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Show home by Evolution currently under construction at 409 Greenbryre Lane

Evolution Homes Your Choice Builder for Luxury, Quality and Design Excellence

katoon, Sk.

926 Stony Cres,Martensville, Sk. Structural Notes


not permitted on any

●All construction to meet or exceed local and National Building Codes

●Room sizes shown on plan are approximate. Actual sizes may vary with final construction.

rds are to comply with 8.8.

●Drawings may be scaled for approximate dimensions only. Dimensions and notes as shown will govern.

●Mirrored glass doors are not permitted on any walk in closet doors.

ovided where a s exceeds 2'(600 3' (900 mm) for over stairs & above han 4" (100 mm) mbers.

nd all tub & shower , sidelights and

oring in all

nish in accordance to

be no less than ), c/w propriate.

ke alarms must be Locations to be within d if distance exceeds m will be required. All ected between levels.

m is provided that

r any appliances that 60CFM) in order to

ctors to conform to Carbon Monoxide


all eer lumber nt



●General Contractor to verify all dimensions and elevations prior to commencement of work. All discrepancies are to be reported to Beyond Measure Design promptly. ●Engineered floor joists, trusses and LVL beams and lintels are to be engineered by a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Saskatchewan. ●All Lintels to be 2 ply 2x10 Spruce unless noted otherwise. Lintels longer than 6' are to be engineered by Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Saskatchewan. ●Total number of ply in a wood column are to be no less than the number of ply of the beam it is supporting. ●Built up columns shall be nailed with min 3" nails at 12" o.c. ●2-2x blocking shall be used in floor framing at all point load location

566 Sauer Crescent Saskatoon $679, 900

●All stairs, handrails & guards are to comply with the NBCC 2005, 9.8.7. & 9.8.8. ●Interior guards must be provided where a difference in floor elevations exceeds 2'(600 mm). A minimum height of 3' (900 mm) for guards, including landings over stairs & above stair nosing, with no more than 4" (100 mm) space between vertical members.

●Provide waterproof wall finish in accordance to NBCC 9.29.2 ●All attic access shown to be no less than 20"(500 mm)x 28"(700 mm), c/w weatherstripping where appropriate. ●Electrically operated smoke alarms must be

*Renderings are a ●All representation only, actual home mayprovided vary*on all floor levels. Locations to be within lumber to be SPF #2 or better and fasteners 16'-4"(5M) of bedrooms and if distance exceeds must meet and be installed as per the NBC 2005.

Exterior notes

●Provide pre-finished flashing over all exterior windows and doors.

●Secure exterior door until completion or deck or temporary stairs are in place.

49'-2"(15M) additional alarm will be required. All alarms are to be interconnected between levels. ●Ensure a ventilation system is provided that conforms to NBCC 9.32. ●Make up air is required for any appliances that exhaust more than 75L/S(160CFM) in order to prevent depressurization.

●Exterior Doors to be c/w dead bolts to provide resistance to forced entry into the home.

●All Carbon Monoxide detectors to conform to CAN/CSA-6.19 Residential Carbon Monoxide Alarming Devices.

●All windows less than 2M(6'-6") to grade are to comply with CAN/CSA-A440-M for resistance to forced entry.


●All bedrooms must have a openable window with an unobstructed opening of at least 3.76 Sq. Ft.(0.35M2) with no dimension less than 15.2"(380 mm). Awning windows do not meet the requirements for egress. ●All doors from garage to house to be complete with weatherstrip and self closure device. ●All stairs, handrails & guards are to comply with the NBCC 2005, 9.8.7. & 9.8.8. ●Guardrails must be a minimum height of 3'(900 mm) for decks more than 2' (600 mm) from the ground & 3'-6"(1070 mm) for decks more than 6'(1.8M) above grade, with no more than 4" (100 mm) space between vertical members.


© Copyright 2012 Beyond Measure Design Inc.

INSPIRE | DESIGN | CREATE p. 306.974.3955 | f. 306.974.3951 info@beyondmeasuredesign.ca

This drawing and the ideas that are contained within are the sole property of Beyond Measure Design Inc. and cannot be copied or reproduced without the written consent of BMD. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extend of the law.

Construction Documents Sheet Name


Built up A 101 Cover Sheet From Finished floor Gypsum A 102 Site Hose bib Load bearing wall A 201 Foundation Laminated veneer lumber Mechanical A 202 Vent Foundation Details Pre-finished Water proof A 203 Floor Plans Unless noted otherwise A 301 Section Raised Dropped A 401 Pad Elevations Standard Medium Pad A 402Duty Pad Elevations Heavy Shower E 101 Electrical Plans Down Concrete B 101 Treated Basement Pressure Fireplace Headroom

Structural Notes


●All construction to meet or exceed local and National Building Codes

●Room sizes shown on plan are approximate. Actual sizes may vary with final construction.

●Drawings may be scaled for approximate dimensions only. Dimensions and notes as shown will govern.

●Mirrored glass doors are not permitted on any walk in closet doors. ●All stairs, handrails & guards are to comply with the NBCC 2005, 9.8.7. & 9.8.8.

●General Contractor to verify all dimensions and elevations prior to commencement of work. All discrepancies are to be reported to Beyond Measure Design promptly.

While every effort has been made to prevent errors or ommissions, Beyond Measure Design Inc. cannot guarantee against human error. It is the responsibility of the General Contractor to check all dimensions & pertinent details prior to construction & are solely responsible thereafter.

●Interior guards must be provided where a difference in floor elevations exceeds 2'(600 mm). A minimum height of 3' (900 mm) for guards, including landings over stairs & above stair nosing, with no more than 4" (100 mm) space between vertical members.

●Engineered floor joists, trusses and LVL beams and lintels are to be engineered by a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Saskatchewan.

Beyond Measure Design Inc. is a member of :

●Provide safety glass around all tub & shower enclosures, entrance doors, sidelights and guards.

●All Lintels to be 2 ply 2x10 Spruce unless noted otherwise. Lintels longer than 6' are to be engineered by Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Saskatchewan.

●Provide water resistant flooring in all bathrooms.

●Total number of ply in a wood column are to be no less than the number of ply of the beam it is supporting.

●Provide safety glass around all tub & shower enclosures, entrance doors, sidelights and guards. ●Provide water resistant flooring in all bathrooms.


1426 Pohorecky Place,Saskatoon, Sk.

Date: Status: Owner: Address:

●All attic access shown to be no less than 20"(500 mm)x 28"(700 mm), c/w weatherstripping where appropriate.

●2-2x blocking shall be used in floor framing at all point load location ●All lumber to be SPF #2 or better and fasteners must meet and be installed as per the NBC 2005.

Exterior notes

926 Stony Crescent Martensville $369,000


●Electrically operated smoke alarms must be provided on all floor levels. Locations to be within 16'-4"(5M) of bedrooms and if distance exceeds 49'-2"(15M) additional alarm will be required. All alarms are to be interconnected between levels. ●Ensure a ventilation system is provided that conforms to NBCC 9.32.

●Provide pre-finished flashing over all exterior 25 Sep 2012-Revised as per P.Eng. windows and doors. ●Make up air is required for any appliances that 4 Sep 2012-Check set issued exhaust more than 75L/S(160CFM) in order to exact homeor may vary* ●Secure exterioronly, door until completion deck or 17 Aug 2012-Revised prelim* All renderings are for illustration prevent depressurization. temporary stairs are in place. 16 Aug 2012-Revised prelim ●All Carbon Monoxide detectors to conform to ●Exterior Doors to be c/w dead bolts to provide 14 Aug 2012-Revised prelim CAN/CSA-6.19 Residential Carbon Monoxide resistance to forced entry into the home. Alarming Devices. 30 July 2012-Prelim issued ●All windows less than 2M(6'-6") to grade are to comply with CAN/CSA-A440-M for resistance to forced entry.


BU FFF GYP HB LBW LVL MV PREF ●All doors from garage to house to be complete WP with weatherstrip and self closure device. UNO RSD ●All stairs, handrails & guards are to comply with DRP the NBCC 2005, 9.8.7. & 9.8.8. S M ●Guardrails must be a minimum height of 3'(900 HD mm) for decks more than 2' (600 mm) from the SHWR ground & 3'-6"(1070 mm) for decks more than DN A 101 CoverCONC Sheet 6'(1.8M) above grade, with no more than 4" (100 mm) space between vertical members. PT A 102 Site FP HDRM A 201 Foundation ●All bedrooms must have a openable window with an unobstructed opening of at least 3.76 Sq. Ft.(0.35M2) with no dimension less than 15.2"(380 mm). Awning windows do not meet the requirements for egress.

Drawings Prepared for:

Completed by: Hours to Date: File Number:

This drawing and the ideas that are contained within are the sole property of Beyond Measure Design Inc. and cannot be copied or reproduced without the written consent of BMD. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extend of the law.

Built up From Finished floor Gypsum Hose bib Load bearing wall Laminated veneer lumber Mechanical Vent Pre-finished Water proof Unless noted otherwise Raised Dropped Standard Pad Medium Pad Heavy Duty Pad Shower Down Concrete Pressure Treated Fireplace Headroom

A 202 Floor Plans © Copyright 2012 Beyond Measure Design Inc. A 301 Section

Drawing Title:

Cover Sheet

A 401


E 101


This drawing and the ideas that are contained within are the sole property of Beyond Measure Design Inc. and cannot be copied or reproduced without the written consent of BMD. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. While every effort has been made to prevent errors or ommissions, Beyond Measure Design Inc. cannot guarantee against human error. It is the responsibility of the General Contractor to check all dimensions & pertinent details prior to construction & are solely responsible thereafter.

: fo rebmem a si .cnI ngiseD erusaeM dnoyeB

While every effort has been made to prevent errors or ommissions, Beyond Measure Design Inc. cannot guarantee against human error. It is the responsibility of the General Contractor to check all dimensions & pertinent details prior to construction & are solely responsible thereafter.

Beyond Measure Design Inc. is a member of :

2102 voN 72 :etaD milerP :sutatS emoH noitcudorP :renwO .serC muollaS 325 :sserddA .kS ,nootaksaS neergrevE

Beyond Measure Design Inc. is a member of :

Date: Status: Owner: Address:

deussi milerP-2102 voN 91 :snoisiveR Date: Status: Owner: Address:

23 Nov 2012 Finals Production Home 926 Stony Cres Martensville, Sk. Martens Estates


Drawings Prepared for:

Cover Sheet

A 102


A 201


A 202

Foundation Details

A 203

Floor Plans

A 301

A 401 MMK 0.5 A 402 13121DMB E 101

:rebmuN eB ga101 P

Completed by: Hours to Date: File Number:

KMM 8.5 BMD12130

Drawing Title:

104 A

523 Salloum Crescent Saskatoon $509,900


:rof deraperP sgniwarD

A 101

Section :yb detelpmoC Elevations :etaD ot sruoH Elevations :rebmuN eliF Electrical Plans

:eltiT gniwarD Basement


25 Sep 2012 Finals Production Home 1426 Pohorecky Place Saskatoon, Sk. Evergreen

Revisions: 25 Sep 2012-Revised as per P.Eng. 31 Aug 2012-Revised check set issued 28 Aug 2012-Check set issued 23 Aug 2012-Prelim site issued

ylno t e noitcu2102 vsoNmilerP rtsno 72 c ro Construction Documents f ton

1426 Pohorecky Place Saskatoon $549,900

Revisions: 23 Nov 2012-Finals issued 19 Nov 2012-Check set issued

Construction Documents Sheet Name

KMM 8.0 BMD1295

INSPIRE | DESIGN | CREATE p. 306.974.3955 | f. 306.974.3951 info@beyondmeasuredesign.ca

tneverp ot edam neeb sah troffe yreve elihW .cnI ngiseD erusaeM dnoyeB ,snoissimmo ro srorre .rorre namuh tsniaga eetnaraug tonnac rotcartnoC lareneG eht fo ytilibisnopser eht si tI sliated tnenitrep & snoisnemid lla kcehc ot elbisnopser ylelos era & noitcurtsnoc ot roirp .retfaereht

●Provide waterproof wall finish in accordance to NBCC 9.29.2

●Built up columns shall be nailed with min 3" nails at 12" o.c.

25 Sep 2012 Finals Production Home 566 Sauer Cres. Saskatoon, Sk. Evergreen

INSPIRE | DESIGN | CREATE p. 306.974.3955 | f. 306.974.3951 info@beyondmeasuredesign.ca

1593.479.603 .f | 5593.479.603 .p ac.ngisederusaemdnoyeb@ofni deniatnoc era taht saedi eht dna gniward sihT erusaeM dnoyeB fo ytreporp elos eht era nihtiw decudorper ro deipoc eb tonnac dna .cnI ngiseD lliw srotaloiV .DMB fo tnesnoc nettirw eht tuohtiw .wal eht fo dnetxe lluf eht ot detucesorp eb

Drawings Prepared for:

Completed by: Hours to Date: File Number:

KMM 6.0 BMD12101

Drawing Title:

Page Number:

Cover Sheet

A 101

Page Number:

A 101 A Lots 101 available for construction: Page Number:

Cover Sheet

571 Kloppenburg Crescent 634 Kloppenburg Terrace 282 Kloppenburg Way

431 Salloum Bay 914 Stoney Crescent, Martensville Lot 56 Valley View acreage

14 prime lots available in phases 1 & 2 Greenbryre




"2/1 0-'6

n are approximate. final construction.

Production Home

Production Home

epolS 21/6




Manulife Securities is pleased to welcome Leeann Chesky Leeann Chesky joins us with 13 years industry experience focusing on the accumulation and preservation of client wealth, education fund planning, mortgage and estate planning and a variety of retirement planning options. Our financial approach is centered on the individual and focuses on the specific needs of each client at various life stages.

Financial Advisor Manulife Securities Incorporated 600-350 3rd Ave. N. Saskatoon, SK S7K 6G7

For more information: Direct: 306.955.2004 Cell: 306.220.2856 Branch: 306.933.2410 Fax: 306.955.2014 leeann.chesky@manulifesecurities.ca

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Leeann Chesky

L-R Bonnie, Sookie (dog), Mila, Dean, Doreen, Garry

LAKE LIVING. URBAN CONVENIENCE. Saskatoon’s newest lakeside community, is just 25 minutes away on the popular Blackstrap Lake. Sunterra Ridge is being developed by a family who has enjoyed Blackstrap Lake for four generations. Located seven minutes off the highway by Dundurn, and part of the existing Resort Village of Shields, Sunterra Ridge boasts many unique features for those looking to get away from it all . . . every day. • Fully serviced walkout lots that back green space or the golf course Saskatoon




Blackstrap Lake

• High pressure City of Saskatoon water and sewage system (no expensive holding tanks, pressure systems, septic tanks or pumps) • Golfing, water sports, year round fishing, many other outdoor activities and fine dining at the Hole in the Wall Restaurant • Roadside garbage pick up, street snow removal • School bus pick up • Use our builder, or choose your own • Architectural controls

w w w. S u n t e r ra R i d g e . c o m 306.280.2563 | info@sunterraridge.com |




ithout question, spring is my favourite time of year. I have no problem at all seeing the snow and ice vanish, and I embrace whole-heartedly the green grass and chirping birds. The kids can spend hours outside, our walks around the neighbourhood are longer and the smell of rain—well that is obvious. For me, it’s the garden that I look forward to most: watching a seed grow from nothing into something is truly indicative of the potential spring holds. What do you like best about this time of year?

Spring 2013 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 1 www.finelifestyles.ca Associate Editor Erin Legg


Design Amber Moon Danielle Austin DeAnne Bell

Elisa Malfitana Lisa Redden

Staff Writers Brook Thalgott Julie Mushynsky Nykea Marie Behiel

Paul Sinkewicz Trina Annand

Cover Photography Heather Fritz

I’ve always admired what comes from a group of talented people who collaborate on a daring vision. When a group of Saskatoon’s best-of-the-best invited Fine Homes into a stunning show home in Rosewood, we knew this had to be shared with our readers. Take a look inside Saskatoon’s dream home at 527 Hastings Crescent. Fresco Interiors Design Ltd., TK Homes Ltd., Kitchen Designs by Delta, Styles by Allied and Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre pooled their creativity and expertise to create a one-of-a-kind show home never before seen in this city. Building “green” takes on a whole new meaning in Saskatchewan. Despite our extreme weather, there are key principles that can be considered to establish environmental efficiency when homebuilding. Read on for strategies to keep in mind if you’re building a new home or making upgrades to your existing one.

Photography Heather Fritz Grant Romancia Lisa Landrie Maile Crowe Photography Adjile.ca Nadine Peppler Aimee Lauren Leslie Paul Sinkewicz Asa Weinstein Skai Johnstone Celestial Photography Stephanie Zhang Danielle Larson Wes Peters

Contributing Writers Bronwyn Stoddard Candace M. Fox Devin Pacholik Doris Wang Karin Melberg Shwier

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Statistics indicate that on a yearly basis, more than half of Canadian homeowners undertake some sort of renovation project. Considering which project or upgrade you want to tackle depends on many factors, including return for your investment. We share a list of the top five upgrades that yield the biggest return for your dollar. With spring comes the desire to spend as much time outside as possible. This is the opportunity to take your plans for an outdoor entertaining area and make it a reality. Whether you dream of barbecues for your family and friends on your inviting patio, relaxing peacefully in your own corner of the yard or going for a dip in the pool with the kids, this issue of Fine Homes Saskatoon gives you ideas to transform your outdoor space. As the days grow longer and the temperatures get warmer, may you become inspired to revitalize your home and yard.



Ken Beattie Meredith Heron Shane Wolffe Shell Busey Tannara Yelland


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70 FEAtuRE StORIES 10 70 77 110


Efficient Building for Saskatchewan COVER: Saskatoon’s Dream Home Meredith Heron A Heavenly Sleep



118 126 136 144

Ken Beattie Invest Best Shell Busey A Patio Paradise

10 EfficiEnt Building:

green Principles for Saskatchewan Home Owners. By Shane Wolffe


any people are under the false impression that “green” is expensive. This is not true, especially when you consider that saving energy is equivalent to saving money. Since the price of fossil fuel energy used in the home is currently around record lows and isn’t going to be getting any cheaper, it makes sense that a home— which is at least a 50-year gamble on the price and availability of energy—is built with energy efficiency in mind. When it comes to building a home, the amount of energy that is used over the home’s lifetime is essentially set in stone in the design stage, before the dirt is even turned. This is why energy efficiency must be planned from the beginning.

climate. For instance, the average yearround temperature in Saskatoon is only 2.5 C. Ouch! Another interesting statistic is that we comprise less than one per cent of the world’s population who live in the world’s coldest climate (hooray for being tough!). Combine this with the fact that in Saskatchewan, we currently use mostly natural gas for our space and water heating needs, and coal fired electricity for running our appliances. It should be no surprise that we have what the statisticians call a very high carbon footprint. In terms of individual usage, we use the most energy per capita in Canada, most of which goes towards heating our homes.

“Green,” or energy efficiency, in Saskatchewan has a slightly different meaning then in most places. As residents of Saskatchewan, we have a very harsh

So with this in mind, “green” in Saskatchewan comes down to three essential principles which are most cost effectively applied in this order:


Start Your EnginES



Reducing the need for energy in general. Reusing energy and materials.

Generating or harvesting energy.

In Saskatchewan, reducing the need for heating and cooling energy is much cheaper and easier than producing your own energy. In a home, the cheapest,

Seed catalogues already dog-eared, early (very early) plants in full can’t-wait-to-be-planted stretch, and we gardeners applying antiitch cream to our bodies as spring is springing or maybe sprung.

DEPARtMEntS 10 76 107 110 116



Homes and Properties Interior Design Kitchens Bed and Bath Outdoor Living and Landscapes

Invest Best Top ReTuRns foR YouR Home InvesTmenT

125 Improvements and Renovations By Erin LEgg 140 Seasonal establishing cooking st ore than half of all Canadian trends or more years, this will affect the type homeowners will undertake a • cosmetic upgrades, inc and extent of improvement you should renovation project each year. improved lighting, upd choose to do. 144 Food and Entertainment a new backsplash or m If you’re going to spend money on your countertop; home, you want to make sure you spend The Kitchen • adding more space to Directory wisely.156 So how Realtor do you decide which The kitchen is the most-used room creating a breakfast no investment is best? in the house. This is where we cook, pantry; and eat and entertain. The return on 159 Home Services Directory • updating to sleek, mod First, determine your home’s value. The


amount of money you invest should be proportionate to its value. Consider the other homes in your neighbourhood. Certain renovations increase the home’s value, but you don’t want to increase it so much that it is no longer within the value range of your neighbourhood.

investment for kitchen renovations efficient appliances. and upgrades is strong. Some experts advise homeowners to cap their kitchen The Bathroom renovation dollars at no more than 20 This is another wise inve per cent of the home’s total value. This up to 80 per cent fo guideline can yield approximately 85 per addition and up to 90 pe cent in return. FineHomes SASKATOONinvestment 9 for a bathro

Adding another bathroo

EfficiEnt Building:

green Principles for Saskatchewan Home Owners. By Shane Wolffe


any people are under the false impression that “green” is expensive. This is not true, especially when you consider that saving energy is equivalent to saving money. Since the price of fossil fuel energy used in the home is currently around record lows and isn’t going to be getting any cheaper, it makes sense that a home— which is at least a 50-year gamble on the price and availability of energy—is built with energy efficiency in mind. When it comes to building a home, the amount of energy that is used over the home’s lifetime is essentially set in stone in the design stage, before the dirt is even turned. This is why energy efficiency must be planned from the beginning.

climate. For instance, the average yearround temperature in Saskatoon is only 2.5 C. Ouch! Another interesting statistic is that we comprise less than one per cent of the world’s population who live in the world’s coldest climate (hooray for being tough!). Combine this with the fact that in Saskatchewan, we currently use mostly natural gas for our space and water heating needs, and coal fired electricity for running our appliances. It should be no surprise that we have what the statisticians call a very high carbon footprint. In terms of individual usage, we use the most energy per capita in Canada, most of which goes towards heating our homes.

“Green,” or energy efficiency, in Saskatchewan has a slightly different meaning then in most places. As residents of Saskatchewan, we have a very harsh

So with this in mind, “green” in Saskatchewan comes down to three essential principles which are most cost effectively applied in this order:




Reducing the need for energy in general. Reusing energy and materials. Generating or harvesting energy.

In Saskatchewan, reducing the need for heating and cooling energy is much cheaper and easier than producing your own energy. In a home, the cheapest,

easiest and most enduring opportunity for efficiency (and comfort) comes from isolating the usually cold outside from the warm inside on all exterior surfaces by “super-insulating” the structure. This can be accomplished via multiple methods to create a high R-value wall assembly of at least R30. R-value is a measure of the ease at which heat migrates through a material from hot side to cold side. It is typically measured in R-value per inch of a particular material. Some experts believe our walls should be R50 for our climate. Since heat rises, a significant proportion of the heat within most homes is lost through the ceiling, thus a high efficiency roof or ceiling is recommended to be R60. This can be accomplished using 24 inches of blown-in cellulose, or about 8.5 inches of closed cell spray foam. In order to achieve these high R-values, thermal bridging (heat transfer) through low R-value structural components (such as wood or metal studs) must be eliminated. While providing these high R-value assemblies, it is essential to ensure air tightness in order to reduce drafts via uncontrolled air infiltration. Drafts feel cold and are the main source of energy loss in buildings. Drafts are created when components do not fit together correctly or are not properly sealed. They typically occur

around windows, doors, vents and other protrusions in the building envelope. Ensuring air tightness has the benefit of reducing the likeliness of cold spots within the wall. Cold spots are highly undesirable as they are a breeding ground for mould growth. Further efficiencies come by reducing the requirements for water heating (via low flow shower heads and aeration devices) and electricity usage (through ENERGY STAR appliances and LED lighting). Notice how these efficiencies are easily achievable after the building is built. Reusing energy is accomplished via methods such as heat recovery ventilators—which are essential in a super-insulated home— or through drain water heat recovery. Embodied energy is the energy that was used to create, harvest, transport and/or install a material or component. By reusing useful materials we are reducing the need to use energy to create new materials. Embodied energy from former building materials, such as brick and wood, can be reused in a new building to add character and even reduce the cost of the project. If these

This thermal-graphic (heat sensitive) image demonstrates how heat moves through a conventional 2x6 wooden wall stud. The purple lines show the temperature difference between the insulated wall cavity and the studs. It was 22 C inside and 5 C outside when this image was taken. Note that even the insulated R20 walls lose heat to the outside even at the mild outdoor air temperature of 5 C.




materials are locally sourced, then the lack of energy needed for transporting them to the construction site gives you bonus green kudos. A simple and cost effective method of producing energy onsite is possible via implementing passive solar design. Properly implemented passive solar design heats your home in the winter and keeps it cool in the summer for no cost. The best part about passive solar design—other than being able to sun bath within your home during the winter—is that all it takes to implement is awareness on the part of the designer, willingness to place more windows facing south, and a south facing lot, give or take 30 degrees from true south. If passive solar design is implemented, then storing heat energy within the home by implementing thermal mass is a cost effective and usually easy




method of capturing and storing energy from the sun. After the aforementioned efficiencies are implemented, it then becomes cost effective to really “go green” by producing or generating energy via the “sexy” renewable energy technologies such as photo voltaic panels (solar), solar thermal water heating, solar thermal air heating, wind turbines, and ground source heat pumps, commonly called geothermal. Implementing the three principles discussed in this article will not only reduce your energy costs and make your home more energy efficient, but it will be more comfortable, more valuable, and even safer in the event of a winter emergency. You could say that implementing these solutions in your home make it truly Future Proof®. FHS

Shane Wolffe is a professional engineer, accredited professional in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), certified energy auditor, and level one thermographer. He is a consultant based out of Saskaton and is the author of How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates. To learn more visit www.FutureProofMyBuilding.com. *Due to the nature of engineering, the information within this article should not be taken as professional advice.

W W W. H O M E S B Y M O N T E B E L L O . C O M

Build with Montebello Specializing in unique custom developments, acreages and entry level homes, Montebello has homes available starting at $369,900 in: • Evergreen • Hampton Village • Meadowlark Estates

• Rosewood • Willowgrove


Building smart, green and Beautiful at sarilia Country estates By Karin Melberg Schwier Photos liSa landrie and weS PeterS


hey say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a great team to raise a village, especially one respectful of the environment, smart about green home building, and nestled in Saskatchewan’s gorgeous river valley. That the green designer and the land developer are husband and wife is a bonus. Add a homebuilder who shares the same values and here’s a happy family that understands the payoffs inherent in smart teamwork. Vereco Homes’ Ronn Lepage and Evermore Homes’ Roger and Tamara Bell




have combined efforts on developing sustainable homes, a partnership with a mutual understanding that environmental conscience doesn’t trump aesthetics. Their most recent green collaboration is the Lepages’ own residence. It’s a testament to jaw-dropping beauty paired with smart green home design, and the ecological and economic benefits of building and living smart. “This one’s very special,” says Ronn, Vereco president. “The home design was completed by Gwen, Cross Country Designs Ltd., and decorator Aileen Martin.

I greened it up. You can develop a beautiful house plan and then include technology and design principles to make it as energy and water efficient as possible.” From its start in 2005, Evermore Homes has been interested in building green and developing environmentally friendly practices. “We were an early adopter of EnERGY STAR certification,” Roger explains. “Partnering with Vereco on net Zero and Smart Green homes was a logical next move for us. EnERGY STAR represents

ABOVE CLOCKWISE Roger and Tamara Bell, Gwen Lepage and Ronn Lepage

a step in the right direction, and Vereco takes it much further.” At Vereco, Ronn embraces a future in which homeowners can select from a wide range of features to make a new home or retrofit more ecologically friendly. “Homeowners can live greener by reducing the amount of energy the home requires, reusing waste and excess energy, and replacing conventional energy sources with alternatives,” says Ronn. The minimum ‘smart green’ requirement of the Vereco brand is an air tight, high efficiency envelope, with a minimum of R40 walls, R20 under the foundation slab, R80 in the attic, and EnERGY STAR windows and doors. Vereco designed Canada’s first net Zero home exhibit, on display an Saskatoon’s Western Development Museum in 2010 to 2011. Ronn wanted many of those elements in TOP RIGHT LED lighting reduces energy consumption by 80 per cent. RIGHT 14” thick super insulated walls reduce space heating costs by over 60 per cent.

his own home and Evermore knew how to do it right for the maximum advantage. “There are companies out there that offer individual pieces of the puzzle,” says Roger. “Maybe they’ll do solar installation or some other green technology. Vereco and Evermore can provide people with the right advice to get the biggest bang for their investment buck in a retrofit or in a new build. They’ll also get an ongoing return on that investment for the entire time they own the home.” Gwen Lepage is the property developer of Sarilia Country Estates, a four-season recreational subdivision on 86 acres of bucolic river valley 25 minutes north west of Saskatoon. The Lepages, who have owned the land for 25 years, believe that good environmental stewardship values can co-exist with land development. The Lepages decided on building a village, but not the cookie cutter sort. “There’s an organic feel to the development,” Gwen says. “The roads wind around the hills and natural springs, and the contours of the river valley. I believe it is quite evident the effort we’ve put into preserving trees and as much natural space as we can.” They wanted to capture the freedom of the natural countryside and build a sense of community. The development includes 20 acres of natural reserve and a large community garden space. Zoned as fourseason recreational land, residents have access to the river, walking trails, and other activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The river valley is a prime location for green home building, and many have sought Vereco Homes’ expertise as a leader in sustainable housing. “The time to think about this is at the design stage, especially in a custom-built home,” Ronn advises. He recently completed a Masters of Science in Environmental Strategy at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing on the adoption of net Zero technologies in residential housing. He says there’s no reason not to be incorporating that extra insulation, passive solar design, and other green features. “If you use the Vereco approach, you can do a lot of things TOP–BOTTOM Passive solar design provides over 20 per cent space heating requirements. Over 20 acres of green space provide four season recreation. Low flow shower, toilets and faucets reduce water consumption by 50 per cent.

that will give you a very energy efficient home,” he explains. “You can save as much as 60 to 80 per cent on space heating, 50 per cent on domestic hot water and 50 per cent on lights, mechanical and appliances.” Though going green is better from the get-go, retrofitting existing homes still achieves impressive energy savings. While Evermore builds homes of all types, they take pride in their understanding of sustainable practices whether that involves retrofits or new builds. “We’re experienced at taking green designs and making them work in the real world,” says Roger. “The design can be exceptional, but if you have a builder who doesn’t understand how to incorporate green elements and technology, the home simply won’t perform as well as it should.” The Evermore and Vereco partnership offers customers a perfect combination of green design and technology and building expertise. Although building green is not a requirement in their design standards, Sarilia’s wide-open spaces and ample unfettered sunshine makes the choice of building green a good one. “The synergy we have with Vereco and Sarilia means we offer the expertise to build Vereco designed homes, and we share the belief in treading gently on the environment,” explains Roger. “When you look at the value proposition the three companies can offer, it’s a very attractive one.” FHS Vereco Homes Inc. Ronn Lepage, President 306.261.4542 mobile ronn@ronnlepage.com www.vereco.ca Sarilia Country Estates Gwen Lepage Property Owner and Developer 306.222.9789 mobile 306.931.4542 office gwen.lepage@sarilia.com www.sarilia.com Evermore Homes Inc. Roger and Tamara Bell 306.249.4933 tamara@evermorehomes.ca facebook.com/evermorehomes www.evermorehomes.ca TOP–BOTTOM Acrylic stucco provides durable and attractive cladding. ENERGY STAR appliances reduce energy consumption by over 20 per cent. Sarilia is a prime location to build a smart green home.

better outdoor living Suncoast Screen Enclosures offers a screened-in, outdoor area, that allows you to enjoy your deck, pool, spa or patio without the sense of being enclosed in an indoor space. These esthetically pleasing and durable sunrooms protect you from the wind, hot sun, rain and the nuisance of annoying and dangerous insects. A Suncoast screen room works in the winter by keeping your deck area free of snow for the enjoyment of your spa and barbecue.

The roof can be made of screening to allow an uninhibited view of the sky with other roof options available. Don and Kelly Larwood

306.761.1801 dgl.inc@sasktel.net www.suncoastenclosures.com


How Places Affect RESIDENTIAL Our Behaviour DESIGN PROCESS

Step 2. Initial design meeting

By Krista Martens Architectural Technologist A. Sc. T. LEED Green Associate Beyond Measure Design Inc. 306.974.3955 info@beyondmeasuredesign.ca www.beyondmeasuredesign.ca

The Residential Design process is straight forward once you understand the steps you need to follow that combine both the practical & creative elements of a home. Step 1. Hire a professional home designer


very home has a unique character can truly Look forand a person whoconnect has at to leasttheir a in waysTechnology. we don’t diploma inhabitants in Architectural understand. Homes can exude Thisalways background combines structural & a warmth education and welcome even when architectural and provides an they are devoid of furniture. How dothe we excellent base for residential design. Ask achieve this connection? Simply put, we person or firm how many years experience need to consider both the space and the in the industry they have & if they can natural light of the home. provide letters of reference. Always do your research before hiring anyone.

This is the meeting where your home designer will take the time to create a design brief with you(see previous article). This usually consists of a meeting Stepan 2:hour Howinplaces about length toaffect compile this our behavior information. From here they will start compiling a preliminary planprocess to meet where your This is the point in the you create some simple bubble diagrams requirements. with your home designer to help determine how your needs now affect Step 3. Preliminary plans the relationship between spaces. You want toarestart by breakingplans? these spaces What preliminary Well down into two main categories: public preliminary plans are just that, a prelimand private. or start, towards a overall home design. They arespaces used forare the purpose of decision Public rooms such as the making as well as pricing out the cost kitchen, dining room and living room. ofThey the home. Typicallywhere preliminary plans are spaces you do the include all of relevant floor plans, exterior majority your entertaining and are elevations site plan. meeting You’ll seespot itemsinlike the most&common the home.sizes, Private spaces are rooms like the room bathroom fixtures, exterior bedrooms and bathrooms. are finishes, rooflines and overallThese general typically more reclusive spaces, spots items. where you can find a retreat from the rest of world. In balancedplans homes, you Step 4. the Review preliminary typically find the public spaces grouped together and the private spaces grouped This is where, you as the client, needs together. You also want to consider the to spend some time to ensure that the flow between spaces, items such as plans are what you had in mind. If you’ve hallways and stairwells. taken the time to create a comprehensive design outliningtoyour desires for A fewbrief questions consider about spaces: the home chances are there will only be needed to make 1. minor Whichchanges rooms do you want to seethat planconnected? perfect. Once your happy with all the preliminary designs you will need to 2. Are there rooms that you want to approve the plans prior to proceed to the have specific views? construction drawings.

Step 5. Construction drawings completed What are construction drawings? Construction drawings are known by many names, blueprints or working 3. Does are yourmost routine have any specific drawings common. These are needs? the documents used to construct your home & the obtain final you quotes 4. Are spaces useon thematerials most and grouped services. accordingly? These plans include more detailed information than the preliminary It hasThey been include proven time again that plans. fully and dimensions in our climate natural light can help keep plans, building sections, construction our mood positive, even through the long details, foundation designs & electrical winter months. Natural light is a plans. This is also the point wheresimple all design element we sealed often overlook drawings required that to be by a when designing our homes, Professional Engineer will be and sentcan for be used to bring a home to life. review. Consult your designer on items that require an Engineers involvement.

A few question to consider about light:

Step 6. Review construction drawings

1. Which rooms would you like to see natural light? is that a “check The more industry standard set” or finalrooms set ofwould plans you are like issued for 2. Which to see review to plans lessprior natural light?being printed. This is always an important step as it is likely 3. Are you open to using more than the last chance you have to make large just viewable windows? Transoms? changes to your home before the project Skylight? Solatube? gets under way. Again, you will need to Again, questions address take timethese to review & approve theanother final layerbefore of information needed byyou your plans your designer will get home copies designer create a unique printed to to begin construction custom design. The time spent at this from. stage is critical to the overall success of the project. These steps can vary from project to project depending on the scope but this list will help In the next issue we will explore Step 3: you understand what you can expect of the Determining the final design direction. FHS design process. FHS





Cortrax Homes: Building Elegant Homes with Efficiency

BY Bronwyn Stoddard PHOTOS LISa LandrIE


fter years in a family business where he gained a thorough understanding of the steps of the building process, Corey Geransky, owner of Cortrax Homes, started his own business, which he has operated successfully for eight years. Corey’s focus—and his passion—is building. Cortrax Homes’ finished products stand elegantly in Warman, Martensville, and Saskatoon and on several acreages in the surrounding area. While other builders are sometimes hesitant to take on the challenges

associated with building on acreages, Corey has the vision and the expertise necessary to make projects go smoothly. Building a solid foundation and a sound home requires an understanding of the landscape and the environment. “For me, it’s about doing a house right. I put houses in spots where I know the homeowners will never have problems with water coming in. If there’s grading work to be done, then I make sure they know that before we start,” Corey says. His philosophy is to provide his customers with homes they can enjoy living in over the long term. It is one of the ways his

customers benefit from dealing directly with the owner of Cortrax Homes. As a builder, Geransky is hands-on and highly involved with his projects. His website is updated on a weekly basis with photographs of the projects, and new plans are added as they become available. Customers can browse photo galleries and compare the details of new and popular plans including “Stone,” a bi-level walkout; “Mission Hill,” a spacious five bedroom home with a perfect walkout basement; the twostorey “Augusta;” and the “California Flats” bungalow.




Cortrax Homes cooperates regularly with Krista Martens of Beyond Measure Design to customize plans on request. Corey has cultivated relationships with professionals in every part of the industry in order to provide customers with everything they need to create the home they desire. First and foremost among those professionals are the members of WMW Homes: Kris Miazaga, Blaine Wotherspoon and Morgan Wotherspoon. “We’re a team,” Corey says. “We’ve been working together for a while now, and we’ve built a really good relationship together.” To take care of the countless details associated with building and finishing




a home, Corey connects his customers with suppliers he knows and trusts. They share Cortrax Homes’ values of transparency and integrity, meaning that customers know the real costs of materials and can design and furnish the homes they want without fear of overcharging. It is a system that benefits all parties, as evidenced by suppliers’ enthusiasm to work with Corey on more homes every year. Many builders in the Saskatoon area currently estimate the completion of a project in eight months to a year, but Cortrax Homes has a record for efficiency: in eight years, no home has taken more than six months to complete.

“I’ve built houses in three months, and I’ve built houses in six months, of all sizes and values. From breaking ground to being ready to hand over keys to the owners, it has never taken me more than six months to finish a home.” “Building is my passion,” Corey says simply, “and that sets me apart as much as anything else does.” FHS

Cortrax Homes Ltd. 306.220.2912 cortraxhomes@hotmail.com www.cortraxhomes.ca

perates regularly with Krista Martens of Beyond ustomize plans on request. Corey has cultivated ofessionals in every part of the industry in order s with everything they need to create the home d foremost among those professionals are the W Homes: Kris Miazaga, Blaine Wotherspoon rspoon. “We’re a team,” Corey says. “We’ve er for a while now, and we’ve built a really good .”

st popular plan, d deck, a twone feature wall e.

countless details associated with building and Corey connects his customers with suppliers sts. They share Cortrax Homes’ values of tegrity, meaning that customers know the real nd can design and furnish the homes they want charging. It is a system that benefits all parties, pliers’ enthusiasm to work with Corey on more

om bungalow Mission Hill is esThe large who like to space on windows and open

the Saskatoon area currently estimate the ect in eight months to a year, but Cortrax Homes ciency: in eight years, no home has taken more omplete. “I’ve built houses in three months, and x months, of all sizes and values. From breaking dy to hand over keys to the owners, it has never six months to finish a home.”

the upper floor of the two-storey Augusta on,” Coreyallow says simply, “andlight that sets apartfamily plan natural to me flood else does.” FHS living spaces.

206 AugustA

Stone, Cortrax Homes’ most popular plan, is a bi-level with a covered deck, a twosided fireplace and a stone feature wall that gives the plan its name.

Located in the city of Warman at the Legends Golf Course.

Open House Call to View

A spacious five-bedroom bungalow with a walkout basement, Mission Hill is the perfect plan for families who like to entertain. FHS Corey Geransky Owner of Cortrax Homes

COming sOOn

eransky, f Cortrax Homes

922 Stony Crescent

118 Roy Crescent

Photo by Armand Kerry Photography

hotography mes Ltd.

20.2912 mail.com omes.ca

www.co r t ra x h o m e s .c a (L - R) Kris Miazga 221.7080, Blaine Wotherspoon 221.9612

306.220.2912 | cortraxhomes@hotmail.com and Morgan Wotherspoon 381.7178 of Realty Executives 306.220.2912 cortraxhomes@hotmail.com

WHO’S DESIGNING YOUR NEXT HOME? WE ARE THE DESIGN SPECIALISTS FOR: Saskatoon’s Best Home Builders • Private Home Owners • Cottages

Celebrating 10 Years of Business A5C–116 103rd Street 306.477.5954


Ready . . . Set . . . Sell!

REAL ESTATE Why having a Real Estate Agent you Trust will save you Time & Money Saskatoon is booming! We are seeing an increase in real estate transactions and many people have questions about the process. Kerri is a licensed Real Estate agent and REALTOR® who is here to answer some of the most common ones. I have no problem showing my house myself, why would I pay an agent to sell my property? A Realtor is a professional 3rd party acting on your behalf. We have access to the MLS system and will have over 500 agents in Saskatoon working to sell your home, and can show it at any time. We pre-screen buyers to make sure they are qualified and financially prepared to buy the home. We are trained to handle objections and negotiations. Often, owners see their home in a perfect light while a buyer may see things that are undesirable to them. Buyers do not want

Kerri KerriTucker Tucker Real Estate Agent

Your Agent. Your Advocate.

Century FUSION Century2121 FUSION 703 Circle Drive East Real Estate Agent 306.222.0542 306.222.0542 Kerri.tucker@century21.ca kerri.tucker@century21.ca www.kerritucker.com



hen you have decided it is time to make a move, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get to moving day the fastest and easiest way possible. 1. Call me. We’ll discuss your current situation, the market, and timing of the move. I’ll prepare a comparative market analysis on your property

to hurt a homeowner’s feelings and so you will often have no idea that they have un-revealed objections. Working with a Realtor, a buyer is more likely to voice their concerns giving the agent a chance to handle the objection. Also, buyers looking at a private sale will see the commission savings going in to their pocket, not yours, so you will usually get a lower offer. Selling your home is a major financial and legal transaction and it should be treated professionally. I want to sell my home and I have had 3 different agents give me 3 different prices, why is that? Home pricing has a few subjective variables involved. It’s not all about location and size! Ask how they came up with the price and what they are going to do to sell your home. Again, you need to work with an agent that you trust. FHS

so we know for how much your home should sell. We will also talk about where you want to move, and whether your current home needs to sell before you can purchase another. 2. Prepare your home to be listed. Remember, your home has only one opportunity for a first impression with each potential buyer. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves and their belongings in the house. Here are a few tips that help impress people who view your home: a. Neutral color schemes appeal to most buyers. b. Clean all surfaces and keep them clean. c. De-clutter. Countertops and other flat surfaces should be at least 80 per cent clear. Pack up unneeded knickknacks, and clean out closets and cabinets so buyers can see how much storage space is available. d. Remove furniture if your rooms are crowded. e. Professional stagers are available if you prefer. I can make a recommendation to you.

3. Get the kids involved. Reward them for helping out and keeping their rooms and play areas clean. Remind them that this is a temporary state and that soon enough you will be enjoying a new home. 4. Once your home is listed and the showings begin, it is important to keep the house in show condition. If you are away for most of the day, leave your house in show-worthy condition. 5. When an offer comes in for your property, I will present it to you. We will then proceed with accepting it or preparing a counter offer. The buyer will likely have some conditions that need to be met, and once they are, the sold sign can go up. 6. Let the packing continue. Now you can get ready to move to your new home and make memories there. Looking for a Realtor® in Saskatoon? Call me to book an appointment and I will help you get from “listed” to “sold” and find you the home that suits you and your family best. FHS




Smarter. Bolder. FaSter. By Paul Sinkewicz PhotoS liSa landrie


he new headquarters of CENTURY 21 Fusion in Saskatoon seem more like a university campus or hightech communication facility than a real estate office. In fact, it is all three.

It is the product of a desire to provide a foundation for the success of the 82 real estate agents it serves. Owners Barry and Sandy Chilliak and Gary and Sharon Busch believe the training and support systems CENTURY 21 provides are the best in the business. With the opening of their new office in the Stonebridge neighbourhood, the ownership group has added state-of-




the-art facilities and technology to the tools at the disposal of their agents. “When we first got together, we talked about creating a new environment to allow agents to be successful and help them make the best use of their time,” says Busch. “So we’ve created an office for them that’s conducive to what’s happening in the real estate world today and beyond.” He and his partners saw the value of making an investment in a ‘high-tech smart office’ to modernize the workflow. With tablet devices, for example, as soon as the agent walks in, it syncs up wirelessly with the computer system, and wireless printing is an efficient convenience. Independent workstations

are available for any of the home-based agents. Others choose to rent their own offices at the facility. Sandy Chilliak adds the office employs a dedicated technology person to help the agents with connectivity and automating issues with their computers and other devices. This allows the agents to always focus on being productive. The other amenities the office provides include private client meeting rooms, computer stations, a boardroom, a printing and copying centre and a kitchen. The administrative services CENTURY 21 agents have at their disposal are just as impressive. A support staff of six keeps the paperwork flowing and the

accounting accurate. Busch says that is extremely valuable to busy agents when there are GST submissions to the government to keep current, and reams of financial data to crunch. The reports the office staff generate make accounting easier for the individual agents, who are running independent businesses. Overseeing the entire operation is a dedicated Manager, who, unlike other firms, is not a competing agent. His interest is solely in providing resources to the agents. All of this creates a powerful and effective CENTURY 21 Fusion business centre.

As a new person you have unlimited potential and learning capabilities. There really is no other place to work if you want to be trained properly and have a professional image.” The cooperative approach fostered by CENTURY 21 Fusion also benefits newer agents. Busch says the teamwork and mentoring environment is constantly being touted as one of the big reasons why his agents are loyal to the company and why they like it so much. They feel comfortable getting advice from one of the owners or one of the more experienced agents. The online education systems CENTURY 21 has in place are first class.

Training for success CENTURY 21 sets itself apart from other real estate companies by virtue of the emphasis it puts on training and continuing education for its agents. Many times other national companies have referred potential new agents to CENTURY 21 because of its training programs, says Barry Chilliak. “We have such a competitive advantage from that perspective, it’s amazing.

Even 35-year pros like Barry Chilliak benefit from the CENTURY 21 training system. He is currently taking a course to advance his professional growth goals. “I’m still learning, even as an experienced agent,” says Chilliak. serving The clienT The support CENTURY 21 gives its agents translates into success for its clients. Because the agents are immersed in a virtual incubator of ideas

L-R Sandy Chilliak, Barry Chilliak, Gary Busch




and connections, they are constantly staying on top of market conditions and opportunities. An example is the weekly Tuesday sales meeting. After information and training updates, participants form a caravan to travel to all the new CENTURY 21 listings for a walk-through. “Anywhere from 15 to 30 agents will come through the home in the first week,” says Barry Chilliak. “There’s a two-fold benefit to that. You get feedback on price and marketability, and also get the exposure to sales people who tell other salespeople. When you can get the exposure of that many REALTORS® in your house in the first week, you have a better chance of selling the home sooner.” Sandy Chilliak says customers benefit from the largest referral system in the world and the popular AIR MILES® program. They also benefit from the high definition, full screen photo galleries hosted on the company website. “There is a dramatic difference in websites that people should be aware of,” says Sandy Chilliak. “It doesn’t cost the client any more, but there’s such a difference in the services offered. The world-wide referral system is a very powerful tool, especially with people from all over the globe now looking at Saskatchewan.” opporTuniTies for young people Busch and the Chilliaks see a huge opportunity for young people in real estate. There are a lot of agents approaching retirement age, and the services they were providing will still have to be met, especially with Saskatoon and area rapidly growing. “I think there’s some great opportunity for young people in this business right now,” says Barry Chilliak. “We’re going to be short of really good agents out there, so it’s a strong career choice for young people.” As soon as they start, new agents are plugged into the powerful online

presence of CENTURY 21. “Within a day someone can have a professional website that looks as good as 90 per cent of the agents in town,” says Barry Chilliak. “They have a strong web presence with a contact list, a referral system and amazing follow-up systems at no extra cost to themselves.” Saskatoon’s CENTURY 21 franchise has also been one of the top 21 offices in Canada for the last 20 years. It is involved in corporate planning on a national level, and is part of the prestigious Chairman’s Circle. CENTURY 21 Fusion is also continually one of the top fundraising offices for Easter Seals out of 400 agent offices in Canada. Each year the local office supports a golf tournament, a mock casino night and the Drop Zone fundraiser for Easter Seals. “When a brand new agent can align themselves with CENTURY 21, it gives them immediate recognition,” says Barry Chilliak. “It gives them expectations, it gives them a professional image and they are backed up with training and technology.” With all those resources behind them, agents can provide their clients with topnotch service from day one. FHS CENTURY 21 Fusion 210-310 Wellman Lane Saskatoon T: 306.653.8222 F: 306.242.5503 fusion@century21.ca www.century21fusion.com

CENTURY 21 disclaimer. Independently owned and operated. ®/TM trademarks owned by CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC used under license or authorized sub-license. © 2012 CENTURY 21 Canada Limited Partnership, CENTURY 21 Fusion AIR MILES® disclaimer. ® TM trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by Loyalty One, Inc. and CENTURY 21 Canada Limited Partnership




Barry Chilliak, Sandy Chilliak, Spencer Chilliak

The Real esTaTe diffeRence By Paul Sinkewicz


t is the team approach employed by Barry Chilliak Realty Inc. that exponentially boosts its effectiveness.

Whether it is empty nesters, newlyweds or young families, the team of Barry, Sandy and Spencer Chilliak will be able to help their clients be successful with their transaction. “After years of serving Saskatoon, we know how to help people buy or sell a property. We know what works,” says Barry. “We prefer a personal touch and a team approach.” That philosophy gives the Chilliaks the flexibility they need to meet the diverse needs of their clients. It allows them to be available to show or view properties whenever necessary, and provide their clients with the latest information when they need it. Barry and Sandy can offer more than 60 years of combined experience,




the unique perspectives of both genders, and, with son Spencer now on board, stay plugged into the evolving needs and lifestyles of today’s younger generation. The Chilliak team believes their distinct perspectives give their clients a huge advantage when it comes to communication—which is critical when people are doing business together. “Our goal is to offer services to meet every demographic, from young firsttime homebuyers to established couples or singles and the retired,” says Barry. “We will match our clients with an agent that really understands them.” Sandy says younger clients tend to gravitate toward Spencer because he speaks their digital language, so to speak, working text messages while finishing a contract on his tablet device. Of course

Barry and Sandy are linked in as well, but are also comfortable finishing a deal the old-fashioned way with a long-time client. The two full-time office staff members, Amanda and Sue, efficiently handle the paperwork advertising and social networking needs. Barry Chilliak Realty Inc. works in partnership with CENTURY 21 Fusion Realty Ltd. That gives them access to industry-leading Internet marketing, the largest referral network in the world and the high-tech conveniences of the recently opened Fusion office in Stonebridge. The innovations available to the Chilliak team are a huge edge for clients, who benefit from access to high-definition, full screen listing galleries, a comprehensive marketing package and an up-to-date comparative market analysis.

Barry Chilliak Realty has given their clients more AIR MILES than any other CENTURY 21 office in Canada, and is the winner of the Grand Centurion Award—the highest award achieved in the CENTURY 21 system. The team approach of Barry Chilliak Realty Inc. proves there is a difference in real estate.FHS

Barry Chilliak Realty Inc. 210-310 Wellman Lane Saskatoon 306.653.8222 Fax 306.242.5503 Barry 306.221.2506 Sandy 306.229.9914 Spencer 306.280.7700 chilliakrealty@gmail.com bchilliak@aol.com www.chilliakrealty.com

ExpEriEncEd rEALTOr® Attributes Success to Building Trust with clients by Erin LEgg Photos AimEE LAurEn LEsLiE


n the real estate world, there are a few constants: your hard earned money, your precious time, and your emotions. Finding an agent you trust to manage these constants is essential. Award-winning agent Kari Calder operates her business with integrity. Committed to educating her clients, proving reliability, and helping people achieve their goals are all things Kari takes seriously. As a member of Trusted Saskatoon, an organization promoting reputable local businesses, Kari continues to exceed the thresholds of excellence to which the organization upholds its members. In fact, Kari is




one of only three real estate agents in Saskatoon to be a member. With more than 600 agents in the city, it can be overwhelming when selecting which one is best for you. “About 75 per cent of my business comes from repeat referrals,” Kari smiles. “That speaks volumes. Anybody can put out an ad and get business, but if the client is not happy with the service or if they feel they can’t trust their agent, they’re not going to trust their family and friends with them.” For the past five-and-half-years, more than 350 people have bought or sold a property with Kari. “I do not take on more clients or listings than I can

properly serve, because it is the quality of the service I give, not the quantity, that keeps the referrals coming.” Her clients come from many backgrounds and each have their own needs and wants. “I’m proud to have a variety of people that I work with. I am able to do so because of my life experience—I’ve travelled a ton—and the age that I am,” Kari explains. “The lowest purchase price I’ve helped people with is a $25,000 trailer. The highest: $1 million. I help a variety of clients, but I don’t treat them differently. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what walk of life you come from,

the Thumbs up by

What Kari's clients are saying Kari took the extra time necessary to help two first time home buyers on their quest to finding the perfect fit. Her warmth and obvious love of what she does shines through in all of her client interactions. We couldn't be more supportive of Kari as a realtor and new friend! Carla Angelski Kari used her skills wisely while working for us. Her experience and knowledge of the Saskatoon real estate market made the sale of our house quick and pain-free. Rod and Dawn F.

Notable Achievements Centurion Producer of the Year: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 Double Centurion Producer of the Year: 2011 Century 21 Fusion Top Female Producer: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012

OPPOsiTE PAgE Kari Calder and Cynthia Sotnikow

what you’re purchasing or selling—everyone’s equal. It’s your castle, whether it’s a trailer or a million dollar house.” To navigate the dynamic world of real estate, whether you are a buying a home or selling, it is essential to have a trusted agent to make the process less overwhelming and more beneficial. “Something I’ve learned through all my years of working with people is to make the process as simple and as easy as possible.” Give Kari a call and discuss your needs with a professional you can trust. FHS

TRUSTED Saskatoon.com

Kari Calder, REALTOR® Century 21 Fusion 306.717.1277 kari@saskatoonrealestate.net www.saskatoonrealestate.net

Your SaSkatoon Full Service real eState team PhotoS Jennifer Allen and CelestiAl PhotogrAPhy


ith a customized approach to marketing, specialized service, hard work and genuine attitudes, real estate professionals Jennifer Allen, Kimberlee Matheson and Rebecca Mclean make buying and selling properties easy for Saskatoon and area residents. 2012 was another successful year for these CENTURY 21 agents. Both Jennifer and Kimberlee expanded their families, and Rebecca celebrated an engagement. It was also another year of growth in their




business. This is thanks to the continued determination for success they apply to their work each and every day. Referrals from clients, friends and family are an indication of the service they provide. If you’re looking for a new home, Jennifer, Kimberlee and Rebecca can provide you with several options. These realtors use a personalized approach when working with clients who are buying or selling a home. Connecting with people is an essential component to any real estate transaction. The sellers of 91

Cathedral Bluff Place are appreciative of the hard work and dedication to representing them through the selling process. “We looked long and hard to find the perfect real estate agent to represent us in the sale of our home and feel that the full time resources offered by Kimberlee and Jennifer is exactly the partnership we were looking for,” note Simon and Raegan. “They are a hard working, professional team with a great attention to detail. We feel confident that their knowledge is invaluable to both us and any prospective purchaser.”

Please join Jennifer, Kimberlee and Rebecca on March 24 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to view this stunning home in person. 91 Cathedral Bluff Place is just the home for your prestigious living. Listed at $795,900 MLS, this gorgeous property boasts over 3,500 square feet of completed living space. The well-laid out main floor plan features two bedrooms and a den, including your dream master suite with a three piece bathroom and walk-in closet. Open concept living with the kitchen, dining and family rooms lead to the large covered deck with Southern exposure. In the basement, you’ll find two bedrooms, a large family room, games area, option for a wet bar and a four piece bathroom. Some upgrades include granite countertops, heated tile bathroom floors, “Picasso” hardwood floors, surround sound wired throughout the house, deck, attached four car garage, and so much more. This house sits on five acres of land, including a gravel driveway, fire pit and trees. For more information on their customized marketing services call today or visit www.century21.ca/jennifer.allen. FHS

210-310 Wellman Lane Saskatoon ABOVE RIGHT L-R Kimberlee Matheson, Rebecca Mclean, Jennifer Allen

We looked long and hard to find the perfect real estate agent to represent us in the sale of our home. The full-time resource offered by Kimberlee and Jennifer is exactly the partnership we were looking for. They are a hard working, professional team with a great attention to detail that have demonstrated all of the skills we were looking for in a realtor. We feel confident that their knowledge is invaluable to both us and any prospective purchaser and are extremely pleased with their work for us to date. --Simon and Raegan




CENTURY 21 FUsioN: Looking to your future bY Trina annand


ince 1995 Jo-Anne Larre has been dedicated to helping CENTURY 21 Fusion clients find a home they love. Larre’s specialty is working with first time home buyers. The mother of four cares personally for each client. “If I wouldn’t put my kids into a property, I’m sure not going to put someone else’s family into it.” Larre remarks that the key for first time home buyers is education. With each client Larre has a buyer’s interview in which she discusses what the client is looking for, what they can afford, makes sure they have a pre-approved mortgage and helps them determine which properties they would like to see. By working through this process Larre is able to help her clients find just the right home. In her words, “Let the Realtor® do all the work. I take regular training sessions so that I can stay up to date with




changes in market trends and conditions, as well as municipal, provincial and federal regulations dealing with the real estate market.” This education helps Larre streamline the buying process and get you into a home more quickly. Larre has joined forces on an exciting project with Tyler Grand, another award winning member of the CENTURY 21 Fusion team. The newly renovated condos at 2707 – 7th Street feature an open floor plan, completely modern finishes and fixtures at accessible prices from $144,900 to $214,900. Ranging in size from 441 – 1137 square feet they are perfect for the new buyers, clients who are downsizing, and young professionals alike. Grand is not only a Realtor® on this project, but also one of the contractors renovating the units through his company Grand Estates.

Grand has been a Realtor® for four years and in each of the last three years he has been in CENTURY 21’s top ten for production. He accredits his success to his desire for client satisfaction. “I was brought up with certain values. One of them being; I treat people the way I would like to be treated”, says Grand. The young Realtor® specializes in finding his clients revenue properties and “fixeruppers” that with a small amount of work can produce a return in equity. For Grand, the transition from saving single family homes to a rejuvenation of the multi-unit complex on 7th Street seemed like a logical progression. The unique masonry building is located just steps from the 8th Street shopping district, many nearby parks and is a stone’s throw from the University of Saskatchewan. One of the most interesting features of the property for

Left Tyler Grand Right Jo-Anne Larre

Grand was the potential for a rooftop terrace, something not available anywhere in the area. There are currently seven units on the market with more being added as they are renovated. The high-end design includes features normally found in more expensive properties. Larre remarks that first time buyers often want homes with high end features that they can’t afford on first time financing—by purchasing one of these units the client gets the best of both worlds. FHS

CENTURY 21 Fusion Jo-Anne Larre 306.716.3473 joanne.larre@century21.ca www.century21.ca/joanne.larre Tyler Grand 306.341.3776 tyler.grande@century21.ca www.grandestatesrealty.com

LocaL ReaLtoRs® Making a gLobaL DiffeRence By Devin Pacholik


acqueline and Derrick Chilliak, real estate professionals with Century 21 Fusion, discuss their passion in making people happy. For years, the two have used their success to give back to local and global communities: Easter Seals and World Vision Child Sponsorship.




“Our job gives us the chance to do what we love: to make a difference in the world. Professionally, we have the unique opportunity to help people realize their dreams and personally it allows us to change the world, one child at a time,” says Jacqueline.

Through World Vision Child Sponsorship, the Chilliaks are committed to sponsoring 19 third world children in 13 countries. For them the choice to give back is simple. “We believe that life isn’t about personal gain. It is about making a lasting difference to someone. We have so much and these

kids literally have nothing. It takes just a small amount of money a month to banish such helplessness and provide a child hope.” Easter Seals, their local charity of choice, gives assistance to disabled children. The Chilliaks are active in company fundraising events, including the 24 Hour Relay, golf tournaments, mock casino nights and the Drop Zone, a 24-story repel down the side of a building. Jacqueline recalls her drop zone experience: “I was terrified but I learned how to conquer my fear and go for it, which is what disabled kids do every day.” Making personal connections is what the Chilliaks’ business is based upon. The duo says, “Quality service means asking, ‘What is it we can do to make your real estate experience easier?’” Their 45 years of award-winning experience gives them an edge when it comes to finding personalized solutions, but their empathetic approach to life

allows them to be honest and caring with clients. “People have lots of memories invested in homes and reasons for selling and buying are many. That’s why we listen, understand and internalize our client’s needs. It helps to create a worryfree experience,” says Jacqueline. Take the process of easing clients into their new home. “Often we’ll provide supper on move-in day. Everyone knows how stressful it is, especially if there are young kids. This small gesture allows people to take a breather for a short time,” explains Jacqueline. Derrick says, “Elderly clients often need a little extra help with understanding the process or getting to appointments, so if I can take that time to assist them it provides them peace of mind.” In addition to standard services agents provide, the Chilliaks also display homes on Century 21’s national award winning site (www.century21.ca), assist with staging, host new listing Realtor launch events, award Air Miles to clients and

for referrals, and provide unique industry insights through the company’s weekly home caravan. Jacqueline says, “Our caravan provides immediate feedback to clients, allowing for strategic changes which aids in increased selling potential.” For more information on Jacqueline and Derrick Chilliak, please visit www.chilliakhomes.com. For more information how you can help make a difference, please visit www. worldvision.ca and www.abilitiescouncil. sk.ca. FHS

Jacqueline Chilliak , REALTOR® 306.222.7211 Derrick Chilliak , REALTOR® 306.230.6919 www.chilliakhomes.com




Luxury, InnovatIon and CreatIon By Nykea Marie Behiel Photos heather Fritz


fter building houses all his life, Bruce Farbacher decided to start his own business with a commitment to exceptional customer service while defining new standards of luxury. Since 2004, Norwood Developments has been doing exactly that. Bruce’s wife, Svetlana Baklanova, is a perfect addition to the company. Since shortly after the company’s inauguration, Svetlana has become an integral part




of Norwood Developments. Clients of Norwood feel both thrilled and lucky to get these two talented people in one package. Equipped with a degree in fashion design and engineering from Russia, Svetlana’s skills are a perfect supplementation to Bruce’s skilled craftsmanship. Bruce has earned a legacy for his detailed work and ability to perform intricate tasks. Coming from Russia and having a unique educational background, Svetlana contributes to the creative side of the

process. She works with the planning from blueprint to conclusion with furniture and home accents. Bruce is also very grateful to have a talented and dedicated site manager, Ian McArthur. The people behind Norwood are proud to leave their mark on each of their projects after creating something outside of the ordinary. While Norwood has left a trail of happy customers, the team has kept the company small. When you call Norwood, you speak to the owner. Because you

Bruce Farbacher and Svetlana Baklanova at new showhome at 139 Pickard Bay

convey your desires directly to Bruce or Svetlana, your voice is always the most prominent in the process. The most important thing to Norwood is that you get the exact home you want, though they will offer you plenty of ideas and expertise throughout the process. Many products and services that are considered upgrades by other companies come included with Norwood Developments. “Even if people don’t choose Norwood, I hope they will spend time researching the company of their choice. With over 200 builders in Saskatoon, clients need to inspect a builder’s work and call their references. It is very important,” says Bruce. Looking at a Norwood house, the quality work is obvious. “None of our houses are just a box,” says Svetlana. Their blueprints are a unique fusion of innovation, elegance and functionality.

Norwood has several lots and houses in Evergreen, Hampton Village and acreage areas in Mission Ridge. They also have a new show home in Willowgrove at 139 Pickard Bay that will be completed this March. Whether you prefer to be nestled into a green area with lots of walking paths or a few minutes outside of the city for your oasis, Bruce and Svetlana can help you create your ideal home. The home at 139 Pickard Bay is creative and non-traditional, from the multicolored driveway through to the unique house shape on the large pie-shaped lot. With the garage at an angle on the side, the backyard has plenty of room to accommodate a deck, garden, large swimming pool and still leave room to spare. “This home is a combination of modern and classic. It is absolutely timeless and features a unique layout,” explains Svetlana.

With granite countertops, porcelain tiling, bulkheads and rope lighting, every area of the house is built to impress. Heated flooring in the kitchen and all three bedrooms create a cozy, homey atmosphere, while the three-sided glass fireplace in the living area can be enjoyed from all angles. What is perhaps most striking are the windows—light pours in from every direction, and you have a near panoramic view of the outdoors. Parts of the master bedroom, en suite and walk-in closet also come equipped with custom cabinetry. “This beautiful cabinetry helps release the bedroom from furniture,” says Svetlana. Conveniently located upstairs and attached to the en suite, the laundry room has a second entrance from the hallway. This one-of-a-kind home features Capella Cabinetry, as do all Norwood homes. Bruce and Svetlana appreciate




Capella’s unrivalled workmanship and commitment to quality. Norwood Developments always constructs homes with waterproof foundation, ensuring that you will not have to invest time and money in a surprise disaster years down the road. They also always include zone heating to help reduce your impact on the environment and your heating bill, not to mention the convenience. As the house wraps up its final stages, more pictures will be posted at www.norwoodhomes.ca. A home that exemplifies their completed work is the Arnold’s home in Evergreen. “We’re absolutely thrilled with our house. It was simple because Bruce and Svetlana made it simple. We looked for a house for




a long time, walked through many show homes, but after the first time I saw one of their homes, I told my husband he had to come see it. When he walked in he said, ‘they need to build our house.’ They built this house as if it was their own,” effuses Kim Arnold.

the entranceway into the open living space. Central to where you walk in is a beautiful winding staircase. “This staircase is the first of its kind in Saskatoon, where the stringer and steps go directly into the wall,” explains Svetlana. Norwood is frequently pioneering new ideas in both structure and design.

Approaching the house you can see how important aesthetics are. “It’s very important to tie together the inside and the outside of the home,” says Svetlana. Stepping into the large entranceway, the home is breathtaking. The extremely high ceilings are recessed in layers to create volume. While there is plenty of practical closet space in the entry, it is conveniently tucked away behind looming doors. The dark wood floors are vast, spanning past

The kitchen is perhaps the most impressive. “Our kitchens are luxurious. The amount of lighting and invention in the design gives it a different feel right when you walk in,” says Svetlana. The lighting is soft and intimate, with many recessed lights hidden throughout the kitchen. The task lighting illuminates essential areas for convenient contrast. Near the floor and ceiling are backlit glass tiles, a design pioneered by Bruce.

The basement is a spectacular place to entertain. With the leather-looking granite bar centered in the room rather than pushed into a corner, guests have a large, flowing area to socialize. To create the atmosphere of a home theatre, the centre part of the ceiling is sloped, accented with a darker color and illuminated with soft lights. “As a fashion designer, I always try to do something untraditional and unique. Bruce is very, very good with the construction—we make a good team.” “All areas of the house are engaged together. Every house we build, we always make timeless, trying to avoid trendy elements, unless this is a specific customer request. We use absolutely

everything to the advantage of the client and always avoid useless space.” In Norwood’s designs, areas where the roof could have just been sealed are recessed to include lights that enhance the stone or art on the walls. While there is always room to personalize your space, Norwood helps to create artistry in the actual design. Their homes are works of art, and don’t need to be constantly updated and filled with decorative pieces. Bruce has been refining his building skills for his entire life, and has a breadth of knowledge and unique ideas to craft an innovative space for you. With his craftsmanship and Svetlana’s knack for creative blueprints and home décor, Norwood will build a perfect one-of-a-

kind space just for you. “We don’t build cookie cutters, we build custom homes.” “I’m so thankful to all the great trades people we work with,” says Bruce. “Without them Norwood wouldn’t be possible. They do incredible work, and we’ve become friends with many of them.” Norwood and its extended team are grateful to have the opportunity to build inspiring homes for visionary clients. FHS Norwood Developments 1725 Richardson Road, Saskatoon Bruce Farbacher 306.229.9237 Svetlana Baklanova 306.229.0871 norwood@sasktel.net www.norwoodhomes.ca




tse o l ak

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lule at c Ex ilab a Av

Your Plan–Your Budget–Your Way You Deserve It–Isn’t it Time? • The World's Largest Custom Cedar Home Manufacturer • The Industry's Only Lifetime Structural Warranty • 68 Years of Building Experience… 60,000 Homes Says it All

• serving Western canada

802B Circle Dr. East | Saskatoon (one block west of Warman Rd) 306.934.6666 | 1.888.505.1337 lindalcedarhomes@sasktel.net | www.Lindal.com/PrairieCedarHomes

Independently Distributed by Prairie Cedar Homes

Who Hires Mike Gustus and The Gustus Group Real Estate Associates? In general, here are the people who most frequently hIre mIke gustus and the gustus group real estate assocIates and why… CEO’s, EXECUTIVEs, BUsINEss OWNERs Why? Because their businesses are “Teams,” so they understand and appreciate Mike Gustus’ Team System. Those people are accustomed to bringing people who play different, specialized roles together as a team, and know it to be the most productive approach to complex situations– rather than having one person trying to juggle all the balls, wear all the hats. They know from their own experience that no one person can be good at everything. sALEs PROFEssIONALs & MARKETING ORIENTED ENTREPENEURs Why? They quickly recognize the superiority of Mike Gustus’ sophisticated System for selling homes as quickly as possible, for top dollar. They have the background and experience to understand the power of the multi-media, multi-step System that Mike has perfected. They respect the fact that over 600 other real estate agents from all over the Saskatoon area respect Mike’s marketing System. Over 100 agents – including top producers - from all over North America brainstorm on how to market homes in their home market areas! Quite simply, they know that The Gustus Group Real Estate Associates, using these systems, do more things simultaneously to get their home sold. EXCEPTIONALLY BUsY COUPLEs Why? Because Mike Gustus’ System features methods of marketing and selling their homes that minimizes their involvement and inconvenience. For example, the www.everydayopenhousesaskatoon.com, in place of ordinary open houses, reduces the amount of time their home is “open to the public.” Mike Gustus’ preselection and qualifying process reduces the number of people who troop in and out of the home with no real interest in it or ability to buy it immediately.

DOCTORs, HOsPITAL ADMINIsTRATORs & NURsEs Why? Like the executives, they are thoroughly familiar with the benefits of a Team Approach. It is the way they work all the time. PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT REAL EsTATE INVEsTORs OR EXPERTs Why? Most successful people have become expert in what they do, in their occupation, profession or business. They have not had the time or inclination to also become experts in finance, investments and real estate law. They do not want a rookie or a part time dabbler handling one of the most significant financial transactions of their lives. They want someone who is a leading authority and globally recognized expert with many years of successful experience supervising every aspect of the sale of their home. In short, they want the best person they can get. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR “DO-OVERs” Why? Mike tends to attract the client who wants it done right the first time. That’s because The Gustus Group sells the homes they list in 16 days faster than the MLS® averages. If you hire the wrong agent, after weeks or even months go by without your home being sold, you have to get rid of that agent and start all over again with a new agent. Many sellers go through three before getting their home finally sold – and then they tend to compromise their price severely. The homeowner who is determined to get it right the first time compares Mike’s track record to others, and makes the obvious choice.

If you need your home sold, call Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with us you can CANCEL anytime…

Willowgrove Client Comment…

THE GUsTUs GROUP 668-1800 1110 – 3530 millar avenue saskatoon, sk s7p 0B6

“I called Mike Gustus and The Gustus Group because of the outstanding service promise that I could cancel anytime if I was not satisfied. From the start to finish The Gustus Group service did a specialized job. I felt it was an outstanding experience compared to others I have had. I have already recommended The Gustus Group to others”. Y.L.

Original, Handcrafted dream HOmes by Brook ThalgoTT pHOtOs heaTher friTz


ocated just 35 minutes from Saskatoon, Back Country Log Homes designs and builds custom log homes in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Owner Jeff Esau prides himself in building beautiful, quality homes through his exacting workmanship. “We take care with every project we build,” says Jeff. “From the design through to construction, we




make sure every facet of the home is just the way our customer wants it.” Because of this commitment, Back Country Log Homes is earning a solid reputation in the custom log home construction industry. Log homes, small or large, are not only unique and beautiful, but also energyefficient. These homes can be built as a cottage or vacation home or as a full-time

residence—the choice is yours. The first step is considering what design works best for you. “It all begins with the design,” says Jeff. With every project, Back Country Log Homes provides design consultation with the customer. A successful design takes into account the building site itself, your lifestyle and your specific needs. Back Country Log Homes assists in developing

a quality home that meets your budget and vision. They will work with the designer of your choice to complete a detailed set of drawings. Once the design is complete, Jeff handles the project management, construction of log and timber structures, delivery and reassembly, and consultation with the necessary contractors. All of this is done while keeping you apprised, including costs and timelines, so you can confidently make informed decisions. Every Back Country log package is built from select B.C. Douglas fir, spruce or Western red cedar. Logs are individually selected and scribe fit in order to ensure the tightest fit possible. Door and window openings are cut, beveled, sanded and keywayed. Electrical outlets

and allowances are pre-cut on site and are ready for sub-trades. Log ends are finished and sanded. The log roof support system is constructed, and depending on the size, trusses are pre-assembled. When it’s ready for delivery, your home is numerically tagged and disassembled and onto a truck for delivery to your site. Once at the site, re-assembly typically takes three to seven days, depending on the size of your log package. Your log package is now complete and ready for sub trades. Not only does Jeff build entire log homes, but he also creates interesting log accents for more traditional homes. “We can add unique log accents for any home—be it log, timber frame, or conventional,” says Jeff. Back Country

can create log or timber trusses, roofs, entryways, stairways, railings, posts, beams and doors. No matter the home, they can combine a variety of log or timber components to create a beautiful design all your own. Back Country can also build timber frame homes, for those seeking a hybrid between a log home and more conventional construction. There’s a variety of wood species suitable for timber frame construction and the choice of species will have an effect on the design of your frame, as well as the size of the timbers used and overall cost. The design of your home and your frame are created together, as the floor plan plays an integral part in the timber bent system in your home. Jeff




Barry and Michelle first saw Jeff at work when he built a log cabin down the road from theirs at Hitchcock Bay. “We watched Jeff build our neighbour’s log cabin from the ground up, and then my dad had Jeff do some timber work for his cabin,” says Barry. “My dad was so impressed with Jeff’s work, and so were we.” Jeff collaborated on the home’s design with the Bartons, then built the timbers required for its construction. The Bartons were able to move in to their new home in the spring of 2012. Of their experience with Jeff and Back Country Log Homes, Barry and Michelle have nothing but praise. “Jeff is a true craftsman, something that is rare these days,” says Michelle. “Not only is the quality of his work exceptional, he’s a dream to work with. He’s fair, honest and upfront through the entire building process.”

works with you, your designer and contractor to help create your foundation, timber frame and floor plans. Once the design process is complete, Back Country Log Homes will cut your frame at its facility. Timbers are carefully cut and joints pre-fit before the components are shipped to your site for re-assembly. Customers Barry and Michelle Barton know firsthand how Back Country designs and builds a timber hybrid home. Barry and Michelle built their four bedroom, three level home on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River at Outlook. “We always wanted a home on the river,” says Michelle. “Jeff helped us make that dream a reality.”




The Bartons have been in their home for nearly a year, and there’s nothing they would change. “Jeff’s work really makes our home stand out,” says Michelle. “We get so many compliments about the timber work. We’d recommend Back Country Log Homes to anyone looking at having timber work done.” True craftsmanship and quality service don’t often go handin-hand these days. Jeff Esau and Back Country Log Homes are a standout exception. To learn more about what Back Country can do for your project—home, cabin, or accent—visit backcountryloghomes.ca or call Jeff at 306.493.2448. FHS Back Country Log Homes 306.493.2448 Saskatoon www.backcountryloghomes.ca info@backcountryloghomes.ca

TK Homes

“Your Dream, Our Pride” Visit show home extraordinaire at 527 Hastings Crescent Lots available for walkouts, executive builds, starter home. Call now to custom build to suit your needs.



Kris 306.221.7060

Saskatoon Home Builders’ Association

306. 380.7150 | tkhomes@sasktel.net | www.tkhomes.ca

Danielle and Brian Pierce with their family

Prairie Castle: Building Dreams One Home at a Time By Trina annand Photos danielle larson


rian and Danielle Pierce want to build your new home. Backed by 22 years of experience in housing, Prairie Castle Developments is the perfect one-stop shop for your home building needs. With nine employees, the company is personally dedicated to hands-on customer service. “We are small enough that we are able to give more attention to our clients,” remarks Brian, who has been in construction his whole professional life.




Prairie Castle has constructed both entry level and dream homes over the last six years, but their specialty is their custom built homes. “I like making dreams; moving from paper to reality,” says Danielle. Brian and Danielle are your home experts. Whether planning floor plans or paint colours, together they are the perfect team. With each project taking between four to six months to complete, home planning begins with a design consultation where the duo tailors a plan to suit the client’s

needs and budget. During the meetings, Danielle and Brian discuss everything from size and exteriors to room styles and home furnishings. Once they find out what the client wants, they meet with drafts people to create the plan. This planning process can take as little as a few weeks to complete, or as many as six, depending on whether you choose an existing plan or a completely custom home. Once the plan arrives and final changes are made, shopping with Danielle begins—her favourite part of the project.

The premise behind their way of working is simple. “Everything in our society today is instant, but our philosophy is ‘anything worthwhile takes time,’” says Danielle. Prairie Castle is not interested in slapping homes together and moving on to the next client; they want to get everything just right. This philosophy clearly works. With numerous happy clients to their credit, Prairie Castle Developments is flourishing. “Brian and Danielle built my wife (Erin) and I a new home last year,” says Mike Bohach. “This was our first experience with a home builder and we weren’t sure what to expect. They were awesome to deal with. Danielle was extremely helpful with colours and design, while Brian was great with any changes or questions we had. We would undoubtedly use them again!” The level of attention each Prairie Castle home receives is most evident in their newest home at 115 Kinsmen Crescent in Martensville. The 1,640 square foot home—currently on the market for $529,900—features high-end finishes, such as ceramic tile and hardwood floors throughout. The crowning feature of this home is the spacious kitchen, with its high ceilings, glass mosaic backsplash, designer lighting, maple cabinets and granite countertops. In this home, Danielle and Brian’s creative space planning is put to good use, with a large open concept, light and bright first floor, perfect for entertaining and a laundry room located near the bedrooms for convenience. The home also includes a modern efficient, ENERGY STAR appliance package and a large, two-car garage. This three bedroom, two bath home is located in the perfect setting for families: close to walking trails, schools and a pool. “Building homes is our passion, but it’s not just about a business, it’s about family,” remarks Brian. Family life is very important for Danielle and Brian. The parents of two are careful not to allow their business life to dominate their home life. “Our business is demanding, but we believe in a balanced life. We want to keep our values in check at home and in the community,” remarks Danielle. This family and work balance is what drives Prairie Castle to create homes that are stress-free and

work for their clients. With their strong emphasis on family values and customer service, it is easy to feel at home working with Prairie Castle. For Danielle and Brian their job is about more than merely building homes, it is about building relationships and satisfying all their customers’ needs. “Building a home for a customer is about making people happy, putting in the extra effort to make a great home,” says Brian. They give a lot of credit for their success to all the great employees and tradesmen they work with saying, “We know a company is only as good as the people supporting it.” One staff member who has worked with the couple for 12 years is Brinn Rudoski. “When I was a kid, they took me under their wings and taught me everything I know about carpentry, construction and customer service. We can all be proud at the end of the day that we did our best,” says Rudoski. Prairie Castle Developments is so dedicated to customer service and




quality assurance they offer the most comprehensive warranty package available. “We are more concerned with quality than quantity, and firmly believe that if we take care of the customer the business will take care of itself. Making sure that quality is not sacrificed, we will never over-promise and under-deliver,” remarks the duo. The warranty even includes two service visits during the first year of home ownership to assure the quality of the home is up to Prairie Castle’s standards of excellence. All of Prairie Castle’s homes have a strong sense of design regardless of budget. Danielle’s designs are cohesive from the outside in. Another key feature of the home on 115 Kinsmen Crescent is the back deck which is clad in porcelain tiles, similar to the interior of the home. Even elements like the trim around the exterior of the windows are taken into consideration when designing a Prairie Castle home. Their newest home even features antiqued hardware inside that

matches the exterior accent choices. For a Prairie Castle Home, no detail is too small. In the future Prairie Castle hopes to expand their business to help more clients build their dreams, all while maintaining the family feel of the business. If you are planning on building a home in Saskatoon, you want a Prairie Castle. Prairie Castle Developments also does custom RTM homes. Contact them to find out more about their competitive pricing and quality work. FHS

Prairie Castle Developments info@prairiecastle.com www.prairiecastle.com For more information on 115 Kinsmen Crescent, home search MLS ID 452016

Ivan Toledo, Susan Toledo

Team Toledo: moving You… inTo The FuTure oF real esTaTe by Paul Sinkewicz


uying or selling real estate is one of the biggest decisions most people will make in their lives, and Saskatoon realtors Ivan and Susan Toledo provide all options in the market and build a close relationship with their clients to bring this important transaction to a successful completion. “Our relationships mean everything to us. We believe our philosophy of striving for excellence with each and every one of our clients makes the difference.”




Patience and good communication are two huge factors in making the right choice. “We strive to excel in listening to our clients’ needs and understanding the ‘why’ in their buying or selling decision before offering them the ‘what’ in housing options,” says Susan. Empowering people to embrace becoming homeowners is one of the most rewarding aspects of the business for the Toledos. “When you truly love what you do it’s easy to help our clients navigate these experiences,” says Susan.

The Toledos have more than 43 years of combined experience. It’s comforting for clients to know they’re working with professionals who have seen it all in real estate; from 13 per cent mortgage rates in the 90s, to competing against dozens of other offers during the Saskaboom a few years ago. Ivan notes it is this valuable experience that helps the Toledo Team navigate the challenges that come with the massive growth the province is now experiencing. Whether it is finding

affordable, entry-level housing, finding unique infill development opportunities, investing in one of the established areas of the city, or being part of the growth of new neighbourhoods in Saskatoon, clients have diverse needs—and experience counts. “One of the aspects of our practice that we take pride in is our level of integrity,” says Ivan. “People really don’t want ‘fluff.’ They want the truth, presented in a professional, caring manner.” The Toledos are members of the Re/ Max Hall of Fame, have earned the rare and prestigious Re/Max Lifetime Achievement Award, the Chairman’s Club Award, and multiple Platinum Club awards for being one of the most successful teams in Saskatoon. “We believe our service is second to none,” says Susan. “From our initial interview, to answering all our clients’ questions in regards to competitive mortgage broker services, affordable lawyers, supplying reputable contractors or reliable home inspection services, we aim to meet our clients’ needs at every step of the way of the transaction. We find that this aspect of our service all but eliminates any fear or ‘second guessing’ that a client may experience during the process.” “We were initially drawn to Team Toledo by their warmth and enthusiasm,” says Segun and Felicia, a couple who recently worked with the Toledos. “We quickly discovered that they are quite knowledgeable and constantly exhibit a high level of professionalism. They are indeed a real estate team you can count on to look after your best interests.” Aida Seimens, another satisfied client, summed up her experience this way: “Honest, dependable and personable.” It’s testimonials like these that keep Team Toledo going. Repeat customers and referrals are the foundation of their business. They put high value on the agent-client relationship, and hope to keep building the future of the Saskatoon real estate culture the right way. FHS Team Toldeo, Re/Max REALTORS® Susan Toledo, 306.241.8670 Ivan Toledo, 306.241.8671 www.toledo.ca TeamToledoRemaxSaskatoon

Owners Bob and Dave Pawluk

Find the neighbourhood For your LiFestyLe By Nykea Marie Behiel Photos DaNielle larsoN


rothers Dave and Bob Pawluk, long time residents of Saskatoon, decided to combine their years of building expertise by starting Pawluk Homes in 2008. With a dedication to the industry and a passion for craftsmanship, the brothers and their team have built many styles of homes to elite standards in Saskatoon and surrounding area. Their team, consisting of the brothers, Raichelle Robinson, Rachel Jones and Arlene Hretsina, is passionate about working with their clients to create their dream home while staying within the




confines of their budget. “We cater to the needs of our customers, whatever their budget or lifestyle,” says Arlene, head of customer relations and sales. Arlene helps walk customers through the process of building their home. “I just make sure everyone is well taken of. They can call me with any of their concerns.” This dedication to exemplary customer service is the reason for Pawluk’s growth and success. Raichelle is Pawluk’s exclusive realtor. She is involved largely in the sales and the marketing of their homes. Rachel completes all the design work and staging of the show homes. Bob is the site superintendent who oversees

all the projects and ensures they are completed on time, while Dave is the construction coordinator who is involved in estimating the projects. This cohesive team works together to ensure everything is taken care of— from the broad strokes through to the most minute detail. “We’re a small family company, so no one gets lost in the shuffle. We pay attention to each of our customers’ specific needs,” says Dave. Pawluk Homes is a member of the Saskatoon and Region Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the Better Business Bureau. They are also ENERGY STAR certified.

Pawluk Homes stands behind their work by providing a full one-year warranty, and to protect the investment further there is also a two-year mechanical warranty, five-year foundation and a 10-year structural defect warranty. “After years of being in the industry, we have developed strong, symbiotic relationships with high quality local contractors with excellent skills who have the same vision and goal as we do. These guys are the most important people on our team,” says Dave. While Pawluk hires only people they know and trust, they also oversee the entire process to ensure it meets their high standards. We’re really proud to have a great team, people who take pride in their workmanship. That passion is reflected in the end product,” says Bob. Evergreen is just one subdivision where Pawluk Homes has lots available. This neighbourhood has city conveniences and quaint shops within walking distance of your home. The streetlights are LED, which means they are energy efficient and work to reduce light pollution in Saskatoon. This eco-conscious neighbourhood is filled with walking paths and greenery.

At 662 Atton Crescent, the team at Pawluk have put together a wellappointed bungalow. Nestled into the heart of Evergreen, this home features a large window at the rear of the home that provides the perfect view of the massive 50-year-old Scots Pine trees the community is named after. This remarkable property also includes a covered back deck, perfect for sunny days and rainy ones alike. The spacious kitchen comes equipped with a walk-in pantry, large island and an elegant breakfast bar. Complete with custom maple cabinets, granite countertops and a full appliance package, this home comes with all the luxury finishings. “Pawluk standards have the upgrade finishes which you would normally pay extra for,” says Raichelle. The living area is open and roomy, with 10 feet vaulted ceilings, a gas fireplace and plenty of windows to keep the room bright and happy. While the house has plenty of functional space for storage with well-planned closets and nooks,

the master bedroom is pure luxury. The large room features a roomy en suite with a soaker tub and a separate tiled shower. Perhaps most importantly, the master also features a large, glorious walk-in closet. Rockwood in Warman is synonymous with family-oriented and safe living. Offering all the conveniences of Saskatoon with small town values and without the traffic, this neighbourhood has taken off. The gorgeous show home Pawluk is showcasing at 415 Golden Willow Way is only half a block from a pristine lake and 12-acre park. As part of the Wish Home Lottery, this home has hardwood floors throughout the home, providing a warm, characterfilled ambiance. The kitchen has a fusion of modern elegance and functionality, complete with granite countertops and ceramic tiled floors. With a large walk-in corner pantry, maple cabinets and plenty of counter space, this space is great for entertaining and comfortable meal preparation. The large master features

an en suite, and the other bedrooms are spacious with plush carpets. The covered rear veranda and back deck are a great way to extend your outdoor season when the days start to get a little shorter. Premium vinyl and stone craftsmanship on the exterior mean the outside of the house is as unique and alluring as the inside. Pawluk also has lots to offer in some of the other most coveted neighbourhoods in Saskatoon. Rosewood and Hampton Village both offer a unique twist on simple and dynamic lifestyles. Rosewood merges natural appeal with the conveniences of modern life. Beautiful parks, extensive jogging paths, and picturesque village shops create a sense of community in this neighbourhood. Complete with extensive walkways and large green areas, Hampton Village is built around the Village Centre. Offering many different shapes of lots in this area, Pawluk Homes is proud to present the small town lifestyle right within the city. Of course, if you have a lot or unfinished project somewhere else, the team is always willing to take on a new opportunity. They’ve been a part of many great projects both inside and outside the city. If having an acreage or house outside city limits is important to you, Pawluk would love to be a part of your dreams. Whatever you’re looking for—whether you want to build your first family home, buy a house nearing completion or design your perfect retirement oasis— Pawluk Homes will work hard to get you exactly what you want. They want you to be involved in the exciting prospect of building your own home. “It’s really rewarding to see the details of the building process come to life. At the end of the day, it’s all about our customer. We take pride in the fact that we have excellent customer service,” says Bob. FHS www.PawlukHomes.ca Client Relations/Sales Arlene Hretsina 306.380.3135 arlene@pawlukhomes.ca General Inquires/Sales Raichelle Robinson 306.280.7770 sales@pawlukhomes.ca




A TAle of A True Audiophile “We are far too easily pleased.” —C.S. Lewis By Nykea Marie Behiel phoTos lisa laNdrie

David Puls, owner


omposers write music passionately, to engage people. Musicians want to convey their passion, but some sound systems are so poor, they just can’t translate that,” says David Puls, owner of Pulsworks Audio Arts. Many of us have come to expect the quality of music we hear on headphones from MP3 files, but David is exuberant about enhancing your sound experience.


“I open up a whole new dimension in sound with more articulation, more nuance.” Sitting in his audio or visual theatre for only a few moments, you will experience the difference.

“Bryston is an incredible company that stands behind their product. The sound they produce is stunning, remarkable,” says David. The company is committed to creating an audibly accurate and reliable

“I started recording over 30 years ago as an engineer. I always wanted to capture the artistry of the industry, but also the power of the instrument. I capture that sound, and I expect my sound system to be able to play it back.” The subtleties and layers in the music will satisfy your ears as you listen. With sound so big it fills the entire room, you’ll be amazed by the full-bodied clarity. “I’m not about pushing boxes out the door—I work with people so they can truly experience music. I put things together that work together.” The synergy is remarkable and unparalleled by other systems. David can offer an amazing sound experience regardless of budget and lifestyle.




David is proud to be a Bryston dealer. A company that has been pioneering some of the most advanced audio electronics for over 35 years, Bryston backs their products. Offering a 20-year warranty on analog products and five-year warranty for digital equipment, David is a strong advocate for this company.

product. Through extensive research and commitment to the industry, Bryston is able to offer a high calibre product that consistently performs well. “The DAC and digital player are absolutely fantastic.” Bryston’s state-ofthe-art external Stereo DAC (digital to analog converter), delivers magnificent sonic performance. The Bryston Model T Signature Loudspeaker was created with the intention of transporting the listener from their home to a live venue, and it does just that. “The Model T and Mini T are fabulous speakers,” assures David.

Pulsworks Trusted Brands With a head office in London England, Cambridge Audio has been boasting high quality audio equipment since 1968. This company takes great pride in their “sound first” principle—they use their knowledge, expertise and passion to make your music sound better. Pathos is the perfect combination of functionality and elegance. The modern and classy looking systems produce remarkable audio. The Italian craftsmanship is as pleasing to the eye as the full, round sound is to the ear. With a sleek and sexy appeal, MartinLogan speakers have a unique appearance with a tall, thin, transparent speaker. Founded by two men who share a passion for electrostatic speakers, MartinLogan has always sought after sonic purity. While you likely know how important the electronics are that play your music, have you ever given much thought to the cables connecting all the elements or the stand your player rests on? David, of course, has. Crystal Cable synthesizes sound and reduces distortion, at the same time as being an attractive solution to the common cord problem. While

visually sleek and appealing, Solid Tech stands offer an unhindered support for your audio equipment, allowing the music to sound how it is meant to sound. While it is difficult to convey the importance of a good sound system with words on a page, a few minutes with David will provide you with enough of an experience to know what you’re missing when it comes to sound. FHS Pulsworks Audio Arts 2009 Alberta Avenue Saskatoon 306.244.7857 david@pulsworks.com pulsworks.com

RIGHT Perry Kenke, owner

LocaL Home BuiLder recognized for QuaLity and Service by Erin LEgg Photos AimEE LAurEn LEsLiE


he 2012 housing starts in Saskatoon were an indication of the city’s ever-expanding population. With a similar rise expected for 2013, it is difficult to go anywhere without seeing new home construction. Local builder Perry Kenke owns and operates River Ridge Homes along with his wife Connie. Since 2002, River Ridge has created numerous beautiful homes within Saskatoon and its outlying areas. The strong demand for new homes in




preferred neighborhoods has kept Kenke and his team busy, always maintaining the foundations of River Ridge’s business: quality and value. As a custom home builder, Kenke says, “What sets us apart are the upgrades we do, the attention to details. When you buy a River Ridge custom home, upgrades we include are different types of mouldings, flooring packages, cabinet and countertop packages . . . even energy efficient windows and furnaces.”

Energy efficiency is something River Ridge strives for in its home construction. “Sometimes we have to educate our customers, because some clients are more focused on what type of interior finishes there are versus whether or not the home is energy efficient,” Kenke explains. “A lot of people don’t realize what the difference is between triple-E windows and double windows, or even the better brand name furnaces available. So we take the time to explain this.”

River Ridge is primarily a custom home builder. However, Kenke notes there is a growing demand in Saskatoon and its surrounding area for affordable new homes for first-time buyers. “That’s where we’re shifting our focus to, more entry-level affordable homes.”

began construction and finished it. We are very proud of it. The partnership with Ehrenburg worked very well.”

Of Saskatoon being one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, Kenke says, “A lot of people are coming to the province now ,tradespeople in the construction and the mining industry and new Canadians and they are looking for a good, quality-built entry-level home. This is where we see the bigger demand in the coming years.”

By cultivating mutual trust with likeminded companies and tradepeople, River Ridge has successfully expanded its building to outlying areas. “We do acreages and builds in small towns, too,” Kenke explains. “We’re in the process of developing some land in a community just outside of Saskatoon. We’ve worked with a lot of the same trades for the last 10 or 11 years. We’ve established relationships with them, and they do good, quality work and provide good service to our customers.”

A few years ago, River Ridge partnered with Ehrenburg Homes to develop Parkview Green in Saskatoon’s Pleasant Hill neighborhood. As part of the City of Saskatoon’s revitalization plan, the two home builders collaborated on two 12unit condominiums. “It was a very good experience,” says Kenke of that project. “It took us a couple of years from the time we started the process to the time we

Customer service is paramount to the philosophy behind River Ridge Homes. “Personalized service is very important to our customers. They’re not just dealing with a sales agent,” Kenke notes. “Our customers appreciate that and the features we put into the homes, the extra stuff that we do that some of the other companies don’t or that they charge a lot of extra money for.”

Kenke remains modest about his company’s award winning work. “Yes, we’ve won Bridges Awards for different things.” The Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association (SRHBA) Bridges Awards recognize excellence in residential construction. This is an association with which Kenke is involved. A well-established professional within the building industry, he has previously served on various local, provincial and national boards, including as president for the SRHBA. For a few years, Kenke also represented the province of Saskatchewan on the Technical Research Committee of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. Kenke has translated his experiences with these boards and applied this knowledge to further the success of his own company. River Ridge is a member of the SRHBA and the New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan Noting that River Ridge is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, Kenke adds, “We’re always looking for new

innovation and new products. We do a fair bit of work on interior designs, working with interior designers to give our homes a certain type of flair.” As a custom and an entry-level builder, River Ridge Homes creates living spaces for a variety of people. “On average, we create about 12 to 15 homes a year. Right now we’re building in Stonebridge, Evergreen and Rosewood.” When asked about his favourite part of the home building process, Kenke replies without hesitation, “Getting the plans together and bringing the concept to the actual completed stage. Once you get the home completed, it’s quite a good feeling.” For more information on the homes available by River Ridge or to discuss your plans, call Perry Kenke at 306.227.7220. FHS River Ridge Homes 306.227.7220 perry@riverridgehomes.ca www.riverridgehomes.ca


Available for immediate occupancy


$334,900 $439,900 NET GST INCL.


LIMITED TIME OFFER: select suites receive 2nd underground parking spot FREE* • • • • • •

1,000–1,300 sq. ft. Super sized balconies—room to breathe 9 ft. ceilings, granite counters throughout Dual in-floor radiant/forced air heat, central air Modern architecturally designed floor plans Acrylic stucco and stone exterior

• 6 new appliances, upgraded flooring/lighting • Car wash bay, fitness room, amenities room • Great location near walking paths, parks, retail and restaurants • Professionally decorated by Fresco Interiors




* Conditions apply. Call for details


An OriginAl ShOwcASe Of DeSign: Saskatoon’s Dream Home PHOTOS heather fritz


o dream of an inspiring concept and then transform it into reality‌ this is the basis for the show home on 527 Hastings Crescent in Rosewood. The creative team of Fresco Interiors Design Group Inc. and Master Builder TK Homes Ltd. have collaborated with the best of the best suppliers to bring you a stunning home with design concepts never before seen in Saskatoon.

Fresco Interiors’ design team

An expansive curved staircase with a dramatic central column greets you as you walk through the custom front door, giving you a sense of the magical details to come. Your eye is drawn to the light filled great room with stacked cubular windows and soaring coffered ceilings. The striking floor-to-ceiling black faux leather feature wall is a dramatic contrast against the custom furnishings… Fresco Interiors creates dream homes for builders, as well as individual clients building or renovating. “There is a wonderful energy when people allow us into their space… and such a fulfillment in working with the clients to uncover the home they’ve always dreamed of,” says principle designer Charlene Schumacher.

And that’s what 527 Hastings is: a dream home. “Every company involved in this project was completely dedicated to providing highquality workmanship,” Charlene says. “This home was meticulously crafted by Tony Johb of TK Homes Ltd. He’s a perfectionist and a sheer pleasure to work with.” Fresco Interiors’ team of five talented designers have backgrounds ranging from architectural to interior design. They are flexible to assist clients in every capacity, whether it’s a complete design plan or collaborating with the client’s own suppliers. Charlene invites you to visit her team at the new Fresco Interiors Design Center. Here you’ll find exclusive products as well

as custom artwork, furniture and drapery to offer each home a customized look. “We create furniture floor plans to infuse personality into each and every home.” “The Design Center is meant to inspire and rejuvenate,” says Charlene. “It’s all about finding the pieces that reflect your style and to ensure it flows together perfectly.” Fresco Interiors provided all interior design services as well as all custom furniture, drapery and artwork. See exciting design concepts at the Fresco Interiors booth at HomeStyles (booth 726, March 7–10). Fresco Interiors Design Group Inc. 40–710 Cynthia Street 306.933.3200 www.frescointeriors.ca




Karen and Tony Johb

At each turn, your eye is treated to another extraordinary feature. The layered three dimensional fireplace facade with pebbled and polished porcelain and the floating island bulkhead illuminating the ceiling are wonderful light reflecting details…. Quality homebuilding starts with the right builder. TK Homes, now in its seventh year, sets the standard for creating beautiful homes. From the ground up, owners Karen and Tony Johb work closely with principle designer Charlene from Fresco Interiors and together they pay attention to every little detail. The reward? An incredible house to call home. As with all projects by TK Homes, Tony manages the trades. “It’s very important




to have a good team of professional tradesmen,” says Tony. “If you don’t, you won’t get the quality of perfection and looks [TK Homes] focus on. It’s got to be done right.” With over three decades of construction and management experience, Tony knows a thing or two about the essentials of a proper home. “I always say, ‘If it’s not good for me, it’s not good for anyone else.’ That’s the way I operate. I’m a perfectionist, for sure,” Tony laughs. When your builder is a perfectionist you can only expect… well, perfection. 527 Hastings is an impeccable example of high standards of building, from planning to decorating to the finishes in between. “It’s one of my most favourite projects

I’ve done,” says Tony. “The rounded walls, the curved stairs going up, fireplaces— one built in behind the tub and two in the master bedroom—the walk-in closets, the tub in the middle of the room with his- and her-showers on either side, the cabinetry, a wine cellar… it’s wild!” Tony, who does the finishing work for all TK Homes, has undeniable pride in this project. Combined with the hours of design by Fresco Interiors, Tony says, “At the end of the day, this is going to be one of the most beautiful houses in Saskatoon.” TK Homes is a master builder and craftsman. TK Homes 306.230.2068 www.tkhomes.ca

A perfect display of fine craftsmanship, the kitchen’s cabinets shoot from floor to ceiling, and seamlessly flow with the banded waterfalled island… Kitchen Designs by Delta is a locally owned cabinetry shop that specializes in creating custom furniture-esque cabinetry. Chris Kachur, Kitchen Designs design consultant says, “Having a team of highly skilled artisans who collaborate and work together, results in truly extraordinary and unique designs.” Interior designer Karen Kuzbik adds, “We have assembled a group of artists with a creative vision like no other and work as a team from the initial meeting to final production. We aim to exceed expectations with our complete in-house production,

European craftsmanship and certified interior designers.” The 527 Hastings show home kitchen designed by this team features smoked walnut cabinetry with custom matched, horizontal grain and a black trim banding. “The cabinetry creates a defined and continuous look in this contemporary and functional kitchen. Unique features are what make a project special,” Karen explains. For example, the stacked paneling between the oven wall and refrigerator wall is, in fact, a functioning door to the pantry and laundry area. To add further interest and accent the cutting-edge, polished chrome handles, the design team incorporated recessed aluminum panels located on the back of the island. “We’re not afraid to think

outside the box,” Chris proudly says. Kitchen Designs also completed what every homeowner desires: a luxurious walk-in closet. This area features spacious, pearl white cabinetry with floating shelves and a built-in coffee bar. Says Karen, “It’s more than just a closet: it’s where you begin and end your day.” It was strategically designed with organization in mind, and even made easier with the inclusion of a washer and dryer. Kitchen Designs by Delta fabricated the distinctive cabinetry throughout the home… showcasing unmatched quality. Kitchen Designs by Delta 511–47th Street East 306-651-7578 www.kitchendesignsbydelta.com




Each room sparkles with exciting, intricate design details from the floor up… A home’s ambience begins with the floor. For 35 years Wally Servetnyk and the crew at Styles by Allied has been customizing ambience in Saskatoon homes. This locally owned and operated business sets the standard in the flooring industry: from the company’s vast selection of designer and custom flooring, to mosaic tile and stone work, the team’s expertise is what makes each project unique. Owner Jerrad Servetnyk explains, “We tackle the most intricate and detailed projects, bringing your plans to life.” The stunning show home at 527




Hastings features custom stone and tile work throughout its interior, including all of the fireplaces and a tiled flight of stairs. “We did all the custom glass work for all backsplash areas,” adds Jerrad. “Tadas, our tile master, did the most amazing and detailed installation on this project. His knowledge and expertise in his craft are unsurpassed.” Extensive projects such as this require patience and time to ensure no detail goes overlooked. “We ensure every project, no matter what size, is done correctly so there are no call-backs,” Jerrad notes. “Call-backs are a waste of time and money for everyone.” The Allied team focuses on originality, making each space unique. Drawing

from the team’s custom skills, 527 Hastings boasts “designer carpeting in the basement, accompanied by a brand new line of high-end LVT installed in a herringbone application,” describes Jerrad. The result? A beautiful contribution to the overall vision of this home. “We wanted to make all of Charlene’s dreams and wishes for this house come true,” Jerrad smiles. “And we did.” Styles by Allied supplied all of the flooring, creating “works of art” with their tile installations. Styles by Allied 1-814 56th Street East www.allied-flooring.com

The en suite highlight is the breathtaking display of a central contemporary bathtub, highlighted with a circular chandelier and the unique concept of dual showers… “When I saw the plan (for 527 Hastings) I was taken aback. I thought ‘Wow, this is really incredible!’” laughs Roger Foui of BA Robinson. “It’s the way Charlene designed it. She has some pretty innovative ideas, like the en suite shower—there’s two, a his and hers, which is unheard of! From a design point of view, it’s phenomenal.” Roger has worked in the plumbing industry for over 26 years, and as an integral member of the BA Robinson team for the past 14. The company itself

has been operating since 1936, and for the past six years has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. The success BA Robinson has had in indicative of it’s hard-working and knowledgeable staff. “We help the public, plumbers, home builders, designers,” explains Roger. “And we’ve got an amazing showroom with a new to Saskatoon lighting section.” Roger supplied all the plumbing fixtures for the bathrooms and kitchen in 527 Hastings. “I’ve worked with Charlene before. She knows what she wants so it makes product selection easy,” he explains. Roger has tips for people when it comes to selecting products for their own homes: “I like to sit down

with the customer and find out is it a traditional house? A contemporary house? Narrowing it down is key, because sometimes he wants one thing, and she wants another,” he laughs. “But we’ve got a product for everyone, every budget.” As for this gorgeous show home, Roger is enthusiastic about the final product. “It’s going to be one of a kind, that’s for sure.” BA Robinson supplied the reflective bath, shower and kitchen fixtures, inspiring a clean and fresh elegance. FHS Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre 829–46th Street East 306.664.2389 www.barobinson.com




Spring Time is Island Time

Freestanding Kitchen Islands

New & Exclusive at 2225 Avenue C North, Saskatoon 306-249-4000 www.theplumbshoppe.com

Photo Asa Weinstein

Bathrooms and Kitchens: Getting Bang for Your design Buck By Meredith heron


n January 1, 2013 I retweeted a tweet that said, “less than 90 days until spring.” I thought to myself that I must be getting older if I’m not quite through the winter holidays, and I’m counting down to spring. Spring has always been considered a time of renewal in the world of design; however, I’m seeing more homeowners plan their renewal earlier and earlier. As a designer, this pleases me. It’s always disappointing to have a client contact you about an exciting project, and discover that they have unrealistic expectations regarding planning and timing. If you are in the market for such a renewal in 2013, call your design professional today, and reserve a spot in their roster.

What sort of renewals will give you most “bang for the buck?” Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a launch for Houzz. com in Toronto. They have realized that the Canadian market is exploding in the world of design, and wanted to reach out to designers in Canada to have their work featured on the site. They shared some amazing numbers about how Canadians are spending their design dollars. Bathrooms were the most sought-after inspiration for current design projects, followed closely by kitchens. I was surprised; I would have thought that kitchens outdid bathrooms, but what really surprised me was the “why” behind these numbers. Canadians, unlike their neighbours to the south, renovate to improve the quality of their lives versus improved resale value. This was shocking to me; I’ve always thought Canadians were fiscally conservative, and therefore assumed (wrongfully it would seem) that renovations would be undertaken for resale value first, and for pleasure, second. I’m not one to admit that I was wrong, so let’s just gloss over that part, and get down to the pretty stuff.




Where to get the most “bang” for one’s design dollars in a bathroom renovation? Tile. The big trend in tiles for 2013 is elaborate mosaics. Before the end of the year, you will see a resurgence of Mexican tiles in jewel tones of sapphire and emerald. Moroccan mosaics continue to be huge. We are undertaking a few new bathroom and kitchen projects already for 2013, and the tile stories are spectacular. Lighting is a great way to look like you’ve spent a fortune in a bathroom, or even in a kitchen. Investing in both functional and decorative lighting makes any space look infinitely better. Clients are rarely disappointed when they choose to invest in a statement-piece light fixture. When choosing light fixtures, a designer trick is to opt for styles that are bigger than what you think the space could hold. An oversized light fixture can add

“wow” to any space, especially if you aren’t able to finish decorating it in the early phases of the project. If budgets are tight, mix and match. Buying cabinetry from a big box store, and then outfitting it with custom finishes such as special-order cabinetry hardware, marble countertops or backsplash, and then using light fixtures to add the “wow” are our go-to fixes when budgets run tight. If you can’t afford a stone countertop now, install a wood countertop and use a spar varnish on it. It’s easy to remove after the fact without damaging the counters when stone can be afforded. Just avoid the under mount sink, fancy faucet and backsplash until you are ready to upgrade the counters. This kitchen is from a big box store. We outfitted it with a custom frieze and crown moulding to make it look custom-built.

We splurged on a marble countertop with custom waterfall feature on the peninsula, and then added a beautiful marble mosaic for a backsplash. The whole space was finished off by adding some sparkle with our pendant lights. We maximized storage by putting base cabinets back-to-back to create the two-sided peninsula. It doubles as a bar for entertaining, and opens up the former closed-in kitchen. The biggest investment you can make when designing your kitchen and bathroom, though, is hiring an interior designer to help you with layouts, and to help pull finishes together. Even if you are on a budget, spending a few hours reviewing your plans with a designer is a great way to ensure that you are well on your way to realizing your new space. FHS




L–R Kim Krueckl, Christina Garner, Karen Palibroda, Lincoln Turtle, Cara DeLong, Tamara Bowman, Lisa Rohachuk

IntellIgent InterIors: Balancing fabulous design and health conscious choices By Karin Melberg Schwier Photos liSa landrie


lanning a unique tailored-for-you dream home is exciting for anyone. So many decisions to make! When choosing the best elements for the project, the design consultants at Metric Design Centre encourage people to think carefully about the products they bring into their home. Metric’s owner Tamara Bowman, Lead Designer and Creative Director, brings together unique products and special pieces so décor and functionality become a celebration of individual taste and style. “People are personalizing their living spaces by decorating with artisan and




heirloom pieces while rejecting generic, lower quality products. More than that,” Tamara says, “people are considering the environmental impact of their decisions, both globally and in their own home.” “It’s incredible how many products are produced with toxic glues and formaldehyde that result in years of off-gassing. We worry about the long-term effects from inhaling these chemicals,” says Tamara. “At Metric, we sell quality products and support companies who believe in their responsibility to the environment, ones who choose alternatives in the making of their products.”

One such partner is Neff Kitchens, certified under the Environmental Stewardship Program. This Canadian company’s uncompromising commitment to quality and green building started long before it became vogue. Neff cabinetry features marine-quality plywood and E1 grade particleboard, factory-applied acrylic polyurethane finishes, steel dowel fasteners instead of glue, and is California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant. Most other kitchen manufacturers do not meet any of these standards and use engineered woods made with urea formaldehyde-based resins and glues, and lacquer and paint finishes with high VOCs.

Christina Garner, Metric’s Kitchen Design Specialist, says Neff cabinetry has been designed with a careful eye to detail. They’ve even devised a way to create 30 per cent more upper cabinet storage. “There is a reason behind every function and the result is a gorgeous kitchen where everything exceeds your expectations. Unlike other companies, Neff’s capabilities are limitless so we design based on what our clients need,” she says. Metric also offers innovative Porcelanosa tiles from Spain, produced in a “green” manufacturing facility, and Centiva luxury vinyl tile. Centiva has been commended for low VOCs and their recycling programs.

“We can all make better decisions when making selections for our homes,” says Tamara. “We encourage people to select LED lighting, low VOC paint, low-flow toilets, and censored faucets to control water use. All these details help make our homes healthier, greener places to live. As designers, we feel it’s our responsibility to break through the status quo and inform our clients about not only creative and unique options, but healthier alternatives,” she adds. “It’s an investment in you, your family and the global family.” Metric Design Centre won the 2012 SABEX Award for New Business Venture. Tamara, a member of many recognized

organizations has been an interior design consultant for 12 years. Metric offers a wide range of services from consultations to complete interior renovations, floor plans and home design. The Design Centre offers all products for completing your interior space by local and brand name manufacturers, along with the reliable trades to complete your project. FHS Metric Design Centre 160 2nd Avenue North Saskatoon 306.974.0190 service@metricdesign.ca www.metricdesign.ca Metricdesigncentre




Floor Hero to tHe rescue By Paul Sinkewicz Photos Danielle larSon


ason Bohn is uncomfortable with the term ‘hero.’ He’s just an everyday guy, doing what anyone else would do if they found themselves in a similar situation. You see a nice cherry floor with scuffmarks under the dining room table and you automatically want to do something to help. No big deal. A neighbour is in trouble because the inlaws are planning a visit and the throw rug won’t cover up the huge scratch in the guest bedroom and Bohn just has to act.

Okay, the FloorHero name may be a little tongue-in-cheek. But any homeowner with damaged floors would be grateful for the magic Bohn works restoring the luster of their hardwood. “You can pay tens of thousands of dollars to have a floor installed,” says Bohn. “The last thing you want is to see scratches in it. I can restore the beauty to that floor.” Bohn had been doing renovations for about 15 years, and had plenty of experience installing and refinishing floors. He started to look around for a business he could make his own when he came across FloorHero. He investigated the science behind the company and came away impressed. After training with the parent company in the U.S., he opened his new business in Saskatoon, the second one in Canada. FloorHero offers a non-sanding way to refinish any wood flooring. The product was designed by company chemists, and has gone through durability and scratch tests in which it always ranks extremely high. LEFT Jason Bohn

“I’ve tried some other products over the years, and they don’t match up to this one,” says Bohn. “The beauty of my nonsanding method is that the Clean & Prep solution is designed to modify the existing finish. It gets into the molecular structure and preps it for the FloorHero topcoat. So the products actually work together.” He says when he’s doing the buffing it’s abrading the original finish with the scour pad and getting rid of all the fine scratches. The floor is then ready for the new topcoat, which is a water-based, self-leveling product. It is odorless and low in volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), making it very eco-friendly. He can apply the second coat after three hours, and after another three hours the homeowner can be gently walking on the

floor. Furniture can be put back in place the next day. Since there is less labour involved than traditional sanding refinishing, and because the baseboards can remain in place, FloorHero is much more economical— about half the cost, says Bohn. “The motto is: ‘Dust free, odour free, done in one day’ for a basic home,” says Bohn. “I say: ‘Quicker, cleaner, more affordable.’” Bohn says FloorHero was really designed for the engineered hardwood that is in 80 per cent of the homes being built. It is made with a spray stain and finish which doesn’t penetrate very deeply, so it is susceptible to damage from pets, kids, heavy traffic, chairs, scratches and normal wear and tear. “There’s not really a lot you can do with those floors, so

that’s something I can offer that no one else can,” Bohn says. “There are others in town who can refinish using traditional methods, but none of them are offering the same non-sanding method as FloorHero. So it’s unique in that way.” Finishes can be done in satin, semi-gloss and high gloss and Bohn can mix and match the finish to customize the sheen to the customer’s preference. He’s also excited about the concrete staining and refinishing the company recently introduced. He expects a busy spring beautifying garages, driveways and commercial businesses. FHS Jason Bohn 306.280.9508 floorherosask@shaw.ca www.floorhero.com




A Fresh Look For every home by erin legg and doris Wang Photos Maile CroWe PhotograPhy


hat happens when a successful entrepreneur merges businesssavvy with a passion for interior decorating? Fresh Living. This innovative lifestyle-based company offers home staging for real estate agents and homeowners (including real estate photography), as well as interior design and residential cleaning services. “We’re a one-stop shop for real estate agents, homeowners and people in the home building industry looking to sell,” says Fresh Living owner Chantal Hounjet. “I work with people on assessing their spaces and create appealing environments that attract buyers.” Fresh Living is the only business in Saskatoon that offers home staging, interior design and cleaning all under one roof.

“Chantal and her team at Fresh Living do an amazing job!” says Re/Max realtor Kevin Bamford. “I recommend them to all of my clientele.” Timing is of the utmost importance when it comes to selling a home: you want it listed and sold in the shortest amount of time. This is why Fresh Living considers its efficiency in home staging one of the strongest aspects of the business. Fresh Living has its own warehouse where furniture and accessories of various styles are housed. “Having our own warehouse space allows us to be that much more efficient with staging once a realtor or homeowner calls us,” Chantal explains. “We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time for any size of project, from an entire vacant house to projects that may only require a little decluttering and fresh accessories.” Fresh Living owner, Chantal Hounjet




Fresh Living is excited about its partnership with IFW: International Furniture Wholesalers. The homes featured in this article were built by custom home builder On The Mark Residential and CNS Developments, and showcase some of the beautiful furniture that can be found at IFW. Both homes are currently for sale. Visit www.fresh-living.ca for more details on these newly-built homes. By offering interior design services, Fresh Living assists home owners and business owners in transforming their spaces by working with existing furniture whenever possible. “Most rooms already have the key ingredients for a good design,” Chantal explains. “They just need the trained eye of a professional to unlock their potential.” Aware of how overwhelming this seems to some, Chantal and her team expertly guide clients through the process, sharing tips and and style techniques to create spaces owners fall in love with. The most requested Fresh Living service is the residential cleaning. “Our typical clients are career orientated individuals who would much rather spend their free time enjoying life,” says Chantal. Fresh Living offers a wide range of cleaning services and uses environmentallyfriendly products. “We are a company focused on education and respecting our environment through making green choices wherever possible,” Chantal notes. Another of Fresh Living’s commitments is community involvement. The company recently partnered with On The Mark Residential to develop a unique concept for the Saskatoon market: Vote 2 Build. Vote 2 Build is a social media-driven project that gives the public the opportunity to build a home in the Evergreen neighbourhood by voting on everything from the floor plan to the interior and exterior finishes. The goals of this engaging project are to educate the public on the home building process as well as inspire creativity. Vote 2 Build is aligned with The Princess Shop (www.theprincessshop.ca), a nonprofit organization in Saskatoon. Proceeds from the project will be used to award two $5,000 scholarships to deserving young women who are entering the trades industry. Vote 2 Build will launch at the 2013 HomeStyles Home Show (March 7 to 10). For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/vote2build. FHS Fresh Living 306.373.7410 Saskatoon www.fresh-living.ca

Beautify your Space and yourSelf By Brook ThalgoTT Photos lisa landrie


hat started 30 years ago on Vancouver Island as an antique dealer, this company has grown to what is now known as Modern Country Interiors with three stores located in Duncan, B.C., Calgary, and Saskatoon. The company now offers custom furniture design and production. “We’re a family business,” says Dave Shockey, owner of the




Saskatoon location. “We’re committed to building beautiful furniture right here in Canada, and nurturing the relationship between our craftsmen and our customers.” Located in Saskatoon’s trendy Broadway district, Modern Country Interiors is the place to go for stylish, custom furniture for every room of your home—even

kitchen cabinetry. “We have our own factory on Vancouver Island,” says Dave. “We custom-build each piece of furniture with the options our customer selects, including finishes and colours.” Not only does Modern Country sell their own furniture, they also offer custom pieces from Canadian manufacturers Jaymar and Silva, and now Live Edge. “Live Edge makes gorgeous wood furniture from

reclaimed wood left behind by foresters or felled in storms,” says Dave. “This furniture is truly one-of-a-kind, and made right here in Canada, on Vancouver Island. You have to see it to believe it.” With two decorators on staff, Modern Country can help you select the furniture that will suit your home, lifestyle and décor. In addition to furniture and cabinetry, Modern Country Interiors also carries home décor and housewares. “We’re very pleased to carry Riedel wineglasses,” says Dave. “Not only are they made from beautiful lead crystal, they also enhance the taste of the wine.” Made in Germany, Riedel wineglasses were featured at a wine tasting at the store—and converted a few skeptics. “People weren’t sure about the taste enhancement,” says Dave. “But the tasting proved it: Riedel makes a great wineglass.” Modern Country Interiors also has a few things to decorate yourself, as well as your home. The store sells Denmark’s Pandora jewellery—bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. “We have an upcoming Pandora event in March,” says Dave. “You can like us on Facebook and learn all about our Pandora offers. We post regularly to keep our customers up-to-date on events and specials instore.” And with spring around the corner, the store is getting new home décor accessories in all the time: fresh, light looks for warmer weather. Modern Country Interiors has plenty of wonderful gift ideas and gift certificates for any occasion. The store may look small from the outside, but it is full of wonderful treasures for every room and every taste. Open Monday to Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Dave and the team at Modern Country Interiors help make your space, big or small, beautiful. FHS Modern Country Interiors 810 Broadway Avenue Saskatoon 306.382.2373 www.moderncountryinteriors.com moderncountryinteriorssaskatoon L–R Amy Barrett, Brooklynn Chovin and Dave Shockey,owner



The colors, the shapes, the curves of these magnificent glass panels are awe inspiring. Planning your next project? Consider Castle Designer Glass to transform your space with glass. Castle Designer Glass offers several distinctive product lines as well as glass art. Some of the countless ways that Castle Glass has been employed include glass backsplashes, glass entry and wall systems, dividers, shower and bath enclosures, counter tops, doors, window/door/cabinet inserts, tile, flooring, surfaces, stair treads, stair rails, lighting, signage, accessories, water features and sculptures.

Janet Parkinson, owner

We will be moving to a new location as of April 1st to 139–105th Street East. As always we welcome you to drop by and visit us at our new location in Sutherland.

840–47th Street East | Saskatoon 306.477.0098 | www.castledesignerglass.com

Bring AurA to Your Home with the true Colours of Benjamin moore BY Erin LEgg PHotos AimEE LAurEn LEsLiE


nyone shopping for paint recently has probably noticed the label ‘no-VOC.’ Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are pollutants in paint that cause off-gassing. Lowor no-VOC paints are considered a much safer choice for you, your family, and the environment. Current government standards require paint that is labelled low-VOC to have 50 grams per litre or less. For more than 20 years, Ken Zurowski has owned and operated Eastside Paint and Wallpaper, Saskatoon’s signature Benjamin Moore dealer. With a staff whose experience totals more than 100 years in the industry, they know a thing or two about what they’re talking about. I decided to ask Zurowski what the best choice is for a low-VOC paint. “Benjamin Moore’s Aura line is our premium interior and exterior low-VOC paint,” he notes.

Aura uses Benjamin Moore’s exclusive Colour Lock technology. “What you get are truer, richer colours,” says Zurowski. “Low-VOC paint has been available for a few years, as long as you only wanted white. Benjamin Moore is the only company that has no-VOC colourants. The Aura line comes out at 50 grams or less in any colour you want.” Benjamin Moore’s Colour Lock technology also allows the paint to be washable and more durable than other brands. “You will have a scrubbable surface in any finish: flat, eggshell, satin or semi,” notes Zurowski. “This increases the lifespan of your paint greatly.” The benefits of Aura paint make this line a wise choice for your next painting project. Discuss your plans with the staff at either Eastside Paint and Wallpaper location. FHS

L-R trevor Zurowski and Ken Zurowski (owner)

Eastside Paint and Wallpaper 1201A Walpole Ave, Saskatoon 306.477.5555 1-406 Ludlow Street (Erindale) Saskatoon 306.374.8888 www.eastsidepaintandwallpaper.com




For all your Flooring needs By doris wang Photos Lisa Landrie


s the weather begins to warm up and the snow melts away, it’s time to think about home improvement. One of the first places to start is your floor. Cornerstone Flooring & Interiors is ready to help you with all your flooring needs, with an extensive selection of the finest products in the flooring industry today. Cornerstone Flooring & Interiors has quickly become one of Saskatoon’s most trusted names in home décor.

knowledge and top quality installation in: tile, hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl and cork. “Providing quality products and expert installation for our customers has always been our top priority,” said Janice. “Although Cornerstone has evolved over the past decade, we have never wavered from that goal. Our clients come to Cornerstone to build their dream homes, and we take that very seriously. We take our clients’ ideas and help them create personalized works of art in their homes.”

Locally owned and operated, the company has grown and evolved since its beginning in 2002. Janice Williams, together with her team of flooring experts and professional sales staff, provide customers with expert

Designing showers and bathrooms to create a spa-like atmosphere has become a trend among many home owners. Creating your dream bathroom can be a daunting and worrisome task. With numerous brand names in bathroom tiles

and accessories, Cornerstone can help simplify this process to create a look for your home that will be timeless. Mosaics and glass tiles have become an ever growing popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. “They can truly look like a piece of art in your home,” said Janice. Cornerstone Flooring & Interiors also carries many other flooring options for renovating your home. Rediscover the versatility and beauty that carpet can bring to your home with Mohawk’s Smartstrand Silk. The newest product to arrive at Cornerstone Flooring & Interiors, this carpet is as luxurious to the touch as it is good for the environment. Smartstrand is made strictly from renewably sourced polymer. Its lifetime guarantee on stain and soil protection has made Smartstrand a favorite even among environmentally-conscious customers. Food, wine, juice, dirt and grime can all be removed easily with just warm water. Janice and her staff are proud to offer customers this exceptional flooring product at Cornerstone. “It is leading the competition for quality, warranty, durability and eco-friendliness,” she says.

Cornerstone recently worked with Kimberly Ryan on the flooring for her new home. “From the moment I walked into Cornerstone, the staff were brilliant,” said Kimberly. “They listened to my desires to create a home with a bit of an Asian flare and within an hour and a half, we had chosen all of the flooring and tile for the entire house. The staff members who helped me were a tremendous help and were always available from start to finish in turning my vision into reality.” Along with tile and carpet, Cornerstone also offers superior quality choices in hardwood, laminate, cork, vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles, and a vast selection of area rugs to compliment any room. Come visit the staff at Cornerstone Flooring & Interiors today and ask them about all of these amazing products. FHS Cornerstone Flooring & Interiors 7-844 51st Street East, Saskatoon 306.955.4441 cornerstoneflooring@sasktel.net www.cornerstoneflooring.ca

Showroom over 36,000 sq ft • Largest in-store gallery of La-z-boy • Leather and bedding galleries Locally owned and operated since 1990 • Non-commissioned staff, experienced, loyal employees Custom order designs, colours, size, fabric, etc to perfectly fit your custom built home 9:30-6PM MON-SAT, 9:30-9PM THURS

FURNITURE 831 -2nd Ave North





10–710 Cynthia Street, Saskatoon | 306.665.7733

Budget friendly and style savvy interior design By Trina annand photos Lisa Landrie


fter working for years in the construction consulting industry, studying architecture technologies and architectural art history, Barbara Shawcross decided on a change of careers. She started her own interior design consultation business, Realistic Redesign, a company that strives to help clients use what they have and discover their own personal style. Since 2011 Shawcross has been tackling budget friendly home redecorating with a love-what-you-have aesthetic.




Current architectural and design trends favour large open concept living and dining spaces for entertaining. Shawcross encourages her clients to see the value and functionality of the home they have, rather than dwell on what they don’t have. “You don’t have to knock down walls to have a functioning and fashionable space,” says Shawcross. Bold colours that would be overwhelming in a large space can create a strong focal wall in a more contained room. Shawcross notes that

painting your space is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to makeover your room’s style. As part of her redecorating services Shawcross creates a detailed plan of how best to rearrange the items you have in a room and what items you could purchase or invest in. She takes projects of all shapes, sizes and budgets: no job is too small. She draws on her education and experience to help design a space.

Realistic Redesign does not sell products, but offers advice on improving rooms based on the existing style of the homeowner. Shawcross is not trying to change her clients’ style, but is trying to get them to realize the potential of it. An example of this mentality is her bachelor pad rescues, in which she helps men discover their style. Quite a task as many single men have a “if it works, it stays” idea of style, often filled with hand me downs and décor gifts from the women in their lives. Shawcross encourages people to think about their budget and the item’s use before buying products. When you are thinking about redecorating your living room, what furniture do you use most often? What items do you have that you love or that have more use left in them? What items are within your budget? Shawcross also believes in incorporating the technology we cannot live without rather than fighting it, use the object’s colour as an accent colour in the room. Shawcross adds that decorating is highly personal: “Just because I have a green couch doesn’t mean you should have one.” She incorporates interests, objects or experiences that her clients have as a starting point, making truly individual designs. Another important part of Shawcross’ business is her ability to depersonalize a space. During her busiest season, spring, Shawcross is often called upon for her professional staging services. As a certified staging professional she knows that proper styling of a home can greatly reduce a home’s time on the market, making it appealing to a wider audience. “Right now I have a purple bathroom and I love it, but if I was selling my home it would be the first thing I painted,” says Shawcross. FHS

Realistic Redesign 306.229.1982 barbara@realisticredesign.com www.realisticredesign.com Middle Barbara Shawcross, owner

left to right: Roger Foui, Mila Vanovic, Don Veitch, Len Steckler, Shelley Schaffer, Maja Jovic, Jennifer Sapieha, Kendall Johnson, Tristan Bohlmann

Surround inluxurY luxurY SurroundYourSelf YourSelf in Robinson Lightingand andBath Bathcarries carriesa afull fullline lineofof lighting and plumbing products from world’s Robinson Lighting lighting and plumbing products from thethe world's leading leading suppliers. From desk crystal chandeliers, we can supply a complete range of suppliers. From desk lamps tolamps crystaltochandeliers, we can supply a complete range of lighting for every lighting room of for the every house.room of the house. When it When it comes comes to to your your kitchen kitchen or or bathroom, bathroom, you you can can have haveboth bothefficiency efficiencyand andbeauty. beauty. Robinson RobinsonBath Bath Centre offers everything you need to make your kitchen or bath a space that reflects your lifestyle. Centre offers everything you need to make your kitchen or bath a space that reflects your lifestyle. For thebest bestselection selection Kohler, Ultra, Delta, Grohe and luxury other luxury our expanding For the of of Kohler, BainBain Ultra, Delta, Grohe and other brands,brands, visit ourvisit expanding showroom showroom to see theand latest and ask our knowledgeable staffyour to help match your to see the latest trends ask trends our knowledgeable staff to help you match needsyou to our products. needs to our products.


829 46th Street East, Saskatoon





Owners Bruce and Michelle Small

Enrich your living spacE with ExcEptional tilE and stonE By Michelle SMall Photos liSa landrie


here are a wide variety of tile or stone products that can be used in all sections of your home: kitchen, bathrooms, front entries, office, common areas, pool and exterior applications. When designing any living space for tile or stone there is a lot to consider from the size, color, texture and dimensionality. The selection of tile and stone is endless—whether sizes such as 12 inches by 24 inches, 24 inches by 24 inches, or 18 inches by 18 inches—or the surfaces of the tile or stone: polished, honed, matte

or textured. Many layouts of tile or stone can be created, such as borders, brick pattern, or a diamond pattern to bring depth to any design project. As two of our clients Peter and Ronda state: “In the last five years we have built three new homes, each of them different. In the last two homes, we hired Bruce for tiling because of his great work. It was while we were building our last home that Bruce and Michelle opened up their own store, Elite Flooring Boutique. As busy as they were, they still brought us many tile samples to chose from and

helped narrow them down according to our budget. We were happy with our flooring choices and especially with Bruce’s work. Their store is a great place to wander around in because they made us feel comfortable with their attitude and relaxed atmosphere. We recommend Bruce and Michelle’s Elite Flooring Boutique.” FHS Elite Flooring Boutique Bay 5 1622 Ontario Avenue Saskatoon 306.651.6112 eliteflooringboutique@sasktel.net




Offering YOu Practical advice right in YOur hOme By Julie Mushynsky photo stephanie Zhang


wning a Budget Blinds franchise gave Kim and Quinton Lang the opportunity to be self-employed and still make family values a priority. “We got into window coverings because we saw the success other family members had with owning Budget Blinds franchises,” explains Kim, “but most importantly we had the flexibility to raise three wonderful children.” Since 2008, the Budget Blinds in Saskatoon has grown into a team of eight dedicated employees who are always learning. “We attend training seminars with our many vendors, and attend national conferences and conventions to stay up-to-date with




the new and upcoming treatments,” says Kim. The most recent convention Budget Blinds attended was in January, which focused on a variety of industry trends including cordless treatments to ensure child safety, and motorization for convenience and use in smart homes. “We found that draperies and soft treatments are coming back in a huge way,” says Kim. One of Budget Blind’s Holland vendors also featured a Butterfly blind. “It’s a fabric shade offering a soft look, which then converts to a blind to offer versatility and view.” The Saskatoon office showcases much of what Budget Blinds has to offer. When people stop by they are

Kim Lang, owner

welcomed to look around and operate the window treatments. However, since dedicated salespeople are often out oncall, customers are encouraged to book a complimentary in-home consultation. The Budget Blinds van is a fully stocked showroom with products from over 60 vendors. This way, clients can conveniently explore different treatments in their own home and make a better colour selection that fits their lighting and decor. It also gives Budget Blinds the opportunity to take measurements to properly fit the windows and identify any obstructions for mounting. Budget Blinds can assist all customers at all stages. They offer advice and installation services for those building new homes, renovating homes or clients who have windows and rooms that just need a bit of a facelift. “We have a lot of repeat business after being here for five years,” says Kim. She also finds that many of her past clients refer family, friends and co-workers to them and have a great reputation in the community. Budget Blinds offers the best warranty in the industry. Many of their vendors extend a “5-Year, No Questions Asked Warranty.” “This is over and above the industry standard ‘Limited Lifetime’ Warranty and for when life happens,” explains Kim. What makes it even more appealing is that there are no additional fees for this. Kim will be attending the Homestyles Spring trade show from March 7 to 10 at Prairieland Park. Check them out and receive a copy of their design guide to spark that creativity in you. Call Budget Blinds to book your in-home consultation or to help start that spring, home revival. Budget Blinds of Saskatoon, Battleford and Prince Albert. FHS

102-2834 Millar Avenue Saskatoon Saskatoon: 306.242.5706 Battleford: 306.445.4689 Prince Albert: 306.953.0047 TOLL FREE: 1.888.98.BUDGET F: 306.242.5707 kqlang@budgetblinds.com www.budgetblinds.com

Personalize Your sPace With One of Saskatoon’s Most Talented Property Stylists By Julie mushynsky Photos aimee lauren leslie


our home is one of your greatest assets. You put an increasing amount of time and money renovating and personalizing a home to your tastes. With the host of homeflipping shows you could say people are treating their houses more like liquid assets, revamping the house for a quick return and profit. Over the past decade this sort of real estate behaviour has increased in Saskatchewan. Whether you are a builder, independent seller or real estate agent, hiring a property stylist can help you to sell in today’s Saskatchewan real estate market. Studies show that by staging your home and displaying it in a more appealing




manner, the seller experiences a 3 per cent minimum increase in final sale price. A good gain when considering the prices homes sell for these days. Staging is worth it and Aimee Leslie recognized that four years ago. Aimee Lauren Leslie is the sole proprietor of Aimee Lauren Interiors and her business is the culmination of higher education. Aimee completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Art History. Seeing the path her education could take her down, she then went on to complete a diploma in Interior Decorating and became a Canadian Certified Staging Professional.

Aimee Lauren Leslie, owner

In addition to all her accreditations, Aimee is also a freelance photographer specializing in real estate photography and an accomplished visual artist. “I actually use my own artwork and photography when I stage homes,” explains Aimee. She also presents and sells her work at art shows. Her well-rounded education and multitude of talents sets her apart from other property stylists. “Not only do I have a broad knowledge of the business and industry, I really know how to personalize and de-personalize a space.” Aimee’s clients appreciate how approachable and open she is and how easy she is to work with. She recently painted a piece for a client who lost her daughter shortly after birth. “I painted a more abstract piece for her (the client) as a way to commemorate her loved one. Customizing for the client is really rewarding for me and for them.”

With summer afoot Aimee expects to be busy with requests for renovation recommendations. She is also now open to working with new builders on package pricing for presenting their new show homes. With the Saskatchewan housing prices expecting to increase in 2013, Aimee will be one sought-after woman regardless of season. There are several ways to contact Aimee and view her work. Give her a call at 251.2616 or email her at aimeelaureninteriors.com. Aimee offers many services including: • package pricing • real estate photography • custom artwork/consultation • home staging

Visit her website at www.aimeelaureninteriors.com. To view her artwork series visit www.aimeelaurenartworks.com. Aimee Lauren Interiors 322 Auld Place, Saskatoon 306.251.2616 aimee@aimeelaureninteriors.com aimeelaureninteriors.com Source: stagedhomes.com

• renovation recommendation • interior design consultation • home staging FHS




Your Great Floor StartS Here By erin legg photos nadine PePPler


hat was once a tiny shop just off Central Avenue is now a grand flooring showroom. For more than 25 years, GT Flooring has continuously offered the latest in all flooring products, from hardwood and laminate to carpet and tile. Current owner Kaesir Istifo explains, “As the business expanded, we needed more room in order to keep showcasing the most modern products.” Walking into the spacious building, customers are met with endless flooring possibilities. “We always introduce new products, keeping up with what’s happening.” The quality of service and the quality of installation are what clientele associate with GT Flooring. Of the sales staff assisting in the showroom to the tradespeople installing the floors, Istifo says, “You can get flooring anywhere, but




you can’t get the quality service and the quality work we do just anywhere.” Istifo has a reliable team of installers that have been with the company for years. With both retail customers and reputable home builders as clientele, these flooring experts are easily recognized for the professional installation and superb finished work. In fact, several of the projects GT Flooring has collaborated on have gone on to win Bridges Awards for excellence. Great work takes skill and precision. Istifo explains, “When you’re investing your hard earned money on a new floor for your home, you want it done right. Literally, you need the best. With GT Flooring, each project, regardless of size, is done right.” For your upcoming flooring project, visit the team at GT Flooring for the latest in products and reliable service. FHS

toP l-r Andrea Trudel (Senior Sales Consultant), Monique Cordes (Accounts Manager), Nancy Canada-McIntosh (Assistant Manager/Interior Decorator), Maher Hanna (Senior Sales Consultant)

GT Flooring #13 - 705 Central Avenue, Saskatoon 306.665.1888 info@gtflooring.ca www.goldentouchcarpet.ca

EXPERTAdvice Flooring Options: Hardwood, Tile, Carpet & Vinyl

experience assisting customers. From a small question about installation or a larger commercial project, we are here to help. The flooring industry today offers many different products from which to choose. It has come along way since the 1980s, where carpet and linoleum were the “norm.� Hardwood and tile are very popular these days, with laminate and cork also as strong selections.

Kaesir Istifito Owner GT Flooring #13 - 705 Central Avenue Saskatoon 306.665.1888 www.goldentouchcarpet.ca


T Flooring has been servicing Saskatoon and its surrounding area since 1988. The store relocated in May 2008 to a newer and larger location to serve our clients better with a bigger and more selective showroom that is over 4,000 square feet. As owner and manager, I strive for excellent customer service from start to finish for every flooring job, largest to the smallest. My knowledgeable staff consists of: Nancy Canada-McIntosh, assistant manager; Andrea Trudel, senior sales associate; Mahar Hanna, senior sales associate; and Monique Cordes, account manager. Together, the staff has a combined 37 years of

GT Flooring has a wide variety of hardwood in its showroom, including solid, engineered and popular handscraped products by reputable suppliers as Lauzon, Armstrong, Columbia and Appalachian. My staff at GT Flooring will not just show you the product, but answer all your hardwood flooring questions, from humidity issues to the care of your new floor. The sky is the limit when it comes to tile. From basic ceramic, porcelain, travertine, marble or granite, the showroom is full of numerous sizes, styles and colour from which to choose. Many brands include Estates, Euro, Julian, Ames and Tierra Sol (just to name a few). We can help you design a basic kitchen to an extravagant shower with borders or designs. When considering a new floor remember to ask the experts at GT Flooring. The staff can assist you in the decision making process with a free in-home consultation, and provide you with a quote as well as the knowledge you need for your new floor.

Many people are still using carpet and vinyl in their homes, and the showroom at GT Flooring has it all: from level loop carpet to a friaze (modern day shag). If you are looking for something a little unique you can look at Masland or Dixie. Remember the key to any carpet lasting is the underlay. A premium underlay will enhance the look and will prolong the wear of the carpet. GT Flooring has hundreds of patterns of vinyl to choose from. Name brand products, including Mannington, Armstrong and Tarkett, are available in entry level to the new fibre floor which will take a lot more wear and tear than the original paper-back products. With Saskatoon being ranked one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, we at GT Flooring are confident that we can help you choose the right product for your new or existing home. Come visit our showroom at #13 - 705 Central Avenue and ask us questions about your flooring needs. FHS




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envision, create & perform like never before photos Aimee LAuren LesLie


t might surprise you, but sewing and crafting have become popular again. And it’s not just for grannies anymore: technology and innovation have made the use of a sewing machine easier than ever, with amazing results being produced. The staff at The Sewing Machine Store is excited to see the newest generation of sewers embracing the craft. Since its beginnings as S & S Sewing Centre in 1978, The Sewing Machine Store has evolved into the largest sewing machine store in Saskatoon. With the leadership of owner Kathy Kennedy, the staff is always friendly and willing to share their passion for sewing with others.




The knowledgeable team—including Corinne, Michelle, Brianna, Dorothy and Kim—assist customers with finding the right sewing machine or serger for them. Once the right machine is found, customers are also walked through the process of operating it so that once they leave the store, their focus can be on the sewing projects themselves. For anyone considering learning more about sewing, crafting or quilting, the journey can begin at The Sewing Machine Store. “We build long term relationships through creativity and learning,” states Kennedy. “Our focus these days is on classes for the new sewer, but we try to offer classes for the seasoned sewer as well.”

Something new to The Sewing Machine Store is Saskatoon’s first sewing lounge. The Sewing Lounge is available for those who are interested in sewing but do not have a machine at home. The lounge is stocked with sewing machines, a serger, an iron and cutting table. Enjoy sewing and hanging out with friends while working on a project. Come for an hour or for an evening: the cost is minimal. The Sewing Machine Store offers a variety of classes. Sew your own Bra (Boob Camp), Get to Know your Serger, Learn to Sew, Learn to Quilt, Do Your Own Alterations, Lingerie, and Swimsuits are just a sampling of the current classes being offered. Whether you are new to sewing, maybe a bit rusty,

or consider yourself an expert, teachers Anne, Linda, Noreen, Suzanne and Kathy invite you to join them. Check out thesewingmachinstore.com for the latest classes being offered. If your sewing machine or serger is in need of some TLC, let The Sewing Machine Store help. “We service all makes,� says Kennedy. From Pfaff to Bernina, Babylock to Janome, and Kenmore to Singer, the technicians at the store have over 63 years of experience. This past year Eric, formerly at Sew & Home, joined the staff. Rick is the serger specialist, and Glen keeps busy with sewing machines. Most machine maintenance is done within three days, with same day service available on request. Check out The Sewing Machine Store to discover a whole new world of creativity. Hours of operation are Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. FHS

The Sewing Machine Store 294 Venture Crescent Saskatoon 306.652.6031 1.800.665.6031 info@thesewingmachinestore.com www.thesewingmachinestore.com

ABOVE Right L-R Kathy Kennedy, teacher and Tracy Podborochynski, Ashley Beutler, students

Nobody Beats Our Prices If you’ve seen a flooring product at one of our competitors’ that you’re considering purchasing, come visit our showroom. Chances are we can provide you with an identical or similar product at a lower price.

1300-3530 Millar Ave., Saskatoon 306.653.3899

Featuring... The Exposé 6642 M by MAAX Minimalist design, the new Exposé walk-in shower lends an air of luxury to your life.

Our Showroom is Your Showroom 649 - 51 Street East • Saskatoon • 306-933-2237 Hours: Monday - Friday • 9:00am - 5:30pm • Saturday • 10:00am - 4:00pm


For Your EntErtaining PlEasurE


hether or not your kitchen is country, modern, southwestern, or Victorian, efficiency is necessary. Today, the kitchen is the social hub of a house: from family meals and homework sessions to dinner parties and entertaining. Even those who don’t cook much gravitate towards the kitchen. Kitchen design basics start with the work triangle: the layout of the refrigerator, sink, and stove or oven. In the ideal efficient kitchen there is a connection with the work triangle and the different zones: food, storage, cleaning, preparation, and cooking. One of the best ways to add efficiency to your kitchen space is with an island. Not only does it make food preparation easier with the added counter space, but elements such as a prep sink, range, griddle, or a warming drawer can be


accommodated. Kitchen islands also serve as a handy recycling or waste disposal spot with disguised compartments. Keep in mind how the island will affect the movement of you and your guests; if you have limited space use a portable island with wheels. Because this station makes a good area for guests to chat with the host or cook, ensure the aisles created by the island are adequate. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, keep in mind the ever-so-handy breakfast nook. To enhance your existing space, consider the surrounding areas. Is there an underused adjoining area you can transform? Perhaps a den or office? The breakfast nook is good for casual family meals or a cup of tea with a few friends. To make the space inviting, adding a fireplace contributes to its charm and casual elements. To make

the area more defined, a raised platform separates it while keeping the nook within the flow and function of the kitchen. Comfortable seating is a must with benches that can also serve as additional storage space. Storage is essential to any kitchen, especially for entertaining. With a recessed hutch, “entertain-ware,” such as cutlery or napkins, can easily be displayed and accessed by guests. Another storage solution that serves as an entertainment-must is a walk-in pantry. The usual utilitarian-style space can be modernized using cabinetry, lighting and countertops, serving as a secondary work station if necessary. Guests can use the pantry as a self-serve beverage station with accessible glass racks, ice machine, refrigerated drawers and a wine chiller. Having this area away from the cooking station gives guests an extra hub in which




to mingle, as well as keeps the cook focused on preparing the meal. to mingle, as well as keeps the cook The focused dining on area itself the canmeal. be made preparing more efficient by using an appropriate dining itself can be made tableThethat can area accommodate those more using an appropriate eating as efficient well asbythe place settings that canConsider accommodate and table centrepieces. adding those a eatingtoasserve wellnot asonly theasplace settings sideboard additional and but centrepieces. adding a storage, as a standConsider for buffet-style sideboard to serve not only as additional meals or an appetizer station. storage, but as a stand for buffet-style meals or anto appetizer station. A nice element have in the dining area are patio doors. This allows natural light A nice to have thegives dininganarea to filter in element during the day, in and are patio doors. This allows natural light option of expanding the area in warmer to filter in during the day, and gives an weather to an outside patio. option of expanding the area in warmer weather to anbe outside patio. for an Lighting cannot overlooked entertainment-efficient kitchen. Mood Lighting cannot be overlooked for an lighting can be created for evening or entertainment-efficient kitchen. Mood formal parties, be strategically lighting canand beeven created for evening or placed to highlight some of be thestrategically favorite formal parties, and even features of the kitchen (such as favorite the placed to highlight some of the upgraded range or a unique display features of the kitchen (such asofthe dish upgraded ware). Natural is important range orlight a unique display of too, dish and by adding morelight windows the ware). Natural is important kitchen too,can andbebybrightened. adding more windows the kitchen can be brightened. The kitchen is no longer just about foodThe and kitchen cooking.isThis as no centre longerserves just about the food home’s entertaining hotspot. With and cooking. This centre serves as properly executed form andhotspot. function, the home’s entertaining With yourproperly next dinner party will be and a success. executed form function, FHS your next dinner party will be a success. FHS

Well-Planned Kitchens

Superior Cabinets’ design experts

Superior Cabinets 747 46th Street West Saskatoon 306.667.6600 www.superiorcabinets.ca


ur team of design experts has been providing their expertise to help customers realize their dream kitchens for many years. Working with a professional designer is a rewarding experience as he or she can provide advice to ensure your kitchen is not only beautiful, but functions to complement your lifestyle. We recently worked with a homeowner wanting to improve the efficiency and enrich the design of their dated home. The main focus of the renovation was the kitchen. With a very large family, a well-planned space was imperative. They spend a lot of time in their kitchen as they love to cook. Their children also get involved in meal preparation, so functionality was very important. This large family further dictated the need for a generous space with a continuous flow. It needed to function


smoothly for seven people, so we had to ensure there were no restricted corners. We spent time understanding their dayto-day needs and learned how they worked in their kitchen. This was an essential step in the planning process. The clients are collectors of mid-century modern pieces and wanted a decor in keeping with their collection. Superior Cabinets has a broad range of products available, and paired with the expertise of our design consultants we were able to create a space to suit the distinctive appeal of their cherished pieces. A smooth blend of three finishes define magnetism with an all white island and perimeter flat-panel doors in a dark exotic veneer. Stainless steel framed upper cabinets with opaque glass inserts complete the clean-lines of ample proportions. The trend of blended finishes provides a more dynamic look that works well in an open concept home as it conveys well throughout the dĂŠcor. Full height cabinets reaching the ninefoot ceiling maximize storage with seamless style that is enhanced with a white ceramic backsplash and quartz


countertops. A recycling center, magic corner storage units and a pullout pantry provide efficiency and optimize storage capacity. A premium selection of built-in appliances was included in the kitchen transformation which was in keeping with the clean lines of the design. Recently introducing our digital showroom, Superior Cabinets offers clients the opportunity to envision their kitchen in a 3-D virtual space that allows them to change cabinetry finishes, door styles, countertops, flooring, and wall colours. This can be done on-line at www.superiorcabinets.ca or in our showroom. Our design consultant utilized this rendering tool with the homeowners to bring their vision to life prior to committing to the design. The owners love the result. The outcome works perfectly for them and now they all can congregate comfortably in the kitchen. Visit our showroom at 747 46th Street West for more great design ideas for every room in your home and meet with one of our design team to begin your project. FHS





Heavenly SLEEP

Rest and Rejuvenation in Your Bedroom BY JULIE MUSHYNSKY


etting quality rest and sleep greatly affects your life. A good night’s sleep increases work productivity, improves overall health, helps maintain your weight, decreases stress and increases energy. To get the benefits of proper sleep, make your bedroom more conducive to catching those “40 winks.” Studies show that technological devices in the bedroom can leave you feeling restless by morning, so they should be taken out of the bedroom. Having your smart phone or laptop on the night stand is a distraction and can make it difficult for your brain to relax. Some studies suggest that people should turn off all electronics at least one hour prior to going to bed. So what should we put in our bedrooms? “It is all about creating a relaxed and cozy experience,” says local designer Cindy Rogan. Colour, texture and lighting are details to help create that restful space. In terms of colours, “you will want those that are more subdued rather than alarming,” says Cindy. Jewel tones, neutrals and pastels with soft accents like lavender and sea foam seem to be the trend and the most calming. “Organic” is another word that describes the colour trend, adding more light greens and

grey undertones. The all-white, “hotel look” creates that pristine, clean feeling. Overall, the dominant colour should not be anything bright. “Bright yellow is not a good choice, it will wake you up,” says local professional designer, Holli Appelquist. Using more restful, calming shades doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of excitement. “You can add a punch of colour like emerald green, red or charcoal grey. Just keep it subtle and layer the colours,” says Holli. Tone-on-tone printed fabrics, small patterns or accent pillows are a good way to add that bit of colour and can be easily changed to match your mood or season. Holli advises that is if you sprinkle the colour in the room three times, it will coordinate. So if you decide to use emerald green, use it in a pillow, a throw blanket and a vase for a complete look. Despite these colour recommendations, creating that relaxed space is about choosing elements of a bedroom that are unique to each individual and what affects you. “It depends on what the person finds calming, and that’s why I am tough on colours and never really follow trends,” says Cindy. Textures should also be more “organic.” Wallpaper is a great way to achieve great textures and sheen, and can add interest without looking overly done. The grasscloth or bamboo design is calming; partnering it with more textured fabrics like velvets and sateen is popular. “Some wallpapers can add the tranquil elegance and sophistication that paint cannot,” says Holli. Lighting is important for uninterrupted sleep and the darker, the better. Proper drapery is important for light control. The “hotel look” is popular, with heavy pull drapes and curtains that block out all light and give that cocoon-like sensation. Drapes also pull the room together and provide an elegant look. “It doesn’t matter if you use drapes from a second-hand shop or have them custom-made—putting in drapes elevates the room from basic to finished,” explains Holli. You should also aim to keep the room open and create what Holli describes as “visual rest.” Take the clutter out. Rather than covering every wall, choose one large piece of art, not several small pieces; you should only have one focal point. A new trend is having a separate, closed-off room in the bedroom to act as a “sitting place.” These rooms are about having a space to watch the morning news, read the paper and have a coffee while the other person is still sleeping. “Usually these types of rooms are found in larger homes. It is big in Calgary, but you’re seeing it more and more in Regina,” says Cindy. Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, a good quality mattress is also important. But don’t confuse yourself with coil count and brand names. “Mattresses should be comfortable and durable, and comfort is something only you can decide,” says Saskatchewan retail owner, Mark Stevens. Test the mattress out and purchase what feels good to you, not what is more expensive. Bedrooms are not just for sleeping; they’re also a place to spend time with your partner and wind down at the end of the day. Both designers suggest soft lighting for the bedroom with more drumstyle fixtures. Use dark lamp shades that reflect light downward for bedside reading. Proper, multifunctional lighting with dimming capabilities can help you easily switch your bedroom from brightly lit to sleep sanctuary. It’s all about a good night’s sleep. FHS

Coil Types

Wiseguys Mattresses Mark Stevens, owner 6 - 805 Circle Drive Saskatoon 306.652.1212 mstevens67@msn.com


hen it comes to buying a mattress, it is one of the most important purchases to carefully consider. Our beds are places where we sleep, feel safe and spend most of our time. That said, when it’s time to get a new mattress, there are many different types to choose from. Coil mattresses have four main types: bonnell, off-set, continuous and pocket. How do you know which is right for you?

Bonnell coil Bonnell coil mattresses use coils that are hourglass-shaped: big at the top and bottom and skinny in the middle. The bonnell coil usually has between three and seven “turns” inside of the coil. Turns are how many times the coil has been looped. Anything fewer than five turns is most likely a children’s bed coil. Bonnell coils are inexpensive, and they are typically not made for any specific sleeping needs. Wiseguys Mattresses does not sell bonnell coil beds, since we consider them to be a lower quality coil and have the highest rate of motion transfer.




Offset coil Offset coils are more conforming than bonnell coils and can offer decent back support. Coils are also rated by gauge, or the thickness of the wire used. The higher the gauge, the softer the mattress will be. On average, offset coil mattresses have a gauge of 12-14. Softer coils can sometimes lead to issues like foam holding previous body impressions (although most body impression problems is the foam itself). Like bonnell coils, offset have high motion transfer.

Continuous coil A continuous coil mattress means every row of coils is one wire, woven up and down, back and forth and side to side, which means the coils are a continuous unit. You can still feel motion, but if the continuous coil lacing runs head to toe rather than from side to side, there is less motion transfer. Continuous coil mattresses have more strength and support, since the pressure is spread out across the entire unit. Continuous coil mattresses are very popular.

Pocket coil Pocket coils are named as such because each coil produces its own “pocket” of pressure/support. Another name for a pocket coil is an individual or independent

coil. Pocket coil mattresses, currently the most popular kind, have very little motion transfer. They are also known as “pressure relieving” mattresses. Pocket coil mattresses can help with pressure points, which can relieve joints and improve circulation; however, pocket coil mattresses might not be the best choice for a bad back. If your spine is not aligned properly, the pocket coil bed may put unwanted pressure in the wrong places. Also, pocket coils can be a slightly less durable coil, especially for larger people, and body impressions can occur.

What about foam? I tell everyone, you either love foam or you don’t because foam mattresses are unique feeling. They are the best for motion transfer and pressure problems.

Quality is everything As with everything, there are both good and bad versions of all of these coils. Only you can decide what is best for you. In the end, it’s all about quality. If Wiseguys Mattresses doesn’t sell it, there’s a good reason why. Come see us in our new location at 6-805 Circle Drive. Same selection, new building. FHS


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iving is what kids do best. They recognize spontaneity in every moment and find joy and play in everything they do. As adults, we can foster this creativity by providing fun and engaging spaces for kids, all the while maintaining functionality that fits with the rest of the house.

Space for Rest Help your kids to develop good sleep habits by using a creative floor plan and accentuating the bed for comfort. If you do not have a separate designated area within the house for toys, keep them contained and away from the bed, as you do not want your kids to associate playtime with bedtime. Assorted bins and baskets that are low to the ground are good for smaller children, and shelves and cubbies are good for storing older kids’ items. If you have a smaller space or have children sharing a bedroom, one of the best ways to maximize the area and add character and originality is with customized loft beds. These unique sleeping areas utilize the vertical space of a room that is often overlooked, and creates nooks for playing, reading, and studying. This also increases the floor area, giving more room for playing. When two children are sharing a room, loft beds help each child claim their own area within the space.

Space for Active Play If you have the opportunity, turn that bonus room or spare bedroom into a play room for the kids. This not only gives them a “destination” where they can find all their games, books and toys, but helps keep everything organized and prevents the entire house from being overrun with “kid stuff.” If not, keep your kids toys under control and maximize storage capacity using built-ins. For example, consider a reading bench with drawers or cubbies underneath to store books and stuffed animals. Your contractor can help you with recessed shelving or cubby holes to help keep things organized. Have comfortable flooring for play. Cover a section of the hardwood floor with a soft, plush rug. For carpeting options, consider something durable to withstand the wear-and-tear of energetic play. You might even opt for a darker colour or textured pattern, as this helps to conceal any stains. The colour palette for your kids’ room is endless, and can depend on your child’s personality. You might decide to stick with a white canvass and use accessories, pillows and blankets to add that pop of colour to the room. An accent wall painted a bright cheery color or highlighted with a patterned wallpaper helps to separate the sleeping area from the play area. If you enjoy neutral colours, try a modern shade of grey and incorporate yellows or tangerines. Grey is a popular colour choice that grows well with the kids and can easily be adapted.

Quiet Space and Study Time The study and reading area should not overpower the restful space for sleep. Make sure your kids have plenty of shelf space for books—either built-in or free standing units—and an organized desk or workspace. There are workspaces available with built-in capacities for different gadgets; your child can charge his or her MP3 player, cell phone or camera in a central station. Having comfortable kid-friendly seating helps kids settle in with a good book. Select chairs that are durable and easy to clean. Child-sized ottomans are a good choice, and some also serve as extra storage. A variety of pillows and throw blankets gives them the opportunity to create their own cozy fortress on a daily basis. Have fun when planning your kids’ space. Let your child in on the process. Whatever the size of room or style you go with, the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with the area. FHS



eautifully landscaped yards are an essential part of any home’s exterior design and that all-toosought-after curb appeal. Now, more than ever, people want an attractive, functional surrounding for all their activities—both indoors and outdoors. The time, effort and creativity it takes to turn your blank slate into a rich and diverse landscape with proper placement, appropriate flowers and patio design, can be a daunting task for any home owner. Vision Landscape & Design will gladly heed the task. Tom Levy and his team of expert landscape designers and labourers are itching to turn your lacklustre yard into your beautiful outdoor oasis. Make your outdoor space the envy of the neighbours and the new point of interest on the block.

Vision Landscape & Design has been revamping Saskatoon yards since

2008. Growing the business from just himself to a staff of six, Levy and his crew have a combined 45-plus years of expertise in the industry. “It was just a summer job that turned into a passion. I loved the work and being outside—seeing the transformation of nothing into something,” explains Tom when asked about why he chose the landscape industry. When pinpointing trends in the landscape design field, Levy points out many homeowners are shifting from extravagant to simplistic, as many are looking for maintenance-free (or almost) yards while still maintaining the desire for a retreat-like feel. Incorporating lighting as a design element is becoming hugely popular, as it can be used to mimic the starlight and accentuate the home’s exterior features. Noting many homeowners enjoy outdoor entertaining, Vision Landscape & Design can create an extension of the home’s interior decor

outside—creating a comfortable oasis without ever leaving home. Services Vision Landscape & Design offer customers include: consultations, suggested yard design drawings with quote, retaining walls, paving stone walkways/driveways/patios/steps, irrigation, grading, fences and decks, planting and sodding, mulching, and decorative rocks. With a masonry stone worker on the crew, any brick laying for steps, patio, driveways or other backyard design is done with an expert eye, and professionally completed with the clients’ needs and wants always in mind. Vision Landscape & Design can transform your yard by revamping your existing outdoor space, or for new builds, create a unique and custom design from scratch. Levy notes he and his crew work diligently to find a perfect match between the desires of the client and the capabilities of the site. Working in many

of the new developments, the Vision crew know the soil conditions and what it takes to ensure long lasting landscape. Never skimping on materials, products or services, the team will start at 7:00 a.m. and leave only when the job is done. Homeowners can rest assured they are getting a dedicated crew—hard working and respectful—when they hire Vision Landscape & Design. Adding to the long list of services offered by Vision Landscape & Design next year will be yard maintenance, turning the company into a full service landscaping company. For more information on Vision Landscape & Design please check their website at www.visionlandscape.ca. FHS

306.373.6716 www.visionlandscape.ca




Start Your EnginES

Seed catalogues already dog-eared, early (very early) plants in full can’t-wait-to-be-planted stretch, and we gardeners applying antiitch cream to our bodies as spring is springing or maybe sprung.


he rites of spring, at least on the Prairies, are curious at best to those who are unfamiliar with them. One has only to understand that extended cold periods—a dry cold for sure—and one of the shortest growing seasons in Canada, all mixed in with the fervour and anxiety of the gardener, leads to a veritable explosion in spring. I recall my first season in Saskatchewan wondering how many hanging baskets, containers and trees and shrubs were in the basements of so many avid gardeners. It seemed as magic that over a span of one evening, the entire block went from dreary landscapes and sodden lawns to a Disney-like apparition of full blooming lushness. Ah yes, spring has officially launched and the race is on. Appropriate attention to detail is important early on to support your continuing success in either a new or not-so-new garden. Of most concern should be the mixture that you will use in your containers, window boxes and the like. Many products are available, all claiming to be the best in the west, but simply put, look for one that has a moisture retention additive. Given the drying winds and often blistering heat of a Prairie’s summer, you do the math. Typically, I scuffle up the previous year’s mix and add a top up of fresh new mix. Additionally, if you have very large containers, fill about one-third full with discarded cell packs, Styrofoam trays from the grocery store and even plastic bottles. This “recycling” will save you a great deal on media and provide excellent drainage as well. Voles, those pesky mouse-like creatures—the ones that leave brown race tracks all over the lawn—are prevalent in Saskatchewan. The damage can be mitigated to a degree with a stiff raking to remove the damaged turf, then top dressing with decent topsoil and sowing grass seed. You may opt to use a repacked, complete mix, much like you would use for “doggie damage” if there is not too much damage. On that note, canine damage to turf after a long winter of business outside on the lawn can be nasty. Again, rake the area(s) to remove the dead turf and drench the spots with water. You might simply let the hose trickle for a few minutes per spot; this action dilutes the urine and flushes it deeper into the soil. A light sprinkling of baking soda on the destroyed craters will balance the acid that is left. If the spots are not too large, use the prepackaged material or the shavings of turf from edging the lawn—like hair plugs! For larger spots, you may choose to topdress and sow seed once prepared.

Perennials will be active for the most part and may require a delicate cleanup. Be careful: your body weight on moist, clay soils will compact and do more damage than you realize. Choose to clean the clumps on a drier day and early in the season to avoid damaging the tender new shoots. Keep an eye out for sluggish lily beetles as well; cultivate the soil carefully to expose any larvae that may be snuggling up to your lily bulbs. Just an update for you: I am currently with the Canadian Wildlife Federation as the manager of habitat programs. I encourage you to drop me a note if you need advice at kenb@ cwf-fcf.org, or go directly to our website www.cwf-fcf.org/. Have a super spring and grand gardening season. I look forward to hearing from you. FHR

The RenT-iT SToRe: Getting the job done By Trina annand phoToS nadine PePPler


ince 1962 The Rent-it Store has been providing Saskatoon with excellent customer service and first-hand know-how to get the job done. Walk in the door of the full service store and you will likely see co-owner Doron Broadfoot helping customers find the tools and equipment they need. The family run business is built on experience. “Most of our employees have been with us for 10 years or more. Our commitment to the industry provides service that is second to none,” says Broadfoot.

equipment, to do it yourselfers and first timers. Employees of the store are not only able to help customers with specific tool needs, but also suggest the right tool: sometimes there is just a better tool for the job. The key to Broadfoot’s and his partners’ business model is their dedication to customer service and education. “We make sure that customers are properly trained, if at all possible, before we rent them equipment. We want everyone to get their job done, and done safely,” says Broadfoot.

renting equipment, people often need safety glasses, gloves, other supporting elements to get their job done. Likewise, with the purchasing end of the business, the customer who buys a chainsaw will likely need to rent a wood splitter. For The Rent-it Store two sides of the business are fundamental to each other, “It all fits hand in glove,” says Broadfoot. Carrying quality brands such as BOSCH, Husqvarna, STIHL and WACKER NEUSON, ensures that the customer not only gets his or her job done, but completes it properly and efficiently.

The Rent-it Store has welcomed all types of people through its doors in the past 51 years, from contractors looking for

Despite its name, The Rent-it Store also has a vibrant sales business which is directly tied to the rentals. When

The 13 members of the Rent-it Store team are thoroughly trained in the proper use and maintenance of all in store




equipment, ensuring that each customer gets the service they need. One thing that has changed in the last 50 years is technology. When Broadfoot graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a background in commerce, he came to work with his father. Broadfoot notes that they were hand writing receipts for customers, there was no accounting software; tools and equipment have become more efficient. Now Broadfoot remarks on the technology available to consumers: “Customers are much more educated than 50 years ago. They can go online and find out as much or as little as they want about the machine they are going to rent to do their job.� As members of the Canadian and American Rental Association, the Rent-it Store attends several industry conferences and shows not only to expand their client base, but also to stay on the cutting edge of technology, making sure they always have the best tools for the job. One thing is clear, with close to 5,000 rental items in stock, you are going to find the tool you need at the Rent-it Store. FHS The Rent-It Store 633-45th Street East Saskatoon 306.652.0101 www.therentitstore.com STAFF L-R Mike Broadfoot, Ken Johnson , Andy Travers, Vicky Clemmensen, Doron Broadfoot, Al Clemmensen, Gina Digness, Gene Elash, Damond McKay,Derek Bodie Mona Morgan, Chad Graves, Eric Hackl MiSSing Steve Spagrud

Good Fences:

Making Good Neighbours and Beautiful Backyards by Jamie Fischer


backyard used to be a place to put your barbeque; today, it has become an extension of our home. Like our homes, it’s all in the details when it comes to creating your perfect oasis. Patios, outdoor furniture and landscaping are always big priorities for home owners, but one detail that’s often forgotten is the backyard fence. Just like indoor walls, backyard fencing provides a barrier between you and the outside world, clearly designating the space within as truly yours. Similar to every other design element of your backyard, there are plenty of options for the look, material and function of your fencing. Lee Smith is an independent contractor in Saskatchewan, and he says people build fences for privacy, security, and of course, to enhance the beauty of their




homes. “It’s really all three of those. It also defines your property,” Smith says. When deciding on a design, Smith says one thing to always consider is your neighbourhood; keep your choice within the community’s current look. He also noted that in some areas, fencing codes are even included in builders’ guidelines to ensure that homes look uniform. As with all aspects of home design, the materials available to homeowners depend on their budgets. Smith says that in executive neighbourhoods, new trends include ornamental railings, glass and wrought iron, different architectural sun shades and much more. “There are many things you can do if you have the money,” Smith says, noting that he doesn’t see demand for these details and materials as often because the market for them is smaller.

Regardless of a home owner’s decision to go with glass panels or a white picket fence, Smith says there are a few basic rules to always follow. The first step to putting up a fence is to learn the rules regarding fencing in your municipality. Several bylaws govern what kind of fences can be placed on lots. For example, some municipalities require higher fences for properties with outdoor pools. Another example of a specific regulation in Regina is for corner lots. In the Queen City, you have to be careful not to erect a fence that’s too tall on corner lots because it can obscure sight lines for cars on the road. To ensure a safe jobsite, homeowners also need to contact SaskEnergy, and have gas lines marked before starting the building process.

Another important step to take before any boards go up is to learn where your property line truly lies. Fences don’t always perfectly ride the property line, so just because a previous fence was up, it doesn’t mean that it was in the correct spot. Property lines can be confirmed through your local municipality. Climate should also be a factor in deciding on a new fence. Saskatchewan has scorching summers and brutal winters, so choosing a material that can take Mother Nature’s wrath will save homeowners money in the long run. When it does come time to put the fence up, leave it to the pros. “You can do it yourself, but it’s going to be some of the hardest work you’ve ever done, and it’s not worth it,” Smith says. “What you can do in a week, a professional can do in a weekend.” Ultimately, using a professional will save you time, but it will also ensure your new fence is installed properly. Lastly, Smith says that the most important thing a homeowner can do when building a new fence is make sure the people on the other side are in the loop. “One of the biggest things is communicating with your neighbour,” Smith says. Neighbours often split the cost of fences, so finding a design that works for both homes’ style and budget can save a homeowner from having to front the entire bill. Patty Creelman had a new backyard fence installed by Smith in the summer of 2012. She redid her entire fence, which meant teaming up with two different sets of neighbours. Originally, Creelman wanted a no-maintenance metal fence, but after some discussion with her neighbours, they all agreed to build a cedar fence that will stand up to the elements. “Communication was very important to us because you want to keep your neighbours happy,” Creelman says. “It worked out well; now we have the side of the fence we want on our side and so do they.” Whatever your neighbourhood or personal tastes, here’s to good fences, good neighbours and beautiful backyards! FHS


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Invest Best Top ReTuRns foR YouR Home InvesTmenT By Erin LEgg


ore than half of all Canadian homeowners will undertake a renovation project each year. If you’re going to spend money on your home, you want to make sure you spend wisely. So how do you decide which investment is best? First, determine your home’s value. The amount of money you invest should be proportionate to its value. Consider the other homes in your neighbourhood. Certain renovations increase the home’s value, but you don’t want to increase it so much that it is no longer within the value range of your neighbourhood. The type of investment you make will also depend on whether you are selling your house sooner rather than later. If you plan on staying in your home for five




or more years, this will affect the type and extent of improvement you should choose to do.

The Kitchen The kitchen is the most-used room in the house. This is where we cook, eat and entertain. The return on investment for kitchen renovations and upgrades is strong. Some experts advise homeowners to cap their kitchen renovation dollars at no more than 20 per cent of the home’s total value. This guideline can yield approximately 85 per cent in return. Kitchen renovations that pay off include: • anything to improve the functionality of the space, such as installing a double sink or prep sink, or

establishing cooking stations; • cosmetic upgrades, including improved lighting, updated cabinetry, a new backsplash or marble granite countertop; • adding more space to the room by creating a breakfast nook or a walk-in pantry; and • updating to sleek, modern and energy efficient appliances.

The Bathroom This is another wise investment, yielding up to 80 per cent for a bathroom addition and up to 90 per cent return on investment for a bathroom renovation. Adding another bathroom to the house improves functionality. Moreover, when the time comes to sell your house, potential buyers will appreciate that the work is already done.

Renovating an existing bathroom boosts the aesthetics of your home while you are living in it, and potential buyers recognize the value of this upgraded space. Renovation ideas include a walk-in shower upgrade, vaulted ceilings, a double sink, jacuzzi tub, or heated ceramic tile flooring.

The Deck Expanding your living space and beautifying your yard with a deck can achieve up to 80 per cent return on your money, depending on the size and materials used. The range of materials to use is vast: pressure treated wood, cedar, composite or resin, just to name a few. What material you choose will depend on the size of deck, your lifestyle and the maintenance required. It’s best to discuss your plans with a builder or contractor who can assist you in drafting a plan and choosing the right material, therefore maximizing your investment.

Siding Two words: curb appeal. Replacing the siding on your home gives a dramatic face lift that can yield great returns for when the time comes to sell: estimates run at up to 80 per cent return on your investment. Your exterior facelift can also include updating the look of your home with decorative brick highlights and exterior mouldings. You may even want to consider upgrading the exterior finish to your home. For example, if you have vinyl siding, you may investigate stucco. A beautiful exterior that sets your home apart from your neighbours’ is a wise investment.

Windows and Doors The amount of investment you will make for energy-efficient windows will vary on size and quantity, but you can expect between 70 to 80 per cent return for your investment. Doors are another wise choice, yielding 90 to 100 per cent returns. Not only do upgraded windows and doors have aesthetic appeal, they will also help you save on your monthly utility bills. While these figures are only estimates for you to consider, please discuss your renovation projects with the professionals. Each house is unique, and each homeowner has his or her own specific needs and wants for their living space. FHS

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AffinityEQ is your option to get the things you want and need now, without waiting to pay off the mortgage. Your equity provides the freedom to make purchases or investments, with peace of mind that your finances are well looked after. See affinitycu.ca for more on AffinityEQ, or call 934.4000 to talk to our mortgage and lending experts.

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Kitchen cabinet maKer more than meets the eye High quality craftsmanship, functional products no illusion at Mirage Woodworks by Karin Melberg Schwier Photos heather Fritz and Mirage woodworKS


Itterman’s dad was a custom homebuilder who wouldn’t compromise on integrity and never dreamed of cutting quality corners. The apple doesn’t fall far. This year, AJ and Crystal Itterman mark the fifth year of business at Mirage Woodworks, and their commitment to the ‘do it right’ construction of all their custom cabinetry makes Dad proud.




“It all comes down to the quality of construction,” explains AJ in his showroom on Avenue C North. “That box has to be solid. You want a product that is beautiful and makes your kitchen look fantastic, but if the box isn’t right, nothing will be right. That’s why all our cabinetry is 5/8” construction, and why we use quality materials including Blum hardware, the industry leader.”

Mirage has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with seven employees in Saskatoon, and the computerized Italian-made equipment is accurate to 100,000th of an inch. That’s not much chance for error. Every piece of cabinetry produced is custom; odd sizes for slightly off-kilter character home renos aren’t a concern.

range of quality custom cabinetry and furniture products: “I can custom build to your unique measurements. I don’t charge extra if I build something that’s 24 and 3/16.” Because equipment calculates with such precision, Mirage can tackle any character home, renovation or new build. Authentic custom work is a factor that differentiates Mirage from a lot of other cabinet manufacturers. While many have gone to standard sizes, AJ believes in providing the cabinetry designed and built for each individual situation. “When we look at a project, we like to think we do things differently. That requires getting your head out of the traditional box for a moment,” he explains. “Kitchens have been designed pretty much the same for a lot of years; the sink always under the window, but most people use dishwashers. How about instead we feature a great work space under the window so when you’re preparing food, cutting up your

beautiful fruits and vegetables, you’ve got sunlight working for you. Seeing things in your kitchen in a different way opens up opportunities.” Although Mirage custom builds a range of cabinetry for the whole house, he’s got a particular soft spot for kitchens. “I love cooking, so I have a pretty good sense of flow and efficiency,” he says. “When I look at the plans for a renovation or a new kitchen, I have a good idea of where things might work best. Let’s make it beautiful but let’s also make it functional. There are a lot of things we can do to make this space work for you and how you live.” Green construction has always been a priority for Mirage, and AJ was pleased when the evolution of water-based stains and lacquer technology resulted in environmentally friendly products.

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The melamine he uses has no added urea formaldehyde and the plywood contains a soybased glue so there is zero harmful off-gassing. Mirage is an exclusive dealer for Paperstone countertops, the ‘greenest’ architectural surface on the market. Made from 100 per cent post-consumer paper waste, it contains petroleum-free phenolic resins made from cashew nut shell oil. Competitive in pricing with entry-level granite, it’s more heat resistant than granite or quartz. “I love this product. It’s very durable. You can cut on it and it won’t wreck your knife. The product will develop some character, but if a mark bothers you, just sand it off for fresh surface,” AJ explains. “You don’t need to repeatedly seal this unlike granite, and it warms up to your skin.” Paperstone is cut with dry tools and can be milled to any specifications. It’s a perfect alternative for people who dislike the shiny coldness of polished natural or man-made stone. Ultimately, Mirage prides itself on responding to the needs of each customer, whether that’s a homeowner or homebuilder. “My job is to look at the spaces in your home and make them work better for you,” AJ insists. “I tap into my own experience as someone who enjoys cooking, and as a manufacturer who won’t compromise on quality at competitive prices. Our guiding philosophy is do it right, use high quality materials, and do true custom work.” FHS Mirage Woodworks AJ and Crystal Itterman, owners Jenny Cook, office manager 2236 Avenue C North Saskatoon 306.343.9663 cell 306.281.7234 fax 306.343.3423 arden@miragewoodworks.com info@miragewoodworks.com www.miragewoodworks.com |


Mirage WoodWorks staff l-r rose, anson, Jenny, Crystal, aJ, lise, lindsey, Cass, darla




For All Your lAndscAping needs bY Tannara Yelland brAd’s photo nadine PePPler


s winter turns to spring and the months-long cover of snow and ice that takes over the Saskatchewan landscape begins to thaw, we grow understandably impatient to see all the snow cleared out of our way. Luckily, there’s a new business in town that can help with that. Brad Valkenburg has only been running Countryside Excavation and Skidsteer Service Limited since September 2012, but business is already looking good. Brad offers a number of landscaping services to both residential and commercial customers. “I like running equipment,” Brad says of why he began the company. “It’s different every day.” With all the necessary attachments for his skidsteer, Brad can do whatever

job you need done, small or large, commercial or residential. From post driving and pile drilling to brush cutting and gravel tamping, there is nothing outside his purview. In addition, Brad has a tri-axle dumping trailer, which allows him to haul far more than the average excavator. If you need a wine cellar or basement dug out, Brad is your man. Excavating and landscaping are passions of Brad’s, who started this business because of the sheer enjoyment working the land brings him. This one-man operation work so efficiently you’ll think you’re getting an entire crew. Call for your snow removal now, and while you’re at it, book all the work you’ll need for your summertime renovations before anyone else on the block.

Contact Brad at 306.280.2587 or at brad_net@hotmail.com, or like Countryside Excavating and Skidsteer on Facebook. FHS

Countryside Excavating and Skidsteer Service Limited 306.280.2587 brad_net@hotmail.com




Ethical BusinEss & PridE in WorkmanshiP: mcmorrow construction ltd. TExT and phoTos Paul Sinkewicz


But it will be the right price.

Renovations and structural remodeling are the core of McMorrow’s business. He says most commonly he’s removing walls and installing beams, meaning that about 60 per cent of the jobs he does have engineers involved.

“I found out very early on in my business that we needed to price jobs so that we could do them properly,” says McMorrow. “That means building enough time into the quote to do a job properly. We might charge a little bit more, but we do it once.”

With more than a decade of experience in a very competitive business, McMorrow points to his many repeat customers as proof his philosophy works. “Our expertise allows us to price things properly. We can essentially see through walls. That is only learned with experience.”

teve McMorrow makes no bones about it: if he’s asked to offer a quote on a construction job, his price likely won’t be the lowest.




The owner of Saskatoon’s McMorrow Construction Ltd. says at least once or twice a season he’ll miss out on a bid and the customer will find out once they open up the walls that there is an expensive surprise waiting for them, but once the job is started the meter is running. The customer finds out then that his quote would have been cheaper in the long run. “What’s going to keep us in the game is the quality. Anyone can lowball and compete on the financial side, but they can’t always compete for quality.”

To control quality, McMorrow insists all the work is done by his own employees. He won’t subcontract any part of the carpentry job. He also makes sure his carpenters are given the appropriate amount of time.“We have a philosophy here that if a guy’s given the time to do his job properly, he will. And that’s served us very well.” He has formed relationships with plumbers and electricians that he trusts, as well as with talented designers and architects. “We’ve also got a really good management team here,” says McMorrow. “They’ve worked closely with a lot of the bigger companies in Western Canada and have seen what has worked for them and what hasn’t. We’re not doing anything new, I believe, we’re just doing it better.” McMorrow Construction is listed with the Better Business Bureau and Trusted Saskatoon and is a member of the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association Inc.

There’s comfort in contracting a company that values its reputation in the community. “Unless you change the scope of the job, we don’t change our price,” says McMorrow. “It’s always been our philosophy. If we write a contract we’ll stand behind it.” It is that ethical way of doing business, and the pride in the workmanship, that attract the best employees to McMorrow Construction. He then treats them right and benefits from keeping them for a long time. “If a guy is working for us, he has experience and he’s a quality carpenter.” FHS

l-R Clay Connell and Steve McMorrow, owner

McMorrow Construction Ltd. 2207 1st Avenue North Saskatoon 306.244.9734 mcmorrow@sasktel.net www.mcmorrowconstruction.ca




Possible side effects of Your Home energY uPgrades By shell busey


Draft Proofing is done before the insulation upgrades are complete by caulking and sealing around electrical house wiring coming up through partition and exterior walls of the home, and sealing around vent stacks, light fixtures, plumbing stacks, chimney stacks and exhaust ventilation ducts. When draft proofing is overlooked, a sign would be the dark stains on the underside of roof sheathing in the attic cavity. This movement of air containing moisture is pushed into the attic cavity by the forced air furnace when in operation, pressurizing the home and pushing air anywhere there is a weakness in the envelope.

our energy efficiency upgrades may be causing havoc within your home when the cold weather shows up, and here is why. The three major upgrades include the furnace, windows and insulation and draft proofing in the attic. The havoc I relate to is condensation on the inside of your new windows, even though you replaced your old aluminum framed windows with vinyl framed windows. 1. Your new high-efficient furnace. Your new furnace no longer takes combustion air from the basement or furnace room area, removing moist air which has settled in the furnace area through the combustion process, thus reducing the moisture in the home. New high-efficient furnaces draw the required combustion air through plastic pipes from the outside directly to the combustion chamber, as well as having a continual-flow furnace fan to maintain a balanced ambient temperature. 2. Windows. New vinyl windows, if installed properly, are tight and sealed to the house envelope to stop drafts, as well as any excess high humidity (moisture) from being exhausted out around the old aluminum or wood frames. 3. Insulation and Draft Proofing. Many home owners had insulation upgrades in their attics with no draft proofing.

Taking all three upgrades into consideration and reviewing your home as a system, the question now becomes: what do you do about the high humidity building up inside your home if you didn’t address the exhaust ventilation in the bathroom, kitchen and any moisture created within the home? Dehumidistat: This is a device to operate a ventilation system, such as a bathroom fan or an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation), to exhaust the excess humidity out of your home. The setting of this unit is determined by the outside air temperature (see chart below). FHR

Outside Temperature

Living Temperature Inside

Relative Humidity (Inside Home)

Above 0°C















for more information on moisture and how your home works as a system watch my webcast by visiting www.askshell.com or email me at shell@thehousesmart.com. shell busey

L-R Tim Kacuiba, Darlene Richards, Duane Kirchmeier, Marian Wozney, Gary Sauser, David Hilash, Lawrance Melymok

For Expert Advice Shop Local,

Shop WindSor plyWood By Julie Mushynsky photoS Danielle larson


l Olson has had a long, successful career with Windsor Plywood spanning more than 30 years. Making a name for himself in the business as a salesperson in Medicine Hat and manager in Brandon, Al’s expertise was highly sought after across western Canada. In 1984, Al and his wife Arlene headed to Saskatoon to open the store there and were subsequently hired to help open the Spokane store, spending two and a half years there. Returning to Saskatoon and basing himself in the city, Al became the company’s store




co-ordinator, assisting other franchise owners with opening new stores and addressing franchise problems for all of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and the U.S. Shortly after, Al hired two of the best in the business for his Saskatoon management team: store manager David Hilash and assistant manager Gary Sauser, who both feel lucky to be part of Al’s team. Over the years, Windsor Plywood has established itself as much more than a local lumber yard. In terms of price, they

can easily compete with any of the big box stores. In terms of product, they provide a more exclusive selection and the products and brands people in Saskatoon want and need. As expected, Windsor has a range of wood and plywood, but also offer home improvement products that touch every base. They offer interior, exterior, commercial and residential doors and accessories, flooring, stair supplies, mouldings, kitchen and outdoor materials and all the tools and adhesives required to make it all come together.

Windsor also offers specialty products including a recent addition of sections of exotic wood. “They are huge, rustic, live edge pieces of wood,” explains David. Many people use these pieces for constructing their own furniture like bar tops, tables, mantels, counter tops or for any other clever creation you can dream up. “These pieces are so unique and are a real eye opener,” says Al, “you would not see this type of product in Saskatchewan three or four years ago.” At Windsor, they ensure you receive personalized, one-on-one service. If you are a contractor or a person who would rather do it themselves, someone at Windsor can help you find what you need in the store or special order. You can also rely on the service you receive at Windsor. With loyal, seasoned, customer-oriented staff members, like Dwayne Kirchmaier and Tim Kacuiba, who care about the company, Windsor

Plywood service becomes synonymous with dependability. “We are also very hands-on people,” explains Al and you will always find management helping out, ensuring you are not waiting around for someone to assist you. For all your home improvement needs remember to visit Windsor Plywood on Millar Avenue—they have a great showroom! They also provide delivery services, getting your supplies out to you quickly. Give Windsor a call or check out their website for more information and how-to tips for your next project. FHS

Windsor Plywood 3222 Millar Avenue Saskatoon 306.931.1232 aolson@windsorplywood.com www.windsorplywood.com


d r a ily y

ure Pict

m a F ur


By Erin LEgg


lose your eyes and picture yourself walking out into your backyard. Is your private retreat a comfortable and relaxing realm where you sink into a plush chair, put up your feet, sip your lemonade, and . . . out of the corner of your eye spot your kids, bored with nothing to do, tramping through your flower beds? Or do you open the patio door only to be greeted with an array of neon plastic play structures, scattered toys, dirt patches where your lush garden bed should be, and no place for you to catch ten minutes of serenity? Sounds like it’s time to reassess your yard. As far-fetched as it may seem




to you now, it is possible to have a yard that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, as well as exciting and fun for the kids. Let’s start with the family zone. Imagine the family zone as the deck or patio: the natural gathering place where you eat meals or share a snack. Now turn your head. Do you see the sitting area? That’s the place where your family lounges, perhaps reading, playing a game, or just sitting around, laughing. Just steps away is the pool or hot tub. Go ahead and smile: a dip in the pool is one of the most refreshing ways to

cool off in the hot summer months. It’s also one of the most interactive and favourite of family activities, no matter what age. Envision the waterfall cascades that add pleasurable visible elements for you, all while providing the kids endless hours of enjoyment as they splash underneath. Are you feeling inspired? We’re not finished yet. Now, find your way to the kid zone. Are you crossing a lush carpet of grass? The kind you sink your bare toes into? Or are you stepping along a path flanked with oversized rocks the kids love to climb?

There it is, but don’t panic: the kids’ section of the yard isn’t littered with cheaply-made and brightly-colored plastic structures. Your kids’ zone has integrated natural, wooden structures that give your kids the opportunity to explore and play. Notice the playhouse that is customized to match your own home, and smile as you see the kids play house or fort and giggle endlessly. And there’s the kids’ personal garden plot. Your landscaper advises on kidfriendly and hardy plants, and you smile as you picture them planting and watering and watching in wonder as the plants—from baby carrots to strawberries, or sunflowers to snapdragons—push their way out of the soil. Your smile grows bigger as the realization comes to you: having their own garden will help keep them out of yours. This year will be the year your perennials will survive the summer. And finally, your zone. Follow that path or press your feet into the soft grass to the area where you can take ten minutes, thirty minutes, or even a whole afternoon, and just be. Here, you have a comfortable chair and a small table set up under a tree that provides shade. A water feature provides the soothing, natural sounds that you love having accompany you during your relaxation time. Nearby is an abundant flower bed showcasing your favorites, where you sit on a bench and watch the bees work. It’s calm. It’s serene. It’s yours. FHS

Your pool should be enclosed with a minimum four foot fence and self-latching gate. Many pool owners also install pool or gate alarms to alert when a child is nearby. Always be sure to explain and repeat pool safety to your kids. Discuss your specific needs with your local pool technician. He or she can help you assess your safety requirements. FineHomes



ExpEriEncE thE BEst in Comfort, Technology and Customer Service with the Masters By CandaCe M. Fox photos nadine PePPler


ersonalized service and a large welcoming smile are exactly what you can expect when you enter through the front doors of Tubbin’ It. Husband and wife team, Wanda and Shane Magee, started the business in 2006 with We Be Tubbin’ hot tub rentals. Building their company with a great customer base and tons of referrals, they saw a need in Saskatoon for quality products with realistic pricing and opened a retail store location in June 2012.

In House Customer Service The team is adamant about offering exceptional products and above-




standard customer service with no gimmicks, no hidden pricing and no small print. Tubbin’ It has an in-house service department so customers can expect quick turn-around times, 24hour emergency service (even in winter) and available technicians to answer questions in person or over the phone. Breaking the industry mold, Wanda insists their personalized service, including in-home orientations and set up, is fun for her and their staff. “I have been to every customer’s house teaching them about the chemicals, different spa functions, and showing them how everything works—and I love being able to do that,” explains Wanda.

Every employee at Tubbin’ It owns their own hot tub or swim spa—offering their customers a wealth of knowledge, hints and advice via their own experience. Customers have a variety of different products to choose from including hot tubs, swim spas, magnetic therapy units, and state of the art Eco Pur™ filtration systems.

Olympic Medalist Endorsed Products Tubbin’ It is the only company in Saskatoon with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps endorsed swim spas by Master Spas. Used for swimming, fitness and therapy these swim spas are

also great for entertaining and family fun year round. With the option of including a partition wall that allows for dual temperatures, customers can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub and a swim spa in one compact unit.

Bio Magnetic Benefits Research concludes the use of bio magnetic therapy can be used to control pain, stop infections, heal bones and scar tissue, and rejuvenate cells. Combining hydrotherapy and bio magnetic therapy, Master Spas has effectively created a patented Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System™. Ally Hickey, Tubbin’ It employee, says, “The really cool part about this is the magnetic therapy to the pressure points found in the seats and in the neck area. These aren’t just regular magnets, they are really powerful and extremely affective.” Doctors, physical therapists and other health professionals highly recommend using magnetic therapy for the treatment of back problems, arthritis and sports injuries. This research and the health benefits listed have also been concluded and noted by Health Canada. Customers can rest assured all hot tubs, spas or swim spa units sold at Tubbin’ It have been approved for Saskatchewan weather. Wanda and Shane also want customers to know they can ‘test drive before they buy.’ The value of renting a spa from We Be Tubbin’ can be put towards the purchase of a hot tub or swim spa at a later date. They also have various promotions and other tax incentives for health spas—all you have to do is stop in and ask them. The team welcomes you to check out their showroom or visit them online. FHS

Tubbin’ It/We Be Tubbin’ 1508 Idylwyld Dr N 306.931.3900 306.931.3931 tubbinitsaskatoon@gmail.com www.tubbinit.ca

First page tubbin’ it staFF L-r Wanda Magee, Shane Magee and Ally Hickey


he outdoor entertaining area is an extension of your home. By carefully planning and creating an exterior “room,” you can easily host—and enjoy—family barbecues, friendly get-togethers and even some relaxing downtime.

The Base

Take it Outside:

A PAtio PArAdise by Erin LEgg

Your patio can be designed using different materials, including wood decking, pavers, flagstone, brick or concrete. What you choose for the base of your patio is dependent on not only your home’s style, but the overall look you are trying to achieve. A modern home may sharpen its appearance with a stamped concrete patio, while a rustic or traditional look can be achieved using different types of wood. You may even want to mix and match the materials for your patio: a wood flooring complemented with built-in stone planters, or a crisscross pattern of red brick highlighted with cedar fencing. Don’t be afraid to go for what you envision here—the looks are endless!

Shelter Incorporating shelter into your overall patio design not only gives you an extra sense of privacy, it also comes in handy for those cool Saskatchewan temperatures, and therefore extends the use of your outdoor area. Many people opt to strategically place privacy screens to create intimate areas for conversation, or to provide refuge from the hot summer sun and cool evening breezes. Another popular shelter addition is the pergola. This beautiful feature takes advantage of vertical space and helps create “walls” without the sense of being closed in. You can also utilize existing shelter by assessing the trees and shrubs in your yard and incorporating this into your design.

Lighting Create a safe and ambient atmosphere on your patio with different lighting. For example, adding pot lights to the stair risers of your deck are not only functional for those evening parties, they also help prevent anyone from taking a tumble. Specially designed lighting systems can also be installed on your pergola or fascia. For a romantic feel, hang outdoor lanterns from overhangs, or set up garden torches throughout the yard. Installing spotlights on a garden fountain or pool illuminates these features when the sun goes down and adds texture to the overall atmosphere.




In our climate, it is essential to extend the life of your party by having patio heaters ready to warm your guests when the cool evenings take over. There are a variety of stylish yet functional propane, natural gas and electric deck heaters available for your space.

From cast iron to wood, aluminum to wicker, choose a material for your outdoor furniture to complement your overall style. For instance, a casual patio atmosphere is highlighted comfortably with teak furniture, while wrought iron suits a classically-inspired space.

The highlight of any patio is the cooking station. From the basic barbecue to the elaborate outdoor grill, take advantage of the cooking options available.

For a more dramatic element, you can create a cozy area with an outdoor fireplace. Perfect for small gatherings or intimate moments with your loved one, imagine sitting back under the great night sky while letting your fireplace radiate warmth. Or, for a unique look, designate a section of your patio for a chiminea. This rustic fireplace generates a great deal of heat, and provides a popular conversation starter amongst guests.

Your furniture should be accessible for both the dining and entertaining area—a table large enough to accommodate everyone, and comfortable chairs for your guests—as well as suitable for lounging— an outdoor chaise will be your favorite spot to relax this summer. Create casual areas on your deck with sofas and oversized lounge chairs. Be sure to add texture and colour to the space with an assortment of pillows and coordinating blankets.

By incorporating the comforts of your indoor kitchen outside, you can have a cooking station anywhere on your patio or in your yard. Design an area with shelving and cabinetry, giving you the option to store your barbecue tools, dining ware, glasses and place settings. To make sure the cook is not isolated from guests, set your grill into an island surrounded by barstools. This addition also serves as an ideal place for a built-in cooler to store beverages, a warming drawer and a handy prep sink for easy washing. FHS




Charter house InterIors: a Sensational Combination of Home Decor and Heritage by Julie Mushynsky Photos lisa landrie


harter House Interiors has been the Carmichael family business for more than 35 years. Situated in the historic Tees and Persse Building in Saskatoon, Norma and her husband Don first opened the business as N.J.’s Wicker Warehouse in the 1970s, selling wicker furniture, baskets and accessories out of a 12 by 24 foot shop in the building. As the times changed so did the ownership, the product and the name. Norma and Don’s son Ken took over as owner, the store expanded to 11,000 square feet over two floors and now sells products from over 100 suppliers under the name Charter House Interiors.




The store is a hidden gem with a large selection of home decor items, including lighting, table decor, curtain panels, candles, candle holders, area rugs, tables and artwork. They offer a full line of leather and upholstered furniture and sell a range of patio, outdoor resin furniture and fire pits, bedroom sets, dining sets and—staying true to their origins—wicker and rattan furniture. They also carry jewellery, scarves, purses and luggage. With the large selection of products, the shop caters to everyone. “We sell all types from traditional pieces to the funky, off-beat kind of furniture,” explains manager Jennifer Lucky.

People also visit Charter House Interiors for the heritage. The Tees and Persse Limited building is an historic warehouse first built in 1911 and expanded upon in 1913. The building was home to a commission and manufacturing brokerage firm headed by James Tees and John Persse. They had a number of warehouses throughout western Canada and sold everything from boots to steamship tickets. The building became Charter House for artisans in 1987 and Charter House Interiors became its namesake. “Families come in from out-of-town to visit the 101-yearold building. It’s like a museum,” says

L–R Jennifer Lucky, Ken Carmichael, Scott Lucky, Mona Lanfermann, Betty Aasen

Jennifer. The building is also home to an in-store cafe which serves up homemade soups and desserts. The staff are renowned for their oldschool service. Ken, Jennifer, Mona and Scott are excited to be a part of the business and are always willing to assist. The shop is also home to two Charter House mascots. Garth is a 6-foot antique nutcracker who dresses up for every special occasion. The second is 5-yearold George. Half bulldog, half beagle he spends most of his day sleeping in the back unless he hears “Aww!” from customers. Then he’ll come out for a meet and greet.

Charter House Interiors will be attending Gardenscape, a spring garden show at Prairieland Park from March 22 to 24, as well as the It’s a Woman’s World trade show October 4 to 6 at the same venue. They will be showcasing a number of items and new pieces from their last buying trip. Come by the show, stop by the shop or visit the website. FHS Charter House Interiors 331–1st Avenue North Saskatoon 306.653.4634 n.j.wicker@sasktel.net www.charterhouseinteriors.com




Patio ReciPes Watermelon Breeze Whether you are relaxing on your patio with a good book, or have friends and family over for a barbecue, there is nothing better than having close by a refreshing beverage. Try one of these cool beverage recipes as you put up your feet or let the conversation and laughter flow.



3 cups watermelon, cut into cubes 1 cup coconut water squeeze of fresh lime ice sprig of mint

• In a blender, add all ingredients and blend until smooth.

Blackberry Sage Cooler Ingredients 15 medium sage leaves 4 tablespoons sugar 1 cup water 8 ounces of blackberries Club soda Preparation • Add the sugar to the water and bring to a boil until sugar is dissolved. • Crush the sage leaves and add to the sugar syrup. Let the sage infuse for about 15 minutes. • Puree the blackberries in a blender. Strain using a fine strainer. • Remove the crushed sage leaves from the sugar syrup. • To serve, place one tablespoon blackberry puree at the bottom of a glass. Add a tablespoon of the sage syrup, and top with club soda.

Rice & Bean Salad Ingredients 3 cups cooked and cooled brown rice 1 15 ounce can kidney beans, rinsed and drained 1 15 ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained 1 15 ounce can whole corn kernels, rinsed and drained 1 small onion, finely diced 1 green bell pepper, finely diced 1 red bell pepper, finely diced 2 jalapeno peppers, finely diced 2 lime, zested and juiced 1/2 cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped 3 cloves garlic, crushed 2 teaspoons ground cumin to taste, salt and pepper

Preparation Mix all ingredients well in a large serving bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate the salad for a minimum of 1 hour (longer refrigeration combines flavours more intensely). Toss again before serving chilled. Optional: Top with fresh diced tomatoes and chives for added flavour. Yields: approximately 16 servings

Grilled Greek Ribs Nothing says, “Hello, Spring!� like a good old barbecue with your friends and neighbors. Treat your guests’ taste buds with this tantalizing meal of Greek Ribs. Ingredients 8 racks pork baby back ribs, membrane removed 1/2 cup olive oil 1/4 cup lemon juice (or freshly squeezed lemon juice) to taste, Worcestershire sauce to taste, seasoning salt to taste, lemon pepper to taste, garlic powder to taste, dried oregano leaves 1/2 fresh lemon, cut into serving slices

Preparation Preheat grill to low heat. Sprinkle both sides of the ribs with seasoning salt, lemon pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Place on grill and cook approximately 7 minutes per side. Combine lemon juice and olive oil. Remove from grill and baste both sides of ribs with olive oil and lemon juice mixture. Season again with seasoning salt, garlic powder, lemon pepper and dried oregano. Return ribs to grill and cook another 7 to 10 minutes per side or until they reach desired tenderness. Cut ribs into individual pieces. Serve with lemon slices. Yields: approximately 16 servings

Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp With spring comes a bounty of rhubarb. A favourite dessert among many, this Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp is a treat the whole family will enjoy. Ingredients 4 cups fresh rhubarb (about 4 to 5 stalks), washed and diced 4 cups fresh strawberries, washed and cut in half 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons grated orange zest 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1/2 cup orange juice, from concentrate or fresh 1 cup all purpose flour

Preparation Preheat oven to 350 F. In a large bowl, combine rhubarb, strawberries, 3/4 cup of granulated sugar, and the orange zest. Dissolve the cornstarch and orange juice in a separate small bowl. Add to the fruit mixture and combine. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pour the mixture into a 8 x 11 dish and place on the baking sheet. Using a mixer, combine flour, remaining granulated sugar, brown sugar, salt and oatmeal. While mixing on low speed, slowly add the butter and combine until a crumbly texture. Top off the fruit with this oatmeal mixture. Bake in preheated oven for approximately 1 hour. Fruit will bubble and top will brown to a nice golden colour. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

1/2 cup light brown sugar, lightly packed 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup quick-cooking oatmeal 12 tablespoons cold, unsalted butter Vanilla ice cream

Yields: 6 servings

Community Spotlight

Rosewood by Paul Sinkewicz


n this special section of Fine Homes Saskatoon, we take a look at a new community: Rosewood. Located in southeast Saskatoon, this neighbourhood is home to residents who appreciate the area’s small community feel while having easy access to the city life and all its amenities. *figures based on data from The City of Saskatoon’s Neighborhood Profiles: 11th Edition, July 2012

For many years Saskatoon was a city of modest growth. The future looked steady, but staid, and change came only in measured dollops. But now the Bridge City is bursting past old boundaries and growing in all directions.




Its newest neighbourhood is a case in point for the exciting urban metamorphosis underway. Rosewood exemplifies thinking big and planning for the future. In 2009, home construction began in this area, located south of Briarwood on the city’s east side, and separated by the Lakewood Suburban Centre. About 700 acres will be home to more than 10,000 Rosewood residents by 2025.

Unlimited and the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation are overseeing the 65 acres of wetland and green space conservation areas, ensuring the preservation of nature and wildlife in the area and giving residents the desired aesthetic appeal. “The plan is impressive,” says Rosewood resident Brett Johnson. “With all the parks and wetlands, we’re really looking forward to the community development. Once it’s done, it’s going to be nice.”

If it were a separate city, Rosewood would be the eighth largest in the province after Saskatoon and Regina.

Johnson, whose house was the second Rosewood residence, is eagerly anticipating the future in the pedestrian and commuter friendly subdivision.

It will include a mix of housing options to ensure a healthy, integrated community. A major hallmark of the neighbourhood plan is its connection with nature. Ducks

To the north lies Briarwood. Builders began new home construction in Briarwood in 1988. By 2006 building had peaked, making homes for almost 5,000

Saskatoon residents. About a quarter of the land area for this neighbourhood is park space, including the man-made pond in Briarwood Lake Park. The Lakewood Suburban Centre is situated between Briarwood and Rosewood, and offers a burgeoning commercial development to serve the needs of the growing eastside community. Located just east of the Wildwood Golf Course on the east end of 8th Street, residents of Briarwood enjoy the open spaces throughout the neighbourhood, and take full advantage of it. “We often visit the spray park,” says Johnson. “The park space in this area is wonderful.” The Rosewood Village Square will be central to that community. Commercial development is to be designed around the square, including proposed schools,

a community center and sports and recreational fields. With five planned parks, plenty of space will be available for families to enjoy and reflect the pedestrian-orientated focus for which the area is aiming. “Once the development takes off, it’s going to be great. There’s no traffic backlog. We have planned park access on either side of us. We’re really looking forward to it!” remarks Johnson. The majority of Briarwood residents commute daily to the downtown core or to the University of Saskatchewan. Even though Briarwood is at the far edge of the city, the transportation routes are efficient using Circle Drive, 8th Street, or Taylor Street to move in and out of the area. Rosewood residents will also enjoy an

easy commute. It has been planned to efficiently take advantage of existing and future roadways. “We’ve got easy access to Circle Drive for when we go long distances, and to get around to other places in the city 8th Street flows easily,” says Johnson. A new perimeter road planned for Saskatoon will run on Rosewood’s east boundary, crossing Highway 16 and connecting Highway 11 at Grasswood to a proposed north commuter bridge. The city has approved spending money on finalizing the route of the perimeter road, and optimistic projections put the opening of the new bridge somewhere in 2016. Rosewood exemplifies smart planning and unlimited opportunity—the new normal in Saskatoon. FHS







Derrick Chilliak and Jacquie Chilliak

The Real Estate Difference Barry Chilliak Realty Inc.

Two Dynamic Forces, One Powerful Result

Barry Chilliak 306.221.2506 Sandy Chilliak 306.229.9914 Spencer Chilliak 306.280.7700

Century 21 Fusion, Selling Saskatoon Jacquie Chilliak 306.222.7211 Derrick Chilliak 306.230.6919

306.653.8222 REAL ESTATE Why having a Real Estate Agent you Trust will save you Time & Money Saskatoon is booming! We are seeing an increase in real estate transactions and many people have questions about the process. Kerri is a licensed Real Estate agent and REALTOR® who is here to answer some of the most common ones. I have no problem showing my house myself, why would I pay an agent to sell my property? A Realtor is a professional 3rd party acting on your behalf. We have access to the MLS system and will have over 500 agents in Saskatoon working to sell your home, and can show it at any time. We pre-screen buyers to make sure they are qualified and financially prepared to buy the home. We are trained to handle objections and negotiations. Often, owners see their home in a perfect light while a buyer may see things that are undesirable to them. Buyers do not want

Kerri Tucker

to hurt a homeowner’s feelings and so you will often have no idea that they have un-revealed objections. Working with a Realtor, a buyer is more likely to voice their concerns giving the agent a chance to handle the objection. Also, buyers looking at a private sale will see the commission savings going in to their pocket, not yours, so you will usually get a lower offer. Selling your home is a major financial and legal transaction and it should be treated professionally. I want to sell my home and I have had 3 different agents give me 3 different prices, why is that? Home pricing has a few subjective variables involved. It’s not all about location and size! Ask how they came up with the price and what they are going to do to sell your home. Again, you need to work with an agent that you trust. FHS

Real Estate Agent

Kerri Tucker

Century 21 FUSION 703 Circle Drive East 306.222.0542 Kerri.tucker@century21.ca www.kerritucker.com

Century 21 FUSION 703 Circle Drive East 306.222.0542 Kerri.tucker@century21.ca www.kerritucker.com

Gary Busch CENTURY 21 Fusion gary.busch@century21.ca www.garybusch.ca | |

306.221.7700 FineHomes

Saskatoon is booming! We are seeing an increase in real estate transactions and many people have questions about the process. Kerri is a licensed Real Estate agent and REALTOR® who is here to answer some of the most common ones. I have no problem showing my house myself, why would I pay an agent to sell my property? A Realtor is a professional 3rd party acting on your behalf. We have access to the MLS system and will have over 500 agents in Saskatoon working to sell your home, and can show it at any time. We pre-screen buyers to make sure they are qualified and financially prepared to buy the home. We are trained to handle objections and negotiations. Often, owners see their home in a perfect light while a buyer may see things that are undesirable to them. Buyers do not want

to hurt a homeowner’s feelings and so you will often have no idea that they have un-revealed objections. Working with a Realtor, a buyer is more likely to voice their concerns giving the agent a chance to handle the objection. Also, buyers looking at a private sale will see the commission savings going in to their pocket, not yours, so you will usually get a lower offer. Selling your home is a major financial and legal transaction and it should be treated professionally. I want to sell my home and I have had 3 different agents give me 3 different prices, why is that? Home pricing has a few subjective variables involved. It’s not all about location and size! Ask how they came up with the price and what they are going to do to sell your home. Again, you need to work with an agent that you trust. FHS

Real Estate Agent

Let Me Find Your Next Home in Saskatoon and Area


REAL ESTATE Why having a Real Estate Agent you Trust will save you Time & Money


Your Agent Your Advocate Kerri Tucker kerri.tucker@century21.ca www.kerritucker.com | |


L-R Jennifer Allen, Rebecca Mclean, Kimberlee Matheson

Honesty, Respect, Communication

Your Saskatoon Full Service Real Estate Team

Kari Calder REALTOR速 kari@saskatoonrealestate.net www.saskatoonrealestate.net

Jennifer Allen 306.241.2229 Kimberlee Matheson 306.717.1663 Rebecca Mclean 306.230.2043


Given the Thumbs up by

TRUSTED Saskatoon.com

Tarra Unterschute, Dave Price, Alana Baier

The Price is Right Dave Price 306.260.1983 Tarra Unterschute 306.291.7061 Alana Baier 306.227.7313 dave.price@century21.ca www.thedavepriceteam.com



Jo-Anne Larre, Tyler Grand

Looking to Your Future with CENTURY 21 Fusion Let your REALTOR速 help Jo-Anne Larre 716.3473 century21.ca/joanne.larre Tyler Grand 341.3776 grandestatesrealty.com








Dan Bader 371-7760

Ron Baliski 221-0421



Reagan Baliski 290-7377

Clark Dziadyk 227-2036

reagan.baliski@sasktel.net clarkdziadyk@shaw.ca

Marketing Saskatoon’s FinestProperties Properties~ ~ Marketing Saskatoon’s Finest RON BALISKI REALTY INC. #1 Team Re/Max Saskatoon Clark Dziadyk Reagan Baliski #1 Team Re/Max Saskatoon 227-2036 290-7377

Dan Bader 371-7760

Ron Baliski 221-0421



#1 TEAM RE/MAX SASKATOON Ron Baliski Dan Bader Reagan Baliski Ron Baliski Realty Inc. 221-0421 371-7760 290-7377 reagan.baliski@sasktel.net clarkdziadyk@shaw.ca

www.SaskatoonAssociates.com Ron Baliski Realty Inc. INC. | (306) 242.6000 RON BALISKI REALTY ronbaliskirealty@sasktel.net dannybader@remax.net


Clark Dziadyk 227-2036

reagan.baliski@sasktel.net clarkdziadyk@shaw.ca

ronbaliskirealty@sasktel.net #1 TEAM RE/MAX SASKATOON| www.saskatoonassociates.com www.saskatoonassociates.com RON BALISKI REALTY INC. www.SaskatoonAssociates.com


250-1820 Check here for8th our Street East www.SaskatoonAssociates.com 306.242.6000 Most Current Listings 306.242.6000

250-1820 8th Street East 306.242.6000 www.saskatoonassociates.com www.saskatoonassociates.com

Where The Experts Are Realty Executives Saskatoon www.rexsaskatoon.com rexsaskatoon REXsaskatoon


250-1820 8th Street East 306.242.6000 www.saskatoonassociates.com

Ivan Toledo, Susan Toledo

Discover the address of your dreams… WITH US. Team Toledo Susan Toledo, 306.241.8670 Ivan Toledo, 306.241.8671

www.toledo.ca 158



Summer Edition Coming this May




Revival Starts Here

Home Staging, Interior Design, Home Cleaning

For your new build or renovation project, in-home consultations and installations are available by a dedicated staff. Visit the fully stocked showroom today for ideas.

Fresh Living offers a suite of services that help you sell your home, value your time, mind your health, transform your space & respect our environment.

Budget Blinds 102-2834 Millar Avenue, Saskatoon | 306.242.5706 www.budgetblinds.com | kqlang@budgetblinds.com

Fresh Living 306.FRESH.10 (306.373.7410) info@fresh-living.ca | fresh-living.ca |

Signature Benjamin Moore Dealer

Saskatoon’s Hidden Gem

Eastside Paint and Wallpaper 1201A Walpole Ave | 306.477.5555 | 1-406 Ludlow Street | 306.374.8888 www.eastsidepaintandwallpaper.com

Charter House Interiors 331–1st Avenue North, Saskatoon | 306.653.4634 www.charterhouseinteriors.com

Locally owned and operated Eastside Paint & Wallpaper carries all the Benjamin Moore products you need for your decorating & renovation projects.

Property Staging and Interior Decorating The sooner potential buyers accept a home as their own, the quicker and more profitable return to the seller. Property staging prepares a home for a quick and comfortable resell. Aimee Lauren Interiors 306.251.2616 | aimee@aimeelaureninteriors.com www.aimeelaureninteriors.com | |


11,000 sq. ft. of indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs, art & more housed in the Tees and Persse building, one of the few heritage buildings open to the public.

Buying a Home? What Can I Afford?

Your first call should be to Heidi. She’ll meet you at a location and time of your convenience to provide a complimentary pre-approval to get you started. Conexus Credit Union Heidi Kinar | 306.491.9466 heidi.kinar@conexus.ca | conexus.ca FineHomes






Envision, Create, Perform

Rescuing Rooms and Saving Dollars

The Sewing Machine Store 294 Venture Crescent, Saskatoon | 306.652.6031 | 1.800.665.6031 info@thesewingmachinestore.com | www.thesewingmachinestore.com

Realistic Redesign 306.229.1982 | barbara@realisticredesign.com www.realisticredesign.com | |

Considering Stainless Steel?

Warmth, Comfort and Style for Your Home

Come check out the innovative sewing products for your fashion, home and office projects. Classes for all levels available. Let your creativity blossom.

Realistic Redesign works with your existing furniture and decor to make the most of your space. Don’t reinvent . . . build upon your personal style.

See Tex Klassen for your specialty fabrication. Countertops, sinks, backsplashes and railings. Providing fine workmanship and service for over 25 years.

Focal point in a designed space, new Regency Fireplaces keep the focus on the fire and warmth, with one of the largest viewing areas available.

Tex Klassen Sales and Metal Fabrication 610A 51st Street East, Saskatoon | 306.934.7600 www.texklassen.com

Wheatland Fireplace 625 1st Avenue North, Saskatoon | 306.249.4888 www.wheatlandfireplace.com | | |

Interior Design Products & Services

Hop in the Tub

Metric Design Centre 160-2nd Avenue North | 306.974.0190 service@metricdesign.ca | www.metricdesign.ca |

Tubbin’ It/We Be Tubbin’ 1508 Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon | 306.931.3900 | 306.931.3931 www.tubbinit.ca | tubbinitsaskatoon@gmail.com | |

Innovation and possibility in one inspiring showroom. Offering extraordinary kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, furniture & decor with the professionals and trades for your build or renovation.




Choose from wide product selection, including hot tubs, swim spas, magnetic therapy units, and state of the art Eco Pur™ filtration systems.

Fine Finishing and Detailed Woodworking

Renovation Ideas Begin With Windsor Plywood

Gannon Contracting Ltd. 306.529.2911 gannon.dylan@gmail.com |

Windsor Plywood 3222 Millar Avenue, Saskatoon | 306.931.1232 1.888.833.9663 | www.windsorplywood.com

Vehicle Detailing and Cleaning

Specialized Automation Systems

Kristy Kleen Bay 2 825 48th Street, Saskatoon | 306.229.2432 kristykleen@gmail.com | www.kristykleen.ca |

One Touch Automation 1308 8th Street East, Saskatoon | 306.281.7282 cgarraway@saskautomation.com | www.saskautomation.com

Find the Tools You Need

Better Outdoor Living

The Rent-It Store 633-45th Street East, Saskatoon | 306.652.0101 www.therentitstore.com

Suncoast Screen Enclosures 306.761.1801 | dgl.inc@sasktel.net www.suncoastenclosures.com

Striving to provide professional homebuilders with reliable, quality craftsmanship and creative designs. We specialize in walk-in closets, wine cellars, fireplace mantles, casings and moldings.

Let Kristy Kleen come to you with a unique mobile washing, cleaning and detailing service for your car, truck, RV, boat, or farm equipment.

With 5,000 rental items in stock, and hundreds available for purchase, everything you need to get the job done is found at The Rent-it Store.

Windsor Plywood specializes in home finishing products including high quality doors, flooring, mouldings and plywood. Locally owned and operated.

Up to date with the latest technology, complete your new build or renovation with a custom audio/visual design and installation by One Touch Automation.

These aesthetically pleasing and durable sunrooms protect you from the wind, hot sun, rain and the nuisance of annoying and dangerous insects.




A Room Just For You

Chantelle Butterfield Funktional Space 306.227.3008 chantelle@funktionalspace.com www.funktionalspace.com |


hat do you like to do at the end of your day? For me, I look forward to retreating to my own personal sanctuary. If you think about it, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and this is the space we need to claim as ours. Having a bedroom that properly reflects our individual personalities helps make it a more inviting place tofunktionalspace.com be. website:

they want to achieve—such as airy, peaceful, dynamic, or colourful. In a lot of cases, clients will provide me with a photograph they’ve fallen in love with, or a piece of art that means something dear to them that we use as the starting point. I worked with a wonderful client on creating her own special corner of the world, one to where she could escape at the end of the day that wasn’t overpowered with outside distractions. The inspiration for her came in the form of two special pieces of art she wanted to have highlighted in the room. This was a great starting place for me, and I was able to match her artwork with a beautiful painting that tied together all of the little accents that made her room her own. With specially coordinated lighting, pillows and bedding, the room was transformed from just a place where she slept to a place she could walk into and say “Ahhhh!”

email: chantelle@funktionalspace.com

The most common request I get when helping a client with the bedroom is, “Can you make it my oasis?” So where do we start? I always discuss with my clients the inspiration behind their desired room. This could be a feeling




I took a lot of pride in watching her expression during the reveal of her sanctuary. She absolutely loved it! I watched her explore her new space, sitting on the benches, laying down on the bed—truly taking in the room as

her own. We accomplished what she wanted: an oasis. It’s not just the adult rooms that are fun to do, but creating a personalized space for children. Let their personality shine! My husband and I surprised our son Mason with a bedroom that suits him to a T: fun, energetic, and full of family-orientated treasures. For example, on display are his baseball bat ball from a trip to Iowa with his baseball team, an old game board from the family farm, and a paddle that was left to him by my father. But the best part, I must say, is the original painting by my husband. It’s fun, creative and meaningful to both Mason and us. “I love it!” Mason has told me about his room. “The best part? The painting!” So are there rules for creating an oasis? A standout room? Not really. Don’t be shy about going all out. Whether it’s your own bedroom or your child’s, break free from the norm and create a deserving space. After all, you’re unique—shouldn’t your bedroom be too? Let’s discuss the inspiration behind your sanctuary and create a room of your own. FHS


Walk-out currently being built in Rosewood


Haven cabinets in all homes “Our goal is not to be the biggest builder in Saskatoon, but be recognized for our value, quality and WOW customer service experience.” —Nathan Stobbe, owner

Ask about Haven’s unique

Signature Service


829 46th Street West yourhome@havenbuilders.ca www.havenbuilders.ca

Backing park - currently being built in Rosewood.

Owner, Mark Stevens Photo By Black Bench Productions

6 – 405 Circle Drive East 306.652.1212 mstevens67@msn.com “Like” us on Facebook today! www.facebook.com/wiseguysmattresses

y UBU Photos

personnel e. David feld to the m his father one is very d.

craftsmen. For more information visit their website at, www.staircasesk.com, or stop by their showroom in Osler, SK. FHS


f you are in the market for a new mattress in Saskatoon, there really is no better place to shop than Wiseguys Mattresses on Circle Drive. Owner/operator Mark Stevens along with his employees have made it their mission to educate the public on the importance of a comfortable mattress. No need to break the bank – Wiseguys Mattresses can accommodate everyone from the budget conscious student to the luxury loving professional.

eam would you to their ompany is 660 Service Rd N, Osler, SK katchewan 306.239.2177 xpertise to info@staircasesk.com -Wood Products Ltd. is known for their curved www.staircasesk.com eir master y staircases, DAG-Wood’s product list is vast, Family owned and operated, DAG-Wood Products Ltd. with a variety of commodities. Photo by UBU Photos

Exceptional Craf tsmanship specializes in stunning quality products.

ith 35 years under his belt, customers are fortunate uch a hardworking and carpenter working on their vid and Neil ensure all team ve a clear understanding of ood standard of quality and

installers,• and front staircases end personnel custom available in the province. David • railings/spindles/mantles welcomes his son Grant Neufeld to the • custom doors team. Learning the ropes from his father • custom millwork and the rest of the staff, everyone is very excited to have Grant on board. As always, the DAG-Wood team would

back row like to send out a warm thank you to their Duane, Field Supervisor; Lisa, administrator Front row wonderful customers. The company is recently added an Michelle, admin assistant; David, owner

ny has erson to the development which already includes the men, spray technicians,

craftsmen. For more information visit their website at, www.staircasesk.com, or stop by their showroom in Osler, SK. FHS

660 Service N, Osler, SK SK 660 Service RoadRdNorth, Osler happy to serve all areas of Saskatchewan 306.239.2177 306.239.2177 | fax 306.239.2168 – bringing their carpentry info@staircasesk.com expertise to | info@staircasesk.com www.StaircaseSK.com www.staircasesk.com any project that requires their master

Summ ready out t and may matt matt years prope Purch your

Own recom custo their matt in a f by t purch

Profile for Fine

FineHomes Saskatoon Spring 2013  

Exclusive look at the homes industries in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

FineHomes Saskatoon Spring 2013  

Exclusive look at the homes industries in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.