American Towman Magazine - June 2022 - Corrected

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tow business. So, how does joining a car club help market business? More personal than viewing on-line webpages, attending club events in my carrier proved popular with club members. With the many relationships built from club participation, I subsequently transported members’ cars and projects that turned into repeat business. Membership also introduced me to specialty shops that I met while transporting member’s cars. You should also attend meetings, events and rallies where you strategically place a photo binder showcasing the vehicles you have transported. At my town’s weekend fairs, I brought along my vintage Porsche 914-6 and participated in holiday parades, while displaying my company’s trucks and services. Even though tow owners typically don’t have time for car-

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clubbing, face time is a necessary requirement in building a solid customer base. Handing out business cards and “dollars-off coupons” for first-time customers are easy, cost-effective ways of promoting your specialty niche while having fun along the way. Because specialty vehicles take additional time to load and off-load properly, be sure to send a wellequipped carrier or wheel-lift, and your best veteran operator. Sending an inexperienced operator can lead to disastrous misfortune. The specialty niche has its challenges, but once you’ve learned the psychology behind the work, employing respectful manners and well-intentioned “smoke and mirrors,” will surely help build loyal customers and repeat business. And when taking on a high-dollar ride, relax—it’s just a car. | June 2022 • 27