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Orion With new and innovative concepts in passenger seating systems, the Orion addresses an increased demand for non reclining seat belt equipped seating. Developed around our investment in 3D modeling and computer aided manufacturing including robotics, these products currently are the Orion and Orion Deluxe models. While the Orion is the least optioned variant, the Orion Deluxe features increased comfort and upgrades. Designed to suit School, Charter and Retrofit applications, the Orion and Orion Deluxe offer outstanding value. The Styleride badge and logo, (or your logo if you wish), is further assurance of reliability, after sales service and greater resale value for your vehicle. With lower dimensions suitable for both children and adults, the ergonomic profiles of the Orion and Orion Deluxe maximizes leg and knee space and utilizes traditional features of Styleride seats such as multiple density foams, seat back suspension pads, belt retractors positioned inside the seat backs.



• One piece cushion standard on Orion

• Foldaway armrest for Orion • Aisle side hand grips

• Individual coach style cushions standard on Orion Deluxe

• Choice of headrest covers • Magazine nets

• Lumbar support standard on Orion Deluxe

• Choice of badges or logos

• Aisle side foldaway armrest standard on Orion Deluxe • Attractive ergonomic design • Inboard belt retractors • Adjustable seat leg position • Outstanding value for money • Increased resale value

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