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The arrival of February means the Christmas and holiday season is over, and it’s time get back in shape. As someone recently quipped “Christmas is over and the goose is getting slim.” With that in mind, we’ve pictured one of the Eastern Suburbs’ healthiest attractions on the front page. Walk, jog or run the 3km from Bondi to Bronte, and you’re guaranteed to have burned some calories and breathed some fresh air, go as far as Coogee and the distance is 6 km. What could be healthier than that? Well, getting back to where you started doubles those figures and that’s even healthier. But beware, it’s not all wine and roses, temptations galore lie ahead, like Valentines’ Day (Wednesday, February 14 – Dare we forget?), St Patrick’s Day (Friday, March 17 – Could be a long weekend for some) Good Friday and Easter Long Weekend (Friday, March 30 to Monday, April 2– Beware too many Easter eggs) and Anzac Day (Wednesday, April 25) . Those already embarked on “Febfast” (Australia’s great voluntary pause from alcohol, sugar or other chosen vice) are encouraged to stay

the course. If that’s not for you, there’s always the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. One other notable date in this quarter’s calendar is Saturday, March 31 when we’ll experience the second “Blue Moon” of 2018. Most months have only one full moon, if they have a second it’s called a Blue Moon and they happen about 2.5 years apart. Two full moons in one year is even rarer still. So keep an eye open on March 31, if you miss this rare lunar event, you’ll have to wait till 2037 for another chance. By the way, February had no full moon at all – February’s Febfast? Calendar events aside, this issue has features on Irish in the Eastern Suburbs, Different Weddings, Man About Town, Eastern Mediterranean Cruises, Woollahra diary, Finance, Classified section and much more. Enjoy!

Greg Prior Editor & Publisher ESL



Dear Residents of County Bondi, I would like to take this opportunity, as the President of the Sydney St. Patrick’s Day Organisation, to invite you all to this year’s celebration at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park on Sunday, March 18! Our aim, as always, is to stage an international event showcasing the best in Irish culture and traditions. Our Committee has been working hard behind the scenes and has organised a fun filled day for all the family to enjoy. There will be a variety of music on the big stage from 12pm, a parade and children’s area with bouncing castles and face painting galore, Irish dancers and marching bands displaying the very best in local talent. With lots of amazing food to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice - there might even be time for a pint of the black stuff!

in more countries around the world, than any other, St. Patrick’s Day is the day when everyone wants to be Irish. Renowned as a day that fills our hearts, and minds with Irish pride and our streets with all things green, 2018 is shaping up to be an event that can be enjoyed by the whole community, so come along and join us, we hope to see you all there! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up-to-date with all of the latest news or visit our website for more information: Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!

Robert Kineavy President

As the national holiday that is celebrated




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TOXIC “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.” Who doesn’t know these words from Snow White? They immortalize a classic case of envy. Envy, or “the green-eyed monster” as Shakespeare wrote, is toxic. It damages the envious and greatly harms those who are envied. Literature is filled with stories of envy, from the Bible’s Cain and Abel to Shakespeare’s Othello, to the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Envy can be defined as the painful feeling that you desire something someone else has, their possessions, advantages or traits, such as talent or beauty. All of us have felt it at times. It is a primordial human feeling usually held in secret, as it is considered a shameful. The envious enter into a competition, sometimes sub-consciously, with the other person, (or persons) constantly comparing themselves. To alleviate the pain this

causes, the envious aim to diminish those whom they envy.

They become depressed, anxious and do not develop their own potential.

Feelings of envy begin early in life. Children often want a toy that another child possesses. They are often envious of the perceived favouritism shown by parents of another sibling. This can lead to long held resentment, even hatred of the brother or sister.

Feeling envious is usually driven by feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy or failure often resulting in depression or anxiety. If you experience intense envy that is affecting your life a counsellor can help you deal with these negative emotions and improve your well-being.

Rivalry at school for the attention of teachers or classmates also frequently occurs. Feelings of inferiority and inadequacy begin to grow and fester. The person blames their uncomfortable feelings on the other person. Left unchecked these feelings begin to damage the envious. The person becomes bitter, frustrated and angry with those around them. They see the world as unjustly treating them by not giving them what they want and unjustly giving it to someone else. Gradually, their attitude makes their beliefs self-fulfilling and others chose to avoid them.

Envious people can also be very dangerous to others. They delight in the fall from grace of another. They gossip, or even lie about a person, to win the ”competition” they have imagined. They will often sabotage a colleague or friend. In very severe cases, envy can result in serious psychological or physical harm. Cyberbullying, especially among the young, is cause for real concern. Frequently, the envied will not be aware they are being harmed behind their backs.

Recognizing an envious person in your life is the first step towards self-protection. Watch out for the gossipers, for the over flatterers, who are usually hiding their true feelings, and for the judgmental. Avoid them as much as you can. If that is not possible, develop strategies to deal with them and your emotional response. Again, a counsellor can help with this. Do not allow them to make you be less for fear of being envied. Positive emotions. such as gratitude and sense of purpose, contribute to our emotional well-being. However, even if you have of these qualities, but are filled with envy, your sense of well-being will greatly diminish. For envy is toxic to happiness.

Effective Counselling

Suite 601, Level 6, 9-13 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction 9386 0220

stay healthy & happy.... eat your greens

Double Bay Market

• Every Thursday • 9am to 2pm

• Guilfoyle Park

Fresh food • Fashion • Artisana • Pony Rides • Jumping Castle



PINNACLE Colonic Irrigation

Oxygen Chamber

Infrared Sauna

Movement Classes


Cryo Therapy

Floating Pod



Posture Therapy



Salt Room

Eli Shamon

Will Shannon

Double Bay Level 1, 4 Cross st (Upstairs from Eleni)

1300 366 232

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EVEN LITTLE Superheroes need healthy feet


Most hearing devices are powered by disposable Zinc-air batteries

Good foot and ankle health care should begin early in life. The foot is the foundation that supports the body, and is responsible for our daily mobility. Yet, it tends to be the body part most commonly overlooked for proper care.


40°C, the operating voltage changes. When the temperature drops close to 0°C the cell voltage drops, reducing its life. As the temperature approaches 40°C the voltage increases, however the cell is adversely • Zinc-air batteries do not power up affected by moisture from the user’s completely until approximately one minute perspiration. after removing the tab. Duringe: one p: (02) 9327 8280 minute, oxygen flows through the holes in • The life of a Zinc-air battery is also affected the battery to activate the chemicals inside. by the noise levels the hearing device is • Zinc-air batteries should be stored at exposed to, the user’s degree of hearing loss, room temperature (10-30°C) and kept in the size of the battery, and the quality of their packet. If they come in direct contact the battery. 8280 Ph 02 9327 with metal objects (such as keys) the 27 8129 Fax 02 93 .co ng ari battery may discharge or leak. • Use of a Dry Aid Kit* is highly recommenddgecliffhe hearing@e 18 children’s cliffhearin 0 2 b www.edge feet and legs, the earlier the lu C With ed to keep hearing devicesB free eBary attfrom tteries Edgecliff Hearing has sourced high quality Discounted treatment and intervention is applied, the easier • Air humidity affects the operating life of moisture damage. However, the environhearing aid Too batteries atwill discount and better the outcome and results often are. Zinc-air batteries. little humidity dry mentprices, of the kit may dry out the batteries We know because we see this every day. out the battery and reduce its life. Too high excessively and reduce their life. and is passing on the savings. The Battery Parents should remember these basics about humidity will make it difficult for the battery Club is open to all, and is free to join. Therefore, we recommend removing children’s feet. Here’s what you need to keep an to ‘breathe’, therefore also reducing its life. batteries if using a Dry Aid Kit. eye on: Suite 208a Q-Central The Battery affects Clubbattery means • Air temperature life. Asyou the and your friends B a tt re nt Drive e Ce ry ff cli ge C 10 Norbrik lu 3, Ed *Dry Aid Kits suitable for home or travel are l SUMMER 2017 NEWS ve b Le 1, 2153 2 Foot and leg problems are hereditary. 018NSWoften Road Suite 30 temperature approach 0°C or uth Head Bella Vista, only everextremes pay half price for hearing aid 233 New So 320 Na me available from Edgecliff Hearing. W 2027 NS Look at your own feet and your relatives, many ff 27 cli W 20 Edge Edgecliff NS p: (02) 9327 e: PO Box 90 batteries. A8280 packet of batteries is $3 and problems and deformities we treat in adults Membe rship No. could’ve been corrected as children. a box of 60 batteries is $30 (size 10, 312, 13 • Batteries should not be left in hearing devices for long periods, as they may leak and damage the device.


EDGECLIFF HEARING BATTERY CLUB Discount batteries for all!

EDGECLIFF HEARING or 675 - including cochlear implantBATTERY batteries). Discount batteries for all!


7 8280 Ph 02 932 7 8129 Fax 02 932 gecliffheari hearing@ed liffhearing.c www.edgec

You don’t need to be a current attery Club 2018 B Edgecliff Hearing has sourced high quality customer Edgecliff Hearing hearing aidof batteries at discount prices, and is passing on the savings. The Battery to benefit from these low prices. Club is open to all, and is free to join. Simply join the Edgecliff Hearing The Battery Club means you and your friends Battery C lub 2018 only ever pay half priceenjoy for hearing aid low prices. Battery Club and the teries

Bat Discounted

batteries. A packet of batteries is $3 and a box of 60 batteries is $30 (size 10, 312, 13 or 675 - including cochlear implant batteries).

Suite 208a Q-Central Drive 10 Norbrik NSW 2153 Bella Vista,

ecliff Centre Level 3, Edg d Road Suite 301, South Hea 203-233 New 2027 Name Edgecliff NSW ecliff NSW 2027 Edg PO Box 90



Battery Siz e

Season’s Greetings The

You don’t need to be a current customer of Edgecliff Hearing to benefit from these low prices. Simply join the Edgecliff Hearing Battery Club Hearing and enjoy the low prices. Edgecliff team wishes



This card

entitles you

Battery Si ze

1. RiIfghyour child walks and runs noticeably t

differently to other children their age, or Left their feet and leg don’t look straight to your untrained eye; flat foot, knocked knees, This card entit bowed legs, deformed les you to toes, basically poor foot discounted batteries and leg posture, difficulty with running, poor walking/running co-ordination and increased frequency of trips and falls.

2. Recurring foot pain during the day or night (growing pains) is not normal, and should not be ignored.

to discounte

d batteries

Photo shows a child with flat feet you Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year.


Children may or may not suffer pain from flat feet and juvenile bunions, if they’re present, it’s best to have them assessed.

4. Swelling without explanation, may be a sign of a serious condition and should be evaluated. If this rings true for your child act now, please do something about it. You can save your little superheroes a great deal of trouble in future, by acting today. PodMED Podiatry in Double Bay has looked after children's feet and legs in the Eastern Suburbs, for over 30 years. We maintain strong ties to local Doctors, schools, sporting teams and on-call services to St Vincent’s Private Hospital. With our level of experience in children’s foot and leg care we are considered the ‘go to’ Children’s Podiatry practice in Eastern Sydney. For appointments, bookings are simple and take around 45mins. Costs for your first appointment are fixed at $140, so no nasty surprises and private health insurance is payable with rebates on the spot.

We will be taking two weeks off in the festive summer season to catch up with friends and family. Our last day of appointments will be Friday 23 December 2017.

Season’s Greetings

The Edgecliff Hearing team wishes you Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year. Edgecliff Hearing will be closed from 24 December 2017 to 7 January 2018. We will be taking two weeks off in the festive summer season to catch up with friends and family. We will reopen on Monday 8 January 2018. Our last day of appointments will be Friday 23 December 2017. Edgecliff Hearing will be closed from 24 December 2017 to 7 January 2018.

We hope 2018 good We will reopen onbrings Monday 8you January 2018. health and happiness. THE TEAM AT EDGECLIFF HEARING We hope 2018 brings you good health and happiness.

L–R Claire Crichton, Merren Davies, Phillippa Hunt Jan Glas and Cassidy Spilsted

Claire For more information Merrenabout our services, Phillippa Jan Cassidy products and hearing loss in general, visit our website Chrichton Davies Hunt Glas Spilsted

Edgecliff Hearing

L–R Claire Crichton, Merren Davies, Phillippa Hunt Jan Glas and Cassidy Spilsted

PodMED Podiatry

5/491 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9363 1876

For more information about203-233 our services, products and visitonline) our website (bookings Suite 301, Edgecliff Centre, New South Head Rd,hearing loss in general,

Edgecliff 9327 8280

NEW CLINIC OPENING FEB 29: PodMED Podiatry & The Running Room Level 1, 2 Epsom Rd, Zetland (bookings online) 9363 1876



ARTISTE PLASTIC SURGERY skin rejuvenation packages

Artiste Plastic Surgery, Darling Point are excited to announce the launch of a range of skin rejuvenation packages, helping you look your beautiful best.

the skin with tiny needles. The combination of micro-needling and RF energy stimulates the body's natural collagen and healing processes, without the downtime of more invasive procedures. It’s a case of no pain no gain. It hurts, but then the inflamed skin forms a crust which peels away to reveal rejuvenated flesh.

Dr Jack Zoumaras carefully designed these packages, following feedback and requests from patients looking to achieve further skin enhancements. With four exclusive packages available to choose from, you will find something that achieves your skin goals.

Dr Jack Zoumaras

The ARTISTE SIGNATURE PACKAGE costs $899 over six months. Here you get a combination of all of the above plus Anti-wrinkle Injectables and Dermal fillers. Want to get rid of that train track of wrinkles across your forehead? It can be banished with botox, which relaxes the facial muscles that cause the lines. In addition, you can have injections of dermal fillers, which plump out the wrinkles. To make the most of your beauty, the package also includes a professional makeup kit.

The lead-in option is the ARTISTE GLOW PACKAGE costing $349 which gives you a Skin Assessment and Analysis, facials and nine sessions of LED Light Therapy, which boosts production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The LED therapy lasts just a few days. ‘It’s more for an event, which is why you get the nine sessions so you can come back and refresh your appearance,’ says Paris and New York-trained Dr Zoumaras. “The big plus for a lot of people is the fact that there’s no downtime with the LED treatment.” In addition, the Glow Package gives you the opportunity to enhance your skin with products from the Dr Babor skin care range. Do you want to firm and tighten your face? (and who doesn’t!) You might like to try the Dr Babor Collagen Booster Cream. Or perhaps, your face is prone to excessive redness then try the Dr Babor Couperose Cream. For $699 a month for six months, you get the ARTISTE LUMINOSITY PACKAGE, which gives you all LED light therapy plus six sessions of Radiofrequency Micro-Needling. Micro-needling involves a handheld device, which penetrates

And if you want to totally transform yourself there’s the ARTISTE CELEBRITY PACKAGE, available for $4999 a month over six months. This gives you all of the above plus a complete makeover plan where you get the support of an entire team of experts including Dr Zoumaras, Celebrity Stylist, Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist and Personal Trainer. You also get expert nutrition advice and a tailored diet plan.

Dr Jack Zoumaras


mouthguards worn by champions

With over 30 years experience in producing professional custom fitted mouthguards, it's no wonder that John Halkitis is a local legend with famous sporting identities and clubs. John Halkitis, registered Dental prosthetist, started Rhino Mouthguards 30 years ago from the beachside suburb of Clovelly, with the help of his wife and son.

athletes eg; Kostya Tszyu, Victor Darchinyan, as well as supplying mouthguards to the Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs for the past 12 years.

John makes all the mouthguards by hand exclusively on-site from start to finish, using only the highest grade of German materials and the latest technologies available. Each mouthguard is custom fitted and handmade for the perfect fit every time, and any graphic and colour can be put onto the mouthguard, making it personal and unique.

The mouthguards have unlimited customisation and health fund rebates are available which reduces the cost by an average of $83-$125, and a mobile service is available for groups. The mouthguards provide comfort and protection, and offer 10 times more protection than a 'boil and bite' mouthguard.

Professional athletes have also contributed to the design which has helped Rhino Mouthguards bring you the sleek and efficient model famously known today. John has provided services to over 100 gyms, clubs, schools and World Champion

Rhino Mouthguards

50 Burnie St, Clovelly 9664 9335

“Depending on how much downtime you have available, the needles can penetrate 1mm or 4mm below the skin surface,” says Dr Zoumaras. He says the needling in combination with the radiofrequency has a similar effect to laser resurfacing.

So come in and see John at Rhino Mouthguards and 'bite the bullet'. Don't forget to take a look at the wonderful memorabilia that adorns the walls.

Artiste Plastic Surgery 2/2A Mona Rd, Darling Point 8320 4051




Make Try theseyour different wedding vows ... If you’re planning a truly "Different Wedding" you might like to give some of these wedding vows a thought...

There are three words are stronger than "I love you". Today, I stand in front of you to say "I choose you". "I choose you over all others. I choose you to share happiness with. I choose you to care for. I choose you to have a family with. I choose you to grow with. I choose you to love forever. ............................................................................... Celebrant: Do you take this man to be your husband?

Bride: I do. Celebrant: Do you take this woman to be your wife? Bride: He does. .............................................................................. I promise to protect you from carbon freezing, and promise to protect you from the Dark Side, through hyperspace and into the far reaches of the galaxy. .............................................................................. Groom: I promise to love, cherish, and care for you in sickness and in health. Unless the reason for your illness is the fact, you have just seen our latest credit card bill, and realised just how much you spent last month.

Bride: I promise to love, cherish, and care for you in sickness and in health. Unless it is 3am, and the reason for your illness is alcoholinduced, and the care involves sitting with you beside the toilet bowl with a wet cloth. .............................................................................. Groom: She is the only evidence of God I have seen, with the exception of the mysterious force that removes one sock from the dryer every time I do my laundry. .............................................................................. Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure. Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical, and our hearts are open - Always.

Celebrant: Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other's cup, but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread, but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

The right pair of shoes changed Cinderella’s life For your perfect Wedding Shoes visit Liberty Shoes, Double Bay We’ll make your Special Day ...


• A NEW HAIR EXPERIENCE • YO U R W E D D I N G DAY S P E C I A L I S T S Scarpa Hair Sydney • 1 / 1 Tr a n s v a a l A v e , D o u b l e B a y • 9 3 2 7 7 1 0 0 • s a l o n @ s c a r p a h a i r. c o m . a u • s c a r p a h a i r. c o m . a u


9328 6743


Join the growing number of people choosing to advertise in our

Wedding Feature pages Call Greg 0408 998 058 DON'T MISS OUT

1 Olympic Dve, Milsons Pt

9033 7676





WEDDINGS WITH A BIG DIFFERENCE Different Weddings is an online portal + wedding community.

Different Weddings aim is to inspire brides and grooms by showcasing some of the most unique wedding themes and experiences all in the one place. They saw a niche in the Australian wedding market for couples that wanted a portal dedicated solely to just ‘DIFFERENT’ wedding themes. Lots of ideas and inspirations have been put together so that Different Weddings can offer you various customised themes for your wedding, making your wedding day different, amazing and memorable. In addition to this, you can easily locate key suppliers and pinpoint extraordinary venues, as well as, themes; Superhero weddings, Beach weddings, Harry Potter weddings, Underwater weddings and Classical weddings – all with a difference. Visit Different Weddings site, to discover all you need in one place, for a perfect wedding theme that’s all about you. The site is refreshed on a daily basis with new vendors, articles, podcasts, blogs and videos added – so check in daily. Look out for the next Eastern Suburbs Life Autumn-Winter edition for our Different Wedding showcase.

Different Weddings

0412 220 515



CLOVE Somewhere special for that special someone


Search “Restaurants in Randwick” on Google Maps, and you will find "Clove Lane" standing proudly by itself on Clovelly Road near Centennial Park. Zoom in and behind it you will find “Clove Lane”, the lane from which it takes it's name. When chef-owner Emile Avramides tells you this, you get an insight into what sets "Clove Lane" apart. “We wanted somewhere different” he says, “Somewhere with a garden that we can grow some vegetables, somewhere with easy parking and somewhere that’s part of a neighbourhood where locals can come and enjoy fine dining in a relaxed environment”. So if you’re looking for “Somewhere special to take that special somewhere” Clove Lane has already passed the “uniqueness test” with flying colours. Of course, you’d also want the restaurant to provide fine dining, delightful décor, a friendly casual atmosphere, drinks at sensible prices, a menu that changes daily (you’d probably want to go back more than once), fresh food sourced from the best Australian suppliers, and the taste of herbs taken directly from the garden at the back of the restaurant. “It’s like the dining experience you can get from local eateries in Europe” says Emile, making it all sound so simple. He omits to say that he is a graduate of the exacting kitchens of Gordon

Ramsay’s "Maze restaurants" in London and Melbourne, but does mention that any glory has to be shared equally with co-head chef Michael Tran (Hibiscus in London). Whether you sit at tables or at the counter watching the chefs at work, "Clove Lane" is certainly somewhere special, so if you have a “special someone” you can bring them here for a delightful dining experience. If you don’t, "Clove Lane" is a great incentive to get one. Independent reviews by Trip Advisor score Clove Lane 4.5 out of 5.0

Clove Lane

19 Clovelly Rd, Randwick 9326 3573

Piccolina...A taste of Italy in Cross St, Double Bay

To musicians a Piccolo is a small flute, to coffee drinkers a small coffee, and so it is that Piccolina brings a little touch of Italy to Double Bay, and provides a warm welcome and great coffee to visitors and locals alike. Its outdoor tables and chairs that can easily be spotted in front of the InterContinental in Cross Street, and its umbrellas and friendly service bring that welcoming feel of being in Europe. People come to Piccolina for much more than coffee. Its full name is “Piccolina – Deli e Caffe” and that’s the secret of this cosy establishment that sits alongside, "Sake" Japanese restaurant and "Mr G’s New York Style Bar and Grill".

Here you can find endless Italian delights including Granita that’s dairy free and gluten free and holds a smooth texture between a sorbet & gelato - Pizzetta that’s like a focaccia pizza you can eat like a sandwich. It’s a traditional Italian treat you can eat any time of the day. Piccolina – Deli e Caffe marks the return of an Italian Deli to Double Bay, offering

fresh, great quality, nitrate free meats and beautiful cheeses from around the world. In season you will also find a spectacular selection of imported Panettone and of course we must never overlook that all season favourite Cannoli. Who can forget the “Godfather” line “Leave the gun – take the Cannoli” clearly emphasising the importance of this delightful dessert. If you’re thinking of visiting Piccolina – Deli e Caffe, try to choose a day when you’re not rushed and have plenty of time to savour all its delights. As owner Dianah Todaro says “We love our Italian heritage, and take great pride in our reputation for outstanding hospitality, and wonderful food – our aim here is to brighten everyone’s day and have them leave with a smile.”

Buon Appetito! Piccolina - Deli e Caffe Shop 3, 33 Cross St, Double Bay (Intercontinental Hotel) 8377 9774 F: Piccolina - Deli e Caffe




Experience the beauty of words in a spectacular setting at the annual Poets Picnic, held at Blackburn Gardens in Double Bay. This unique free event, now in its 29th year, provides an opportunity to hear the work of acclaimed and established poets and fresh new voices including Mark Tredennick, Ailsa Piper, Lindsay Tuggle, Amy Bodossian, Lewis-Alan Trathen and also student performers from Ascham, SCEGGS, Rose Bay Secondary College and Moriah College.

Research has found that people living in neighbourhoods that are highly connected enjoy higher levels of physical and mental wellbeing, making participation in Neighbour Day all the more pertinent.

Poets Picnic

Woollahra Council is encouraging local community groups to host a Neighbour Day celebration on a weekend from March 18 to April 8. Suggestions for Neighbour Day activities include Easter egg hunts, street BBQs, garden parties, a bake off, new residents’ morning teas or a community cricket match. Council can assist with planning and promoting the event, as well as up to $300 of the costs associated with hosting a celebration. To apply please fill out the expression of interest form, which can be downloaded on: https://www.

Hosted by ABC radio’s Simon Marnie and Simone Whetton, this year’s theme is Food for Thought and will also feature live jazz, a children’s poetry workshop and roving poetry performers, so grab a rug, pack a picnic, sit back and savour a veritable feast of words and verse under the stars by Sydney Harbour! Children’s chalk poetry workshop and live jazz from 5pm. Poets Performances from 6-8pm. Picnic Baskets are available for pre-order at special-event-hampers/

Entries close Fri, Feb 2, 2018. Info: Community Development 9391 7166


On: Tues, Feb 27, 2018, 5-8pm At: Blackburn Gardens, New South Head Road, Double Bay Info: 9391 7100 or poets_picnic_2018


Curious about where the very best hidden gems for kids in Woollahra Municipality are located? Don’t be shy, be a sticky beak! Parents and carers of children 0-5 years are invited to a free brunch in the Woollahra Library at Double Bay, where they can find out where the best parks and playgrounds are, what services are available for young families, where to host your next children's party, Library programs for children and more.

Sticky Beak Brunch Woollahra Digital Literary Award

On: Thurs, Mar 1, 2018 9.30-11am At: Woollahra Library, 451 New South Head Rd, Double Bay Info: 9391 7100

Neighbour Day is Australia's annual celebration of community, bringing together the people next door, or across the street for a drink, a BBQ or just a cuppa. A great way to get to know your neighbours and build social connections, break down community barriers by promoting tolerance, respect and understanding and create safer and more vibrant suburbs, Neighbour Day is not only the perfect occasion to say thanks for being a great neighbour and helping to foster a sense of belonging in your local area, but is also good for your health!

It’s an exciting time for digital writers and publishers, with loans statistics from Woollahra Library’s e-resources (eBooks, eMagazines, eAudiobooks and eMusic) confirming that the way people are accessing and consuming information is rapidly changing, having tripled over the past three years. The 2018 Award is seeking submissions of a literary nature that are produced in a digital medium - published online or in electronic form. It is open to all Australian residents aged 16 years and over, who have published work online in the first instance in the last two years, and now offers three prizes:

The event is a great way to meet other local parents – children are welcome to come along, with plenty of toys and books available. Please note: Tickets must be booked for all children and adults attending.


Through its support of the Arts, Woollahra Council has been a longstanding cultural leader in the wider Sydney community, and to this end, the Woollahra Digital Literary Award was launched in 2017 to support the local writing community, and innovation in Australian literature and publishing.

Neighbour Day

• Non Fiction ($3,000 prize) A monograph, collection of essays or a long essay - published in the first instance online or in an electronic format that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. 3,00080,000 words. • Fiction ($3,000 prize) A novel, novella or short story collection published in the first instance online or in an electronic format that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. 3,00080,000 words. • Flash and Short Fiction ($1,000 prize) Short form fiction, published in the first instance online or in an electronic format that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. 100-3,000 words.

Entries close Mon, Mar 12, 2018. Winners will be announced on Fri, June 1, 2018. Info: Events and Programs Coordinator Woollahra Libraries 9391 7931







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Specialising in quality imported European resort and casual menswear in Double Bay. Largest supplier of Paul & Shark clothing in NSW. Sizes up to 3X.

Shop 2, 41-45 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 4783 Insta: @lordjohnmenswear

9 Harlequin Market is filled with rare, unique and collectable pieces of high-end vintage and designer costume and accessories that you won't find elsewhere in Sydney. Harlequin Market is committed to sourcing the most spectacular statement jewellery for their clientele from all around the globe.

Shop 4 (Kiora Arcade) 369 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9328 5430


Anny Lada specialises in handmade jewellery pieces and necklaces, and offers a quality personalised service accessorising outfits with jewellery.

Shop 37, Cosmopolitan Centre, 2-22 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 5610 Insta: @anny _lada_jewellery

Shop 4-6, 21/25 Knox St , Double Bay 9327 2834



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Illustration and map: Chillibonbon Creatif Š *cannot be used without permission

colourful and unique range of silk dresses, shirts, pants and resort wear that are only available in this boutique. Owner, Robbie Wallace, designs all the silk garments, and beautiful prints making everything in the store exclusive to Straightlace. Colourful suede ballet flats and mules compliment the silk and cotton garments, and a range of handwoven Panama hats are also available for men and women.



To Cooper Park Garage


Andry Hair@db Andry Himawan, Hairdresser

Andry Himawan, boutique hairdresser in Roma Arcade, Double Bay, specialises in men and womens cuts. Shop 9, Roma Arc, 413 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 0402 551 978 Insta: @andry _db


Liberty Shoes brings you the latest season collections direct from Europe. Founder and international shoe buyer Maria Guslekova personally sources the most beautiful shoes from the ateliers and artisans of Italy and France

Yolanda runs her own boutique one-on-one hair salon in Elbon Arcade. Her clientele have followed her for many years. Come in and have chat and spoil yourself

Shop 1/41-45 Knox St, Double Bay 9328 6743

402 New South Head Rd (Elbon Arc), Double Bay 9327 7653 F: hairbyyolandasalon



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Mariam creates microbladed hair strokes that follows the direction of the eyebrows, blending in the feather technique and creating a natural brow enhancement.


33 Cross St (Intercontinental Hotel), Double Bay 8039 3180

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STRAIGHTLACE Straightlace has a stunning,

Indulge in a high tea experience with delicious petite housemade sweets and savouries. Choose from a traditional high tea with tea and coffee, Champagne on arrival, or treat yourself with unique High Martini.

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Shop 4, 1 Knox St, Double Bay 0473 398 104 Inst: @ibrowbarsyd www.



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iBrowBar Sydney offers you an exclusive style of treatment.


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Spice Market Thai has operated for over a decade in Double Bay and has become somewhat of an institution. Our food is stylish yet non-pretentious, fresh with the authentic flavours and aromas of Thai herbs and spices.

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47 Knox St, Double Bay 9363 1272


Bay St

We provide duplicate bridge games on a daily basis for our members and their friends.

We also teach complete beginners to play bridge.

Shop 14, Cosmopolitan Centre 2-22 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 6107 F: tnrgourmetbutchery

340 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9328 7499

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These duplicates are arranged into four different sections according to experience - from advanced to beginners and two steps in between.

T & R Gourmet Butchery specialises in premium meat ranging from; lamb, chicken, pork, prime beef and a large variety of sausages.



Shop 28, Cosmopolitan Centre, 2-22 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 7312 Insta: @doublebaycigars




d g Pt R Darlin

Shop 12, Cosmopolitan Centre 2-22 Knox St, Double Bay 9363 4212


Mo na Rd


Est. 1960’s. Your cigar specialist. Top range and highest quality cuban cigars, accessories, humidors, cutters, vaporizers and E-cigarettes.

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World of Whisky stocks a range of over 500 different expressions from all regions of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA, Canada, India and Japan.



My goal is to uplift and enlighten, and bring the balance back to lifestyles that often demand on many different levels – spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.



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food&drink menswear


leisure fashion&beauty wellbeing finance&real estate trades&services

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Shop 18, Roma Arc, 413-417 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9363 1155



Leading Podiatry and Postural Solutions in Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs for over 15 years. At PodMed Podiatry Centre our staff stand by our commitment to ensure that each and every patient is provided with an outstanding level of podiatric service at every opportunity.

We are your dedicated LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions Gallery servicing your local area. We bring you the latest in innovations in window covering solutions - from the market-leading window coverings brand, LUXAFLEX®

5/491 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9363 1876

430-432 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9327 5500



21 At Bless Florist, Double Bay we provide quality floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly and prompt.

car repairs

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FROM JUST $11.50 pw CALL GREG 0408 998 058

Pensioner discounts


16 Gold man L

25 years experience

Shop 3, 402 New South Head Road, Double Bay 0414 411 884


• Fast lock-out service • Installation and repair of locks • Locks re-keyed (changed) • Window locks • Deadlocks & padlocks • Transponder keys copied • Car key batteries replaced • Garage remotes • Building access control fobs

WE DELIVER SYDNEY WIDE. We are a boutique real estate agency that provides personalised service to all of our clients, specialising in sales of residential and commercial properties, as well as, property management. Profit from our expertise to obtain a free market appraisal! 228 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 9327 5777


Shop 22, Roma Arc, 413 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9362 9725 0433 919 086


15 Dr. Jack Zoumaras is an Australian, New York and Paris trained, qualified and highly sought after Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon. At Artiste Plastic Surgery our vision is to provide a destination for you to look and feel great on step at a time. Suite 2/2A Mona Rd, Darling Point 8320 4050


Pinnacle Health, Double Bay offers colonic irrigation, an oxygen chamber, infrared sauna, movement classes, biodensity, cryo-therapy, floating pod, herbalism, nutrition, posture therapy, acupuncture, naturopaths and a salt room. Level 1, 4 Cross St, Double Bay 1300 366 232

BRW Financial Group specialise in pre retirement and retirement planning including advice to SMSF Trustees and members. We are experienced in all matters dealing with your retirement and welcome the opportunity to meet and work with you on your retirement needs Brendan Whitehouse

We are an independent audiology clinic with over 50 years combined audiology experience Our primary focus is to provide an honest high quality service to the community.



Suite 301, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 9327 8280



Suite 409, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 1300 650 574


27 At Cooper Park Garage, we believe that establishing a foundation of trust is what creates repeat business. After you experience our high-calibre service, we’re sure you’ll come to us again. 104 Manning Rd, Woollahra 9327 3774

Edgecliff Automoti EDGECLIFF AUTOMOTIVE ‘Excellence in Automotive "Excellence in Automotive Service" Service’

Check 28e-Safety Online Registr


The International Institute of Kinesiology Australia offers a holistic approach for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, allergies, insomnia, anxiety & executive stress management.

Book your wellness package & save $100

Suite 7/401 (Royal Arcade), New South Head Rd, Double Bay 0438 256 738



Double Bay Camera Shop is a real "brick-andmortar" full-service camera store and photographic equipment retailer, that has been in business in Double Bay, for over 8 years. Dedicated to bring you the latest photography gear and value-packed kits at the lowest possible prices with local Australian warranty. Shop 2, Roma Arc, 413-417 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9327 4481

E-safety check - online registration facilities 2 Ocean Avenue (02) 9363 5040 Servicing: VW •AUDI •Porsche •Volvo •BMW Edgecliff NSW 2027 •Mercedes Benz •Jaguar •Range Rover 503007A_Edgecliff Automotives I 2308.indd 1

2 Ocean Ave, Edgecliff 9363 5040




THE BAY'S MOST EXCITING SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Kiaora Place, is the home of inspirational shopping. Whether you are looking to surprise your family and friends with an array of gourmet food choices, or the perfect gift to delight, the range of stores make it easy.

Woolworths Supermarket, is the home of fresh food complete with a cheese room and right next door to Dan Murphy’s. Foodies will love the choices of specialty stores, including an organic market and 1888 Certified Butchery providing the best of ingredients.

Looking and feeling good is easy with the range of personal services. Laser Clinic, Urban Spa, Le's Nails and much more are available for relaxation and pampering, as well as, making you look the best you can be.

Make this Summer, truly memorable and catch up with friends at one of the international range of dining choices, cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the sunshine in any of the alfresco dining spaces.

On the upper levels of Kiaora Place, there is convenient access to medical services; Double Bay Day Hospital, Medscan, Gentle Dental and a variety of other services.

For a quiet space to study, read a book or just catch up on news of the world, pop into Woollahra Library at Double Bay with loads of break out areas, plus play space and reading areas for the kids.

"Beyond that the only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.� (Albert Einstein) and with Woollahra Library Double Bay, Kiaora Place has one of the most modern and up-to-date libraries in Australia.

To keep in touch with everything happening at Kiaora Place, visit and like the Kiaora Place Facebook page for news and offers.




SPOTLIGHT Victo Hamiltroia Boz n

Victoria (pictured with a local crew members) at the 2014 Greek Charter Yacht Show in Nafplion, Greece.”

Eastern Mediterranean self-design yacht charters

Victoria Hamilton Boz runs the Australian arm of Contact Yachts, a luxury yacht charter business based in the Eastern Mediterranean. Eastern Suburbs Life caught up with her at "The Stillery Bar" in the InterContinental Hotel, Double Bay. ESL: When I think of the Eastern Mediterranean, the word Dodecanese comes to mind. Do I have an accurate picture in mind? VHB: Yes, although the “Dodecanese” — 165 islands in the Aegean Sea — is just one of the many places to visit in the area. Typically, our yachts are chartered by people visiting Croatia, Montenegro, Greece or Turkey. All the places, you might say, that were the cradle of Western Civilisation.

ESL: It sounds fascinating, how did you come to do this? VHB: Quite by accident really. I was complet-

ing my business degree when a cousin visited from Marmaris (south-west Turkey) and asked if I would like to spend some time with them after graduating — a working holiday in the yacht charter business.

ESL: You obviously agreed to go, so when did you start? VHB: I flew out the day I after I graduated. I

expected to have a short adventure over the European summer, and then return to Australia to continue my studies. Instead, I stayed on, working in my cousin’s company before setting up a charter business with my partner, Cem Boz.

ESL: Did you start from scratch or buy an existing business? VHB: Our previous work had given us lots of

contacts and experience in the industry, but basically, we just started from scratch. We learned a lot in a short amount of time, and soon we were piecing together the most incredible experiences for our clients. For two years it seemed as if we worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, but in terms of knowledge, what we gained was invaluable.

ESL: I understand you have been in the business for over 25 years. VHB: That’s right. So when you deal with Cem

and I, you get the benefit of over 50 years experience. We work well together… I know how to tailor-make an itinerary to meet the needs of our clients and then it’s all handed over to Cem, who can implement it anywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean.

ESL: When you say “tailor-make an itinerary” what does that mean? VHB: That’s a short question that begs a

long answer, so I’ll try to be brief. Basically, we help people create the holiday experience of a lifetime. We invite them to come to us with an idea, then we help them turn it into a dream, then we help make the dream come true.

ESL: So they don’t just charter a yacht and set sail? VHB: Absolutely not. Our business is creating experiences and memories that last a lifetime. For example, if people come to us with an Eastern Mediterranean “culinary holiday” in mind, we help them to flesh out the idea, customising a holiday that brings together the best crew, the best type of yacht, the best cruising area and the best restaurants ashore. Between us, we help them create some magic - something beyond the ordinary.

ESL: You mention the crew, how important is that? VHB: Very important. The crew is the soul

of the boat and must be exactly right for the holiday being planned. Crew can be chosen based on nationality, languages spoken, culinary skills, personal interests and any other preferences, depending on the experience being created. If the holiday is about seeing antiquity, we can arrange to have an archaeologist on board, or a licensed dive guide, if they want to explore underwater museums. Ensuring you have the right crew for your

experience is one of the most important things we do, and with over 25 years experience it is one of the things we pride ourselves on.

ESL: You must have met some interesting people over the years. VHB: If by that you mean royalty and rock

stars, we certainly have, along with Hollywood celebrities and sporting legends. However, you don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy the area’s outstanding natural beauty and incredible history. The experience is open to everyone, and with a large fleet to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

ESL: It seems you run a pretty tight ship, what kind of feedback do you get from your clients? VHB: Fortunately, the feedback is consistently positive and some is quoted on our website — one of my favourite comments was the simplest: “Thank you for a wonderful experience. This was one of our best trips ever and you, as a crew, made our trip most memorable. Please let us know if you ever come our way and we

can return the hospitality. ” – We are lucky in that our clients often become friends.

ESL: Finally, to what do you attribute the success of Contact Yachts? After all, it has grown and flourished for over 25 years. VHB: The answer in two words is “uncompro-

mising quality”. Every one of our charter yachts must meet the highest standard of design quality, seaworthiness, maintenance, appearance and functionality. Every one of our crews is specifically selected to meet the requirements of our clients in terms of skills, temperament, personality and languages spoken. In addition, all moorings, restaurants visited, and provisions purchased are personally selected ensuring the highest quality.

Contact Yachts

0424 974 411




first financial wellness program Financial stress is keeping many Australians awake at night, and has a hidden cost to employers of an average $3,000 yearly for every employee. What can employers do to improve the situation?

In Australia, employers can take advantage of a very innovative and inexpensive online service offered by Your Financial Wellness (, to assist their employees in achieving better financial literacy and financial outcomes. Tony Hanly, Director of Your Financial Wellness, says “Each day as people work, some have not always got their mind on the job, because they are worried about money. Employees at all levels and in every industry, are bringing their personal finance problems into the workplace. Experience indicates that providing financial education in the workplace is likely to have a net positive impact on an employer’s bottom line – happier workers, less financially stressed – better business results.” Consider this: • Over one-third of Australian adults find dealing with money stressful, even when things are going well. • 35% of workers say financial concerns prevent them from performing their best at work. • At this moment, up to 30% of employees will be seriously financially distressed.

• Financially distressed employees spend 20 hours per month at work trying to solve their financial problems, at the employer’s expense.

Hanly says “Most business owners have no understanding of how financial stress affects their own employees, or their business. Employers also experience the impact of such stress on workplace outcomes, through reduced productivity, as well as, increased levels of absenteeism and presenteeism (working while sick).” Managing personal finances is not taught in schools, universities or in the workplace. The results of this are staggering: • 40% of Australian households do not breakeven at the end of each month. • 2 million Australians do not pay off their credit cards each month. • 15% of households are in some form of mortgage stress. • One-third of Australian households have less than $1,000 cash on hand to pay for emergencies. Your Financial Wellness, offers a comprehensive suite of budgeting and financial modelling software covering areas, such as, repaying loans, income tax, stamp duty and home loan comparisons. In addition, the website is regularly updated with expert commentary, articles, videos and webinars covering a range of topics. The platform makes it easy for the average Australian to get their head around the world of personal finance, with their own personalised journey.

The online service allows employees to operate in a secure and confidential environment where their private information is not disclosed to their employer, where they can explore their finance options within the comfort of their own home, or on a tablet or smartphone on the way to work. Participating employers can also have their existing employee benefits outlined on the site for employees to see whenever they choose. Your Financial Wellness does NOT provide personalised financial advice, and it does not sell financial products. What it does very well, is provide financial education in a very creative

HOW TO NAVIGATE PENSION REGULATIONS Do you think you might qualify for an aged or other pension, but feel daunted by the hoops Centrelink makes you jump through? Just get in touch with Brendan Whitehouse, Director of BRW Financial Group in Edgecliff. Brendan is a retirement planning specialist, who is skilled at leading clients through the maze of regulations Centrelink puts in your way, before letting you have your annual age pension Brendan says with a wave of baby boomers retiring and living longer, it’s putting pressure on the system. “It means lot of people are facing a situation where their investments don’t last as long as anticipated,” he says.

Passing the Assets Test

As of January 2017, the assets threshold for a homeowner couple has been lowered to $830,000. If you’ve got any more than that,

your pension application goes in the electronic reject basket. The bottom line, says Brendan, is that more people are now being forced to dip into their assets. One strategy worth looking into, is transferring super into the fund of a partner who is below pension age. “For instance, say if one person is 66 and the other is 60, you can transfer that to the 60-year-old’s fund and Centrelink won’t apply it to the Assets Test.”

Qualifying for a part-pension when one partner is working

Brendan says there are a lot of couples out there who think they’re automatically disqualified from pension benefits, if one of them is in the workforce. “We’ve recently assisted one couple in that situation,” he says. “The wife is 64 and works in a doctor’s surgery. The husband is 67, and for two years he missed out

way, and engages individuals by guiding them though a journey to financial wellness based on their current stage in life, and goals for the future. On Balance, an employer sponsored program for employees at just one dollar($1) per week per employee, is likely to have a rewarding result for all.

Your Financial Wellness 8705 5481 0411 024 954 www.yourfinancialwellness. to repurchase, and you can get apply for a 12-month extension after that,” Brendan says. “Then, until you do re-purchase your smaller property, the profit isn’t counted as an asset under the Assets Test but deemed and applied under the Income Test.” Brendan recommends putting your downsizing loot into super. “When you are under aged pension age, those funds will be exempt under the Assets or Income Tests, and there’s the flexibility in most cases to access the funds

Meeting with Centrelink’s Financial Information Service Officers

on his Centrelink entitlements.” Then he and his spouse consulted Brendan and now the husband receives a part pension.

How old do you have to be to get the pension these days?

Like a lot of things relating to Centrelink entitlements, it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all.’ Brendan explains: “If you were born before the July 1, 1952, you can get the aged pension entitlement at 65. Those born after that date, have a sliding scale based on their birth date and could be made to wait till they’re 67, if born after January 1957.”

Retaining your pension when you downsize

The key here is to sell the family home a year before you buy something, which means you don’t necessarily lose the aged pension. “You’ve got a 12-month period before you have

Brendan says this is a very useful service. Make an appointment to see one of these specialist personnel, and you can receive resources to help overcome challenges you might be facing receiving a benefit.

Keeping Centrelink in the loop when you go overseas

Brendan says this is important if you’re going on vacation for more than 6 weeks. Don’t let them know, and they’ll cut you off, and you’ll have to re-apply. Any advice in this publication is of a general nature only and has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Please seek personal advice prior to acting on this information. The information in this document reflects our understanding of existing legislation, proposed legislation, rulings etc as at the date of issue. In some cases the information has been provided to us by third parties. While it is believed the information is accurate and reliable, this is not guaranteed in any way.

BRW Financial Group

Suite 409, Edgecliff Centre 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 1300 650 574




1965 Austin Morris Mini & 2005 BMW Mini

did you know? • Following the official launch of the Mini in 1959, it wasn't long after when Morris Minor Mini became the first British car ever to sell more than 1,000,000 automobiles. • Over 5.3 million classic Minis were released up until the year 2000, and due to this fact, the Mini has become the most popular British vehicle in the history of the car industry. • In response to all of the often accusations and criticism about the security of the Classic Mini, Alec Issigonis answered: "I have created a car with good brakes and control. If people have accidents with this car, it's their fault.", and following this statement, also announced, "I do not design cars to see them crushed". • In 1991, Autocar magazine voted Mini "The greatest car of all time". • The record for number of people crammed into a Mini is 27, and the largest line of Mini drivers ever to form a convoy is 299. • Racing driver, Stirling Moss, was banned for a year back in 1961 for speeding in a Mini while testing it for a Sunday paper.

The 1965 Mini is the best selling British car in history – 5.3 million cars produced. The brief was to produce a car 10 x 4 x 4ft and 6ft of the 10ft was for passengers – an impossible task at the time. Designer and builder of an armoured car, an amphibious tank and a motorized wheelbarrow, Alexander Issigonis took on the task. His ground breaking innovations are still in the other BMW Mini in the picture built in 2005,

like front wheel drive, a transverse engine, phenominal space, wheels efficiently at the side and much more.

The first one was launched with great fanfare We all love the tiny, unique Mini that calls up by a magician, who held a crowd spellbound as fond memories for so many of us. he “magically” unpacked this tiny car contain- Edgecliff Automotive ing 4 adults and all their holiday stuff. At Edgecliff Automotive, we have an original Mini, which is well cared for... people who


Sydney Deck Sealing has a variety of options and solutions for all your deck sealing needs. A unique system, which has developed over 20 years of working with wood, providing consistent and excellent results.

Owner Christopher Ellard, is a qualified Shipwright and ran "Windward Mark" a wooden boat building business for over 12 years. During that time, Chris worked at the cutting edge of coatings and application methods used in the harsh marine enviroment. This experience has allowed him to develop techniques for a superior coating system. Chris and his staff are exterior and commercial grade coatings specialists, with many years experience, and they will make sure that your timber is protected with our high grade marine based systems. The processes for getting the best results on your property includes the use of high end coating products such as: Intergain, Sikkens and Cutek, as well as, environmentally friendly cleaners that can remove grime and dirt safely near gardens or children’s play areas. "Most timber work will require at least a light sand, and when we do this sanding we will use a three-stage dust filtration system

walk past the workshop, usually go straight to the Mini ignoring the exotic cars; Porsches, BMW’s, Mercedes and Audi’s.

that collects at least 95% of dust and ensures that your home will be kept as clean as possible whilst the job is being carried out. To some tradesmen your house is a “work site”. We know better and will make sure your house is all clean at the end of the job", says Chris. Sydney Deck Sealing services provide: • Timber stripping, sanding and refinishing for: Decking, Garage doors, Privacy screens, Fencing, French doors, Cedar windows, Hard and softwood cladding and furniture • Environmentally friendly cleaners and efficient water blasters • Three stage dust removal systems, ensuring a clean job • Wide choice of premium brand coatings and stains are available • Extra care with gardens and surrounding buildings • Anti-fungal and mould removal treatments • Furniture and plants can be moved if needed • Full written reports upon completion of jobs Sydney Deck Sealing provides a commercial sealing service for all types of strata and corporate bodies, hospitality businesses and even decorative industrial and art installations.

Sydney Deck Sealing

1800 332 573

2 Ocean Ave, Edgecliff 9363 5040

• The Cooper received the highest safety rating available from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2016, when it was awarded a Top Safety Pick +, as well as four stars for safety by the US federal government's NHTSA. • In the UK, there are 469 Mini clubs, and at least another 260 worldwide. • Mini's windows slide open rather than wind down into the doors…could not have the windows roll down into the door, because, in the door cavity was a space designed to hold a bottle of British Gin.



SUPPORT GROUP helps keep those Irish eyes smiling in Australia!

IRISH IN SYDNEY'S EAST by Anthony Maguire

Welcome to 'County Bondi'

Fancy a full Irish breakfast complete with black and white pudding, thick-cut bacon and soda bread washed down by Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea? Or maybe the sun is over the yard arm, and you have a hankering for a pint of thick, dark Kilkenny or Guinness. You don't need to go far. Sydney's Eastern Suburbs now hosts an expatriate Irish population of more than 70,000. Businesses that serve Irish fare and provide other goods with an Irish flavour, are thick on the ground.

DARREN HELPS THE LESS ABLE MEET NEW FITNESS GOALS WITH “FITZFITNESS” Darren Fitzharris knows what it’s like to be a long way from your physical peak. Darren emigrated from Ireland to Australia 11 years ago. When he arrived he was a very overweight “100 kilo lump.” He was living a sedentary lifestyle eating a diet rich in fats and sugar, spending a lot of time at the pub with mates and working in a job he didn’t enjoy.

The hub of Australia's ''Little Ireland" is Bondi, Bondi Junction and Coogee. But you can now hear Irish voices, and experience a taste of Ireland throughout Sydney's east.

Irish tea and Tayto crisps Irish people living in Sydney have access to an agency which helps them meet the challenges of living on the other side of the globe from the Emerald Isle. Running out of offices at St Patricks Church in Bondi, the Irish Support Agency assists both older and younger Irish expatriates in a variety of ways. While it rents the office space and occasional use of an adjacent hall from the Catholic church, the agency is nondenominational. For older people, there are regular seniors lunches and computer classes in the hall next door to the church, and the agency runs a ‘befriending’ service which matches residents of aged care facilities in the east and innerwest with younger Irish people who come and visit them. “If someone is from Kerry, Ireland, we’ll match them up with someone else from Kerry,” says the agency’s co-ordinator, Roisin Trainor. The agency also provides a wide range of services to the younger Irish community, including:

Visa information nights

Working with Bondi Junction-based Arrive Australia Migration Services, the agency holds information sessions for new arrivals. In addition, they provide information to Irish citizens returning to Ireland. “This can be especially helpful if there’s a partner who is Australian or kids who were born here,” Roisin says.

Social support and assistance.

When illness, accident or death strikes local Irish people, the agency points them in the direction of support services. “For instance, we have connections with an Irish counsellor who understands the Irish culture,” says Roisin.

Annual Irish fight night

Amid all these saintly community endeavours, there’s a pugilistic flavour to the Irish Support Agency’s main fundraiser of the year, where local Irish men and women put on padded leather gloves and satin shorts and fight it out in the boxing ring. They undergo training beforehand and the bouts are friendly.

Irish Support Agency

9300 8019

In Botany, there’s a thriving business called "Taste Ireland" which supplies Irish fare to 300 retailers (including Woolworths and Coles) and private clients. This is the place to order your Barry’s tea, Tayto’s crisps and other Irish staples like Flahavan’s oats and Jacob’s biscuit bars. CEO Eamon Eastwood, says Irish people are very particular about their tea, and are the second biggest tea drinkers in the world after China. The Irish are also very picky about their crisps, or chips as Australians traditionally and confusingly call them. And their favourite brand is Tayto’s. The Tayto’s brand has a 60 per cent market share in Ireland, where the name has become synonymous with crisps, the same way the Hoover brand has done with vacuum cleaners, "They’re made from real potatoes, whereas some of the crisps here are made from potato flour,” Eamon says.

Breakfast, brows and beachwear

For an Irish breakfast, and beers on tap, you can visit Two Ones (an Irish cafe/bar) in Clovelly (it’s called that because it’s at 211 Clovelly Rd). Or, if you’re in Bondi Junction, drop into Café Chap-A-Chinos, whose owner Matti says 99 per cent of customers are Irish. They wolf down huge Irish breakfasts, washed down by Barry’s or Lyons Tea. The breakfasts are authentic right down to the sauces, like Chef Brown and Chef Red. Plus, there’s Hellman’s mayonnaise, another Irish favourite. Down the road from Café Chap-A-Chinos, there’s an Irish run hairdressers, called Head Office. Or if you want to get your eyebrows done, you can book a session with Irish eyebrow specialist Ciara Gallagher. She’s in the Junction too, and lots of the local Irish girls go to her. After you’ve had your brows done, head out and display them to the world while sipping stout in an Irish pub like, The Tea Gardens or Cock ‘N Bull. In Bondi, you’ll find the shop of another local Irish success story, Bondi Bather. The swimwear brand was founded by Belfast girl, Kerry Cusack, and uses images from local photographers and artists. The designs are printed directly onto lycra that has a 50+ UV rating. And Kerry says every piece is unique, with variations which will spare you the embarrassment of finding yourself basking on the sand alongside someone wearing an identical cossie! Also in Bondi, is a law practice run by an Irishman, Rafferty Law, and a swathe of other businesses with Irish expatriates at the helm. Go to Bondi Beach, and you’ll hear as many Irish voices as Australian. Hence the name, ‘County Bondi,’ which actually extends beyond the borders of Australia’s landmark beach to Coogee. Here you can dine on Irishstyle fish and chips at JP McAfferty’s. You can watch Gaelic football at Latham Park, home ground to the Sydney Irish Football League, at the top of Coogee Bay Road ... there’s even an Irish street sign!

Hard hats and fluro vests The Irish Support Agency (see story on left), says there’s been a substantial influx of younger Irish people coming to Sydney from WA and QLD, following the cooling off of Australia’s mining boom. “They’ve come here for construction work,” says Co-ordinator Roisin Trainor.

Another industry which employs very substantial numbers of Irish, in this case females, is traffic management. Next time your car is ordered to a halt by a lollipop sign-wielding young woman in a hard hat, sunglasses and fluro vest, wind down your window, ask where she’s from, and there’s an even chance the answer will be Ireland. “It’s a really great way for Irish girls arriving in Australia to meet new friends and it’s a well-paid job,” says Roisin.

Darren decided he needed to change his life and commence a fitness regime. He started to slowly change his diet and was attending the gym, he then saw results, which gave him the motivation to keep going, and he decided he wanted to help others in a similar situation to him, and began studying Personal Training. He completed his Certificates 3 and 4 in Physical Training, and at the end of his course he had dropped a staggering 30kg. Whilst Darren initially gained results from changing his diet, running and attending the gym, he was bored with the conventional gym equipment, and started looking at other ways to get fit. He completed a Functional Training Course which covered kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes and other unconventional training methods. Working as a Personal Trainer in the Eastern Suburbs, he also took up a position as a Support Worker, working with clients with a range of disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities). Many were overweight, and needed to exercise. The clients often attended group programs and they did a gym, but they were sat on conventional gym equipment for prolonged periods. He could see the clients were bored, which in turn, often led to challenging behaviours or people becoming distressed. He cared about the guys he was working with, and could see there was a gap in the market and that he needed to come up with a fun, engaging individualized and group program to support their needs. Darren designed a therapy program through functional movement. The program consists of multi-directional movements, hand-to-eye coordination, agility, stability, as well as cognitive exercises. They attend a mainstream Crossfit Gym,w in Maroubra. His clients are not only reaping the rewards of being fit, active and engaged but they are now part of a community Darren has a real passion for fitness and its benefits both physically and mentally. He believes everyone has the right to have a go and change their life no matter what their ability. You can find Darren at





EOIN’S BOLD VISION Fourteen years ago, Eoin Daniels arrived in Sydney from Ireland with just a suitcase and a working holiday visa.

“I was a backpacker, as they call it, but I had a suitcase instead of a backpack,” says 35-yearold Eoin (pronounced ‘Owen.’). As well as the suitcase, Eoin had something else which wasn’t visible on the surface – a passion for carpentry and Joinery. He’d learned the trade in his native Waterford, and immediately saw the opportunities that presented themselves in Australia. “I saw this was a much bigger place where someone with a strong work ethic and a passion for what they do could get ahead,” he said. So although he came here to see Australia, he didn’t do much travelling. He threw himself into working for a small Sydney construction company, headed by two Irishmen, rising through the ranks to Site Manager within 18 months. After securing his permanent residency, he set out on his own, establishing Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery. Operating on a shoestring, Top Knot started with modest domestic and commercial jobs like home renovations and shop fitouts. “At that stage I was thinking it would grow into a company that employed perhaps a dozen people,” he says. Doorknocking and handshaking, Eoin slowly but steadily grew his client base. “It involved a

lot of doorknocking and deals made on just a handshake.”

The jobs got bigger. And bigger. And today, Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery’s projects include Royal Randwick Racecourse, Circular Quay’s Opera Bar and The Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. The company employs 400 people and its operations span the east coast of Australia. Top Knot has a 10,000 square metre factory and office space in Botany. Here, prefab work is carried out using the latest joinery technology. Almost three quarters of Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery‘s workforce is Irish. Here’s what Eoin has to say about the Irish work ethic: “We don’t drag our heels. We go in and get it done, and the work is top quality.” That quality has been recognised with a string of awards. In 2016, the company won the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Established Business Award,” which recognises outstanding achievement by a company older than five years with a turnover more than $10 million. One of Eoin’s great strength is the ability to delegate. Which is why not all his staff wear fluro vests and hard hats. There is a team of 60 white collar staff handling all the administrative tasks that go with running a multi-million dollar company.

Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery

9565 1009 www. ,

ST PATRICK'S DAY celebratio ns 18 Mar 2018


Qtr, Moore Park

Look out for Two Ones Stall

Two Ones serves a hearty Irish Big Brekkie and lots more. Try the Irish style bacon, pork sausage, black pudding and white pudding, All food is accompanied with Irish condiments and a wide range of Irish beers are available. All Irish produce is supplied from "Shay the Irish butcher". Cosy, intimate and fun, Two Ones is your local Irish homeaway-from-home style cafe/bar.

211 Clovelly Rd, Randwick

9664 7903



Planning a Man Cave?

In the days when men are under assault for being manly, it is not surprising that some men might choose to tuck themselves away in the safety of their own man cave. So if you are thinking of creating a man cave read on.

Here is some food for thought

Dart Board or Poker Table

Small, and easy to find, they provide simple ways to express men’s native skills in aiming, throwing and risk taking. Fudge the issues as we may, these traits are as firmly embedded in men’s genes as are their deeper voices and a man cave is just the place to put them to use.

Man caves give men the freedom to express their true selves, and not inflict their personal preferences on others. They give men the space to enjoy football with the guys, a relaxing pool game or pure quietness to get extra work done. All this, without denying others the freedom to catch up on their own preferred TV viewing or personal interests. So the whole family benefits.

Sports Memorabilia Fall into the

same category - The man cave is just the place for reminders of past personal victories, or for celebrating the triumphs of your favourite clubs and teams. They belong here more surely than they do in the living room, dining room and kitchen, where they may seem just a little too territorial.

If you’re a bit short on ideas to get started, here are six suggested essentials to get you going.


There is no point in a man cave if you can’t watch TV, or have a quiet drink in comfort. Start the way you intend to continue, and make sure you don’t compromise on this essential. Falling asleep in an uncomfortable chair, and waking with a stiff neck is to be avoided at all costs.

Pool Table We’ve left this till last, as

not every man likes pool, and not every man cave has space, but if you can answer "yes" to both this is your moment of glory. Get the best pool table you can, and you have the bragging rights to bring round all your friends for memorable hours of manly entertainment.

Man Cave Bar & Fridge

Man caves are to be shared with other men and, whilst not all men drink, you don’t want to run the risk of being judged to be a poor host. Make sure your bar and fridge are well stocked, and maybe consider turning the fridge down a couple of notches to ensure your drink are really cold.

So there you have it. Man caves may just be for men, but properly implemented they can benefit everyone, your family and your male friends.



TV Of course there has to be a TV, so you can be host to those Sunday afternoon football matches, so make sure the screen is a big as you can get. Remember, it’s not only your male friends that will benefit, your wife and family too will thank you, when they come to watch the family movies you all love to share.




Lord John OVER 40 YEARS IN KNOX ST Menswear Lord John Menswear has traded in Knox Street for over 40 years, and is a testament to the level of service, and quality of clothing provided by owner Roy Pipon.

Roy hails from the Channel Islands and arrived in Australia, as a backpacker, more than 50 years ago. His original intention was to continue travelling the world, but the mid 1970’s was the era of adventurous fashion, and Roy decided that a career in gentlemen’s clothing was more appealing. Together, with a partner, he established his first menswear shop in Lane Cove. It was a success, and not long after, Lord John Menswear opened a Double Bay shop in Knox Street. It was the 70’s and the words of “Dedicated Follower of Fashion” were still ringing in people’s ears. Not quite Bertie Wooster’s Jeeves, Roy can still be described as a “Gentleman’s Gentleman”, and has a passion for ensuring his clients leave well dressed, and with the best quality clothing possible. Nothing is too much trouble, and the InterContinental has even been known to send visitors to him, for help with their bow ties. Roy’s unusual surname can be traced back to his Channel Islands home, where it is recognised as being of French origin, and is first mentioned in the Assize Roll in 1309. “Maybe we have links to the French Huguenots” said Roy, “In which case fashionable clothing is in our genes”. Roy’s long history in menswear has brought


him, face to face, with many famous and exceptional people. Some he declines to name as they are still regular clients. He is less cautious about naming others, including Dame Vera Lynn, Sir Cliff Richard, Rod Stewart, Cilla Black, Graham Richardson, Paul Keating and many more. He shies away from answering the question of why they came to him, but we think it is probably because he is the perfect “Gentleman’s Gentleman”, and sells only the finest quality imported European brands, including names like Paul & Shark, Gran Sasso, Hiltl, BRAX and Loake Shoes.

Roy is always happy to help you, and prides himself on still providing traditional quality and service. He always greets you with a smile, gives impartial advice and has time for a chat See if you can get all this service, next time you buy online. We believe Lord John Menswear will be around for years to come...and a good thing too!

Lord John Menswear

Shop 2, 41-45 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 4783

did you know?

• "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" was a late 1960s hit recorded by Ray Davies and the Kinks – It reached number 4 in the UK charts.

• Reginald Jeeves, usually referred to as Jeeves, is a fictional character in a series of comedic short stories and novels by English author P. G. Wodehouse. Jeeves is the highly competent valet of a wealthy and idle young Londoner named Bertie Wooster.

Lord John Menswear • LARGEST STOCKISTS OF PAUL & SHARK IN NSW • Lord John Menswear provides quality European casual and resort clothing to discerning gentlemen. Stockists of Paul & Shark, Gran Sasso, BRAX, Loake & Hiltl. Sizes up to 3X.



Shop 2, 41-45 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 4783

lord john menswear



Your Friendly Funeral Guy Chris Cullen

Australians love their sport, and for many of us our summer rituals include watching the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Sydney Tests and The Australian Open. It's no wonder then, that the untimely death of rising cricket star Phillip Hughes in November 2014, triggered an outpouring of grief across the nation.

Most of us didn’t know Phillip Hughes personally. But our hearts were broken with compassion for his family and friends. Grief is an incredibly powerful emotion. When public figures like Phillip Hughes pass away, our own experiences with bereavement are interwoven with the public outpouring of emotion. In 1623 English poet and cleric John Donne wrote about this in his Meditation XVII: “any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind”. It may be many years since we have experienced the loss of a family member, yet our grief flows into the same stream as the grief of those around us. We share a common human experience and are therefore bound together. The observance of public acts of mourning are also helpful in the process of grief. Cricketing fans and others showed their solidarity with the Hughes family and the cricketing community by placing a cricket bat outside their front doors. I’ve conducted funerals where mourners came dressed in NRL jerseys and team colours and the team song was sung as we left the chapel. These rituals of remembrance need not be reserved for the time of the funeral only. Perhaps this is one reason for the increasing participation of younger people in Anzac Day commemorations. At a personal level too, we

can continue to honour those we love who have passed away. During Christmas holiday seasons, on the day of a wedding anniversary or at family birthday gatherings we have an opportunity. By embracing again an experience shared at the funeral, we can create new family traditions, rich with meaning and significance. In this way, we keep alive the memories of those we love and share their stories with future generations.

Do you have a question for the Friendly Funeral Guy?

Everything you wanted to know about funerals but were too scared to ask! Q: Why are some people buried and

some cremated? A: There are many reasons for the choices that families make about burial or cremation. Some religious and ethnic groups require or prefer burial (eg. Jewish, Italian, Greek). Families may own existing graves or family vaults which have available space for further interments. There are cultures who prefer to cremate (eg. Indian, Nepalese, Hindu, Buddhist). Cost is a common factor in the choice as cremation is considerably cheaperFor instance, if there is no pre-owned grave a burial in the Eastern Suburbs could be $10,000 - $25,000 dollars, more expensive after purchase of grave and monumental works are considered.

Ian J. Arthur & Sons

I would love to answer your questions in future editions of the Eastern Suburbs Life newspaper.

Suite 6/712, New South Head Rd, Rose Bay 1800 202 110 24hrs, 7 days

Please email them to:


Join us this February March to bake Hamantashen for the hospitals. Last year we made over 10 000 Hamantashen (triangular shaped jam cookies) which were distributed to hospitals, nursing homes, and food shelters in and around Sydney. Please help volunteer to make, package and deliver! In Feb/Mar - Monday – Thursday - 10am12pm we will be baking and packaging Email or call us for more information and to book in. or 80842729

This is a community drive, together with your friends and family we can all make a difference and bring love to many people.

Our Big Kitchen (OBK) is a community kitchen located in Bondi that nourishes, educates and supports people in need, and always with love… Last year OBK made over 80 000 meals, which were sent out to those who need it most. OBK makes these meals through meaningful volunteering experiences. OBK’s

belief is that through helping others one helps one’s self. Through giving, you receive. OBK volunteers include everyone from the community from all different walks of life. OBK was founded by Rabbi Doctor Dovid Slavin and Laya Slavin in February 2005. The idea to start OBK was based on an experience that the Slavins had with a woman in the community, who was extremely unwell. The burden of providing her family with meals

fell onto the community. To do this they borrowed a Kosher kitchen, and got together a group of volunteers to cook, do the food, shopping, pack and deliver the meals. The idea of the kitchen was born, to help people who are going through a difficult time, but on a BIG scale. Rabbi and Laya Slavin had a vision to transform the basement of the Yeshiva Centre in Bondi into a large scale industrial kitchen,

that would be used to benefit the community. They shared their passion with others and brought together a team of businesses, tradesmen and volunteers to make OBK what it is today.

Our Big Kitchen

36 Flood St, Bondi 8084 2729






• Fast lock-out service • Installation and repair of locks • Locks re-keyed (changed) • Window locks



Shop 18, Roma Arc, 413-417 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9363 1155




DISCOUNT just mention this ad!

Edgecliff Automotive ‘Excellence in Automotive Service’



Pensioner discounts



e-Safety Check – Online Registration Facilities

0481 565 153



• We only have one person per profession/trade • No competition so be quick • Once your category has been taken, you will not be able to join • Structured sit down meeting, where you stand up and talk for 60 seconds about your business • Friendly and lots of referrals • Great exposure • Bring at least 80 business cards • Be there at 6.45am to network • FREE PARKING up to 10am


Property Manager; Builder; 25/5/17 12:43 pmHealth & Wellbeing professions; Plumber; Pest/building inspector; Photographer; Video Production Sydney Deck Sealing Removalist; Events Manager; Personal 1800 332 573 Trainer; Kitchen Fitter; Marketing Company Security Company

Ad_63x60mm.indd 1

2 Ocean Ave 9363 5040 2 Ocean Avenue (02) 9363 5040 Edgecliff NSW 2027 Edgecliff 503007A_Edgecliff Automotives I 2308.indd 1


Licence No. 286953C

• Deadlocks & padlocks • Transponder keys copied • Car key batteries replaced • Garage remotes • Building access control fobs

25 years experience


16/11/17 12:11 pm


At Cooper Park Garage, we believe that establishing a foundation of trust is what creates repeat business. After you experience our high-calibre service, we’re sure you’ll come to us again the next time you need an automotive repair or general maintenance.

104 Manning Rd, Woollahra 9327 3774




IBROW FEATHERING/MICROBLADING including 4-6 wk Follow up $745 IBROW FEATHERING/MICROBLADING +POWDER MIST including 4-6wk Follow Up $895 LIP CONTOUR WITH SOFT BLUSH SHADING including 4-6 wk Follow Up $895 LASH LINE TATTOO ENHANCEMENT including 4-6 wk Follow Up $700/$1200

Shop 4, 1 Knox St, Double Bay 0473 398 104 Inst: @ibrowbarsyd As the local community organisation, Holdsworth has a long history delivering quality programs and services to older people throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. In addition to current services for older people, Holdsworth is now able to support people with Home Care Packages.

64 Holdsworth St, Woollahra 9302 3600 The Black & White Committee organises a broad range of fundraising events throughout the year. Proceeds from our events are directed towards the Children’s Services Development Fund of Vision Australia.

402 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9327 5698


We are an independent audiology clinic with over 50 years combined audiology experience. Our primary focus is to provide an honest high quality service to the community.

Suite 301, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 9327 8280



Effective Counselling Effective Counselling’s practitioners are experienced professionals who focus on providing effective practical solutions and outcomes.

Our far-reaching new personal finance service has been designed to help you make more informed decisions about your financial future and gives you the information, tools and resources to apply.

Your Financial Wellness 8705 5481 0411 024 954

We tailor programs to meet your needs and requirements. • Caring • Professional • Confidential

Founder and principal of the practice, Mary Doyle, B Soc., M. Counselling

Suite 601, Level 6, Easts Tower, 9 -13 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction 9386 0220


CALL GREG 0408 998 058





PHONE TRACEY 0416 100 839

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