American Towman Magazine - August 2022

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of the casualty. Operation of this winching line caused the rear of the casualty to be turned to the south for a more favorable retrieval position to the roadway. A two-part winching line was deployed from the rotator’s recovery boom. It was secured via chain sling to the casualty’s front, frame-mounted lifting loop. Simultaneous operation of each wrecker’s winches caused the casualty to slide up the embankment and onto the roadway. All of the recovery rigging was then disconnected and returned to its storage locations. The casualty was secured to the 50-Ton wrecker for towing. Its air system was supported by a shoreline from the wrecker which ensured the steerable lift axles remained in the upward position. The casualty and all of our vehicles and equipment were relocated out of the immediate action area to allow an electrical utility crew to finish their work of restoration of power to the area. The roadway was then swept clean. The process to safely tow the casualty was completed by disconnecting its driveshaft and securing loose items. It was relocated to Tandy Trucking’s terminal in Madison, Indiana, where it was then unhooked from the wrecker to await damage appraisal and repair. The remainder of the Burrows Wrecker Service

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RECOVERY PERSONNEL Casey Burrows, TRIM (Towing and Recovery Incident Manager) Dwight Arnold, Safety Officer Regan Arnold, Logistics Coordinator Tommy Webb, Certified Operator Edward Jasper, Certified Operator Austin Covington, Qualified Rigger Tyler Covington, Aerial Photographer

Incident Management team returned to their base of operations. The experience, knowledge and abilities of the Burrows team and their equipment resulted in the safe and efficient retrieval of the casualty from an extreme environment. They overcame a difficult and challenging situation with professionalism and determination. Their cooperation with all first responders at this incident was excellent and contributed to its success as well. All of which gives them good reason to feel proud. | August 2022 • 33