecuador. Large open and covered patio porches and fabulous marsh views. $1,950,000

DeloachSir.com | 912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA ©2020 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

For those ready for what’s next ©2020 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

There is only

Micki Carter Associate Broker

Micki.Carter@SIR.com 912.617.3807

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Susan Imhoff 912-222-5686 or 912-638-0406 Susan.Imhoff@SIR.com | DeLoachSIR.com



224 WeSt 25th St., cOttage 184, Sea iSland

404 RiBaUlt lane, cOttage 99, Sea iSland

This classic Sea Island Cottage offers great open space for family gatherings. Open kitchen design with Island. The Custom beams in the great room were fashioned after the beams in Christ Church Frederica. Cottage 184 is Only 100 yards walking distance to the beach(appx). Fabulous, convenient Beach access and Sunset views from the 25th Street marsh easement to the West. The lot across the street is landscaped and maintained like a park. $2,395,000

This rare one of a kind offering with expansive Atlantic Ocean vistas can be found beachfront and right next door to Forbes Five Star Sea Island, The Cloister & Beach Club. Designed by Frances Abreu, this cottage offers timeless style, refined beauty and the finest architectural details with majestic estate gardens, a large conservatory, an upstairs apartment or house manager’s quarters, a dry basement, two story guest cottage and much more! Pool construction has been approved. 7BR, 8BA, 3HBA. 9,200 SF. $10,900,000



800 Ocean Blvd Unit #108, St SimOnS iSland

937 champney, St. SimOnS iSland

This gorgeous oceanfront condominium is located on the first floor above the parking garage. There is private beach access, covered parking, pool, and elevator convenient to each condo. This is a very open floor plan with two balconies. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and a kitchen island that seats four comfortably. Wide-open floor plan with travertine throughout the living areas. Balcony access is from both the living room and master BR with an ocean view. Sold furnished. Picture perfect! $815,000

This custom-built Cape-inspired cottage beckons one into the foyer, where a magnificent view of the salt marsh takes your breath away! Over 50 windows cast a warm glow on the wide plank pine flooring throughout the house. High ceilings & large expansive windows flood this home w/ natural light. This home has almost 1500 sq ft of decks and porches including a screened porch. The open layout blending into a large chef's dream kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests! The golf course and marina are just blocks away. $830,000

DeLoachSIR.com | 912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA ©2021 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

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Let us heLP you PLan your next Vacation Lilmar Properties is proud to offer visitors to st. simons the highest quality and largest variety of vacation properties on the island. We have been helping our guests make lasting vacation memories for over 15 years! Visit our website: LilmarVacations.com or contact us today to book your next vacation. experience the Lilmar Difference! - adam & Beth Witt - owners, Lilmar Properties

Property Management discover your property’s true potential. Contact us today to learn more.

LiLMarVaCationS.CoM property management vacation rentals sales LiLmar ProPerties WeLcomes

Brooke Stotridge

912.592.1853 or brookestotridge@lilmarproperties.com - I am excited to put my many years of customer service experience to use by helping people find their dream home. My goal as your real estate agent is to listen intently, take care of details, find the right answers and deliver on my promises. I look forward to working with you by making this process not only fun and exciting but stress free.

912.771.8099 or info@lilmarproperties.com 110 island Professional Park, saint simons island, Ga

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Zaida Clay harris Office: 912.634.4311 Cell: 912.258.1089 ZaidaClayHarris@gmail.com


uNdeR CoNtRaCt iN 14 dayS! Immaculate 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome in gated community. Hardwood floors. Fireplace, built-in bookcases, sunroom, and nice patio. $330,000



108 turtle Point Court, St Simons island Attractive patio home with fabulous lagoon and golf course views. The living room features a 17 foot ceiling, and a fireplace flanked by built-in bookcases. The kitchen has tons of storage and is open to the dining room. The primary bedroom is on the main level and features a separate sitting room, his and her closets and a large bath with double vanities, jacuzzi tub, and separate shower. Upstairs are three bedrooms and two baths. Large screened porch and deck on the lagoon. $460,000

497 longview Road, St Simons island Location, Location, Location! This townhome, with a one car garage, is located close to shopping and dining in the Longview and Redfern Village shopping centers. The main level features a formal dining room, a large kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, a pantry, and a breakfast bar. The living area provides plenty of room for an informal dining area and living room. Master on main features a spacious bath with walk-in closet. screened porch on the back. $399,000

912-634-9995 | SignaturePropertiesGroup.com | 600 Sea Island Rd. Ste 28, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

Ruth heyward Beall Cell 912-269-5596 ruthheyward@msn.com

Kelli osteen Cell 912-270-2505 kelli@kelliosteen.com


Build youR dReam home! •lot 42 lazy eight, eagle Neck. 1.1 acres. townsend, Ga - $23,000 •lot 24 Black Cypress, Greenwood Plantation .55 acres. darien, Ga - $29,900 •lot 32&33 as well as lot 34&35 hird island .86 acres. darien, Ga - $26,000 (2 lots together) •lot 42 marsh way, Spring Cove 2.89 acres. townsend, Ga - $45,000 •lot 80 Fiddlers Cove, Spring Cove 1.47 acres. townsend, Ga - $46,900 •lot 41 delegal drive, delta Plantation 1 acre. townsend, Ga - $39,900

Call Ruth heywaRd Beall

121 Robertson Circle - St. Simons island - Located in the beautiful gated community of West Point Plantation, this .36 acre home site is level and cleared. Neighborhood amenities include stocked catch-and-release fishing lakes, walking trails, sidewalks, a playground and plenty of wildlife. Neighborhood pool and clubhouse to be constructed soon. $89,000 Call Kelli Osteen.

912-634-9995 | SignaturePropertiesGroup.com | 600 Sea Island Rd. Ste 28, St. Simons Island, GA 31522


A Work by a Woman Artist Returns


n celebration of Women’s History Month, a watercolor recently donated to the Coastal Georgia Historical Society recalls a woman’s contribution to the arts when, at the turn of the 20th century, women were beginning to make significant progress in art as a profession. Amelia Montague Watson was a painter, illustrator, and photographer born in East Windsor Hill, Connecticut, in 1856. At a time when few women of her class had careers outside their homes, she achieved considerable success selling her artwork, mainly watercolor landscapes, at galleries and to book publishers. She is best known for illustrating

an 1896 deluxe edition of Henry David Thoreau’s travelogue, Cape Cod. Active in Boston and Hartford cultural circles, Watson taught at the Martha’s Vineyard Summer School from 1878 to 1902 and at the Hartford Art School, where she encouraged women to study “decorative design,” an expanding branch of commercial art. A lifelong resident of Connecticut, Watson travelled widely, particularly throughout the American South, gaining inspiration for her artwork. She spent time in Florida and had a second home in Tryon, North Carolina. Watson was attracted to Coastal Georgia by an interest

in the actress and abolitionist Fanny Kemble, whose influential memoir, Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation 1838-1839, documented her encounter with slavery at the plantations owned by her husband, Pierce Mease Butler. In 1914-1915, Watson visited Coastal Georgia and photographed the remaining structures of the Butler plantations and surviving African Americans who had been enslaved there, as well as their descendants. Several of her photographs, now in the Lenox Library Collection of the New York Public Library, are featured in Malcolm Bell, Jr.’s comprehensive history of the Butler family, Major Butler’s Legacy.

As shown here, the artist also captured local scenes in watercolor. Inscribed “The Marshes of Glynn, St. Simon’s Island,” the watercolor was found by the donor, a resident of Oregon, “in a cupboard” among her late mother’s effects and was graciously given to the Society. The photograph of Amelia Watson is courtesy of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, which has a collection of her watercolors, correspondence, and other documents.

Coastal Georgia Historical Society presents this article and images from our archives as part of our mission to tell Coastal Georgia’s inspiring stories. The Society operates the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse Museum and the World War II Home Front Museum, housed in the Historic Coast Guard Station at East Beach. To learn more about the Society, its museums, diverse programs, and membership, please visit coastalgeorgiahistory.org. 114 E L E G A N T I S L A N D L I V I N G


You Don’t Give to Us, You Give Through Us “The great doing of little things, makes the great life.”  – Eugenia Price 


ince 2019, the Eugenia Price/Joyce Blackburn Charitable Fund at the Coastal Georgia Foundation has carried on the artistic and philanthropic legacies of the authors for which it is named. The Fund holds copyrights for

over 50 titles, including the popular St Simons Trilogy: Lighthouse, New Moon Rising, and The Beloved Invader. The royalties collected are then distributed by the Fund as grants to community  non-profits that support the arts.


Your Fund Your Interests YOUR LEGACY

The Coastal Georgia Foundation is a launching point for strategic and sustained philanthropy bringing together fundholders and our community. By matching

an individual’s personal interests with the immediate needs of our community, the Foundation promotes unity and a holistic approach to community betterment.

Please let us know how we can help you maximize the impact of your philanthropy. A Community Philanthropic Partnership Supported by

T H E C O R W O N F A M I LY F U N D 1 6 2 6 F re d e r i c a R o a d | Suite 201 | St. Simo ns I sla nd, Geo rgia 31522 P : 9 1 2 .2 6 8 .4 4 4 2 | F : 9 1 2 . 268.2316 | E ma il: inf o @ co a sta lgeo rgia f o unda tio n.o rg c oas tal georgi af oundati on. org


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