American Towman Magazine - September 2022

Page 51

team members during a time when a lot of companies are having problems hiring. And it has helped us build up a cadre of very experienced operators. That gives us a huge advantage.”


All this equipment and veteran operator experience make it possible for Hix Wrecker Service to handle almost any type of tow job. Enlarging on this aspect, Emerson added: “Of course we do recoveries, we have police contracts, and we can use our rotators for business customers that need a light to heavy crane, but have none in their own fleet. For some reason, Indianapolis has a lot of tractor-trailer turnovers, so we keep our rotators busy. We do site cleanup, we have a rescue truck with pump, we even do basic hazmat cleaning. Though if it is a major hazmat incident, we call in a third-party specialist company to handle it.” A relatively recent job serves to illustrate how Hix Wrecker Service’s goes the extra mile (or miles) to help a customer. An accident with a tractor-trailer presented a special problem: the trailer was refrigerated and full of perishables. The Hix heavy-duty team had to detach the trailer and unload it. They then reloaded the fragile food stock into a refrigerated trailer and tractor rig

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