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IN A TIGHT SPOT? EasTract’s TowTract robotic machine can handle all sorts of exotic and low-profile vehicles in close quarters by reaching under the vehicle to get to the tires. Then this unit “walks” itself underneath the vehicle while it’s being loaded, either at the front or rear. When the machine picks up the vehicle in this manner, there’s little risk of damage to the undercarriage or carbon fiber ground effects, which can be very costly. The TowTract can also remove a vehicle out of a tight area or on soft ground where a traditional flatbed might not be able to access.

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The same holds true for louvered windows, spoilers, fender skirts, sunroofs, convertible tops, hoods, trunk lids and doors. If these components are loose, wrap them in a soft blanket and use duct tape to keep the blanket securely in place. Scenario Two: A vintage Bentley was destined to a Concours de Elegance event at the renowned Pebble Beach, CA. To keep the vehicle’s convertible top from flapping, the tower used oneinch ratchet straps with the intent to secure it. When the 125-mile delivery arrived, though, the ratchet strap hand “sanded through” the Bentley’s pristine paint. This scenario resulted in a lost account and a costly repair as well.

FINDING NEW CUSTOMERS As a vintage Porsche owner myself, belonging to a specialty club was a way of promoting my