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January 2017

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Staying True to Your Belief Embracing a New 2017!

Dear Easecox Family, Life is full of challenges and decisions, no matter at what age group, where you lead your life or what your background is. You can get through even the toughest day if you make the right choice. In pursuing your dreams in Easecox, there are many challenges. We need to listen to our heart and stay true to our belief: "What's the core of our life? What should we do to get a more promising future and improve the living of our family?" In 2016, Easecox International Group has embarked many revolutionary transformations and important tasks, including the relocation and expansion of new offices in Singapore and Taichung (Taiwan), the opening of several new business centers in Indonesia, and the launch of various new Reward Programs. "Putting Easecox Partner First" has always been my top priority. Whenever there was difficulties, I always thought, "Partners from all over the world join Easecox with dreams and hopes, we should walk together and face challenges together without doubt. Get success and improve ourselves!" This is not only the truth and spirit in the sustainable development of EASECOX, but also my core belief! The 10th Anniversary of Annual Awards Recognition Ceremony in Indonesia is remarkable and excited to everybody. Deeply appreciate the strong support and team spirit of our partners, we would help you achieve success, to improve yourself and get a better life. EASECOX will grow at an unprecedented speed and to a size that we have not seen yet, I'm

confident that we will all walk together to achieve that… to change our lives and get our dreams come true. Here we are: Asian Miracle, We are Number One! Let's go, EASECOX Family!

Chairman of EASECOX International Group


January 2017

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Entrepreneurship is Booming in Indonesia!



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Opening Ceremonies of Taichung Taiwan, Singapore and Jakarta Indonesia



2016 EASECOX Elite Overseas Incentive Trip

Easecox and Partners Embark on a Journey of Success in the Next Decade The Annual Awards Recognitions of Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia

British and Japan trips

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2017 EASECOX Elite Overseas Incentive Trip


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Global Focus

Entrepreneurship is Booming in Indonesia! Easecox and Partners Embark on a Journey of Success in the Next Decade

Huge population presents huge opportunity Indonesia has an estimated population of over 230 million people, and is the world's 4th most populous country. With its thriving economy and sizeable population, it is classified as an "emerging market" of great potential and many hidden opportunities for the direct selling industry in the ASEAN region. According to the most recent data from the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA), Indonesia had 12.73 million direct sellers with a total sales of USD $1.069 billion in 2015, the growth rate is 12.9% (YOY). The Indonesian market is considered to be a "Direct Selling Gold Brick". The Indonesians are vivacious people, who are courageous when facing challenges. The desire to improve their socioeconomic status is so strong that they would seek every opportunity to get better living. The Micro-entrepreneurship and Distributorship provide perfect opportunities for these entrepreneurs as they require virtually no barriers to entry. Individuals could achieve success as long as they're willing to work hard. In addition, the Wellness, Cosmetics and Personal Care categories represent a bulk of products sold in the Microentrepreneurship market. The Indonesian women entrepreneurs are naturally drawn to selling these products because it's every woman's dream to combine beauty, wellness and wealth in her career. Furthermore, the traditional Eastern culture that places a great value on interpersonal relationship is very conducive to direct selling business in Indonesia.


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Despite the huge disparities in wealth, individual purchasing power remains Despite the huge income and wealth inequality in the Indonesian society, individuals are still able to maintain a certain degree of purchasing power. However, Indonesian consumers, especially those who are in the middle and lower income households, are very sensitive to prices. Thus, pricing is the dominant factor in a purchasing decision. This might prove to be a niche for Easecox as the product and quality provided by Easecox are of great value and well worth the price.

Branding and Brand Awareness are crucial to a company's success Branding is another factor that influences consumer buying decision. Established for 28 years, Easecox is proud to earn the loyalty and trust of Indonesian customers because of its sincerity and creditability over the past 10 years. With the diligent workforce and comprehensive product lines, such as Diamant Series, the Super Conductive Metallic Ions Series and the Amylinear Essential Oils, Easecox is deeply rooted in people's heart.

EASECOX VIDEO-10 Golden Years in Indonesia: With a strong foundation, EASECOX Indonesia enters its 10th year with hope and glory. We will all walk together to achieve many more beautiful and successful years! ... Please find the video:

Easecox's determination to build sustainable business in Indonesia Several years ago, EASECOX has already purchased a new office in the developing site of Jakarta's CBD, which showed the determination of EASECOX to root and build a sustainable business in Indonesia. In the 4th quarter of 2016, new offices in Jakarta and Surabaya have been opened to provide service for our distributors. Furthermore, Easecox plans to launch more business centers in 2017 to strengthen its partnership with the Indonesian distributors.

In general, the market potential is huge in Indonesia. Easecox has always been proud to provide unique and high-quality products and services to customers, offer attractive business plans, and maintain the best service for our distributors. We firmly believe that Easecox will walk together with partners in the next 10 years and bring success to everybody!


Global Focus

Easecox Thailand Annual Awards & Recognition Night The Infinite Glamour

On 23rd July, Easecox Thailand's first-ever Annual

to Diamant Series. With her confidence back by the

Awards & Recognition Ceremony took place in the

support of Diamant Series, the musical ended happily

Intercontinental Bangkok Hotel. The theme of the

with Chairman's blessing to the bride on stage!

evening was "Enchanted Brides". The ladies dressed in gorgeous bridal gowns and elegant evening

The Ceremony first recognized the Double Gold Coin

dresses, while the gentlemen wore business suits and

Award recipients and A controllers who were both

formal tuxedos. Many High Pins, High Level Controllers

awarded by our Vice Chairman Steve Lin. Then,

and distinguished partners were in attendance to

Chairman Simon Lin presented trophies and badges

celebrate this glamorous night.

to Ms. NATTAPORN SUNMONGKOL, who was the 1st 5A Gold Controller in Thailand and one of the 1st Half-

The ceremony coincides with the first anniversary of

Year Competitive Bonus Awardees, and Ms. HO SIEW

Easecox Thailand office. Not only does it attest to the

CHIN, a 10A Ruby Controller. Both of them gave an

success of Easecox in the past year, it also shows

acceptance speech and shared their success stories

the unlimited business opportunities of the Thailand

with all the partners.

market in the future! Chairman Simon Lin announced that the launch of nearly 40 new products in the

Another highlight of the event was the runway

Thailand market. Not only the top-quality customer

fashion show performed by models in the Diamant

service, Easecox has also continued the Founder's

Series, which has been paired with Thai Silk to show its

philanthropic spirit to donate the Queen Sirikit Breast

flexibility in styling. Later on, 23 contestants from the

Cancer Foundation (QSCBC) in Thailand and there

"2016 Thailand Diamant Creativity Design Contest"

was a check presentation on stage that evening.

walked down the runway in the dresses they designed. Everyone was impressed by these custom-made dresses with distinctive Thai flair. The Top 3 finalists were announced at the end. The event ended with excitement when Chairman congratulated the eligible distributors who will travel

A musical performance kicked off the event. The play was about a bride-to-be who was insecure about her body figure and was extremely worried about the upcoming wedding until her friends introduced her


to Kyoto & Osaka in September, and he also wished partners good luck in attaining the target for US East Coast Trip next year!

Global Focus

Easecox Philippines Annual Awards & Recognition Night Part II

Followed by the Part I in February, the second half year's Awards Ceremony was held in Manila Marriott Hotel. Thousands of partners, High Pins, and VIP guests had gathered for an evening full of beauty, magic and grace! In his opening speech, Chairman Simon Lin proudly announced that the Philippine market has been growing steadily in recent years. The country was ranked 3rd among Easecox's international markets since 2015. The Japanese VIP guest Mr. Kasashima Hiroshi emphasized in his speech that the Super Conductive Metallic Ion Series (SCI) his company has developed for Easecox will continue to support Easecox's business sustainability with the highest quality.

was still proud of its champion Ms. Lisa Ong and Mr. Jacky Chan who received their awards on stage. 70 distributors were called to receive their Double Gold Coin Awards and more than 70 new A Controllers were A special charity donation video of Bagna Elementary School was shown during the event and the check presentation ceremony took place subsequently. In spirit of Easecox's commitment in making charitable contributions and supporting the local community, a check of Php 580,000.00 was awarded to the school's representatives on stage. The 2015 Easecox Global Competitive Bonus Awards were given out in the ceremony. Although the Grand Champion title was won by Trisye Juliani, and Haryanti came in third, both from Indonesia, Easecox Philippines

awarded their ďŹ rst ever trophies with Easecox! Everyone was truly fascinated by the musical production - "Enchanted", especially with the 3D effect! The special participation of our beloved Chairman Simon Lin in the show had totally surprised the audience! The Diamant Series and creative evening gown designs were aunted by beautiful and gorgeous models on catwalk. Drawing to a close, the night ended with singing and dancing. The successful conclusion of Easecox Philippines's Awards Ceremony inspired everyone to aim for another astonishing year! See you next year in Philippines!


Global Focus

Indonesia Annual Awards & Recognition Night

The Royal Glory

On August 21st, nearly 1,700 attendees participated

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation

in the 2016 Easecox Annual Awards & Recognition

of Easecox's semi-annual competitive bonus awards.

Night at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place in Jakarta,

Easecox Indonesia had nine partners that successfully


achieved top 30 rankings. Easecox's Southeast Asia Grand Champion Title was won by an Indonesian

This year's Easecox Annual Awards & Recognition

couple – Tony and Trisye, while Haryanti finished third

Night had the most High Pins, High Level Controllers


and distributors convened at the same place in Easecox's history. In addition to two 20A Diamond

Chairman Simon Lin expressed in his speech that,

Controllers, one 15A Sapphire Controllers, eight 10A

"The Easecox Indonesia branch has been established

Ruby Controllers, and twenty five 5A Gold Controllers,

for a decade and we have great expectations and

around 200 new A controllers were also present and

confidence in the Indonesian market. In addition to

went on stage to receive their first ever promotion

the Jakarta office, Easecox is going to open several

plaques with Easecox!

new offices in Surabaya, Makassar and Bandung. Among them, Jakarta's distribution center will be located in the famous landmark, Energy Building, to mark the start of Easecox's next golden decade in Indonesia. As the evening came to an end, Chairman Simon Lin congratulated the winners of the 2016 September K y o t o O s a k a G a t e w a y Tr i p . O u r p a r t n e r s h a d performed excellently in the global market, so the number of qualifiers for the Kyoto Osaka Gateway trip had reached a record high of 320 people this year! In

The opening of the event featured Indonesian drum music, dance, and circus performances. Celebration continued with people winning generous raffle prizes throughout the evening while Diamant and Platino Series were flaunted by curvy models on catwalk. Not only can these undergar ments be worn as undergarment for everyday fashion but they can also be seamlessly converted to fabulous evening gowns. The uniqueness of the Diamant and Platino Series were demonstrated by showing their flexibility in styling inside and out!


addition, Chairman Simon Lin promised that Easecox will continue its investment for each country! Partners will witness Easecox International's unprecedented growth in the future. Chairman Simon Lin wished partners great success in achieving their sales target and making the trip to the US East Coast next year! The Award Recognition Night concluded in cheers and standing ovation. We wish to see more partners getting awarded in next year's Awards & Recognition Night. Let Easecox become your brilliant platform to realize your dreams!

Global Focus

Newly Expanded!

Grand Opening Celebration for Easecox Taichung Office

After 20 years of reliable services to customers, the Easecox Taichung office has responded to its rapid business growth in recent years by moving to a new location. The newly expanded office space in Long Bon World Trade Tower seeks to improve customer experience and demonstrate Easecox's sustainable business model. On 13th July, 2016, Easecox Executives including Chairman, Vice Chairman, department heads, high level Controllers, and VIP guests attended the grand opening with great excitement. After the ribbon-cutting and wine-toasting ceremony, the Easecox Taichung office was officially opened for business! In the grand opening speech given by Easecox Chairman Simon Lin, he expressed his gratitude by saying: "I'd like to thank all the partners in Taichung office, because of your unwavering support in the past 20 years, Easecox Taichung has nurtured many highperforming distributors who help solidify the business

Easecox International Group Taiwan Taichung

360° Virtual Tour

FAX: +886 4 2327 2613 35F, No. 218, Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd., West District , Taichung City 40309, Taiwan, R.O.C. (Taichung Long Bon World Trade Tower)

foundation of Easecox in Taiwan. The expansion of our new Taichung office symbolizes the bright future of Easecox and I'm certain that our business will continue to thrive with unlimited business opportunities in the global market!" Vice Chairman Steve Lin also gave a few sentimental remarks: "Easecox is a big family so our management wants to provide the best support we possibly could to our family members. Within our loving and caring Easecox family, partners have the full support of Easecox when pursuing their career. In the future, we wish to provide the same reinforcement to all the members in our global family!" In celebration of the grand opening and in spirit of community support, Chairman Simon Lin presented a donation check to The Garden of Hope Foundation to support its work in helping disadvantaged young girls who have been subjected to sexual abuse. By donating to various charities, Easecox wishes to pass on unselfish love and compassion from their Founder and Easecox partners to people in need. The whole event concluded successfully with a fun and exciting raffle at the end. Easecox Taichung office welcomes old friends to pay them a visit and experience their luxurious office space. They also would like to invite new friends to their new location so they can show everybody what global business opportunities that Easecox has in store!


Global Focus

Easecox Singapore Launches New Office to Sup p o rt Grow t h

Thanks to Singapore's multi-ethnic diversity, Easecox is experiencing strong and rapid market growth in the Lion City. On 1st August, Easecox Singapore held a grand opening ceremony to celebrate the expansion and relocation of its new office. The decision to expand Easecox's presence in Singapore to leverage the country's diverse talent pool was an important step in Easecox's business growth strategy. There was an auspicious grand opening celebration, and the blessings will bring good luck and prosperity to the Singapore ofďŹ ce. At the grand opening ceremony, Chairman Simon Lin, Vice Chairman Steve Lin and the management team, along with many distributors from overseas had participated in the event to give their sincerest blessings to the Easecox Singapore Office! People are motivated in this new environment, because the new ofďŹ ce spaces are so beautiful and spacious. The large meeting rooms will provide plenty of space for professional training and facilitate sharing of in-depth knowledge and skill for more people to pursue their careers and realize their dreams!

Commenting on the launch, Chairman Lin said, "Singapore is a charming Garden, and as Easecox continues to provide resources to partners, our Singapore office should focus on building a strong sense of teamwork among its partners because it has a small and densely-populated demography. By working closely together, partners will have a bright and successful future!" The grand opening ceremony ended joyfully with a presentation of ethnic costumes and a rafe. Easecox Singapore welcomes you! It's going to be a beautiful start of a new journey!

Easecox International Group Singapore

70 Anson Road, #27-01, Hub Synergy Point, Singapore 079905 Tel : +65 6225 0870 Fax: +65 6225 2818


Easecox Indonesia

Global Focus

Celebrates Grand Opening

In 2016, Easecox Indonesia enters its 10th year with hope and glory. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Indonesian partners, the grand opening of the Easecox Jakarta office was a great success. The brand new Jakarta office is located in the famous Energy Building, which houses the main offices of numerous international corporations. The business area on the 20th floor and the distribution center on the 35th floor are both spacious and comfortable, the better changes have prepared Easecox's next spectacular decade in Indonesia! On 26th September, Easecox held a blessing ceremony at the Jakarta office and hundreds of Easecox partners had visited the new office for celebrations. On 1st October, the official grand opening ceremony was held at the Raffles Hotel and thousands of distributors witnessed this significant moment! In his speech, Easecox Chairman Simon Lin emphasized that, "By adhering to the spirit of sustainable development, we will walk and face all challenges together. Thank you very much for your unconditional support and love to the Easecox Family!" He further announced that Jakarta office is only the starting in Indonesia; Easecox will open additional offices in Surabaya, Makassar and Batam. Easecox will devote all resources to support the market development in Indonesia to create a win-win opportunity for everyone. At the grand opening ceremony, an interesting rice cake (Tumpeng) presentation was introduced. Chairman Lin delivered a food platter full of lobsters and coneshaped rice (the top of the Tumpeng) to the 20A Diamond Controllers. This presentation symbolizes that the cooperation in building a common prosperity will bring fruitful success and good luck to everybody. Later on, Textile Expert from Japan gave a speech on Diamant

Easecox Jakarta, Indonesia

The Energy Building 20th FL., SCBD Lot 11A, JL. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53, JAKARTA 12190, Indonesia Tel : +62 21 2788 7888 Fax: +62 21 2788 7889

Series, which had enlightened the audience on the market competitiveness of this master piece. The subsequent catwalk show demonstrated the charm and diversity of Diamant Series. Inspired by Indonesian Batik, designers have presented great creativity to Diamant. The grand opening ceremony had ended in great excitement and deep touching moment. Easecox Indonesia will continue to expand its business territory and open up more opportunities in the future. Greater achievements are ahead of us!

10 goldan in Indonesia video 10

Global Focus

2016 EASECOX Elite Overseas Incentive Trip UK-"The Empire Where the Sun Never Sets" Forget about watching Travel Channel on TV, experience the timeless and modern beauty of Great Britain in person! EASECOX has designed a 9 days luxurious UK trip for our 220 Elite partners from Southeast Asia. Let's discover the amazing UK!

Historic Edinburgh Sightseeing Edinburgh has been the capital city of Scotland since the 15th century. Its Old Town and New Town were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 in recognition of Edinburgh's unique urban planning phenomena. The Calton Hill has often been featured on numerous postcards and paintings, and it is the best place to enjoy panoramic views of the city. St. Giles' Cathedral dates back to the 12th century, and its distinctive crown steeple is a prominent feature of the city skyline. After the wonderful day, EASECOX Elite partners had a restful night staying at the award-winning Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian, which has been serving numerous exclusive guests such as notables, royalty, and celebrities.

Scotch Whiskey Experience Day 2 started with touring at the Edinburgh Castle. Although Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress that had witnessed many wars, the former Royal Palace and fortress still stay intact, becoming a great tourist attraction. EASECOX Elite then enjoyed a guided tour at the "Scotch Whisky Experience", where they took a barrel ride through the production of Scotch whisky, experienced the whisky tasting, viewed the world's largest collection of 3,500 bottles Scotch whisky and received a crystal whisky glass imprinted with EASECOX logo. Princes Street was the last stop of EASECOX partners on that day; it is a shopping street selling various souvenirs and British-style apparels. Furthermore, they had taken a leisure stroll to the famous landmark, Scott Monument in the Princes Street Gardens to enjoy the scenic view of the old town.


Global Focus

Shakespeare's House and Birthplace Tour Shakespeare's Birthplace is situated in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. The houses in the area are well-preserved with local oaks from forests and blue-grey stone in the building structure. The whimsy architectural design combined with gorgeous landscaping and leafy trees make the town an idyllic place which perfectly illustrates 17th century English countryside.

EASECOX Gala Dinner at the Langham The Langham in London was the hotel of choice for EASECOX Elite. The 5-star hotel has enchanted royalty, dignitaries, and celebrities for over 150 years, become a famous landmark there. Everyone has been captivated by the sweet scent of roses of the grand hotel, the rooms are lovely and super comfortable. Chairman Simon surprised EASECOX Elite partners with his carefully prepared welcoming gifts and cards. EASECOX Gala Dinner was held at the lavish Grand Ballroom that evening. EASECOX Elite dressed up themselves in British style and performed plays, songs and dance with unlimited creativity. What a climactic night!

Fascination of London City of London boasts many magniďŹ cent historic buildings and famous tourist attractions. Westminster Abbey is a Gothic church for coronations and other ceremonies (such as weddings and funerals) of national signiďŹ cance, the wedding of Prince William, and Kate Middleton also took place here. Big Ben has situated on the bank of River Thames for 158 years, while the London's Tower Bridge is in Victorian Gothicstyle, both of them are iconic symbols of London. Elite partners then enjoyed an elegant traditional English afternoon tea at the renowned Orangery restaurant In the Kensington Palace, which is the official mansion of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. London Musical is another must-go attraction for visitor, our partners had enjoyed the Smash-hit ABBA jukebox musical Mamma Mia! Everyone was immersed with joy at the theatre that night.

London Edinburgh Tour ended perfectly in the splendid laughter of our EASECOX Elite partners. Every partner brings home with unforgettable memories and cherished moments. Dear, let's set the goals and work hard for the next New York Trip in 2017! Never ever miss it!


Global Focus

2016 EASECOX Elite Overseas Incentive Trip

Ancient Japanese Elegance and Cultural Heritage in Keihanshin Region (Kyoto -O s aka- Ko be) If Tokyo is the fashion capital of Japan and Hokkaido is the top resort destination, then Keihanshin is the region with a perfect blend of modern and culture! In the late summer of September, Easecox led 300 Easecox Elite on a trip to experience the charm of Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe!

Kyoto- A Beautiful City All-Year- Round Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan from the 8th to 19th century. It is considered to be a prominent cultural hub as many well-preserved Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines can be seen everywhere. In Kyoto, a total of 17 historical sites including the Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Nijo Castle are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take a leisurely stroll around this ancient town and one will experience the unique charm and down-to-earthness of Japanese culture. Located in the western outskirts of Kyoto, the Togetsukyo Bridge and the Sagano Bamboo Groves are two of the mustsee tourist attractions in the Arashiyama district. The Togetsukyo Bridge, preserved with the original charm of the 17th century, is most attractive and lovely around early April and the second half of November when the cherry blossom and fall foliage peak. Upon entering the lush Sagano Bamboo Groves, one can't help but feel a cooling sensation on the face when the breeze rustles musically through the bamboo leaves.


Global Focus

Kobe-A Port with Exotic Scenery Wedged between the coast and the mountains, Kobe is a thriving metropolitan city with unique tourism resources and exotic scenery. In addition to shopping and dining at the Kobe Harborland, taking pictures in front of the

OsakaA City Full of Fun and Joy

iconic Kobe Port Tower is also a fun activity for tourists. With 210 outlet stores, the Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets is the biggest outlet shopping mall in Kansai region. Everyone truly enjoyed their shopping spree and loved the merchandise they bought with their hard-earned money!

Osaka is known for its fashion, food, and culture. The Osaka Castle is an important tourist attraction as it has witnessed the historical development of Osaka since the ancient times. Crowds ocked to the bustling Shinsaibashi District and Dotonbori Street for a great shopping experience and the unique street food. Universal Studios Japan is another famous tourist destination in Osaka. Kids and adults are spellbound by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the first Harry Potter theme park in Asia! It was a dream come true to see Hogwarts and Hogsmeade coming straight out of the books! Easecox International booked a private party in the Universal Studios Japan that evening. The professional lighting, stage design and visual effect were perfectly put together. Party-goers threw themselves into the carnival-like music, dance performances, and a dance-along led by emcee. What an unforgettable night!

As one trip ends, the next one begins! The Keihanshin trip recharged and rejuvenated every Easecox Elite. In just a few days, a strong bond was formed among partners. Dear Easecox Elite, we'll see each other again in New York in 2017!

For more news, please scan


Success People

Award List from March to August 2016 Sapphire Controller





















Gold Controller


Ruby Controller





























































The above Award List is sorted alphabetically by country names then names.



Travel Guide Republic of Austria

Czech Republic

Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Lying within the Alps, the terrain is highly mountainous, and only 32% of the country is below 500 meters (1,640 ft). Austria is a popular tourist destination for winter sports. The majority of the population speaks Austrian German, the official language, while other local languages spoken are Hungarian, Slovene, and Burgenland Croatian. Many Austrians are also fluent in English. In Austria, the common currency is the Euro (sign: €/code: EUR).

The Czech Republic is a nation state in Central Europe. It was formerly known as the Czechoslovakia. The official language spoken is Czech but English, German and Russian are also widely spoken by people who work within the tourist industry. The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (koruna) (sign: KCode: CZK).

Vienna, nicknamed the City of Music, is the capital and largest city of Austria. A variety of architectural styles, such as Baroque and Rococo, can be found in Vienna. The city is full of statues and French-style garden palaces (e.g. the Great Parterre). Many notable composers were born in Austria (such as Haydn, Mozart & Schubert). It is also home to a number of physicists, astronomers, philosophers, poets and painters.

Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, is bisected by the Vltava River. Prague has been a prominent cultural center of central Europe. The famous Old Ceský Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

* The information provided above is from the Internet. For more detailed information, please refer to the travel guide.


The Divine Skills of Sales

5 Ways to Build a Winning Team and Expand Your Business

"Knowing the competitive advantage of your business" and "Building a successful team" are the two pillars of any successful company and entrepreneurship! Here are 5 ways to expand your business territory with a winning team culture:

Understand the Advantage. Honing Your Skills before Modifying Them Many new distributors didn't have a good grasp of the business model when they first started the entrepreneurship. They assumed that it is "network marketing built upon sharing products with personal contacts, and then making money through those relationships". Selling products is one aspect of the business only, it's crucial to understand the business model first. Indeed, the business is an advanced "Franchise": A franchisee can avoid the high investment of time and capital at the start-up, while the business know-how and a replicable business model can be copied from the franchisor through training. Likewise, the distributors are similar to franchisees; their priority is to duplicate their franchisor's success. Novice distributors must first study and learn from their teacher and team before making their interpretation. Many first-time distributors tend to rely on their past experience, which becomes an obstacle to learn diligently from their partners. As a result, it could backfire and lead to self-defeating failures.

Promote Collaboration over Competition The traditional franchising model requires a retail storefront, huge initial set-up costs and monthly operating costs, and many investors may bear debt at the beginning stage. The franchise right is owned by the parent company only. An entrepreneur's business, on the other hand, not only utilizes the franchising concept to duplicate their parent company's success, but also allows sales teams to expand within the same franchise. It is a business that keeps on multiplying. Unlike conventional business, another distinguishing characteristic of Entrepreneurship is that it "promotes collaboration over competition". By cooperating with teachers, you learn valuable business skills. By working closely with partners, you build a reliable team. By supporting other distributors, you promote a cooperative spirit. The good credibility, positive corporate image and reliable branding would draw dynamic team spirit to attract customers.


Get the Deal Done. Don't Let Customers Say No Product expertise does not equal to Number 1 sales skills. Some people are not good at selling not because they don't want to, but because they don't know how. Presenting product knowledge to potential customers might be easy, but you still need to close the deal with your customers. A top distributor understands customer's behaviours well, and won't give them any chance to say no. Definite question tags like "Do you want to buy it?" "Do you want to join our team?" that require a ‘yes' or ‘no' answer will never appear.

The Divine Skills of Sales Famous Trainer Jason Shi, Tai Ming Mr. Jason Shi is a superstar, master and expert in the training field in Asia. He conducts over 300 presentations and training seminars every year and lectures on a wide range of topics such as "Sales and Marketing", "Leadership Skills", "Effective Communications", "Team Management", "Management Efficiency", "Self-Motivation" ,"Personal Development" and many more.

When a customer shows interests, a top distributor would sense the deal closing signal and said, "There is no doubt on Diamant Series; it is effective and high quality product with patent. They help women to improve health and enhance metabolism in more than 10 countries. Every one of us wears Diamant here and many customers are loyal patrons over ten years. Let me do a fitting for you first, and I'm sure you will see the difference in just two weeks. Once you have a better body, you'll feel beautiful and confident more than ever!" Strong motivation, positive mindset, coachable attitude and flexible selling skills are essential to get success in this business. Your invested time and efforts will bring you good career and wealth. ▶ ▶

Discipline with RULES : Rules must be established to guide the team. Behaviors such as price-cutting, secret recruiting and personal loans are prohibited. Manage with LOVE:Self-discipline is important. Relationships are built on true connections with people. When you help partners improve themselves and make more money, it must be come from the bottom of your heart. Influence with GOOD VIBES: A positive environment can accelerate success for team members. A team with good vibes can fix partners' negative thinking and behavioral patterns.

Keep Growing and Be Dynamic Yo u c a n a t t a i n s u c c e s s i n s h o r t p e r i o d o f t i m e t h r o u g h entrepreneurship. Speed is a morale booster. A good team spirit can motivate everyone to target the same goal together. Though repetitive tasks are boring, new achievements and team members will activate the team to grow for success. 1.

Keep learning and improving yourself with new challenges.


Set goals and evaluate performance regularly. Keep track on the progress and adjust to new level of success.


Lead new member with new strategies, new teammate will bring positive energy to run a dynamic team.

To conclude, a successful team leader is a "bridge" to activate a winning lever between the management and team members. To management: Leverage and make good use of company's resources, follow company's direction to move forward. To team: Work side by side with partners, provide counseling and learning opportunities to expand the business!




Professionally Extracted in Germany Essential Home Remedies for Health and Wellness

Top grade from Germany 100% Pure, Safe, Health.

The Everlasting Power of Aroma ★ ★ ★


In a market - the smell of fresh squeezed lemon juice increases concentration and gets rid of sleepiness In an ancient temple, a whiff of sandalwood calms nerves and help regains one's composure In a distant memory, a familiar aroma heals the body, mind and spirit


The human dependency on plants can be traced back to ancient times. Oils extracted from plants have been used by the Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans as cosmetics, perfumes, and medicines. Some cultures used oils in cooking and spiritual rituals. Even animals find cure in plants when they get hurt or become sick. In 1928, French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé badly burned his hand in a lab explosion. He used lavender oil to treat the burn on his hand and accidently discovered the healing properties of lavender oil. This led him into a lifetime of research into essential oils. Results of his research efforts were published in scientific journals and after the publication of his remarkable book "Aromathérapie" ("Aromatherapy"), the science of aromatherapy was born. Aromatherapy uses "the essential oils in plants" as a medium for the treatment or prevention of disease. By massaging essential oils into the skin, inhaling through the nose, and taking an aromatic bath, the therapeutic constituents enter the bloodstream and are carried around the body where they can deliver their healing powers.

What is an essential oil? An essential oil is a highly concentrated liquid containing aromatic compounds from plants. The essential oils are produced after a series of processes in photosynthesis. These therapeutic oils protect the plants from harmful bacteria and pests, shield the plants from a harsh environment, prevent disease, and attract insects that are beneficial to them. By using essential oils, one is harnessing the protective and healing powers of a plant.

How are essential oils extracted? Essential oils are found in the oil glands or pockets of plants. These glands or pockets are found in various parts of the aroma plant ranging from the roots, stalks, leaves, flowers, peels, seeds, fruit peels, and resin ducts. The essentials oils are extracted from the plants by a variety of means such as steam distillation, expression (cold pressing), solvent extraction or CO2 hypercritical extraction.


PRODUCT FOCUS How can you tell if the essential oils you are using are of good quality?

Listen Read

Choose well-known brands which provide better guarantee comparatively


Purity: Read the Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry

Interact with sales consultants, observe, and make sure the quality of the essential oils is good A quality essential oil brand will offer a complete training course to its sales consultants, so they can give customers a professional and efficient consultation

Description: Corporate Identity (CI), Latin name, plant origin,

(GC-MS) testing report provided by the company Plant origin: Each plant has its geographical origin. An official plant origin is essential for high quality

Smell The smell of pure and natural essentials oils will not make you uncomfortable. If the essential oils smell like cheap per fume of one experiences discomfort after smelling them, it very likely that these oils are synthetic fragrances dressed up as essential oils.



and expiration dates, instructions, and cautions must all be clearly marked and labeled The pure 100% essential oils are very potent and could cause severe irritation or sensitization. With the exception of lavender, tea tree and a few other essential oils, do not apply pure, undiluted essential oils directly onto skin!

Tips on the correct way to smell essential oils Smelling essential oil directly from a bottle will probably cause a sensory overload. The proper way is to place the cap of the bottle under your nose about 3-5 centimeters away, gently swirl the cap to combine aroma and air, and then take in a short, light whiff.

Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Pay attention to the labels I

extraction parts, capacity, dilution label, manufactured



★ Each drop of essential oil is approx. 0.05 ml






A. Capacity

G. Plant origin

B. Manufactured date and lot number

H. Brand name - AMYLINEAR

C. Plant name

I. Expiration date

D. Essential oil name (Latin name)

J. The part of the plant from

E. Dilution rate F. Corporate Identity System (CIS)


which the oil has been expressed/extracted

Base or Carrier Oil





1% dilution

2 drops

6 drops

10 drops

20 drops

1.5% dilution

3 drops

9 drops

15 drops

30 drops

★ The above dilution rate is for reference only. Please

use the concotion as soon as it is mixed. The appropriate application of essential oils depends on your personal situation. Should you have any doubts, please consult with qualified aromatherapy professionals before using the oils. ★ For more essential oil applications, please visit:


For Dads at Work

When commuting to work The crowded compartment of trains, buses or MRT is a breeding ground to catch cold and flu. By adding an appropriate amount of AR101 Deep Breath on a mask, you can be shielded from virus while strengthening your immunity!

Before an afternoon meeting

For Moms in the Kitchen

It is two o'clock in the afternoon, sleepiness creeps on you but you need to attend a scheduled meeting soon. Add a few drops of AR104 Vitality in the Aromatherapy Diffuser and you'll restore your confidence and vitality!

Natural First Aid Antiseptic (Povidone-Iodine Solution) Got an accidental knife cut on your hand? Apply the appropriate amount of undiluted AR016 Organic Lavender to help healing the wound.

All-Purpose Cleaner


AR009 Grapefruit / AR012 Orange / AR014 Peppermint Baking soda ★ Not intended to use for pregnant women

Natural Floor Cleaner AR004 Cypress / AR011 Lemon / AR018 Organic Rosemary 75% rubbing alcohol, adequate amount ★ Mixing above 4 ingredients thoroughly before

adding the mixture to water

For Family to go out Nontoxic Natural Mosquito Repellent


AR005 Eucalyptus / AR007 Geranium / AR013 Patchouli / AR016 Organic Lavender Add 1% essential oils to 75% rubbing alcohol and drinking water (1:1 ratio)

Disinfecting Spray AR011 Lemon / AR017 Organic Juniper / AR019 Organic Tea Tree Add 1% essential oils to 75% rubbing alcohol

Gas Relief Massage oil


AR008 Ginger / AR011 Lemon / AR014 Peppermint / AR025 Relaxing Massage Oil ★ Mixing 1% essential oils with Relaxing Massage Oil,

then rub around the belly button in small circular motion

Recommended Dilution Ratio For Adults: body 3-5% dilution, face 1-3% dilution Elderly adults/children under the age of 12: 1.5-2.5% dilution Pregnant women: Experts recommend not using essential oils in the first 1-14 weeks of pregnancy. After 14th week, some essential oils can be used but one should keep the dilution ratio within 1-1.5% ★ For full usage instructions and recommendations, please make your inquires to Easecox partners




Super Conductive Ion Series Publications

Providing you with the most comprehensive product knowledge

In the newest 2016 edition of "Super Conductive Series Manual" e-book and "Education and Training Briefing" (full and short version), the unique health benefits and characteristics of Super Conductive metallic ion fiber as well as its functioning principles are fully explained in details. The "Product Q&A" section also provides comprehensive information on how different groups of consumers could benefit from using SCI products. These two publications are your basic yet indispensable tools. By referencing back to them, the valuable product knowledge and expertise you gain from them will help you in communicating with your customers!

Education and Training Briefing


★ The manual and briefing are for educational purpose only within Easecox, and cannot be replaced with forma training programs. Please do not distribute, modify or transmit the content without permission from Easecox. ★ To download the above publications, please visit and log in"Distributors Zone" on Easecox's official website.


Product Announcement


Super Conductive Neck Guard

Reducing neck stiffness could eliminate 90% of pain on the body ★

HP321 Super Conductive Multi-Function Neck Protector


★ ★

The protective neckwears are made in Japan, not only have the health benefits of super conductive metallic ion, but are also soft to the touch, warm and easy to carry. Neck Guard is designed with ergonomic support, it can correct bad postures and reduce spinal pressure. Size: F Fits neck circumference 32~42 cm ★ New product launch schedule differs in each country


New Promotional Video for Super Conductive Ion Products Diseases of modern city life have become much more common nowadays. Chronic stress, unhealthy lifestyles and unbalanced diets have led to poor health among people. In addition, Western medicines are used to suppress the symptoms instead of curing the diseases. These pharmaceuticals drugs may cause serious damages to our bodies over time. "Health" is the core value of Easecox it's our mission to help our loved ones and ourselves to be healthy all the time! Super Conductive Series helps to strengthen our bodies to face challenges anytime.

Six Key Features of the Super Conductive Series



Message from Vice Chairman "Health is second to none. To help others is to help ourselves. Ever since the Super Conductive Metallic Ions Series was launched, I have put them on every day to experience the health benefits from the products. it is the leading brand with the highest quality in the industry!"

Videos with different languages will be uploaded to

EASECOX YouTube Channel. Please feel free to use this video with the Super Conductive Series Manual in your communications with clients and in training



courses or during the OPP. The video will provide the best assistance in explaining the Super Conductive Series and become your best tool in building trust and creditability with your customers! To stay up to date with Easecox's latest videos, be sure to "Like "


and "Subscribe "

to our

YouTube channel!


※The video is an internal teaching aid only and

cannot substitute for a formal training course. Please visit,

and enter keywords : EASECOX CHANNEL

※ This publication is non-commercial and solely for internal

training only. Please do not share or print without permission.


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