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The Drawing Board

Issue 173


Roxanne Kehr

The Big Bad World

Gordon Brown

Congratulations to the class of 2014!


Page 2 | The Drawing Board Room 500

Issue 173: May 1, 2014 Beth Knight & Laura Stockdale

To Beth. I'll miss you.

Little Pieces

Allison Wolfer

Issue 173: May 1, 2014 Sad Boss Comics

Animals Doing Things That Humans Are Usually The Ones To Do

Page 3 | The Drawing Board Luke Doty

Eli Wallace

Goin' out with a BANG.

Page 4 | The Drawing Board One of the Guys

Issue 173: May 1, 2014 Carli Anderson

Just kidding, we have at least another year of winter.

Misadventures of the Myriad

The Gadflies

Thanks for listening to the ponderings of a gadfly.

No, But Seriously

Izzy Higdon

‘Global engagement’ could mean diversifying our oil dependency, right?

Issue 173: May 1, 2014 cough

Page 5 | The Drawing Board MLE

but you’re pink and I’m blue . . .

Sheepology 101


The Minimalist Maximist

Keith Reinsel Jr.

What Evolution Forgot

Wesley Payette

See you next year!

Page 6 | The Drawing Board Freshman Friendship Struggles

Issue 173: May 1, 2014 Whit

Finals week: the only time the whole student body knows exactly how you feel.

The Whole Gang

Ben Layman

later, losers. hope you enjoyed all those comics, you big glutton. - bl

Issue 173: May 1, 2014 Conspiticy Theory

Page 7 | The Drawing Board Medi & Kali

Burn it with fire!!

Awkward Musical Moments

Katie Parry

“And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you've been here before?” (Pompeii by Bastille)

Sad Boss Comics

Luke Doty

Page 8 | The Drawing Board

Issue 173: May 1, 2014

Double-You Double-You Jay Dee

Evan Yeong

John 13:38

With Apologies to the Mature

Leah Doty

“Please, I’m just a freshman, I promise!” “Dale, you were in my Senior Sem.” “I’m just really smart! Don’t make me leave.”


Bobby Mauger & Jim Vitale


Editor’s Panel Well, folks, We have put on our Sunday best and here we are, freshly-breath-minted to present the final issue of the semester. We trust you have feasted your optic gumballs upon all the hues contained herein. “Hue” is also an acceptable noise to make as you read these comics, if that’s how you laugh. I mean, it’d be kind of a weird laugh, and you might be just a little ostracized, but it’d be endearingly worth it, to be smiling aloud. This deluxe final edition also coincides with my own retirement from editorship of The Drawing Board. I could not be more pleased (I have reached the sublime point of pleased-ness) to announce Emily Marie Morrow as the suave new captain of this ship. Give ‘er a cheer! Thanks to all for your readership--loyal or incidental. Later, Leah p.s. Away next year? Dude, look, !

Leah Doty Editor Emily Marie Morrow (MLE) Co-Editor Laura Stockdale Treasurer Roxanne Kehr Distributor John Rhett Faculty Advisor

The Drawing Board, issue 173