American Towman Magazine - August 2022

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(or even much more). First, photos make the damages review process quicker and, second, can potentially protect you from fraudulent customer claims. But when you take photos is key. In tow jobs, for example, if photos are taken only after the vehicle is already loaded, it can be difficult to prove whether preexisting damage was done by you or the customer. It’s worth taking a minute to walk around the vehicle, take a few photos, and note any existing damage to the vehicle, at both pick up and drop off. 2. Control the Event Scene: It is a best practice to never allow customers to enter your workspace, whether to provide help, supervise, or participate in vehicle handling in some other way. Allowing customers to enter your workspace can pose serious safety risks to you, them, their vehicle and potentially others. Customers can inadvertently cause more harm than good by trying to help, and you can be held liable for issues that arise during your service 3. Communication is Key: Identifying and taking note of any pre-existing markings or damage can be essential. Make sure to include specifics on where and how much damage is on the vehicle. If your business has any of its own damage forms, they can provide valuable information. 4. Confirm Receipt for Inspection: During tow events, it’s recommended that operators have the dealership repair facility inspect the vehicle and sign an acknowledgement of receipt, when possible, upon arrival at the tow-to destination. 5. Don’t Rely on Waivers Alone: While the way in which liability waivers are handled differs from company to company, you shouldn’t rely solely on this document as a way to release yourself from liability due to negligence. Following Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

the advice, and our best practices can be helpful.


Accidents happen, but any vehicle damaged while in your care and custody is your responsibility. Agero Operations Manager Widlyne Cazeau shared some of the most common

situations to be aware of where damage can occur: • Lockouts: Lockouts are typically the most likely scenario for damage to occur. With the right lockout kit, however, any unintentional damage can be less severe, resulting in less liability for you.


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