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Preserving the Environment and Getting Paid For It. By John Borowski

John Borowski is VP of Tow Industry Programs for AutoReturn. John has over 45 years experience as a tow business owner, wrecker manufacturer specialist, trainer and writer. He was awarded the first “Towman of the Year” by American Towman magazine and two Towman Medals for heroism. He was inducted in the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in 2001.

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rofit still drives business, but companies in every industry increasingly recognize the benefits of environmental responsibility. It can reduce costs and increase profits. It can positively change the way consumers perceive a company. It can prevent legal problems. Most importantly it may help ensure not only a healthy economy for future generations, but a healthy planet as well. The towing industry is no exception. Recognizing the advantages, towing has recently turned its attention to green initiatives. For years, as a tower responding to a motor vehicle accident, showing up to a

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big mess was nothing but a headache. You would have a mixture of fluids, glass and debris spread out over a large area and into a travel lane. In most cases it would take more time for the cleanup than the tow itself. The worst part of it was that you couldn’t charge and get any kind of fee for this. Most guys would simply throw some speedi-dry down and then sweep everything off to the gutter or into the storm drain. If you were to pick it up most times you would need to throw it on the deck of your carrier because you couldn’t carry a large enough barrel to hold all of the waste. As I jumped back into the trenches

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