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of their lobbying efforts to have the technical correction included in this session’s Highway Reauthorization Bill, TRAA is also proposing some language changes to allow towing of combination vehicles to appropriate repair or storage facilities in all states. TRAA argued that splitting of certain types of combination vehicles, most notably petroleum tankers and automobile transporters is not only problematic but often unsafe to accomplish roadside. Further, TRAA argues that given the current climate of roadside injury and death from inattentive motorists it is a safety issue when multiple pieces of towing equipment and their associated operators are required to be dispatched to tow a combination vehicle that could otherwise safely be removed from harms way by a single tow truck and operator. These are only a few of the legislative issues that were discussed

during the TRAA Legislative Workshop, an intricate part of the entire Legislative Event or “Hill Day”. Other pressing issues facing the towing industry nationwide include the potential r eintroduction of mandatory speed limiters on all commercial vehicles, changes to front, side and rear impact guards, mandatory integration of automatic braking systems and other vehicle automation technologies on all commercial vehicles. Additional topics being monitored closely include the insurance and trucking industry’s attempts to force national regulations of the price and services of towers and major changes to the definition of employee vs. independent contractor and how that will impact our industry. In conclusion, your fellow towers from across the Nation took two days away from their business to gather with lawmakers in an effort to address

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several high priority issues on behalf of all towers in the US. Without folks like this, towers that at their own expense work for the greater good of the entire towing industry, our beloved industry would look very different. We might not even be a private industry anymore. There is already a push by insurance companies to transform incident management (police/non-consent) towing from a private industry to a public service operated by local and state governments much like the fire service and highway maintenance is operated. Re-read the last paragraph above and think about that for a minute. Our entire way of doing business is under threat in the US, not just for police towers, but anyone responding to a disabled vehicle on a public roadway should stand up and take notice. Without your State and the TRAA fighting on your behalf this could soon become reality.

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