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Sunday 8th September

Supplier Information Pack Please read this information pack to help you on the day of the event.

Welcome Welcome to the Wigan 10K and Wigan’s End of Summer Festival. Thank you for attending and making what will be a great event in Wigan Town Centre. Please read this information pack carefully as it contains details you will need on the day. If you have any questions please contact us

On Arrival When you arrive please report to the Event Site Managers, Mike Mathews or Nick Abbott. You will be given any last minute notices and then shown to your site. If you need to contact Nick by phone then please call 07718 088072.

Access Arrangements The location for the event is Market Street / Standishgate in Wigan Town Centre. Postcode WN1 1HX You will be able to gain access by vehicle to the site, although this will be restricted access AT ALL TIMES. You will need to display your Event Vehicle Pass in your vehicle to make the marshals aware that you are authorised to be on site. You MUST always use a banksman when moving vehicles. You will need to be on site and fully operational before 08:00 when all vehicles will need to be off site. You can access the site from 06:00 on each day.

Removal of Your Vehicles From Site Unless your vehicle is vital to the operation of your activity and it has been cleared with us in advance YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR VEHICLE FROM SITE ONTO ONE OF THE DESIGNATED PARKING AREAS .Please see the parking map for more details. Please note that Wigan 10K or Eighty Seventy cannot accept any responsibility for any vehicles or items contained and nor do we accept liability for any loss, damage or injury that may occur as a result of using on-site parking.

Set up Location Your setup locations are shown on the map in this info pack. If you are a retail, food or drink stall then you will be located in the blue strip marked on the map. On the day, the ground area will be marked out with your setup area and you will be guided to your space by the site manager.

Litter Please do pick up rubbish and tidy up after yourself. Please use the bins provided to dispose of any waste. PLEASE NOTE that YOU are responsible for removing all of your own waste.

De –Rig Because the area may still be very busy with crowds at the close it is possible you may not be able to start bringing your vehicles around from the designated parking area until after 16:00. You will be advised by the site manager when it is safe to begin clearing up and moving vehicles. Marshals will direct your vehicles in - PLEASE FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.

Announcements The event PA system on stage will be used throughout the day to make announcements etc. If you have anything interesting you wish to announce please let us know and we will mention it to the Commentator The PA system will also be used to make any necessary announcements regarding the event so please take note of any announcements made on the day.

Health and Safety You are responsible for ensuring that you exhibit / activity complies with all relevant Health & Safety legislation. You must not bring into the venue any article of an inflammable or explosive nature, without prior approval nor must you bring in any chemical subject to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations. All items fixed on tables or other fittings or furniture must be completely removed without damage. All fixings, cables and other items must be fixed and located in such a way so as not to cause any tripping, falling or other hazards to any other person in the venue. Please ensure any structures you bring are erected in accordance to the manufacturers guidelines and are securely fastened down with either weights or ballast. If it is not securely weighted you will be asked to supply more weight or to remove it from site. Please also make sure you have supplied us with the relevant documentation including Public Liability Insurance, Method Statements, Risk Assessments and any PAT or Gas Safety Certificates before the day.

Parking Locations in and Around Wigan Town Centre

SUPPLIER VEHICLE PASS Company: REG NO: All vehicles must be OFF site by 08:00 each day and parked in one of the car parks shown on the map.

Event Timings 07:30—Registration Opens (only for lost numbers and timing chips) 09:00—Event Opening on stage 09:15—Warm up on stage and warm up bikes open 09:45—Registration Closed 09:50—Runners to start line ( Pace setters are clearly marked) 10:00—Race Start 11:00—Entertainment on Stage begins 12:30—Race Finish 13:00—Presentation on Stage 13:30—Entertainment continues 16:00—Event closes

Entertainment Schedule 09:00—Supreme Starlight Cheerleaders open Wigan 10K event 09:15—Warm up on stage 10:00—Wigan 10K start 10:30—Wish FMs Chris Milow on Stage interviewing first runners 11:00—Jeramiah Ferrari 12:00—The Lottery Winners 12:50—Supreme Starlight Cheerleaders on stage 13:00—Presentations 13:30—Sly Digs 14:00— Henry Gallagher 14:15—The Midnight Prize 15:00— Ryansband 16:00— Event Closes 16:00—Event closes Entertainment and timings are subject to change

Event Management | PR & Marketing | Corporate Hospitality 07718 088072

Route Map

Wigan 10k supplier info pack  

Wigan 10K and Wigans End of Summer Festival Supplier Info Pack