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Fall Edition 2022
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architecture planning

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Pagosa Springs.


ABOUT THE COVER This unique property listed by Sotheby's sits on 610 acres near
02 Southwest Water & Ice Solutions 03 Fanas Architecture 05 Quality House Interiors 08-17 Sotheby’s Legacy Properties West 20-24 The Durango Team at The Wells Group 25 Animas Craft Woodworks 27 Bank Central 28-29 Glacier Real Estate 32-33 Keller Williams 34 Keller Williams Scott Kurlander 35 Keller Williams Karen Overington 35 Sun Glass 37 Blackmore Group 37 SoCo Wood & Windows 38 American Dream Realty 39 Farmers Insurance Ben Frihauf 40 The Gallery 41 Ultrasteam 43 American Dream Realty 44 Southwest Appliance 45 ReLove Consign & Design 45 Four Corners Raindrops 47 Bank of the San Juans 47 Ashes Away 56 Regents Real Estate Group 57 State Farm Insurance Ricky King 60 Integrity Real Estate & Lending 4 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide
CONTENTS 06 COUNTY PROFILES Population, climate and average home price 20 SEASONAL CHECKLIST Winter is on its way 26 BUYERS & SELLERS Securing a great mortgage rate 30 HOME IMPROVEMENT Dining room redo 36 PRE-SALE PROJECTS Siding options abound 42 PROTECTING PROPERTY Protect your home while away 46 DESIGN TRENDS Fireplace trends for cozy rooms 48 REGIONAL MAPS 58 OUT & ABOUT Calendar of community events Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 5


La Plata County


Archuleta County

Wilderness engulfs over half of the 1,356 square miles in Archuleta County.


population: 1,751 elevation: 7,126 feet average precipitation: 23 inches average snowfall: 93 inches average temperatures: High 38 degrees, Low 4 degrees in January. High 83 degrees, Low 45 degrees in July.

median home price: $360,900

BAYFIELD population: 2,550 elevation: 6,900 feet average precipitation: 21 inches average snowfall: 82 inches average temperatures: High 41 degrees, Low 13 degrees in January. High 83 degrees, Low 53 degrees in July.

median home price: $331,500

DURANGO population: 19,413 elevation: 6,512 feet average precipitation: 19.1 inches average snowfall: 79 inches average temperatures: High 41 degrees, Low 13 degrees in January. High 89 degrees, Low 51 degrees in July.

median home price: $575,000

IGNACIO population: 1,411 elevation: 6,453 feet average precipitation: 18 inches average snowfall: 51 inches average temperatures: High 39 degrees, Low 9 degrees in January. High 87 degrees, Low 49 degrees in July.

median home price: $247,000

in the San Juan Mountains on the New Mexico border, La Plata County is 1,700 square miles of the state of Colorado.
Real Estate Guide

Montezuma County

Montezuma County is 2,040 square miles of rural, rugged landscape west of the La Plata Mountains.


population: 1,415 elevation: 7,028 feet average precipitation: 17 inches average snowfall: 57 inches average temperatures: High 41 degrees, Low 12 degrees in January. High 82 degrees, Low 50 degrees in July. median home price: $352,700


population: 8,709 elevation: 6,191 feet average precipitation: 13 inches average snowfall: 34 inches average temperatures: High 42 degrees, Low 16 degrees in January. High 89 degrees, Low 56 degrees in July. median home price: $219,500


population: 959 elevation: 6,936 feet average precipitation: 18 inches average snowfall: 66 inches average temperatures: High 39 degrees, Low 11 degrees in January. High 86 degrees, Low 53 degrees in July. median home price: $319,000

San Juan County

The heart of the San Juan Mountains and National Forest, San Juan County is just 388 square miles.


population: 612 elevation: 9,318 feet average precipitation: 26 inches average snowfall: 173 inches average temperatures: High 34 degrees, Low -4 degrees in January. High 73 degrees, Low 39 degrees.

median home price: $324,500

Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 7

Winter is on its way

SOUTHWEST COLORADO is a paradise for those who love all four seasons. With an above-average number of sunny days per year, relatively balmy year-round temperatures, and endless outdoor recreation, the Four Corners region is truly a wonderland.

However, the beauty and opportunities that come with the variety of seasons are balanced by some of the adverse conditions that homes and properties can go through, with heavy snow accumulation and continuous below-freezing temperatures being among the most concerning. These aspects of winter can wreak havoc on properties and this is especially true at higher elevations, and in areas that see minimal winter sun. Appropriate preparation will help you prevent unnecessary stress and save time and money down the road.


Entrances and exits come in all shapes and sizes, and ensuring they are suitable for cold and windy weather is a great place to start. One of the best options for insulating these areas is to upgrade or protect windows and to install storm doors. Storm doors are an additional door meant to protect your main exterior doors from harsh conditions while providing additional insulation. A properly functioning door sweep is also a vital component of a door’s ability to keep heat in a home, and they are inexpensive and easy to install.

When it comes to windows, there are many options you can choose from to improve heat retention and improvements can be made with a variety of budgets. Simply using the correct caulking

Prepare the home for harsh seasonal weather 18 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide

to quickly patch holes and cracks around doors and windows can go a long way to prevent heat from escaping your home. Window insulation kits with adhesive and transparent film also give a homeowner the ability to improve insulation for a relatively low cost. Window options also include window frames with various insulative properties and double and triple-pane windows that can even use non-toxic gas to fill the spaces between panes, further reducing heat loss.


Preparing your plumbing, both inside and out, is a critical aspect of winterization. Starting outside, make sure all hoses are disconnected from faucets and drained before temperatures begin approaching freezing. Be sure not to wait until the last minute to do this, as surprise cold snaps can unexpectedly drop the air temperature below freezing. Another task to address on the same timeline are irrigation systems. These will also need to be drained and in some instances this can require professional assistance. Again, do not wait until the last minute to properly prepare exterior plumbing and irrigation as costly damage can occur when water in pipes and lines freezes as the expansion causes cracks and leaks. You can also ensure that you have frost-free faucets installed on the outside of your home to further protect against potential damage. For plumbing in crawl spaces or other potentially vulnerable areas, consider utilizing heat tape to prevent freezing. Your home’s heat source is also something to address proactively, and just like plumbing and irrigation this can include scheduling professionals to service the system. If your home is heated with a wood stove for instance, yearly chimney sweeping is a very important consideration. For those with other forms of heating such as forced air or radiant in-floor, be sure to have filters cleaned or replaced and follow manufacturer recommendations for professional servicing.


When winter does arrive it will be vital to have made the proper preparations for snow and ice beforehand. Although not every winter will bring continuous snowfall, the cold temperatures make it more difficult and expensive to deal with these concerns. Some basic action items can include clearing gutters of debris and installing snow brakes. Clean gutters are important for maintaining proper drainage from melting snow

and ice and snow brakes can help reduce the danger of accumulated snow sliding off the roof and injuring people or damaging property. Snow sliding off of a roof is a season-long hazard as it can contain hidden chunks of ice and even the snow itself can be very heavy. Prepare areas where snow and ice may fall by removing vulnerable items like outdoor grills and ensuring people are aware of the danger.

Just as it is important to schedule professionals for tasks like chimney sweeping well ahead of time, it is also important to have contacted a reputable snow removal and ice mitigation professional before you need them. When heavy storms hit there is often a rush on their services and it can make scheduling difficult unless you have preemptively reached out to them.


There are other simple tasks you can take care of on a seasonal schedule, such as switching the direction of ceiling fans and checking smoke and Co2 detectors. Hiring seasonal caretakers can also be important for those who don’t live in their residences year-round. Caretakers can check in on properties and notify homeowners of potential issues before they become expensive problems. Enjoying the variety of all four seasons is one of many benefits of living in Southwestern Colorado, and with the proper preparedness you can ensure your home won’t be left out in the cold. n

Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 19
Appropriate preparation will help you prevent unnecessary stress and save time and money down the road


5 BD - 6 BA - 8921 SF MLS# 796616 - $3,350,000

Spectacular Rockridge home, recently remodeled, very energy efficient, and complete with second living quarters. Enjoy a private in-town oasis with gorgeous finishes throughout.



4 BD - 4 BA - 3235 SF - 38 AC MLS# 796704 - $2,450,000

This amazing property includes San Juan river frontage, a large home, attached 3 car garage, barn, large pond, and ample fenced pasture land. Four miles north of Pagosa Springs.

Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316

real estate is our full time business

real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316

real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

Call us today for more information on these or any area listings at 970.375.7014
Max Hutcheson
Katie Hutcheson
Deven Meininger
Call us today for more information on these or any area listings at 970.375.7014 Max Hutcheson | Katie Hutcheson | Deven Meininger real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316 real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 288 SHENANDOAH ROAD 288 SHENANDOAH 4 BD - 3 BA - 3000 SF - 15.92 AC MLS# TBD - $1,139,500 This is a private oasis tucked away on almost 16 acres in Shenandoah. Surrounded by tall pines, this property is fenced and cross fenced for horses. Two small ponds and firepit adds to the Colorado ambiance. RESIDENTIAL 302 9TH AVENUE 2 BD - 1 BA - 1500 SF MLS# 798598 - $449,900 156 SIERRA VISTA STREET 2 BD - 3 BA - 1408 SF MLS# 793053 - $499,000 343 DEER TRAIL LANE 3 BD - 2 BA - 1368 SF MLS# 797376 - $329,000 425 HOLLOW RIDGE ROAD 3 BD - 3 BA - 5240 SF - 8.61 AC MLS# 797264- $975,000 1369 FLORIDA ROAD 3 BD - 3 BA - 2170 SF - 7.45 AC MLS# MULTIPLE - $1,295,000 141 CR 218 3 BD - 2 BA - 1644 SF - 3 AC MLS# 797823 - $585,000



At Shaw Ltd., our project portfolio re ects deep and broad real estate development experience across Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. From hospitals to military projects, from single family homes to apartment complexes and entire neighborhoods, a consistent track record for high ethical standards and meeting or exceeding nancial objectives has fueled our growth.

Our approach starts with selection of highly desirable parcels in low risk markets through detailed analysis. Stunning, environmentally-friendly design is the next step. We take a hands-on role in the build phase, serving as development manager on each project. We protect capital this way, and by bringing key services in-house and utilizing our network of partners in optimal combinations. is allows us to deliver high quality nished products at fair prices for consumers, enhanced spaces for communities, and maximum returns for investors.

Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392

Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392

Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392

Deven Meininger 970.903.8316

Deven Meininger 970.903.8316

Deven Meininger 970.903.8316

real estate is our full time business

real estate is our full time business

real estate is our full time business

1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

Call us today for more information on these or any area listings at 970.375.7014
Max Hutcheson
Katie Hutcheson
Deven Meininger
Call us today for more information on these or any area listings at 970.375.7014
Hutcheson | Katie Hutcheson | Deven Meininger
real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316 real estate is our full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 1130 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 Construction started on the new floorplan. These contemporary townhomes have highend finishes throughout.
1785 SF with the option of 2 or 3 BD and 3 BA. Close to FLC, Hillcrest and Downtown. MLS # Mulitple - $793,905 - $900,000 CEDAR RIDGE
219 SALT BRUSH STREET 3 BD - 2 BA - 2031 SF MLS# 796587 - $982,000 225 METZ LANE #402 2 BD - 3 BA - 1440 SF MLS# 796586 - $682,000
178 FARM POND LANE 3 BD - 2 BA - 1968 SF MLS# 796954 - $998,900
61 MANITOU LANE 3 BD - 3 BA - 2250 SF MLS# 793604 - $989,000 75 MANITOU LANE 3 BD - 3 BA - 2250 SF MLS# 793622 - $999,000 159 FARM POND LANE 3 BD - 2 BA - 2129 SF MLS# 796958 - $1,083,000
131 FARM POND LANE 3 BD - 3 BA - 2240 SF MLS# 796955 - $1,272,900 164 FARM POND LANE 3 BD - 2 BA - 2129 SF MLS# 796953 - $1,193,750

Three Springs is an ever-growing community 10 minutes East of downtown Durango. Located by the hospital as well as many other businesses, you have easy access to everything you need in your neighborhood including restaurants, gyms, and a grocery market. Three Springs has an interlaced walking path and direct access to the Spur Line trail which is great for biking! Don’t miss out on your next home being in Three Springs.

Call us today for more information on these or any area listings at 970.375.7014 Max Hutcheson | Katie Hutcheson | Deven Meininger real estate is our
time business
real estate
real estate
4.7 AC
Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316
Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301
full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316
full time business Max Hutcheson 970.769.7392 Deven Meininger 970.903.8316
Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301
Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301 13980
- 1 BA - 1989
MLS# 792318 - $1,150,000
11 95 SALT BRUSH STREET 8276 $139,000 787270 48 481 OXBOW CIRCLE 9685 $125,000 787271 62R 7 YARROW COURT 8603 $149,000 787273 63 15 YARROW COURT 6137 $139,000 787275 73 54 YARROW COURT 5577 $135,000 791160 74 46 YARROW COURT 6970 $140,000 791157 10 85 SALT BRUSH STREET 10454 $149,000 793806 3 23 SALT BRUSH STREET 8276 $149,000 46 MANITOU LANE .4 ACRES MLS# 797629 - $360,000 30 RIVER RANCH CIRCLE 1.7 ACRES MLS# 797700 - $625,000 170 METZ LANE 2.33 ACRES MLS# 788059 - $1,175,000 VACANT LAND 72 SUTTLE STREET, SUITE 1 LEASE - 1 BA - 2247 SF MLS# 793530 - $3,000 484 TURNER DRIVE 4 BA - 4077 SF MLS# 797670 - $655,000 1175 CAMINO DEL RIO .14 AC - 1 BA - 7880 SF MLS# 785436 - $1,175,000 COMMERCIAL 50%OFFFIRST6MONTHS UNDER CONTRACT

Securing a great mortgage rate

WHETHER YOU ARE A FIRST-TIME BUYER or a seasoned real estate investor, finding the right mortgage is one of the most important tasks for any prospective buyer. Although certain factors are controlled by elements outside a borrower’s influence, different elements within the buyer’s control can have a positive effect on mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are always changing, so a good thing to keep in mind is that, according to the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey, the average rate for 30-year fixed mortgages is 7.81%. Rates for the 2022 year are reported by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. as 5.30% for 30-year and 4.45% for 15-year fixed-rate mortgages, respectively.

Before looking at ways to secure a great rate, it’s important to understand some loan fundamentals. A mortgage rate is composed of four elements, collectively known by the acronym PITI, which stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance. The higher the rate, the more interest will be paid to the lender over the life of the loan. Securing a great mortgage rate will require diligence and consistency for most buyers, but it is well worth the payoff in the end.

People interested in purchasing a property should look into the availability of special assistance programs. Here in Southwest Colorado, the HomesFund can provide education for those new to the process and offers financial assistance for securing mortgages. Other options, such as FHA loans for first-time buyers, are also worth investigating.

Next, use a mortgage calculator to estimate what a monthly payment might be when the estimated variables are taken into account. This can provide a starting point and give context to other information you will seek out and actions you can take. Then, take time to examine factors within an individual’s control.

Credit Score is one of the things a lender will

review. It is an indicator of financial well-being and capability. If a score is in the high 600s, you can likely qualify for a prime mortgage, although you will also typically need a 10-20% down payment. Advice from a financial planner can help you work your way to a better credit score. Make sure to proof your credit score for errors and get them corrected as well. While potentially time-consuming, this can pay off.

Debt-to-income ratio also affects mortgage rates. Evaluate this carefully and make adjustments where necessary. Some debts, such as student loans, are seen in a favorable light by lenders. Other forms of debt, such as high-interest credit cards, are seen as a liability, and a lending institution may charge a higher rate to offset the perceived risk associated with a high debt-to-income ratio.

Down payments can lower the rate as well. The more you can afford for a down payment, the lower the loan-to-value (LTV). Although this can be beneficial in securing a better rate, remember not to drain cash reserves for a big down payment. Lenders will be more comfortable if a buyer is also able to have financial reserves that can cover a few months of expenses.

Loan terms can vary. There are different lengths of loans, typically 15 and 30-year terms. Doing the math to figure out if you can afford the increased monthly payments associated with a 15-year loan versus a 30-year loan can save a lot of interest down the road and is the recommended route, if feasible.

There are other factors you can take action on that will impact your final mortgage rate, such as choosing fixed-rate versus adjustable-rate mortgages, paying down interest at closing through prepaid mortgage points, and even seeking employment that pays a better wage.

Don’t forget to account for closing costs a lender and third parties may charge. This includes things like the lender’s underwriting fees and title insurance, among others. Although this won’t affect a mortgage rate, it will impact finances, which is always important to keep in mind when budgeting for a home.

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures in life. In order to secure the most advantageous mortgage rate possible, organizing finances is extremely important. n

BUYERS & SELLERS 26 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide
Durango’s premier team for mortgage, land/construction and commercial lending. Commercial Loan Officer NMLS# 449954 Loan Originator NMLS# 449953 Loan Originator NMLS# 1449861 1211 MAIN AVE. DURANGO, CO 81301 970.375.2265 Rob O’Malley Controller Morgan Kusian Customer Service Representative PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 27
Live Wild and Well, Year Round Two 18-Hole Golf Courses • Mountain and Valley Clubhouses • Private Club Dining Fitness Center & Spa • Indoor-Outdoor Pools • Tennis & Pickleball Courts On-Site Trails for Hiking, Biking, Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing & More
Artist Rendering of Etta Ridge Mountain Residences

A Mountain

Glacier is an all-season club community with an array of real estate opportunities designed to elevate every lifestyle and endless outdoor adventures at your doorstep.

REALESTATE@THEGLACIERCLUB.COM • 970.382.6766 THEGLACIERCLUB.COM Find Your Mountain Retreat Scan To Learn About Our Newest Offerings Aerial View of The Summit at Glacier
For Every Season

Dining room redo

IF THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF THE HOME, then the dining room may be akin to one of its arteries. The mood created in the kitchen spreads to the dining space where family and friends gather to eat and enjoy one another’s company.

Dining rooms can get lost in the home renovation shuffle, as many homeowners tend to focus on renovating kitchens and bathrooms instead. Homeowners do not have to invest a lot of money in renovations to give their dining spaces awe-inspiring makeovers. Here’s how to do so on a budget.

HOME IMPROVEMENT 30 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide

n LIGHTEN AND BRIGHTEN. Dining rooms were once very formal spaces. Dark woods, large pieces of furniture, over-thetop chandeliers, and other details could be found in many homes. But now that houses are being built with open floor plans, dining rooms can blend with other spaces, which have moved to lighter colored walls, flooring and furniture. A fresh coat of vibrant paint can work wonders and it doesn’t cost much. If you can’t remove a floor, cover it with a brightly colored area rug.

n SWITCH THINGS UP WITH SLIPCOVERS. Slipcovers can be changed each season to dramatically alter the look of a dining room for little investment. Slip covers also protect chairs and can be easily laundered after spills.

n ADD FLOATING SHELVING. Floating shelves provide much-needed storage or display space without the need to invest in another piece of furniture. Depending on the shelving, they can work in modern design schemes or even farmhouse dining spaces.

n CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER. It might be time to say “so long” to that large curio cabinet and the knickknacks within it. Curio and china cabinets used to be de rigueur, but plenty of people now prefer more open and airy dining rooms. For those who want to keep the cabinet, try decluttering inside to only include the very best display pieces and see if the cabinet can be refinished with paint or a lightly colored stain.

n IMPROVE LIGHTING. Make the chandelier the statement piece of the space. Go for a bold color or an innovative design. Then add accessories throughout the space that coordinate with the chandelier.

n ADD BENCH SEATING. Those who need additional seating may not have to get entirely new furniture. Swap out some chairs for benches, which can fit a couple more guests than chairs.

n CREATE DEPTH WITH COLOR. HGTV says that using various shades of the same color in a space can add depth. Coordinate drapes, walls, seat fabrics, and accessories for a cohesive design. n

Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 31
Renovating a dining room doesn’t require a large investment of time and money. A few simple steps can give dining spaces a whole new feel without busting homeowners’ budgets.
Karen Overington 970-749-8902 Sara Staber 970-759-5033 Rob Johnston 970-759-0444 Anne Zalbowitz 970-769-4892 Samantha Gallant 970-335-8225 Coral Smith 970-779-8051 Logan Austin 970-759-4044 Anand McManus 970-739-3165

Sebastian Hartley


Russ Smith


Joe Clair



Now is the time to seek counsel from your Luxury Agent! Katherine Sumrall Griego 970-444-2133
Dru English 970 375-3276
Darla Karle




$390,0000 MLS #796649

Scott Kurlander 970 749 0099 Cell 970-375-3219 Direct 700 Main Avenue, Durango, CO Each Keller Williams Office is Independently Owned and Operated DBA Home & Land Peddlers, LLC Tamarron Condo. 671 SF, 1 BR with kitchenette. Main lodge. Amenities (fitness ctr, pools). Mtn views. $329,875 MLS #792564 0.24 acres. Triangle shaped residential lot in Twin Buttes $195,000 MLS #781848 Lease Options  Walmart Town Ctr. 1,600 SF. Open space. $3,066/mo. NNN. MLS #797621  Office/Retail space in Bodo Park. 1,501 SF $2,278/mo. NNN. MLS #797634  150 Tech Ctr: Ste A. 2,350 SF. $2,500/mo NN., MLS #776417  150 Tech Ctr: Ste E. 5,467 SF. $5,467/mo NNN. MLS #778155  Bodo Industrial Park. NW Office, Ste 2: 900 SF on the 2nd floor. $960/mo. MLS #793888  Bodo Park. 750 SF, Mtn views. $750 per mo. + utilities. MLS #788884 Silver Peaks Condo. 544 SF, 1 BR, breakfast nook, storage. Fitness center, close to college, trails. $272,500 MLS #796500 3.6 Acre Wooded parcel in
Multiple bldg sites, small creek & a storage shed. $119,000 MLS #792098 Country Style, 2,193 SF, 3 BR on 7 acres. Main: 2,193 SF. Upper: 714 SF. 2 car garage, barn, storage shed, livestock fencing. $689,000 MLS #798284 3,743 SF, 3+ BR, 3 BA,
true craftsmanship & mtn views. 10 irrigated acres with barn/apt located just outside the city limits.
$1,495,000 MLS #797173
View Subdivision. 15+ ac. 1,904 SF mobile. Raised garden beds, outbuildings & cold storage. Trimble Crossing. 2 BR townhome in the Animas Valley. Quality features. Engineered wood peg flooring throughout. BR’s on opposite sides. Reduced to $750,000 MLS #798860
160 on 1/02 ac. 1,428 mixed use bldg with 312 SF office, 2 BR res & 336 SF shop plus lg yard. Seller terms available. $1,350,0000 MLS #793030 East
Animas Village
Investment. Long term leases. 13 commercial and 4 residential condos and development lot.
MLS #787543 2 Industrial Bldgs on 3.5 acres in Bodo Industrial Park. Bldg 1: 5,000 SF w/2,000 SF truck washroom, loading docks.
2: 14,478 SF w/loading dock. Bldgs are sold together. $3,800,000 MLS #799021
Industrial Park. 3,360 SF, 2 story condo. Lower: 740 SF office. Upper: 1,550 SF office, showroom, 1,440 SF shop/warehouse. “As built” $672,000 MLS #797561

Unique Territorial style home on 11 acres. A perfect three bedroom, two bath, 3 car storage home, with a covered porch to greet you as you enter the house. Wood floors, tall ceilings, and pillared accents add to the Territorial style. The home is architecturally designed, featuring a curving staircase as a central element of the home. The fabulous kitchen includes a butcher block island and a commercial six-burner Grizzly gas stove. The main bedroom has a large bath with double sinks and a soaking tub with beautiful views and two walk-in closets. The large laundry room has extra space and cabinets for a hobby/ craft area. The back of the home has decks and a flagstone patio. The large fenced backyard is landscaped and has two large dog kennels perfect for breeders, groomers or just a dog lover in general. Only 15 mins from Durango and five minutes from Mercy hospital.

purchase price $1,095,000

Beautiful Victorian in the Avenues Three Bedroom, 2 and a half bath home with 2 car garage. The home was renovated in 2007 from the studs up including electrical, plumbing, heating, walls, roof, and siding. The floor plan is modern and very comfortable with big windows to let in lots of light. There is a large main bedroom on the entry level with a fireplace and a four-piece bath with a footed tub. The home has many upgrades; Brazilian cherry wood flooring, granite countertops, a fabulous kitchen with a reading/breakfast nook, crowned moldings, coffered ceilings, arched doorways, and french doors. The large corner lot has great outside space - a fenced front yard, a backyard patio, and a side deck with great views of Perrins Peak.

purchase price $1,185,000

Karen Overington


The Overington Group

Keller Williams Realty Southwest Associates, LLC 700 Main Avenue, Durango, CO 81301 970-749-8902

Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 35

Siding options abound


PROJECTS run the gamut from minor repairs to complete overhauls. Replacing exterior siding is one of the most significant home improvement projects homeowners can undertake. Such a project can give homes a completely new look, which is why choice of siding is such an important decision.

Homeowners have many siding options to choose from, and the following guide can help them make the best choice for their homes.


Vinyl siding is easily maintained and among the more budgetfriendly siding options. According to the home improvement resource HomeAdvisor, vinyl siding is made from a PVC plastic that does not rot or flake. Siding professionals note that the technology used to create vinyl siding has changed considerably in recent years, making this option more diverse than traditional vinyl siding. So homeowners turned off by the potentially plastic look of vinyl siding might be surprised at how different modern vinyl siding looks compared to the vinyl siding of yesteryear.


The home improvement television network HGTV notes that fibercement siding has grown in popularity among homeowners in recent years. This material does not require much maintenance and it’s nonflammable and resistant to termites. HomeAdvisor notes that fibercement siding can create the look of wood, stucco or masonry, making it a versatile option capable of creating various looks. In addition, fibercement siding is known for its durability, with some products coming with warranties lasting as long as 50 years.


Homeowners have many choices if they prefer wood siding on their homes. Cedar, cypress, fir, pine, and spruce are just a handful of the many wood siding options homeowners can choose from. HomeAdvisor notes that cedar shingle siding offers a natural look that blends well in wooded and waterfront landscapes. Wood clapboard siding is another popular option, though it tends to require more maintenance than cedar shingle siding. Homeowners who want wood siding should discuss their options with an experienced siding professional, as many factors, including the choice of wood, must be considered before making a final decision.


Many homeowners fall in love with the natural appeal of stone, but the price tag, which tends to be costly, may not be as awe-inspiring. HGTV notes that stone can be difficult to add to an existing home, and doing so may drive the price up even further. Stone siding is durable, and there are many options, including solid stone and natural stone cladding, that make this an option capable of providing an array of looks. Stone-veneer siding is less expensive than natural stone and also comes in an array of styles. As is the case with wood, stone siding options are so extensive that homeowners are urged to discuss each one with a siding professional before making their decisions. n

PRE-SALE PROJECT 36 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide
These are just a handful of the many siding options homeowners can choose from. Siding can give homes a completely new look, making choice of siding a significant decision worthy of careful consideration.
99 Novai Way Durango, CO 81301 $1,225,000 MLS #793431 970-946-2939 direct / 970-444-2431 ext.3 161 W 22nd Ave Durango, CO 81301 $799,000 MLS #797557 Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 37
Office: 505-566-9901 Cell: 505-330-3343 Elizabeth Lockmiller Elizabeth Lockmiller New Mexico Licensed Qualifying Broker #14834 American Dream Realty American Dream Realty 22 Road 2553 • Aztec 3 bed | 2.5 Bath | 2,768 Sq Ft BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM BUILT, ONE OWNER SMART HOME! Much Thought, Planning, and Love was put into the Construction of this Unique Home. Enjoy the Warmth and Efficiency on Cooler Days and Nights the Pellet Stove in the Living Room Offers. The Large Foyer is perfect for Greeting Guests which Directs traffic into the Living Room, or down a Hallway to the Kitchen, Family Room areas. 4998 Antelope Junction • Farmington 6 bed | 6 Bath | 6,987 Sq Ft CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR LUXURY LIVING. All that is missing from this Great Property is you as the New Owner, Each of the 4 Bedrooms in the Main House have a Walk-In Closet, and a Private Bath. When you Step into the Foyer, you face the Spacious Formal Living Room. The Wide Hallway leads you Past a Large Formal Dining Area, and to the Chef’s Dream Kitchen. Granite Countertops, Custom Cabinetry, High End Appliances, a Large Walk-In Pantry, a Center Island complete with a Cook Top, and a Breakfast Bar that Comfortably seats Many. MLS# 22-1372 | $641,000 MLS# 22-448 | $1,499,000
Call 970.247.1292 Ben Frihauf 1315 Main Ave. Ste. 105, Durango, CO 81301 BFRIHAUF@FARMERSAGENT.COM DO YOU KNOW BEN? BEN KNOWS INSURANCE!
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How to protect your home when you’re away

VACATION OFTEN SERVES AS A WELL-DESERVED BREAK o from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When relaxing and recharging away from home, the last thing vacationers want to think about is the safety of their homes and everything inside them. However, the National Council for Home Safety and Security and Statistics Canada estimate that more than two million burglaries occur in the United States and Canada every year. That underscores the importance of protecting your home at all times, including when you’re not there.

n CREATE THE IMPRESSION THAT SOMEONE IS HOME. Just because you’re heading off for parts unknown doesn’t mean you can’t create the impression that life is carrying on as usual within the walls of your home. Smart home technology now enables homeowners to set timers on lights and even home electronics like televisions and radios. Homeowners also can ask neighbors to pick up their mail or halt delivery until they return from their trips. Nothing says “no one’s home” as definitively as an overflowing mailbox.

n KEEP QUIET ON SOCIAL MEDIA. A Credit Sesame survey of former burglars in the United Kingdom found that 78 percent acknowledged monitoring social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as they try to find homes to burglarize. Individuals about to go on vacation should avoid sharing that on social media.

n STAY SILENT WHILE YOU’RE AWAY AS WELL. Social media silence should be continued while you’re on vacation as well. No matter how tempting it may be to share photos from an exotic location, such posts could catch the attention of all the wrong people. A recent report from MetLife indicated that 35 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 check in from their locations via social media. That can alert criminals that no one is manning the fort back home.

n SWITCH FROM A TRADITIONAL LOCK AND KEY TO A LOCKBOX. Individuals who travel frequently can take a page from the realtor notebook and switch from a traditional lock and key lock system to a lockbox. Lockboxes require that a code is entered before a box containing a key can be unlocked. Homeowners who want this added measure of protection don’t even need to put a key inside the lockbox, which typically covers a lock, making it extremely difficult for potential thieves to pick the lock. n

Before leaving for vacation, individuals can implement various strategies and safety measures to protect their homes and their belongings while they’re away.
PROTECTING PROPERTY 42 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide


are in the planning stage of your dream pursuit or you’re looking to safeguard all that you’ve accomplished, I will meet you wherever you are in your journey. Let’s talk about your plans, and how I can help you protect them.

HERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. & Its Operating Companies, American Family Insurance Company, 6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783 ©2016 011780 – Rev. 4/20 – 12341929 Dale Willbanks, Agent Dale R. Willbanks Agency, Inc. 341 S Camino Del Rio Durango, CO 81303 Bus: (970) 247-5828
YOUR SOURCE FOR THE BEST FIREPLACES AND STOVES. 2621 E. 20th Street Farmington, NM 87401 505-327-7425 110 E 5th Street, Durango, CO 81301 970.403.8711 Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm Gently Used Furniture Rugs Art Decor Books { } consign & design Love re { } consign & design Love re { } consign & design Love re Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 45

Fireplace trends help create attractive, comfortable rooms


Fireplaces are sources of ambient heat and also add style to indoor spaces.

Fireplaces can complement just about any interior style. Fireplaces can be traditional and burn wood or connect to a home’s natural gas supply for on-demand ambiance. What’s more, fireplaces may come in vented or ventless varieties, depending on homeowners’ preferences and what is allowed by community building codes. That means a chimney or flue may not be needed — expanding the list of rooms where a fireplace can be installed.

Certain trends have emerged among fireplace fans in recent years. Here’s a look at what’s getting consumers fired up about these home decor elements.

n MINIMALIST STYLE: Many fireplaces are designed in neutral colors with minimal trim that directs focus on the fire and not the appliance. When the fireplace is not in use, it blends in with surroundings and will not compete for attention with other design elements.

n CONVERTIBLE FIREPLACES: Homeowners can choose between open or sealed fireplaces. A convertible fireplace enables homeowners to have the best features of these options. A

convertible fireplace can be converted to wood from gas, or the opposite, in as little as 30 minutes.

n NATURE-INSPIRED MATERIALS: Natural stone continues to be a material of choice in fireplace surrounds. Light colors work well for a fireplace, and also fit with today’s lighter color interior design preferences. Natural stone also works perfectly with both contemporary and rustic decor.

n VINTAGE FIREPLACES: Vintage continues to be a buzzword in 2022, and the choice to go vintage also applies to fireplace styles. A room decorated in vintage elements can be complemented with a vintage fireplace or one designed to look vintage.

n INTEGRATE INTO WALL DECOR: Fireplaces that are built right into a wall save space. One can have a television and a fireplace on the same wall. These types of fireplaces work well in modern home designs. Other fireplaces may be built into bookshelves or other wall features. n

Fireplaces can improve the appeal of a home. Various trends are popular this year, making fireplaces highly coveted features.

46 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide
Call For An Appointment EXPERT SALES, SERVICE & INSTALLATION Insured & Certified Since 1984 Servicing allbrandsmajor SHOWROOM AT ELMORE’S CORNER: 123 HWY 172 • DGO, CO (NEXT TO MESA MKT) PREMIER WOOD / GAS / PELLET FIREPLACES, INSERTS & STOVES ASHES AWAY TOP HAT 459-4060 • 259-5922 FINDING YOUR DREAM HOME JUST GOT EASIER The Four Corners Real Estate Guide can now be seen online featuring listings, article highlights, and knowledgeable area brokers Real Estate Guide Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 47


Area Subdivisions

A1 Animas River Ranches

A2 Animas Springs

A3 Animas View Estates

A4 Animosa/Albrecht

A5 Aspen Trails

A6 Aspen Winds

B1 Baker Lane

B2 Bear Creek Canyon

B3 The Bear Ranch

B4 Bryce

C1 Casey & Sarver

C2 Celadon Ranch

C3 Chamberlin

C4 Chekshani P.U.D.

C5 Claude Decker

C6 Coolwater

C7 Coolwater Estates

C8 Country Aire Estates

C9 Culhane Hills

D1 Dalton Ranch

D2 Deer Valley

D3 Dimmlake

D4 Dove Ranch

D5 Dove Ridge

D6 Durango Hills

D7 Durango Mountain Resort

D8 Durango West I

D9 Durango West II

E1 Edgemont Highlands

E2 Edgemont Ranch

E3 Electra Lake Estates

E4 El Ranchos Florida

E5 Enchanted Forest Estates

E6 Eoff Swahemyr

E7 Ever Green Valley

E8 The Timbers

F1 Falls Creek Ranch

F2 Fantango

F3 Far View Estates

F4 Fertch

F5 Florida Park

F6 Florida River Estates

F7 Flying S

F8 Forest Lakes

F9 Fox Fire Ranch

G1 The Glacier Club

G2 Goldeneye Estates

G3 Grand View Heights

G4 Grimes Creek

H1 Hacienda de la Florida

H2 Happy Scenes II

H3 Happy Valley

H4 Hermosa Acres

H5 Hermosa Vista

H6 Hidden Ridge Ranch

H7 High Meadows Ranch

H8 Hillcrest

H9 Holman Heights

H10 The Homestead at Bayfield

H11 Homestead Ranches

H12 Hunna Acres

J1 Juniper Heights

K1 Kesselhuth/Gale

K1 Klondike

L1 La Charade Park

L2 Lake Durango Estates

L3 La Fortune

L4 Lake of the Pines

L5 Lake Purgatory I

L6 Lake Purgatory II

L7 Lake View

L8 La Paloma

L9 Lariat

L10 Lightner Creek

L11 Locke’s Mountain

L12 Loma Vista Homes

L13 Longhollow I

L14 Longhollow II

L15 Longhollow III

L16 Los Ranchitos

M0 Mama Llama

M1 McKee

M2 Meadowlark

M3 Meadowridge

M4 The Meadows

M5 Mesa Linda

M6 Mesa Meadows

M7 Middleton

M8 Midway Acres

M9 Moreno

M10 Mountain Shadows

M11 Mountain Vista Ranches

O1 Oxford Heights

P1 Payne

P2 Pine Acres

P3 Pine River Ranch

P4 Pineview

P5 Pinon de la Plata

P6 Pinon Mesa Ranch

P7 Ponderosa Homes

Q1 Quality Acres

R1 Rafter J/King Mountain

R2 Rainbow

R3 Rainbow Springs I-IV

R4 The Ranch

R5 Rancho Durango I

R6 Ridgeway

R7 River Ranch

R8 Robert G. Rhodes

R9 Rock Ridge

R10 Rockwood Estates

S1 Sage Crest

S2 Salida del Sol

S3 San Juan Vista

S4 Scenic Square

S5 Sierra Verde Estates

S6 Silver Falls Estates

S7 Silver Hills

S8 Shenandoah

S9 SkyRidge

S10 Stardust/Olberts Cabins

S11 Stills

S12 Sundance Hills

S13 Sunnyside

S14 Sun River Valley

S15 Sunset Acres

S16 Sweetwater Springs

T1 Tamarron

T2 Texas Creek Ranches

T3 Three Springs

T4 Three Waters Ranch

T5 Tecolote

T6 Timberdale Ranch

T7 Trappers Crossing I

T8 Trappers Crossing III

T9 Trimble Crossing

T10 Tween Lakes

T11 Twilight Trails Estates

T12 Twin Buttes

U1 Ute Creek Acres

V1 Vallecito Valley

V2 Vandenburg

V3 Vista de La Plata

V4 Vista de Oro

W1 Wallace Gulch Estates

W2 Waterfall Village

W3 Wilderness Lakes

Y1 Yeager

Y2 Yucca Estates

LaPlataRiver 140
CR 1000 CR 109 CR 105 CR 104 CR 103 CR117 CR 105 CR 115 CR 116 CR135 CR 110 CR 112 CR 102 CR105 CR 113 CR 114 B4 V4
48 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide
Southern Ute Indian Reservation San Juan National Forest Florida River FloridaRiver LosPinosRiver JunctionCreek HermosaCreek Animas River Electra Lake Lemon Reservoir Valecito Reservoir 550 140 172 172 151 789 550 160 160 550 CR 122 CR 123 CR 121 CR 119 CR 126 CR 301 CR 305 CR 309 CR 215 CR 213 CR 311 CR 311 CR 315 CR 316 CR 523 CR 502 CR 505 CR 501 CR 504 CR 523 CR 525 CR528 CR537 CR 336 CR 335 CR 324 CR 330 CR 329 CR 332 CR 327 CR 325 CR 319 CR 322 CR 330 CR321 CR 516 CR 509 CR521 CR 522 CR 318 CR 314 CR 334 CR 313 CR309 CR307 CR 220 CR 230 CR 228 CR 510 CR 514 CR 253 CR 201 CR 518 CR 335 CR 521 CR 310 CR 310 CR 302 CR214 CR513 CR 308 CR 234 CR 222 CR136 CR 131 CR136 CR 138 CR 129 CR 130 CR 141 CR 120 CR124 CR125 CR141 CR141 CR 142 CR211 CR212 CR239CR237 CR240 CR 246 CR245 CR 502 CR 244 CR 501A CR228 CR503 CR502 CR225 CR 235 CR240 CR243 CR501 CR 208 CR 205 CR 204 CR 203 CR250 CR 128 CR 133 CR 132 DURANGO HESPERUS IGNACIO BAYFIELD VALLECITO GEM VILLAGE OXFORD HERMOSA West to Mancos & Cortez South to New Mexico East to Pagosa Springs North to Silverton Durango Mountain Resort 515 D3 H6 L2 D8 D9 E3 L10 E7 T12 R9 F2 F1 H7 H5 H4 A4 R4 T9 L11 P2 M3 C2 R10 T1 G1 F7 B3 A6 E3 M10 L5 L4 L6 D7 A2 C3 S6 C9 D1 W2 T11 D6 F6 E1 E2 H8 S9 T3 L8 B1 L12 S14 A3 M7 R3 M5 R6 G3 M0 M2 M4 S11 C4 M9 G2 J1 S3 S2 S13 Y1 R5 A1 M1 M8 P6 E6 V3 K1 Q1 P1 O1 C1 V2 H3 U1 S1 D5 T4 E4 S12 L3 S7 H11 R2 H10 M6 R8 B2 D2 K2 D4 P4 L9 F9 F2 M11 C8 T5 F3 W1 T6 H12 T2 P3 F8 R7 S16 L16 H1 T10 L1 A5 E5 C7 C6 S10 L7 C5 V1 G4 P7 H2 F5 W3 S4 S5 H9 F4 R1 S8 T7 T8 L14 L13 L15 Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 49
JenkinsRanchRd Sa n bor n P A n mas Pl A n sam Vill a ge AnimasView D Valentine Dr 550 550 160 550 160 Hillcrest GC Community Recreation Center Durango HS City Hall Courthouse Pueblo Comm College RR Depot San Juan Public Lands Center Miller MS Riverview Elem Needham Elem Visitor Center Durango Mountain Park Chapman Hill Park Librar y Dalla Mountain Park A n i m a s R i ver T r a AnimasRiverTrail Dog Park Whitewater Park Roosa Rosemary Rock Point Dr Burnett Dr CemeteryRd AvdelSol FalconWay Kearney Josephine ElPaso Leyden Montview Crestview Delwood Eastlawn F orest Glenisle Highland Crestview Glenisle Carriage Pl AlamoDr Alamo Park 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd E 2nd Av E 3rd Av W 2nd Av W 3rd Av Main Av Weston 24th 25th 15th 14th 13th 12th 11th 10th 9th 8th 7th 5th 4th 3rd Main Av Narrow Gauge Av E 2nd Av E 3rd Av Depot Pl College 2nd 1st E 5th Av E 6th Av E 7th Av E 8th Av E 9th Av SantaRita Dr Jackson E 8th Av E8thAv RimDr FloridaRd Cam del Río CR238 Ferringway CirGoegleinGulchRdFtLewisDr RimDr Coalbank Dr MolasDr RedMtnDr OphirDr LizardHeadDr JenkinsDr KennebecDr HillcrestDr LindaCt CR 238 MtnLewis Ln Silver Mtn Ln Valle Vista Way CR239 FloridaRd F olsom Pl LaPlataPl Riverview Dr O’Brien OakDr ElmPl RylerDr Miller Dr Rio Vista Cir Hummingbird Ln ameson Dr New Mexico Ford Mesa Plymouth Dr E 3rd Av E 4th Av E 5th Av E 6th Av E 7th Av Hilltop Cir 29th 30th 31st 32nd 33rd 33rd 29th 30th E 2nd Av Main Av W 2nd Av W 3rd Av W 4th Av RiverbendSt Sunshine Ct 31st Holly Av Cedar Aspen Dr Balsam Spruce Pl RichardDr SageHillCt FloridaRd P tarmigan R idg e Rd Melissa CR250 Metz Ln GalaxyDr Quasar St CR251 Maple
AquariusPlWillowPl Cutler Dr Moenkopf n L s o c n a M Ptarmigan Ln Wingate Ent ada Cir T odlito Ln NavajoLn Chinle Pl AlanRd SunburstLn Silverton HaltonVia BennettSt 37th 36th FiestaCir EarlSt Earl St 35th W2ndAv ValleyViewCir W 5th Av W 6th Av W 7th Av Arroyo Dr Borrego Dr Conejo Dr HiddenValleyCir NHiddenValleyCir TanglewoodD r Arrowhead C r RockridgeD r Sunridge Cir Perins Vista Dr CR204 Junction Ln Sunnyside Pleasant Hocker W estern Junction St Hillside Av Birket Dr Bacus W oodland Cir Clovis Dr Butte Dr ButteCir Virginia Pine Tree 26th 27th 28th San Juan Dr Hermosa Pine Ridge Montezuma Columbine DrNeedhamDr D e wood A v Thomas A v StuartCarolDr Pl W 3rd Av 28th W 4th Av W 3rd Av Colo r ado Veterans Town CR 206 CR239 delRecodo Rio Delwood Cir D e lwoodPl 12th St Pl CollegeDr BennettSt SunridgeRosettaCir Ct BrookstoneCt Sunridg e L n CR240 E 4th Av ViaVenetoViaTuscana Tierra VerdeDrTierraVistaDr E w ing Mesa Rd Needham Ct PinnaclePlJenkinsCt Goeglein Gulch Rd TalonLn Durango&SilvertonNGRR D u a n g o & S i lv e r ton NG RR Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Land Management Westwood Greenmount Cemeter y Skyhawk Av La Plata Fairgrounds Bureau of Land Management Perins Canyon Rd Tech Center Dr AnimasRiver AnimasRiver RimDr Fort Lewis College El La Vita Ct 18,465 POPULATION (2017) 6,512’ ELEVATION $410,000 MEDIAN HOME PRICE 40°F JANUARY AVG TEMPERATURE 85°F JULY AVG. TEMPERATURE 300 DAYS OF SUNSHINE 19” AVG. RAINFALL ANNUALLY 71” AVG. SNOWFALL ANNUALLY DURANGO 50 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide
BlueRidge Tierra Alta Rendezvous Trail
Tr Bridlewood Ln UteJunctionCir PorterWay ZaneDr BasinCreekCir DenbyLn TShenandoah errace May Day Ln Colonial Dr ColonialLn HawkskillDr ConestogaWay
CR 141 Old Snag Ct ShenandoahDr CR125 Buckhorn Tr CR125 Cherry
Seabiscuit Dr Seabiscuit Ln D & RG Dr Cima Vista Way BellCir ColonialDr Belmont Dr VaqueroWay Shenandoah Cir ShenandoahRd Shiloh Cr
DURANGO WEST 160 160 Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 51
gate Oak Dr Aspen Dr FirDr Willow Dr Pine Ridge Loop Michael Way Woodcrest Dr MossRd Spruce Dr HiddenLnTimberDr HollyHockTr Canyon CreekTr TrailwoodDr WoodHavenWayPonderosaTr Westridge Rd Choke Cherr W edgewood Cir ElmCt Oak Ct OakView Cir AspenCt SpruceCt Pinedale Ct Danielle Ct Ryan Ct Cedar Ct Cedar Dr Oak Pl CtWillow Locust Ct HawthorneCt FirCt North Lakeside Dr Trailwood Dr LazyPine Dr ForestRidgeRd HunterCt OakDr OakDr Terlun Dr TristanTr Pariss Ln Snowcap Ln SheepSpringsRdDurangoRidgeRd Lake Du r ango Dr South La k eside Dr
Summit Cir LakeBrowns Rd Mtn View Cir North Elk Run South Elk Run D eerLick rD
Gulch Rd
Lake Durango
Pagosa Springs Elem Pagosa Springs HS Courthouse PO Pagosa Springs IntermPagosa Springs Jr HS Museum Librar y Ranger Station Community Center Town Hall Broken Point Ct School Bus St Squaw Canyon Pl CR119 Light Plant Rd GoldmineDr 15th Pl 14th St BaldwinCt 15th St Apache St 5th St Pierce St 8th St Hermosa St San Juan St Park St 2nd St SpringSt Durango Rd 10thSt Symbol St Rosita St RainbowDr Crestview Dr Hilltop Cemetery T r ail Cemetery Rd Four Mile Rd CR400 CR411 BienvenidoCir La P az Ct Fritz&MabelsPl BuenaVistaPl RoxannasCt 10th 11th 9th 8th 7th 6th 7th Zuni St 5th Piedra St Navajo St Zuni St Hillcrest Dr 8th Florida St 7th LewisSt Lewis St Rumbaugh Rd Loma St 3rd St 2nd St 1st St Juanita St AppleSt 6th Mesa Dr CR302 Mill Creek Rd Tierra Del Oro Dr F rontier Av Hot Springs Blvd CR500 T rujillo Rd CR200 Snowball Rd Paul Hood Pl MaverickDr Night Hawk Ct MossyLn Stagecoach Ln Holiday Dr Easy St Pineview Dr MayflowerDr Dandelion Dr ShenandoahDr Kinnikinnik Dr CoyoteDrBigHornCt Clover Ln Wild Rose Ln Peregrine Pl SkylineCt PineviewCt Whitaker Pl Shenandoah Dr Elkhorn Ln CR119 Hilltop Cem SanJuanRiver SanJuanRiver 160 84 84 1,940 POPULATION (2012) 7,105’ ELEVATION $295,000 MEDIAN HOME PRICE 39°F JANUARY AVG.
E East
n V i e w D r
MoonHalf Cir Star Crossing FullMoonCir Kremer Dr r D n o m a n n i C CR521 CR 516 CR509
Louisiana Dr r D s r a M Meadow Circle Dr Meadow Cir CR 502 r D w e i V n i a t n u o M CR 526
Day Lily Mississippi Dr H i c k or yRidge Magnolia Ct Burnham Ln T ugwell Ln F ox F arm Cir Newland Dr WellsSt CommunityLn Bayfield Pkwy CR 526 CR 526 160 LosPinosRiver 2,687 POPULATION (2017) 6,892’ ELEVATION $301,000 MEDIAN HOME PRICE 35°F JANUARY AVG. TEMPERATURE 87°F JULY AVG. TEMPERATURE 300 DAYS OF SUNSHINE 14” AVG. RAINFALL ANNUALLY 29” AVG. SNOWFALL ANNUALLY BAYFIELD Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 53
Bayfield HS Bayfield MS Librar y
Elem School
School Town Hall National Forest Ranger Station Park North St Mill St South St Mustang Dr Orchard Dr Lupine Dr Clover Dr LaPlataRd Los Pinos Dr Mesa Av Pine P earl Church
Schiller St North St Appaloosa Ln PonyLn ColoradoDr Bayfield C e nter Dr Sower Dr W olverine Dr Dakota Dr Spruce Dr Willow Dr Primrose Ln Robin Ln CR 501 V allecito Rd Sossaman Rd Columbine Dr Lakeside Dr W estview Dr Oak Dr Cedar Dr Oak Dr P alo V erde Dr Mesquite St SageSt TamarackDr Juniper St Piñon Cir ElmCir Cholla St Saguaro St Dove Ranch Rd Wilmer Dr Tamara ck Dr Mountai
Schroeder Dr
Cactus St
Taylor Cir
Rd 27 Rd H6 Rd H8 Conquistador Golf Course
Reservoir 160 145 160 491 491 Rd H 7th St Montezuma Ave Arbecam Ave 3rd St Canyon Dr Broadway Rd K-3 Mc Rd L Main St Empire St Empire St Mesa Verde St Montezuma Ave Tucker Ln 4th St Chestnut St Park St Henry St Lebanon Rd New Mildred Rd Dolores Rd Golf Course Service Rd Cherry St Balsam St Rd 25 Rd24 Oak St CatalpaSt 8,709 POPULATION (2017) 6,201’ ELEVATION $187,500 MEDIAN HOME PRICE 42°F JANUARY AVG. TEMPERATURE 89°F JULY AVG. TEMPERATURE 310 DAYS OF SUNSHINE 13” AVG. RAINFALL ANNUALLY 33” AVG. SNOWFALL ANNUALLY CORTEZ Denny Park 491 160 41 McElmo Creek McPhee Reservoir Mancos River San Juan National Forest Mesa Verde National Park Ute Mountain Indian Reservation CORTEZ TOWAOC MANCOS DOLORES 184 145 MONTEZUMA COUNTY 54 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide
BUS 185
$247,00 MEDIAN
MANCOS 145 Joe Rowell Park Riverside Park DoloresRiver CentralAve 2nd St 3rd St 4th St 5th St 6th St Hillside Ave Railroad Ave Riverside Ave Merritt Way Hillside
7th St 8th St 9th St 11th St 12th St 14th St 15th St 16th St 17th St 18th St 19th
20th St 10th St CoRd31 959
13” AVG
DOLORES Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 55
160 160
Mancos River ChickenCreek Cottonwood Park Boyle Park Co Rd 41 Mesa St Park St Walnut St Walnut St Beech St Oak St Willow St Willow St Oak St Spruce St West St Cedar St 2nd Menefee St Menefee St 3rd Ave Sunset Dr Co Rd 42
Riverside Ave Monte St Co Rd J
1st St 2st St Aztec St Main Mesa Walnut
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What a Girl Wants Expo, 10 a.m.4 p.m.,Fort Lewis College Student Union Ballroom, 1000 Rim Drive, $8 (a portion goes to support Durango SASO). Geared toward women’s interests, including outdoor lifestyle, fitness, self-improvement, business leadership, jewelry, decor and more!,Buy tickets here:

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Chocolate Tasting, 5 p.m., Animas Chocolate Company, 920 Main Ave. Free. Sample incredible confections at our incafe chocolate tastings.

Geeks Who Drink, 8 p.m., The Roost, 128 E. College Drive.

NOV. 11

Pots and Pints Ceramic Handbuilding Happy Hour, 4:30-6 p.m., Durango Arts Center, 802 East Second Ave. $30 per participant.

NOV. 12

Silver Bracelet with Stone, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Four Corners Gem and Mineral Club, 2351 North Main Ave. $150. Six-hour jewelry-making class. Cost covers materials for class taught by Jama Crawford and Nancy Holman.

Silver Bracelet with Stone, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Four Corners Gem and Mineral Club, 2351 North Main Ave. $150. Six-hour jewelry-making class. Cost covers materials for class taught by Jama Crawford and Nancy Holman.

Football Sundays, 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Zia Cantina, 2977 Main Ave. Watch football on the big screen TV every Sunday starting at 11 a.m.

Open Mic, 5:30-8 p.m. Mountain Monk Coffee, 558 Main Ave. Stop by to enjoy spoken word, comedy, music and creative experiences from residents.

NOV. 14

Chess Club, 6:30-9 p.m., Guild House Games, 835 Main Ave., Suite 203-204. Free. Drop-in chess matches every Monday night.

NOV. 15

Durango Record Swap, 4-7 p.m., Ska Brewing, 225 Girard St. Buy, sell or trade vinyl at the record swap.

Salsa Dance Lessons, 6-9 p.m., Wild Horse Saloon, 601 East Second Ave., Suite A. $15 drop-in, $50 per individual for all sessions, $40 each for couples. Four-week sessions starting on the first Tuesday of the month.

NOV. 16

Beverage Tastings, 5 p.m., Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company, 920 Main Ave. Free. Pair chocolate samples with beverages at our in-cafe chocolate tastings.

Geeks Who Drink, 8 p.m., The Roost, 128 E. College Drive.

EDITOR’S NOTE: All listed events and activities are subject to change at any time. Contact the host to confirm all event details.
58 FALL EDITION n Four Corners Real Estate Guide

NOV. 17

Powerhouse Trivia Night, 6:308:30 p.m., The Powerhouse, 1333 Camino del Rio. Free. Enjoy four rounds of trivia – general, science, pictures and music.

NOV. 18

3rd Ave. Arts presents pianist Lisa Campi Walters, 7:00 p.m.,St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 910 E. 3rd Ave.,$20 adults, $5 students 12 and up,Lisa Campi Walters performs “Ballades and Butterflies – Solo piano compositions by Jewish women.”

NOV. 19

Durango Farmers Market Harvest Market, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., TBK Parking Lot, 259 West Ninth St.

NOV. 20

Veterans Benefit Breakfast, 9-11 a.m. VFW Post 4031, 1550 Main Ave. $8 for adults, $7 for veterans, $5 for children 12 and under. Enjoy a delicious breakfast to benefit the local VFW.

NOV. 24

Durango Turkey Trot, 10 a.m., Fort Lewis College clocktower, 1000 Rim Drive. Join one of Durango’s most popular races. All proceeds benefit local charities. turkey-trot

NOV. 24

Thanksgiving Buffet, seatings at 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8 p.m. Purgy’s, 24 Sheol St. Gather for a buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner at Purgy’s to celebrate the holidays. Make a reservation thanksgiving-buffet

NOV. 25

Singing With Santa, 5:30 p.m. TBK Bank Parking Lot, 259 West Ninth St. Free. Santa will arrive in a horse-drawn carriage and lead a parade of carolers on Main Avenue to Buckley Park.

NOV. 27

Football Sundays, 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Zia Cantina, 2977 Main Ave. Watch football on the big screen TV every Sunday starting at 11 a.m.

Open Mic, 5:30-8 p.m. Mountain Monk Coffee, 558 Main Ave. Stop by to enjoy spoken word, comedy, music and creative experiences from residents.

DEC. 2

Noel Night, 10 a.m., Downtown Durango. Enjoy special offers, live entertainment and festive activities.

First Friday Pop-Up, Noon-5 p.m., Bucks Parlor, 644 East College Drive.

First Friday Art Show, 5-7 p.m., Create Art & Tea, 1015 Main Ave.

Noel Night Artisan Market, 5-9 p.m., Main Mall, 835 Main Ave. Purchase gifts and goods from local artists.

DEC. 2-4

19th Annual Festival of Trees, Noon-5 p.m., Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, 479 Main Ave. View a dazzling display of trees and wreaths.

DEC. 4

Veterans Benefit Breakfast, 9-11 a.m. VFW Post 4031, 1550 Main Ave. $8 for adults, $7 for veterans, $5 for children 12 and under. Enjoy a delicious breakfast to benefit the local VFW.

Football Sundays, 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Zia Cantina, 2977 Main Ave. Watch football on the big screen TV every Sunday starting at 11 a.m.

Resounding Joy! DSC Holiday Concert, 3-5 p.m., 2917 Aspen Drive, Adults $20, Students/ Children $5. Durango Choral Society and Durango Women’s Choir ring in the holiday with lullabies, carols and glee.

DEC. 10

Durango Farmers December Holiday Market, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., La Plata County Fairgrounds and Events Center, 2500 Main Ave. Live entertainment, warm food and drinks with festive fun.

DEC. 12

3rd Ave. Arts presents “The Majesty of Christmas”, 7:00 p.m.,St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 910 E. 3rd Ave.,$20 adults, $5 students 12 and up,No Santa. No Frosty or Rudolph. Join favorite local musicians for beautiful Christmas music.,

Four Corners Real Estate Guide n FALL EDITION 59
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