American Towman Magazine - June 2022 - Corrected

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Supplier Scoop International EV Driving Experience

One intriguing aspect of Work Truck Week was the opportunity to drive a number of new commercial-grade EVs. We were able to get behind the wheel of a medium-duty International and took it for a brief spin on the streets of Indianapolis. A quick orientation of the dash layout is first needed, as the power gauges provide a graphic display of the battery status and other technical details. When pulling out in traffic, typical of most EVs, the instant torque of the electric motor enables quick acceleration, with minimal noise, vibration and harshness. From that standpoint, an EV has clear benefits for reducing driver fatigue. Another aspect that’s different about the truck is the regenerative braking system. It provides a fair amount of rolling resistance when you lift off the “go-pedal” (since

Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

Driving a medium-duty EV is a whole new reality.

there’s no throttle per se). So the truck will nearly come to a halt all on its own, rather than having to apply any braking pressure. So it requires a different driving technique in stopand-go traffic, but also makes for a safer descent on steep hills. With the regen mechanism, range is increased to about 135 miles, so there’s clearly still some room for improvement if this medium-duty EV chassis is ever to make sense

for the towing market. To accomplish that goal, International is helping commercial customers transition to zero-emission vehicles with the company’s NEXT eMobility solutions group. NEXT’s 5Cs approach goes beyond the vehicle, and consults with the customer on infrastructure, charging, grant funding, and vehicle end of life to maximize the ROI on an EV investment. | June 2022 • South 119