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to service my customers. Speaking with a regional truck salesman, he advises would be purchasers to know what you are looking for, do some research, and know what your bank is willing to loan you VS. what your expectation of monthly payment is going to be. This will help with a salesman understanding what he can assist with such as equipment availability, locating equipment from outside resources, or sending you to someone who does have the piece. Compare before you buy as one truck may be better suited for your business than another. The flatbed vs wheel lift question is always on our minds, no matter the size of the company. If I want to do parking garages than the choice is pretty cut and dry as a carrier is not going to clear the height. If all my tows are wrecks and salvage than I would want a carrier or rollback to handle those. Deciding on the right piece of equipment will require some research unless you are just replacing an older piece. These decisions should be made with business improvement, equipment capacities, and truck conditions as the cement in your foundation. Many companies make mistakes with truck purchases and doing that prepurchase research will pay off in the end.

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