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The Universal Autoclavable Dental Bur Block.

Every Hole Grips Every Bur


CAD CAM Cerec Block

Visual Organiser, Stock Control

Know what you have got. Find what you need.


Autoclavable Silicon Base

Autoclavable Transparent Cover

Organise and Safely Deliver Restorative Components

Present your stain and glaze


Autoclavable Silicon Base

Autoclavable Transparent Cover

Organise and Safely Deliver Restorative Components

Present your stain and glaze

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BurButler Crystal Range

Organisation of your dental burs

In a busy dental practice your burs are a basic necessity.

If you cannot find the bur you want it is frustrating and time consuming. After every appointment the burs have to be cleaned and sterilised and returned to the right operator and in the correct order. This is a task that has been laborious, time consuming, frustrating and fiddly even with the best of the rest of the bur-blocks to date.

The new BuButler has an autoclavable silicon base and lid to make your life easier and more efficient.

Recommended by Gordan Christensen as one of top100 products for 2017

So what makes the BurButler unique?

The patented tapered holes of the BurButler are designed to engage the end diameter of any dental bur, fiction grip, or latch grip and burs can be inserted and removed with the lightest touch. The spaces between the burs allow the large fingered dentist to remove and insert the burs which will stay in place even if you invert the block.

No magnets, no burs stuck to instruments, no lost burs, and at last give every practice a happy team with a simple solution to a daily chore.

The burs can therefore be mixed and matched in any combination for any procedure or for the most discerning dentist with 5 hole 10 hole 25 hole options and a tall lid for laboratory and surgical burs.

Cycle of Efficiency

With autoclavable clear lids which fit snugly onto the silicon base, the assembled block with the burs in place can be passed through the sterilisation cycle as you choose.

• Washer disinfector: Separate base and lid.

• Ultrasonic Bath: Leave the burs in the base. ( Base and burs only )

• Autoclave: Reassemble Base and Lid without having to remove the burs. Microbiological testing results available on the website www.dentalorganiser.com

BurButler reduces the time required and minimises any handling risks of burs with elimination of manually cleaning and reinserting the burs and having to do so in the correct order.

Combined with the colour coding (five colours) that allows the burs to be returned as they were set up by the dentist and sent by each dentist or operatory, or for any procedure. This represents a huge saving in time and effort and a “system” that allows you to organise your precious burs, the simplest and one of the most essential requirements in every dental practice.

Additional Uses

BurButler may be used for sterilisation, storage and organisation of any small parts. Cotton wool rolls, swabs, implant components such as impression copings and healing caps.

For more details please see our website www.dentalorganiser.com

2 25 Hole Amethyst Purple Tall Lid Five Colours
Gate Dental Services Ltd The Dental Bur Management System www.dentalorganiser.com sales@dentalorganiser.com


“This is is Awesome”

BurButler Crystal Range. First impressions.

How does BurButler work?

( burs not included )


The BurButler Range

Choose your size requirement. Different colour for each dentist or procedure.

5 Hole BurButler and Lid

10 Hole BurButler and Lid

Sapphire Blue 5 Hole Base and Lid Ruby Pink 5 Hole Base and Lid Amethyst Purple 5 Hole Base and Lid Diamond White 5 Hole Base and Lid
Jet Black 10 Hole Base and Lid
Amethyst Purple 10 Hole Base and Lid

The BurButler Range

25 Hole BurButler and Lid

25 Hole BurButler and Tall Lid

Amber Orange 25 Hole base and Lid Ruby Pink 25 Hole Base and Lid Amethyst Purple 25 Hole Base and Lid
Hole Base and Lid
Hole Base and Lid Amber Orange 25 Hole Base and Tall Lid Amber Orange
Hole Base and Lid Ruby Pink 25 Hole Base and Tall Lid
Jet Black 25 Hole Base and Lid
Amethyst Purple 25 Hole Base and Tall Lid
White Hole Base and Tall Lid

BurButler Dental Bur Management System Instructions for Use

BurButler Dental Bur Blocks, as part of our Dental Bur Management System are designed to:

Allow you to organise and care for your dental burs by dentist, by surgery, by procedure and make your dental practice more organised and efficient.


• Uniquely to the BurButler, any bur of any diameter may be placed in the BurButler in any order you require wether friction grip or latch grip or lab grip to suit your clinical requirements.

• Please note the force that you insert the bur will be the force required to remove the bur. Do not jam the bur in too tightly as you will have to pull equally to remove it.

• We recommend a particular colour for a particular surgery, or procedure.

• There are no moving parts,

• The natural material quality of the silicon will resist normal clinical repeated wear and function and actively discourage bacterial growth.

• In clinical use, we recommend that burs once removed from the BurButler during a procedure should be placed in the inverted lid of the BurButler. In this way any burs used during the procedure can be identified for special attention.

• The user should at all times wear gloves when handling Dental Burs.

• After clinical use, inspect each bur individually before re-inserting it into the BurButler to ensure any gross

• debris removal.

Ultrasonic cleaning.

• Prepare a fresh pH neutral cleaning solution following the manufacturers instructions for correct concentration, exposure time, water temperature and quality.

• Place the BurButler with the lid removed in a sonic unit ensuring the device is completely submerged for at least 15 minutes.. Note please check any cleaning agent instructions for chemical cleaning agents with ultrasonic cleaning. Variations of chemicals and concentrations may have deleterious effect over time.

• Rinse thoroughly for 1 minute.

• Visually inspect to confirm removal of any gross debris.

• There are no moving parts or hinges to deteriorate with the BurButler or to “hide” bacteria.

• There are no metal parts to rust. There are no silicon “Bungs” to replace.

Washer Disinfector.

• We recommend that the lids are washed separate to the block at this stage. Do Not Invert the lids. This allows adequate drainage and prevents water accumulating.

• Once the cycle has been completed the lids can be placed onto the BurButler bases.


• The base and lid should be assembled (and may be bagged in sterilisation pouch if required ) prior to autoclaving.

• Follow the autoclave manufacturer instructions as recommended to achieve sterilisation temperature 134C ( 273F ) for 5 min or 121C for 20 min.


• The BurButler set should then be stored. (and labelled appropriately as required by some authorities).

• Silicon is quite stain resistant. If a steel bur corrodes and marks the surface, any rust residue will wash off with a soft cloth and ultrasonic cleaning.

• Do not insert rusting burs and this will not occur.

60 Hole BurButler.

The 60 hole unit can be used as a “Visual storage unit for all the burs in the practice.” This way you can easily see what is in stock and what needs to be re-ordered.It can also be cut into smaller portions for inclusion in surgical trays. Using a sharp knife and simply apply pressure along the chosen dividing lines to cut into the sized strips that you require. ( similar to cutting a cheese block).



The Cad Cam Cerec Block Organiser

Having been a Cerec user and trainer in Galway Ireland since 2001, the current systems of storing an ever increasing range of variations of size, shade, translucency, tri-colour options, abutment blocks, materials and all from different manufacturers had always been an increasing logistical exercise of stock control.

The BlockButler is made of medical grade silicon and has 10 columns and 10 rows.

The three coloured boards can be used for example for for high translucency, medium translucency or low translucency.

Each hole has a nipple inside that grips the groove on the Cad cam block chuck so it is easy to insert and remove but retained on insertion.

Ensuring that sufficient of the correct type of block was available to complete the task in hand was a real challenge to dentist, to staff and to management. These medical grade silicon boards are made to last.

We will guarantee them for a lifetime. BlockButler may be wall mounted, or stored in standard drawers, allowing the dentist and assistant to select the chosen blocks, to stock control efficiently and effectively and reorder and replenish the missing blocks with ease.


Visibility of Stock

It is easy to visually assess how many of which size and colour you have remaining, facilitating re-ordering. Currently the closed box systems do not allow open visualisation of remaining shades and sizes.- the Blockbutler allows both at a glance.


The wall mounted option allows for a fascinating visual display of the “raw” material of the patients new restoration. Using a “18” grey background gives the ideal nuerological visual perception contrast for assessing the correct colour. In quantity they can also be made to order in any colour.

Multiple boards

Different manufacturing company range can be kept separate on each board. Build a modular storage range to suit your own needs.

Colour range

Compare and contrast the full range of colour options you have. You can arrange the block layouts, customising the labelling with cd marker pen or labels to your own requirements to allow comparison between neighbouring shades in high and low.

Patient Interaction.

Let your patients be involved with the choosing of the shade. Wall mount your Boards as the patient enters the surgery. First question they always ask is “What are those for?”


260 x240 x10mm

Organisation: By manufacturer, material, translucency, size,, shade. Everyone will have their own preferences.

We recommend one board for one size, material and translucency. eg Enamic C14 HT and each row will hole unto 10 blocks of any given shade. This way each board will hold 10 shades. If you take required blocks from the top of the row you can quickly assess how many of which shade, size, material, translucency you have remaining or need to replenish. Any unused blocks can be easily placed in the correct row.

This avoids having to sift through part used packages.

Colour Range:

Compare and contrast the full range of colour options you have. You can arrange the block layouts, customising the labelling with cd marker pen or labels to your own requirements to allow comparison between neighbouring shades in high and low.


260 x240 x10mm


Distributors by Country



Organise and Safely Deliver Restorative Components Present your stain and glaze.

Faced with procedures that require multiple components for procedures such as implant placement or multiple veneers, crown and bridge, one of the challenges is to keep all components in the correct order and know which is which for chair side delivery.

The LaminateButler gives the dentist the option for the first time to lay out restorative components in order on a sterile autoclavable silicone palette that can be prepared, loaded and sterilised if required, prior to the patients appointment.

Dental Implants.

Multiple components of screws, abutments and crowns have to be kept in order when preparing for delivery to the patient.

The LaminateButler will allow the dentist to organise all the sterilised components returned from the lab (presterilise if required) and present them to the dentist chair-side and keep the screws, sulcus formers ,abutments and crowns in order. In sterile surgical field this provides a simple sterile way to improve safety, efficiency and organisation.

The LaminateButler and contents can also be protected chairside, by the autoclavable polymer lid to prevent contamination by aerosol effect.

Veneers, Crowns, Bridges

The LaminateButler will allow the dental assistant to keep all the components organised during bonding procedures on a sterile palette.

With the arch towards the dentist this reflects the shape of the upper arch - the individual annotated elliptical concavities relate to the arch of the teeth, to increase confidence in placement of the right restoration on the right tooth.

Stain and Glaze Pallete.

With the ideal black contrast of the LaminateButler you can lay out your chosen shades and glaze in the smooth walled concavities.

The concavities are large enough to allow a gradient of concentration of the intensity of the chosen colour to provide varied intensities within the one concavity.

LaminateButler Simple Clear Efficient Autoclavable Safe


The Non-Wearable Endodontic File Presentation Solution

Organise, access and measure your Endodontic

files efficiently

The Endobutler Base

The option of EndoButler as a ‘non wearable’ allows the assistant to participate in the preparation of the chosen file system. As well as the efficient measurement of working lengths.

Eliminates the change of focus for the operator.

Place 5 Hole BurButler on Top Surface

Choose from 5 colours of BurButler for hand file, rotaries, access files and post preparation files.

Diamond white, Ruby pink, Amethyst purple, Sapphire blue, Amber orange

Allows set-up and pre-sterilisation of set by the assistant if required.

Open Cell Single-Use Foam Insert

Packaged in 25 double ( may be split into 50 single.)

Each single use foam can be used as a whole or easily split into two halves (see last image) as required. Can be placed and pre-sterlised once


Set up chosen access / Preparation files

Choose from 5 colours of BurButler for hand file, rotaries, access files, post preparation files. Allows set-up and pre-sterilisation of set by assistant if required.

Autoclavable Transparent Closed ‘Soft-fit’ Lid

Autoclavable lid:

Allows steam penetration to files.

Allows safe closed storage of ‘set-up’ prior to patient arrival. Allows visualisation of contents.

Recessed Central Measuring Column

The open sided central column allows silicon stop engagement.

As well as easy and precise ‘end stop’ measurement of apex locator working length file.

Individual Incremental Columns

The open sided columns allow precise ‘end stop’ measurement of any chosen file, access rotaries or post preparation system by either the assistant or dentist.

Open Cell Single Use Foams

Supplied in bags of 25 full foams which may be split into 50 one ended foams.

EndoButler. Simple Clear Efficient Accurate Safe
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