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ALL IN THE FAMILY Sandra Saponari, VP & CFO of Rich’s Towing in Cleveland, has been in this business all her life. Her father, Rich Smith, opened their doors in 1961. Both her dad and mom, Pat, worked tirelessly to make the company what it is today. It now includes a third-generation too. Sandra’s son RJ and daughter Ashley are both part of the Rich’s Towing team. Sandra worked alongside her dad as a kid. She followed Rich around his Sunoco service station and rode along in the trucks. Sandra has built Rich’s to now have two locations and her own Dream Team of employees. “Recruiting in this day and age is not easy,” Sandra admits. “We have found training in-house and promoting from within works best.”


Prospective customers will search for a tow company on their phones. Having a modern and effective website—and really an overall marketing program—is a crucial component of a successful business. But here’s the thing: good prospective employees will also check out your business online. Especially if they are a Gen Z or Alpha Gen. Born after 1997, they have been raised with a smart phone in their hands. Before they set foot in your business, they will have done their homework and looked at your website and online reviews. Ensure that you are putting your best digital foot forward, not only on your website but also social media platforms too. Plus those customer-review sites. Having a Yelp or Google review page that represents you at your best, isn’t great just for prospective customers—it’s a terrific hiring tool as well.


Like an attractive website, your social media pages need to be upto-date with current information that best represents your brand. Consistency is key. Don’t feel you need to post everyday. A couple of times a week is a good target. This method will attract customers, and it’s also a winning strategy for getting that next great tow operator for your business. A good social media plan can attract a quality crew that will stick around and contribute to your bottom line.

WHAT IS YOUR TRAINING AND PROMOTION PLAN FOR EMPLOYEES? Sandra represents one of three generations of towing.

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Offering a comprehensive training program in your recruiting

efforts is a big draw for smart and reliable employees. It tells them that you care about growing your business and you want your team to be part of that growth. Include this point in all recruiting materials.


You may not know it by that name but you use it everyday. It’s your network. The group of people you talk to everyday by text, phone or in person. They are the suppliers, the salespeople and your fellow business owners in your community. Every time you speak to an outside person, mention you are looking for employees. Pass along a business card. You will be surprised how fast this good news travels.


If you haven’t, now is the time. In today’s hiring environment, you need to get creative and explore new ways to get great employees on your team. Make it clear in your job outreach that women tow operators should apply. Say that your business is growing with competitive pay plans, and hands-on training is part of your onboarding.


Here’s the kicker for all recruiting efforts for your business: Being prepared is essential for all areas of running a business, and especially recruiting efforts. You never want to be in the position of having to scramble and find someone quickly. Otherwise you’ll end up hiring somebody that is merely adequate rather than someone who really wants to work for you. Avoid this issue by never stopping your recruiting efforts—even when you have a full team. Always be on the