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under carrier decks. Typical to snow environments, an accumulation of snow and ice amasses under a carrier’s frame and bed. When removing mud and crud from under a carrier’s raised bed, provide a safety device specifically designed to hold up a raised bed before working on the undersides. A long 4x4 is not the proper device, for fear of snapping or slipping resulting in the deck falling. Ice and snow environments also inflict stresses on tow operators. Remember, the medical dangers of hypothermia could cause an unexpected medical emergency. If you’re wet, first get dry and warm— don’t wait. All wreckers and carriers should be outfitted with, “Cold Weather Emergency Kits”, necessary to aid winter survival. Cold weather kits should consist of the following

Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

items: flashlight, batteries, tarp, space blanket, snacks, water, gloves, boots, extra socks, food items, firstaid kit, etc. Especially important: include at least six, 30-minute road flares. Not only for emergency illumination, but also for igniting an igloo of wet brush if a warming or signal fire becomes necessary. With winter headed your way, are you prepared for Mpemba? A tower’s ultimate survival depends on knowing how to endure and handle the harshest of conditions. Don’t be winter’s next victim.

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