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Road Tools In The Ditch’s Integrated Speed® Mount (ITD1349)

In The Ditch’s top selling Integrated Speed® Mount (ITD1349) now has a security upgrade. New for 2021, the upgraded latch and axle guard give the extra peace of mind knowing your dollies, axle, and breakover bars are secure from theft. Additionally, your current mounts can be retro fitted with our kit (ITD1913) for a fast and easy upgrade. There is a reason this is a top seller, its ease of use keeping the dolly frame, axle, and break over bar in one spot. The Integrated Speed® Mount is similar to the Speed® Mount, except it has an Integrated Mount that can hold a break over bar and aluminum axle. Locking the axle, break over bar, and Speed® Dolly is all done with the built-in Vice Action Lock. Made from steel with a Tuff Coat Finish, you will get years of dependable service.


All Natural Absorbant for Spills


Natural Enzorbant is one of the most versatile absorbent products on the market. Made from perennial grasses, such as Miscanthus x giganteus ( non-GMO, sterile seeds), this highly absorbent product provides quick and efficient spill management. Superior Absorbency – Use less product to absorb more oil, water, and other spills. The material is lightweight and aggressively absorbs liquids into the sponge-like plant fiber for easy disposal. Natural Enzorbant is 8x more absorbent than clay, instantly absorbs up to 5x its own weight, and is super light-weight. Multiple Applications - Natural Enzorbant may be used effectively in many applications including: sludge solidification, automotive fluid spills, industrial chemicals, drill cutting solidification, paint spills and animal bedding. Environmentally friendly, Natural Enzorbant is 100% all natural and may be landfilled or incinerated.

Kenworth W990 Adds AG130 Front Air Suspension Option The Kenworth W990 is now available with the optional Kenworth AG130 front air suspension rated at 13,200 pounds. The Kenworth W990 is designed to maximize performance in line haul, pickup and delivery, regional haul, and heavy haul operations. At 131.5 inches from bumper to back-of-cab, the long-hood W990 possesses a bold presence among conventional trucks.  The proprietary Kenworth AG130 front air suspension utilizes an innovative design and high-performance components. The suspension offers excellent serviceability, reduces the total cost of maintenance and ownership, and delivers an excellent ride for drivers.  The Kenworth AG130 front air suspension is also available for the Kenworth T680 and T880.

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