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VOLUME 16, NUMBER 2, TERM 2, 2013

Keeping P&Cs informed LATEST NEWS


Sunshine Coast Area PD Day

Handing over

Student injury insurance

After the AGM: Checklist

Smart Choices Masterclass

Considering volunteers:Part 2

Is your P&C paying too much?

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


Supporting and advocating for P&Cs to achieve quality educational outcomes in Queensland

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Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

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For all enquiries relating to this magazine, please contact the Editor, via the P&Cs Qld State Office, telephone (07) 3352 3900, facsimile (07) 3352 3911 or e-mail Schools and P&C Associations are encouraged to reproduce the articles in or excerpts from this magazine. It is not necessary to seek permission to do so unless a copyright notice accompanies the article. If you do use articles, we request that you credit the author and acknowledge Parent Talk as the source of this information. Other organisations wishing to use our articles should apply to the Editor for permission to reproduce material. While every care is taken in the preparation of this publication, no responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions. Submissions may be edited for clarity and/or length. Items published or inserted under an author who is not a P&Cs Qld representative, do not necessarily reflect the policy or opinion of P&Cs Qld. Every effort is made to ensure that images submitted to feature in Parent Talk have been approved for publication. P&Cs Qld allows a limited amount of advertising in Parent Talk but reserves the right to refuse any advertisement without stating the reason. No organisation or person should act on the basis of this advertising before obtaining specific, independent, professional advice about the products and services. P&Cs Qld will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or arising from any organisation or person using or relying on the advertising in Parent Talk.

State Office staff member Katrina Anderson and Met West Area Co-ordinator Ian Maller at the QAST expo.


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President and Chair’s message Queensland Minister for Education, Training and Employment Deputy Director-General, Education Queensland Sunshine Coast Area Professional Development Day Student injury insurance now available Support for school funding model Smart Choices Masterclass Handing over After the AGM: Checklist for P&C executive officers Wheels to success Is your P&C paying too much? Considering volunteers: Part 2 New Year drinks and logo launch

Cover: Murarrie State School students Vashni, Maddison, Kaleb and Kelshana (pictured here with chaplain Jonathan Gupta) are thrilled with their new bus, purchased with a grant organised by the P&C. See story page 15.

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


Welcome President and Chair’s message

Welcome back after what, I trust, has been a great Easter break. By now you will have held your AGMs and elected your P&C executives. Congratulations to all P&C members! The work that you do is vitally important and by engaging in your P&C you are also recognising the importance of education and the necessity for collaboration in creating the best educational outcomes possible. P&Cs Qld looks forward to working with you to make the difference.

This is my first Parent Talk message as President of P&Cs Qld. I would like to thank Margaret Leary for her tireless work as the organisation’s President over the past two years (and in other roles in the years before then). From the very many new faces and important people I have met (and am yet to meet) I am now, more than ever, acutely aware of the very many positive activities that occurred within this organisation and the wider education community that Margaret helped to shape and influence in no small way. Our collective challenge going forward is to continue that momentum. There are, and always will be, issues that still require sustained effort to move from short-term band-aids to the implementation of long-term solutions. That is where we all have a part to play, regardless of the ‘hat’ we are wearing – be it as an engaged or disengaged parent, a P&C Member, a P&Cs Qld Area representative, a P&Cs Qld Director … the hats we wear may at different times be interchangeable but are no less important. What is important is the attitude you choose to bring to the challenge. A newsletter I received from Gary Bertwhistle (‘Who Stole My Mojo?’), highlighted how much effort Lego’s corporate office in Denmark had put into designing an office environment that they believed was creative, imaginative and innovative – and when you see the photos of this place, it is certainly what you would expect from a company whose business is focused on children and toys: colourful rooms, big break-out areas, slides connecting floors and loads of stuff to play with. Many would likely think, ‘Well it’s fine for them, they have to do that – they’re in the toy business.’ However, the point they would be missing is


Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

that whether you work in the toy industry, manufacturing, transport, IT, education or finance, people’s creative spirits are inspired and lifted when there is colour, movement and play around them. Unfortunately, most offices are made up of a series of boring beige, brown or white walls and furniture. There is limited natural light, limited plant life and certainly a big absence of colour, yet the CEO will walk around expecting people to find the next great idea for their customers or clients. Take a block out of Lego’s new offices and walk around your own school community or other areas you care passionately about. What could you do to bring some colour, imagination, fun and exploration into your space? I can already hear the ‘yeah but …’ readers reciting all the reasons why it can’t happen in their space. But why not try being a ‘yeah and …’ person and walk around saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if …?’ What you achieve and what we achieve together depends on your view of the world and how you choose to use the Lego pieces that are dealt to you.

P&Cs Qld: providing support for you You should by now have received the P&Cs Qld annual mailout folder (if not, please contact the State Office for a replacement). The information contained within is essential to the operation of your P&C. Please do not forget to complete and return your ‘Executive members’ details’ form or complete these through the Members’ Area of the website (SharePoint). A letter is on the way with your P&C’s 2013 log in details for accessing the Members’ Area. This facility provides access to regular information and key dates for the

Of equal importance is to make contact with your school’s MIS administrator to provide details of your executive’s personal email addresses. This allows them to link the generic P&C email address ( to the P&C executive.

important developments that will enhance our service to members are: • a Facebook page that includes regular updates and allows you to communicate with us and other interested parties • a P&Cs Qld app which gives you quick access from your mobile device to news and information for P&Cs.

P&Cs Qld continues to provide support for our members through our website, the Members’ Area, Parent Talk and P&C-e. Our State Office and Area teams are always available to provide advice (contact details and event information are available through our website). This year we have also launched a series of webinars which are free for our members. I would strongly urge you to register for these events which are advertised on our website. Other

In order for us to provide the best service possible, we are asking you to complete a survey which benchmarks current P&C operations in Qld and captures details of the issues that are affecting your community. This survey will help us to help you; we would also encourage you to continue communicating with us throughout the year when other issues arise. The online survey can be found at https://www.

year ahead as well as an area to store important documents.

We are asking each P&C to provide us with this information so please discuss the questions with your P&C at the next opportunity. Finally, we are pleased to say that education is firmly at forefront of the agenda and this is reflected in this edition of Parent Talk. Keep up the amazing work you do. Humphry Davy once wrote: ‘Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindnesses, and small obligations, given habitually, are what win and preserve the heart and secure comfort.’ Kind regards,

Dan Smith, President

12 26 10 16

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


Queensland Minister for Education, Training and Employment Dear parents and carers, As we move into Term 2, I’d like to thank each of you for your continued support of students, teachers and schools. Your continued involvement is crucial throughout this term and for several significant events on the school calendar. On 21 April we farewelled five Queensland student winners of The Premier’s ANZAC prize for 2013. They are visiting Gallipoli and the Western Front to reflect on the historical events that have shaped our society. I encourage your children to enter the 2014 competition, which opens on 8 July 2013, so next year they could be taking off for this experience of a lifetime. Undoubtedly some of the highlights since becoming the Minister for Education, Training and Employment 12 months ago have been meeting the many parents, carers and community representatives throughout our state. One of the things I like most about my job is seeing firsthand how your involvement in Year 7 pilot schools, Junior Secondary and Independent Public Schools has contributed to the success of the Department’s initiatives. The input that P&C representatives are having through the School Councils of Independent Public Schools allows parents and carers to influence strategic decisions for their local school communities. Research shows that an effective relationship between parents, communities and schools has a strong impact on student achievement – this is the most important thing that we all work towards, our children enjoying school, discovering their interests and excelling in their chosen fields.


Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

Education, Training and Employment Minister John-Paul Langbroek (far right) with Cleveland District State High School Year 12 students (centre) and Deputy Principal Sam Porteous (far left), at the successful National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

There are many examples of this across Queensland but we can always improve and strengthen these relationships. After working closely with the P&Cs Qld and reflecting on national and international research and best practice, a new Parent and Community Engagement Framework was developed and launched in February this year. I encourage you to read the following column from Education Queensland’s Deputy Director-General Lyn McKenzie for the details about the framework. I am confident it will build closer ties between school and home. Parents and citizens associations play a vital role in promoting and

sustaining the valuable involvement of parents, carers and community members in our schools. I acknowledge the excellent work that P&Cs Qld and all parents and citizens associations are achieving. I also value your individual contributions and the impact your input has on your children’s intellectual and social development. You can help them feel confident in their own abilities and able to tackle academic challenges. I’d like to wish all students well as they complete NAPLAN tests in midMay. Parents and carers can play an important role by reassuring students that trying to do the best they can each day, is all that’s required. More

information for parents and carers is available by speaking with your local school or visiting the National Assessment Program website www. I’d also encourage all parents, carers and associations to draw inspiration from the success of this year’s National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence in March. More than 250,000 school students from 500 Queensland schools took part. That’s almost double the participation numbers of any other state in Australia. This is a tremendous result and is evidence that Queensland is at the forefront of this movement and dedicated to

leading the rest of Australia to tackle this very real issue. On that day we also released a new resource to help prevent bullying developing in young children – an innovative and interactive iPad App called The Allen Adventure. The app fills a critical need in the work being done to reduce bullying in our schools – working with young children before bullying patterns even develop. This outstanding piece of technology is a real asset to Queensland and for the rest of Australia. It is available free from the App Store to all parents, carers and educators.

You have a key role to play in cultivating a culture of zero tolerance for bullying and violence in our schools. If you haven’t already, please visit to learn more about this issue, and how you can get involved and ‘take a stand’. Let’s continue working together to support Queensland’s state school students.

John-Paul Langbroek Minister for Education, Training and Employment

Deputy Director-General, Education Queensland Dear parents and families, You may have seen recent media coverage on the release of the Department’s Parent and Community Engagement Framework which has sparked some debate. It seems everyone has an opinion when it comes to children and education. And that’s a good thing. The Framework is an exciting step for the Department. It’s been drawn from Australian and international research as well as recent extensive consultation with our high performing schools. The Framework provides practical strategies for schools, parents and communities to work together to achieve the best outcomes possible for our children. As I’ve mentioned previously, the latest research consistently and clearly shows parental engagement is a vital ingredient for the success of our children. It is your interest, commitment and influence that will

lay the foundation for their future achievements. Research shows that nearly half of the effect on student performance can be directly attributed to students’ attitudes and readiness for learning – which is shaped by what happens in their families and in their communities. This means that teachers, families, communities and students all need to work together to achieve success. Most of us are aware of the importance of being actively involved in our children’s education. As parents, we have attended parent teacher interviews or P&C meetings and even helped out in the classroom, but this new Framework goes beyond these traditional forms of involvement. It provides practical strategies to help us become engaged with our children’s education by focussing on student learning and developing genuine partnerships with each other. This is what makes a real difference.

We must think strategically about how best to engage with one another – to share information and work together to help our students succeed. The good news is that we have lots of different ways to engage, from participating in parent-teacher workshops, and assisting your child to develop effective study habits, to working with the school on goalsetting for your child. Parent and community engagement doesn’t just make us feel good, it makes a real difference to how well your child achieves at school. I encourage you to have a look at the website (http://education.qld. It offers research, guiding questions and practical strategies for schools, parents and communities. Warm regards, Lyn McKenzie Deputy Director-General, Education Queensland, Department of Education, Training and Employment

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


News Sunshine Coast Area Professional Development Day Around 50 P&C members recently enjoyed a day of informative presentations and professional development with the P&Cs Qld Sunshine Coast Area at Undurba State School. The day began with an opening from the Minister for Education, JohnPaul Langbroek, who spoke about the Gonski Review, the Australian Education Bill 2012 and the Queensland Government’s position on school funding. He went on to highlight the importance of parents and P&Cs in our education system and the role played by P&Cs Qld. He confirmed that the support the government provided will continue. Next to present was Anne Starr from Education Queensland’s Procurement team. Anne gave a great insight to the updated P&C procurement policy which includes changes that make purchasing easier for P&Cs, such as allowing P&Cs to access preferred suppliers (see the article on page 16). Other speakers included: • Shane Moon, President, Moreton Bay Business Enterprise Centre – retail operations and what P&Cs can look for when setting markups and profit margins • Paul Stapleton from Pine Rivers Rotary – a look at networking that included the relationships between P&Cs and the wider community • Bevan Crooke – managing your P&C through teamwork


Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

Jason O’Conner – financial reporting requirements for P&Cs.

To round off the day’s events, Norm Fuller from the Queensland Secondary Principals’ Association emphasised the importance of the relationship between P&Cs and school administrative staff, as well as the essential relationship between the Principal and P&C executive, as the foundations for a highly cohesive team. A big thank you goes to the Undurba State School P&C for catering and organising the use of the school hall. Thank you also to State Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg and his staff for their assistance in this collaborative effort. From all the feedback that was received, everybody is looking forward to Sunshine Coast Area’s next event which will be in July.

Further details will be sent to P&Cs in the Area once dates and locations have been set.

Other P&Cs Qld Areas holding events this term include Metropolitan East on 11 May and Peninsula on 18-19 May. Check the P&Cs Qld website for more information.

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Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


News Student injury insurance now available From time to time, children sustain injuries during school-related activities, both at school and at events outside of school, such as excursions, sporting or other events.

sports and or engaged in schoolbased activities. The product is offered, on a voluntary opt-in basis only, to schools/P&C

As there is no cover for personal accident or medical insurance in place for students enrolled in government schools, P&Cs Qld now facilitates a Student Injury Insurance policy available through insurance brokers, Marsh Pty Ltd.

associations and is separate to the existing P&Cs Qld Affiliates Insurance Package (which provides Public & Products Liability, Group Personal Accident Insurance for Voluntary Workers, and General Property Insurance, as defined). It provides compensation for personal injury incidents and does not cover illness and or provide a replacement to health insurances. Premiums are based on student enrolment numbers under band categories, with premiums as low as $3.50 per student.

This product was first launched by Marsh in February 2012, in conjunction with P&Cs Qld, due to the increased amount of enquiries being received by both our organisations from school communities and parents, primarily due to increased media coverage of students being injured while playing

For further information or a quote, please email or call Debbie Youngs on 3115 4555.

Support for school funding model The Federal Government’s recent announcement marked a key point in Australia’s education system. The proposal clearly provides increased funding for our schools – a result of recommendations from the Gonski Review, which has been supported by P&Cs Qld. P&Cs Qld CEO Peter Levett said, ‘P&Cs Qld is in favour of the proposal. It has long been recognised that the current funding model needed to be changed and replaced with a more transparent and equitable model.’ ‘P&Cs are key advocates for increased funds for state schools. The plans outlined in the National Plan for School Improvement will need to set in place an explicit improvement agenda that recognises the need to


Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

gain efficiency in the delivery of the funding.’ ‘What our members want to see is clear and tangible outcomes; extra funds committed for projects that will deliver results.’

‘The real impact of the announcement will be judged when Ministers meet for COAG. P&Cs Qld is hopeful that discussion at COAG will be productive and provide capacity to lead our state toward such an outcome.’

P&Cs Qld’s goal is the enhancement of educational outcomes for our children by the sustainable strengthening of state school education. This can be achieved by strengthening the education system as a whole.

Smart Choices Masterclass Education Queensland is presenting a free Smart Choices Masterclass for tuckshop convenors, volunteers and parent organisation representatives. Registration is limited to three participants per school. Date: 21 October 2013 Venue: Royal International Convention Centre, Bowen Hills, Brisbane Time: 9am-4pm Featuring skill sessions and live cooking demonstrations with Alison Taafe (pictured above) – celebrity chef, author and award winning culinary educator. Alison appears regularly on Australian television and radio and

presents live cooking shows around the country. She will share her message of how to eat healthily and live vibrantly and show you how to make your tuckshop menus fun, fast and fabulous.

Skilling sessions The Masterclass will also include sessions delivered by tuckshop experts, designed to give you the skills and knowledge to make healthy, tasty, value-for-money food in your tuckshop: • Amateur Chef School with Alison Taafe • top tips for promoting your menu and making a profit

• • • •

using the Smart Choices E-menu planning tool

reading food labels and nutrition panels allergen awareness healthy foods at school events creating healthy food theme days.

Register online now at: au/schools/healthy/fooddrink-workshops.html

Volunteers make a difference and P&Cs Qld would like to thank all those who are involved

School Graduation Gifts and Awards

in their school’s P&C activities.

Promote your school identity with custom made gifts ideal for: • Year 6 and Year 12 Graduation Gifts • Mementos to sell in your school shop • School Centenaries • Promotional Gifts

P&Cs Qld also acknowledges the fantastic work its volunteer Area Co-ordinators and their support teams undertake in giving their time to strengthen the ability of schools and families to support student learning and development outcomes.

Call us today on 02 9808 5444

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


Handing over Helping your new executive officers by passing on the knowledge The handover is a crucial step in ensuring the continuity of P&C operations. AGMs can mean a change of all or some of the executive committee and it is important to ensure that an efficient and effective change-over period is implemented for the benefit of the P&C and school community. Remember that it is good corporate governance to ensure that the outgoing officer, like any business executive, trains the incoming officer in their new role and provides them with all the information they require to undertake that role.

All executive members should have access to: • • • • • • • • •

• •

Current P&C-approved constitution Accounting Manual for P&C Associations (available from Education Queensland or P&Cs Qld) Quick Guide for P&C Executive Officers (available from Education Queensland or P&Cs Qld) Operations Manual for P&C Associations Copies of roles and responsibilities for each position Subcommittee operating guidelines Other P&C policies Employee information files List of contacts for assistance (include names, phone and fax numbers, email and website information if possible) – Principal, Business Services Manager, P&Cs Qld, Queensland Association of School Tuckshops (QAST), Nutrition Australia, Department of Justice and Attorney General (for industrial relations or workplace health and safety issues), employer’s union, Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian Charities and Not-forProfits Commission (ACNC), Queensland Children’s Activities Network (QCAN) and Office of Early Childhood Education and Care (for OSHC issues), Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (for raffle and alcohol licences, Gambling Community Benefit Fund), Marsh Pty Ltd (insurance broker), Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) Information on outside school hours care (if one is operated by the P&C Association) Members’ Area username and password (new passwords will be issued annually – look for yours in the mail this month)

The President and Secretary should have access to: •


Current letters of employment and personal details for all employees (it is a requirement of industrial relations legislation that this information be filed and stored on site at the school) Copy of your completed ATO notification of authorised

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

• • • • •

• • •

• •

contact form (original sent to P&Cs Qld for forwarding to the ATO) Standing orders/meeting procedures Register of P&C members Register of P&C life members Minutes books with minutes from all meetings since P&C commenced (or location of archived files) Motions register – this is a suggestion only but it helps the new executive continue ongoing actions from motions from the past P&C template documents for agenda, minutes and financial reports (see your constitution and the Accounting Manual) P&C meeting attendance book A list of any important issues/projects which need to be followed up or continued by the new executive Any diary that has been kept by the P&C on issues, events and/or invitations attended by the outgoing executive Building fund DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status letter from ATO, if applicable Bank form for change of signatories for P&C general, subcommittee and any investment accounts

The Treasurer should have: • • • •

Accounting Manual for P&C Associations Books of accounts for current and previous year List of subcommittees Registers for: building fund DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient); cheque, receipt and order books; assets; accountable forms; auditor’s statements and reports for the past seven years including current year Bank form for change of signatories for P&C general, subcommittee and any investment accounts

After the AGM: Checklist for P&C executive officers Now that the majority of P&Cs have conducted their AGMs and new volunteers have taken on executive roles, the following checklist will help you to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken in the post-AGM process. q Audited financial reports are to be forwarded to the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE). Address these to the Regional P&C Contact Officer, Regional Office, DETE. Your school admin staff can supply you with the postal address or your principal can scan and email the documents to the DETE Regional Office contact. q P&C executive details are to be provided to P&Cs Qld (pink form) or entered online through SharePoint – the member’s area of the P&Cs Qld website (new usernames and passwords are being sent to P&C presidents in April). q Ensure that your school community is also advised of new executive officers – maybe through an article in your school newsletter telling parents who you are and how they can contact you. q Ensure P&Cs Qld membership and insurance renewal has been paid. P&Cs that had not paid by 31 March 2013 no longer have the insurance cover they require by legislation. q Complete an ATO notification of authorised contact form and return it to P&Cs Qld – this is important because if your P&C needs to contact the Tax Office, they will not speak to anyone other than the person nominated on this form. All sections of the form (included in our information folder which was mailed to P&Cs in March) must be completed. Make sure you keep a copy for your records. q Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) form ‘Confirm your registered charity details’ (2013 only – in future, P&Cs will need to notify the ACNC of any changes to their executive and complete an annual information statement). q Bank signatories – identify who will be your bank signatories (executive officers only) and organise changing signatures on all P&C bank accounts. Past executive officers no longer have the authority of the Association to sign cheques if they have not been re-elected to a position on the current executive committee. q Provide school admin staff (or MIS administrator) with email addresses for the forwarding of all emails from the P&C email address ( to nominated executive officers (we recommend the president, secretary and P&Cs Qld rep if you have one, but can be all of the Executive if you wish). An email change of address form was included with our information folder.

P&Cs Qld and the Department of Education, Training and Employment produce many resources to help new executive members fulfill the requirements of their role – it will help greatly to become familiar with them all. •

Quick Guide for P&C Executive Officers (

Constitution (www. 2011%20model%20constitution.doc)

Accounting Manual for P&C Associations (

Operations Manual (www. manuals/pc-operations-manual)

P&Cs Qld website (www.

Education Qld website (

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


Outside School Hours Care “Contact us now to discuss how the YMCA can assist your school.” The YMCA of Brisbane is an industry leader in the management of Outside School Hours Care. We use a program management approach that exceeds industry ‘best practice’ in program delivery, community development and risk management. By striving to achieve these high standards we will ensure the most successful outcomes for your school, and ultimately for the children and families accessing care. Contact us now to discuss how the YMCA can assist your school.

YMCA Outside School Hours Office

YMCA Outside School Hours Care Services:

A: 240 Southpine Road, Enoggera QLD 4051 P: (07) 3354 0444 F: (07) 3354 0445 E: W:

Brisbane: Albany Creek, Aspley East, Kedron, St Paul’s, Strathpine, Virginia, Ashgrove, Enoggera, Grovely, Hilder Road, Mitchelton, Rainworth, The Gap, Camira, Dutton Park, Rochedale South, Springfield Lakes, Upper Mt Gravatt, Westside Gold Coast: Canungra, Gaven, Helensvale


Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

Cover story Wheels to success Students spend most of their day at their computers and books, learning about the latest from the Australian Curriculum. However, thanks to the efforts of the P&C Association, Murarrie State School students now have opportunities to broaden their learning beyond the confines of the classroom out into the real world, through the school Principal’s leadership.

When asked what a bus means to the school, Principal Mrs Gruss replied ‘A new school bus provides students, staff and parents with the flexibility to explore their immediate area in a metropolitan city, to present their creative talents to the wider educational and local community, and to gain access to new understandings of the great outback.’ Situated 11 km from the heart of Brisbane, Murarrie State School has been in operation since 1928. A view to a greater understanding of how rural communities and their children live was an obvious choice as one of the upper school students’ learning opportunities. The Year 7 students’ first use of the school bus has been a leadership camp to Brisbane’s Scenic Rim, providing a chance to appreciate the beauty of the country as a backdrop for learning about leadership. Later in the year, Prep to Year 7 students will travel to community centres around the Brisbane area to showcase the Murarrie and Vision Dancers, participate in ‘real life’ shopping trips to purchase plants for their school Hedgemaze, and

participate with local businesses as ‘active citizens’ when they go out to purchase spare parts for push bikes. Wherever possible, the school endeavours to allow the mathematics, English, science and the arts understandings to be applied in the real life setting. Mrs Gruss’s philosophy is to provide the students with an all-round education so that they leave school as well-educated individuals who are respectful of the world around them. The provision of a school-owned bus greatly assists with this goal. This achievement evolved from a joint vision of Murarrie State School’s Principal and the P&C Association, as a way to provide students with reallife opportunities, and to celebrate student success with the wider local community. At the end of 2012, the dream became a reality when the P&C Association were successful with their Gambling Community Benefit Fund. Last week the final paintwork was completed, with the students and Principal on the road to a new adventure in learning!

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


Is your P&C paying too much? Did you know? Schools saved nearly $4m in 2012 using Business Services Standing Offer Arrangements (SOAs) that P&Cs can now also access. P&Cs are under no obligation to use these SOAs, but may get better prices if they do.

What other SOAs are available for my P&C to access? DETE100707 Library Resources DETE100883 Sports Equipment DETE100884 Arts and Crafts DETE100978 Hardware, Hand and Power Tools

What is an SOA? A Standing Offer Arrangement is a result of a tender process, conducted through the Corporate Procurement Branch, Department of Education, Training and Employment. Products and services available on an SOA have been evaluated as a value-for-money product or service and the terms and conditions of the arrangement are written to protect the department and its business units. Once an SOA is in place, the suppliers on the arrangement are required to provide the products or perform the services at the agreed price and within the agreed timeframes.

What are the benefits of using SOAs? •

Pre-negotiated discounts and pricing structures

No need to seek quotations for purchases over $2000

Contracts are awarded under the standard Government Terms and Conditions

SOAs are proactively managed by designated Business Services staff

What new arrangements can my P&C access?

DETE100573 Industrial Gases

DETE101124 School Uniforms

DETE101070 Scientific Products for use in Queensland school science classes

(Male, female and unisex summer and winter uniforms) The Arrangement is a non-mandatory Preferred Supply Arrangement to facilitate the supply of school uniforms for resale through schooland P&C- operated uniform shops. The objectives achieved through implementation of the Arrangement include: • discounted pricing; • equal standards of customer service, responsiveness and after sales service; • a set of agreed standard terms and conditions across all contractors covering: • quality; • equal standards for all customers; • compliance with workplace legislation; and • administrative matters such as licencing of logos, invoicing, payment and contract performance reporting. This Arrangement is expected to be completed by early April.

DETE100594 Electrical DETE100655 Timber

DETE101088 Welding Supplies DETE101239 International Travel Insurance for School Study Tours DETE100785 School Sport Representative Uniforms

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Business Services also assists schools in establishing OSHC arrangements. Last year Business Services assisted schools in generating $1,432,090 in revenue from Outside School Hours Care and saved parents approximately $3,862,000 in fees. Contact us if you are thinking about establishing a new OSHC service or changing suppliers.

For more information regarding the arrangements or purchasing assistance: Department of Education, Training and Employment, Corporate Procurement Branch Phone: 1300 366 612 (option 3) or Email: Procurement. BusinessServicesCategory@deta.


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DETE100915 Fresh Food for South East Queensland (Fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry, dairy, delicatessen, specialised cakes, nuts, seeds and dried fruit) The Arrangement is a non-mandatory Standing Offer Arrangement to facilitate the supply of fresh food for South East Queensland for resale through school- and P&C- operated tuckshops and TAFE canteens. Supplier


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Cardinal Seafoods

Gai Quilkey

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GE Mallan Meats

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Sue Rigato

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Hillman Meat Co

Jason Abell

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Homestyle Bakeries

Brett Pascoe

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Lion Dairy & Drinks

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Kristy Kelso

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Top Cut Foods

Lindy Graves

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DETE101160 Groceries, Dry Goods and Food Related Packaging for the Whole of the State (Groceries, food related packaging, fresh bread, specialised cakes and dairy) The Arrangement is a non-mandatory Standing Offer Arrangement to facilitate the supply of Groceries, food related packaging, fresh bread and specialised cakes and dairy for resale through school- and P&C- operated Tuckshops and TAFE Canteens. Supplier


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Bidvest Australia

Sally Moody

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Executive Distributors

Jonathan Archer

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Tip Top Bakeries

James Dean

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DETE101080 Textbooks The Arrangement is a non-mandatory Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) established for multiple copies of printed text with accompanying digital resources for all subject disciplines for use in an educational setting. Supplier


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Book House

Robert Holt

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Bookery Education

Jacob Miceli

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Cheryl Davies

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Grant Education

Russell Paterson

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James Bennett

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Bernie Schultz

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Network Education

Rob Watts

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Dan Ferrett

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Considering volunteers: Part 2 By Robyn Kelso, P&C Services Manager, P&Cs Qld State Office Part 1 of this article was published in Parent Talk, October 2012

Volunteers are one of the most undervalued resources in our schools. In an age where resources are scarce, effective use of volunteers is a great way to support and expand programs that will provide a benefit to the students of your school.


Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

It is important to get to know your volunteers. Parent volunteers are probably motivated by the desire to help their children and the other children at the school. Volunteers from the wider community might have more personal reasons for volunteering but their contribution is still valuable and should not be discounted. Some volunteers will stay long and others will stay only for a short while. Most volunteers, particularly from the community, will only stay for a short time. Their contribution is still significant. I once talked with a volunteer coordinator

Be aware of the makeup of your volunteers; be flexible and creative.

who complained that she trained volunteers who then left because they had found paid work. She saw this as a frustration; however, if that was the case, then the program was hugely successful and the training provided relevant and useful. The volunteers were grateful that they had received training that was of great benefit to them and recommended the program to others. With all of the pressures facing

parents, finding paid work can only be seen as a positive outcome of the program.

What can we offer our volunteers? Just as there are many different reasons why people volunteer, there

manages a household budget has a level of financial skill. Skills that are not formally recognised can still be useful and important. You can assess the skill level of your volunteers to decide where they could be most useful, but you should always ask what they would like

from within the school community. The P&C can offer a chance to share in school decision-making or simply something to do when the kids are at school.

What do we need volunteers to help with? Identify areas of need within the school community. Fundraising events are not the only times that volunteers are needed – many P&Cs run business operations which rely on volunteers, such as tuckshops or uniform shops, or help to maintain school grounds through working bees.

are many things that can be gained through volunteering with the P&C. The P&C can provide skills, training and confidence – all very important for volunteers who are looking to improve or change their career options. For example, tuckshop volunteers can gain catering and retail experience; helping on the fete subcommittee incorporates many of the skills used in event management; taking minutes and dealing with correspondence helps to develop administrative skills. The P&C can help volunteers to recognise and define the skills that they already have. People often say that they have no particular skill, but you can identify their strengths and work with them to gain new skills. Parents who volunteer usually have good time-management, organisational, counselling and mediation skills. Anyone who

to do. Give them an opportunity to identify areas within the P&C or school that they would enjoy being involved in. Many people volunteer specifically to try new things or learn new skills or you may have a volunteer who is highly skilled in a particular area but is not keen to volunteer in that capacity. Skilled volunteers should be encouraged to both share their skills and explore new options. Some volunteers are seeking an opportunity to be involved and engage in their child’s education, or gain a greater understanding of how the school operates. Others are looking for support and friendship

P&Cs can offer parents a social outlet, self-improvement, training opportunities and a connection with the school.

Remember that volunteer involvement does not have to be regular. There might be one activity that someone could do just once a year. Other volunteers might only be able to help with jobs that they can do from home. Planning ahead helps everyone to schedule activities into their busy lives, so at the beginning of the school year, try to plan the P&C’s activities for the year. Events need to be attractive and relevant and you will need to sell the benefits of being involved. It is important to market P&C activities. Take every opportunity to promote your association and the good things that you do. That sausage sizzle at the local shop is an opportunity not only to fundraise, but to raise the profile of your group in the community. Always have promotional material available as well as sausages. A strong volunteer program and a visible presence in your local community will strengthen the school community.

Looking after your volunteers There is a need to look after volunteers (including yourself). You Continued next page

Parent Talk Term 2, 2013


can do this by introducing them to other volunteers and staff and talking with them regularly. Make sure that you don’t ask them to do anything that they feel uncomfortable doing and give them an option to say no or change volunteer situations. Never leave them without a choice. It is good practice to give clear instructions to volunteers and ensure that they have a role description. Ensure that volunteers know who to contact if they are unavailable or there is an issue. Sometimes people need to be encouraged to be involved, plan ahead for this. Always value volunteers and the contributions they make. Volunteering is a two-way street – people will not continue to volunteer if they are not getting anything back. They need to feel useful and valued or they will move on. A successful program promotes the positives of volunteering and gives people a sense that their contribution is worthwhile and appreciated.

Whenever possible, make volunteering fun.

If volunteers are overloaded or unhappy, they will most probably walk away and this will be the first you know of the issue. This can be avoided by having a process encouraging volunteers to provide feedback to the P&C executive. Provide opportunities to debrief and always give volunteers a way to make a complaint or suggestion. Encourage participation, be positive and promote volunteering opportunities. A negative atmosphere discourages volunteers. Always listen to their feedback, provide support and recognise the work that they have done. Give them role descriptions and certificates that can be included in their CVs.


Parent Talk Term 2, 2013

Formalise the process Unfortunately, many volunteers are thrown in the deep end. While some swim successfully, others flounder. A little thought and planning can help all your volunteers to master the P&C swimming pool. Volunteers should be fully informed of their role and what is expected of them. An induction

Grandparents who are not guardians need a Blue Card.

Volunteers do not have to be P&C members. They will still be covered by the P&C’s personal accident insurance.

Attracting people to your P&C meeting

process allows the opportunity for volunteers to meet each other and talk in a relaxed way. They should be given a list of appropriate contacts within the school for any situation that they may find themselves in. A booklet (printed or in electronic format) is a good way to present volunteers with all of the information they need and ensures that all volunteers are given the same information. Your booklet could include: • introduction and welcome • volunteer definition • role description • rights, responsibilities and expectations of the role • supervisor contact information • sign-on/sign-off information • breaks and where they can be spent • insurance • communication • problem solving – where to go if there is an issue • confidentiality statement. Some volunteers need Blue Cards. Any volunteer who does not have children at the school MUST hold their Blue Card before volunteering. Parents of students at the school can volunteer without having a Blue Card.

Make meetings interesting and keep to time. Mix it up a bit – if it hasn’t been working, change what you are doing! Don’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome. You are required by the P&C Constitution to have three P&C meetings per semester. This gives you the opportunity to introduce a guest-speakers night or a fun-night at least once a term. Encourage people to attend by advertising the meeting in the school newsletter or on the school sign. You could also attach the meetings to a school function (e.g. disco) to attract more parents.

Eight ‘B’s Be friendly – Welcome new and old members Be fun – Have something fun at each meeting Be educational – Provide guest speakers Be on time – People’s time in important, so start and finish meetings on time Be responsive – Have a way for people to provide feedback e.g. a suggestion box Be open – value ideas and suggestions Be creative – Break down larger tasks to smaller commitments Be thankful – Always remember to say thank you

Volunteers must be aware of their responsibilities regarding confidentiality. What they hear at school stays at school! If they have concerns they should raise them with the Program Manger or the Principal. (The Principal is trained to deal with any situation that they might come across in their role as a volunteer.) Ensure they have a process to follow if they feel that they are uncomfortable with any information they have become aware of in their volunteer role. This should be detailed in any volunteer induction program that you hold and reinforced regularly. Finally, remember that: • Volunteers are a valuable resource. Do the sums! If you had to pay a basic wage for the hours provided by your volunteers it would be a

substantial cost to the school community. Don’t underestimate their contribution. The amount of time that volunteers can donate will vary greatly from person to person. Expect that they will come and go as their available time permits.

• •

Use your volunteers wisely – don’t wear them out! Well-supported, happy and informed volunteers will help your program to prosper.

With effective management, your school can have a very successful volunteer program.

Have you considered electing a P&Cs Qld rep? The P&Cs Qld Rep is an optional position that acts as a contact point between P&Cs Qld and your P&C. Their responsibilities may include attending P&Cs Qld Area meetings and ensuring that information issued by P&Cs Qld is received by the P&C. The P&Cs Qld rep is not an executive officer.



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Authorised Lappset Distributor 07 3277 0914 or 07 4055 7096 (NQ)

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P&C Day

Friday 10 May

Email your P&C Day stories and photos to publications@ for possible inclusion in the next edition of Parent Talk!

Schools are encouraged to organise an event to celebrate P&C Day on Friday 10 May 2013 to recognise the contribution of parents and citizens’ associations to state school communities across Queensland. Here are some ideas that schools can implement: Approach a local business to sponsor a thank-you morning tea and invite members of your parents and citizens’ association. Have the students serve food and provide the entertainment. Have a special school assembly where the school captains give a public vote of thanks to your parents and citizens’ association. Invite a member of your parents and citizens’ association to the school to speak to students about their role. Get students to write articles about the great things your parent and citizens’ association does for the school community and publish them in your school newsletter or school website. Contact your local newspaper to let them know about your event and encourage them to write a story to promote the good work done by your parents and citizens’ association.

P&Cs Qld is pleased to be offering Unit 29, 37 Mortimer Road ACACIA RIDGE QLD 4110 1300 138 076 or 07 3274 2530


Lights – the full range! Gels, Lamps, Dimmers, LED Par Cans, Power Distribution, Effect Machines, Effect Lights, Lighting Control – Desks, Software etc

Free webinars for affiliated P&Cs in 2013: 6 pm, Monday 6 May: Role of the Treasurer 12.30 pm, Tuesday 28 May: Role of the Secretary 12.30 pm, Tuesday 4 June: Grant writing

STAGE AUDIO & AV Digital and Analogue Mixers, PA Speakers PA Amplifiers, Portable Stages, Multi-cores, Power and Mic Leads, Projection Screens, Microphones - Wireless and Wired, LCD Projectors – professional and home theatre site, Qld web the P&Cs etter eye on l newsl ai em Keep an r k or ou on Faceboo details for more gister. re to w ho . e limited Places ar 22

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Visit our website to register

New Year drinks and logo launch

Around 50 guests joined P&Cs Qld Board Members and staff at the South Bank Surf Club to celebrate the start of the school year and launch the new P&Cs Qld logo. Clockwise from top left: Thurid Cock (PixiFoto), Debbie Youngs (Marsh) and Cathie Macmillan; Kevan Goodworth (P&Cs Qld Board) and John Beaton (Federation of P&F Associations Qld); Kellie Hogan (Nutrition Australia), Jane Reed (Federation of P&F Associations Qld) and Robyn Kelso (P&C Services Manager); Thulani De Mel (P&Cs Qld State Office) and David Lloyd (P&Cs Qld Board).

The NRA Life Line

Easy and affordable access to industry specific advice and guidance

For P&Cs that employ workers to operate the school’s tuckshop, uniform shop or before and after school care the complex task of ensuring employment conditions meet the legislative requirements can be onerous. The NRA provides its members with easy and affordable access to industry specific advice and guidance. NRA members receive unlimited free telephone advice, so whenever a problem arises you can pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced lawyers or industrial relations advisors who will provide assistance on how the problem should be resolved. NRA Workplace Relations lawyers are trained to assist with your queries regarding tuckshop, uniform shop and before and after school care matters, and information and advice in areas such as: Wage rates Award conditions of employment Performance management, disciplinary procedures and termination Discrimination Leave entitlements P&Cs Qld members who join the NRA are also entitled to the following further benefits: FREE template employment contracts FREE award summary – an easy to read document containing the key provisions of the award in plain English. FREE award wage summary The cost of NRA membership for P&Cs Qld members is $350 annually, inclusive of GST. To become a member or for further information regarding membership with the NRA, contact us on 07 3240 0100 or email

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