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Page 2 | The Drawing Board The Big Bad World

Conspiticy Theory

Issue 170: April 3, 2014 Borthon Knowght & Lorda Stowckdan

Merli and Kerlson

Issue 170: April 3, 2014 Semantics

Page 3 | The Drawing Board Gorxanne Brehr

“But for real though, could I get a letter of recommendation?�

Apples and Axes

Dvan Yeorangy

I don't understand nicknames.

Steve, the Insensitive Reindeer


April Fools! Reindeer are mostly vegetarians.

Page 4 | The Drawing Board

Issue 170: April 3, 2014

Room 500

Buke Knote & Lauka Docky


Carolb Heardinglean



Kazzie Pagdon

You've gotta go green to make green.

Issue 170: April 3, 2014 cough

Sheepology 101

Page 5 | The Drawing Board TRILE

Jallisor Rolfej

Adapted chorus of Flowers are Red by Harry Chapin.

Page 6 | The Drawing Board The Man With a Hat on His Finger

Danger Safety

What Evolution Forgot

Issue 170: April 3, 2014 Babbold Mauderton & Harilm Beardle

Jalvied Workrowns

Weth Reynette

Issue 170: April 3, 2014 Little Pieces

Page 7 | The Drawing Board Alleasohn Dwoltery

Make it rain!

No, But Seriously

Kitzy Hirry

Am I overthinking this?

One of the Guys

Carnolimiffed Anonymarli

Stupid ratio.

Page 8 | The Drawing Board Misadventures of the Myriad

Issue 170: April 3, 2014 Meflies & Gadli

Cogito ergo sum?

The Minimalist Maximist

Kweitsley Pairsel

Bit of a corny joke...

Freshman Friendship Struggles

Cawib Whatead


Issue 170: April 3, 2014 Sad Boss Comics

Page 9 | The Drawing Board The Gukefloties

And then he got accused of a health violation.

Winken, Inkin’ and Nod

Drarey Windrensy

Page 10 | The Drawing Board

Issue 170: April 3, 2014

Rated PG

Exvanne Kehong

for reference: or

With Apologies to the Mature



Anthropophrenzy Sylbby Morrgerow & Jymia Vorrale Editor’s Panel You fool! I’m sorry. That was presumptuous. To be fair, though, you did put your pants on backwards that one time. Remember? Oh, right, that was today. Really, has no one has told you yet? You might want to go fix that. I’ll wait. Well, I hope you’ve got your head on straight enough to make sense of this week’s senseless chaos. If you’re still stumped by our ludicrous mix-up, why don’t you go find yourself a Magic Pixel Box and conjure up a little enlightenment: Thank you in advance to the good folks at the Star for not getting mad at me for this week’s header. We’re still friends, right? Capriciously, Leah

Leah Doty Editor Emily Marie Morrow (MLE) Co-Editor Laura Stockdale Treasurer Roxanne Kehr Distributor John Rhett Faculty Advisor

The Drawing Board, issue 170  
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