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One Visit Cerec Veneers to Ammend Shortened Canines Dr  Paul  Moore  BDS   Gate  Clinic   Dock  Road   Galway   Ireland

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The patient was unhappy with the shortened canine on the right of the picture across and the angle of the canine on the left. We prepared these two teeth for Veneers. Using Cerec cad cam image and design we made these and fitted the veneers at one visit using E MAX porcelain. This material has the benefit of being manufactured under ideal conditions can be made less than 1mm thick. The porcelain can be tinted to match the clours of the natural teeth and bonded onto the prepared tooth with a success rate of 95% over 20 years. With durable surface texture, transluscency theat matches the natural enamel and a fit of less than 50 microns Shaira should enjoy these for a long time to come and smile with more confidence

Preparation of the enamel to receive the veneers This picture shows the removal of 1mm surface of enamel with smooth margins as seen under the operating microscope. With a polished fitting surface and minimal reduction the changes to the actual tooth structure can be minimised.

Video of preperation and Cerec Design of Veneers Click Image to Start video

Cerec Veneers to Ammend Canines  

Correction of Worn Canine and Rotated Canine with Cerec Veneers

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