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The Symbol of Love, the Garnet

A Message from Owner Zoe Herrington:

Since we have moved into January, Garnet is the birthstone for this month and boy what secrets this gemstone has in store for you!

To start out with a fun fact, Prince William gave Kate Middleton an antique garnet ring when they were in college together. This was a thin band, and you can believe she counts this as one of her most valuable treasures. This ring appears to be quite old, so it contains small reddish colored garnets. This color of garnet is known to erupt from the mantle of the earth, many times with diamonds!

Now we find garnets in many colors, the most expensive and valuable are a lush green, found in Kenya and are known as Tsavorite.

Many of my customers have chosen this beautiful dark green stone over Emeralds. They are truly majestic with diamond accents and are the world’s rarest and most beautiful garnet! Another favorite and less expensive is the Rhodolite garnet that has a succulent pink and purplish hue.

Garnets come in many colors, and when finding that perfect stone, let your imagination soar!!

When I was christened in England, my godmother gave me a traditional locket surrounded by traditional garnets, so I customized an insert of diamonds to go around the perimeter, making it more age appropriate!

While garnets are not as hard as a diamond, allow your jeweler to professionally clean your treasures.

Garnet is known as the stone of “Health”. This mineral has been a favorite for centuries and has been known to be a “stone of commitment” (Was Prince William giving a silent statement to Kate? And perhaps a cryptic message to the world?

Come in and jump start your love affair in 2023 with our enormous selection!! Happy New Year! – Zoe Herrington 912.434.9161 | 1700 Frederica Rd, Ste 105 | St. Simons Island (Across the street from the Post Office) 913.491.4861 | 11620 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas

www.noblehousejewelry.com Open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Open Sunday by appointment ONLY.

Happy New Year With Ronne

28 Market Street, Suite 124 St. Simons Island, GA 912.638.5100

Be the Best You in 2023

Every January, we come up with numerous New Year’s resolutions. Of those who make a New Year’s resolution, after one week 75% are still successful in keeping it. That number drops to 71% after two weeks. After a month, the number drops to 64%. And after six months, only 46% of people who make a resolution are still following through on that commitment. In other words, more than half of us fail at making the lifestyle changes we set as goals at the beginning of the year.

This year, instead of a New Year’s resolution, I want to try to live with more intention. Living with intention simply means having a better-balanced life that’s full of meaning and purpose. We are constantly bombarded with distractions. Just go out to lunch and see how many folks aren’t talking to each other because they are glued to their cell phones. We all want to live with intention, but most of our days are stuck on autopilot. It’s easier to go through the motions. So, if you want to live BETTER in 2023, here are some great ways to begin living with more intent.

Look Up

Leave your cell phone in your pocket or purse. Step away from the tablet. Interact with real life surroundings.

Connect With People

Take a minute at the grocery store to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Pick up the phone to call instead of text. Remember, one good way to be happy is to think of what you can do for others.

Pay Attention

At least once a day, make sure that you notice the world and nature around you. That’s pretty easy to do with all the beauty here on St. Simons Island.

Quiet Your Mind

Give your mind a break from the constant overload. Simply be still and quiet for a moment and appreciate the joy of being alive.

Be Open

Lastly, be receptive to the different paths that 2023 may offer you. Nurture the ability to laugh and have fun. Be part of something bigger than yourself. You don’t have to be the best, just be the best you can be! And here’s to the best year yet!


3413 FREDERICA RD • ST SIMONS ISLAND • 638-3641 www.pierceandparkerinteriors.com

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e’re starting 2023 with a focus on self-care. This encompasses not only physical health but mental well-being and the things that make your soul shine. Whether it’s meditation or music, nutrition or nurturing your skin, lotus position or laughing with friends, in these pages, we’re shining a light on what helps each of us be our very best self.

J ANUARY 2023 17

Maybe Mom Was Right

When it comes to self-care, a good place to start is with the advice given by our mothers and grandmothers. Whether handed down as “old wives’ tales” or sound advice learned through experience, there are true kernels of wisdom to be found. Here are some that relate to health and home remedies.

Bundle Up

Although a Golden Isles winter isn’t exactly the same as what our friends experience in the more northern climates, it still brings to mind cold weather warnings from our well-meaning mothers and grandmothers. “Bundle up and stay warm,” they told us. “Don’t go out with wet hair or you’ll catch your death of cold!” We laughed them off as we got older, knowing colds are all about viruses and have nothing to do with weather. But maybe they were right all along.

There is scientific evidence that being exposed to colder temperatures can make us more likely to catch a cold. One study has shown that participants who sat with their feet in cold water were more likely to report cold symptoms five days after the exposure than participants in a control group who did not have contact with cold water. Researchers suggest that these results indicate that exposure to cold may suppress the immune

response to some degree, potentially increasing the likelihood you’ll get sick in the days after you were exposed to cold conditions. Similarly, if your immune system is not strong, getting a chill from wet hair or not being dressed adequately for colder temperatures could stress the immune system of those at risk, making one more prone to illness. Now, bundle up appropriately when the mercury drops and apologize to your mother for all those times you ignored her advice!

How about the idea that winter and cold temperatures make colds and flu worse? Colds and flu may be more prevalent in winter because cold weather causes us to spend more time indoors and around other people, possibly increasing our risk of exposure. Colder temperatures may also help viruses replicate more easily. There’s also an argument that our Vitamin D levels drop as sun exposure wanes in the winter months and contributes to seasonal illness. At the very least, that gives us great incentive to get outside and enjoy the sunshine as much as we possibly can!

Eat Your Chicken Soup

Another bit of advice handed down through the ages is eating chicken soup to cure a cold. Since it’s important to stay hydrated and get

nutrients into your body when you’re ill, experts agree that chicken soup is a good option, especially when eating a solid meal may be too much to stomach.

“Chicken soup can offer a nutrient-dense food option when someone is struggling with a poor appetite,” said Kristen Smith, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “It can also help increase hydration during a time when this could be a challenge.” Smith added that most chicken soups contain ingredients that provide vitamins and minerals. For example, carrots provide your body with vitamin A, a nutrient that plays a role in the immune response. Chicken stock contains zinc, which may help fight a cold when consumed in high amounts. Chicken may also help with the repair of body tissue because it contains the amino acid cysteine, which some researchers are exploring for improving colds in supplement form. Most homemade and canned varieties of chicken soup would probably not provide adequate amounts of zinc or cysteine to offer significant health benefits. It’s also been suggested that collagen from chicken stock or bone broth can help with healing.

J ANUARY 2023 19

Over the years, numerous researchers have attempted to study the effects of chicken soup on those sick with respiratory infections. According to one of these studies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, homemade chicken soup can in fact help to reduce inflammation, which is responsible for many of the unpleasant symptoms associated with an infection. Hot fluids and the steam they release are helpful in relieving congestion, so even if the soup isn’t a “cure,” it can make a person with a cold feel better.

If someone is taking care of you when you’re sick and preparing chicken soup for you, just that tender loving care has a beneficial effect. That nurturing has genuine results and the way it can make you feel better is not a placebo effect, but the contents of the soup they are making may be irrelevant. So, eat the soup, and enjoy any TLC offered when you’re sick. If you’re feeling the need to do some nurturing of your own (which can be fabulous for your own well-being), you’ll find several delicious soup recipes on the Elegant

Island Living website under the Community Cookbook tab, including a tried and true Mexican chicken soup (Caldo de Pollo) and a Greek lemon chicken soup (Avgolemono) that has the added benefit of some Vitamin C.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” was first coined in 1913, but originated in Wales in 1866 where it was published in this rhyming format: “Eat an apple on going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” From that time on, the apple has come to symbolize good health and healthy habits, often used by government and private health organizations to symbolize lifestyle choices that lead to improved health and wellness. But does eating an apple a day really result in better health?

There’s no question that apple consumption has beneficial effects. The US Apple Association and other groups have touted the health benefits of the fruit’s fiber content, essential vitamins and minerals, and flavonoids, a group of molecular compounds thought to be helpful in the prevention of cancer and other health conditions. Throughout the years, various studies have shown apple consumption to be linked to weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, prevention of neurologic degradation, cancer suppression, and even reduction in asthma symptoms. Arguably, eating many other types of fruit may have similar health benefits, but it is worth noting that apples have more fiber than grapes, melon, or mango, and twice as much Vitamin A as pears. When it comes to vitamin C, oranges and bananas top the apple, and blueberries have more folate and antioxidant properties. Apples also contain a

special phytochemical, most concentrated in its skin, that can help regulate digestion and improve blood glucose control.

A U.S. study conducted in 2015 actually tested the old adage, using diet survey data for 8,000 apple-eating and non-apple eating adults, comparing the number of doctor’s visits, overnight hospital stays and prescription medicines. That study found that those who ate at least one apple per day (either whole, or as part of other foods) were slightly less likely to need a GP visit or medication. But the final analysis led to the conclusion that these results likely weren’t specifically related to the apples, but the overall health habits of the people who eat apples. Even if eating an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away, apples, especially when consumed along with plenty of other fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, certainly can contribute to your overall health and wellness.

Honey Cures a Cough

Many people look to natural remedies instead of over-the-counter medications or prescriptions these days. A time-honored natural way to soothe a sore throat is drinking hot tea or lemon water with honey. For adults, a splash of whiskey doesn’t hurt either! Honey alone has been proven to be an effective throat coat and cough suppressant.

In a study of children ages one- to fiveyears-old with upper respiratory tract infections, their nighttime coughing reduced and sleep improved when they were given up to two teaspoons of honey at bedtime. It was also deemed to be as effective as dextromethorphan, a leading cough suppressant ingredient in typical over-thecounter doses. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics has reported that cough and cold medicines often don’t work in children younger than 6, honey can be an effective and safe option for relief for children aged 1-6. Honey should never be given to children under a year old because of the risk of infant botulism, a rare but serious form of food poisoning. But if your toddler or pre-K child is

J ANUARY 2023 21

has a persistent nagging cough at bedtime, a couple spoonfuls of honey may be the sweetest way to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Cucumbers Cure Puffy Eyes

Nobody likes dark circles and puffy eyes, so eye creams and serums are widely available. And while there may be a million-andone treatment

hydrating for the skin both when used topically and when ingested. Cucumbers also contain high levels of lignans, cucurbitacins, flavonoids, antioxidants, and other trace elements and minerals. This makes them extremely beneficial supplements to drinking water, as well as when directly placed on the skin. In addition to their hydrating properties, cucumbers have silica, which can boost collagen production. These features make cucumbers popular not only to place directly on the skin for natural cooling and soothing effects, but also as an ingredient in so many moisturizing and hydrating skincare products.

There are multiple benefits to putting cucumbers on the eyes. They are naturally cooling and have no irritating acids or fragrance that can irritate the sensitive eye area. In addition to antioxidant properties, they have cleansing properties that help remove chemical toxins from the body and skin. Their nourishing properties not only hydrate and soothe the skin, but gently brighten it and protect against skin irritations and reduce swelling.

help reduce and minimize dark circles, and soothing properties that aid treatment of sunburn and wrinkles. Cold slices of cucumber also help constrict superficial blood vessels, which lessens swelling of the skin around the eyes following prolonged sun and sand exposure, a good cry, or a late night out. Drop by the produce section and stock up to keep yourself looking brighteyed and bushy-tailed!

Carrots Improve Your Eyesight

And while we’re on the subject of bright eyes, Bugs Bunny’s favorite snack is another vegetable that has benefits for our peepers. While a bushel of carrots might not give us 20/20 vision or significantly improve or enhance our eyesight in any way, they are indeed good for our eyes. Carrots contain beta carotene, which our bodies turn into vitamin A. Vitamin A is in fact essential for overall eye health. Vision can be negatively affected by a deficit of vitamin A, and in extreme cases can cause blindness. Milk, cheese, and egg yolks are also good sources of vitamin A, if carrots don’t appeal.

options, perhaps one of the best methods is one of the oldest: cucumbers. They’re an easy, natural, and inexpensive fix.

Cu cumbers are made up of approximately 95% water, so they are excellent for

The hydration cucumbers provide can help keep the skin healthy in appearance and firm, leading to younger, fresherlooking skin. Dry skin around the eyes and the fine lines that form can contribute to a more aged appearance. Cucumbers help with that because in addition to being rich in water, they have vitamin C and folic acid to help promote skin health, vitamin K to

And while we’re talking about eyes, there are a couple myths we can debunk. Sitting too close to the TV will not damage your vision or weaken your eyes, and neither will reading in the dark, although you might feel some eyestrain or get a headache. If you feel a twinge of guilt about ignoring mom’s warnings there, you can always eat more carrots to compensate. That’s what’s up, Doc!

Family owned business with over 50 years of experience in the residential painting industry

LICENSED AND INSURED CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 912-258-6137 or 904-903-1645 Islandpaintingga@gmail.com Islandpaintingga.com

If Your Home is Not Becoming to You, Come to Us
Linda & Dave Templeman, Owners
JANUARY 2023 23

Laughter is the Best Medicine

If you’ve been to the Brunswick Actors’ Theatre downtown at 1413 Newcastle lately, you’ll have heard our friend Lynda Dalton Gallagher address the audience before the curtain goes up and a show begins. To conclude her introductions, she always prompts the crowd to join her in the proclamation “Laughter is STILL the best medicine.” And when you see their twinkling eyes and delighted smiles and hear the animated conversations of those audience members as they greet the cast and mingle

before departing the theatre, it’s easy to believe that they are leaving feeling lighter and happier than they did when they arrived. What a powerful tool in our self-care arsenal: the ability to laugh!

This too is more than just an old wives’ tale. Not only does laughing feel good, but studies have also proven that it is good for you in more ways than you might realize. In addition to offering benefits to your physical health, laughter benefits your mental and emotional well-being and can help you cope with the stresses of everyday life. Let’s take a closer look at the powerful benefits that can be delivered by a dose of this fast, free, and available anytime and anywhere “medicine.”

When you laugh, your body releases the feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. This helps increase the body’s natural painkilling response. It is beneficial for reducing chronic pain and can improve your mood. Extra endorphins do more than just give you a little lift too; they can also reduce stress. This makes laughter a valuable coping mechanism. A hearty dose of laughter can go a long way in releasing stress and anxiety from your body. It can help start and end your day on a positive note.

Laughter and giggles help reduce your body’s production of stress hormones like cortisol, which boosts your immune system. Managing stress with laughter


can also activate infection-fighting cells and fend off stress reactions in the body. A few minutes of hearty laughter can reduce physical tension in the body, relax your muscles, and make you feel calmer.

A big belly laugh also increases blood flow to your internal organs. Each time you laugh, you breathe more deeply. This expands your lungs with more oxygen and allows your heart to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Increased oxygen promotes healthy cell growth and helps your organs to work more efficiently. When your body functions more efficiently, this makes you feel your best.

Seeing a comedy at Brunswick Actors’ Theatre is one good way to add some

extra laughter to your day. Check out their schedule at soglogallery.com, grab a few friends, get your tickets, and go enjoy a show. Laugh out loud. Laugh often. The Island Players will be offering a comedy at the St. Simons Casino Theatre in January with Leading Ladies , by Ken Ludwig. Romantic entanglements and hilarity are the cornerstones of this fortunehunting farce by the author of A Fox on the Fairway Shows January 6-8, 13-15, 20-22. For more information and tickets, visit theislandplayers.com.

Watching something funny, whether on stage, a comedy special, favorite TV sitcom, or some silly TikTok videos, is a sure way to inject extra chuckles into your daily routine.

Share memes or groan-inducing Dad jokes with a friend. Delve into a book by an author who has a wickedly funny way with words. As the funny fellows from Monty Python (always a good go-to for a big belly laugh) sing so gloriously, “Always look on the bright side of life.” Finding humor in life, even in its most stressful situations, can help you gain a different perspective and help keep a more positive attitude.

On February 17-19, there will be some real pros at tickling funny bones at Epworth by the Sea for the 8th Annual St. Simons Storytelling Festival. Bill Lepp, an awardwinning storyteller, author, recording artist, TV and radio host, and five-time champion of the West Virginia Liar Contest, is this year’s emcee. A nationally touring storyteller, Bill travels the country entertaining children and adults alike with his funny, family-friendly tall tales. He’s joined again this year by renowned “Dean of Storytelling” Donald Davis and the always hilarious Andy Offutt Irwin, a man of many voices and sounds. If you’re a fan of Reservation Dogs, Native American storyteller Dovie Thomason’s tales from her Lakota and Plains Apache relatives should be right up your alley. Rounding out the group, Charlotte Blake Alston, a master storyteller, narrator, instrumentalist, and singer, will bring African and African American oral and cultural traditions to life. Laughter is sure to be abundant with these seasoned entertainers. Local passes are available, so make a plan to come out to giggle, guffaw, chuckle and chortle. Register at stsimonsstorytellingfestival.com.

J ANUARY 2023 25
228 Redfern Village, Suite 203 | St. Simons Island, GA Your Outdoor Lighting Specialists
BO PARKER 912.571.8723

Where Healthcare Meets Hospitality

At Halcyon Health, a unique direct primary care practice on St. Simons Island, you’ll receive the unparalleled, VIP-quality care your family needs without the hassle of traditional healthcare models. Following years of experience in the traditional healthcare sector, Lauren Whitley, M.D. created Halcyon Health to provide members with the best primary care available and to deliver it in a way that is accessible and available when you need it. It’s the next best thing to having a doctor in your family!

“The simple fact of the matter is that usually insurance is the complicating factor in the doctor patient relationship,” explains Dr. Whitley. “In a regular practice, the doctor has to see a certain number of patients per day just to make the ends meet. If I were in a regular practice, I would have to cover my medical staff, office staff, rent and the hundreds of other expenses that come up each day which would require me to see 20-30+ patients a day which only gives each patient about 15-20 minutes a visit. With direct primary care, the expenses are paid by a monthly fee so I can spend upwards to an hour with each patient. By charging a monthly fee, I am able to limit the size of my practice and spend much more time with each patient and make myself available to them around the clock.” She adds, “I started Halcyon Health to get out of the grind of the insurance driven model. I never felt like I was able to address my patient’s concerns due to the fact that there was so much emphasis on getting patients in and out. With my current practice, patients can spend as much time addressing their concerns as they would

Dr. Lauren Whitley, M.D.

like. Sometimes people come in with an acute illness and just want to get in and out during their lunch, other times people want to sit and discuss health goals for an hour. The direct primary care model gives me the freedom to tailor each visit to what the patient wants.”

What does this mean for you as a member? Better access to a doctor when you need one!

Halcyon Health covers most routine care that a patient needs. Its monthly fee covers unlimited visits, a comprehensive physical exam, a yearly panel of labs and in-office procedures. Most importantly, it gives you as the patient direct access to your doctor around the clock including after hours and on the weekends. No more urgent care visits or waiting several days to get an appointment! Dr. Whitley says, “I usually see around 8 scheduled patients a day and the beauty of our clinic is that it can always

make room for sick visits. As you know, no one ever plans on getting sick and it is never convenient, so being able to walk in and see your doctor is a huge benefit.”

And when Dr. Whitley says “walk in and see your doctor,” she means that in the most literal sense. One thing you’ll immediately notice about a visit to Halcyon Health that sets it apart from the typical doctor’s office is the personal care you receive and the warm welcoming environment. “There are only two people who work here: me and my wonderful nurse, Rosemary Banks. You are greeted by one of us as soon as you walk in the door,” says Dr. Whitley. “I don’t have any intentions of expanding my practice to include other doctors or nurse practitioners. I want to

establish long lasting relationships with each and every one of my patients and I feel like if I expand the practice, I lose that. The bottom line is that you won’t see three or four people before you see me. You won’t sit in the waiting room filling out insurance paperwork. From the time you walk in the door you are treated as a person, not just the next appointment.”

This is especially important when you’re dealing with sick children, and parents will be glad to hear Halcyon Health includes pediatric care in family memberships. Dr. Whitley says, “I love taking care of children, and being able to see them is one of the things I am most excited

J ANUARY 2023 27
about offering to my members at Halcyon
“You won’t sit in the waiting room filling out insurance paperwork. From the time you walk in the door you are treated as a person, not just the next appointment.”
Rosemary Banks, L.P.N

Health. We are able to provide well child visits, sports physicals, pediatric swabs and testing and any urgent care/sick visits. Due to the cost of vaccines and the smaller number of children when compared to a standard pediatric practice, we do not offer these vaccines in the clinic. My families have a couple of options on how to get these for their children.”

While Halcyon Health is independent from any larger hospital system, Dr. Whitley still has the ability to refer her patients for any tests or specialists that they may need to see. She also keeps privileges with SEGHS hospital to allow seamless care and communication. “For example,” she clarifies, “if someone twists their knee on the tennis court and needs an MRI or a visit to an orthopedist, I can refer just like any other doctor. Your insurance company will be billed by the imaging center or the specialist.” She adds, “I have been in the area since 2018, so I have established a good working relationship with many of the local specialists. I can also refer out of town if someone would like to be seen in Jacksonville or Savannah.” Medication management is much less complicated at Halcyon Health than with a standard practice too. Normally you have to call the office, leave a message, wait for the office to call you back,

and then finally your prescription is sent to the pharmacy. At Halcyon Health, they use a web based electronic medical record, so the member just sends Dr. Whitley a message and she sends in your prescription. It’s that simple.

W hen asked who the ideal candidate for membership in this St. Simons Island direct primary care practice would be, Dr. Whitley replied, “I think the ideal candidate for Halcyon Health is anyone who wants to take control of their health and have a physician who can sit down with them and formulate a plan to help them reach their goals. I have also gotten great feedback from families saying that it has been a significant benefit being able to have their children seen within an hour or two of calling rather than spending half the day at urgent care.”

W hat Dr. Whitley offers to the Golden Isles with Halcyon Health is certainly a welcome service and refreshing new model of hospitality in health care. Fortunately for our community, it’s a welcome change for her too.

“Since moving to the Golden Isles with my family almost five years ago, I never plan on leaving. There is such a sense of community here. I am enjoying raising my family here and taking advantage of all the many opportunities that the Golden Isles has to offer.” She continues, “It is such an amazing place to live. I am continually impressed at how many people are living active, healthy lives into their 80s or 90s. You don’t see that in a lot of other places. I really focus my practice on helping people achieve long term wellness and being able to

do all the things they want to do for as long as they want to do them.” Sounds like a match made right here in paradise!

For more information about Dr. Whitley and Halcyon Health’s services and how you can become a member, stop by the office at 28 Market Street, Suite 128, call 912.357.2022, or visit halcyonhealthssi.com.

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Let’s Do Something Beautiful!

Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery has moved to a new location. Dr. Diane Bowen, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and her friendly staff now call the newly renovated space at 2485 Demere Rd., Suite 103A on St. Simons Island home and can handle all your rejuvenation needs in this intimate setting. Their medical spa has a relaxing environment of a day spa but professional grade treatments that generate results for a younger, brighter you.

Available treatments for various skin types, and conditions include professional grade chemical peels to address acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles and photofacials to address uneven skin tone including hyperpigmentation and rosacea. The office also performs laser hair removal to address unwanted hair. Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery also offers Morpheus8, state of the art technology that combines radio frequency with microneedling to lift, tighten and contour.

Dr. Diane Bowen started Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery over 25 years ago. She and her highly trained staff take great pride in providing “whole person” rejuvenation services that include surgical and non-surgical

treatments. They offer individualized treatment plans that are tailored specifically to each patient based upon their goals.

Surgical procedures include:

I Breast Augmentation

I Breast Lift

I Breast Reduction

I Tummy Tuck

I Mommy Makeover

I Face Lift

I Neck Lift

I Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

Non-Surgical procedures include:

I Neurotoxins including Botox

I Dermal Fillers

I And the only provider in the Golden Isles doing the YLIFT

Dr. Bowen uses advanced technologies to do body contouring and skin tightening without general anesthesia. It can be done in an office-


based procedure setting, which allows for budget friendly rejuvenation. Now you can be relaxed but awake enough to assist in getting into the most optimum positions for precision contouring. These technologies include BodyTite, FaceTite and Accutite by Inmode. BodyTite and FaceTite use radiofrequency (RF) energy to maximize the amount of skin tightening achieved. This is frequently coupled with lipocontouring to achieve your best you!

Not sure what treatment fits your needs?

Call their office at 912.634.1993 to schedule a consultation and receive your individualized treatment plan. To learn more about the various services offered by Dr. Bowen and her staff at Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, visit drdianebowen.com.

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Music Does a Body Good

Don’t forget about music when it comes to self-care! Research has shown that listening to music can alleviate anxiety, lower blood pressure, and reduce pain. It is also proven to improve sleep quality, regulate mood, increase mental alertness, and aid memory and cognition.

By managing stress, it regulates hormones and helps your immune system to function at its optimum level. Music increases motivation and performance and boosts creativity. It maintains heart health, regulates your nervous system, and protects the


health of your brain. Listening to or playing music provides a total brain workout and has both immediate and lasting benefits for mind, body, and soul.

Researchers have even delved into specific types of music to determine their effects on the body and mind. In one study, students were asked to complete cognitive tasks with and without music. Students exposed to background music completed more tasks and got more answers right – when the music was relaxing, like classical or smooth jazz. Another study found that when students listened to classical music before bed, it helped them sleep better than those who listened to an audiobook or nothing. One interesting and unexpected benefit of classical music was discovered in London. After 18 months of playing classical music in train stations, incidents of vandalism had decreased by 37%, there were 33% fewer robberies, and assaults on staff were reduced by 25%. Listening to relaxing music, such as smooth jazz, can induce an alpha-wave state in your brain, which makes it a perfect way to wind down at the end of the day. On the other end of the spectrum, rock or pop music has been found to increase endurance and physical performance during a workout. Using music tempo to test the motivation levels of cyclists on static bikes, when tempo was increased by 10%, the distance, pedaling speed, and power exerted by the cyclists also

increased. Listening to upbeat and happy music regularly can help regulate your brain chemistry and help you maintain greater mental and emotional balance. Even rap and heavy metal have been determined to have a positive boost and help combat depression by increasing feelings of self-confidence and ability to overcome obstacles or achieve success.

Whatever music you choose, the folks here at EIL recommend you get out and enjoy our local music scene. There is live music happening daily and it’s not hard to find the sounds that speak to your soul, whatever the genre. Keep up with who’s playing where and when by following our I’m With the Band blog at elegantislandliving.net and on on Facebook and Instagram @imwiththebandssi. We also have the Coastal Symphony of Georgia, Golden Isles Live, and Island Concert Association presenting stellar music throughout the year.

You won’t want to miss Island Concert Association’s 2023 February Festival at St. Simons Presbyterian Church. Concerts take place every Tuesday night of the month at 7:00 p.m. and are free and open to the public. On February 7, pianist Anna Bogolubova, a leading performer/composer will be featured. Winner of the 2018 Lynn Concerto Competition,

violist Kayla Williams, will perform with pianist Chris McCarthy on February 14. The Seipp/Sheets Duo featuring Randall Sheets on organ and Chuck Seipp on trumpet will perform February 21. The festival will close on February 28 with Arkai Music, featuring the genre-bending sounds of Jonathan Miron on violin, Philip Sheegog on cello, and Jeremy Smith on percussion. For more information and to become a member of Island Concert Association, visit islandconcertassociation.org.

J ANUARY 2023 31 600 SEA ISLAND RD • ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA • 912.634.1521 GentlemensAndLadyOutfitters.net GENTLEMENS_LADY_OUTFITTERS
and Mark Downs
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Get out there and find the music that moves you!
Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.
- Elton John

Olive Oil: Good Mediterranean Medicine

Research throughout the years continues to confirm that the Mediterranean style of eating has significant health benefits. This type of diet – one that limits processed foods and added sugars, and is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and hearthealthy fats – has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. While the Mediterranean diet’s nutritional benefits come from various sources, the generous use of olive oil is a key contribution. Extra virgin olive oil is widely recognized as one of the world’s healthiest oils and cooking with it can also boost the nutrients in other foods.

Olive oil of all types are high in monounsaturated fatty acids. When substituted for saturated fat, monounsaturated fats help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol. The health benefits of olive oil have been attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The risk of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and even dementia is reduced in people who consume higher amounts of olive oil than those who use little or none. Olive oil also may contribute to longevity, lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes, and improve bone health and brain health. Due to the way extravirgin olive oil is pressed mechanically from ripe olives and processed without high heat or solvents, the chemicals in the oil (phenols) are protected. A higher concentration of phenols may in fact provide extra antioxidant effects, making extra-virgin olive oil the top candidate for “healthiest” olive oil choice.

Adding more olive oil to your daily diet is easy when there’s a fantastic source for flavorful oils and excellent culinary options that take

full advantage of their availability: Golden Isles Olive Oil at The Market Place. Whether you want to stock your pantry and fridge with healthy ingredients or you are looking to enjoy a delicious but diet conscious meal out with a glass of wine, this is your one-stop spot for it all!
JANUARY 2023 33

Bigger. Better. More. Come in and experience for yourself what everyone in the Golden Isles is talking about: the new, expanded Golden Isles Olive Oil at The Market Place, located at 1609 Frederica Road. 2023 brings a bigger footprint with more space. A larger restaurant with more parking, indoor and patio dining complete with olive trees, and a full bar stocked for craft cocktails and bountiful wines by the glass and bottle. The curated wine list includes extensive selections of red and white wines, as well as sparkling and dessert wines.

Feed The Soul.

The delicious offerings on the restaurant’s menu will be sure to fill seats throughout the year. It is ever-changing with dishes featuring seasonal recipes and ingredients, complete with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Come in the dining room or sit out on the patio to enjoy a full meal or stop by for appetizerstyle small bites. No matter what you choose to delight from the menu, you will discover fresh, clean, good eats, seasonal recipes, and flavors. Start with an artisan cheese and charcuterie board. Finish with a decadent dessert.

If you’d rather eat at home or at the beach, there’s top cuisine available for take-out. Pick up a meal or enjoy concierge shopping. Make meals easy with choices from a take-and-bake menu of prepared foods or regular take-out options from the full menu.

“Pop-up” luncheon experiences have been a popular feature at over the years. During these special events, guest chefs prepare a custom-designed menu created around Golden Isles Olive Oil balsamic and extra virgin olive oil pairings. Each venue is a culinary masterpiece.

Shop The Pantry.

The new location also delivers a larger gourmet market for gifts and epicurean pantry items. It is the perfect spot to shop for the foodie, the chef, or the family member you want to impress. With over 60 flavors of olive oils and vinegars, there are flavor combinations to complement every dish. Visit for extra virgin olive oil tastings, balsamics, truffle, cheeses and charcuterie, spices, rubs, and marinade. You don’t want to miss this treasure trove of gourmet goodness. And when you need an exclusive gift for connoisseur clients and friends, Golden Isles Olive Oil at The Market Place is the island go-to for gift baskets. Elegant Island Living readers voted Golden Isles Olive Oil the place for “Best Gift Baskets”

three years in row. Let them help you create the perfect combination of items that will be sure to impress.

Events Aplenty.

The precise point of Golden Isles Olive Oil at The Market Place is people having fun. It is the island’s “in spot” to take a break from shopping. Enjoy a wine tasting or relax with friends over glasses of favorite spirits. New to the scene in 2023 will be a supper club, and as usual, live entertainment fills the scene. From live music to food demonstrations, high teas, and guest chefs, check the calendar for events on the horizon. The Grand Opening is planned for January 15 with live music by sassy songstress Annie Akins from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Private events keep the island chatting, so don’t hesitate to plan some in 2023. Golden Isles Olive Oil at The Market Place is wellsuited for private events and celebrations, wedding or baby showers, birthday parties, and private dinners. They’ll he happy to help you with your party, no matter the occasion. Celebrate in style!

Golden Isles Olive Oil at The Market Place

Serving lunch & dinner with a full bar daily. Expanded Hours. Live Music. 1609 Frederica Road, St. Simons Island 912.602.9736 | GoldenIslesOliveOil.com

34 ELE GANT ISLAND LIVING 3 Convenient Locations ST. SIMONS • BRUNSWICK WAYCROSS 912.638.1801 / lilyobgyn.com Prenatal Care Infertility Workup/ Treatment Menopausal Care Osteoporosis Treatment Vaccine Administration Nutrition Counseling 4D Ultrasound Laboratory Colposcopy LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) WE PROVIDE A FULL RANGE OF WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE SERVICES Minimally Invasive Surgery • Novasure • Thermachoice • Essure • da Vinci Procedure

Optimizing hormones can help alleviate symptoms and restore balance to everyday life for both men and women. Bioidentical hormones mirror the molecular structure of naturally occurring hormones. Biote subcutaneous pellets provide optimization via consistent release of hormones.

Dr. Joe Edwards III has been a trusted Biote provider with 27 years in private practice as an OBGYN. He customizes each patient’s hormonal treatment based on their symptoms and lab results. CONTACT HIM FOR A CONSULTATION TODAY.

Younger with Hormone Therapy FATIGUE BRAIN FOG SLEEPLESSNESS FEMININE DRYNESS DECREASED LIBIDO HOT FLASHES NIGHT SWEATS OSTEOPOROSIS LOW TESTOSTERONE THYROID ISSUES BALANCE IDENTIFY OPTIMIZE TREAT EASE SYMPTOMS Email hormonehealthdoctor@gmail.com or call 912.655.5253 with name, contact details, and a brief description of your concerns. Optimize your hormones to help optimize your well-being.

About Self-Care

Beach Bum Bakery

beachbumbakeryssi@gmail.com 817.909.5348



Gluten-free can taste great! GF Micro-bakery since 2012, offering new menus weekly. Small batch, hand-crafted, artisan baked goods ALWAYS GLUTEN-FREE (and sometimes vegan) sourdough, cinnamon rolls, biscotti, breakfast cookies, cupcakes, scones, donuts, burger buns, breads and more! SSI/Brunswick delivery available. kibbyjardine.com/beachbumbakeryssi/

Brunswick Rocks

1509 Newcastle Street, Brunswick JoinUs@BrunswickRocks.org



Brunswick Rocks is a 501c3 nonprofit bouldering gym with a mission to provide a fun learning environment for selfimprovement, promoting health, fitness, and personal growth for people of all abilities. Currently accepting sponsorship opportunities, pre-sale memberships, founding partner applications and many volunteers. BrunswickRocks.org

Bryan Dental Associates

300 Main St., # 102, SSI office@bryantdentalssi.com 912.638.9946


Located in the heart of St. Simons Island, Bryan Dental Associates has been providing caring, comprehensive. and comfortable dental care for almost 40 years. Thomas Bryan, DMD provides General, Preventive, Cosmetic, Restorative and Orthodontic Dentistry and serves adults and children of all ages. Traditional insurance is welcome. bryandentalssi.com

Chosen 1s Companion Care Services

nacresha.pinkney30@gmail.com 912.506-6517

Providing quality care to allow people with limited access the luxury of performing life’s daily activities with less stress. Services include personal shopping, transportation , health and fitness, personal companion, and pet care. Nacresha’s motto: “I have two hands, one to help myself, and the other for helping others. Let me help YOU.”

Claire Cofer, The Well Being

714 Mall Blvd, Brunswick clairecofermassage@gmail.com 912.771.9000



A massage therapist, health coach, and yoga instructor, offering support in various ways. Claire understands the importance of health in remaining active and having the ability to do the things you love. With compassion, she helps you gain awareness, recognize strengths, and overcome challenges. Claire would like to be included in your journey. clairecofermassage.com

Coastal Endodontics

1804 Frederica Rd. #B, SSI info@coastalendo.net 912.268.2800

@coastalendostsimonsisland @coastalendoga

Root canal specialists offering the highest standard of professional care in a friendly, comfortable environment. Their goal is to provide unsurpassed quality in a compassionate environment of professionalism and clinical excellence using the most advanced tools, techniques, and technology possible. They hope to exceed your expectations. coastalendo.net

Coastal Hypnosis Center

1608 Reynolds Street, Brunswick coastalhypnosis@aol.com 912.261.8906


Located in Historic Downtown Brunswick, offering Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Rife. Grounded in the community with over 25 years experience, and open by appointment only to better serve everyone. A relaxing, coastal atmosphere with positive energy. Free meditation and guest practitioners keep them rounded. coastalrelaxationltd.com

Coastal Intergrated Wellness

501 Gloucester St, # 113 Brunswick coastalintegratedwellness@gmail.com 912.322.3057

Specializes in manifesting healing without medicine. Most clients are referred from Mayo Clinic with conditions that traditional medicine doesn’t solve and where medication isn’t sufficient to manage the pain/condition. They treat neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, macular degeneration, sinusitis, migraine headaches, muscular dystrophy/ atrophy and pain. coastalintegratedwellness.com

• B U S I N E S S E S •
Nacresha Pinkney

Cool Blue Laser Aesthetics

DBA Cool Blue Med Spa

1700 Frederica Road,#302, SSI 52 Chris Drive,#101, Kingsland gwood@coolbluelaser.com 912.268.2790 or text 912.475.4250

Experience beauty like never before with Cool Blue Med Spa. Their personalized skincare regimens are designed to help you look and feel your most beautiful. They offer the best-in-class products and the latest technologies in laser and skincare, not found anywhere else in the area. Go let them spoil you! coolbluelaseraesthetics.com

DiPreta Dermatology

114 Northpark Drive, Brunswick 912.268.4471

Serving the area since 1959, this locally owned clinic boasts stateof-the-art facilities and offers a full range of health and dermatologic services for adults and children, specializing in all skin types. Their comprehensive services include general and cosmetic dermatology with specialty MOHS surgery. They also offer CoolSculpting. dipretadermatology.com

Emerald Wellness

507 Ocean Boulevard, #302, SSI 912.602.1625

@Emerald Wellness


Emerald Wellness is a Boutique Wellness Center with a focus on affirming life, maintaining balance, and providing well-rounded care. Emerald Wellness offers an array of services that can be customized for you and your specific need; that could be a customized massage, facial, or treatment plan. “We are Wellness!” MassageBook.com/biz/EmeraldWellnessSSI

Full Filling Fitness, LLC fullyfitrn@gmail.com 732.735.9867

Gear up and reach your health potential this year! Trish Amodeo, RN, BSN, is an IACT Certified Integrative Hypnotist, Certified Indoor Cycling Fitness Instructor, & Culinary Medicine trained professional offering private 1:1 sessions. Her mindful approach to coaching will literally get your wheels turning towards mental and physical fulfillment.



GIBD is where women of all ages come to unwind, wear sparkly stuff, and have fun! Join them for their classes or at the Goddess Retreat – an epic gathering for women that will involve yoga, belly dance, meditation, and partying, and will take place on Jekyll Island this June. goldenislesbellydance.com

Golden Isles Mattress

100 Harrison Lane, Brunswick laurensobala@hotmail.com 912.602.5009


Have back issues? Acid Reflux? Snore? Lauren can help! Offering branded, durable, quality products at a fraction of the cost. Set an appointment and Lauren will help guide you TO find the best mattress that suites your body and WILL be kind to your wallet. Delivery and financing available. CURRENTLY EXPANDING!! goldenislesmattress.com

J ANUARY 2023 37
Pharmacy 3603
pharmacy offering outstanding customer service and personal attention
affordable price.
Health 28
Street, #128, SSI 912.357.2022
physician Dr. Lauren Whitley provides the unparalleled, VIP-quality primary care that your family needs without the hassle of traditional healthcare models and insurance hassles. Members pay an affordable monthly fee to receive premier healthcare for children and adults delivered in a way that is accessible and available when you need it. halcyonhealthssi.com
Frederica Road, SSI 912.357.2357 Locally-owned
provided by caring, professional staff at an
Services include custom pouch pill packaging, immunizations, compounding, health screenings, and pet care. Free next-day delivery available for patients within five miles. Gift items and soft-serve too! fredericapharmacy.com Halycon
@halcyonhealthssi @halcyonhealthssi Board-certified
Golden Isles Belly Dance 1312 Newcastle Street, Brunswick goldenislesbellydance@gmail.com
@CoolBlueLaserAesthetics @coolbluelaseraesthetics
@fredericapharmacy @FredericaPharmacy

About Self-Care

Haus of Beauty

1527 Newcastle Street, Brunswick 912.275.7501



A medical spa located in the heart of Historic Downtown Brunswick, dedicated to sustaining their clients’ beauty using minimally invasive, high quality techniques to achieve natural results. Treatment options include aesthetic injectables, microblading and cosmetic tattooing, facials and wellness treatments. All products used at HOB are medical grade, providing you with only the best. hausofbeautyga.com

Hospice of Golden Isles

1692 Glynco Parkway, Brunswick info@hospice.me 912.265.4735



Southeast Georgia’s premier community-based, non-profit hospice provider since 1980. They provide expert, compassionate hospice and palliative care for patients with advanced illness and their families, promoting the patient’s dignity, providing for their physical comfort and pain management, and offering caregiver support, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. hospice.me

Imber Medical - AviClear

1620 Frederica Road, SSI imbermedical@outlook.com 912.268.2103



AviClear is only available at Imber Medical. AviClear is the first and original FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild, moderate, and severe acne. Specifically targets and suppresses the sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the source without the need for prescription medications. imbermedical.com

Imber Medical - TED

1620 Frederica Road, SSI

imbermedical@outlook.com 912.268.2103


Before After

Imber Medical is now offering pain-free hair restoration. TED is the only low-frequency ultrasound system that leverages acoustic sound waves to improve hair growth. But what sets TED is that the entire treatment is done with no needles and zero pain. Imagine stronger, fuller, thicker hair! imbermedical.com

Joyfully Thankful hello@joyfullythankful.com 772.242.3563

@joyfullythankful @joyfullythankful

Joyfully Thankful is a Christian Wellness Company that promotes healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Offering herbalist-crafted, 100% natural plant-based skincare that is formulated, created, and manufactured in Florida as well as interactive wellness workshops and events. Custom formulations are available. Member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild. joyfullythankful.com

Lily OB/Gyn

7000 Wellness Way, Ste. 7220, SSI info@lilyobgyn.com 912.638.1801


Dr. Tina Mitchell and her staff provide a full spectrum of high quality obstetric and gynecologic care for women of all ages in a compassionate setting, with three Southeast Georgia locations to meet your needs. Services include Prenatal Care, Infertility Treatment, Menopausal Care, and 4D Ultrasound. lilyobgyn.com

Madelyn Haney Esthetics

664 Scranton Road, # 101, Brunswick madelynhaneyesthetics@gmail.com 912.223.9954



Madelyn Haney Esthetics specializes in results-driven facial services. Using advanced modalities and the finest clinical-grade products, every treatment is customized to your specific needs to help reach your skin goals quickly and effectively. Whether you are interested in correcting signs of aging or just need some pampering, give them a call! madelynhaneyesthetics.com

Mellow Bear Honey

mellowbearhoney@gmail.com 706.201.3482

@Mellow Bear Honey

@Mellow Bear Honey

Natural honey with a real buzz! Mellow Bear Honey’s Delta-8 THCinfused raw honey is a unique craft product and healthy holistic alternative, made by the beekeeper from start to finish. You can help save honey bees while experiencing sweet relief, so it’s healthy for our planet too! mellowbearhoney.com

• B U S I N E S S E S •
@imbermedical @LilyOBGYN @lilyobgyn

Omcore yoga +body

1624 Frederica Road, #3, SSI patricia@omcoreyoga.com 912.230.2287

@OMCORE yoga + body


OMCORE is a boutique yoga and fitness community dedicated to helping YOU reach your personal wellness goals. They offer a variety of yoga, barre, cycle, and HIIT classes that all end with a simple relaxation segment so that you leave each session feeling strong, centered, rejuvenated, AND relaxed! omcoreyoga.com

A full-service dental practice offering general and cosmetic dentistry for adults, children, and teens. Dr. Chase Hopkins and his staff provide five star rated dental care and can help you achieve the best smile possible through comprehensive, comfortable, and competent care in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Welcoming new patients. plantationdentalssi.com

Refresh & Refine

108 Island Professional Park, SSI refreshandrefine@gmail.com 912,580.9592



Offering aesthetic care and medical services that address your unique needs. They offer a wide range of cutting-edge cosmetic solutions including laser treatments, injectables and facials that reverse the signs of aging and enhance your youthfulness while ensuring natural results. Whatever your aesthetic goals might be, they have a solution just for you! refreshandrefine.com

Renue Plastic Surgery

2500 Starling Street, #603, Brunswick info@renuemd.com 912.280.9977



Providing excellent care with a personal touch for 20+ years in the Golden Isles, Renue Plastic Surgery offers the full scope of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as medspa services including Hydrafacials and laser treatments. Renue has 2 state-ofthe-art, private, fully accredited plastic surgery centers located in Brunswick and Waycross. renuemd.com

J ANUARY 2023 39
Smalltown Table smile@smalltowntable.com 912.268.0505 Every woman needs to restore and take time for herself. Smalltown Table helps you do that every day in small ways that won’t feel like another “thing to do.” They offer curated self-care spa gift sets and subscription boxes designed to give you small doses of luxury all month. Enriching lives one gift at a time. Smalltowntable.com On The Fly Outfitters 1501 Newcastle Street, Brunswick Jared@ontheflyoutfitters.co 912.342.7086 @OnTheFlyOutfitters @otfoutfitters An oudoor retailer specializing in fly fishing, falconry, camping, hiking and adventure travel. They offer high-quality, outdoor apparel for an active lifestyle featuring Orvis, Howler Brothers, Free Fly Apparel, Duck Camp, Skinny Water Culture and more. Get outside with On The Fly Outfitters! ontheflyoutfitters.co Plantation Dental Associates 300 Main Street,
# 101, SSI chase@plantationdentalssi.com 912.638.9001 @plantationdentalssi @plantationdental_dr.hopkins
Restoration Services
912.638.1498 @callPRS Cleaning services provided can mean a healthier home and a healthier you. Services offered include general home cleaning, carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, and surface treatment. Mold removal and remediation, crawl space encapsula-
clean-up, and
cleaning services
Simons Drug Company
trusted, family-owned pharmacy
@smalltowngiftpackages @smalltowntable @St. Simons Drug Company
143 Skyspaces Court, SSI office@callPRS.com
tion, hoarding
are also available.
209 Longview Shopping Center, SSI drugstore@stsimonsdrugs.com 912.638.8676 @st.simonsdrugs A
that has been serving
on St. Simons Island since the late 1920s. They fill prescriptions, offer medication counseling, interaction screening, medical
and OTC medications, as well as a large selection of gifts, greeting cards, home décor, apparel & accessories, toys, games & beach essentials. stsimonsdrugs.com

About Self-Care

South East Eye

3215 Shrine Road, #8, Brunswick info@southeast-eye.com 912.267.0565


Founded in 1983, South East Eye is Southeast Georgia’s premier ophthalmic provider committed to delivering the best care and best vision possible to each client through the use of the most sophisticated technology. Dr. John Imhoff has performed more than 80,000 successful cataract surgeries. Outpatient surgical center now open. southeast-eye.com

Southeast Georgia Health System

2415 Parkwood Drive, Brunswick 912.466.7000



A not-for-profit health care system with a local hospital campus in Brunswick that has been serving residents and visitors to the Golden Isles and surrounding areas since 1888. Their mission is to provide safe, quality, accessible, and cost-effective care to meet the health needs of the people and communities they serve. sghs.org

TheArtofWellbeing365@gmail.com 912.634.0961



Discover The Art of Wellbeing. Offering science-based solutions to help you take care of your mind and your body: collagen, nootropics, adaptogens, biohacking, weight management (and more!) for anyone who wants to feel better, think better, look better. Which one is for you? It’s OK if you say all!


The Chiropractic Palms

302 Redfern Village, SSI chiropalms@gmail.com 912.268.4277



Dr. Monica Sanders and Dr. Dillon Blankenship provide chiropractic care and natural healthcare alternatives to the Golden Isles including: massage therapy services, nutritional counseling, cold laser therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The office also offers specials for children and local service members. Call to set up your first appointment! chiropalms.com

The Plum Fox A Botanical Boutique Opening SOON!

@theplumfox @the.plumfox

Home spa products delivered to your door. Hand selected to include hand-poured candles, hand-made bath salt blends with essential oils, botanical bath teas, and body butters. They carry premium CBD bath salts, tinctures and topicals. They have ready to ship, build a box, and subscription box options for both men and women available. WATCH SOCIAL MEDIA FOR OPENING. theplumfox.com

Violet Harrigan Pain Relief & Movement Specialist, LMT

507 Ocean Boulevard, #216 violet.harriganss@gmail.com 912.809.1585



Over 12 years experience in Massage Therapies. Specializing in focus muscle therapies involving chronic or acute pain in neck, shoulders or back. Dedicated to individuals experiencing severe pain, contemplating surgeries, rehabilitation phases and other therapeutic treatments. violetlmt.com

Whatley Pediatric Dental

2487 Demere Road, #300, SSI smile@whatleypediatricdentistry.com 912.638.9302


For more than 25 years, Dr. Whatley has been providing children with exceptional comprehensive dental care. The highly trained, experienced and friendly pediatric dental team will make sure you and your children feel comfortable and informed from the moment you walk in. whatleypediatricdentistry.com

The Brick
@TheBrickSSI @TheBrickSSI
Art of
20 Airport Plaza, SSI info@thebrickssi.com 912.268.2829
The Brick has served
community since 2010 by offering world class martial arts and kid’s programs. Their programs include American Chung Do Kwon (karate), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ninja Trix, Gymnastics, Private Training, Summer Camp, Day Camps, Birthday Parties, and Parent’s Night Out. thebrickssi.com.com The


According to the American Psychological Association, research proves that being nurtured by nature has huge benefits for humans’ physical and mental health. Since most of us spend at least 10 hours a day staring at screens, “just a few moments of green can perk up a tired brain.” Studies also show that being outdoors helps to improve cognition and memory, relieve stress and trauma, and enhance overall wellbeing. One famous study even found that simply having a VIEW of nature helped to shorten post-operative stays in the hospital compared to patients who looked out on parking lots or buildings. “Nature might also make us nicer,” according to one researcher, “to other people as well as to the planet.”

So when you review your New Year’s Resolutions, make sure that getting outdoors is at the top of the list! We’re here to help.

To remind yourself of all the great places to enjoy being in nature, order your 2023 Land Trust Calendar online. Quantities are limited.

912.638.9109 •SSLT.ORG

Passion Project of Preservation

How many times over the past several years have we driven past the little tabby building sitting under overgrown foliage off US17 at the foot of the F.J. Torras Causeway and marveled at its charm, despite the dilapidation? Most of us have probably thought “It’s such a shame that isn’t used for something,” and many have wondered about its history. Thanks to community efforts now a bright light is shining (quite literally) on this beautiful building and its history.

Built as a joint effort of the Brunswick Board of Trade and Sea Island Company and completed in 1931, The Visitors Club was intended to greet visitors traveling south to Florida on US 17. According to Brian Brown’s account on Vanishing Georgia, it was originally advertised as “Brunswick’s Greeting to Vacationists-Georgia’s Gateway to the Road to Romance and Recreation.” Visitors were greeted in the large lounge with complimentary refreshments and encouraged to stay and see all the Golden Isles had to offer from the beaches and history to ample fishing and hunting. Young architect Francis Abreu was commissioned to design the building. If the Spanish Colonial style looks familiar, it may be because Abreu collaborated with Addison Mizner on the original Cloister

Hotel. Abreu also designed the original Casino building and Lord of Life Lutheran Church on St. Simons, the Federal Building on Gloucester Street in Brunswick as well as private homes there and on Sea Island.

Although ownership of the Visitors Club was transferred to the Georgia Department of Transportation in 1981, the building was used as a welcome center until 2012. After several years of disuse, the local landmark fell into disrepair. To regain control of the property, the City of Brunswick entered

into a 50 year no-cost lease with the Georgia DOT in July 2019. It was Miriam Lancaster, Pat Featherstone, and Sandy Colhard who established The Visitors Club Preservation Fund through the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation and were assessing the feasibility of restoring the building to use. According to Michael Torras, they discovered that the funds necessary and property use restrictions could prove to be insurmountable hurdles, but the building itself was in relatively good condition and would benefit from some care and attention.

Highly Recommended. Highly Referred. Accepting New Patients.


912.638.9946 300 Main St. #102 bryandentalssi.com

PICTURED: Sandy Colhard, Michael Torras, Pat Featherstone, Miriam Lancaster

Among the many hats that Michael Torras wears, he is a commissioner on the Islands Planning Commission and a Board Member at the Brunswick Downtown Development Authority. It was late last year that he learned the abandoned and unsecure state of the building was attracting use by homeless and transient people. Concerned that damage could occur that would result in the state stepping in to demolish the property, Michael asked City Manager Regina McDuffie if he could get access to the building to check its condition and secure it. He was put in touch with the trio of women already involved and suggested that they all work together with the focus of preserving the building as a landmark. And what a wonderful and wild ride it has been since then!

Michael says, “When the ladies explained to me that funds to accomplish renovations were limited, I told them we needed to reach out to businesses and members of the community to contribute. I first reached out to Brice Brock of The Vine, who is on the Planning Commission with me. She immediately agreed to contribute and was excited to do so. I thought, ‘Well, that was easy!’ We made a list of all the things that need to be done to secure and clean up the property and I started making calls. I think every one of the people and businesses I contacted said yes, they’d be glad to do whatever they could to help with the preservation.”

In addition to the terrific trio, Michael and The Torras Foundation, there are currently nearly 40 contractors and businesses who

have donated their time and services, will be participating in future work, or have committed to provide services or assistance. That is amazing! Architectural and construction services, inspection, repairs, hardware and building supplies, plus specialty services like handrails, weathervane, etc.

are being covered by Charles Day Design, Lang Building Supply, American Roofing, Nash Contractors, Vaughn Home Builders, Torras Properties, Island Painting, Mark Drury, Unique Moldings and Doors, Central Hardware, Webster Tile, and Master Blaster. Electric work and lighting, from fixtures to landscape, and signage are being provided by Coffey Electric, White Star Supply, Full Moon Lighting, Nitro Signs, and Signarama. The cleaning and landscape type services that are well underway includes work done and commitments from SEC Pressure Washing, Clearview Services, A&W Tree Service, Tiner Stump Grinding, Chans Pine Straw, US Lawn, The Vine, Sea Island, Site One Landscape Supply, Molina’s, Shupe Surveying, Woodrow Sapp Well Drilling, and Yates-Astro Termite & Pest Control. Thanks can even be given to Lance Sabbe of Forward Brunswick, the Hart family of Island ACE Hardware/ACE Garden Center, Chris McDougald of Coastal Christmas Lighting Company, and members of the Magnolia Garden Club for bringing the property to life with Christmas spirit and lights over the holidays. EIL stopped by when members of the team got together to put up the tree, and we couldn’t be more proud of the work that they are accomplishing!

A special part of this for

is that

they too would like to be involved. Because the causeway opened less than a decade before the Visitors Center was built, there’s a good chance that their great-grandfathers knew each other or at least ran into each other on Sea Island. When offered the term “a passion project” to describe the restoration work, Michael replied, “It really is. So many people are excited to preserve this forgotten building that we all love and want to be a part of it.”

Harlan Hambright has provided a 3D tour of The Visitors Club that you can review on their Facebook page: The Visitors Club Brunswick Georgia. You can see regular updates of the progress of the restoration there. If you have questions or would like to volunteer your time or talents or donate in any way, please email thevisitorsclubbwk@gmail.com.

Ella Cart

Dottie Clark

Trish Rugaber

Joan Hilliard

Cheryl Keefer

Ute KleemannSportschuetz

Deborah Jinkins

Michael Jinkins

J ANUARY 2023 43
Michael he has located and connected descendants of architect Frances Abreu and
3305 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA 31522 | 912-268-4761 | www.ArtTrends.Gallery | Artists@ArtTrends.Gallery
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-4 and by appointment New Art for the New Year!
The Gallery with the Orange Door
Deborah Jinkins Dottie Clark
Michael Jinkins




Real estate entrepreneur Art Lucas’ roots in McIntosh County and on the Georgia coast run deep. He went to school in Darien until he was in sixth grade, which required a roughly two-hour bus ride from Harris Neck, allowing him to absorb the charm of

the coastal community and encase it firmly in his memory. Those memories never left him. So, when he returned to the Golden Isles in 2009 after “retiring” from a 40-year executive recruiting career in Atlanta, Lucas brought with him a desire to do something special for the community that shaped his love for Coastal Georgia. First, he dove into the real estate world on St. Simons Island

for several years. Then, when the time was right, Lucas jumped at the opportunity to rethink the waterfront in Darien, Georgia’s second-oldest town.

He worked with the McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority on a plan that included a new condominium development, a restaurant, and the

The best in Lowcountry elegance and personalized service in a breathtaking setting

centerpiece of it all, Oaks on the River Luxury Boutique Resort, a 53-room resort with a full slate of amenities and luxurious accommodations to please even the most discerning of tastes. Oaks on the River Luxury Boutique Resort opened its doors officially in November to happy guests looking for luxury, adventure, and everything the Georgia coast and the historic Darien waterfront have to offer.

The Oaks Club Restaurant and Cedar Bar

The resort offers a waterfront experience unmatched in Coastal Georgia. Leading the list of amenities is dining and drinks at The Oaks Club Restaurant and Cedar Bar. The Oaks Club’s menu is fresh, local, and handcrafted by chefs who capture the essence of the low country with an international flair. Shrimp and grits and gumbo are classic coastal options offered alongside savory entrees of braised beef short rib and perfectly done steaks. Rounding out the menu are appetizers, salads, soups, and sandwiches prepared with the same attention to detail and care as signature entrees that are already making the Oaks Club a top Coastal Georgia dining destination.

Craft cocktails, a fine wine selection, and great craft beer options accompany The Oaks Club at The Cedar Bar. The beautiful cedar wood in the bar was harvested from the Lucas farm in the Harris Neck area of McIntosh County and milled to exact specifications for the best bar experience. All of it overlooks dazzling views of the Darien River and the unspoiled marshes that add the special character to Georgia’s coast not found anywhere else. The Oaks Club and Cedar Bar is a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience that locals are fortunate to have access to whenever they choose.

Riverside Pool

No luxury resort is complete without a distinctive and unforgettable pool experience. Oaks on the River delivers a heated, riverside pool that provides year-round opportunities for lounging, swimming, and fun for any romantic getaway. Guests can sip on a cocktail from the poolside Mimosa Bar and gaze across the golden marshes as the sun sets

The Spa

Oaks on the River also will help to renew the soul with an indulgent, full-service spa day in a luxurious facility dedicated to your health and wellness. The spa menu at Oaks features

everything from deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and couple’s massages to a full range of facials. Guests can relax in the sauna, rejuvenate, and indulge in a full day of natural treatments that are lavish and exquisite.

Weddings & Group Events

The Darien waterfront boasts one of the most scenic and awe-inspiring locations for special events in the Southeast. Weddings at Oaks on the River showcase the best in Lowcountry elegance and personalized service in a breathtaking setting. Lovebirds tie the knot beneath the sprawling canopy of the Caledonia Oak, a centuries-old live oak tree that creates an enchanting occasion on the riverside lawn with stunning vistas for perfectly memorable nuptial photos. The ballrooms inside, overlooking the pool and the Darien River, are also available. Each wedding can be tailored to the couple’s specific needs.

Catering at Oaks on the River is as distinctive as the venue itself. The culinary team specializes in fare inspired by the coastal landscape but infused with global influences. There is plenty of space for guests who can take advantage of adventurous activities to keep the fun flowing before and after the big

All of it overlooks dazzling views of the Darien River and the unspoiled marshes that add the special character to Georgia’s coast not found anywhere else.

day. Golf, nearby beaches, kayaking, fishing, and more are all just outside your door when you stay at Oaks on the River.

Those same activities and catering offerings are options for guests when they book their group meetings at Oaks on the River. Corporate retreats are elevated in the Thorpe Ballroom, which can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate groups up to 150 people.


Oaks on the River offers activities that keep guests engaged with and immersed in the unspoiled beauty of Coastal Georgia.

Signature River Tours

Step aboard The Delta Belle, operated by Georgia Tidewater Outfitters, and see the natural world from a new perspective. Offerings on the water include sunset wine tours, local history tours, guided nature tours and even a day at the beach on Sapelo Island. River tours on The Delta Belle are the best way to experience exceptional photographic opportunities of wildlife and spectacular vistas. Go to georgiatidewateroutfitters.com to schedule a trip.

Kayak Tours

The Darien and Altamaha rivers and connecting tidal creeks and estuaries are

inviting to anyone who wants to glide atop the water and see the natural splendor up close. Take it slowly and meander through the marshes to experience Coastal Georgia’s natural wonders as one only can while paddling. Kayaks are available for guided tours at Oaks on the River.

Bike Rentals

Oaks on the River’s location in downtown Darien offers guests unparalleled access to one of Georgia’s oldest and historic cities. Bike rentals let guests go at their own pace as they explore the shops, restaurants, coffee shops and historic places in quaint, inviting, and personable downtown Darien.

Charter Fishing

The Altamaha BioReserve comprises one of the foremost fisheries on the East Coast. Strict controls have created a continuing harvest for sport and commercial fishermen

alike. From speckled trout to redfish, tripletail and tarpon, anglers can expect to find a wide array of catch in the Darien area’s coastal waters, all after shoving off from the docks at Oaks on the River Luxury Boutique Resort.


Golf has been part of the fabric of Coastal Georgia since the 1890s, and no course embodies that better than Sapelo Hammock, the exclusive golf partner of Oaks on the River Luxury Boutique Resort. Steeped in history and Spanish moss, the slow-paced fishing village of Shellman Bluff in North McIntosh County is the ideal setting to satisfy that golf craving that’s been tugging at you. The 6,887-yard, 18-hole course is complete with Champion Bermuda greens and Bermuda fairways and roughs, presenting an enjoyable and challenging experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Come enjoy the luxury experience of Oaks on the River with its exceptional amenities, understated Lowcountry elegance and plenty of Southern hospitality. To learn more, call 833.550.OAKS (6257) or visit OaksontheRiverResort.com.

J ANUARY 2023 47 Happily Providing Children’s Dental Care for Glynn and Surrounding Counties for 25 Years! Complete Dental Care for Infants, Children and Teens. – NO REFERRAL NECESSARY –We take the time to attend to each child’s individual needs.
Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Suite 300 St.
GA 912-638-9302
Certified, American
2487 Demere Rd.,
Simons Island,

Spirit of Giving

In this issue of Elegant


When people think of the PGA TOUR and tournaments like The RSM Classic, it’s natural to first think of exciting golf by some of the best players. However, giving back to the community is at the heart of the PGA TOUR’s long history, and the Davis Love Foundation is honored to partner with an organization where its tournaments have provided so much in charitable giving throughout the years. At The RSM Classic, we have given more than $35 million in charitable donations. This is all made possible due largely to our dedicated team at the Davis Love Foundation, and our incredible relationships with title sponsor RSM, our other sponsors and the Golden Isles community.

In its first thirteen years, The RSM Classic, hosted by Davis Love III, has raised more than $30 million to support local and national charities. For information, visit rsmclassic.com.
Island Living, the Davis Love Foundation (DLF) continues a series of highlights focused on The RSM Classic and its impact on our community. VOLUNTEERS: More than 1,200 volunteers showcase the genuine hospitality for which our community is so well known. TEAM RSM: Title sponsor RSM has four TEAM RSM members playing on the PGA TOUR – Kyle Westmoreland, Zach Johnson, Chris Kirk and tournament host Davis Love III. CHAMPION: On Sunday, 28-year-old Adam Svensson captured his first PGA TOUR win. POWER OF LOVE CHECK: RSM and The RSM Foundation raised more than $6.7 million for charities through its Power of Love Program. Chris Kirk helps his team member putt during the annual Charity Putting Challenge that raises dollars for twelve charities focused on children and their families. PRESIDENTS CUP: Davis Love III led Team USA to a 2022 Presidents Cup win. Spectators had many opportunities to take a photo with the Cup during The RSM Classic. SIGN: Spectators had amazing, up-close views of great golf during the week.
J ANUARY 2023 49 Jim & Barbara Jean Barta, Owners Opens daily at 11 a.m. | 214 Mallory St • 912.634.6500 • barbarajeans.com Tried & True An Island Tradition since 1998 VOTED EIL’S READERS’ BEST for Crab Cakes, Bread and Rolls, Southern Cooking, Vegetable Plate Selection, Sweet Tea Barbara Jean’s Restaurant


On Sunday, January 29 at 3:00 p.m., noted historian Jessica B. Harris, Ph.D., will present Coastal Georgia Historical Society’s winter program: “African/American: Making the Nation’s Table.” The program will explore the substantial influence of African foods on American cuisine. Dr. Harris is recognized as the world’s foremost expert on African and African American cuisine and has written

twelve critically acclaimed books documenting the foodways of the African Diaspora. Her bestselling book High on the Hog was the basis of a 2021 Netflix docuseries. Her topic is inspired by a major exhibit developed by the Museum of Food and Drink and shown at the Africa Center in New York City in 2022. Dr. Harris served as lead curator for the exhibit. Her lecture will include information about how Coastal Georgia traditions and agriculture have affected regional cuisine through the decades. To register, visit coastalgeorgiahistory.org.


The King and Prince Golf Course Men’s Golf Association recently presented a donation to the Firebox Initiative. Founded by Southern Soul Barbeque owners Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp, Firebox Initiative is a non-profit with a mission to support Golden Isles food & beverage/ hospitality industry members when they need it most. Donations are especially appreciated this year as the main Firebox fundraiser, BBQ on the Bluff, which was to take place in November had to be postponed due to weather. On hand to present the check were MGA President Bill Townsend and Treasurer Daryl Rabert. If you’d like to learn more or donate, visit ssbbqfirebox.com.


Wells Fargo recently awarded Keep Golden Isles Beautiful a $15,000 grant that will fund three clean and green projects: the replacement of a pelican litter prevention sculpture in Mary Ross Park; a new Brunswick Mobile Gardens project that will provide bucket gardens to qualifying 65+ senior residents; and the Stash Boat Trash program, which outfits boaters with mesh garbage bags to prevent boat-related litter and marine debris. “I love volunteering with Keep Golden Isles Beautiful,” said Wells Fargo regional banking manager Dwain Walcott.

“The nonprofit’s mission to keep Georgia clean, green and beautiful aligns with Wells Fargo’s mission to integrate sustainability across our business for our customers and our communities. We are excited about the positive community impacts these projects will bring to coastal Georgia.” For more information about project volunteer opportunities, call 912.279.1490 or email info.kbgib@gmail.com.

“My family and I recently moved to St. Simons Island. I’m thrilled to use my extensive expertise in property sales and purchases to help residents here make the best real estate decisions for results that exceed their hopes & dreams.”

• Born And Raised in The Coastal Area

• Licensed in Georgia and Florida

• Specializes in Both Commercial and Residential Property

• Member Of the Golden Isles Junior League, GIAR, CCCBOR, NEFAR, AINCAR, and Parent Volunteer at Frederica Academy

912.390.1743 (cell) or 912.729.7900 (office) | stmaryrealty.com

Melissa Hopkins Johnson, Realtor® Regional banking manager Dwain Walcott, KGIB executive director Lea King-Badyna, SSI branch operations manager Yukia Fuller and branch manager Bobby Turman.
J ANUARY 2023 51 912-638-PETS The Shops at Demere 2465 Demere Rd. Grooming Salon 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Store Hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. YOUR BEST FRIENDS TRUST THEIR GROOMING TO US! Holly Cohen 912.577.5712 Betsy Knight 912.506.0645 April Carroll 912.689.8700 Brittany Durrance 912.258.7591 Katie Gilmer 912.222.7754 Clothes for when she is no longer a child, and not quite a teenager. 276 Redfern Village, Suite C / 912.265-4008 / lilliebtween.com / Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. @Lillie-B-Tween @lilliebtween


Sara Baker has been named VP of Sales for tech start-up Gage. Gage employee recognition software and mobile app are designed to build a better workforce by measuring performance, developing employees, and improving culture with the first-ever employment score. An employee can build a lifelong, universal, verified record of their employment accomplishments. Baker has been a St. Simons Island resident for almost a decade and previously developed, launched, and managed the St. Simons Land Trust’s Pennies for Preservation program. “I have an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building things from the ground-up,” Baker said. “The combination of Gage’s first-ever patent pending employment score and employee recognition software makes it a product unlike any other in the market – I’m excited to be on a team dedicated to building a better workforce.”Gage Founder and CEO Justin Henshaw praised Baker for her skills, experience, and enthusiasm. Learn more at gagework.com.


Marsh’s Edge is accepting essay submissions through February 10 for the 10th annual Senior Living Communities Silver Pen writing competition. Three local high school seniors will be awarded cash prizes up to $2,500. Students are asked to write about someone, other than their parents or relatives, who has had a tremendous influence for good in their life and to share the ways this person (or people) has influenced their goals. The Silver Pen competition was established in 2012 by Senior Living Communities, to bridge the communication gap between high school seniors and senior citizens. To date, more than $386,000 has been awarded to students.

“Members at Marsh’s Edge form The Silver Pen Committee, overseeing the essay topic selection, evaluating the submissions, and awarding the three prizes,” says Marsh’s Edge Executive Director Chris Thorpe. Award recipients will be announced in Spring 2023. Details at Silverpen-SLC.com.


PrimeSouth Bank recently announced the promotion of Angie Ferra to Vice President, Glynn Area Branch Manager. She will oversee and assist the current branch managers at their three Brunswick locations as well as the St. Simons Island location. Angie was born and raised in the Golden Isles and began

her banking career when she was 19 years old, starting as a teller, working in various different positions, and gaining a vast knowledge and perspective of the banking industry since then. Curtis Tumlin, Glynn Market President, said “Angie loves this community and is eager to continue to serve it. She enjoys helping our customers in reaching their financial goals. I am confident she will excel in leading our Glynn Area team.” Congratulations, Angie! For more information about PrimeSouth Bank and its services, visit primesouth.com.


A trusted brand by trusted local ownership

Hans F. Trupp, CCIM founder and former Chairman of Trupp Hodnett Enterprises and The Management Company prior to taking the companies public (NYSE, RZT) in an IPO in 1998 has reentered the real estate business locally through an affiliation with eXp realty. eXp is a cloud based publicly traded (NASDAQ, EXPI) company with more than 94,000 real estate agents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Spain and continues to scale internationally.

This internet based high technology company will totally revolutionize the real estate

industry both with relationships of buyers and sellers and the relationship that sales people have with the company. Trend Magazine has described eXp as the Amazon of real estate. eXp realty offers a very unique agent attraction program and Hans has partnered with veteran Atlanta broker John Adams to inform and educate agents throughout the United States about eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation. Adams is well known throughout Georgia for his educational activities on behalf of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and his regular appearances on Fox 5 Atlanta and CNN. He continues to be a freelance journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with more than 1,000 articles in print.

Thanks to the internet, eXp’s state of the art revolutionary cloud based technology and a unique revenue sharing plan Hans and his team are able to offer a performance-based, no risk maximum 4% listing commission on any real estate both residential and commercial. No risk - you can cancel the listing at any time for any reason. Hans would also be pleased to share his broad business knowledge and experience with anyone interested in a free no obligation consultation session with regard to any real estate problem. Call, email or text him if you would like to explore his listing program or if you have any questions with regard to eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation with now over 94,000 agents and growing.

4% Listing Commission
eXp Realty LLC • Hans F. Trupp, CCIM • truppccim@gmail.com • 912.269.7434 Promenade II, 1230 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1900, Atlanta 30309 • 888.959.9461 ext. 123


After a long absence due to the pandemic, the Brunswick Stewbilee is returning to Mary Ross Waterfront Park. The competition will occur on Saturday, January 28 and teams are needed to battle it out and show everyone who has the recipe for the best tasting Brunswick Stew. The day’s events will begin at 9:00 a.m. and include a car show, live music, as well as other family-friendly activities. Follow the Brunswick Stewbilee page on Facebook for additional details. If you would like to participate, please email your contact information, including your email address, company name, and phone number to cgcoolidge@troy.edu or see registration forms and information at br unswickstewbilee.com.


ArtTrends Gallery is excited to announce an exhibit by guest artist Cullen Peck. Her figurative work will be on display alongside her playful pop art donuts in the gallery at 3305 Frederica Road on St. Simons Island from January 3 through February 25. The gallery will be hosting a special Facebook live event with the artist on January 5 at 5:30 p.m. Cullen will walk viewers through the show giving insights into her work and inspiration, which is sure to bring smiles to everyone. Please tune in @arttrendsgalleryssi. Everyone is also invited to come to meet Cullen at the gallery and share some wine at a reception on Thursday, January 26, from 4:00-7:00 p.m.


Grab your friends and come celebrate a delightful decade of the Golden Isles’ favorite girls’ day out at Wine Women & Shoes 2023 This elite event presented by Stambaugh Aviation brings the community together to enjoy fine wine, sensational shopping, exceptional auctions, exciting raffles, and fabulous food while supporting a cause that matters. The 10th anniversary celebration will be held at the gorgeous and exclusive Frederica Golf Club on February 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Slip on some stunning shoes (judges will be looking for Best in Shoe candidates!) and prepare for an afternoon of sipping, savoring, shopping, and mingling with the always charming Shoe Guys. Besides all the fun you’ll be having, you’ll be raising awareness and support for the award-winning care provided by our community non-profit Hospice of the Golden Isles. Tickets for various table levels on sale now at winewomenandshoes.com/event/goldenisles.

J ANUARY 2023 55 MEDICAL & SURGICAL SKIN CANCER DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT MOHS MICROGRAPHIC SURGERY GENERAL & SURGICAL DERMATOLOGY ADULT & PEDIATRICS NEW PATIENTS WELCOME! MOHS Surgery Edward DiPreta, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist, MOHS surgeon Trust your Skin to the Expert Dr. Edward DiPreta, the only local full-time MOHS surgeon and board certified dermatologist. 114 Northpark Drive Brunswick, GA 31520 Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 912-268-4471 www.DiPretaDermatology.com Performed as outpatient surgery at the MOHS Surgery Center here in Brunswick.
From activities with Santa to holiday home tours and open houses, winter carnivals and parades, there are events for kids and adults alike all season long. Here are just a few of the stops that the EIL elves made to catch some of the holiday fun: a few stops on Magnolia Garden Club’s Christmas Tour of Homes, shopping at Glynn Visual Arts’ Mistletoe Market and the Lord of Life Lutheran Church Holiday Market, a quick photo op with Santa while he and The Grinch were at Golden Isles Olive Oil for the #EndTheStigma toy drive, a Sip & Shop at Joseph Jewelers to benefit Safe Harbor Children’s Center, and spreading cheer at holiday open houses held by Restoration Imports and Frederica Pharmacy. ’Tis the season!
J ANUARY 2023 57
THE 2022 FESTIVAL OF TREES TO BENEFIT HOPE 1312 COLLECTIVE WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! The event was sold out and the new venue of Old City Hall was perfect for the evening. From beer and wine trees to dried fruit, snowflakes, and angels adorning the boughs, the decorated trees were fantastic and showed great support from our community businesses and other organizations. Congratulations to all who participated!
J ANUARY 2023 59 SPORTSWEAR 0-16 and 0X-3X ACCESSORIES • GIFTS • SHOES 1616 Frederica Rd • 912- 638-3995 Monday - Saturday 10-5 maggiesssi.com
THE MERRY MIXER FUNDRAISER BENEFITING BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF SOUTHEAST GEORGIA is always a great way to kick off the holiday season with plenty of good cheer. Live music from Mason Waters & the Groove Allstars, a lively auction, and tasty treats from hosts Halyards and Tramici make this great fun for a great cause. 1. Scott Steilen, Chef Dave Snyder, Thomas Roberts.
S O C I A L S C E N E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 60 ELE GANT ISLAND LIVING
2. Celia Eisentraeger, Sarah Blackstock, Stacy Patrick, Bonnie Turner. 3. Allie and Logan Jones, Celeste and Jeff Jones. 4. Ann Marie and John Dalis. 5. Keri Dolan, Becky Etter, Shelly McKinney. 6. Dwight and Cindy Sweat. 7. Maureen and Rick Moore. 8. Beth Richardson, Jessica Morris, Ginny Strowe. 9. Bonita Taylor, Amy Shell, Joan Nichols, Beth Ewing, Amy Gregory. 10. Nick Richardson, Tim Morris, Daniel Strowe. 11. Geri and Marcus Mullis.
Lynne Killian, Bonnie Turner, Bob Killian.
Aaron and Priscilla Ward.
Ian Buchli, Russ Golden.
FOUND ONLINE & IN FINE SPECIALTY STORES 155 SKYLANE RD. | BAILEYBOYS.COM | 912.638.7700 Open Monday-Thursday 4 -10 p.m. Serving Lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 228 Redfern Village, 912.634.6228 HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY! Oysters, Beer, Wine Specials: 4-6pm Come Catch our College Play-Offs and Bowl Games, NFL Play-Offs and Super Bowl Kick-Offs! WINNER - Best AntiquesElegant Island Living Readers Choice Award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 ENGLISH MAHOGANY PINE & COUNTRY FRENCH FURNITURE • DIRECT IMPORTERS • ACCESSORIES • GIFTS (912) 638-1216 Located Between Redfern Village and St. Simons Drugs. Follow us on Instagram! @lcwantiques and @mcintoshcottage 300 Main Street, Suite 101 | St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522 | 912-638-9001 www.plantationdentalssi.com PLANTATION DENTAL ASSOCIATES Your smile is our business. General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry At Plantation Dental Associates, we know the value of a healthy, happy smile. That’s why we keep abreast of the latest restorative and cosmetic techniques — to provide you with the level of care you have come to know for the dental health you deserve. Dr. Charles T. Hopkins III, D.M.D and the staff of Plantation Dental Associates. J ANUARY 2023 61
THE 2022 RSM CLASSIC IS NOW IN THE BOOKS. It was another fun week of events that included the ProAm tournaments, Community Day, the PGA Wives & Pros Wiffle Ball Challenge, the St. Simons Island Rotary’s 11th Annual Meet the RSM Pros reception, the Special Olympics/Boys & Girls Club Putting Challenge, and some great competitive golf! Adam Svensson took home the 2022 champion’s trophy and his first PGA Tour win. At the Wiffle Ball Challenge, members of the MLB and the Savannah Bananas livened up the game and a check was presented to the Firebox Initiative for $23,000. RSM US LLP raised more than $6.7 million to donate to children and families in need. Thank you to the Davis Love Foundation and EVERYONE who helps make this such an impactful event for our community.
J ANUARY 2023 63
TAKING YOUR FLOORS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! SHOWER/KITCHEN BACKSPLASH INSTALLATION CARPET INSTALLATION TILE INSTALLATION VINYL INSTALLATION FLOORING REPAIRS LAMINATE INSTALLATION VCT INSTALLATION WOOD INSTALLATION Victor Flores, Owner (912) 223-2202 onceanddoneflooring@outlook.com @onceandoneflooring With over 16 years of experience, Once and Done Flooring’s team of floor installers and flooring experts are dedicated to the best customer experience possible. Don’t Let Your Dreams RemainDreams 912.222.2882 J ANUARY 2023 65




26 Market St., Suite 112 St. Simons Island, GA 31522 912.268.2642 butlersstash@gmail.com butlersstash.com @butlersstash

THE LEGACY LIVES ON Kick your feet up and relax into the New Year. May 2023 bring you peace and joy! For private, special events, and catering inquiries, Please email us at salsneighborhoodpizzeria@gmail.com 3415 Frederica Rd. St. Simons Island, GA 912.268.2328 VOTED BEST PIZZA FOR 9 YEARS RUNNING! CLOSED MONDAYS Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday 4:30PM-9:30PM OPEN FOR LUNCH & DINNER Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-10:00PM From Our Family to Yours St. Simons Island 912-268-2800 Richmond Hill 912-756-5960 Hinesville 912-463-4405 Start the new year right, with a comfortable bite! We can help! We can help you start the New Year pain free. www.coastalendo.net J ANUARY 2023 67
FUN! Visit us in store or shop with us online. Thank you to all who support our small business and thank you for shopping with us!
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THE 10TH ANNUAL FÊTE FOR HAITI WAS RECENTLY HELD AT ST. WILLIAM CATHOLIC CHURCH ON ST. SIMONS ISLAND. This fundraising dinner prepared by Chef Tom Delaney supports the church’s twin parish in Haiti, St. Joseph, assisting with humanitarian projects like clean drinking water, medical care, and education. Kathy Brooks of 2nd Story Goods was the guest speaker. 1. Margie Harris, Shirley Wilson, Juanita Boyer. 2. JoAnn and John Allison, Louise Ufer. 3. Gail Johnson, Liz Demato, Jane White, Gail Butler. 4. Joyce Callahan, Jan La Boome. 5. Elizabeth Sorrell, Marie Artman. 6. Steve Reighard, Roxanne Flagg. 7. Myrna and Tom McIntyre. 8. MaryJane Marsh, George and Eleanor Ragsdale. 9. Nora Okafor, Colette Lee Lewis, Beverly Lewis. 10. Sue Amiano, Beverly DeFoe, Jan McLeod. 11. Kevin and Susie Rassas. 12. Bill Horn, JoAnn Allison, Sandra Hochwald. 13. Susan and Bob Darby. 14. Gordon McLeod, John La Boome.
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Cottage 485, E. Thirty First Street Sea Island

Ocean front: Sea Island. The beach and golf brought this family here, but Sea Island became so much more. The personal palettes that went into the creation of Cottage 485 include family, love, books, art, conversation, communication, the environment, fun, education and history. In a word, this cottage is welcoming. You'll notice this when you step into the foyer. Atlantic Ocean vistas catch the eye through the beamed, high ceiling Living room. The Great room has coffered beamed ceilings and leads out to an oceanside screened porch. The ground level Master bedroom has two full baths plus a den/office. The second floor has five bedrooms, all en-suite,


Cottage 438, W. Sixteenth St. Sea Island

Six bedrooms in all (4 in the main house plus 2 in the Guest House by the pool), Cottage 438 on 16th Street is a terrific casual beach cottage for family and friends. Light, airy and cheerful, the open Kitchen/Dining and high-ceilinged Living Room offer pools views with expansive decking. The 522 square foot Bonus Room is another space waiting for fun to happen. The ground floor Master Bedroom has a fireplace and its own den and sun deck. The separate Guest House also has a fully equipped Kitchen, Dining area and Living Room. Good looking stucco home with slate roof. Good beach access and convenient location for the Beach Club, Spa and Cloister. $4,250,000

ocean front porch plus family room and balcony. An additional laundry room is on this level. Architect John Shackleford's touches are on display throughout the home with brilliant uses of heart pine, stone, high ceilings and wall designs. Now it's your opportunity!

Cottage 342, W. Seventeenth Street, Sea Island

Occupying most of the 17th Street block, this prized and revered property extends from Sea Island Drive all the way to the marsh. For families who enjoy staying together and being close to one another, Lune de Miel (Cottage 342) is lovingly placed on the land with the precision of an artist, an apt metaphor given the materials, furnishings and appointments dating from the 17th century. The enchanting grounds contain a moated gazebo with Louis XIII French limestone mantel (circa 1672), alfresco grill, pergola, 3 pools, bath house with laundry room, basketball court, chess court, Dovecote (circa 16th-17th century), circular fire pit, putting green, chipping tee box, Bocce Ball court, shuffleboard and long northwesterly marsh vistas. Twelve bedrooms (9 with fireplaces), each with their own personality, 17 fireplaces, an Irish pub with 17th century Roman carved black slate fireplace. The English Victorian pine front bar has the original mahogany counter top (circa 1849) from a tavern in Birmingham, England. The back bar is from Fritzingers Hotel in Coopersburg, PA (circa 1883). Walk-in cooler. The Game Room/Parlor has an 1886 Brunswick “Jewel” pool table and a Rock-ola maple and hardwood shuffleboard table. Adding to the authenticity of the home’s appointments, a 19th century bronze and ormolu French chandelier adorns the brick lined Wine Cellar. A solid European red oak and hand forged iron door (circa 1850) leads to the Theatre with rare Italian barrel-vaulted ceiling (circa 17th century). The family room limestone fireplace (circa 1600-1750) is from the Chateau Fountain in Sologne, France and belonged to the family of the wife of former French President Jacques Chirac. Indeed, this is a grand residence yet with a warm, comfortable loving ambience. Lune de Miel is the sequel of a couple’s spark of beautiful love where lasting memories were made. $19,500,000

Te r i M o o r e R e a lto R 9 1 2 . 2 2 2 . 4 0 1 0 D a n a Hi l l R e a lto R 9 1 2 272 4 698
13 Pearl Lane
CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Two-story, single-family home with 4BR, 3.5BA, and the primary suite on the main floor. Luxury interior features hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood closet shelving, and a gas tankless water heater.
13 Oyster Lane NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Two-story 4BR, 3.5 BA. Primary suite on main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com
154 Ledbetter
CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Twostory
3.5 BA. Primary suite on main. Luxury interior features
flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas,
carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood shelving, and
a gas
tankless water heater.
www.oystergrove.com $894,000
152 Ledbetter Ave NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Twostory 4BR, 3.5BA. Primary suite on main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $882,500 150 Ledbetter Ave NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Twostory, 4BR, 3.5BA. Primary suite on the main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood closet shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $868,500
D e s i r e é Va r n e d o e P r o p e r t y M a n a g e r 9 1 2 . 63 8 . 1 1 4 4
11 Lawson Street NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. This 4BR, 3.5BA home has the primary BR on the main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood closet shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com. $889,500 159 Rice Mill Beautiful home on the King and Prince Golf Course. 3BR, 2.5 BA w/ gorgeous winding staircase in the front foyer. Hwd floors in the downstairs living space and custom built-ins on either side of the gas fireplace.Covered back porch overlooking the gorgeous backyard with ample privacy. $749,900 King & Prince Gorgeous ocean views in these 4th floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condos in the King and Prince historic resort! Overlooking one of the three outdoor swimming pools and just a short walk to the beach. #478 $1,175,000 and #477 $1,125,000 158 St Andrews Drive, Island Club 5BR, 4BA. Remodeled from the wood floors to the roof. Master suite features a large bath with double vanities, Travertine flooring, and an amazing shower.Kitchen w/ granite, top of the line appliances, skylights, and beautiful birch cabinetry. Large yard. Abundant privacy. $1,490,000 490 Cedar Walk These units rarely come on the market with marsh views. You’ll enjoy the high ceilings, wood-burning fireplace, and open living space. Lots of windows so you can take in the stunning marsh views and wildlife! A great buy for a quiet, mid-island location in Sea Palms. $393,500 129 Lakeview Circle Immaculate and beautifully landscaped, single-level ranch home with four bedrooms and three baths. The home is located in the desirable and quiet Lakewood subdivision with access to a small lake. Conveniently located near shopping and restaurants. $225,000 127 Arthur J Moore Beautiful and privately situated home offers a calm and peaceful experience.4BR, 2.5BA w/ picturesque western marsh views. Open and airy living space with high ceilings. An upper and lower deck on the back of the house offer space to enjoy the outdoors and view the sunsets. $895,000
El i z a b e t h S m i t h M a r k e t i n g Co o r d i n a t o r 9 1 2 . 63 8 . 1 1 4 4 F r e d d y St r o u d B r o k e r , CR S , GR I 9 1 2 . 269 . 1 1 4 4 S a r a h B r o y l e s R e n t a l A g e n t 9 1 2 . 63 8 . 1 1 4 4 E m i l y Wa g e s R e n t a l D i v i s i o n 9 1 2 . 63 8 . 1 1 4 4 www.GaCoastRealty.com • 912 - 638 - 1144 105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island, GA East Beach - 4217 Seventh Street Amazing 4BR, 3BA family friendly home with pool. Short walk to beach. Sleeps 9. 115 Circle Drive Blue Heron Cottage Lovely new 2 story beach cottage in the heart of St Simons. 4 BR, 3.5 BA. Private pool. Sleeps 8. 2101 Bruce Drive, East Beach - 3BR, 2.5BA. Spacious one-level home w/ large pool and multiple areas for entertaining. Sleeps 8. East Beach - 7 Coast Cottage Coastal gem steps away from the best beach on the island. 4BR, 4.5BA. Sleeps 8. East Beach - Sixteenth St. 5BR, 5.5BA. Breathtaking ocean views. Amazing outdoor kitchen and private pool. Sleeps 10. VACATION | LONG TERM RENTALS | PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Accommodation Excise Tax Cert# 011504 King & Prince - St. Simons Island King and Prince ocean view villas. Call today to check availability! 2481 Demere Rd #100 Great mid-island location with so many options for commercial use. The two-story building with newly replaced windows is currently a shell of a building ready for the new owner to build to suit. $497,500 3811 Darien Hwy APPROX. 1.94 acres - Commercial zoned property conveniently located off of Darien Highway. The building is approximately 18,400 square feet. Many possibilities for this commercial piece of property. $955,000 11 Saint Lawrence Ct. Brunswick, $17,500 Lots 10, 11 Waverly Ln White Oak, $16,000 each 17 Saint Lawrence Ct. Brunswick, U/C 19 Saint Lawrence Ct. Brunswick, U/C Available Homesites Commercial Properties 3505 Johnston Street Brunswick, $18,000
Oyster Grove New custom construction homes built by Flannagan Development in this 23 home neighborhood located mid-south St Simons Island, Georgia. Starting in the mid-800's. www.GaCoastRealty.com • 912 - 638 - 1144 105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island, GA www.OysterGrove.com
912-638-4740 119 MaRIna DR ST. SIMOnS ISlanD, Ga 31522 JOY WRIGHT 912-230-0134 joydonwright@gmail com 85 MACKAY DRIVE - $269,900 - Renovated and updated adorable cottage in Marshes of Mackay on a lovely treed 0 69 AC lot Features include 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and all new: tile flooring, stainless appliances and kitchen sink , porcelain tile countertops, backsplash, disposal, kitchen and laundry room cabinets, lighting, toilets, ceiling fans, and window blinds. There is a separate laundry room with sink and the 2-car garage has a large storage closet Plus home has a new roof, new hot water heater, and a new deck Located in an "X" flood zone and there is no HOA Call Joy Wright, (912) 230-0134 7 SAINT ANDREWS COURT - 7 Saint Andrews Court in Riverfront Plaza located directly on the waterfront is available for lease and owner would consider a sale This terrific 3,960 SF building in historic downtown Brunswick is perfect for a professional office location and has potential for upstairs living which is permitted in the association documents Property has beautiful views of the water at the rear from the windows or the rear deck . Call Don Wright, (912) 222-0133. SOLD 110 Island Professional Park, Saint Simons Island, GA Experience the Lilmar DIFFERENCE Relax... ONLINE BOOKING 24/7 Your St Simons Island rentals have 24/7 availability for guests to book and produce MORE revenue . INSPECTIONS
RESERVATION With our St Simons Island Property Management services, Lilmar Properties inspects your property before and after each reservation INDUSTRY
Our Housekeeping Teams provide the premium cleaning services to ensure your home is presented at the highest standards NCE & REPAIRS on call maintenance teams available 24/7 ON TO DETAIL "Your Feet on the Street" on the island watching your property 912-771-8099 or info@lilmarproperties.com | LilmarVacations.com DISCOVER YOUR PROPERTY'S TRUE POTENTIAL with Lilmar Vacation Rentals & Property Management
Betsy Polhill 912 269 1690 Bradley Randall 912 270 8556 Carla Jernigan 912 266 3111 Brooke Ackerman 912 230 1483 CeCe Gandy 404 797 4373 Christina Judd Clarke 912 399 2267 Sandra Branch 912 269 1129 Kay Love 912 230 3253 Margaret Maestas 912 250 6677 Pam Ruddy 912 222 7917 Nancy Mickelson 281 961 9056 Mary Jo Prater 912 223 2283 Janice Morgan 912 580 1833 Joan Lewis 912 258 5841 Ellen Cook 978 317 3609 Colleen Martin 912 298 8638 Ruth Heyward Beall 912 269 5596 Zaida Clay Harris 912 258 1089 Kelsi Brooks 832 279 7344 Paula Monthofer 928 853 9770 Margaret Anne Proctor 912 222 6629 Tanya Stipe 912 222 5436 Rick Irwin 912 571 7019 Ken Sausedo 912 223 1918 Top Producing Agent Cynthia Brown 662 694 9235 Top Listing Agent Rachel Marascalco 770 316 2349 Top Selling Agent Marcia Beauchamp Irwin 678 361 8835 Kelli Osteen 912 270 2505 1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912 634 9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com Katy Harris 912 223 3496

1629 Bruce Drive | St. Simons

4BR, 3BA. 1948 Brick home on East Beach. $1,390,000. Joan Lewis. 912-258-5841


4BR, 3BA. $850,000. Call Any Signature Agent.

221 Medinah | St. Simons

3BR, 3.5BA. Beautiful Home on 11th Fairway $1,360,000. Marcia & Rick Irwin. 678-361-8835

107 Mews Circle | St. Simons

5BR, 3 full/2 half BA, 1 Blk from Village $1,100,000. Margaret Anne Proctor. 912-222-6629

2BR, 2BA. Beautifully furnished. Move-in Ready! $364,900. Janice Morgan. 912-580-1833

180 Shadow Wood Bn. | St Simons

3/4BR, 2.5BA. Custom Home with charm of Italian Villa. $820,000. Joan Lewis. 912-258-5841

104 Jones Creek Drive | St. Simons

3.07 acres. Gated community. Dock/clubhouse. $540,000. Betsy Polhill 912-269-1690 or Ken Sausedo. 912-223-1918


5BR, 3BA. Spacious Home in New S|D. $359,900. Carla Jernigan. 912-266-3111

303 E. Island Sq. Dr. | St. Simons

3BR, 2BA. Ground Floor Condo. $330,000. Marcia Irwin. 678-361-8835


2BR, 2BA. Great location - Best Deal on Island. $263,500. Margaret Maestas. 912-250-6677

2244 Old Jesup Road | Brunswick

3BR, 2BA. Beautifully updated. $179,000. Margaret Anne Proctor. 912-222-6629

1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com
188 Liberty Square | Brunswick
2BA. Spacious Home w/ Split Floor Plan. $322,900. Cynthia Brown. 662-694-9235
Woodland Cove | Brunswick
2509 Demere Rd. #6 | St. Simons
708 East Island Sq. | St. Simons
Sea Palms West | St. Simons
1704 Bruce Drive | East Beach 5BR, 5.5BA. SEAesta Beach House. Sleeps 16. 1440 Ocean Blvd 207 | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. St. Simons Beach Club. Ocean Walk M3 | St. Simons 3BR, 2.5BA Townhouse. Village. 2502 #2 Isl. Retreat | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. Ground Floor. Ocean Walk J10 | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. Second Floor Unit. St Simons Grand 318 | St. Simons 4BR, 3BA. Top Floor. 1440 Ocean Blvd 311 | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. Direct Oceanfront. Beach Club 435 | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. Partial Ocean View. Ocean Walk M8 | St. Simons 3BR, 2.5BA. Townhouse. 114 Floyd St. | St. Simons 3BR, 2BA. Steps to pier/Village. 415 Holly | St. Simons 4BR, 2BA. House. Demere Landing 138 | St. Simons 4BR, 3.5BA. Multi-level Condo. Shannon Stafford 912.638.5843 Property Management & Rentals SignatureRentalSSI.com Accommodation Excise Tax Cert #111768 Vacation Rentals 1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com
1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912 634 9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com Signatu re P R O P E R T I E S G R OU P Zaida Clay Harris GrI, CrS Associate Broker Managing Partner Cell: 912-258-1089 ZaidaClayHarris@gmail.com Katy Harris Realtor Cell: 912-223-3496 KGHarris912@gmail.com JUST LISTED! 1066 SEa PaLmS WEST Dr Recently renovated 5 bedroom, 3 bath Enclave home The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining family and friends The new kitchen has an abundance of cabinets, a five burner gas range and a wonderful island There are two different guest room areas, each has two guest bedrooms that share a central bath The primary bedroom is spacious, with a large closet and fabulous bath! $850,000.



Saint Simons Island, Frederica

7br | 9 ba | 8,726SF | $3,900,000

Located in the prestigious gated community of Frederica Golf Club, this stunning custom estate home offers 6 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms (not including the bedroom in the guest apartment). The special touch of the exterior siding is the tabby, specific to the south region of Georgia, a unique siding made with sea shells and absolutely impressive. The water views are amazing and you can enjoy the amenities of this exclusive community, overlooking the lake, offering an array of options. Golf membership optional. Listed by Nadia Johnson 912.771.9500


Saint Simons Island, East Beach

5 br | 5 ba, 1 hba | 3,476SF | $3,100,000

Come experience these breathtaking panoramic direct oceanfront home overlooking Gould's Inlet and Sea Island. You can experience water views from almost every angle in this house. What rare find on St. Simons and we have priced to sell. Listed by Adair Allen 912.571.6399


Saint Simons Island, East Beach

Two Oceanfront Lots | $1,700,000

This beautiful gated community offers a luxury beach front experience like no other! The location provides direct private beach access and full access to the Coast Cottages oceanside pool and pavilion. This .14 acre lot can be developed with two luxury villas or a single-family villa. Listed by Ann Harrell 912.222.4002

DeLoachSIR.com | 912.638.0406 | 2901 Frederica Rd | St. Simons Island, GA ©2022 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

104 turNberry

Saint Simons Island

4 br | 3.5 ba | 4500SF

An Artist's Retreat in the Island Club is now available. This spacious 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home is mostly on one floor and has 14 foot ceilings. Large windows, hardwood floors, two fireplaces and custom woodwork. The main suite opens to a backyard terrace and has 2 large closets.

Listed by Susan imhoff 912.222.5685

2404 FrederiCa road

Saint Simons Island

4 br | 2 ba | 2,280SF | $1,000,000

Location and potential are two of the words describing this property, located close to the beaches, shopping and dining, offering a one story classical beach cottage, 4 bedrooms, in need of full renovation, together with two adjacent lots, and possibility of building two additional homes. The backyard offers privacy and overlooking a pond, the total size of the lot is 1.45 acres. The sellers are in the process of finalizing the division of the lots.

Listed by Nadia Johnson 912.771.9500

104 Coke Street

Saint Simons Island

3 br | 2 ba | 2,002SF | $489,000

Charming Brick Cape Cod home with a wonderful yard in the beautiful and serene neighborhood of Epworth Acres. Home is in an estate and has been owned by one family. This three bedroom and three bath home is in need of renovation and TLC and has great bones with wonderful potential. It is the ideal walking neighborhood with an adjacent county park with tennis courts, a dog park, and is close to the health pavilion and St. Simons Marina.

Listed by Sherril Sumner 912.617.9436

p e r t s
e a l E s t a t e
o l
b y R e a l E x


St. Simons Island, off East Beach

4 br | 3 ba | MARSH VIEWS| $930,000

Fabulous contemporary within walking distance to East Beach and short bike ride to Village. High ceilings, lots of light, large deck and 2 fireplaces.


St. Simons Island, Tabby Place

3 br | 3 ba | CORNER LOT| $575,000 desirable, one level home built in 2020 has shake and siding exterior and brick accents. Neighborhood pool.


St. Simons Island, Near Village

3 br | 2 ba | UPdATEd | $690,000

South End beach bungalow walking distance to the beach and the village. Flood insurance not required. Fresh updates.


102 PINE TREE St. Simons Island, Island Club 4 br | 4.5 ba | POOL |
Smart, chic renovations include kitchen, all baths, new pool, landscaping, and new roof, plumbing and electrical.
St. Simons Island, Near Beach
OCEAN VIEW LOT | $1,700,000
.14 acre lot. Can be developed with two luxury villas or a single family villa. 21 TRICE LANE St. Simons Island, Stillwater MARSHFRONT LOT |
in the
is a Great Hedge Against Inflation.
Marshfront lot in gated subdivision. Lot 5 is 1.2 acre. Survey is available.
Golden Isles


Saint Simons Island

6 br | 6 ba, 3 hba | 6477SF | $3,699,000

This Marshfront custom home has been carefully renovated in 2017-2018 with outstanding architectural details. Hawkins Island is known for spacious, distinct homes with 24 hour security gate for privacy. This extremely well built home speaks of elegance with a traditional style. Whole house generator. This Cottage has a large saline pool and fantastic sunrise views!


Saint Simons Island Club

4 br | 3.5 ba | 2612SF

An Artist's Retreat in the Island Club is now available. This spacious 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home is mostly on one floor and has 14 foot ceilings. Large windows, hardwood floors, two fireplaces and custom woodwork. The main suite opens to a backyard terrace and has 2 large closets.


Saint Simons Island

4 br | 4 ba | 2400SF | $694,000

In the desirable Oak Forest community. Great location! X Flood zone. This home has been perfectly maintained and is in Immaculate condition and ready to move in! Over $65,000 of upgrades in the past couple of years!


Private Island, Coastal Georgia

40 Acre Island | $895,000

10-min boat ride from neighboring Jekyll Island. An unspoiled and peaceful paradise. Currently thriving as an award-winning Glamping destination featuring a fully furnished glamping camp. Business can be conveyed with sale.


Saint Simons Island

7 br | 6 ba, 2 hba | $3,275,000

On 9.5+ acres in the prestigious community of Butlers Plantation, this once-in-a-lifetime estate brings serenity and tranquility to elegant island living. Twenty-foot ceilings, walls of windows, multiple fireplaces, and the finest materials accent dramatic, entertaining spaces with wonderful amenities.



Saint Simons Island

2 br | 2 ba | $515,000

Renovated, fully furnished, two-bedroom condo (sleeps 7) overlooking the golf course and lagoon views in Sea Palms.


Glynn Haven, Saint Simons Island

2 br | 2 ba | $410,000

An incredible cabin in the woods unlike anything on SSI. This home is so secluded you'll feel miles away in the country. Situated on 2½ lots. X flood zone.


Saint Simons Island

DEMERE ROAD | $350,000 - $400,000

A perfect opportunity to custom-build in a prime location nearby the beach off Demere Road. Three separate lots are available.

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Real Escapes Properties is one the largest Property Management Companies on St. Simons Island. We’ve been a local, family-owned and operated business since 2004. We currently have over 150 short term vacation rentals and several long-term rentals and all are located right here on St. Simons Island - where our focus has always been!

At Real Escape Properties, we do so much more than simply putting a few pictures of your investment property online and waiting for the interested parties to call in. Instead, we create an individual profile for each and every property to really emphasize everything that makes your property appealing and special. We meet with our homeowners and discuss their needs and their goals and set pricing based on each unique property.

We look forward to proving our motto that "You already have a friend on the Island" with the wonderful staff at Real Escapes Properties. Call us today to discuss property management options - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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sandpiper’s nest •
Island! 2128 ocean • 5BR/5.5B a Pool • Walk to Beach
gilly • 2BR/2B a Walk to Beach
acie cottage
3BR/3B a Pool • Walk to Beach 292 Reynosa • 3BR/3.5B a centr ally located
near Village
attitude • 6BR/5B a
Pool and Hot tub
Vac ation Rentals and PRoPeRty ManageMent NEW Call Now! 800.634.1667
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Paving the Way to the Future

Until the late 1920s, the roads on St. Simons Island were unpaved and covered with shell. Maintaining these roads was expensive, and driving conditions were often unpleasant. According to a 1927 notice to Glynn County voters, preserved in the Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives, Glynn County Commission Chairman Malcolm McKinnon reported that between 1924 and 1926, the county had spent $50,000 renewing and maintaining the roads. He wrote that even with this expenditure, “the public at certain times during the dry periods could not use the roads in any comfort.” To address this problem, the County Commission called an election on January 26, 1927, to approve the issuance of $250,000 in bonds for paving the main roads on the island. According to a Brunswick Pilot newspaper article dated January 28, the issue “passed by a large majority.” Later articles followed the progress of the project, which was completed by the end of the year.

With the opening of the causeway from Brunswick to St. Simons in 1924, more and more people were travelling to the island by car. The paving project anticipated growth in tourism, as well as more development on the island. Sea Island Company, for example, was building a golf course on the south end of St. Simons and working on plans for a resort hotel.

A July 1928 map shows that the main roads on the island had been paved. The bond proposal also included a new road between the end of the causeway and the pier. As indicated on the 1928 map, the new “Kings Road” appreciably shortened the distance between the two points, compared to “Lighthouse Road,” which generally followed the route of today’s Demere Road.

This month’s images from the Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives include the July 1928 map of St. Simons Island and a postcard showing the entrance to the island dated around 1930.

Coastal Georgia Historical Society presents this article and images from our archives as part of our mission “to connect people to Coastal Georgia’s dynamic history.” The Society operates the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse Museum and the World War II Home Front Museum, housed in the Historic Coast Guard Station at East Beach. To learn more about the Society, its museums, diverse programs, and membership, please visit coastalgeorgiahistory.org.


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