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Sunday 8th September

Event Information Pack The Pack That You Should Have Received Through The Post Should Include: 

On the day information for all participants

Your Event Number and timing chip

Other Supporting information

Thank you for registering for the Wigan 10k event in aid of Joining Jack. We would like to thank all sponsors and partners involved in supporting this event and we hope you have an enjoyable and safe day

About Jack Our son Jack is everything a child should be. He is cheeky, excitable and a big softy at heart. He loves to make dens, play hide and seek and wave his light-sabre like a Jedi Knight. But what our beautiful son does not yet know is that he has a terminal, incurable disease. In October 2011 we received the shattering news that Jack has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Failing a medical breakthrough, Jack's life will follow a predetermined path, mapped out by this progressive muscle wasting condition. In short, he will no longer be able to walk by the time he reaches adolescence and will lose the use of every single muscle in his body thereafter. He may need spinal rods to keep him upright and ventilation to help him breath. Eventually his heart and lungs will fail and he will die. There are no words to describe the utter devastation felt upon hearing that your child's life will be cut short because there is no cure. We have had the greatest pleasure watching Jack develop into the amazing boy he is today but now, unbelievably, we must prepare ourselves for his steady decline. And the worst part? Seeing him struggle as his body wastes away and being absolutely powerless to help. Since his diagnosis, we are not ashamed to say that we have cried every day and have spent endless hours scouring the internet to find answers. Currently there is very little awareness of DMD and research into finding possible treatments is drastically underfunded. However, over the past few years, with help from charities around the world, human clinical trials have begun to take place with encouraging results. It's for this reason that we have set up our own charity, to help move things forward for Jack and other children like him.

Welcome Welcome to the inaugural Wigan 10k event in support of Joining Jack. We would like to thank you all for registering and raising funds for the charity. We hope you have an enjoyable run and then relax with the town centre entertainment for the rest of the afternoon

Event Timings 07:45—Registration Opens (only for lost numbers and timing chips) 09:00—Event Opening on stage 09:15—Warm up on stage and warm up bikes open 09:15—Registration Closed 09:50—Runners to start line ( Pace setters are clearly marked) 10:00—Race Start 11:00—Entertainment on Stage begins 12:30—Race Finish 13:00—Presentation on Stage 13:30—Entertainment continues 16:00—Event closes

Getting to the start The start of the Wigan 10K is in heart of Wigan Town Centre with the Start / Finish Line situated on Market St. Postcode WN1 1HX.

By Car If you are travelling by car please use the postcode above. This will get you to the town centre. Parking is available in various town centre car parks which can be found on the parking map on the next page. Remember DO NOT leave valuables on show in your vehicle.

By Train There are 2 train stations in Wigan located only a few hundred metres from the Start / Finish area, Wigan North Western and Wigan Wallgate. You can find the train times here.

By Bus The bus station is located adjacent to the Start / Finish area and can be accessed by walking through the archway from the bus station. Bus timings can be found here.

Parking Locations in and Around Wigan Town Centre

On Arrival There is no need to register on arrival if you have your event number and timing chip with you. You can either take part in the morning warm up located by the stage which can be found on the site map on page 7, or simply make your way to the Start area ready for the race. At approximately 9:45am pace setters will be at the start line. If you have any queries on the day please ask one of the marshals or make your way to the Information Point.

Changing and Baggage Facilities There are limited changing and baggage facilities available at the Wigan Life Centre. Please attach your baggage tag you received with your event number to your bag before handing it in. You must produce your race number when going back to collect your bag. If you have clothing you want to throw away at the start line , there will be bins to throw them in and they will be disposed of. After the race there will be limited showers available for participants to use.

Registration on the day Entries will be accepted on the day if the maximum entry has not already been reached. This will be publicised on the website or call 07876 860401 If you have lost or not received your event number and timing chip then please come to the registration marquee to collect a duplicate number and chip. Please see site map page 7

Event Numbers and Timing Chips You MUST wear your event number on the front of your running vest. Please bring pins with you to attach the number to your running vest. This is so officials can clearly see your number for safety purposes. If you would like an individual time for the race the timing chip provided in your information pack must be worn as instructed. The graphic on the next page shows how the timing chip should be fitted to your trainer.

Race Route and water stations One water station will be located approximately half way around the route at the DW Stadium. This will be manned by marshals who will hand out bottled water. When disposing of the bottles please DO NOT throw on the ground but put them in the bins placed on the route. The water station is sponsored by Tesco.

Race Route The Route Starts on Market Street and makes its way towards the DW Stadium via Parsons Walk, Park Road, Woodhouse Lane, Scott Lane and Stadium Way before returning on the same route via Challenge Way and through Mesnes Park before finishing on Market Street. The route is on closed roads and will be signed and marshalled. (Mesnes Park will be open to other park users) All runners MUST keep left at all times as there will be runners travelling in both directions on the route.

Route Map

Event Management | PR & Marketing | Corporate Hospitality 07718 088072

Entertainment Schedule 09:00—Supreme Starlight Cheerleaders open Wigan 10K event 09:15—Carolynne Poole 09:30—Warm Up 10:00—Wigan 10K start 10:30—Wish FMs Chris Milow on Stage interviewing first runners 10:45—Two Weeks Running 11:20—Jeramiah Ferrari 12:00—The Lottery Winners 12:50—Supreme Starlight Cheerleaders on stage 13:00—Presentations 13:30—Sly Digs 14:00— Henry Gallagher 14:15—The Midnight Prize 15:00— Ryansband

Entertainment and timings are subject to change

Your body and fitness. You will enjoy the run more if you have prepared your body prior to the event. Previous runs starting with light easy work and shorter distances can be done as a base for your training. When you feel comfortable with this you can increase the distance and pace to increase your fitness. It is important to eat and drink correctly before the event to keep your energy levels up and stay hydrated. You can pick up some training tips or join in with others on training runs. Please find more information here

Runners MUST Act responsibly at all times. Not deviate from the route. Keep to the left at all times on route and not cross into the path of oncoming runners. Listen to marshal instructions on route. Wear your event number on the front of your running vest.

You are strongly advised to: Keep Hydrated during the race. Take a rest if you feel the need to. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day

Medical If you suffer from any medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or other conditions then please write this on the back of your event number so that paramedics can see in case of an emergency. There will be full first aid support at the start finish and at points around the route.

Finishers All finishers will receive a commemorative medal, certificate and goody bag upon finishing. Please keep the finish area clear after you have crossed the line to make room for other finishers.

Finally a Thank You We would like to thank all participants and organisations who are assisting in making the event possible and helping raising funds for the Charity. We would also like to thank the efforts of all involved in helping promote and take part in the event and hope that you all take part again next year.

Wigan 10k info pack  

Information Pack for the Wigan 10K race. Everything you need to know for on the day of the event.

Wigan 10k info pack  

Information Pack for the Wigan 10K race. Everything you need to know for on the day of the event.