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Introduction Following the concept initially considered in 2008, I have watched the development of the Galway Docks Project and the expansion of the new town centre with great interest. Originally the idea of proposing a fountain in Galway Bay was born of a trip to Geneva, where we were inspired in the year 2000 to consider ideas for the turn of the Millennium and we were impressed by the 300 foot fountain in Lake Geneva.



A Fountain in Galway? • Incorporated into the dockland development plan this will add a world class tourist attraction. • Help promote Galway to the Cruiseboat companies and hotels • Create its own tourist industry with trips around the fountain. • Give Galway a symbol for marketing. • Attract business and tourism all year. • Create International interest.



The Volvo Ocean Race The Volvo Ocean Race, as we all know, was a huge success due to everyone’s hard work last year and in 2012 we are looking forward to the return of the Volvo Yacht Race for the final stage and I am sure they will receive and equally spectacular welcome. Financially, this was a great success for Galway and it is expected that 2012’s reception and spectacule will surpass this in size and financial implications to Galway. If the fountain can be put in place in time for the possible 3rd Volvo Yacht Race at a later date, this would encourage the return of the Volvo Yacht Race return to Galway with all the funding and resources that it brings to the town. Indeed with the increased tourist exposure that a fountain would provide and the worldwide media coverage that such a project would receive, it would be my belief that Galway would benefit, not just in the tourist industry, but there would be a spin off from all the other local industries who would be able to use the Galway fountain as an icon for Galway. 6


Cliffs of Moher We also looked at the influence of the Cliffs of Moher, which receive over a million visitors per year. Currently 90% of these visitors depart on the same day as they see the Cliffs. If we can provide them with a second attraction in the nearby city of Galway, then I would suggest many of these visitors will stay overnight in local hotels and facilities. This would result in a massive increasing the hotel occupancy, restaurants, meals, pubs, clubs and all forms of entertainment in the city. As an overnight stay, they would be required to visit the two attractions.



Geneva Fountain As most people are aware Lake Geneva has an iconic fountain, which has been present for over 80 years. This fountain is 300 foot high and was originally designed as a vent for excess water pressure from hydro-electric works. It is now a major tourist feature for Geneva and provides the area with an iconic image, which they use in marketing and commercial ventures for the area. Indeed, an entire industry is built around the fountain, with boat trips, tourist trips and retail outlets all benefiting from the presence of this magnificent fountain.



You Dont Need Eyes to See you Need Vision If it were approved to place a fountain on the approach to Galway from the sea this would be visible from most of Galway town and surrounding area and indeed from all round the entire of Galway Bay. Currently, the vision is to develop the docks so that the Cruise Liners would be able to dock here, bringing a massive boost to trade and tourism to Galway. I would propose that the presence of a full scale fountain in Galway Bay would increase the chances of these cruisers from all over Europe to make Galway a key point in their itinerary. This in itself would improve the productivity of the entire project of developing the docks and would give huge benefit to the local tourist industry. There would also be many spin-offs from this from the nautical point of view, with the possibility of creating new buisness opprtunities: Boat trips around the bay, Boat trips around the fountain. It would enhance the chances of developing the Marina for small craft and the supporting tourist ventures that would all become “Rate Paying� buisnessess contributing to the City of Galway. 12


How High The height of the fountain would be determined by the size of the pumps and the energy consumed, but conceptually, I believe with modern engineering it would be feasible to make a fountain, which would be higher than the Eiffel Tower and such be the tallest “structure� in Europe. This could be intermittently powered so that the fountain rises and falls through the day and indeed, if it were lit up at night, would provide a spectacular evening show, Every night The sun setting in the west in the evenings would be caught by the fountain and the spray from the fountain, giving rainbows over Galway Bay every night, guaranteed when the sun is shining. 14


Where My colleague and I looked in principle at the concept of placing a fountain in Galway Bay, perhaps off Mutton Island before we had heard of the development of the docks and inadvertently this gain access to the press 2 years ago and was never pursued in detail. Since then however, many discussions and development has occurred in Galway and with great interest, we have seen the people of the town look with increasing confidence to the expansion of the docks and the development of Galway as a sea port.



To Consider • Formation of a pilot company • Feasibility studies, environment studies. • Geographical site to consider the best site for the fountain. • Collate information for “planning approval”. • Present the project to planners, politicians, and the public. • To liaise with SETE the Jeddah company who designed, built and maintained the worlds largest water fountain for 20 years.



Where? - Initial suggestion would be off Salthill – Visible from the promenade. – Contribute to Galway’s water frontage – Possible use of the existing causeway to Mutton Island. ( road, electricity, shallow water)




Finance •



National and Local Government


Tourist Board


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Galway Bay Fountain Proposal  
Galway Bay Fountain Proposal  

The Benefits of a Fountain in Galway Bay