American Towman Magazine - June 2022 - Corrected

Page 96

but healthy snacks available during your shift—and you’ll save money, too. 6. Relaxation Techniques Before going to bed, turn any electronics off and take time to depressurize from stress. Find a place to sit that’s calm and quiet. While in this relaxed state, clear your head of the day’s work. Calming your body before bed will also help you make the most out of your upcoming sleep cycles. 7. Seek Out Your Support System Turn to your family and trusted friends when you need someone to lend an ear. When you’ve had a rough day at work, or feeling overwhelmed by your schedule, send a quick message to someone you’re close to and ask if they have a moment to talk. After working a particularly bad crash or other traumatic event, don’t be reluctant to seek the help of a qualified counselor. There is no shame in asking to talk it through with a professional. Firefighters and police officers often are required to undergo posttraumatic event briefings and counseling sessions and that towers should seek the same. These conversations don’t have to be long

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