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32 • November 2021 |

News Flash three decades, working in a business where people tend to complain. “Nobody likes to get their vehicle towed,” Doehring said. “So, in that sense, complaints are exaggerated, and they’re angry, and they’re quite frustrating for the individuals admitted, but the complaints are from disgruntled people who had their car towed from where they were parking.” Doehring said his client is concerned about “selective enforcement,” and argued tow-truck competitors have similar issues with their signs. Doehring accused Perkins of not giving Mueller the opportunity to respond to allegations of non-compliance with bylaws before suspending his license in July. Perkins countered with a list of attempts by bylaw services on three separate dates to notify Mueller of an inspection of his towing business to determine whether he was complying with conditions of his court order. Source: