American Towman Magazine - June 2022 - Corrected

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TOW OPERATORS Danny Meadows Chris Myers Garrett Huck Jamie Myers Andrew Myers Andrew “Tex” Bryan Kirk Bryan Lacking assistance from ODOT, PT’s crew first set up its own lane closer per the MUTCD, and also used pink advanced-warning signs as recommended in the national TIM training. (In Ohio it is called OTIM responder training.) After establishing the work zone, PT then uprighted the loaded trailer utilizing air cushions, rotators and catch bags. After getting back on its wheels, the truck and trailer had to be separated for towing. The tractor had suffered heavy suspension damage, with every axle torn loose, so a Freightliner 122SD was needed for towing a transport trailer. During this recovery PT operators battled ten inches of wet, heavy snow accumulation, below-freezing temperatures and gusting winds. Even with the extreme conditions, the crew was able to clear the scene in just under four hours. Since PT’s operators had to walk in a large spill of diesel fuel during the recovery, about a week later they returned for cleanup and remediation of the accident scene.

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