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Building Your Dream Team

Key Actions for Successful Recruiting at a Tow Business By Carolyn Gray


iring the right the owner has pride in ownership, employees can be which tells a prospective employee tough. “But why is it so that it’s a well-run business. hard?” you might ask. Well, it doesn’t have to be. If DO YOU HAVE THE CORRECT you know a few key actions to PAY SYSTEM? take, you can find great tow Are you familiar what operators that become part other tow of your team for years to operators come. Not only that, we’ll in your area share some brief profiles are paid? It’s on quality operators useful to know so that you might not you stay ahead of have previously local companies. considered—tow Is your pay women. structure Figuring out h o u r l y ? what attracts great And do employees requires you include some knowledge a bonus about what they structure? Today’s find attractive in hiring environment their next job. is very competitive Great future across all industries. Look for tow operators who have a willingness to learn and employees Have these answers help others, such as Denise Carbone of Rich’s Towing. typically want and you’ll stand out to work at a business that has good word of from the other tow businesses in your area. mouth, a great standing in the community State in your recruiting efforts that you and has a good reputation. So we’d like to have not only an attractive pay structure suggest that you ask yourself each of the but also offer a bonus plan. These points following questions, and put yourself in can have a huge impact and will get people prospective employees’ work boots. motivated in working for you.

Carolyn Gray of DRIVE has an extensive background in marketing, media strategy, branding and creative, including vice president of marketing at Fox Broadcasting and co-president of Filmaka Studios. She brings that wealth of knowledge to Monrovia, Californiabased coaching and training company, DRIVE (


One quick and effective method to check this out is to stand away from your business, even across the street. Give your operation a hard, objective look. Are the windows washed and the property clean? Is your signage easy to see? If you have plants or bushes outside, are they trimmed? These things communicate that

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Your team members might have different schedules. Make sure that everyone knows their fellow employees. Take them all out to lunch once a week or bring lunch in. Do you conduct team building exercises? They are a fun and practical way to get your team talking and working together in a supportive environment. | January 2022 • 13