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MAY 2018



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FEATURED PROPERTY Families who enjoy summers along the shores of The Hamptons, Nantucket or Block Island will want to escape from the harsh winter climate to this family compound enviably situated in Jupiter’s distinguished enclave of Admirals Cove. The warm Florida sunshine, a private marina that can dock yachts up to 160 feet, 45 holes of championship golf, a highly acclaimed tennis center and an expansive waterfront clubhouse are but a few of the amenities offered to residents of this elite retreat located in the heart of the Palm Beaches. Here, overlooking more than 180 feet of the Intracoastal Waterway, lies Chateaú des Amiraux. Approached by winding streets shaded beneath a leafy canopy of trees, Chateaú des Amiraux presents the ideal sanctuary for celebrities, professional athletes and titans of industry. Currently owned by former New York Yankees pitcher and four-time World Series winner Jeff Nelson and his wife Sheri, the 1.1-acre property

offers unobstructed waterfront views punctuated by spectacular sunrises and warm tropical breezes. Inspired by European influences, the coastal seven-bedroom residence has been appointed with the finest fittings and fixtures while epitomizing the Florida lifestyle with a floorplan that is open and filled with sun-dappled light. Dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural sunlight to beam through every window of this 11,394square-foot design that is as gracious for entertaining as it is relaxed for family living. The gourmet chef’s kitchen facilitates gatherings of any size making it the perfect venue for large family dinners, corporate retreats or tented fundraisers for a favorite charity. Owners will immerse themselves in luxury in the first floor master suite, where separate sauna and steam rooms can soothe away the

CHATEAÚ DES AMIRAUX Admirals Cove, Jupiter, Florida


By: Linde Hyder

stress of life in the northeast. A private staircase leads to a fully equipped fitness center overlooking the water. Completing the interior design are 11 bathrooms and a handsomely arrayed home office that is suitable for any chairman or CEO. Outside, meticulous landscaping and colorful foliage provide an inviting backdrop for entertaining. Guests and family members alike will gather in the extensive loggia area, which is complemented by a swimming pool and fully outfitted outdoor kitchen. Bask in all that Florida has to offer poolside, or take a journey along one of the Sunshine State’s most noted waterways from your private dock. The preeminent community of Admirals Cove has been home to other notable residents, including Celine Dion, Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres and former Philadelphia Phillies player Mike Schmidt. The white sandy beaches of the Treasure Coast and neighboring Palm Beaches are just a five-minute boat ride away via the Jupiter Inlet, while world-famous Worth Avenue and Palm Beach International Airport are less than 30 minutes by car. Also noteworthy is Florida’s status as a tax-friendly state in addition to its year-round temperate climate.

THE NASH GROUP-KEYES COMPANY Billy Nash | Tracy Lyn Wheelock Luxury Real Estate Sales Billy: 732.998.6377 | Tracy: 561.845.6036 7


MAY 2018

Dear Readers,


Florida has developed into one of the nation’s most desirable places to settle down and plant roots. In Fabulous Florida, we feature everything from historic St. Augustine and its small town feel to our southernmost point in Key West. Since our offices are located in Florida, we may be a bit biased – but we are ready, willing and able to share our beautiful “Sunshine State” with all of you. If you are ready to make a commitment to do more than just vacation in Florida, we have included contact information for a multitude of realtors on page 19. Located in the distinguished enclave of Admirals Cove in Jupiter, Florida, our FEATURED PROPERTY is Chateaú des Amiraux, owned by Jeff Nelson of the New York Yankees, and his wife, Sheri. This 1.1-acre property offers unobstructed waterfront views with seven bedrooms and the finest features. The home is 11,394 square feet of living space situated on 180 feet of the Intracoastal Waterway and is perfect for entertaining. In this community, there is a private marina for yachts up to 160’, 45 holes of championship golf, an acclaimed tennis center and an expansive waterfront clubhouse, along with many other exclusive amenities. To learn more about this incredible estate, contact The Nash Group:; Billy Nash at 732-998-6377; or Tracy Lyn Wheelock at 561-845-6036. Also in this issue, we are pleased to share contact information on several real estate associates who specialize in Equestrian and Ranch Properties. The journey to ownership of an equestrian ranch is an exciting transition for horse owners who house their companions at a stable facility. In this section you will find realtors who are willing to take you to the next step. Our luxury agents represent the best of the best – whether for beachfront views, luxurious acreage and equestrian ranches or urban living. Remember to visit our website,, to see even more fabulous options. As always, I am happy to hear from you if you have any questions about how to join our elite group of agents, if you want information on how to subscribe to our magazine or even if you just have a general comment. Please feel free to email me at



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Ono Island ALABAMA

No detail has been overlooked in this home designed for luxury living! Located on Ono Island in an exclusive community which can only be accessed via a private bridge where a guarded entrance provides privacy and security to residents. Endless custom upgrades throughout, wine room, automated wi-fi blackout drapes, commercial grade elevator. Ground level rooms can be used as guest house or mother-in-law suite. Satisfy your inner entertainer outdoors with full Travertine deck, infinity edge saltwater pool, fire pits, 10 person hot tub and private beach! Large boat house with swim and sun deck, 23' Boat lift, Double jetski and kayak lifts. So much more!

Patrick Daily, RE/MAX of Orange Beach 12

251-752-0497 |

Château Rocher

Chico, California | $1,195,000

Welcome to the Luxury Estate of Château Rocher. The setting unfolds on a remarkable 2.26 acres. Beneath the shade of towering redwoods, strolling paths wind throughout the property where you can hear the babbling of Rock Creek through the stately wrought iron fence. At 4,379 square feet, this home boasts a soaring 24’ coffered ceiling entryway, French doors, designer draperies, antique & Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers. Come lounge by the pool with private bath/changing room & enjoy the rose garden! Separate guest quarters and 6+ garage. Keller Williams Realty Becky Williams 530­636­0936 |

Los Angeles COUNTY

• Approximately 2,100 square foot living space • On approximately 8,000 square foot lot • 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms • Formal dining with living room and den • Comes with bonus room which can be used for extra bedroom study or office

• Over $500,000 invested in property since 2014 • Private courtyard entrance lined with Delorian Grey imported tile • Home and environs were uniquely featured in the 2005 Columbia Pictures romantic comedy "Guess Who" • Asking $795,000 or lease option available

EXCELLENCE REAL ESTATE | Chris Baumann Cell 1-562-244-3239 | Office 1-562-923-5401 | Email 13


Joette Fielding The Fielding Team RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp., Brokerage Oakville, Ontario | 289.242.6640 As a top-performing Oakville Realtor, Joette Fielding is privileged to lead The Fielding Team, a unique group of professionals comprised of multi-million dollar top producers, award-winning Realtors and industry leaders offering a wealth of combined experience and a sterling track record of proven results. With superior negotiating skills, attention to detail, extensive knowledge of the local Real Estate market and a commitment to unsurpassed customer service, Joette and her Team offer a first-class experience that translates into maximum returns for their clients.

Elise Kalles Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage Toronto, Ontario | 416.441.2888 Elise Kalles is one of the most distinguished real estate brokers in Canada. To be a consistent multi-million dollar producer for almost 40 years demands extraordinary expertise, diligence, discretion and the fine art of negotiation. Elise is greatly respected by her clients and peers alike, as is evidenced by repeat business and ongoing referrals. Elise demonstrates a commitment wrapped in warmth and loyalty to her clients that surpasses all expectations.


Nancy Tallman, Summit Sotheby's International Realty Park City, UT | 435.901.0659 Nancy Tallman has built a very successful business over 15 years and has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell property. She leverages her professional experience to provide innovative and effective marketing strategies, aggressive negotiating, and creative problem solving. She is fiercely devoted to ensuring her clients are successful in achieving their real estate goals. Over 80% of Nancy’s business comes from referrals or repeat clients. Through her affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty, Nancy provides “million dollar marketing” for each of her listings.

Karen Bell, Broker-Associate VIP Realty Group, Inc. C: 239.851.0168 | O: 239.472.7800 Karen Bell is considered a leading resource for Sanibel and Captiva real estate. Celebrated as the islands' top selling agent for 3 decades, Karen offers her clients a variety of advantages that are difficult to find in combination. She has the history, the sense of partnership, the real estate savvy and a way with people that makes her the agent of choice for clients who live on the islands and who come from all over the world. She possesses an intimate knowledge about life as "a local". Therefore, her expertise covers all of the critical factors of buying and selling real estate and extends into how they apply to issues unique to island living.


Beds: 6 | Baths: 4 SqFt: 3,376 | Total Acres: 106.46 3 Parcels | $2,100,000 Can you imagine yourself on 33+ acres on the edge of Alum Gulch overlooking the Gunnison River? This spectacular home offers an open concept living and family room with fireplace. The large windows throughout provide majestic views of the mountains and river. Spacious kitchen with wine cooler making it ideal for entertaining. The main house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The master suite features a five-piece master bath with a steam shower, clawfoot tub and a walk-in closet with access to a second story, south facing deck overlooking the river below. Two bedrooms are adjoined with an updated Jack and Jill bathroom which offers additional privacy to guests. The large office/den on the main floor has a separate entrance and 220 power. Home has central air conditioning, gas fireplace, range, hot water baseboard heat and a water softener system. Take time to relax in the seclusion of your hot tub.Private pond with large rainbow, browns and snake river cut throat. Fast water fishing on the North Fork of the Gunnison. A block wall around home and yard, horse shoe pit, and a water fall perfect for entertaining and a get-away. Low maintenance exterior including a hot water snowmelt system for the sidewalks; Main floor has infloor heating and both floors of the main house have separate AC units; a lawn with sprinkler system in place; 380 shares of the Fire Mountain Ditch for the m 12 acres of irrigated alfalfa fields and gardens. There is ample room for horses, 4H projects. Also there are water hydrants throughout the property. More room to for storage and work can be found in a detached 3-car garage, 60x45 shop with heating, 50x100 (2- 12ft doors, one 14 ft door) shop with heating, cooling, and separate bathroom. Made complete with a recently remodeled 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 1200+ square foot apartment. The 3 properties being offered are 55 minutes door to door. 24699 Horse Creek Road Cedaredge, CO 81413 | Take in the breathtaking views from the West Elk Mountain Range to the San Juan's to the western edge of the Grand Mesa while relaxing on your wrap around deck. Listen to wind rustling through the aspen trees at an elevation of nearly 9300'. Mountain life is made easy with this complete cabin featuring: Hardwood floors, Beetle-kill Pine kitchen cabinets, solar power with easy in-cabin switch activated propane generator, propane heaters, pellet stove, buried propane tank, county-engineered septic system, a 2100 gallon cistern filled with gravity-fed spring water (two lines- one for home and one for irrigation), hydrants thought out the property. RV ready on a level graveled area with water and septic hook-ups. ALL of this AND seasonal access to the Grand Mesa National Forrest bordering the property. You can run cattle or lease the property fenced pasture for income. Close to lakes, great for hunting, wildlife. W75 Drive Cedaredge, CO 81413 | VIEWS, VIEWS, VIEWS!!!! This 36+ acres is waiting for you to build your dream cabin! Bordering the Grand Mesa National Forrest and covered in aspens trees, you'll never want to leave!

PEYTON PIPHER | Associate Broker, Premier Partners Needlerock Mountain Realty & Land Cell: 970.778.0277 |


Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t settle for mediocre. Obtain the lifestyle youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always wanted, and then some.

.COM 727.573.9339


NAPLES, FL $5,550,000 I MLS#218002043 John & Anthony Turco, 239.210.8888

OLD GREENWICH, CT $5,485,000 I MLS#98390 Betty Moran, 203.249.2705

NAPLES, FL $4,995,000 I MLS#218008289 Frank J. Navin, 617.733.5317

NAPLES, FL $4,950,000 I MLS#218000769 Christopher Braun, 239.572.2200

WESTPORT, CT $4,599,000 I MLS#170047373 Donna Beretta, 203.451.1540

NAPLES, FL $3,850,000 I MLS#218006974 John & Anthony Turco, 239.210.8888

GUILFORD, CT $2,500,000 I MLS#170047000 Edward Hillyer, 860.235.3424

NAPLES, FL $1,835,000 I MLS#217065126 Karl Faerber, 239.248.1961

NAPLES, FL $1,299,000 I MLS#217075554 Sheree Lee Goldenbaum, 239.248.8466

MADISON, CT $1,230,000 I MLS#170030672 John Shea, 203.767.9460

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY $1,199,000 I MLS#4731927 Elvira Aloia, 914.420.7476

WEST HARTFORD, CT $889,000 I MLS#G10215388 Goodrich Group, 860.518.3066

FABULOUS FLORIDA From humble beginnings of rugged wagon trails linking two European settlements, to ranking in at 15th among U.S. News and World Report's Best States, Florida has developed into one of the nation's most desirable places to plant roots. The country's oldest continuous European settlement; historic St. Augustine still bears the celebrated small-town essence of its origins in 1565, when it was linked to Pensacola by a forested dirt path. After attaining statehood in 1845, wealthy aristocrats arrived in Florida to begin laying railroad tracks along both coasts, connecting Key

West - the southernmost point of the U.S. to the state's northern regions. The culmination of the railways in the early 1900s resulted in magnificent luxury hotels popping up along the tracks. When the project was initiated in the late 1800s, only 750 people lived in Tampa, Florida. Today, 1.4 million people occupy Hillsborough county alone. What draws residents to The Sunshine State are the same attributes that bring more than 100 million tourists to the area each year. Miles of white, sugary sand beaches, major attractions such as Disney, Busch Gardens and


Port Orange, Florida Kevin Devanney l 386-451-9999

AMERICAN CARIBBEAN REAL ESTATE other world-famous amusement parks and cruise line ports along both coasts add to the allure of Florida vacations. Tourism accounts for nearly 10 percent of Florida's marketplace, offsetting the lack of a state income tax for the locals. Florida's economy thrives, due in large part to its agriculture. The state's unemployment rate runs below the national average, as does its cost of living. If a Fabulous Florida lifestyle speaks to you, look for your new home in the pages to follow.

Middle & Lower Keys 305-743-7636

BAREFOOT BEACH PROPERTIES Bonita Springs, Florida Carl Dittrich 239-273-5545 Cynthia Joannou l 239-273-0666

BARRY DENICOLA REALTY Bonita Springs, Florida Barry DeNicola l 239-947-6111

CHARITY & WEISS Sarasota, Florida Gabriele Charity & Rudi Weiss Gabriele Charity l 941-685-6649 Rudi Weiss l 941-284-1013

COLDWELL BANKER RESIDENTIAL Palm Beach, Florida Mark Hansen l 561-213-2616

COLDWELL BANKER VANGUARD Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Pam Henry l 904-631-1168

HASENBECK & ASSOCIATES St. Petersburg, Florida Clarence Hasenbeck l 727-492-9846

JOHN R. WOOD PROPERTIES Naples, Florida Bill Earls l 239-777-6622 |

MIZNER GRANDE REALTY Boca Raton, Florida Ari Albinder l 561-702-0413

OCEANS LUXURY REALTY Daytona Beach, Florida Julie Wallschlaeger l 386-478-9265 Darlene Beck-Hinton l 386-547-4091

ROYAL SHELL REAL ESTATE Ft. Myers, Florida 239-689-7653

THE NASH GROUP Palm Beach, Florida Billy Nash l 732-998-6377 |

VIP REALTY, INC. Captiva, Florida Jim Hall l 239-850-3344 |

WEICHERT REALTORS-HALLMARK PROPERTIES Palm Coast, Florida Carole Keller l 386-793-0032

WORLD IMPACT REAL ESTATE photo courtesy of: the photographer

Destin, Florida Rodney Elkins l 850-386-4301




Bonita Springs, Florida Barry DeNicola Realty 239.947.6111


Marathon, FL American Caribbean Real Estate Kim Rabito-Show | 305.304.8591

Naples, FL John R. Wood Properties Bill Earls | 239.777.6622

Miramar Beach, FL World Impact Real Estate Rodney Elkins | 850.376.4301 20

Sanibel, FL VIP Realty, Inc Jim Hall | 239.850.3344

Fabulous Florida Properties

Little Conch Key, Florida Keys American Caribbean Real Estate Ginger Henderson | 305.731.5751

Sanibel, FL VIP Realty, Inc. Jim Hall | 239.850.3344

Jupiter, FL The Nash Group Billy Nash | 732.998.6377.

Panama City Beach, FL World Impact Real Estate Rodney Elkins | 850.376.4301

Palm Coast, FL Weichert Realtors Hallmark Properties Carole Keller | 386.793.0032


0**/+"##!# $( !#  10/10 6,222 SF  New Metal Roof  5 of 10 Units Completely Remodeled  Impact Windows & Doors Stainless Steel Appliances $1,475,000


) ())-*/--2--*//2

-..%&!($ '

 8 8!-!+0.-2  &2.-#0%2%%!5!++8#%!- )%51 +%4!2%$%!2%$..+8%5%2!+..& $1,215,000

) ())-*/--2--*//2


++.*$%!"( !#   8  8 ,)-2./%-#%! &2.-#0%2%.#*8 *+".!2)&2 ..+/!8.,/+%2%+7/$!2%$ $1,795,000 ()) -*/--2--2*+*

1,+!)0( '  '

21"$ ( !# 

 8   8.&&%0%$%)+)-'1 312.,)2#(%-!2(18/%-+..0+!- 5#%!- )%518%5%2!+..& $1,099,000 ()) -*/--2--2*+*

 8  8.0,!+)-)-'.., .30,%2)2#(%-86/!-$%$..+!+#.-7 0)4!2% 0$+..0!12%03)2%8!-!+ )%5 $1,526,000 ()) -*/--2--2*+*


American Caribbean Real Estate Middle & Lower Keys Middle Keys Office: 9141 Overseas Hwy  Marathon, Florida 33050  305-743-7636


,020!'$"&)"$! 2/2  1,759 SF  Furnished 60 ft of Dockage w/ Easy Boating Access Large Tiki Hut Licensed Vacation Rental $699,000 * )** .+0-.4.-+004


4/4  3,566 SF  Elevator 50 ft Dock Ocean Views Roof Top Deck Saltwater Pool & SpaCan be sold as compound w/ 2020 Sombrero $2,495,000

 -  .+0-.+/-304,

%!  (-"&$ #  Two Luxury 5 bed/5.1 bath Homes 6 Vacant Lots w/ 6 Market Rate Rights 3 Stilted Cottages 13 Additional Transient Rights $13,000,000    .+0-2.,-020,


4/4  3,566 SF  Elevator 100 ft Dock Amazing Sunrise & Sunset Views Roof Top Deck Ocean Front Pool & Spa Custom Finishes $2,695,000

 -  .+0-.+/-304,

1-++&"## '()"$!

This is a one-of-a-kind development opportunity. 8.64 acres in the middle of Marathon. The property is composed of 20 adjoining parcels. The Mixed Use zoned portion is 9 parcels of 330,389 SF. The Residential Medium zoned portion is 11 lots along the east side of 61st St. and is 45,761 SF. The property is vested with 3 market rate building rights and 6 transient building rights. FDOT daily recorded traffic of 31,500.

$8,999,000  JODY OWEN  305-923-1902 or

American Caribbean Real Estate Middle & Lower Keys Lower Keys Office: 27217 Overseas Hwy  Ramrod , Florida 33042 305-735-4962



By: Linde Hyder

Rare Offering on Florida’s Atlantic Coast Endless ocean views and sun-kissed beaches create an idyllic background for this architecturally distinguished residence tucked away on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Ponce Inlet. The coastal estate comprises nearly two acres with 107 feet of water frontage making it a rare find and easily one of the most desirable oceanfront estates in Central Florida. Ensuring privacy for even the most notable celebrities, the home is hidden behind tall whispery white sand dunes and is surrounded by an extensive seawall. A private drive lined with palm trees and punctuated by an impressive stone fountain and circular driveway is a fitting introduction for the 6,300-square-foot design. Reflecting the ultimate in Florida living, the open plan is bathed in natural light and capitalizes on panoramic views through an abundance of 20foot floor-to-ceiling double-paned windows. Marble floors, three two-sided fireplaces and a series of formal and informal spaces set the tone for grand entertaining as well as comfortable family living. The spacious kitchen affords inspiring views for the busy chef through a charming five-foot ‘porthole’ window, which complements the granite countertops, cozy breakfast nook and ample cabinet storage.


Wake up to spectacular sunrises from the first-floor master suite featuring skylights, adjoining sun room with private terrace and a marble bath. Additional accommodations are found on the second level with three en suite bedrooms—two featuring private balconies. Also found upstairs is a spacious 32 x 17-foot game room handsomely appointed with an entertainment center, wet bar, pool table and an expansive balcony overlooking the ocean. An outdoor hot tub, three-car garage and decked access to the beach complete this private beachfront retreat. Ponce Inlet is a quiet coastal town located approximately 12 miles from Daytona Beach and is less than 30 minutes to Daytona Beach International Airport. The charming area features a variety of water sports, shopping, fine dining, beachside bars as well as a marine science center and 40-acre nature park. The area is also home to the second tallest brick lighthouse in the U.S. Offered fully furnished, this property is strategically positioned at the end of the peninsula thereby creating a peaceful haven far from the maddening crowd.

Ponce Inlet


O ne of the most desirable oceanfront properties in central Florida. This magnificent 2 acre fully furnished estate boasts breathtaking 180 degree, panoramic ocean views throughout the home. Beautiful dunes located on the property transforms this gorgeous home into your private retreat. A palm tree lined gated driveway welcomes you to a circular courtyard with a beautiful stone fountain. You are greeted with custom leaded glass double doors opening to your spectacular grand entry with floor to 20 feet ceiling ocean view windows. This ultra modern home has an open floor plan perfect for the family and entertaining. Exquisite marble flooring continues throughout the main floor with three double sided fireplaces strategically placed. $2,900,000

KEVIN DEVANNEY America's Value Realty

386-451-9999 FLORIDA 25




Exclusive Lakefront Estate Welcome to Stillwater, the finest luxury community Tampa Bay has to offer. This beautiful location is buffered from the rest of the world by conservation, serenity and its 24-hour on-site gated security. Situated on over 144 acres with only 48 home sites and surrounded by three private lakes, the largest a 78-acre skiable lake, this exceptional community immerses you in the beauty of its natural setting. This is a place where your children can play and where you can relax from the hurried pace of modern life. This exclusive, one-of-a-kind estate home known as Villa Rey blends the best of classic Mediterranean design with a modern luxurious floor plan. An eye-catching collaboration of immense magnitude between Evans Group design architects, George Mazas and Alvarez Custom Homes on an incredible lakefront lot: this home has no peer. Located on over 2 acres of lakefront seclusion, this home boasts 8,539 square feet of living space on two floors. Once you enter the foyer the grandeur of the home begins to reveal itself owed to meticulous craftsmanship and design, which includes arched


doorways and windows, custom built-in cabinetry, finely crafted wrought ironwork, hand-painted medallions, Grande soaring rotundas with chandeliers, verandas and elegant columns. The first floor offers a bright formal room with Grande rotundas, formal dining, a marvelous office, an exquisite master suite with a sitting room, a stately fireplace, an independently cooled 500bottle wine cellar and a butler's kitchen. The chef's kitchen offers plentiful cabinetry, thick granite counters, professional grade appliances, an island with a sink, a walk-in pantry and a breakfast bar that opens to the nook and great room. This house was made for entertaining. The great room offers disappearing walls of glass that open the entire room to an outdoor paradise, featuring a stunning pool and spa with water features, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace and a boardwalk to a dock with a boat house and lift. Tranquil views of the lake have been thoughtfully integrated into the design, while multiple terraces allow you to enjoy the fresh air.

Lakefront Estate

18908 Lakes Edge Way Odessa, Florida | $2,999,999.00




By: Natalie Friedmann

Plush Park Shore Beach Located on a barrier island in Naples, Florida is the high-end, opulent community of Park Shore Beach. One of the top Naples beachfront neighborhoods, this 760-acre community stretches along two miles of white sandy Gulf of Mexico waterfront. The beauty of Park Shore Beach astounds from the calm waterways to the impressive architecture of the buildings. Park Shore Beach caters to an active lifestyle; it is easily navigable by walking or biking and offers a plethora of water activities such as boating and paddle boarding. This plush community is within close proximity to the fine dining and shops of Venetian Village as well as the Artis -Naples, home to Naples Philharmonic. The Aria is the newest luxury beachfront tower in Park Shore. This contemporary building has 52 residences and 13 penthouses with sprawling Gulf or bay views. Once inside the modern, two-story entrance you will likely be greeted by a member of the friendly staff, perhaps the 24-hour desk attendant or the live-in building manager. Aria has one of the largest pools on Park Shore Beach as well as a barbecue grill and bar, perfect for entertaining guests in the Florida sunshine. As a resident, you'll also be able to enjoy the


billiards room, a his/her spa, board room for business ventures and a club room for hosting special events. The modernistic design of the building carries into Residence 1102, which exudes sleek and chic design when you first step into the private foyer and throughout all 5,000-square-feet of living space. This residence has the most preferred floor plan with 270-degree waterfront views from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. It is also the only floor plan with direct western views, which are ideal for watching the breathtaking Florida sunsets. The residence has two master suites (one designed to serve as a guest en suite) as well as a fireplace, chef-inspired kitchen and 1,000-square-feet of outdoor living spaces separated into three terraces. This spectacular residence is currently available. Barefoot Beach Properties is a boutique real estate firm specializing exclusively in luxury coastal properties along the Gulf of Mexico coastline. Having started her career in Park Shore Beach over 20 years ago, Cynthia Joannou brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the area as a real estate agent.




R T 



This 760 acre community along 1 ¼ miles of pristine Gulf of Mexico beach was one of the first master planned communities in the country. The newest Park Shore luxury beach-front tower, the Aria, features 52 elegantly appointed residences and thirteen luxurious penthouse residences with state of the art amenities and design. This beachfront lifestyle is convenient to shops, dining and boating at Venetian Village and Old Naples.

THE ARIA AT PARK SHORE BEACH, RESIDENCE 1102, NAPLES, FL $4,995,000 Elegance & exclusivity at Aria on Park Shore Beach, one of Naples' newest beach front buildings and most prestigious addresses in Park Shore. As one enters this residence's private foyer, one is immediately drawn to the spectacular sea of blue and the walls of glass. Sharp and sleek best describe the sophisticated transitional design and custom finishes of this extraordinary residence. The soothing and spacious living and dining areas feature floor-to-ceiling windows. The chef inspired kitchen, the heart of any home, together with the adjacent family room forms an inviting space with a fireplace and glass sliders to one of the three terraces. The master bedroom suite is a wonderful retreat, with its dual walk-in closets and spa like master bath. Aria is renowned for its stunning architecture, delivering 270-degree views and memorable sunsets, its beach front location and resort style amenities. Lifestyle, Luxury & Location all in one place.



CARL DITTRICH, BROKER | + CYNTHIA JOANNOU, BROKER/ASSOCIATE | + Barefoot Beach PropertiesSM is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker. The foregoing information including, but not limited to, any information about the size or area of lots, structures, or living space, such as room dimensions, square footage calculations, or acreage is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted or guaranteed and should be independently verified before entering into a transaction based upon it. Equal Housing Opportunity.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Best Real Estate Company In Townâ&#x20AC;? Voted the Best Real Estate Company in Boca Raton and West Boca 2017

Magical Point Lot Estate with the most incredible Intracoastal Views Everywhere. Soaring ceilings, Magnificent Fireplace and elevator. Total Square Feet 7,781. $4,650,000

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Direct gated ocean front modern contemporary masterpiece in prestigious Highland Beach. Resort style pool and spa with state of the art movie theater, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, 6 car garage, 7,459 Total Square Feet, All hurricane impact glass $7,995,000

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Gated Deepwater Double Waterfrontage on a Private Street of 9 Estates with Intracoastal Views Galore! Amazing Custom Deepwater Estate.Accommodates 2 mega yachts. Soaring ceilings, Magnificent Fireplace and elevator. Total Square Feet 7,709. $4,375,000 Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

The Most Incredible Double Lot Deepwater Estate! Resort Style Pool and Spa. Breathtaking Deepwater Showplace with wide Deepwater yacht basin with intersecting views up the canal and Intracoastal. Southern exposure and located 2 lots from the Intracoastal waterway. $2,795,000 or $3,995,000 offered as double lot.

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Spectacular South East Intracoastal Point Lot Mansion. 227 seawall, 122 side canal dockage, Total Square Feet 9,230. $4,495,000

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Listing and Selling for Top Dollar! Worldwide Marketing to 54 Countries! Search the entire Multiple Listing Service and Find Your Dream Home at: 32

“The Best Real Estate Company In Town” Voted the Best Real Estate Company in Boca Raton and West Boca 2017

Magical Trophy Direct Intracoastal Custom Estate. One of only 3 Intracoastal Gated Properties in all of the Prestigious Sanctuary. Real Coquina Stone Fireplace, Elevator, Incredible details throughout. Total Square Feet 10,960. $7,750,000 Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Amazing Newer Signature Trophy Classic Estate on the Intracoastal. Incredible views everywhere! Movie Theatre, Fireplace, Elevator, Private Beach Access. Total Square Feet 10,212. $5,975,000 Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

1 Lot off Intracoastal, 2-Story Deepwater Pool Home, Luxurious master on 1st floor with sitting room, 3 car garage, salt water pool, 17K boat lift, 3 A/Cs, hurricane impact windows & newer accordion shutters for the whole back. Total square feet 4,298. $1,695,000

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

The Finest Country Club Double Lot Estate on an Incredible Lakefront Golf course setting, 5 bedrooms plus library, 4 car garage guest house. Total square feet 7,647. $1,795,000

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Incredible Private Gated Custom Built Direct Intracoastal Estate with Incredible Intracoastal Views in Highland Beach, Private Beach Access and a Private Dock. Total Square feet 7,366. $3,995,000

Spectacular 2-Story Lakefront Custom Dream Estate. Incredible Movie Theatre, Library, Club Room, Resort Style Pool and Spa. Total Square Feet 8,456. $1,695,000

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Call Ari Albinder 561-702-0413

Call ARI ALBINDER, Broker/Owner at 561.702.0413 {OFFICE} 561.393.7000 {EMAIL}


Sanctuary Golf Estate

Beautiful Bayou Home

Sanibel Island Estate Home located on two lots on Sanibel’s only championship golf course–The Sanctuary. This custom-crafted home has almost 7,000 sqft of living space and includes a private “guest house”. Formal living and dining room, beautiful kitchen open to large family room with walls of glass overlooking the large screened-enclosed pool with waterfall, Jacuzzi, built-in grill and paver decking. The master suite offers foyer, grande sleeping and living space with fireplace and lavish bath. Two guest bedrooms, office, and second story living area. The guest house offers bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchenette–very private! All located in the Sanctuary offering Championship golf. Just reduced to at $2,195,000. Call Jim Hall at 239.850.3344

Peaceful West end location of Sanibel in coveted Heron’s Landing is minutes from beautiful gulf beaches. The winding driveway leads through lush tropical plantings, creating the sense that you are living in a private botanic garden. This completely updated 4 bedroom home features hardwood floors, eat-in kitchen with custom cabinetry, granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances, including a Viking professional range.The top floor offers a spacious master suite with luxurious master bathroom, 2 sun decks, 2 closets, and laundry room. The open loft area is a perfect office, den, and/or additional sleeping space, and features a deck affording gorgeous sunset views from the hot tub. Other features include two car garage, lower level storage, and private dock on the Bayou. Heron’s Landing is a gated, deed restricted community with nearby swimming pool, tennis court, and deeded beach access. Just reduced to $1,349,000. Call Jim Hall at 239.850.3344

Waterfront Estate

Rare Opportunity – Incredible Waterfront

Hemmingway would be envious of this tropical, four bedroom, four bath waterfront estate. Fully remodeled, this home was recently expanded to include the spacious master suite & living room, new custom dock, heated pool and spa, and two car detached garage. Recent property upgrades included new wiring, plumbing, metal roof and full impact windows. Soaring pelicans, dolphins, and manatees are your quiet neighbors here on Dinkin's Bayou. Enjoy some of Sanibel's most spectacular sunsets. The boating lifestyle on this natural waterway, with access to gulf and bay, is complimented by the amenities of nearby Sanctuary Golf Club and the beaches of Blind Pass and Bowman’s Beach. Proudly offered for $1,949,000. Call Jim Hall at 239.850.3344

Wonderful Shell Harbour home on a point lot at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac boasts over 170 feet of water frontage with breathtaking views of intersecting canals and an oversized boat dock. Only minutes to San Carlos Bay and the Gulf of Mexico–this is a Boater’s Dream. Ground level “pop-up” with high ceilings, open kitchen/great room, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms including master retreat with sundeck, whirpool tub, and double vanities. Spacious bedrooms, new wood floors, and a bonus room off the pool area–under roof with outdoor kitchen–great entertainment area. Beautiful screen-enclosed pool with Jacuzzi and large sitting area. Wind mitigated with storm shutters, lush landscaping and offered fully furnished! Private beach parking lot for Shell Harbour residents. Just reduced to $1,679,000. Call Jim Hall at 239.850.3344

Fantastic Near Beach Estate Home

Fantastic Near Beach Estate Home

Custom built Olde-Florida style home on an oversized lot–very close to the beach path! Fully Furnished. Open concept with kitchen open to dining room and family room. Stainless appliances, granite countertops and breakfast bar in the kitchen, dining-family room has cathedral ceilings, French doors to screened lanai, fireplace and built-ins. Two guest bedrooms plus a "Guest Pod" with private entrance, full bathroom and living space. Master Retreat has a large closet and bathroom with whirlpool tub, shower with rain head and vanity with double sinks. Other features include large screened lanai open to oversized pool, tile floors throughout, lots of privacy and very close to the beach! Great rental income! Proudly offered at $1,349,000. Call Jim Hall at 239.850.3344

Rare Opportunity! Custom-built, ground-level home in Shell Harbor with breathtaking, long, canal views. Built by a local Island architect, this home is 5 houses from a deeded beach access with parking. It boasts soaring ceilings, huge pool area with vaulted screen enclosure. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, open floor plan with two living areas, fully furnished. Boat access to the Gulf of Mexico from the backyard patio boat dock. Very private waterfront gem. This vintage home is the perfect island get-away. Just listed at $1,195,000. Call Jim Hall at 239.850.3344

Jim Hall

VIP Realty, Inc. Cell: 239-850-3344


S A R A S O TA’ S F I N E S T Your exclusive Siesta Key waterfront oasis just a few blocks away from Siesta`s famous beaches. Totally redesigned and expansively renovated with a 1400 sq. . addion in 2014. 3 Bedrooms, 3 baths and den/office. Open floor plan with large kitchen and wrap around breakfast bar opens to great room, with glass sliding doors leading to the pool area. Bright and airy split plan. Secluded master suite features vaulted ceilings, wood look le flooring, lavish bathroom and spacious walk-in closet. Second bedroom with en suite bath, dual sink and walk-in closet. Two addional bedrooms. Large 55 x 37 . outdoor pao with heated saltwater pool. The home sits on a large lot on a wider secon of the grand canal with direct access to the Bay and Gulf. $1,595,000

West of Trail! Incredible 4 bedroom home with an aached mother-in-law suite in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Sarasota featuring open, bright space, clean lines and cool colors. The kitchen is the focal point in the house with granite counters, stainless steel appliances, big island and a walk-in pantry. French doors lead into the family room and another set leads to the large lush and private backyard with beauful freeform pool. The exclusive Field Club is nearby and offers tennis, boang, and fine dining for members. $895,000

This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to enjoy waterfront with boat dock and being very close to Downtown Sarasota. This charming residence is the second home on a side canal to Whitaker Bayou. It is well maintained and offers the classic charm of the 50's. Here you can enjoy the best of two worlds: all the culture, dining and shopping Sarasota has to offer very close by and room for your boat with quick access to Whitaker Bayou and the Bay. $835,000

GABRIELE CHARITY & RUDI WEISS Gabriele: 941-685-6649 | Rudi: 941-284-1013 | FABULOUS FLORIDA 35


4820 Peninsula Drive | $3,700,000

Darlene Beck-Hinton 386-547-4091 or Julie Wallschlaeger 386-478-9265

Oak trees line an inviting drive up to this stunning intracoastal waterway home set on over 2 scenic acres. The home and guest house boast many vacation features such as a deep water dock that hosts several boat slips and a place for jet skis, as well as a pool area with decking that leads to a hot tub overlooking a beautifully landscaped yard. Delight in 180 degree views of the intracoastal waterway from the pool and wrap-around deck. Nearby amenities abound with walks to a no-drive beach, historic Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, a jetty, doggie beach and restaurants. Water views adorn every room of the house including 4 bedrooms, remodeled baths, vaulted ceilings in the living room with a gorgeous Florida Fieldstone fireplace, open to a large dining area. Electrolux Icon appliances, double convection ovens and an ice maker appoint the gourmet kitchen, complete with beautiful granite counter tops. The master retreat affords the ultimate in relaxation with a whirlpool tub, walk-in shower, double vanities and his/her custom closets including a fabulous walk-in. The 2-story guest house carries the vacation theme with a Key West style, perfect for in-laws or guests - water views from both levels will not disappoint. The media/game room with stage and bar areas will be great entertainment before retiring to the balcony to re-energize!


3020 S Peninsula Drive | $2,700,000

Million dollar home directly on Intracoastal waterway, walk to beach! Clean lines, natural wood and Caribbean inspired window trim harmonizes to create the sophisticated and warm exterior of this Coastal Contemporary home. The nearly 6,000 square feet of living area has been designed to accommodate comfortable living while preserving sleekness and luxury.A tour of the first floor starts with a grand foyer that leads into a formal living room. The adjacent open island kitchen flows into the dining and living areas that feature voluminous ceilings with exposed wood beams. An opulent master suite with enormous walk-in closets and a luxurious bath fills an entire wing making a private oasis retreat for the homeowner.Contemporary fully furnished unbelievable over 100K in SCAN DESIGN furniture.

Julie Wallschlaeger Cell: 386-478-9265


4542 Peninsula Drive | $1,575,000

Beautiful Contemporary Estate on 5 Acres along the Intercoastal waterway. Gated entry through a canopy of trees offering a combination of seclusion, innovation, and style for the most sophisticated buyer. Soaring ceilings, floor to ceiling glass looking out to the beautiful Patio, pool/spa area with the outdoor kitchen for entertaining. All materials and finishes of the highest quality including the European Kitchen with stainless counters and custom appointments. Tucked away in picturesque Ponce Inlet and designed for entertaining with its trendy Restaurants, Parks and walking distance to Beach.

Darlene Beck-Hinton Cell: 386-547-4091

Julie Wallschlaeger, Realtor Associate Cell: 386-478-9265 |

Darlene Beck-Hinton, Realtor Associate Cell: 386-547-4091 |

Visit our website and property listings at | | 36 FABULOUS FLORIDA


PONTE VEDRA OCEANFRONT Offered at $12,300,000 This stunning masterpiece with European design elements overlooks the Atlantic Ocean on a fully gated 1 ¾ acre lot, 28’ above sea level. Located in Ponte Vedra Beach FL, it is a part of the Jacksonville SMA which is in the top 8% of fastest growing areas. Luxury features include a two story foyer with a domed “Faberge Egg” design, custom antique French Oak doors and cabinets, and a 4000 bottle wine cave built from antique imported materials. Walls of windows, granite, marble, and Brazilian cherry are throughout the 11,000+ square feet. We invite you to visit, for a more comprehensive tour of the sensational, highest quality aspects, of the estate.

Pam Henry, Realtor 240 Ponte Vedra Park Dr. #201 Ponte Vedra, FL 32082



Custom Riverfront Home PALM COAST, FL

Exquisite riverfront home with custom features, lavish finishes; designed for comfortable elegant waterfront living and entertaining. Luxury property in park like setting, 1.74 acres with expansive view across lawn to dockage 210 feet of waterfront in gated community in the Intracoastal Waterway. Three ensuite bedrooms, four and one half baths, office, media room, loft, living areas all sun filled. Oversized heated and cooled 3 car garage. Tile throughout, arched solid doors and entries, generous thoughtful use of architectural detail compliment the flowing open floor plan. Second story deck, loft and media room enjoy same incredible view. A most impressive home. $2,500,000

Carole Keller

Weichert Realtors | Hallmark Properties

386-793-0032 |

The Addison on the Ocean | Boca Raton, Florida Feel like you are moving into a brand new oceanfront condo. Open floor plan remodeled in 2016. Huge kitchen with center island and custom cabinets. Top of the line appliances. Master bedroom offers spa-like master bath, with addional walk-in closet space. Impact resistant windows throughout. New A/C. All new recessed LED lighng. State-of-the-art digital technologies incorporated throughout. Offered at $2,295,000.

Mark Hansen Coldwell Banker Residenal Real Estate 561-213-2616 | 38 FABULOUS FLORIDA

The Island of South Walton provides all the privacy you would expect in an island. It is situated only minutes from the sugar white sand beaches that line the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This area boasts of outstanding fishing, golfing, and hosts the famous Emerald Coast Poker Run. Along with some of the best restaurants in the country, South Walton was voted in the top ten places to visit in America and has some of the best beaches in the United States according to USA Today and Good Morning America. Are you ready to own one of the last undeveloped islands in Northwest Florida and make history? $2,500,000 Rodney Elkins and Jonathan Jeswald 850-376-4301 |

The Island of South Walton

Rodney and Joanna Elkins 850-376-4301

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Enjoy waterfront luxury in this beautiful Colonial estate with endless upgrades and detail. From the landscaped front entry to the elegant solid wood grand staircase with oversized chandelier, from the architecturally accented pool to three separate balconies overlooking the bay, this home is both comfortable and grand. Interior details include coffered and trayed ceilings through out, marble floors and hardwood accents. Pub and pool roof have hardwood accented ceilings. Take advantage of the private dock and boat slip, well established backyard landscaping with Great Gatsby gazebo and open patio areas. This is a home to enjoy. $1,999,000 Rodney Elkins and Aaron Taylor 850-376-4301 |

Luxurious Waterfront

Miramar Beach, Florida

Situated on 1.6 acres in the gated Preserve on the Bay. The most prestigious address in Bay County. Ultimate security. 9 foot electronic gates, 90 zone security system with 13 Streaming and recording video cameras. 11'2 ceilings through the home. The grand entrance is custom glass inlaid with brass casing. Imported and hand crafted Brazilian Mahogany. 3 cm solid marble tread and stairs. Over $550,000 in custom wood trim and cabinetry. A music room with soaring ceilings. A ballet room, sunken living room with coffered ceiling and alabaster lighting. Tennis court, swimming pool, hot tub, and four car garage. Separate guest house. $3,293,000 Rodney Elkins 850-376-4301 |

Preserve by the Bay

Panama City Beach, Florida

GET YOUR LUXURY LISTING THE EXPOSURE IT DESERVES If you think you have an estate or listing that is cover material, please contact us.








800.233.1731 or email 40 FABULOUS FLORIDA

Sales & Rentals â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 239.689.7653


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

$7,995,000 MLS 218013883 | McMurray & Nette 239.850.7888


; *4*5  !00%-:/3*7&$0.'03&5"*-4 $7,500,000 MLS 218015029 Gary & Jeff Jaarda 239.293.1507


; -&900. "3"3"(& $1,449,000 MLS 217031403 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078


;6*-5*/     &/'=$& $1,175,000 MLS 218010525 Tina Tusack 239.634.3810


; 8/6*5&&&%&%"3,*/('03

$1,495,000 MLS 218012580 Mark Semeraro 239.370.2455


;6450.6*-59&$65*7&0.& $1,199,750 MLS 217020052 Roger Stening 239.770.4707


;63/,&:63/*4)&% 5)-0036963:*()*4& $1,157,500 MLS 218005992 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722


;0/(!*%&0/7&3(*/(!"5&38": *&84 $1,450,000 MLS 218010046 Liz Appling 239.272.7201


;03(&064  306/%&7&$1,184,415 MLS 218015819 Jason Lomano 239.470.8628


;3"$*064  80-'0634& *&84 $1,099,000 MLS 217076356 Dotti Fagan, The Fagan Team 239.272.4946

Florida Locations: Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala and Sanibel Island North Carolina Locations: Cashiers/Lake Glenville, Highlands and Sapphire Valley/Lake Toxaway





World Class estate brilliantly designed and meticulously constructed throughout its 18,172 SF under air. Spectacular picturesque vistas await. State-of-the-art electronics throughout. 7+ den/8.6 $51,900,000 Also available for rent. Call for availability and seasonally adjusted rates. Reduced by $6,100,000

Extraordinary beachfront estate embodies luxury with understated elegance and quality throughout its 10,345 SF of living area with sweeping Gulf vistas. 6/7.2 plus guest house. $19,500,000



Masterpiece estate, one block to the beach, with sophisticated artisanship throughout its 11,516 SF of sprawling living space w/big beautiful lake vistas. 5+Den/6.5 $12,500,000

*+)("*++'-)$''#"& ,+$**'-*" &0+'+''&0'*+*.')$$**3&"*!&+,)* created with an inviting spirit for entertaining. 6/5.2 $11,900,000 Reduced to $600k!






This is a unique opportunity to own a quintessential Port Royal lot on the south tip of Galleon Drive with big beautiful vistas across Naples Bay. $15,900,000

On a grand scale along Gulf of Mexico, this extremely rare property is situated on prestigious Gordon Drive. Ideal building site with 130â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of beach-frontage. $15,900,000

"+'&&$'+'-)*"1$'+. 2'0 preserve vistas. 7,357 SF residence designed 0&)$)#)'.&,"$+'+!/+"&  standards of Newbury N. 4+den/5.1 $10,900,000

)!"++,)$$0*" &"3&+'*+$ contemporary estate home with a sprawling 8,549 SF of living space with world class +,)*&3&"*!*5+den/5.1 $6,975,000 Reduced by $600k!

Masterpiece British West Indies home built

 $'+'&+!!$'# $'#+' +!-,()"')3&"*! ',)%+#"+!& tropical themed pool. 4+den/4.1 $6,850,000





AQUALANE SHORES Spectacular West-Indies coastal contemporary home thoughtfully designed 0)!"++,)."+!)3&*,$ $ &&,(*$3&"*!+!)', !',+ 5+den/4.2 $5,450,000

 &"3&+,*+'%*+++!+')*$,/,)0 Architecturally iconic Olde Naples home built in Exceptional, custom estate that offers grand and tranquility in equal measure. Strategically  .,(*$3&"*!&*,$*'(!"*+"+"'& yet comfortable architecture and is nestled in

$'#*+'+!! +!- )+ situated with 159â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of beautiful lakefront vistas. an oversized lot with big lake and golf vistas. shopping/dining districts. 5+den/5.2 $4,975,000 4+den/4.1 $4,295,000 Reduced by $300k! 5/6.2 $4,995,000 Reduced by $700k!

&"+*  &'#"&*(+,$) luxury condo located in the heart of Olde Naples. Designed by Stoff-Cooney architects, &+") &4''),(*$3&"*! 3+den/4.1 $3,995,000 Reduced by $505k!







An exceptional Olde Naples luxury home built in 2017, fashioned with classic, timeless architecture while designed for livability with transitional elegance. 5/5.1 $3,675,000 Reduced by $100k!

Large waterfront home site with mature tropical landscaping with expansive water views to the south-west over Kite Cove. Approx 15,246 sq. ft. of lot area. 3/3 $3,295,000

Perfect opportunity to build dream home on 95â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 145â&#x20AC;&#x2122; lot only 8 doors to the beach. Build or renovate with MHK designed plans and $200K in existing improvements. $2,200,000 Reduced by $250k!

Designed by architect Jeff Harrell, this waterfront home conveys an $ &+)"!&**&,+",$3&"*! qualities that are great for family and entertaining. 4+den/5.2 $2,250,000 Reduced by $100k!

Gulfwalk, is your Seaside Cottage located just 2½ blocks from the beach. Warm and charming, this condoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s +,)*"&$,&'(&4'')($& 1,667 SFU/A 2+den/2 $995,000

$ &+*("',*!'%!*    "$$0$'+'&,$* oversized lot. Audubon features !%("'&*!"( '$+&&"*'+!) )+ amenities. 4/4 $880,000 Reduced by $100k!


4255 Gordon Drive, Naples, Florida 3BR+Den/3BA+1 Half | 4,037 Square Foot Living Area

Offered at $8,600,000







Cutlass Cove Beach Club nearby

One of a kind property located on prestigious south Gordon Drive with approximately 131 feet of big beautiful waterfront vistas and perfectly situated to overlook Cutlass Cove all the way out into Admiralty Bay. Charming house with 4,037 Square feet of living space with features such as wood siding, pine tongue and groove ceiling detail, wood flooring, custom millwork, fireplace and large balcony with water views. Eligible for immediate Port Royal membership as well as the Cutlass Cove Beach Club. The Cutlass Cove Beach Club allows beach access and private tranquility only a short stroll away. Don’t miss one of the best opportunities in Port Royal today!

Bill Earls (239) 777-6622

Larry Lappin (239) 571-8247


From our family to yours,       



Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


PATRICK STRACUZZI REAL ESTATE TEAM 2895 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart 772-283-9991 Serving you with all our heart!

STUART â&#x20AC;¢ $2,695,888

SO. HUTCHINSON ISLAND â&#x20AC;¢ $2,595,888

STUART â&#x20AC;¢ $1,999,888

Custom built 4BR/5.5BA private waterfront walled and gated home w/luxury pool & spa! 2 docks     

easy access to inlet!

Oceanfront home with 1 BR apt/guest home above the detached garage + a 1 BR apt/guest home        

the main home!

Custom built deep water 2 story gated Mediterranean style 4BR/4BA/3CG home w/elevator. Just minutes to the ocean on the wide waters of the St. Lucie River!




PALM CITY â&#x20AC;¢ $1,589,888

PALM CITY â&#x20AC;¢ $1,200,000

STUART â&#x20AC;¢ $1,188,888

The best panoramic spanning 180 degree wide waterviews on large oversized lot! Gorgeous, highly renovated pool home with great dockage! No HOA, park your RV here!

Majestic, gated, 11 acre country estate in Palm City Farms w/EZ access to I-95 & Turnpike! Traditional 2 story 4BR/3.5BA home of Georgian architecture with pool, includes 9 large paddocks.

Discover this incredible 4BR/3BA CBS custom built home on wide water in the heart of Downtown Stuart! Full impact glass windows & private heated pool. 16,000 lb lift w/protected dockage

STUART â&#x20AC;¢ $1,000,000

STUART â&#x20AC;¢ $959,000

PORT ST. LUCIE â&#x20AC;¢ $849,888








Discover the best dockage on the Treasure Coast in Florida offering three deep water slips for 3 large vessels. Solid 3BR/2BA CBS home w/pool & fenced yard. 44 FLORIDA

New Rocky Point immaculate home directly on the waterway, minutes to St. Lucie Inlet w/boat slip +7,000lb lift/deeded dock. Backyard offers serene gardens, pool and lush tropical oasis!

Discover this waterfront 4BR (possible 5) 3 BA+ 2 half bath, pool home with huge screened patio on 2.48 acres with a deep water ocean access dock for up to a 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; boat + 11,000 lb lift.

DeVita Ranch

Venice, Florida | Sarasota County Welcome to a truly one of a kind luxury 100-acre premier equestrian farm that is perfect for the horse enthusiast or luxury home buyer. The 5-furlong track with chute offers the perfect location to train horses during Venice Florida's near perfect winter weather. The 19,000 square foot Tuscan style estate is perfect for those who value luxurious living, pastoral landscape and love being near the beach. DeVita Ranch is a truly unique property special for its value of space and top of the line luxury amenities. Take a break from horse training and play a game of tennis or take a dip in your luxurious swimming pool featuring while entertaining your guests in the fully equipped outdoor kitchen area. All of DeVita Ranch is kept to the highest standards with no detail overlooked during its construction and design. The estate features a state of the art kitchen with a walk-in stainless-steel cooler and wood burning pizza oven, custom wine storage with condenser, Venetian plaster on walls and ceilings throughout, a personal gym and theatre with cinebar/concession area to grab a quick and convenient snack during your film. This ranch was made for the horse enthusiast that enjoys not only the finest equestrian features but the luxury home amenities. $9,450,000


HORSEPROPERTIES.NET Mark A. Quire, REALTOR, Lieutenant Colonel (USA) Retired Keller Williams On The Water | | 941.993.5706 FLORIDA 45

Luxury 1.26± Acre Oceanfront Estate Real Estate Auction: Thurs., April 26th @ 11:00 AM ET

A Magnificent Oceanfront Estate located in Delray Beach, FL. Estate includes 9 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms, 4 Half Bathrooms; totaling 21,234± SF with 130± FT on the Atlantic Ocean.

Contact Francis Santos 754.220.4116 or

800.331.6620 | FL LIC# AB106, AU93 | 2% Broker Participation | AUCTION SUBJECT TO TERMS OF SALE


Your Source for

Luxury Living in Tampa Bay






Offered at $3,125,000 5 Bedrooms, 4.5 Bathrooms, 5,220 Sq. Ft. Overlooking the fairway approach to the 1st green at Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club sits one of only three exclusive estates on Exmoor Street. The outdoor space of this estate is comprised of two platted lots…large enough to host the grandest of parties. Just steps away from Palma Ceia Country Club… this is every golfer’s dream home. Call to schedule your private showing today!

Offered at $775,000 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 3,366 Sq. Ft. Elegant executive home situated on a corner lot in Beach Park. Hardwood floors, decorative archways, coffered ceilings and crown molding accent the home and define its style. Home home is conveniently located to TIA, the Westshore Business District and all of the shopping, dining and entertainment venues South Tampa has to offer.












Offered at $2,399,000 15,250 Sq. Ft. Waterfront lot located in exclusive community of Culbreath Isles providing 105 feet of water frontage and partial open bay views from the upper balconies of your to-be-built dream home.

Call for price! 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 3,955 Sq. Ft. Beautifully updated, well-maintained home in Westchase gated community, The Greens. Custom crown molding, updated finishes, and volume ceilings await. The screened in pool area features an outdoor kitchen and bar area. Enjoy a large private master suite with two walk-in closets.

Michael J. Palermo PRESIDENT/BROKER 813.629.3181

1501 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Ste A-5, Tampa, FL 33629 | FLORIDA 47

TO JOIN OUR ELITE AGENT NETWORK Anna Maria Island Edward G. DeLosh, Sr. RE/MAX Alliance Group 941.730.9122 Beach Gardens The Nash Group The Keyes Company 732.998.6377


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The Dana Hall-Bradley Group Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Fine Living 407.433.9699

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Tim Fitzsimmons Useppa Property Company 239.283.4227

Punta Gorda Danny & Carla Nix Nix & Associates Real Estate, LLC 941.993.8698 The Bevis Group 941.815.1176 Santa Rosa Beach Jennifer Dodge Silver Sands Real Estate 850.259.1318 Sarasota Charity & Weiss International Realty LLC Gabriele Charity & Rudi Weiss 941.365.0022 Dennis Kotaska RE/MAX Alliance Group 941.815.6772 Stuart Patrick Stracuzzi Patrick Stracuzzi Team at RE/MAX Community 772.283.9991 Sunny Isles David Koster 305.776.6308 Tampa Steve Eckhardt Cornerstone Properties International 813.765.1182

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EQUESTRIAN AND RANCH Many equine enthusiasts dream of one day owning a ranch property with equestrian amenities to comfortably house their beloved riding partners. The ability to wake each morning, pour a cup of coffee, scramble up some farm-fresh eggs and begin the day tending to your best friend is a dream realized for true equestrians. The bond between horse and human is unlike any other, built upon trust, mutual respect and love for one another. Equestrian ranch properties range from modest homes on a decent size pasture, to multi-million-dollar estates with multiple

barns and sprawling acreage for the majestic stallions to graze. These compounds require a specific area of expertise in horse care and accessibility for veterinarians and suppliers. A great deal of research goes into the decision to purchase an equestrian property, taking into high regard the horse's health and safety within the facilities. The journey to ownership of an equestrian ranch is an exciting transition for horse owners who are currently paying to house their companions at a facility. Those on the market for an equestrian property have likely selected an estate

By: Alyssa Mammano

with ample flatlands and equestrian comforts. They have walked several listings in pursuit of secure fencing, feeding rooms and run-in sheds. They've scoped out tack rooms and storage barns for the equipment required to maintain the pastures. They've even searched for ride out trails surrounding the property that allow equestrian use. If you are looking to begin the thrilling adventure of equestrian ranch ownership, begin your search in the pages to follow.

BEVERLY-HANKS & ASSOCIATES Burnsville, North Carolina John Buzenberg l 828-284-2230

BEVERLY-HANKS & ASSOCIATES Fletcher, North Carolina Billy Taylor l 828-778-6705

BEVERLY-HANKS & ASSOCIATES Mills River, North Carolina Barbara Cliff l 828-545-2935

CAROLINA REAL ESTATE COMPANY Aiken, South Carolina 803-642-7970

HARRY NORMAN REALTORS Lake Burton, Georgia Julie Barnett l 404-697-3860


Highland, North Carolina Jody Lovell l 828-226-6303

JOAN PLETCHER REAL ESTATE NETWORK Ocala, Florida Joan Pletcher l 352-347-1777 Joan@


Georgetown, KY Kassie Bennett 859-559-5969


photo courtesy of: the photographer

ON THE Sarasota, Florida Mark A. Quire l 941-993-5706





57 Cody Ln. $5,900,000

38 Sourwood Trl. $5,400,000

3702 Meeting House Mtn Rd. $4,995,000

6 Bishop Ln $3,995,000

706-212-0228 For virtual tours:


Julie Barnett

Leigh Barnett



1810 Murray Cove Rd. $3,495,000

3051 Rice Cabin Overlook Rd. $3,495,000

3540 Moccasin Creek Rd. $3,495,000

39 Pat Dr. $3,195,000

237 Deer Hill Rd. $2,795,000

3659 Laurel Lodge Rd. $1,350,000

2090 Burton Dam Rd. $1,150,000

149 Hilltop Cir. $1,075,000

418 Vickers Rd. $995,000

4 Lone Star Ln. $950,000

14 Prater Cir. $950,000

9406 Bridge Creek Rd. $595,000

706-212-0228 For virtual tours:

Julie Barnett

Leigh Barnett


404-931-3636 EQUESTRIAN AND RANCH 53


Greystone is the most remarkable horse farm in Western North Carolina. Bordering The National Forest Service, the acreage features one lake, two ponds and seven acres of four-rail fencing. The magnificent estate home has four bedrooms with two bonus rooms used as sleeping rooms and five and one-half baths. The one hundred year old log cabin has been totally renovated with two bedrooms and two baths. A boat house, trap range, full stables, gazebo, dog kennel and professionally managed lake stocked with bass complete the property. Professional horse stables with full kitchen, workshop, tack room and staff quarters.This exquisite property is close to the quaint resort town of Highlands, North Carolina with high culture including five star restaurants, art galleries, golf, world class shopping, and all the entertainment that Mother Nature offers, including hiking, fishing, swimming, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and just plain relaxing. The asking price of $2,390,000 represents incredible value for this farm. Call Jody Lovell at 828.226.6303 for more details.

Jody Lovell 828.226.6303


Aiken, South Carolina .




. 803.648.8660

Woodside Plantation . $1,199,000


Magnificent custom built home on 1.5 acres in the exclusive estate section of Woodside Plantation. This stately 5 bedroom home is gracious in scale, boasting a grand entrance, high ceilings, and intricately detailed millwork throughout. Three fabulous fireplaces and spacious gourmet chef's kitchen. An outdoor veranda overlooks the stunning manicured lawn and outdoor gunite pool and spa. Every aspect of this beautiful home is richly appointed for sophisticated yet casual living and entertaining both inside and out.

Call 203.249.3071 or 803.215.8232

Historic Aiken estate with grand rooms for entertaining, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and classic original architectural elements throughout. This Gilded Age residence with modern updates includes an apartment, formal gardens and carport on 1.22 acres. Additional parcels offered: 3 bedroom guest house for $365,000, and adjoining Carriage House parcel with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 5-stall barn and 2 paddocks near historic Hopelands Gardens and the Hitchcock Woods.

Comfort and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this delightful cottage. The 2929 square foot home features an open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, wood floors and window walls overlooking polo field. Great room with stone fireplace, custom kitchen, formal dining room, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths.

Historic Winter Colony estate built in 1928 features splendid Dutch Colonial main residence with 7 bedrooms, 7 full baths and 2 half baths, with high ceilings and gorgeous moldings. Includes charming 2 bedroom/2 story guest house and sparkling in ground pool on 2 acres, across from Aiken’s historic Palmetto Golf Club.

This beautifully constructed center aisle barn on 22.47 acres overlooking polo field offers 18 large, matted stalls, wash stall, spacious tack room/lounge combo, 2 bunk rooms, laundry room and full bath. There is also an 1800 square foot, insulated equipment shed and 13 four-board fenced paddocks and pastures. Amenities include riding trails, clubhouse and pool. May be purchased in conjunction with charming 4-bedroom cottage located across the polo field and offered at $499,000 (see below).

King’s Ridge


Artfully situated to capture vibrant sunsets, this spectacular home has 5,100 square feet under roof with verandas and screened porch overlooking sparkling pool and lake. Exceptional craftsmanship evident in designer details in this 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with studio apartment and several barn sites on 5 acres in gated equestrian community. Call 803.215.8232

Woolworth House

COURTNEY CONGER 803.645.3308 . $790,000

Historic Winter Colony cottage with stables in downtown Old Aiken just steps from Hitchcock Woods! Delightful 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home, updated in recent years, features high ceilings, wood floors, fireplace, and wall of windows overlooking patio and paddocks. For horses, there is a 3-stall shed row barn.

Crossways Estate

Call THOMAS BOSSARD 803.640.2845 . $2,200,000

Stately antebellum home encompasses 5,165 magnificently restored square feet. Estate includes elegant main residence with gracious verandas, stunning pool & fountain, formal gardens, carriage house with apartment and caretaker’s cottage on 4.7 acres in Aiken’s historic downtown Horse District, with access to sandy clay roads, race tracks, polo fields and miles of riding trails in the Hitchcock Woods.

Stables at New Bridge Polo COURTNEY CONGER 803.645.3308 . $999,000

Red Top Estate ALEX TYRTEOS or JANE PAGE THOMPSON . $1,600,000

Polo Vista Cottage COURTNEY CONGER . $499,000

Green Plains

THOMAS BOSSARD 803.640.2845 . $799,000

Calvary Training Center

MIKE HOSANG 803.270.6358 BRIAN CAVANAUGH 803.624.6072 . $4,900,000

Picture-perfect property with a host of potential uses in Bluffton, SC includes 43+ acres, beautiful lake, Low Country home with 7 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, education center with offices and classrooms, and extensive infrastructure that could handle a 100-unit development. The world class equestrian facility includes 25 stalls, tack rooms, grooms’ lounge and baths, wash stalls, grooming area, hay storage and 42,000 square foot covered arena.

Three Runs Plantation Call 888.297.8881 . $769,000

Spectacular nearly new home with 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths on 6 perfect acres of grass, irrigated and fenced. The barn has room for 4 horses with climate controlled tack room. Bonus room over the garage is roughed in for bedroom or office plus full bath & kitchen. Amenities include riding rings, dressage arena, clubhouse, fitness center, pool & cabana, plus miles of groomed riding trails.

Windsor Oaks

MIKE HOSANG 803.270.6358 BRIAN CAVANAUGH 803.624.6072 . $1,300,000

Stunning private country estate on 30 lovely acres with beautiful live oaks! Custom home features 5 bedrooms & 4 baths, well-appointed kitchen with granite counters, high ceilings and wood flooring throughout. Attached 4 car garage plus finished basement space. Property has 2 large enclosed metal buildings with 6420 & 4860 sq ft, with separate electrical service, plumbing & septic.

Fire Tower Farm . $499,000

COURTNEY CONGER 803.645.3308

Charming 4 bedroom farm house with wood floors, open floor plan, fireplace and chef’s kitchen. For horses, farm includes 4-stall center aisle barn with unfinished loft space and over 8 acres of irrigated coastal pastures with water and 3-board fencing, in Aiken’s equestrian corridor.

Annie’s Inn

Call SUZAN McHUGH 803.292.8525 . $1,500,000

Meticulously maintained Bed & Breakfast built in the 1800s in Aiken’s Equestrian Corridor! A successful B&B for 38 years, this marvelous property includes 8185 elegant square feet main residence with 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths and 8 fireplaces. Includes 6 separate cottages with excellent rental history, in ground pool, greenhouse. Contents convey!



Highlands, NC Highlands Sotheby's International Realty Jody Lovell | 828.526.4104

Tiger, GA Harry Norman Realtors Julie Barnett | 404.697.3860

Ocala, FL Joan Pletcher Real Estate Network Joan Pletcher | 352.347.1777 |


Burnsville, NC Beverly-Hanks & Associates John Buzenberg | 828.284.2230

Ocala, FL Joan Pletcher Real Estate Network Joan Pletcher | 352.-347.1777

Equestrian & Ranch Properties

Lexington, KY Kassie & Associates, Keller Williams Kassie Bennett | 859.559.5969

Fletcher, NC Beverly â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Hanks & Associates Billy Taylor | 828.778.6705

Mills River, NC Beverly-Hanks & Associates Barbara Cliff | 828.545.2935

Aiken, SC Carolina Real Estate Company 803.642.7970

Venice, FL Keller Williams On The Water Mark A. Quire


TO JOIN OUR ELITE AGENT NETWORK GEORGIA Clayton Julie Barnett Harry Norman, Realtors 706.212.0228

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Roswell Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia 770.992.4100

Meridan Alison Hawes & Lynn Vaughn Silver Creek Realty 208.949.3251

MISSOURI Kansas City United Country Real Estate 800.999.1020 x394

Sky Valley Chip Durpo RE/MAX Agents Realty 706.746.2900 HAWAII Kailua-Kona Rob Kildow Hualalai Realty 808.325.8500

MAINE West Boothbay Carol Buxton Carol Buxton Real Estate 207.633.3515 MARYLAND Chesterton Stacey Kendall Cross Street Realtors 410.778.3779

Osage Beach Fran Campbell Johnson RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks 573.302.2390 NEVADA Las Vegas Mei Loh-Becker Realty One Group 702.325.0799


NEW HAMPSHIRE Keene Chris Masiello Better Homes and Gardens -The Masiello Group 603.283.1900 New London The Milestone Team Better Homes and Gardens 603.526.4116 NEW JERSEY Blairstown Gail Masson-Romano RE/MAX Ridge Realty 908.362.7200 Madison Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates 866.732.6139

800-233-1731 Red Bank Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate 732.450.2300 NEW YORK Northport Coach Realtors 800.321.7356




Saratoga Springs Roohan Realty 518.587.4500 NORTH CAROLINA Asheville Neal Hanks Beverly-Hanks & Associates 828.254.7221


PREMIER WATERFRONT SPECIALISTS Photo courtesy of: Corina Sylvia




Fo rt La u d e rd a l e , F l o ri d a

Terry Horner Preferred Properties 828.210.9400 Burnsville Wanda Proffitt Carolina Mountain Realty 828.682.6166 Statesville Julie Breedlove Breedlove Farms, Estates & Land 704.528.5575 Winston-Salem John-Mark M. Mitchell Mitchell Prime Properties 336.682.2552 OHIO Cleveland Donna & Rick Hamblen Platinum Fine Homes & Estates 440.725.9369 OREGON Roseburg Mary Gilbert Keller Williams Realty Eugene Springfield 541.492.5001

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European-inspired waterfront estate | West Yarmouth $6.795M

Unparalleled Nantucket Sound viewsŏ New Seabury $3.95M

Custom 7BR home, water views Truro $3.3M

Finely built, high end construction Chatham $2.395M

Stunning two bedroom home at One Charles Back Bay, Boston $1,699,500

Waterfront on Chapoquoit Island West Falmouth $8.4M

Exceptional Oyster Harbors estate | Osterville $11.25M

Sparkling water views and private dock Marion $3.2M

Fr!nch Country estate on 4.8 acresŏ Dover $3.195M

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KNOXVILLE | This Exquisite piece of Luxury sits in the Gated Community of Deer Valley Farms offering plenty of privacy as it is nestled on 8.8 acres. As you enter into the Grand Foyer, you will be fascinated by the soaring ceilings and beautiful columns. The Gourmet Kitchen offers Granite Countertops, Commercial Gas Stove, Stainless Steel Appliances, and solid wood cabinets.The Stunning Master Suite is on the main level and offers a retreat-like feel when you enter through the French doors, leading to the Sunroom and Master Spa-like Bath. The Large Basement is spacious and truly remarkable, giving plenty of entertainment space with a full Kitchen, Fireplace, Bedroom, and storage! $1,149,000

SEVIERVILLE | This incredible 20 acre mountain estate is situated in the prestigious community Shagbark located in Sevierville, TN. The main house features 9,709 sqft. Relax in the indoor in-ground heated pool. Enjoy the stainless steal appliances and the 6 burner commercial gas and electric stove with grill. Refrigerator, built-in microwave, dishwasher, stainless steal sink are all included. 4 bedrooms sit on the West wing, while the master suite is located on the East wing. Property includes a separate 3 bedroom, 4 bath guest home with an additional caretakers apartment with separate entrance. $2,395,000

GATLINBURG | This spectacular home in the village of Cobbly Nob in

Gatlinburg offers panoramic views of the Smokey Mountains, and with over 14 acres of privacy youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be amazed. This 2 story home offers gated access, over 2,800 sqft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and 2 car attached garage. The sunroom gives breathtaking views as well as the living room, which features vaulted ceilings and wood stove fireplace.The upper level features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with the master on the main. The basement is ready for you to customize it into a man cave, entertainment space or extra storage. $749,950

LOUDON | This Beautiful Waterfront Home is located in the Prestigious Community of Tellico Village in Chatuga Point and features over 3,200 sqft, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 1 half bath.The Kitchen features Granite Countertops, Custom Cabinets Tile Flooring, eat-in Kitchen, Built-in Pantry and Stainless Steel Appliances. The Master Bedroom is located on the Main level, leads to the deck, and features a master bath with a whirlpool tub and double vanity. Enjoy and Entertain in the basement with a second stone fireplace, wet bar, and extra bedrooms and full bath. $735,000

VONORE | This gorgeous lakefront basement rancher is located in Kahite Subdivision, a well sought after neighborhood of Telico Village. You will find hardwood floors throughout, along with an open custom kitchen. Features include stunning cabinets, a large custom hood over the gas stove top, granite countertops, island, and stainless steel appliances.The large main level master suite features a bay window and bench, walk-in closet, and master bath. The basement has 2 bedrooms with 2 full baths, an extra room for storage, along with huge workshop/storage room! $679,000

KODAK | This spectacular home sits on 8.1 acres with 360 degrees of breathtaking views of the Smokey Mountains! This stunning custom built home offers over 4,000 sq ft with outstanding features. Main level master suite features built-in shelving, his and hers custom closets, and a gorgeous master bath. The gourmet kitchen features a custom solid wood cabinets, granite countertops, and serving cabinet. Basement can be use as in-law suite or entertaining space. Oversized detached garage features RV and boat parking, a man cave, entertainment space, workshop and a bathroom. $649,000

Ryan Coleman, Broker/Owner Hometown Realty, LLC o. 865-693-7653 | c. 865-898-0027 | TENNESSEE 65

Come celebrate the good life by the sea! Imagine coming home to fresh sea breezes, sound of lapping waves and expansive views of the Sound and Olympic Mountains. Kayak or paddle board straight from your patio. Tastefully remodeled and maintained throughout, the home captures sea views from nearly every room. Located a short drive from downtown Seattle, features include an open floorplan, vaulted ceilings, enormous kitchen with eating area, dining room, family room, view patios and balconies, charming nooks and bonus spaces, wine cellar, boat house for kayak storage, workshop, two-car garage, ample storage, large master and three fireplaces for when the weather turns chilly.

RE/MAX On Market John Manning 206.356.3650

2055 Mayflower Boulevard | Oakville, ON, Canada Spectacular Executive 4-Bedroom Home in Sought After River Oaks Community

The Fielding Team

RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp., Brokerage 289-242-6640 |



TEMPE Tina Garcia The Everest Team 602.451.8462 www.Tina


SAN DIEGO Marc Carpenter Allison James Estates & Homes Elite 858.213.7474


DENVER Anne Miller RE/MAX COLLECTION 303.770.5531 Rick Doak American Farm & Ranch 730.399.1911


SHELTON Raveis Team William Raveis Exceptional Properties 877.298.2780


BIG PINE KEY Lisa Ferringo Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate Co. 305.797.1221 BOCA RATON Ari Albinder Mizner Grande Realty 561.393.7000 BONITA SPRINGS Barry DeNicola Barry DeNicola Realty, Inc. 239.947.6111 NAPLES Bill Earls John R. Wood Realty 239.261.6622

Cynthia Joannou Barefoot Beach Properties 239.273.0666 Gulf Coast International Properties 239. 434.2558 OCALA Joan Pletcher 352.347.1777 ROSEMARY BEACH Steve and Jan Stevens Rosemary Beach Realty 678.777.8805 SANIBEL Jim Hall VIP Realty 239.472.5187 Phaidra McDermott John R. Wood Realty 239.898.3778 Michael Polly Royal Shell Real Estate 239.472.0028 SARASOTA Tom Wagner RE/MAX Alliance 941.685.5890 STUART Patrick Stracuzzi Patrick Stracuzzi Team at RE/MAX Community 772.486.7856 TAMPA Michael Palermo Palermo Real Estate Professionals 813.629.8131 WINDERMERE Carol Ann Hewitt Oxford Realty 407.629.1222


ATLANTA Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers 404.843.2500 LAKE BURTON Julie Barnett Harry Norman Realtors 706.212.0228


PARK CITY Summit Sotheby's International Realty 800.641.1884


BONDVILLE Kim Wohler Wohler Realty Group at Stratton Mountain 802.236.1604

MASSACHUSETTS OSTERVILLE Robert Kinlin and Paul Grover Robert Paul Properties 508.420.1414


LAS VEGAS Tom Love The Tom Love Group 702.838.5100


Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates 866.732.6139



ABACO Neil Aberle H.G. Christie, Ltd. 242.322.1041


MISSISSAUGA Sam McDadi Sam McDadi Real Estate Brokerage Inc. 416.801.2400

NORTH CAROLINA ASHEVILLE Neal Hanks Beverly-Hanks & Associates 828.254.7221 WINSTON-SALEM John-Mark M. Mitchell Mitchell Prime Properties 336.682.2552


GLADWYNE Lavinia Smerconish Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach REALTORS 610.547.6637 PHILADELPHIA Michael Sivel The Sivel Group/BHHS 215.380.1296





421 W. Bute Street, Unit 209. Luxurious custom finishes abound in this spacious 2 bedroom condo with bold river views. Features include dramatic chef's kitchen, richly appointed spa-like bathrooms, reclaimed hardwood floors, exotic wood cabinetry, large covered balcony and high-efficiency HVAC. Two assigned parking spaces and storage. This showplace is conveniently located and move-in ready! $769,000.

1086 Algonquin Road. This 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom mid-century modern gem is a perfect balance of renovation and preservation of the original design aesthetic. Dramatic living spaces connect beautifully to provide an easy flow for entertaining as well as an intimate environment for everyday living. Enjoy the peaceful backyard garden and expansive deck. $910,000.

Steamboat River Ranch, a top quality horse property bordered by nearly 2 miles of the Elk River, is 490 acres of prime irrigated and grazing land. The ranch is a scenic 4 mile drive from Steamboat Springs, Colorado via paved roads. With a substantial stretch of live water, access to the National Forest across the street, and luxury improvements, Steamboat River Ranch checks many of the boxes buyers have when looking for a quality property. $12,950,000.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty | Lin Miller 757.288.6516 | |

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty | Lin Miller 757.288.6516 | |

Ranch Marketing Associates Christy Belton | 970.734.7885 |





Rare opportunity to purchase one of the very Finest Estates of the bluegrass at auction. This timeless retreat includes a 33,000 square foot oasis resting on 62 private acres. Minutes from Kentucky Horse Park, Keeneland and Bluegrass Airport. AUCTION: SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 11AM, 3591 PARIS PIKE, LEXINGTON, KY 40511 Kassie Bennett Kassie & Associates


| 859.559.5969

Ken Juillerat | Broker/Auctioneer


Visit our website for detailed information, auction terms and conditions, additional pictures and inspection dates

BARTONVILLE, TEXAS Natures Luxury – Bring your own dream home to 77 pristine acres in Southern Denton County Texas set among mature hardwoods, gently rolling hills, coastal Bermuda pastures, and multiple ponds. Unlimited potential and the perfect setting for a breathtaking private estate or a luxury home development of up to two acre parcels. Boasting peace and privacy, with exceptional views, the property is conveniently less than 45 minutes from DFW International Airport and Downtown Dallas. A rare opportunity to acquire premium untarnished acreage in Texas. Seller will subdivide. $5,004,923. Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty Lisa Good | |Direct: 214.212.0017 Curator of Fine Homes and Estates

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA 10 Highland Avenue. Rosedale mansion sited on 1acre. Palatial yet eminently comfortable. 6 bedrooms, 11 baths. Self-contained guest suite. Home theatre, wine cellar with tasting room, 10-car underground garage. Pool and magical gardens. $22,00000,000. CDN Harvey Kalles Real Estate Elise Kalles, Broker | 416.441.2888 x 291

RANCHO SANTA FE, CALIFORNIA 16356 Rambla De Las Flores. West side location 8 minutes to I-5 and coastal waterways, this Covenant 3.68 acre site with 5 bedroom main residence, 1bedroom guest house, 75 foot salt water pool, tennis court, gym, and barn offering sophisticated living in Rancho Santa Fe. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties Victoria Shea | 619.743.5644 DRE# 01177863

©2018 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHSCP) is a member of the franchise system of BHH Affiliates LLC. BHH Affiliates LLC and BHHSCP do not guarantee accuracy of all data including measurements, conditions, and features of property. Information is obtained from various sources and will not be verified by broker or MLS.


DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA Luxury Aviation Estate. Casually Elegant 6 bedroom, 6.5 bath residence. Resort-style lanai, pool and spa, granite kitchen, pilot lounge and media room with gorgeous 80x60 foot and 75x50 foot hangars (over 14,000 total square feet) owners’ suite has pool view plus his and her separate bathrooms. Perfect for corporate retreats or large family gatherings. Fly home to this pristine estate in Spruce Creek Fly-In, the world’s premier fly-in community, where you have it all: gated community, country club, golf, tennis, elegant dining. Only minutes away from Daytona’s Famous Beach, NASCAR and myriad choices of restaurants, entertainment and yachting facilities. $2,200,000 Country Club Properties of Spruce Creek Anne Busse-Gandt, Broker/Owner 386.756.6105 |



Live in one of the most distinguished homes in this gated community! This French Country Beauty sits on an exceptionally landscaped acre+ corner lot. Two outdoor living areas overlook the saltwater pool and the finished terrace level. $1,695,000 Harry Norman Realtors | Katiti Mwebe | 770.354.9551 |

Modern, clean lines meets luxury and comfort in this newly-constructed 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 4324sf family home just 35 minutes from Downtown Vancouver. Expansive mountain views from this modern oasis nestled into the hillside creates a private and luxurious living experience. Offering exceptional value at $3,488,000. RE/MAX Crest Realty | Leslie Cannon, CLHMS |604.790.6624,



17240 Primavera Circle. Exceptional and private gated estate home nestled on 3.11 acres in the secluded & quiet neighborhood of Las Lomas in sunny Cape Coral, Florida! This 4,397 square foot ultra-energy efficient, 5-bedroom/5-bath/6-car garage home features 3 floors of living space, including a full mother-in-law suite! $1,045,000 RE/MAX Realty Team | Albert Baeza |239.233.5790 |

4 Belleview Boulevard Unit 107. Highly coveted one owner pet friendly unit now available. Large corner end unit of approximately 2400 air conditioned square feet offers patios on 3 sides, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, bonus room & 2 entertaining spaces overlooking the Belleair Country Club golf course & the Intracoastal Waterway. $475,000. Gulf To Bay Real Estate | Jeff Lopatin | 727.463.3399 |



Car collectors dream home on the shores of 3,500 acre Lake June in Lake Placid Florida! When you pull up to this gated community of Lake June Pointe you will know this is the one! This 12,000 square foot home has everything you would expect and more featuring 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and two garages. The north wing has an attached 4 car garage and the south wing has a stunning multi-level attached garage with room for 28 cars! Lake views from almost every room in the house and a pool/lanai area overlooking the lake so you and your guests can take in the breathtaking views of the sunsets. Bring all your toys for the water because there is plenty of room in your private boat house too! Ski, swim, fish or just relax in this spectacular freshwater lake! Just a 2 hour drive to either coast or Ft. Lauderdale-Miami in this perfectly situated Central Florida location. Sebring Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l raceway and the private airport in Lake Placid are just minutes away. To view more pictures and for more information about fabulous Lake Placid please view the website $1.69M

Xtreme Realty Team Highlands, LLC Lori Renzetti | 305.904.8322 |


STUNNING 4-acre estate with sprawling main house and 2 detached buildings includes 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, gym, 1-bedroom apartment, media room, executive office and guest facilities. Add tennis court, pool and spa, putting green, fragrant orange grove, and numerous intimate patios. Gourmet kitchen has vaulted and beamed ceilings, a nook with fireplace, breakfast bar, granite, island and stainless steel appliances. High ceilings accentuate a grand living room, and skylights, wood and brick floors, window seats, custom built-ins featured throughout. Endless recreational and relaxation options! Fine dining and Del Mar beaches nearby. $4,999,000. video link:

Century 21 Award Frances Herrera-Bosque | 760.805.2006 | | THE LUXURY GALLERY 71

MAY 2018



RE/MAX of Orange Beach ..............................................................................12

Kassie & Associates .................................................................................57, 69



Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties ................................69

Robert Paul Properties ...................................................................................60

Century 21.....................................................................................................71 Keller Williams Chico Area ..............................................................................13


Mannheim Diversified.....................................................................................13

William Raveis Real Estate ..............................................................................17



Chandra Hanson ...........................................................................................15

Beverly-Hanks & Associates................................................................56–57, 61

Ranch Marketing Associates ..........................................................................68

Highlands Sothebys Intl Rlty - Dt Office ....................................................54, 56



William Raveis Real Estate ..............................................................................17

Carolina Real Estate Company..................................................................55, 57



America's Value Realty.............................................................................24–25

Hometown Realty...........................................................................................65

American Caribbean Real Estate ..............................................................20–23 Barefoot Beach Properties........................................................................30–31


Barry DeNicola Realty, Inc...........................................................20, Back Cover

Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty ...............................................69

Charity & Weiss International Realty, LLC........................................................35 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate .........................................................38


Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty ...................................................................37

Summit Sotheby's International Realty............................................................14

Country Club Properties of Spruce Creek .......................................................70 Fisher Auction Company ................................................................................46


Gulf to Bay Real Estate ...................................................................................70

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty............................................68

Hasenbeck & Associates...........................................................................28-29 Joan Pletcher ................................................................Inside Front Cover, 1, 56


John R. Wood Properties ....................................................................20, 42–43

RE/MAX ON MARKET ....................................................................................66

Keller Williams On The Water ...................................................................45, 57 Mizner Grande Realty...............................................................................32–33


Oceans Luxury Realty Full Service Llc.............................................................36


Palermo Real Estate Professionals ..................................................................47

RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)....................................................................70

Patrick Stracuzzi Team at RE/MAX Community ..............................................44 RE/MAX Realty Team.....................................................................................70


Royal Shell Real Estate ...................................................................................41

Harvey Kalles Real Estate..........................................................................14, 69

The Nash Group......................................................................................6–7, 21

RE/MAX Aboutowne ................................................................................14, 66

The Useppa People, Inc. ...........................................................................26-27 VIP Realty Group, Inc. ...................................................................14, 20–21, 34


Weichert Realtors-Hallmark Properties Branch ..........................................21, 38

RE/MAX Philippines.......................................................................................71

William Raveis Real Estate ..............................................................................17 World Impact Real Estate....................................................................20–21, 39 Xtreme Realty Team Highlands County............................................................71

CORPORATE BIE Health Products .........................................................................................5 German Tuning Corporation ....................................................Inside Back Cover

GEORGIA Harry Norman Realtors .................................................................52-53, 56, 70

Homes and Land............................................................................................64 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices ..................................................................3 RE/MAX Collection..........................................................................................9


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duPontREGISTRY Homes May 2018  

duPont REGISTRY is the intermediary between luxury home sellers and buyers. Our classifieds include luxury homes and real estate, island pro...

duPontREGISTRY Homes May 2018  

duPont REGISTRY is the intermediary between luxury home sellers and buyers. Our classifieds include luxury homes and real estate, island pro...