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Who is the REAL you Do you know who you are?

Prepare for 2014 7 tips on how to prepare for the New Year

Totally Reposition yourself How to make 2014 your best year

The (real) Recipe ...for success

Social Media Masterclass

Has Facebook’s bubble burst?

The Power of Forgiveness Learning from Madiba’s amazing capacity to forgive

Madiba A most surprising entrepreneur


Mind the gap | The ultimate list of Superfoods | Your 3 Key financial numbers

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Happy New Year

from all of us @


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Publisher’s page

Colin Tomlin, Publisher, author & growhow champion


Welcome to


irst things first.

Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope you had a restful and reflective Christmas season and are ready and raring to go in 2014! Again we are incredibly excited about this third issue of the magazine, especially after the amazing feedback we have received about the previous issues. This New Year issue is all about engaging, encouraging and equipping you for 2014. For many people 2013 was a tough year and I guess many are thinking what will be different about this year. The answer is really down to you. You can bounce back from any set back that life has thrown at you. You do have what it takes!

As usual the magazine covers entrepreneurial news, personal well being tips and information on incorporating social causes into your entrepreneurial activities. Of course, we provide business insight, money education, training tips and more. Our aim as always is to provide you with entrepreneurial tales, tools and tips. With a number of new contributors we are poised to do just that. So, engage with it, enjoy it and use the magazine as a tool to get you ready to have an amazing year!


In fact, this is the story of Nelson Mandela, who bounced back from the kind of set back most of us probably wouldn’t. Our cover story looks into the life of this remarkable political and social entrepreneur who when he died was celebrated as a global icon whose impact even he couldn’t have anticipated.

In case you missed it

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Regular Contributors Matt Bird, Relationologist (

Matt helps leaders and organisations build the relationships they need to achieve greater success. He is the creator of Relationology about the art and science of relationships and how they drive business success. You can receive his daily thoughts @Relationology and weekly articles from In this issue Matt writes ‘The (real) Recipe for Success.’

Lilach Bullock, Social Media Expert (

Lilach is a business owner, social media consultant, internet mentor and founder of Listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers she is one of the most dynamic personalities in the social media market. She is consulted by journalists and regularly quoted in newspapers on social media related matters. A keynote speaker at business and marketing seminars, Lilach teaches about online marketing. Her books have achieved No 1 on Amazon for Sales & Marketing and Small Business & Entrepreneurship, which helps to generate over 500K online page views per month. When Lilach isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her family and is an avid fan of Zumba. In this issue Lilach writes ‘Has Facebook’s bubble burst?’

Alex Gordon, Author & Dream Success Coach (

Alex is an accountant by training with years of experience within The City of London and running an accounting solutions practice. His real passion, though, is helping people to discover or rekindle their dreams. He regular speaks to audiences asking a poignant question, ‘What is your dream?’ He recently published his book by the same name and travels the UK preaching a message of redefining, refocusing and repackaging your talents and abilities to bring solutions to your community, customers and clients. He lives in London with his wife, Sharon and 3 children. In this issue Alex writes ‘Preparing for 2014.’

Danny McIntosh, Professional Boxer

Danny is currently ranked as one of the top 10 light heavyweights in the UK. The former WBO European Light Heavyweight title holder hails from Norwich, Norfolk and has just recently returned from Denmark training/sparring with Mikkel Kessler, the current WBA Super Middleweight Champion. He lives with his family in Norwich. In this issue Danny writes ‘14 Fitness Routines for 2014.’

Judy Tomlin, Behavioural Specialist & Social Entrepreneur (

Judy is behavioural specialist and social entrepreneur with over 17 years experience in schools across the country. A Psychology graduate, she specializes in behaviour management and currently is the lead teacher at a specialist resource base in East Norfolk, UK. Passionate about the convergence of education and enterprise, Judy has set up a social enterprise that uses business as a tool to engage young people to learn life and entrepreneurial skills by running their own chocolate distribution ‘franchise’. She is married to Colin and they have 2 children and almost own a cat and a dog. In this issue Judy writes ‘The Power of Forgiveness.’

Guest Contributors Barbara Anderson, Financial Coach & Author (

Barbara serves as Executive Vice President at Genistar, a financial education company. Barbara is a keen financial education advocate who believes that the route to financial independence and wealth starts with financial education. To that end she has released her first book ‘Manage on Nil Every Year – How to make sure every pound you spend makes sense.’ In this issue Barbara writes ‘The Key Numbers.’

Diane Dunkley, Entertainment Entrepreneur (

Diane has a passion for real musicians and real music. Her love and appreciation of real music led to the launch of RM2 2010. Diane describes herself as: “a music fanatic not blessed with creativity, instead with appreciation and a good ear”. She has a corporate background which melded with her knowledge and love of music provides a unique mix of understanding the artists’ creativity whilst keeping in mind the commercial aspects. After all it is the music BUSINESS. In this issue Diane writes ‘Mind the Gap.’

Judith Flowerday, Life & Business Coach (

Judith works with entrepreneurs to identify the areas that they wish to improve and supports throughout the journey. You won’t receive an off the shelf remedy from her but she will help to create a personalised plan to achieve goals, for your organisation. Personalised help and support for personal development, work skills and problems in business. In this issue Judith writes ‘Totally Reposition Yourself.’

Sandra Mundy, Juicing & Healthy Eating Enthusiast

Sandra has been a Juicing & Healthy Eating enthusiast for some for 20 years now. Working at a Holistic Clinic for 6 years closely working with doctors that practice Natural Medicine, helped to foster her thinking. When she ate clean fresh foods she noticed that she felt better and her body performed better. Sandra, is noticeably healthy often saying that she feels better now than in her 20's. She is constantly being asked what's her secret to maintaining her healthy lifestyle so she has a desire to share it with the world and teach people how to look and feel their best so they can be great in their own skin. In this issue Sandra writes ‘The Ultimate List of Superfoods for 2014’

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Coaching & Education Director Judy Lynch-Tomlin

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Social Causes

The 2014 Outlook

What’s your problem?

What does 2014 look like for entrepreneurs in the UK & Europe?

What’s New?

What growth resources are out there for free & also for a fee

Personal Wellbeing 14 Fitness Routines for 2014 Danny MacIntosh shows us 14 exercises to keep us in shape

The ultimate list of Superfoods for 2014

The proverbial bottom line has become a little more rounded. Here are 4 ways you too can align your business to a social cause or problem.

Business Nelson Mandela

Find out how Madiba’s Long Walk to Freedom saw him morph from terrorist & political prisoner to being one the most admired global leaders in recent memory.

Make sure you stock up on these 14 must have superfoods this year.

The Power of Forgiveness

Preparing for 2014

Who is the REAL You?

Mind the gap

Knowing your identity is one of the biggest determinants of sustained success and significance.So, do you know who you really are?

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

The Real Recipe for Success

If you think entrepreneurial success is all about a good idea, think again. Think relationships

Find out how Nelson Mandela’s live transformed the pain of prisoner to the power of president.

Influencing lives from 1918 – 2013

Get on your mark, get set and go for gold with these seven powerful ideas. An award winning entrepreneur shares 5 things to be mindful of this year for your business

The Power of Forgiveness

entrepreneur’s tales, tools & tips


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Your 3 Key Numbers for 2014

When setting this year’s financial goals, make sure you start with these key numbers.

Training Your 3 Key Numbers

Totally Reposition Yourself

How can you make this your most productive year to date?

resource focus

Technology Social Media Masterclass

A lot has been said about the future of Social Media. So, does this spell the end of Facebook as we know it? We hear from a true social media expert

Cars Social Media Masterclass

Tesla. It’s Electric!

It is likely that you have never heard of this electric car manufacturer but they’ve been sparking lots of interest recently

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The Dragons of

BBC’s Dragons’ Den A December 2013 article by the Guardian newspaper in the UK, suggested that ‘2014 looks bright for entrepreneurs willing to take risks’ entrepreneurs are likely to enter 2014 with a sense of excitement and trepidation.

2014 looks bright for entrepreneurs willing to take risks’ Excitement because the economy is predicted to grow by 2.4% and trepidation because the last 5 years has been about survival and sometimes old habits die hard. The article offered two opinions as to why this was the case.

‘The current generation of young people don't want to sit at a desk from nine to five working for a blue chip. They want flexibility and to be able to work from anywhere in the world.’

2014 Outlook

2014 Outlook

2 0 1 4


Simon Jenner, chief executive of the Oxygen Accelerator, an incubator program suggests that the change is being led by a deliberate choice and change in working preferences particularly by young professionals.

want flexibility and to be able to work from anywhere in the world.’

‘With lower job security across both the public and private sector, including professions such as banking and consulting – which have traditionally attracted the top graduates, there's been an explosion in interest in

experience growth magazine.


2014 Outlook

That’s the take of George Whitehead, a venture capital investor and former Zoopla backer.

‘With lower job security ... there's been an explosion in interest in entrepreneurship’

However, the Financial Times has a far more positive spin on events by asserting that ‘UK entrepreneurs bullish in outlook.’

2014 Outlook

BBC’s The Apprentice

half... interviewed said they expected revenues to increase by at least 30% by 2016

76% to start new ventures employing up to 20 people

Unlike the results of the past few years, these findings were much more optimistic. In fact, in 2012 more than 66% said that business conditions had either stagnated or worsened over the previous two years. A third even went on to admit that they had considered giving up their business and returning to salaried employment.



about the OUTLOOK for 2014 comment below (Write your ) to let us know

2014 Outlook

Lord Sugar & co

Reporting on research carried out by the think tank Kaufman Foundation, as much as half of the British company owners interviewed said they expected revenues to increase by at least 30 per cent by 2016, while 30% planned to launch an additional business in the next 12 months.

The good news on revenues seem to extend to job creation with an encouraging 76% of respondents looking to start new ventures predicting they will be employing up to 20 people three years after the launch.

2014 Outlook


30% planned to launch an additional business in the next 12 months.

experience growth magazine.


growth resources. for FREE

As the UK witnesses record numbers of people starting a business, accessing the funds to start and grow has become a popular topic.

As a small business there are other fund-raising options open to you, from charities to government, social enterprise funds to credit cards, and community lenders. Fifty such options are presented in this eBook with links to find out more on the sources that suit you most. You may be looking for funds to promote your business, develop a prototype, or for working capital to tide you over from one order to the next. Whatever the reason and however much the amount, you'll find here a source of funding that provides a perfect match.

Download this book for FREE

for a FEE

According to Malcolm Gladwell, small is the new big thing! David and Goliath is the thought provoking new book from bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. In the book, he essentially asks the question ‘Why do underdogs succeed so much more than we expect?’ and ‘How do the weak outsmart the strong?’

Using anecdotal evidence from historical moments such as the conflicts in Northern Ireland and the strategies of the civil rights leaders he overturns conventional thinking about power and advantage. If you liked Blink, Tipping Point & Outliers, you’ll love this.

Download this book for a FEE

‘Crusading entrepreneur’

Emma Jones, business expert, author & small business champion

‘Innovative ‘the bankerthought to the world’s leader’ poor’

Malcolm Gladwell, author and thought leader

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experience growth magazine



fitness routines

Macintosh, Boxing Champion

for 2014

Personal Wellbeing

by Danny


It’s about that time to start off your new year with some great exercises. As it’s 2014, you get 14 exercises. So, here goes.


Star jumps

Start with your arms by your side and feet together and jump to a position with your legs spread wide and your hands touching overhead. Benefits: · Cardiovascular workout


Slow Push ups


Squat Thrusts

Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulder length. Slowly lower your body for four seconds. Hold yourself when your body is parallel to the floor, and then slowly lift yourself up for four seconds.

From a standing position, drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back, while keeping your arms extended. Return your feet to the squat position. Stand up from the squat position.

Benefits: · Core workout · Endurance training

Benefits: · Core workout · Cardiovascular workout


Power Leaps

Place your legs shoulder width apart, squat down then jump explosively as high as you can while bringing your knees up to your chest. Repeat x 10-15. Benefits: · Improving leg strength (quads, calves, hamstring)



Benefits: · Core workout · Endurance training

Mountain climbs

Get into the press up position then bring one knee up to your chest and back and repeat for 20 reps. Make sure you breathe. Benefits: · Core workout · Cardiovascular workout


Sprint on the spot

Ab kicks

Go on to all fours but facing upwards then kick your legs upwards and repeat for 20 secs at a time and repeat accordingly with rest. Benefits: · Endurance training · Cardiovascular workout


Get in to the press up position but rest on your forearms and stay like this for 20 sec intervals for 5 sets.



Bicycle Sit ups

Just normal sit ups but using a pedalling as on a bicycle 20 secs on 20 off and repeat 5 times. Benefits: · Endurance training · Cardiovascular workout


Bear crawls

Providing you have enough space available on all fours crawl quickly forwards around 3 metres and then back and repeat for 20 secs on 20 secs off 5 times, Benefits: · Endurance training · Cardiovascular workout · Core Workout

12 Active Plank

This one needs very little explanation. Run but don’t go anywhere! Make sure you lift your knees very high like a true sprinter J

Get in to the plank position then go up to press up position then back down again. repeat this for 20 secs then 20 rest,repeat 5 times

Benefits: · Endurance training · Cardiovascular workout

Benefits: · Core Workout


Split jumps

Stand sideways and squat all the way down touching the floor either side of you then jumping up high legs straight and twisting to the other side and repeat. Benefits: · Endurance training · Cardiovascular workout


Toe Touch Jump

From a standing start, with your legs apart and your arms outstretched, jump in the air, raise your legs and reach for your legs with your arms Benefits: · Endurance training · Cardiovascular workout


Squat Raises

With feet shoulder length apart, squat, bending knees 90 degrees and bringing quads parallel to ground. Make sure to keep your knees behind toes. Benefits: · Endurance training · Cardiovascular workout Do these exercizes and you will have a great 2014! Enjoy.


the ultimate list of

Superfoods for 2014

by Sandra Mundy Juicing & Healthy Eating Enthusiast

1. Kale has lots of B-

complex vitamins which makes it a great energy source. It is also chock full of Vitamin A which is good for strong teeth and bones, eye health, healthy blood cells to name a few. It works wonders for your skin too. Juice it or toss in a smoothie in the morning to get you up and going!

2. Coconuts are one of the

greatest wonder foods of the world. Coconut water provide electrolytes, stabilizes blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and even replaces blood plasma in a emergency. The oil has too many numerous benefits to name but it's the best oil to cook with. Virgin coconut oil can be taken daily to increase metabolism, ward off wrinkles, fight bacteria and regulate hormones.

3. Green Tea is

loaded with antioxidants called polyphenols and may help to prevent certain type of cancers. It is known to reduce body fat and lowers LDL, the bad cholesterol. Why not have one first thing in the morning or throughout the day? experience growth magazine.

4. Dark Chocolate

72 percent or higher dark chocolate is full of antioxidants which are great for your skin. It could play a role in preventing heart disease and other circulatory problems and is known to to improve brain function as well. Enjoy this wonder treat it may just improve your mood. Just make sure it is pure dark chocolate and not your average chocolate bar which tends to have more sugar than anything else.

Issue 3. Winter 2014


5. Avocado is my favorite on

the list! Packed with twenty vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, it’s wonderful for your skin and hair. Studies have shown that it helps to boost your metabolism so great it’s for your waistline as well. Sodium and cholesterol free this mighty fruit can lower bad cholesterol and boost your good cholesterol. You can toss it in your salads or make a yummy smoothie with it.

7. Blueberry is a

delicious little berry and packs a big punch! Great for brain health, reducing cancer risk, heart health, fiber and wonderful for skin health as it protects your body from the inside and out which helps with premature aging. It also makes a great daily snack for you!

6. Quinoa is naturally gluten free and a complete protein. It is a great substitute for rice and is a whole grain packed with all the amino acids your body needs. High in iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, fiber and copper! I love it as a cold salad drizzled with olive oil, tomatoes, kalamata olive, red onions and feta cheese! 8. Fish Ensure these are wild

Salmon, Sardines or other fatty cold water fish and NOT farm raised. These fish are packed with omega oils to lower your risk of heart disease, helps arthritis and may possibly help with memory loss and Alzheimer's! While you are getting great benefits on the inside from consuming this kind of fish watch out for a wonderful glow to your skin and hair after a while! To prepare you can simply roast in the oven with fresh herbs and Extra Virgin olive oil.

9. Beans are cheap and versatile, but there is more to these little powerhouses than you think. They deliver muscle-building protein, energy-boosting carbs, heart-healthy fiber, and cancer-fighting antioxidants. Plus they fill you up quickly, so you can eat less but still feel satisfied. Use beans out of the can, or soak and simmer dried varieties in a slow cooker all day for dinner tonight. You can also make a wonderful hummus with your beans! Issue 3. Winter 2014

experience growth magazine.


11. Greek Yogurt

10. Walnuts. One of the best plant sources of

protein walnuts are full of Omega-3 fatty acids, they are rich in fiber, B vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Have a handful of raw walnuts with a piece of Dark Chocolate for a delicious healthy snack!

Wonderful source of Protein greek yogurt can be added to your smoothies, use in place of mayonnaise for a low fat alternative. Low in carbohydrates and contains live microorganisms friendly bacteria to improve digestive functions and immune system. A good snack idea is plain greek yogurt, raw walnuts, raw honey and shaved dark chocolate!

13. Garlic has

12. Purple Cabbage is full of vitamin A and has

nutrient that provides a variety of functions in your body. It produces retina pigments for your eyes, maintains vision health and improves vision at night. It also supports your body's immune response, reducing your risk of microbial infection. A significant source of Vitamin C and a high silica content make this purple vegetable an ideal skin, hair and nail booster!

the broadest spectrum of any anti -microbial substances we know. It's anti bacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral. It’s essential for healthy gut and it stimulates the immune system. Research has shown that garlic helps to shrink tumors, lower blood pressure and help to cut down on mucus build up in the body to name a few. For a quick parasite killer take a spoon of raw crushed garlic with raw honey!

14. Tomatoes are packed withantioxidants, dietary fiber and vitamins, tomatoes are one food that should be on everyone's plate! From reducing prostate cancer risk to helping you shed excess pounds, tomatoes have a number of important health benefits.

experience growth magazine.

Issue 3. Winter 2014





while you’re on the go

entrepreneur’s tales, tools & tips




by Judy Tomlin Behavioural Specialist & Social Entrepreneur


ollowing his recent death, many accolades have been and continue to be attributed to Nelson Mandela. Among them is the undeniable capacity to forgive. Mandela’s funeral was a celebration - a celebration of a life lived on purpose! He was intentional in his behaviour even if some of the actions in his earlier life could be viewed by some as the wrong way of achieving a goal. He had purpose and was committed to it. His purpose and cause were certainly bigger than himself as such we can say he had ‘others in mind’. Was this focus of greater

good one factor that helped keep him through suffering, injustice and pain to forgive, knowing that holding on to so much past, would hinder his future? Reflection, Resolution and Revolution So we’ve just finished festive season where we gathered together with family, friends and work party colleagues. Celebrations often highlight the relationships in our lives, good and not so good, ones we’d like to start, ones we need to let go, and perhaps where we too need to forgive. For some, the festive season is a sad time, as the transition from lighter, brighter and warmer days give way to darker heavier colder climates and moods.

experience growth magazine.

Reflections on the outgoing year are often accompanied by fresh plans, change and the making, breaking and faking of resolutions! Most of us know resolutions don’t have the most successful track record but the need to have some sort of order and hope going into a new year seems to keep us making them! So how do we protect ourselves from letting the cold outside affect us on the inside? How can we begin the New Year with the confidence that we will finish strong? Gandhi tells us “forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” We need to be intentional and resolute when forgiving.

Issue 3. Winter 2014


Most of us know resolutions don’t have the most successful track record but the need to have some sort of order and hope going into a new year seems to keep us making them!

Could the letting go of the past year, forgiving and forgetting, be our key? Perhaps we need a New Years’ revolution! As we resolve to make positive changes going into 2014, we reflect on and sift through aspects of the outgoing year. We see things that we want to change, recall things that we wish hadn’t happened to us, and things we wish we hadn’t done. It’s ok to reflect in this way but we must then let go! If we hold onto pain, regret and resentment we tie ourselves to the very situations, circumstances and people that we want rid of.

Forgive – letting go - a purposeful stop to resentment and anger. When we suffer a knock or a blow, we feel pain and sustain a degree of injury. Over time the outward evidence of the incident will fade. Reliving the event may not see the return of physical bruising but internally our body doesn’t always need another actual blow to feel battered. Just the thought of what happened is enough for our physiology to experience upset and discomfort. Continual, prolonged episodes where we are not ‘at ease’ can lead us down the path into ‘disease’. I didn’t say forgiving is easy,

Issue 3. Winter 2014

but I do believe it necessary. Necessary to a life of peace, freedom and vitality. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Live forgiving. Live loving. Live life on purpose.

If we hold onto pain, regret and resentment we tie ourselves to the very situations, circumstances and people that we want rid of.

experience growth magazine.


Who is


REAL by Colin


ave you ever heard the story about the toaster that wanted to be a kettle? No? OK let me tell you about it! There was once was a little toaster named Bernie who lived on next door to a kettle named Whistler in the bustling town of Brekkie.

Tomlin, author, publisher, growth enthusiast

Knowing your identity is one of the biggest determinants of sustained success and significance. So, do you know who you really are?

As he worked little Bernie would be taking it all in and saying to himself… ‘I wish I could be like Mr Whistler’. One day little Bernie plucked up enough courage to ask Whistler why he was always so at peace with his life and his work. ‘Mr Whistler’ he asked ‘Why are you always so happy while making that high pitched whistling sound.’

At various times in the day, but particularly in the mornings, Whistler could be heard making a familiar, high pitched happy sound as he worked. He just loved his job. In fact for him work was his favourite way of letting off steam.

‘Well Bernie’ Whistler responded ‘the truth is… I was made to do this.’ ‘How do you know that?’ Bernie asked now even more eager to hear what Whistler was about to say.

experience growth magazine.

Issue 3. Winter 2014


You? “

I realized that I had everything needed to do my unique work and all I needed to do was just be me’

‘Well…I used to sit here wondering what life would be like if I was like your Dad. Your Dad was easily the best at what he did! Each day he would just do his thing and we all admired him when he was in his elements. Then one day I decided to try to do what he did, got some bread and decided to rest it on my filament. I soon started to burn up and literally blew a fuse!’ ‘When I came round from the coma, I was all dehydrated and felt really awful. However, my life changed when I discovered a book called ‘Whistling while you work – A life guide for kettles.’

‘It opened my eyes to the fact that I was born to do this and it was futile to try to be or do anything else.’

So, have you figured out what you were ‘born to do?’

‘I realised that I had everything needed to do my unique work and all I needed to do was just be me’


‘That, my dear boy, is the secret of my significance and fulfilment in life!’ With that Bernie sheepishly said to Whistler ‘You’d better take this Mr Whistler’ as he gave him the bottle of water he was about to use that evening to see if he could whistle! Silly story I am sure but you get the point!

Issue 3. Winter 2014

Now, ask yourself... · · ·

What are my deepest dreams & desires? What is my destination in the next 12 months? What direction do I want to steer my life in this year? What dashboard will I use to let me know I am on track?

Answer those simple yet profound questions and you will build a great platform for progress in 2014. Want to chat about it? Why not drop me a line!

experience growth magazine.


I don’t


k limits� Usain Bolt,

The fastest person ever


entrepreneur’s tales, tools & tips

Social Cause

What is your



4socially responsible ways to make your business more


ack in the heady days of capitalism when Gordon Gekko from Wall Street was king and greed was considered to be good, it was all about the bottom line! Profits reigned supreme. If you weren't making money in copious amounts, you simply weren't making it at all. However, things have changed. The proverbial bottom line has become a lot more rounded, and it’s now common practice for companies to embrace corporate social responsibility by owning a cause or social problem. So, what is your problem? Here are 4 ways your business can make a change:

Donate Products

It may be that you can follow the example of Tom’s, a company that embeds Corporate Social Responsibility in the very fabric of their business. They do so by a principle of ‘One for One; for every product that is sold, one is given. So far, they have given over 10 million pairs of shoes in over 60 countries and have now expanded into eyewear, helping people in over 13 countries restore and improve their eyesight by providing prescription glasses, sight saving surgery and medical treatment. Ask yourself: · How can our product be used to meet someone’s needs? · What changes do we want to see as a result of our product being used?

There are a variety of ways to volunteer. You can volunteer to either raise awareness or to raise funds for a charity that champions or supports that cause. Ask yourself: · Which cause do we want to own? · Which group of people or charitable organization can we serve to support the cause?

Social Ideas



Why not donate some time by volunteering.



It is likely that you or your team have a cause that you are passionate about.


Donate Time







Donate Money

Giving money to charity has become very popular over the last few years particularly with the tax incentives that exists here in the UK. All gifts to registered charities are a tax deductible expense.

Issue 3. Winter 2013/14

In addition, the government will give an additional amount on top of your gift to that charity. Many companies opt to give a percentage of profits to a charity usually 5, 10 or 15 percent. Ask yourself: · Which charity or charities do we want to give to? · How much do we want to donate? A flat figure or a percentage of profits?


Donate Expertise

With the exception of a number of mega charities that are characterized by professional fundraisers, huge endowments and slick marketing teams, the average charity struggles with the level of expertise needed due to a lack of financial resources to pay for that expertise. Why not decide to provide that expertise to the charity in a consultancy capacity, by providing advice about how to best undertake a particular function or to actually in source that function. Most charities would jump at the idea of entrepreneurs providing support in that practical way. Ask yourself: · In what functions do we exhibit great competence? · What charities or causes are best served by us providing that competence and how often?

experience growth magazine.


story cover

New Year


Probably the

MOST admired political entrepreneur


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 18th July 1918 – 5th December 2013

It always seems

impossible until

it’s done


Mandela Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, known to many across the globe as Madiba, lived an extra ordinary life which spanned the pain of prison as well as the power of the South African presidency. We pay tribute to a global elder statesman and political entrepreneur like no other. by Colin Tomlin


f I had my time over I would do the same again. So would any man who dares call himself a man.” This is a truly remarkable statement when you consider the life that Madiba lived, particularly the 27 years in prison as a result of speaking out against the blatant injustices of South Africa’s apartheid system. On the 5th of December 2013, the extent of his influence and impact of his life became apparent in a very public fashion. Unprecedented outpouring of grief at his passing and admiration of him as a person and leader flooded our television screens, airwaves and the internet. At his state memorial, the guest list read like a who’s who of close to 100 global leaders past and present. What was even more remarkable was the fact that they represented a wide array of differing political philosophies and ideologies. However, on that day they were all united in praise for the man the whole world admired.

‘Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do’ The Early Years Rolihlahla Mandela was born into the Thembu royal family in Umtata in what’s now known as the Cape Province of South Africa. His father was a tribal chief and advisor to the reigning monarch. Rolihlahla was part of a large family consisting of his father’s 4 wives, 4 sons and 9 daughters, who lived in different villages.

father died and he was entrusted into the care of the reigning monarch, whose family essentially became his family. He laters recalls how this experience made him feel cut adrift but with legacy of his father’s ‘proud rebelliousness’ and ‘stubborn sense of fairness’.

At 7, he was sent to a local Methodist school where he was given the English name ‘Nelson’, which was common practice at that time. His world would change forever, when, at 9, his

Issue 3. Winter 2014

experience growth magazine.


A Freedom Fighter is locked up Those are very same qualities which, having gone through a fairly predictable education within the Thembu Royal household, caused him to escape an arranged marriage by heading to Johannesburg at 23. It was here he met Walter Sisilu who got him work at a city law firm and exposed him to the big city and the African National Congress (ANC). By 1944 he married Evelyn Ntoko Mase and co founded the ANC Youth League (ANCYL). His life as a freedom fighter was well and truly underway and by 1952 he had set up the only black law firm in South Africa with Oliver Tambo while also being elected president of the ANCYL. In 1956, fearing the growing influence of the ANC, the South African apartheid government arrested and charged Madiba along with 155 others with treason. After a four-and-a-half-year trial, he was acquitted. During the trial demonstrations increased and on the 21st March 1960, the South African police opened fired on demonstrators killing 69 people, in what became known as the Sharpeville massacre.

‘Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.’ A President Emerges

years in jail.

After this unfortunate episode , the international community imposed sanctions on South Africa’s and by the 11th February 1990, Madiba walked out of prison, having spent 27

By 1994, he was the newly elected President of a new South Africa, the Rainbow nation. Mandela the living legend was born.

Calculating that tensions would lead to an all out revolt, the South African government banned the ANC and by 1964 Madiba and 7 others were sentenced to life on the infamous Robben Island.

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Issue 3. Autumn 2014


Madiba’s 1

Walter Sisulu

Imprisoned with Madiba in 1963 and it is said that he is the one relied on by Madiba more than any other. Known as the ANC’s ‘encyclopedia in prison’, Sisulu was described as ‘wise and humane and completely committed to the idea of a multiracial government. Sisulu died in 2003.



top 1

influencers 2

Oliver Tambo

‘The professor and strategist’ of the ANC, Tambo is largely credited with helping to transform the mainly philosophical and middle classed organization into an

Walter Sisulu effective tool for political mobilization and a government in waiting.

Oliver Tambo Sadly, he died in 1993 but not before seeing the start of the change he had worked for.

He was keen to ensure that the spirit of forgiveness & reconciliation reigned supreme. It was during this time that his reputation as someone who could be trusted by all sides emerged. He cemented his reputation as the global leaders’ leader when he formed The Elders, a group of independent global leaders, offering their collective influence, experience and support to promote the shared interests of humanity.

An Elder Statesman takes the world stage As president, Madiba had only one focus which was to promote the new South Africa. He went on a global charm offensive to remove the legacy of apartheid.

He was an unusual political entrepreneur who left an amazing legacy fueled by his unrivalled capacity to forgive and focus on a bigger picture. Nelson Mandela is certainly a hard act to follow. May his legacy live on!




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get up. dress up. show up. & never give up.

The (real)


Success for

by Matt

Bird, Relationologist

What is it you mostiswant What it youtomost achieve? want to achieve? Why you want Why dodo you want it it so much? so much? How are you How are you going going achieve toto achieve it? it? There are few subjects that have been written, spoken and speculated about as much as goal setting. However, I would like to bring a new perspective on how you can achieve your goals this coming year. Over my lifetime I have read thousands of biographies, business books and self-help books and it is my observation that they all miss a vital ingredient in their recipe for success. It is that secret ingredient that I would like to unpack for you in this article. First of all let's quickly run through the other main ingredients of goal setting: 1. Get vivid clarity about what you want 2. Understand why it is you want it 3. Develop a step by step action plan 4. Write your goals down 5. Rehearse your goals daily 6.Take daily steps towards your goals

Now it's time to add the secret ingredient...

and every opportunity for you.

There is a moment for every public figure, business entrepreneur and celebrity when they get a break. When they get to do something before they had the proper credentials. When what was out of reach was suddenly placed within their reach. When what they dreamed about began to be realised.

So as you look at your resolutions, aspirations and goals for the coming year make a deliberate choice to invest in your relationships. Who are the people that could make a significant difference for you in achieving your goals? If you are hungry for success it is time to be less self reliant and self sufficient.

The secret ingredient that makes the impossible possible is relationships. The secret ingredient that makes the impossible possible is relationships. Somebody somewhere provides a breakthrough opportunity. As I look back through my life every good thing that has ever happened to me is thanks to a relationship. My first job, my first book, my first blue chip business contract, my first international keynote, my first broadcast; all a result of people who took a risk and gave me a break. If you took a moment to look back through the good things in your life I predict there was a person who created each

Issue 3. Winter 2014

The Olympics and Paralympics are inspiring. In particular I enjoy the interviews of competition winners. They often get right what biographers, business gurus and motivators do not. The medalist recognises and thanks their family and the team of coaches, trainers and psychologists without whom they could not have won. As you consider your goals for the coming year ask yourself 'What relationships do I need to invest in so that I can achieve my goals?' World class achievers can't accomplish their goals with out the secret ingredient and neither can you!

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‘World class achievers can't accomplish their goals with out the secret ingredient and neither can you!’

Ever walked into a room of strangers and wondered where to start?

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by Alex Gordon, author, What is your Dream?

Would you agree, with all the activities you have been involved in, your biggest goals were to increase your time and money? Have you found that equilibrium point where you have enough time for the things you want to do and the money to do it?

Soon 2013 will be a distant memory as you embrace the thought of the new year. But before you switch let's talk about the 7 things you must do.


Take stock

What was good about last year? What things happened as planned? What were the steps you took? On the other hand, what were the things that did not go according to plan. What were the mis-steps? It is very important that you acknowledge these steps so

that you can magnify your successes and minimise the failings.





Celebrate your achievements, review your list and embrace those positive steps. Also, celebrate your findings on the mis-steps you identified because now you know what not to do.

Look around you, has your tribe grown or shrunk? Recognise that we operate in communities of advisors,

clients, customers and friends. Have they changed in anyway?

Every niche he entered into had been around in some shape or form.

Have these relationships progressed your life or drained your resources?

Airways, records, shopping, financial services and network marketing were not created by Branson.

Have you been a blessing to them? Remember, anything that does not facilitate your growth will potentially cause your decline. So, what is your response?



How could you have worked differently?

Did you put any systems in place to automate your processes or is everything still dependent on you ? Of the systems you implemented how have you embraced the new technology?



They were simply adapted and rebranded in the Virgin mould.



Networking is essential. Life and business is all about people. So, which seminars or events have you been attending to connect you with like minded people and to stretch your thinking? Which networks are you a part of so you can broaden your horizon and gain more exposure? Information is the key to your level of success. The lack of the right information will stunt your growth.


Get a Coach

Finally, find a coach who will help you get to the next level of thinking. Some time ago I would have said get a mentor but I have realised that you value what you pay for. So, usually where there is no financial investment there is no value. A mentor is someone you work with on a voluntary basis. Get a coach, sign up to their program and do what they tell you. Do you think Usain Bolt, David Beckham or Lewis Hamilton became World Champions on their own? This year may have been exactly what you planned or it may have fallen short of your plans but you now have an opportunity in this moment, today, to make a decision to make a difference in your life and the life others. Happy 2014.

What models have you been looking at?

There is usually nothing that’s new. With every idea that has been generated in the minds of people there is already an existing business model that’s in place. So there is no need to struggle on your own. Find a model and see what they do. In fact, Richard Branson did not create anything new.

Find a coach who will help you get to the next level of thinking.

Mind 5 things to watch out


t’s that time of year when we look back at our achievements, which I hope you have celebrated, and think about how we can build on them for next year. So once the mince pies and sherry have settled and we have joined the gym and are on the treadmill, here are five things we should be thinking about.

1. Goal setting

First question… Did you achieve all your goals last year? Whether the answer is yes or no we can learn from it. So you’ve achieved all you set out to do last year, so what now? What is 2014 about for you? Is it about growth, stability, strengthening the foundation of the business?

Knowing the answer to these questions will determine how risk averse you will be for the coming year, help in setting new goals and also help to determine which opportunities to take up. Didn’t quite achieve those goals? Don’t beat yourself up! Ask yourself: Why not? Are they still relevant? Have you lost motivation or drive? Make sure you explore the reasons why.

2. Social media/PR

Does everyone know about you? If not, do more people need to know about you? How are you going to raise everyone’s awareness? Would traditional methods help, i.e. advertising in printed media or on the radio?

experience growth magazine.

These can be expensive so careful thought needs to be given to the target audience and the likely return on your investment. Unlike traditional media. Social media tends to be free although it can take up a lot of time. To save on time look at apps such as Hootsuite and Buffer which help you to schedule tweets and post across several platforms simultaneously if you wish. Remember all platforms are not all the same so make sure the message you post or tweet is relevant to the platform and audience.

3. Networking

Nothing beats good old face to face interaction and building a relationship in person.

Issue 3. Winter 2013/14


the gap for this year in your business

by Diane Dunkley Award winning Entrepreneur

Are your current circles working for you? Is it time for you to branch out? Step out of your comfort zone and join a new network. There are a plethora of networks out there, those that cater for different groups, ie women, ethnic minorities, those that are industry based and general ones. Personally, I am a member of a few networks which serve different purposes for me. There is such a thing as Networking overload, so be very clear as to why you are a member of a group or looking to join groups.

4. Collaboration

Once you have a solid networking strategy, both social and in person, you are sitting on a hotbed of

potential business. Don’t just think about who you can sell to but also think about who you can partner or collaborate with on new projects. This is particularly key for an SME as working with a bigger, more established company can be of huge benefit to you. They tend to have bigger budgets, they can sell products for you, provide you with kudos and trust as well as great mentoring opportunities.

5. People

Teamwork makes the dream work. Do you need support to achieve your goals? It’s difficult to juggle all the balls.

Issue 3. Winter 2013/14

Is doing all your own admin really the best use of your time? Have a look at your work load and decide what can be delegated. That’s tough for the control freaks like myself. You’ll find it will lead to better management of your time and the old adage comes to mind, be working on the business rather than in the business. Employing full time staff is not the only option, you can also use freelancers such as Virtual Assistants who you use as and when required, providing you with flexibility and lower overheads. Bear in mind these five things and make this the best year ever for your business.

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Your 3 key Numbers

5 10 by Barbara

Anderson, Financial Coach & Author

Steps for 2014

Step 1

As you start your financial journey you need to make sure you are adequately protected against any emergencies ie ‘renting wealth until you create wealth’.

Step 2

Eliminate Debts as quickly as possible as debts can affect your financial goals

Step 3

Be better at managing your expenses, one good way is not walking with cards unless needed

Step 4

Set up a short term emergency fund of 3-6 mths of income

Step 5

Find additional income streams

Aim to have 10 times your Annual Income either in your Investments or as your Protection as a Rule of Thumb. Being life or serious illness cover

for 2014


The Rule of 72 is the most important rule you will learn in finance. It tells you how long it will take for your money to double at a given rate of interest. This is achieved by dividing 72 by the rate of interest. Next time your bank offers you 0.5% remember that 72 divided by 0.5 = 144. Add 144 years to your current age then you’ll figure out how long you must live before your money doubles.


Dynamic Financial Coach & Author,

Barbara Anderson

Learn and understand: 路 How to be more effective with your money 路 How to let your money start working for you 路 What is the best type of Protection for you 路 Credit Options & more...



How to make sure every pound you spend makes sense

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Totally Reposition

Yourself How to make 2014 your most progressive year to date. by Judith

Flowerday, Life & Business Coach


What do you consistently try to do, be or have, but never quite get there? Is it time to make it happen? Intensify your efforts and make 2014 the year you crack it. Deal with your crappy stuff

Stress, fear, depression, self-abuse, anger, lack of confidence, self-sabotage, a victim mindset, drug or alcohol dependency...the negative effects of these will hold you back. Be proactive, identify the cause and get some support. Get rid of negative perceptions of success too!

Make it happen

1. Put a date on it. When do you want it? A week? A year? 2. Be realistic about timescales. 3. Be realistic about your capabilities. 4. Do your research, thoroughly. Don't second guess anything. 5. Consider things that could hold you back and help that you may need.

6. How will you measure your progress? E.g. “I’m going to lose a stone by Christmas”. 7. Break your end goal into manageable smaller steps. 8. What’s the 1st step you can take? 9. What could stop you? What will you do to overcome those challenges? What's your plan B? 10. When will you start? 11. How enthusiastic and committed are you?

How to turbo boost your success plan

Once you’ve finished planning, it’s time to act!


Take action 1. Take action every day. 2. Be prepared to work for it. Be persistent. Persevere, but don’t flog a dead horse. 3. Follow your gut instinct/ intuition. 4. Expect success.


Periodically review your progress. 1. Are you still heading in the right direction? 2. What needs changing or tweaking? 3. Acknowledge how far you've come.


Try it on

Fuel your passion for what you want. Go and test drive the car you want. When you want to really visualise what it would be like, you will be able to see the finer detail.

Positive affirmations

An affirmation is thinking/ saying positive and successful thoughts, every day e.g. "I love my job". Visualise what you ultimately want to achieve, in detail, often. Visualise each step that you need to take, in detail, often.

Stay motivated

At the start, you are likely to be feeling passionate and raring to go. If it’s a long way off you are likely to lose momentum. Choose milestones along the way, focus on them and feel delighted each time you reach one.


Every time you reach a new milestone or tick a task off your to-do list, feel good about it. When your longterm vision has become reality, celebrate!

Think Invent Move Evaluate

The Social Media


with social media consultant, internet mentor & founder of

Has bubble burst

T Technology

here has recently been a lot of chatter about Facebook and how people have been flocking away from the number one social networking site. By people I particularly mean businesses.

Social media is changing. This is a fact. It’s constantly evolving. Social Media emerged and slowly took over the way we connect with people and market our businesses. It was the new and dazzling marketing tool. It was shiny, exciting and best of all it was free. Millions of businesses started and continue to use it, some with finesse; other’s with a more hit and miss approach.

A lot of businesses are questioning whether they should now focus their attention on Google + as no one is listening to them as much on Facebook any more. Their number of likes are decreasing, fewer people are sharing their stuff and most importantly they’re no longer generating the level of sales from there that they once did. But is that really true? Are businesses no longer making a profit from Facebook? Or is it that now in order to be heard above all the social media noise we, as businesses, need to pay? I’ve written countless blog


posts on how to get results from Facebook, whether to spend money on advertising and have reviewed and discussed all manner of different Facebook tools and tricks to help businesses stand out and generate the sales they want.

experience growth magazine.

Over time we then started to see the rise of various tools to help us get even bigger and better results with our social media marketing. Gradually we were flooded with tools and indeed often feelings of overwhelm – there’s literally a tool for pretty much anything when it comes to Facebook.

Social Media is changing. That is a fact. Issue 3. Winter 2014


Slowly these tools started to offer paid premium features in addition to the free basic features that we had all been using. And then of course, wham! Facebook advertising came into play. And what a major game changer that was. For some businesses it catapulted them into overnight success. Others, tried, experimented and failed to increase their likes, shares and ultimately their sales. And many still refuse to give money to Facebook (some reasoning why they should pay for something which was once free?) So, now everyone is complaining about the level of interaction they get from Facebook. Complaining that if they don’t spend a dime on their favorite social network they get nothing back in return. Frustrated that when they post updates, some, if any of their customers see their update. Few people comment and like their posts and their traffic levels have dipped as a result. The reality is now that if you don’t spend money on Facebook, albeit with advertising or paying an agency to manage it for you your results can be pretty dismal.

So, now everyone is complaining...that if they don’t spend a dime on their favorite social network they get nothing back in return

For what it’s worth this doesn’t just affect businesses. It affects the agencies too. We are seeing a massive shift in how we market our clients on Facebook. Gone are the days where we could simply write killer content that sparked debate to generate shares/likes/comments. We have to do so much more now. We’ve even dabbled in advertising and boosting our own posts in order to understand the impact this has and be able to advise our clients accordingly. Rather than see this as a challenge we are embracing it. It finally gives us the chance to be more creative in our marketing efforts. And more importantly, it reemphasizes the importance of understanding where your audience is and reaching out to them in the right place. Just because Facebook is the largest social network where millions of people are doesn’t mean that it’s the best/easiest/quickest/ cheapest solution to reach them, or that these people would be your best customers. By taking the time to understand where your audience is and knowing as much information about them (and your competitors) your results will be much more effective. Having a strategy and an end goal will in the long term be more beneficial for you and your business. It may take that bit longer but the outcomes will be greater and more relevant.

tactic to put all your eggs in one basket, regardless of whether the results are good, particularly when we can’t control it. Facebook is constantly changing the rules, adding new features and much to our astonishment removing features that we have grown to love and rely upon. 2014 will see a lot of changes in social media…. The freemium model is coming to an end and businesses need to wake up and realize this and start embracing it in a positive light instead of complaining about something that has for the last 7 years given them a free platform to find new customers and promote their business.

2014 will see a lot of changes in social media I for one cannot wait to see what the future holds for Facebook… but I’m sure as hell gonna make sure that I know where my audience is and be there listening to them… whether it’s on Facebook or not! What do you think – has Facebook’s bubble burst? How much longer do you think will Facebook continue to reign social media?

Click below to

So, in answer to whether Facebook’s bubble has burst, I don’t know. Do I think people will leave and try other social networks? Yes I do and so they should. It’s a very dangerous marketing

Issue 3. Winter 2014

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ion Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor, Politician, former Mr Universe


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It’s Electric!

Tesla. Model S


The world’s first premium electric saloon 85 kWh Performance model shown

Price circa £88,000 0-60mph 4.2sec Top speed 130mph Economy 300-mile range CO2 na Kerb weight 2108kg Engine Three-phase AC electric motor Power 410bhp at 5000-6700rpm Torque 443lb ft at 0-5100rpm; Gearbox Single speed reduction gearing

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Issue 3. Winter 2014



this is one amazing car. I mean hard core amazing.” ….is how the Wall Street Journal describes the new Model S. Respected auto publication Motor Trend went on say... “By any measure The Tesla Model S is a truly remarkable car.” This resulted in Motor Trend awarding the Model S The Car of the Year for 2013. So, what’s so special about the Model S? Why is it such an automotive game changer? The clue is in the tagline… ...the world’s first premium electric saloon!


Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of ambitious Silicon Valley engineers who set out to prove that electric vehicles could be awesome.

If the accolades are to be believed then there are a whole host of people who agree! Slugging it out with ease alongside the BMW 7 series, The Jaguar XJ, and the Audi A8 and the Mercedes E class, this new upstart delivers the kind of performance and handling that is unheard of for a relative newcomer.

This is not your average company and Elon Musk is not your average CEO. He also happens to be the co founder of Pay Pal, which I guess demonstrates he knows a thing or two about being visionary. And, importantly, executing that vision. Despite a founders’ dispute that ended out in court, the company has gone to ignite an electrical fire in the automotive world. They did this by going back to the drawing board and innovating all the way. 250+ patents attest to the scale of their innovation.

And all that with no fuel costs and zero emissions.

Ten years later

Ten years later they have delivered something truly spectacular! They have truly set a new standard for premium performance.

Issue 3. Winter 2014

I, for one cant wait till it is available in the UK. It is a credible, albeit pricey alternative with the basic model starting at circa £50,000.

Find out more...

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experience growth Magazine issue 3 (winter 2014)  
experience growth Magazine issue 3 (winter 2014)  

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