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Roxanne Kehr

In light of Earth Day, spring, and my penultimate strip, I thought I would re-share one my favorite oldies.

The Big Bad World

Gordon Brown

Yes, diagram jokes. This is what we have been reduced to.

Page 2 | The Drawing Board Room 500

Issue 172: April 24, 2014 Beth Knight & Laura Stockdale

To Be Continued.

Sad Boss Comics

Conspiticy Theory

Luke Doty

Medi & Kali

Perhaps you could find her at the Senior Art Exhibition on Friday.

Issue 172: April 24, 2014 cough

Page 3 | The Drawing Board MLE

It’s better with kitty kisses


Katie Parry

I thought I could!

Steve, the Insensitive Reindeer


Did I design this entire comic around the last panel? Yes. Yes I did.

Page 4 | The Drawing Board

Issue 172: April 24, 2014

Animals Doing Things That Humans Are Usually The Ones To Do

Eli Wallace

Chuck Way-Too-Close, they should call him! Chuck Never-Heard-Of-Personal-Space maybe!

The Man With a Hat on His Finger

Harold Beardington

*muffled screaming*

What Evolution Forgot

Wesley Payette

Matthew 24:43

Issue 172: April 24, 2014 Misadventures of the Myriad

Page 5 | The Drawing Board The Gadflies

How did the gadfly get those eggs?

Winken, Inkin’ and Nod

Jared Winkens

Page 6 | The Drawing Board

Issue 172: April 24, 2014

Double-You Double-You Jay Dee

Evan Yeong

Mark 12:17

With Apologies to the Mature

Leah Doty

Clinically proven to be the worst possible form of speech therapy.


Bobby Mauger & Jim Vitale

Editor’s Panel Fountainheads of static electricity, Shuffle your noggin along this field of comics and you are assured to receive one mussy batch of hair. You might think this is just because paper is a solid substance with the ability to displace hair follicles upon contact. Well, you’d be right, but there’s more to the story! These particular papers constitute the first-ever Pile-o’-Rugs edition of The Drawing Board. This issue was at least subconsciously inspired by Houghton College’s resident coffee shop, especially that one one corner of a rug that trips hapless passersby at a rate of 1.7 people per minute. Thanks for all the spontaneous roller coaster simulations, Rugsy!


Gravitationally, Leah

Leah Doty Editor Emily Marie Morrow (MLE) Co-Editor Laura Stockdale Treasurer Roxanne Kehr Distributor John Rhett Faculty Advisor

The Drawing Board, issue 172