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Welcome to Autumn and the May Edition of Eastern Suburbs Life

If you’re surprised to see a new front cover so soon it’s because we now publish a new edition every 6 to 7 weeks, bringing you more articles from our regular writers and a new social commentary section starting with an article about those “Pesky Yellow Bikes”. It seems they’re a worldwide phenomenon and blight the landscape of cities from Beijing to Alabama. To make up for them we’ve included a great front page image to remind us of warmer days, and a spectacular sunset image (above) provided by a reader. If you have an image you would like to submit for publication send it along to and we’ll give you full credit if it finally gets published. Finally, we have introduced a “New and Tucked Away” centre page feature to help you find those out of the way businesses that bring great value and character to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Enjoy. Thanks for joining us again at the start of Autumn, and remember you can now find Eastern Suburbs Life in Digital Format on Happy Autumn

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Regarded by many as the Eastern Suburbs most successful independent Buyers Agent, Tracey Chandler is frequently sought out by celebrities to help them find their new home.

Biller Property recently celebrated its expansion with the opening of its second office. The celebration of the new office located in Macleay St, Potts Point took place at the uber chic Bistro Rex across the road from the new office.

With a reputation that precedes her Tracey is frequently chosen for the simple fact that there is never anyone between her and her client. All phone calls are taken directly and all emails are sent personally.

Over one hundred guests dined on French canapes, and cocktails while enjoying the sounds of live jazz music, and mingling with industry heavyweights.

When you work with Tracey you deal with her 100%, from answering your initial phone call/ email right through to handing you the keys to your new home. You get red carpet treatment throughout and are never passed down to an assistant. Tracey adds enormous value to every transaction, and saves clients time and money.

The guest list included Eastern Suburbs locals, Buyers Agents, Developers, Bankers and even competitors. Paul Biller, Principal, in his speech thanked his dedicated team and his valued clients who have supported the business from day one. Biller Property opened its first office in Double Bay just 3 years ago, and in that time the reputable agency has broken endless records, selling some of the most fashionable homes in the Eastern Suburbs. Paul and his team have a fresh approach to real estate, and you could really sense the energy in the room on Wednesday night. The cross section of guests are a testament of the agency’s success,with so many coming out to show their support.

She also makes the purchasing process, straightforward, stress-free and seamless, benefiting all her clients, whether they be a first home buyer, a seasoned investor or an experienced purchaser. With Tracey there is no possibility of a conflict of interests. Her clients are totally exclusive and she will never brings two clients on board with the same brief - That is her point of difference, and why she is frequently chosen by celebrities. Celebrity Agents Paul Biller (Estate Agent) and Tracey Chandler (Buyer’s Agent) join forces for Grand Opening


This is a dynamic and professional group of business people meeting every Tuesday morning, at the InterContinental, 33 Cross Street, Double Bay.

Last year, members of our Double Bay, Eastern Edge group passed hundreds of referrals that generated in over $3 million of closed business for each other, being part of our networking group is like having 50 people promoting your business, and in return you are promoting their businesses.

The meetings begin at 7- 8.30am for breakfast, it's best to get there around 6.30am to network, then we sit down at 7am sharp for a very structured meeting - it is here that you will see even further what BNI is about, how it can help to grow your network, to see what opportunities are available and to enjoy breakfast with like-minded business people.

Only one Trade/Profession is allowed to join at once, so you will never have any competition, once your seat is taken, your profession is locked out, so be quick! To book to attend, please go to our website and scroll down to the date you can attend at the booking link provided.

Around 45-55 people attend, so you will need to bring at least 50 business cards, as these get passed around the breakfast tables, as a visitor, you get to stand up for 30 seconds to introduce yourself, (members get to speak for 60 seconds).

Free parking is available on Cross Street, Double Bay until 9am, then 10am further down Cross Street, towards Double Bay Public School. 'What goes around comes around ... if I help you, you’ll help me and we will all benefit as a result!'

For information on seat availability, or any general questions about the group E: or call 8022 8555

Tracey Chandler 0416 100 839

Categories Available • Personal Trainer • Yoga • Medical GP • Web developer • Electrician • Nursing Home Owner • Air Conditioning • Director of Nursing • Wills & Estates • Carpenter • Event Planner • Singer • Business Coach • Insurance Broker • Dermatologist • Building Inspector • Removalist • Strata Manager • Nutritionist • Nursing Agency • Builder



CHANGING YOUR LIFE WITH KINESIOLOGY Katha Jones is an expert practitioner in Kinesiology and Kinesiopractic® Care, a holistic therapy based on similar principles to acupuncture and modern chiropractic, cranio-sacral and sacro-occipital therapy.

But unlike those medical disciplines, Kinesiology is non-invasive and holistic, addressing all aspects of a person’s health. No needles or drastic manipulations of spine or limbs. In her eastern suburbs practice, Katha helps people suffering from a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. Stress is often the root cause. “If we feel stressed or emotionally overwhelmed and challenged, it will affect our physiology and central nervous system in detrimental ways,” she says. “The adrenal glands relate to the Triple Warmer meridian and when we 'burn the candle at both ends, juggling long working hours, family and perhaps study commitments our ability to handle and respond to demanding situations is severely compromised.' Once the neurological communication network between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands (HPA axis) is out of synch, we can experience a myriad of physical, mental, endocrine and nutritional problems such as high blood pressure, blood sugar problems, PMT, anxiety and depression. Katha used to work in the banking and airline industries. Then 22 years ago, she gave up the corporate life to study naturopathy – and discovered Kinesiology, and went on to study it for five years full-time. Now she is one of Australia’s foremost Kinesiology practitioners and also runs an accredited college. She helps people who haven’t found a cure using traditional western (or eastern!) medicine. “One woman came to me with a frozen shoulder that no-one else had been able to do anything about. It was completely debilitating and was preventing her from working because she was a hairdresser – she couldn’t lift anything with that arm and was in constant pain.” After a few sessions with Katha, the client’s shoulder was working perfectly. And she had also found an inner peace which had previously been lacking. “Kinesiology is a powerful catalyst for change in all areas of your life,” Katha says. She compares herself to an electrician searching for breaks in a circuit. And as with acupuncture, the parts of the body she treats are not necessarily the areas clients are having problems with. “If, for example, you are suffering from asthma, I might start by assessing the function of specific muscles that relate to the lung meridian,” she explains. Any 'unlocking' biofeedback responses indicate that the energy to the lung meridian is blocked. She may then do some hands-on work. This usually involves the manual activation of neurolymphatic reflex points on the torso or neurovascular points on the head. But she emphasizes that no two cases are the same. The treatment varies according to the ‘blocked circuits’ she discovers through

muscular biofeedback testing. By gentle, non-invasive stimulations of meridians, she can restore balance and help you achieve proper neurological function in the interface between muscles, organs and meridians. This is known as “Functional Neurology”. Katha refers to something called the Triangle of Health. Here is how she explains the sides of the triangle: 1. Structural – the muscular/skeletal system; 2. Mental/emotional – our belief systems, feelings and values; 3. Biochemical – what occurs on a cellular level, for example the nutrients your body does or doesn’t receive. “If one side of the triangle is under stress, it automatically affects the other two sides,” she says. “I see a lot of people who work in toxic environments – dusty building sites, offices contaminated with chemicals – and so the biochemical side of the triangle is out of whack. "Likewise, if you are feeling emotionally challenged or constantly stressed, that will affect your physiology and biochemistry too." Some of Katha’s clients don’t have a lot wrong with them. Not any more, anyway. But they come back to her for regular physiological ‘tune-ups’ so they keep in top condition. The sessions in Katha’s peaceful suite of rooms in Mascot run for one hour and you can claim a rebate through your health fund.

Want to learn Kinesiology?

As well as personal consultations, Katha trains Kinesiology practitioners and Touch For Health Instructors. She is an accredited Trainer, Competency Assessor, Clinical Mentor and Clinical Supervisor with the Australian Kinesiology Association. There’s the eight day, International Touch for Health certificate course. Or you can do the one year Kinesiology Practitioner course, at the end of which you are qualified join the ranks of Australia’s 500-plus Kinesiologists. New intake starts 4/5 August. Book and pay by June 20 for Early Bird discount. ”You don’t have to become a practitioner, but you’ll find this holistic therapy really life-changing,” Katha says.

Want to find out more?

Attend an introductory seminar at Katha’s rooms from 6.15pm-8pm on May 23.

International Institute of Kinesiology Australia 11/710 Botany Rd, Mascot 0438 256 738

Relationship or Parenting Problems? Talk to Odelia ... Odelia Carmon is a psychotherapist who helps people break free of anxiety, depression and addiction, and she does it by simply getting you to sit down and talk about it. “I don’t take a diagnostic approach,” says Odelia, who has been practicing for 28 years. “It’s a conversational model where I act as a facilitator on the client’s journey to self-discovery.” As she chats to clients in her cosy consulting rooms in Double Bay, they uncover life-changing insights which help overcome mental barriers, mend rocky relationships and throw off the shackles of obsessive behaviour and addiction. This is usually accomplished in 12 sessions of an hour each. Some of the people who book appointments with her are suffering the traumas of grief and unexpected life changes. Others are in the grip of substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviours. “My focus in on relationships,” Odelia says, “not just your relationships with others, but the relationship you have with yourself.” To help you overcome relationship challenges, she helps pinpoint issues from your past which can be impeding your happiness and success in the present moment. “You are the sum of your experience,” she says. “I help you to look at the strengths you’ve gained from childhood and apply them in the present.” Some clients are victims of domestic violence. Often this is economic, not physical. “A typical scenario is one where the husband holds the purse strings, keeps the partner on a tight budget and monitors every movement.” And Odelia sees a lot of frazzled parents, most commonly mothers, but there is a steady stream of dads, generally single fathers.

Helping couples escape parent traps

“Parenting is a very difficult state of being,” she states. “It requires an almost sacrificial element because you have to become the unconditional caregiver.” However, most first-time mums and dads sacrifice themselves on the altar of parenthood without going for therapy. It’s when the second child comes along that they are more likely to seek Odelia’s help. “A typical scenario is where you are the mother of a child who is two or three years old,” Odelia says. “You’re consumed by fears about whether you can love the new baby as much as the other one. How will it fit in to the picture I’ve created?” When the new addition arrives, the toddler who was previously the sole focus of mum and dad’s nurturing can often go rogue, engaging in regressive and aggressive behaviour. “Biting is common,” Odelia says. “Or breaking toys and then regressing to bedwetting and pooing in places other than the toilet.” So how does Odelia assist the fraught parent who comes to her, bite marks on arms, and mentally numb from the trauma of discovering, and having to clean up, the surprise their toddler left at the base of the new arrival’s bassinet? “I help the parent control the anger and negative reaction and get them out of that siege mentality,” she says. Meanwhile, Odelia recommends setting aside time that you spend with the older child. “You can leave baby with a grandparent and take the older one to the park, for example.”

Odelia Carmon Psychotherapist

491 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 0407 223 626



Pinnacle Health opens in CROSS ST, DOUBLE BAY Pinnacle Health, a primarily natural health business which has been in Sydney for over 30 years has moved from the Roma Arcade to Level 1/4 Cross St, Double Bay, upstairs from Eleni.

They still have the traditional Naturopathy, Herbalism and Nutrition in addition to six new state of the art pieces of equipment:

Colonic Irrigation which is designed to clean the digestive system, and potentially cleanse the whole system. Hyperbaric Oxygen which is where

elevation, constipation and muscular cramps, but in the pod the external exposure to the body is often used for the purpose of relaxation, and some times by athletes hoping to enhance muscular recovery after activities.

Infrared Sauna is a type of sauna that

works on light which elevates the body temperature, evoking sweat. The idea is that the light which the body experiences as heat may penetrate deeper than just normal heat. The skin has always been considered an elimination channel in natural health with many theories behind why sweating not to the point of dehydration may be beneficial.

The Salt Room is a room with salt from floor to ceiling with a generator to circulate the salt. These type of rooms have proven popular internationally with those that suffer respiratory challenges and skin afflictions.

you lay in a chamber with air being pumped into the chamber through an oxygen concentrator. The word hyperbaric literally means “high pressure.” The pressure builds up in the chamber, and the theory is the higher pressure Cryo therapy is cold Nitrogen gas exposed to most parts of the body, becoming inside the chamber encourages the body to increasingly popular with professional athabsorb more of the oxygen. letes Internationally used by those wishing to recover from athletic endeavours. A Floating Pod of water containing Magnesium. Magnesium is considered a form Some people have used it because they believe of salt. The pod you lay in, which looks more it may enhance their metabolism. It originally like a big capsule, has enough magnesium salt started as a fast way to change the temperato make the person float in the water, rather ture through the exposure to the cold on the than sink much like the Dead Sea in the Middle outside of the body. East. Magnesium has traditionally been used by Naturopaths internally for things like mood

We asked Will Shannon who runs the business what prompted the new services and relocation? A: “We saw a need in the marketplace” he

said “and we have a desire to serve. We’ve been helping Australians from a diversity of backgrounds since the 1980’s in Australia. First with my father Eli Shamon, and now me, and our team of practitioners.”“We’ve got a dedicated team ready to serve the local community.” We asked him what he thinks of the effectiveness of all the above services. He replied “We prefer people to try for themselves.”




HEARING LOSS Take My Advice, A MAJOR CAUSE OF A I’m not using it HEALTHY LIFE LOST DUE Advice is a peculiar thing. People often ask for it, everyone wants to give it and most people never take it.

TO DISABILITY SUMMER 2017 NEWS A 1999 Australian Institute of

Given that a significant component of hearing loss is preventable, there is a clear argument Health Welfare of p: (02)and 9327 8280 study e: for identifying hearing loss as a health the burden of disease, found priority; and for a cross-jurisdictional approach to awareness and preventing and remedying that adult-onset hearing loss hearing loss. was the fifth highest cause of


years of healthy life lost due to disability.

• Hearing health needs to be dealt with as a mainstream Discount batteries for health all!issue A significant component of acquired hearing

depression, loss 37 per cent is due to excessive noise expo- • Hearing loss increases riskBofatt Club 2018 eBary ries tte Edgecliff Hearing has sourced high quality ed dementia, blood pressure and heart conditions nt Discou sure from inappropriate listening behaviours. hearing aid batteries at discount prices, This is mostly preventable. • The Government has nine national health

8280 Ph 02 9327 27 8129 Fax 02 93 .co ng ari dgecliffhe hearing@e cliffhearin www.edge

and is passing on the savings. The priorityBattery areas such as obesity and asthma – Hearing loss is associated with increasing age, hearing should become a priority too Club is open to all, and is free to join. rising from less than 1% for people aged younger than 15 years to three in every four people • This will raise public profile, education, Suite 208a Q-Central The Battery Club means you and your friends B a aged over 70 years. With an ageing population, tt prevention, supports, and research tovedirect ntre e Ce SUMMER 2017 NEWS ry ff rbrik Drive cli No ge C 10 lu l 3, Ed b Le 1, 2 ad 30 0 Ro ite 18NSW 2153 ad hearing is projected to increase to one Bella Vista, w South He smart, integrated governmentSu policy. only loss ever pay half price forinhearing aid 203-233 Ne Name W 2027 NS ff 27 cli 20 ge W Ed p: (02) 9327 8280 every four Australians bye:2050. Edgecliff NS PO Box 90 batteries. A packet of batteries is $3 and MembersWe have all experienced the frustration of hip No . a box of 60 batteries is $30 (size 10, 312, 13 Battery Sigiving someone advice and seeing it not ze taken followed by unhappy consequences. It or 675 - including cochlear implant batteries). Right is the bane of every parent. As we get older, Discount batteries for all! Left in theory wiser, we long for 18 and 20 b lu C YouEdgecliff don’tHearing needhasto be a current Battery sourced high quality others to listen and learn from our hearing aidof batteries at discount prices, customer Edgecliff Hearing This card experiences only to find our knowledge is entitles and is passing on the savings. The Battery you to disc ounted baPerhaps it has to benefit these often ignored or disparaged. tteries Club is openfrom to all, and is free low to join.prices. something to do with when, where and how Simply joinClub themeans Edgecliff Hearing The Battery you and your friends Battery C lub 2018 we give it? only ever pay half price for hearing aid

EDGECLIFF HEARING BATTERY CLUB 7 8280 Ph 02 932 7 8129 Fax 02 932 gecliffheari ng.c hearing@ed liffheari www.edgec


Bat Discounted

Suite 208a Q-Central Drive 10 Norbrik NSW 2153 a, Bella Vist

ecliff Centre Level 3, Edg d Road Suite 301, South Hea 203-233 New 2027 Name Edgecliff NSW ecliff NSW 2027 Edg PO Box 90

Battery Club and enjoy the low prices. batteries. A packet of batteries is $3 and

Gratuitous advice, we all love to give it and we all hate to receive it. How often though do people give unsolicited advice? Take for You don’t need to be a current example, a daughter who comes home from customer of Edgecliff Hearing to benefit from these low prices. work, describes her day as being terrible and Simply join the Edgecliff Hearing proceeds to tell her family how frustrated Club and enjoy the low prices. The Battery Edgecliff Hearing team wishes you Season’s Greetings and a very Happyand New Year.she is with a workmate. Her faannoyed ther or mother then start with the gratuitous We will be taking two weeks off in the festive summer season to catch up withadvice. friends andgoes family. It usually like this “You should Our last day of appointments will be Friday 23 December 2017. speak to your manager about this. Next time The Edgecliff Hearing team wishes you Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year. your workmate does that tell her to…. You Edgecliff Hearing willoffbe closed from season 24 December to family. 7 January 2018. know how you should handle this?” A long We will be taking two weeks in the festive summer to catch up with 2017 friends and Our last day of appointments will be Friday 23 December 2017. We will reopen on Monday 8 January 2018. lecture, based on their work experience, usuEdgecliff Hearing will be closed from 24 December 2017 to 7 January 2018. ally follows. We will reopen on Monday 8 January 2018. a box of 60 batteries is $30 (size 10, 312, 13 or 675 - including cochlear implant batteries).


you that you should have never dated that person, bought that car, paid that much for the house. They may be right, and you might even know that but what help is a reminder of the mistake. If your ‘friend’ had believed what they said they should have spoken up then or remained forever silent. All they have done is minimize you, while they are maximizing their sense of self-worth.


Battery Siz e


Season’s Greetings Left

This card

entitles you

to discounte

d batteries

Season’s Greetings

We hope 2018 youAT good health and happiness. THEbrings TEAM EDGECLIFF HEARING We hope 2018 brings you good health and happiness.

L–R Claire Crichton, Merren Davies, Phillippa Hunt Jan Glas and Cassidy Spilsted

products and hearing our website Claire For more information Merrenabout our services, Phillippa Janloss in general, visitCassidy Chrichton Davies Hunt Glas Spilsted

The daughter (and probably the rest of the

family)Crichton, has tuned out by now. This advice has L–R Claire Merren not metDavies, the daughter’s needs. She is wanting Phillippa Huntreceive some empathy for her to download, Jan Glas and feelings not solutions that imply that she is Cassidy Spilsted

incompetent. The situation would have been different if the daughter had said “My day has been terrible. What should I do about it?” Then the advice is asked for.

Perhaps, worse than this type of situation is the gratuitous advice given after an event. This usually begins with the If hearing loss is negatively impacting on your life, words “You know what you should have For more information about our services, products and hearing loss in general, visit our website done? You should have…...You know what I come and talk to one of our audiologists. would have done. The person proceeds to tell


just mention EASTERN SUBURBS LIFE newspaper

If the problem seems serious or intractable then seeing a professional counsellor may be the solution. Counsellors are trained to recognize that the same problem will be experienced very differently by different people, and therefore the solution will vary. Counsellors do not bring their emotional baggage that a friend or family member may have. They are impartial. Instead a counsellor will encourage a person to look at the various options available. “Perhaps you could do this or perhaps you could do that?” “What ideas do you have?” Then run though the consequences of the different choices. The person will be able to decide for themselves what is the best action from them to take. So, in future remember before you give advice wait to be asked, encourage the person to seek professional help if the problem is too stressful. Give gratuitous advice at your own peril.

by Mary Doyle

Edgecliff Hearing

Suite 301, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 9327 8280 E:

If you are asked for advice try to avoid the words should and instead talk of options. Options imply choice and control in the hands of the recipient. Remember that your experience may not be the same as the other person. You may not know all the facts or be biased in your opinion. Generally speaking, to be successfully received advice must be sought.

Effective Counselling Founder and principal of the practice, Mary Doyle, B Soc., M. Counselling

Suite 601, Level 6, 9-13 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction 9386 0220



Tips to stay healthy this Autumn Take a Vitamin D supplement

We get most of our Vitamin D from the sun, so our intake decreases when the weather is colder since we spend most of our time inside during the Autumn/Winter seasons. If you find you are not getting outside much, a Vitamin D supplement can boost your mood and immune system!

Take some time to yourself

Autumn and Winter are the Earth’s way of telling us to slow down. Start a journal or track your moods to get more in touch with how your feeling.

Get your flu shot and yearly check-up No one likes sniffling and aching and sneezing and coughing getting in the way of life.

Boost your immune system

You can do this by drinking plenty of water, washing your hands often to prevent sickness, and eating nutritious foods.

Make some plans for the cold months In the Winter, we tend to hibernate if we don’t have things to keep us busy.

Moisturise your skin Harsh temperatures can make your skin dry. Also, you still should be wearing sunscreen. Buy in-season food Beets, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, kale, pumpkin, broths, roasted squash, roots and sautéed dark leafy greens are all great choices. Stay active! It can be easy to just sit around all the time, but it’s important to get in some movement throughout the day. Do some “Spring cleaning”

Clean out your closet, organise that back room, and rid yourself of things you don’t need. Get some books to read and shows to watch.

Keep a schedule The cold months can seem to drag on and push us into isolation. Stay on track by scheduling time in your day to do things you like to do. Be kind to yourself The holidays can cause weight gain, the shorter days can cause low mood, and the flu season can cause sickness. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Try reframing negative thoughts into positive ones.

stay healthy & happy.... eat your greens

Double Bay Market

• Every Thursday • 9am to 2pm

• Guilfoyle Park

Fresh food • Fashion • Artisana • Pony Rides • Jumping Castle



jacqueline Tiepermann

The arrival of digital cameras has made it pretty easy to get good shots, but getting really great shots is something different.

My Walloroy

"Wallaroy, talks about the happiest era of my life which was the 1980’s, a decade in which we lived in Wallaroy Road, located in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra. The words that come to mind describing this body of work is abundance reflecting life, love and laughter,” says Jacqueline, who now resides in Melbourne. This body of work is the story of an English country-style residence tucked away from sight. Secluded, serene, peaceful and tranquil, sun drenched due to the French doors opening into the gardens, which reflected and contributed to the overall blissful ambience. The atmosphere was relaxed with the laughter of children being the order of the day, heightened by a constant stream of friends and family who came steadily during the course of the week for impromptu meals and a chat. The perfumed garden was filled with giant jacarandas, wisterias, magnolias, jasmine and a profusion of gardenias. Beds of tulips and irises, daffodils and jonquils flowered annually and the giant peach tree that could be seen outside our bedroom window on the third floor, that blossomed in Spring, where cockatoos landed for a peach breakfast in Summer, all used to make my heart sing. Hydrangeas were chosen as dialogue for “Wallaroy” as they as they are reminiscent of my past. These blooms have laced their way throughout my life. and are deeply embedded in the


recesses of my mind representative of safety, family and heritage. Lavish lashings of paint denote the big word for this body work “abundance.” The contemporary backgrounds reflect the now, and future with silver paint used throughout to denote deco style silver artefacts that graced some rooms left to me by ancestors. “Wallaroy”, in some instances, also showcases my collection of French, English and contemporary blue and white china that was collected throughout this era. Interestingly, contemporary blue and white china is enjoying resurgence. The Wallaroy days were halcyon, just loved those years and the life we had Wallaroy was my Camelot.

That’s when it helps to have someone on your side, someone who really knows about cameras, photography and professional customer service. At Double Bay Cameras, when you buy a camera they will take the time to talk you through the alternatives, and make sure you end up with exactly the right product for your needs.

give them a call and they will provide obligation free advice. They also help keep you up and running with their professional camera repair service. If reliability is important to you, every camera they sell comes with a 100% local Australian warranty, and every repair they make has a 3 month warranty. Double Bay Cameras know that taking "Really Great Shots" is not just a matter of chance, it takes care and commitment. That’s why they promise to provide care and commitment too.

With over 25 years of expert customer service from their Double Bay shop, unlike buying from an impersonal online store, you’ll get to talk to someone who cares and who can continue the conversation whenever you choose to come back. Double Bay Cameras also have an online store, where you can browse a huge range of products at competitive prices. And If you find something and need to chat about it

Double Bay Cameras Shop 2, Roma Arc 413-417 New South Head Rd Double Bay 9327 4481



varietals the spice of life

Chardonnay is one of the most popu-

lar wines in the world, and is the main white grape variety grown for commercial production. Chardonnays tend to have ripe melon flavours if they are grown in warmer climates and cooler regions are famous for peach and citrus characteristics and generally matured in oak barrels. Winemakers will often blend Chardonnay grapes from different regions to create a distinct style of wine and when blended with Pinot Noir grapes Chardonnay makes a great sparkling white.

Gewurztraminer aromatic with pungent floral fragrances, light gold in colour and the intense floral overtones can often be overpowering to the uninitiated. Often mixed with Riesling and is a popular accompaniment to spicy Asian dish. Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio is a white

variety traditionally grown in Alsace in northeast France and in Italy, where it is called Pinot Grigio. In the same way Chardonnay is famous in Australia as a reliable full-flavoured white wine, in Europe Pinot Grigio from Italy and Pinot Gris from France are known for their reliability - wines made from this grape aren’t as rich as Chardonnay but they are flavoursome nonetheless. Pinot Gris is not a relative of Pinot Noir (the ‘Pinot’ in the name refers only to the pine cone shape of the grape). Pinot Gris generally has a medium-bodied

flavour with a tendency to be crisp, steely and refreshing, often with a spicy citrus aroma. Traditionally from Germany, it’s a fruity white wine and is often mixed with other sweet varieties to produce a classic accompaniment to Thai cuisine and other spicy dishes.

Semillon is a classic French wine, now

grown right across Australia. Semillon ripens early in the season and produces wines which are full-flavored, rich and aromatic. Semillon is often blended with other varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay to take advantage of the strengths of each variety.

Sauvignon Blanc suits colder climates such as Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand, is generally consumed soon after vintage. Semillon is regularly mixed with Sauvignon Blanc, producing an easy-drinking accompaniment to seafood. Verdelho originally from Portugal, Verdel-

ho is often made into fortified wine (Douro Port) in its European homeland but here in Australia it is mainly turned into dry, white table wine. The grape isn’t grown widely in this country and there are only small plantings in Western Australia, NSW and South Australia. The varietal character of Verdelho changes from herbaceous, grassy and spice through to

tropical flavours of pineapple, melon, tropical fruits, guava, honeysuckle and fruit salad.

Cabernet Sauvignon is another classic French wine which has taken off in Australia. Cabernet Sauvignon varieties are medium to full-bodied and are usually well structured and elegant. Many Australian wine makers blend Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon with excellent results. Grenache grows well in warmer climates and produces soft wines with round, perfumed flavours. Winemakers often blend Grenache with Shiraz to create a more balanced wine. Chilled Grenache blends are a great accompaniment for spicy foods. Merlot is softer on the palate than Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz and has the advantage of being rich, but only moderately tannic so you can drink it soon after vintage without offending your tongue. Merlot is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to produce an easy drinking red wine. Petit Verdot produces deep, full-bodied wines with spicy pepper flavours and




characteristics, high tannins and high alcohol content. The variety has traditionally been used to add character to weaker reds and is often used the same way spices are in cooking a little bit goes a long way.

Pinot Noir

grapes have thick skins and produce wines which are light in colour, body and tannins. For this reason Pinot Noir make fantastic sparkling wines and elegant dry reds. Pinot Noir produces some of Australia’s greatest sparkling wines when mixed with Chardonnay.

Shiraz is one of the most famous Australian wine varieties, although the grape originates in the Middle East and has been used by wine makers around the world for centuries. Shiraz is a full-bodied wine with a dark crimson colour and with rich, pepper and plum flavours. Most Shiraz wines are matured in oak and many can be cellared for decades.




good tradesmen If you are a home owner in Australia, its always really handy to have a trusted tradie on call, in case you need some home improvement works done.

to point you in the right direction. A good tradie knows that he does good work, and would be confident enough to give you the name or contact information of a previous client. He knows they will only have nice words for him and his work.

With all the travelling con-men tradies that are reported in the media these days, finding the right type of tradie for your home is even more important than ever. Here are some tips that we hope will help you find a good tradie.

Before you commit to engaging a particular tradie, ask him if there are some previous projects that he can show to you. If you are able to see a past project, see if you can speak to the previous customer about it. Ask them how it went, if the project was on budget and time, and ask how the tradesperson handled any unexpected issues or questions that arose during the job.

Ask the right questions

The search for a tradie always begins with a meet and greet process. You have to meet and interview prospective tradies, not unlike an employer searching for the right employee to fit the bill. In these interviews, you have to ask the right questions to give you an idea how good they are at their given fields as well as how trustworthy they are. When interviewing prospective tradies, don’t hesitate to ask about their work history and their credentials such as licences and insurance certificates. Good tradies will have no problem providing you this information. This is even truer when it comes to references. Ask a good tradie for references, and he would be more than glad

Ask for examples of work

Looking at previous work can give the tradie a way to shine while giving you the opportunity to see if his proposed quality meets reality.

Give the tradie a tour of your home

If he can see the project with his own eyes, he will be able to give you an estimate on the spot. Showing him the work that needs to be done also provides him a chance to ask you questions as well as to understand your expectations and needs for the project better.


Timber decks, screens and pergolas are great and can add significant value to our homes. They allow us to enjoy our outdoor areas in comfort whilst getting some fresh air or enjoying the view. Timber decks, will need to be maintained regularly to keep them in good condition.

Tips for maintaining your decks or other outdoor timber • Always hose or blow off leaves or dirt when you can. • Clean every 3 months with a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid or car wash and a soft broom or mop. A clean surface will allow water to drain off and the deck to dry quicker prolonging the lifespan of the sealer. NOTE: Deck cleaners you buy at hardware and paint shops are mostly designed to clean a deck before resealing it and will strip or degrade the surface so steer clear of them unless you’re about to do a top up coat. • Top up decks with sealer whenever they start to get weathered. If you can keep

Enjoy YOUR


Deck restoration and varnishing DECK SYDNEYDECKSEALING.COM.AU FREECALL: 1800 DECKSEAL your deck sealed before it starts to dry out or weather too much it will save you substantial money over the long term. • Always use good quality sealers such as Intergrain, Sikkens or Cutek for example. The cheap sealers just don’t last and the small amount saved is outweighed by all the extra time spent re-coating more often.

• Mask up any small fixtures or fittings such as lights as it will save a lot of time instead of having to carefully cut in with a small brush around them. • Pick the day. A nice sunny day is best but be sure to get your sealing done before it gets too hot or it will become harder to keep it neat as the sealer will be drying straight off the applicator.

• Pick your tint carefully: The colour will be partially determined by the natural colour of your timber and there are many different tints such as: Light brown, darker brown, reddish brown, charcoals/greys and whites/ limewashes. All look good but depending on what colours you have around, some suit better.

For example, lighter brown looks good if you have dark walls or darker brown works well if you have lighter colour walls. Reddish tints look great near gardens or green areas and the blacks and whites are very modern looking and will suit many styles of homes. Remember, a deck is a substantial investment and asset for your property. Keeping it in good condition will not only look good and impress friends and family, it will add value to your home. Autumn is a good time to get the work done before the cold, wet days set in. If you’re too busy to look after the deck yourself try calling an expert like Sydney Deck Sealing to help you. They have a variety of options for all decks and budgets and have the proven systems and experience to do the job right.

Sydney Deck Sealing

1800 DECKSEAL 1800 332 573



Welcome Ms Hargrave

Newly opened store, Ms Hargrave is a small bricks and mortar rustic decor and gift store, set amongst the stylish terraces of Hargrave St, in Paddington, Sydney.

Newly opened store, Ms Hargrave is a small bricks and

Owner, Chella Monaghan is a curious collector and forager who blends old styles with the new. “It’s about creating your own style and individuality, thriving on being unique, independent and a bit gypsy” says Chella. Ms Hargrave stocks vintage furniture bearing the marks of time, and the hand-prints of those before, home-wares that have been carefully chosen for their style and enduring quality, decorative objects that will fill you with joy while adding beauty to your home and life. Collections of décor pieces, some rustic, some French provincial, many pre-loved, as well as that, Chella restores and paints furniture using chalk paint. Chella says “This world is so fast paced that it’s great to take a step back, take a breath, minimise our footprint, be more organic and embrace slow living when you can”. That’s what ambiance you get when you visit Ms Hargrave, in Paddington. A cute enticing, village store, tucked away between terrace houses in urban Paddington,with country style, rustic home treasures and gifts, together with good oldfashioned service from Chella, who is more like a friend than a shop owner, and who really cares for her customers.

Ms Hargrave

164 Hargrave St, Paddington, 9326 1553 I: @ms.hargrave



“All that Glisters is not Gold” warned Shakespeare, reminding us not to judge solely by appearances. The thought’s as true today as it was in the Merchant of Venice in 1596. In truth, “New and Tucked Away” businesses frequently give better value and customer service, so with this in mind Eastern Suburb Life set out to discover and bring to light great businesses that are either tucked away or new. It wasn’t long before we discovered they are everywhere, including Locksmiths in Roma Arcade in Double Bay, Funeral Directors off New South Head Road in Rose Bay, a Home Décor shop on Hargrave Street in Paddington, and a host of Professional Services businesses in office premises throughout the Eastern Suburbs.

We also discovered Paul & Shark’s largest NSW stockist in Knox Street, Double Bay, Woollahra’s oldest Garage Service Station in Manning Road, Woollahra and Hair by Yolanda, possibly the smallest Hair Salon in the Eastern Suburbs. As for new businesses we are delighted extend a warm welcome to Ms Hargrave at 164 Hargrave Street, Paddington and Swimwear Emporium in new premises at 3 Knox Street, Double Bay.


Find these and more “tucked away” businesses visit



Yolanda runs her own boutique one-on-one hair salon in Elbon Arcade, Double Bay. Her clientele have followed her for many years. Yolanda's main purpose is client satisfaction. At Hair by Yolanda, you’ll receive personalised care and attention.

Shop 4/402 New South Head Rd (Elbon Arcade), Double Bay 9327 7653 F: @hairbyyolandasalon







Shop 2 /3 Knox Street, Double Bay 9363 3224 F: @swimwearemporiumsydney





DELIVERING SERVICE EXCELLENCE • Deadlocks & padlocks • Transponder keys copied • Car key batteries replaced • Garage remotes • Building access control fobs


Shop 18, Roma Arc, 413-417 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9363 1155





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Lord John Menswear Shop 2, 41-45 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 4783

Shop 28, Cosmopolitan Centre, 2-22 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 7312 Inst: @doublebaycigars


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d Rd

Top range and highest quality cuban cigars, accessories, humidors, cutters, vaporizers and E-cigarettes.


ig nnn Mna i

Winter stock Available

Est. 1960’s.

St Cosmopolitan Centre



Lord John Menswear, Double Bay Largest supplier of Paul & Shark clothing in NSW.






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Level 1, 4 Cross St, Double Bay 1300 366 232



Shop 2, 41-45 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 4783 Insta: @lordjohnmenswear F: lord john menswear



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g Darlin

Specialising in quality imported European resort and casual menswear in Double Bay. Largest supplier of Paul & Shark clothing in NSW. Sizes up to 3X.

Pinnacle Health, Double Bay offers colonic irrigation, an oxygen chamber, infrared sauna, movement classes, biodensity, cryo-therapy, floating pod, herbalism, nutrition, posture therapy, acupuncture, naturopaths and a salt room.


Intercon Hotel



491 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 0407 223 626

Pensioner discounts

Oce O caen A anve A

25 years experience


• Fast lock-out service • Installation and repair of locks • Locks re-keyed (changed) • Window locks

Odelia Carmon, founder of the Child, Family & Relationship Centre has been practicing counselling and psychotherapy for the past 23 years. She is guided by the Existential (Emmy Van Deurzen) and Attachment (John Bowlby) principals of therapy.

n Ocea

Healing begins with making contact, talking freely and being heard and understood.

Bay S t


Discover our extensive selection of swimwear, beachwear, resort wear and cruise wear. Leading international designer brands include: Maryan Mehlhorn, Gottex, Diva, Feraud-Paris, Charmline, Lea, Gideon Oberson, Roasch, Gottex Silver, Gottex Profile, Roberto Cavalli and many others.


n St





To Co

To feature your busines 0423 861 413 or





13 VAUCLUSE We are your dedicated LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions Gallery servicing your local area. We bring you the latest in innovations in window covering solutions - from the market-leading window coverings brand, LUXAFLEX®


430-432 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9327 5500






Cicada & Co is a gift shop filled with treasures for all ages, with a focus on Australian products and local suppliers, carefully hand-selected by Anna and Rachel.


Cicada & Co hosts workshops and classes for all ages, and are passionate about giving back to both the environment and the community. Supporting a variety of charities, and recycling activities throughout the year, as a collection point.







Shop 2A, 19-21 Bellevue Rd, Bellevue Hill 9046 9197 www.



Do you have a question for 11 Chris Cullen, the Friendly Funeral Guy?




sv aa l

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Suite 6/712 New South Head Rd, Rose Bay 1800 202 110



th H



a m Ar c


a iaor


ooper Park Garage


Effective Counselling

ad Rd

Bed lle







outh H

New S


I would love to answer your questions ...... E: chris@ianjarthurfunerals.



Effective Counselling’s practitioners are experienced professionals who focus on providing effective practical solutions and outcomes.


164 Hargrave St, Paddington 9326 1553 Inst: @ms.hargrave

WOOLLAHRA 14 At Cooper Park Garage, we believe that establishing a foundation of trust is what creates repeat business. After you experience our high-calibre service, we’re sure you’ll come to us again the next time you need an automotive repair or general maintenance.

104 Manning Rd, Woollahra 9327 3774

EDGECLIFF 15 BRW Financial Group specialise in pre-retirement and retirement planning including advice to SMSF Trustees and members. We are experienced in all matters dealing with your retirement, and welcome the opportunity to meet and work with you.

Suite 409, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 1300 650 574


We are an independent audiology clinic with over 50 years combined audiology experience. Our primary focus is to provide an honest high quality service to the community.

We tailor programs to meet your needs and requirements. • Caring • Professional • Confidential


At Ms Hargrave, owner, Chella Monaghan, is a curious collector who blends the old with the new. Vintage furniture bearing the marks of time and the handprints of those before, homewares that have been carefully chosen for their style and enduring quality, decorative objects that fill you with joy while adding beauty to your home and life.

Founder and principal of the practice, Mary Doyle, B Soc., M. Counselling

Suite 601, Level 6, Easts Tower, 9-13 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction 9386 0220

ss in “NEW OR TUCKED AWAY” call ESL on r email

Suite 301, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 9327 8280

Edgecliff Automotive ‘Excellence in Automotive Service’ 17

e-Safety Check – Online Registration Facilities SERVICING: VW • AUDI • PORSCHE • VOLVO • BMW MERCEDES BENZ • JAGUAR • RANGE ROVER

2 Ocean Ave 2 Ocean Avenue Edgecliff Edgecliff NSW 2027 503007A_Edgecliff Automotives I 2308.indd 1

9363 5040

(02) 9363 5040

16/11/17 12:11 pm




Double Bay Organic Food Markets Double Bay Organic Food Markets Ideal for families, with pony rides, a petting zoo and jumping castle on-site, Double Bay Organic Food Market specialises in gourmet food and produce. In addition to fresh fruit and veggies, there is food you can eat on the spot, like pork rolls and gozleme. There are also plenty of clothing stalls, and an opportunity to pick up some fresh flowers.

leadership of North Korea for an interesting discussion facilitated by ABC producer, interviewer and researcher Michaela Kalowski.

On: Every Thurs, 9am-2pm At: Guilfoyle Park, cnr of Guilfoyle Avenue and Bay Street, Double Bay

On: Thurs, June 7, 6.30-7.30pm At: Woollahra Library, 451 New South Head Rd, Double Bay

Info: events_list/double_bay_market?SQ_ CALENDAR_DATE=2018-03-22

Admission is free and online bookings are essential. For more information or to book, visit https://

Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize Exhibition Visit historic Juniper Hall for an exhibition of

Sydney’s aboriginal story: Hidden in Plain View An author talk with Dr Paul Irish, who has

winner and finalist photos of 2018. The exhibition will be open from Thurday through to Sunday.

conclusively debunked the assumption that the aboriginal people of Sydney’s coastal areas ‘died out,’ or drifted away soon after European settlement.

On: Fri, May 11, 10am (Every week on Fri, until Sun, May 27) At: Juniper Hall, 250 Oxford Street, Paddington Moran Arts Foundation 9357 5222

What’s your great idea? Woollahra Council’s Community, Cultural,

Environmental and Placemaking Grants, awarded annually to support the local community, are now open. Community, Cultural and Placemaking Grant funding of up to $7,500, and Environmental Grant funding of up to $2,000 is available. Applications close on Friday, May 18.

For more information on the program and how to apply, call 9391 7166 or email

Head On Photo Festival Now in its 9th year, "Head On" is Australia’s

premier photography festival, featuring 147 photographic exhibitions from over 1,064 local and international photo-artists and workshops, talks and meet and greets with leaders in photojournalism, fine art and commercial photography.

On: May 5-20 At: Paddington and Sydney surrounds

Info: 9665 5865 or or visit

The Woollahra School of Philosophy: Understanding North Korea Join four experts in the history, politics and

Yoga for Seniors

In his 2017 publication Hidden in plain view, he re-creates the world of the ‘affiliated coastal zone’ with its ‘entanglements,’ as the lives of colonists and traditional owners variously intersected and ran parallel within the same localities.

On: Thurs, May 17, 10:30-11:30am At: Woollahra Library, 451 New South Head Rd, Double Bay

Yoga Classes for Seniors You are never too old for Yoga! Join the

Holdsworth Community Centre for a yoga class you will love! Experience the many health benefits that yoga can bring you. Our classes are specially designed for older people and the less mobile. You will need to bring: yoga mat, light rug and small cushion. Top six reasons to try your hand at Yoga: • Pain relief • Decrease insomnia • Improved circulation • Better alignment • Flexibility • Increased strength

On: (Every week on Tuesday, until further notice) 1-2pm At: Holdsworth Community Centre, 64 Holdsworth Street, Woollahra

More information: Holdsworth Community Centre 9302 3600




Your Friendly Funeral Guy Chris Cullen Recently I spoke with a gentleman whose mother had passed away 3 hours earlier in an aged care facility. He was living interstate and his mother was in Sydney. He rang his former Pastor here in Sydney who recommended Ian J. Arthur & Sons to care for the mother’s funeral. Unfortunately, the nursing home was anxiously waiting for the family to engage a funeral director as they needed the mother to be transferred that evening. In the rush, and not having previously considered what funeral director they would use, another family member engaged a different funeral director.

Do you want to take control of your superannuation assets and manage them yourself?

assets. “Sure, you can have property as part of the mix, but perhaps you’ll end up getting a better return through a listed or non-listed property trusts, or indeed both of those.”

A self managed super fund puts you in the driving seat. They can also cost less than conventional super. But you have to be careful your investment vehicle doesn’t disappear into one of the sink holes to be encountered along the way.

He says it can be beneficial to have managed funds handling your self managed super nest egg. “Managed funds can provide a healthy level of diversification,” he says. “For instance, you could hold shares in dozens of Australian companies, a commercial property asset such as an office block plus overseas shares which are not easily accessible to ‘Mum and Dad’ investors. You won’t get such a level of diversification purely investing in direct Australian shares.”

First, let’s look at those cost benefits. If you are running a self managed super fund, you need to pay administration, auditing and annual ASIC fees. “These costs can total as little as $1200, depending on the types of investment,” says retirement financial planning specialist Brendan Whitehouse. But – and it’s a big but – you get no advice. So you have to fork out an extra fee for that. “This will usually be upwards of $3300 a year, and I’ve seen it a lot higher than that,” says Brendan, of BRW Financial Group. Understanding the risks of property investment advice from a financial planner like Brendan can ensure you don’t make poor choices – such as putting all the money into bricks and mortar. “A lot of people buy just one property and also borrow money against it so it’s leveraged,” says Brendan. “This is fraught with danger. On top of your self managed super fees, you’ve got purchasing costs and you’ve got to set up a separate holding trust within the fund, because any assets with borrowing must be held in that way.” He gives the example of someone who has put in $200,000 of their own funds for a property purchase and borrowed another $400,000. “If the property market drops by 10 per cent, you’re underwater by $60,000.” Brendan warns there is false optimism about the sustainability of the property market. Meanwhile, the financial regulator APRA is working with the lending institutions imposing new restrictions on the amount of money people will be able to borrow for investment property purchases. Then there’s interest rates. “We’re coming of historically low rates and you have to factor in a rise of a few percentage points.”

Get itemised quotes in writing so that you can compare what each funeral director provides. Find a caring, high quality funeral director who you can trust. After selecting a funeral director advise the aged care facility of the nominated funeral director. It will save you a lot of stress when your loved one passes away. I am available for free consultations with no strings attached. Please call me on 1800 202 110 or email

someone dies in their home? A: STEP 1: You need to phone either a doctor or the police. Doctor: If the person’s death was expected, (due to illness or age) and the person has seen a medical doctor in the past 6 months then call the doctor. Ask the doctor if they can come and issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death [MCCD]. Police: If the death is unexpected or the person has not seen a medical doctor in the past 6 months or the doctor is unable to issue an MCCD then call the Police. The Police will organise for the transfer of the deceased person to the Coroner. STEP 2: Call Chris Cullen, the Friendly Funeral Guy. We will transfer the person into our care after the doctor has provided an MCCD, or after the coroner has released them (coroner’s process usually takes 2-5 days, but can be longer if the coroner requires).

Administering the fund through a trustee company

A self managed super fund can have up to four individual trustees or the fund can be run through a trust company. Brendan says there are a number of benefits in going down the corporate path.

Do you have a question for the Friendly Funeral Guy?

If one of the individual trustees is removed or another added, you must change the titles of the SMSF's assets. This is a very timeconsuming exercise,” Brendan warns. 'Or say if there’s a breach of ATO regulations, there’ll be four separate fines if you have four individual trustees, compared to just one if the fund is run by a trustee company.' Brendan cautions against dealing with a trustee company that is also engaged in other forms of business that could endanger your assets. “We had one client where it turned out the trustee company was also a building company,” he says. “That is not a desirable situation because if the building company gets sued, the assets are potentially exposed to creditors.”

I would love to answer your questions in future editions of the Eastern Suburbs Life newspaper.

Any advice in this publication is of a general nature only and has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Please seek personal advice prior to acting on this information. The information in this document reflects our understanding of existing legislation, proposed legislation, rulings etc as at the date of issue. In some cases the information has been provided to us by third parties. While it is believed the information is accurate and reliable, this is not guaranteed in any way.

BRW Financial Group

Benefits of a diversified portfolio Suite 409, Edgecliff Centre Having a diversified portfolio will help to protect your portfolio in times of market volatility, safeguarding your assets over the long term. Brendan recommends a mix of growth and defensive

Now I am aware that the family will have paid significantly more for the funeral than if they had used Ian J. Arthur & Sons, and I’m sure they would have received better care from us (I know I’m biased but we pride ourselves on the level of care we provide). The moral of the story … if you, or someone you know has an elderly relative living in an aged care facility, you should make enquiries with funeral directors now.

Questions and Answers Q: Hugh asks: What do you do when

203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff 1300 650 574

Please email them to:

Ian J. Arthur & Sons

Suite 6/712, New South Head Rd, Rose Bay 1800 202 110 24hrs, 7 days



Planning a Man Cave?

In the days when men are under assault for being manly, it is not surprising that some men might choose to tuck themselves away in the safety of their own man cave. So if you are thinking of creating a man cave read on.

Here is some food for thought

TV Of course there has to be a TV, so you can be host to those Sunday afternoon football matches, so make sure the screen is a big as you can get. Remember, it’s not only your male friends that will benefit, your wife and family too will thank you, when they come to watch the family movies you all love to share. Dart Board or Poker Table

Small, and easy to find, they provide simple ways to express men’s native skills in aiming, throwing and risk taking. Fudge the issues as we may, these traits are as firmly embedded in men’s genes as are their deeper voices and a man cave is just the place to put them to use.

Man caves give men the freedom to express their true selves, and not inflict their personal preferences on others. They give men the space to enjoy football with the guys, a relaxing pool game or pure quietness to get extra work done. All this, without denying others the freedom to catch up on their own preferred TV viewing or personal interests. So the whole family benefits.

Sports Memorabilia Fall into the

same category - The man cave is just the place for reminders of past personal victories, or for celebrating the triumphs of your favourite clubs and teams. They belong here more surely than they do in the living room, dining room and kitchen, where they may seem just a little too territorial.

If you’re a bit short on ideas to get started, here are six suggested essentials to get you going.


There is no point in a man cave if you can’t watch TV, or have a quiet drink in comfort. Start the way you intend to continue, and make sure you don’t compromise on this essential. Falling asleep in an uncomfortable chair, and waking with a stiff neck is to be avoided at all costs.

Pool Table We’ve left this till last, as

not every man likes pool, and not every man cave has space, but if you can answer "yes" to both this is your moment of glory. Get the best pool table you can, and you have the bragging rights to bring round all your friends for memorable hours of manly entertainment.

Man Cave Bar & Fridge

Man caves are to be shared with other men and, whilst not all men drink, you don’t want to run the risk of being judged to be a poor host. Make sure your bar and fridge are well stocked, and maybe consider turning the fridge down a couple of notches to ensure your drink are really cold.

So there you have it. Man caves may just be for men, but properly implemented they can benefit everyone, your family and your male friends.

Lord John Menswear • LARGEST STOCKIST OF PAUL & SHARK IN NSW • Lord John Menswear provides quality European casual and resort clothing to discerning gentlemen.




Shop 2, 41-45 Knox St, Double Bay 9327 4783

lord john menswear



Fans of exciting and new cars will love these excerpts from a recent track test of the fabulous new 2019 McLaren Senna Prototype Make it light, and make it powerful. It’s a time-honoured formula for going fast, as old as the automobile.

MCLAREN SENNA 2019 Flight of Fancy review

What the Senna adds to the mix is a 21st Century application of the art and science of aerodynamics. Aero blades tucked under the headlights, a wing thrust high into the airflow at the rear of the car, an aerodynamic floor, and bodywork that’s been uncompromisingly designed to optimize aero efficiency, work together to generate an incredible 800 kg of downforce at 250 km/h. It might look ready for Le Mans, but the Senna is a legitimate road car. It has air conditioning and cruise control, parking sensors and hill hold assist, anti-lock brakes and traction control, power windows and a backup camera, too. The interior’s functional but beautifully finished, awash with Alcantara and structural carbon fibre. Solid engine mounts mean there’s more noise and vibration than in a 720S, but you can drive the Senna to a track day without feeling sweaty and wrung out, ears wringing and back aching, when you arrive. McLaren says the Senna is intended to be the most exciting street-legal car you can drive on a racetrack. And after lapping Silverstone Racetrack in the UK in VP736 we can see what they mean.

PAUL & SHARK WINTER STOCK NOW AVAILABLE Largest selection of Paul & Shark in NSW Visit Lord John Menswear, Double Bay or call

9327 4783

18 ,



by Anthony Maguire

Belfast-born Kerry brings Bondi swimwear to the world Kerry Cusack was born in Belfast but now she is a Bondi girl – and she is making waves with her swimwear label Bondi Bather.

When Kerry arrived here 13 years ago, she had experience in fashion design and digital marketing. Living beside the famous beach, she was inspired to combine the two skills. “I love the beach lifestyle, so swimwear design was a natural choice,” she says. Kerry designs are in hot demand throughout the eastern beaches and beyond. Bondi Bather has its own retail premises in Bondi and the swimwear – predominantly womens’ but she also makes a range of bathers for men – is sold online to customers in every corner of the globe. Kerry recently launched the Bondi Bather brand in the US. She was interviewed by top style bibles Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue and is finalising distribution for LA, Miami and New York. Photographs of Bondi’s graffiti, beach scenes and surf are printed on fabric using latest digital printing technology and the pieces are put together to Kerry’s designs in a Marrickville factory.

Kerry Cusack

Kerry (inset photo at Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week) describes her creations as “edgy,” with adventurous cuts and a lot of abstract patterns. The collections are limited-edition, so you are very unlikely to suffer the trauma of encountering someone else at the beach wearing the same cossie.

“If by chance this did happen, you’ll find the two will subtly different,” Kerry says. “There are small variations which means yours is one of a kind!” The designs have attention-grabbing names like Itsy String Top, Bitsy String Bottom and Frill Seeker Onesie. Then there’s the Australian Cut, Bondi’s answer to the Brazilian cut. Each piece has a high UV rating of 50-plus and made from premium-quality lycra. “It’s super-soft but it never, ever ends up with a saggy bum, and the gorgeous colours will last for years,” says Kerry.

Bondi Bather

Shop 4, 157 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach 9365 4651

The Eyebrow Queen of 'COUNTY BONDI' 4 Apply a small drop of castor oil over the brows at night to promote growth. Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid (anti bacterial/fungal agent that helps accelerate growth) and omega 9 acids that will nourish the hair and the follicle.

Are your do-it-yourself eyebrow efforts leaving you feeling a bit, well, browbeaten? Just get in touch with Ciara Gallagher!

5 Be smart with your makeup, learn what products work best for you and how to use minimum amount to maximise your natural brow. It’s also good to have a day and night brow, wear your brows accordingly to the rest of your makeup.

Irish-born Ciara has a loyal customer base of expatriate Irish who embrace the fuller brow look currently very much in vogue. In addition, her clients include celebrities like Sophie Monk – Ciara was responsible for Sophie’s immaculately rendered brows in the recentlyscreened Bachelorette TV series.

6 Have consistent professional treatments.

Ciara specialises in High Definition Eyebrows. After completing an HD brow course in 2012, she started marketing the treatment to clients she had met working in a local tanning studio. In the beginning, she worked from home but as her clientèle starting to build rapidly, she opened "Ciara Gallagher Eyebrows" in Bondi Junction, in January 2014.

“Consistency definitely helps to achieve good brows,” says Ciara.

Some of Ciara’s happy clients on her Facebook page

"I had my first HD Brow treatment with Ciara, at her truly amazing salon … Ciara's attention to detail during the treatment was second to none, with great after care provided. What an amazing therapist she is! It's very clear to see why Ciara's name pops up, at all corners of the globe, as one of the most popular HD Brow Therapists there is."

While fuller brows are not a new trend – they were popular in the 1920s – Ciara says social media has brought massive awareness to brows in recent years. “I think we now know the importance of a good brow,” she states. “There is no doubt that fuller correctly shaped brows can frame the face, balance features and help make us look younger. So it’s my prediction that while styles may vary a little fuller brows are here to stay!”

"I was recommended by a friend to Ciara and she did not disappoint! Takes time to suit individual needs! She got back my shape within my first appointment so I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like after my next appointment."

Ciara's tips about keeping your brows in top condition:

1 Know your brows and what your goal is, if you are unsure of anything have your brow specialist explain it. Do not be shy, your brows are on your face after all. A good consultation is the most important part of your brow treatment.

Transform your look with HD brows

2 Do not attempt to wax/thread or trim your own brows.

3 Here’s one of the most important eyebrow ‘commandments: Thou shalt not tweeze!

“Stay away from tweezers because one hair can make or break a brow.” Even if there’s a grey hair of two you think should go, avoid the temptation to reach for the tweezers. “You need this hair,” Ciara says. “Remember, over tweezed hair doesn’t always grow back!”

Ciara Gallagher Eyebrows

253 Oxford St, Bondi Junction 0416 152 381



Getting a fair price for your car

ESL: It seems you have a passion for cars, how did that start?

happy to give them an idea of how much they could expect to get?

DB: Yes. I can give them an idea over the phone, or I can pop out to visit them and give an, obligation free, opinion.

DB: It was easy really, my Father ran the family business so I grew up in the motor vehicle wholesale trade. I enjoyed the work and my hobby of motor car rallying and, over a period of more than 40 years, made lots of friends and regular customers.

ESL: People can also list their car on sites like Gum Tree and Carsales do you have any advice for them?

ESL: So you were able to mix work and pleasure?

DB: It’s certainly an option for people, but if they don’t know the industry they run the risk of pricing their car too low, or of not making it look its best before listing it.

DB: Absolutely. My hobby meant I learned a lot about cars and that made it easier for me to help my customers. I guess we were all winners.

ESL: If you see a really good car would you buy it yourself?

ESL: You mention Motor Vehicle Rallying. Do you have any special memories?

DB: The London to Sydney Motor Rally must be one of the highlights. We drove a 25 year old car over 30,000 kilometres in the harshest of conditions and learned a lot about ourselves and what a well engineered car can cope with. I also rallied in PNG driving for the PNG Industries Mazda importer. ESL: So you think a car’s not past it,

just because it’s 25 years old?

DB: Not at all. If a car is well engineered and has been well looked after it can have many years of useful life ahead of it. A dealer may say it has no value, but a 10 year old car with 100,000 kilometres on the clock is only middle aged. If it’s well engineered it will still run happily for another 100,000 kilometres and that’s another 10 years.

ESL: You talk about “Well engi-

neered”. Can you expand on that a bit?

DB: Certainly. In my mind “well engineered” doesn’t just mean it performs well, but that it is reliable, easy (and inexpensive) to service and that spare parts are readily available and don’t cost an arm and a leg. ESL: Are there any models that you

think particularly fit the bill?

DB: Lots of cars fit the bill, but the Toyota Corolla is a good example. There are currently over 2,800,000 Toyotas registered in Australia, so spare parts are readily available and lots of people know how to service them. This means

maintaining them costs less, and that means they fetch a better price when resold, particularly when resold privately and not just traded in. ESL: Since retiring I know you’ve

become involved in buying and selling cars. Do you have any tips for someone selling their car? DB: My biggest tip would be not to underestimate what your car is worth. It may not be worth much to a trader, but in the open market it can have a totally different value. ESL: If someone was thinking of sell-

ing a car like the Toyota, or Mazda you mentioned above would you be

DB: Most certainly. I’m happy to give them a price, and the reasons for it, and also give them time to shop around to make sure they feel it’s fair. If they decide to sell to me I can settle by Cash or Direct Bank Transfer, and make the sale as trouble free as possible. ESL: That sounds very fair. Is there

anything you would like to add?

DB: I’ve been around a while and have always been happy to share my knowledge and answer people’s questions. Part of the fun of rallying was meeting new people and working together. Now I’m retired I like to help people get a fair price for their car. It’s a great way to stay involved, meet new people, and keep in touch with the car industry.

Doug Briscoe

0401 151 511

DIGGING UP THE PAST Edgecliff Automotive & Cooper Park Garage There seems to be evidence that what is now a purposebuilt car repair shop, was once the basement of the Cock’s Family Hotel on the corner of Lower Ocean Street, now Ocean Avenue and New South Head Road.

There was a cable tramway, opened in 1894, which ran from the bottom of King Street to Ocean Street. In 1898 an electric extension was introduced to from Ocean Street to Rose Bay. Before that, since 1880, there was a horse-drawn omnibus in action. The growing population of the Eastern Suburbs required more transport. The population of the Eastern Suburbs now has more transport with much higher horse power, mostly it’s private and sheltered in garages as far afield as Bondi Junction. And still there is the purpose-built garage in the same spot servicing the private transport. When you enter the Workshop, you know it is all about the cars. Everyone is about


technicians, (counting Joshua) that look after your car have more than 140 years of experience between them. They are a team, often collaborating with each other to secure the best parts, the best external affiliate companies to do the outsourced work, carry out the best diagnostics.


Edgecliff Automotive

New South Head Rd and Ocean Ave, Edgecliff

We care about you, your custom and your car. Joshua many times a day is heard to ask “how can I help?” When you bring your car in to either of the Workshops, you can count on Joshua and his team to deliver - often beyond your expectations.

Edgecliff Automotive

2 Ocean Ave, Edgecliff 9363 5040 www.edgecliffautomotive.

the cars – diagnostics, repairs, servicing, registration, the log book – all about the car. Your car is cared for at Edgecliff Automotive and it is handed back to you clean and shiny and running better. The other Workshop at Cooper Park, in a fabulous stone building on the cnr of Manning and Suttie Roads, has the same mindset – it is about your car. The seven

Part of the attention and care for your car and attention to you, the owner, is to remind you when your car is due for a service, and to be in touch a few weeks after your car has left the Workshop to be sure you have no concerns. We return your car washed and vacuumed and made as beautiful as possible. It takes a team to do the best work.

Cooper Park Garage

Cooper Park Garage

104 Manning Rd, Woollahra 9327 3774 www.cooperparkgarage.

20 COMMUNITY by Anthony Maguire In theory, it’s a great idea. If not for the hundreds of abandoned bikes marring the beauty and safety of our public spaces, you could almost believe the declaration on the oBike Australia home page: “THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION.”



With each of the share bikes being equipped with a GPS tracker, you’d think the operators would want to collect the abandoned ones. But they’re one of the things that tend to be removed from the abandoned bike first, after the helmet has gone walkies. You see, it’s not just mindless vandals who find the abandoned bikes easy pickings, it’s opportunistic thieves, too!

These words appear in bold print against a pic of a trendy-looking young couple wheeling their oBikes – yes, they’re the ubiquitous yellow ones – down a graffiti-daubed alleyway in the city.

Here’s how it works. The thief finds a bike that is still in good working condition. He removes the GPS. Then he sells the bike online, brazenly advertising it on social media as an “unlocked hire bike with GPS tracker removed.” Cost: $30.

And that marketing slant may underline a fundamental flaw in the hasty rollout of oBikes and similar schemes such as Reddy bikeshare (they’re the red ones!). Maybe the dockless bike concept works well in highly urbanised environments like Singapore, where oBike is based, but not somewhere like Sydney.

While there might be those who feel grateful to such thieves for removing at least some of the bikes riddling our public spaces, most of us would prefer not to have to have undesirable elements prowling around the neighbourhood looking for bikes to steal.

Sadly, our parks and beaches have become graveyards for the abandoned bikes, with the local vandals then moving in to buckle the wheels and slash the tyres of the orphaned two-wheelers. Waverley Council recently got so sick of the abandoned bikes around the eastern beaches that it held a clean-up. Rangers impounded 60 bikes. Nearly all of them were broken. Mayor John Wakefield said the condition of the bikes underlined important safety issues because many “would have been unsafe for someone to have got onto – buckled wheels, seats falling apart.” The Mayor stressed that despite

Randwick, in a summit meeting to discuss the bike problem. Their mayors issued a statement calling on the state government to “update legislation which is being rapidly outstripped by the emerging bike share industry.”

Even the bicycle-friendly City of Sydney Council has had enough of the abandoned yellow and red bikes. It has just posted a series of guidelines for bike share operation on its website.

the current problems, he supported share bike schemes. “The concept is great,” he said. “It’s just the rollout that was flawed.” Waverley declared that it was hanging on to

the impounded bikes and the operators would have to pay $70 to get each one back. A few days after the clean-up, Waverley joined five other councils, including Woollahra and

These included avoiding clutter through daily monitoring of bike locations. “Faulty or damaged bikes should be removed or repaired promptly,” the Council says. But there seems little chance of that happening. In the heart of Sydney, in the east, in the west, the south, the bicycle blight is upon us!

Join 100's of local Eastern Suburbs neighbours discussing local issues, finding local events, and meeting up in real life

Join for free today.

Nabo article GTEG

Australia's #1 Private Social Network for Neighbourhoods



Giant Steps Sydney is an inspiring organisation educating children and young people between the ages of 2 and 29 all with a diagnosis of autism. There is no cure for autism, it is a lifelong condition. People affected by autism usually display difficulties in social communication and restrictive and repetitive behaviours. At Giant Steps, a combination of education and therapy combine in a transdisciplinary model of service delivery to provide each child or young adult with the opportunity to reach their full potential while giving families support and guidance. Giant Steps is open to students from all walks of life across Sydney and does not charge any fees for our Early Learning or School Programs. While support is provided by the Australian and NSW governments, Giant Steps must raise the majority of funds through corporate or individual donations and fundraising events. We would love your help! Each year Giant Steps is involved in the Sydney Tower Stair Challenge and all funds raised go directly towards supporting children and young adults with autism. This is a truly unique event, climbing 1504 stairs to the top of the Sydney Tower Eye. Registrations are already open and we would love to see you on Sunday 26th August. For more information:

Giant Steps 9879 4971


For 82 years the Black & White Committee has worked tirelessly to raise much needed awareness and funds for children who are blind or have low vision and use the services of Vision Australia (formerly The Royal Blind Society). The Black & White Committee is run by a team of volunteers, many of whom have been Committee members for over 20 years, and some for over 50 years. Since 2000, current president Susan Diver has brought about significant changes in keeping with social changes in Sydney life. In the modern era the profile of Committee members has changed as more professional and business women join, and bring with them the corporate connections that result in sponsorship. The Black & White Committee is well poised to maintain its traditional heritage while proceeding efficiently into the future.

Events for 2018:

• The Black and White Committee’s Women of Achievement Luncheon celebrates inspirational Australian women. The 33rd Women of Achievement Luncheon is being held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney on Tues, June 5, 2018. • Black & White Galaat Hyde Park Barracks, Sat, Oct 27, 2018 • In its 13th year, the Lifestyle Lunch is a celebration of modern life and joie de vivre and will be held at OTTO Woolloomooloo, Tues, Nov 20, 2018.



Each year the Black & White Committee raises over $250,000 through these fundraising events for Vision Australia’s Children’s Services. These funds help Vision Australia’s Family and Children’s Services to provide a range of support, counselling, therapy and training services free of charge to children with blindness and low vision and their families. Children with blindness or low vision may experience a range of challenges including difficulty bonding with their parents, dependency and unemployment later in life. A child may not even develop the strength to brush his or her teeth or hold his or her head up without non-visual stimuli to encourage them to crawl or walk. The services provided to these children costs more than $6 million annually across NSW and the ACT alone. The Black & White Committee’s aim is to continue to support the education of children and young people who are blind, or have low vision. They will have access to computers through synthesized voice screen readers and Braille, and all written literature through talking books, recorded versions of texts through the audio studio facilities and the innovative Feelix library of Braille books. The children and young people taught by Vision Australia are offered a kind of freedom unimaginable even ten years ago. To achieve this, intervention begins in early childhood from the tactile playroom for babies and toddlers, through to assistance to gain university degrees.

Black & White Committee 9327 5698






Precise Brow treatment offering clients a full consultation, advising on colour, shape, style and aftercare process. All stylists are Hd Trained. 253 Oxford St, Bondi Junction 0416 152 381

Giant Steps Sydney is an inspiring organisation educating children and young people between the ages of 2 and 29 all with a diagnosis of autism.

Since 1995 we have provided front-line support, to anyone in the IrishAustralian community who finds themselves in circumstances of crisis or distress. We also run programs to help promote mental and physical wellbeing, social inclusion and a sense of connection in our community.

2 Wellington St, Bondi 1800 186 966


Giant Steps 9879 4971 The Black & White Committee organises a broad range of fundraising events throughout the year.

Our Big Kitchen (OBK) is a community kitchen located in Bondi that nourishes, educates and supports people in need, and always with love

36 Flood St, Bondi 8084 2729 1

Over 40 years experience

402 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9327 5698



"Let us take the worry out of selling your car"

Proceeds from our events are donated towards the Children’s Services Development Fund of Vision Australia.

As the local community organisation, Holdsworth has a long history delivering quality programs and services to older people throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. In addition to current services for older people, Holdsworth is now able to support people with Home Care Packages.

64 Holdsworth St, Woollahra 9302 3600

• Immediate settlement by cash or bank transfer • We can come to you anywhere in Sydney • Best price • Friendly "take-your-time" approach

Enjoy YOUR



CALL DOUG 0401 151 511 E:


COULD YOU BE SPENDING YOUR ADVERTISING DOLLARS BETTER? Eastern Suburbs Classifieds lets you reach 25,000 Eastern Suburbs Readers, every six weeks, for just $150




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Is it time to give the paperboy a break? For many, browsing the paper with a hot cup of coffee is one of life’s great treats, but it’s not the weekend every day, and some people never have that much spare time. Fortunately, Digital has arrived, so the paper boy can take a break and busy people can grab the news on their mobile or desktop. On top of that, you can also click on articles to get more information, or even share them on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. To learn more about the joys of Digital and get Eastern Suburbs Life delivered to you freshly eight times a year visit.

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BONDI BATHER Bondi Bather Swimwear is locally designed 100% Australian made. All of our prints are created by Bondi artists, and shipped all over the world. Each piece has a high UV rating of 50-plus and made from premium-quality lycra.

At Rafferty Law, we are committed to guiding our clients through the complexities of succession law, estate planning and elder law in the pursuit of their goals and objectives. John Rafferty is the principal solicitor at Rafferty Law, with many years’ experience in the areas of succession law, estate planning and elder law.

Suite 2201, Level 22, Westfield Tower 2, 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction, 8095 6289

Shop 4, 157 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach 9365 4651





Your Financial Wellness 8705 5481 0411 024 954


• Fast lock-out service • Installation and repair of locks • Locks re-keyed (changed) • Window locks

25 years experience

• Deadlocks & padlocks • Transponder keys copied • Car key batteries replaced • Garage remotes • Building access control fobs Pensioner discounts

Shop 18, Roma Arc, 413-417 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 9363 1155


4/10 Bay St, Double Bay 9328 3352


Licence No. 286953C






0481 565 153

Michelle has a deep passion for property and has intimate knowledge of her local market. With impressive results that speak for themselves, it is her reputation, enthusiasm and boundless energy that makes her such a great agent. She gains great rapport with her valued clients, bringing that female touch to every sale.

385 New South Head Road, Double Bay 0414 317 317

WELLBEING Healthy, Organic, Customised weekly meal plans for dogs and meal packs, delivered to your door. For everyone! Our healthy dog food meal plans means everything is done for you. And our once of meal packs allow you to spoil your dog when you want to. We save you time, effort - but we do it in way that promises a healthy future for your gorgeous fur-child.


I Love to Find Property! That’s right! I love to find awesome properties for my clients at a great price. I’m a property fanatic, easy to work with and I don’t stop until you own the perfect property. So what are we waiting for?

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Our far-reaching new personal finance service has been designed to help you make more informed decisions about your financial future and gives you the information, tools and resources to apply.

Tracey Chandler is your Personal Buyers Agent, specialising in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

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International Institute of Kinesiology Australia Katha Jones is an expert practitioner in Kinesiology and Kinesiopractic® Care, a holistic therapy based on similar principles to acupuncture and modern chiropractic, cranio-sacral and sacro-occipital therapy.

11/710 Botany Rd, Mascot 0438 256 738


• We only have one person per profession/trade • No competition so be quick • Once your category has been taken, you will not be able to join • Structured sit down meeting, where you stand up and talk for 60 seconds about your business • Friendly and lots of referrals • Great exposure • Bring at least 80 business cards • Be there at 6.45am to network • FREE PARKING up to 10am


Property Manager; Builder;Health & Wellbeing Professions; Plumber; Pest/building inspector; Photographer; Video Production; Removalist; Events Manager; Personal Trainer; Kitchen Fitter; Marketing Company; Security Company


Rhino Mouthguards are all hand-made exclusively in Sydney, using only the highest grade of German materials and the latest technologies available. Each mouthguard is custom fitted and hand made for the perfect fit every time.

50 Burnie St, Clovelly 9664 9335





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