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Roxanne Kehr

The Big Bad World

Gordon Brown

The Drawing Board--bringing you light-hearted jokes since 2007. Editor’s note: The Drawing Board seeks to provoke not only laughter but critical thinking and discussion regarding matters of import. It is in this spirit that potentially inflammatory comics are published, and we ask our readers to view such pieces as the opening comments of a fruitful conversation, rather than necessarily representing the views of their authors, this publication, Houghton College, or you, the reader. Please do respond with thoughtful consideration, whether to us, or other members of this community, or simply to your own thoughts and beliefs.

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Issue 168: March 20, 2014

Room 500

Beth Knight & Laura Stockdale

She really does love me. I think.

Freshman Friendship Struggles


They try.

Sheepology 101


Issue 168: March 20, 2014 cough

No, But Seriously

Page 3 | The Drawing Board MLE

Izzy Higdon

Aspiring parents: I salute you!


Katie Parry

Ever have one of those days?

Page 4 | The Drawing Board The Man With a Hat on His Finger

The Minimalist Maximist

Issue 168: March 20, 2014 Harold Beardington

Keith Reinsel Jr.

But I didn't wait to find out.

Danger Safety

Sylvia Morrow

Issue 168: March 20, 2014 Misadventures of the Myriad

Page 5 | The Drawing Board The Gadflies

Don't worry, the hostages slipped out the back while this was happening.

Sad Boss Comics

Steve, the Insensitive Reindeer

Luke Doty


Page 6 | The Drawing Board With Apologies to the Mature

Issue 168: March 20, 2014 Leah Doty

Editor’s Panel One and all and every whole rational integer in between, Please don’t look at me with that condescending gleam in your eye. I know very well that every whole number is an integer and every integer is rational and that sometimes rational beings use redundancy as a legitimate literary device.

Let’s move on. It is with uttermost fervor that I invite you to feast your brains upon the serotonin-inducing images of the 168th issue of The Drawing Board. This week’s header is the work of co-editing extraordinaire Emily Marie Morrow, who loves physics and math in the grooviest way possible. Comics and other products of human cognition will be gladly received at Or you can deliver items to CPO 100. Or to my person, which looks vaguely like this, if you tilt your face just right: O--|---< Imaginarily, Leah


Double-You Double-You Jay Dee

Bobby Mauger & Jim Vitale

Evan Yeong

Matthew 4:4

Leah Doty Editor Emily Marie Morrow (MLE) Co-Editor Laura Stockdale Treasurer Roxanne Kehr Distributor John Rhett Faculty Advisor

The Drawing Board, issue 168  
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