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10 An interview with Louis Bourgeois of the OASIS Center


16 An interview on Psychic Boomers with Kathryn Harwig

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26 South Africa’s ancient civilization with Michael Tellinger


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YOGA FESTIVAL Live. Be. Serve. Featuring Headline Teachers Yoga & Music from the West Coast Classes & Workshops for All Levels And Much More! 10.23.10 Holiday Inn Metrodome Minneapolis, MN

Join leading teacher, author and  channel, Christine Day at this  unique 3-day advanced level  Pleiadian Initiations of Light event. Access higher truth and knowledge,  reconnect with aspects of your  own personal power, and receive  greater levels of the Self Healing Prophecy.

Date: November 19th (1pm-8pm),  20th (8am-3pm) and 21st (8am-5pm) 2010     Venue: Hilton Hotel – Minneapolis, MN  Price: $312  (includes CD) Contact: Norman Strizek   505-908-7578

Transmission of Light with Christine Day

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Christine Day — worldwide instructor of Healing Techniques and Spiritual Awakening will be conducting a Transmission of Light Nov. 16th In a transmission Christine channels information and healing energy in a gently guided process, which serves to awaken your “Inner Light.” Using her voice through words and sound tones Christine is able to transmit energy and information to each person that touches and speaks to the heart. This method cuts through the limitations of the analytical mind and allows a great opportunity for physical healing and spiritual awakening.

Nov. 16, 2010 7:00 pm (doors - 6:30)

The sound tones used during a transmission assist in shaking loose old belief patterns as well as the physical patterns of tightness and constriction we each hold within the muscles and cells of our bodies. When we can open our cells, open our heart and relax into the moment we create an opportunity for deep personal healing. Join us for this unique healing experience!

Location: Admission: Unity Church - Unitarian $25.00 Portland Ave at Grotto St. N Children free Saint Paul, MN 55104

For more info or to order advance tickets, call 651-452-2895 or go to the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  



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10 BIG LOVE: CREATIVITY & SELF An interview with Louis Bourgeois


OF INTUITION An interview with Kathryn Harwig

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26 THE first

people Ancient South Africa by michael tellinger


GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS 23 Ghosts, Ghosts Everywhere! by rita louise

24 True Life Experience: I Grew Up in a Real Haunted House by kim morris

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ask leonard, by leonard jacobson

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19 Immersing Ourselves in the Sea of the World becoming healing, by kate sciandra

30 What Would Love Say? by Lisa venable

30 How do You Really Feel about Your Belongings? space guru, by susan shehata

31 Who/What am I? An Exploration of Self in depth, by hanakia zedek

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The Way Forward “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” - Mother Teresa from the editor

by Tim

Miejan our years ago, the rage in spiritual circles – and mainstream through Oprah, Larry King and many others – was The Secret, the ubiquitous DVD (followed by the book) that revealed hidden keys to prosperity, the secret behind the Law of Attraction, the fact that we can manifest our desires by making our wishes known to the all-giving universal intelligence of the cosmos. The perfect message for a population that cannot get enough of what it wants. This nation, which emblazons “In God We Trust” on its currency, looks upon material wealth as its god. Our collective attitude of the day rises and falls with the stock market. “Greed is Good,” proclaimed Gordon Gekko, the principal antagonist in the 1987 film Wall Street, and its 2010 sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. From 1980 to 2004, the share of total income going to the top-earning 1 percent of Americans doubled, and the trend continues. Profits for American corporations continue to rise when they move jobs out of this country, and when they employ foreign workers with fewer demands, they eliminate jobs here at home. And new technology continues to eliminate even more jobs, to the delight of shareholders. Charles Munger an 86-year-old billionaire and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, offers this advice to the 44 million Americans classified as poor: “Suck it in and cope.” It’s no wonder that poor children in this nation look at chauffeured rappers surrounded by entourages, flashing diamond earrings and golden chains, for what they want out of life. Not to mention their other role models, professional athletes. NFL players collectively earn more than $3 billion a year, or an average of $1.7 million per player. It’s a perfect vision on television for a population that cannot get enough of what it wants. Dream big, children, the twentysomething millionaires seem to be saying. It could be you. The odds of becoming an NFL player is estimated at 9 in 10,000. Might as well buy a lottery ticket.


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“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.” – Albert Einstein This summer I had the opportunity to meet a man who lives simply. His life’s mission is to inspire us to connect with our innate ability to creatively express the message of our soul. Louis Bourgeois, co-founder of the OASIS Center based in Stillwater, MN, is not as well known as James Arthur Ray. Perhaps that is because he

espouses the opposite of The Secret. As he tells us in the Edge interview this month: “The secret is the opposite of what the popular mass-marketed Secret’s about, which seems to be about acquiring more. The real secret, that Eckhart (Tolle) knows and any of the masters know, is the opposite. It’s the ability to become empty.” Most Americans speak of empty in the same breath as poverty. But in his book Spiritual Life and the Survival of Christianity: Reflections at the End of the Millennium, Louis Dupré writes that “many people never experience any emptiness: they are too busy to feel much absence of any kind.” Only when they are shocked by the “painful personal experiences – the death of a loved one, the collapse of a marriage, the alienation of a child, the failure of a business” do they reassess their sense of meaning. Bourgeois and other spiritual teachers say we must empty our lives of thoughts about acquiring more and instead focus on reconnecting with our inner Selves, creating experiences with spiritual purpose. Leonard Jacobson, a noted author on presence, has devoted his life to helping people clear their minds of the vast amount of chaos and cultural noise that flows incessantly, from the moment we wake up each day until we shut our eyes at night. Focusing on the din in our minds is like being immersed in static on the radio. It’s virtually impossible to listen to our inner channel that inspires the creativity Bourgeois speaks of. “You cannot stop thoughts,” Jacobson says in a writing on Silence [at]. “It is impossible. The very effort to stop thoughts is a reinforcement of the thinking process. All you can do is relax, notice that you are in the mind, and then bring yourself present with that which is already present. If you can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, touch it or smell it, in this moment, then it is of the present moment. “It is not something you are remembering or imagining with your mind. And so you can be present with it. You are not thinking it into existence. It is actually here now and so you Thoughts will stop, and you will experience a deep feeling of peace as your mind falls silent.” It is exactly that feeling of peace in the silence, in the emptiness, that America needs now. The solution to poverty, foreclosure and our economic woes. The solution to political polarization. The solution to war. For in that emptiness, we connect with possibilities that are invisible when we are in our crowded minds. Only when we are in that silence can we hear the message and see the way forward. k Tim Miejan is editor & co-publisher of The Edge: Soul of the Cities. Contact him at or call 651.578.8969. Visit Copyright © 2010 Tim Miejan. All Rights Reserved.

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Journey’s Way Healing center opens in st. paul Journey’s Way, a new healing center, has opened two blocks north of University Avenue on Dale Street in St. Paul to offer the public a holistic approach to mind and body healing. The center, which combines the abilities of owners John Klug and Donna Brown, facilitates massage therapy and energy healing, as well as intuitive counseling for individuals, couples, and small groups of up to 12 people. Acting as an intuitive counselor, John Klug channels a master guide who draws out your own inner wisdom to help bring practical suggestions and solutions to light. Donna Brown combines massage therapy and energy work to provide a unique solution to physical healing. Sessions are by appointment only. “After working out of our respective homes for years,” Klug says, “we thought it was time to combine our talents. Donna and I wanted to open a center that would allow us to better serve the community. With more space and the latest in equipment and furnishings, we can offer additional services and greater comfort with the goal of helping more people find well-being.” Journey’s Way is located at 533 Dale St. N. For more information, visit Call John at 952.221.7291 or Donna at 651.789.7482 .

Eye of Horus Metaphysical expanding with new move


ye of Horus, a leading metaphysical store serving the Twin Cities, will move to an expanded site in late October, but the many fans of the business will only have to travel three blocks south to find the new location. The store, which features metaphysical books and items, original art, intuitive readers and healing, and classes and special events, has served the Cities at its current location at 2717 Lyndale Ave. S. since 2003. Upon learning that their landlord intended to sell the Eye of Horus building and surrounding The new location of Eye of Horus later this month is 3012 Lynproperties, co-owner Jane Hansen dale Ave. S., in the heart of Lyn-Lake, Minneapolis. synchronistically spotted a “for lease” sign on what would local visionary artists – Paul Rucker, Meredith become the store’s new Dillman and Beth Hansen-Buth – and prints building in the heart of the are available from other local artists whose work Lyn-Lake neighborhood, relates to spirituality, myth, and faeries. just south of Lake Street at Hansen said the new Eye of Horus will vibrate with good intentions. Indoor plants, 3012 Lyndale Ave. S. The move will take place this month in antici- wind chimes and fountains not only will create pation of a grand opening on October 31, which good feng shui for the expanded business, but coincides with the seventh anniversary of Eye of they will demonstrate ways the store can help Horus. its clients create similar harmonies in their own Hansen says the move is well-timed because sacred space. the growth of the business requires more phys- “What we hope is that when people walk in,” ical space. “It’s been tough, because we’ve been she said, “they will be entering a different kind growing a lot, and it gets pretty darn crowded in of space – a space that is dedicated to expanding this little house.” their horizons, a threshold to expanding The new location will allow for more classes consciousness. We want people to feel comfortand more participants, and it will be on the able, open and connected. …A big part of what ground floor as opposed to an upstairs room, we do is help people create their own sacred making it easier for people to take advantage of spaces, so we want our store to feel that way, too. the new sessions. A walking labyrinth will be “We are really excited. We think people have placed on the floor of the classroom space. a growing understanding of the interconnected In addition, the store’s metaphysical art ness of everything, and we just love being part of gallery, which had been available only to those that, and being part of those connections.” who climbed the steps in the current location, For more information on Eye of Horus will be moved to the walls of the store’s main Metaphysical, and its move, call 612.872.1292 or showroom. Original art on display is from three visit

an inspirational evening with rower roz savage Roz Savage, the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean, will make her first appearance in the Twin Cities to present her story of dreams, adventure and sustainability. She will speak at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 10, at Sound Mind Body Healing Center in Eagan, MN. She hopes to raise funds for her environmental mission and next adventure: a solo row across the Indian Ocean in 2011 to become first woman to row the


Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. She has rowed over 11,000 miles, taken 3.5 million oarstrokes, and spent cumulatively, 352 days alone at sea in a 23-foot rowboat. She will talk about what inspired her to

take up her oars in the fight for a cleaner, greener future. “My Pacific row is the perfect metaphor for how individuals have the power to make a difference.” The event includes Roz signing her book, Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean, questions from the audience and a pot-luck buffet. The minimum donation is $25. For information, call 651.688.2469 or visit www. Sound Mind Body Healing Center is located at 1610 Blackhawk Lake Place in Eagan.

minneapolis expo

Helen Reddy keynotes holistic event at Hyatt Grammy award-winning singer Helen Reddy, now a clinical hypnotherapist in Sydney, Australia, will keynote the annual Minneapolis Health & Holistic Expo hosted by Edge Life Expos & Events, November 13-14 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1300 Nicollet Mall, in downtown Minneapolis. Helen Reddy’s The event includes a postbook, The show workshop with Sri Woman I am: Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on A Memoir November 15. The expo will include many renowned speakers, free workshops, and a diverse array of exhibits on health, wellness and spirituality.

Health & Holistic Expo will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 14. In her keynote address from 1-2:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 14, Reddy will share her spiritual awakenings and discuss global transformation, self-awareness and the usefulness of hypnotherapy in healing. The cost of her talk is $29 in advance and $35 at the door. Arctic explorers Lonnie Dupre and Paul Shurke will present “Exploration & Global Warming on the Northern Ice Cap from 1-2:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13. They will talk about their expeditions by canoe to the North Pole on 600 miles of shifting sea ice. For a listing of other speakers, go to, click the Minneapolis banner and then the “Speakers” menu, which includes the cost online and at the door. General admission to the expo is $9 at the door or online for $7. For more information, call toll-free 1.877.776.5244. To exhibit, call Dee LaFroth at 715.259.3047 or email

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psychic fair at halloween

Dozens of the Twin Cities’ leading psychics, mediums and energy healers, many unique vendors and much more will be presented at the 12th annual Psychic Fair of Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. The event will be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30, and from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31. Admission is free and readings start at $35. The featured keynote address, at 7 p.m. on Oct. 30, will be “Curing Stress Forever Through Happiness,” a channeled conversation with Michael presented by Deep Trance Channeler Linda Elwell of Free hourly workshops will be offered on such topics as “Taking Your Mind Back to its Pristine Origins,” “Parallel Life Journey,” “Psychic Development Workshop” and “Heart-Opening Workshop.” For more information, and details on other events and classes, please visit www. Lake Harriet Spiritual Community is located at 4401 Upton Ave. S. in Minneapolis. Call 612.922.4272.

…also coming soon Gemstone workshop Meditation for beginners The Isabelle Morton Gemstone Therapy Institute will present a two-day hands-on workshop, “Gemstone Therapy for Healing the Aura,” on October 25-26, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Powers Ridge Condominium Community Room, 1321 Lake Dr. W., Chanhassen. Gemstone therapy practitioners Isabelle Morton and Linda Lile will show participants how to work with actual therapeutic-quality gemstones to diagnose and correct energetic anomalies, blockages and weaknesses in the aura. For more information, email Linda Lile at, call 303.525.0161 or visit www.LearnGEM. com.

Meditation. Is it calling you, but you can’t figure out how to do it “right?” “Meditation for You: What…Why…How” will be presented by Lynne Olson from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30, at the Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave. in St. Paul. Email for more information and registration, or visit and click on “education.” “Meditation is often intimidating to people – it’s a concept that is unfamiliar and even scary to some who think they’ll have to sit and ‘om’ for hours on end,” said Lynne Olson, workshop facilitator and long-time meditator. the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  


Part One – An interview with Louis Bourgeois by Tim

Miejan Please read Part 2, a continuation of this interview, online at


ome of us march to the beat of our own drummer. Louis Bourgeois is one such person. A spiritual teacher, mentor and author of more than a dozen very personal books (available at, Louis continues to write about his own life experiences from a personal perspective, and that act of writing has anchored his spiritual awakening.

In essence, our function is simply to serve as a portal, conduit, channel or bridge by which Big Love can express itself in our world.

  Louis’ world is about not following the path of what is expected, but being open to receive. It is as if Louis is a bird sitting in a tree. Suddenly, without knowing where it is coming from or what it means, he feels a desire to fly. His wings beat with a passion fueled by the universe. What he will experience when he gets there is yet to be determined, but he is willing to find out. He no longer chooses to do anything just because that’s the way it’s always been done. His story, like our own, is about healing and about forgiveness. He is a longtime student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. Louis is co-founder of The Oasis Center for Conscious Living based in Stillwater, MN, along with Lynn Koll, where they help to empower individuals through programs to introduce the guiding principles for Conscious Living: Oneness, Awakening, Stillness, Inspiration and Simplicity. Lynn writes this about Louis: “He is walking the path of a warrior as he willingly follows his heart. He awakens each morning to downloads of wisdom and inspiration, and his love of writing and love for humanity have helped to bring these ideas for the OASIS Center into form.” Louis leads gatherings in Montana and Costa Rica, helping you to transform and “actively ‘die’ to the old forms that no longer serve you in your personal evolution.” His path is freedom, and his smile invites us to join him there. His current writing is entitled Big Love. What is Big Love? Louis Bourgeois: Big Love is the expression I use

to describe the energetic principle of the universe


(aka god) as it seeks expression through you. I am a longtime student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, and I know the limitation inherent in the Christian language. We are called to share a “universal experience,” and for this we need a more universal language. To me, an “energy language” appears to be the most universal. Everyone I meet and communicate with seems to respond positively to this new language. In essence, our function is simply to serve as a portal, conduit, channel or bridge by which Big Love can express itself in our world. Why are you devoted to the teaching known as A Course In Miracles? LB: The teaching for me isn’t really about the

book, it’s about the relationship with the energy that, in part, produced the book. That energy basically grabbed me when I was 21, when I had my first experience of the voice coming to me saying, “You have to follow my guidance.” Even though I didn’t believe in anything at the time that would support this, I was willing to do that. That’s what A Course in Miracles is all about. I just knew this was my path, and I will devote my life to this teaching. It was a no-brainer. I just knew right away.

You write, “My world is a place for giving to, rather than getting from” and you define this as a core teaching in A Course In Miracles. Can you elaborate on that for us? LB: The actual quote in the book is when Jesus

says, “Forgiveness is the reversal of the getting principle.” And I remember reading that and going, “Wow!” That totally made sense to me. Being a wordsmith, I enjoy certain word play, like when I talk about the words sacred and scared – the only difference is seeing, moving the “c,”

so it’s seen differently. Most of the things that are most valuable to us, that would really help transform us, are the things that are going to scare us the most, because we know we’re going to be shattered by these experiences. This is why so much of my life, and my own personal teaching, is really about undoing this whole belief system we have around good and evil. That’s what the old mind does. It divides things, makes a hierarchy of things and tries to separate things into camps to give us a sense of stability: “Oh, I understand the world. There’s good and there’s evil. This is what you want and this is what you don’t want.” The basic principle in this forgiveness, reversing the getting principle, is about changing our belief. If you believe that you are a limited, small, fragile, vulnerable human being, then you look around your world and you see the world as a place to fulfill your needs, because you are a needy, empty thing. The shift is recognizing that your soul is fulfilled, that you don’t need anything from the world at all. I mean, the world is still maybe a place to enjoy, but you don’t need it. You don’t need those things to make you feel whole, happy and free. You get that sense from your inner relationship, and now this world becomes a playground. It becomes a place where you can enjoy living and celebrating and giving – that you really have something to give. What do you mean when you say that each of us is only a dream that we made up? LB: I am referring to the story of who we

think we are. If we think that we’re this person, then that person is just a collection of beliefs and ideas and memories and all of that. Eckhart Tolle talks about that a lot, that you are like a basket. You just keep putting things in the basket and then show people the basket, “This is who I am.” So, it’s really just this dream. It’s something that is made up. It’s like anything we’re experiencing in the sense that we are creating it. It doesn’t have a certain reality, but it’s our experiential reality. Often, people misuse the word “dream” like there’s reality and then there’s the dream, and never the twain shall meet. It’s not. Everything that we’re doing is really a form of dreaming. Even like when I had this relationship with Jesus, I was dreaming it. I was imagining it. I was making Him up. He doesn’t really exist. I don’t even know if the historical Jesus ever existed, and to me that doesn’t matter at all. He, the manifestation of this consciousness that we call Christ Consciousness, shows up in a form that much of the world is comfortable calling Jesus, but that becomes problematic.

It was important for me to start using a new language, Big Love, that would break out of the Christian dream, that God is this one individual personification, that if you don’t believe in that, if you don’t trust that that’s your salvation, then you’re missing the boat. That is limited thinking. What I’m about really comes more out of this kind of New Age vision of say, John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.” Imagine a world beyond the limitations of religion, which are all just different dreams. Different people dreamt that this is how it is, and then a whole bunch of people thought, “Wow! We love that person’s vision, so we’ll create a religion around that.” All of these different dreams are, to some degree, at odds with each other because people are trying to make that dream real, like this is correct and yours is wrong. Everybody is just doing the best they can to interpret something that is really beyond our mind’s ability to fully comprehend. You write that in Truth there is no divine anything, apart from you. No god. No Jesus. Some may find this blasphemous. LB: All religious symbols are just that.

Words are symbols. Santa Claus is a symbol of abundance and generosity, and to many small children this symbol becomes a real figure, a treasured belief. God, or Jesus, to the unawakened Christian mind, is similarly a symbol of one’s own divinity. But most want to keep the symbol apart from the self, as the self (ego or tribal mind) is fully identified with its littleness. Most prefer to deny and project their greatness, as it appears to their mind utterly grandiose to own this divinity for themselves. Again, old forms like the Church reinforce this illusion. All great mystics and teachers have spoken the same blasphemy: you are the “god” you seek. Jesus himself could not have been any more clear in his teaching, that each of us is exactly as much the “christ” as he is. In our time of awakening, more and more of us know this simple, radiant truth.

You describe these as the four phases of spiritual awakening: Preparation, incubation, illumination, and expression. Can you elaborate on those steps? LB: Someone else actually had made up

these four stages of creativity, comparing creativity to Kübler-Ross’ stages of acceptance of death. Years ago I wrote a book called, The Great Ah-Ha, Genius, Creativity, and God, in which I say that in any form of creativity, which is really a form of birthing, there has to be a death process. We do a fair amount of preparation

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for whatever our creative expression is going to be, and there has to be, then, a process where we let go. We step away from the dogma. If our creative expression is the piano, there are years of study with a teacher, but to really come into one’s mastery, you have to let that whole thought of “I was the student” go – then move into this other realm. Sometimes it takes months or even years to develop. If the true mastery is going to evolve, one day there is an awakening. You just kind of get it, like “WOW! I am this thing.” Like, with my writing, it became so easy one day, when it became absolutely effortless. I knew that with all of my work in developing the craft of writing, there was a shift at some point when I recognized that it’s no effort at all. In fact, it’s just like breathing. Instead of me even thinking that I’m doing the writing, it’s like I’m the instrument through which this writing is coming through. This process really is a spiritual experience. That’s why I think getting into a new language where we’re talking more about energy and creativity is way easier for the masses to really accept than religious language. There are a lot of highly creative people who aren’t necessarily religious at all. In fact, they maybe even consider themselves atheistic, but they really know the joy of creativity. If you can talk about this spiritual process in a language everyone can understand, then it brings everybody together. Jesus, in A Course in Miracles says, “We need to have a universal experience.” For me, this is one way to talk about it, by seeing ourselves as inherently creative beings. There are joys in creativity and we’re looking for the way to be this creative expression. There is a developmental path that we’re all on, and it will look like this: preparation, incubation, illumination and expression. If you are mentoring someone, you can tell where they are in that process. If the person is saying, “I’ve just done all this work and I know I’m really ready, but I just feel kind of stuck,” you know where they are. They’re in this process where they just have to totally let it go, and just go on a retreat for a month or a year and give up any idea that they know anything about what they’re ready to do. And then watch it as they suddenly bubble up. That’s what I offer in Costa Rica, creating the right context in which a person could really let go. Often it means letting go of all the structures, all of the comforts, all of the routines and things that keep someone in that place where they’re not going to get the breakthrough. If you can consciously go through this breaking down process, that’s what really


It’s so important that people develop the capacity for emptiness or stillness, because with the busy-ness of your person out of the way, then this spiritual force, which I call Big Love, has access. prepares the ground for the breakthrough. That’s the tricky part, the incubation. It’s a process of just dying and letting go of old forms. That’s the most difficult part of this Circle of Life, this process of creativity, and that’s why many people don’t really come into full mastery. They get stuck in that part of it, that third quadrant. They become impatient. It’s so hard for people to trust. That’s why, for instance, in A Course In Miracles Jesus says, “Everything that you will do as a teacher of God, everything that you will do as a creative expression of the Divine, depends upon trust. That’s the foundation.” Another term for incubation would be the development of trust. How does emptiness relate to authentic power? LB: That’s a great question. Eckhart Tolle

talked about that I think pretty well in The Power of Now. He used different words. Emptiness would be one word, spaciousness, or words that again are pointing toward that experience in A Course In Miracles that we would call the Holy Instant. This ties into creativity, that process of letting go, incubating, finding ourselves one day in this place where we’re totally empty. Years ago when I did this book on creativity, it was fun to research all these different people – scientists, painters and musicians – and read so many stories about how they had this experience of Eureka! It was always when they were taking a shower or just doing nothing. They were in this empty, easy, happy, place and boom! It came through. It’s so important that people develop the capacity for emptiness or stillness, because with the busy-ness of your person out of the way, then this spiritual force, which I call Big Love, has access. You become this conduit via your emptiness for It to appear, in whatever form, however you are prepared. If you’re Mozart, you’re prepared to receive it as a composition. But it doesn’t matter. It would be the same thing. The experience that I would have

or he would have or you would have or anybody would have is exactly the same experience. You go into this place of emptiness, you are in a relaxed state, and the creativity comes. Then it starts to take a form as your particular preparation is overlaid. But the same energy, Big Love, that is in a Mozart composition is in every acorn or every seed, right? It’s an energy that just wants to become all it can be. What it will be is determined by the genetic code or the preparation of a creative being. The energy is exactly the same. There is this really simple elegant process that happens, and our job is simply to develop the capacity for emptiness or stillness, in addition to preparing our craft, whatever we’re going to do. The secret is the opposite of what the popular massmarketed Secret’s about, which seems to be about acquiring more. The real secret, that Eckhart knows and any of the masters know, is the opposite. It’s the ability to become empty. Look at any of the ancient Taoist teachings or Sufi teachings. All of the mystics know this, and they all talk about it in their own way. Tell me about the Oasis Center and how that was created, how it came to you. LB: It’s been something that’s been

incubating and manifesting for a number of years. Its latest incarnation is certainly much more real and successful because of Lynn Koll and the energy that she brings to the equation. It began with a vision I had when I was very young. I saw the word “oasis,” so everything I do has the name Oasis attached to it. Let’s talk about the five words that are a part of that and what they mean to you. LB: Lynn and I were sitting together and

she was bringing in her creative energy. She liked the idea of the word being an acronym, which is always kind of fun. Once I called OASIS “one association supporting integration of the self,” way back then when I was much more Jungian and intellectual, saying, “Oh, yeah, we’re integrating.”

Now it’s “oneness, awakening from stillness, inspiring simplicity.” It’s really much more about how to live one’s life, about helping people in this time of transformation, about helping people learn these foundational energetic principles. This is so necessary, as we’re going through what A Course in Miracles called, “The Celestial Speedup.” Everything is accelerating. The idea is this whole oasis rests on a foundation of stillness, and that’s really the center of it. The stillness is that point out of which we have the experience of oneness, and out of which our life manifests in simplicity and creativity. Lynn added the energetic part, the awakening, and the inspiring parts to it, filling out the acronym. I find it is really useful because those three principles are so essential for people to understand stillness. The experience of oneness would be like what Jesus would say in A Course In Miracles, to have this universal experience of love’s presence. You could say oneness and love’s presence are exactly the same thing. Eckhart Tolle very pointedly did not use “love” much. He did not use “God” much either, just because they are so heavily laden with so many interpretations. Love is so difficult because people think about love like God’s love and then human love, but the way that most people think about love tends to be about caring, about being kind and sweet. That’s just one aspect of this prism. Love is this white light that is the inspiration for all creativity and everything. It is the dynamic energy behind all of nature. It is also the energy behind all the cataclysms and all the things that are part of this natural energetic flow of life, right? It’s like that little beautiful acorn that wants to be this oak tree. Sometimes it can’t do what it does. Forest rangers know that these forests have to burn every 100 years, and there are certain things that, in order to germinate, need the intensity of the fire. People think, “No, that can’t be love, seeing Bambi’s home being brought to the ground.” But, it is.

“Oh my goodness, Deborah Lynn11 is so psychic it’s scary. She told me yesterday that she saw me walking up the stairs to this court building applying for a job. Was I ever shocked when I found out today that the was the perfect job opening for me in this courthouse. I LOVE YOU, Deborah Lynn11!” 9/7/2010

The whole cycle of death and rebirth. LB: All of it. This is part of the big teaching that I think we’re

getting mature enough to really hear now – this undoing of opposites, like there is an opposite of love called hate, or there’s an opposite of good, called evil. It is simply not true.

So the Oasis Center is not a physical structure, but it’s a source of teachings for people? LB: All the things that we do have three levels of functionality.

A lot of what Oasis Center is about is directed toward the individual and his or her own development of that Oasis Center within them. It’s the inner experience of one’s function as an expression of the Divine. As an organization, Lynn and I and others are supporting that individual process, because without that the rest of it is meaningless. At a community level, there are gatherings and things that would help support that individual process of awakening. And then there is the global part, which is about what is happening in the macrocosm of humanity and the earth changes that are happening, and 2012, and all of that. I’m more interested, as a spiritual teacher, mentor, in supporting people in their personal awakening process, moving into their mastery, and I have a big interest in the global piece. Lynn’s main thing is the community part of it. So, it really works well together. k

For more information, visit or email On Facebook, search for Louis Bourgeois Tim Miejan is editor & co-publisher of The Edge: Soul of the Cities. Contact him at or call 651.578.8969. Visit Copyright © 2010 Tim Miejan. All Rights Reserved.


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Pleiadian Self-Healing Prophecy Christine Day he Pleiadians speak of the “Self-Healing Prophecy” and their role of anchoring this energy onto this planet at this time. They speak of the importance of this energy in terms of how it can assist us as human beings at this time in our self-resurrection. How it allows a grace period to open up so that we can begin to accelerate in our own self-realization process. The energy of this Prophecy was always going to be anchored at this time on your planet. Its timing is perfectly aligned to assist you in adjusting to the energetic transition that is taking place here on your planet. We, the Pleiadians, have our part to play in anchoring the many levels of this awakening energy. Understand that there are many dimensional layers to the Prophecy’s energies, and these new levels will be anchored as you are ready to receive them. They will be transmitted onto the earth plane Christine Day will lead in different levels, as you are ready a three-day Pleiadian to receive them. Seminar on November   The Prophecy’s energies are 19-21 at the Hilton Hotel for you individually, and also for in Minneapolis. For more the Collective Consciousness of info or registration, your planet. This energy from the contact Norman Strizek Prophecy is a gift that has been at nfstrizekfob@gmail. given to all of you human beings to com or call 505.908.7578. assist you in an accelerated awakRead more at www. ening of remembering the Truth frequenciesofbrilliance. of yourselves. It is designed to take com. you into a state of “remembering.” Remembering who you are in your spiritual self and your place within the Collective Consciousness in the Universal realms. The Self-Healing Prophecy energy is going to help you move into a deeper alignment to your Self, your connection to the higher aspects of you. This means that the Prophecy energies are going to activate a lifting of the veils that have been on this planet for lifetimes. With the lifting of the veils, you will be able to awaken on a spiritual level, at an accelerated rate. It will bring you into a new alignment with all life force within the universe. This will bring you into an experience of Oneness with all things, and you will begin to remember your place within the Oneness.



How can it help you? How is the Prophecy’s energy designed to assist you in achieving what you came here to do in this lifetime? How can it help you now in your life? Let’s talk about the energy of this Prophecy and how it is meant to work within your community and within you as an individual. One of the main roles of the Self-Healing Prophecy is to help end separation on this Earth plane. With this energy bringing your awareness back to a direct experience with Oneness, you can consciously live the experience of Oneness here on this Earth plane, with each other and all living things. Healing of the separation begins with individuals, first ending the separation within themselves. As an individual you are now being asked to look within yourself, and open to all the personal judgments that you have towards yourself. The separating factors that keep your heart closed and don’t allow you to receive and flourish. This is a self-punishment through the judgments that you hold against yourself. These judgments cause emotional and physical pain inside of you. It is the time for you to turn back towards yourself, holding yourself with love; to just breathe and let go. Hold yourself in love and compassion for this life that you have


lived up to this point. You have done the best that you could in each moment. You have come here to this world to have all sorts of experiences. Mistakes are an important part of these experiences. You will begin to understand the learning experiences you have received in living your story. I refer to your life as your “story,” because that is just what it is, a story that has brought you to all that you are in this moment. But there comes a time to let go of this story. You have all had a story. You have all had painful experiences to live out, and one person has not had more than another. Different experiences yes, but not more. This is the time for you to let go of your story and move forward, towards yourself, towards love and compassion for you. Self-judgments get in the way of the self-loving principle. As you judge yourself, you automatically judge others, and the loving principal is closed down. Internal wars begin – energetic wars that close off the love even more – setting up walls, closing others out, and closing yourself out from the love. It’s time to break down the barriers so that you can receive the energies of the Self-Healing Prophecy, receive this gift of yourself, this gift of love. Celebrate yourself Your first step is to celebrate yourself, for the life you have lived up to this point and turn towards yourself with love, holding your heart and breathing this in. Hold your life in your consciousness, just as you have lived it, and breathe. You have lived it in the way you needed to. As you turn towards yourself with love, celebrating all experiences in your life, you will begin to move out of separation of yourself and into a new alignment within your heart. The Prophecy accelerates your ability to move into a new awareness of your role on this planet and the support that is here for you within the Universe. As you awaken to the truth of your alignment and place within this Universal Consciousness, you can open up to the unlimited aspects of Self that link you into a deep understanding and knowledge of your place within the whole. As you open to this truth, the love creates openness towards all people in your world. Your heart will be able to transform itself with these new energies, and you will begin to work from your Sacred heart. Your compassionate heart will begin to transmit the love out. You will begin to feel a true connection to other people through your heart. These heart connections are important. They are needed for the awakening of all human beings, for the soul connections, and the soul groups that will be coming together. The Prophecy energy is also designed for you to become more aligned with the Spiritual energies in a new way, with a deeper and more conscious connection, so you can work in partnership with Spirit and the energetic realms. The Spirit will help you realign yourself to your energetic blueprint, which you created for yourself before you came to his planet to live your life. It is your mission. We, the Pleiadians, play an important role with you as you begin to work with this Self-Healing Prophecy energy. We commit to working with you as you navigate yourself on this journey, with your permission of course. We totally honor your individual process, and your right to create your journey as you need it to be for you, moment by moment, step by step. k Christine Day is a spiritual teacher, healer and channeler who has been working with the Pleiadians and initiating people with this awakening energy for the last 20 years. She has been working throughout the United States and internationally for the last 15 years. She is currently living in Minneapolis. Her book, Pleiadian Initiations of light (New Page Books), was published this year. Copyright © 2010 Christine Day. All Rights Reserved.

Gemstone Therapy offers care Isabelle Morton or ages, gemstones have been used medicinally: jade was thought to protect the kidneys, liver, spleen and heart; beryl to cure eye injuries; and carnelian to purify the blood and relieve menstrual cramps. Yet, the properties assigned to gems in the past tended to be general and ambiguous. No more. Today, gemstone therapy has evolved into an art and science, and a sophisticated energy medicine modality. Gemstone therapy is based on gemstones in spherical form. The primary advantage of spheres over crystals is a sphere’s ability to radiate its energies in all directions. The body’s energy field is able to moderate how much of this energy it wants and can direct the energy where needed. This is impossible with a crystal, which points its energies in only one direction. Furthermore, when a sphere is cut from a crystal, it captures the finest essence of that crystal, leaving the dross behind.



the essential effects Gemstone therapy began in 1987 when I researched the missions and essential effects of gemstone spheres by intuitively communicating with the devas, or guardians, of individual healing stones. Back then, gemstone therapy was limited to wearing therapeutic-quality gemstone sphere necklaces to support physical and life issues, plus concerns that involve emotions, memory and mind. A few techniques for placing necklaces on the body over ailing organs were also taught. Today, many new applications for therapeutic gemstone necklaces are available, including special techniques for applying them in the aura. Gemstone therapy has also expanded into two more branches: single sphere applications and GEMFormulas, which are homeopathic-like remedies made from the energies of gemstones. GEMFormulas are the next generation of gemstone elixirs. They are imprinted with the energies of therapeutic gemstones that have been arranged to produce energy fields with unique purposes. These two new branches make gemstone therapy more affordable and offer the layperson a great deal of versatility for self-therapy. This is what makes gemstone therapy stand out among other energy medicine modalities, which rely on hands-on applications. With gemstone therapy, the gems do the work. Gemstone energies work throughout your body and aura. Our body’s energy field can direct gemstone energies wherever they are needed, and in whatever quantities are required. Gemstone energies have a normalizing effect on the emotions, mind and body, including all physiological systems. Because gemstones work energetically, they can be used safely along with any other natural or allopathic medicines. In addition, they are ideal self-therapy tools, which allow individuals to take an active role in self-care, and more direct respon-

The Gemstone Therapy Institute will be presenting a two-day workshop, “Gemstone Therapy for Healing the Aura,” on October 25-26 in Chanhassen, MN. Participants will learn and experience how to clear, vitalize, uplift and restore all levels of the aura. For more information, please visit or email

sibility for improving their health. Affordable self-therapy involves using single gemstone spheres. Single spheres can be used in a variety of ways, such as placement on acupoints and special energetic “windows” of organs and tissues. Spheres can also be arranged into patterns or small mandalas, called “mini-gemandalas,” which are supported by a disk of beeswax attached to a therapy rod and applied in the aura. Mini-gemandalas can address a wide variety of health concerns. Each gemstone provides its unique benefits, plus you get the added support from the numerology and geometry you use when you make the gemandala. Even with a relatively small collection of single spheres, you can make a nearly unlimited number of gemstone configurations – each tailored to your unique energetic needs at the moment the treatment is applied. practitioner certification The Gemstone Therapy Institute offers Gemstone Therapy Practitioner certification to students who complete the three-part training. A trained gemstone therapist can also use gems to: diagnose the energetic picture of an illness; address the energetic patterns and accumulations that underlie disharmony; correct chakra and aura anomalies; loosen limiting patterns of emotions, habit, and belief; unwind the energies that hold life issues in a negative rut; directly address local and systemic conditions, as well as bring ease to emotional, karmic, and thought-based disharmony; and more. Gemstone therapy offers something for everyone: from the layperson who wants meaningful self-therapy to the health care practitioner looking for effective ways to add energy medicine to their practice. k Isabelle Morton, BS, GTMP, is the founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute and GEMFormulas, LLC, and is an international authority on gemstone energy medicine. She is an author, instructor, inventor, intuitive and entrepreneur. Her invention, the Gemstone Energy Field Imprinting device, imparts the energies of therapeutic gemstones into sprays and edible, homeopathic-like pills called GEMFormulas natural remedies. Instructions for how to do self-therapy using mini-gemandalas can be viewed on the Gemstone Therapy Institute certification series DVD #1 “Mini-Gemandalas for Self-Therapy” available from GEMFormulas, LLC. For more information please visit www. and Copyright © 2010 Isabelle Morton. All Rights Reserved.

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Iridologist the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  


The Return of Intuition An Edge interview with Kathryn Harwig on Awakening Psychic Gifts in the Second Half of Life by Tim

Miejan ntuitive trainer and master Kathryn Harwig, noted in the Twin Cities and in many parts of the nation and world for her palmistry, her ability to teach law enforcement agents how to boost their natural intuitive skills, and for her many books on psychic ability, discovered something that few people have acknowledged in print or conversation: that after we reach the age 50, our priorities shift and a window of opportunity opens to allow a greater awareness of our innate psychic gifts. We hear so often about Indigo children, Rainbow children and Crystal children – names given to describe the intuitive sensitivities of souls who have arrived onto the planet during the past couple of decades. But Kathryn is now heralding “the Violet generation,” Baby Boomers who are reconnecting with their wise inner selves as they mature. Her new book, The Return of Intuition: Awakening Psychic Gifts in the Second Half of Life (Llewellyn), is filled with true accounts of men and women who are realizing a new way of being at a time when psychic awareness was the least of their great expectations in life. Kathryn Harwig took the time to speak with The Edge about her new findings and what she thinks it means for the huge Baby Boomer population.


What led you to write The Return of Intuition, Kathryn? Kathryn Harwig: What led me to write it is

that the people who were coming in to see me for readings, and the people who were coming to my classes, were sharing very similar stories, which is that as they started to age many of them had in some way or another a type of intuitive awakening. Generally, it seemed to show up around age 50. They discovered that their psychic skills became much more powerful, that their interest in spiritual and psychic things became much more powerful. I noticed that this was sort of a trend and I started looking into this. I found that nothing had been written about it, so I decided I should be the one that wrote about it. Give us a case study of somebody you’ve worked with to demonstrate how this happened in their life. KH: The book is just full of all different kind of case studies, but

there was one in particular that struck me. It’s a sad story, but it has a wonderfully happy ending. Kim is a woman whose daughter was killed in a house fire. She was in college at the time and three of her young children were caught in the fire. She came in to see me to talk to her daughter after her daughter had died. What resulted was a whole series of events – you couldn’t call them coincidences, miracles, really – in regard to her daughter’s death that not only comforted Kim in a way that I think nothing else could comfort her, but she knew that her daughter was alive, just


in a different dimension. Kim also became an amazingly psychic person. Up until that point she had a bit of interest in metaphysical things but had not done anything related to it. But now it was as if the floodgates opened. That could have happened, of course, earlier in life, but the circumstances of people’s lives seem to be that between the ages of 40 and 60, things come together that cause you to have that sort of awakening. It could be a death of a spouse, a death of a child, a physical illness, loss of a job, loss of a relationship, or it can just be just a sweet, gentle awakening. I think what keeps people from having this awakening earlier is that they’re just so busy. Why do the difficult situations that happen in our lives spark this shift? KH: Unfortunately, difficult situations get our attention and they

take us out of our normal day-to-day routine. Oftentimes, even when you are grieving, you are also sitting quietly thinking about spiritual matters in some fashion or another, even if it’s only, “Why did this happen to me?” It’s a still time when you open yourself up. When you ask a question, like why, you may get answers. It isn’t necessary to have a traumatic event to open up our spirituality and our psychic ability, but it oftentimes is a trigger. I had about 150 people respond to a questionnaire I sent out. About half of them were triggered by traumatic events, and the other half blossomed into it as they aged. Do you have a sense that people don’t think that that’s a time of their lives when that’s possible? KH: I have a sense that people have been socialized out of believing

that there are good things that come of aging. In our society, we focus on the negatives of aging, the loss of memory perhaps, or the loss of physical ability, or the loss of looks. We don’t focus on the natural positives that come of aging. The strongest ones, in my opinion, are an increased ability to be psychic and an increased wisdom. Historically, in the Asian cultures and the Native American culture, the elders have always been the people who did the psychic ability, who were the wise ones. Is there is a connection between that natural process of gaining wisdom in life and increased intuitive ability? KH: Yes, I think the connection is that we have the time to be able

to do it and we have the inclination and we have the interest. People become more introspective as they age. They become more happy being alone. We crave solitude. We are not constantly distracted by children and jobs and money. If we are lucky, we have gotten to a place where we have time.

So, this experience is not just a gift, but like something that flows in our lives like a current? KH: Ooooh, good way to put it. And when we are distracted by the things that we do as we are in our twenties and thirties and forties, we are not aware of that current. KH: Exactly. It’s always there. When I talk about the return of

intuition, it makes it sound like it went away. It doesn’t really go away, but we don’t pay attention to it. It’s like a phone we don’t answer for 20 to 30 years.

It might be on vibrate, but we aren’t sensing it. KH: We don’t sense it because we are so distracted. If you watch

any typical 30- or 40-year-old person, there is no time in their life to even stop to see if they are getting a psychic hit, unless they are very unusual. Certainly there are exceptions to this. We know it’s common for young children to be highly intuitive, and as they try to fit in with their friends they sometimes block that receptivity. For those people who at a young age were attuned to that, for them it is a return to that awakening as they get older. KH: One of the questions that I asked in doing research for my book

was, “When did you first become aware of your psychic ability?” and most of them said, “When I was a young child.” And then almost all of them said pretty much what you just said, which is, “Then about age 7, maybe 12, it went away” or “people started making fun of me” or “people discounted it,” all those kind of things, “and so it just went away, and now it’s come back.” For many people, awareness of psychic gifts does return to people. What are the benefits for people in the second half of their life who expand their awareness in this way? KH: I really hope that my book is a call to action for older people.

By claiming our intuition, enhancing it and then using it, perhaps we can teach or perhaps aid society in some fashion, or just step into our roles as elders. The advantage is really to take our rightful place in society. Many times elder people are simply stuck away in a corner in some fashion. We’re not considered to be important and we’re not listened to, even though we control money and we control a lot of things. We don’t claim our power. It’s not about someone handing you your power. It’s about you saying, “Hey, I’m going to claim my power and I’m going to step into my role as an elder.” Is the connection to that channel of intuition more than just being able to pick up on something psychically? KH: That’s certainly part of it, because your life will get better if

you use your psychic information, no matter how old you are. But the difference in the elder generation is that it’s time for us to step up to the plate and say, “We have wisdom. We have knowledge. We have access to intuitive ability, and we want to use it to change the world.” With all the things that are happening in the next couple of years, if the elders of this society would just step forward and say, “We want to help,” that would make a huge difference. What would it look like in our society if that happened? KH: Baby boomers are a huge segment of the population. I don’t

think we’re going to be quiet. I don’t think we’re going to just quietly go off and play shuffleboard or the typical things of past generations. I think we’re going to continue to be movers and shakers, and we’re going to look at aging from a very different viewpoint than our culture has in the past. I think it’s going to be less about money and more about experiences. We could form wisdom circles and be available to people as mentors – not just intuitive mentors, but life mentors. And, if we got together and actually pooled our power – money, knowledge, experience – we certainly could become a political force. I quote some really wonderful studies in my book, surveys of people about how happy they are. They show that people are far happier when they are 60 years old than when they were 20 years old. There’s no question about it. An interesting brain study was done on a number of young people and older people who were shown a number of photographs. It showed that the older people remembered the happy events. The younger people remembered the traumatic events. The subjects were all seeing the same photographs, but looking at them completely differently. What we do is perceive life differently. I’m turning 60 in May

and want to do so on the mountains of Machu Picchu. I know my mother wouldn’t have done that. It’s not about adventures, it’s about being. I don’t think this group of elders are going away. We’re not going to become a silent generation. What practices can be done by those in the second half of their life to expand intuition? KH: I talk a lot about that in the book. Some of the practices that

I think are most critical are things like spending more time alone, which is something you want to do naturally as you age. It’s important to have a place of your own, some place that you can go and be silent. It’s also important for groups of elders to form so that you can discuss what’s happening to you, so you don’t feel like you’re a freak, which a lot of people do. And, of course, it’s important to ask good questions, to step forward and really be a mentor to people – having people say, “What do you think about this?” and then give them an intuitive answer.

In terms of feeling different or an outcast because of this intuitive ability, do you sense that might be shifting with this new generation compared to the past one? KH: If we claim it. That’s the challenge I put forth to people. People

don’t give us respect. We pretty much have to claim that respect. It’s vital that so-called “regular” people, people who haven’t been involved in the spiritual world all of their lives, come forward and say, “Yes, after my husband died he came to see me” or “Yes, I got this intuitive information when I was ill and then it’s continued to come to me.” Quit being in the closet. Courage is the one trait that differentiates a successful psychic from a non-successful psychic, in my opinion. For elder people, it can be courageous just to get out of bed sometimes when you ache. What about your life? How has this re-awakening of psychic gifts manifested in your life? KH: I have been in some fashion a psychic ever since I was a little

girl. I never completely lost that ability, but what happened for me as I aged was pretty much exactly what we have talked about. I feel much freer to speak the truth as I see it, to speak my mind. I’m not so worried about how this is going to affect my reputation, how this is going to affect how people perceive me. A few years ago I decided – and I’m still working on this decision – not to do personal readings for people anymore. It was a big chunk of my income, so to cut that out was frightening, but I felt like I needed to do it. This year, I’ve pretty much decided I’m not going to teach classes anymore. Eliminating the things that no longer fit for me gives me time for the things that do fit to come into my life. I’m now courageous enough to get rid of things before I know what is going to come in. What overall message do you want to leave with the reader? KH: I want to leave a message of hope, because we’re all aging – no

matter how old you are. It’s a very rich, exciting and spiritual time of freedom. I really believe that the shift that we are going toward is a freedom shift. If we can just let go of how we have done things in the past so that we are able to step into that freedom without fear, it’s going to be a beautiful time. But if we’re still clinging and thinking, “I can’t give up my house. I can’t give up my job. I can’t give up my dog,” then I think our society is going to be in for some wild rides. k For more information on Kathryn Harwig, visit Tim Miejan is editor & co-publisher of The Edge: Soul of the Cities. Contact him at or call 651.578.8969. Visit Copyright © 2010 Tim Miejan. All Rights Reserved.

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The Path of Presence ask leonard

Leonard Jacobson


Question: What must I do to awaken and be free? Where is the moment from asleep to awake? Answer: To awaken requires a deep intention on your part to be present. Every moment you have a choice. Will you be present with what is actually here now, or will you allow yourself to be absorbed into the world of the thinking mind, which is an illusory world of thought, memory and imagination. The present moment is always available, but you have to choose it. The more you choose Presence, the more grounded you will become in the truth and reality of the present moment and the more you will experience the sacred and the divine. If your commitment is to being present, there will come a time when being present becomes your home – and even though you will have occasional or even frequent excursions into the world of the mind, you never go so far into the mind that you get lost there. You ask where is the moment from asleep to awake. You cannot awaken in the future. You can only awaken now. And when you awaken, you will find yourself here, in this moment, utterly present with what is here in the moment with you. In truth, there is nothing but the present moment. In truth, you can never be anywhere else. The experience of being somewhere other than in the present moment is an illusion which is created when you enter the world of the mind, and become identified with the story that is unfolding there. If you believe in your thoughts, memories, imaginings, ideas, concepts and beliefs as being somehow true, you will find yourself imprisoned within the mind and disconnected from the present moment. k Leonard Jacobson is an awakened spiritual teacher and author of four books including his latest, Journey into Now. He has recently moved to Minneapolis and offers teaching sessions, one day workshops and longer retreats. For a schedule of upcoming events, call 612.920.3730 or visit Submit your questions to If Leonard answers your question in this column, you will receive a free copy of Journey into Now. Copyright © 2010 Leonard Jacobson. All Rights Reserved.


Put your projects in motion star wisdom

D.K. Brainard or the first time in months, I can look at the charts and not see a crazy cacophony of crisscrossing energy lines. After a chaotic summer and the forced slowdown of September’s Mercury Retrograde, we can use October to patiently put our projects back in motion. Venus – the goddess of relationship, art, beauty and attraction – retrogrades on October 8 in her detriment sign of Scorpio, putting these matters up for review. by


Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…With Venus retrograde in your 2nd House, it’s time to look closely at money and resources. What you have, what you need and how you’re using what you’ve been given are all up for scrutiny now. Relationships continue to be a test; use the New Moon on the 7th to set boundaries and master energetic integrity. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)…Someone from your past re-enters your life this month. Notice that you get to choose whether you jump back into the sack (or the business partnership) with this person. Notice what that choice says about your priorities. Notice that when you come from your center, you have all these choices. Isn’t that better than pretending to be a helpless victim of Fate? Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)…The Saboteur is that person inside you who fearfully tries to keep you from growing because s/he doesn’t want you to get hurt. The Saboteur has no power, other than the power you give it by pretending it away. Use the Venus Retrograde in your 12th House to get to know this very important archetype – and watch your goals come alive. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)…With Venus retrograde in your 11th House of goals and dreams, it’s time to get serious about looking at your life’s work in light of this epic and epochal cultural shift that’s happening on our planet between now and 2023. This month also brings you plenty of ideas on how to build a viable bridge from where you are now to where you need to be. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…You’re either changing your definite major purpose or reviving an old project to bring it back out into the light. Either way, your beliefs about what is possible are morphing and opening. It feels as if this new public self that is emerging comes from a very deep place. FYI: Acting from your Authentic Self puts you into the lucky money zone. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…Money continues to be a major focus. As in, “You’ve got money coming your way!” You’ve probably also got lots of money going out. Isn’t that great? Looks like the Universe decided you can handle a whole

new level of abundance. Learning how to allocate money wisely and with integrity ensures a steady flow. Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…You’re learning so much about the effect you have on the world through the mirror of your relationships. This isn’t always easy, but if you continue taking responsibility for everything in your world, you’ll be a master before you know it. The Venus Retrograde in your 8th House emphasizes integrity in how you share power, sex and money. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…You could look at the Venus Retrograde in your 7th House of relationships and say, “Oh no, more bad luck!” Or you could say, this is the month I’m going to examine my relationship history with ruthless honesty and understand what I need to change within my soul so I can have the love I want. Your choice. Gemini (May 21-June 20)…Mercury’s finally up to speed again, and as he whips through your 5th House of creativity, romance, children and your inner child, you are getting a snapshot of your Saturn lesson for the next two years: Fully developing your creative talent and learning how to share it with the rest of us. Cancer (June 21-July 22)…Remember earlier this year when for weeks or months at a stretch it seemed you had no options? My, how the game has changed! The Venus Retrograde in your 5th House is asking you to get clear on how you’re using your creative energy. With so many career opportunities sparking around, you can’t afford to dissipate your energy in worthless diversions. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…You tend to get frustrated with how slowly your desires manifest, but look around you at the incredible abundance you’ve created in such a short time. Use the Venus Retrograde in your 4th House to uncover and work through the family patterns that keep you stuck in smallness. You can use your word of power this month to create even more juicy goodness. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…Someone wants to come forward into your life in a sponsor role. This person or organization has already mastered much of what you are trying to learn. Your job is consciously working through past disappointments and “failures” so that you are able to open up to this opportunity and let more money and power into your life. k D.K. Brainard, M.A., C.H., is a writer, musician, astrologer and certified hypnotherapist who specializes in helping clients identify where they are on their own Hero’s Journey and take appropriate steps to reconnect with their soul/Higher Self/creative unconscious. To carry out this work, D.K. uses the tools of astrology, energy work, compassion and hypnotic shared exploration of limiting identity states and desired goal states. Get in-depth weekly horoscopes for each sign of the zodiac, plus monthly video forecasts and weekly astrology podcasts at DK’s website: Copyright © 2010 D.K. Brainard. All Rights Reserved.

Holistic Healthy Healing

Immersing ourselves in the Sea of the World

Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling Discover the benefits of your own healing capabilities. Learn how to heal yourself and others. Free yourself of those negative habits, find your true life path, increase your self-confidence, heal your body, and create your own Happiness!

becoming healing

Kate Sciandra here is a yearning we have as humans: to join with the flow and essence of the world around us. It creates a nostalgia for something we know we’ve experienced, yet cannot put a name to. There is a longing to be part of the greater whole. It is nearly impossible to walk to the edge of the ocean and not to kick off your shoes, wade in and let the waves lick against your ankles, to find a path in the woods and not take it, to come to a hill and not climb it. I grew up near Niagara Falls, and no matter how many hundreds of times I stand next to the falls, I find the pull of the water almost irresistible. It is not only nature that has this pull on us. The urge that draws people to show up at everything from Woodstock to the Obama inauguration without plans or tickets, just to be part of something, and the sentimental fondness with which these events are remembered are part of this impulse, this thirst, to be immersed in the flow of the world. What are we to make of this impulse? Its ubiquitous quality indicates to me that it holds an evolutionary advantage. So, what good does it serve? Arguably, it serves many, but for our purposes, it seems there is an obvious one. When we enter into the stream of life in a manner that allows us to be completely suffused with all that is around us, we cannot help but feel the distinctions between us begin to disintegrate. When the boundaries between “it” and “I” begin to grow indistinct, we are in a position where we naturally begin to embody a compassionate presence. It is not so much a matter of making the decision to be in a relationship of compassion with others as an inevitable consequence. As the boundary between yourself and others grows less substantial, it seems only natural to be present and open with others in whatever state they are in, and that is the root of compassion. The most straightforward way I have been able to experience that sense of oneness with my environment, without any sort of extreme circumstances, events or settings, is through practicing shikantaza. Shikantaza is just another kind of mindfulness. It is a way of being barely aware and yet completely in the moment. Much has been said about mindfulness techniques that name or identify our state of being, and anchors our awareness (including here in this column). These techniques are infinitely useful, but for me they are a wonderful bridge to this state of bare awareness. “Bare Awareness” sounds as though one might be partially checked out, in some sort of semi-trance state with a tenuous connection to the outside world. Instead, it is a more complete awareness. It is a “bare” awareness, as in unencumbered. The mind does not attach to any one thing, but is aware of everything equally. My most striking meditation experiences have been times when I have decided to sit in a noisy, busy, public place – for example, the middle of Powderhorn Park May Day Festival, and sitting on the curb at the Minnesota State Fair. Both times I have felt myself essentially disappear into the world around me; people, sights, sounds and smells all meld into a oneness that I, also, merge with. Everything is equal in value and importance, and I promise you, it’s hard to feel antagonism when you are everything. k by


Kate Sciandra is a teacher, speaker and integrative health practitioner. She is a Registered Advanced Practitioner and Instructor in Ortho-Bionomy® body/mind therapy and neuromuscular education. She is the founder of Aurasolus, a creator of flower remedy based products. Contact her at 612.202.5583 or through her websites: and Copyright © 2010 Kate Sciandra. All Rights Reserved.

Bonnie Flores


AWAKEN NOW! H EAL THE P AST , E MBRACE THE P RESENT , C REATE THE F UTURE ! You are invited to join Leonard Jacobson, awakened spiritual teacher, healer, mystic and guide every Tuesday for an inspiring and uplifting evening in Presence and Oneness. It is an opportunity to come together in community with others who are on a path of healing and awakening. Being present is a fundamental key to true awakening. But even if you are not on a spiritual path, you will benefit immensely from becoming more present in your life and in your relationships. Tuesdays October 12, 19, 26 at 7:00 pm Lake Harriet Spiritual Center, 4401 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis 55410 Tel: 612-920-3730

woodburyspine  [ a n d   i n j u r y   c e n t e r ]

dr. justin nye, chiropractor

“I bring more life to more people through the power of the chiropractic adjustment.” At Woodbury Spine and Injury Center, my purpose is to help you and your family achieve your optimum health. Through chiropractic care, you are able to achieve improved health naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery. Built on a solid foundation, Woodbury Spine and Injury Center has inherited the family commitment to quality service and gentle and effective techniques.

651.731.0505 the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  


healing centers an edge community what they are

Holistic healing supports our Whole Self: body, mind and spirit


olistic healing, one can safely say, has become mainstream. An example is Massage therapy, which is used to relax the body and relieve a number of acute and chronic conditions. It can be found everywhere, and more qualified practitioners are graduating every year to serve the needs of an awakening population. Multiple healing modalities and natural products and supplements make the holistic approach one of the most sought-after forms of treatment today. But holistic healing approaches – defined as a view of health care that focuses on the “whole self” (body, mind and spirit) and natural or spiritual cures – are not only provided by small centers. Large, established healthcare institutions have responded to the public’s demand for more natural care, and integrative, holistic medicine is driving innovation in hospitals throughout the Twin Cities, and nationwide. Holistic Medicine, according to, commonly includes these popular terms:

• Alternative Medicine – A term used by the general public and some health-care practitioners to refer to medical techniques which are not known or accepted by the majority “conventional” or “allopathic” medical practitioners (usually M.D.s). Such techniques could include non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques such as Medical Herbalism, Acupunture, Homeopathy, Reiki, and many others. Even the definition of “conventional practitioners” is quickly changing. Therefore, techniques that are now considered part of Alternative Medicine will soon be considered part of “conventional” medicine. • Complementary Medicine – A term used by “conventional” medical practitioners to refer to noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques used as a complement to “conventional” medical treatments, such as drugs and surgery. The term implies that “conventional” medicine is used as a primary tool and the non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques are used as a supplement when needed. • Natural Healing – The use of non-invasive and non-pharmaceuticals techniques to help heal the patient.   The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) reminds us that health is more than just not being sick: “Holistic Health is an ongoing process. As a lifestyle, it includes a personal commitment to be moving toward the right end of the wellness continuum. No matter what their current status of health, people can improve their level of well-being. Even when there are temporary setbacks, movement is always headed toward wellness.”

our healing center community The following Healing Centers serve our community: Adagio Holistic Therapies, LLC, 2457 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55405, 612.288.0488, – Maya Abdominal Therapy an ancient technique known and practiced by healers for 5,000 years; specializing in Digestive and Menstrual Issues, Fertility Enhancement, PMS, Prostate Enlargement/Discomfort, Urinary Issues, Menopausal Symptoms, Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins, Pregnancy Discomfort, Postpartum Healing/Depression, Breach Presentation, aids in a more vital and easy birth, reduces scar tissue. All about the Journey…A Healing Center, 352-1/2 Chicago Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55417, 612.354.2149, – Harmony Green owns Journey, a place to become who you are meant to be. A new offering here are guided still and silent retreats held multiple times during the year, and at Journey itself. Check out all the offerings at our website. It’s your Journey, live it! All Ways Health Center, Dr. Kathleen Higgins, 651.631.9488, 2585 Hamline Ave. N., Suite E, Roseville, MN 55113, – Receive gentle, award-winning Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathic, Massage and Reiki energy work services. Feel better with less structural, chemical, mental and environmental stressors. Our Health Coach program offers Toxicity testing, supervised Detoxification and Weight Loss programs. Quality Supplements. Free on/off site Community/Corporate Health Workshops. 25 years experience. Marybeth Buchele, HMC, Professional Homeopath, Health Naturally Homeopathy, 952.933.6068,, – As one of the most experienced and highly trained homeopaths in Minnesota, Marybeth combines her skills as a gentle, compassionate listener with top-notch clinical skills in classical homeopathy, several flower essence systems, nutrition, herbs and coaching with her ability to perceive how to help you get well. She specializes in the hard-totreat cases and her patients range from newborn to 90 years old. Particular interests include allergies, chronic fatigue, digestive ailments, autoimmunte complaints and mood difficulties. Center For Natural Healing, 3728 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55409, 612.825.3070, or – For more than 25 years, Dr. Bruce Boraas has been offering traditonal naturopathic health care: Health consultations (clinical interview and exam), Iridology and sclerology exam, lab testing, diet, vitamin herbal and homeopathic therapies, Reflexology and Jin Shin Do Acupresssure healing sessions. You can feel better and have more energy with natural health. Hours: Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., by appointment only.


Center for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota, 420 Delaware St., Minneapolis MN 55455, – Recognized nationally as a leader in integrative therapies and healing practices, the mission of the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota is to transform healthcare through innovative educational offerings, rigorous scientific research, and inspiring outreach programs. For more information or to see how you can get involved, visit our website. CMH Healing Arts, Cheryl Hiltibran, Wayzata, MN, 952.486.1298, www.GoingGenius. com – We specialize in raising awareness, releasing stress and eliminating mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. Available services are Energy Clearings, Healings, Dream Interpretation, Life Coaching, and Workshops. CMH Healing Arts focuses on connecting you to your inner wisdom and guidance. To become more centered, vibrant and intuitive, contact Cheryl now. Complete Oriental Medical Care, 5841 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN, 612.866.4000, – Do you suffer from chronic pain and other health problems? Maybe you’ve already talked with your M.D., gone to physical therapy, had chiropractic treatments and you still have pain. At our Minneapolis acupuncture clinic, pain relief usually occurs in seconds and long-lasting relief over a series of treatments is at least 80 percent. Call for our Free Report or free 15-minute consultation. Dynamic Minds, Inc., Hypnosis Center & Training, 4749 Chicago Ave. S., Suite 1, Minneapolis, MN 55407, 612.827.8094,, Facebook: dynamicminds – Where our mind goes, our body follows! We coach people to dissolve limiting beliefs, shift limiting habits and create a creative and rewarding life. Weight loss, stop smoking, fears, phobias, fatigue, pain management, confidence, past lives, spirituality and more! Certification training is also available to become a hypnotherapist. Healing Arts Wellcare Center, Dr. Susan Anderson, Hudson, WI, 1.800.801.0922, – Traditional Certified Naturopath, EAV testing • Dental issues including amalgam & root canal detoxification • Vaccination detoxification • Heavy metal toxicity clearing • Weight management & optimal nutrition using nutritional analysis & blood typing • Hormone balancing • Bach Flowers • Equine Assisted Therapy. Healing Hands Network, P.O. Box 18412, West St. Paul, MN 55118, 651.290.2880, – Healing Hands Network is a non-profit organization of Co-healers trained in the art of Three Heart Balancing. This healing modality integrates body, mind and heart to address a person’s pain and dis-ease. Visit our website for classes, information, and Co-healers. Continuing Education credits available for Minnesota nurses.


Be listed as a part of this community at The Edge: Soul of the Cities • $25 to be listed. View all Communities online at We invite you to join any past community online. To be listed: Call 763.433.9291 or email

Ten Principles of Holistic Medicine

The American Holistic Medical Association outlines these principles: 1. Optimal Health is the primary goal of holistic medical practice. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest level of functioning and balance of the physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of human experience, resulting in a dynamic state of being fully alive. 2. The Healing Power of Love. Holistic health care practitioners strive to meet the patient with grace, kindness, acceptance and spirit without condition, as love is life’s most powerful healer. 3. Whole Person. Holistic health care practitioners view people as the unity of body, mind, spirit and the systems in which they live. 4. Prevention and Treatment. Holistic health care practitioners promote health, prevent illness and help raise awareness of dis-ease in our lives rather than merely managing symptoms. A holistic approach relieves symptoms, modifies contributing factors, and enhances the patient’s life system to optimize future well-being. 5. Innate Healing Power. All people have innate powers of healing in their bodies, minds and spirits. Practitioners evoke and help patients utilize these powers.

The Healing Loft, 2112 NE Broadway St., Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN 55413,, – Kristen Scanlon: Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Animal Communicator • Duncan Metzger: Intuitive Medium and Soul Coach • Dr. Kathryn Fahnel, D.C.: Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor. Rental space available for practitioners, classes and workshops.

our healing center community

Holly House Center for Integrated HealthCare, 2324 University Ave. W., Suite 102, St. Paul, MN 55114, 651.645.6951,, www. – Since 1977, Dr. Patricia Lawler continues to integrate numerous natural disciplines to bring you a potent and comprehensive approach to improving health. Her treatment strategies eliminate the cause of dysfunction, thereby releasing your body’s innate ability to heal and helping you experience the health, vitality and longevity that you desire. Contact us today! Journey’s Way Healing, John Klug & Donna M. Brown, 533 Dale St. N., St Paul, MN 55103, – A holistic approach to healing! John channels a master guide who draws out your own inner wisdom to help bring practical suggestions and solutions to light. Donna combines massage therapy and energy work to provide a unique solution to physical healing. Realize your total well-being using their comprehensive mind and body services. Mind Body & Spirit, Merri Weis and Joan Stokes, Co-Owners, 915 W. St. Germain, St. Cloud, MN 56303, 320.203.9630,, – Journey to a place that feeds your soul. Seekers and shoppers become pleasantly lost or creatively found amidst an eclectic mix of spiritual items and unique gifts. Find additional resources and opportunities to support your spiritual journey through our practitioner sessions, classes and workshops. Visit our website to learn more. National Exercise Trainers Association, 1.800.237.6242, – Let National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) – a recognized leader in the fitness industry – enrich your life! Offering: Yoga Specialty Certification workshop, help others by leading and teaching multi-level traditional yoga classes; NCCA-accredited Personal Trainer and Group Exercise certification and continuing education workshops. Certifications are recognized at more than 18,000 fitness facilities across the U.S. Orion Wellness Center, Nancy McShane, 21308 John Milless Dr., Suite 102, Rogers, MN 55374, 763.428.0088, – Our Massage Therapist offers everything from relaxation to deep tissue. Each massage is customized to fit your individual needs. Our Acupuncturist uses traditional Chinese Acupuncture techniques to increase energy and immunity, decrease pain and stress and enhance overall wellness. We accept most major health insurance plans.

6. Integration of Healing Systems. Holistic health care practitioners embrace a lifetime of learning about all safe and effective options in diagnosis and treatment. These options come from a variety of traditions. The realm of choices may include lifestyle modification and complementary approaches as well as conventional drugs and surgery. 7. Relationship-centered Care. The ideal practitioner-patient relationship is a partnership which encourages patient autonomy, and values the needs and insights of both parties. The quality of this relationship is an essential contributor to the healing process. 8. Individuality. Holistic health care practitioners focus patient care on the unique needs and nature of the person who has an illness rather than the illness that has the person. 9. Teaching by Example. Holistic health care practitioners continually work toward the personal incorporation of the principles of holistic health, which then profoundly influence the quality of the healing relationship. 10. Learning Opportunities. All life experiences including birth, joy, suffering and the dying process are profound learning opportunities for both patients and health care practitioners. Sources:, American Holistic Health Association, American Holistic Medical Association

Pain & Brain Healing Center, 1400 131st Ave. NE, Blaine, MN 55449, 763.862.7100,, – End the nightmare; see the Doctor who wrote the book on chronic pain and fatigue, “Why We Hurt.” Utilizing the latest in laboratory medicine and neurological examination, we will uncover the actual causes of your pain and fatigue. We specialize in complex chronic conditions, from fibromyalgia to ADHD and Autism. Psinergy, 612.217.HEAL (4325), – Esogetics therapies offered by Psinergy gently adjust the mind-body-spirit through light-wave frequencies. Esogetics is a well-accepted therapy in much of Europe and many other parts of the world, and includes more than 40 years of empirical scientific research and more than 2,000 specific therapies! Try it today and you’ll be amazed! Rapha-El Acupuncture Plus, Mary E.K. Denison, L.Ac., M.Om, NCCAOM board certified, S. Minneapolis location, 612.728.0844 (by appt.), raphaelacupuncture@, – Rapha-El Acupuncture Plus is a practice in Traditional Chinese/Oriental Medicine, Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, Reflexology, and currently in studies in Esogetic Colorpuncture. Mary is a discount practitioner with several private health insurances, i.e. Blue Cross, (check your insurance’s website), and veterans. Cash pay only except for MVAs. Namaste. Shen Men – a Healing Arts Collaborative, 651.649.1605, – We believe that healing takes place on different levels, including biochemical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual. We offer a variety of therapies including: Acupuncture, Colorpuncture, Healing Touch, Masgutova Method and Extra Lesson Therapy (sensory-neural integration work through movement), Nutrition and Herbs. Spark Clinic, 812 E. 48th St., Minneapolis, MN 55417, 612.232.6453, www. – Spark Clinic is here for you when you need to get well, naturally. We are a holistic walk-in clinic because, through all of our services, we treat the whole person. No appointments necessary. Through acupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy, Reiki and massage, we provide the healing spark that you need to get well. Carol Swan Energy Healing and Paintings for the Body, Mind, and Spirit, 651.690.3991,, – Energy work releases blockages, balances chakras and restores the body to its natural state of health. Paintings are intuitively created with the intent to have a healing effect so harmony and inner peace is restored. Well Within, 1784 LaCrosse Ave., St. Paul, MN 55119, 651.451.3113, wellwithin1@, or – Well Within is a warm and welcoming non-profit wellness resource center that offers innovative programs, support and services to those who seek well-being and healing of body, mind and spirit. It is our hope that every person we serve can enhance their well-being by empowering the healer within. the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  


Ghosts & Hauntings Is Greyhound Bus Museum in Hibbing Haunted by Shadowy Figures?

they want to be noticed. This is why noises and activity come into play. There is also a theory that ghosts are more prone to nightly activities because it is easier for them to be noticed, as people are less likely to notice during the daytime.

Real Life Ghosthunter Adam Nori shares his favorite haunts, purpose behind his investigation.

Why do you think ghosts hang around? AN: We use the term that “ghosts were people too,” and when you apply that to them, you have to ask why people stick around certain areas. Maybe it’s financial (they are worried about their money), family orientated (sticking around to comfort a loved one), or they want to wait for a loved one to be with them. I have heard a few reasons in my time ghost hunting and it’s usually either love, money, or fear of moving on.


by Amy Putkonen

dam Nori has made it his life’s journey to seek out and look into claims of ghosts and hauntings throughout the state of Minnesota. Since 2001, Adam has run his own group of investigators called The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group (MNPSG). This organization investigates stories of haunted activity for no charge and then documents their findings for public knowledge at Adam also serves as a staff member within the TAPS Family organization, a global network of credible investigators brought together by The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). How did you get interested in this unique line of work? Adam Nori: I originally got interested in the field of hauntings and ghosts when I lost a loved one close to me at the age of 10. He passed away suddenly and we never had the chance to say goodbye. Later on in my teen years, I heard stories of people saying goodbye to deceased loved ones in certain circumstances and always wondered if that was possible. That, of course, was just the beginning of this strange journey. What is the purpose of the MN Paranormal Study Group? What do you actually do? AN: Our goal is to document

claims of haunted locations around the state of Minnesota. The MNPSG works with both commercial and residential clients to attempt to prove or explain the claims within the allegedly haunted property. We use various equipment to provide an objective perspective of our findings. After we wrap up the investigation and the clients know what we found, we then publish our reports for the general public on our website,

ence would have been at the Greyhound Bus Origin Museum in Hibbing. We were packing up after a long night and were in the parking lot loading cars. When I looked into the dimly lit lobby, I saw a small shadow figure, about three feet tall, walk from left to right. A few minutes later, I had a team member tell me that he saw the same thing move from right to left in the lobby. I guess the ghosts were just making sure that we were leaving!

What is your favorite ghost story? (I am sure you have plenty!) AN: That’s a tough question in all honesty. Historically? The Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre is a true Minnesota gem. It was the first hotel outside Minneapolis that had electricity and the owners had to replace the wiring after a few months due to people just booking a room to turn on the lights. The pure amount of history within that inn is astounding and it is said to have the ghost of famous author Sinclair Lewis still roaming around. My favorite experi-

Are there any famous hauntings locally in the Twin Cities area? AN: There are a few that I have heard about within the Twin Cities area, but have yet to investigate. The Noose Bar in St. Paul is said to have some strange stories (which are documented on our site) as well as one of the top floors of the Minneapolis City Hall. I think that many people are scared of ghosts because they hear stories of things flying around. Are most ghosts something to be scared of, or are most of them rather gentle? AN: They usually are just gentle, but much like people,

It seems that part of the goal of your work is to explain scientifically that these scenarios are real and do exist. Have you had success in convincing people of the validity of ghost stories? AN: I think it is important to realize that our job is not to make people believers but rather be a neutral third party who wants to try to document these claims. We bring forth our expertise of possible normal explanations, and when we are left scratching our heads, we ask the clients and public what they think of it.

Amy Putkonen is creator and owner of the Cirkla Holistic Directory and the Cirkla Radio Show. The Cirkla Radio Show is a weekly online radio program where we interview leaders in the global holistic community with ideas for living holistically, expanding our global consciousness and nurturing our spiritual connections. Visit www.MinneapolisHolistic. com (holistic directory and calendar site) and Copyright © 2010 Amy Putkonen. All Rights Reserved.

Ghostly Image of Dead Father Leads to Miraculous Healing.


by Jerry Buchmeier

ome years ago I had an amazing experience with ghosts of two family members. I grew up in a strong Catholic family, number six of seven children. Our Dad was a devoted husband and father, and a hard-working lawyer. Like many men in his generation, he was authoritarian, demanding and perfectionist. Being quick-witted and proud of his intelligence, he loved a good argument. My father and I were polar opposites. His confidence provoked my insecurity. His quick speech smothered my wish for deep thought and intimate conversation. His anger ignited my smoldering resentments. I countered his demandingness with my own consideration of others. I would tread carefully around his angry storms when he had been drinking. I fashioned my ideal around the opposite of who my father was. My father’s younger sister, Ceal, was his secretary. She, like me, was somewhat insecure, and he would put her down impatiently when she

didn’t have ready what he expected, or misconstrued his dictations. It seemed to me that her shakiness and uncertainty was directly related to his harsh treatment. I was in my late 40s when my father died. Even in his old age, our tumultuous relationship felt always on the verge of explosion. Aunt Ceal died about a year later after a severe heart attack. I heard of her death by noon, and kept checking to see when it would be okay for me to try to speak with her. Not until midnight was the right time. She was in great distress. She had gone through a life review, and was berating herself about how little she had accomplished in her life compared to my father. I listened to her sad wailing for a while. Eventually I grew impatient with her, catching myself saying something to her with irritation, just like my father did. Ashamed, I began to put myself down. When she saw this, she recognized what she herself was doing, and snapped out of it. We had been fairly close in life. Now

our friendship became much closer. I spoke with her daily for about five years. During this time I was fixing up a vacant house. On breaks, I would dialogue with my aunt, typing into my laptop computer. One time while I was speaking with her, my father walked into the room. I was truly surprised. I’d had no contact with him at all after he died. He sat down in the chair next to my aunt. Dad told me he was working on three things in the afterlife. He was doing some lawyerly work. He was helping people make the transition to their new life after death. And he just beamed when he spoke of the third thing, making violins for an orchestra. I still find that touching. His grandfather had been an artisan with wood. Dad loved the violin, though he didn’t play himself. He was proud of my oldest brother playing violin in a youth orchestra. And I still vividly recall his favorite record in the ’50s, Fritz Kreisler’s beautiful violin melodies. When Dad finished speaking, the conversation switched to me and Aunt Ceal. I chuckled to myself as I saw him shifting in his chair somewhat impatiently. Just like in life, he was restless when not the center of attention. He got up, saying that this dialogue with me was Ceal’s

Ghosts, Ghosts Everywhere! Author of Dark Angels: One in Three Believe in Ghosts. What is Really True about What Goes Bump in the Night?


by Rita Louise

here has been an enormous leap in interest in the minds of the American people into the subject of the paranormal, and ghosts in particular. Television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer and Medium are viewed by millions each week. At the same time, network channels including Syfy, Discovery and Travel have presented countless documentaries about haunted locations and

other ghostly phenomena. According to an Associated Press poll, roughly one-third of the people in the United States believe in ghosts. A smaller but still substantial 23 percent say they have actually seen a ghost or believe they have been in the presence of a ghost. Halloween inevitably sparks increased interest in ghosts and the paranormal. Curiosity is further aroused when viewers find themselves watching shows about ghosts and wondering if what they are seeing is real. What is the truth about all those things that go bump in the night? Ghosts, angels, spirit guides and entities are around us all the time. As human beings, we are taught to filter out their presence from our normal waking

job now. He needed to get back to his own commitments. I rose to bid him goodbye. As he walked out of the room, our eyes met. I don’t know exactly how to describe this, for I had no clear vision of him, only a sense of where he was, and a vague image. But our eyes met, and in that instant, my whole lifetime of conflict with him was reframed and healed. Never again would I think of him with resentment or feel hurt at his treatment of me. We had both been philosophy majors in college, 35 years apart. In the reframe, we were college students together studying philosophy, taking wildly divergent positions, arguing intensely about our different points of view, and enjoying every minute of it. In a flash this ghostly encounter became for me a miraculous, instant healing.

Jerry Buchmeier, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and channel working in Plymouth, MN. In October he is leading a workshop Thursday evenings at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community on past-life regression and contacting friends and relatives who have died. Contact him at or call 763.546.4133. Copyright © 2010 Jerry Buchmeier. All Rights Reserved.

consciousness. We are told as children they do not exist. If we do come across one, and share our story with others, we are often told it is our imagination at work or we are looked at like we are crazy. The truth is: Ghosts, spirits and entities are real. Their impact on us and our lives is unmistakable. Capturing a “ghost” on film, or with other ghost hunting devices, is rare. This is unfortunate. Many people are waiting for the smoking gun or some form of hard evidence before they will believe in the existence of these ethereal beings. And even if they had the perfect image of an apparition in hand or an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recording of one of them saying, “I am the ghost of your Aunt Sally,” the skeptic will most likely try to debunk its authenticity. Fortunately, non-corporeal beings can be readily detected and observed

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True Life Experience: I Grew Up in a Real Haunted House. Strange Man Walks the Hallway; Loud Whisper Warns: ‘Stop Singing!”


by Kim Morris

grew up in what I like to call a “movie set” neighborhood in Maplewood, MN. Perfect neighborhood blocks with houses lined up on both sides. It was quiet, it was nice, it was safe, it was perfect. The house itself was built in 1946 and there are no known traumas that happened in that house or on that land. Growing up, I didn’t believe in ghosts. Well, that’s not true. It’s not that I didn’t believe in them, I just didn’t think about them. I was really interested in dreams. I never even had any experiences of a ghostly nature myself. I had heard stories from my oldest sister, Sue, who told me that she once ran out of the house and sat outside until somebody came home, because she sensed someone/something in the house. It wasn’t until later that I started hearing stories of my mom’s experiences, involving a shaking bed. The most intense experience happened one evening when my dad was out of town on business. My mom was in her bedroom, my brother was down the hall in his bedroom and my sister, Jenny, and I were upstairs in our room. My

mom saw a man walk down the hallway and go upstairs to where we were. My mom, thinking there was an actual man in the house, woke my brother up and said, “Larry, a man just went upstairs where the girls are. I’m going to go up there. Be prepared to call the cops.” She went upstairs, and the only thing she found was her two little daughters sleeping peacefully and undisturbed. Other people, besides our family, felt something was “strange” in the house. When we look back and talk about it now, they always say, “I always felt there was something in that house.” Hey, thanks for telling me now! My first run-in with something in that house took place when I was in high school. My friend, Erin, and I used to record ourselves singing karaoke in the basement all the time. One night, we were the only ones in that house. I was listening to a tape, a part between songs where we were just talking as we prepared the next song. Very clearly and distinctly (louder than our own voices) a man’s voice can be heard in a loud whisper saying, “Stop singing!” Needless to say, it was rather shocking to hear, but I laughed it off. Now I wish I could find that tape! That was the first experience. The second experience – the one that really made sit up and take notice – happened a year or two later. I was

Ghosts Everywhere! Continued on intuitive levels. For the beginner, trusting what one is seeing, feeling and hearing is often the biggest obstacle to fully believing in oneself. Trust in ourselves builds through time and experience.

Trust forms when our experiences are validated by others. When what we are sensing is also detected by the people around us, such as a homeowner, then our impressions are being validated. Through this we learn to believe in what we are picking up. It

sleeping, and when I woke up there was a something floating above me. It was definitely human shaped, a glowing grey/white color and it was looking at me. I leaped up from my bed yelling, “OH MY GOD!” and flipped the light on. It was gone. Yes, I had been sleeping, and that made it easy for me to explain it away so I could get back to sleep. But I know I was awake. I know I was. Then little experiences happened from then on. I lost my Chapstick and then found it two weeks later on my bed as if it had been there the whole time. I left my curling iron on my vanity table and came back to it a couple minutes later and found it lying in the hallway with the electric cord taut from the hallway to the vanity table. One day, I was going to head upstairs to borrow a shirt from my sister. I stopped in the kitchen to make sure the cupboards were all closed, and then I ran upstairs. When I came back down, all the cupboards were wide open. Everyone was at work at the time, so it wasn’t a family member messing with me. The most recent experience happened just a few months ago. I found my 4-year-old nephew Michael standing in my niece Natalie’s room (my old room) and he was just staring toward the closet/window area. I walked in to see what he was staring at. I heard some rustling around in Natalie’s closet, so

transforms what we may at first think of as a bizarre coincidence into something real. So let’s spend a few minutes talking about hauntings…. When a ghost has taken up residence in a location, it is referred to as a haunting. All hauntings fall into two distinct categories – residual and active. Although they may seem similar to the

I thought she was trying to dig a toy out. That’s exactly what it sounded like. I went to see what she was doing, but when I looked inside the closet, nothing was there. My sister Jenny and niece Natalie live in the house, and both of them have seen a little girl upstairs in what is now Jenny’s room. We don’t know who the ghosts might be, though we theorize that one may be the former owner of the house. I do remember a very vivid dream I had one night, that I walked into the family room and there was a young guy (probably in his teens) sitting there. He was dressed in overalls and a flannel shirt. He definitely looked like a farm boy. I just looked at him and asked what he was doing there. He got up and started walking up the stairs to my sister’s room. I asked him what his name was and he turned around and said what it was and then just kept heading upstairs. So there you have it. I truly believe I grew up in a haunted house in a quiet, normal, Midwest neighborhood. There’s nothing ominous about the house or the neighborhood. In fact, if you walk into that house, the energy is very light and happy. Whoever our ghost(s) is/are, they’ve always been easy to live with despite some lessthan-comfortable moments.

Kim Morris, a native of Maplewood, now lives in Isanti, MN, with her husband, Brian, and their domestic zoo of three cats and a dog. Contact her at Copyright © 2010 Kim Morris. All Rights Reserved.

untrained observer, they are very different in their nature and context. A residual haunting is the most common type of ghostly event. Although frequently thought of as a haunting by the soul of someone who has passed, this is not the case. A residual haunting is, in essence, the energetic imprint of a person or event

cameras and tape recorders, nothing is visually detected in the room. It is not until the pictures are looked at, or the recordings analyzed, that the presence of a ghost is revealed. In my experience, whether it was in one of the haunted houses I lived in, or an investigation into the strange disturbances reported by a homeowner, I have yet to see a ghost in the way it is typically depicted on television or in the movies. Ghosts, like all entities, live in the world of subtle energy, which to the casual observer exists outside of our physical world and beyond the range of our five senses. When we see a ghost, we are not seeing them with our physical eyes. Instead, we are using our alternative eyes – our clairvoyance – to view them. As you begin to explore the world of ghosts, spirits and attached entities, do not be afraid. Instead, open yourself up intuitively to their presence. Ask them questions. Feel into their emotional energy. Slip your “ghost glasses” on and take a quick peek. As you find out more about the beings you encounter, you will discover that they typically are not at all bad or evil. In most cases they are scared and too frightened to take their next step. Find compassion for these lost souls. Your kindness and understanding may help to set them free.

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SoulHealer Rita Louise, Ph.D., is a Naturopathic Physician, the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics and the host of Just Energy Radio. Author of the books – Dark Angels, Avoiding the Cosmic 2x4 and The Power Within, Dr. Louise has worked with countless clients who have been affected by attached entities, and she has helped eliminate them from their lives. Visit or listen live online to Dr. Rita at www.


in g y o uh




on the environment that can be seen, felt or heard. Ghosts that traditionally make up a residual haunting are tied to a site, a room or even a piece of furniture. There aren’t any actual ghosts, spirits or entities involved in this type of haunting. What is being encountered in these situations is a recording of a past event as opposed to interacting with a being without a body. A residual haunting is actually trapped energy that is anchored to a location. This can include the recording of moments of intense emotions, such as battles like the one in Gettysburg. It could document the energy of a murder or other violent or traumatic event. It could even be the imprint of pleasurable emotional energy, such a big fun-filled party or intense sexual energy. Imprints can also be recorded when an activity is consistently repeated, such as sitting in a specific “favorite” chair, walking up a flight of stairs or cooking in a kitchen.   Active hauntings, on the other hand, make up less than 20 percent of all ghostly encounters. Unlike a residual haunting – where what is being seen, felt or even heard is a recording or imprint of energy on an item or the environment – an active haunting involves real spirits or entities. During a residual haunting, any ghost detected is always unaware of your presence. This is not the case during an active haunting. Here the ghosts are aware of you and are known to interact with the living. These entities are true ghosts! Ghosts can and do interact with our physical world. Ghosts have been known to open doors, hide items (only to have them reappear later on), move furniture, and turn lights on and off. It is claimed by many that their voices can be heard on tape and their images caught on film. When utilizing traditional ghost hunting equipment, such as


Copyright © 2010 Body, Mind & SoulHealer. All Rights Reserved.

Annette Bruchu

the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  


Discovering the oldest man-made structures on Earth

Decoding the hidden ruins of southern Africa Michael Tellinger Editor’s note: This article was edited for space. Please read the complete article and view more photos online at



cholars have told us that the first civilization on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6,000 years ago. Recent archaeological findings suggest that the Sumerians may have inherited some of their knowledge from an earlier civilization that emerged many thousands of years earlier in southern Africa - the cradle of humankind. More than 100,000 years ago, early humans built a stone calendar that predates all other man-made structures found to date. This discovery is so astounding that it requires a true paradigm shift in our approach to ancient human activity, as it takes us closer to the emergence of the earliest humans on planet Earth. This “African Stonehenge,” which we have called Adam’s Calendar, has for the first time On Thursday, Oct, 21, South created a link to the countless African author, explorer and other stone ruins in southern scientist Michael Tellinger Africa and suggests that these will present “The First ruins are much older than we People” from 6:30-9:30 p.m. thought. The complex that links at Lake Harriet Spiritual Waterval Boven, Machadodorp, Community, 4401 Upton Carolina and Dullstroom, covers Ave. S., Minneapolis. The an area larger then modern-day cost is $30, students and Johannesburg and has emerged seniors $15. A reception and as the largest and most mysterefreshments will follow. rious ancient city on Earth. The


discovery of carved dolerite statues of giant birds, some resembling Horus, and petroglyphs of winged disks, suggests that the prototype Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations had their origins in southern Africa thousands of years before they emerged in the north. Seven years of research by a group of independent scientists and explorers has delivered what may be the crucial missing elements in our understanding of the lives and development of early modern humans. Their discovery has been released in a book called Adam’s Calendar. But the research has also shown that these stone settlements represent the most mysterious and misunderstood structures found to date. It points to a civilization that lived and dug for gold in this part of the world for thousands of years. And if this is, in fact, the cradle of humankind, we may be looking at the activities of the oldest civilization on Earth. Circular stone ruins Johan Heine manages the largest group of firefighters and fire-fighting fleet of aircraft in Africa. As a pilot he has been flying over the mountains of Mpumalanga for more than 20 years. He instantly took a keen interest and started photographing thousands of strange circular stone ruins that lie scattered throughout this region. After consulting various so-called experts on their origins, he was informed that these were merely remains of “cattle kraal” (pens) left behind by the migrating Bantu people from the north in the 14th century until about the 18th century. But it was an almost fatal air crash by one of Heine’s crew that brought him to discover the mysterious monolithic circle we now call Adam’s Calendar and put the entire mystery of these ancient ruins into perspective. Johan spotted the strange monoliths standing upright in the center of a larger eroded circular structure, right on the edge of a high mountain cliff. After dealing with the crashed aircraft and recovering the pilot who only suffered a broken arm, Johan

returned to investigate the monoliths. This is when he truly discovered how amazingly blind “those who will not see” can be. He brought about five academics to the site in search of explanations, but not one of them could see the true significance of the discovery, claiming that these were just random stones. This was a big blow to his original excitement, but like a true explorer he did not stop there. The site is situated on the edge of what is known as the Transvaal Escarpment, which is geologically black reef quartzite, rich in gold. This is incidentally where the gold rush took place in the early 1800s. But the monoliths at Adam’s Calendar are all dolerite. The closest vein of dolerite to the site is about a kilometer away. This means that the architects went to a lot of trouble to get the monoliths, some of which weigh more than 5 tons, to the site. The central monolith is carved with precision to allow the setting sun to cast a shadow on what we call the flat calendar stone. Johan began to measure and calculate the layout and parameters of the monoliths. Using his years of experience in aeronautical science and navigation, he very quickly realized that the circular structure was purposefully designed and aligned to the cardinal points of Earth, including equinoxes and solstices. But it was only six years later, and many more explorations with amazing new discoveries on every trip to the mountain top, that the site was accurately surveyed and the true age of the monoliths was revealed. It turned out that the north, south, east, west alignment is out by 3 degrees, 17 minutes and 43 seconds. This means that we are dealing with a structure at least 25,000 years old, based on archaeoastronomic calculations relating to the 26,000-year cycle of the precessional wobble. Further studies of the geology, erosion, alignments with stars and lichen growth have allowed us to reach a reasonable, sound and scientific conclusion that this site is at least 75,000 years old. Our latest research has pushed back this date to well over 100,000 years.

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Mysterious ancient ruins of southern Africa It is generally estimated by scholars that there are about 20,000 ancient stone ruins scattered throughout the mountains of southern Africa. Modern historians have been speculating about the origins of these ruins, often calling them “cattle kraal of little historic importance.” The truth of the matter is that closer scientific inspection paints a completely different and astonishing new picture about the ancient history of these stone ruins of southern Africa. The scientific reality is that we actually know very little about these spectacular ancient ruins and it is a great tragedy that thousands have already been destroyed through sheer ignorance by forestry, farmers and development. After my personal explorations on foot and by air over the past two years, I can confidently estimate the number of ancient stone ruins to be closer to 100,000. This figure was confirmed by Professor Revil Mason in January 2009. Population problem This immediately poses a huge problem for archaeologists, anthropologists and historians, because the accepted history of this part of the planet does not at any time in our past place anywhere nearly enough people here to have built this number of structures. It gets even more complex when you realize that these were not just isolated structures left behind by migrating huntergatherers. The true reality hits you when you take in the magnitude and expanse of these settlements and witness the staggering number of ancient terraces that surround these settlements, which cover more than 450,000 square kilometers in southern Africa, and possibly much more. A detailed archaeological scrutiny of photographic evidence of some of these terraces shows some to be at least 5,000 years old.

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Most of the original settlement structures are well buried beneath the soil and can only be seen from the air by a sensitized observer. It gets even more confusing when you observe the ancient roads that link all these settlements together. We have traced the remains of these roads that can still be seen stretching to about 500 kilometers. In their original state, they would have covered thousands of kilometers. The position of the ancient road sections that we have discovered suggest that it once ran continuously from the coast of Mozambique to Botswana and possibly beyond. A rough calculation shows that only the visible pieces of the original ancient roads would have required more than 500 million stones of between 10 and 50 kilograms to construct. If we assume that the roads only make up 2 percent of the ancient settlements, the number of stones required to build the entire ancient city/settlement becomes unthinkable. This would simply not be possible with the current population model of ancient civilization in southern Africa. The other issue we need to deal with is the need for roads, since it was previously believed that the wheel only arrived in this part of the world with the Portuguese explorers in the 1500s. Oldest city on Earth It would not be unthinkable that we are possibly looking at the oldest settlements on Earth. Artifacts that have been recovered from these ruins show a long and extended period of settlement that spans more than 200,000 years. Over the past three decades, several researchers have raised this issue only to be ridiculed and often ostracized. Many leading scientist and historians have since voiced their support for such ancient origins. Since southern Africa is the cradle of humankind, we should not be surprised to find such ruins, but we should rather expect these discoveries. The reality seems to be that we are dealing with what is possibly the largest and most mysterious ancient civilization on Earth. How does Adam’s Calendar fit into the ancient ruin picture? Adam’s Calendar is the flagship among these ruins, because we can date this monolithic calendar with relative certainty to at least 75,000 years of age, based on a number of scientific evaluations. In turn, Adam’s Calendar points to the diverse ancient history of southern Africa and presents the first tangible evidence of the earliest humans in the “cradle of humankind.” This remarkable stone structure of Adam’s Calendar was originally a large circular structure resembling, but predating, Stonehenge by many thousands of years. Its original shape is still

clearly visible from satellite images. Adam’s Calendar is built along the same 31 degree longitudinal line as Great Zimbabwe and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Three of the monoliths are aligned with the rise of Orion’s belt when it rose horizontally on the horizon at least 75,000 years ago. The latest astronomic calculation suggests that the last time Orion would have been flat on the horizon was around 160,000 years ago. A recent observation is that the fallen monolith on the outer circle that marks the vernal equinox sunrise is shaped like the Horus hawk head from Egypt and it also resembles the birds at Zimbabwe ruins. This is the oldest statue of the Horus hawk by a long shot and should attract great interest in the years to come. Adam’s Calendar takes us further back in time closer to the emergence of Homo sapiens than any other structure ever found to date, and it will force historians and archaeologists to reconsider ancient human activity and consciousness. Ancient humans Southern Africa holds some of the deepest mysteries in all of human history. Although much has been written about the first humans who appeared in this part of the world, we have found very little evidence of their activity or what they did and what kind of lives they led from around 250,000 years ago to 75,000 years ago. What we are told is that around 60,000 years ago the people from Africa began to migrate north and eventually populated the whole planet. Who were these first humans? What did they do? How did they live? And where did they disappear to? After witnessing the enormous ancient cities and civilizations in southern Africa myself, I am convinced that what we think we know about our ancient human history is further from the truth than we ever imagined. k Michael Tellinger has become one of South Africa’s bestselling authors. He is the author of Adam’s Calendar, Temples of the African Gods, and Slave Species of god. His writing on human origins has been praised by readers in more than 20 countries. He graduated in 1983 from the University of Witwatersrand Medical School, Johannesburg, with a B.Pharmaceutics degree, and a passion for the cosmos, genetics and human history. His research and astute understanding of his subject matter has made him a regular guest on radio shows in the U.S. and U.K. He spent much of his early years in the arts performing on stage and screen. He has written music hits, worked in Los Angeles for Cannon Films as a sound designer and editor, and he has written a number of screenplays, children’s educational books and TV shows. For more information, please visit Copyright © 2010 Michael Tellinger. All Rights Reserved.

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Seeing the mirage as mirage Eric Putkonen hen I was 18, I met a new friend with a large library of spiritual books. He loaned them to me. I became a ravenous reader of spiritual and occult books. I studied whatever interested me for 13 years…and then I got tired of the search (for truth). I felt with every new book that it was a regurgitation of stuff I had already read. Curiously enough, I had not read anything in non-duality or Advaita…I never bumped into it. Over the years of practice and study, I had heard about “living in the present moment,” “detachment” and “mindfulness,” as well as all the other common phrases and buzzwords in spirituality. I even thought I knew what was meant and that I was doing it. I thought I was making spiritual progress. In November 2005, I checked out a copy of the Eckhart Tolle’s DVD, The Flowing of Human Consciousness, from the Ridgedale Public Library. I kept hearing of Tolle and wanted to see a video (not read a book). It spoke of being present…which I thought I was doing, but it taught it in a new way. It taught inhabiting the body. Suddenly, I was feeling the body instead of thinking. I was truly present for the first time… and my mind slowed down and became still. Then I noticed something about how Eckhart spoke. I could sense something else behind the words. He called it speaking from presence, but I could feel it (even from video). Presence was conveyed. I think I was just ready, but this was the little push I needed to awaken. It was a “eureka” or “a ha” moment when I saw through the illusion I was taking for reality. It was like seeing the mirage for the mirage it was and not the water I had been thinking it was. I saw, too, that the ego was a mirage. The mirage doesn’t disappear when you see it for what it is…it just no by


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longer fools you and causes confusion and suffering. It was instantaneous and complete. There was no going back…not that I wanted to. There was nothing to integrate or try to practice. My realization and understanding changed how I saw and acted in the world on a fundamental level. Just as realizing a mirage is a mirage fundamentally changes how you act towards the mirage. I also realized that all my studies and seeking really had nothing to do with awakening. The spiritual progress I saw was an illusion. I saw clearly that there was nothing that I did to awaken…and that in awakening, nothing was gained. Who and what I was could not be any more or less than it was…so gain was impossible. The only thing that changed was that the mirage was no longer believed to be what it —  appears to be. I understood it was a mirage all along. k


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Eric Putkonen, a modern-day mystic and yogi, focuses on non-duality, as seen within the “Direct Path” traditions: Jnana Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, etc. After searching for 13 years and awakening in 2005, he has made himself available to whomever wishes to speak with him. He organizes monthly Non-dual Dinners in Minneapolis and hosts/ produces a bi-weekly podcast called, “Out of Our Minds” (OOM). OOM is in its third year of production and there are more than 65 episodes archived on Awaken to Life at Contact Eric at Copyright © 2010 Eric Putkonen. All Rights Reserved.

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What would Love Say? Lisa Venable


Each month, this column features a “Message from Love” with an action step and meditation. Each message gives examples of what Love might say and do in various circumstances. So, whenever you find yourself feeling scared, angry or uncomfortable, instead of letting fear have its way, practice asking yourself: What would Love Say? Choose love as your response to every situation. (Choose fear and you will experience more stress and suffering.) What would Love Do? Send love to anything you are worrying about or angry with. Instead of fearing the worst, expect the highest good to prevail. Meditation with Love: Sit quietly for 10 minutes. Place your hand at your heart and breathe into it. Focus all your awareness on welcoming the energy of Love. Place any kind of stress, worry or suffering inside your heart and let it be held by Love. Focus on sending love to yourself and the situation and seeing the highest good. k Lisa Venable, M.A., is an inspirational speaker, author and spiritual psychotherapist. Lisa is the author of God for President: A Parable about the Power of Love is her first novel. Her new program, “Messages from Love,” gives voice to the Love that wants to help us feel good. Receive a weekly “Message from Love” online at www. Copyright © 2010 Lisa Venable.   All Rights Reserved.

How do you really feel about your belongings? space guru

Susan Shehata have been bald twice in my life. I shaved my head, on two separate occasions, for spiritual trips to India. Shaving my head was optional. Despite the assumption that India is riddled with bald spiritual seekers on a path to enlightenment, I found that the people of India look at you with the same look as the people of Minnesota: What’s with the bald woman? There are a number of reasons, depending on the spiritual tradition, for shaving all or part of the head. The reason that appealed to me was releasing attachment. Hair represents a number of things, especially to women, and the act of releasing these representations was very powerful. But, even more, to let go of something that I always perceived as such a part of me started to positively affect my ability to release other attachments.  As I sat bald in the Himalayas, I contemplated my choice and how it related to the rest of my life. What came to mind immediately was my fondness for aesthetic beauty in the form of décor – and my business that sold “material” possessions. Though the intent of the shop is focused on educating people to value the possessions they do choose to own, was I just encouraging attachment? And what about my own possessions?  There are some people, especially those focused on a spiritual path, who confuse having possessions and valuing them as attachment. They insist that owning things represents how attached you are to the material world. They choose to eliminate as many physical objects from their lives as possible. But often, these same people are just as, if not more than, attached to certain beliefs that don’t serve them. Many of the beliefs, which may be subconscious, focus on poverty consciousness, that you have to be poor to be spiritual, or that money and “stuff” are bad. I am not talking about the act of living simply. Those who embrace that view tend to have a different energy about it. I am talking about those who have a struggle around possessions and/or money. This behavior often is accompanied by either desire and frustration or by


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even disgust and rejection of “things” or money. And often, these same people struggle to make a living, which ultimately may stress their capacity to be of service in the community. An attachment to an object or a belief is the same thing. It’s an attachment. If the object or belief serves you, it may be helpful to have it. If it is not serving you, are you willing to let it go? That is what it comes down to. Neither the attachment to physical objects nor the attachment to poverty consciousness is serving us. They are actually two sides of the same coin. Overconsumption has swung our natural order completely off balance. But the issue is not the “stuff.” What drives this overconsumption has more to do with our psychology.  Think about the intention behind what you own. My creative outlet is my space and it is important to me that it’s beautiful. Having this outlet to express myself empowers me to do many different things in my life. It promotes clarity, wellness and creativity that I then channel out to the world. My belongings that form the beautiful space around me encourage my well-being, which therefore moves me forward on my spiritual path of service to others. I do, however, make conscious choices when I acquire belongings. I limit what I buy. I buy second hand almost exclusively. I only keep things that I love and that I currently use, avoiding the tendency to store things that I can’t use or appreciate. I will always be a big advocate of simple living. But what was revealed to me that day sitting bald in contemplation was that belongings themselves are not what represents attachment. It is how we feel about our belongings. It is important that we value what we choose to have. But we must also be willing to let them go at any moment, much like limiting beliefs…or maybe even our hair. k Susan Shehata is a speaker and teacher of the Healing Arts. She is a certified classical Feng Shui practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Rebirther/Breathworker and a healer of space, people and animals. She is the co-owner of Sacred Rearrangements Shop and Healing Center [online at www.], in Uptown Minneapolis. Susan is also the co-host of Raising the Consciousness [online at www.], a weekly radio show on AM950. Visit Copyright © 2010 Susan Shehata. All Rights Reserved.

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Who/What am I? An exploration of Self and beyond – A Requiem in depth

Hanakia Zedek here is a moment, between sleep and wake, night and day, between the notes in a concerto, life and death, between the eyes of youth and old age…all unspoken, all unheard, yet certain; in the stillness of a stone or a whisper’s breath in the wind and ice melting and water freezing or fire burning wood to ash… where things are both eternal yet, never last. I am this lasting. I am this fleeting…moment. My memory is like an old photo album in a baseboard attic. My mind is like a shattered mirror, scattered, crushed and tossed about, to and fro, by walkers by. What then am I but none of these things. My soul; fragmented and old, left for dead in the cold asylum of time…huh, and time again. My unquenched thirst for an unrequited love called life still hangs in the rafters of a show never seen…yet; this is all to be called bliss? What play is this again? Sam, play it again…for me, so that I can remember again. I don’t want to forget this time, so as not to do it again, in time. What was it that I was supposed to remember about myself? Huh, there it goes again …right through my fingers. What was it that I was supposed to hang onto…until now…it so easy to slip through the cracks in space and time. What did I lose this time… my mind? No, that was long ago. What if, on this pass, I forget to flip the hourglass or forget to wake the sleeper…will I get deeper into this? Am I not the river, always moving, yet never going anywhere… they call it the same name but it is never the same? Am I not the stone, chipped and washed and cast away…always alone? Give me some spiritual things to say so that I don’t feel like I am drifting away. Some “thing” clever and new and a myriad of things to do to ensure my belief so that I can practice for years, then do enlightened feats. This is The Edge…this paper…way in the corner of this paper…the thin Edge on which I walk…this column that seemingly holds something up? Hmmmm…. The eccentric nature of madness must give us pause, for within its walls lies truth, but truth always lies…doesn’t it?…guiding me to my inevitable fragile demise, with failing ears, eyes and mind. Who was that guy, a river, a stone; he died alone? Yet, there is an irreverent joy that I have in all of this waxed important meaninglessness and it is this, that…I may or may not be remembered…the things that I say are like burning embers or fading echoes, as it goes… by


away. They say “You may be depressed” but, I find so much joy in this rest… assured! Nothing to hold onto and that’s all I do hold …and release. For it is not mine. Nor is my body, for it returns, so too will this planet…that sun.   Why have they tried to paint me so, with color and bones; propped up as if I’d stand forever…playing their recordings, praying for their doings, preying on the new ones coming in with questions. As bits and pieces of me fade away, slip away; I breathe and the wind blows me away…what was I saying? The temporal seasons change and we rearrange our schedules accordingly, monotonously, and in a way never changing with feigned permanence as a practical illusion in this fleeting delusion called life. There is no fear for loss of land or things or holding still in the kingdoms natural …no cars ’cept for ours, no boats or jets, or dining room sets, no cells or phones, or maps to find home… as I let go, I come to know that I have never been any of this. I am not the one that identifies it, or watches it; not consciousness, not awareness, not the universe or even my perception of nothingness. I am in the moment that isn’t, the one that slips away unnoticed. I commended you for creating all that you identify with but, I am when no one is paying attention. The joy of touching the abstract fabric that is at the base of this all is like Magic, because out of nowhere everything appears and you can feel it there before, yet there is nothing there at all. I have spent years sharing Nothing…and I have Nothing to show for it. But I will leave you with this…in those moments when it’s all off, cultivate it…the absence. Please, do not think me solemn, or in confusion or lack. I just simply know that everything fades to black. No fear, for I am already there. k Hanakia Zedek is a Spiritual Leader in Twin Cities specializing in The Philosophy of Nothing. Known for his cutting edge application of the Psycho~Spiritual Arts; he shows how all that is and is not emerges from within. Contact him at 612.205.7337, email or visit:, www.emissaryarts. com or Copyright © 2010 Hanakia Zedek. All Rights Reserved.

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The Butterfly Chronicles Bridgette Doerr oday I was given a gift. When my husband Dyke brought a caterpillar to our home a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a fun science lesson for the kids. It turns out, it was a gift for me. As I write, I know that words cannot fully express how I feel now after my experience with the butterfly, but I will do my best to try and share with you what is happening within me because of it. Butterflies are symbols of many things. They remind us of angels, with their beautiful delicate wings of an artist’s pallet of color. They are in art, given as gifts, signs of springtime, rebirth and hope. Symbols of life. Today, I was invited in to the deepest place of nature’s beauty, the process when life is renewed, when the gentle green cocoon with a light golden spiral on it transformed into a sheer white curtain flowing from a window on a breezy day. The now-beautiful monarch butterfly clung to it. Its only reference of its identity. It held tight to its past, the shell that it rested in as it patiently waited its transformation. Was it fear? Was it lack of confidence in its ability? Did it know it even had wings? Was it aware of the process, the plan for its life? So many questions to ponder. He, the bold stripe on his inner wing gave way to his gender.

T by

Waiting for something The Monarch sat hanging in its temporary home, seemingly waiting for something. Maybe it was trying to understand what had happened in the cocoon or maybe it needed time to let these big life changes sync in. Maybe it cannot see itself; maybe it cannot believe what he has turned into. What if caterpillars don’t know what they are destined to become? What if there is not an innate knowing within them that offers the promise of a beauty that takes our breath away, and the capacity to fly with freedom. What if they don’t know that their work as a caterpillar is to eat and survive to make a cocoon, the work to shed their old skin for the chance to become something magnificent? It begs the question: What if we don’t know what we are capable of either? It reminded me of the many people I talk with in my work and how there are so many of us that have these moments of doubt, insecurity and questioning our ability and our capacity. Times when we walk around with wings on our backs that we have no idea are there. I was invited to watch this transformation and to celebrate as the monarch discovered it had changed for the better. The change was worth the risk. I watched for some time to see if he would take flight. I realized that even if I was not there the moment he discovered his wings, it didn’t mean that he would not fly. In his own time, he would gain strength and understanding for his capacity and choose to fly. During the time I sat in the grass watching, waiting for him to take flight, I felt so peaceful. It was like meditations I have experienced before. I felt so calm, unhurried and patient – all qualities I have been missing in my life as of late. I enjoyed the stillness for as long as I could, and then went back into the house. I heard an intuitive whisper that shared with me the reminder of how this too was a process. It takes time – and it is as simple as that. No need to worry, no need for action. Just trust the natural intention. After all, no matter how hard you try to force things to happen, they will only do so in their own time. Ah yes, I have heard this message before many times. So without worry or the need to be there for his special


moment, I left all expectations to God and I went inside with a feeling of hope and trust in the process of the butterfly.   I went outside every so often to check on him. At one point I bent down to take some photos, and his wings spread open. He had moved upward on the tall branch upon which he had been hanging. His brilliant, colorful, orange-and-black wings flapped a few times and before I could snap a great shot, he flew! Up and out above the rolling acres of the land at our home in the countryside. Love and awe He flew quite high and came swooping back toward me as if he was showing off his excitement. Within me I celebrated for him – and for me. I smiled so wide and deeply that my soul opened up completely. My heart beamed with love and awe as I witnessed this everyday miracle. He swirled about for just a few seconds and landed deep in the wildflowers of our unmowed yard. He perched high on the tallest of plants and there he rested. I was able to see him and take some photos of him once again. I felt like a proud mother when your child rides a bike for the first time. You celebrate their independence and new found freedom. I felt the freedom and the joy of that moment when the Monarch trusted its natural ability to fly, accepted who he was intended to be and embraced his capacity in all its glory. Tonight while cleaning up the kitchen, the sun peaking through the evening clouds caught my eye. It shone through the pattern of clouds across the sky and reached down towards us. I stopped. I rarely do, but I stopped for a moment, went closer for a better look and there I stood. Taking in the beauty that is all around us. Too busy to see, too busy to experience, and even to notice. And I felt for a moment just a glimmer of the same joy I did with the butterfly. And I heard through the sunbeam over the rolling acres of land: “You have a good life. Do you really know what you have. Don’t let it pass you by.” I remembered the modest Monarch butterfly pin that appeared above the doorway outside my Grandpa’s hospital room the morning he died. In the hospice wing, they use the butterfly as a gentle and graceful symbol that someone has crossed over into heaven. I kept it as a reminder of my experience that night as my sister and I took turns sitting with Grandma, as Grandpa spent his last night on earth. As I write this, I am hearing the message, “Endings and beginnings are one in the same,” and that life is a cycle, a process wherein sometimes we are required to set aside our need to save one another or change the course of events or control the outcome in a way that is palatable to us, but regardless of these desires we are at times needed to just be observers. And through that part we may actually learn and grow the most.   I wiped the tears as they flowed down the edges of my face, those sneaky ones that just appear at the corners of my eyes when I am connected to the divine power of God. In that moment, I was truly grateful. I don’t know that I have ever before felt that much thankfulness. Looking back on the day, it was unusually peaceful throughout. All four kids were stuck inside with us all day, given the heat and humidity of an August Minnesota day, yet a peacefulness lingers with me. Maybe I, too, have changed. And now I am waiting to embrace my capacity. I wonder what color my wings will be? What if we all have wings and are waiting for the moment we realize we can use them. Maybe that is when our life truly begins. Perhaps our finest moment is when we realize we can. k Bridgette Doerr is an Intuitive Life Coach and psychic who specializes in helping women find and follow their inner voice and connecting to soul’s on the other side. Contact her at and visit her website at Copyright © 2010 Bridgette Doerr. All Rights Reserved.

Conscious, independent thought leads you to your full potential depth perception

Deanna Reiter e learn from an early age what is acceptable in our culture and what is not, regardless of what is acceptable for us individually. Although our egos like to believe that we have unique and ingenious thoughts, most of us think the same thought patterns each day, which are recycled in our society at large. The unconscious thought in the world accumulated from present and past generations is the collective unconscious, or “spiritus mundi” (Latin for world spirit), which encompasses the beliefs and ethics of a society. Take a look at how you stay within the safe parameters of your society. What are some societal views that you uphold but that don’t really apply to you? Have you ever examined why you do these things or have you simply chosen to do them because that is what you’ve been taught or because that is what everyone else does? Have you grown complacent in your thinking and your actions? Have you ever thought about tearing up all the grass in your yard and having a rock garden, wildflowers or a vegetable garden? Have you ever challenged the beliefs of your religion? Have you tried sleeping on a mat to see if you like it? Have you experimented with every possible sleeping pattern to figure out what works best for you? Just as there is no single diet that is going to work well for every human being, there is no single best plant for every yard or single best sleeping arrangement. It is up to you to choose what works best for you. This will get you thinking outside the box and get others to expand their thinking as well – without fear of disapproval. The benefit to breaking out of dogmatic thought is that new ideas get generated. Better ways of doing things are discovered. Creativity flourishes. People become more open-minded and liberated. A deeper level of constructive thinking occurs. The more we live in a way that works best for by


us and is unique to us, the better our quality of life will be. When we fail to question the collective beliefs and ways of society, we become complacent because we rely on other people’s experiences rather than have our own experience. This is not entirely bad. We can trust the negative experience of heroin addicts rather than have our own bad experience with heroin. But realize that having a herd mentality can harm you. For instance, it can influence your longevity. If you believe that the average life span for the Western world is approximately 70 years of age, your reality would likely prove that. But when the average life span increases to 100 or beyond, you become open to that new possibility. When we see this demonstrated more often as the norm within society, we will believe it enough to see an increase in longevity. But why wait to see this improvement? It makes more sense to test the hypothesis yourself. Engaging in conscious, independent thought also allows you to see alternatives within the areas of medicine, transportation, energy, education, business, government, economics, science and theology. Instead of believing what you have been told, experience it as true for you. Critically think and move beyond current methods. Make adjustments to all your thoughts, ideas and concepts by testing what needs testing until you know it is intuitively right for you. Move into a deeper state of awareness in all you think, say and do to gain control of your thoughts and emotions. As this occurs, you’ll function at a significantly deeper level, gaining mastery of your life. k Deanna Reiter, MA, is an expert in the world of positive thinking and releasing sabotage. She is a public speaker and the author of Dancing with Divinity: Positive Affirmations for any Situation and The Nine Scoundrels: How to Recognize and Release Subtle Patterns of Sabotage. She is also the creator of two DVDs: “Dancing with Divinity Yoga” and “Reiki Affirmation Dance.” Deanna is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Breathworker and Reiki Practitioner. For more information, please contact Deanna through her website at Copyright © 2010 Deanna Reiter. All Rights Reserved.

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ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Animal communication sessions and classes, Reiki Practitioner and Young Living Distributor of essential oils, body care and nutritional supplements. Peace of Mind, Body & Soul 952.484.4396,, ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Ilga Cimbulis 612.385.3005,, ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Consultations, Classes & Holistic Healing, Lena Swanson 651.206.0644,, ASTROLOGY: Accurate, insightful soul readings. The best weekly horoscopes. D.K. Brainard 646.247.8508,, AURA PHOTOS: Available by Appointment. Schedule a private Healing Session Today. Annette Bruchu 651.247.9719, helpingyouheal@msn. com, AWAKEN INNER KNOWING™: Inspiring connection to Awaken Inner Knowing.™ Soul empowering & transforming events. I listen between your words. Marita Rahlenbeck, Soul Mentor, 952.215.2161, marita@MaritaRahlenbeck. com, BODYWORK AND BREATHWORK: Gently transform limiting patterns at their core. Restore well-being of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Experience your life’s flow/fulfillment. Lee Timm Beaty, Light Heart Unlimited, 612.721.7108, CAREER COUNSELING: Clarifying Conversations – guided by your own heart, inspired by your own knowing. Laurie Mattila, M.S.Ed., Career Counselor 651.644.7766,, CHARTER SCHOOL: Quest Academy : Know Yourself – Engage the World, Enrolling Grades 5-12,, 952.285.4100 CHIROPRACTOR: Back/neck discomfort, joint pain, weight loss, wellness. The Center for The Good Life 612.454.8488,, Classical Homeopathy: Skilled, experienced, compassionate, effective homeopathy for your ailments. Marybeth Buchele, HMC, Health Naturally Homeopathy, 952.933.6068,, COACHING / CALLING IN “THE ONE” / LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Transformational coaching for singles, couples and groups by phone. Lyndra Hearn Antonson, Calling in “The One” Coach, CPCC, MSW., 952.212.1682,,


COUNSELING (INTUITIVE GUIDED IMAGERY & ENERGY WORK): Wings of Freedom, Maureen Higgins, M.A, 651.665.0104,, CRYSTALS & STONES: Metaphysical Rock Shop: Classes, Wire-Wrapped Jewelry, Stones & Minerals, Stones By Sandy, Sandy Klepel 651.246.2022, EFT: Guaranteed Fast & Easy relief. Change your life Now! Dr. Kim Eisen, HHCP, EFT-ADV 612.802.HEAL (4325),, EMOTIONAL HEALING AND SOUL MENTORING: Release your emotional blocks and align with your soul to let go of life and move into living! Julie Lyden, 612.414.6273,, ENERGY HEALER AND PAINTER: Energy work combines a variety of techniques. Paintings about movement of energy and are done with the intent to have a healing effect. Up-lift the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Carol Swan 651.690.3991,, EXPOS: Hosting expos of 12-20 exhibitors in small business locations throughout the Metro. Organizing, enlisting exhibitors, print, email and online marketing, outdoor signage, and catering! All for free! Metro Mini Expos 612.708.7233, FENG SHUI CONSULTATION: Consultations, one-on-one professional mentoring, and workshops, Barbara Bobrowitz, Energetic Alignments, 763.571.9437, FLOWER ESSENCES: Numerous Flower Essences for spiritual and emotional healing. Books, Practitioners Available. Bob Gallagher, Martin Bulgerin, Present Moment Herbs & Books, 3546 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,, HEALING & ENERGY WORK: Chakra Healing, “Bring Healing, Clarity and Focus to Every Aspect of Your Life.” Bryan D. Bertsch 612.388.7667, HEALING / ENERGY WORK / COACHING: Align to your highest potential; Specializing in entrepreneurs, health & wellness practitioners, and those seeking to integrate their indigo energy, Cheryl Hiltibran, CMH Healing Arts, 952.486.1298, HERBS: 600+ herbs, tinctures, capsules & oils, books, Natural healing practitioners available. Bob Gallagher, Andrew Lucking, ND, Duane Givens, Present Moment Herbs & Books, 3546 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,

COACHING / COUNSELING: Transpersonal Psychology, Flower Essences, Energy Healing, Judy Steele, M.T.P. 612.590.3193,,

HOLISTIC HEALING: Discover the benefits of your own healing capabilities! Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Readings, Energy Reading and Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Chakra/Aura Cleansing and Balancing, Classes and More! Bonnie Flores, Holistic Healthy Healing, 952.217.6105,

COLON HYDROTHERAPY: Cranio-Sacral, Ear Candling, Raindrop Therapy, Healing Insights Therapy Center, Bloomington 952.886.4325, Woodbury 651.222.4325,

HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY: Counseling, Stress Management, Hypnosis, Sheryl Fisher, MSW, LICSW, 763.420.9782

MASSAGE & ENERGY HEALING: Kathleen Kaczuwka Lynch Healing Arts in Uptown. Massage and Energy Healing. Over 20 years experience. Gift Certificates available. Kathleen Lynch 612.281.6457,,

HOMEOPATHY: 2000 Homeopathic Remedies, Individual Potencies, Books, Practitioners Available. Bob Gallagher, Andrew Lucking ND, Martin Bulgerin, Present Moment Herbs & Books, 3546 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,

MATRIX ENERGETICS: Powerful transformations using quantum physics shifts in consciousness, Dr. Kim Eisen, HHCP, EFT-ADV 612.802.HEAL (4325),,

HYPNOSIS & EAR CANDLING: Past-life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Ear Candling. Mention this ad and receive 5% Off, Hoffman Hypnosis & Healing 612.388.3292 or 763.208.7194,,

MEDICAL INTUITIVE: Psychic Soul Messenger, Hypnotherapist, XL Medium. Private counseling; local or remote readings. John Peterson 651.334.4060,,

HYPNOSIS & TRAINING: Hypnotherapy, Past Lives, Healing, Susan Just, CH & CPHI, Dynamic Minds, Inc., Hypnotherapy Center & Training, 612.827.8094,

NUMEROLOGY & PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT: Join Gifted Psychic Medium & Numerologist…Discover Your Hidden Psychic Ability through Numerology, Deborah Lynn11 651.439.5337,

HYPNOSIS & TRAINING: Past Life, Life-Between-Lives Regression, Madonna Kettler, M.Ht., L.B.L., Center for Inner Peace, 612.709.5578,

NUTRITION: Do you exercise regularly? Do you still have unwanted weight? Do you feel frustrated? I teach a proven method to transform your life through wholesome, nutritious foods. Free, 60-minute consultation. Maggie Christopher, Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor, St. Paul, 651.231.1360,

HYPNOSIS, FLOWER ESSENCES & NUTRITION: Counseling & Classes to Eliminate Addictions, Fears, Habits, Pain & Stress, Amy Zilka, M.A., M.F.T., CH. 952.938.9085,, HYPNOTHERAPY: Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? 10 Years Experience. Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT, St. Paul, 651.649.1952,

PSYCHIC / INTUITIVE / MEDIUM: Psychic readings, parties, healing, Penny Johnson 651.793.9660,, PSYCHIC / INTUITIVE READER: Ilga Cimbulis, 612.385.3005,,

HYPNOTHERAPY & TAROTPY: Past Life Regression, Healing, Intuitive Sessions, Jill Hendrickson, MHt 952.807.2551,,

PSYCHIC / INTUITIVE READER: Psychic Readings, Classes & More, LaJeanne Runnels, 763.421.5603, (please put “psy?” in the subject line!),

INNER CHILD WORK & EFT: Author of the best-selling Inner Child Workbook & EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, Cathryn Taylor 612.710.7720,

PSYCHIC / INTUITIVE READER: Soul Readings and Psychic Development Classes, Cindy Lehman 612.669.1861,

INTUITIVE CLASSES & READINGS: Eye of Horus Metaphysical 612.872.1292. Intutive Tarot, Psychic & Palm readers available for in-store private readings or events. Classes in Psychic Development, Tarot & Runes. Schedule online at

PSYCHIC / MEDIUM: Connecting you with your brilliance! Phone, in-person, and email readings are channeled from the realm of Spirit. Kathryn Harwig recommends. JoAnn Bruhn, 651.762.1412, joann@sundanceproject. com,

INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALERS: Four healers who do hands-on healing. We work in pairs and more can be added if preferred. We channel healing energy to meet the highest good of the individual. Four Healers One Heart,,

PSYCHIC MEDIUM: Alison James, M-F phone, In-person. 3 decades in service. Psychic Guidance and Mediumship. Psychic Self-Development & Professional Practice Courses, Home Spirit Galleries. Spirit Chat Circles. 612.724.1020,,, Spirit Talk Radio at

MASSAGE: Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone but yourself? I specialize in helping busy Moms feel relaxed and renewed with a unique form of massage called Shiatsu. New clients 50% off. Angie Englund, CMT, Minneapolis Spa or Home Visits, 651.332.0283,


Authentic Yoga and Meditation classes from 2000-year-old Authentic Yoga andaMeditation classes fromtradition. a 2000 year old tradition. Teach yourself how to feel better, each day.

Consultations via video call, telephone or in person Join me Saturdays at 11:00 AM Central on

Stillness. Contentment. Satisfaction. Peace.

Holistic Children Blog Talk Radio “Your Family Survival Guide” WWW.ASTROLOGYFORTHEFAMILY.COM

631 University Ave. NE, Mpls. MN 55413 Serving the Twin Cities Yoga Serving the Yoga Community for over 30 years • 612-379-2386 Community forTwin over Cities 30 years.


the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  


PSYCHIC & MEDIUMSHIP READINGS: Psychic, Tarot & Mediumship readings provided via phone, email & in person, Tiffany Johnson, author of Picture Yourself Developing Your Psychic Abilities, 612.272.2561, REIKI HEALING: Feel Empowered on Every Level! Reiki Training and Sessions, Woodbury & South Minneapolis, will travel to you, Rachel Miejan, Reiki by Miejan, 651.735.2863,, REIKI HEALING: Usui Tibetan Reiki / Intuitive Sessions, Classes / Qigong, Susan Stone 952.431.1031,, SOUL BREATHING: Heal the body, clear old emotions & deepen your connection with Spirit. “Change your breath & transform your life!” Group sessions & workshops ongoing, private sessions by appointment. Terri Peterson, SBF, RPh, 651.442.4623,, SPIRITUAL GROWTH & HEALING: Magnified Healing, Sheryl and Dale Fisher 763.420.9017, STONES & STONE ENERGY: Ki Stones – Maple Grove, Sheryl and Dale Fisher 763.443.4016,, SUFI: Four Layers of the Heart, Jess Fauchier, 763.360.9259,, TANTRA HEALING & SOUL-ESSENCE MASSAGE: The Path of Love For couples and individuals. Kimala Kai – Ordained Priestess of Madonna Ministries, Tantra Teacher, Reiki Healer, and Massage Therapist for 22 years., 612.236.9294 TAROT READING & CHANNELING: Phone & Personal Readings / Parties, Susan Stone 952.431.1031,, THERAPEUTIC COACH®: Self-awareness, interpersonal communication, inner-power to maintain balance of Mind, Body and Spirit. Claudia M. Ciesynski, Reflection LLC, 612.207.1339,, TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING: Whole body healing, Akashic readings, Classes and Travel. Jaci Loos 651.436.1418, WISE WOMEN SERVICES: Offering a combination of: Intuitive Readings; Energy Work; Life Wellness Consults; personal and group trainings; support and guidance for Indigo/Crystal Children and their parents. In person or by phone. Pamela Bezotte, MSED, 218.444.4810

D.K. Brainard


services listings

…provide name, address, phone, website, service times + brief description. $75 total for 3 mos., $120 total for 6 mos., $180 total for one year. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Major credit cards accepted. Call 763.433.9291 or e-mail ECKANKAR / TEMPLE OF ECK: Religion of the Light and Sound of God, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, Keys to spiritual experiences: Explore past lives, dreams and Soul Travel. Worship Service: first Sunday of each month, 10-11am Youth programs. Free workshops: Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm Tours available. INSTITUTE OF HIMALAYAN TRADITION: 1317 Summit Ave., St. Paul, 651.645.1291, Meditation, hatha yoga, wellness, breathing, mantra, teacher training, retreats, residential program. Spiritual gatherings (Thursdays 7:30pm) see website for additional times. KEY TO LIFE CENTER: 14800 34th Ave., Plymouth, 763.477.6577,, Key to Life Center was founded 33 years ago by Marion Rice and her daughter, Lenni Garin. Key’s core philosophy is “Keyology,” the study of diverse spiritual principles to unlock inner wisdom. Every Sunday: 10:30am. Enlightening topics, inspirational meditations and brilliant musical performances. Lenni also is the author and founder of “Soul of an Addict” (SOA). SOA support meetings are from 6:30-8 p.m. every Tuesday. Free event. Donations accepted. LAKE HARRIET SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY: Welcoming All Sacred Paths, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272,, Sunday Services, Community Led 9 a.m., Celebration 10:30 a.m. There is always something happening here: Classes, Discussion Groups, Yoga, Movies, Game Nights, Concerts, Solstice, Equinox and Cross Quarters Ceremonies. Rental Space available for Weddings, Classes, Workshops, etc. SAINT FRANCIS LIBERAL CATHOLIC CHURCH: 3201 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.823.4276, Communion available to everyone. Freedom of Conscience and belief. Holy Orders for Women. Seven Sacraments. Holy Eucharist 10am Sundays; Rosary 9:30am First Saturdays. Soulful Journey Spiritual Community: 11300 Minnetonka Mills Road, Minnetonka MN, 952.935.6593, Bring your spirit to life with teachings you can apply on a day- to-day basis. Service at 11:30am Sundays. First sunday of every month is hands-on healing day. “G” channelings are presented at 3:30pm on the 3rd Sunday of every month. SPIRIT UNITED CHURCH: 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis, 612.378.3602, Honoring the Oneness of All Life. Embracing Inner Christianity, the unifying principles of all paths. On Sundays: 10am World Service Guided Meditation, 10:30am Main service, 10:30am Kids With Spirit Class. UNITY CHRIST CHURCH: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, 763.521.4793, Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Sunday 9 & 11am, 5:30pm, nursery and Sunday School at AM services. Wednesday Night Live 6:30pm; Monday Meditation & Lecture 7pm; Healing Service 6:30pm on 1st and 3rd Tuesday. Adult education classes throughout the year.

D.K. Brainard achieve

Personal Evolution Astrology

Personal Evolution AstroKing, logySaid & Kaur

Mobile: 646.247.8508

Mobile: 646.247.8508 between your a holistic

Free weekly horoscopes, video forecasts & Web radio: 36


mouth & body


to dental care

Free weekly horoscopes, video6100 forecasts & Web radio: Excelsior Blvd, Suite East St. Louis Park, MN 55416



calendar listings

…provide date, title and text. $29: up to 35 words. $45: 36-70 words each month. Listings over 70 words will be edited. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Major credit cards accepted. Listings must include specific event dates. Call 763.433.9291 or e-mail October 3-8 – Spring Forest Qigong Healing Retreat: Experience healing, personal growth and connection with Master Chunyi Lin as your guide. Gather knowledge and wisdom as you learn to incorporate the benefits of SFQ into your life. Learn techniques for healing yourself, others and the world. For those seeking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. No prior knowledge or experience necessary. Park Plaza Hotel, Bloomington, MN. Call 952.593.5555 or visit to register. October 6 – Out-of-Body Adventures: Find out more about what these experiences mean. Discover how to transcend astral travel and experience profound spiritual realms. Free workshop. October 6, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. October 7 – Recharge and Renew Expo: Free Event! Unique Gifts Boutique, Spa Mini Demos and Mini Ballroom Dancing Lessons! 12+ Exhibitors! Expo Special $0 Joining Fee! 4-7pm, Curves, 9064 Lyndale Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55420, 952.886.9288, html October 9 – Rosicrucian Open Meeting: “Reincarnation and the Evolving Soul Personality,” 11am1pm, 4718 42nd Ave. N., Robbinsdale. Parking and entance in the back of building. October 10 – An evening with ocean rower and environmental campaigner Roz Savage: at Sound Mind & Body Healing Center, Eagan, on Oct. 10, 6:30pm. $25 minimum donation. Reservations required. or 651.688.2469. October 10 – Order of Melchizedek with Rev. Dan Chesbro: at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. Sunday Service with Dan at 10:30am. Workshop & Ordinations 1pm Sharp. Investment $175. For information, call Jim 612.929.3822. October 13 – Animal Communication Workshop Series: PureSpirit founder Marilyn Tokach is facilitating an exciting, interactive workshop beginning Oct. 13 in Minnetonka, designed to awaken your natural ability to communicate with all living beings, practice your skills, and build a deeper understanding and bond between you and your pet. For beginners or those who want to enhance telepathic skills. Every Wednesday evening for 6 weeks. $250. Info:, or call 952.226.2622. October 13 – Awakening Past-Life Memories: Awaken past-life memories through spiritual exercises, dreams and Soul Travel. Understand and resolve karmic relationships for more love today. Free workshop. October 13, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet! October 14 – Turning Blocks into Breakthroughs: Innovative, Painless, No Drug energy therapy often works where everything else fails. Intuitive EFTCert-I Practitioner, Dr. Kim Eisen, HHCP, or, 612.802.HEAL

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Make use of The Edge Events Calendar online - featuring extended event information (4325), 6:30pm, Bloomington, MN. Only $20. RSVP: October 14 – Ladies Boutique & Expo: Free Event! An evening of pampering and exploration of wellness and boutique delights! 20+ Exhibitors! Expo Special $0 Joining Fee! 4-7pm, Curves, 1317 S. Frontage Road, Hastings, MN 55033, 651.437.2606, www. October 15-17 – Coherency Training: Rochester, MN. During this weekend class, learn meditative techniques to bring your system to balanced, efficient functioning. More info at www.lyreacrawford. com or call Char at 507.289.0720. October 16 – Open House at The Healing Loft: 6-10pm at The Healing Loft, 2112 NE Broadway St., Minneapolis. Meet the partners of The Healing Loft. Come see and feel the new space in Northeast! October 16 – Superconscious Meditation I: Expand your awareness and calm your mind! Learn the basics of the science of meditation, the finest tool for physical, mental and spiritual growth. Taught by Ma Devi. $40, or $35 pre-registered. 10am-12:30pm. Call IHT: 651.645.1291, October 16-17 – Healthy Life Expo: Saturday and Sunday 10am-9pm, Minneapolis Convention Center – Hall C. Hundreds of exhibitors, 3 stages of speakers, demonstrations and entertainment. Product sampling, prize drawings and more. Exhibit/Attend: 952.238.1700. Visit: October 17 – Find Inner Peace – Chant HU! In our fast-paced world, are you looking to find more inner peace? Experience the divine love and inner peace of chanting HU, a sacred name for God. All are welcome to this half-hour HU Song at the Temple of ECK. Free! Sunday, Oct. 17, 10-10:30am, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. October 20 – The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself presented by Eric Pearl: Find out

what’s baffling the medical community. Discover why hospitals and universities around the world are investing time and money in an attempt to explain these unprecedented healings…and how you too, can master this extraordinary work! 7pm, Unity in Chicago, Chicago, IL, October 21 – Michael Tellinger presents: “The First People”: South African Author, Explorer and Scientist shares new evidence of an ancient civilization in South Africa, 6:30-9:30pm, Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. $30. Students and Seniors $15. Reception and Refreshments follow. October 22 – Psychic Circle: 7-9pm, doors close at 7:30. 7-8pm: Monthly open discussion around all things psychic. 8-9pm: Guided meditaion and checkin followed with discussion. Practice intuition. Open to all spiritual seekers. 4816 W. 82nd St., Bloomington. $20/person at door. RSVP: 612.424.1411 and leave voice mail. Led by Alison James, Professional Intuitive & Medium. Info:, December available for hosting Psychic Circle in your home! Small group. October 22-24 – Level I/II Seminar: Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl: This life-changing experience is a chance to learn a comprehensive spectrum of healing that includes and expands beyond any and all known forms of “energy” healing. Reconnective Healing spectrum evolves your entire being and heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and more. Master this work in just one weekend – to facilitate healings for yourself, your family and others. Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Register at October 23 – Krishna: Every culture celebrates its heroes. This seminar looks at the remarkable life of Krishna. The legend of Krishna’s life will help us understand why his influence continues so strongly today. 10am-Noon. $25, or $20 with pre-registration. Call IHT: 651.645.1291, October 23 – Reconnective Kids! Class: Taught by Shirley Anne Wall, Reconnective Kids! is the newest program from The Reconnection® – created to teach children Reconnective Healing®! A powerful and interactive play-workshop format designed to introduce these intelligent, empowering and transformative new healing frequencies to children ages 8-14. 6:30pm, Chicago, IL. Register at October 25 & 26 – Gemstone Therapy for Healing the Aura: Attention Energy Workers! 2-Day Workshop. Participants will learn and experience the healing capabilities of therapeutic gemstones when applied in the aura. Intimately experience the layers of your aura while working with actual gemstones. $150. Powers Ridge Condominium Community Room. 1321 Lake Dr. W., Chanhassen. For info please contact: 303.525.0161. October 25 & 26 – Level III Seminar: The Reconnection: Bring in “new” axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. This course will teach you how to bring in and activate these new lines, allowing for the exchange – beyond energy – of light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of “strings.” Taught by The Reconnection Teaching Team at Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Register at EVENTS CONTINUE 

the edge: soul of the cities  OCTOBER 2010  


October 28 – Ladies Night Out & Boutique: Free Event! Expo of 20+ Wellness and Boutique Exhibitors! Plus fabulous prizes, food and fun! 4-7pm, Health & Healing Family Chiropractic, 1883 Station Parkway NW, Andover, MN 55304, 763.323.0061, October 30 – Yoga of the Heart: Ma Devi will use a selection of yoga asanas, guided imagery, and breath awareness to discover how to listen to our heart and strengthen its work. $25, or $20 with pre-registration. 10am-Noon. Call IHT: 651.645.1291, www.ihtyoga. org October 31 – Eye of Horus Psychic Fair & Grand Opening Celebration: Come celebrate at Eye of Horus! We’re moving to a new location (3 blocks south on Lyndale Avenue) in late October, and celebrating the expanded space and our 7th Anniversary. Noon-6pm, 3012 Lyndale Ave S., Mpls. Choose from one or more Psychic, Tarot, Oracle or Palm Readers, come early for door prizes. Reserve your 15-minute Psychic Fair readings online at www.EyeofHorus. biz or by phone at 612.872.1292. November 1 – Hatha Yoga: New classes in pure, classical hatha yoga for physical, psychological and spiritual health begin this week. Gentle, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Multi Level Yoga. Eight weeks, $80, or $75 pre-registered. Call IHT: 651.645.1291, November 3–17 – How to Follow the Call of Soul: Are you a seeker of truth? Are you looking for answers to life’s twists and turns? Learn how to follow the call of Soul. Discover your divine purpose through dream techniques, spiritual exercises, and Soul Travel. Free three-week class. Wednesdays, November 3–17, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar.,

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November 13-14 – Annual Minneapolis Health & Holistic Expo: Featuring Grammy award-winning singer Helen Reddy on “Global Transformation and the Spiritual Life.” Post-expo event: Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on Nov. 15. Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, 10am-6pm Saturday, Nov. 13, and 10am-5pm Sunday, Nov. 14, $9 at the door or online $7, keynote speakers extra, 150+ exhibitors, workshops and more. Edge Life Expos & Events Info:, 1.877.776.5244.


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November 16 – Transmission of Light with Christine Day: In a transmission, Christine channels information for personal transformation and self-awakening. The pure energy carried within her words and sound tones creates a sacred healing environment where you are guided inward into the heart and an opening into the Light of the Divine Self. $25, 7pm, Unity Church–Unitarian, Portland Avenue at Grotto Street, St. Paul, 651.452.2895, visit www.

Make use of The Edge Events Calendar online - featuring extended event information

November 19, 20 & 21 – Pleiadian Seminar with Christine Day: Meditation, sound, sacred geometry and channeled dialogue to help participants make transitional shifts. No prior training or preparatory work required. Nov. 19 from 1-8pm; Nov. 20: from 8am-3pm; Nov. 21: from 8am-5pm, Hilton Hotel Mall of America. $312. Special room rates available. More info: 505.908.7578, email Register online at www.frequenciesofbrilliance. com, click on Pleiadian Seminars.

952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet! November 5 & 6 – Practical Tantra: The Invincible Heart Workshop: Dr. Nuernberger, an tantric mystic, will share his insights and practical tools that lead to spiritual insight, awakening, and allow us to live inside the Divine. Go to website for costs and times. Call IHT: 651.645.1291, November 6 – Lightworkers Free Breakfast Networking Event: Come meet other lightworkers and brainstorm ideas to grow your business, network and have fun! 1st Saturday monthly. 10am-Noon. QKindness Cafe in St. Paul. Call 612.460.7327 to reserve.

Ongoing – Spiritual Tours and Sacred Journeys: Do you need a change of pace? Come and experience a spiritual adventure with Finbarr Ross, the perfect mix of the magical, the mystical, the familiar and the uncommon. Re-awaken, as you explore Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Turkey and Egypt., toll-free 1.877.756.8763.


Events are posted online at and sent to the Edge mailing list. To list your event, call by the 15th of the month at 763.433.9291.


…provide category and text. $1 per word, 20-word minimum. Ads due by the 15th of the month prior to publish date. Major credit cards accepted. Call 763.433.9291 or e-mail



SCIATICA? BACK PAIN? POOR POSTURE? Relaxing 20 minutes daily on the “sacrum” supporting Sacro Wedgy® has relieved many symptoms by helping to correct the muscle imbalance. The sacrum is isolated, cradled and elevated allowing suspended hips freedom to relax with gravity. Cost is $29.95 - call 1.800.737.9295 for free information or visit www. This system has worked when all else failed!

CHRISTIAN GNOSIS: Esoteric Christianity — A journal dedicated to spreading the message of Christ through the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom, Theosophia, the Wisdom of God. To receive this monthly publication as a PDF Document, e-mail:

PUBLICATIONS THE EDGE: Soul of the Cities — This publication, continuously in print since 1992, offers advertisers myriad options to reach their target market. Call 763.433.9291 for details.

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SOULOFTHECITIES.NET ARE YOU READING OUR ONLINE CONTENT? Many more articles than we have in print are available at our website, at Begin a dialogue with a writer by posting a comment. Also online: Our full Events calendar, with some enhanced listings • Our Community page with contact info for members of each community • The Digital Edge, the virtual magazine with links to websites of each display advertisement.

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Every make has financial ramifications. Every decision wedecision make we has financial ramifications. When you need professional help, we underWhen you need professional help, we understand. We talk stand. We talk with the IRS so you don’t have with the IRS so you to. don’t have to. We have been preparing We have been preparing all types of taxesall types of taxes—current andback backtaxes taxes over 20 years. current and forfor over 20 years. We also provide Business Certified We also provide Business Consulting andConsulting Certifiedand Financial Financial Planning with NO Product sales. Planning with NO product sales. Karen R. PalmR. CPA Karen Palm CPA 612-379-1393 612-379-1393


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Edge 10.2010  
Edge 10.2010  

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