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If using the wheel-lift to “get yer’self out”, exercise caution so as not to bend the lift. By incorporating blocking, digging, winching and a nearby, “Holmes Tree”, creative towers get themselves unstuck from most situations. Wreckers should have extra cable.


If there’s a police officer on scene, explain your recovery plan if you need extra room or have to block the roadway.


Every tower who’s ever worked snow recoveries has their own, “I got stuck,” story. Most claim, “I got myself unstuck.” Not getting stuck is the name of the recovery game, but it’s bound

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to happen. Because wreckers and carriers are winched-equipped, be creative and use on-board equipment to winch yourself out. Or carefully use the truck’s wheellift to help raise, block and winch your stuck truck from captivity.

A solid pre-inspection of systems and equipment ensures your truck is ready for its next adventure. Re-wrap the winch’s cable and apply a coat of maintenance oil or lubrication of your choice. Note: According to the WD-40 company, they claim the product’s “freeze point” is minus-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Check safety clips, thimbles and eyelets for damage. Replace where necessary. In addition, several accidents have involved towers killed while attempting to clear snow from