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2012 Colour of the Year Ken Beattie Outdoor Living Tour of Homes Builds Community Spirit

Budget Blinds is Regina and surrounding area’s #1 choice for all your window covering needs!

Budget Blinds is North America’s largest window covering company, which provides the competitive edge on products and buying power. Locally owned and operated, Leanne Fisher is proud to call Saskatchewan home again after moving to Alberta for college 13 years ago. “If you ask any of our staff why we do what we do...they will all answer...because we get to meet so many great people”. Our staff makes the difference! In addition to providing customers with education about each product at a competitive price – our staff truly cares about facilitating a fun, professional in-home atmosphere to make the window covering process easy. If it’s having product air shipped and installing at 11 p.m. on a Friday night to prepare for a wedding the following day, or aiding an elder customer with cleaning her windows while we’re up on the ladder – we are different – we go the extra mile!

534 University Park Drive, Regina, Sk. e-mail:

We are out to change how you buy window coverings! Shop where your windows are. We come to you! Explore fabrics, materials, choices and features from hundreds of product styles and colors. We measure so you get the perfect fit, and then provide professional installation to ensure a beautiful view.

Call to book your free in-home consultation REGINA & AREA: 306.949.2300

Cornerstone Heights In Harbour Landing

28 units

up to 1480 sq ft

7 floorplans BaCks onto large muniCipal reserve

Individual units include:

Sales office

now open

9’ ceilings Harwood and Ceramic tile flooring Granite countertops Glass backsplash in kitchens Large private patio Access to exercise room and guest suite Indoor heated parking

4837 Trinity Way Please call or email for sale office hours 306-949-4663 |




Summer 2012 VOLUME 3 ISSUE II


eaves, blossoms and green spaces are bursting everywhere. The city is entering a new season, and we are ready to come out to play. Locks come off storage sheds. We gaze at our front and back yards, our fences and the outside of our homes, anxious to start projects. We anticipate more time in our backyards with family and friends. Some of us start checking out new and different homes or condominiums to move into, while others cannot wait to start building that new home. We seek new ideas and advice for that new countertop, lighting fixtures and other inside renovation projects. Our summer 2012 edition of Fine Homes Regina aims to entertain and inform you, and to link you to solutions for your indoor and outdoor home plans and projects. We put a face on businesses who want to help you, presenting their people, products and services in a very personal way. We want to connect you with them, and for you to understand and appreciate what they have to offer. Enjoy our many different features and stunning photography. 2012 Colour of the Year, Tangerine Tango , will add a burst of colour and energy to your home and life. Have you got your ticket yet for the annual Davin School Tour of Homes? Get ready to enjoy some of Regina’s beautiful homes while supporting a great cause. Does your lawn need an overhaul? Learn more about choosing the right grass seed. Get acquainted with local writer and author, Ed Willett, who also lives in a neighbourhood of fine and unique homes. Put your feet up and relax with this beautiful edition of Regina Fine Homes. Find businesses and information to help you improve your quality of life. Drink in all that our city, surrounding area and province has to offer. Take time for yourself, and enjoy the very best of this new season. Like us on Follow us on Twitter: @finemags Associate Editor Sherry Magnuson

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EXPERTAdvice Where is the dirt really hiding in your home? Underneath and behind appliances Move your appliances away from the wall and you may get an unpleasant surprise. Refrigerators can be especially dirty; expect to see plenty of dust covering the coils, errant spills and leaks. Mop the area and let everything dry completely before moving the appliances back.

The phone

Sharla Shaw Tidy Time Saver Professional House Cleaning Service 306-546.1505

out the tops of your cabinets. It may not be pretty, but a simple dusting should do the trick.

The kitchen sink and stove knobs Kitchen sinks often harbour more bacteria than the floor or toilet in a public washroom. Rinse down the sink and disinfect it.

You hold it up to your face everyday, but how often do you clean your phone? Your phone has more germs on it that the toilet seat or the bottom of your shoe! Give it a few swipes with an antibacterial wipe every now and then.

You may not think to remove the knobs on your stove very often, and you may wish you hadn’t. The knobs are designed to be removed easily so than you can clean all the grime behind them. Use a gentle cleanser such as vinegar.

The ceiling fan

Remotes and keyboards

Rule of thumb: if you can’t see it in your daily life, it’s probably dirty. Use microfiber cloths instead of a feather duster to capture the dust instead of spreading it around.

The coffee maker

Many remote controls contain the virus that causes the common cold. Use antibacterial wipes or a napkin moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean them weekly. Use cotton swabs to get into those little crevices. All of this applies to your computer keyboard, too.

If the reservoir is a yellow colour it is time to clean; the discoloration is likely caused by mineral residue. The best way to clean is to fill the reservoir with equal parts of water and white vinegar, and run the machine without any coffee grounds.

How are you ever going to get these areas clean if you find normal cleaning to be a chore? Let Tidy Time Saver Professional Cleaners take care of your cleaning needs. It will free up your time to do the things you really enjoy!

Under area rugs

Sharla Shaw founded Tidy Time Saver in the year 2000. They clean more than 200 houses a week. Each homeowner saves more than four hours per week by not having to clean. To learn how you can free up 200 hours a year, call 306-546-1505 or visit FLR

It’s amazing how much debris can accumulate under a rug in a short period of time. Pull yours up the next time you’re vacuuming and see how many allergens are living under there.

Baseboards They serve as little ledges for dirt and hair to settle on. If you don’t feel like getting on your hands and knees to scrub them, use the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner instead.

TIDY TIME SAVER is a proud partner of

Tops of kitchen cabinets Get up on a stool or stepladder and check

Staff at Tidy Time Saver







35 FEATURE SToRiES 24 Tour of Homes Builds Community Spirit

52 Shell Busey

28 2012 Colour of the Year

74 Cover Story: Elk Ridge

32 Wired: Upscale Home Entertainment Systems

79 A Customer Home Experience: From Start to Finish

35 Meredith Heron

60 Ken Beattie

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what CnG what CnG customers customers are saying are saying

28 28

“They delivered and kept the “They schedule delivered the way and they kept said the schedule the way they said they would. They did a goodthey job would. on installations, They did aand good job on installations, and were professionals all the waywere around.” professionals all the way around.” Tim Stott

Tim Stott

“They did a fantastic job on “They installation. did a fantastic They came job on installation. They came when they said they would.when Theythey standsaid behind they their would. They stand behind their product. I’d recommend them product. to anyone I’d recommend who needsthem to anyone who needs granite work done.” granite work done.” Jason Humphries

Jason Humphries

“They were very helpful and“They had were a great very showroom. helpful and had a great showroom. We were a new construction, Weand were they a new kept construction, track of and they kept track of the progress of the house the to time progress the of countertops the house to time the countertops appropriately. They were very appropriately. professional, They right were on very professional, right on schedule from the templates to schedule the countertops, from the templates and the to the countertops, and the countertops actually came in countertops ahead of time.” actually came in ahead of time.”


Homes and 13 properties Homes and properties

Trina Freedman

Trina Freedman

“There were four areas where “There CNG were did afour fantastic areas job where CNG did a fantastic job at. The first was presentation. at. The During first the wasselection presentation. During the selection process they showed us whole process slabs rather they showed than smaller us whole slabs rather than smaller samples. If you’re doing a kitchen, samples. theIflarger you’resample doing ais kitchen, the larger sample is far more effective in helping far youmore choose effective and determine in helping you choose and determine how the colours blend. The how second the was colours service. blend. They The second was service. They had a very positive, no-pressure had aattitude, very positive, and they no-pressure let attitude, and they let us take multiple slabs home.usRenovations take multiple canslabs be time home. Renovations can be time consuming and frustrating, but consuming they wereand always frustrating, positive but they were always positive and helpful. The third was affordability. and helpful. There The are thirdtons wasofaffordability. There are tons of choices in granite, quartz andchoices laminate, in granite, and there quartz is a lot and laminate, and there is a lot of competition. CNG put forward of competition. an affordable CNG proposal put forward an affordable proposal that let us fix all six bathrooms that let withusgranite fix all six andbathrooms our with granite and our entire kitchen, including an island. entireThey kitchen, wereincluding sensitivean toisland. They were sensitive to our pricing concerns. Finally, they our pricing attended concerns. to our follow Finally, they attended to our follow up problems and concerns with up no problems questions andasked.” concerns with no questions asked.”

27Tango, Condos 27Tango, Condos Tangerine Tangerine a spirited reddish a spirited orange, reddish continues orange, to provide continues the energy to provide boostthe energy boost 32 Special 32 Home Electronics/Automation Home Electronics/Automation weFeature: need Special to recharge weFeature: need and to move recharge forward. and move forward. 38 inner Beauty/ 38 inner Design Beauty/ Design 54 Home improvements/Renovations 54 Home improvements/Renovations

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“They were really good. We “They weren’t were exactly reallysure good. what We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted for granite. We’d we seen a few for different granite. slabs, We’d seen a few different slabs, The Colour ofand the Year selection The Colour is aofvery the Year thoughtful selection andis involved awanted very thoughtful and involved "Consumers look to spring "Consumers for renewed look to energy, springoptimism for renewed and energy, optimism but couldn’t quite pinpoint thebut onecouldn’t that wequite reallypinpoint wanted.the one that we really wanted. process according to was Eiseman. the promise of a brighter theday," promise said of Eiseman. a brighter day," said Eiseman. process according to Eiseman. Susan Dayman instrumental Susan in Dayman finding exactly was instrumental what in finding exactly what we were looking for, something we were that looking would suit for, something our that would suit our home and our tastes. She solidified home and things our for tastes. us. I She wassolidified things for us. I was

“Toalter arrive at the selection, “To arrive Pantone at the quite selection, literallyPantone combs the quite literally combs the "They have learned how "They color havecan learned help them how color alter acan mood help them a mood

Featured Contributors Sheena Koops

Amy Nelson-Mile

Originally from Weyburn, Sheena Koops now teaches at Bert Fox Community High School in beautiful Fort Qu’Appelle. She has worked in urban, First Nation and rural Saskatchewan education within the private, band, public and community schools. In 1989, Sheena married fellow educator, Michael, and their favourite accomplishments are three girls: Victoria, Moira, and Arwen. Voice of the Valley, her first novel, was published in 2006 with Orca Book Publishers. Sheena is neck deep in two teen novels, a collection of poetry, songwriting, singing, and freelancing.

Amy Nelson-Mile is a non-fiction writer who writes corporate material and magazine articles. She has published hundreds of articles in various magazines and newspapers on a wide variety of topics, including the arts, business, education, fashion, health, heritage, human interest, spirituality, and more. She is also a writing instructor, researcher, administrator, and energy worker. She has lived all her life on the Saskatchewan prairie and feels a deep connection to the land here. Her other passions are listening to music, reading, and spending time with her husband and animals.

Shawn Fulton

Mackenzie Brooks

Shawn Fulton’s passion for photography began in high school with darkroom developing and printing techniques and evolved at the University of Regina while he was acquiring his BFA in film production. Since, Shawn has all but abandoned the darkroom for digital photography, but still likes to play with antique and Polaroid cameras at social events to give his “party photos” a timeless quality. Shawn has a remarkable talent for lighting, which he attributes to his extensive background in stage and film. His work as a director, cinematographer and animator has been screened at film festivals nationally and he was recently featured on the cover of Saskatchewan Filmpool’s Splice magazine.

Mackenzie Brooks is a freelance writer whose articles appear in several local publications, as well as, magazines in British Columbia and as web copy for a diverse range of clients in the fields of fashion, beauty and advertising. Her work has been featured in ad and media campaigns in event management and professional fundraising content. She is also a featured contributor on, a website dedicated to travel writing and inspiring wanderlust.

Shawn lives in Regina’s Cathedral Village with his wife, Kendra, and their two children, Rosco and Suki.

Mackenzie is also a dedicated arts enthusiast whose love of dance and history has taken her across Europe in pursuit of each, most recently in the dusty and forgotten corners of Spain, Hungary and Romania.

Lissa Robinson

Heather Fritz

Lissa Robinson is a visual artist and writer living in Saskatoon. She received her BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design (1995) and an MFA from the University of Saskatchewan (2005). Lissa has played varying roles in the art community as the Director of Stride Gallery (Calgary), managing editor of BlackFlash Magazine and a board member for a number of artist-run centres in the prairies. More recently, she has put her experience to work as a freelance writer and the volunteer coordinator at SWITCH, a student-run clinic in Saskatoon.

“When I am invited into people’s homes, I am always drawn to the photos they have on display,” says Heather Fritz, nationally published, Saskatoon-based photographer. “I was inspired by Shannon Tweed’s collection of small-framed family photos on display in clusters around her home. While her house is large and elegant, each display acted like a piece of art while acknowledging the importance of family in this home.” Heather has been shooting professionally for over seven years. She grew up in Alberta and has lived in the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Heather is the official photographer for the Saskatoon Opera and is the co-chair/founder for Saskatoon’s “The High Tea” fundraising benefit tea.





We’ve got you covered. Let our experienced professionals take care of all your insurance needs. Visit our convenient location just off of 13th Avenue or call us today!

2101 Retallack St. Regina | 306.757.0621



ounded in 2006, Twitter is a social networking service that now boasts more than 300 million users. It allows its users to send tiny messages of 140 characters to other people. These ‘tweets’ can be read by anyone who views your account. In order to ease social conversation, Twitter provides you the ability to ‘follow’ other users so that the messages they post automatically show up on your screen when you log in to your account whether from a computer or most mobile devices. Conversations between two or more people are possible by calling someone out by their name or by replying to a message that they have previously sent.

or would like to meet like-minded people from their community, can gather and put a face to the online nicknames. These events are typically promoted with a hashtag— more on that later. In Regina, the hashtag which has been adopted is #yqrtweetup.

A Tweetup is an event where people who have formed friendships on Twitter,

Enter Jackson Middleton of Highland Mortgage Partners who sponsored a




The first Tweetups in Regina, mostly organized by social media evangelist Joel Sopp—@Joel_Sopp on Twitter— were small affairs. The first was attended by only a handful of people. As more people found their way onto Twitter, the interest for larger gatherings grew and the need for more space became paramount.

private room at Bushwakker Brewpub to host the growing number of people. Known on Twitter as @KiltedBroker, Middleton is an early adopter of technology and an active participant on many social media channels. He has since hosted two more Tweetups, moving the venue to Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar for even more space. Attendance at the most recent event on February 7 topped 125 people. But is it just geeky fun, or a legitimate networking event? According to Middleton, it may be a little bit of both. “The event really isn’t about marketing, it’s just a way for me to get to know the people that are in the Regina community,” he said. “I don’t put up a sign or hand

out any information. I simply use it as an opportunity to meet new friends. And if every three to five years when they need a new mortgage they decide to come and see me, then that’s great. I’ve been approached by other companies who want to get involved in the event, but I don’t want the event to be co-opted by others and turned into a business event. It’s not about that, it’s just about helping everybody build friendships.” But while Middleton may see it as an opportunity to develop friendships with potential business benefits, others envision tremendous business applications. Some of the most ardent users of the service are businesses who seek to engage their customers, whether through direct conversation, or by listening in to their conversations. Because the service is public—your tweets are open to anyone to view by default— they can be searched. This search function allows businesses to gauge public sentiment on a wide variety of issues cheaply and in real time. For example, the Coca-Cola company can search for mentions of ‘Coke’, ‘CocaCola’, and ‘Pepsi’ to see what people are saying about them. A restaurant can search for people talking about ‘steak’ or ‘pasta’, and the advanced search functionality in the service can even allow you to limit that search to a radius of a specific location. Want to know who is talking about printing within 10 kilometres of your printing business? No problem. Once a business has identified a potential need, they can




speak directly to the tweeter and offer assistance, discounts, or advice. Because of the hundreds of millions of tweets that are posted every day and the possible ambiguity between potential search terms—are people talking about cocaine or Coca-Cola when they type ‘coke’?— users began to implement what is now known as a hashtag into their tweets. Hashtags begin with the pound sign (#) followed by a topic. Canadians who followed the general election in 2011 might remember Jack Layton’s pronouncement during the televised leader’s debate (hashtag #db8) of a “hashtag fail” referring to one of the Conservative Party’s policies, which left technically unsavvy Canadians scratching their heads. Hashtags are used to more clearly define a topic. Viewers of AMC Television’s The Walking Dead comment on the show by marking their tweets with #walkingdead, for example. In recent months, brands have begun to introduce their own hashtags as suggestions for discussions about their products. These hashtags are often included in print advertising or on television commercials so that brands can measure the results of their marketing efforts. They can also use hashtags to prompt specific discussions among their customers, such as McDonalds did recently during a promotional campaign of paid-for tweets with the hashtag #McDStories.

Unfortunately for the fast food giant, this was a huge #McFail as the campaign was hijacked by users posting vitriolic fast food horror stories. Ultimately, Twitter does not really change the way business is done— relationships have always been the key to success. What it does do, however, is level the playing field between businesses large and small and allow people from a far more diverse set of demographics to connect. It also removes barriers for shoppers. Even a telephone call requires a time commitment from a potential customer, one which makes some people feel edgy lest they be pressured to make an appointment to learn more. A tweet, on the other hand, requires nothing more than 140 characters (or less) of commitment. It gives people who are cautious, busy, or simply looking for information an easy way to test the waters. Some business people may see this as a negative, a lost opportunity to convince a prospect of the unique benefits that they offer, but the truth is that this customer-centric approach has proven to be incredibly effective for many businesses and is growing in popularity among consumers. In the future, as this approach becomes more common, businesses who rely on broadcast methods to push their message will lose ground to those who are simply looking to engage and help their customers. FHR

EXPERTAdvice Why Does Spray Foam Insulation Look Uneven? Does that Affect Insulating Qualities?

Spray foam insulation is one of the very few home building products that is actually manufactured on site. Barrels of raw chemicals are heated, mixed and sprayed to create a moisture barrier and insulation product. A trained installer uses even strokes of the gun to ensure that the product goes on at the required thickness and gets into all of the little nooks and crannies that traditional batt insulation misses.

G. Michael Dynna

President of Spray Jones Phone: 306.359.FOAM (3626) Toll Free: 1.888.414.FOAM (3626)

As the chemical cures and expands, the closed microcells stack on top of each other. This expansion creates surfaces that aren’t perfectly smooth, but still provide superior insulation to any other product that is available on the market. If we look at another form of foam insulation, or the sheet polystyrene insulation that is available, you will see gaps between each sheet, gaps between the boards and the exterior sheeting of the building, and spaces that never get covered. The cold air works its way into these cracks and joints, penetrating your house and costing you money. There are no leaks in spray foam. Spray foam is an adhesive that sticks to every gap and joint in your home, protecting you from the weather outside. When you invest in spray foam insulation for your house, you aren’t buying a smooth layer of foam; you’re paying for a foam insulation system that starts at the base and builds itself up to the surface. The

spray foam seals and insulates so well that minor surface fluctuations do not compromise the effectiveness of the entire system. In fact, even variations of an inch or more show near zero differentials on a thermal imaging camera that is accurate to one tenth of one degree. Spray foam insulation cannot be compared to traditional information using the same thinking. Adding in extra layers of fiberglass batting does increase the R-value of a wall, but the same is not true of spray foam. We spray enough foam on a wall to insulate it. Beyond that insulation, spraying more foam only adds more cost without significantly improving the insulation envelope of the home. We just need to get a little bit of foam on a wall for you to notice a big difference. This is apparent in renovations of old homes which may have stone or brick basement walls, and on new construction in which the concrete walls have joints and holes from through ties. With spray foam, all of the tiny cracks and seams are filled, sealed, and insulated, and there is no more cold air. Give spray foam a try. The results will astound you. FHR Michael Dynna is the President of Spray Jones, Regina’s trusted installer of BASF WALLTITE® Eco insulation, and an expert in the fields of insulation and expanding foam




t he used to scribes the materials tha de ets bin Ca ar ug Co m beams Alison. Ken fro cabinet design made Our kitchen is beautiful,� ted and sleek eco-friendly ica ist ph so a e os ch n so d sandblasted “Mike and Ali with stainless steel frame off d create the masterpiece, pe top s wa is Th d. Metal Ebony Echo Woo from quarter-sawn Gun ndles and hardware. orary European style ha mp nte co ic ch d an t en glass doors for acc

BUILDING BREATHTAKING VIEWS AT LAST MOUNTAIN LAKE Mike and Alison Smith found that having a beach house at Kannata Valley to relax at during the summer was so wonderful, they decided to purchase a lot and design their new all-season home to make summer last all year long. “When you build a home, you want it built right. We knew that Garry from Emerald Park Homes would do an incredible job on our house,” explains Alison. “Everything in this house from top to bottom is built to last.” Mike and Alison Smith, owners of Wheatland Roofing, installed a Malarkey Legacy laminate roofing system that has a 50 year guarantee. The house is also clad in CertainTeed Fibre cement siding for decades of maintenance free good looks.

The view from our home is stunning,” says Mike. “Out the back we have vast expanses of prairie, and in the front are gorgeous views of the lake.

Sunrise and sunsets are special at the Smith’s stylish and charming home where a relaxing, peaceful decor incorporates the outdoor elements they enjoy most. Large windows and vaulted ceilings make their home feel light, airy and like an extension of nature. Would they do it again? “Garry and his crew made building the house fun,” says Mike. “They paid attention to every little detail.”

Custom Builder, Our Quality Shows

Watch our webpage and Facebook for more information on our next show home at 102 Emerald Ridge East in White City. We have a great selection of fully serviced lots for your new home.

Call us today at 306-781-3383


100 Years

1912 -2012

Pictured is the Ewart Duggan House. Built in 1886, this residence is believed to be one of the oldest brick residences in the Prairies. The house is built with some of the earliest brick produced by the Medicine Hat Brick Company, I-XL’s first brick plant, acquired in 1912. 511 Dewdney Ave E. Regina, S4N4E9 306 757 2661

716 - 43rd Street Saskatoon, S7K3T9 306 664 3388

Brick & Stone,

Imagine the Possibilities

Celebrating 100 Years in 2012

w w w. i x l m a s o n r y. c o m


Serving Regina AND AREA for over 50 years! Free Estimates

Joan and Kevin Stricker, Owners

• Lumber • Decking Materials • Building Supplies • Builder’s Hardware • Mouldings • Roof Trusses • Metal Roofing and Sheathing • Windows and Doors

1737 Dewdney Ave. Regina, Sk. 306.525.2791

Hwy 35 Fort Qu’Appelle, Sk. 306.332.2833

A lifetime of memories star t in your kitchen. Begin yours today.

C O U N T E R T O P S F O R T H E W E S T 530 Henderson Drive Regina, SK, S4N 5X2 | 306.721.2220


When you Want it built right,

make it PekarBilt By Sarah FerguSon

“PekarBilt was established because we love what we do. You’ll see that from the moment you begin to work with us. We believe in a positive environment and a professional image and with that approach to business, there are not many problems that can’t be solved.” -Randy Pekar, President





hether you are building your dream home or constructing your corporate office, it helps to have the experts at your side. Let the combined experience and passion of over 75 years of home and commercial construction knowledge and expertise guide the creation of your perfect living or working space. When you want it built right, make it PekarBilt. PekarBilt [pee-ker bilt] was developed by Randy Pekar and Larry Lolacher with the aim of providing affordable, practical, innovative home or building

solutions. Customers also love the design flexibility that we provide, and most of all, they can be sure that our lines of communication are always open. We will respond swiftly to any desire or concern that they have. PekarBilt offers a vast array of products and services, from condos and townhomes to custom homes and land development services. Our modular division, Prairiebilt Homes, also offers high quality factory-built homes with a 60 to 90 day turnkey service. (

Our owners have been part of Regina’s construction development for the past 15 years. With the opening of our McDonald Street location in Regina just one year ago, our future looks brighter than ever. A group of ten staff drives PekarBilt, and our strength lies in the wide spectrum of specialized home products that we offer to our customers. PekarBilt is currently building several projects in Regina, including two townhome/condo projects in Northwest Regina and custom homes in Harbour Landing. We also have large 3.5 to 4.5 acre lots in Rock Pointe Estates where we are building some beautiful estate homes. The company is also excited to announce that a new subdivision is coming soon to the Pilot Butte area with lots available at market-best prices! There will be more exciting projects during the next few years, and details will be frequently added to Our homes are innovatively designed, yet practical. Whether you are building an entry-level home, a multimillion dollar commercial building, or your dream home, working with Pekarbilt is always a rewarding experience. At PekarBilt, we believe that custom building and a customized personal experience go hand-in-hand. Each project involves careful concept planning through our in-house architectural CADD design team of four. Additionally, we are able to create high-resolution 3D renderings of your dream home before we build it. PekarBilt is also proud to offer eco-friendly building options. Like no other, we replace the wood products (trees) used in the building process through a partnership with Regina’s Ten Tree. Visit our ‘Built Green’ section at to read more. Whether its single or multi-family housing, we provide the best advice on construction and land development, and will stand by your project from conception to completion. Don’t Pekarbilt today to make your home design and building dreams come true! FHR

PekarBilt Group of Companies (306) 347-5600 420 McDonald Street Regina, Saskatchewan

PekarBilt develops land and creates new subdivisions


dward Willett is a man of many talents. He’s a singer and actor, who has performed at the Globe Theatre and Persephone Theatre, among others. He is perhaps best known for his writing, however. His nonfiction includes biographies of Janis Joplin, J.R.R Tolkien, and Orson Scott Card and a long-running science column. He’s the author of Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw, which won a Municipal Heritage Award. His science fiction and fantasy novels include the AuroraAward winning Marseguro and the sequel Terra Insegura (recently released in an omnibus edition titled The Helix War) and Magebane, written as Lee Arthur Chane.

Willett was kind enough to let us into his home on Angus Crescent. It’s a two-storey, four-bedroom, 1,700-square-foot house with plenty of character and a strong family history. The home was built in 1926 by architect Francis Portnall, who designed many Regina houses and buildings during that era. The home was purchased in 1939 by Sampson J. and Ann (nancy) Goodfellow, the grandparents of Willett’s wife, Margaret Anne Hodges. It has stayed in the family through three generations (four, including daughter Alice) and over seven decades. The neighbourhood itself is calm despite being close to Albert Street. Towering old elm trees line the streets. Davin School, also designed by Portnall, is directly behind Willett’s home. Last year, This Old House Magazine named the Crescents one of north America’s best old home neighbourhoods. Initial renovations the family has planned are fairly minor: a new front door, redoing the interior walls (removing old wallpaper and repainting), renovating the upstairs bathroom, and possibly expanding the master bedroom by combining it with one of the smaller bedrooms. Further down the road, the Willetts plan an extension to the back of the house containing a new kitchen and family room, with the current small kitchen being replaced with a downstairs bathroom and a new entrance and mud room. But aside from the kitchen, the interior will retain its old-home character. There’s a formal dining room, French doors, a beautiful brick fireplace, and lovely oak trim everywhere. “Most of the house just needs to be maintained,” Willett says. Willett has copies of the original blueprints, which reveal previous alterations to the house. For example, the kitchen was originally supposed to have a draw-pump, but that was never put in. The living room was originally much smaller, with a side sitting room, but the wall and doors were taken out, creating a much wider space. Like the house, Willett’s antique Knabe grand piano carries a lot of history. The piano, which dates from the 1920s, originally belonged to Madame Burkett, a music instructor from England who taught nancy Goodfellow. When Burkett returned to England, she sold the grand piano to Goodfellow, and it has stayed in its place in the corner of the living room ever since. Willett’s home, with its traditional style, contrasts nicely with its modern trappings. It’s a fitting home for a versatile artist. FHR




A BETTER PLACE FOR YOU Finding the right policy doesn’t have to feel like a tax audit By FHR StaFF

assendowski Agencies is an insurance company for all seasons. No matter what your insurance requirements are, the agency will be able to meet your needs. Their knowledgeable staff not only answers all your questions, but ensures that you get the exact insurance you need and want.   “The first thing we do when someone comes to us is find out what their current concern is,” says Kevin Bassendowski, insurance advisor.  “For example, they might have a concern about a sewer backup, so we’ll deal with that. Once that’s taken care of, we’ll see if they would like to review the rest of their insurance needs.” The staff at Bassendowski Agencies ensure their clients understand the




insurance products available, so they get the appropriate amount and type of coverage. “Our strength is the ability to explain insurance to people in ways they can understand,” Kevin says.  “We try to balance it; we don’t want to bore people, but we do want them to understand what their options are and what the policy would cover.” Bassendowski Agencies is a go-to location for all insurance needs.  “We sell almost every kind of insurance:  home, automobile, life, wealth, commercial, farm, disability, critical illness and special events.  Essentially, if there’s a risk… we can find a home for it.” The agency likes to nurture its client relationships by ensuring policy holders remain properly covered.  The process

of keeping clients properly insured involves on-going communication, which may include scheduled policy reviews, safety and loss prevention inspections and yearly renewal checklists. “Just as you change, so too do your insurance needs, and we like to be proactive about that.” Bassendowski Agencies Ltd. has a staff of seven people, all of whom are licensed and undergo ongoing training to stay on top of their specialty.  “Insurance is constantly changing and evolving,” says Kevin. “For example, there is a growing need for insurance against identity theft—it’s a major concern.  The entire field requires lifelong learning.” The staff enjoys working with their clients, and it shows.  The agency has

won prairie dog’s award for Best Insurance Agency for 2010 and 2011—the only two years the category existed. “I have the best people working for me, bar none,” says Kevin.  “I was lucky to find great people who can get the job done so well.”  Kevin Bassendowski himself has a wealth of experience in the industry.  He has been in business for over seven years and is a second generation insurance advisor.  He took over the business from his parents, who provided insurance solutions from the early 1970s.     Bassendowski Agencies Ltd. has an exclusive contract with The Co-operators and The Co-operators group of products.  “Each Co-operators office is run by a different agency, so each has its own personality.  We’re a relaxed group who likes to have fun.  Insurance doesn’t have to be stuffy, and it doesn’t have to remind you of a tax audit.” The personalized service that clients receive from Kevin Bassendowski and the rest of the staff sets this office apart.  “If it will make you happy to buy ‘off the rack’ insurance, so to speak, then we’re happy to supply that for you,” he says.  “On the other hand, if you would feel more comfortable with a customized approach to your insurance, then that’s where we really shine.  We like to think of ourselves as the bespoke tailor of insurance agencies.”

Kevin Bassendowski

To reach Bassendowski Agencies Ltd. CALL 347-6600, CLICK, or COmE IN to 1920 College Avenue. FHR

Bassendowski Agencies Ltd. Kevin Bassendowski 1920 College Avenue 306.347.6600 The friendly staff at Bassendowski Agencies






t is said that it takes a community to raise a child, but for over a decade, the children, parents and staff of Davin School have been raising their community through the help of a unique fundraiser that involves their entire neighborhood. The inspiring story behind The Davin School Parents’ Association Tour of Homes started twelve years ago as a response to the need to improve the school’s playground. “The tour began as a reaction to how decrepit and desolate the playground at Davin looked,” says Robin Berg.




Berg is a mother of three and all of her children have attended Davin. She is all too familiar with the struggles that the staff and students of the century-old school have endured while trying to improve their playground. “When the tour began, it was nothing but rock and a few play structures,” Berg says. “There wasn’t a lot of grass, there were no trees, and there were no benches for people to sit on. Everyone wanted to make the playground a better place for children to play, and a better place for the community to gather.”

“It’s not just about building a better playground—it’s also about building a better community.” TheTour of Homes offers its participants a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get acquainted with the character and eclectic appeal of eight to twelve beautiful homes in the Crescents and Cathedral neighborhood. Each year, the school puts out a call to get homeowners from the area involved. On occasion, one special home in the area is chosen and highlighted, based on demand. The area is well- known for its historical character houses, and provides residents with a chance to catch a glimpse of the city’s historical homes for themselves. For example, this year’s feature home is owned by Elmer Brenner. It was built in 1911 and survived the tornado that hit Regina in 1912. It now serves as the office of his wife, Dr. Roberta McKay, and is located on College Avenue. Over the past few years, several homes in Lakeview and on College Avenue have also been included in the tour. “There are a lot of fundraisers you can run that take money out of the community like a magazine fundraiser or a cake drive,” Berg says, “but we wanted a fundraiser that would appeal to a larger audience.” The tour’s appeal has grown over time, and attracts many people from outside the neighbourhood. Tour participants have come from as far away as Saskatoon, Weyburn and even the United States! Berg explained that it also serves as a way to unite people from around the city, as they become more familiar with the homes and streets in thevicinity. The tour is self-guided. “We provide a map to participants with a suggested tour route, but ultimately, it is up to each person to decide how they want to tour the homes,” Berg says. Tickets are purchased in advance. On the day of the tour, everyone involved meets at Davin School, where they are given a booklet that contains information about all of the houses that have chosen to take part. “One fun aspect of the tour is that nobody knows which homes are involved when they buy their tickets,” Berg says. “We like the element of surprise that is involved.”






“They take their map and their brochure and they are off!” The tour has been well received since it first began, and is popular with local residents. “We print 450 to 500 tickets per tour, and it sells out every year,” says Berg, the pride evident in her voice.






and afterward, volunteers, homeowners, and committee members are invited to attend an annual barbeque which usually hosts up to 100 people. “Beautifying the school grounds has had a ripple effect on everyone, and has created a sense of community pride,” Berg says.

Local response has been impressive so far. The tour has raised more than $100,000 for the school grounds since it was created.

Hopefully, it will continue for years to come. FHR

One look at the improved Davin playground proves that the tours have been successful. The funds raised by the tour have helped create more green space around the school, and have also provided more places for children to play. All of the playground equipment has been replaced, and last fall, a learning pavilion was installed. This spring, tables will be added to the new learning pavilion, making it a great place for an alternate classroom or a Saturday picnic. This year’s tour will be held on September 15,

Tickets for the 2012 Tour of Homes are $30 each and can be purchased at the following businesses: Anex - 2139 Albert Street Crocus and Ivy - 3420 Hill Avenue and 4065 Albert Street Mysteria - 2706 13th Avenue Only 500 tickets will be printed for this year’s tour, so buy yours today!

NOW under Construction The Gardens on Rose is now under construction! Soon the building will stretch 12 stories into the sky and contain 64 of the most beautiful and luxurious condominium units in the city. The Gardens on Rose features 9 incredible floor plans and several different levels of finishes to choose from. No matter which floor plan you select, your unit will include a gas fireplace, gas barbecue hook up, a balcony, and two parking stalls. The rooftop garden will feature patio areas, trees and flowers, a two-sided gas fireplace, and an enclosed hot tub room. High above the streets you will have 360 degree views of downtown and Wascana Park while relaxing in privacy and comfort. Drive past 2055 Rose Street to watch the building grow. Then visit our nearby presentation centre, just blocks away, to learn how you can make The Gardens on Rose your home.

PRESENTATION CENTRE 1910 12th Avenue Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. phone # (306) 790-1843 email:

Improved outlook reflected In

colour trend

By Meagen Thomas

ith rising optimism, falling jobless rates and steady economic growth, particularly here in Canada’s economic powerhouse of Saskatchewan, the future looks especially bright and vibrant. In line with that optimism, the colour experts at Pantone have declared the precocious Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, as their Colour of the Year for 2012.

to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth

The 2011 Colour of the Year, Pantone 18-2120 Honeysuckle, encouraged us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor.

“Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day. 28



Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.

Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.

Tango for a dynamic burst of energy in the kitchen, entryway or hallway.

"Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day," said Eiseman.

The Colour of the Year selection is a very thoughtful and involved process according to Eiseman.

"They have learned how color can help them alter a mood and provide the vitality and enthusiasm that enables them to experiment with new looks and color combinations."

“To arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences,” Eiseman said.

Over the past several years, orange has grown in popularity as a go-to hue for interior and fashion designers. Consumers have warmed to this rich family of hues which is showing up on everything from laptop skins to lipstick.

“This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.”

It’s easy to bring this refreshing and buoyant colour into any space. Pillows, bedspreads and tabletop accessories in this highimpact hue add spice to any room. Appliances and personal electronics in this hue introduce unexpected pop of color making every-day items extraordinary accents. Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up your home? Paint a wall in Tangerine

For more than a decade, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design. FHR FHS




C’mon & Live In The City.

Now Only

Live In The Heart Of It. Downtown At Capital Pointe Capital Pointe will be the pre-eminent residential location in Regina, the tallest building in the City and the jewel in the development of the Downtown area.

Indoor, Outdoor. Everything At Your Door! Capital Pointe will offer residents their own lifestyle amenities right on their doorstep, including pub, restaurant and shops; and their own lifestyle services, through an exclusive 24 hour dedicated Condominium Concierge program, based out of a private residential lobby.




*5% deposit required OAC, for a limited time. See sales representatives for details. Rendering is artist concept only. Images for mood and impression only. E. & O. E. 2012.

5% Deposit!


View From Legislative Building Artist concept

It’s So Exciting To Be A Part Of It. The People, The Shops, The Cafes! Capital Pointe is located just steps away from Downtown shopping, restaurants and entertainment, the centre of the business community, major parks and pedestrian malls, theatres, museums, libraries and so much more.

Developed by:

Today’s integrated home entertainment options are as varied as the people who are opting for them as Regina gets






can’t tell you how often I have lobbied my friends not to buy large televisions for their small and medium rooms. The picture is distorted and bad for the eyes, I argued. Bigger is not necessarily better. Yet, more and more homeowners are installing high performance theatre rooms with gigantic screens in their homes, sometimes in rooms not much bigger than a regular living room. Why?

As David Puls, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Pulswork Audio Arts in Saskatoon is fond of saying, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” So I stepped into a 9 x12 room with a massive screen—a home theatre—and discovered that there was no distortion, even when I stood right beside the screen. Instead, I felt part of the action, part of the experience. I was an instant convert. Then, I discovered the difference: I was not watching an overgrown LCD or plasma screen…it was a projection screen. Clear. Sharp. And no pixels. Just pure enjoyment. The added benefits call to mind the saying: “You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” Create the experience of family. Create the experience of knowing where your children are, because their friends want to hang out where you can keep tabs on them. And create the experience of lifestyle possibilities. Of course, this kind of experience comes with a price tag, especially when designing for performance level and quality. But, when you are already creating a dedicated space, why not build the room of your dreams? “Today, technology properly set up is simple to operate, and the possibilities are incredible,” says Puls. That elevated experience won’t happen,

of course, without pitch perfect and allenveloping sound. Top quality speakers, well-placed in your space.

about just pushing pieces together. It’s about making a symphony—that’s when the magic happens.”

Then again, perhaps a home theatre is not even on your wish list. You might just want to consider—as so many are—a supreme multi-room sound system.

So what do you need to consider when you want to bring that magic into your home? How do you kick your system up a notch?

In our ever-changing world, music itself is defining and redefining our personal environment and is changing the world in which we live. The technology available is beyond what could have been imagined even a few years ago.

You might have used the first rule when you purchased your house—location, location, location. Today’s wireless systems allow increased flexibility for speaker placement. Not only are you able to position your speakers wherever you want within a room, you have the option to place them throughout your house—even outside.

As more people choose to install the best in music technology in their homes, sound systems are no longer just a stereo in a single room, but rather a multi-room network that encircles the listener and resonates with fine sound, no matter what the price-point. And as speakers get smaller, the sound, the simplicity of use and the pleasure grows. Today, high performance technology, properly set up, can yield amazing sound and stunning quality. As one homeowner put it: “I ordered speakers hoping to bring some life to my entertainment system; I never imagined it would bring room-filling sound to my entire home.” Indeed, top-of-the-line home audio is about more than just hearing music, movies, or your favourite television show. It’s about sensing it through to the inner core of your being. As Puls says, “It’s not

Depending on the size of your home, determine whether you need a simple audio system with additional compact units strategically placed, or multiple speakers throughout your home and where to place components for optimum enjoyment. Consider how you use your system, and how others in your home might use it. If you have a home theatre, you could possibly hook your audio speakers into the existing system. If your family uses your audio system for television or gaming, you may want to add a compact system into your kitchen so you can separate your musical choice from the booms and crashes from adjoining rooms. Or a multiple audio network will allow you to vary the music in different rooms of your house. You might even want to link “zones” so that you can hear the same music as you move around your home. Consider your tastes. Audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts have so many more choices today. As homeowners in Saskatoon invest in the magic of new possibilities, they are discovering, for example, that they can integrate the early tube, turntable and “hi-fi” technology into their system yielding rich, warm tonality and offering audio so pure they can hear the finest details. Or they can install a system that turns their home into an audio paradise. The bottom line is to choose the best quality system you can afford—the one that will meet your needs and will provide enjoyment for years to come. Like fine wine, it is the lifestyle choice that keeps on giving. FHR




BEATING BOX-STORE PRICES IS EASY... Stunning custom installations and professional after-sales service is where Radio Centre makes all the difference.

Sales and Service Home Theatre Design Residential and Commercial Custom Pre Wire and Installations Service and Repair

2100A Dewdney Avenue Regina 306.352.3030 |

Make Way for

Summer By Meredith heron


often get asked by clients and media alike, how to freshen up a space with the changing seasons. The obvious answer is: hire me. However, I can see how someone would find either selfserving or entirely impractical. There is the obvious re-paint response, but I think that is a bit of a dangerous proposition. Re-painting is a gateway drug in the world of design. Once you re-paint, it’s a slippery slope... drapery doesn’t work as well, the sofa looks tired and/or dirty now. You can see how quickly it could spiral out of control. Now the easier option that I prefer is to change my throw pillows, blankets and move accessories around. If you buy good quality throw pillows with zipper enclosures and feather inserts, simply slip off your winter cozy covers and change up to something fresh and bright—a playful pattern maybe? Lose heavy velvets or mohairs in exchange for lighter cottons or linen covers. The same for your throw blankets—the winter one is probably looking a bit ratty by now—I know the one in my house is!




If you are feeling more adventurous and are looking for a bigger revamp—say of your kitchen, perhaps now is the time to repaint the cabinetry or better yet, reface the cabinetry for a more up-todate look? Add in new lighting, maybe a new faucet even—or go all the way and update counters and backsplash. I always prefer to do kitchen renovations in the spring or summer if I can control it. Clients are less bothered being without a kitchen if they can get outside and grill.

added in a new stone countertop—Super White which is technically quartzite, but looks like marble while being stronger than granite. We also added in a new backsplash, sink and faucet.

Here’s an example of a kitchen that we finished recently that looks like it was a complete gut but in fact it was mostly cosmetic. The dreaded salmon-tinged, pickled maple cabinets of the early 90s. And that wallpaper border—a crime I say! We were initially going to respray the cabinetry but the clients wanted to add on to fill in a huge empty wall and gain more practical storage and extend their working surface. By changing the doors/ drawers in the space, we were able to build onto the existing cabinetry. This saved the clients easily $20,000. We also


With the dramatic dark charcoal walls and the vibrant pops of red against the newly faced cabinetry, we don’t even notice the less than thrilling ceramic tile on the floors. It disappears, which thankfully resolves the ongoing battle between husband and wife over whether or not to extend hardwood into the kitchen or not. FHR


The dining area was tired so we updated it with new furniture and I customdesigned the drum shade to make a huge statement in the room. It was a surprisingly affordable way to add drama into the room—we loved the fabric so much we repeated it on the valances on the windows and french doors.

If you’d like help refreshing your space or designing from new, Meredith is available to consult or travel to help you make it fabulous. You can follow her design antics daily on her award winning blog Sashay at or over at where she is also a regular contributor. To get in touch email her team at




FLOORS BY DESIGN LTD. 206 4th Avenue E. | Regina, Sk. | 306.359.6300 email:

EXPERTAdvice How Can we Profit from the Strong Real Estate Market in Saskatchewan?


Di Thompson

Simply Stunning Designs phone: 306.585.0775 | cel: 306.581.7750

Many new immigrants, contract workers, job seekers and entrepreneurs are coming to Saskatchewan. This creates great opportunities for strong real estate market sales, especially in the $250,000 to $400,000 range. Your home will probably sell quickly if it is in that price range. Did you know that following advice from a home stager can also increase your profit? Studies show that more than 65 per cent of people want a home that is ready to move into, and that their purchase is not just based on size, price or neighbourhood, but also on their emotions. We are trained to determine what type of buyer is most likely to purchase the home. We also assess repairs or touch ups that will provide the best return, how to use the available furniture, or we will rent furniture and accessories to stage a home. During a client consultation, I first check the curb appeal before entering a house. I make notes about what could help that first impression before a buyer gets to your door. Inside the home, I pay attention to odours, space for shoes and coats, and whether the nearest rooms

I made suggestions in this room to repaint the fireplace columns and mantle to create more contrast and presence. I suggested the TV be centered in the space and that the speakers be put back up to hide the hanging wires. The right amount of furniture made it comfortable and inviting This home sold in four days.

have an appealing overall effect. I check floors, walls, ceilings, lights and windows for needed repairs, and I might suggest different paint colours. The client gets a list of suggested improvements, and planning starts for staging their home to its best advantage. Home staging is quickly becoming the best way to market and sell your home, and if not used, you may be helping your competition sell first. Staging is also extremely effective at increasing rental property value. The following suggestions can help if you have a suite, or want to buy a house with rental capacity: • Update the kitchen. This room takes the most wear and tear, and is also the most attractive area when renting. A reconditioned fridge and stove and repainted cupboards with new handles can create a new look the renter would find attractive. • Update the bathroom. Make sure everything is sealed and watertight if you can’t put in a new tub or shower. New taps and paint also work wonders.

• Stage the suite with enough new or used comfortable and relaxing furniture. • Add lights, curtains, bedding, towels and dishes. • Include TV, internet and home security. • Tie all the rooms together with enough added colour and contrast and a few accessories to increase the appeal. Renters will jump at the chance to have such a beautiful suite. Staging can almost double the value of your suite, and the incurred cost can be quickly regained. A well-kept home sells faster and for a better price. Appearances matter in our society, and your home is no exception. How you present your home to potential buyers has a major impact on the price you get and how quickly it will sell. Di Thompson – Owner, Lead Designer of Simply Stunning Designs I took my staging training in Regina in September 2006 through the Canadian Staging Professionals. I completed an interior design course in the early 1990s, and have been artistic all my life. FHR




Customized Countertops To SuiT Your TaSTeS and Timing By Ryan Holota Photos SHawn Fulton

ustomer service really matters to us. It’s one of the core principles of our business,” explains Scott Tresek, founder of CNG Stone. “We do things differently from other stone companies, and we work hard to make sure that everyone is completely satisfied with our work.” CNG Stone boasts an inventory of more than 150 stone slabs at their location. They offer more than 800 colours of stone to their clients, although only 60 to 70 colours are regularly used. “It’s




important to remember that stone is a natural product, that it comes from the earth, and that no two pieces are ever exactly the same,” continues Tresek. Stone has natural imperfections that require fine craftsmanship to work with and deliver a gorgeous end result. Giant rocks are cut into slices and polished, and then shipped to CNG Stone, but they still need to be custom fitted for every job. That’s where the work of master craftsmen comes into play. Tresek and his team don’t just measure

twice and cut once – they build an exact three dimensional model of your countertop to ensure that every bump, divot or bulge in your walls and cabinets is accounted for. The slab is expertly cut and finished, and the edges are shaped and polished to a high luster before going into your home. Once there, joints seem to disappear and the project looks like a million dollars. Some countertop companies can take between six to eight weeks to deliver a finished product, but CNG Stone

guarantees that your job will be done within two weeks of your cabinets being installed. Normal construction delays can be stressful when countertops are ready to be installed before the cabinets themselves have even been installed. “It’s a testament to Susan that she is able to do such a great job of scheduling when things get moved around,” beams Tresek. CNG Stone is intensely focused on customer service, and learns more about making their customers happy with each new job. “We’ve been at this for quite a while now, and we’ve done thousands of jobs,” says Tresek. “Each time that we make a new customer happy, we know that they’ll tell their friends and we’ll have a chance to make them happy too. It’s what drives us to do our best work every day.” To view the incredible selection of materials and to experience CNG Stone’s impressive customer service, drop by their showroom at 1445 Scarth Street, or call 306-585-9876. They are open six days a week to serve you better.




what CnG customers are saying “They delivered and kept the schedule the way they said they would. They did a good job on installations, and were professionals all the way around.” Tim Stott “They did a fantastic job on installation. They came when they said they would. They stand behind their product. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs granite work done.” Jason Humphries “They were very helpful and had a great showroom. We were a new construction, and they kept track of the progress of the house to time the countertops appropriately. They were very professional, right on schedule from the templates to the countertops, and the countertops actually came in ahead of time.” Trina Freedman “There were four areas where CNG did a fantastic job at. The first was presentation. During the selection process they showed us whole slabs rather than smaller samples. If you’re doing a kitchen, the larger sample is far more effective in helping you choose and determine how the colours blend. The second was service. They had a very positive, no-pressure attitude, and they let us take multiple slabs home. Renovations can be time consuming and frustrating, but they were always positive and helpful. The third was affordability. There are tons of choices in granite, quartz and laminate, and there is a lot of competition. CNG put forward an affordable proposal that let us fix all six bathrooms with granite and our entire kitchen, including an island. They were sensitive to our pricing concerns. Finally, they attended to our follow up problems and concerns with no questions asked.” Dianne and Rob Fehr “They were really good. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted for granite. We’d seen a few different slabs, but couldn’t quite pinpoint the one that we really wanted. Susan Dayman was instrumental in finding exactly what we were looking for, something that would suit our home and our tastes. She solidified things for us. I was impressed at how quickly the slabs came once they were ordered. The workers were friendly, and they knew what they were doing. The granite was installed in a safe way, without disrupting the rest of the house. They gave me some tips on how to care for the stone afterwards, what to watch for, and let me know that I could contact them at any time.” Teresa and Kelly Vall Teresa and Kelly Vall

CNG Staff (left to right): Jeff Trumbley, Susan Dayman, Scott Tresek and Mike Cooke

CNG Stone 1445 Scarth St. Regina, Sk. 306.585.9876 fax 306.585.9830






f you are looking for a unique, artistic accent to compliment your home or business, consider adding the beauty of designer glass to your environment. Janet Parkinson and the artists at Castle Designer Glass have the talent and expertise to turn your living space into an unforgettable work of art. When Janet started her business in 2008, she wanted to share her passion for artistic glass work with others. Inspired by the beautiful custom glasswork she saw in her travels, Janet purchased her first kiln, and decided to try it for herself. Today, Janet and the artists of Castle Designer Glass have earned a reputation for creating one of a kind designer glassworks that will make your home or business stand out in a crowd. Castle Designer Glass is well known for its innovative approach to glasswork, and now offers versatile glass whiteboards that can be installed in a variety of spaces, including offices, board rooms, schools or hospitals. Glass whiteboards are a functionally beautiful alternative to

standard whiteboards, can be mounted to a wall, and be used to record any information in any setting. Designer glass is a stunning way to add value and distinction to any space. It is a diverse material that can be used in door inserts, dining tables, countertops, wall décor and feature walls. It can also be used as an easy to clean, contemporary or traditional touch in backsplashes for your kitchen or bath—no grout or tiles necessary! Glass can also be incorporated into the architecture of a space, and can be used as retail shelving or textured glass privacy walls. Whether it’s a designer home, a restaurant, spa, hotel or business, custom glass is the ideal fashionable touch. It is a beautiful, easy to clean and creative way to customize a space. With exceptional customer service and continued referrals from satisfied customers, Castle Designer Glass will go above and beyond to make your

creative dream a reality. The company views customers as friends, and it is not uncommon for past clients to stop by to say “hello!” Work is always guaranteed, and testimonials are available upon request. Janet is an accomplished glass artist whose work has been featured in the Sasktel Aboriginal Youth Awards and the Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon. Janet and the artists of Castle Designer Glass have received acclaim from Brett Wilson of the CBC hit series Dragons Den, and recently presented the Governor General and his wife with one of their stunning glass art pieces. Call Janet at Castle Designer Glass today with the idea for your next project, and she will turn your creative dream into a one of a kind reality. FHR Castle Designer Glass 840 47th Street ESaskatoon 306.477.0098 / 306.381.5141

Featuring the New Grohe EUROCUBE Very Square Very Cool Enjoy Grohe's "Cube" Lines. Available in 3 distinct faucets, tub filler, tub spouts, shower arm, shower valves and accessories ....all featuring true square design.

Try me, feel me, turn me on...before you take me home. Canada’s most interactive kitchen & bath showrooms. With hundreds of products, one on one appointments and the latest trends. Regina • 306-565-2284 1176 Hamilton Street

Saskatoon • 306-933-2237 649 - 51 Street East

Winnipeg • 204-788-0550 1300 St Matthews Avenue Visit Us

Brand new, brand name surplus luxury hotel mattress sets at liquidation prices

QUEENS $400 - $790 KINGS $690 - $1,090 Compare at $899 - $2,299

Locally owned and operated, we specialize in queen and king sets (other sizes available) Euro Top, Pillow Top and Memory Foam Styles available Full 10 year warranty 8th year BEST BUY winner by Consumers Digest (306) 205-7932 or (306) 551-5729 email: to book an appointment and reserve your set! |

Luminesque Lighting Helping you choose the best lighting for your home or renovation every step of the way

We have a wide array of styles, designs and finishes to suit your requirements, whether you are looking to build or renovate a home or cabin. With our competitive prices, we can help work within your budget to find the best lighting for your project. We not only strive to provide the best service to our customers, but to our contractors as














• Pick your lighting out early in the construction stage to ensure proper planning of the placement of pots, island and under cabinet lighting.



We make a promise to guide you through the selection process, from the question stage to the final product. In order to give you the best possible service, consider the following:


Lighting can enhance the elements of your home and create a reflection of your personal taste and style. Selecting such an integral part of your home can be overwhelming. Our trained, friendly and professional staff can help you with all of your decisions. We will continue to work with you until you are fully satisfied with your choices.

well. We offer credit accounts to businesses and contractors and provide superior customer service to help keep their customers happy.



elly Uhersky, an electrician by trade, opened Luminesque Lighting in 1986. Over 25 years later, we have lights from more than 40 manufacturers on display in our 3500 square foot showroom.

• Please bring a blue print and kitchen layout if possible. • Please make an appointment so that we can dedicate a specific time to you. We have recently added many new fixtures to our showroom! Stop by and see the new 2012 product lines and ask about our NEW LED FIXTURES.

409 McDonald St Regina 306.721.2111

42431 SWZ

42428 SWZ

42426 SWZ

42427 SWZ

Presenting the LEEDS collection Luminesque Lighting is a proud supplier of Kichler Lighting Products. Stop by our showroom today and ask an associate for information on this and many other products from Kichler Lighting including LED fixtures, landscape lighting, ceiling fans, and much more!

42425 SWZ

From left to right: Neil, John, Lorna and Grant





f you are looking for the latest in countertop designs for your home, visit the knowledgeable staff at The Bevelled Edge.

Since 1999, The Bevelled Edge has always provided the highest quality countertops to their customers at competitive prices. Our helpfulness and commitment to service gives us an edge over larger competitors. Always ready to lend a hand, we will take the extra time to educate and help you find the perfect surface to compliment your home. We are a homegrown, family business and pride ourselves on hiring close to home, and keeping jobs in Regina. When you visit our showroom, be sure to check out our wide selection of countertop design options. We have designs for every budget, and whether your concern is cost, durability, maintenance or simply beauty, we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

The Bevelled Edge guarantees that your countertops will look their best and make your home shine with elegance and sophistication, whether you choose laminate, solid surfacing, quartz, or granite as your decorating preference. Our expert staff is well informed. We will go above and beyond to provide you with the most up– to-date knowledge in the industry and can help you consider the pros and cons of each design you choose to investigate. The Bevelled Edge is pleased to announce that it is expanding design options for its customers. We have increased our warehouse for onsite granite countertop production. With the greater ability to produce and polish these fine granite and quartz countertops in our Regina location, customers have even more options to choose from when selecting a new surface for their home. New production equipment means that we can save you time and money, making granite at The Bevelled Edge a more convenient option than ever before. We are also excited to introduce another option for customers who want the best in bathroom design for their homes. Along with our beautiful tiles for backsplashes, we now offer acrylic tub surround in a variety of colors. Acrylic tub surrounds are the perfect option for those customers who want a bathtub that is easy to maintain. These solid half inch thick surface tub surrounds have no grout lines and repel bacteria, making them one of the cleanest options for your bathroom and living space. Come and see how we have made buying countertops for your home a memorable experience. Check out our showroom at 1145 Rose Street in Regina, and let us help you build the countertop of your dreams. FHR

1145 Rose Street Regina, Sk. Phone: 306.790.8488



aving been part of the home improvement industry for over 50 years, I’ve seen my fair share of customer issues involving contractors. In the majority of cases, it is clearly an issue of miscommunication between the contractor and customer or vice versa. It’s not uncommon to turn on your television set and see a ‘reality’ type program dramatizing how a customer has been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous contractor. In fact, I recall seeing a write-up not too long ago, by a well-known television personality which stated something along the lines that over 90 per cent of contractors do not know what they are doing, and do not perform their work up to industry standards. I must reassure you, this is not the case. So, if the majority of contractors are reputable, how come there seems to be so many conflicts between contractors and their customers? Part of a contractors’ role in dealing with a customer is to educate them. Customers are using contractors because they themselves lack the knowledge or skill-set to perform the work required. A contractor needs to explain to the customer what they are suggesting the customer do, and why they feel that is the best route for the customer to take. If a customer knows why a contractor is going to perform a specific task, they will be better able to communicate with the contractor when they have any concerns regarding the work being performed. Some contractors will take offense when they feel their workmanship or knowledge is being questioned by a customer. I am often asked for my opinion regarding work that was done at a customer’s home, I will ask the customer if they have spoken to the contractor. Far too often the response I get is: “no, we didn’t want to upset them.” This is an important point to emphasize, how can a contractor address your concerns if they are unaware that you have any?

A good contractor should have the patience and care enough to explain to you, the paying customer, what they are doing and why. If this is done, and there is a clear line of communication open between the contractor and customer, most of the issues I see could be easily resolved or even eliminated before they occur. If most customer/contractor disputes are caused by miscommunication, how can these be addressed? Simply put, get it in writing. There is a guideline put together by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association that outlines what a typical contract should include. If you want to make sure that an item or topic is covered when a contractor is doing work around your home, there is a simple way to make sure this happens. Get it in writing. Contracts serve as a guideline for the work to be done, what products will be used, what the associated costs are, as well as estimated completed dates. If there is a dispute later on, the contract should serve as a guideline to resolve the dispute. We often hear at our office that there was no contract, because they trusted the contractor, or they were the friend of a friend. I can assure you, regardless of how well you think you know the contractor, having a written agreement is the only way to make sure you get what you’ve asked for.

Remember contractors, a clear, written contract not only protects the customer, but it protects you from having additional tasks added to the scope of work that were not included in the original agreement. Any changes to the original contract should be written up on a change order, and signed by the customer and contractor. If a customer has exhausted their resources in trying to deal with their contractor to resolve a dispute, they will often turn to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has a 16 element system that helps them determine the rating they give to their members. These elements include: 1. Type of Business 2. Time in Business 3. Competency Licencing 4. Complaint Volume 5. Unanswered Complaints 6. Unresolved Complaints 7. Serious Complaints 8. Complaint Analysis 9. Complaint Resolution Delayed 10. Failure to Address Complaint Pattern 11. Government Action 12. Advertising Review 13. Background Information 14. Clear understanding of business 15. Mediation/arbitration 16. Revocation

Do not let a contractor intimidate you from filing a complaint with the BBB, if you are unhappy with something, let the BBB know. If you do not let anyone know about your complaint, how can you expect others to avoid getting themselves into the same predicament you have found yourself in? I know for a fact there are members of the BBB who have positive ratings largely due to customers not filing complaints with that company. You may notice companies have complaints listed on their BBB report that are ‘Administratively Closed.’ This does not mean that the complaints were resolved, it means the complaints were closed by the BBB. FHR

For more home improvement information, to send Shell an email or to find a certified contractor in your area go to:




EXPERTAdvice Flooring that is Friendly on the Earth and Your Budget ing the basement. This beautiful and elegant flooring harmonizes nature’s best with today’s technology to create beautiful floors that are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Northern Timbers are renowned for offering timeless grains and hues that complement many design styles and textures. They are available in eight of the most popular grains and a 6 inch wide plank that makes a grand statement. Installation is easy and efficient.

Robert Grain

A common request from many of our customers is to find flooring that provides the warmth, strength and feel of traditional hardwood at a lower price and with more installation options.

If you’re looking for flooring to recreate that natural feel in your business or office, Sylvana Click has the warm look of wood, supreme durability and the ease of noadhesive-required installations that has made it one of the most popular and reliable floorings on the market today. This flooring is 100 per cent recyclable and offers a 10 year commercial wear warranty, providing the perfect solution for your high traffic businesses areas. Sylvana’s rugged construction resists scuffing, chipping, and permanent indentations. This makes it the perfect flooring for businesses such as restaurants, stores, hotels, motels, assisted living facilities and multi-level housing.

At Parkland Carpet One, we offer Northern Timbers premium vinyl wood plank that recreates that log cabin feel and will install anywhere in the home, includ-

To experience the immediate quality offered by both Northern Timbers and Sylvana Click, visit the Parkland Carpet One showroom at 1600 8th Avenue . FHR

Parkland Carpet One 1600 8th Ave Regina, Sk. 306.525.9125

STyliSh and


At Parkland Carpet One, we take our flooring very seriously. We continually research established and new manufacturers from around the globe, searching for fashionable and efficient styles of flooring to introduce to all of our customers.

EXPERTAdvice Window Fashions that Work Best for You right window fashion for your home or business by experimenting with light. Q: What brand of window dressings best addresses everyday needs for your home or business?

Nancy Mercer

Parkland Carpet One 1600 8th Ave Regina, Sk. 306.525.9125 Parkland Carpet One’s Nancy Mercer offers her practical knowledge, passion and a commitment to excellence to all of her customers. She is one of the leading consultants for window fashions in western Canada, and has more than three decades of experience. Fine Homes asked Nancy to share her ideas about her craft and what brand of window fashions works best for your home or business. Q: What should a person think about and consider when choosing window dressings for your home? A: One of the best ways to choose window fashions is checking how they look and interact with natural light. Seeing light coming through a window allows you to visualize and feel the result. It is much easier to choose the

A: Without question, Hunter Douglas window fashions are the best. People who use Hunter Douglas love how they enhance the look of their home. They offer a multitude of options that allow you to harness the power of the sun both creatively and economically. With their lifetime warranty, I’ve had nothing but success with their company. I always receive effusive compliments from my clients who have chosen Hunter Douglas for their home. Q: From your experience, why have Hunter Douglas window fashions remained such a popular brand for so many years? A: Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none. Hunter Douglas tends to be the most cost effective and aesthetically complimentary window fashions on the market. They’re easily adaptable and compatible to any light or climate consideration that your home will ever have to deal with. It’s the perfect solution for whatever living space you have. To learn more about the Hunter Douglas line of window treatments, visit Nancy at the Parkland Carpet One showroom at 1600 8th Avenue or call to book an appointment with her at 306-525-9125. You can also visit FHR


Deal direct and save We sell and install hardwood, laminate, tile and stone. New construction, reno and commercial. 34,000 sq ft of in stock material.

SHOWROOM HOURS M - F 8:00AM - 5:00PM SAT 12:00PM - 4:00PM After hours by appointment

220 Great Plains Road

Emerald Park | 306.721.2525



You saw them at the Spring Home and Garden Show. You’ve read about their work. Now it’s time to have Superior FD Coatings install a beautiful and durable industrial strength floor coating in your garage. Their booth at the Home and Garden Show was packed because the work they do is impeccable. Don’t cover your garage floor with another coat of paint or a do-it-yourself ‘coating’ from the home improvement store. Superior FD Coatings grinds your floor smooth and flat before laying down their unique 4 coat polyaspartic materials. The resulting finish is 4 times stronger than epoxy-coatings, non-slip, glossy, easy to clean and gorgeous. They do it in as little as one day while you’re at work or enjoying the day at the beach. A floor coating from Superior FD Coating is the perfect solution to your flooring needs, whether industrial, commercial or residential. The finish is so beautiful and long lasting that it makes perfect sense for retail locations, bathrooms, kitchens or basements. Don’t wait. Give the boys at Superior FD Coatings a call.

Many more colour choices available.

Superior FD Coatings 306.205.7900




ould Billiard and Patio Supplies has been supplying Regina and area residents with their recreational needs for more than 50 years. Owner James Magouliotis continues to find new ways to meet his customers’ needs. Gould first made their name with pool tables, indoor games and game room furniture, and these items are still a large part of the store’s offerings. “In addition to pool tables, we have bar room furniture, game room furniture, ping

pong tables, air hockey, poker, foosball and much more,” says Magouliotis. In addition to the indoor game products, Gould Billiard and Patio Supplies has also become a premier vendor of outdoor furniture. “Twenty years ago we expanded into patio furniture,” Magouliotis says. The selection of outdoor furniture is very comprehensive. “We carry a full line of outdoor furniture,” says Magouliotis. “There are fire pits, patio heaters,

outdoor pool tables, deep seating, cushion and sling sets. Fire pits are huge this year, and we’ve got a great selection by terrific manufacturers.” All the products are the highest quality, regardless of whether the items are indoor or outdoor. “We carry items by Homecrest, the number one manufacturer in North America, along with other very well respected manufacturers such as Brunswick, Olhausen, and Designing Fire,” says Magouliotis. “All of our outdoor furniture is 100 per cent North American built. We are the only Saskatchewan dealer for these companies.” This furniture is built well, and is backed with an outstanding warranty offer from the companies. “All Homecrest furniture has a full 15 year warranty,” Magouliotis explains. “We seldom have a warranty issue, but when we do we take care of it promptly.” Magouliotis enjoys being able to provide great outdoor furniture. “Here in Saskatchewan we really need to take advantage of our short summers by making our outdoor spaces more comfortable and enjoyable. Our outdoor furniture is so comfortable; it’s almost like taking indoor furniture outside.” Customers have a significant amount of flexibility when making their choices. To begin with, Gould has a very large selection of inventory. There are 15 to 20 different patio sets on display alone in the spring. “We can customize absolutely everything,” says Magouliotis. “You can pick the frame, the frame colour and the fabric. You can buy one piece or 20 pieces.” Magouliotis points out that customers get as much help as they would like when choosing furniture. “We’re with the customer from the beginning to the end of the order. We have gone as far as going to customers’ homes to help them pick the appropriate furniture, and then help them pick out the right fabric and frame colour. Once that’s been completed, we’ll deliver, too.” Customer satisfaction gives Magouliotis the most pleasure. “We take pride in making ourselves synonymous with quality product and customer service.” For more information, drop by the store at 1146 Broad Street, call James Magouliotis at 306-522-1442, or check out the website at James Magouliotis and Allan Lark

Gould Billiard and Patio Supplies 1146 Broad Street Regina 306.522.1442






am just as guilty as the next person for complaining about the weather. It would seem that this favourite Canadian pastime provides absolutely a `no win situation’ for the most part. We complain about a bitterly cold winter, the saving grace of course that it is a dry cold. Spring erupts momentarily and pops into immediate summer, we complain about the insects and early, intense heat. Summer breathes her sultry breath over the prairie provinces and still be kvetch because we have to water our gardens so much, or it is just too hot to work in the garden. Safe to say we are rarely satisfied... agree? This Goldilocks approach to the weather and how it relates to the garden is not strictly a Canadian “eh” thing, but is celebrated worldwide. After all, what else could be to blame for our `misadventures, failures and otherwise oops moments’ in the garden other than the weather? Summer 2012 will doubtless go down as a rather curious season in the garden, thanks to the unnaturally moderate winter across the Prairies. Whilst in Saskatoon at the end of March, I saw that the tulips were poking their heads out, lilac buds bursting at the seams and the warming winds coaxed the turf to dry up and start growing. Within a few days of this balmy incident the mercury dropped

across the prairies to normal, and in some cases below normal, temperatures culminating with a dump of wet `heart attack’ snow. So now what of all those perky spring plants? In the weeks following, the temperatures were up and down like the proverbial pump handle, coaxing buds open then slamming them with frost and -10C nights. Those gardeners who, during the mild doldrums of March, decided to clean the leaves and winter detritus from their perennial flower gardens may be affected. Often referred to as `Virgo Gardeners’ (those who are driven to clean and tidy the yard to within an inch of its life in the fall) will also certainly see the negative results of the revolving weather patterns. Having left all the leaves, rakings and grass clippings on the beds would have provided an excellent blanket for the emerging bulbs and perennials. I know, I know, that urge to clean and tidy is hard to suppress, but in a year like 2012, it would have been a good thing to let nature look after herself. The flip side to this slithery approach to the garden is the plants will definitely push their way through the mulch blanket and in doing so, stretch to the depth of the covering. This stretched growth is terribly soft and when one does remove the blanket, tissue can be torn

and if a cold snap foists itself thereafter, the soft growth freezes more rapidly. There is, however, some good news associated with a cold snap after a spring thaw. The all too familiar cankerworm hatched earlier than usual this March due to the warmer weather. Unbeknownst to the pregnant mamma cankerworm, diligent prairie gardeners

had applied sticky bands to the appropriate trees catching an overly healthy crop of bugs. Those who escaped the sticky bands and made their way to the elm tree tops, birthed their batch of babies sticking them to the branches awaiting the new foliage to supply a ready food source. Apparently temperatures below -8C are lethal to cankerworms and many other bugs as well. So the story is, if the cankerworm mom made it to the tree tops without freezing and laid her eggs, they possibly were frozen... yay! Please don’t think that I am guaranteeing lower bug populations, I just wanted to give everyone a bit of hope. Cankerworms and the caterpillar-type insect so prevalent in prairie cities and towns can be dealt with very effectively using non toxic products. For years municipalities have sprayed a bacterial mixture on city trees, usually with or followed by a soap spray to control pests. The general public can and have been for some time using a product under the trade name Dipel® as well as the timely application of sticky bands. Keep up the fight! Lily beetles are becoming a sizeable pest problem also, and this season looks favourable for them, not so for the lily gardener. A winter void of excessive freezing allows the lily beetle more of an opportunity to survive at the base of your prized lilies. As the sun warms the surrounding soil and the lilies start to put their noses through, the beetle is not far behind. Unfortunately it is unlikely that the fluctuations in temperatures were timed to the gardener’s benefit, so be on the look out. Speak with your local garden centre professional to seek what current products are being recommended for this virulent pest as well as the cultural tips to reduce the population. Thankfully, my garden is still void of this voracious beetle and my few lilies still perform remarkably well. When the time comes in the not-too-late spring, I cultivate lightly around my emerging lilies hoping to disturb any larvae that may be snuggled close to my plants. Wasps have and most likely will continue to be a problem after a mild winter. Apparently the queens didn’t die off as a result of warmer conditions and, of course, went about their duty of producing new wasps... all winter long. These insects are not necessarily a plant pest, but for the avid gardener are a definite deterrent to working outside for very long without protection or controls of some sort. Within all of this, we gardeners will persist and we will be successful in our summer gardens. Our perennials will have been tested and toughened, the bulbs once again bloomed and our turf, none the worse for wear. Enjoy your garden and try not to be a slave to it this season and always remember that there will be next year to start all over again. FHR




is, however, “ There some good news associated with a cold snap after a spring thaw.

$38/lin ft installed on C all white PV

A company well-equipped with the skills to

INFORM, CREATE and FINISH any job you may have.

New pvc railing, fencing & decking - strong & durable 6ft on centre on all fencing applications, Member Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association

for wind bearing load

OLYMPIC PVC Railing, Fencing & Decking

1035 5th Ave. N. | Regina, Sk. | 306.545.6242 |


Newest Division CONCRETE driveways, garage pads & patios

Designing and building exceptional landscapes, irrigation systems, and water features 2011 RRHBA MASTER AWARD WINNER FOR BEST LANDSCAPING PROJECT



Member Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association

Marcus Ellam ready for the new season.

ReinvigoRated SheRwood FoReSt golF and CountRy Club ideal for corporate team-building by Ryan howse. Photos by Shawn Fulton.

herwood Forest Golf and Country Club is in the process of reinvention. The site has long had a comfortable family atmosphere, but, according to Marcus Ellam, the new General Manager, it’s time for corporate outreach as well. Ellam is an excellent choice for bridging the gap and making Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club a place that maintains its tradition of family-friendly fun while becoming friendlier for corporate clients. He had similar responsibilities at Queensbury Center through Evraz Place and the Hotel Saskatchewan, and also worked for the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Premium Services.




Fantastic meeting facilities Ellam seems excited by the prospect of reinvigorating Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club. “We really have fantastic facilities here that would make it an excellent location for any corporate retreat or business meeting.” Ellam is primarily referring to the two salons within Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club. Salon A, the larger of the two, is a large meeting hall with enough space to comfortably fit 125 people. Salon B has a cozier atmosphere, for smaller meetings of 25 people. Each of these rooms comes fully equipped with all the audiovisual equipment that anyone could ever need, including flat-screen televisions, sound systems, and projectors. What sets these salons apart from meeting rooms in urban centres such as Regina and Saskatoon are the windows which provide a beautiful view of the Wascana valley, as well as the golf course. The nine-hole golf course itself is justifiably renowned throughout Saskatchewan. It is a par-32 course with more than two kilometers of scenic landscapes in and around Wascana Creek. The greens are fully irrigated and well-tended, giving it a rich and lush appearance. Anyone interested can set up a tournament for any day they wish by contacting Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club. Any avid golfer needs to try their luck on hole five, which has a hidden green, or six, which is the longest hole at 489 yards. That said, even non-golfers need to see the tee for the ninth hole, which is situated high enough that a vista opens up. Suddenly, Regina, Grand Coulee, Pense, Wascana Creek, the entire Sherwood Forest site and endless prairie is visible across the horizon. “Corporate clients would find it easy to have their meetings in our rooms in the morning, and then have a wonderful afternoon of golf, followed by an evening meal prepared by our very own Valley Girls Catering,” says Ellam.




Back: Larry Schick; Sydney Fremont; Courtney Guderyan; Bev Barnes; Marcus Ellam Front: Jake Duquette; Tyler Wiebe; Brad LeDrew; Curtis Pelletier Missing: Dan Huckerby; Joanne Kwasnicki; Brenda Wilson

homestyle catering Valley Girls Catering, run by Tania Fraser, has been a mainstay of the Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club for the last four years. It provides food with a homemade appeal to the golfers and campers in the area. The clubhouse seats 70 people at a time. Valley Girls also provides catering for groups ranging from small business meetings to large weddings. Camping is popular and will remain so. Ellam says, “The expansion of the global transportation hub, and the work at the refinery, has brought in an influx of seasonal workers who have RV sites year-round. There aren’t enough RV sites in the city. We’re full year-round.” There are two enormous picnic sites. Both sites can hold 150 people. Both of these come complete with barbecues, fire pits, firewood, picnic tables, and powered RV sites. This makes a fantastic bonding experience for employees and boosts morale. Other traditional team-building exercises are easily available as well. They have the supplies necessary for scavenger hunts, tug-of-war, trust games, horseshoes, and more. They can also prepare others, such as volleyball, badminton, or other teamoriented sports.

old-time atmosphere The Historic Red Barn would be an excellent place for a fun-filled afternoon or evening, particularly for any of Saskatchewan’s plentiful agricultural industries. Built in 1900, it has a great atmosphere of old times that simply can’t be matched. The Red Barn can fit more than 150 people comfortably and is licensed. Canada Day is on the horizon and with it the fun and festive atmosphere that Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club is becoming known for. Headlining it will be Saskatchewan’s own popular rock band, Method 2 Madness, playing from 1 to 4 p.m. This will be a family-oriented event, with face-painting and Dino-bouncers for the children. There will also be beer gardens for the adults, with fireworks in the evening. Packages for corporate clients and business retreats are available by calling Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club at 306-545-0330. Whether you’re in the mood for something fancy or casual, Marcus Ellam and his staff are more than willing to provide it. FHR

Sherwood Forest Golf and Country Club p: 306.545.0330 e: Photos starting at top of page: (1) Valley Girls Catering, Homade Burger and Fries (2) Courtney Gudoryan and Bev Barnes assisting patron; (3) Golf supplies on hand; (4) Historic Red Barn




GivinG The GifT of Time Perfect turf and Brick SolutionS By Sheena KoopS

anadians love to relax and enjoy their back yard or a well-deserved holiday, and not worry about yard work. A low maintenance yard can help provide that.

Brock PaverBase - is reinventing outdoor living. Perfect Turf is synthetic grass and putting greens for all seasons. Brock PaverBase is interlocking brick projects with half the hassle.

“I’ve always enjoyed the great outdoors,” says Frank Vervalcke, owner and operator of Perfect Landscape Solutions in Regina. Vervalcke’s product - Perfect Turf and

“People love synthetic grass and low maintenance lawn solutions. From putting greens, to dog runs and landscape grass, our synthetic turf is the perfect solution




for your yard,” says Frank. A custom built putting green is great for entertaining and fun for the family. They can be installed outdoors, and are an excellent addition to your dream basement or man cave. “Our synthetic grass has become popular in the last decade throughout western Canada. Clients can enjoy their weekends and not stress about doing yard work,” adds Frank. Pet owners

can say goodbye to their dead, brown stained grass and say hello to beautiful, lush, green, pet-friendly synthetic turf. Pro Green International, a pioneer in the turf industry, has been one of the largest, most trusted manufacturers in the world since 1987. Pro Green’s extensive product tests have proven it will endure Canadian environments for years. Vervalcke’s company also supplies Perfect Turf, the most reliable synthetic turf with a comprehensive warranty. “New turf in my front and back yards gave my wife and I extra time to spend outdoors last summer; not having to mow, water, or weed the lawn was heaven!” says Lite92 FM’s Greg Morgan. “Frank made sure we were completely satisfied with the product.” Brock PaverBase is a product that allows do-it-yourself interlocking brick projects to build the perfect patio. Brick projects usually require eight to 12 inches of excavating, but PaverBase cuts digging in half with cleaner and quicker construction time. The load bearing panel reduces the need for deep excavating. Homeowners love the lifetime warranty.

Frank Vervalcke of Perfect Landscape Solutions

Vervalcke encourages contractors to check out the easy installation and profitability offered by Brock PaverBase. “As fast as you install Brock PaverBase, you can install the stone,” says Jamie,

of Precision Excavating in Regina. “A simple utility knife is all you need to cut this installation-friendly product. If your customer decides to change the inset pattern or curvature, the pavers can be slid accordingly, requiring no touch ups on your Brock bed. We’ll continue using the product on our hardscape projects and recommend it to other contractors and do-it-yourself people.” “We do all types of landscaping,” says Vervalcke. “From paving stones and retaining walls, to natural sod and synthetic grass, zero-scaping, water features, and bobcat services; we are your one-stop landscape shop. We provide exceptional customer service and the best products available.” The Perfect Landscape team is a company focused on details, from the uniforms they wear to their quality craftsmanship, which is backed with a great warranty and exceptional customer service. Call them to help create your perfect yard. FHR

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Rob Wendell is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Granite Seed Company, America’s leading supplier of premier seed and erosion control products to commercial customers and government agencies.


urrently there are about seven types of grass seed that are commonly used for home lawns, and even more varieties of each grass seed type. Trying to select a grass seed for your own home lawn may seem daunting, but it will become simpler if you first decide to select a grass seed whose characteristics fit the environmental conditions of your home. As practical as that advice sounds, it may be difficult to follow, especially if you love the look or feel of a certain lawn. An unsuitable grass, however, will continually suffer. It will never look its best, and you will waste a lot of time and money trying to help it survive. Pick a grass seed that will not just survive in your home environment, but thrive. You will enjoy it more, with less work. The first condition you should consider is the region and climate you live in. Generally speaking, grass seed types can be divided into two categories: cool season and warm season grasses. Cool season grasses thrive when temperatures are 65 to 75F. They grow most actively during the spring and fall and tend to go dormant during dry, hot summers. Warm season grasses prefer temperatures between 80 and 95F. They grow quickly during the late spring and throughout summer, but will go dormant during the winter if temperatures drop below 55F for an extended period of time. Cool season grass seed types include Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescues. Warm season grass seed types include buffalograss, bermudagrass, and zoysiagrass. Once you have decided whether your climate is more suited for a warm or a cool season grass, you need to consider how much sunlight your yard area receives. Some lawns, such as buffalograss and bermudagrass, require full sun exposure (at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.) Other lawns have tolerance for partial shade, including Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and zoysiagrass. Only fine fescue grass seed types thrive in full shade.




Trying to select a grass seed for your own home lawn may seem daunting, but it will become simpler if you first decide to select a grass seed whose characteristics fit the environmental conditions of your home.

You also should consider how much rainfall your area receives, and how much supplemental watering you are willing to do. If you are looking for a more drought-tolerant lawn, you should consider grass seed types such as buffalograss, bermudagrass, tall fescue, fine fescues, and zoysiagrass. Although they produce beautiful lawns, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass do require more water, on average, than other lawns. Finally, you should decide what the purpose of your lawn is. Is it merely to be looked at, but not frequently walked on? Grass seed types such as fine fescue and buffalograss are very low maintenance, but have the trade-off of not being very traffic tolerant. Lawns with high traffic tolerance, such as Kentucky bluegrass, bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, tall fescue, and perennial ryegrass, are perfect for recreational activities, but will require some additional maintenance to keep the soil from becoming compacted. Once you have determined which grass seed types can live in your climate and which additional characteristics are most important to you, you will probably be left with only one or two types of grass seed to choose from. You can be confident that these grass seed types are the best choices for your environment and lifestyle. FHR




EXPERTAdvice Create Better Outdoor Living With a Screened Enclosure

Don Larwood

DGL Suncoast Screen Enclosures 16 Lancaster Place Regina, Sk 306.761.1801 What first comes to mind when you think of summer? Do you think about sunny days, barbeques and spending time outdoors in the fresh air? What about bugs, mosquitos, wind and rain? Why fight elements that you can control with a screened in patio, deck or three season room?

when choosing an enclosure. Screens should offer effective protection from the wind and ultraviolet rays. A selection of screens to control the wind and UV is important so you can enjoy your time in the room, and avoid having your expensive furniture bleached by the sun. Screen or Solid roofs You can either select a screened roof or a solid polycarbonate Lexan roof. The Lexan roof is the top option because it withstands the elements while allowing soft light in. You want to enjoy feeling like you are outside, not in an enclosed space. West Nile Protection

Screened in patios and three season rooms are becoming more common in back yards and on front porches. They become an extension of the home, with comfortable furniture, fireplaces and hot tubs, lamps, curtains and televisions. You feel like you are outside without all the pesky factors.

The threat of West Nile Virus requires us to take precautions. For those who love summer weather and spending time outdoors, it is hard to enjoy it when we think about the possible consequences. Mosquito repellents that contain Deet can be applied to repel the pests, but this product may not be applied to young children. It is time for a solution. Life can almost return to normal with an enclosure.


Three Season Rooms

The temperature within the screen enclosure can be ideal. It is not like sitting in the direct sun on hot days. The room can be monitored by installing ceiling fans for extra air flow or patio heaters for evenings and the cooler months.

Adding vertical four track windows allows you to control the room’s temperature on cooler days. You can also enjoy your room long after others have moved inside by adding a patio heater. The room also provides space to store outdoor patio furniture over the winter, removing the hassle of packing it away in storage sheds.

Wind and UV Protection Wind and UV rays are factors to consider

Add-ons or Free Standing Unlike other companies, DGL Suncoast Screen Enclosures custom builds each room on site. We retrofit because all homes are different and may include various deck sizes, roof lines and posts. There are many variables. An enclosure can be built as add-on to a house or as a free standing structure over a pool or hot tub. This minimizes the debris that can get into the water. Less cleaning means more relaxation time and enjoyment. Call us for your free quote today, and let us help create better outdoor living for you. Enjoy the Benefits Being able to enjoy all the outdoor benefits without nuisance is something we need to engineer. Call us today to create better outdoor living with a screened enclosure. FHR




Cottage life in the Waskesiu Wilderness region By Lissa Robinson





he lure of Saskatchewan’s legendary north lies in the beauty of its rugged forests and pristine lakes.

Imagine arriving at your own piece of northern paradise nestled into 600 acres of the Waskesiu Wilderness Region with all the amenities of Saskatchewan’s premier resort. Welcome to The Cottages at Elk Ridge, a brand new, allseason cottage community where full title ownership means everything you hoped for in a contemporary cottage experience. The cottages are cozy, rustic, free-standing abodes nestled in the Boreal forest. Whether you are searching for that idyllic escape or exhilarating adventure, let the cottage life at Elk Ridge be your call to the wild. Surrounded by luxury and all the amenities you could possibly need, this unparalleled cottage community is only minutes away from Prince Albert National Park and the majestic Waskesiu Lake. At the cottage, time is yours. Relax on the large private deck with a glass of wine,

explore surrounding lakes, hike trails to historical sites, observe native wildlife, hit the perfect drive on the golf course or visit the full-service Salacia Spa.

storytelling bonfire with family and friends. The possibilities are endless and will be sure to warm your heart and awaken your senses.

The scenic landscape and overall vision, combined with a high calibre of craftsmanship, make this a truly unique development. Each cottage is oriented to maximize sun exposure so you can spend hours on your large private deck surrounded by the pristine wilderness of the Lakeland region. With its unparalleled beauty, fresh water lakes, bountiful plants and native inhabitants like white-tailed deer, elk, and moose, this natural tapestry provides an opportunity to view the evolving vistas as each season passes.

By winter, your resort will magically transform into a winter wonderland where warm memories are built on rosy cheeks around cozy fires after days of cross-country skiing, ice skating on the pond, tobogganing down a hill or snowmobiling through a myriad of groomed trails. While your cottage stays warm, trek up the hill and race your toboggan back down. Or stay and savour the view while snugging up with friends near the wood stove fire.

In the autumn, the Boreal forest is a colourful backdrop to flocks of migrating birds and plenty of wildlife. Plan a bird-watching trip, an autumn hike or

Hope springs eternal with dramatic views of dancing skies, rousing ponds and the rejuvenation of a swim in the salt water pool and hot tub, golfing galore and treks through an abundance of trails. Spring is a joyous time to




Inside each of the cottages you will find modern comforts including an expansive kitchen, natural gas fireplaces, high definition TVs, large decks and custom designed furnishings. THE WILLOW

The Willow is a two story loft containing an expansive open concept living area. One bedroom and one full bath occupy the main, and upstairs in the loft is the master bedroom with an ensuite and walk in closet.

experience nature at Elk Ridge with budding trees, chirping birds and wildlife emerging from their winter slumber ready to forage.

the trails, swimming or canoeing at a nearby lake and indulging in nightly rituals of BBQ feasts with local fare while chilling out with family and friends.

A summer at your cottage will not soon be forgotten. With long hot days and unbelievable nights, prepare to be awed by rhythmic dances of northern lights and mournful calls of the loon. Summer is a time for outdoor fun and daring adventures. Enjoy long days playing golf on championship courses, wandering

While privacy is one of the cottage’s main attractions, close proximity to the resort means access to all the resort has to offer like a treatment at Salacia Spa, a dip in the salt-water pool or opportunities to explore modern cuisine with a prairie twist at the Copper Ridge Restaurant, Ridge Terrace or Walleye’s




Pub and Grill. No matter what the season, or what activities to engage in, you will love making memories in your new cottage. Only minutes away from Waskesiu, your fully titled Cottage gives you the luxury to enjoy your cottage 365 days of the year. The 39 cottage lots are designed to allow purchasers the freedom to choose any of the three models. The Evergreen is an open concept bungalow containing two bedrooms and two full baths. With

At the cottage, time is yours. Relax.

room to sleep six, this cozy space still leaves plenty of room for entertaining. The Willow is a two story loft containing an expansive open concept living area. One bedroom and one full bath occupy the main, and upstairs in the loft is the master bedroom with an ensuite and walk in closet. The Poplar is the largest space containing three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and lots of room to sleep ten. For those who need extra space and amenities, this cottage is a great fit. Inside each of the cottages you will find modern comforts including an expansive kitchen, natural gas fireplaces, high definition TVs, large decks and custom designed furnishings. Although each

of the cottages are distinct in size and offerings, they are all designed to echo the exquisitely crafted lodge and its natural settings.

Saskatchewan families. This option is hands free as Elk Ridge Resort takes care of the management, maintenance and marketing of your Cottage.

The most attractive feature of the cottages by far is the starting price of $298,900 combined with the ability to earn additional revenue. When owners are not using their vacation property, they can choose to enter it into the Elk Ridge Resort Rental Pool and earn 65% of the revenue that their Cottage generates. The revenue earning potential of Elk Ridge Resort’s Rental Pool makes the dream of owning recreational property in the Waskesiu Wilderness Region a reality for many

Your new cottage awaits you with its promises of being a Boreal forest oasis where you can unwind, reconnect with nature and enjoy uninterrupted time with your family and friends. You will listen to sounds of nature echoing through forest, as you sit under a shimmering sky and jubilant moon, while counting your lucky stars that you now own one of these rare cottage properties in the heart of Northern Saskatchewan. FHR




Cottage show homes are available for your viewing Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information, or a private tour, contact: Brandon Moore Director of Marketing & Real Estate Elk Ridge Resort 1.306.380.7931




CrawfOrd HOmeS and HOmeLife CrawfOrd reaLTY:


egina has been growing at a rate unseen for decades, and new development areas are opening up constantly. With the demand for housing as strong as it is, finding one that’s right for you and in your price range can be difficult. Luckily, Crawford Homes and Homelife Crawford Realty are here to help. When the housing boom began, Crawford Homes started examining their process for efficiency. Their main goal was to make sure

their customers continued to experience the same quick turnaround times and top-notch customer care as always. Crawford Homes and Realty started up in Regina in 1979. Over the past thirty years, they’ve seen major changes to Regina’s population and the people’s need for housing. In that time, they’ve built up an excellent staff and a reputable list of sub trades and suppliers so they can make the sure that their clients get the best experience, and house, possible.

“We had a blast building this house. Though we love this house, it will be hard to not do it again. We just had so much fun watching it being built from the ground up.” Virginia and Shawn Lemieux

In the last thirty years, Crawford Homes has built over 4000 homes in Regina and the surrounding area. Each home is better than EnergyStar standard. Crawford Homes also has an Exclusive Gold Warranty (2 to 5 to 10 to Lifetime). With over eighty different stock floor plans, ranging from 831 square feet to over 3000, Crawford Homes offers endless choice, including completely customized homes. People can add to their homes with a wide variety of cabinetry, tiles, countertops, flooring and more. Where you live can often be as important as the house itself. Crawford Homes have the largest selection of lots in Regina. There are lots available in the best new developments in Regina, including Harbour Landing, Fairways West, Lakeridge and The Greens on Gardiner, and surrounding areas like Bower Estates, Spruce Creek Estates and The Plains of Pilot Butte. If that isn’t satisfactory, their sales team will find the place that works best for their client. Some people need a home sooner than the 4 to 5 month period it would take to build it from the ground up. Homelife Crawford Realty has a number of resale homes available for quick possession with complete access to MLS. The transition between an old home and a new one is a stressful time. If the old house is sold before the new one is ready, they need to find a place to stay in the interim. With some families, Crawford Homes managed to complete the home so their clients would be able to move in more than a month early (see the testimonial at the end of this article.) They’re a down-to-earth company that helps people create workability in reality. When your old home hasn’t sold and it’s time to buy the new one, it can be even more nerve wracking. Luckily, Crawford Homes has a guarantee that your old house will sell before you take possession of the new one. If it doesn’t, they will buy it from you at a fair market value. This guarantee shows how motivated they are to sell your home. Whether it’s your first time buying a home, or you’re moving to a new place, try Crawford Homes. They provide the best value for your money, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer care. That’s why they are number 1.

Follow A Real Customer Through Their Crawford Homes Experience Last month, we looked at Virginia and Shawn Lemieux and their experience with purchasing a brand-new Crawford Home. We talked with them again about how the building went, and what it’s been like taking possession and living in their new house. We bought our first home through Crawford Realty in 2004, and a second in 2007. When it came time to build a new home, we wanted to go with them again since our prior experiences had been so good. One of the main reasons we use Crawford Homes is because they are a fairly large builder. They can get the trades workers to come out very easily. They put a lot of pressure and momentum forward and really pushed to get our home done as quickly and efficiently as possible.




They are a local business. They’re not a corporation coming in from other provinces. They’ve built up a sizable number of contacts in their time here, and they know the Regina area well, since they’ve been doing this for over thirty years. That knowledge base helped me because I had some very specific requirements if I was going to build a house now rather than waiting a few more years. I told them, “This is what I want, and this is my price point. Can we do it?” They managed to get everything on my list into the house. I wanted hardwood floors, granite countertops and ceramic tile. I also wanted a fireplace. That was a big part of my list, and between Crawford Homes and myself and my husband, we finetuned the smaller things along the way. We really wanted a new home because we had spent countless hours and dollars on our earlier houses updating, repairing, renovating and replacing parts of those houses to try and make it feel like our home. That’s why my list was so large. My other homes didn’t have all of that so it made sense to me to move into a home where I could control everything from the ground up. In today’s market when it comes to used homes versus building new, there isn’t




much of a price variance for what you get. There’s also no extra cost for later renovations. A new home that was in our price range and had been built by professionals just sounded perfect.

moving in

day we had asked, which was March 23rd. It was completely finished on the inside. The move-in was great, and they’ve been very good at the few things we needed to go over after we took possession. I thank them for accommodating us on that aspect. It saved us money as well.

My husband and I absolutely loved the process of watching the home go from being just dirt in a vacant lot to a real home. We came every day to watch it and there was no downtime. Something new was being done every single day, so we would come back the next day because it was so exciting.

On the first day we got our house, during our walkthrough, we noticed that the granite company had missed one piece of granite near our slide-in range. Crawford Homes called to have it rectified immediately, and it was completed before the end of our walkthrough.

We sold our old home very quickly and we were in a predicament. We weren’t supposed to get the keys until June 15th. We were deciding whether we should move in temporarily somewhere, since it was a month and a half before we were supposed to take possession. Luckily, our new building was so far along that Crawford Homes looked at where they were in the process and just finished it.

Virginia and Shawn Lemieux

They got people in here constantly and pulled it off. Even the day before, I wasn’t sure it would be done. Only half the flooring was laid out. The next day, as we came in to do the walkthrough, the cleaners were leaving. It was unbelievable. We ended up getting our house on the

We had a blast building this house. Though we love this house, it will be hard to not do it again. We just had so much fun watching it being built from the ground up.

Crawford Homes 100-533 Victoria Ave Regina, Sk. 306.525.9801

Crawford Homes has the experience and the professionals to help you out JANINE WILSON

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Live In The City Only 5% Deposit* *5% deposit required OAC, for a limited time. See sales representatives for details. Rendering is artist concept only. E. & O. E. 2013.

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