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Road Tools More Storage Space for the Holmes DTU

Who doesn’t need a place for all their stuff? The proven Holmes Detachable Towing Unit (DTU) is now available with a new toolbox storage option. The versatility of the Holmes DTU has been upgraded with plenty of storage options for attachments, tools, rigging, and safety gear. Available as an option when configuring your new DTU, the toolboxes can also be ordered separately if you’re looking to upgrade your current Holmes DTU Gen II. Along with having the appearance of a traditional heavy-duty wrecker, the toolbox option features six spacious toolboxes (three on each side), with manual locking latches. In addition to the boxes, also included are mounting brackets, junction box and wiring harness, taillights, tool-box lights, and rubber fender flares. “The goal was to keep cost at a minimum while significantly increasing the versatility of the Holmes DTU unit,” noted John Hawkins, Vice President of Heavy-Duty Wrecker Sales for Miller Industries.


Focusing on both affordability and performance, Zacklift International’s new EZTOW is a totally self-contained, money-saving solution for emergency fleet recovery jobs. Even though it’s for budget-minded tow operators, this heavy-duty, detachable unit comes packed with loads of features to make work easier. The EZTOW’s self-contained 12V Bucher Hydraulic Pump system stays ready to go to work with the standard onboard Solar Battery Tender trickle charge system. A wireless LED light bar and LED work light keeps job visibility in mind, while an optional wireless remote is a practical and useful upgrade. The optional 10K Warn winch adds another dimension of capability to many recovery situations. An optional pintle ball hitch is also available for normal towing when needed. All these features sit nicely waiting to work for you on an included EZLOAD stand, meaning this unit can be loaded and unloaded—no forklift required! The Zacklift EZTOW is a fleet workhorse that’s designed to get the job done and save you money for years to come. Financing options are available.

TowMate Raises the AirBar 10 • November 2021 |

As part of a rapid expansion in product offerings, one of TowMate’s latest items is the LED illuminated AirBar work-zone boundary system. The AirBar system has been on the market in the UK for some time, as the company that invented it, Nuvech, is based there. TowMate and Nuvech have teamed up and TowMate now manufactures the electronic portion of the system in Rogers, Arkansas, and is the exclusive distributor for the U.S. market. This system simply requires power and air in order to deploy the LED illuminated inflatable arrow from the side of a truck. Regardless of bed position or a casualty being hooked up, the Airbar extends outward from the truck and defines a boundary for the work area close to the truck body. Being inflatable, a tow operator can simply walk right through it instead of having to go around and into the lane of traffic to reach the disabled vehicle. When installing the unit, the tower connects the activation wire to the PTO directly for automatic deployment when engaging in a job, and then retracting upon completion.