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Due to the

extreme weight I would

be lifting, I ran a 4-part line with three 15-ton snatchblocks and I finally got to use my brand 15-foot slings rigged in basket configuration.

new custom 15-foot slings on this rail car.

foot slings in a basket configuration. Each sling has a working load limit of approximately 52,000-pounds. These slings were made by SWOS and custom ordered for Pepe’s by Thad Bailey of Bailey’s Towing accessories. Founded in 1985, SWOS located in Houston, Texas, provides high performance synthetic rigging solutions for various industries such as oil and gas, industrial, commercial marine, mining and more. They became a Master Distributor, then one of three Master Fabricators worldwide. Josh informed, “These slings are much stronger and lighter than chain, and have a special urethane coating that makes them abrasion and cut resistant. Each end of my slings were attached to my BA container links with an oblong.” The axle was chained up to the rail car so that it would not stay on the ground as it was lifted. Once rigged, all three trucks winched in. Josh said, “By starting with my boom head over the rail track instead of over the middle of

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