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your review count. Respond to positive and negative: Keep in mind people don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be professional.


Use social media to build your company brand and promote newsworthy content.

every 20 people you ask, one will leave you a review. Low-tech process: Put a plan in place to make sure you are asking every happy customer to leave you a review.

For example, set a weekly time to contact your cash-call customers and ask them for a review. It’s a great way to learn how people view your business and to grow

When it comes to active vs. passive ways to drive cash calls, social media certainly falls in the passive category. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, and the like can be productive places to build and engage with an audience. When people need a tow truck, though, they’re first going to Google, not Facebook. We recommend having a company Facebook page, but not prioritizing it over organic, paid, or reviews. If you do have social media accounts, use them to your benefit by the following: • Highlighting great reviews • Promoting newsworthy content, like hiring for your company or creating awareness around Move Over laws (D) • Using humor, human-interest stories, or consistent themes to create your own “voice”


We understand that in the busy world of towing, time is money. And while the four tactics described do take time, it’s important not to neglect them. A slow and steady online marketing investment will result in ranking high on Google, in outsmarting your competition, and in driving more cash calls to your tow business.

Find us on Facebook Functional, informational, and mobile-friendly websites with clear navigation will likely rank higher in online searches.

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