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The Ocean’s Purest Blue


A Message from Owner Zoe Herrington:

Going into March, our magical birthstone for this month is Aquamarine, an ancient stone whose name is derived from Latin, meaning “Sea Water.” Romans valued this gemstone so much, on their voyages they would take a cluster for protection of a safe voyage!

bride the of the

During Victorian times, an Aqua ring was given to the bride the morning of the matrimonial vows to show love and commitment.

This gemstone is in the beryl family and is related to the Emerald, however, does not have the inclusions. A lovely center stone for an engagement ring because of the durability being 7.5 to 8 on the mohs scale, a diamond being 10. When I was six years old, my father was stationed overseas in the USAF and much to my delight sent me an Aqua ring in 14kt yellow gold. I still have this treasure nearly 60 years later. This ring has been all over the world with me.

Let’s talk about why people for centuries have been drawn to this stone! It has been said to be “the stone of courage,” allowing you to take leaps of faith regarding your aspirations. It has been said that Aqua provides a shield around us and reminds us to “always be prepared!”

Aqua is said to emit gentleness and compassion, as well as to help judgmental people become more tolerant. This gemstone is spoken of in the Bible in Revelations 21:20 referring to this gemstone as being one of the twelve sacred gemstones in the high priest breastplate, used in joyous ceremonies!

It is easy to see why true gem lovers seek out this gemstone. The most beautiful Aquas I have sold are from Brazil, and are hand-picked by my beautiful Brazilian daughter-in-law! A shining example of her country’s beauty!!

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is Water.” The would take


He may be wrong, but he’s never in doubt.” at was a phrase my dad used when describing someone who thought they knew everything. We’ve all had the annoying experience of dealing with someone who thinks they know everything about everything. Whether you’re at home, school, the office, or in other social settings, you’re bound to encounter a know-it-all sooner or later. Fortunately, I have some great “knowitalledge” you can use the next time you are cornered in the Harris Teeter checkout lane, bookstore, dog park, or any other place you can’t escape. e next time one of these omniscient folks starts blathering on and on, quickly cut them off by asking “Did you know ...” and throw in one of these tidbits.

Many years ago in Scotland, a game was invented that was ruled “Gentleman Only. Ladies Forbidden.” Thus, the word “golf” entered the English language.

The percentage of Africa that is wilderness is 28%. That’s less than the percentage of North America that is wilderness, which is 38%.

It is impossible to lick your elbow.

The first novel ever written on a typewriter was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great ruler in history: Spades-King David; Hearts-Charlemagne; Clubs-Alexander the Great; DiamondsJulius Caesar.

Bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers have something in common. They were all invented by women.

In Shakespeare’s time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. Pulling on the ropes tightened the mattress, creating a better, firmer, sleep surface. Hence the existence of the phrase, “Goodnight, sleep tight.”

Keep in mind though, while it may not be apparent to you, there may be times others see you as the know-it-all. Of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

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One of the greatest gifts we can give our children and grandchildren is being outdoors with them. Sharing the beauty of the natural world with them. Listening for bird calls together, learning the names of plants and animals.There are few places better to do this than on St. Simons Island. The 12,000 acres that make up this barrier island are filled with pristine maritime forests, marshlands, meandering streams and waterways, hiking trails, and bike paths. Because of your support, the St. Simons Land Trust has been able to preserve and protect roughly 1,200 of those acres, or 10% of the island.

Legacies don’t have to begin after we’re gone.Every day is a legacy when we’re sharing something precious with those we love.

We hope that in 2023 you’ll hike a trail, ride a bike, and share the wonders of nature with others. We’re here to help.

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Ladies First

In honor of March as National Women’s History Month and March 8 being International Women’s Day, this month we’re putting ladies rst. While the term “ladies rst” may have sprung from sentiments of chivalry and the idea of women being fragile creatures in need of protection, we’re reclaiming the phrase and sharing stories of women who were making accomplishments and shaping our world. These women were important gures in Golden Isles history and their actions have had long-lasting impacts that can be seen today in our community.

Here’s to you, ladies!

MARCH 2023 19

Georgia’s “Founding Mother”

First and foremost in our history lessons covering women of Georgia is Mary Musgrove . Where Lewis and Clark had Sacagawea and the colony of Jamestown had Pocahontas, the newly founded colony of Georgia had Mary Musgrove. The daughter of English trader Edward Griffin and a Native American mother from Coweta, Creek Nation, she was given the name Coosaponakeesa at birth. She learned Creek culture and to speak their language of Muskogee as a child. She was taken to a small town in South Carolina by her father when she was about seven years-old, and there she learned English and changed her name to Mary. She later married English trader John Musgrove and they established a trading post near the Savannah River, where Mary honed her skills as an interpreter. It was there that she caught the attention of General James Oglethorpe.

Mary acted as Oglethorpe’s primary interpreter from 1733 to 1743 and was central to his dealings with their Creek neighbors. Mary’s work as interpreter for Oglethorpe and Yamacraw chief Tomochichi is said to have been instrumental in the peaceful founding of Savannah, and the colony of Georgia itself. She used her connections to foster peace between the Native Americans and the British settlers and aided Oglethorpe greatly

in his understanding of the Creeks. She was compensated financially and earned prestige from her position.

During those years, Mary’s husband John Musgrove died, and she remarried twice. First to Jacob Matthews, with whom she established another trading post on the Altamaha. He died a mere five years later, whereupon she married Christian missionary Rev. Thomas Bosomworth. This cemented her place in the higher echelons of society, and the couple was known to communicate messages from Oglethorpe and the king of England to and from Creek leaders. They often hosted visitors from both nations in their home.

Not only was Mary’s role in the founding of the colony and maintaining amicable relations with the Native Americans remarkable, so was her pursuit of claims to land that had been granted to her by virtue of her position. In 1737, she was granted a plot of land near Savannah

by Tomochichi, yet the claim was unsettled when Mary married Bosomworth. The couple was granted claims to Sapelo, St. Catherines, and Ossabaw islands by Lower Creek chief Malatchi. British officials refused to acknowledge the claims, however, arguing that a nation can only cede or grant land to another nation, not to individuals. For approximately a decade Mary continued to press authorities in Georgia and in England to obtain the property that had been granted to her. A compromise was reached in 1760 whereby Mary received the right to St. Catherines Island plus a monetary sum and released her claims to the other lands. It was on St. Catherines that Mary took her final breath. In 1993, more than two centuries after her death, Mary Musgrove was declared an inductee of Georgia Women of Achievement. She is also recognized in the National Women’s History Museum. So when you consider the beginnings of our fair state of Georgia, remember the important contributions of its multicultural “mother.”

MARCH 2023 21


is the woman responsible

for one of the most recognizable and photographed spots on St. Simons Island: Avenue of the Oaks, the double row of stately live oak trees that now welcome guests to Sea Island Golf Club.

Anna’s father, Major William Page, owned Retreat Plantation on St. Simons Island and taught her all aspects of plantation management from cultivating plants to keeping accounts. Anna inherited the property in 1826 upon her parents’ deaths. Anna and her husband Thomas Butler King lived at Retreat after they married, but as their family grew, they moved to King’s plantation properties on the mainland. When a sharp drop in cotton prices made it impractical to keep operating multiple properties, the Kings sold the mainland plantations and moved back to Retreat.

While Thomas attended to his political ambitions and duties as a member of Congress, Anna ran Retreat successfully, growing Sea Island cotton, olives, oranges, and fragrant flowers. The nearly 200-year-old live

Women in the Plantation Era

oak trees serve as a beautiful reminder of Anna’s care and pride for her coastal home. You can get a glimpse into her world by reading Anna: Letters of a St. Simons Island Plantation Mistress, 1817-1859 , a collection of more than 150 letters written by King detailing everyday antebellum coastal Georgia life.

Another woman who left an indelible mark in the Golden Isles as a plantation owner was Ophelia Dent (1886-1973).

Initially established by William Brailsford as a rice plantation around 1806 and managed by Brailsford and his son-in-law, James Troup, Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation became the property of Troup’s children. Hofwyl House was built in the 1850s by Troup’s daughter Ophelia and her husband George. When rice production declined after the Civil War, Ophelia and her sister Miriam rescued the family plantation from debt by converting the property to a dairy farm. The property is now managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Today visitors to the state historic site can see the house just as it was when Ophelia Troup Dent’s granddaughter (also named

Ophelia) left it to the state of Georgia upon her death in 1973, as stated in her will “for use for scientific, historical, educational and aesthetic purposes.” Antiques

collected over five generations remain in the house as well as a museum with a model of a working rice plantation and film about plantation life. In addition

Anna Matilda Page King

to tours of the property, there are holiday events and a variety of programs both educational and recreational hosted by Friends of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation at the site throughout the year.

A more controversial figure who is frequently mentioned in relation to coastal Georgia’s plantation era is Frances Anne “Fanny” Kemble (18091893). While Kemble’s time on coastal Georgia plantations was limited to about four months, her impressions of that time, published in 1863 as Journal of a Residence on a Georgia Plantation , became a classic and reliable source about plantation life and conditions in which slaves lived for scholars and historians, despite the controversy that surrounded it.

Born into England’s most prominent family of actors, Fanny made her own theatrical debut on the London stage at age 19. Not only recognized as

a brilliant actress, but she was also an accomplished musician and voracious reader who was passionate about writing. She spoke fluent French and also enjoyed horseback riding. Naturally Pierce Mease Butler found Fanny enchanting when he met her during a theatrical tour of America in 1832. Butler, the grandson of Major Pierce Butler, one of the nation’s founding fathers, a Revolutionary War veteran, and Georgia plantation owner, wooed Kemble and married her in 1834. The marriage was a disaster from the start, and when Butler inherited his grandfather’s plantations on Butler Island and Sea Island, the relationship deteriorated further with Fanny’s abolitionist views clashing harshly with Butler’s role as a slave owner. Butler brought Fanny to Georgia in hopes that seeing the plantations in operation would convince her of the need for slave labor, and Fanny went hoping to convince Butler of the merits

of emancipation. Neither was successful and Fanny left after only four months.

She compiled letters that she had written to her friends about slavery and her journal entries recounting her days at the plantation into a book but was pressured by the Butler family not to publish. Pierce and Fanny divorced in 1849 and the Butler family remained in turmoil and splintered by their divided views over slavery. Fanny finally published her journal in England in 1863, 22 years after her time in Georgia, reportedly triggered by her native country’s hostility toward the North and the Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln. When the American version was published later that year, it was vilified by White Southerners and attempts to discredit her account continued for more than a century. One of the most recognized rebuttals was that

made by Margaret Davis Cate in 1960. For such a short time spent on the coastal Georgia plantations, Fanny Kemble made a big splash with her memoir that continues to ripple to this day.

MARCH 2023 23
Ophelia Dent Fanny Kemble

Women Preserving History

Coastal Georgia women have been a driving force behind sharing and safeguarding our history. They have written it down, compiled records and resources, and taken steps to make it easily accessible to the public. They have been behind the scenes and at the forefront.

On Jekyll Island, we have Tallulah “Tallu” Fish to thank for the founding of its museum. This Georgia native grew up in

The current Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum, seen at top, owes its origins to the museum established in Indian Mound Cottage by Tallu Fish (pictured above) in 1954.

Waycross and became enchanted by Jekyll Island on visits to Brunswick with her mother. As an adult, Tallu pursued a career in journalism in Kentucky, writing as a columnist for Louisville’s The Courier-Journal After the death of her husband, she found her way back to Georgia and was hired by the state to establish the Jekyll Island Museum in Indian Mound Cottage.

According to Mosiac, Jekyll Island Museum curator Andrea Marroquin, Fish was given less than a month to complete the task. Fish got to work immediately, moving into the servants’ quarters at the cottage, and salvaging what she needed from the Historic District’s buildings and cottages to bring the Jekyll Island Club era back to life for visitors to what was once William Rockefeller’s island home. With everything from furniture and porcelain treasures to taxidermy and her magical “Wishing Chair,” Fish curated displays designed to attract and implemented clever ways to raise money for the museum. Guests were first welcomed to the Jekyll Island Museum on December 11, 1954 – the same day the Jekyll Island causeway opened to the public.

Fish resided at Indian Mound Cottage for more than eight years before moving to a house on Bliss Lane and remained at the helm of the museum until her retirement in 1969. She compiled the archives at the

museum and wrote several books and articles about Jekyll Island during that time. While Fish died in 1971, her legacy lives on with a street on the island named after her and several of the items she originally collected for the museum, including the Wishing Chair, still remain in Indian Mound Cottage along with a portrait of her that was painted by her daughter Betty Smith. During the festivities last year that marked Jekyll Island’s 75th anniversary the island’s first mural art installation was created in Beach Village and formally dedicated. That mural was painted by Tallu’s greatgrandson Wylie Caudill, an interactive public mural artist from Louisville, KY. How fitting.

On St. Simons Island, it was Abbie Fuller Graham who founded the library in 1937. It began with 50 books temporarily housed in the home of Captain and Mrs. J.C. Clark on Arnold Road. Later that year, Glynn County Commissioners agreed to house the library in the Casino building under the sponsorship of the Cassina Garden Club.

Drums along the Mohawk by Walter Edmonds (1936) was purchased from the Baker & Taylor Company for $1.88 as the first book accessioned by the library. It remains there today. Mrs. Graham is also known for her book Old Mill Days 1874-1908 This scrapbook history of St. Simons Island is credited by Eugenia Price as the inspiration for her novel, Beloved Invader , and the books that followed to make up her St. Simons Trilogy.

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Abbie Fuller Graham

Atrue national treasure, Mary Elizabeth “Bessie” Jones (1902-1984) has been described by the National Endowment for the Arts as a shining representative of the musical heritage of the Georgia Sea Islands, “a style of music unlike any other in America or the world.” Bessie helped form the Georgia Sea Island Singers in the 1960s and recorded both with them and as a solo performer. She is known for singing this distinctive African influenced American folk music of endurance and freedom in the unique dialect of the islands “in a Bahamian accent accompanied by wild, outrageous African handclap rhythms.”

Bessie wasn’t born on St. Simons Island or in the Sea Islands at all. Her origins were in Smithville and, later, Dawson, where she grew up in a large, extended family who used music and storytelling to teach her “the old ways.” Throughout her life Bessie traveled a great deal and held many jobs from childcare to farmhand. She settled on St. Simons Island in 1933 with her second husband, George. Here she joined Lydia Parish’s Spiritual Singers Society of Coastal Georgia. After Bessie’s husband George died in 1945, she continued

Women Impacting the Arts

living and working on St. Simons Island, and was active in the founding of the Harlem Church of God in Christ.

It was in the mid-1950s that Bessie met Alan Lomax. The folklorist was conducting fieldwork in the Georgia Sea Islands and working to collect the music of the Spiritual Singers Society. In 1960, while participating in Lomax’ film on the group, Bessie felt “called to teach,” and began passing on to others what she knew about slavery and little-known aspects of African-American history through the songs and stories that she learned as a child. Over the next several years, Jones toured extensively, performing at concerts and at festivals around the country.

In 1963, Bessie teamed up with other singers to form The Georgia Sea Island Singers. Alan Lomax made another film with the group as its subject. Bessie also continued to sing with the Spiritual Singers Society, and during the Civil Rights Movement, she participated in a traveling prayer band that marched with Martin Luther King in Beulah, Mississippi. In 1972, Bessie published a collection of children’s

games and various stories from her life entitled Step It Down Her first solo album, So Glad I’m Here, was released in 1973, and was followed in 1975 by Step It Down. Bessie remained active singing with the Georgia Sea Island Singers and performed at President Jimmy Carter’s inauguration in 1977, she participated in workshops at schools, and sang at festivals throughout the country. Her performances, recordings, and educational programs earned many awards, including a National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. The year before her death in 1984, Bessie recounted her life and commitment to preserving African American music and folklore in For the Ancestors: Autobiographical Memories, co-published with John Stewart. Through Lomax’ historic recordings and the important cultural legacy she left through folk music, Bessie Jones’ distinctive voice and the history of the Sea Islands lives on.

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MARCH 2023 27

Afterflowerswomen,are the most lovely thing God has given the world.


Augusta native Mildred Nix Huie (1906–2000) was known as much for her colorful life as the enduring passion she had for art, history, and literature. This remarkable woman who called St. Simons Island her home for almost 40 years was an impressionist painter, sculptor, historian, and writer. She spent much of her childhood at her family’s home in Savannah, could even claim Johnny Mercer as a nextdoor neighbor. Although Huie obtained a degree in classical education, rather than pursuing a career in that field, she managed WALB radio and TV stations in Albany, and was named Woman of the Year in 1950. She settled on St. Simons Island in the early 1960s and just a couple years later, joined with other artists to establish the Left Bank Art Gallery. This marked the beginning of a long family tradition of sharing a love of arts and humanities with the Golden Isles community.

Not only was Huie a respected historian and writer about the Golden Isles, her artistic

depictions of St. Simons Island, especially its historic structures, became an integral part of the island’s visual culture. Mildred’s daughter, Mildred “Millie” Huie Wilcox, is also an accomplished artist and beloved patron of the arts in the Golden Isles. After working in the fashion industry in New York, Millie returned to St. Simons Island in 1966 and took over operations of Left Bank Art Gallery with her husband Robert. They expanded the gallery from a showcase for local artists to a home for both national and international artists with an emphasis on French Impressionism.

In 1967, Huie made the Mediterranean house on Frederica Road her studio, packing it from floor to ceiling with her artwork and memorabilia—paintings, lifesized dolls, plantation records, it was a real treasure trove! After Huie’s death in 2000, Millie maintained Mediterranean house as a museum for nearly twenty years. The property was purchased in 2018 by the St.

Simons Land Trust and is now a pocket park and landmark. The museum’s contents were donated to The Morris Museum of Art in Augusta. The College of Coastal Georgia honored the contributions to the Golden Isles art community made by these two remarkable women with a dedication of The Huie-Wilcox Gallery on its campus in 1995.

MARCH 2023 29 600 SEA ISLAND RD • ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA •912.634.1521 GentlemensAndLadyOutfitters.net GENTLEMENS_LADY_OUTFITTERS Your
Style for all Seasons
Mildred Huie sits among her many artistic creations accompanied by her daughter Mildred Huie Wilcox

Women’s clubs and civic organizations are another way that the women of our community shape life in the Golden Isles. In addition to the works and charitable giving done by our local garden clubs and women’s church groups that we see through home and garden tours and other community events, we have some significant civic organizations that strive to make a positive impact. From beautification projects to programs supporting local charities and initiatives to promote literacy and more, our women give in so many ways.

GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) Brunswick Woman’s Club is a member club of the International Federation, which includes nearly 80,000 members in 3000 clubs spanning every state in the U.S. and more than 12 countries. The Brunswick club, which began in 1913 as the Civic Association of Brunswick, Georgia, then merged into a Woman’s Club in 1917, is dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. Their charitable works include a Day of Service, where they have made improvements at Morningstar Children’s Services, funding a nursing scholarship at the College of Coastal Georgia, and making band instrument refurbishment donations to both Glynn Academy and Brunswick High School, and the “Soldiers’ Angels” program, sending letters and monthly care packages to a soldier deployed overseas. They also support Honor Flight, Glynn Community Crisis Center, Grace House, Wreaths Across America, Humane

Women United for Good

Society of South Coastal Georgia, Days for Girls International, Golden Isles Arts and Humanities, One Hundred Miles, House of Hope, and Second Harvest. They supply fleece throws to young children entering shelters at Safe Harbor and make sewing kits and washing kits that are shipped to Haiti on mission trips.

More specifically, the club has volunteer opportunities in sub-committees for Arts and Culture, Civic Engagement, Education and Libraries, Environment, and Health and Wellness. Examples of their activities include the following:

GFWC members believe that the study of Arts and Culture enriches the human experience. Art education improves problem solving and critical thinking skills, builds focus and perseverance, and nurtures creativity, confidence, and collaboration. The Arts and Culture Community Service Program has raised funds to contribute to the Brunswick High School and Glynn Academy bands and has selected local high school art students’ work to submit to our district and state art competitions. Members have also participated in local art shows and district and state art competitions. They also art supplies to Morningstar Children and Family Services and Memory Matters Glynn.

The Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program reminds Club members that they are each part of a larger society and responsible for undertaking actions that will create a better quality of life and foster a sense of community – locally,

regionally, nationally, and globally. The four “broad strokes” of this effort include: Citizenship, Crime Prevention, Safety and Disaster Preparedness, the Needy, Hungry, and Homeless; and Our Military Personnel and Veterans. Funds have been raised to contribute to Heifer International, MAP International, which has a facility located in Brunswick, and to Operation Smile. Members have also participated in Christmas at Sea, providing Christmas gifts for the International Seafarers. Contributions have been made to Coastal Honor Flight and Wreaths Across America. Members have attended the naturalization ceremony and presented new citizens with gift bags.

GFWC members promote education in both children and adults, aiming to help others while they also continue to learn. Projects in the Education Community Service Program are designed to foster schools, as well as other educational institutions and opportunities, and to promote literacy, libraries, and the love of a good book. Through these efforts, they encourage the growth of individuals and communities at home and around the world. They encourage members to support educational opportunities in our community and raise funds for nursing scholarships to the College of Coastal Georgia. A nursing scholarship is awarded each year to a nontraditional student attending the College of Coastal Georgia. They support the STAR (Student and Teacher Award and Recognition) Foundation by providing an annual luncheon to recognize and honor local STAR students and teachers. Members volunteer at local

I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, at’s me.

schools and the Marshes of Glynn Library. They contributed funds to the Turning the Page Campaign at the library as well.

The Environment Community Service Program encourages members to become stewards of the earth by working to preserve the world’s resources, protect wildlife and domesticated animals, live sustainably, and beautify our communities and enjoy nature. Members have volunteered at the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. They sponsor holes at the golf tournament fundraisers held by Keep Golden Isles Beautiful and participate in KGIB recycling and cleanup events.

The Health and Wellness Community Service Program

focuses on improving well-being by addressing three components: nutrition, disease prevention, and physical and emotional care. This community service program aims to explore various opportunities for awareness and advancement of each of these vital areas. They support local organizations that work to improve the lives of those in need and keep members informed of ways to improve their physical health and quality of life. The Club has sponsored monthly Bingo at Sears Manor Nursing Home as a club project for over thirty years. Members assist residences with bingo cards, serve snacks, hand out prizes, and call the bingo games. They also donate magazines, greeting cards, calendars and notepads. Members supported the Safe Harbor Blanket Project. Members supported The Well, a Brunswick day center for the


homeless, by collecting individual sized toiletries, wash clothes, dental supplies and socks for the center; and donate to the Safe Harbor Blanket Project. Members supported their efforts by sponsoring a hole at Grace House 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament fundraiser. Grace House is a faith-based charity and 14-bed sober living facility in Brunswick that helps women recover from addiction with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.

Members support and contribute to the Tallulah Falls School, a college preparatory school owned by the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs and dedicated to providing a quality education for deserving middle school and high school students. They participate in the 8th grade students’ annual visit to the Golden Isles. We sponsor a student and support

them through correspondence and small gifts. They supply Tallulah’s Closet with clothing and handbags for students to attend their prom. They also participate in the Green Envelope project by sending cards of congratulations and encouragement to the graduating seniors.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Golden Isles’ oldest women’s civic organization or would like to learn more about GFWC Brunswick Woman’s Cub, visit bwcga.net.

The Junior Woman’s Club of Brunswick was organized by the Woman’s Club of Brunswick in the 1940s and the St. Simons Junior Woman’s Club in 1950. The Junior Women’s Association of the Golden Isles was formed as a not-for-profit association of women leaders in 2017. In 2019, the association became Junior League of the Golden Isles, an Affiliating Member of The Association of Junior Leagues International, a non-profit organization whose members have amassed an

archive of irrefutable results and an indisputable reputation as thoughtful and influential change agents for the public good. They are now part of a network of over 140,000 women in 291 communities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. With roots dating back to 1901, The Junior League constitutes one of the largest, most effective volunteer organizations in the world. JLGI has approximately 100 active members and 120 sustaining members.

The Junior League is an organization founded on principals of women’s empowerment and promoting volunteerism, the development of women and improvement of the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. JLGI supports the Back Pack Buddies program by sponsoring the food and weekly bag packing to provide weekend meals for students in need at Glynn County Schools. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Georgia

and the Marshes of Glynn Library System through the Books in the Home - Early Elementary Literacy program, JLGI hosts frequent story times for Pre-K through Second Grade at the local clubs. At each story time, the children are gifted a book and other goodies to take home. JLGI has also created and stocks Confidence Closets at local partner organizations to provide teens in need with access to the hygiene, feminine and laundry products necessary to ensure they have the confidence to attend school and thrive. There are currently five Confidence Closets open. In 2021, the group established the Lemmon-Aid scholarship in memory of late member, Shannon Lemmon. The scholarship will be granted to Glynn County students, where Shannon was a dedicated high school teacher. For more information about the club and membership, visit jlgoldenisles.org.

The Brunswick (GA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was duly chartered and officers installed in 1966 on Jekyll Island with twelve Charter members.

MARCH 2023 33
“My family and I recently moved to St. Simons Island. I’m thrilled to use my extensive expertise in property sales and purchases to help residents here make the best real estate decisions for results that exceed their hopes & dreams.”
912.390.1743 (cell) or 912.729.7900 (office) | stmaryrealty.com • Born And Raised in The Coastal Area • Licensed in Georgia and Florida  • Specializes in Both Commercial and Residential Property • Member Of the Golden Isles Junior League, GIAR, CCCBOR, NEFAR, AINCAR, and Parent Volunteer at Frederica Academy
Melissa Hopkins Johnson, Realtor®

In compliance with the National Headquarters Chapter Establishment requirements, the local group was sponsored by the Savannah Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. Throughout its 57 years of existence, The Links’ program initiatives have been implemented to increase the awareness of cultural and educational opportunities within the communities. Locally, they currently have over 30 active members and continue to support organizations and community activities with monetary contributions, educational forums, and volunteer services opportunities.

The Links, Incorporated’s program facets include Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services, and Health and Human Services. The Brunswick (GA) Chapter Links, Incorporated is committed to leading the way as a champion of change, ensuring that youth are academically successful and engaged in healthy lifestyles. They implement transformational programs that are responsive to the academic, health, cultural, social awareness, career development, and mentoring needs of youth. The Services

to Youth facet uses an integrated approach to prepare young people to succeed as healthy citizens in the global workforce and to promote healthy lifestyles within families and communities. The goal of The Arts facet is to produce and support programs to enrich the quality of life of our youth and communities through educational and engaging art experiences. Programming includes arts integration within the chapters and partnerships with like-minded organizations and sowing the seed of creativity deeper in the local community.

The National Trends and Services facet is tasked with eliminating disparities by reducing barriers to resources through advocacy, education, and service. Their mission is for members to be empowered to raise their voices and transform the communities in which they work. Programs include fighting alcohol and drug abuse, financial literacy, retirement tools, and women’s empowerment workshops. The International Trends and Services facet partners with Helping Hugs, Inc. each year to help facilitate their annual medical mission to Cotes de Fer, Haiti. They also carry out a yearly medical mission to Sunyani, Ghana where medical care and medications are provided to villagers who have little access to medical care. Locally the ITS facet is involved with a LIFE Program that introduces high school students to international business and foreign affairs while encouraging our community students to consider attending the local College of Coastal Georgia. As an incentive to students who participate in the

LIFE program and then attend CCGA, a student who meets this criterion is selected to travel and participate with the Links’ medical mission team to Sunyani, Ghana. The Health and Human Services facet was created in response to the chronic health disparities that persist in black communities and result in the decreased life expectancy of African Americans and other people of African ancestry. The goal of HHS is to promote and facilitate programs that support the maintenance of good health and the elimination of chronic health disparities in communities of color through education, health advocacy, and optimal utilization of health resources.

The Links has been a positive force in our community for more than a half-century and these dynamic ladies are nowhere near finished! For more information about The Brunswick (GA) Chapter Links, Incorporated, and membership opportunities, visit brunswickgalinks.org.

Now in its fourth year, the Coastal Georgia chapter of 100 Women Who Care has grown to more than 325 members. This group is not a civic club or service organization in the traditional sense, but their charitable giving is remarkable! If you are a woman with limited time to commit to social activities, but want to help non-profit organizations in our community, this group may be just the right fit for you.

With groups existing around the country, the first chapter of 100 Women Who Care was organized in November 2006 in Jackson,

34 ELEGANT ISLAND LIVING BO PARKER 912.571.8723 228 Redfern Village, Suite 203 | St. Simons Island, GA Your Outdoor Lighting Specialists

Michigan as an efficient and quick way to raise money for local charities. At their first one-hour meeting, the group of over 100 women each wrote a check for $100 directly to The Center for Family Health, their chosen local charity, raising $12,800 to buy 300 new baby cribs. Motivated by the unique opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of those in need in our community, five Golden Isles women formed the local chapter. The simple idea that when people join together in a group, they can accomplish more and have a greater impact than a single individual would. Having just completed their third year of giving, our local chapter of 100WWC has more than tripled in size and they have donated more than $300,000 to Glynn County charities. If you include matching grants, this total exceeds $350,000!

Members gather four times per year for a one-hour meeting and select a local charity to be awarded $30,000+. Members of 100WWC may nominate any Glynn County 501(c) (3) via email beginning two weeks prior to the meeting. The top three nominations will have the opportunity to present their charity to members in attendance at the meeting. After the three presentations, the members present will vote on which charity to support. If a member is unable to attend the meeting, they may send their $100 check (payee blank) with another member along

with a proxy vote. Each member writes a $100 tax-deductible check directly to the winning charity and checks sent with proxy vote will be completed with the name of the winning charity. If you have the ability to spend four hours a year and donate $400/year, 100 Women Who Care invite you to join them to make a difference in our community. For more information and membership details, visit 100womenwhocaressi.com.

Last year, a Golden Isles chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated became one of the newest chapters in the national organization that was founded in 1938. This group consists of mother members who reside in Camden, Glynn, and McIntosh Counties and uniquely and strategically strengthens children to be the next generation of leaders through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving, and civic duty. Learn more at jackandjillinc.org.

Also of note are the Pirates of the Spanish Main and the St. Simons Cotillion. These groups provide the opportunity for our daughters to engage in service projects and give back to the community as youth. Founded in 1931 by Howard Coffin, Pirates of the Spanish Main is an all-girls community service organization with a mission to promote the Golden Isles, aid the community, and welcome dignitaries. They have a traditional

Rush process for membership. For more information and to see their service projects and events, visit piratesofthespanishmain. org. The St. Simons Cotillion is a social club with a stated mission to further a congenial acquaintance and friendship of the membership, which is accomplished by providing two or more social functions each year and assisting with holding a debutante ball every other year. These activities provide members with the opportunity to socialize, enjoy fellowship and celebrate friendship and the seasons. The time-honored tradition of the naming of a Cotillion Debutante Club and their formal presentation at a black-tie event was established in 1988.

As mentioned previously, local garden clubs like Cassina Garden Club, Magnolia Garden Club, and Live Oaks Garden Club, and women’s groups that exist in our churches provide more excellent opportunities for women to gather, socialize, and find ways to give back in the community. You’ll also find lineage societies with chapters in Glynn County that include the National Society Colonial Dames of the 17th Century, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society Southern Dames of America, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and United States Daughters of 1812. More information about these groups can be found at coastalgagensociety.org.

Phenomenal women – we celebrate them. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them!

“The world needs strong women. Women who wi lift and build others, who wi love and be loved, women who live bravely, both tender and fierce, women of indomitable wi.” - AMY TENNEY

Fascinating Fine Artist

In March and April, SoGlo Gallery, at 1413 Newcastle in Historic Downtown Brunswick hosts an exhibit by Kim Thayer, an artist of fine original oil paintings. Her canvases capture the natural splendor and endless beauty that surround us, from marshes and dunes to shorelines and shady forests. Kim herself is just as vibrant and her life story has been painted with bold strokes, soft nuance, and a remarkable combination of talent and legacy of artistic skill.

Although she was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Kim’s connections to Sea Island and the Golden Isles are strong. Her paternal grandmother, Eliza “Lilah” Talbott Thayer, was the sister and very close friend of Katharine “Kit” Talbott Jones, wife of Alfred W. Jones, Sr., builder and owner of Sea Island Company. Ms. Thayer had great success in Philadephia as a fine portrait sculptress in the 20s-70s. Even through the Great Depression she was able to make money through commissions for fountains and busts for the wealthy. She visited St. Simons Island and Sea Island often and

produced sculptures, many of which may still be here. Kim is eternally grateful that her Aunt Kit and Uncle Bill provided her with numerous second cousins who reside locally and she treasures as pals.

Kim recalls growing up on the family’s old mill property with the old stone house and converted barn, and the white-washed mill house where her grandmother had her studio. She fondly remembers time spent with her 17 first cousins, and a house full of laughter and music, as well as nights on the screened sleeping porch with the sounds of the bullfrogs as their “lullaby.” It was in her grandmother’s studio that Kim would hone her drawing skills. Kim says whether music, drawing, painting, or writing, she was always doing something creative from a young age. The fact that her grandmother was always up for an adventure, such as taking her flyfishing in Wyoming at age 15, was also formative in Kim’s life.

But that wasn’t the only artistic and adventuresome influence in the family. Kim’s

mother’s father, Charles Moeser, was an accomplished artist who produced many drawings, paintings and sculptures that may still be found in private homes here. He and his wife, Rita, a New York socialite, were wellknown here in the Golden Isles, starting what would become the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia and organizing the Animal Kingdom Ball for years. Many people


have memories of “Mrs. Mo.” Their fondness for animals certainly passed down, as Kim is accompanied by her own sweet pup, Daisy, as she travels and paints.

Kim went to school in New England through high school, where some of her fondest memories are studying architectural design under the eaves of the classical mansion turned high school which granted her a scholarship. As a senior, she was granted a coveted independent study award for her artistic skill to the renowned etching studio, Crown Point Press in Oakland, California. In this avant-garde enclave of minimalist and abstract master artists including John Cage, Christo, and Richard Diebenkorn, Kim was exposed to extraordinary artistic works in process.

Kim later attended the University of California at Berkeley, focusing on black and white photography, drawing, writing and global climate change studies. She also studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and has since worked with many mentors. following the centuries old tradition of studying under practicing master artists. She explains, “School was too slow for me. They could be spending hours teaching portraiture, and I knew I wasn’t interested in portraiture and would never work in portraiture, so it was a waste of my time. Instead, I have sought out mentors and

educators to learn from them. But not to spend too much time with any one of them, because you don’t want to mimic their work, and they don’t want that either.”

Because, Kim says, she didn’t know how it was possible to make a living as an artist, she has held many jobs over the years. During high school summers, she worked on cattle ranches in the Rocky Mountains, learning the meaning of hard work and long hours. With a strong work ethic and a need to channel her artistic creativity, she has found jobs that allow her to do this, such as working for a toy company overseeing submissions by inventors. Kim’s rich array of experience, including working in marketing, has allowed her to broaden her life and to keep pushing for improvement and commercial success through her art.

Now Kim’s goal is to produce the most beautiful paintings in the most beautiful places in the world. She primarily paints on location, outdoors, or “en plein air.” She does this to capture the feeling of the place and let it flow onto the canvas. Kim is not solely a plein air painter; however. She reworks outdoor studies into very large canvases in the studio and often keeps small paintings for years to use later for other larger pieces, much like a writer uses essays. When Kim is here, you can frequently find her out painting at Gould’s Inlet; it’s one of her favorite spots. Others are Cannon’s Point

Road and Epworth by the Sea for the sunset. If you do see her, don’t hesitate to stop and say hello or ask her about her work.

Kim’s art is about celebrating nature and she thinks it’s well worth the extra effort to be immersed in it (even with the gnats!). She finds few things more gratifying than painting outdoors where she is part of the land, light and water, and can express that connection through paint and canvas. Kim hopes that her paintings not only make you want to be standing right in the spot she has captured, but also make you want to preserve and protect these beautiful locations. She believes that we are blessed to have clean coastal water, small farms, nature preserves, and wilderness, and the benefit of these things in our lives is incalculable and essential to our healthy evolution.

Please come out to meet this fascinating fine artist and see her works at the opening reception for the exhibit at SoGlo Gallery from 4:30-7:30 p.m. on March 2. The show will be on display through May 1. For a look at Kim’s online gallery or to commission her work, visit kimthayer.com.

MARCH 2023 37 If Your Home is Not Becoming to You, Come to Us Family owned business with over 50 years of experience in the residential painting industry LICENSED AND INSURED CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 912-258-6137 or 904-903-1645 Islandpaintingga@gmail.com Islandpaintingga.com
Linda & Dave Templeman, Owners
Kim's goal is to produce e most autiful p ntings in e most autiful places in e w ld

New Works Bloom at Anderson Fine Art Gallery

Vibrant new paintings will adorn the walls at Anderson Fine Art Gallery on St. Simons Island this spring. Two exhibits will open in March with receptions to welcome the artists, and there are also some wonderful workshops scheduled with these incredibly talented painters and others.

At the beginning of March, Christopher Groves will be introducing his exploration of “Pictorial Space” within the genres of realism and abstraction. His paintings will be on display March 3 through March 30. Chris was educated at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and CAA Atelier-Colorado Classical Academy. He holds professional affiliations as a signature member of the Oil Painters of America, American Society of Marine Artists, and the American Impressionist Society. The opening reception for “Pictorial Space” will be held from 5:00-7:00 p.m. the evening of March 3, so come by to meet the artist.

Chris is also leading a “Pictorial Space” workshop in the studio on March 2-4 and will be hosting two online series: “Spatial Design Between Genres” and “Photo Show for Artists.” Both online series are six weeks long and take place on alternating Monday mornings beginning March 13. Chris will host another online series later this year,

beginning in September, “Oil Painting Deep Dive, Start to Finish,” and a studio workshop here in November, “Redefining Detail within Abstraction.”

On March 31, “By the Sea,” featuring new works in oil and pastel by nationally recognized artists Loren DiBenedetto and Jeanne Rosier Smith, opens at the gallery. This exhibit captures the beauty and life near the ocean, where we live by the currents, play by the tides, and follow the sun. Jean Rosier Smith will hold a pastel demonstration the day prior to the exhibit opening with an “Afternoon in the Studio” workshop on March 30. $50 to attend and reservation required. Again, everyone is invited to the gallery from 5:00-7:00 p.m. the evening of March 31 to meet the artists and see their beautiful representations of life by the sea.

Also on the spring schedule for workshops are “Island Watercolors,” a studio and plein air opportunity to paint with Catherine Hillis in April, and “Marshes & Creeks” plein air with Laurel Daniel in May. It’s a perfect time to paint out and about on the island!

To inquire about available space or register for any of workshops described above, please call 912.634.8414 or email mand@ andersonfineartgallery.com. To see works

by the aforementioned artists and others represented by Anderson Fine Art, learn more about upcoming events and the associated Artists Annex abstract gallery, visit andersonfineartgallery.com.

TOP: Jeanne Rosier Smith Sea Glass ABOVE: Loren DiBenedetto Magnolias and Crosswords OPPOSITE PAGE: Chris Groves Setting in Place
MARCH 2023 39


In October 2021, we shared a pictorial and story entitled “Experts at Artful Design” about a St. Simons Island beach cottage renovation project for the Stoner family that was completed by Gail Butler and her team at Taylor House Interiors. When the family decided that they wanted to add two more bedrooms designed for kids at “The Blue Heron,” Jonathan once again called Gail for the project.

While each bedroom has an entrance from the main house, the winding staircase that connects each bunk room to the other allows the kids to come and go without disturbing those outside the bunk rooms.

The Stoners have three children, so they wanted to create sleeping quarters that would be able to accommodate additional overnight guests when the kids invite their friends to visit. Jonathan had two sets of bunk beds designed for each bedroom that would allow the room to comfortably sleep ten people. Each top bunk can sleep one, the middle one has capacity for two, and the pull-out trundle bed can sleep two more.

Gail explains the color scheme of the rooms, “In keeping with the cottage’s ‘Blue Heron’ theme and because it is connected to a sense of calmness and serenity, I decided to use variations of blue for the rooms. This creates a feeling of relaxation and radiated peace. If a child’s room has blue, he/she will feel calmer and more relaxed.”

MARCH 2023 41

The bathroom connected to the bottom bunk room calls to mind sparkling Caribbean waters with the blue tiles in the walk-in shower. The bottom bunk room and its bathroom can also be accessed from the rst- oor den.

A convenient feature of the top bunk room is its small kitchen area that boasts a sink, counter and cabinet space with refrigerator to hold snacks and drinks. This bunk room is connected to the upstairs guest room and bath.

The white beadboard used by Gail in both rooms added to the nautical feel and provides a crisp, clean touch without being too stark.

The upstairs bunk room has a more nautical feel, with rope pull accents and brushed nickel lights and hardware. Between the bunk beds, there are steps that can be used for storage to keep everything ship shape.


While both sets of bunk beds were designed in the same way, they have unique accents that make them distinct from each other. The downstairs bunk room has a classy touch of brass. The drawer pulls, steps and lights shine warmly.

Both rooms have large television screens to allow for movie viewing or gaming, depending on the kids’ entertainment preferences.

Continuing the ocean tones but giving a different look to this room, Gail added accents of a soft sage color in the chest, the tile, rug, seats on stools, and accessories.

Gail says, “My main objective was to have Jonathan’s kids love both rooms as soon as they saw them each for the first time … and they did. The first night they spent there, all three stayed in the

downstairs bunk room. And so did their mom Leesa!”

If you’re looking to complete a project in your home and would like to see what Taylor

House Interiors can do to make your design dreams come to life, stop by the showroom at 3079 Frederica Road, give them a call at 912.638.5560 or visit TaylorHouseInteriorsLLC.com.

MARCH 2023 43 COSMETIC & FAMILY DENTISTRY 912.638.9946 300 Main St. #102 bryandentalssi.com Highly Recommended. Highly Referred. Accepting New Patients.

Meet our Featured luxury

What is life’s greatest luxury?

With homeowners revaluating what they want in their dream spaces, luxury trends are towards super-customized home amenities. Buyers are demanding more—looking for extra comforts and amenities not often seen before. From high-end gym-style bathrooms and luxurious lavatories to showpiece elevators and upscale pool houses. Discover which luxury amenities are currently the most sought after in the market by reaching out to one of our luxury experts. ey’re experienced at going that extra mile and backed


by the #1 firm in Coastal Georgia (according to the Golden Isles Multiple Listing Service Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hodnett Cooper Real Estate has been chosen by more buyers and sellers, over the last 12 months, than any other real estate firm in Coastal Georgia).

Our team of 21 luxury specialists can help you whether you are relocating, purchasing a home for an investment, or trying to find a unique property – from private homes, waterfront estates and equestrian properties to residences

with historical significance or unique architectural details. Consistently raising the bar in terms of luxury Real Estate marketing and delivering results to their clients year after year, our team of REALTORS® has been pleased to represent over 998 transaction sides over the last 12 months (January 2022 thru December 2022) and totaling over $369 million in total sales volume.

Join us as we learn more about some of our luxury team members and their influences and favorite pastimes.

Kelly Ross Crystal Akers Erin Vaughn and Stephanie Webb George Skarpalezos II

Crystal Akers

“Owing your own home is life’s biggest luxury.”

Southern born and raised, Crystal finds inspiration exploring the extensive waterways of the Golden Isles by boat with family, fur babies and friends. It’s in the restorative nature of silence that she finds her ability to reset for what she enjoys most: applying her 20 years real estate experience in helping her clients make the most important purchase of their lives—a place they can call home. Homeownership she believes, is a core component of the American dream. She approaches real estate like she does life, with a great sense of humor, a touch of sarcasm and an ability to see the silver lining, inspiring others to do the same.

Kelly Ross

“Maintaining a positive mindset and my family is life’s greatest luxury.”

Growing up as a third-generation realtor on St Simons Island, Kelly learned from a young age, that the real estate business is all about helping people, dependability, integrity, quality of service, support, and teamwork. This approach continues to guide her today. When she’s not following her beliefs by working hard, doing good and helping people, she can be found enjoying time with her family and friends. Having served as a Congressional Aide on Capitol Hill and throughout her home district in Georgia before launching her real estate career, Kelly has a natural interest and talent in not only finding those exclusive luxury homes, but also the contractual

side of her work. She loves working with first-time home buyers who are just as enthusiastic as she is.

Erin Vaughn

“Life’s greatest luxury is time and attention.”

Erin Vaughn is one half of the dynamic mother-daughter team known locally as “The Listing Pros.” She specializes in residential and land sales, is a multi-milliondollar producer and recently was appointed as 2023 Golden Isles Association of Realtors President.

Erin was named the 2017 Realtor of the Year by the Golden Isles Association of Realtors (GIAR) and she is also a Life Member of the Circle of Excellence as a Top Producer. She’s very active in our community and when Erin not spending time with her family in the Golden Isles, she enjoys coaching softball, or volunteering.

Stephanie Webb

“Life’s greatest luxury is spending time with loved ones and appreciating every moment you have, because life is short.”

Stephanie Webb is Erin Vaughn’s mother and the other half of “the Listing Pros” duo. Stephanie admires good architecture and beautiful homes. She draws on the potential of each house and the feelings it evokes as her inspiration when she lists and advertises a home or is searching for a potential buyer.

Being service minded, Stephanie says her reward lies in helping her clients achieve their goals while she provides the needed expertise to make their real estate journey stress-free and can share in their joy when they find their perfect home. She is a Life Member of the Circle of Excellence as an Oglethorpe Level Top Producer and has earned accolades as a member of the Chairman’s Circle Gold as an agent in the Top 2% of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nationwide.

George Skarpalezos II

“A stress-free lifestyle is life’s biggest luxury.”

George Skarpalezos II calls himself a bulldog, not only because he’s a fan of the Bulldogs and played rugby for University of Georgia, but due to his tenacity and “never say die” attitude when representing his clients. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, real estate is more than a calling for George, it’s part of his DNA and runs in the family. George specializes in the high-end St Simons luxury market and has a knack for finding niche homes that can double as a secondary home vacation rental or investment property. Having a proven track record of reliability and complete dedication to his clients’ success, as well as the ability to educate his clients has proven to be George’s recipe for success. This has helped earn him several local, regional, and national accolades.

MARCH 2023 45
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Sparking Connectionswith Memory Matters

On Sunday, April 23, music will bring memories to life at the A.W. Jones Heritage Center at the lighthouse on St. Simons Island. The annual Music & Memories fundraiser for Memory Matters

Glynn celebrates the way that music sparks connection in a way nothing else can, even for those struggling with memory issues. The evening begins at 4:00 p.m. and includes an ensemble playing classical music while guests enjoy hors d’oeuvres. There will be food stations set up with heavier fare for dinner to be enjoyed while Michael Hulett

performs jazz and oldies. For those who want to hit the dance floor, DJ Yolanda Neely will be taking requests and playing everyone’s favorite tunes after dinner. But before things wrap up at 8:00 p.m., don’t forget to grab some raffle tickets and put your bids in on the fantastic silent auction items donated by local businesses. Tickets for the event are $150 and available via Eventbrite. The proceeds raised during this magical, musical evening provide funding that is crucial for Memory Matters

Glynn to be able to continue operating and offering their much-needed support and services in our community.

Memory Matters was started in 1994 as Alzheimer’s of Glynn/Brunswick by five women who saw a huge need in the community to assist people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. In 2016, the non-profit organization expanded to include support for individuals with all types of illness related memory loss and rebranded to Memory Matters. Their mission is “to support, educate and enrich the lives of those dealing with illness related memory loss and the lives of their caregivers.” They aid those dealing with dementia, including Lewy body, frontotemporal, and vascular; Alzheimer’s

MARCH 2023 47

and Parkinson’s diseases; and traumatic brain injury. They provide support for people who take care of loved ones with memory issues at home either because they want to or because they cannot afford an assisted living or memory care community.

The Memory Matters House at 2803 Sherwood Drive in Brunswick is not a residential facility or adult daycare but is open to visitors during normal business hours. They have printed information from many helpful resources such as the National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Foundation, and similar organizations, as well as a lending library of books related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy body, and other types of dementia. Executive Director Julie Tharpe says, “This way people who have just received a diagnosis or who have questions don’t have to search all over for answers or information. We also have information about resources that might be needed and are available locally.”

Each month Memory Matters offers support group meetings for caregivers called Caregiver Connections. Julie says, “Taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s is one of the hardest things a person will ever do.” She speaks not only from her daily interactions with clients, but from her own personal experience, and knows how important a support system and interaction with others going through the same

experience can be for caregivers. These support group meetings can offer helpful networking as well as serving as a circle of comfort and empathy. The St. Simons Island meeting takes place at Holy Nativity Church on the third Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. A full list of dates for meetings at all locations can be found on the Memory Matters website.

At the Memory Matters House, they host a variety of activities designed to stimulate brain function and social interaction for those dealing with illness related memory loss. These activities include art and crafts, movie time, bingo, and yoga. Everyone always looks forward to seeing what Activities Director Jordan Adair has up her sleeve for each month’s theme and party! Not only are all Memory Matters events free, but these activity times also give the caregivers a muchneeded chance for social interaction. You can see a full list of each month’s activities on the Memory Matters website.

Julie shares, “One event that our clients eagerly anticipate is the monthly music session, where a local musician generously donates

their time to perform for our audience. Some of the talented people who have performed for us include pianist Terry Readdick, Annie Akins, Crawford Perkins, and Timothy Scott Williams.” She adds, “We welcome anyone who would be interested in performing. Our clients especially love hearing classic songs they can sing along with and show tunes! These events are a real favorite for them because music memories last longer.”

That brings us full circle: you can help Memory Matters continue to provide these free services in our community and support their mission by coming out to enjoy the music you love at the Music & Memories fundraiser in April. Get your tickets today at memorymattersglynn.com.

@RESTORATIONIMPORTS WWW.RESTORATIONIMPORTS.COM Interior Design Showroom 125 Gary L. Moore Ct, St. Simons Island 912-638-8815
MARCH 2023 49 SPORTSWEAR 0-16 and 0X-3X ACCESSORIES • GIFTS • SHOES 1616 Frederica Rd • 912- 638-3995 Monday - Saturday 10-5 maggiesssi.com 300 Main Street, Suite 101 | St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522 | 912-638-9001 www.plantationdentalssi.com PLANTATION DENTAL ASSOCIATES Your smile is our business. General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry At Plantation Dental Associates, we know the value of a healthy, happy smile. at’s why we keep abreast of the latest restorative and cosmetic techniques — to provide you with the level of care you have come to know for the dental health you deserve. Dr. Charles T. Hopkins III, D.M.D and the staff of Plantation Dental Associates. Open Monday-Thursday 4 -10 p.m. Serving Lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 228 Redfern Village, 912.634.6228 HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY! Oysters, Beer, Wine Specials: 4-6pm 4 -10 p.m.


Lucky Dogs

Meet the Paws Behind the People

Each month, the Foundation Focus brings readers a glimpse of the operations, charities, companies, and team behind e RSM Classic. is month, in the spirit of St. Patricks’ Day luck, we are introducing you to another special part of the tournament family: our four-legged friends. We may be calling them lucky dogs, but really, we’re lucky to have them to inspire us, remind us to exercise, and give us many moments of pure joy and laughter.


BREED: English Cocker Spaniel

FAMILY: Christian Freeman, Tournament Manager, husband Dylan. and Livi Jane Flint is the (un)official mayor of The RSM Classic. He loves to sprint, play fetch and simply hang out with his mom.


BREED: English Cocker Spaniel

FAMILY: Lexie Love Whatley, Merchandise Manager, husband William, Eloise, Clara Mae and Alice

Weller is happiest when he’s playing with his BFF Flint or roaming the woods in Camden County.


BREED: Labrador Retriever

FAMILY: Todd Thompson, Tournament Director, and wife Leigh

Betty enjoys keeping Todd on his toes and sneaking away every chance she gets to search for any treat she can find.

Hank and Sister

BREED: Labrador Retriever (Hank); Mixed Breed (Sister)

FAMILY: Mark Love, Executive Director, and wife Lynn

Hank loves lumbering around and nudging people with his rather large but adorable head. Sister loves convincing Mark to take Hank for a ride so she can have her very own private quiet time.

Charlie and Fletcher

BREED: Rescue (Charlie); Golden Retriever (Fletcher)

FAMILY: John McKenzie, Director of Sales, and wife Mary

Charlie and Fletcher love demonstrating exceptional Southern hospitality and inspiring John. They eagerly anticipate their lunchtime and evening walks and their trips to Lake Toxaway.

Sophie and Ellie


FAMILY: Jamie Bohler, Accounting Manager, and husband Jeremy

Sophie and Ellie love sister time and watching intently as mom crunches numbers and creates detailed spreadsheets.


BREED: Miniature Australian Shepherd

FAMILY: Tony Schuster, Operations Director, and wife Aimee, and Godparents: Melanie Trotter (Mel Mom), Media Director, and husband David

Skye splits her time between Charlotte, North Carolina, and St. Simons Island. She loves exploring on the beach, riding in a golf cart, chasing tree rodents (aka squirrels) and helping Mel Mom type.

In its first thirteen years, The RSM Classic, hosted by Davis Love III, has raised more than $35 million to support local and national charities. For information, visit rsmclassic.com. Weller and Flint Betty Hank Charlie Fletcher Skye Sister Sophie and Ellie

“I completely trust Matt with my insurance needs and those of my real estate clients. I know he always has my best interest in mind when it comes to coverage and price range. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs their properties protected and insured.” - Tammy Green

MARCH 2023 51
Putting the Pieces Together to Protect What Matters Most JIG COMMERCIAL LINES L I FE & HEALTH PERSONAL LIN E S JENSON INSURANCE GROUP, AN INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENCY FOR ALL COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, AND PERSONAL NEEDS MATT JENSON 912.480.7535 matt@jensoninsurancegroup.com jensoninsurancegroup.com Bedding Plants, Shrubs and Trees. Houseplants, Soils, Pots and Fountains SUCCULENTS • Flowers, Home Décor and More • 2807 DEMERE RD., ST. SIMONS ISLAND | (912) 634-0523 | OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8-5:30 P.M., SATURDAY 8-5 P.M. AND SUNDAY 12-4 P.M. Discover the Pleasure of Gardening this Spring PROUD SPONSOR OF CASSINA GARDEN CLUB’S GARDEN WALK APRIL 29th


Marshes of Glynn Libraries, which includes the St. Simons Island Public Library and Brunswick Glynn County Library, was recently recognized as Georgia Public Library of the Year for its efforts to strengthen community partnerships, diversify its funding portfolio, and expand services to meet the informational, educational, cultural, and

recreational needs of Glynn County residents. “ e staff are the stars of our library system,” said Director Geri Mullis. “With friendly faces and listening ears, they transfer the vision of our libraries into reality for patrons of all ages. Staff help job seekers to find work, give snacks to food-vulnerable youth, teach languages, provide children’s books for families to start home libraries, are a social outlet for many people, share technology tools for patrons to express their creativity, curate archival collections to preserve local history,


Celebrating community and honoring volunteers was the focus of Keep Golden Isles Beautiful’s recent Volunteer

Recognition breakfast. With a staff of just two, the 40+ year-old educational nonprofit depends on volunteer effort, community/government partners and financial supporters to further community betterment activities, projects and initiatives. Ten community volunteer and partner awards were presented for the calendar year 2022: Community Partner of the Year/Non-Profit, e Torras Foundation; Community Partner of the Year/Profit, Savannah Bee Company; Outstanding Public Service/City Government, Garrow Alberson; Outstanding Public Service/County Government, Paul Andrews; Outstanding Elected Official, Glynn County Commissioner Walter Rafolski; Environmental Steward of the Year, Mara Lockard; Horizon Award, Geoffrey Gable, Jr.; Shining Star Award, Iglesia Aventista Del Septimo Dia; Hindery Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer of the Year Award, Dazzlin Divaz Social Club; Bootsie Mason Award of Excellence, Dawn Franco. Each recipient received a custom-made award hand crafted from scrap wood and bicycle parts created by Terry Trowbridge.

and in between all of that, staff checked out a ton of great books.” Learn more at georgialibraries.org/library-awards2022/#mog.


All Rotary Clubs in the Golden Isles are raising awareness of Human and Sex Trafficking in our community. It is real; it is here. Do you know how to identify victims or possible brothels in your neighborhood? Do you know how to report suspicious behavior or assist a victim? e public, including parents and community leaders, is encouraged to attend an educational and awareness session: Sex Trafficking is Real and Here in the Golden Isles. Speakers will include Susan Norris, Founder/Executive Director, Rescuing Hope and Amy Hutsell, Program Director for Human and Sex Trafficking at Georgia’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. A survivor, Dorsey Jones, will share her story. Tuesday, March 28 at the College of Coastal Georgia Conference Center at 6:00 p.m. Specialized action-focused training will be available on Wednesday, March 29 for clergy, hospitality/vacation rentals and businesses. ssirotary.org/hst-in-the-golden-isles/

Happily Providing Children’s Dental Care for Glynn and Surrounding Counties for 25 Years!

Complete Dental Care for Infants,
and Teens.
to attend to
Certified, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry 2487 Demere Rd., Suite 300 St. Simons Island, GA 912-638-9302 WhatleyPediatricDentistry.com
each child’s
MARCH 2023 53 FRESH SEAFOOD TERIYAKI HIBACHI TEMPURA WINE & BEER 211 Redfern Village 634-9570 Monday-Thursday 11:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.


Jodie Ryndak Living Stylishly, a home and lifestyle boutique offers a unique collection of home interior products including everything you need to furnish your living space from the largest design pieces to the smallest elements that personalize and complement your style. Jodie is an Interior Designer by degree and an enthusiast of beautiful interiors, both classic and fashion forward. She and her husband, Tony, have been residents of St Simons Island for the past 11 years and are now looking forward to being part of the business community.

e business is located at 3509 Frederica Road (near Atlantic and Frederica), and Jodie invites you to drop in and browse. Visit jodieryndak.com or find her on Instagram @jodieryndak_livingstyishly.


Roland Biron, a veteran leader in the hospitality industry, has joined e King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort as its new Director of Sales. Biron will manage all sales operations for the resort, design plans that ensure efficiency and achievement, and foster relationships with resort clients. “As e King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort enters its 88th year, we are confident in Biron’s ability as a leader, and we’re fortunate he will be guiding our efforts in the realm of business development. His extensive expertise in hospitality and his professional history of exceeding sales goals will allow our organization to continue growing within the resort industry while simultaneously expanding beyond,” said Bart Johnson, General Manager. Biron joins resort’s team with more than 30 years of sales experience for luxury hotel brands including e Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Rosewood Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, and InterContinental Hotels. kingandprince.com


Offering state-of-the art, premiere treatments that can’t be found anywhere else in the area, Cool Blue Laser-Med Spa on St. Simons Island provides surgical results without you ever going under the knife! In addition to typical med-spa offerings, Cool Blue elevates both laser hair removal and spider vein treatment procedures with top-of-the line technology and highly trained estheticians. eir UL erapy triggers collagen production to lift tired and aging skin. e Salt Facial restores, replenishes, and heals the skin’s natural beauty within the skin’s layers using deep penetrating ultrasound and high-powered LED phototherapy. Each visit is kept discreet and comfortable, making sure you have the most luxurious experience every time. Cool Blue invites you to come get pampered today! Contact them by phone: 912.268.2790 or text: 912.475.4250, or visit coolbluelaseraesthetics.com.

MARCH 2023 55 36oo Frederica Road 912.771.8457 See our complete collection at Bullington SSI or stevebullington.com Menswear | Leather Goods | Golf Apparel Luggage | Knives | Candles & Gifts St. Simons Ginny Johnson Financial Advisor 219 Edwards Plaza St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-0200 James Sexton Financial Advisor 3409 Frederica Road St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-9796 Donna E. Pinter Financial Advisor 102A Lakeshore Dr. Saint Marys, GA (912) 729-2875 Logan Jones Financial Advisor 1105 Fountain Park Circle Brunswick, GA (912) 275-7506 William McKenzie Financial Advisor 559 Ocean Blvd. St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-6557 Dale McNabb Financial Advisor 29 Coral Park Way, Ste. 102 Brunswick, GA (912) 267-9374 Jeff Jones Financial Advisor 1430 Newcastle Street Brunswick, GA (912) 264-8865 Patrick Jones Financial Advisor 1430 Newcastle St. Brunswick, GA (912) 264-8865 Creg Miller Financial Advisor 17 Professional Dr., Ste. 101 Brunswick, GA (912) 265-1658


e 2023 CASA Fashion Show and Luncheon is scheduled for ursday, April 6. Lovely models will walk the runway in spring and summer styles from local retailers and boutiques in e Cloister Ballroom on Sea Island. As always, a scrumptious luncheon prepared by the Sea Island chefs will precede the runway action. ere will also be some

spectacular raffle items up for grabs. is year’s theme is “Together we can change the world,” so reserve your seat at this always fun signature fundraiser and be an agent of change by supporting the important mission of CASA Glynn. Keep an eye on the mailbox for your invitation. For more information, visit casaglynn.org or call the CASA Glynn office at 912.264.4448.


Blossom, Poppy, Percy, Petunia, and the other animals at e Farm at Oatland North will be happy to greet you at the annual Spring Festival. is free event that includes games, face-painting, snacks, and lots of family fun takes place at 70 Cannons Point, SSI, on April 2 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Last year there was a record number of island families who came out to join the volunteers and donors who ensure loving care is provided to more than three dozen rescued animals. All donations to the non-profit Farm at Oatland North benefit the care and feeding of the animals. thefarmssi.org


VIA Connects 2023 is a 1-day conference designed for womxn looking to network and share insights into changes that impact our personal lives, our careers, and our communities. VIA Connects invites womxn to be brave by offering opportunities to hear powerful stories, learn valuable skills, discover tools that inspire growth, and build relationships. ey promise a enriching personal, professional, and collective experience. Join VIA Connects on March 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Marshes of Glynn Brunswick Library in Historic Downtown Brunswick. Registration is $25. Space is limited. Scholarships are available. Women are invited to channel their energies to create and curate a community that stands together. VIA Connects is the first event by VIA (Voices in Action) Collective Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit grassroots organization incorporated in 2022 by a visionary team of womxn living and working in the Golden Isles. Learn more: Viaconnects.org | @viaconnectus | #VIAConnects23.


Hans F. Trupp, CCIM founder and former Chairman of Trupp Hodnett Enterprises and e Management Company prior to taking the companies public (NYSE, RZT) in an IPO in 1998 has reentered the real estate business locally through an affiliation with eXp realty. eXp is a cloud based publicly traded (NASDAQ, EXPI) company with more than 96,000 real estate agents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Spain and continues to scale internationally.

is internet based high technology company will totally revolutionize the real estate

industry both with relationships of buyers and sellers and the relationship that sales people have with the company. Trend Magazine has described eXp as the Amazon of real estate. eXp realty offers a very unique agent attraction program and Hans has partnered with veteran Atlanta broker John Adams to inform and educate agents throughout the United States about eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation. Adams is well known throughout Georgia for his educational activities on behalf of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and his regular appearances on Fox 5 Atlanta and CNN. He continues to be a freelance journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with more than 1,000 articles in print.

anks to the internet, eXp’s state of the art revolutionary cloud based technology and a unique revenue sharing plan Hans and his team are able to offer a performance-based, no risk maximum 4% listing commission on any real estate both residential and commercial. No risk - you can cancel the listing at any time for any reason. Hans would also be pleased to share his broad business knowledge and experience with anyone interested in a free no obligation consultation session with regard to any real estate problem. Call, email or text him if you would like to explore his listing program or if you have any questions with regard to eXp, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the nation with now over 96,000 agents and growing.

4% Listing Commission
eXp Realty LLC • Hans F. Trupp, CCIM • truppccim@gmail.com • 912.269.7434 Promenade II, 1230 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1900, Atlanta 30309 • 888.959.9461 ext. 123


Roll up your sleeves, pull on your boots and come get muddy with Keep Golden Isles Beautiful! Help keep our beautiful Marshes of Glynn litter free at one of THIRTY (Yes, 30!) March “Marsh Madness” cleanups! Sponsored locally by Georgia-Pacific Brunswick Cellulose Mill and kicking off the national Great America Cleanup effort locally, these local salt marsh cleanups have been planned for various days of the week and times, to accommodate the largest number of volunteers possible. 8.6 tons of trash, including 64 tires, were removed last March. Volunteers will receive a custom MM t-shirt for working 3 cleanups (minimum) or a custom MM aluminum water bottle for 5 cleanups (minimum). Bags, gloves and volunteer water will be provided; boots, sunscreen, bug spray, clothes/shoes for mud recommended. Individual cleanup event listings, containing location maps, can be found at kgib.org.


Join Communities in Schools of Glynn for their inaugural “Tripling the Impact” Tripletail Tournament at Morningstar Marina on St. Simons Island on April 29. Your participation, sponsorships, or


Come out to support the kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Georgia Steve Holt Golf Classic presented by Gnat’s Landing. is 4-person scramble tournament benefiting the Glynn and McIntosh Clubs takes place on Friday, May 5 at the Jekyll Island Golf Club. Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. and there’s an 11:00 a.m. shotgun start. Your $125 individual player or $500 team registration includes a fun-filled day on the course, awards and afterparty at Gnat’s Landing following the tournament. Hole sponsorships available for $200. Register at bgcsega.com.

donations for our tournament will help raise funds to support at-risk youth in our Glynn County and McIntosh County School Systems. Tripletail Tournament registration is $100 per angler and includes: Captain’s

Meeting, fishing, Band Party ticket and entry prize. Lines in at 7:00 a.m. and weigh-in at 4:00 p.m. After the tournament, rock out at the Band Party at Morningstar Marina. Starting at 5:00 p.m., there will be music by Idle Hands and a Low Country boil by City Market. Band Party-only tickets are $35 per person/$65 per couple and include food, drink tickets, and koozie. Get your tickets or register for the tournament at cisofglynn.org.

MARCH 2023 59 Beverly Drawdy, Custom Framer. 34 years experience 1403 Newcastle Street • Historic Downtown Brunswick • 912.262.0050 FOUND ONLINE & IN FINE SPECIALTY STORES 155 SKYLANE RD. | BAILEYBOYS.COM | 912.638.7700



THE ST. SIMONS LAND TRUST’S ANNUAL OYSTER ROAST. Approximately 1600 guests attended the sold-out event, where our local restaurants served up an abundance of delicious food, and the amazing crew of volunteers worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly. It’s always such a pleasure to see island residents and guests from far and near come out to this wonderful celebration of community and support the cause of preservation.

MARCH 2023 61
SOCIALSCENE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 62 ELEGANT ISLAND LIVING
THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF SOUTH COASTAL GEORGIA RECENTLY HELD ITS ANNUAL BLUE JEAN BALL AT FORBES FARM This year’s event included a fantastic marketplace of vendors and great music by the Kinchafoonee Cowboys. Despite the chilly temperatures, fun and fellowship made it a warm evening for all. 1. Jackie Vaughan, Mitzi Antonio. 2. Arne and Tessie Thomas. 3. Keri Anderson, Lindsay Mosley. 4. Martha Demere, Elaine Mangum. 5. Jill Nunnally, Brianna Kohlhoff, Laila Gilbert. 6. Scott and Debbie Williamson, Anne Marie and David Wentworth. 7. Elizabeth and Calvin Collins, Brenda Kilgore. 8. Liberty Moore, Bryant Rogers. 9. Scott Hendley, Mary Kate Robertson. 10. Erik and Jen Harkey. 11. Bob Blanchard, Carol Campbell, Sissy Blanchard. 12. JoAnne and Dave Wilkins, Hugh and Monica Warren. 13. Missy Weaver, Eric and Casey Igel. 14. Renee Perry, Carolyn Ferrari, Jenny Partykevich.
MARCH 2023 63




SOCIALSCENE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 64 ELEGANT ISLAND LIVING
LEAGUE OF THE GOLDEN ISLES HOSTED A SOLD OUT DUELING PIANOS EVENT ZIGGY’S. Proceeds from the event, silent auction, and raffle support JLGI’s Confidence Closet and Period Pack programs to provide local students with personal hygiene products and other essentials to which they might not otherwise have access. 1. Tony and Kelley Pisciotta, Dennis McNamara. 2. Carolyn Ivey, Paul Minadeo. 3. Celia Eigentraeger, Lydia Thornton, Shannon Scherer, Staci Bennett. 4. Mallory Sailors, Jessica Laurens. 5. Karen Claspille, Dennis Hirstein. 6. Joe and Claire Cronk. 7. Kathy and Steve Sheffield. 8. JJ and Tweeter Johnson. 9. Kristi Newton, Kami Nolet, Meagan Kerns, Niurka Pate. 10. Susie Harmon, Sabrina Granade. 11. Greg and Heather Dykstra. 12. Rob and Joye Sweeney. 13. Kirby and Judy Crawford. 14. Kim Folson, Calvin Bennett.
MARCH 2023 65 Bounce into Spring with our award winning pizzas. Try our new specials posted weekly. For private, special events, and catering inquiries, Please email us at salsneighborhoodpizzeria@gmail.com 3415 Frederica Rd. St. Simons Island, GA 912.268.2328 VOTED BEST PIZZA FOR 9 YEARS RUNNING! CLOSED MONDAYS Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday 4:30PM-9:30PM OPEN FOR LUNCH & DINNER Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-10:00PM From Our Family to Yours From Don’t Let Your Dreams RemainDreams 912.222.2882
SOCIALSCENE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 66 ELEGANT ISLAND LIVING
TASTE OF GLYNN RETURNED TO THE KING AND PRINCE BEACH & GOLF RESORT FOR ITS 22ND YEAR. This signature fundraiser for Glynn Community Crisis Center/Amity House drew a sell-out crowd to sample scrumptious fare from some of the area’s best chefs and culinary teams. While awards were given out, everyone who contributed to making this a successful event was a winner in our eyes! 1. The Wee Pub Beach crew slinging that winning bread pudding. 2. Drew Gahagan, Tony and Lynda Ethridge. 3. Lance Lipman, Gail Cook, Darby Gross. 4. Emily and Justin Grubbs. 5. Shannon and Rick Ellis. 6. Chris Jordan, Erin Cummins. 7. Mike and Bobbie Hathcock. 8. LaKeitha and Samuel Brantley. 9. Jeff and Jordyn Zoul, Ann and Jim Bouldin. 10. Oaks on the River made their first appearance. 11. Sam and MJ Choate. 12. Ira Rosenblatt, Amy Simpson. 13. Bryan and Amy Shockley. 14. Cindy and Jack Jones.
MARCH 2023 67 ED ROWLEY, ARCHITECT AIA, NCARB Practicing in the Golden Isles since 1984 Licensed in Georgia & Florida ed@edrowley.com www.edrowley.com Office 912 638-7177 Cell 912 399-7109 3600 Frederica Rd., #8 St. Simons Island, GA 31522 ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL HISTORIC WINNER - Best AntiquesElegant Island Living Readers Choice Award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 ENGLISH MAHOGANY PINE & COUNTRY FRENCH FURNITURE • DIRECT IMPORTERS • ACCESSORIES • GIFTS (912) 638-1216 Located Between Redfern Village and St. Simons Drugs. Follow us on Instagram! @lcwantiques and @mcintoshcottage TAKING YOUR FLOORS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! SHOWER/KITCHEN BACKSPLASH INSTALLATION CARPET INSTALLATION TILE INSTALLATION VINYL INSTALLATION FLOORING REPAIRS LAMINATE INSTALLATION VCT INSTALLATION WOOD INSTALLATION Victor Flores, Owner (912) 223-2202 onceanddone ooring@outlook.com @onceandone ooring With over 16 years of experience, Once and Done Flooring’s team of oor installers and ooring experts are dedicated to the best customer experience possible.
SOCIALSCENE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 68 ELEGANT ISLAND LIVING
THE COASTAL GEORGIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY WELCOMED NOTED HISTORIAN DR. JESSICA HARRIS AS THE SPEAKER AT THEIR ANNUAL WINTER MEETING at St. Simons Presbyterian Church. Her discussion “African/American: Making the Nation’s Table” was inspired by a museum exhibit she curated that explored the influence African foods and culture had on American cuisine. 1. Yvette Myers, Juliette Myers. 2. Barbara Smith, Carole Barton, Jackie Bryant, Lillie Frazier. 3. Mary Schellhorn, Mimi Rogers, Dr. Jessica Harris, Charlotte Lyons, Sherri Jones. 4. Myrna Crook, Wyck DeLong. 5. Linka and Chip Lewis. 6. Mary Callier, Linda Gilsrud. 7. Dave and Sherrie Collins. 8. Leighann Stroud, Jan Payne. 9. Robin Jacques, Shirley Douglas. 10. Marcie and Dave Kerstetter. 11. Leonard and Linda Giddens. 12. Susan and Don Myers. 13. Billinel Cook, Melania Spivey. 14. Janice Lamattina, Bill Parker.
MARCH 2023 69 Creating Bespoke Kitchens & Bathrooms By Appointment 8 Market Street, St. Simons Island | www.simmerandsoak.com 912-638-PETS The Shops at Demere 2465 Demere Rd. Grooming Salon 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Store Hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. YOUR BEST FRIENDS TRUST THEIR GROOMING TO US! Holly
912.577.5712 Betsy
912.506.0645 April Carroll 912.689.8700 Brittany
912.258.7591 Katie
MARCH 2023 71
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 SOCIALSCENE
ARTTRENDS GALLERY ON ST. SIMONS ISLAND HOSTED AN EXHIBIT BY GUEST ARTIST CULLEN PECK IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY Cullen’s contemporary figurative works and pop art donuts were on display at the gallery. A Meet the Artist reception, Facebook livestream event and Art Talk by the artist were part of the celebration of Cullen’s art, which can also be seen in murals around downtown Brunswick. 1. Guest artist Cullen Peck. 2. Suzanne and Rodney Scaglione. 3. Trish Rugaber, Louise Eaton. 4. “Wings” that inspire the imagination to soar. 5. Dottie Clark, Bonnie Rabert. 6. Don Farrell, Cullen Peck, Janis Hogan. 7. Michael and Deborah Jinkins. 8. Trish Rugaber, Ella Cart. 9. Howard Rugaber, Dottie Clark, Cullen Peck. 10. Pop art “Donuts” that look good enough to eat.
MARCH 2023 73 Our goal at Halcyon Health is to provide truly individualized, private healthcare at your doorstep, on your schedule, and at your convenience. Call Us @ (912) 357-2022 Halcyon Health 28 Market Street, Suite 128 SSI, GA 31522 halcyonhealthssi.com
DIRECT PRIMARY CARE ON SSI Your Family’s Health is Our Priority BUTLER’S STASH WANTS TO MAKE YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EASY AND FUN! 26 Market St., Suite 112 St. Simons Island, GA 31522 912.268.2642 butlersstash@gmail.com butlersstash.com @butlersstash Visit us in store or shop with us online. Thank you to all who support our small business and thank you for shopping with us!
Dr. Lauren Whitley, MD

 

                              
 
                                             


10 KING AVENUE Jekyll Island

6BR | 5.5BA | OCEANFRONT | $2,200,000

Located on the OCEANFRONT row of Jekyll Island, steps away from the public beach access, this property is one of the most exquisite gems and rarely available to the public market. Lovingly and elegantly renovated by the current owners in the last couple of years, this beach cottage style home can please the most demanding buyers. Generous rooms, privacy, ocean view, 3 car garage and room for a pool.

Listed by Nadia Johnson 912.771.9500

48 MARLIN LANE, LOT #50 Saint Simons Island

2.81 Golf Front Acres | $425,000

Stunning panoramic views, over 600 ft. of frontage on Frederica Golf Club course, fairway #5. Lot 50. This lot is at the end of the cul-de-sac, 2.81 acres. Frederica, a private club, has an abundance of amenities from golf, tennis, dining, fitness center, boating, swimming, pickleball. Purchaser must make application for membership. Live like you are on vacation year round. To see everything Frederica has to offer, go to Fredericaliving.com Listed by Chandra Kendall 912.258.4233

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Saint Simons Island

3BR | 3BA | + Guest House | $1,100,000

A quaint Mediterranean style home that's situated on two lots. Renovated/remodeled in 2010 and features 3 bed/3 baths in the main home with a separate guest cottage that has two rooms & a full bath. Very open throughout to outdoor living spaces including a walled-in patio featuring a small outside kitchen & fireplace. Such charm & ambience. A gardener's delight. Lots of potential. No HOA, X-Flood Zone. Conveniently located East Beach and Redfern Village.



#100 Saint Simons Island

3BR | 2BA | Lagoon Views | $385,000

Listed by Lee Clements Baxter 912.230.2232

A tranquil view of the fountain from this home is therapeutic! The open floor plan has a great room, dining and kitchen with granite countertops. The corner fireplace, a screened porch, walk in closets, double vanities and garden tub in the Main Bedroom are added bonuses. An elevator and a one car garage with a storage unit makes this home ideal for an easy lifestyle on the Island. A community pool with clubhouse is close to shopping, dining, grocery stores, golf courses, tennis courts, marina and beach. Completely furnished!!!

Listed by Georgia Bailey Usry 912.689.9300


Saint Simons Island

6 br | 6 ba, 3 hba | 6477SF | $3,699,000

This Marshfront custom home has been carefully renovated in 2017-2018 with outstanding architectural details. Hawkins Island is known for spacious, distinct homes with 24 hour security gate for privacy. This extremely well built home speaks of elegance with a traditional style. Whole house generator. This Cottage has a large saline pool and fantastic sunrise views!



Saint Simons Island Club

4 br | 3.5 ba | 2612SF | $1,100,000

An Artist's Retreat in the Island Club is now available. This spacious 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home is mostly on one floor and has 14 foot ceilings. Large windows, hardwood floors, two fireplaces and custom woodwork. The main suite opens to a backyard terrace and has 2 large closets.



Saint Simons Island

4 br | 4 ba | 2400SF | $694,000

In the desirable Oak Forest community. Great location! X Flood zone. This home has been perfectly maintained and is in Immaculate condition and ready to move in! Over $65,000 of upgrades in the past couple of years!


Private Island, Coastal Georgia

40 Acre Island | $799,000

10-min boat ride from neighboring Jekyll Island. An unspoiled and peaceful paradise. Currently thriving as an award-winning Glamping destination featuring a fully furnished glamping camp. Business can be conveyed with sale.

23 CARRIAGE DRIVE Saint Simons Island

6 br | 6 ba, 2 hba | $3,100,000

A stunning estate home on 9.4 acres on St. Simons Island provides a rare and unique opportunity for today’s buyer looking for privacy and convenience. This finely built home in Butler Plantation blends modern design and timeless architectural detail. Rich hardwood floors complement soaring 20+foot ceilings while abundant windows give the home a light and airy feel. The living and dining rooms are ideal for entertaining guests, and an eat-kitchen with a large center island and butler’s pantry opens to a family room and breakfast room perfect for everyday living. Multiple French doors open to a gorgeous patio overlooking a pool, spa, and wooded privacy. Working from home is a breeze in a sunlit office with a fireplace. Four additional fireplaces make for a cozy evening while entertaining guests or in the comfort of your primary suite. Retire for the evening to one of four bedrooms, all of which are ensuite. The main level primary suite is a quiet retreat with a sitting room, spa-like bath, walk-in closets, custom built-in shelving, and a secret door leading to the home office. A recreational room features tall windows and classic blue and white tile flooring. A theatre room with decorative stage lighting creates the feel of a vintage theatre and is the perfect spot for Hollywood’s movie premieres. An additional two-bedroom, two-bath guest apartment replicates the features of the primary home and is ideal for a live-in nanny or mother-in-law wanting privacy and independent living. A garage holds 3+ cars and plenty of room for storage. The fenced wooded home site allows horses or other animals to roam safely along many trails and recreation features, including a gazebo, lights, and a swing. This property is a rare opportunity to own a private retreat located on St. Simons Island, voted the best island in the USA by Travel + Leisure.



Saint Simons Island

2 br | 2 ba | $515,000

Renovated, fully furnished, two-bedroom condo (sleeps 7) overlooking the golf course and lagoon views in Sea Palms.

$230,000 | 0.93 Acre | Marshfront

This is one of the most private lots available on south St. Simons just waiting for you to build the home of your dreams! Lovely pocket marsh views. Last of the marsh lots on the south end.


Saint Simons Island

DEMERE ROAD | $350,000 - $400,000

A perfect opportunity to custom-build in a prime location nearby the beach off Demere Road. Three separate lots are available.

21 TRICE LANE, SSI | STILLWATER | $195,000Marsh front lot in gated subdivision - 1.2 aces with survey available. 107 Tabbly Place Drive - Under Contract 100 Demere Retreat Lane - Sold 101 Fifty Oaks Lane - Under Contract Love to help you sell and buy! Life is Good! Build your Island Homes 5 & 7 SEA OATS LANE, SSI, Near Beach | OCEAN VIEW LOT | $1,700,000Ocean view property in gated subdivision. Can be developed with two luxury villas or a single family villa.


Cottage 485, E. Thirty First Street Sea Island

Ocean front: Sea Island. The beach and golf brought this family here, but Sea Island became so much more. The personal palettes that went into the creation of Cottage 485 include family, love, books, art, conversation, communication, the environment, fun, education and history. In a word, this cottage is welcoming. You'll notice this when you step into the foyer. Atlantic Ocean vistas catch the eye through the beamed, high ceiling Livingroom.TheGreatroomhascoffered beamed ceilings and leads out to an oceanside screened porch. The ground level Master bedroom has two full baths plus a den/office. The second floor has five bedrooms, all en-suite,

Cottage 438, W. Sixteenth St. Sea Island

Six bedrooms in all (4 in the main house plus 2 in the Guest House by the pool), Cottage 438 on 16th Street is a terrific casual beach cottage for family and friends. Light, airy and cheerful, the open Kitchen/Dining and high-ceilinged Living Room offer pools views with expansive decking. The 522 square foot Bonus Room is another space waiting for fun to happen. The ground floor Master Bedroom has a fireplace and its own den and sun deck. The separate Guest House also has a fully equipped Kitchen, Dining area and Living Room. Good looking stucco home with slate roof. Good beach access and convenient location for the Beach Club, Spa and Cloister. $4,250,000

ocean front porch plus family room and balcony. An additional laundry room is on this level. Architect John Shackleford's touches are on display throughout the home with brilliant uses of heart pine, stone, high ceilings and wall designs. Now it's your opportunity! $13,895,000

Cottage 342, W. Seventeenth Street, Sea Island

Occupying most of the 17th Street block, this prized and revered property extends from Sea Island Drive all the way to the marsh. For families who enjoy staying together and being close to one another, Lune de Miel (Cottage 342) is lovingly placed on the land with the precision of an artist, an apt metaphor given the materials, furnishings and appointments dating from the 17th century. The enchanting grounds contain a moated gazebo with Louis XIII French limestone mantel (circa 1672), alfresco grill, pergola, 3 pools, bath house with laundry room, basketball court, chess court, Dovecote (circa 16th-17th century), circular fire pit, putting green, chipping tee box, Bocce Ball court, shuffleboard and long northwesterly marsh vistas. Twelve bedrooms (9 with fireplaces), each with their own personality, 17 fireplaces, an Irish pub with 17th century Roman carved black slate fireplace. The English Victorian pine front bar has the original mahogany counter top (circa 1849) from a tavern in Birmingham, England. The back bar is from Fritzingers Hotel in Coopersburg, PA (circa 1883). Walk-in cooler. The Game Room/Parlor has an 1886 Brunswick “Jewel” pool table and a Rock-ola maple and hardwood shuffleboard table. Adding to the authenticity of the home’s appointments, a 19th century bronze and ormolu French chandelier adorns the brick lined Wine Cellar. A solid European red oak and hand forged iron door (circa 1850) leads to the Theatre with rare Italian barrel-vaulted ceiling (circa 17th century). The family room limestone fireplace (circa 1600-1750) is from the Chateau Fountain in Sologne, France and belonged to the family of the wife of former French President Jacques Chirac. Indeed, this is a grand residence yet with a warm, comfortable loving ambience. Lune de Miel is the sequel of a couple’s spark of beautiful love where lasting memories were made. $19,500,000

                                                                                                                                                











150 Butler Lake Drive | St. Simons

3BR, 3.5BA. Beautiful Island home + in-law suite. $799,000. Colleen Martin. 912-297-8638


4BR, 2.5BA. Beautiful home on a private lot. $640,000. Joan 258-5841, Margaret 250-6677


Wood Bn. | St

3/4BR, 2.5BA. Custom Home with charm of Italian Villa. $780,000. Joan Lewis. 912-258-5841

153 Southern Oaks Ln. | St. Simons 4BR, 3BA. Immaculate Beauty on Cul-de-sac. 674,000. Cynthia Brown. 662-694-9235


Sandra Branch. 912-269-1129


2BR, 2BA. 1942 Home in heart of Village. $475,000. Joan Lewis. 912-258-5841


5BR, 3BA. Spacious Home in New S|D. $349,900. Carla Jernigan. 912-266-3111


1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com
2244 Old Jesup Road | Brunswick 3BR, 2BA. Beautifully updated. $179,000. Margaret Anne Proctor. 1000 New Sea Isl Rd #17 | SSI 3BR, 1.5BA. Great investment property. $324,500. Sandra Branch. 912-269-1129 Bayonet Point | Brunswick 3BR, 2BA. Gated Community. $349.900. 107 Mews Circle | St. Simons 5BR, 3 full/2 half BA, 1 Blk from Village $1,100,000. Margaret Anne Proctor. Woodbrook Way | St. Simons Shadow Simons Woodland Cove | Brunswick Bruce Drive | St. Simons 4BR, 3BA. 1948 Brick home on East Beach. $1,250,000. Joan Lewis. Magnolia | St. Simons Medinah | St. Simons 3BR, 3.5BA. Gated in Island Club $1,360,000. Marcia Irwin.
1704 Bruce Drive | East Beach 5BR, 5.5BA. SEAesta Beach House. Sleeps 16. 1440 Ocean Blvd 207 | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA.
Ocean Walk M3 | St.
2502 #2 Isl. Retreat | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. Ground Floor. Ocean Walk J10 | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. Second Floor Unit. St Simons
St. Simons
1440 Ocean
311 | St. Simons 2BR,
Beach Club 435 | St. Simons 2BR,
Ocean Walk M8 | St. Simons 3BR, 2.5BA.
Ocean Walk C3 | St. Simons 1BR, 1BA. Ground Floor Demere Landing 138 | St. Simons
Shannon Stafford 912.638.5843 Property Management & Rentals SignatureRentalSSI.com Accommodation Excise Tax Cert #111768 Vacation Rentals 1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com
St. Simons Beach Club.
2.5BA Townhouse. Village.
Grand 318 |
4BR, 3BA. Top Floor.
2BA. Direct Oceanfront.
2BA. Partial Ocean View.
Floyd St. |
3BR, 2BA. Steps to pier/Village.
4BR, 3.5BA. Multi-level Condo.

 

  

    

     
      
                      
          

Vacation Rentals

You already have a friend on the Island!

Built in 1944 and sumptuously transformed in 2021, the Mildred Rose Cottage embodies the best of old and new. With direct ocean frontage on two sides, the cottage is uniquely positioned to watch both sunrise and sunset -- while the gentle roar of the ocean serenades every room. Luxuriously renovated (all high-end furniture, appliances and fittings), and perfectly situated (a short bike or walk into town), the Mildred Rose Cottage is in a league of its own. Welcome to the joy of Saint Simons!

Never let the water out of sight in the open kitchen, dining, and living area, complete with wall-to-wall windows. The kitchen features a charming breakfast nook with custom upholstery and stunning views of the Atlantic and Jekyll Island. Unwind into vacation mode in the beautifully appointed living room. Plenty of room at the dining room table for your whole group! The pride and joy of the Mildred Rose, a generously-sized screened porch, offering cushioned lounge seating, breakfast table, ceiling fan, and more dazzling ocean views. The back bedroom off of the living room has a beautiful king sized bed and the most oceanfront views. This bedroom and the next one with two full size beds share a jack-n-Jill bathroom with a walk-in shower. Closest to the kitchen is where the third bedroom is located. It has a comfortable king-sized bed that can be separated into two twin beds. Just outside of this room is the second full bathroom with a walk-in shower.

If the weather is perfect, you will want to spend all of your time in the garden of the Mildred Rose. There is an abundance of lush landscaping and plenty of seating for your ideal early morning coffee or late afternoon cocktail. Outdoors you will find a gas grill, outdoor shower and a pathway to the beach. With an oceanfront location and close proximity to the Pier area (for shopping and restaurants), Mildred Rose Cottage, located at 916 Beachview Drive, is a perfect vacation home for you on St. Simons Island!

406 Ocean Blvd. Saint Simons Island, GA | RealEscapesProperties.com
ManageMent Call Now! 800.634.1667 Accommodation Excise Tax Certificate #096614 Too good to be true? Welcome to the Mildred Rose Cottage. A stunning oceanfront cottage on Saint Simons Island.

  

  


  

           
   

New custom construction homes built by Flannagan Development in this 23 home neighborhood located mid-south St Simons Island, Georgia. Starting in the mid-800's.

490 Cedar Walk - Fabulous Western Marsh Views!

These units rarely come on the market with marsh views. You’ll enjoy the high ceilings, wood-burning fireplace, and open living space. Large, enclosed storage space on the ground floor for your bicycles and beach gear. New flooring and paint, exterior siding, and roof were recently replaced. The upstairs loft could be used as a third bedroom.

Lots of windows so you can take in the stunning marsh views and wildlife!

A great buy for a quiet, mid-island location in Sea Palms. $393,500

www.GaCoastRealty.com • 912 - 638 - 1144 105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island, GA
www.GaCoastRealty.com • 912 - 638 - 1144 105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island, GA   

110 Circle Drive This 3BR, 4BA, 2445 SF home was built to be low maintenance. Open floor plan, chef's kitchen, living space opens to a screened porch. Primary BR on main floor ensuite w/ walk-in shower, and separate jetted tub. Two guest BRs up, each with a full ensuite bath and large walk-in closets.$1,150,000

bath condos in the King and Prince historic resort! Overlooking one of the three outdoor swimming pools and just a short walk to the beach. #478 $1,175,000 and #477 $1,125,000

127 Arthur J Moore Beautiful and privately situated home offers a calm and peaceful experience.4BR, 2.5BA w/ picturesque western marsh views. Open and airy living space with high ceilings. An upper and lower deck on the back of the house offer space to enjoy the outdoors and view the sunsets. $895,000

154 Ledbetter Ave NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Twostory 4BR, 3.5 BA. Primary suite on main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $894,000

152 Ledbetter Ave NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Twostory 4BR, 3.5BA. Primary suite on main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $882,500

Two-story 4BR, 3.5 BA. Primary suite on main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $897,500

13 Oyster Lane NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster

11 Lawson Street NEW CONSTRUCTION in


4BR, 3.5BA home has the primary BR on the main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood closet shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com. $889,500

13 Pearl Lane NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Two-story, single-family home with 4BR, 3.5BA, and the primary suite on the main floor. Luxury interior features hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood closet shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. $879,500

150 Ledbetter Ave NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Twostory, 4BR, 3.5BA. Primary suite on the main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood closet shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $868,500

490 Cedar Walk These units rarely come on the market with marsh views. You’ll enjoy the high ceilings, wood-burning fireplace, and open living space. Lots of windows so you can take in the stunning marsh views and wildlife! A great buy for a quiet, mid-island location in Sea Palms. $393,500

129 Lakeview Circle Immaculate and beautifully landscaped, single-level ranch home with four bedrooms and three baths. The home is located in the desirable and quiet Lakewood subdivision with access to a small lake. Conveniently located near shopping and restaurants. $225,000

     
  
Oyster This 159 Rice Mill Beautiful home on the King and Prince Golf Course. 3BR, 2.5 BA w/ gorgeous winding staircase in the front foyer. Hwd floors in the downstairs living space and custom built-ins on either side of the gas fireplace.Covered back porch overlooking the gorgeous backyard with ample privacy. $749,900 King & Prince Gorgeous ocean views in these 4th floor, 2 bedroom, 2
   


            www.GaCoastRealty.com • 912 - 638 - 1144 105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island, GA
East Beach - 4217 Seventh Street Amazing 4BR, 3BA family friendly home with pool. Short walk to beach. Sleeps 9. 115 Circle Drive Blue Heron Cottage Lovely new 2 story beach cottage in the heart of St Simons. 4 BR, 3.5 BA. Private pool. Sleeps 8. 2101 Bruce Drive, East Beach - 3BR, 2.5BA. Spacious one-level home w/ large pool and multiple areas for entertaining. Sleeps 8. East Beach - 7 Coast Cottage Coastal gem steps away from the best beach on the island. 4BR, 4.5BA. Sleeps 8. East Beach - Sixteenth St. 5BR, 5.5BA. Breathtaking ocean views. Amazing outdoor kitchen and private pool. Sleeps 10.
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A Commanding Woman

Sometimes an archival item unlocks an interesting story. Shown here is a postcard, circa 1940, from the Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives, which is described as “Fresh Water Lake in Glynn Haven, St. Simons Island, Georgia.” On the reverse, the horseback rider on the left is identified as Louisa Spruance.

A native of Delaware, born in 1912, Louisa Spruance Morse and her family had a long association with Sea Island and St. Simons Island. Later in life, she was a loyal and generous member of the Historical Society. In 1989, Morse donated a collection of postcards, booklets, objects, and other

studied to become an aviation ground instructor and was certified by the Civil Aeronautics Authority. In 1942, she joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and began teaching pilots the basics of navigation, meteorology, and civil air regulations. She rose through the ranks from private to colonel, eventually serving as the commander of the Delaware Wing from 1953 to 1976. She was the first woman to serve on the CAP National Executive Committee and was inducted into the Civil Air Patrol Hall of Honor in 1982. Following active service, she founded the CAP National Historical Committee and became the first national historian of the organization. The archives research and storage facility in Washington, D.C. is named in her honor. It contains information about the CAP Coastal Patrol

items related to local history. As a volunteer, she is credited with creating the first computer database of Society collections, a task she undertook when she was in her eighties.

Researching Louisa’s earlier life reveals the significant accomplishments of this lifelong Delaware resident. At the beginning of World War II, she

Among the items Morse donated to the Society is a monograph

on the St. Simons CAP base, produced by the National Historical Committee. She also

Coastal Georgia Historical Society presents this article and images from our archives as part of our mission “to connect people to Coastal Georgia’s dynamic history.” The Society operates the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse Museum and the World War II Home Front Museum, housed in the Historic Coast Guard Station at East Beach. To learn more about the Society, its museums, diverse programs, and membership, please visit coastalgeorgiahistory.org.

II. When Louisa died in 2009, she had lived a remarkable life of service for nearly a century. donated the brass matchbox shown here, an early memento from The Cloister on Sea Island. Base No. 6 on St. Simons Island during World War II. When Louisa died in
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